hey ya all this is the first time ive posted any ladies got any stories about shitting in a portapotty or a bucket toilet i would love to hear those stories

Cool girl Jessica!
I use to do it in the paper basket otherwise. Please tell me more.

one day i was on the way to the super Market, & i had this total erge to
poop. i was feeling lazy, but i had to keep going. i turned the Radio on really loud soi wouldn't think about having a big BM in my panties.
but it didn't help. i turned full speed into Stop & Shop, and i could not find a parking spot! i looked EVERY WHERE! i just pulled over in the front of the store, but the Security guard said a truck would Be coming to un-load there. After 45 minutes, i couldn't Take it any more!i pulled up my legs,and let the Grape-Fruit size poo fill my panties. it took for ever, and i strted to cry, because it really hurt, and i had tight Jeans on. i accidentally started peeing, too.i went strate back to my apartment, and forgot about was really bad, since it took about an hour to clean off my clothes. their was at least 20 pounds of poop in my pants. but it's ok, it happens to peeps every-day.

Sorry its been awhile. I just got back from vacation. I don't know what I ate, but it really made me poop alot! I ate at Pizza Hut and McDonald's (but not meat--I'm vegetarian). Anyway, I got back to my room, and I had to poop really bad. So, those of you who like women, pooping, picture this. My friend went first and said she felt much better. She and I were sharing a motel room. Then I went. I swear, I pooped more than I EVER remember pooping before! It was soft, but not mushy. Just right. More and more just kept coming out. It felt SO good! And it smelled kinda baad, but I had to go and it felt so good that it didn't matter. When I got finished, I didn't know if the toilet could flush it all1 But it did. After I left the bathroom, my friend started laughing and she said I SHOULD feel better, since it smelled so much! But she and i are close, so we can talk about that. We also pee in front of each other all the time, even though she's alitle pee-shy at t! imes.

LOL In my English class, my teacher said the first year we got our elevator built in the college, somebody pooped in it. Right there in the floor. He said they never found out who did it, but they suspected this one guy. But he never got in any trouble because they had no way of proving he did it. The teacher that told me this is always talking about poop or calling people names that refer to the bathroom and pooping. Today, he called his sister a poop, that class gets pretty


anonymous movie guy
Does anyone know any movies where the girls are using the restroom indoors or out? please tell me. Thanks! P.S. I'm really sad to hear what happened to Rich and Kathy. I send my condolences to their family.

Hello, everyone! I'm back! I'm so sorry that I didn't write here again sooner, but, well, I forgot about writing again in this forum. I thank you all for welcoming me to this forum -- it was really sweet of you. :-)

CARMELITA, ALTHEA, BIG C,and WILL: Thank you for your comments, and I especailly appreciate your advice about not being ashamed about doo-dooing in public and leaving that rotten smells in the ladies' room. In fact, I've become more comfortable with doo-dooing around other people.

CARMELITA: I especailly like your stories about your doo-doo and gas, and also Nu's adventures on the toilet. I wonder -- what are you like physically and personality wise, if you don't mind me asking. I particularly find latinas very interesting, especially the one I work with at the university. Her name is Anita. One morning, I went to the ladies' room to doo-doo and I could see her through the crack of her stall door. She was staring out as she was clutching on her pink panties and her tight pair of jeans that showed the big bulge of her butt and hips. As I closed the door, I heard her fart loud and heard her grunt as doo-doo passed out of her. The restroom smelled very foul. The fact that I was contributing to the smell was intensifing the situation even more. I then heard her wipe herself and flush. I could see her through the crack of my stall door as she washed her hands and left.

WILL: the fart sounds I make on the toilet usually are quite loud. They are usually a loud bubbly rip, or an irregular series of puff and crackles, like my butt is trying to talk to me. Add to that the fact that there is much echo in the bowl is the main reason I get embarrased about my big butt doing it's "fart talk". Sometimes, I think of the farts as a audio warning to others that a doo-doo is in progress. Everytime I go into the ladies' room and see a pair of feet underneath the stall, I listen to them fart.

