hi iam a 16 year old female and the i have brown hair blue eyes
so hers my story, the other day i had to go the the bathroom to take
a poo so i went in the womens room and i took the last stall and i started to pee and then i couldent poo so i started to push and push then i just took my panties to my ankels and i spread my legs about 1 foot and then i push and i look between my legs and start to see it come and i looks like a bid hard one then i keep on pushing hard and my fase is sorta red and i get it out then i just do 5 plops then i wipe from my but to my puss then i get up and i measer it and it 10 inches long then i flush and leave thats all thanks
sined team extream member
p.s. any women have to spred ther legs wide and push hard if so please tell me thatnkx

Hi, my name is John and I'm a 16 year old male with blonce hair and blue eyes. I weigh ablut 150 lbs and am 5'9'' This is my first post here. This happened to me on Friday. I didn't feel good 1st period, so I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom. The minute I sat down my stomach growled so loud, the whole bathroom could hear it. (It's a small bathroom, and there was no one there at the time.) Then loose mushy diarehha came out. It stunk real bad. 2 more waves of diarehha came out. I usually get diarehha attacks out of nowhere. Well I cleaned up, flushed the toilet, and went back to class. I survived the rest of the day without anymore attacks. I don't have a lot of stories, but I'll try my best to come up with some.

Samantha: My girlfriend's name is Samantha, and whenever I see the name, I always read. I realize of course, that you are not her, lol, but your name is what drew me to read your post. I too am a student cellist, althought I'm 16, still in highschool. I was very interested in your post. It seems there are alot of musicians interested in toilet least two women (diva and another woman) used to post here regulary.

Anyway....just couldn't resist posting, hope you aren't laughing your ass off.


i like to hear stories of girls who fart when they shit!

Took a massive dump at the university the other night. It curled right around the bowl and would had to have been at least 24 inches long! Not too smelly or messy to clean up. I wanted to hear someone else's reaction to it- I just couldn't bring myself to flush the monster away. I went in to the other stall and waited. Soon enough, a guy came in and walked in to the other stall. "F*****g hell" he exclaimed and then tried my stall door to see if it was occupied. Finding that it was, he went and flushed my monster away. I couldn't resist shouting out from my stall "that was some dump someone left in there!" He started to giggle and said "I've never seen one that huge before." As he said this he let loose a loud torrent of shit. I said that I had done a large one, but not that large and it sounds like you're having a pretty good one as well. He said he sure was and I said the guy who did the big one must have felt great after (I sure did!!!) and he said "that's for sure." He t! hen exploded a second wave of shit and said to me "that's the echo from the first lost". I replied that I call it the second wave. He finished off and I pretended to and we met at the wash basins. "Feeling better" I said to him. "I sure am" he replied. I told him to take it easy and left.

Another movie fan
Scenes off the top of my head in movies

Julia Roberts in The Mexican - lousy, just knees sticking out.
Psycho 2 - good
Car Wash - good
If These Walls Could Talk 2 - Sharon Stone. Lousy - knees covered by robe.
Groove Tube - pretty good
Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her - Holly Hunter on the pot. Good.
Hollow Man - good shot of black chick on the toilet
Three For the Road - good shot of blonde on the pot talking to Charlie Sheen

I will keep thinking and posting, but most of the movies are really bad. Nothing is shown, or the star is shown in an unrealistically covered up or hidden position.

Today is sunday and last night while I was eating rice and beans I could actually feel the poop moving in my large intestine. It felt pretty cool. When I was done I went staight to the toilet. I sat there for about ten minutes in their with a book in my hand and nothing came out. So I left and decided I was going later Sunday morning before church. First thing this morning I did when I woke up was go staight to the toilet every one else was sleeping (so I did not have to put clothes on me, I sleep nacked). I sat there nothing happend for a while and than I let out a big fart that echoed though the toilet. Then I let out about five middle sized turds it all came out in like ten seconds. And then I stood upand started to wipe. It was a real messy wipe and the poop was light orange with brown in it. My brother knows about this site you cn look forward to hearing them his name is Aaron. Let me describe him for you he is 5'9 tall medim sized not too fat and not but is not that ! skiny either. And is really not that dark of a skin or light either.
Well gotta go it is his turn too use the computer.

afraid and female
hey, i'm female and am too afraid to buy a travelmate
any suggestions on household items i could use to make one?

The WeE WiZzErs
One day I were sitting on the crapper. I said to myself, "I wonder if I dumped on my enemy teachers chair,and she sat on it and felt a gush of soft poo, would I laugh so hard would I pee my pants?

