Hey, short story today. I was at work at the supermarket that I work at when suddenly I felt this urge to pee and poo. Now, these toilet stalls have a strange stall makeup. The walls are pretty far up from the wall, so that if you lean back enough, you can see the people next to you. So I don't use them much, but luckily there was no one there. There are 2 stalls there. One of them had urine on the seat, so I used the other one. There I pulled down my pants and panties and sat. I felt the turd start to come out almost immediately. It was soft and smooth, and fell in with a loud floomp. Just then, an asian full-figured woman who I had served earlier dashed into the next stall. I leaned back to see how she'd deal with the seat. She just lifted her dress, pulled down her panties, and spread her legs, straddling the seat. First she whizzed into the bowl for about twenty seconds. Then she bent forward a little more, holding apart her butt. I could see her hole start to open up. "! Umm," she grunted, to get it going. Her hole opened more, revealing a giant turd lodged in her rectum. I wondered what she had eaten to get this thing, and how she was going to get it out! She struggled loudly, and I coughed, so that she'd know that I was there. She didn't seem to care. I asked, "Are you okay?" She said, "Yeah, just another hard one." Then I said, "You know, there are stool softeners in the medicine aisle." Then she replied, after a huge grunt, "Maybe I'll head down there later." Then I looked to see how she was doing. Her poop seemed to be halfway out, and it was already the size of an elongated grapefruit. Then, she said, "And what's worse, the person before me went all over the seat, so I can't sit down." "We can switch," I said. "I'm almost done." "I'm halfway there," the woman said. "Wait, it's coming." The poo started moving slowly, then suddenly hurried up, crackling loudly as it came. "Oooh, there we go," she said. Her poop dropped in with a resoundi! ng splash. It must have been six inches across! It wasn't too long, but, oh, how wide! She then said, "Do you have a plunger?" I said, "I'll be there in a sec." I wiped up, then pulled up and flushed. Coming across, I got a plunger quickly, then came back. I happened to get in as she was getting some toilet paper. Seeing her not pulled up yet, I said, "Oh sorry, I come back later." She said, "Don't be silly, this'll have to be done in two flushes, and I can't put anything more in there." She moved aside as I broke the poop up with a plunger, then flushed. It all miraculously went down. I was still astonished, and said, "How did you do that?" She smiled and said, "Thank you, but my motions are usually impressive." I then led her to the softeners.

MEGHAN/CHARLIE, Another cellist on this site! Fabulous! Do you ever play on the toilet? I have, once, when I was younger, while peeing. I'm also still in high school, but I'm a senior.

SPP, you sound like a cool person. Liked the story. It sounded relieving. I like your offer. ^__~

MALITA, hey grrl. Looked at some of your posts. Post again, please!

To anyone else, I wish you a happy day, and I hope everything comes out okay!


I had to poop real bad all day today but I figured I could hold it all through school and untill after track practice. BIG MISTAKE! I just finished running my sprint drills and I knew I couldn't hold it any longer. I ran inside to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I went to push out my poop and I guess I pushed too hard cause I threw up all over my lap, legs and down to the floor. Everytime I tried to push I threw up a little more. It took me about 15 minutes to get all my poop out.I changed out of my practice clothes and went home. I'll never wait that long to go again!!

I'm the same John that posted about diarrhea on school Friday, but I changed my name to avoid confusion. Today during English class, I felt the urge to take a shit, so I asked to go. When I got there there was a kid on the other toilet letting out some realy loose shit. Fron the looks on the back of his boxers he had a wet fart or two. So I sat down in the other stall and began to shit. I pushed and it came out in one long piece. The other kid and I got up and left at the same time, and I saw him throw hid boxers in the trash.

hi to all have been reading but not much to post

answering your question ,i part my legs wide and push very hard,like so hard it makes my bum hurt,sometimes it bleeds,what about you?

have to go now,longer post soon,

xx adele xx 15yrs


Hi I'm new here, I come from germany, sorry my english is not the best...

But I enjoyed your last two stories really! It's because I think found someone who has nearly the same toilet interests like me.

