Hi all, I have been lurking for about a year and enjoy everybodys posts. Finally got the courage to relate what happened to me as a young girl. I lived in a smaller town where we could still ride our bikes safely. I was at a girlfriends house about a block away or so. I was about 4 or 5 and knew I had to go to the bathroom. Mollys mother saw me holding myself and asked if I had to go. I was embarrassed that she noticed me and said no. In a couple of minutes Molly had to go in and I got my bicycle (still with training wheels) and thought I could still make it home. As I was riding I realized just how bad I had to go. Poop was trying to squeeze out my butt. I fought the urge many times untill I was about 2 houses away from home when it I just couldn't hold it in any more. The poop rushed out into my pants. Since I was sitting on the seat while riding, it was kinda squished between my butt and the seat, making a real mess in my pants. What was worse was my shorts w! ere light green and I knew it was really noticeable. I let go a little pee but that wasn't too bad, a wet spot on my crotch about the size of a half a dollar. I was so upset and started crying as soon as the poo started coming out. I don't think I had an accident for about 4-5 months before so Mom thought I was responsible and wouldn't goin my pants anymore. I got in the house and was still crying. As she asked my what happened to make me cry, I could tell her nose found the reason. She seemed a little disappointed in me but took me up to the bathroom to get cleaned up. My panties were really a mess and my shorts weren't much better. I had so much poop on my butt I had to take a bath to clean up. I found out later that Molly's Mom had called my Mom on the phone to let her know about me holding myself, having to go to the bathroom and denying it. I think that was why she seemed disappointed and kinda expected me to come home with something in my pants.
I had a couple of accidents after that in school and camp because I got too interested and involved in things I was doing and didn't take the time to go. Luckily, Mom didn't find out. In school I had a dress on so no one but me knew I soaked my pants. They were almost dry when I went home so I got away with it.
Ahnyone have any similar stories to share?

Dan B.
To: Tomsca - Thanks for the info. I had forgotten about that one with Courtney Thorne-Smith, but I did see that episode. It was one of the hottest things I've ever seen in my life.

Does anybody know if that scene is available in picture or video format anywhere on the internet? I'd love to see it again. I guess you'd need film captures of the particular episode. If anybody has any ideas, let me know.


One day I was surfing and reading some posts including this one, and I found that there was comments regarding subjets that I never saw. I read the board daily and know I didnt miss an article, in fact I went back a few pages to make sure.
I dont know how much this has to do with AOL, but I went and signed onto Netscape and found the same post, including this one.
Behold, here I find the missing post that was referred to later on.
So I guess something to do with space and bandwith or something is cutting out posting on sites--not only this one.
So fellow poopers and toilet friends, if you find a puzzle where you dont see something that should be there-go to Netscape ( I use Netscape 6) and you might just find it.
One day ˆwent to a board and was reading a story and it ended near the end of the page on my screem just cut off . I signed over to NS and there it was, in full.
Just thought Id like to help out my friends here...
any comments???

Yes. AOL's sole purpose is to make money by selling advertising and products to companies who want to use them as advertising space. Guess what, they do that well. CNN, and Time Warner's other media outlets do the same thing. Companies pay premium money for good advertising space. They do it very well. Because of this business model, providing access to the internet is a waste of time an energy. Everything about their network is designed to keep users inside and not to provide access to the internet or the outside world. If you are inside you are in range of their advertising space, and potentially market research too. To them as a company, internet access costs money, and the return on that money is less than the return on the ads they sell. As a result they maintain the bare minimum connection to the internet to prevent total collapse of their systems. They got to a point several years ago that they had to buy 4 Gb of bandwidth almost over night just to stay afloat. Cite the news reports yourself on this one. Their network has always been raggedy and nonstandard; there is years of documented proof that it does not work well with the conventions and protocols used on the internet. Instead of upgrading or throwing away proprietary systems, they developed a protection racket. They used the same old systems that don't work to and saved the money they would have spent to upgrade. Basically you buy a keyword so they can 1.)serve content from their servers without the expense of using a connection to the intenet to get it, 2. ) attach targeted advertising when they deliver your content

Nate in AZ
ANDRE: Thx for your response. Your stories are great! I've downloaded them for (heh heh) future use! Liked your buddy dump with your dad. Would that mine have been so open about such things. I've just about finished my breakfast and feel some expansion in my butt (and in another place that will remain nameless) so another good screaming session is in prospect. I'll think about your story while I let loose what feels like it's going to be a whopper! Ohhhh, my...gotta go...Bye

Hi I've noticed something latly...when i have to pee in public i like to use a stall so i can see if any turds were left behind or so i accidently walk in on someone.
This reminds me...i had a class at work today and we got a 15 min break and on break i went to pee(btw i was in a different building) and the stall was occupied so i took the urinal and this urinal holds lots of water and its next to the sink and theres no partion and the guy came out of the stall to wash his hands and i started to get hard. Im surprised i didn't have trouble starting to pee. Any guys notice this before?

To I remember: I liked your story..are you male or female? and where is this bathroom located your talking about..reason i ask is cause i've never heard of such of a toilet like that...maybe to pee in but never heard of such type to poop in

To Andre: I liked your that you got to see your dads girlfriends turds on the way back to camp! were you excited at all when you saw it or even your dad or your best friend?

I like thurs pic..looks like she might be grunting out a huge log
i was at work today and an urge to poop came on...i've been ignoring it all day its still there now but i'll probably wait to dump when it gets stronger.

From Adam to Noel Matt and Poo pants. Nice to have a group of us that appreciate the pleasure that a poo can give. Matt - get a couple of pairs of briefs that have a bit of space in but good tight elastic and then let go and enjoy it. Start by dumping at home when folks are out and then branch out a bit and do a dump and then walk home. If you don't like the feel of a hard dump bouncing around between your legs then lift the waistband up until the poo is secure against your bum. If it is wet it sticks to your underpants anyway! Enjoy it and keep us informed.

