okay i was working at the shell station i work at and it was real busy lotsof customers well when it slowed down i went to the bath room in there i took a big poop i woudent stop coming out well i flushed and then to my horror there was no tp none at all i checked the stock room but none and when i was walking back into the store teh inch of a turd that was still sticking out of my ass got all skwished bbetween my ass cheeks there was still 7 hours of my shift so i had to go through it all with chocolate betweens my buns and when ever i moved it would sqish and squash uhh gross

to movie fan:

what films with meg ryan, sandra bullock, and kate winslet are you talking about? teri hatcher and melnie grifith have also been seen on the tolet in "since youve been gone" and "something wild"

I have a kind of funny question for everyone. I don't mean this in a sexual way, so I hope the moderator will allow it. When you throw your dirty underwear into the laundry, does anyone ever sniff their underpants or panties to see if there is a poop smell on them? I always wipe pretty thoroughly so I almost never have skidmarks. But I will confess I still sniff my undies before throwing them in the laudry to see if they smell like poop. It's not that i really like to smell my poop -- I just want to sort of grade myself on how clean I kept myself during the day. Usually there's no real smell, but sometimes I can get a whiff of poop smell. I'd say it happens 10% of the time. Does anyone else do this? What is everyone's "hit" rate of how often their undies smell like poop? I wonder if there is a difference between men and women on this.

TV Fan
I saw a commercial on TV the other day that really caught me by surprise (I live in the US). I wasn't paying much attention to it at first, as it just seemed to show people engaged in different physical activities, like running, etc. Then all of a sudden the camera would zoom in on people's butts! It was the funniest thing. I looked up from what I was doing and thought "what the...". The commercial would show these people running and exercising and doing all these sweaty things and the camera kept focusing on their assess. What the heck kind of commercial was this? It finally turned out it was a commercial for these hygienic wet wipes that you use in the bathroom. I guess they were zooming in on the butts to drive the point home that people's rear ends start to smell if they're not clean. It's the first time I've ever seen a message like this on an Americn commercial. Has anyone seen this commercial, or was I just imagining I saw it?

Movie fan
Add two more names to the list of famous female actresses who have done pee or poop scenes in movies. Both Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate do a bathroom scene together in their latest movie, THE SWEETEST THING. The girls need to use the bathroom, but when they try to enter the ladies room, a female voice says she might be a while because she's "shitting out a brick." Christina and Cameron then go into the men's bathroom. Cameron enters the stall, while Christina tries to use the urinal by bending over and urinating inside it (she ends up getting pee on her hands). Not the greatest bathroom scene ever, but it counts...

Today I found hair on my butt!!! I dont know because around here I have seen some hairless.Should I shave it off. I started puberty when I was 10 in a half but of all the books I read I never read anywhere Before that I would get hair on my buttocks!! None of my friends hair in their butts. (I've looked at them in p.e. in the showers and most of them dont mind.) I asked my dad should I shave it and he says f I shave it Its gonna come back even hairear . Please give me some feed back on this.

Im terribly sorry about RJOGGER and KATHY.

Monday at breakfast time one of my friends dared me five dollars to dirnk two quaurts of milk. Im not really lactose and tolerate like my dad but sometimes I get diareah if I drink too much milk. So I did. I did not really pay attentoin to the fact that I was going to shit. When lunch was over I went to my next homeroom nothing happened for a while except I let out a couple of farts.( I always do that). We were taking a FCAT test (Florida Comprehension Achievment Test) and they could not let anyone out of the class for no reason !! Being a ass I forgot that that day was FCAT day. Nothing happend for a while and then a gurgling sound came from my stomach then I let out a GIGATIC FART AND IT WENT LIKE THIS ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppprrrrrrrTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I thought that I pooped on my pants but it was a wet fart. Everybody started and I almost got my test invalidad. After I was done with the test I asked my teacher can I be exuse! d so I could wipe my ass. Later that day when I got home I had hot gushin poo coming out of my ass it was so nasty and stinky.

And on tuesday when the teacher left the class room for a so called emergency we started a faring contest I was feeling and it was all boys except this girl. Her name was Jesica she was really atracive with a lot of curves we all farted and mines was of the stinkiest but it made no sound it was one of those farts that are silent deadl ones. I made everybody elses was loud but did not stink. And Im telling when it was jesicas turn that shit lasted 20 sec. . Ido not get hard when girls fart but I saw all the boys getting hard . It was as smelly as mine but it was loud.The smell went away in a few seconds but mines just stuck there. When my science teacher came back he was like "what the hell is that smell!!!".

Ive been surfing the web and I found this cool site its its really cool. check it out. and i got a question for youwht do you hang on to when you get constipated. When me or my brother get constipated we hold on to the towel handle. He is fifteen. I remember about three months ago he was really constipated to the point the point where he started to scream. I am not a bad person but when he was screaming I started to laugh. I know it was wrong but it seems really funnie . And when he saw me laughing he got out of the toilet and we started to fight. Oh yeah that leads me to another question have any of you guys have been sooo concitipated you are basically screaming. Please answer my questions.