I am a 29 year old female and also interested in public restrooms (especially hearing others poop or let them hear pooping me)

I was 12 when I noticed that faible. When I'm in public I usually use the toilets. Especially restrooms in swimming-baths are very exciting to me.

Bye, Tanja

i had a very unusual poop today!! i sat on the toilet to do my usuual large dump for the day. so i let out a nice juicy fart, and began pushing. i pushed and pushed!!! then finally these 2 3 inch logs came out there were small but sure hard to get out!! the whole thing lasted 10 mintues and it took a couple wipes!! i went poop twice more that day i think because my body was not done!!! adn i also let out a few bad smelling farts!!

The back of our house faces heavy woods with a county road beyond. Yesterday while walking through these woods on a warm spring day, I sat down on a tree stump to rest. A red car pulled off the road about 50 yards away and a young couple got out. I could see them through the thick trees but they couldn't see me. They jumped over the ditch and started into the thick woods in my direction, holding hands, but stopped when they were out of sight of the road. The woman said this looks like a good place to go, and looked around a couple times,then started fumbling with her jeans. The guy said, not a minute too soon either, took down his pants and squatted, facing her. By that time she also was squatting, with her butt facing me from about 50 feet away. I was well hidden. Her behinder was beautiful, like something out of a swimsuit calendar. I just kept still and almost forgot to breathe. He reached out and took her hand, and then he started pooping immediately and I c ould see he was making a pile. Wow she said, I always knew you were full of shit. He said, nicely, -Mind your own business, I am not done yet either. She laughed and began to pee on the ground and said, Gosh, It felt like I had to go in the car- but now nothing wants to come out. Take your time, he said,-- and I could see him give her hand a little squeeze -- I have more to do here, and he started straining - Ngh - Ngh. A couple more chunks fell. She said "Oh it feels like somethings coming at last, whereupon her butt hole opened up and this big firm turd started out. Mmmmmfgh thats better, I knew I had a big load up there, she said, and pinched it off and started to pee. AAhhh it feels like more stuff is coming now, she said, and another one started out. About six inches of it was sticking out and she was groaning mmmph, mmmph when he said, do you have the wipe?? She said can't you (mphh) see I am busy, (ngh) just wait until I am finished (mmph) having my shit. Her turd grew to almost a foot and dropped and then she squeezed off a couple of little pieces, reached into her coat pocket and got out a wad of tissue. She gave him some, and then wiped herself. He stood up and then she stood up. They appeared to be admiring each others' work and he said, I had almost forgot how much fun it is to do this with you. You did a lot more than me. She just giggled and took him by the hand and gave him a big hug and said, Yeah but you are my big pooping hero, I missed our outside poops when the weather was bad, and she gave him a big kiss. I thought I was going to see something else because they hung on like that for almost a minute, but then they seperated and walked to their car, holding hands again, and after they were gone I went and looked. His was dark yellow, a total of about a foot of poop. Curled around on top of itself and about an inch thick with several little chunks to the side. Her pile was steaming but his was not. Hers was dark brown, with that first big piece, almost two inches thick and only about three inches long and very firm, but the next one was another foot long and a good inch thick with sesame seeds, with a couple last- minute chuncks, each about two inches, off to the side. She used lots of tp, but he only used one big pad of it. Need less to say this was quite a show for me, something I won't forget for a long time, if ever. (Maybe they will be back someday???)

Hey I got some questions for you's...

1. How long does it take you to take care of your business?
2. Does it stink when you are done?
3. Do you use the fan or spray freshiner?
4. How many times do you usually wipe?
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat?
6. How often do you get diareah or constipated?
7. Do you ever leave skid marks on the bowl?
8. Do you read while you are going?
9. Have you ever clogged up a toilet?
10. Do you always flush?

I have a question for everyone...when you poop, do you spread your butt cheeks with your hands to give the poop a clearer path to come out, or do you just sit normally and squeeze? When I've seen videos of girls pooping on the internet, it seems they always spread their butt cheeks with their hands. I don't know if this is just to give the camera a better view, or if it's the natural way they go. Does anyone here do this? Do women do it more than men or vice versa?

