To Anthony K.: I liked your story

To JJ: I've sniffed my underwear before..but i don't do it alot

To Andre: I loved all your stories! About the hair on your butt i wouldn't shave it cause it will only grow back faster and any way im 20 and got a hairy butt its cool. I've never screemed when i've been constipated...and cool story about your brother screaming!

To Zip: I liked your story

To the unnamed poster: about their brother and nephew or who ever used to go to that catus bush to pee/poop..liked hearing about that!

To the person who posted about doing a cam 2 cam dump..sounds like fun..i've seen a few guys do this before..who are you? and how old are you?
gotta go bye

Q. What would you call the negotiations between the Isralis and the Palestinians?

A. A Powell movement

To Noel, Adam etc

I've been a lurker on this board for a few months but at last there seem to be some people on this board who enjoy nothing more than a good poo in their undies! Since I was about 7 or 8 (I'm 18 now) I have loved wetting and pooing myself, but like you only do this in private. I always wear boxers, which makes peeing/ pooing in them quite diffcult so I'm keen to start wearing briefs again, but in the UK everyone seems to wear boxers and its quite hard to go against current trends as briefs seem to have become very unfashionable for my generation. I was wandering if anyone could tell me what the best kind of briefs are to have an accident in? With boxers, the poo always falls out but am I right in thinking that with breifs you could just have an accident in public and all of the poo would stay in the briefs? Like Noel said in his last post, seeing the pee spread across a pair of light coloured undies and turning them dark is great. Living at home though it is sometimes a b! it difficult cleaning the dirty undies without anybody else noticing - however I'm going to uni in September so things should be easier because I'll be doing my own washing. I'd love to hear from any like-minded people - its great to know that just because you like a good poo or piss in your undies you're not some sort of freak.


i was just wondering if any girls here get excited by thinking about or seeing a guy shit himself (accidental out of desperation or on purpose).
If you are, please let me know.

Mark B
Hi Everyone.
Noel - thanks for you reply.
Not far from where I live in London is a cemetry where (so I recently discovered by chance) Thomas Crapper is buried. He is supposed to have invented the toilet in the early 19th century. I recently saw his grave which has been carefully preserved and restored unlike all the other graves around it which are very old and covered in moss etc. So he has a following! The obvious question: is 'crap' named after him or is it a coincidence that he bore that surname? I am sure that there are experts who read this site who can give the answer.
I have always assumed by the way that 'loo' is an english corruption of l'eau. That seems the most obvious derivation.
If no-one had invented the toilet we could all do it in our pants, or outdoors together, in a more uininhibited way, which would be much more fun. They must have been much less inhibited about it years ago. I was reading about how in past centruries people used to just piss on staircases and in corners of rooms. But in reality if everyone did that it would be smelly and unhygenic.
I love shitting outdoors and have done it in woods and mountains plenty of times. I described on this site about 2 years ago how I was up a mountain in Italy doing a shit when a cablecar passed high overhead nearby. As had my back to them I guess the tourists could see the poo coming out of my arse (but in the distance far below them).
I confess that was deliberate on my part, I wanted them to see it - perhaps I am a closet exhibitionist.
Today I had hoped that I could save it up till I got home this evening and let it all out in my jeans in the privacy of my own home - I mean a guy's got to relax and do what he needs to do sometimes - but force of habit means I just have to poo at work about 10am and I just can't save it till later. So its the occasions when I have a day off and I'm on my own at home in the morning that I can use my pants as a toilet. I had never wet myself as well until really recently but reading this site has made me more adventuorus about the whole subject - I think that's healthy. I never realised what fun it is to wet yourself.
I liked the story by teh way from the guy in Derbyshire and the dry stone wall.
With regard to smelling their own underwear, I think everyone does it. Just as everyone smells theri own farts and thinks they aren't smelly, only other people's.

Mark B


Hi girls and boys, just some quick replies.

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties. Thanks for your sweet words. I am also pretty Ďnakeredí at the moment. I work long hours and I think the cold of your elders has arrived here, as my whole body is aching, especially my head. You did not really pee into a trash can, Sarah, did you? LOL. I had a bit of fun as well. I worked on Sunday and was a bit stressed. I am on a tea and wee routine at work, where I drink a lot of tea and subsequently pee a lot. When I went again for an urgent one, somebody had left the seat up in the stall. I somehow felt like a giggle and took my pants and panties of and did a standing pee without my favourite tool into the toilet, aiming with my fingers. I sprayed a bit but did a fairly good and very satisfying stream into the bowl. I aimed it into the water and let it bubble. Wish you were there. I cleaned up and put the pants back on over the shoes and went back to my work with a big grin. In fact it was so much fun, I drank more tea, waited till I ! was bursting and went again. Also a way to get a bit of relieve of tension, during a stressfull day. Grin! I donít know if it is a misunderstanding, but you have to spread your lips and place the thing in front of the hole and let the lips snuggle around it. I place it like a pair of glasses now. I saw an old style street urinal from the train the other day, Maybe I pay it a visit one day, I always wanted to pee in one. Would be great to have company though. Let me know how you are getting along. I am hoping for more adventures. The hope for work in my field is getting worse though, as the biggest private television company over here declared bankruptcy, so there are even more projects cancelled. Hope you will find some nice jobs. Take care of yourselves. LovexxxxX from Ina