To Zip: Liked your pee story...i too prefer dump stories...and your stories are pretty good..keep them coming ! :)

To jim: I liked your story

To CC: I liked your story

To Robb: I liked your story about seeing your aunt go to the bathroom

I pooped twice yesterday...i posted about the first one(see below) and when i got in from work i knew i was still full cause i felt gassy..I ate dinner and shortly after dinner i was farting alot and the urge hit me this time it was on the soft side and it was chunky. I wiped alot. I'll probably skip today since i pooped twice yesterday..well i gotta go bye

I saw the female bathroom scene in the old movie 'Carwash'. Even though it was short I quite liked it (unsurprisingly!) and I liked how they showed a quick shot looking up from behind the toilet. I imagine the girl was doing a poo since she had a magazine on her lap.

Another movie fan
To Movie Fan : do you recall the names of the films in which these actresses did their thing?


I am new here, though I have read through many of the posts. Per custom, I will give a little background infor on myself. Hope I don't bore anyone, but I apologize if I do. I have been interested in the bodily functions of girls from a very early age; in particular, pooping. I am happy to have found a site where one can discuss this without feeling as though I am weird or sick, though I am sure the general population would say otherwise.

Well, I can recall in jr. high, and in high school, I would often sneak into the girls bathrooms either before or after school (when there wasn't a lot of traffic) to see if there were any unflushed toilets. Once in a while I would get lucky. However, it was always pee. I distinctly remember that even at the age of sixteen I was literaly convinced that girls did not poop. I know it's crazy, but girls never talked about it. And any books (particularly medical reference books) never mentioned it. Any time the subject of bowel movements, or anything related to the subject, was mentioned, it only referred to men or boys.

Of course I now know that girls do poop. It is still, perhaps, the most taboo subject matter that I can think of. Girls are very open about having to pee. But I have never heard one saying she had to poop.

Well, I don't know what else to say at present. Sorry in advance if I have offended anyone.

Oh, as for movies with girls pooping. It's true, there aren't many. at least, any I can think of off hand. There is one movie, "Welcome to the Dollhouse", I think it is called. It's about a girl in jr. high who is constantly bullied by another girl, and is hated by everyone at her school. One scene shows the girl going into the girls bathroom. When she hears another girl in one of the stalls she immediately goes to the sink to wash her hands. The girl comes out of the stall and turns out to be the bully. She approaches the girl and asks what she is doing in the bathroom. "I just came in to wash my hands", she replies. But the bully knows better. "You came in here to take a shit", she replies. I must admit, when I heard that I was completely taken off gaurd. Well, the bully makes the girl go into the stall, and says something to the effect, "I am going to stand here and watch you take a shit". Then, of course, the scene cuts, so nothing is heard.

Well, sorry again, if I bored anyone, or offended anyone.

Infantry--my dumps are usually a 1 on your scale, sometimes a 2. I have had some really awful smelling ones though...Please tell me some army stories. I really like those.

Steve--Not being able to start peeing actually happens to me a lot. I think part of it is being "pee-shy" in public and part of it is that sometimes I have to wait until I really have to go (as in a dull pain in my stomach from holding it so long) such as waiting for class to end or something like that. I don't think my boss thought anything of it. He's kind of oblivious to many things. FYI, he's married and has 2 middle school aged sons. I'm sure he realized womens was blocked and that I didn't want to go out into the area that was open to the public if I was working in the other wing.

Louise--I know you would have used the urinal, but I'm still dripping all over my legs in the shower. I practiced again tonight. I wasn't really nervous in the men's room just because we're a small institute and the area I was in was closed to the public at the time.

Diane--glad to hear you're feeling better. We missed you!

Annie and Robby--Thank you for always being so concerned about me. I do the best I can. Robby--break a leg, you'll do great :o) I know what it's like to be jittery, my asthma has been really bad and today I reacted strangely to the medication and started shaking and couldn't stop. As a result, I went straight to bed after lunch and had a 4 hour nap. Doing much better now.

Meghan and Sarah--You sound like you're having a lot of fun. I too keep telling myself that "one day my prince will come" Anyway, I ought to go and write some's coming down to the wire now.

Hugs to everyone.

Traveling Guy
On an out-of-town day trip today, I stopped to rest rest and take a walk at a scenic overlook and felt a good dump coming on. There was a small unversity branch right nearby, so I drove onto it and found that the student union was open and hosting a campus open house. As I walked in, I passed a young woman, probably a student, attending a sign-up desk for the fitness room. There was nobody else but her and me in the large hallway. I spotted the men's and women's, just past and across from the desk. Both had just been cleaned and had their doors propped open. Boy, I was gonna have some fun! I went straight through the open door and into a stall, noticing that the girl at the desk could hear everything I was about to do and even see me in the mirror, if she wanted. (Well, at least she could see my feet.)