I remember my uncle telling about the "head" on the destroyer he was on during WW2. It was just a long trough with multiple toilet seats over it. No privacy. A constant stream of seawater was sluiced through the trough and then out of the side of the ship. No holding tanks...just turds dropping into the blue Pacific! He was only 19. He didn't much like the set up. I presume the officers had a better set up.

MATT--Just wanted to say that there's nothing wrong with briefs for a teenage guy. I have two really hot guys friends--one 18, the other 19--who wear briefs. I can think of lots of celebrity guys that wear briefs. If briefs were so out and just for old guys, then why did Mark Wahlberg pose in just his briefs so many times and look so hot doing it? Personally, I like briefs on a guy. If you still feel weird buying them, go to a store where you don't know anybody working there and buy them. Then, if the worker thinks you're weird (which I doubt), then they don't know you! So who cares what strangers think? hehe I live by that. They don't know me! hehe Hope this helps. Now you can live out your fantasy of pooping your pants in public. Wish I was there! :)

ADAM, NOEL, MATT and POO PANTS--I LOVE your stories! Please keep telling them! I'm very interested in guys pooping their pants, especially briefs. Its doesn't metter if its an accident or not, though i'm not as interested in diarrhea stories. I couldn't poop my pants. At least I doubt it, for 2 reasons--my mom does all my laundry (I wouldn't know where to begin) and I almost always wear thong underwear, which could cause some problems. Plus, I don't think I'd like it. I'd rather watch a guy do it himself. Keep up the great posts!


Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
Just downloaded and watched AI-Articificial Intelligence the other night. It was great! Especially, the part where the kid (Haley Joel Osment) follows his mom (Frances O'Connor-what a hottie!) to the bathroom(although she thought the coast was clear before going in), and opening the door to find her sitting on the toilet, in full-view, reading, what looks like, a book! I had to rewind and watch that part @ least 30 times, literally. I was drooling, let me tell you. She should not have used that kind of language on a child, though, know what I mean? She did not need to tell him "Get outta here, and close the G-D door!" That was uncalled-for. My girlfried saw how much it excited me. So much so, that she allowed me in to watch her, again. You people need to add this scene to our ever-growing list of poop-scenes, involving women.



Hello there. I've been lurking on the boards for a while. I am a fourteen year old male. I find myself strangely attracted to the act of urination or the need to urinate, but I find defecation to be a bit dirty and mundane. School is definitely one of the best places to spot desperation, as I hear it called here. For instance, in sixth grade, my Spanish teacher didn't really know English and was reluctant to let anyone go to the bathroom after the first few minutes. Spanish happened to be last period Thursdays. About five or six of the girls and two of the boys (the class was more girls than boys in spite of the astronomically higher number of boys in my grade) would constantly be forced to hold it in for the entire 45-minute period. I noticed that the same people tended to end up in the situation except for a few times. By the end of the year, there would be lines for bathroom trips at the beginning of the class. Only one of each gender was allowed out at a time, ! so those who didn't manage to grab a pass who had to go just had to wait. Sometimes, people who hated each other would deliberately force others to wait it out.

There are several instances I'd like to mention in the future, but for now I only have time for one. This day, the girl sitting in front of me asked me how to say she had to use the bathroom in Spanish as I was leaving with the boys' pass. I told her and left because I wanted to make it back to class in time for the lesson. When I came back, I returned the pass and noticed that the girls' pass was still there. I assumed that she had taken a really quick trip. "Did she let you go?" I asked her when I returned to my seat. She became irritated and snapped at me. I forget exactly what she said, but then I looked down and noticed that she was digging a pencil into her crotch. (It looked painful to me, but I don't know, I've never tried it and lack the equipment to.) She was using both hands to push it into herself and I stared. She raised her hand just as the teacher looked away, and dropped it right before the teacher looked back in exasperation. This happened abo! ut five times, which costed her about three minutes. Unfortunately, eventually the teacher saw her and dismissed the student. She hobbled away, pencil still in her crotch. That's the closest I've gotten to seeing an accident, really.