JANE: I can relate to your doo-doo story. I, too had eaten a lot of food during Easter. I also remember eating a lot of Easter eggs and egg salad. Well, when I worked at the library again after the holiday, my stomach was telling me that I needed to go to my "office" and do my "doo-ty". I went inside, and took the last stall. I sat down and let out a little pee as well as my usual loud rip fart. My doo-doo then started it's slide out my butt and into the toilet bowl with a "thunk". I was doing my usual two long "logs", and then while I was pushing my "nuggets", I felt another long "log" come out and hit the bowl with a "thunk". I sighed soon afterward. I then started my "deep thinking" and waited until I couldn't doo-doo anymore. I then wiped many times because I was wearing my silk panties with leopard print designs on them, and I didn't want to ruin them with my "resi-doo".

Today, I just doo-doo again. But this time was interesting. When I finished and went to wash my hands, I saw a girl that I had seen at the university many times come in and take the middle stall. I pretended to dry my hands as I discovered that she was in there to doo-doo. This girl is kinda like me -- a nice and quiet person. She wears glasses like me as well as skirts, she stands about 5'3". She isn't as big as me, but she is thicker than most of the girls at this university. She is also pretty friendly as she always says "hello" to me. I've never talked to her, but I'm guessing that she's about 20 or so. I then decided to leave as soon as I heard her strain. I then waited to see her come out of the restroom, but as she walked by me, all I could say was "hello". I really want to talk to her, but I thought that trying to strike up a conversation with someone who had just doo-dooed was just silly, and it would probably make her feel uncomfortable. I remember! the last time I tried to make a friend. That girl decided to avoid me and she told others that I was being weird around her. That hurt me very much. Now, I'm trying to think of what to say to her.
Well, I'm going to stop my rambling and talk to you guys later. I have to get back to work.

See you soon


A quick story from today. I was at work (I work in a musuem and we're doing an installation in half of it right now). I was doing something boring and menial and alone and had to pee, so I went down to the bathroom in that half of the museum and the womens' was blocked by heavy stuff. So I told this guy who was standing in the hall there that I was going to mens. I knocked on the door and went in. The men's has sinks, then a urinal (porcelain) in a doorless stall, then a regular stall and a handicap stall. I went into the regular stall, pulled down my jeans and white underpants and sat down. I couldn't start peeing at first and then finally it gushed out with a little coaxing (just pushing hard). So, as I'm starting to wipe, the door opens and I say "Just so you know, there's a girl in here" and then I didn't see feet or anything while I attended my business. (Side note: I hate the toilet paper in public is so thin it just splits in my hand after hal! f a wipe.) So, as I was watching my hands, I peeked and saw in the big stall a man with paint-stained work boots sitting on the toilet. As I was drying my hands, he let out this ENORMOUS! fart. As I was exiting the bathroom, my (male and kinda ... stiff) boss was in the hall and was like "There you are! Could you...?"

Okay, I have to go pee now even though I just did 15 minutes ago. I just drank a liter and a half of water and it is going through me quickly.


Does anyone ever have acceidents in there pants on purpose? If yes, could you tell me, when, where you do it, and how you clean it up. I'm 15 and My mom washes my clothes. I've done it once, but had to through the undies away.

Thanks again
Peace on earth

In response: When i'm out, i almost always wear boxers. If i'm at home and decide not to clean my ass, i put briefs on. I get skid marks sometimes, but only if i didn't shower after taking a dump. My ass hardly ever itches, but i've found that wiping makes itching more likely (which is why i don't normally do it).

Since my last post, i've pooped several times, sitting down this time though, but none of which i showered after (i do shower each morning though). I took a dump today too, it was kinda loose and stringy, like 30 some small 1 inch turds. It felt good to get it all out. When i was done, i peed and then pulled up my pants, washed my hands and left. My butt doesn't itch right now, it does feel a bit gooey though.
That's all for now.

Tammy - I knew a guy that went into girls bathrooms but didn't watch them, just like your bf, and he got in a lot of trouble. He was able to avoid legal trouble by circumstances, but in most public settings the penalty for that kind of thing is quite strict. Even if he could prove he was not looking at them, he would be charged with privacy invasion and sexual harrasment and carry a sex offender record for the rest of his life, so tell him to stop! Or else if he wants he could go in with you and you could make a good excuse for him if he's caught.

tammy: Welcome to the forum. Your boyfriend would be trespassing. Cops are watching where and from where you'd never suspect. Do you live in Philly and are you a HS junior or senior? I had my best bathroom experiences in high school. My first day in 10th grade summer school, I evacuated my bowels into an unflushed toilet. I felt it coming on from home and I did not want to be late. When I got to school, I sneaked in and found the first stall. A previous girl had left a soft creamy bowel movement. I lifted my denim dress and white slip, then pulled down my white cotton briefs. Immediately in, I evacuated one continuous wave of soft doo-doo. It took about 10 seconds. I broke gassy wind in the evacuation. I sat for 30 minutes pondering my 15 year old high school fate. During that time, I urinated right after the evacuation. I then reached for toilet paper. I had to wipe good. Then, I pulled up my panties and let down my dress and slip. I did not flush. I have seen unflushed toi! lets. It was amazing what some girls would make.