I pullled down my jeans and briefs, got comfy on the squeeky-clean potty and proceeded to get rid of my "road gas" by cutting a loud, echoing fart. Then a long, smooth turn slid out quickly and noislessly, since I really had to go badly. It was a pretty stinky one, too, but I don't think the stink made it over the cleaning smell. I wiped and flushed, taking about 3 to 4 minutes in all, then washed my hands and headed back out into the lobby with a big, satisfied smile on my face. As I passed the guest registration table again, I looked at the girl, put my hand over my gut, and said, "Whew, I really needed that." She grinned and said, "Yeah, from the sound of things I'd say you did." Then we both cracked up laughing as I walked out to my car. I think maybe I made her boring job today just a little more fun.

Here are the resuls of a poll I found on the net that should interest visitors to this site, and BTW, whatever happened to the *complete* results of the poll taken here? Anyone in here like to comment on this poll? I have some comments I'll make in another post.

Bathroom Accidents

These are everyone's deepest secrets. Tell us about yours or those of others. If you answered the 1st set of questions earlier, please just answer the new questions now.
Sex Male (61%) Female (39%) 277 votes
Have you ever had to go so bad that you almost peed your pants?
Once or twice (51%) Often (33%) Never (9%) Just call me Niagara Falls (5%) 352 votes
Have you ever peed your pants?
Once or twice (53%) Never (22%) Often (20%) Just call me Niagara Falls (3%)348 votes
Have you ever had to go so bad that you almost pooped your pants?
A few times (59%) Never (30%) Often with skid marks (6%) Often (5%) 349 votes
Have you ever pooped your pants?
Never (48%) Once or twice (36%) Often (8%) Only when sick (4%) Only when drunk (2%) 347 votes
When you have to go real bad which is harder to hold, pee or poop?
Pee (68%) Poop (32%) 328 votes
Have you ever seen anyone else desperate to pee?
Yes (93%) No (7%) 328 votes
Have you ever seen anyone else desperate to poop?
Yes (36%) No (32%) Couldn't tell whether the desperation was #1 or #2 (32%) 327 votes
Have you ever seen anyone else have a pee accident?
Yes (59%) No (41%) 323 votes
Have you ever seen anyone else have a poop accident?
No (78%) Yes (22%) 324 votes

I went to the department store today and took a dump in one of the doorless stalls. Before I entered the restroom, I overheard a guy outside tell his wife that there were 3 toilets, but only one had a door, and it was occupied. He followed me in and saw that the stall was still occupied, so he left. I went in and took a seat on the open toilet. It was pretty uneventful, but some guy came in with his young daughter so she could use the toilet. As he was opening the stall, she was standing in front of my stall for about a second, just looking at me sitting there. It felt a little weird to be completely exposed to this little girl, but, I was just doing what I'm supposed to be doing there.

A couple of minutes later, this guy comes in and goes to the adjacent doorless stall. He stands there a second, then goes to take a piss at the urinal. When he finishes, he comes back to the stall and looks at it, then goes to the other one (with the door) and sees that it is occupied. By then, I had just finished wiping and was standing there still naked from the waist down, flushing the toilet. He looks at me and mutters, "kinda sucks with no doors". I answer "Well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go." He was a blonde guy, probably in his 30's, with a goatee. As I pulled up my underwear and shorts, he said that he'll wait for the other stall. He waited there as I washed my hands at the sink, and went into the other stall when it came open.

I find it kinda funny how so many guys are too inhibited to crap in front of other guys. Crapping is something we all do.

I am a 36 year old male and have a pee story that happened last summer. I had been drnking a large iced tea while ourdriving and after a little over an hour, I was desperate for a piss. I kept watching for a spot along the highway where I could pull over but I couldn't find a place that was appropriate. Just when I thought I couldn't hold it another minute, I came to a business district with a Taco Bell just up the road and pulled into the parking lot to use the men's room. ASs I was parking my car, I wondered how I was going to make it inside because by this this time I had already let out a couple of sqiurts and was on the vege of completely pissing my pants. Somehow I managed to rush in and made a beeline for the men's room. As I headed for the urinals, I was vaguely aware of a mop, bucket and other clenaing supplies in the middle of the floor but I never gave them a second thought. I unzipped my fly and had just barely gotten my willie out when I started pissi! ng a gusher. All I could think of at that moment was how good it felt to finally be able to release my bursting bladder. After a few seconds I became aware of someone breathing, followed by a few "shhh's". Almost immediately I realized that 3 girla bout 14 years old were hiding in the stall that was right next to the urinal I was using!!! Apparrently, they were in there cleaning when I barged in and they were so shocked theyt didn't know what to do and their reflex action was to hide. To make matters worse, from whee they were hding, they were in the perfect position to clearly see my willie!!!! I was totally embarassed to say the least and I wished the floor would swallow me up but thee wasn't a thing I could do about the situation. I was still pissing a strong steady stream that showed no sign of letting up and by bladder wasn't even half empty so I had no choice but to stand there and finish! It was a very uncomfortable knowing that 3 young girls were watching me p! iss!!! After what seemed like an eternity I finally finished and quickly shoved my willie back in and got out of there as fast as I could, vowing never to show my face in that restaurant again. As I was leaving, I noticed sign on the door that said the men's room was being cleaned by some teen girls and was unavailable for use! Too bad I didn't see the sign when I walked in but I was much to desperate to notice much of anything! Some time later, I stopped at a Walmart to buy a few things and while putting my change in my hip pocket after paying for the items, I realized my zipper was completely undone!!!! I had been in such a hurry to leave the Taco Bell men's room earlier that I forgot to zip up and I had walked through the entire Walmart store with a wide open fly! But that's another story!!!