Stan: It was very good question. When the last longer log splashed into water I felt just few drops hit my bottom, it is not unusual. But generally my sitting sessions end mostly without wetting my arse, let?s say four of five cases. It depends on so much size and shape of turd, texture of it and how fast (or slow) it comes out and flop.

How about you all other poopers? Wet arse or not, after pooping?

To Adam

Thanks for the reply. Theres nothing I love more than having a good stiff turd in my undies. Somehow the idea of trying this out in public just seems so exctiting. I think I'll get myself some briefs with a afir bit of space in them and try it out. Somehow though I just dont like the thought of having to go into a shop and buy briefs. As I said in my last post, they have become unfashionable for my age group and I just feel as though the shop assistant would think I was strange or something but I'm probably worrying about nothing. This morning I woke up needing a poo but my mum and dad were out so I just did it in my boxers and it felt great.
I was thinking to myself before though why do we enjoy a good poo in our pants so much - I cant think of any reason. To most people I suppose it would seem so strange. As you said though its nice that there are a few of us on here who share a common interest. In an earlier post Noel said how strange it was that you are all live reasonably close to each other - well so do I - I'm from Cheshire. Its a small world I suppose.

I am 19 and go to college. I was at a concert where I had to pee and lots of other people must have too because there where lines for the porta potties. I stood in a line for a while and offered to let this woman who was probably 20 something go ahead of me but after her friend came out of the porta potty and said there was no toilet paper she said for me to go ahead, I bet she had to take a dump.

Scarlet- I am about 5'10", short light brown hair, blue eyes, fairly skinny but not totally, and I have a lip peircing.

I somewhat recently saw "The Mexican", and there are many pee scenes and 1 poo scene. Julia Roberts pees 3 times (shown getting up from the toilet after drinking soda, in a stall with feet shown only, and partially shown on the toilet in a hotel room), a man pees on a wall, another man pees in a stall in the girls room adjacent to Julia Roberts, a man is shown taking a dump while talking on the phone, and I think that's it. Other than having great bathroom scenes, it was a good movie, in my opinion.

Well one day i was getting ready to head for a drive to a party that was a 2 hour drive away, adn there were no stops!! well i took a shower before leaving and in teh middle i decided i need to take a poop cuz it was probably better then waiting. I decided to just go in the shower then get out and partially dry off, and it would be just a few logs. so i squatted down, and for me i always have to fart for about 3 minutes until actually do teh deed. well after i had farted for a while i gave a short little push and out came this wave of diarrhea into teh shower!!! adn then i pissed a little and then more diarrhea!! well it al washed down teh drain, and i got out to get dressed. i always wear thongs and for this i wore a tight mini skirt and a tank top!! well i began my drive and part way there i let out this huge fart like the kind telling u if u don't get somewhere now u will have an accident!! well i tryed to hold on to it for as long as i could. i knew i had to ge! t out or something, but i couldn't go alone cuz it was dark. so all of a sudden i let out this long soft fart and all this diarrhea came onto my legs cuz i had a thong on!! i couldn't control myself adn i kept letting more and more out for what seemed like 15 minutes!!!! i turned back around to drive home and i called from my car phone to tell them i wasn't gonna make it there. when i got home i headed immediately to the bathroom and as soon as i sat down a whole nother wave of diarrhea!! it took a while to clean up and i did ruin my skirt and underwear!! next time i have to go i will certainly go!! has any one else had that expirence, if so please post somethign about it!! i will write about my pooping habbits from today probably tomorrow or the next day!! c ya

Read your response to Donny M. re: AOL. Agree completely. Tell it like it is!

Jim, did feel funny when you wet yourself playing soccer, having your undies wet and your pants dry. It happened to me once. We were going to the shore for the day. I was wearing breifs under my bathing suit. Half way through the drive i had to pee, but my dad wouldn't pull over. I tried to hold on, but couldn't. I peed my bathing suit. The suit dried in 15 minutes, but my tightie whities were wet for the rest of the day. It was a funny feeling walking around with wet underwear and dry pants.