When I was in my mid teens I used to have farting contests with some mates from school and in the holiday we would meet in the mornings at the house of someone whose parents were out. Gradualy we all farted until we filled our pants. Recently I met up with one of them again and we had a re-run together. It was great - our excitement was clear for each of us to see and we had fun for the rest of the evening. Before he went we both had a good pee together and we are meeting again soon.

Lets all keep our stories coming - I can enjoy them back till when I was about 15 and realized that doing it my pants gave me pleasure.


Hello everyone!

Ok, maybe I'm sad but it was so exciting to see my first message actually show on this site.
LOUISE: Thanks for replying to my message that was really nice of you. I have been reading through some of your previous posts, and clearly you are an expert in this field. Today I went for a wee wee at work with a colleague/friend of mine called Jane. She's one of these people who talks a lot about the toilet but I've never yet actually seen her on the loo although we often go together, albeit in separate stalls.

Today was no exception. Jane announced that she needed a wee in her usual way and I was a bit desperate too so we went to the ladies. We took adjacent stalls. I pulled up my skirt and took my knickers down, checked to see that the seat was clean before sitting down. Next door I heard Jane having her wee tinkling away. When I had finished I took some paper to wipe my pussy. BTW Louise you are so right about shaving. My boyfriend (Mark) persuaded me to shave my pubes a few months ago and wow what a difference. I used to be quite hairy down below and now just have a little tuft and its so much easier to wipe my pussy dry.

Anyway, must go. Look forward to hearing from anyone out there.


Haven't posted since last summer, but I've been reading all the posts regularly and thought it was time I contributed again. Had a nice chat with the guy in the next stall the other day. Opened the door of one of my favourite bathrooms at the university and found the light wasn't on. I switched it on and was surprised to see one of the two stalls occupied. "Someone leave you in the dark" I shouted out as I entered the other stall. "Yeah, someone's playing a trick on me- would you mind leaving it on, on your way out." (I don't know why he thought I wouldn't!!) "I'm going to be in here for a while" I replied. He gave a little laugh as it dawned on him that I was there for a dump as well. "Not a very funny joke" I said and he replied "No, but I would've survived." I said "Yeah, someone would've come in eventually." By now I was seated and as he sounded a really friendly guy, I said "I really need a good shit." He replied "I hear you buddy, dinner's not sitting that good with ! me tonight." I laughed and began my dump. It was my first for two days, lots of small firm pieces, plus a couple of large ones which all made a good plopping sound as they hit the water. Very clean and no smell. The guy next door was finishing up by now, so I never got a chance to see him at the sinks. All in all a neat dumping experience. Coincidentally, a couple of days later, new light switches were installed which cannot be switched off by hand, I guess some sort of special key is needed, so I won't be finding any more guys shitting in the dark!

I just read the postings and enjoyed them. For Dan B., I enjoyed your posting about Jenny McCarthy on the toilet in an ad. I did a search through Google and found the picture at the . According to the rules, I cannot disclose the URL but it is easy to find. Put in "Jenny McCarthy" and "toilet" and it will show quickly.

For Andre, I enjoyed your camping story about dumping with your Dad, best friend and G-Friend. I would have enjoyed being in your shoes but however, I would have not been comfortable with my Dad there.

Lastly, I have been thinking about this web site and it is amazing that it has been around for almost 5 years ! I got on the first time back in 1998 if I remember right. I am glad that the moderator has kept it here for this long and look forward to for many more years.

Well, that is all for now. I have no stories myself.

MASKED BASTARD: Sorry mate, it was probably me!My logs just never ever go. I did some today, usually I only do it at home because we've got a good flush and a good toilet bowl geometry, but I did some at work and no, the f???er just wouldn't go!

Hi everyone.
I posted a while ago but for some reason it never made it. Maybe the moderator thought I was enjoying it too much!
Anyway I'm not going over it all again, but my wife, after coming back, went away yesterday just for the weekend.
I am writing with my trousers still off, as I have just had a lovely poo into the wastebasket in my office. I was working on the computer when I felt some pressure in my bum and thought, since I have the house to myself at the moment, it would be nice to use the bin rather than go to the toilet. I took my trousers and pants off to make it easier and more fun, and propped a mirror so that I could watch. Because I can't poo without peeing I had to use a beer mug for that. I then squatted over the bin and did the job, a couple of fairly solid logs, 4 or 5 inches each, followed by some squishy ones. I peed a little into the bin, which is lined with a plastic carrier bag so will be okay with a little bit of wee.
The poo is a bit smelly at the moment, that strong 'manure' type of smell. I have lit a cigarette to cover the smell up and I will have to empty the bin before my wife gets back on Sunday. I don't know whether to empty the beer mug full of my pee or top it up with beer and drink it.
I have been thinking about the psychology of all this. It seems to me that toilet training is a struggle between parent and child and is the paradigm of all attempts to enforce conformity upon us. I wonder if those of us who get pleasure from unorthodox peeing and pooing are continuing to show our rebellious nature and individuality?


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

MARK. B. Actually Thomas crapper DIDN'T invent the flush toilet; he invented the cistern, or "waste water preventer" as it was originally known, as prior to its introduction, there was no way of controlling the flow of water to flush the toilet.
There was also a Yorkshireman at about the same time working on solving the same problem called Joseph Bramah, but it's Crapper's name that has become associated with the toilet pan.
John Harrington invented the toilet in 1596, although there have many modifications over the years, and the flush toilet took a long to become widespread.