I just had what I guess was a morning poop. No one else was home, so it was kinda cool. It stretched me out a lot, and was kinda scratchy when coming out, but came out with ease. Sorry, I'm not too great with measurements, and didn't have a ruler near by. It was maybe like a foot long. No other fun details for now :P

my brother and nephew would always go outside to play and pee in this really cool cactus bush thing. they finaly admitted that they do that cause they like showing off to each other when they take a crap or pee.

Sara T.
Mickey- Thanks :) I'm way too shy to pee in front of strangers! I mean, I've peed in front of family and friends before, but not just some strange guy fixing my bathroom lol. Glad you liked my story. I like pee stories too.

PRG-you've stated a good point once again.
If we aren't told about how our body works, we might screw it up! We might think shitting is wrong. We might think sex is evil. Thats how some people make me feel-its screwed.

Hola everybody,

IVEY: I'm glad you're feeling better about things. What am I like? Hmmm. I've described myself before, but for you: I'm 5'1", 104lbs, very dark skinned (muy moreno) and have dark eyes, thick lips and long black hair. If you want a better idea, look at the series of masthead photos that are a hazy looking collage. There is a photo of girls with their faces together at the top in the middle. The girl on the right looks something like me only I'm darker and have thicker lips. I press out very large turds, I always have, even ever since I was a little girl. I'm glad you find us latinas interesting. I think we are too. The restroom story of that one gal sounds kind of like me. Except I never grab onto my panties, I just lean forward and grunt. I stink a lot too, not all the time, but many often enough. Yes, Nu is very lovely and I also love her potty adventures. She shares them with me all the time. She's a real sweet gal with a somewhat tragic history. She's adopted and he! r mother was a prostitute in vietnam and her father was shot to death in the streets over a wrist watch. Let's see, what else. She models lingerie sometimes and makes these absolutely incredible lesbian videos with a mutual friend of ours named Angie.
RICHARD/USA: Hi honey! Thanks for your kind words.
INFANTRY PFC: Cool scale hon! I average between a 3 and a 4. On my 5 days it's because I've eaten too much good stuff!
MOVIE FAN: What movies have Kate Winslet and Linda Blair on the toilet?
TRAVELING GUY: My friend Claudia told me once about having diarhea squatting in the grass and seeing other people doing it too. It's probably like outdoor concerts where people just pee and poop without a care in the world.
MEGHAN AND SARAH: I love you both too!

Me and Nu were out driving and headed off this old access road near the river. After hiking through the woods we came to the shore. Now this is a spot popular with fishermen and I've told about this place before in a post from last summer I believe. First, I'll describe the spot. It's a dense, wooded area with several small clearings that are open to the river. This is the Columbia River, and it's huge! It looks like it's miles across. So, as usual, being outdoors, I really had to poop bad. I started to unbuckle my tan cargoes and slid them and my white cotton panties down just below my knees. Nu sat cross-legged in the gravel dirt and dipped her head to one side watching while I dumped. First I shot out some piss. It was a healthy stream and flooded the ground. She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger like the "ok" sign and said "Malita, pee through this if you can!" Well, I'm not that good so I didn't even try. My piss was like a fountain, I mean it came gushing! out like spray. When it dribbled to an end, I squirmed a bit, spread my squatting legs a bit more and got down to the brown business. The wind was blowing my black, pony-tailed hair like a horse tail. From between my brown thighs I could smell my first turd. I did a very healthy shit, it was unbelievable! It smelled like broccoli and cabbage cooking. Nu looked down even farther at the turd that was pooping out of my butt. It was very thick, long and dark and fairly firm. It was also sticky and coming out slow. It began inching, slowly coming out. It got wider and wider. I felt my little latina hole stretching open like letting the air out of a balloon.
"Oannnhhhh..." Finally it plopped out softly and folded over itself into the dirt. Half of it I could see from between my legs, the other half was blocked by pussy hair and butt. Then there was another turd. Man it felt good. My ???? was flexing, the poop squirted out and fell on top of the other. I grunted, releasing gas.
More shit started coming out. Three more softer plops--splat-splat-splat! The smell was yucko!
"Ohhh, Nu....this one is big," I grunted as another huge one started squeezing out slow. I had to raise up a bit so I wouldn't be sitting in my own shit.
"It looks like it's gonna be a boy," Nu said, watching and smiling. This turd was super fat and I had to push hard. It was inching, slowly...pinching from my little brown butthole, then it fell. Exhausted, I puffed as a little more piss squirted out.
Nu was overwhelmed!
"What a big F------ pile of poop Malita! I wish I had a polaroid!" she said, laughing. After I was finished, she had me bend over a giant, fallen tree and carefully cleaned me with the wet wipes we brought. The dampness of the wipes and the cool river air felt good on my ass. Nu was very careful and tender and cleaned me up real good. Afterward, we both inspected my pile. My goodness it was huge. Nu said it looked like two guys came by and did it. I pulled out an unwrapped tampon from my waist pack and stuck it in the biggest turd like a flag.
"I want them all to know that a woman did this!" I said proudly. Surprisingly enough, Nu didn't have to go poop at all. Either that or she was a bit nervous about the location. It was wierd, but later when I went to take a shower, my panties had some serious skids in them. Nu did such a good job cleaning me that I don't understand it. Oh well.

