Richard / USA
LOUISE said "Thank you for being so nice to my sister! Thank you for the big kiss too! For being so nice I have to write you a story from this morning don't I? Yes!"
Louise, I can tell you’re just doing this for me and that you’re not really into it yourself. LOL! Squatting in the shower for a little variety- You really have it down right, don’t you? Great show, sweetiepie.
XXXXX Richard <-- the bad, bad man… ;-)

DAMSEL: It was my pleasure, my lovely friend, to point out that you just haven’t hooked up with the right dude yet- I didn’t meet the love of my life until I was 27 and we’re still an item, so you just keep your sights high and let time take it’s course, you promise? And I won’t complain at all if you perhaps think of me the next time you have a particularly satisfying and exciting wee and then tell me all about it in exquisite detail… LOL And I just loved that little smile you tucked in at the end of your story to me!

CARMELITA: I’m sorry you’re taking Rich & Kathy’s deaths so hard, honey- I know how loss feels and all I can say is that you will get over this when your emotions are ready for it.. In the meantime, let your feelings run their course because that’s the way we’re all designed to handle these things.
I look forward to hearing of your further exploits when you’re ready for them.
Kisses to you, dear!

PV: Hiya! Glad you liked my story about my wife’s gradual shedding of her reluctance to pee outdoors when it’s necessary. Judging by some of your past stories of spending days pissing up the beach without the neighbors catching on, I’d say you’re on your way to the standard you speak of :-) Keep in mind that my woman doesn’t get any pleasure (that I can detect) out of pissing outdoors, so for her it’s merely a bodily function and there’s not the secret delight that folks like you & I get out of the act, and consequently none of the excitement about someone maybe inadvertently seeing.
Anyway, very, very nice to meet you, PV!

INA: Yes, I just find everything about peeing, especially outdoors, delightful- Taking my penis out, the sound (especially as it hits pavement or any hard surface), the feel of my piss leaving my body, the whole thing, even the smell, ;-)
And, no, there’s no noticeable smell in the shower- like I said, it’s a pretty large shower and the water flow is pretty strong (the shower’s, I mean), so it gets washed away quickly; also, I usually let go while she’s facing away from me shaving her legs or while she’s shampooing with her eyes closed.
It sounds to me like you maybe need a less-uptight flatmate, Ina; I mean, you were reluctant to piss in the shower because she was on the other side of the curtain? Unless she’s going to rip the curtain aside to check up on you or if the curtain is transparent, I think you should just go ahead and squirt away in the privacy of your shower- It’s none of her business how you soap yourself or even *whether* you soap yourself at all and it’s none of her business if you relieve yourself while in there- I’d be willing to bet that most people who have to pee while they’re in the shower don’t wait until they’re done, probably not even your flatmate, you know? Go for it, darling!! :-)
I told you I would have a pee story for you in my next post, but this one has run longer than I anticipated, so I promise, my very next post will have that story, OK, Liebchen?

MICKEY: Your life sounds a bit like mine in one way: my wife pisses roaring gushers and her very best friend is a dribbler <grin>. In fact, your story about your wife peeing that morning with your friend watching jogged my memory about a similar incident, about 20 years ago. We were spending the weekend with our lifelong friends who live a bit up the coast from us and the house they were renting then was quite small with only one bathroom. Saturday evening, my wife and F. were putting dinner together, and F.’s husband S. was taking a bath with the bathroom door open off the living room, where I was reading. My wife walked past me and gave me a kiss on the top of my head and said she was going to go pee. I pointed out that S. was in there taking a bath and she said, "Yeah, I know" and continued toward the bathroom. The four of us have been friends seemingly forever and we have little we keep from each other (My next story, the one I promised Ina involves this s! ame couple), so I wasn’t surprised when I saw her stroll into the bathroom, say hi to S., pull her jeans and panties down to her ankles right next to him soaking naked in the tub, plop her bare ass down on the seat and proceed to squirt a long, loud, hissing stream of urine into the toilet. I could see her from my chair while she perched there- she was so loud I could clearly hear it from 10 or 15 feet across the adjoining room!
Afterwards, S. said to me "God, your wife has just got to take the loudest pisses I’ve ever heard". I agreed- It also appears that their toilet was one of those that does nothing to mask the sound and probably acts as a megaphone of sorts, a natural sound amplifier. Unfortunately, the toilets in our new house were apparently designed in part to muffle pissing and shitting noises because I can’t hear much of anything when she uses the one adjoining our bedroom in the morning. :-( Major bummer.