Great pic today, guess the girl had to go!

I took a massive poop today, about 7 jobbies, all at least 6 inches in length. It took a long time to wipe.

Whats up everybody? hows life?

I like girl stories about pooping there pants, anyone got any

Peace and Love

Matt the act of letting one slide out in our drawers aor wetting them is tavboo and that is what makes it fun. Doing something that society does not want you to do can be fun. I assume you were sitting or lying down when you filled your boxers or it would habve just dopped out on the floor. Andre, in answer to what causes skid marks, it is the same thing that causes your ass to itch if you don't wipe well and the same thing that turns whoite toilet paper brown.

Just a quick note to say I'm okay. I had a post a few days ago ready to go but then my lovely computer crashed and I lost it. No real news with me. Meghan--I'm trying to rest, but my school work isn't allowing it so much. I've had to take ample opportunity to rest at times because my asthma is so bad and when I have an attack it just wipes me out. Send hugs to Sarah, Robby and Annie for me.

Tim (and Sarah)--Thank you so much for the compliment. I'm definately only 20, but a lot of people say I'm very mature for my age. I'm glad that my advice helped you in the fall and I hope it will help you again no re Peter. I think that Peter sounds like a lovely man and I would love to talk to him. Also, I feel like there are more people who will support him here and that the moderator will not allow attacks on him to go through. This is a very embracing community who supports each other despite all of our differences. In fact, it is our differences that make us closer. We are into good, clean fun here and I don't see how Peter can be into anything else, especially because you allow him to be a role model for your children. I would continue, but I think you get the point. Please encourage Peter to post.

So, as a conclusion before I go back to my papers, I overheard a psych class the other day. The prof was discussing a survey he had done that involved "beeping" people at specific times and they had to write how they were feeling just before they got beeped. They also had to write what they were doing and what their goal was in doing so.

One guy wrote: What were you doing? I was going to the bathroom. What was your goal? To remove excess urine.

your name Whizzer
to afraid and female:

try a small household funnel, you may not have to cut it at all, just place it over your pussy and go. It should have the same effect.

Just took a dump outside in a coffee can , it was not extremely hard, but kinda mushy, anyone else like to take chanches like this.

Lurker Man
Re: pee scenes in movies

There is one movie that I don't think has been mentioned yet. It's been a long time since I saw it...I think it was on Comedy Central during a movie marathon. It was called "Girlfriend From Hell" if I am not mistaken. Satan takes the form of a woman, and an angel and a woman are tryng to track Satan down. The angel is trying to be "incognito," so he just looks like a guy with a big trenchcoat (which he pulls all types of things out of thru the movie). Anyway, near the end of the film while the two are in a house, the woman needs to pee. The angel impatently waits outside the closed door, when she screams! He pulls out a big gun and kicks the bathroom door down....but she was only screaming in frustration because there was no paper. So the angel reaches into his coat and pulls out a roll of tp, and turns his back while she wipes! Not very graphic, but pretty funny - and pretty amazing to not be censored out, since the movie was on in the morning!!!

Thanx to the guy who mentioned Jenny McCarthy's shoe ad...that made my morning! BTW, there are 2 different ones: The one with her in an orange shirt smiling at the camera (which was mentioned), and another of her nude, looking seductively at the camera!