Later that night me and Nu went into the bathroom only to find a nice surprise: Jake was taking a big shit and Renee was sitting on the edge of the tub and they were having another one of their famous, deep conversations. I can't believe how she and Patsy will just sit in there when he takes a big dump and talk. My honey can get to stinkin' pretty bad sometimes! Oh well, no different than when they talk to me I guess. Needless to say that Nu really enjoyed the sight. She has a thing about seeing men on the toilet, probably because she hasn't seen that many. I told everyone that I was going to go make dinner but first wanted to go play with little Malita for awhile. (she's such a little cutie and looks just like Jake!) Patsy told me not to make any more "Mexican massacre" dinners because she got the shits from my chili relleno for two days straight.

Thursday night, Tesa came to visit. We were all talking in the livng room and she'd excused herself to the bathroom. She went to the back bedroom bathroom so I knew she was going to take a big one. Tesa is so pretty that it's always a pleasure to see her on the toilet. Anyway, I tapped on the door and she told me that it stunk bad in there. Man, no kidding! Whew! That little hottie was taking a major shit and was embarrassed, which is unusual for her. She kept plopping turds and grunting. I could hear them splatting on top of each other which told me that she'd already had quite a pile. The smell was getting so bad that I finally had to exit. I laid down on Renee and Patsy's bed waiting. It took Tes almost 20 minutes to shit it all out. I also heard the toilet flush 3 times. Then I heard the air freshener can being sprayed. She came out smiling saying that she'd lost 10 pounds in there.

Let's see, as for our house, Patsy has been the poop queen lately. Every now and then she'll poop a turd that is absolutely unbelievable. She did one last week that I saw before she attempted to flush. It was a giant log about 20 inches long and as big around as my arm. I said to her "Didn't that hurt coming out?" She just nodded, then pushed my shoulder and said "Well don't keep staring at it!" I couldn't help it, it was huge. Renee has being doing 'steamy-creamy's' lately. She and Pat send their love to everyone here. Baby Malita is doing great, she loves her little fruit and animal mobile that stretches over the crib. It's a string of large, plastic fruit and animals that's very colorful.

Special hellos and kisses to Jane, PV, Rizzo, Jeff A, Annie and Robbie, Steve and Louise, Ina, John VT and everybody! Rjogger and Kathy-I love and miss you both so much. Sea contento con el dios.


Hi again,

Did any other English viewers watch "wish you were here" last night on TV? One of the presenter, can't remember her name, went for a pee in the snow in Finland. The thought of it was quite nice!

BTW, someone was posted a few days ago about films in which famous actresses went for a wee. Does anyone know of the film in which Sandra Bullock went for one? Thanks for any answers.



Slayer moon, the ads are for Detrol LA and I for one wished they would show the people who don,t make it in time. Poo Pants yes there is nothing more relaxing and natural than going in your pants. It is so unnatural to see someone holding themselves and looking for a batroom and looking horriied that something natural is going to happen.

Hi all. Got a bit to talk about.

I can't remember who talked about it, but I think it was Noel. It is about car registration plates in the area i'm from. Well he mentioned that new reg plates beginning PO02 were being discontinued, well I had the luck of seing a registration plate like that the other day, and I couldn't help but laugh! I think its a bit late to start discontinuing em!

Anyway, its been an eventful day today, what it being my birthday. Haven't needed a poo at all, but I've been peeing quite regularly.
I did a poo the other day, which I enjoyed, as usual, but I've not really needed to poo since then.

One of my birthday cards was about poo (charming!!) which had a poem on the front, which I found amusing! In fact, i'll put the poem up here:

Its simply called 'A Poo Poem for the Birthday Boy!':

A slippy poo will shoot right out,
So hurry if you can,
It fires as soon as you sit down,
And rockets down the pan.

A jagged poo will rip and tear,
The inside of your bum,
Its filled with lumps & nuts & bumps,
You'll wish your ass was numb.