TO ALL HERE: I saw a film on IFC (Independent Film Channel) Friday night by director and screenwriter Mike Figgis titled "The Loss of Sexual Innocence" (1999)- while it’s quite an oblique and challenging (not to mention very ambitious and sometimes pretentious) film, there’s nothing at all difficult about appreciating the scene about halfway through where Adam and Eve (portrayed by a strikingly attractive young black man and a skinny but very appealing Nordic/Germanic-looking white girl; maybe Figgis was making an observation about how we arrived at the quite appealing variety of people we have today?) are frolicking naked in a pond shortly after their creation (this is pre-serpent and apple tree), when Adam suddenly squirts a lively stream of piss into the water.. both of them look amazed, then (my heart was pounding) Eve looks down to her own pubic area, just inches above the water level, as does Adam (with intense interest), bows her legs out slightly, and for maybe ! 3 or 4 seconds, we see a beautiful gusher of urine issue from her pussy… I was breathless! Almost immediately, they start groping each other awkwardly (it isn’t until later in the film that they finally consummate), but the point is, folks (and moderator), isn’t it interesting that the director portrays a mutual peeing experience as the event that (directly or indirectly) results in the very first act of sexual relations ever between two human beings? The mind boggles… :) Is Mike Figgis going to expand on that concept in future films (remember, this is the director that had Elizabeth Schue sitting on the toilet and peeing while conversing with Nicholas Cage in the Academy-Award-Nominated "Leaving Las Vegas")? I suddenly have a new interest in this British filmmaker..:)

Finally: I have been here only a very short time and never had a chance to make the acquaintance of Rich and Kathy, but the announcement of their deaths hit me deeply nonetheless- My wife and I have had our share of loss in our lifetimes but it’s still a shock when something this senseless happens- had they been skydiving or rockclimbing, etc., when they perished, well, it would have been a calculated risk they took. But to have their lives snuffed out because of someone’s irresponsible and indefensible behavior saddens and angers me, especially when they had been visiting one of their children. I grieve for their family and friends because I think I know, at least a little, how they must feel.

Take care, all

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
We have been sick and so busy that we just got back to the forum today. Both Annie and I have had what in Texas is called the crud. I guess It is called a cold in other places. Sarah and Meghan were too busy to come home and but they send their hellos.

The sad events that are taking place in England reminded Annie and I of a story. When I was still living with Annie in Britain the Queen came to Bath to open something. I can't remember what. We were all queued along the route and we were anticipating the arrival. Next to us was a young boy of about 8years, I guess, and he pulled at his Mummy's dress and told her he had to wee-wee. Well she told him he had to wait until they got home. A few minutes went by and he was pulling at his trousers and whimpering. About a minute later Annie looked down and saw a river of wee cascading at our feet. The lad had to go and he did! His Mum was mortified and kept tisk tisking to him on the horrors of weeing in his pants. He was really mad and sulky. Annie's Mum just averted her eyes. Annie and I thought it was a hoot. We tried to stifle a giggle. I guess we shouldn't have felt that way. We didn't get to meet the Queen but we did see her and applauded. That little boy is now a Judge in! London.