KENDAL, Glad you had a good time on your holiday. I thought we hadn't heard from you or Andrew lately!
What you decribed happening at school in the toilets with two of your friends in the cubicle was great bonding, and yes! getting bog-splashed with someone else's wee must be an incredibly enjoyable and friendly thing to happen! Many would disagree and be disgusted, but I really felt sad that nothing like that happened to me at school!
Your school life as well as your home life are to be envied as regards such closeness in the toilet!
Perhaps something like that might have happened to me when I was 10 years old.
Two other boys from my class invited me with them one break, or playtime as we called it, to go into a cubicle in the toilets. we all went in and they asked me to pull down my trousers and sit on the toilet. I declined and one boy said perhaps they shouldn't be watching, so they looked towards the door and waited for me to sit on the toilet.
I thought it was some joke they were playing on me, so I didn't do anything, although I was intrigued what it was all about. They realised I wasn't going to do anything, so gave up and we all went out. They certainly weren't intimidating me, and it was good-humoured, and we never discussed it again, and so I never knew what it might have led to, or the great companionable shitting sessions that MIGHT have resulted. Another one of those things that nearly happen, and we wonder if we have missed out on some great experiences.

Great to read all the intimate details of Andrew (LAWN DOGS KID) on the toilet and the bombardment of plops as he sat there.
What is the other toilet like at home; is it as good for shitting in?

As per usual, today's shit was one of much pushing and grunting as I tried to start, and I was sitting on my favourite public toilet relishing the feeel of the black plastic seat under me as I announce to anyone at the urinals what I'm trying to do by my OOHS and UUUUUUUHS.
Unfortunately, I didn't have too much time, so even without waiting for others to "join me" for a shit, it took me almost 10 minutes start to finish. Great sensations of good firm turds filling my arse and getting fired out and plopping in the toilet and splashing my undercarriage.
Once my first one is out, the rest don't need too much effort, but every one of them was exquisitely pleasurable to shit!
After leaving the toilets, I saw a very good-looking guy in tight jeans and hoped he gets the same pleasure when he's sitting on the toilet!
And of course, I wish all of you great sessions on yout toilets!
P. Plop Guy

This is my second post and second toilet story here.

We got a new employee two months ago. She is 32, but she looks like 23-25. She is girlish and petite. About 3 weeks ago this new girl was in ladies room washing her hands when I came in there for pee. She looked me and said hello. When I entered in stall she apologized smell: I am sorry about that stink, she said. I smiled. It is OK, nobody can?t produce poops with perfume flavour, I said and she laughed shortly: That?s true! I locked the door. I sniffed carefully. Was there any stink? No! Or okay, there was a mild smell of poop. I opened the toilet lid and saw a few poop strains at the bottom of the bowl. Shit, I came 10 minutes too late, there must been something interesting to hear and watch, I thought. Well, I peed and wiped and washed my hands. Next week I was heading off to the ladies room to my usual afternoon poop. And there she was! At this time she was standing in front of sinks and waiting for her turn. Both stalls were occupied. In the other stall somebody wa! s just starting to pee and from the other stall we heard sounds of lowering panties. My new co-worker seemed a little bit impatient. She must have urge to pee or poo, or both, but I was certainly ready to poo. There is another ladies room in the building where we work, in the entrance lobby. ? We don?t have to wait, let?s go to the ladies room in the lobby, I suggested. ? What an excellent idea! She said. We trooped in the lobby. The restroom in the lobby was big. There were 5 stalls. One lady came just out one of the stalls and went to sinks washing her hands. Farthest stall was occupied and I entered middle stall, my favourite choice in restrooms where was 3 or 5 stalls. My co-worker went in adjacent stall. As she unbuttoned her jeans she let out a acute fart. I pulled up my skirt and lowered my knickers. We both sat down at the same time. I peed a little and started straining and she let out a long stream of pee. While she was peeing I heard two soft plops. One in the mid! dle of peeing and one just when last drops were trickling. The woman who was in the farthest stall flushed and went out directly without washing hands. I pushed and felt smooth poop emerging and starting to slide out slowly with sputtering sound. My co-worker was grunting softly and I heard three successively light plops. Right after plops she let out two hissing farts and then again plopping. It sounded like someone was dropping prunes into bowl. I counted 11 soft plops in about 25-30 seconds! Then came a short pause and after that one louder splash. Phewww?she gasped. It was cool! I have shitted same kind chain of ?prunes? many times, but never so rapidly. I continued pushing and I felt that my poop was quite long. I leaned forward and lifted up my ass a bit and took a look what kind of snake it was. About 8-9 inches long turd was dangling between my buttocks. I just saw it before it broke off and splashed into the bowl. The rest of my load was already gliding out and I sa! t down again. I didn?t have to strive at all, it slid out on its own. I heard my butt hole crackle. My colleague was grunting and there came crackling sounds from next stall too! She was quicker? SPLOOOMPS!! Five seconds later my turd flopped into water. I sighed, my job was done. My neighbour was wiping, I heard rustle of toilet paper. There was a terrible smell, but it was not a big surprise after that kind of shitting! I stood up and looked down at my creation. Two almost 10 inches long logs, like brown bananas, were side by side at the bottom of bowl. I wiped, only three times, my logs weren?t not so sticky ones. I flushed the toilet and my co-worker was still wiping and wiping. I was already drying my hands when she finally came out. She looked a little bit embarrassed. I just say ?see you? and went back to my office. After this we have been in restroom at the same time only once, but just for quick pee.

Hi friends!
I feel rather silly discovering that posts I believed had been trashed by the moderators, have been read afterall!

Hi INA, good to see you continuing to enjoy your tool after tea! Your colleagues will believe you love teas; little do they know that you are crazy about wees! GRIN. I hope that you soon find a new interesting and fullfilling job. Love from Rizzo.

ROBBY, you made me laugh by saying that Annie thinks you sound like a bull moose when you are on the toilet, singing! Big animal, little squeaky groans? I almost split my sides! Stay healthy! BTW, I love Wagner operas. I haven’t seen them all, but I will never forget my first one: Lohengrin. It’s the music that really moves me! Take care my friend, love from Rizzo
ANNIE, dear, what’s all this about Spain? Are you also planning some wees on the beaches there too? I am not much of a beach goer – to much sand, too much sun, too many people – but I am thinking of sailing there; have some night wees into the sea from deck. A hug for you from Rizzo

MARK B. that the word “loo” could originate from “l’eau” sounds very reasonable. I hadn’t thought of that. Good for you to bring it up!