ROBBY AND ANNIE: Hi sweet dears. Hope you are better. I feel a bit poor at the moment, but I hope it will pass soon. I loved your stories as always. I remembered that the same thing happened to me like the little boy, waiting for the Queen. I peed myself on a carnival parade when I was six. I just remember it being rather unpleasant. The worst memory I have from my childhood was from hospital when I was seven or eight. I seem to have been a very stupid child: A boy had pushed me against a wall and I suffered from concussion. I was put in a room on my own and told that I must not get up under any circumstances. I was also told that I should ring the bell if I was sick, but only in true emergencies. After a while lying there on my own I needed to pee, but was afraid to call for help, as I thought it was not a true emergency. I just lay there for the longest time, hoping somebody would come in and help me out of my misery. I donít know why I was so afraid to ring the bell, ! but I was. I just cried and cried for ages, cause I was so desperate. Finally a doctor stuck his head in as he heard me crying and asked what was the matter. I told him and he sent a nurse with a bed pan. Stupid, I know. Anyway, I asked my flatmate to lend me her CD of the "Flying Dutchman" , Robby. She said: Oh, just take it, I will probably need five more years to be ready for it..;-). I laughed and said, that I heard itís lots of fun to sing it though...she gave me a very strange look, LOL. I heard it at work and really enjoyed most of it! Thank you for broadening my horizon there! I especially liked the third act. I would be interested to know, why you use your whole body more for it than with other composers. Can you explain it? Sailor is Matrose or Seemann. I was very disappointed at Easter, as Montserrat Caballe was singing in Berlin, but I could not get affordable tickets. Shame opera and concerts have to cost so much. So I ended up going to the movies...Yes, I get ! nervous standing in front of a big audiences. It was quite a big cinema there, but I think, the not so clever combination of salad with beer also made my ???? upset, LOL. But I am definately not a "Rampensau". Are you, Robbie? I guess so, LOL. It means Ďstage sowí and means somebody who feels 100% at home on stage and can let it all out and loves being in the center of attention...I take it, in your profession you have to be. Annie, I can only repeat, what Tim and Sarah said, how did you manage such a career with five children? My repects. And you are singing as well? Get lost...LOL! Hope you will also get more practise with your tube. Great shame we donít communicate in other ways: My family owns a big house in Spain and I would love to invite you over. I hope you will have fun. Keep taking care of each other! Lots of loveXXXXX

RICHARD/US: Hi, mein Lieber. This time I seem to have missed a post by TIM and SARAH, as it was suddenly there, when I looked through some recent ones...strange. Anyway, I donít think my flatmate is too uptight. She never hesitates to come in and pee while I am in the shower and even poops while chatting to her friends on the phone. She just has this thing about peeing standing. Mind you, I always get pissed off, when one of her mates always leaves a puddle on the floor. I love peeing standing, but I donít see, why I should clean his piss up. Donít worry though, I have my fun in the shower or elsewhere and pee how I like. In that situation though, I was just going to let a very strong jet shoot against the curtain with her standing about two steps away from it. And that would have been a bit rude though, wouldnít it? LOL! Did you know Madonna stated she is peeing in the shower on the David Lettermann show; she said itís good against limestone...LOL. I will use that excus! e, should my flatmate complain...grin. Keep writing your nice stories, please! Your Liebchen (thatís even older than Robbieís Fraeulein, LOL) Ina, take care!

CARMELITA: Meine suesse Zuckerschnecke! I was very happy, you liked my recommendation You know whatís even bettet than doing you know what, with you know what? Thinking about a hot senora in a black dress, letting the great waterfall flow on top...I am so glad you are better. I have to admit I have not read your most recent post yet. I am saving it for tomorrow. Keep shining, you wonderful light! LOVE and HUGS!

RIZZO: Great you are back! We missed you! Hope to speak to you again, soon. I have to go now. LOVE from me

TIM AND SARAH: I can only speak for myself, but I would love to meet your friend here. Josieís adventures sound great. Glad you are all fine and I hope you are healing ok. I know the Spanish food! Handle with care! Take care

Greetings and hugs to LOUISE and STEVE and especially KIM and SCOTT!

Hi, All!

Regarding enemas for children; When my age was still in single figures, I occasionally had an enema given by the district nurse. This was, I think when I'd not "been" for 4 days, but I can't remember any feeling of discomfort prior to the enema. From what I remember, I didn't eat very much so that's probably why it took a while for my gut to fill up!
I know I never had an enema after the age of 10 but I don't know if there was a special type used for young people.

ANDRE, Be proud you're developing hair on your backside! Nothing to be ashamed of, and certainly no need or sense in shaving it off!!
I assume you must be about 13 so it's one of many changes your body will undergo. All due to testosterone.
Not all men have hairy arses, but mine is and the distribution of hair on the body varies a lot between different men.

