Diane NY
Hello everybody. Well I have a nice story to tell ya. Yesterday (its 1:32 am ET) Tina was sitting at the coffee table when she let out a symphony of farts. I stare at her wide-eyed and I asked her If she’ll take care of that. She got up clutching the back of her ass and running to the bathroom in the living room. Good luck I yelled because it was a long walk there. So I go in the living room and I see her pull her jeans down and seat herself on the bowl. She lets loose with these farts that shake the foundation of my house. Then I her ugh then plop, then another ugh plop. Then I hear lots and lots of diarrhea. She asks me to come so I did. I looked in the bowl and there were 3 shits about 14 inches or so and lots of diarrhea. She wipes her ass and the powerful flush devoured it without a problem. Then we move to the sofa in the living room and start talking about clouds (she comes up with very interesting topics of discussion.) So after she finishes talking I g! et on my sports bra and I go running that night. I depart my house and I run full speed without stopping until I come up to this deserted parking lot. By now I had to have a good shit and piss. So I go off to these overgrown weeds and I slid my shorts down and farted loudly. I just love taking shits outdoors. It feels so right. I release this stream of pee and immediately this large turd make its way out of my ass and lands on the heavily pee soaked ground below it. I pushed again and I made a similar creation. I just grab a bunch off weeds and clean off my ass. Then I ran of full speed again lapping this huge parking lot 5 times before returning home.

On Saturday I saw a real strange incident I happened to stumble on. I spot this boy and girl walking and taking a detour into a parking lot. Then the girl who was wearing a High School jacket, tight jeans, and pink boots started to undue them slowly. She slid them down to her things and squatted in full view of me. My car was perfectly hidden. Then the guy looks around and pulls his jeans down and squats as well. The girl first let out a long and loud stream of piss then so did that guy. He farted and let out a huuuge shit. The girls face turns red as I see she is staring to shit as well. She let out a shit that was even bigger than the guys. I can see her take a deep sigh of relief. The guy gives her a napkin and she wipes herself and he does the same. They both leave the parking hand in hand. Guess they were a close couple to do something like that. I guess this was an example of being in the right place at the right time. Today is my birthday. Wonder ho! w I’ll celebrate?

I’ll talk later.

Punk Rock Girl
Hi there!

I was in my friend's office bathroom the other day. It's very corporate (I forgive him) and the bathrooms are all art deco and slick. I had to take a dump, so I went into the ladies room entered a stall and sat on the toilet. Everything in there was gray, black or silver. Every time I moved the automatic flusher thing flushed, and this caused a tornado of water to swirl underneath me, splashing my ass. No matter how still I tried to stay, the thing kept flushing. By the time I went to wipe my ass, my buns were drenched. The only time the thing didn't flush was when I got up (by then, of course, all the crap had been sucked down). I went to the paper towl dispenser, holding my pants up to my thighs and dried off my ass. Had I been in my own office, or in my apartment, it would have been a somewhat pleasant experience--the cold water on my bare ass actually felt pretty nice. But I didn't want to be seen in a friend's office with my ass exposed. Luckily no one ca! me in.

I'm afraid that is my most compelling "trip to the shitter" story right now. More soon, I'm sure.

Happy thoughts to everyone. :-)


skater guy
movie fan- what movies did oprah and meg ryan do pee or poop
seens i want to know so i can watch them thanks

Movie Fan:
I remember seeing Pearl harber when the U.S was about to attack the Japanese when they sited some ships in about 140 yards I dthink the man said they sounded the alarm and I saw this man running out the toilet fixing his pants.
And I also remember seeing a music video by Mariah Carey called lover boy and there a scene in it you could see a over woman sitting in the toilet.
There was another video by Nelly " If you wanna go and take a ride wit me"where you see an overweight guy taking a dump too.
There was another disney channel original movie Air borne when some kids get the toilet paper he was gonna use to wipe his ass and wet. then you see him waling funny and scracthing his ass. That scene got me cracking up.

You guys still did not not answer some of my questions. here there are.
If someone eats the same thing will there farts smell the same. Because that happened to me and my dad once. Can you you get diareah if you eat too much greace and again my dad every time he eats some thing really greacy he seems to get diareah. That sometimes happen to me. And the last question is can you get diareah if you go to a different country. Because people say that U.S water is diferent than other countries water.