Friends: My prayers are with Rich and Kathy. Their killer should suffer the same fate. This is not a political forum. But, they did not deserve such a horrible fate.

mary: your teacher was dead wrong in examining you and for calling the janitor for the boys. He was wrong, too.


Ive just been reading the posts and I can feel an urgent poo. I can feel it poking out almost! Im trying to hold it so I can finish this post. I have a feeling it will be one of those quite quick dumps though. its screaming to get out but will probably slide out nice and straight and require not much wiping.

Alana id love to hear your after MCDonalds poop! Your poops are wonderful

And my thoughts go out to RJRogger and Wife I loved there stories.


Thanks for your reply to my problems.

I have decided to follow your advice and wear my shirt outside my briefs but old habits die hard and I think it will be some time before I stop having soiled shirts tails!

In reply to your questions I am mid 20's and live in England near Nottingham. Over 6 foot tall, slim, blue eyes and reasonable looking.

Since college I live on my own so my habits are not a problem. I travel for about 75% of my job and work from home for the rest. I have overcome my wet fart problem recently by carrying spare sports shirt, briefs and underpants in the car with me, along with paper towel and wide neck bottle for those traffic jam wet problems.

I do though enjoy a good controled accident in my briefs. I tend to wear Calvin Klein white briefs as I find that the elastic is tight enough and there is room for a good dump. I was once wearing a fairly tight pair of briefs and I did a dump going from a lecture to my rooms. When I got to my room I looked in a mirror and there was a lump like a large grapefruit bulging out of the back of my trousers. Never again! I once sat on a tube train with a young guy standing in front of me. His trousers began to bulge right out and it was obvious, even without the smell, what had happenned!

I woke up the other morning wanting a pee - itwas still dark - about 5am. As I got up I farted softly and the most wonderful stiff turd made its way into the crutch of my briefs - I wear them under my bed time boxers in case of accidents. Three lumps in all that coiled one on top of the other from my crutch to the elastic waistband. I had my pee at the toilet but kept the poo in my pants until it was time to get ready to start work - i did'nt go back to bed but just made a cup of tea and wandered round the house enjoying the dump.

Look forward to your tales and the tales of all the other posters who honestly enjoy a good underpants dump.


My posting of the other day got me to be a bit curious....Ladies: When do you think your longest, most powerful piss of the day occurs? I would imagine the majority of you will say the first thing in the morning, and asking my wife and sisters the same question led to that answer...for the most part.

I am very curious to get feedback from you women on this...sometimes my wife will have a much bigger piss about mid-morning at work after her morning beverages, etc. She has the ability to hold her bladder through the night...most of the time..she also has a unique talent for waking up with a really full baldder, and being able to roll over , and go back to sleep! I have felt her belly on occasion when she first stirs, and wow, does it feel and look ready to go! But, she is able to go back asleep with this...making for a spectacular piss when she does wake up..

Also, ladies....I am interested in hearing about the average time it takes for you to piss, lets say on a regular work day, in the office, on the job, etc...also, how long can you pee when drinking a bit, and being in a desperate situation.... also....are you "tinklers" or "power sprayers" ??thanks for the info!! Mickey

Mickey: I liked the story about your wife entertaining your friends at their new condo, and would LOVE to hear any more similar stories about her peeing prowess.

I used to have a girlfriend who could pee for ages, but she usually didn't make a big deal out of it. One time, though, I heard her peeing for over a minute, then she came out of the bathroom and asked me "Did you hear how long I peed for? I really had to go!"

I think a lot of women with big bladders are really proud of them. I had the privilege of hearing two women who had gone into a ladies room off of a quiet hallway where I was studying in college. One of them peed loudly while the other one waited, and the non-peeing one commented "That's a long pee. You must have drank a lot of water." "Yeah, it's a new world's record," the peeing one said proudly. She whizzed for only about 40 seconds, though. My ex-girlfriend would have put her to shame!