Drew, just wanted to say hi! I guess you're the same Drew who once gave me advice once about how to get TP off a dude in the next stall if you're out of it in your stall? I've actually had to ask a couple of times and both dudes were real cool about it! It seems to work best with young dudes like at the college I attend where I often also take a shit in the Library restroom. Yeah, I also always enjoy talking to other dudes while I'm taking a crap. I attend baseball games at a field nearby. On a recent occasion, I was taking a shit in one of the two doorless stalls. The visiting team from out of town all arrived by bus and they made a beeline for the restroom. They were kinda crowded outside the two stalls and it was cool talking to them about the game and their prospects while I finished my shit and then wiped. When they saw I was not bashful about it, they were just real relaxed and friendly. Yeah, somone once pulled that prank on me of turning out the lights. Ma! n, it was totally dark like a dude couldn't see his hand in front of him and there I was on the crapper. I waited about 5 minutes until the door to the restroom opened and some dudes put on the lights. I was real relieved! Take care and post more of those great stories!

poo pants
Noel, matt, Adam. Isaw a post recently that asked if anyone had seen their parents pooing. Well I grew up in a household where to have an accident was not a sin and I do know that my dad poo'd himself a few times, four times when I was there. The first was when I was about 13 and he had taken me climbing to Derbyshire for a wekend and we stayed at a Youth Hostel.. I remeber I was in the bottom bunk and dad was above and when he got into bed he dropped his briefs by my side and I saw a few real thick skid marks in them, The next day he put clean underpants on and we went climbing. He showed me how to belay and we did a three pitch climb and he let me know how to second. At the start of the second pitch he had to spread his leg a long way and as he did I heard him fart a long and quiet fart and it left a real smell behind as he moved on. Starting the next pitch he had to reach high and make a few fast moves. As he reached up he farted again and his trousers bulged and ! he said - oh shit - and climbed on. At the top he told me to coil the rope and he went to the toilets at the car park.

We both laughed about it and at home he took his pants down and washed them through along with his shirt and trousers. When he was in the shower I think he enjoyed soaping himself down for he was there some time. More tales of my dad another time. He is a great bloke. At the time he was only in his very early 30's because I came veryy soon in the marriage and so I could relate to Dad really well.

Keep on posting.

Poo pants

Mark O.

Hello everybody it has been a long time snice I have posted hear because nothing new!

Lately I have tried the new fiber suplement called Benefiber I think it works great. One day I decided to take as directed the next day I was pooping up a storm. I took three good solid motions during the day. My third poop was after dinner which is quite unusal for me, I loved it. If any body out there that likes to take big dumps I recomend this product for them. I also like it because it does not get think in liquid and is tasteless. If there is anybody else who has discoved this product, Benefiber, let me know your results.
The other day at school I had to take a dump pretty bad. I went to the usual bathroom that I like and checked each stall to see if anybody left a suprise, I always like to do this does any body else? Well to my unusal supries there was a huge turd in one toilet it had to be atleat 15in long that was it. I decided to take my dump on top of it nothing near its size though. Though the color and texture of my motion was very similar.
Happy dumping everybody!


A quick hug for you, my dear on-line niece KENDAL, from your Uncle Rizzo; before I go on to part two of my ski outing.
I’ll talk to others in a later post, or this will be far too long.

It took about one and a half hours to drive to the “ski arena” we had in mind. There were others closer, but at less altitude. This one went up to a glacier at over 10000 ft above sea level. Ah! We finally arrived at the car park under the cable car station in the valley, and I was already dying for a pee. All that morning coffee and o-juice were making themselves felt. We changed into our ski boots next to the car and then I sent the others on to buy tickets, while I clump-clomped to the loos of the car park in my unwieldy ski boots. The toilets were impeccably clean. Urinals with proximity sensors that initiated the flush after you had backed off. I found the same brand name of urinal (Geberit) everywhere at the ski stations. Funnily enough the height off the floor the fixtures are mounted, seems to have been left at the discretion of the plumbers. The lowest I found were about 16 inches above the floor, the highest were 28 inches above the floor!! (I memorized the he! ights against my leg and measured with a tape measure later) But I must say, that where the urinals were high up, there was always one at the end far lower down for the little 'uns. Well designed fixtures they are, too. I imagined PV or Louise having a try. It is possible to wee down even vertically without dribbling on to the floor! Back to my wee: I stood there with my willie just about to let go, when I farted really loudly. It must be the gas expanding due to the change in altitude above sea level, I thought. But hey, there was more in there than a fart. I just managed to slam on the brakes to avoid filling my underwear. I quickly shuffled over into one of the two cubicles keeping my bum clenched tightly shut and lowered my ski pants and lurid boxer shorts and sat down on a very clean and cool pale grey plastic toilet seat. With a bang the main door opened and a guy – I presume - came clumping in and entered the other cubicle next to mine. I heard a noisy rustling sound! of synthetic material, a sigh and a creak so loud that I thought that he would bust the seat, then deep breathing. I am sometimes a little inhibited when all is quiet and there is somebody unknown about to shit next to me. So I tried to be quiet too, and just let go ever so gently without pushing, hoping not to make to many farting noises. In vain! My bum exploded in a long series of cracker-like trumps interspersed with little splashing turdlets. I couldn’t have been louder even if I would have tried! Under cover of the noise I was making, I heard a loud ‘Ooannnhhh!’ repeatedly from the neighbouring cubicle, like a tennis pro at every base-line shot when struggling to stay in the match! My staccato discharge ebbed to a stop and only my wee continued to pour silently against the porcelain at the front. The chap next door froze into silence. He must have been more embarassed than I! Then he started to moan silently and to breathe heavily, while my rectum reloaded. Ok, I t! hought, I’ll give him an “encore” and pushed to release another gassy salvo of grape shot, which let him immediately resume his moaning at a higher pitch. That seemed to be my last for the time being. I was glad, because I had come for some skiing and did not want to spend more of the day shitting. There was a breathy silence next door again, while I reached for the enormous roll of tp of the kind that contains at least a couple of thousand wipes. After a fart like a parting shot I cleaned my bum and pulled up my layers of pants and went to wash my hands. As I was leaving, feeling now light as a feather, I heard an echoing “kersploosh” from the other guy. So he had finally made it. Well, the rest of the day is off topic, but I may add that I did not see any yellow spots in the snow. There were enough toilets at lift stations and in restaurants on the slopes for everyone.