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie! Annie- Thank you for the b'day wishes. When is your birthday? Yes, I was a barrister or lawyer in Manchester. I wanted to get an higher education doctorate over here so I explored the possibilities. It worked out great! Yes, the girls and I will have to have some more practice. The girls have seen your suggestions, I think. I will try to follow them. Robby- what is this "Sir" business, LOL! You need not be formal with me! I love singing Wagner because it is so healthy for the voice and the poo muscles. Yes, your whole body works when you sing Wagner. I have sung in the chorus in the "Flying Dutchman" My favourite section is the "Sailors Chorus and Dance" in the second act. I don't remember how to spell sailor in German. I love that opera. I'm sorry you got melancholy while you were listening to "Carmen". I hope your sadness and sorrows don't overcome you. The girl that weed in the bucket is still one of my closet friends. She is a riot. She has her ! cystitis controlled now. I am so glad. We felt sorry for you when you got sick after standing in front of those people. Do you get nervous in front of people? I know it was dreadfully embarrassing. We love your cute little story about touching the dog,LOL! Annie will get her mirror out, soon. I will NOT be a witness to that. We thought about you too at Easter. Life is so precious. Live it to the fullest but with some caution!! We love and enjoy you! The girls send their love, too! Lots of Lovexxxxxxxxxx and hugs from Robbie and Annie

DEAR STEVE AND LOUISE: Well Steve, Like I said you are a lucky lad!! I would have loved to be the fly on the wall,LOL! Annie had a huge wee yesterday and invited me in. She stood in the bath and let fly. She was such a beautiful old woman standing there,LOL!. Annie- I'm not old. Robby is just jealous,LOL! Louise, I will take out the mirror this evening and have a look with the tube. No, Robby won't be present,LOL! Robby- Louise, I am glad you wouldn't tell me the name of the mag. I just want to picture you in cyberspace. Steve is the one who deserves the real picture!! Well, take care!! Lots of Lovexxxx Annie and Robby

DEAR DAMSEL: Hi girl! I'm sure you have the instincts and pazzazz to hook a nice young lad! We have really enjoyed you on this forum. Annie- the girls and I have started using our travelmates and we are trying to get the hang of it. Louise, Ina, and PV have been good teachers. We can see you weeing on the beaches of the Spanish Riviera!! We want to go to Spain this summer for a holiday. We haven't worked out all of the details yet. We try to live day-to-day. Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx from Robby and Annie

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hope your Easter was great! We just stayed at home. Annie- we have gotten our travelmates and have used them once. We weed all over ourselves the first time. We need more training and experience. How are Hannah, Josie and your son. Hope everything is ok! Take care and Lovexxxx from Annie and Robby.

DEAR JANE AND GARY: Well, that was a great story, dear! Robby and I fell out. We are moved by the loss of your father at Easter last year. It is a very emotional time for us, too! Yes, we will miss Rich and Kathy's wonderful stories and their friendship. Take care and keep those stories coming. The girls say hello! Lovexxx Annie and Robby


OUR LOVE GOES OUT TO ALL ESPECIALLY: Dear Rizzo-hope you are ok!, Dear Nieces Kendal, Ellen, and (Nephew) Lawn Dogs Kid- we miss you!, Dear PV- enjoy Florida!!!, LindaGS- hi there!, Dear Carmalita- love to you, Jake and the rest of the gang!, Dear Ephermal- we hope you are on holiday somewhere!, Eleanor, Adele, Adrian, Todd and Diana-how are you?, David and Niki, Kimmie and Scott- how is it in Jersey?, Jeff A-hope your health is good!, Amy(coed), Elena, Cousin, Ellie and Little Lou!!



Firstly, I'm saddened at the shocking news. I haven't posted much, but I have read posts at this site for years and feel like I've lost friends. My condolences to Rich & Kathy's friends and family.

Second, hello Lancs Lad, I'm a Lancs girl! Nice to have someone around from the same part of the world.

Well my husband had been away with his friends for a weekend, they’d been on a field trip and had over indulged in both eating and drinking. When he got home he looked terrible. Unshaven, green around the gills and very tired. I made dinner while he went to the bathroom. I made a drink of tea and knocked on the bathroom door. I heard him do three good plops, and he sighed and said he’d be a while. I asked him if he wanted his tea and he said ok. When I went into the bathroom the poor love was sitting there shitting his brains out. It smelled very strong and he said sorry, but I said no problem, could I do anything to help?