Traveling Guy
Hi, TAMMY, and welcome! Your boyfriend is a lucky guy because you let him watch you when you take a poo. But please tell him that he's cruising for trouble if he goes into female restrooms. It doesn't matter that he doesn't intend to bother anybody. Just about everyplace in the US and in many other countries, too, it's illegal to enter a restroom of the opposite sex. Tell him to just thank his lucky stars that he has you to be with at home.

Hola everybody,

I feel so sad and terrible about Rich and Kathy. What can I possibly say? I feel like my heart has been ripped in half. It's the worst thing ever to lose somebody here. I remember them both, thinking of us as their "kids" and I am just completely stunned. All of us here in this house have felt a tremendous loss. My goodbyes seem so difficult, but must be said from the bottom of my heart. El cielo le da la bienvenida con los brazos abiertos, puede usted vivo por siempre en el jardín del dios. (Heaven welcomes you with open arms, may you live forever in god's garden.) My popi said that once about my aunt Isabela that passed away. I'll never forget that because my father is such a beautiful man and Rich reminded me of him in so many ways. Rich and Kathy need no translation, for they are in a place where everything is understood. Sweet goodbyes my dearest friends.

INA: Thanks for your message. It was sweet and wonderful. So are you. On another note, I tried what you recommended awhile back about peeing and 'you-know-what' at the same time. Unbelievable! It was fantastic! Here's a big kiss for you honey!

TRAVELING GUY: Hi sweetie, I have a friend from Peru and she also relates pretty much the same stories as you. She's told me about people pooping in the fields. She also says that it's a beautiful country that I must see.

JW: Thanks for the compliment hon! A web page unto myself, huh? That's flattering. Nice poop tale. Isn't it great, to be outdoors and watch that? I can't get over how much I enjoy pooping outdoors. Everything is so fresh and it's so naughty risking getting caught. I've been caught so many times (deliberately) and it's so cool! It's sounds like Mary and her friend had some big business to get rid of! I'm glad you like that smell, me too. Does that make me wierd?

And speaking of smell, Angie came over last night and after dinner she followed me into the bathroom. I told her I had to poop, but she wanted to stay So, I said cool! I was wearing a black dress with matching heels and my hair was down, parted to the left. She called me an 'angel in black' as I pulled my black net panties and hose down to my knees. On the toilet, I scooted back as far as I could, spread my legs wide (Anj likes that), and started to piss a really hard and thick stream that lasted for about a minute. Man, I had to piss so bad it was hurting, but it hurt so good. The pee was hot and shot out of my pussy like water from a faucet. It splashed against the porcelain and even accidentally sprayed Anj a bit. "I'm sorry hon," I said. She just smiled and brushed a strand of hair away from my face. By the time my pee slowed down I was breathing heavy because it just felt great. Grunting, I felt a turd coming. It was big, thick one too. I spread my legs a little wid! er so Angie could watch it come out. She liked it, I could tell, and it was one of my bigger, more compressed ones. I hadn't pooped for two days, which is highly unusual for me, so it was a sticky, creamy, crackler that was stinky. "Mmmmfffffff---rnnnn..." I pushed. The log kept coming, brown, wide, smelly. I bit my lower lip, squinting my eyes from grunting. Then, Anj began sniffing. "It smell's like carrots," she said. I grunted harder, my face pinching as the turd slowly slid out of my dark ass. Between my pussy and the yellow piss water, the giant log was hanging out. "Push, girl," Anj coaxed. One last hard grunt and it plopped heavy! Man, it was a two pounder for sure! I felt gas, then a barrage of softer, creamier turds slid out, I don't know how many, but a bunch of them. I felt so good after that. Angie insisted on wiping my ass, so I let her. It was a very healthy piss and shit. However, it did need the fan and a couple strikes of matches to kill the smell.

Later on, Nu had to take a huge dump! I can't believe how many long turds came out of that asian butt of hers! And the smell? Whoa! It was the gas chamber all right. Renee and Patsy had gone to bed, but I wish Renee could have contributed. Lately, she's been having these enormous poops. I don't know what's gotten into that girl, but what's been coming out is big time!

Sorry for cuttng it so short, but I've gotta go now. I love you all, please take care of yourselves.