LANCS LAD, I liked the words on your birthday card about having a shit! I've never heard of one like that, it's very graphic, and one you might not want to show to everyone!
I've sometimes seen greetings cards with a picture of a guy sitting on a toilet. The guy's hands are strategically placed so as to avoid seeing his dick, and ones I've seen don't show all of his face, presumably to avoid embarrassment for the model!

On Friday on Channel 4, I saw "Jackass TV", the American stunt programme. Towards the end of the programme, a young guy was wearing a thong and lying face down on a bed as a nurse(?) was preparing to insert a clip through both of his buttocks. I suppose it was about two inches across and right by where his shithole would be. As he was lying down, his buttocks were flexed, so both his buttocks were very close together.
She used an antiseptic wipe, and asked him if he'd "Had a number 2 today", and he replied he had, and that he'd "Really cleaned himself out ready for this." She attached the clip, then immediately after, removed it. He looked absolutely great lying there with his firm and muscular buttocks and thighs, and the nurse said he had "a great butt".
The term "to kiss someone's arse" is often used in a desirory way to indicate someone is prepared to humble himself and ingratiate himself with someone else, but seeing this guy on the TV, I hope he gets lots of opportunities of having his arse kissed, and I hope every time he's sitting on a toilet shitting some big turds, he realises thousands of people saw him on TV and would like to show their appreciation of his beautiful butt!

Had An absolutely great shit today. I really felt I'd got a load to do, and I sat there doing it with some grunting as I felt these brown beauties open my arsehole and plop in the water and splash my arse as a guy in the next cubicle could hear all this.
Satisfying turds, feeling of relief, splashed arse, loud plops, sitting on a toilet. Did I feel great? You bet!

I wish everyone the same pleasure, enjoy those toilets!! P. Plop Guy

Hi Toileteers!
I only have a short time to post. Since Annie replied to most all of you yesterday I will do a short one.

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hi sweethearts! Either we ran past your post or the moderator added it in after we read that page of posts. We are dreadfully sorry we didn't respond sooner. We are sad that Hannah had to go back to Afrika. Will she be able to return soon? Now, Annie and the girls took out mirrors and found their lips and where they should put the travelmate so they wouldn't wee all over themselves again. Annie's post has all of that in there. Annie is at school and will want to reply later. She did say it was a wonderful compliment that you gave her about her profession and her kids. She said she is not worthy. We both say Sarah, don't feel unequal to anyone. You are wonderful and have talents and qualities that most of us don't. You are a marvelous and caring Mum.Thank you for the comfort. Yes, we do still feel the pain but there is joy,too. Tell Josie I thank her for the undeserving compliment and that I would love to come with her to see her cat. We have two cats ! and a dog. The dog is left over from the girls. What colour is the cat? I'd better get on the subject. Riding was a joy for both Annie and Sue. They were both champion equestrians in England. Here is a story about Sue. She said she was riding in a competition in London and she had the sudden urge to wee and poo. She finished her run, got off the horse and ran to the loos. She yanked down her riding trousers and sat down. A big wave of poo and wee came out. It would not have been amazing except there were 3 other girls doing the same thing!! She said she listened to the others drop their logs into the bowl. She had a good giggle. Annie doesn't ride much anymore. We love to go to the race track but there is not one here where we live. We loved your story about your trip to Spain. Are there only squat toilets? Men can't squat very well. At least I can't. Tim, I am off the booze(liquor) because of my heart. I have an occasional glass of wine. I know the girls will want to talk ! to you when they return on Friday. Annie sends her love and we both send Lots of Lovexxxxx and big hugs to you!!!! Robby and Annie

I want to say that singing on the toilet helps the ???? muscles push out the poo. Annie says I sound like a bull moose. Well, however you sound it is a great way to entertain yourself and also have a great dump. The trumps(farts come out easier,too!). Does anyone else on here sing while they are on the loo? Well, at least holler,LOL!

I have to run(not runs,LOL!)!!



First is first.
I was sitting in class when I was about nine and I was twiddling my pen,when my last years teacher,Mrs Hintol{weird name},walked in.She had taught us millions of songs last year and she asked us to sing one.We did.
We belted it out,I being in harmony.Me and my harmony friends got asked to stand up on the stage to sing and I saw this teachers pet,Susan,contorting her face.
Susan has very long,blonde hair and she towered over me,who was very small for my age.
When Hintol left the room she gave Susan an odd look,smiled and walked out.Susan put up her hand.
'Teacher-I-I had an accident.'she said and the whole class froze,laughing.I was at the front,so I couldn't laugh.
Our teacher{a really cool teacher}looked over and saw a large puddle at Susan's feet.I could just imagine the rush of shame as she let go.
'Jenny,bring Susan up to the office.'teacher ordered me.I vrought her up and Susan rang her mum.She whispered in the phone 'I had an accident,mom.'

Another story about her,is that in junior infants,when I was five,Susan was right beside me.I went up to my teachers desk with my copy,went back down and started to doodle on my copy.
Seconds later,Susan came back down,her face hot and walking funnily.Our teacher rose and asked the class 'Who made this puddle?'.Susan put up her hand;I noticed a brown shit in her white tights.