Hello KENDAL, dear little niece (as opposed to my real niece who is a tall blonde). I enjoyed your school toilet escapade with Charlotte and Kirsty. She must be one of those vertical gushers to be able to make froth with much noise! But best of all was your description of Andrew having to wait desperatly for his turn to go, and then the bit about some of his poo exploding on to the back of the seat! He is waiting for stories from my trip. So here is one. Love to you and the Hug for Today for you from your Uncle Rizzo.

Dear DAMSEL, wow, what a wee! Pretty knickers too! I feel very honoured to be included in your virtual audience for your wees! Thank you for considering me a nice man. You awake in me fatherly feelings towards you. And it is good to know that Steve will keep his eyes open to point out more suitable young men to you. It looks as if he has some-one in mind, but prefers to keep you on tenterhooks for a while yet! Yes, aim high! That does not only apply to washing walls! Chuckles, and love to you from Rizzo
LOUISE, my dear, what shall I say, I'm still a bit out of breath -grins - you are a wild thing! Steve is one lucky man! Hugs from me to wring you dry! Rizzo

So here’s part one of my story:
I woke up to find the sun shining in through the window. It promised to be a glorious day for skiing! After breakfast, I went to the toilet for my morning dump, the toilet with the flush that snorted and sighed that I have mentioned in a post before. Because I had fiddled with the filling valve for the cistern, it does not sigh any more, but the snort remains. Well, I lowered my sky blue boxer shorts decorated with a printed pattern of spectacles and eye glasses of all colours. They really look wild, and I thought them appropriate for a day of frollicking on the “black” runs. Not that I am that much of a crack skier, but good enough to enjoy the moguls – and to be able to keep up with my sons and my niece. But I digress. Back to business: I sat and shat. No, I think this calls for a wee bit more detail. I carefully lowered my bum on to the bright red toilet seat on the white porcelain bowl. Red and white, the Swiss national colours! Quite fitting, I thought, considering ! where I was. A little initial push and my jobbie accelerated out of my hole at increasing speed. I looked down between my thighs to see its front end already dipping into the water after a good 12 inch drop; and its rear end was still somewhere inside me! Frrrthrrrrrump! Plip, plip! That was it! In less than five seconds the “Train de Grande Vitesse” had left the tunnel. A silent wee against the front of the bowl, thereby pushing down Willie to make sure I didn’t wee between the seat and the bowl and into my pants, two wipes with doubly folded squares of tp (no stain on the paper), pants pulled back up, and I was done and ready for the slopes. So far so good!
Part two to follow:

Bye for now and good reliefs to all from Rizzo

Now I know what gets you cranked, Richard, I can indulge that. My older sister calls herself the 'bad girl' but I think I am can show 'badness' too. It is a turn on for some men if a girl stands upright for a wee-wee isn't it? Hmmmmmmmmm. Right..... Your suggestion of a statue of me in that posture with my hands resting on my hips and having a never ending wee-wee is a stimulating thought.
Yes, I am still chasing Andrew, Kendal, but surprise, surprise, I think I have frightened him off. I'm not so scary when you get to know me. He must prefer this Linda GS to me, and he already has a girlfriend I don't want to come between them.
I've kept in mind your comments on my tastes in nighties, Rizzo, and one of my wee-wees today involve me wearing one. If you can send me the 6'2 slim, blue eyed young man of 27, well dressed engineer who is very good looking, caring and witty, I'd like to show my nighties to him. Smile.

This one is for Rizzo and Jeff A, a wee-wee I had at 8 o'clock in the morning. I am in the bathroom at home after our mum has finished, and I am wearing a long white nightie with a slit up the side, so you will be able to see my left leg and hip all the way up to the waist. Held up with thin straps, it is low cut and shows a lot of cleavage. White makes me look very bronzed, and I think this nighty really suits me. I know enough about what men are like to know you will have been carefully watching the slit up the side of my nighty. Smile. You will be hoping for a quick flash of my female bits, won't you? It doesn't matter, because I am gathering the nighty up in my hands. I am now crouching over the crapper and there is still a piece of toilet paper in it that hasn't been flushed. I think our mum had a shit when she used the bathroom. I am not delaying further and I am starting my wee-wee. My yellow jet is streaming out, and it is a clear bright yellow being my earliest ! wee-wee of the day. I am hissing as usual from my pussy, and in my mirror I can see that you are having a good look at my jet squirting out. I am blushing a little as well. I must be because I can feel my face is warm. I am wee-weeing even faster now and the hissing is louder. I'm enjoying this, it's great. I've just pushed my pussy downward for a second or two to make my jet splash in the water. Smile. Now I've taken my hand away again so it does not block your view. I am still hissing while my jet hits the front of the crapper and my yellow wee-wee washes down. I have stopped pissing quite so forcefully, and I am just dribbling now. Can you hear it. I've not forgotten Jeff A, and I have seen my older sister's posts in which she has described her shits, so for you, Jeff, here is one of mine. I hope you think it's good. I'm still wee-weeing in a dribble which is very intermittent, and I am now straining to expel what has conveniently given me the urge to shit. The colour mus! t have gone from my face, and I feel my bottom has a load in it. I feel my anus is bulging out with a large lump, and it is making me strain but it is coming out. I wish I had another mirror but I think you two men are able to see if you are looking up at my bare bottom. I am going to be blushing again from thinking about it. I am bowing my head and looking between my legs at the irregular shaped lump sticking out of my bottom. Wait for the splash, it's falling. Splash! I don't know how long the stool is. I am guessing at over six inches, and it is knobbly and irregular in shape. Mum has come in with a clean bathtowel while I am wiping. She's nice, don't mind her. I'll be having a bath in a minute with mum. We are sharing, but really I would like a man to share it with.