Yet another movie fan
I saw the very beginning of a movie today that featured a quick bathroom scene. I had never heard of this movie, called "A Map of the World." It starred Sigorney Weaver. She plays a housewife who gets sick of her family or something (I didn't watch much past the scene I'm about to describe). Anyway, the movie begins with Sigorney walking around the house doing typical housewife chores. At one point, she has a stack of towels, and goes to put them in the bathroom. She opens the door and we see a teenage girl, probably 13-15, sitting on the toilet. It's a brief glimpse, and I couldn't be sure but it looked like she was holding a book or a magazine or something, indicating she was pooping. She screams and Sigorney hurriedly shuts the door, and we hear the girl shout "I hate you mom!" Really funny scene and unusual too. You don't usually think of a mother walking in her daughter being terribly embarrassing, but then again, teenagers can take things very hard. To the o! ther movie fans: What movies showed Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet on the toilet? I gots ta know. They are two of my favorites.

I sometimes do that to other males. To see if they wipe good enough and to see if they had any wet farts.

I saw that movie too.

Carmilta reat story. Loved it !! Keep the stories coming my little ltino flower.

last night i fart so bad i had to open the window

Sunday night i was watching tv and i happened to watch part of King of the Hill and there was a part where hank and his buddies drove to Mexico to get some beer and the come home and they all had to go to the bathroom...throwing up and having diahreah i think. You could even hear them grunt a bit. Then he dared his wife to drink a can of beer that was bad(he didn't know) it and she had diahreaha and you could hear her grunt.
Then yesterday i worked and and i had an urge to poop all day i came home and i held it more then i had to go out and i went to the store and then finally i decided to go poop. I had a bunch of hard logs..wiped maybe 3x and i didn't flush
Today i was at work and i got an urge to poop early on and i went to poop on break and it was nice and solid like yesterdays dump but this time it was longer and a bit softer and i wiped 10x and i flushed.

JM From Binghamton NY
I have a question for the Girls in here.

Sometime my fiance say she going to the bathroom because she has to pee. Then she come out 15 min later and i ask her "what took so long?" She say "well after i sat down on the toilet i felt a turd moving so i let it come out. I ask her did you know you had to take a dump before you sat down on the toilet and she say no, she said she realize it after she sat down.

Now girls does this happen to you?

P.S. any of you girls from Binghamton NY Or New York itself. if so let me know. thanks bye

shy guy
I am one of those people who never poop in front of anyone. Last week I was out on a date the girl stayed over night. By the next morning I really needed to go bad, but she was at my apt. I was freaking, I was avoiding being close for fear she would smell it. I couldnt hold in all my farts, and was letting little silant ones out all morning. I could tell I had a pretty big turd in there waiting to come out, cause it was takin alot to hold it in. When she said she needed to get home I was so relieved. I ran into the bathroom, and took the best shit I ever had. It was solid and like about 8 inches long. I was wondering if she left to go home and do the same thing?

Movie Fan

The movies in which the stars I listed had pee or poop scenes (in this case, I think they're all pee scenes) were:

Meg Ryan -- DOA (she pees in an alley while superglued to Dennis Quaid)
Sandra Bullock -- When the party's over (uses bathroom to pee at party)
Kate Winslet - Holy smoke (pees outdoors)
Jodie Foster - Panic Room (uses toilet in her house)
Julia Roberts -- The Mexican (goes in a public restroom)
Linda Blair -- The Exorcist (pees on the living room floor while in a nightgown)
Oprah Winfrey -- The Beloved (pees a whole bunch outdoors)
Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz -- (use men's room in Sweetest Thing)

Someone mentioned Car Wash. This is actually a poop scene, and the actress is Melanie Mayron, who was one of the stars of the TV show 30something. We can presume it's a poop scene because she is shown reading a magazine while she goes, and right after she comes out a little boy goes in and complains about the smell. That's a great scene which I had forgotten about.

Someone else mentioned Something Wild with Melanie Griffith. Although this is often classed as a pee scene, from the way she wipes her butt (from the back), I actually think it may be a poop scene, one of the very few involving a big female star. The Teri Hatcher scene in "Since You've been Gone" is also presumed to be a poop scene, since she is reading while on the toilet -- but no wiping or anything is shown.

There are three more I thought of. Demi Moore is shown on the toilet reading in "Indecent Proposal" -- probably a poop scene, though it's quick and you don't really see anything. Nicole Kidman takes a piss in her bathroom in "Eyes Wide Shut". And what might be the earliest example of a major female star doing a pee or poop scene -- Jane Fonda urinates in a bathroom while talking to George Segal in "Fun with Dick and Jane".