When I was in Hintol's class,3 things happened.Once,we were handing up our copies and one of mym friends called 'Micheala wet herself!'.As a matter of fact,a girl in line was dripping wet with girls surrounding her at my friends words.

Another time,a girl was sitting on the floor at lunch.When Hintol walked in,she saw a little puddle on the floor,it grew bigger as she followed her eyes up to a desk.
'Niamh,did you wet youself?'
Niamh stood up,shaking.Pee was dripping off her!

And the last,a girl was asking Hintol for permission to use the bathroom.the girl had no tights on and was just wearing socks.Hintol refused and during religion,the girl was laughing and another girl was white.
The girl,ciara,had wet herself and everyone saw the pee come out of her pantd,cos she was standing.Then,ignoring all of us,she pushed out a log and ran from the room.

your name (optionalpoo pants
Just one more for the record. I have just come home from Asda - at the check out I began to let a good dump push out a little - I packed my bags with it pressing the back of my cks. It gave me a thrill - it always does that secret and hoping I don't give anything away! Out of the shop I let go and good hard but tacky lumps fell into the back and swung between my legs as I walked. I am home now and sitting on it as I type. The walk home was super and I had to stop as I was likely to have another kind of accident - that will come later whilst I have a shower.

Noel - thanks for your last reply - I shall keep writing and hope for some more from Adam.

Poo Pants

I've been a reader of this site for a while now but haven't posted before.
Louise - I just love your descriptions of your big wees! My wife lets me watch her and she has got a reasonable capacity, but she won't let me measure it! Personally, I don't think you can beat the sight of a woman desparate to pee and then she lets you watch her do it. Perhaps you could save up a really big wee and then measure it for us and see if you can beat your record! I would love to hear about that! Steve truly is a lucky guy. One of my previous girlsfriends used to hold her pee all day at work and was then absolutely bursting when she got home. she used to fly into the bathrrom, yank her panties down and let rip. The force of her pee was incredible. Sadly I only was able to listen outside the door and never saw one of these gushers.

Louise and Steve
EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Yeah, quite a lot of girls dribble a bit down their legs when standing. It may be you will have to try it a bit different. Have you been splaying your lips open? If you have not then I think you should try doing that. If you do then it may be you have to see how it is when you don't do it at all or do it a slightly different way.

ELOUISE - Hi! I have held my lips together and peed just a time or two but it is not really my thing. I have done it in the bath but what I really like doing is standing or squatting and just letting it rip.

PUNK ROCK GIRL - Yeah I think we agree on something. It is like that in England a lot too. You know if people are open about their bodies and toilet subjects then there is less chance people will go all twisted. Going to the toilet is not something to be ashamed about is it? And you know, my mum was open with us early on about the toilet, boys and sex and all that, but it did not make us get pregnant when we were at school. You know, I did not sleep with Steve until I was 20 and my sister has still not done anything like that so people should think about all that side of it. I think that keeping people from knowing makes them do things earlier and be less responsible about it, you know?


MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi!!! Well it sounded like you got it right with the travelmates at last. I told you you needed to know where your wee holes are didn't I? Yeah, it helps if you put the travelmate cradle in just the right place. I am getting quite good at weeing with it now.
Steve speaking.
Sounds like you two are having fun, and well done! The way you have said you would like to witness myself and some of my friends having a wee, the pair of you are starting to sound like my fiancee. Yes, there could be some of that close to the wedding day, and I'm trying to organise things in advance. If anything noteworthy happens, you can trust me to let you know. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I urinated on a wall in company with some of them. The one that springs to mind was from way back when I was 23. Apart from me, there were six others, so the wall we used was more than a little damp afterwards.
Louise here.
Steve, I wish I had seen all of you having that wee!
Love Louise xx and Steve.

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! Oh yes, we are getting excited about the wedding. My friends are looking forward to it and I can not wait. Oh yeah, actually we did have some more sword fighting in the bath a few days ago. Steve started his wee and he did a big arc, and then I started doing mine, and I got the streams to cross in the air. My stream was stronger so I just sort of knocked Steve's wee stream away from where it was going. giggle It was a laugh for us really.
Oh well hope your little boy is better now. It may be that he would not have liked it much if he had not been circumcised and kept getting all those itchy infections. You know I was talking about this with a friend and she said she had 2 boyfriends who had tight foreskins that did not go all the way back behind the tip, you know. Well it was trouble for him when they slept together, you know, because his foreskin could not move. Steve does not have that trouble. He can pull his foreskin back a bit when he wees, and he can get it all the way back so he can clean it. He is very careful about keeping it clean.
Steve speaking.
I believe some foreskins, if they are tight, can become trapped in the retracted position in the situation Louise has described. I don't want to think about how such things can go, but the resulting constriction can lead to a further swelling of the glans, not to mention the pain. So I think you have done the right thing, and your son will be free of those problems, and it will help him urinate properly. It is also very comforting to know my fiancee discusses my penis with her friends. It seems it has been the subject of much talk among the members of her netball team.
Louise here again.
giggle Only because I am proud of you, Steve. Well I hope Loewie is all right now. How long did it take him to heal up and be all right with his weeing again after he was circumcised?
LOL Josie has found a good way to wee. I have used my fingers to aim even when I have been squatting, so yeah I know what she is doing. It is like, an instinctive thing to do that. Where you shocked?
Hey, I hope you are liking my latest stories.
Love Louise and Steve.