It is still afternoon but I have changed into the dress I will be going out in tonight. Louise and Steve have invited me to go with them and Jackie. It is black (we are all wearing black tonight), short so my legs are emphasised, and it is backless but ties at the back of the neck. I don't know if I am making a mistake by doing this, but this dress displays lots of breast cleavage as it is low cut with a deep plunge in the centre. My breasts are cupped by the dress, basically. Dancing would be risky. I wonder if I look too intimidating and unapproachable for the right sort of guys to speak to me, but I will have to think about smiling at them so they don't get put off. Steve has said I suit clothes like this but I am worried I have overdone it. I have a black thong on as well, and it is very tiny. I am also very, very desperate for a wee-wee. My legs are crossed and yes, I will have to go right away. I have waited until I have been this desperate before I started writin! g about Today's Wee 2, the second one today I am including in this post. I have been holding it and drinking to fill my tank up, and now I have to go for a wee-wee. I am climbing the stairs very carefully. Steve might not see the joke if I cause a flood on his stairs carpet. I do not want to have an accident. I am in their bathroom now, and I am thinking about several men who are waiting to watch me, including Richard. I am really bursting, and I don't know if I can hold it longer than a few seconds, and should I take my thong off or pull it to one side? No time to think any more so I am sliding my thong down over my hips and down my legs. My bottom is just over the crapper in case my female bits start gushing accidentally. I got out of them all right and I have left them on the floor. I have taken my shoes off and I am stepping into the shower. I have done well to last this long without letting go, and I nearly had an accident when I was taking the shoes off, but the urge t! o wee is painful now. I am gathering my little dress up so I have not a stitch on from the waist down. I hope you can see because I am bending over a bit now holding my dress with my right hand and resting my left hand on my knee. I've let it go and how good it feels. My wee-wee is jetting out of me in a big gusher. It is splattering on the base of the shower and my feet are getting splashed. My jet is lightly spraying both my legs. Sometimes I sprinkle very slightly and I am doing it now, but most of my yellow wee-wee is jetting from between my legs and it is landing on the shower floor and splashing my feet and my legs. This wee-wee is very satisfying because I needed it so badly and I can not describe how good it feels. I hope you don't mind me going 'uhh ... uhhhhh' a few times when I began pissing. It was due to how relieved I felt. I couldn't help it because I was really really desperate, and you must know what it is like when you have a wee and you were bursting for i! t. Smile. I am now standing upright in the posture you liked last time, Richard, and I am holding my little dress up with my hands in front of my ????. My wee-wee is still squirting forcefully out of me, and it still feels good. It is bouncing off the base of the shower still and I have made a big yellow puddle. I am not spraying now and my jet is much better than it was. I've not forgotten you want to know about how I've been hissing! My wee-wee is not as heavy as it was earlier, so the hissing noise has changed and I think it seems louder. I think this has been a wee-wee to match Louise's. I hope she doesn't think I am competing with her. My wee-wee has turned into dribbling now and it is running weakly out of my pussy and I have some running down my legs. I will need a shower after this. I have been dribbling for absolutely ages now. Well, I am reaching around to undo my dress at the neck, and I have untied it and so the cups have fallen off my breasts. I want to avoid g! etting wee on my dress, so I am taking it off over my head. My wee-wee is still dribbling and dripping out of me very weakly now. I have thrown my dress outside, and I have wee still running out of my pussy and down my legs as I am turning on the water of the shower. Like last time I am just going to wash my bottom, my female bits, my legs and my feet because I don't want to get my hair wet. Do you agree that is the best show I have given you yet? Smile XXXXX



H Friends!
I am back. Sari, of course couldn't come. Maybe next weekend. I am alone because Dad and Annie have gone out of state to our granddad's home to see about him. We have a story for you.
We were getting ready for school and I was taking one of my usual long dumps. Sari came in and she was dancing she needed to wee so bad. I told her I was in mid-poo and couldn't get up. She grabbed the travelmate and went into the shower. She held the cup to her lips and let go. The stream splashed on the walls and down into the tub. She sighed with relief. I let out one of my special trumps(eh Andrew) and
dropped(Cullompted) several large balls into the bowl. Sari kept on weeing and said;"My g-d Meg you can really stink up a place!" I let out another big trump just to let her know!! She closed the shower curtain and started shampooing,etc. I wiped myself and went back to my room. I will use that travelmate next time! Some replies!

KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, and ELLEN: Kendal, great to finally hear from you. Charlotte does do large poos, doesn't she. Sari and I have shared stalls before but it has been awhile since we shared with anyone else. You have said you don't particularly like to poo in public. ANDREW, We read the story for LindaGS and we found it hilarious that poo was nearly exciting your bum with Emily on the loo and then ELLEN had to wee before you. We could see your pain and suffering, poor lad! That trump must have been loud enough to shake the house!! The relief on your face must have been extrordinary!! KENDAL was laughing hard, I'm sure! We would have been falling on the floor,HAHA! ELLEN, you have learned the lesson about going to the loo before the men. We women have to have the first wee and poo,LOL! Emily must have done a cow load of poo having not gone for 3 days!!!!!! Did the toidy crash?!! We love having you back!! Take care and loads of Lovexxxxx and hugs from Meghan and Sarah

INA: Hi sweetie!! We can't stand and wee in the stalls. You did it well! Tea goes right through us and we have to wee straight away. Are you working temporarily? We are sorry you are sick!! We wish we were there to assist you! Yes, Sari did wee behind a dumpster within view of loads of people. She didn't care,LOL! Keep having those happy thoughts!! Go out and wee in the woods!! We would love to learn German! It is such a neat language! We know some words! We hope you feel better and get some work! Drink loads of tea or water! That will flush out the sickness.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Steve and Louise will be particularly interested to know that I saw the latest episode of 'Survivor' (UK reality show) on ITV1 last night and there were plenty of lavatorial references. Susannah, one of the female contestants, described how she'd used her copy of the complete works of William Shaksepeare as toilet paper and allowed other contestants to use it too. Later there was a discussion between two of the female contestants where it was mentioned that they had reached day 20 and during all that time one of the males (Dave) had only been for a shit three times. Finally there was an immunity challenge where contestants had to see how long they could stand on a log which had been rigged up in the sea. There was some discussion about the fulfilment of bodily functions during that particular challenge (which lasted 24 hours) and at one point there was a scene during the night when one of them did a wee in the sea.