Any other examples of famous actresses doing pee or poop scenes?

Movie Fan.... can you tell us the movies that the actresses were in showing bathroom scenes?

Kate Winslet pees in Holy Smoke. I've only seen the censored version where the camera cuts from top to bottom, you don't actually see the act itself. She's full-frontal nude in the scene, though, and there's supposed to be a version where the camera doesn't jump as it pans down her peeing.

Robb: You asked for the movie where Sandra Bullock went to pee. There may be more, but the one I know of is called When The Party's Over. Hope that helps...

I agree movie fan, Cameron Diaz's latest movie toilet scene was not the greatest. I was fantasizing while I was watching about how nice it would be do watch Cameron Diaz actually take a shit. What other celebrities would people like to watch? I'd say Diaz, Rene Russo, Michelle Pfeiffer, Selma Hayek, Elizabeth Hurley.

Sara T. : Now you have me curious....what family members and friends are you comfortable peeing in front of? Any good storys that accompany this ? Just interested to see if you will take this about another desperate pee story from you with someone watching? Mick

hey Movie Fan....

It will be great if u could give the name of the movie along with the respective actress that did that act.

Ben In Iowa
Baseball has started and I got a story for you. I put on a diaper before I left on my bike to go watch my brother play. When I got there I went into the middle of three stall and sat down. I started peeing the diaper first of all. It felt good with the warm feeling filling my crotch. I then took the diaper off and threw it next to the toilet. Then I started to push out a big load of poop. I wiped and I had left three big pieces of poop. I left the diaper there and left without flushing. Also I saw a pretty blond go to pee while I was watchin my brother.

More Later.

Poopie Butt
Just wanted you all to know that there is a bathroom scene in
"Panic Room" with Jodie Foster. She wakes up in the middle of the night, hung over from drinking too much wine sits on the toilet and pee's. Great audio on this one.

Hi, everybody!! I had a wonderful trip to the mall yesterday. I had a cup of coffee and a soda to be sure I would have to use the ladies room. I held my pee till I was full but not to the limit and went into the toilet. A blonde woman in her 20's came in right behind me and ran to a stall. She closed the door fast and did not lock it the door opened right back up and I saw her squatting there letting a gusher flow out of her. She was making a lot of noise, the sound of the pee hitting the water and her moans of delight as she pissed. when she was through she wiped once and left. I then went into a stall and lited up my dress.. squatted over the bowl and parted my lips as I let out what felt like a gallon or two. I wiped and left the stall and went to wash my hands. Another well dressed older woman came out of a stall and stood next to me, as I was about to leave I said to her "doesn't it feel good to take a wicked piss?" She looked shocked and I just walked away.

Richard / USA

I planned to post only the pee story I promised Ina this time and respond to people in my next post, but I just have to make one exception for the beautiful
DAMSEL: Your story to me about your pee in Steve & Louise's shower was a corker! I loved it!! What especially got me cranked was the second half where you said "I am standing upright now with my hands on my hips and my wee is still forcefully squirting out of me"
Wow. The picture in my mind's eye of you standing majestically with your hands on your hips and squirting a hissing yellow jet of pee from between your legs is the stuff of legends!! Were I a wealthy landowner designing a formal garden and looking for a statue fountain as it's crowning glory, this would be it: A tall, shapely young woman watering everything below from between her lovely legs. Thank you, darling, for the image... no offense to your gorgeous sister, but you have your own very distinct style of describing yourself whilst peeing!

The story: The following happened during a very cool experience in the late 1970s: My wife and I and another couple, our closest friends (whom I’ll call F. and S.), spent a gorgeous summer afternoon picnicking at an idyllic stream-side spot in the New Hampshire forest…naked. This was a fairly secluded area, though accessible by car, and was popular with young folks interested in spending some time outdoors au natural, and we were up for it.

We arrived on a beautiful late Saturday morning and found the spot deserted (the unwritten etiquette was: if others are already there, go find another spot unless specifically invited in), so we parked our car alongside the clearing and got out of our clothes and spent the next few hours skinny-dipping, sunbathing, eating, etc. We even took pictures, and still have them :)

About 1/2 hour before we would get dressed and head out, I noticed 2 fisherman heading to the stream about 30 feet downstream from where we were, and though it turned out I was the only one among us who saw them, they quite obviously saw us and must have been chuckling to themselves about these whacko young nakeds cavorting about.. I shortly thereafter noticed them eyeing my wife and F. from their streamside location while pretty much ignoring their fishing lines <grin>… no prob, I thought, let them eat their hearts out.

