Sara T.
Long time no post, I just felt that I had to add this!!

I just peed, FINALLY, and it was the greatest pee of my life!!!! This guy is working in the bathroom and I've had to pee for like a damn hour and I kept holding it and kept holding it because I didn't want to bother him, and then I was like, screw this! I grabbed an aluminum canister, like the size of those Lipton Iced Tea canisters, took it into my closet (tight fit, but hey, I HAD TO PEE!) and PEED forever and ever and ever, I filled the damn thing halfway up. I wiped myself with some tissues and closed the container, and put it in my trash can. I need the container though (I store change in it usually), so I guess I'll wash it out when he leaves. It's times like this I miss having potted plants around the house, I used to pee into them at times when work was being done in the bathroom.

Slayer Moon
What do they call that drug advertised on TV for overactive bladder with the "Gotta go, Gotta go" tune? It seems to me that this drug is a ripoff. A more natural remedy is to forgo drinks and high water content foods and eat plenty of starchy foods such as rice and potatoes. I never eat fruit before a long busride, for a fact, but I may drop into McDogfood's or whatever is available and get myself some fries to keep my kidneys on slow speed.

I have a question for all of you: Have you ever tasted your pee, or even someone else's? What did you taste it from? How did it taste? After drinking lots of iced tea, great quantities, mine had no smell or taste, not even salty. Otherwise, it was salty and fragrant. I've tasted it by aiming upwards while in the shower.

Last night I had the biggest dump ever. I was in bed almost to sleep when I got a strong urge to poop. So I got up and hurried to the bathroom farting at almost each step. As soon as my butt hit the toilet seat, a soft log sped out my ass with a loud splash. Smaller poos followed with wet/gurgly farts in between each emission. I wiped, looked down at what I produce and I saw a soft 10 inch log with several 4 inch logs floating next to it.

I felt better after that.

Thanks guys for warning me. I'll make sure to tell my BF that!

And I pooed in front of him a lot of times. When I gotta poo and he's there, he usually watches me and compliments on the smell.

The funny thing is he don't want me to watch him poo. LOL

To Scarlet: Maybe it was pizza hut that made you have to shit...sometimes their food gives me cramps! I liked your story about the guy at school every one thought pooped in the elevator

To Adam: I liked your story

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story..dang you sure did get brave and open your self up about this site...i liked the story where the guy threw the turd out the window...and people saw something fall..LOL

I had a weird pooping dream last night...I dreamed i was on a highway somewhere and we stopped off at some restaurant and i order something then i said to my family i'll be back cause i had to use the bathroom and i walk back to the bathroom and i go in and i saw some urinals and then a row of toilets and more urinals and more toilets..then towards the back of the restroom i found this strange type of urinal its big and holds lots of water and i decided i was gonna take a dump in it cause i knew in the dream they can be used for i was wondering does any one know if theres ever been this type of urinal made for pooping? Or some sorta strange toilet like i describe in this dream? and it was out in the open. And one time i thought i saw a guy shitting in one of these types of things when i was little but i don't remember..can any one help? Well i gotta run bye

Althea: Yeah I'm a senior and I live in Philly?

I have a question for all the ladies in here. What do you think about farting? Do you fart whenever you have to or do you mostly do it alone.

For me, I do everytime I got to (don't like to hold it) and most often I admit and excuse myself. I usually fart loud if I am with friends but silently (sometimes deadly) while I am in class or something.

i have a question y would a parent punish there chil for having a accident like do they think they do it on purpos or somthing not like the kids engoy doing that if i was a parent id gov my kid a hug and comfort her/him and tell them to clean up and foget bout it cause things can b cleaned {_DOUGHBOY_}

A Question re: Enemas
Hello All...

Can we open up a discussion about just what it is about enemas that cause most doctors to advise against giving them to children for constipatiion?

I bring this subject up because I have been doing a lot of research lately into chronic constipation in children. (My sister recently married a guy with an afflicted 10 y/o...)

There are a lot of constipated kids out there! They talk about constipation so bad that the abdomen becomes distended and eventually they end up in the hospital for periodic "clean-outs".