Hi everybody, I guess my last post didn't make it. I just wanted to give my condolances for Rich and Kathy they will be greatly missed by all,God bless them. I was at work the other day when they had doughnut day for the crusade of mercy.They had crispy cream doughnuts for $5.00
a dozen. I bought five dozen doughnuts and before the day was over I had snacked all day on them and ate all five dozen. I don't know they really didn't fill me up. I mean I went home and ate like a horse at dinner,however I didn't know doughnuts make you have big bm's. I was in the forest peserves sunday riding my bike with my friend felicia.We had been riding after a huge all you can eat pancake breakfeast the local church had,and we figured we would ride off the extra pounds we probably gained at breakfeast,I must have put away at least thirty to forty pancakes,and a lot of sausage and bacon. Well we were out riding and she brought these binoculars to look at all the neat birds in this one lagoon along the bike path,there are exotic looking cranes and other neat birds who live there. You have to ride up this big hill to get to the lagoon which is at the bottom of the hill.I guess the strenuous ride up the hill stirred my bowels up a bit because as we were coasting dow! n the hill I felt a huge shit brewing inside me. When we got to the bottom of the hill I had to take a serious shit like right now! I told felicia and rode a little farther and found a kinda of secluded area with some bushes.I went behind the bushes and realized it wasn't that secluded there was another bike path on the other side but by this time I didn't even care as I had to shit bad.I pulled my jeans down to above my knees and pulled my panties to mid thigh level,squated down,and without hesitation a huge soft snake began to emerge it was a light brown with an orange tinge to it and incrediably thick,almost as thick as the tire on my mountain bike.It folded over on itself four or five times and finaly broke off,but I wasn't finished.I told felicia to keep a lookout for me in case anybody was comming because this was going to be a really big shit. With that a pock! and poof fart came out then pffffffttttt an enormous lenght of rope shit started uncoiling all over the enor! mous turd on the ground I would estimate a good six to seven feet of shit was now on the ground,but I wasn't finished my stomach began to cramp and another loud pock fart followed by a sucession of fifteen to twenty banana turds one after another began to fall on top of the pile I had to raise my butt higher because I felt hot shit rub my right ass cheek as the pile got even higher. My ???? cramped again and I was able to deposit four creamy
soft serve ice cream piles on top of the mess and then I had to start a new pile because this one was more than two feet high and it was uncomfortable to hover over it any longer. Four more good thick beefy turds and three smaller ones followed by another load of solid soft serve and I was done. I asked Felicia to look in my bike bag for tissue as I had packed kleenex and I used the whole package to wipe as my shit was like mud,so I improvised, I slid off my panties and finished wiping my ass there were some huge shit stains on them. I found a stick put the panties on it like a flag and stuck it on top of the pile to mark the pile and let everyone know a real woman made this pile.Love you all ALANA

the other day i was walking my dog and he started to piss just outta the blue cos he must've been really desperate. he pissed loads! outside some dude's garden. suddenly this guy comes out of the house. he didnt see me cos the dog finished just in time, but damn wos i scared!

does anyone here have a cushioned toilet seat? do u like them or hate them?

Hello Curious Kid. The answer to your question is no. Almost no prisons had toilets. Prisons back then were totally unsanitary and they just went right on the floor. They tortured these people and stuff.

Punk Rock Girl
Hello there!

I took a massive dump over the weekend. I was at a convention in this ritzy hotel. The bathrooms are gorgeous in this place. I went into a stall and sat down, expecting a normal sized BM. Instead, once it got going, it didn't let up. No kidding, it must have been about a foot and a half. I can't believe my body could hold that much crap, but, then again, I'm capable of carrying and passing a baby. Ouch.

Gotta go, just wanted to share.

Peace to everyone!!!


To Bonnie G: I liked your story

To CD: I've never had a tapeworm or parasite in my stool..intresting thought

To John: I liked your story

To Drew: Liked your story..i've done that before left some turds in the bowl and wait and see if any one flushes them or buddy dumps on top of them.

To Andre: I liked your old are you? and how old is your brother? got any dumping stories about both of you?

To Justin: I liked your story

Last night right before i was going out to dinner my stomach didn't feel right then i knew i had to shit..It was all very loose..then at the end it was like pure diahraha. Im surprised i didn't have to go any more