Hello dear TIM and SARAH, so you spent your Easter in rainy Spain, while we spent ours in the sunny Alps! Tim, tell Peter that there are men posting here with preferences for males. He will soon find out who they are. They poop too, like the rest of us, LOL, and post good stories. To me, he would be very welcome. Sarah, I am seriously thinking of ordering a travelmate for my wife for our next trip. A surprise present of an unusual nature! Yes, toilets in Spain can be off-putting, of the type where you could prefer to aim standing from the door and then beat a quick retreat! So Josie has started to ride! The thrill, not to mention the wees in the straw, should compensate for the loss of the cat. When she comes home after being in contact with horses, get her to change and to wash before touching Loewie, to avoid possible allergic reactions to horses. Love to both of you from Rizzo

Hi CARMALITA, I miss Rich and Kathy too, their deaths has affected me more than I care to admit. But I liked your story about you decorating your outdoor production with a little “flag”! You cheered me up! Thank you, and love to you all over there from Rizzo

IAN, that must have been one awful experience, your spaghetti-shit at that high school on that formal occasion. No wonder you didn’t want to go there ever again! Great story though!!!

Bye veryone, I'm off to go sailing for the weekend.

What causes skid marks.

Once when I was about 22 and was in a flat,I was pretty sick;vomiting,pains,ect.I was lying back in bed when my room mate,Michael,came in.
I waved and as I waved,I felt something turn in my stomach;some wet shit splashed into my pants,though I didn't need to go.Michael didn't notice.He was also my b/f and he understood me,but not when I shit.
He walked out and I lifted my butt off the bed.There was a wet patch as though I had peed on myself.
Then,I had to puke,so I got up from bed and ran to the toilet.Michael came in to help me and he patted me.Something clicked in my stomach;loads of soft and wet shit splashed into my pants.Michael didn't notice,till I got up and he saw a bulge getting bigger on the back of my pants.
He looked at me,but the shit kept coming.I was still puking so I couldn't sit on the toilet seat.I didn't have to shit or anything.Thinking it was fone,I got up and cried.Then,I put my hands over my crotch and started to pee really bad.
It was really weird!

To poodude: Your right i can't wait till my next dump

speaking of dumping i had a huge urge to poop all day yesterday and i wanted to wait to poop before bed so the urge could grow stronger. I had a bunch of hard things come out me then my load got a bit softer. Then i worked today and i pooped at work and it was on the loose side.I wiped alot

I Remember - I assume that you are female as you say that you had to sit over the trough. Trough urinals for males are not uncommon, but a trough which you sit on is, I think, very uncommon. I have heard of them, but only in public buildings (including schools) about 100 years ago. Could you tell us more about it? Did it have seats or did you have to sit on (or 'hover' over) the edges of the trough? What was the flushing process - was there a continuous flow of water or was it flushed after everone had finished going to the bathroom in it.

poo pants
Noel, matt, Adam. Isaw a post recently that asked if anyone had seen their parents pooing. Well I grew up in a household where to have an accident was not a sin and I do know that my dad poo'd himself a few times, four times when I was there. The first was when I was about 13 and he had taken me climbing to Derbyshire for a wekend and we stayed at a Youth Hostel.. I remeber I was in the bottom bunk and dad was above and when he got into bed he dropped his briefs by my side and I saw a few real thick skid marks in them, The next day he put clean underpants on and we went climbing. He showed me how to belay and we did a three pitch climb and he let me know how to second. At the start of the second pitch he had to spread his leg a long way and as he did I heard him fart a long and quiet fart and it left a real smell behind as he moved on. Starting the next pitch he had to reach high and make a few fast moves. As he reached up he farted again and his trousers bulged and ! he said - oh shit - and climbed on. At the top he told me to coil the rope and he went to the toilets at the car park.