A splashy one drops like a bomb,
A boulder from your crack,
It hits the water at full speed,
And saturates your back.

The floater just will not be flushed,
It lays there looking smug,
Its best to drop it in the sink,
And push it down the plug

But of them all the nicest one,
Slips cleanly from your hole,
There is no need to wipe at all,
It saves on toilet roll!

I hope you all liked that!!!! :-) ;-)

Time for some replies:

DOUGHBOY - I used to poo in my pants a lot of times when I was a kid, upto when I was 14. Each time I was caught I was always punished, which is probably fair to be honest, and this just usually consisted of a spank and sent to my bedroom.

ADRIAN - I assume you like watching reality TV shows, since you watch 'Survivor'. Well I think Big Brother 3 will be starting in the next month or two, so that should be interesting looking for toilet scenes. Just have to find out who's gonna be on it. I hope they talk more freely about toilet experiences because watching the last two, there weren't really much of a mention.

SARAH & MEGHAN - Sarah - Sorry to see that you're getting so tied up with work to do. I know just how you feel, being a student myself. Hope you get more time to post soon. I always liek both your stories and I hope your poos and pees have been ok.

Thats all from me for know, i'll post again soon, hopefully with a story form my past experiences.

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Hi everyone! It's so good to be back - but these few days back home before I go off on Monday for two weeks have been so rushed that I have hardly the time to post at the moment. So these are a few short posts to those I must respond to.

First let me say how shocked and sad I was to hear of the death of both Rich and Kathy (known as RJOGGER & WIFE.) They were so much part of this site since I discovered it three months ago. Rich & Kathy and I had not posted to each other in this time, but I felt I was beginning to get to know them through reading their posts. I feel angry that such an irresponsible driver should bring about their premature death. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends at this time. They are going to be missed by us too - as I have found that there is a real bond between us all on this site as friends.

Thanks so much for your reply. Thanks for your tale of enjoying a good poo in your pants at 5am. The thought of you walking around the house enjoying the dump in your pants was just so exciting. I've often walked around like that - but not at 5am! A question. How do you manage to pee in a wide neck bottle in a traffic jam? I've tried it and it's so difficult as the seat is sloping the wrong way. If I tried lifting my butt off the seat the steering wheel got in the way. I have lots of problems in being desperate for a pee when driving long distances. Regarding wearing your shirts outside your briefs, I guess it will take a time to get into the habit. We seem to be auto-pilot when we get dressed. I know I am - especially first thing in the morning. Must leave it here for now Adam. Sorry about that, as I have much more to write to you. It will be about two and a half weeks before I'm next in touch.

poo pants:
Great to read your post to Adam and myself. I enjoyed reading of your experience on the dry stone wall of a satisfying piss in your briefs and then a a wonderful long dump in them too. That was such great reading. I keep those plastic seat covers put on by the mechanics when the car is serviced, etc. When I have an outdoor dump in my pants, I can slip one of these on the seat to drive home in pooed pants without staining the car seat. I was brought up to tuck my shirt in my underpants. I found it a bad thing if I took a dump in my pants, as a dirty shirt was a far bigger job to clean up than a pair of underpants.
I will definitely be keeping in touch with you - as you like me enjoy a good dump in your briefs. It's amazing, that on this world wide site, you, Adam and myself all live quite close - Adam in Nottinghamshire, you in Derbyshire and me on the Lancashire/Greater Manchester border. It's such a pity we can't all meet up to buddy dump in our briefs. Do keep your stories coming please, and I'll be in touch again soon.

Plunging Plop Guy:
Hi, once more. Thanks for your reference to the philosoper Carl Gustav Jung who in a dream saw this colossal turd fall from the sky and demolish a cathedral in Switzerland. I was not in the least offended. Some might be. I believe that dream could well be indicative of what God thinks of certain parts of the Church that are motivated by man's ego and not living lives that demonstrate His love. Sorry this post is short, but I'll be in touch again in about 2.5 weeks.

You ask what colour underwear I wear when I poop or pee in them. Like yours mine are black, white or grey. I have other colours too, and half of my underwear is white. I love pooping in white underwear. Black is easier to clean, I admit. I have some close fitting light grey soft cotton boxers. I love peeing in them. Looks great to see where the pee has turned them dark at the front and down the legs.

Mark B:
Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. I've often watched myself in a mirror taking a dump or squatted down in my underpants as I've dumped in them and watch the bulge grow and grow. When I take a dump in my pants I like to be on my own and relaxed. Some years ago I used to buddy dump with a friend, when he and I both dumped in our briefs. It was very competative - as we liked to see who would produce the biggest bulge. Those were great days. Though still in touch, we live too far apart to meet for buddy dumping in our pants.

It was good to hear from you again. Great stuff - using our underwear to their fullest for peeing and pooing in before actually putting them in the wash. I don't wear long underwear in the winter. I do have some close-fit boxers that come mid-way down my thighs. (I think they're described as "Boxer Briefs"). The pale blue or light grey ones are great for peeing in and to see them darken up as the pee spreads down the legs. I often fill them with turds at the same time, as the close fit legs does not let in drop on the floor. It's great to see the huge bulge in the seat of them when I stand in front of a mirror.