I like the masthead today. It looks like the lady's using a very strange cylindrical loo. Anyone ever come across anything like it?

Best wishes to all


had to pee so bad in my tight jeans walking past houses - got wet and finally peed soaked


More female poop/fart scenes from movies and TV:

Hill Street Blues - Betty Thomas is shown reading the newspaper on the toilet and is humiliated to find four guys spying on her
Ally McBeal - 1. Courtney Thorne-Smith shown reading the National Law Journal in the stall
2. Portia di Rossi (a real hottie), sitting on the toilet. From the look on her face, she seems to have settled in for the long haul
Held Up - a feature film. Nia Long is riding in a car with boyfriend Jamie Foxx when she suddenly has to poop. She winds up running around holding her rear end, desperately looking for a bathroom. Highly recommended.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - The adorable Melissa Joan Hart breaks wind audibly in front of her whole science class.

I remember
I remember back in junior high school when every thursday we would go for swimming lessons at the pool in the town. Every thursday morning we would go on the bus to the pool. When we got there, my whole class had to change in one room. We had about thirty people. It was policy that everybody would have to go to the bathroom before and after swimming. The bathroom was just one big long trough you sat over and went. So, once you came in the room, we took off all of our clothes and went to hang over the trough. Every day i went pee and only sometimes did i poop. When you were done you went back to your spot and put on your swimsuit. We had swimming lessons for an hour and a half. So after we took off our swimming suit, dried off, and again went to pee and then wipe up our genitals. We were very used to doing it so it seemed normal. We went for lessons when we were six till fifteen. Now that i think about it, It seems kind of weird to be naked in a room with your instructor chan! ging at the same time and you are all peing and pooping in the same toilet.

Hollywood Guy
To the movie fans:

I just rented (at a local Blocbuster Video here in Hollywood) a recently released low budget straight-to-video comedy called BARHOPPING. It has Tom Arnold, Kevin Nealon, Scott Baio, and Kelly Preston in it. There«s a scene in which Kelly Preston farts loudly many times at a Bar, and she also makes a big fart at the end of the movie. She talks with a frech accent and looks really hot. It«s very erotic... Check it out

Purple Pooper
Kate Winslet in the movie "Holy Smokes" lets loose a torrent of pee standing up.

Hello everybody!!!
Well let me tell you about last weekend. Last weekend me my dad, my girlfriend Lana and my best friend Michael went on a camping trip. It was so fun. we went hicking fishing everything. And when it came to eating... boy did we eat!!!!! All of us did not ever have the bravery to ask where the toilet is at. (we were to embaressed). Except one night.......

It was a really cold night and the sun was starting to set. I could feel a hue log in my rectum and at this time of the day the rangers were not in their posts. It got to the point when I was squirming around. I asked my dad to come with me to the toilet because A. I did not know where the latrine was at and two Iwas to scared to go all by myself.
He said he needed to take a shit too Lana and Michael said the same thing. I took two flashlights and.We started on a trail and we were waling for about half an hour when Lana siad she is going baack to camp. We were like alright. And my dad said f??k it I dont know were the bathrooms are lets take a dump right here. I started protesting because I am poop shy. (not with my dad because I always be talking to him when he is taking a dump.) It was Michael that I was worried about we take showers in front of each other and everything but we never took a dump in front of each. My dad went behind a tree took his sandals, pants underwear and shirt and squated. He inhaled and let out a silent fart. And then you can see his hole start to expand and see the pink part as well. Then you saw a big ass turd coming out of his butt. Then ended with a wet fart. It was shades of yellow and orange.He peed a long streem on it and put his clothes and spit on it.Then I told michael to go ahea! d and he did not seem to mind he squated doown and let out i swear the biggest fart I ever heard. Then he said I thought I needed to poop but I guess it was just a fart!!! Then it was my turn. I timedly took of my clothes off I squated down were you could see my medium sized dick. I grunted and then let out a fat but short fowlowed by a never ending runs. I swear that shit lasted non-stop for like ten minutes.I got up and then I just realized that there were no paper. I told that to my dad and he said shit!! Michael was lucky since he only farted. On the way back me and my dad were itching our ass cracks. And guess what we found on the way it was Lanas poop. They were three big ass turd. I did not expect cuch a small girl to pass such big turds.

To: Nate in AZ
tHANKS FOR ANWERING MY QUESTION. It must be pretty cool living by youselves. You can scream when ever you want to.

thanks for the responce

unamed poster
thanks a lot there was a kid I was talking too he said he shaved his butt and it started to itch.

to movie fans: salma hayek is shown sitting onthe toilet in "fools rush in" with mathew perry. there's also a pee scenein "things you can tell just by looking at her" this movie has cameron diaz but its not her seen on the toilet. "if thes walls could talk 2" briefly shows sharon stone on the pot. the movie "the rachel papers" shows ione sky peeing on the toilet. "three for the road" has a girl supposely taking a dump in it. it has charlie sheen in it.

Hello everyone:
Joseph here the enemaguy! Has anyone yet taken a enema for constipation? My girlfriend had a big problem with constipation on Tuesday and I recommended for her to take a 3 quart enema, she did take one and felt much better now her constipation is history. Now that her constipation is history, she recommends everyone should take enemas as opposed to laxatives as laxatives can spoil the stomach and colon and can make you puke. If you read my post from last week you will see that I had taken several enemas and felt much better with constipation. By the way I am 19 years old and always resorted to enemas since I have had numerous enemas as a kid. So take care! Until next time.