We both laughed about it and at home he took his pants down and washed them through along with his shirt and trousers. When he was in the shower I think he enjoyed soaping himself down for he was there some time. More tales of my dad another time. He is a great bloke. At the time he was only in his very early 30's because I came veryy soon in the marriage and so I could relate to Dad really well.

Keep on posting.

Poo pants

Shy Pleasure Pooper (SPP)
Dear Samantha,

Hello. I enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway, about me, I'm 19 years old, male, pretty blue eyes, 6'0", thin. I wish I had some really interesting stories, but I don't really. I am into running and fitness and all that kind of good stuff and I know what you mean how it feels awsome to poop after running or something. I like to ride my bike a few miles and go someplace. It especially feels good when you really have to go too. I remember one time, about a year ago, I walked a few miles on a trail and came to this one outhouse, I never thought to poo would stop coming out. It was awesome! Another time, about 8 or 9 years ago, I was on vacation in a camper riding down the road. I had to take a big diarrha dump and the cab was not connected to the camper and I was in the back, so I could not tell me folks up front to stop at the bathroom. Oh, thank God for lunch. Not because I was hungry either. It was Taco Bell. I ran straight to the bathroom, no time to or! der. I felt wet diarrha pouring like a fountain from my bum. Ahhhh, what a rush!
I thought I was crazy for years, til I found this great site. I went through other sites already and they are sick and perverted. This site is perfect. I visit here now every chance I get. Well, I better get going here. Hey, Samantha, feel free to add more stories! I know I'll write more later. I'm going to make a new annonymous email account too and you can email me personally if you like. I'm going to split now. Goodbye for now~! :)

hi iwas curious to hear about girls that pee or poop and dont wipe i dont know why but i like to hear bout that please email me thank you

Well here we are again to resume the continuing saga of my childhood memories. When I last posted I had just gone up to senior school and drifted apart from Helen who had given me dozens of happy peeing and crapping sessions and now I was without a regular peeing companion but there were plenty of random chances to see and here, probably more listening than watching though. At home there was always my mum who had a big capacity bladder and always farted loudly before she started but it was a friend of hers Pat who came to see her on thursday afternoons who was the star turn, she was still there when I got home from school and would leave about 5.O-Clock but before she left she always went for a pee and I always made sure I was upstairs, Pat had a bladder like an elephant, as soon as I heard the toilet door close I would slip out of my bedroom and creap upto the toilet door, luckily there were no creaking floorboards, first of all there was the rustle of clothing as Pat hitch! ed up dress and slipped her knickers down followed by the creak of the toilet seat as she sat down and then it started, no starting trickle or dribble just an immediate gusher, it sounded like someone had just turned the bath tap full on. Often with women who expel large volumes of piss it dosn't last long but Pats just went on and on, I dont know how much she pee'd at one go but I guess it must have been close to half a gallon. Eventually the flow slowed to a trickle and just when you thought it was going to stop Pat grunted and strained loudly and the gusher resumed full flow, this happened two or three times before, after a final trickle, she pulled her knickers back up and flushed the toilet which was my cue to hurry back to my bedroom.
This went on for over twelve months and kept me happy although I often wondered when she had a crap and if her bowel capacity was anything like her bladder capacity then suddenly I got the oportunity to find out. It was the summer holidays and my mum said we had been invited to go and stay at my uncles but there wasn't much for me to do there so if I didn't want to go Pat had said I could go and stay with her, I couldn't believe my luck and quickly said yes. A week later I was duly deposited at Pats house. After my parents had gone Pat showed me to my room which to my delight was oposite the bathroom, she left me to unpack and to my delight went into the bathroom, things were really getting of to a good start, I wasn't sure about the floorboards on the landing so I just stood in the bedroom doorway and listened to one of Pats monumental pissing sessions, I knew the next week was going to fantastic but more of that in my next post.