A lot of this is because their constipation was allowed to fester for so long (we're talking weeks and months here...not days) that their intestines become so swollen that there is no way that a laxative or normal enema is going to work.

Nevertheless...the docs on the med forums all seem to advise avoiding enemas at all cost...saying that they are invasive and embarassing.

Geez...maybe so...but just what is the alternative?

I received enemas as a child; when I needed them...and they worked mighty fine for me. I never particularly liked them; that's for sure...and I don't like them now either. But I needed help...and they worked...and I just don't understand what the big deal is.

Any comments?

Thanks for reading...Josh

First, I want to give my condolences to the friends of RJOGGER and Wife. It sucks when people die or are killed. An open idea to the moderator. The idea is having a web page dedicated to people who posted here who since have died such as Cancer Child, Melissa, An Uncle to the group associated with Chloe, Law Dog Kid (not sure on name), Andrew.

For JUSTIN:I enjoyed the post from you about the doorless stalls and farm boys being open to dumping in front of each other. In my college days (undergrad), I was in a fraternity and a few of the guys were very open to dumping in front of each other but they were from small farm towns in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. I am originally from Indiana but live in Colorado and I get through Missouri about twice a year when I drive back to Indiana. I would enjoy a dump with you anytime but the way this board is setup, anonymoity is required so that is out of the question. I don't hardly have any opportunities for buddy dumping. I would love to do a good camping trip with a mix crowd for a couple of days. People might be open to dumping but the rules of the outdoors is being careful after dumping such as staying away from lakes/rivers and burying it.

I had a good dump tonite here at school. It was pretty gassy. I had beef enchilada for lunch and I also take a good multi-vitamin with niacin (keep choelestral down). The bathroom I use here at the library is very reflective and I can be in one stall and see the guy next to me as well but not too well though. You can see the ass on the toilet easily but not much of anything else.

I found this site and have been reading posts for a little while now this sounds like such a nice community of really interesting people.
Firstly I'm female nineteen, answering the question about pooping in pots once when I was fourteen visting at my uncle's studio, he had one those chamber pots with a pink line on it? that he used in his artist painting stuff and I had really needed to have a shit very badly the half bathroom was being remolded and it was a long walk back to his house this was late evening when the sun was staring to set, afer pulling my shorts and panties down I tried to balance myself which was impossible because my butt was much larger than the chamber pot and ended up kinda squating over it agood thing to when I startied pooping and farting my butthole wasn 't centered over the pot at all and I filled it up and half and down one side before trying to find something
wipe with I recall using a paper towel it was thick and smelly,I dumped
my poop in the garden and my uncle never did know. Nina

Punk Rock Girl
Hi, SOMEONE. I've taken dumps in porta-potties, outhouses and latrines with a bucket toilet. Some experiences were forgettable, some were memorable. So here's one of each:

PORTA-POTTY: I had to take a dump in a porta-potty that looked as though it hadn't been emptied in ten years. I was on a road trip with my family, and my brother was waiting outside for me to finish. I ended up squatting over the seat (which was covered in dirt, shit and crud) and dumped a good sized load in the mini-cesspool. It was really solid, and required a lot of work, but came out smooth and required only one wipe. That was a pretty gross experience.

OUTHOUSE: My best outhouse story is getting my ass stuck in one when I was a kid. But I was peeing, and you asked for shitting stories. The only one that really stands out is the time I had to shit in an outhouse at a camp site when I was fifteen. A big piece of plywood had come off the back, and you could see into the resevoir where everyone's shit and piss went. But if you laid on the ground and looked up with a flashlight, you could see whoever was in there's ass thru the hole. So I went in, pulled down my shorts and sat down. I crapped, and leaned forward to wipe when I noticed light coming through underneath me. I went outside, and saw three guys laying on the ground with a flashlight. They said they watched me poop. I asked why, and they said that none of them had ever actually seen shit come out of a girl's ass before, and wanted to see what it was like. I guess it was pretty underwhelming, because it didn't happen to me again after that.