Regards to all, Joseph

To Diane NY: I loved your story about the guy and the girl pooping in the parking lot. After they left did you go over and examine their turds?

To Andre: I've seen airborne and marias video with the woman on the toilet..that part cracked me up!

To Ben In Iowa: I liked your story about the diaper and leaving it there and your turds too!

To poodude: I'm 21 and from Maryland..where are you from? I feel the same exact way about pooping like you do

To Ian: I liked your story...why didn't you use paper towels to wipe?

To Matt: I liked your story...why not try wearing those cotton boxer/briefs?

The (or one) movie with Julia Roberts in the bathroom is "The Mexican".

Hello to you all, my friends at the toilet or should that be on the toilet.
Well i'm back had a tough time looking after dad so i,ve not posted for a long time.
Firstly i was sorry to her of the passing of Roger and Kathy may they rest in peace and my heartfelt condolencies to there family friends and all there posters, they will be missed.
Kendal Andrew Ellen how are you all remember me? hope your still talking to me and Andrew if you remember my SriLanka post maybe you can let Kendal have a look i can't remember the page but if you don't find it i,m sure i can let you all know if Kendals interested you thought it might put her of travelling i hope not but you seemed to think she would like it at the time.OK sweet Kendal i'm ready to give you another story if you want but not tonight next time i have to finish this before match of the day ( the England Paraguay one).
Welcome to all the new posters i will catch up with you in my subsequant posts but some great stories so i look forward to getting to know you all.
Mark B Great a fellow Londoner what side of london i'm from south London
but don't worry were not all nutters this side of the river. In regards to your post about Thomas crappers grave i think going for a crap was termed after Thomas Crapper in his Honour i surpose or just after the Geezer who invented the (well Crapper)or the Tom Tit House (shit house ) as it might be known in parts of our fair capital.
Well must go, for those who give a pony and trap (crap) my movements have been quick but soft and smelly so i've had to open the window alot recently but i have dropped a couple of big logs well block out the sun sized logs really more details if some wants to know good night and good leaks ( no not the veg) and logs to you all.
best wishes London Lad
P.S What happend to Brighton Jill ( she who poo's on trains ) hope your well.

Dan B.
Speaking of all these movie stars on the toilet, I have thought of another one, although this one isn't a movie, but rather a still picture. I'm sure some of you are familiar with this one, but for those of you who aren't, you ought to check it out. It's a picture of Jenny McCarthy on the toilet, in a bizarre ad for Candie's shoes (don't ask me how the ad helps sell the shoes). She's wearing an orange t-shirt and has panties around her ankles. She is holding a newspaper in her hand and smiling sweetly at the camera. Obviously this is meant to imply she's shitting. In fact, I heard that this ad was banned in a few magazines because it was considered in bad taste. Me, I love the picture. There's nothing sexier than a beautiful woman on the pot. If you want to find this picture, just run a search for Jenny McCarthy pictures on the net and you'll find it eventually.

The media reports about are also the reason for the photo above. Some lady even went as far as saying on the news, it isn't something she wanted her daughter to see.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Wow, today I finally saw the full version of the short film 'Boomerang' that has been mentioned a couple of times lately. It's great! You get to see the woman pulling her panties down, sitting on the loo (she lets out a big fart) then straining as she does a big poo (which you get to see later).

For those in Australia, I saw it on Foxtel's Comedy Channel. They often run short films at the end of some programs to fill in time yesterday and today they had it on in the afternoon.

Yeah, my sister's letter was a good one, wasn't it? I bet she will like what you have said about it. Hey, maybe you could have another statue on your land. One of me standing up with my legs about 2 feet apart, and with my fingers of my right hand I am aiming my pussy weeing a big arc in front of me, and my left hand could be on my hip. Would you like that one too? giggle
Hey I liked how your wife and F: weed for those guys without knowing it. I bet the guys did not think they were going to see anything like that when they went fishing and I bet they thought it was worth the trip eh?
Love Louise xxxxx

ALISON - Hi girl! It is good when your guy watches you having a wee isn't it? If you have read my letters you will know my fiance Steve watches me whenever I can get him to and whenever he can, which is often.
I understand what you say, you know? In the netball team I play for we all shower together and we just piss like mad and it is just normal to see each other doing it, you know? You know we even get together before matches outdoors behind some bushes, pull our knickers down and squat together and have a group wee.
It is different where I work part time in an office because all the girls there seem a bit shy about going to the toilet, you know? I do not think they enjoy it really and they would like it better if they never had to go. There is one girl I think who is not like that, but most of them are. I have had a wee with my boss and that other girl in an alley at night and I enjoyed it. We all squatted with our knickers down and pissed big puddles, but the other 2 did not like it very much. You know I think it is in the culture of where you work, you know, and I do not think it is easy to change it. I mean you can get an idea of how people are if you go on nights out with them but it may be you could get it wrong if you just did something like asking to share a stall. I mean, that is something I do with my friends and my sister if all of them are full, but I think it is up to the girls you are with how they will take to weeing with other people.
Love Louise xx

DESPERATE - I liked your story! I wish I saw your desperate wee!

INA - Hello!!!