Hi all!
I have a story. This morning I got up and went into the toidy. I pulled up my night shirt and sat down. I pushed out a stream of wee. I fixed my bum and arched forward. I felt a log inching out! It really started to hurt! I was moaning, wishing that Sari, Annie, or somebody would rub my ????. I had Andrew(Lawn Dogs Kid) do a virtual rub for me! Kendal held my hand and Ellen assisted. The huge piece slowly crackled its way out. It finally CULLOMPTED into the bowl. I sighed with relief!! Some soft poo came tumbling out and I weed a little more. I was reading a mag and just sat there. My ???? started rumbling again and a few little balls excited my arse. I waited and waited. I finally took some tissue and wiped. Boy, that first poo starts you off for the whole day!! Dad and Annie are still gone. Sari is at school.

SAMANTHA: Great to have you here. I also play the cello. My sister and I had experiences like yours at camp. Our toidys were right dirty! We didn't like to use them! Well, Take care!! Meghan and Sarah S

ALISON: Hi there! Having shaved pubes does make the wee and wiping easier. My sister and I have shaved for a couple of years now! Hope you stay with us! Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

DIVA: Welcome back! Sarah and I have had simular experiences with having to wee and poop during a concert. I'm glad the conductor let you take a break. Most don't! Lovexx Meghan and Sarah S

RIZZO: Hi dear friend!! That poo in Switzerland was mightly phrased!! Sari and I love to ski! We secretly hope Dad will send us to Europe this summer for some fun! Your willie was pointed the right way, Blush! Glad you are back with us! Lots of Lovexxxx Meghan and Sari

STEVE, LOUISE and DAMSEL: Hi there! DAMSEL, LindaGS is 11 or 12 years old, I think. They are cyber friends. Andrew thinks you dumped him! He doesn't have a girlfriend. He is blond and blue-eyed but not 6'2". I guess Sari and I would go for a guy 4'10" and 300lbs if he had money,LOL! That wee for Richard and Jeff A was outstanding. You are really getting the hang of it. LOUISE, instruct her on the WSPC guidelines. STEVE, I did a wee in the shower this morning just for you, Rizzo, Jeff A, Tim, Todd, and Andrew! My stream arched to the heights! It was of a bright yellow tinge! Take care and Lots of Lovexxx from Meghan and Sarah

INA: We just want to say we love you and hope your tea times are times for standup weeing practice!! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Meghan and Sarah!

I am alone and it is cloudy so I will grab a mag, go to the toidy and sit down,PLOP, PLOP, PLOP!! HI TODD AND DIANA!

SPECIAL HUGS TO: Cousins' Kendal, Andrew, and Ellen-hi there!, Jane and Gary, PV-hope you had a good time!, Tim and Sarah- hi dears!, Ephermal- hope you are getting some rest!, Eleanor-are you settled in Exeter?, Adele-hope you come back!, Carmalita-hi sweetheart!, Jake, Nu, Pat, Renee, Tesa, Kimmie and Scott, Plunging Plop Guy-loved the story, Belinda-hi,loved the story!, Adrian, Lancs Lad, LindaGS-where are ya!, Elena, Cousin, Jeff A, Ellie and Little Lou-where are you?



For those who are in the UK and interested, I've just seen a trailer for Survivor Ray (ITV 2, 10:45pm this Wednesday) where one of the men has an attack of the shits on screen.

Hello everyone by the way.

Carmalita :
Have you a website where you post more explicit adventures ?? I'd LOVE
to read of them.

I'd only shit myself once before. At work, after a rather heavy night
drinking. ( I've since stopped ) I felt a sudden rush and just didn't
make it to the toilet in time. All over white cotton overalls as well.
Fortunately, no one around at the time. Hell, it stunk too !! Really
wet shit too. Yeuch.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Bryian- I am 19 and I live in Oregon. I'm glad to hear that you like to poop the same way I do. I like to poop so much that I can't wait till I visit the toilet again to take a dump! I bet you can't wait either.

POODUDE--Hi! You asked about so, here goes. I'm 19/f, I live in USA, college student. I'm about 5'5", sandy blonde hair, green eyes, hour glass figure. What about you?

ANDRE--I don't know about farts smelling the same if you eat the same thing, but yes, greasy foods and water you aren't used to (like other countries') can cause diarrhea.