hey lewis, yah it feels kinda funny with wet undies on and sometimes it iches a little and i have to scratch it. my mom saw me scratching one time and thought i had to go, and she tooke me to the bathroom and made me go but i didnt have to go. and she got real mad and pulled my pants down to put me on the toilet and she saw my wet undes and she was mad, she spanked my but and made me sit anyway but nothing came out cause i already did it in my pants. another time i was on my way to soccer practice and i needed to poop real bad but didnt have time to go before we left and we were almost there and it started to poke out, i was sitting in the seat so it didnt come out all the way, but when we got there i had to get out of the car and it all pushed out at once, a real big long poop, probaly 3 inches, and it made my pants stick out real far but i pretended like nothing happened and walked behind my mom until we got to the field then i had to go practice and i ran real fast past h! er so she wouldnt notice. and i got to the other kids and we were lined up while the coach talked and one kid said to me you stink, i told him i pooped, this kid was my friend so i could tell him this, he didnt tell anybody cause i covered for him once when he pooped his pants. we played for hours then it was time to go home, i forgot about my poop until i went to see my mom and i remembered, i told her i needed to go to the bathroom and she said just wait till we get home. and we got in the car and then she smelled it and said did you poop yourself, and i said yes, she said i will get spanked whe i get home. i had to pee to but i was holding it, we got home and she pulled my pants off and made me take a shower while she watched to make sure i got clean. i dried off and put on my clothes and she grabbed me and layed me across her nee and spanked me real hard, i still had to pee and it started coming out while she spanked, i was crying to hard to notice i was peeing, when sh! e was done she stood me up and saw my new clean pants all wet and she spanked me again. i hate accidents but i will stop having then someday i hope. when i do accidents on purpose mom doesnt catch me, i need to be more careful. By

Today I was in a newsagency looking at birthday cards. One of them grabbed my attention in the "new baby" section. It had a picture on the front of a baby boy lying on grass with a large jet of wee coming out! I found it quite amusing, I guess the fact that it was a baby weeing would lessen the 'bad taste' factor people may have.

MEGHAN - Hi girl! Yeah, my sister's last wee stories were really good. Oh she is very good at weeing when she is standing. She is not able to wee as far as me when I get it to go a long way but she is good at aiming with her fingers. She is very good when we go in the men's toilets when we go swimming.
I bet Steve will like your shower wee.
Love Louise xx

ALISON - Hi girl! Well thank you very much for calling me an expert. I have done a lot of things with weeing in different places, and I have thought about it a lot as well, and I know you can do some things when some people are with you but you can not when you are with others.
I mean I had a wee in an alley on Friday night with my sister and my best friend, and my fiance Steve was there as well to guard us. My sister is a bit shy with him and he is a gentleman so he did not look at her with her knickers down, but my friend Jackie likes him watching so she spread her legs to show him her pussy like I did and he just watched us weeing big gushers on the floor. LOL Then we all got around him to watch him when he got his willy out and had his wee on the wall too. giggle
Yeah I know how you mean about it being excited to see your first letter showing on the site. When I have been at work I have been in stalls next to other girls so many times so like your wee next to Jane. Most of the girls keep the door shut and everything but I have been in the ladies sometimes with that one girl who is not so private and just sometimes we just stand outside the stall with the door open while the other is having a wee. We can see a lot as well really because we both hover and do not sit our bums down on the seats. I never sit on the toilet except when I am at home. We have not done that too many times but we are not shy about the other girl seeing what we have got so that is all right. It is like I said though, most of the women are very private and that is just the culture of where I work. I do not know what my boss would think of me if she knew I sometimes go in the men's toilets and stand over the urinals and wee in them. I like taking my knickers o! ff, pulling my skirt right up and just having a good piss in them. The room is a really quiet one that is hardly ever used, and I can hear if somebody is going to come in so I have not been caught. If I get caught I will just say I went in the wrong room and it was my mistake.
Oh yeah it is a lot easier having a wee and wiping if you shave your pussy. My mum used to be real hairy, and it was like my sister said, when we had a wee once on a beach and her blonde pubic hair got soaked wet with the gusher she pissed. She is shaven like me now with just a bit above her pussy, and yeah she agrees it is easier to wipe too.
Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi guy! Hey I liked the hug! So you are out of breath. Oh so you must have liked my wee in the sink then. giggle Well yeah I am a bit wild when I am in private with Steve or when I am by myself but in public I am a lady. Well, a bad lady! giggle Thank you for saying Steve is lucky!
Hey I am really really busy with a lot of things this week but I will have another wee for you soon.
Love Louise xxxxxx