This really creeps me out when I think about it.When I was in ten,my Dad was at work early so Mum had to come and bring my twelve year old sister and I to school.
Mum had woken me up and had went to check on Lisa{my sister}when I heard Lisa crying and telling Mum about something.I didn't hear it,but I heard Mum say 'd'you wanna take a shower?'' and Lisa said 'No.'I figured she had wet her pants,cos when I was bringing down my wash,Lisa came down and hung around me smiling nervously until I moved away.
Two days later pants were in a big basin seeping through some special washing powder.I could just imagine Lisa's pee coming through her pants and onto the bed.

By the way I am the same guy as "making money",but I guess I'll use my name from now on. My in-laws are both deceased now. My father-in-law was 81 and my mother-in-law was 68 respectively when they died.However before they died my wife and I visited them often. My father-in-law in his old age,past 75,was a big time shitter.He would often sit on the toilet for more than an hour at a time.One time when my wife and I were visiting I had to take a shit. My stomach cramps were terrible and I was farting stinky farts one after another. I told my wife I have to take a shit. My wife said,"Forget it,when my father gets on that toilet bowl it's a full day affair." My mother-in-law,however,opened the bathroom door and said to my father-in-law ,"Joey has to go.Please come out." We all saw him sitting on the bowl. The bathroom was right next to the kitchen and the whole kitchen smelled from shit. My father-in-law said,"I can't come out.I'm taking a shit." As he spoke he farted a loud! fart. My mother-in-law said ,"But Abe .Your sitting there for an hour already.You can't shit all day."When he finally came out and I went in to take my shit I flushed down his shit.It was about five logs and a whole bunch of mush.
By the way when my father-in-law went to sleep at night and my mother-in-law saw his boxers they were all full of shit. My mother-in-law's first reaction was her saying to my wife,"Oh,he probably made in his pants."Then she said,"He doesn't use any toilet paper.Oh, he's shitting in his pants." I would like some feedback on this from some of our dear friends. Do you think he was shitting in his pants or just not wiping his ass?

hello,all-first i'd like to ONCE AGAIN (My 1st responce to this tragic story was some some reason NOT posted!)send out my reguards to RJOGGER and KATHY's horrible accident and untimely exit from our world and our world is a bit sadder and less complete without such great folks as those 2 wonderful people-It really blew me away to read about it and just goes to show we are all just a heartbeat away every day we get up,so let's all enjoy life like they did cause it is such a precious gift-God bless them- that's all I have to say about that-some responses
TO RUSS-Check some of my old posts,i pooed while posting on here a few times while I had a laptop and it was fun-you should try it!
TO INFANTRY PFC-All I can say is-good luck in finding a lady who will poop for you -believe me it ain't easy,but when you find the right one,it will be great,so just hang loose and kepp looking-sorry that's the best advice I can give-keep us posted and once again,good luck!
TO TAMMY- Nice poop in the ladies room -sounds like it felt wonderful letting all that stuff out!Good stuff!
well i have to run-when I have more time I post about my good post-easter dump i had and once again God bless Rjogger and Kathy's souls( I still can't believe they are gone) BYE

me and my friend skated down to mcdonalds on friday. we ordered, put the skateboard under the table and waited. we had to wait for quite a long time and i was bursting for a piss-so i went in and was just about to unzip my flies when suddenly i heard a woman behind me say, "Sorry we are cleaning now!" i left the bathroom red as a tomato. Dude that was scary!

Punk Rock Girl
Hello, all!

I've got some great stories today. My boyfriend (Steve) and I had some friends over and we were playing truth or dare, and I wound up telling them that I come to this site. They were surprisingly fascinated, and I told them all about it. Finally, I suggested we play "Name your most embarrassing bathroom incident". I got some great stories out of them! Here's my favorites (I promised them I'd use fake names if I posted their stories):

1) My friend Mark's girlfriend once performed oral sex on him while he was on the toilet. 'Nuff said.

2) My boyfriend's friend Lisa's first date with her boyfriend was at her house. She had to poop, and wanted to hurry up and go before he arrived. She sat on the toilet, took a dump, wiped and flushed the toilet. The toilet then overflowed, and water, toilet paper and shit splattered all over the floor. Of course, at that moment the doorbell rang. She actaully thought about pretending she wasn't home, but decided to answer it. He could tell something was wrong, and when he asked, she went ahead and told him what happened. He told her it was okay, and even helped her clean up. Then their date went off without a hitch, and they are still together to this day!