As we began to gather our stuff, my wife and F. decided they both had to pee and (in front of me & S., let alone the gawking fishermen), they positioned themselves totally naked facing each other alongside our car on top of a flat rocky area and spread their legs to piss: F. placed her feet about 36 inches apart and formed a sort of A, standing facing the two guys by the stream; My wife also placed her feet wide apart but bent her knees somewhat which moved her ass out and down a bit, which must have given the fishermen a superb view of her nether regions, and which also was a good idea since, when she started peeing, it shot forward from her pussy but her body angle aimed it toward the ground instead of at F.’s feet. I stood transfixed by this spectacle, unwilling to bum the girls out by pointing out their audience down at the stream bank. F.’s piss fell directly downward from her pussy and splattered gently on the rock surface while my wife’s forceful yellow strea! m hit the hard surface with a vengeance, spattering back up on both her legs and F.’s but they apparently figured they’d rinse off in the stream before getting dressed, which they did. S. and I just watched in awe- I’ve always suspected he may have an appreciation for this sort of thing (based on comments he’d made at various times when he had occasion to witness my wife urinating- like I said, we are all lifelong friends and we hide little from each other, or used to.. as we’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten a bit more private, unfortunately), but I’ve never brought the subject up and neither has he. And I’ve never told my wife that she had 2 men (besides S. and me) watching her relieve herself that day- no point in it, she’d just get upset and pissed at me for not telling her. I bet those guys had a whopper of a tale to tell to their buddies the next time they got together to drink beer and swap lies about the size of the trout they landed :-)

Hi to everybody!

Hey everyone, I am a lurker to this great site, and I think the stories here totally rock. There is nothing better than relieving yourself, everywhere and everytime. I have seen the clip of "Boomerang" at Tropfest and it looks good, if only I could see the whole thing, that would make my day. Does anyone know where you can see the whole movie?
I was wondering if everyone here would be willing to post their ages and maybe location as well, because some people (including myself) don't know that kind of information or can't find it from the old posts. Thanks a lot in advance.
I took a nice relaxing poo earlier, and it just felt so good sliding out of my ass. Pooing is so much more fun than just peeing. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I'm new to this site, well at least in terms of writing anyway! I've been reading the messages here for some time, but never really plucked up the courage to join in as it were. Let me introduce myself. I'm from the UK, I'm female, 24 with shoulder length brown hair. I was bought up in quite a strict family where going to the toilet was very much a private thing. Its only recently, well in the last couple of years, that I've been able to be more open with my boyfriend who likes to see me on the toilet, and I enjoy him watching.

At first I was really shy and would never dream of anyone else seeing me on the loo. However, having seen this site, Ive found that I'm not the only one who actually enjoys going for a wee. At work, I'd really like to be able to wee with some friends of mine, and also see them on the toilet. is that too weird? I hope not. Id like to hear from anyone who has any ideas about how I could approach this issue. For now I settle for going to the toilet with some of the ladies at work and listening in from the next stall whilst they wee. I'd give anything to actually see them sitting on the toilet with their skirts up having a wee and it would really turn me on to have some people watching me go.


Since I found this place about two weeks ago I have spent 1-2 hours every evening reading these great pooping / pissing stories and I thought that it is my turn to tell one of mine toilet experiences. But first, something about me: I am 40 year old married female (2 kids). I am especially interested in public toilets. I was about 13-14 when I noticed that thing. I have not found any reasonable explanation for my interest. I just simply love to use public toilets and hear others peeing and pooping and ? of course - let them hear my noises too. When I was younger I pooped in school almost every day and now I do it in my job and also in public places like in restaurants, library, swimming-baths etc.