BUCKET TOILET: I once took a dump in a latrine that had three bucket style toilets when I was twelve at a different summer camp. When I entered, there were already two older boys sitting there. I really, really had to go, and asked if they minded if I came in. They said no, so I went in, pulled my pants and underwear down just enough and sat on the damp seat. I was hoping I wouldn't fart, and luckily I didn't, but it was a pretty big dump and made a loud splash when it hit the water in the cavern below. I squeezed out a few more pebbles, each one making a little splash. I peed, then rolled off some paper and wiped my ass once without looking. I pulled up my pants and left before either of them. Afterwards, I felt a kind of rush, and realized that, while I had been a little apprehensive and nervous about shitting in front of two guys, I wasn't really embarrassed. One of the many dump related events in my life that have helped make me comfortable with my body and! its functions.

Now, how about some stories from you, SOMEONE!



hey grant,

At my office I've walked in to a men's room to piss and been told they were cleaning. Sometimes I insisted--I could not say anything b/c of language barrier--but I'd just wait there. I wasn't about to go scramble around and find another restroom--usually it was late and a pain in the ass to take elevators to another floor. So I waited right there and F them if they didn't like it.

But it all depended on how pissed off (so to speak) that I felt that time. I probably have whipped it out and pissed with a female cleaning person nearby--not sure. When you drink >3 cups of strong coffee a day, piss is a bigger issue than poop.


Movie Fan
To anonymous movie guy...

Go through the old posts to this forum. There are dozens of postings about female bathroom scenes in movies. Are you intrested in poop scenes or pee scenes? Almost every other movie nowadays has a female pee scene in it (just saw one the other day in "Panic Room" where Jodie Foster takes an audible pee), but female poop scenes are still rare. I think the most recent one we discussed is in "Not a Teen Movie". Still, there are probably 15 or 20 good female poop scenes we've talked about here, so check the old posts.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hi, fellow fecal fans:
Man, I am so-excited! Turns out that my g/f Denise was only playing with me. She is not allowing me to watch her every time she poops. That is something that I really get a kick out of. It seems to be every couple of days that she allows me to. That is just fine, with me. That makes it all the more exciting. She even locks the door. She know how excited that makes me, and I am sure that that has a lot to do with it. Simply allowing me in each and every time that she did it would make me lose interest,in her eyes. If she only knew just how wrong she was. I do appreciate the fact that the taboo has been broken, for the first time in my life, thanks to Rich and Kathy.



My name is Chad and I have a friend Lindsey who is staying at our house. We went on a field trip and she had to pee badly but could hold it. At lunch, she drank 2 cans of Pepsi and soon really had to pee. She told me it was an emergency and we had 2 hours left in our trip. She held her krotcch and amazingly held the pee until we got to the school bus going home. She hadn't peed for 17 hours and I thought she would wet her pants. When we got to my house, she drank milk and a snack and rushed down to my basement to pee because the other bathrooms were occupied. I really wanted to see a girl pee and now was my chance because there was a hole in our basement which made you see through the bathroom that nobody else knows about. I told her I was going up to change. I hid into the room and looked into the hole in the bathroom. My heart was pounding when she ran downstairs to pee. She put the toilet seat down, pulled down her blue pants and underwear and pissed for a lon! g time. This was a really long piss and I could hear the sound loud and clear, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for 2minutes and 3 seconds. She wiped her ass with a tissue and never knew what happened.