3) Dennis once took a dump in his girlfriend's upstairs bathroom the first time he was over at her house to meet her parents. It was a nice, solid, uneventful BM, but when he went to flush, the toilet didn't respond. He fiddled with the tank, but couldn't get it to work. He didn't want to leave a foot long load floating in the toilet the first time he was over, so he made a sort of harness out of some toilet paper and scooped the load out. He took it to the window and threw it out, and it landed in the garden. Later, he found out that the garden was directly next to the dining room window and that his girlfriend and her parents had all seen something fall past the window and hit the ground. He came clean with her a few days later and she peed her pants laughing. As it turned out, her father had just fixed the toilet that morning and forgotten to turn the water back on. They're still together, too!

4) Dennis's girlfriend is Marcy, and she had her own embarrassing shit story. She was a cheerleader in high school, and one day she was suffering from chronic diarrhea. She and a friend ran into the school, but the girls' locker room was flooded and closed off. It was an emergency, so she ran into the boys' locker room and had her friend stand guard outside. She raced into a stall (which had no door), pulled up her skirt, pulled down her underpants and sat down. She shit her brains out (her friend told her later she could hear it from outside). Well, they both apparently forgot that there's a back entrance to the locker room that comes in from the field, and a group of guys came in and headed straight for the urinals. She froze and hoped that they wouldn't see her, but one of them came in the stall to use the urinal and saw her sitting there. He yelled, "Holy shit there's a cheerleader in here!" Like five guys crammed their heads in the stall and gawked at her s! itting there with her underpants down. She burst into tears, and one of the guys said, hey leave her alone. The guys left and went outside. Marcy finished shitting, wiped, flushed and left. She walked out and all the guys were standing there, and all apologized. She said it was okay, but was mortified and didn't cheer the rest of the day. Now she thinks it's funny, but at the time she said it was the worst thing that happened to her.

5) This one's my fave, and I didn't even know about it until this weekend. Steve's sister Sharon and her husband Terry got married two years ago. When Sharon gets nervous, she gets really bad diarrhea. So a little while before the ceremony was about to start, Sharon told her maid of honor (her sister Alice) that she was about to shit herself, and she knew she needed help going to the bathroom. So Alice, Sharon's best friend Kelly (who was a bridesmaid) and Steve (my boyfriend, her brother) helped her into the bathroom. She couldn't do anything! Steve and Kelly pulled her skirt and train up, and Alice pulled her underpants down (she was wearing garters, so her underwear barely got down past her butt). They helped her onto the toilet and she crapped her guts out for several minutes. By the time she was done, the ceremony was about to start. Alice offered to wipe her ass for her, but Sharon said to just pull up her underpants, she'd wipe later. Sharon ended up spe! nding the enitre ceremony and getting all her pictures taken with shit mashed between her buns. She finally got to wipe at the reception before dinner, and she said it was actually not too bad. She wouldn't let Terry consumate the marraige until after she'd taken a shower, though!

Maybe I can squeeze a few more dump tales out of them in the future. Until then, happy crapping everyone!


To: jw
I loved your account of watching two ladies relieving themselves beside a road in Scotland. I guess we are all jealous that that sort of thing doesnt happen to us! 18 inches long and 3 inches thick is an outrageously massive turd. Did it take a long time for her to produce it? I bet she felt fantastic after that!

To: David from Australia.
What a great storyline for a short film - Im all for realism, it is creeping in here in the UK, but I havent seen anything quite like you described. Can you remember the name of the film?

Linda GS
Yes I pooped on the floor..on newspapers.. cause the toilet was occupied or cause it was broken.. or once cause.. there was no toilet and going outside was NOT going to happen. My cousin has been the only witness to this except twice when my lil sisters were around and the other time Elena was around.

COME ON!! I was joking when I said I'd have my cousin peek over the stall. Don't go away!!!

Tell Kendal to post..or I'm peeking over the stall at you!!

I'll poste all the stuff I promised later.. I'm very busy with school right now..YAY it's almost over!!

hi its me agen and i have changed my name cause my friend saw it and she said that im groose cause im difreant so i told her offand now shes pissed just to let u know im {_DOUGHBOY_}. so anyways ill tell u more bout me then i go a storie . ok i can hardly spell and liturly nothing grooses me out and i mean nothing its kinda of a advantige so u can tell me anything or show me anything and it wont have any affectso now for my storie . ok last night i was sleepin but b4 i had to go to bed i had to crap but i decided not to so i went to bed . i woke up in the middle of the night with musle spasoms in my legs it hurt soo bad i was only focasing on my legs then i reolised i had to fart so i gave it a push but it was all splatery and i ended up having the diareh in my p.j's i emedendly jumped up and ran to the washroom i figured i stained them lots alrdy so i stood there and finished my crap it was annoing to clean up. {_DOUGHBOY_} e-mail

has any girls ever had the diareh in her panties on purpos if so write me

To college boi: I Liked your story..sounds cool...i like to watch too.