RIZZO - Hi guy!!!!! Hey you know I thought there was another guy peeping at me when I had my wee in the bucket! giggle I hope you liked what you saw, I thought it was good!
Hey I liked the story about how you met your wife. Did my weeing in the bucket story remind you? LOL
Steve speaking.
I greatly enjoyed the tale of how you met the love of your life. Cupid, with the help of your acquaintance, certainly did his job for you. The foaming pee bucket must have been a surprise, but I can imagine it quite well. Louise once weed in my car washing bucket with the sponge still in it, and produced a car shampoo topped litre of wee at the bottom. The sponge survived the experience, I might add!
Yes indeed, Damsel's 'ice queen' reaction is certainly an effective defence mechanism. The only trouble is that its primary effectiveness seems to be as a deterrent to the reasonable guys, and just happens to ward off some of the most unreasonable ones. She is not actually a bad judge of character, and is quite capable of looking after herself, but I try to be there for her if needed. I certainly shall do all I can to help her in her search for Mr Right. Louise and her sister are two very special girls, and they deserve happy lives.
In fact, I have someone in mind. I know him very well indeed through a very, very long friendship. Damsel will probably tickle me to death trying to get me to talk, but that is all I'm prepared to say at the moment.
Louise again.
When I got home from work today I had a wee just for you, and I did it in the scissors way in the sink. I do not have enough time to write about it now because I will be making us late, but if you like white knickers and you want to know all about my scissors wee, I want you to look for that letter, because you are a bad man for peeping at me, just like Mickey and Richard are. giggle


Louise and Steve.

Annie(and Robby)
Hi Friends!
Robby is at work and I have to go to school in a few minutes. I have an experience I have to tell you about.
Early this morning Robby and I were sitting and watching the news. Robby got up and went into the "office" loo. I heard his trousers hit the floor so I knew he was sitting. He started singing something from an opera. I crept in and he was sitting on the toilet with a magazine in his hand and singing. He would sing, grunt, then drop one. Example; Sing-UHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNN-PLOP,PLOP! He was bellowing all over the place. I sat on the tub rim and watched this performance. He finally roared;"Tradita, Finito"! I grabbed his mag and loads of tissue. I bent him over and wiped him. Mind you, he was singing "Questo a Quella" while I did this. He stood up, pulled up his trousers, and looked at me. We both fell out laughing. He can be such a child sometimes,LOL!

DEAR INA: Hi sweetheart! We haven't heard from you in awhile and hope you are with friends and possibly have a job. I have tried the travelmate several times. I get into the shower and put the thing to my lips and then wee. I have gotten the hang of it, I think. How are you doing with yours. Has your mother gotten the hang of it, yet? Please be happy and take care! Lots of Lovexx and Hugs! Annie(and Robby)

DEAR STEVE and LOUISE: Hi there friends! Robby can be a child. Just read the story at the top,LOL! Louise, I hope you weren't offended by Robby watching you in cyberspace. He is a genial lurker not a fiend,LOL! I have been practicing on my travelmate. It is much easier to do now. I have had to shave a little more down there to get the right position. The girls are already shaved. I know they will be frightfully embarrassed when they read this, LOL! Steve, Maybe we girls can have a travelmate wee in cyberspace. We would invite you, Robby, Rizzo, Andrew, Tim, Richard/USA, Jeff A, and others. We both look forward to your wedding. Take care, Lovexx and hugs, Annie(and Robby)

DEAR DAMSEL: Hi gal! As your sister has said, using the travelmate is so good when on the road. I have been practicing. I hope to use it if we go to Spain this summer. Those plans are still up in the air. It seems Andrew is in a funk. Try to pick the poor lad up! We enjoy you here! Take care! Lovexx Annie(and Robby)

DEAR KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dears! Kendal, you had better get your bottom on here,haha! When Sari was 7 or 8 she would come to Robby or Sue and point towards the loo and say;"I did a good poopoo!" One of them would go in and see and applaud. Robby remembered that this morning. I'm sure Sarah would be embarrassed that he did! I know that we were proud that we did a good poo or wee when we were children. After the first time Robby and I saw each other poo and wee we would tell each other tales of our production if we weren't there to witness it. We are glad you are back home. Are you back in school, yet? Andrew, how are your "A" levels going? Ellen, Are you in pre-school? The girls send their love. Take care! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Aunty Annie and (Uncle Robby).