And now the story. This happened last summer. Me, my hubby, my friend Marianne and her hubby were on holiday tour. (We all had vacation at the same time). We spent 5 days on the road, we just drove around country looking at sights and beautiful nature. We spent the nights at campsites or hotels. First evening we ended up at peaceful campsite. We took a cottage and unpacked our things. Then we walked around and looked places. There was rowing-boats for rent and right after our men saw the boats they picked up their fishing rods, took one boat and went to lake. I felt a slight urge to pee and poo and I said to Marianne that I must pop in ladies room. ?Oh, you will get company of me, if you don?t mind? I have to empty my bladder!?, she said and I was delighted. We have known each others over ten years and we haven?t never before been in same toilet at the same time. And now it will finally happen! Marianne was nice person, 4 years younger than me, blonde hair and average me! asurements. We headed for building where the toilet was. Toilets in campsites are usually very stinky and dirty, but this was a pleasant surprise. Toilet was clean and fresh, it must been clean up just recently. There were 4 stalls, all vacant. My friend chose nearest one and I went to adjacent stall. Marianne must have big hurry to pee, she locked the door, opened the toilet lid and pulled down her shorts very quickly. I heard her butt touching the pan and pee started purling instantly. And I was just pulling down my shorts and panties! When I squatted down a hissing fart let out without no warning. Just a 2-3 seconds later Marianne let out almost identical fart while she was still peeing. We both sneered. ?Was it you or was it echo of my fart??, I said and we giggled. Marianne was finishing her pee, last drips tinkled into bowl when I started to pee. We talked all the time we were in toilet (except when we laughed to our farts). After Marianne was peed I noticed a strainin! g nuance in her voice. My friend was going to poop too, I deduced. Actually I didn?t hear any groans, she mixed her exertions so cleverly in talk. But I didn?t. After peeing I felt promising movement inside my bowels and I pushed with audible groan. My butt hole opened and head of log poked out of my ass. It was soft and quite thin. I pushed again and 2-3 inches came out very easily. I relaxed for a moment. Log slid out inch or two more of itself and then it broke off and hit the water with loud splash. At the latest now Marianne must know what I was doing. Maybe this encouraged her to straining without covering her groans because right after this she started exerting audible: ?MMMH? AHHH?UNNNGHH?. We stopped talking and concentrated pooping. I made a sluggish push and three small lumps plopped into bowl one after another. ?Oh my God! Wait for me, you lead 4-0!?, Marianne yelled. ?Oh, is this some kind of pooping competition or are you just counting my plops?? I answered and! we both laughed at least a minute. Finally we calmed down and Marianne strained hard. I heard a long, muffled fart continuing with crackling sound. After 10-15 seconds a mighty splash reached whole toilet followed by faint plop. Short silence and she resumed pushing one more time: OOO, NNNHH?PLOP?PLOP! Then she sighed. I heard rustle of toilet paper, Marianne was finished. It was my turn now. I felt that barely half of my job was done and I started grunting. ?Oh, you didn?t finish yet?? Marianne asked. ?Nooooo? not yet? I answered and soon after this one brown sausage ????ed into water. Marianne grunted a couple of times but nothing happened and she began to wipe. She flushed and went to wash her hands. My friend stayed there and we talked during my final spurt. It took some 3-4 minutes, I squeezed out two about 6-7 inches long, medium soft logs and one smaller one. I was really relieved when I came out to wash my hands.
Two days after this we had another nice pooping session, but it is another story. Maybe I will tell it to you later, if you like.

to infantry pfc: usually i am a 4 on your scale. when at home i have to shut the door turn on the fan and warn people to stay out of the bathroom. the other day my roomate ashley did this really bad poop. i walked in the room and could smell the nastiness waifing from the bathroom. ashley was sitting on her bed and looked like she had been there for a while. it was definatly a 5 on the scale. I was wondering what died in the bathroom. what made it even worse was that i had to poop and had to force myself to hold it untill the smell went away. man she poops like that and then decides that the bathroom doesn't need one of those glade plugins scented oil air fresheners in it. she must have no sense of smell.
speaking of smell one of my professors literaly didn't have any since of smell. That must have been nice when someone stunk up the bathroom, but i imagine it had its disadvantages as well.

Punk Rock Girl
OH...MY...GOD!!! How on Earth did they get a picture of ME?

The girl in the picture today looks like me, with slightly longer hair. Plus, I have a tattoo that runs all the way down to my forearm. Wow! Anyone who's ever wondered what I look like, this is it (of course, by the time they post this it will be a different picture--I'm talking about the pic of the girl smiling as she's pulling off some TP, wearing black underwear and thigh highs. A fave of mine!)