DESPERATE--Loved your story! Post more! PLEASE!!!!!!


what does it mean if your poop floats. Because this mourning I had so many small turds in the bowl and they were all floating.And when I just came from school Ihad to take a dump. It first stated to come out with a huge fart. And when I was done , I got up and I saw all the poop sunk to the bottom of the bowl. And today I was letting out some stinky ass farts. It got so bad to the point thatmy teacher asked me if I neede to use the bathroom.I of course said no because I the bathroom is really dirty and there are some really rude people at my school. Oh yeah I am tremendously poop shy. If someone were to sit down and poop with me I would not mind at all. But if you come in and you can here me grunting fartin ect. I would freak out !! I got a question for the girls here. Did you ever poop with another male before?

thank you so much I am so glad you like my post. I like yours too.


I enjoyed your story about your plop session with your friend. I would like to hear your other story
Did you splash your arse when the lumps of shit dropped ?

To all movie fans:

Just saw a movie called "Arachnid" on home video. Basic plot: A group of scientists crash on a tropical island that is inhabited by giant spiders. Fairly early in the film, one rather nice looking woman goes off into the flora by herself. The male leader of the group follows her and catches her in the act of relieving herself. I assume that she's just peeing because 1) he's very close behind her and she finishes up right after he spots her, and 2) she doesn't wipe before pulling up her shorts. The shot of her is pretty short, and there isn't much dialogue about what's going on, but we do get to see her cute bare ass as she squats in the jungle.

More as I run across them.

Wow, this is a cool site! One of my friends pointed me toward it and said that they visit here often, but never post. So I decided to post something. I've seen that people here usually describe themselves, so here's mine: I'm an 18 yr. old student/cellist, with brown hair down to my shoulders. I've been told that I am voluptuous, and with curves like mine (especially my round butt), who am I to disagree?
So anyway, I was running earlier when I felt a massive log in my intestines. I was like "wow, my stomach's brewing for a big one." I wanted to finish up the mile first, though, so I did. And that makes it even more satisfying when you dump, if you hold it for a little while w/o being dangerous. So once I was done, I walked over to the bathroom. Pulling down my running pants and panties, I sat softly on the bowl, arching my back while leaning forward with my arms on my knees. As my pee hit the inside of the bowl, I took a big, peachy-tan cheek in each hand and gently separated them. Settling in, I bore down to have this movement. The poop massaged the inside of my anal tunnel as my anus crackled open to reveal a thick turd. I couldn't see it then, but I would know later that it was dark brown and knobbly, like a conglomerate rock. It was also as thick as a can of evaporated milk, about. I felt the large poo caress the sides of my stretched anus as I struggled with soft mo! ans to get this thing going. It was solid, I could feel, because it passed through with ease for quite a length. I then felt and heard it drop to the ground with a soft splash. That was relieving, but I knew that I needed more relief. My toilet was hungry for more, and I was only too happy to give it. So I bore down again, feeling this next one ready to roll. Once again, the wonderful feeling of the log in my anus sent tingles into me. I pushed, with a "mmph" for help, and flexed my stomach muscles. This one crackled louder than the first as it entered the open air. "Mmmmm," I sighed with pleasure. This one must have fallen on top of the first one, because it fell almost silently. As I wiped (with the inside the rectum method as well, i like to be clean inside and out) and inspected my load, I was very impressed at what I had done. Two thick brown logs, curled around each other, lay at the bottom of my toilet. "Oh yeah, that was great," I thought as I flushed them away. It w! as pretty miraculous that they went down.

Another poop story:

I was at archery camp last year with my sister. This camp had one of those double outhouses that have no stalls, just a plank with two holes in it. This was actually pretty nice, though; the edges were rounded, and the whole thing was polished smoothly. Also, there were two half doors in front of the person using it, at mid-chest level, so that, even though the person next to you could see you, no one outside could, even if they opened the first door, which had a tinted window (you could see out, they couldn't see in) Apparently I had eaten too much of something that didn't agree with me, for soon I was heading to the toilet desperately. I hoped no-one would be there to hear my wet-sounding farts and smell the stench of diarrhea, but there was. As it was, this kid was a shy African-American guy, a year younger than I, who I knew a little from earlier in the week. He didn't sound like he was in my predicament, but he did look a little embarrarassed (well, okay, a LOT emba! rrassed). So I decided to make things a little easier on him, since I felt sorry for the guy, him being so shy and all. So I yanked down my shorts and panties quickly and sat down next to him. He tried to look away, but I wanted to also get him out of his shell a little. So I started a conversation with him. Pretty strange, but pretty cool too. I learned a lot about him, and vice versa. However, I had been holding my poo in and just peeing, b/c I wasn't that open with him. But now I couldn't hold it any longer. My stomach rumbled, and I let loose, amidst a barrage of wet farts, a soft gallon of slop, at least. He looked away again, but I, seeing that he was more embarrassed about my sounds than I, said, "It's okay, we're all friends here." He (who I'll now start calling JJ) smiled, and I heard him drop something down on his side. Just then, though, one of the people who had been giving me a hard time about my archery skills came running up, clutching her stomach. She must ha! ve had the same reaction to the food that I did, but unfortunately, there was no open toilet for her. How poetic. ^__^ So she opened up the big door and saw the two of us sitting there. She gasped, as her stomach growled loudly. I guessed that she had just been about to blow, came rushing here, and the shock of both of us sitting there, plus her not being able to go right then, made her lose control. JJ gave a nervous chuckle and said "Hi," and I giggled as I let loose a torrent of poo. Her stomach squelched then and I heard the telltale sound of a wet, sputtering fart, followed by a squelching gushy sound. "No," she said softly. I was enjoying this a little, I'm afraid, because deserved revenge can sometimes be sweet. Her white! shorts started to fill with soft poop, and she
stood there, frozen with embarrassment. Another fart and some came down her legs. It was mushy like mine, not runny. Then she just gave up and let the rest out. Her panties, shorts and socks were ruined, and she had just had an accident in front of her nemesis (namely, me.) I just sat there, farting away with JJ as we enjoyed sweet relief...