DEAR CARMALITA: Hi sweetie! My god what a production in the wild! Your dump was outstanding. I would think that you would want the guys to know a woman did a great pile!! I think it is a scream that you had to leave the toilet because someone elses smell was too much,LOL! You have such a lovely family. We really enjoy you so much! Take care, Lots of Lovexx and a hug from Annie and (Robby)

DEAR JANE AND GARY: Hi there! While I was at school I had to go to the toilet. I had a real sudden urge. I walked into the stall, pulled down my trousers and blue panties and sat down. I let out a good fart that I'm sure most people in the hallway could hear. I pressed down and a big log started coming out. Just then two girls came in and immediately, I guess, smelled the air. One of them said"OH god! It smells in here!" The other one said she was going to make it worse. She and the other girl went into the other stalls and while I was dropping my third piece I heard one of them grunt and a wave a soft poo dribbled into the bowl. The other was grunting like a rhino. I finished, wiped, and went to wash my hands. As I was leaving I said"Gee this place smells like a pig stye"! I know they heard that. I made me feel better. Hope you and Gary are ok! Take care, Lovexx Annie(and Robby)

DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi Dear! I have a problem with asthma,too. I'm sorry you had that reaction from the medicine. The girls sometime have a problem with slow weeing. Meg, especially has to sit for it seems ages before she wees. It might take 10 minutes of sitting sometimes. She has seen a doctor and there is nothing wrong physically. Robby had a wonderful opening. He played the crooked Mayor. He was excellent. We went out afterwards with some friends and had a good time. He has 4 more performances. We do care about you. We know you do what you can. Take care! Lots of Lovexx and a hug from Annie and(Robby)

Friends, I have to get to it so a SPECIAL WELCOME TO ALL OF THE NEW POSTERS. Also hugs to: Rizzo-glad you are back!, LindaGS- how are you in Padre Island or is it Corpus?, Todd and Diana, Tim and Sarah-we miss you!, PV- how was Florida?, Nicole, Jeff A-are you ok?, DianeNY, Elena, Cousin, Upstate Dave, Plunging Plop Guy, Kimmie and Scott-how are things in Jersey?, Lancs Lad, David and Niki-come back!,Ellie and Little Lou-where are you? Rich and Kathy-Rest in Peace dear friends.



So you were away from home on holiday for all that time, Andrew, and that is why you could not answer me. I understand that, I assure you, and it is no reason not to come near me. I won't bite, I promise, and I promise not to give you frostbite either. Smile. And Robby, you want to back off and leave me for a younger man? I sure want a man who can keep up my pace, but I think I have scared off both my cyber boyfriends. Smile. Who is Linda GS? Is she a rival? Yes, I enjoyed my wee-wee in the shower. I am into 'hold it', so I suppose it helps make the final result more outstanding. I don't think I can be as good as my sister, but on the odd occasion I can wee-wee quite powerfully.
Rizzo, I knew you sounded like a nice man, and I'm really pleased you enjoy my wees. I wish I could meet men like you three socially instead of the stupid jerks who always seem to approach me. If you like my nighties I will have to remember that when having a wee-wee to include in a post. Right now I am sitting writing this post in just a pair of thong knickers (red with white piping). Steve and Louise are out again and I am by myself in their home. I already needed a wee-wee when I got here, but I am filling up my tank with orange juice and water. Soon I will be at the desperate stage, but not just yet. I feel a slight need to cross my legs and fidget a little, but I have some way to go before I am ready to do it. I thought your story about when you met your wife was very romantic, and I hope something like that happens for me soon. I've just decided that today I will have a wee-wee in the bucket in the bathroom. Yes, I am ripping off Louise's ideas again, but I've made! up my mind I want to use the bucket. I must also remind Steve and Louise, because I think they have missed your post. I know they didn't mean to, but they have their wedding to organise and Steve is busy too, so I suppose it was easy for her not to see it.
Oh yes, Steve is quite like a substitute father/older brother to me much of the time, as our dad was killed when we were little girls. Yes, Steve is great to ask for advice because he has seen so much more of life than me. Thank you ever so much for caring XXXXX Please read my story at the bottom of my post.
Thank you for your comment, too, Adrian. I hope I will have some more wees for you to enjoy. When I sent in my first post, I did not expect to do another, and I didn't know if other posters would be much interested in what I was saying. Still, if other posters do like my posts then for as long as I'm having fun doing it I shall write some more. I hope you enjoy today's story.

If I were Sari, Meghan, pissing behind the dumpster. I would have been really embarrassed and blushed bright red! I thought it was a good story, and I felt my cheeks go pink just from reading it. Also, using these travelmate things when having a wee-wee does sound a good laugh. I suppose I could ask Louise if I could try it with one of hers. At 5'8" you are my height, and Louise is an inch taller. No men for you either? Well, good luck. Please wish me some good luck, because bad seems to come and find me too often. Yes, I have seen some of Steve's posts and I consider him as a good writer.

Thank you for welcoming me here, Tim and Sarah. You sound a lovely couple, and I think you are very lucky to have each other. I felt sorry for your little boy having to lose his foreskin. Oh dear, poor little boy. It will be worth it for him, won't it, in the long term if he does not get infections?