He sat back and asked if I’d rub his ???? for him. He said he felt bloated and full, and he’d be a while. I tucked his penis down between his legs and held it there, he dribbled out a bit of pee as he pushed for his next motion. He’d done three big logs already, they were heavy and had sunk to the bottom of the bowl. He broke wind and sighed, had a sip of his tea then bore down and grunted and I gently pushed on his ???? and a long sticky looking stool spluttered out of his bottom. He winced as it came out, he said it was burning him. The smell was very strong, all the badness of the weekends excess was coming out of him. He rested a little while and then said ‘oh no…’ and a torrent of mushy poo streamed out of his bottom and splattered all around the toilet bowl. He broke out into a cold sweat and I thought he was going to be sick, but he wasn’t. His ???? was cramping and another wave of diarrhoea came and shot out of his hole.

I felt so sorry for him. I rinsed out a washcloth and wiped his face for him, He said he thought he’d done, so I said just relax, I’ll take care of everything. I took his shoes off and his socks and jeans. I leaned him forward and looked at his bottom, it was caked in sticky poo. I wiped him with some tissue and got the bulk of it off, and you should have seen the toilet. It was full, right above the water, I can’t believe he had that much stuff inside him.

I spread a bathtowel on the floor and helped him lie face down on it. He spread his legs and I filled the basin with warm water, and soaped his bottom and down between his legs, and gently washed him with a washcloth. He pushed out a little and I cleaned just inside his anus, but I didn’t put any soap there, I didn’t want to sting him or stimulate his bowels any more.

When he was clean, I carefully dried him and put a bit of talcum powder on his bottom. Then I gave the toilet a good cleaning, he’d sprayed all around the bowl and it had splashed up under the seat.

All night his ???? was rumbling and he was trumping badly. I nursed him, rubbing his back as he slept. He’s a good man, I don’t mind looking after him even if he’s made himself ill by drinking or eating too much. The next day I asked how he was and his stools were much firmer, he’d done one at work and there wasn’t much, just a couple of little sausages.

It's nice to have someone to take care of. We should all take care of each other....


Hello dear friends of the Toilet!

Having arrived back home I had a quick look at the last pages of this site, only to find to my utter dismay that my dear friends Rich and Kathy, Rjogger and Wife, have gone for ever. It is very sad, I feel devastated. It is only of small consolation to realise that they both went together to wherever they are now after sharing a lifetime. They will, however, certainly remain in the memories of all who knew them, Rich with his sense of humour and Kathy, who kept him lovingly under control with her Mohawk stare. I will miss them very much. To their family and friends I send my most heartfelt condolences.

Then I could not find my last post before leaving for my extended travels. Either I did not look properly, or my last post and story got axed by the moderators.

So here is something my wife and I experienced somewhere in the north of France just before Easter.
We had been driving for quite a while negotiating the ring around Paris when the need for a pee stop became an aching imperative. At the next rest stop on the motorway we parked our car and my wife rushed towards the toilet building while I guarded the car (loaded with our baggage, cameras, money, documents etc.), stepping from one foot on to the other, crossing my legs and giving my willie a furtive squeeze from time to time. Just knowing that the loos were twenty yards away increased my urge. My wife finally emerged from the toilets and walked back towards me with a look of disgust on her face. She said that she needed a fresh pair of knickers. I asked her to change after I had had my needed wee, that I would be back as quickly as possible. So off I strode towards relief. I noticed a young woman with short blond hair, wearing pale blue jeans and a gray anorak – the weather was somewhat inclement – disappear into the ladies’ side of the toilets well before I reached th! e building. I dodged into the men’s side, found the urinals to be a polished granite wall with two polished granite separators between three “pee stations”. There were puddles of the floor. Nervously I whipped out my willie and -- oh, the feeling of the diminishing pressure on the bladder felt sooo good! A sudden roar and a gushing fan-shaped jet of water washing down the wall coming from a two inch diametre chrome plated button at chest level made me jump back in alarm. This made my stream wobble into a wild figure of eight which, on splashing down, added generously to the puddle on the floor. Thankfully I noticed that my clothes survived the jump, dry and unstained. A bit out of synch the automatic flushing system, I thought. Repeated flushing noises from the ladies’ side could be heard too. When I had finally finished and zipped up my pants, I went outside to wash my hands at the tap there. The young woman emerged from her side of the building and walked to her car par! ked a good thirty yards further ahead of ours. She walked with a curious gait, sort of bandy legged. I then noticed that her jeans were dark blue about a hand width above the ankles; they were wet. The flush? Back at our car I found my wife between the open doors on the off side just about to pull up a fresh pair of knickers she had taken out of our suitcase. She explained that she was squatting in mid wee on the Turkish type squat toilet, when suddenly the flush went off, water hitting the raised footprints had splashed against her bottom and into her panties. Her jeans being black did not show the wetness at the bottoms of the legs. So that was why she had to change. Ahead of us, in front of the other car, the young woman was talking to her three male companions, holding out her jeans legs and looking down. The three young men were bending over laughing, holding their sides and leaning against the body of their car with mirth. Very much out of synch, the flushing system of! those toilets!