To Gary USA: I loved both of your stories when you were a kid.

This morning i woke up and my stomach was feeling a bit crampy and stuff so i went to poop....then i was deciding whether to go to work or not so i went....and before work i pooped like 3 times. Luckly i didn't have to poop at work...well i gotta run now, bye

Uncle Allen
Hi hun. You are such a sweet girl. I felt really bad for you and Diane when I read your most recent post. She must really feel horrible. The poor thing. It sounds like those nurses are not keeping up with her, but I guess they have many patients and can only do so much. I hope Diane feels better. I assume that diarrhea can only last for so long before she is empty. Please try not to be so upset. I know it must be hard, but getting upset will not help your friend.

I have jury duty starting this week. I think there might be some interesting bathroom/ pooping stories to tell from the jury room

Just a short note to let you know I'm okay. I am very upset over the death of Rich and Kathy and I've been reluctant to post because of that. I just don't know what to say :o( I also hope that Diane gets better soon.

Thank you for the replies Annie and Robby, Ina, Jane, Sarah and Meghan and everyone else.

Last night I got back to campus and I had a nice normal poop in the afternoon. Then I had dinner on campus rather than cooking and a few hours later I got a sharp pain in my stomach. I ran up to the toilet and had the noisiest urgent poop. It sounded like a machine gun! Anyway, it was a very very thin rope that curled up all over the bowl so I don't know how long it was. I was surprised because the pain and the way it felt coming out felt like runs, but it wasn't.

I'm sorry I don't remember who it was even though I just read it, but when you got an itchy butt from not wiping well enough and it started to bleed, rather than using an unreliable wad of toilet paper, you could use a maxi pad or even a panty liner (but those are usually thin in width) because those are designed to absorb the blood. You can also use them if you have the runs and are afraid you're not wiping well enough or squirt before you are able to reach the toilet.

Anyway, I have a lot of work over the next couple of weeks, so I may not post but I'll try to keep up on reading. Maybe then I'll be more in the mood to post. PPG is right, we really do have a close community here and I think it's more than just sharing our intimate private details, but also because people truly care about one another.

TO TAMMY: Sounds like a good poop story. I have a question. Do you let your boyfriend watch you poop all the time? Does he enjoy the smell of your poop? He must be a very lucky man. How are your poops? Very soft, smelly? Hey, it's cool to her black women talk about their poop experiences on this site. I want to her more about your pooping stories. Look forward in seeing your future posts on this site.

Today is Monday, and I was severely constipated I did not have a bowel movement for 4 days. I was totally miserable, I inserted a suppository nothing worked, then I used a fleets enema that did not work. So I got out my 3 quart red enema bag with the hose, clamp and nozzle I filled the bag with warm soapy water about 105 degrees. I used Ivory soap (made a lot of bubbles) I poured the soapy solution into the the Hot water bottle filled to the top. Then I coated the enema tip with vaseline inserted the tip into my rectum. The bag drained out int me after it emptied out i refilled the bag again with another 2 quarts filled myself up again until I got severe stomach colon cramps I felt the water inside me. I love cramps from an enema that means that the enema is working. The entire 4 quarts of soapy wate was in me, then I went to the toilet to expell it enema. Boy! it felt good cleaning out my insides. I took the biggest dump ever. I was on the bowl for almost 1 hour. I w! ill try this again tomorrow Tuesday. Remember, enemas can knock the crap out of you. I just hope everyone reading this post uses an enema because thats the way to have a good BM, whether you are sick with a virus flu or just plain constipated an enema is the way to "GO". So take frequent enemas they are a blessing in disguise. Well thats it for me till the next time.

Happy Enemating!!!

Anybody out there who did it in there pants at school.I had a strange feeling a twitching in my bum as I chatted with my mates in the sports hall.Suddenly squirls of hot soft poo filled my pants big style.I wore cream track pants so i guess they were stained.I went bright red and then the smell made them realise what I had done.They all laughed and called "You've shit yourself".I ran out with them following.I had to walk home with no permission.Who cares! The rest came out with big wet farts as I I am a pants messer..

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