ADRIAN - Hi! Thank you for telling us about Survivor. I watched it with Steve and we were glued to the screen. It was annoying with a lot of the words bleeped out but it was funny seeing Jonny asking Susannah to show him the bathroom and she gave him some William Shakespeare pages to use as paper.
Steve knew Jonny would win the log stand challenge. If I did a log stand and I weed like Susannah did, I do not know if I would just let it go through my knickers like she did or if I would lift my skirt up. I bet I would lift my skirt up and not just do it straight down like her because if I really really needed to go I bet my skirt would get soaked and it would be very cold if that happened. I really liked watching the show and it was funny watching those guys pretending they had not noticed Susannah was tinkling in the sea. They had a giggle at it as well.

I am very busy this week, I have to go away to work for 3 days Wednesday to Friday but I bet I will write a letter on Monday. Steve is very busy too and I do not know if my sister will get any chances to write her own letters.



Poo Pants
Mum and Dad are really good and though I was an only child I never had anyteenage problems with parents. When I was about 13, not long after Dads climbing accident( pooing his pants accident) they both spoke to me about the facts of life and all sorts of things and it was great - I had been told them at school but this was different - it was about what sex was like for real and that as long you hurt no one then enjoying yourself is fine. They said that you should love people and then laugh and make sex a happy thing - they never made a fuss over skid marks and things like that - just as well because dad always had them!

Our next mishap was a joint one and I know it was an accident for both of us - it was on another trip to Derbyshire and a long traffic jam. I knew dad needed to pee and I knew I needed to pee and poo really badly. It ended up with us both sitting on plastic bags and pissing our pants together and then me kneeling - pretending to get something out of the back of the car whist I let a good stiff poo out in my briefs. At the service area I went to the toilet and scraped my pants out and we both went for a long walk in the Dales drying out in the breeze.

This makes my Dad really human to me. He was like an older brother really. Next time I will tell you the football tale.

Poo Pants

As Louise has indicated in the post she has just written, this will be an awkward week for us both when it comes to finding spare time, so it might be next week before either of us gets the opportunity to post.

To Adrian,
Thanks very much for tipping us off about the 'Survivor' Programme. I meant to catch it on the first showing on Wednesday, but due to other activities that was not possible. This time, just to make certain, I videotaped it so we could watch it at a convenient time on Sunday, and I'm glad I did. Watching the log stand footage, Louise and I were quite stunned to see Susannah's wee descending from under her skirt and splashing musically in the sea. Whether any of the other three women gave up the challenge due to urinary urges is impossible to tell, but I think it said something for Susannah's determination to be prepared to urinate like that. She did very well to sustain a log stand for 16 hours, and if I remember correctly she had been holding her urine for four or five hours. The men were good natured about it, and although it caused some amusement all round with all the "Nothing's going on! Nothing's going on!" type comments, it was all handled very well by all with som! e very good banter. I'm just wondering what the men did about their own toilet needs and how they handled that in the presence of the women, but unfortunately that was not touched on. The William shakespeare toilet paper footage was also amusing, and the pages were probably more luxurious than the rolls of tracing paper that were provided when I was at school, not that I was ever in the habit of needing it during school hours.
As an aside, I was most impressed by the log stand immunity challenge. It was unfortunate for Dave that he lasted only 31 minutes before he lost his balance and fell backwards, but for the other three men to last for over 24 hours was a remarkable feat. As Louise said in her own post, I thought Jonny would have the best chance of winning as I remember from a previous programme that he was described as having a kickboxing background. His leg conditioning would have given him a significant advantage, not to mention his past experience and evident mental composure if he has done endurance challenges before. Sounded like he had, and you could see he was really determined and up for it apart from the wobble he had at around the 16 hour mark. I haven't done a log stand myself, but I have done other endurance tests that are perhaps more acutely demanding such as training stork-like on one leg but nothing of such a duration. Well done to Jonny, and once again, cheers, Adrian.
BTW Lucky Bridget. She deserved to be voted off.