I've been crossing my legs tightly while I have been sitting here. I'm wearing just a pair of thong briefs (red with white piping), and I'm feeling really desperate for a wee-wee. Yes, I definitely have to go straight away...
I'm in the bathroom and I have positioned the bucket in the large space in the middle of the floor. I forgot to put the mirrors in the correct places, but I've got one to hold in my hand. I'm taking my thong down and I am now feeling my cheeks go pink as I feel like I'm being watched. Out of my thong now, I do not have a stitch on and I am crouching over the bucket, resting my left hand on my knee and holding the mirror in my right hand. The light is good, and in my mirror I can see my female bits, shaven but with a little narrow blonde patch of short pubic hair above it. I am really full to burst, and without any further delaying I start wee-weeing. My wee bursts out and it is making lots of hollow noises up the inside of the bucket. I am watching myself in the mirror, and I have seen how my inner lips, and they protrude and pout like Louise's, have been pushed open by my big golden jet. Louise can have bigger gushers than me, but my wee-wee is jetting out and spraying ! slightly as well. Yes, my pussy is hissing, and I know you want to be told. Smile. I have noticed that as well as my wee jet, I am dripping all the time as well. Sometimes I do that, and so does my sister. This wee was more desperate than the last one I included in my last post, and it is a very satisfying one. I hope you are enjoying it too. Oops, I did not mean to do it but like last time I just clenched my muscles and the jet stopped, but I have restarted it again and I am wee-weeing again just as hard. Actually it is getting weaker now, and now my stream has gone down to just a dribble that runs weakly out of me. I don't know how long this all took, but it has ended with me just dripping a bit and it is so quiet now with no more noise than the sound of my little drips dropping in the wee-wee in the bucket. I think I should wiggle my bottom to shake off the final drops. Smile.
Did you enjoy the show?



We all had such a wonderful time in the Lakes ! But its good to be home, and even better to speak to our dear friends on this site. Being back at school is not quite so good, but then you can't have everything ! What am I talking about. It was quite wonderful really, especially to see Kirsty and Charlotte. I should have seen them over the holidays, but we were up in the Lakes all the time !

UNCLE RIZZO, AUNTY PV, UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Had a great time in the girls toilets at school today ! Kirsty, Charlotte and I crowded into one cubicle and we all took turns. I went first, a nice refreshing wee that hissed quite a bit because I really needed to go ! But no tinkling, it all ran down the front of the toilet bowl ! Then Kirsty went, and she had her usual loud wee, very noisy and tinkly, making plenty of froth in the water. Then Charlotte had her go. She also does loud wees. But we both knew, even though she hadn't said anything, we could tell by the look on her face, that she was going to drop one of her bombs as well !! And what a Cullompton it was as well ! It was immediately followed by Charlotte screwing up her face and exclaiming "eeeeeewwwwwwww, your wees have just splashed my bum mega big time !!". We both laughed and told her that is what she gets for dropping depth chargers all the time !! Kirsty said the toilet sessions! will be temporarily halted on Wednesday because there is a new girl starting in her class, and because she also wants to be in the choir, Kirsty had volunteered to look after her and help her get settled in. I said "Never mind, I'm at the dentist's and won't be in school until after lunch anyway !". Hopefully she'll be nice and want to join our gang. But then she might not want to join in when she finds out that Charlotte and I are in year 7 (Kirsty is year 8). Friendship groups in our school seem to be within year groups. Glad to see Uncle Rizzo back. Lots of love and hugs to all. Love from Kendal xxxxxxx