To KENDAL my dear on-line niece: I send you a special hug to sweep you right off your feet, because I am totally fit after having managed to arrange for some days of skiing in the Alps. Give my love to Andrew and Ellen too.

Hellos to all my friends, you know who you are, from Rizzo.

MICKEY - Hi guy! Well I am happy you liked my last wee I told you about. It was a big one, yeah! I bet your wife is a lot of fun if she likes teasing guys with her noisy wees. I bet she is a bit like me, because I am not really horrified if some guy sees me doing it. LOL Did you read about when I was in a nightclub and I had to use a stall without a door? Some girl brought a lad into the ladies and they went past us. I was in mid-gush and I was hovering my bum there with my knickers down and my dress up. I think the lad was in shock and it makes me giggle when I think about it. I do not have hang ups about weeing after that first time I weed on a nude beach. I bet my sister will be the same when she starts.
Did you read about when Steve's best friend came and visited our house and I had to stop my wee to close the bathroom door? I had this real noisy wee in the toilet and I heard Steve tell his friend how I was washing the bowl, then they giggled out there like naughty little boys?
Thank you for saying Steve is lucky! Your wife must be fun so you must be lucky too, Mickey.
Hey how about I write about another wee for you?
I have been waiting about 3 hours for this one and I have been drinking some more water as well.
I read your letter a few hours ago and now I am ready to burst. I have a loose fitting tank top on, no bra, and I have taken my jeans off already but I have a red g string on and no shoes. I'm crossing my legs here talking because I really need a good piss. My lower ???? feels very firm and I dare not prod it too much you know? I am getting up carefully to go to the bathroom. I am walking very carefully and I am up the stairs and in the bathroom now. I see the bucket and that is where I am going to let rip. Earlier I put the bucket in the middle of the floor and I put my 5 mirrors so I can watch myself from the front, from the sides and at the back too! I am hooking my thumbs down the sides of my g string and pushing down. I am taking the g string down my legs and I know I have to wee big time, right now! I have got the g string off one foot and I kick it off now. Well Mickey I bend down and squat with my pussy just above the bucket. It is good exercise for the legs you! know? Well I am not really happy I will see well in my mirrors because they are too low but it is too late really because I have just let rip a huge gusher. SSSSSSS Look at that! It's a big gushing twisty sheet! It's making a big drumming noise on the side of the bucket as well. SSSSSS What a gusher, yellow and clear. There are 3 noises really. there is my pussy hissing, the drumming on the side and the tinkling in the bottom of the bucket. I'm really washing the side of the bucket, Mickey! I am looking in my mirrors and I like looking at my pussy squirting a huge wee, and at sides you can see my stream real well but I like the back the best because I think my bum looks nice. You can see my bum hole closed up because nothing is coming out of it and I can see my pussy weeing from that angle too. My hissing has stopped a bit now because it has gone to a trickle and my wee is tinkling into all the wee in the bucket now. Tinkle tinkle tinkle! Now it is just a few drips. Oh no t! here is a bit more. Tinkle tinkle SSS another little gusher for a second and now it is just drips. Drip drip drip drip drip. I have some drops on my pussy lips, I had better wiggle my bum to shake them off. That's it. That's better, I really needed that. Will you hand me 3 squares of tp please? Thank you. I am wiping my pussy now and I am just realising you have probably been looking down the front of my tank top LOL. I have thrown the tp away into the toilet and I look at my wee in the bucket. Well I bet that is a bit more than the biggest wee I have measured. I bet it is about 1.3 to 1.4 litres that I have done today. The biggest one I measured was 1.2 litres. Well Steve measured it really because he held the bucket then while I had my wee. I am just pulling my g string back up and getting it comfy. I am now just pouring my wee down the toilet and it looks real yellow. I will wash the bucket later, and now I am washing my hands.
You know Mickey I wonder how much wee your wife does in her big wees. It may be that she does more than me. I used to think because I am a tall girl that it must be that I piss in bigger amounts but I do not think any more that that is true.
Well I hope that cranked your engine a bit Mickey! I bet Tim did like your wife's gushing. Steve likes dribblers as well as gushers.
Love Louise xxxxx