To TRAVELING GUY: Hi. The bucket crapper outhouse I took a shit in had no doors or anything. Once you walked in, the "toilets" were in plain view until you walked out. Not only did I have to shit in front of those two guys, they were sitting on the toilets on either side, so I had to sit on the one between them. I practically popped my eyeballs out pushing so hard to finish quickly! Like I said, I wiped once without even checking the paper. Later when I took a shower, I discovered I had needed far more than one wipe!

Sorry about the rant a few days ago. When something hits me like that I go off! Well, speaking of shitting, that's exactly what I've got to do right now, so I'm off to the crapper--with doors!

Take care everyone!


This is my first post, although I've visited this sight many times. Since I love driving long distances, I've had many close calls where I nearly wet my pants because I wasn't near a restrooom. One of these incidents happened about a couple of summers ago when my brother and I were traveling from Indiana to Kentucky to visit friends. We had stopped at a fast food place for something to eat and, since it was a hot day, we both drank about three glasses of coke. After we finished eating, we decided to stop in the men's room to try to empty our bladders because we didn't know when we'd get another chance. When we walked in, all the urinals and stalls were being used and there were already a couple of guys standing in line. We were anxious to get back on the road and since neither of us really had to go anyway, we decided not to wait. We figured we'd stop at the next restroom along the way My brother was driving and after we had gone several miles, I started feeling the ne! ed for a pee but it wasn't that strong. It wasn't long, however, before I was starting to get uncomfortable and by the time we had gone several more miles, I was really getting desperate!! I kept wriggling around in the seat when Mike (my brother) asked me what was wrong. I grabbed at my willie and told him, "I have to go to the bathroom!!!" He said we were bound to come to a restroom prettty soon and for me to just "hang on". We were traveling along a highway in the middle of nowhere and there were no buildings for miles. Finally, I couldn't wait another minute and I told Mike to pull over on the side of the road and stop. When he asked me why, I said, "I gotta piss RIGHT NOW!!!" I had the car door open before he came to a complete stop and as soon as I was out of the car, I knew I wouldn't be able to move another step without pissing my pants. I stood there next to the car, squeezing my willie as hard as I could with one hand and fumbling with my fly with the other. ! Somehow, I managed to get my zipper down but my next problem was getting my willie out so I could pee!!! I knew if I let go of it, I'd completely piss my pants!! So, there I was standing there with my fly wide open, all doubled up and with my legs crossed, squeezing my willie so hard it hurt.
Mike asked me what the hell I was doing and I told him, "I have to pee so bad, I can't even get my willie out!!" I finally managed to yank it out and pissed a gusher that would have put Niagara Falls to shame!! Anybody else have an experience like that or am I alone?

When I was about 10 my brother graduated from highschool in Nashville Tennessee. My parents drug me along with them to a little dinner honoring the graduates. "Look at it this way," my dad said before we left, "you'll get a taste of what it's like to be a highschooler."
For dinner we had some extra soupy spaghetti and meatballs. Apparently they don't strain their noodles in highschool, I thought to myself. Still, I was pretty hungry so I had two plate fulls. After dinner, the headmaster started talking about the wonderful year that they had had, blah blah blah. The spaghetti started doing summersaults in my bowels, and I accidentally let out a little squeak of a fart during a split second pause in the orators speach. The folks sitting in front of us turned around. Somebody laughed. My dad glared at me, mouthing the words 'go to the bathroom.'
And so I left and wandered the halls looking for the bathroom. I was used to a very small elementary school, and quickly became lost in the maze of different halls and corridors. I walked past row after row of doors, none of them labled, all the while losing the fight against the spaghetti. Finally I found the bathroom, and not a moment to soon, a barely got my pants down when I splattered glorious shat all about, nearly filling the toilet bowl. The foul spaghetti had left me, looking much the same as it did when I ate it. I sighed.
Then, to my horror, I realized that there was no toilet paper. I frantically checked every stall in the four stall bathroom, then the paper towel holders. Nothing! Curses! I peeked my head out the door, wondering if I should leave and search for something with which to wipe my ass. I began to hop into the hall, pants around my ankles and shat coveing my bottom. Before I got ten feet though, I heard female voices down the hall. I rushed back into the bathroom, to embarrassed to even ask someone to help me.
So, in a desparate last ditch effort I took off my whity tidys and wiped my ass as best I could, but alas, it was not enough. I through my shat covered undies in the trash and turned my attention to the walls of the stall. But even then I couldn't get down to the nitty gritty. In a shameful vile act of ass wiping, I finished the job on the handicapped bars. When I was finished, the bathroom looked as if it had been the scene of some gruesome occultic animal sacrifice, with streaks and splatters of brown and red everywhere. I timidly left the bathroom, hoping nobody had scene me leave, and rejoined my parents, where I told my dad that I never wanted to go to highschool.