LINDA GS: Hey !! It didn't scare me away. You know as well as I do how I have often thought about your Cousin peeping over a stall at me ! I bet he's bright red now if he's reading this. Looking forward to hearing your promised stories. Story just for you. Before Aunty and Uncle came to stay with us in the Lake District, we had one very good day in the toilet. Kate wouldn't join in. Drew has already explained why not. We are all juvenile apparantly !! Well, juvenile or not, there was one morning, straight after breakfast that Emily grabbed both Andrew and I by the hand and lead us straight to the shared bathroom that she has with her sister. She was still in night shirt, as we all were ( no not Drew !!! ). She reached and pulled down her panties, and sat down on the toilet. Then she grinned and said "its time !". What she meant by that was that she knew she was going to have a poo for the first time in three days ! She let out a little short wee first. She'd already! had a big one when she got up out of bed. Then came the look of concentration. Then came the folded arms across her ???? to squeeze herself to help her to get going. Then came the ever growing red face ! Followed by an even redder face, followed by absolutely puce, followed by an alarming blue ! She then let out the loudest gasp ever ! EEERRRRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and sat there panting trying to get her breath back ! After a few seconds, she grinned at us again and said "its coming out, look", and she lifted her bottom off the toilet seat so that Andrew and I could see no more than about two inches of poo just poking out her bum ! Not that I really wanted to see that at all, but I think Andrew liked it !! She then settled back on the seat again, and so the process continued again, exactly like before ! This happened about four times, and she had now been over five minutes on the toilet. Each time she lifted her bottom off the seat for us to view the continuing growth ! of her poo. And it was going to be a real monster. By now there was only about four inches poking out her bum, but what could be seen was very thick, hard and knobbly ! By now, poor Andrew didn't know what to do with himself. It was after breakfast, time for his poo session, but the toilet was occupied. He was shuffling very uncomfortably, probably contemplating using a different toilet in the house. But I glared at him. He knew what I meant straight away ! One, that Emily would be terribly disappointed if he left half way through her mighty efforts. And two, she would be mortified if he didn't now let her watch him have a poo !! After the fourth big effort, she took a long five minute rest, chatting happily away to the both of us, during which time Ellen had decided to wake up and find us all in the bathroom together. Emily's long rest only ended when Andrew finally had to admit to his very urgent need to go, and explained that if she didn't get on with it, he would serio! usly have to find a toilet elsewhere ! Emily immediately resumed duties, and with renewed strength, set about the task in hand ( so to speak !). She was just one minute longer ! As her face once again began to turn red, her expression changed, as with an enormous crackling sound, her poo began to rush into the toidy. Considering the enormous size, it made barely a splish noise, But the next two pieces splashed fairly resoundingly, before it was all finished off, much to Emily's embarrassment with a series of mushy stuff, that rapidly plopped away into the water. Ellen said "You sound like Andrew when he poos" ! Emily was even more embarrassed ! But the sloppy stuff soon came to an end. She was almost as long wiping herself as it had taken her to poo in the first place ! And all the time, Andrew shuffled too and fro !! He really looked as though he was about to poo in his PJs !! At last Emily got off the toilet. Ellen demanded to look in it. But thankfully from my poin! t of view, everything was pretty much covered up by all the paper Emily had used to wipe her bottom. But the big first poo could still be seen poking up right out of the water. Ellen was very impressed !! Emily then flushed the toidy, and Andrew made a bee line, throwing his PJ bottoms down to the floor ! Then Ellen said "I need a wee". Andrew whimpered !! "I need a wee now, or I'll wet my pants" continued Ellen. Andrew had no choice but to let her go first ! Ellen stood in front of the toidy, and then that was it. "What are you doing ?" enquired Andrew. "I'm waiting for the toidy to stop making a noise" she said. "What difference does that make ?", said Drew, with his bum cheeks clenched very tightly. Emily and I could see this because he was stood with his PJ's still around his ankles. "You won't be able to hear my wee" replied Ellen. We all had to wait around a minute while the very last sighs of the cistern had disappeared !! Then Ellen proudly hauled her little bott! om onto the seat, and whizzed and whizzed and whizzed ! As her whizzer went on, she smiled, and it grew broader and broader with every second until she started to laugh at how much wee she was doing. Andrew groaned. "Its a wonder you didn't wet the bed" he told her ! Which only made us all laugh the more. Eventually it began to tail away a bit, and stopped as dramatically as it had started. Andrew said "thank God. Hurry up and wipe", to which Ellen said "Ha, trick !" and began whizzing as strongly again as she had before, and she roared with laughter, but not as much as Emily and I did ! Poor Andrew was now losing his patience in his desperation. But he kept a lid on it, smiled a grudging approval of Ellen's trick, and smiled even more when she finally did finish. "I want to flush the toilet" she said. But she just didn't get a chance. "There's no time", Andrew insisted, and he turned and bent to sit on the seat, a massive trump exploding from him before he had even got s! at down properly. The explosion was followed by an absolute cascade of assorted plops ! And he moaned in relief. "Ahhhhhhh, plop-plop-plop-plop-plop, OOOhhhhhhhhhh, plop-plop-plop-plop, thank God, plop-plop-plop". Linda, I'd love to tell what colour pampies he was wearing, except he wasn't !! But this is not the end to this huge story. As Andrew plopped away, Ellen, not short at coming forward moved herself to get a side view of Andrew, at the side of the toilet. I'm sure she was trying to see if she could see his poos coming out. But she got more than she bargained for ! Because there, on the back of the seat behind his bottom, was a small lump of poo that had obviously exploded out of his bum as he made that big trump before sitting down properly. Ellen never said a word. She just put her hand over her mouth and pulled a surprised face, and then beckoned for Emily to come and look as well. Andrew was still too much in ecstasy at the relief of it all to take much notice. ! But when Emily burst out in raucous laughter, he had to take notice. And boy, did he go red with embarrassment when he found out what they were laughing at !! I hope this very long story makes up for being away for so long my dearest on-line sister ! Lots of love and hugs from Kendal xxxxxxx (and not forgetting XOSXOS from Drew. He'll never forget about you, even if he is being chased by Damsel !!).

ELEANOR: I see from Robby and Annie's post that you are living in Exeter. Andrew often goes to watch Exeter play football, as well as Tiverton Town. Hope you are really happy there. I must have missed the post when you said you were going to live there. I remember you saying your Dad was going to work there though. Hope your brother is still behaving himself, and that you are enjoying lots of very private wees and poos in your new home. Love from Kendal xx

JANE & PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Hello to you two ! PPG, you would have loved to have seen Charlotte's face when our wee splashed her bum !! A poo that you would have been proud of. Me too come to that !! Love from Kendal xx

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Anthony K.
Hello There.
One of the reasons why I wear briefs and boxers is to prevent any noticeable accidents. Last year in year 9, we were having an exam and I really needed to take a shit badly. We were not allowed to go out so I tried to hold it in and wait patiently. WHen it finished, I rushed off to the toilets. Be fore I could sit, I had a big wet fart that felt gooey. WHen I pulled down my underwear, they were stained. Luckily, I was in time to shit out the bigger portion. When I sat, I farted the loudest fart and splash the biggest log. I heard some kids snickering. THen I quickly wiped and left.

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