ANNIE AND ROBBY - Hi!!! Yeah, Robby should not be such a baby! You know I bet they can all be a bit like that. LOL
Oh no I like Robby watching me in cyberspace. It is a lot of fun and I bet he likes it too. My mum does not use a travelmate, but she does her pubes like my sister and I do. We just keep a little stripe of short hair above our pussies and the rest is shaved. Mum used to leave it to grow and she had a big blonde bush that she wet when she had a wee but she prefers being shaven around her pussy now. There is no hair there to get wet and it is a lot easier to wipe isn't it?
I think we should all have a squatting wee for Steve before the wedding, eh? All those guys Steve, Robby, Rizzo, Andrew, Tim, Richard/USA, Jeff A and Mickey could watch us.
Love Louise xxxxx

KENDAL - Hi girl! Hey I know what is it like sharing stalls. I sometimes do it with my friends when we are out at night if there is a big queue and we just pile in and take it in turns to wee.
Hey could you be a sort of cyber bridesmaid for my wedding? I mean I have my sister and my best friend Jackie but what is missing is that I do not have anybody younger as well, and I would really like that.
Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi again guy! Yeah, I forgot to say I will have a good wee just before I go to get married. I will wait to do that until last thing and then I know I will not be bursting later. Hey thank you for telling me that. giggle I bet crossing my fingers a bit would make Steve smile but I want to make him smile for other things don't I? Hehe I do not want him to remember his wedding day only because of how I was dying for a piss! No, we want to enjoy our wedding day. Then I am going to give him the best wedding night any man ever had.
Well I am doing this wee for Rizzo, Richard, Mickey, Robby, Scott, Andrew, Jeff A and others and I have my wicked smile. I have just my lacey white high cut thong knickers on, so my legs look very long and a bit tanned but they are like that naturally. My mum and my sister look a bit tanned naturally as well, so I inherited it I think. Well I am in my bathroom and ready for my wee. I am hooking my thumbs down the sides of my knickers and I am just slowly pulling them down. Well I am just bending down now as I take my knickers down to my feet. I have kicked them off and they have flown through the air. All right now, I said I would do it in the sink didn't I? Well I have to keep my promise! Well I have put the plug in the bottom of the sink so it would not run down the drain. I have stood close to the sink with my left bum cheek on the edge and I am lifting my left leg up and I have put it across, so it is over the sink and over the right side. My right foot is not reall! y flat on the floor, I am up on my toes a bit so it is a bit easier for me to get perched all right on the sink. Well you will now see my pussy is over the sink now. Can you all see? Yeah? All right then, I am ready do do it. Whoosh! SSSSSSSS I am doing a big gusher and my left leg is getting sprayed with my wee. I am doing a big twisty gusher, and I am really rinsing the basin, boys! I can see myself weeing in my mirror I have in my hand. SSSSS it is hissing loud. I am pushing my pussy down a bit to do a bit less spray, you know, and now my stream is not twisting and it is as thick as a pencil. The sound of my hissing is not how it was before I started pushing down. It is still hissing but it sounds a bit different. SSSHHH I am still weeing and it feels really good. Do you like it? My wee is a nice yellow and it is in a bubbly puddle in the bottom of the sink. My wee is just slowing to doing some trickling now so I have taken my fingers away so you can all see easier. Trick! le trickle trickle. It is doing it for a long time isn't it? Well now it has just stopped with some dripping. Rizzo, can you get me 3 squares of tp? Thank you very much! I am wiping the last drips off my pussy now. Can you get me some more tp please because I want to wipe my left leg. Thank you! Please give me my knickers! Who has them?! Thank you. I have stepped back into them now and I am bending over as I pull them back up, and I am getting them up over my hips and getting them comfy. Well I hope you liked what you saw and have a look at my wee in the sink. I am pulling the plug out now, and it is all draining away. I am turning the water on to rinse, and I will clean the sink properly later. Thank you, boys!

RIZZO - My friends were as bad as me for weeing in front of Steve in their black dresses weren't they? My sister blushed and blushed and blushed.



Diane NY. Tina must have felt a terrific sense of relief after doing that enormous poo. It sounds as though she really needed to go badly, especially as she was blasting out such a symphony of farts beforehand. I'm surprised the toilet coped with her 'load' and it flushed without too much difficulty.

Alison. Hi! Welcome. I'm sure that in the course of time you'll find friends who are open about bodily functions. It's important to appreciate though that different people have different views about openness and the toilet. As a general rule though I think it's easier for women to be more open with each other about bodily functions (as they generally are anyway about physical/medical matters) than it is for men to share the same openness or for it to exist between the sexes. There are, thankfully, exceptions to this as you will see from reading the posts here. I hope you don't mind me asking but have you ever had any memorable accidents/toilet experiences? I'd love to hear about them if you have.

Annie & Robby. Hi folks! I enjoyed your latest posts about your various dumps, particularly the smelly one Annie did at college. Did she do a big panful?

Mark B. Thomas Crapper certainly invented the modern flush toilet but the term 'crap' is an old word which long predates him. It would be wrong to think also that before flush toilets were invented, people just went where they pleased any more than they do now. In the old days there were toilets which were basically earth closets and often consisted of a bucket under a conventional toilet seats. People in the country emptied these in their gardens as their poo made excellent manure. Of course people sometimes had accidents (either deliberate or accidental) as they do now, but it wasn't the general custom to wee or poo in public.



Several people are complaining about extremely large posts 20K (just over 5 single spaced printed pages!). Coming up missing. 1.Some web browsers cannot handle uploads this size, so their post never made it out of their computer.

2. Posts of this size take up a significant portion of the opening page taking space away from posters who have shorter posts. Shorter posts are +90% of all posts, ranging from one line up to the an average Carmalita, or Gruntly sized post according to the statistics on the file sizes. This 10% has to immediately be moved to old posts in the first available spot where they fit, just to give a fair chance to most other posters.

To Movie Fan

I read the post with female moviestars in the bathroom, I wonder witch movies are the scenes in ? particular that one with Julia Robets

Musician AGAIN
So nobody has accidents on purpose?

If you do tell me about it and how you clean it up

masked bastard
i'm new here. i have a question: anybody ever walked into a restroom and saw a stool left from another person?

your name Whizzer
to elouise:

Hi girl, some times I like to poop in a large folgers coffee can, but in warm weather only. I like the sound when it goes plop in the bottom of the can, I wipe and go inside. I can just see you peeing in a bucket.

to Sit down guy,

I sometimes pee like this at home, I just point my willy to the outside of my underwear and go, like you say, I dont get it on the floor or the toilet seat.

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