Well, I've got to go. Best wishes to d-Wizz, Scarlet, A Male with Cerebral Palsy (not heard from you for a while - hope you're OK), Bryian (not posted to you in a while - but I love your cool stories - keep them coming) and to everyone else on the site.


PRG - You are so right what you said about political correctness and social hang ups. It's pretty sick really that 'society' gets in a panic because a father shows love and affection to his child (and I'm not talking about anything abusive here before anyone gets the wrong idea) but that same society will expose the child to violence and death on TV 24/7.

The more I read about you, the more I like. Keep the stories and opinions coming.

Coprologist - Baby wipes (the ones with baby lotion) are designed for anal use... that's what they were invented for, a conveniet way to clean the baby when changing its nappy (the ones with alcohol are probably antiseptic wipes, different thing). I keep a tub of them beside the toilet, great for cleaning up after a messy one!

OK, a brief story. Last night I did a cam-2-cam buddy dump with an online friend. SO COOL. Anyway, when I went to flush the poop and the tp down the toilet I blocked it. The bowl filled up with water to just below the rim. By this morning the water had drained but it was still blocked. So I had to use the plunger on it, one thrust and its gone.

The story of buying the plunger is pretty funny. Soon after I moved here I managed to block the toilet. Off I rushed to the DIY store to buy a plunger, the last one they had! I was pretty desperate at this point, as I'd not managed to finish my poop, standing in the queue for the check out! By the time I got home I was just able to clear the blockage before I had to sit again! lol

Mark (aka sarsen)

This is my first post. I like to make pee pee in a bucket. I am a 19 year old female. I like to squat over the bucked and hold my lips tight together and just let it flow. The pee pee feels so good as it forces its way out. Sometimes it is like a lawn sprinkler...but the warm gush feels so good. Do any of you other girls hold your lips together when you pee? If you do you should douche daily. Sometimes when I am at home I just hold my had against my pussy and let it all just flow up and over my bush. I have such fun... I would like ot hear what toilet games men play when they are by themselves... do let me know!!

T-za:lol, i know what u mean.
When i went to mcdonalds that time i was really desperate because it was only my second piss for that day. Ahh, it felt soooo good...

Infantry PFC
Today this girl I kinda like did her business while my roomate and I were chillin' in her suite. She didn't take very long but it was evident that she was pooping because it was some time before the toilet flushed, and there was a faint smell eminating from the bathroom. I have created my own scale that I use to determine how bad somebody's poop smells If all of you could rate your self where would you be? would you be a:

1: some might not notice thatyou just took a shit...
2: someone would notice and wouldn't say any thing bc it doesn't smell that bad...
3: air spray covers the smell easily, but a good sniffer would notice it...
4: you spray , turn on the fan, and close the door just to warn off others from entering for say 15-20 minutes...
5: No matter what you do,(spray, fan, close the door after, light matches) Somebody still would say "OMG What died in here?"...

I would say that I am a 3 out of 5 on my scale and I eat alot of army food. even though the smell was there this girl was a 2 out of 5 on my scale...I'm definitely interested in reading how some of you all would rate yourselves, and also tell me what you think of my scale. Does it need more or is it fine the way it is?

Sit down guy
As a man, I always sit down to pee unless I am in a bathroom with a urinal. Sitting down is so much more convenient and neater. The big problem with standing up to pee in a toilet is that you invariably pee on the seat or the floor. Why don't more men pee sitting down? If girls do it that way, why don't we?

Sometimes if I am in a big hurry and don't want to go through the trouble of undoing my pants, pulling them down, etc., I will kneel down on the floor on one knee and just unzip (as I would if I were standing) and then my penis is very close to the bowl and I can pee without making a mess. Do any men here ever do that?

DOUGHBOY--I don't know why on earth parents punish kids for accidents. mine never did. Mine did exactly what you said you'd do--give a hug, say its okay then help clean up. And that's what I'd do. I guess maybe some kids do poop/pee their pants on purpose and parents get tired of it, or think its a bad habit and think punishing will stop it, but if its a real accident, there should be no punishment.

TAMMY--If I have to fart, I hold it back unless I'm alone, or think I can get by without being blamed. I personally don't care if my friends do it. My friends do all the time around ppl! But I just feel weird if I do, not because I think its bad.

JON--I've never heard of the drunk chair thing. That's so gross that they strapped you down and refused to clean you up! That's cruel and unusual punishment, man! I guess they do it to embarrass and humiliate you for breaking the law, but that's harsh! I'll take your advice not to drink the cough syrup. I guess in the future, you'll be more careful about being in situations where you might get caught drunk or high. I feel for ya.


Hi!!! LONG time no see; I haven't posted for months. Reason: my hard-drive completely crashed and I wasn't able to get a new one until YESTERDAY. But anyway, I have a story...