To Meghan,
I don't think Damsel has dumped Andrew exactly. It's just that Andrew isn't being too prompt with his responses. I'll tell you what, I would have liked to see your shower wee. If you could perhaps describe it in more detail, I'd like to read about it.
Louise's sister watched me urinate twice on Friday evening - once when I was in the shower and she pulled up a chair as a spectator, and the other time when I did it on a wall when we were on our way home. Louise's pal Jackie was also there, and they were watching over my shoulder as I was weeing. Their comments are unrepeatable on here, I'm afraid!

To Rizzo,
I'm glad you have taken on the role of 'substitute' father to Louise's sister. I was a little alarmed that at my age of 36 years she might consider me a father figure to her 24 <snicker>. As an 'older brother' I feel much more comforted! I must say her most recent post was incredible, and very graphic. She has some lovely nightwear, and it also explains how she was checking the base of the shower before I used it myself. You should have seen the eye-popping dress she was wearing that evening. I thought it was very charming the way that in the alley we all urinated in on the way home, Damsel very demurely pulled her thong down when squatting turned away from me so her genitals were hidden. I caught a few glimpses of her stream pressure washing the ground, but my attention was more on Louise and her best friend. The pair of them squatted facing me, their knickers removed completely and with wicked smiles, insisted I watched them piss huge puddles. I did, and only bec! ause I was being bullied by them, you understand <snicker>.

Greetings to Ina, Kim and Scott (a long absence for you two), Jeff A, Richard, Mickey, Robby and Annie and everyone else.



Monday, April 22, 2002

Bonnie G
Yesterday I could feel a massive poop inside of me wanting to come out. I had not gone for 2 days so I knew it was gonna be huge. I went to the bathroom & squatted in front of the mirror & began to push. At first nothing happened but then in the mirror I could start to see the turd poking through. After a few hard pushes & some grunts the turd came out some more. Then it got stuck. It was only half out my ass. So I used the bath as support to push harder. it started to move again & eventually fell to the ground. It was hard work but worth it!

Curious Kid
Hi, I'm 10 and love this site. But I have a question. In prisons in the olden days, like the old dungeons, did they have toilets for the prisoners? And what would they do to the ppl who were chained up and stuff? Would they let them down to go releive themselves or what? And in prisons today, like in the cells that are completely dark and have nothing in them, where they put the really bad prisoners for a short period of time like a few days or weeks, would the prisoners just deficate or pee on the floor? And if they would, where would it go? Is there a drain? And if there's not, what would it become? How does it affect the ppl who are in contact with it all the time? And do they clean it b4 they put new ppl inside it? Please help me answer this, and I don't care if the answer is right. Everyone just give me their opinon please, cause i've wondered this for a long time. Sincerely, Curious Kid.

I've been a poster & a lurker on this site for about 2 years now (gee, has it been that long?), but here's a question that came to mind recently that I don't think I've ever seen raised here...:

Most people here take a minute or two after a BM to see what they've done, and every now and then you see the odd undigested tid-bit poking out of your stools... I was wondering if anyone here has ever had the shock of seeing evidence of a parasite (ex. tapeworm) passed from his or her gastrointestinal tract??

If you once fell victem to such an unwelcome guest:
-Where do you think you got it?
-How long did you have to live with it?
-When & how did you finally get rid of the thing (if you ever managed to)?

There are regions of the world where people must deal with these types of parasites on a daily basis. Do you live in one of those countries? In the event you do, how do you deal with this matter? Is your government pro-active or apathetic regarding this subject.

Back in 2000, in one town of my province, apathy had grown to a point where nobody caught on to the fact the manager of the local water treatment system was not only grossly incompetent, but also regularly falsified reports to the laboratory regarding the water quality.
After a bad rain storm in the spring of that year, runoff from a local farm entered the drinking water system. As a result, seven people died and thousands were made ill by a particularly virulent form of E. coli.
If the politicians that aided in this disaster had bothered to look back into the history of sewage treatment, it wouldn't take ONE SECOND to realize that it isn't an 'optional-extra' that can be taken lightly.

(What makes me most angry is that after the lengthy investigation about incident, the town was obligated by contract to give the SOB manager a generous severance package...)

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