Roberta-I read your post and thought I'd put my responses down here. So here they are:

First of all i am 16 years old amd male

Have you ever had to go so bad that you almost peed your pants?---yes, several times, especially when stuck in traffic

Have you ever peed your pants?---yes i have, a few times

Have you ever had to go so bad that you almost pooped your pants?---yes

Have you ever pooped your pants?---no, only skidmarks once when it was really bad

When you have to go real bad which is harder to hold, pee or poop?---definitely pee, i start to leak piss into mp pants long before i would start to shit them.

Have you ever seen anyone else desperate to pee?---yes (who hasn't?)

Have you ever seen anyone else desperate to poop?---couldnt tell, but maybe

Have you ever seen anyone else have a pee accident?---yes, but unfortunately not very recently

Have you ever seen anyone else have a poop accident?---no (not too interested either)


Todd & Diana
Hey Friends on the toilet,
It has been a long time since we poested last. We missed everyone like crazy. But is great to be back though.

Sarah S, Meghan, Annie and Robby- Hey, the twins are just fine. Diana isn't going to have the babies until August. But we can hardly wait. We missed you guys soooooooo much, we love you lots. Hope you still read on the loo. Meghan did you ever try it like I suggested? Well get back to us when ever you can, Lots of Lovexxxxxx, Todd and Diana!

Well for the story,
Todd and I went over to my freind Amber's house yesterday. We were walking up the driveway when he told me that he needed to use the bathroom like there was no tomorrow. We got inside Amber's house and he asked her if he could use the bathroom and she said go ahead and make yourself at home. Todd also asked for a magazine and Amber said that she had some in the bathroom by the toilet. So I (Todd) went in her bathroom pulled down my pants and sat on the loo. She has one of the oak toilet seats, really really comfortable.I looked to my left and grabbed a magazine and started to read. After about 20 minutes I walked out of the bathroom and there is Amber waiting to get in. She said to me, can you come in and talk to me while I take a huge dump. I jumped on the oppurtunity. She walks over to the loo pulls her capri pants down and sits on the loo. She said that the seat was warm. She looks to her left and grabbs a magazine, she said to me, I can read and talk at the same time! . I really didn't talk to her much, I just let her do her thing. She was reading when she started to a lot of farting and then that was followed by some peeing. Then she started to do some grunting. After about 15 minutes she looked in the toilet and told me to come over. I saw this huge, massive dump. Man did it stink in that bathroom she opened the window and sprayed wizard cinnamon spray and then we walk out of the bathroom. Well that is it for now and tell us what you think, Lots of Lovexxxxxx, Todd and Diana!

Nate in AZ
Been about a year since I've posted, but have been reading daily and keeping current on all you poopers! Wanted to respond to two of you:

SIT DOWN GUY: Yeah, I've been doing that for over 30 years; can't figure why more guys don't since it's so much more relaxing and sanitary, but maybe it's a macho thing (I'm anything but that!). My women friends appreciate it too.
ANDRE: Having hair on your butt is normal; all guys have it and whether you want it or not is up to you; I used to shave it off around my anus for cleanliness but now I just jump in the shower after a bm and clean off that way. My movements are pretty solid these days so don't require much cleaning. As for your question about screaming when constipated, I do it all the time; since I live alone I don't bother anyone and can be as verbal as I want. I find it a real turn-on watching a woman that's making lots of sounds. And yes, having something to grab onto helps when you need more leverage than you can get by just leaning forward and digging your knuckles into your abdomen. Sometimes it just gets so big and hard that no way it's going to come out on its own; my anus tends to the smaller size anyway and anything over an inch or so in width really stretches it beyond its capability, and I have to resort occasionally to working it out with my hand. I remember one time! (see an older post) that I helped a guy work out his movement by rubbing his backside to relax him. Used to help my ex with hard movements this way. Whatever it takes....having painful constipated turds is no fun! But they can also be exciting; the feeling of a super=hard one exiting one's ass and tickling those sensations usually results in an erection for me. Bye.

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