INA - Hi girl! I have had more practicing with the travelmate yesterday. I got it right and I did not spray a drop in my jeans. I will have to try it a few more times so I can get it right each time. If I get a bit over confident I bet I might wet my pants really badly, so I need to practice a lot more.
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! I know you will be on vacation now and I hope you have a good and safe time.
Oh yeah, that huge shit I had! It felt really huge when it was sticking out of me. Steve showed me the pictures he took of my big brown tail and I was really shocked at how big it looked. My bumhole was really stretched!
On our little trip away I had 3 good standing wees with Steve in alleys. Hehe one of the times I was wearing jeans but I took them down and held them backwards between my legs and out of the way when I aimed my pussy with my other hand. It was good because I did not get my pants wet at all! The second time I held Steve's willy while he weed on a wall and then he took my pants down and aimed me so I could wash the wall, and that was nice. It was a real giggle for us. LOL The last time was when I had a short white dress on and I lifted up the front, pulled my g string to the side and washed the wall. Steve really liked that one.
Hey I have to go now because I have to go and practice for my test next month.
Take care on your travels eh?



To Adrian,
I didn't see the Survivor programme on ITV the first time it was shown, and it not really the sort of thing I like to watch, but as I had seen it mentioned on the forum and my fiancee and I were at home together on Saturday night, we caught the repeat showing.
Some of the items the contestants were expected to eat were unpleasant to say the least. As Louise didn't wish to waste the perfectly good meal we had just enjoyed by having a technicolour yawn on the lounge carpet, she soon left the room until it was eventually safe to return. I can't say the programme was doing me any favours either, but I stuck with it just to see what was said afterwards.
I think you could right. I might have missed something, as I was trying to have a brief conversation with Louise in the next room as well as hear what was being said on the programme, but I think it was implied that some of the contestants were prompted by what they had eaten to go for bowel evacuations soon afterwards. There was some reference to someone 'shitting in the water' but my fiancee came back into the room when she realised it was safe, and I think I missed a few words.
It might be a matter of interpretation of the programme's footage, but I agree the implication seemed to be there. Can you recall who was meant to have done their toileting in the water? Has there been some discussion of toilet arrangements that I have missed? I'm just thinking that I could be lacking some piece of information that would make sense of some of it.

To Mickey,
I do indeed feel a very lucky man, and I too enjoyed Louise's description of that wee. I must say your wife also sounds a delight.

To PV,
Looking forward to your return.
Yes, I agree with your previous comments concerning females standing to urinate and privacy. It is the major sticking point, and to be brief, it seems to me that apart from the usual incorrect assumption that women 'have to' sit down, architects and planners want to conserve space. I don't think many would want to have ladies' rooms that were twice the size of the men's. I can't say I've seen the interiors of too many ladies' rooms, and so I can't attempt to generalise, but I would think the provision of urinals with privacy screens would necessitate fewer cubicles and/or significant room enlargement. I think a group of women at my workplace (if some of them can be termed as women and not resentful shrews) requested a urinal (I believe that was what it must have been as I have heard it was behind a partition) to be removed in favour of another cubicle. Louise shook her head in frustration when I told her about this, as it seems that due to ignorance and conservative, pri! m and stiff attitudes, these women had no knowledge of its purpose. Or at least they _claimed_ not to know! As you say, there is resistance to new ideas and learning.
I'll speak to you again when you come back.


Best regards to our usual friends and all other posters.


Tuesday, April 09, 2002

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