Have a sunny day!


I'm back! Responding to some of the questions: no I would not be turned on to see a male have a pooping accident, quite the opposite. Have I ever had an experience where I had to pee so bad I couldn't pull down my pants and do it because I had to hold myself to not wet my pants? All the time, at least once a week or so. I hate when you hold and hold it and almost make it to the door of the bathroom and THEN your bladder decides to let it out. As for the survey:

Have you ever had to pee so bad you almost wet your pants? - all the time, at least every week. Mostly because I have to go a lot and if I put it off even a little, I'm in trouble.

Have you ever wet your pants? - Yes, but usually (again, weekly) I will partially wet them with a few spurts and then manage to stop myself. I have only wet myself by completely emptying my bladder a few times a year.

Have you ever had to poop so bad you almost did it in your pants? - yes, quite often, at least every month or so.

Have you ever pooped your pants? - two or three times in my adult life that I recall, all while driving. Again, it wasn't the whole thing, though, just a piece. I've had skidmarks a few times though.

Which is harder to hold, poop or pee? - I have a hard time holding both, but poop is easier. Pee starts to leak out when I am desperate.

Have you seen anyone desperate for a pee? - all the time. I've sat in rehearsals and auditions with people bouncing and twistinmg in their chairs (one friend in particular). I've seen my best friend bending over crossing her legs because every place we tried to use the toilet was closed. I've seen my private music students holding themselves, squirming, crossing their legs. I've seen my mother the same way many times, even seen her holding herself and rocking. Once, she was doing my hair rocking from foot to foot and dropped the curling iron on me and burnt me because she had to dash to the bathroom so as not to pee herself. I've been in bathroom lines with restless, shifting people that I knew or didn't know.

Have you seen anyone wet themselves? - only children.

Have you seen anyone desperate for a poop? - I've known that people were because they told me but I couldn't tell by looking.

Have you seen anyone poop themselves? - a few kids once or twice, but not many and not often, and no adults.

Now, my latest story: I had a performance stopped so I could pee! I was doing the St. Matthew Passion at Easter in this little rural place that had one outhouse, male and female, audience and performers, away from the church where we sang. The piece is 3 1/2 hours and it was decided to do it "authentically" with no break. I was worried (having read here about another singer's problem with that work) so I tried to limit my water and go right before, and I put on some maxi-pads for leakage. It didn't matter, I ended up bursting to pee within the first hour. I tried everything - pressing my bladder discreetly into the hard chair, crossing my legs, distracting myself, letting out little squirts into the pads to release the pressure, etc. but it was getting worse and worse. Finally in the last half hour I was so desperate I was bloated and in pain and was having a hard time sitting still and I knew I was going to wet my pants if someone didn't do something. I was almost in ! tears by then. So I caught the conductor's eye in between selections and, by gesturing slightly to my crotch and mouthing at him, gave him the message that I was desperate for a break. He turned around to the audience and announced that we would take a brief break before the final conclusion. I couldn't get off stage fast enough, but it was hard because walking was difficult. Of course everyone else made a beeline to the bathroom and I knew I couldn't wait in line, so I snuck off into the woods and peed quickly, managing jst barely not to get it on my gown. It felt SO good, it was such a long, hard pee. I apologized like crazy to the conductor afterward but he said it was OK and he figured something like that might happen. It was embarassing though!

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