I don't know WHERE I got this idea from, but I was visiting my cousins, one of whom is 6 months old, and before i left, I secretly grabbed a few of her diapers. For a whole day over the weekend, I wore the diapers. Whenever I felt the urge to pee or poop, I just went right in the diaper and then changed it! It was really cool, you don't have to worry about making it to the bathroom when you have to go! Try it, let me know what you think!

I just took a huge shit a few hours ago...I guess you could say i was semmi constipated cause prior to today i hadn't pooped in about 4 or 5 days. I was at work today working overtime and right before i had to poop(about an hour before) my stomach started feeling funny like i was gonna have to shit. I ignored it cause nothing happened then i ate my lunch...i had a sandwich, carrots, fruit salad, a taco and a 6" sub and cheese curls..then i finish and the urge hits me...Im still ignoring it then i go back to work and it comes on really strong and i told my co-worker that i will be right back cause i had to go to the bathroom...i run upstairs and i took the first stall and sat down and begain crackled and it hurt coming out...then i stood up and i was amazed to see a good sized log i guess i'd say about 13 or 14" and about 2-3" in width. The begining of the log was hard and dark brown and the end was a bit softer and much lighter(maybe that was from my lunch today! ?) then i wiped about 10 times and i flushed and went back to work. I thought i was gonna have to go again...and for the last few hours i've felt gassy..No other urge has come on yet.

Movie Fan
We've talked a lot here about female pee and poop scenes in movies. Although many of these scenes are done by obscure actresses that no one has ever heard of or will hear about again, it is interesting to note how many bathroom scenes are done by big stars. Among the famous actresses who have done such scenes are:

Meg Ryan
Sandra Bullock
Kate Winslet
Jodie Foster
Julia Roberts
Linda Blair
Oprah Winfrey

And probably many more...Anyone want to add to the list of famous actresses who have done pee or poop scenes in the movies?

To Slayer Moon: Yes i've tasted my own pee before

To Chad: I liked your story about spying on your friend while she was!

To Jon: I liked your story..where you embarssed when your parents came to get you? and did you get in trouble?

Josh-- I couldn't agree more with you post re: enemas. I got them as a kid because I was constipated, hurting, in trouble, and needed their help. I didn't much like them either, but when they were over I sure felt better. I don't see the problem...why let a kid get so bound up that he has to go to the ER and have it dug out?

Linda GS-- I wrote a store a week ago just for you...hope you read it.--JW

To Sara T.:

Hi thanks for your desperation story about your closet pee! I am just curious....why not give the poor working guy who is in your bathroom a bit of a treat, and just go in like there was no problem, and PEE?

I guess I've been hanging around my wife and sisters too long. I'm used to seeing a woman who has to pee just go do it, and add a bit of tease to the lucky guy who happens to innocently be there! Betcha it would have made his would have absolutely made mine!!! Thanks again-Mick

Yesterday, I came to a stop light at an underpass and noticed a red truck parked off to the left. I saw that there was a dark-haired guy, in his 20's, standing next to it, facing traffic. I wondered what he was doing until I looked a bit closer and saw that he was taking a leak. He had his thumbs hooked on both sides of his pants, and his dick was hanging out between them, letting out a pretty good stream. It was light pink in color and he was relatively "well endowed". He also let his balls hang out, as some guys do while pissing. Since I was at a stop light, I was able to watch until he finished. He dribbled out the last bit, then shook his dick a few times before tucking it back inside his white underwear. He snapped the waistband back up against his belly, zipped up and turned back towards his truck

I usually only post dump sightings, but this one was pretty cool to watch.

hi i had another accident, i was playing soccer with my team this year and lucky i had on those soccer shorts that are not cloth and they are black, but i had to pee real bad while we were playing, this was an important game so i just tried to hold it and i was running after the ball and the pee started coming out it was running down my legs as i was running noone noticed thank god. when we had break we sat down on the benches and i saw another kid with wet legs, i went over and sat by him and said you had an accident, he said he really had to go, i said me to and he saw my wet legs to. but i dried out playing the rest of the game, and i snuck my yellow undies into the wash, cause you know mom gets mad. i play baseball also and the last weekend we were playing a team and they wore those cool black uniforms, i wish we wore those but anyway i hit the ball and made it to first, and the kid gurding the base was kept picking his pants out of his but, and he squated down as we wer! e waiting for my team to hit the ball and i saw a point sticking out from his but he was pooping his pants, it must have been a hard one cause it stuck out like a stick in his pants. it was weird watching him doing that. i asked him if he was pooping and he said shut up. he stood up and pretended he didnt do anyhting, i kept waching his but and it got a little bigger every minute. then i had to run to second, my team hit the ball. i stood at second and could still see him, he must have let it fall between his legs caause i didnt see it sticking out anymore. wthe inning got over and he walked back to his duggout, he kinda walked funny. but he just sat down, i guess i would have done the same thing. to afraid to tell anybody. well got to go now, by

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