This is my first post. First off, I really enjoy reading the stories on this site. And here's what happened to me. I am a 17 year old male, and I was looking for a quick, fast high. Well we had heard that some brand of cough syrup works. DO NOT TRY IT. Well what happened was, I got the bottle, drank it, and we all went to a party. It was pretty neat at first, but then I had trouble walking. Soon I had to lay down, then suddenly the party was busted and everyone ran. Except me and my friends. They tried to get me up, but couldn't, and the police got to me. They thought I was drunk, so they took us all in. My friends were trying to explain it to them, but they didn't care. I was feeling terrible by now, my whole body feeling bad. When we got to the station, they tested my friends. They were fine, and then they tested me, and I was a little drunk. It was the other drugs in the syrup that made me messed up though. So they took them back somewhere, and they strapped me in a drunk! chair. It was this weird chair that made you lay back and was hard to move in. There were about 8 chairs, 2 rows, and all but 3 were filled with rambling drunk, smelly people. I was in the chair, just sitting there, feeling terrible. I suddenly felt very sick to my stomach, and I tried to tell someone who worked there. I was slurring my speech really bad. No one cared. I suddenly hurled, and my whole front was covered in puke. Some of the drunk people laughed. The one man on duty looked up, and just continued his paper work. I was begging to be cleaned up, but no one listened. Then suddenly there was a sharp pain in my gut, and I knew I was gonna have bad diarrhea. The kind where you "pee" out of your ass. I was hollering, but no one cared. Some of the drunk people laughed. Not being able to hold myself, I exploded. Chunky, mushy, hot watery diarrhea, the consistancy of watery chili blew out of my ass and cloaked it. It went through my legs and around my sack and everything! . It was horrible! The drunk men, smelling it, laughed. I started to cry, but then I threw up again. Then I pooped once more, about half as much. So there I am, strapped in a chair, scared, my lower half covered in shit, my upper body splattered with puke, puke around my mouth, running down my neck. I guess stuff like that happens a lot, cause they didn't come and get me. I crapped once more, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up, my parents were there. It was about 4. I just looked at them, helplessly. That was the worst time of my life. Please give me feedback.

to: Steve and Louise: Thanks for the cool comments! yes, Louise, it is now my mission to measure on of Jill's(my wife's name!) big, endless wees. Thanks again for the great descriptive bucket wee you took! Again, Steve, you are very fortunate, like myself, to be able to "help" Louise with her pisses, and have a woman with such super prowess- yes, I do enjoy all kinds of pisses. Power gushes as well as dribblers. it is interesting to be able to hear 2 or 3 women use the loo one after another, and to hear the differences in how they go about relieving themselves. As you know, Jill for the most part is a loud hisser with a lot of capacity. Our friend Lynn is not able to do much hissing , nor does she have great capacity, but it is fun to see the look of sheer desperation on her face when she needs to go. Jill can have that same expression, but with her, you know you are in for a real gusher! Thanks again...the 4 of us should meet sometime, and have some fun!!!

Richard/USA: Hi, thanks for the comments also- your wife sounds a lot like Jill also- The need to pee is not some secret, hidden thing- if she needs to go, it really is not a problem for her to do so with 'company" in the room, or as I have written before, in an outdoor setting. I would have loved to have been your friend in the bathtub when your wife came in! I can reacll an incident similar with Jill about 4 years ago. We had a bunch of relatives staying over for a 3 day "family party" . Our family is large, and we all enjoy a good time. About 12 of the relatives stayed at our place, and as we were getting ready to finally call it a night, my cousin Tom was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, and getting ready for bed. Jill and I had just come up the stairs to head there ourselves, when Jill approached the bathroom where Tom was still taking care of business. Again, with no real fanfare or hesitation, she simply said to him that she was gonna pee while he finished up. ! No problem. Pulling her shorts and panties down , and sitting for a big hisser was all that was on her mind! And that is exactly what she did! Tom was fascinated by the power and presure of her bladder, and he couldn't resist watching her in the mirror in front of him. After she wiped, he even made a light comment to her about her trim job. She showed no signs of embarrasment whatsoever! I would love to put our wives together for a "contest" to see who can power wash the best! sounds like your wife is my kinda people!!! Thanks for the story!!

Arnold: Thanks for the input also! Yes, she has some serious bladder prowess! I have heard many a comment regarding when others have heard her outside a bathroom door, or have seen her outside somewhere taking a piss. As I have said, I am fortunate to have a relaxed wife in this regard, and also growing up with sisters who are still very comfortable pissing in front of me even in their adulthood. Thanks again for the positive comments- I will try to recall some more incidents where Jill's bladder power was made eveident to some surprised person or group!

Bring on the long pee stories! Mick

Great masthead today. The lovely lady on it looks as though she's leaning forward to have a good read of a magazine whilst enjoying an equally good poo. I'd be interested to hear if any posters read a daily paper or magazine whilst going for a #2. It must help to while the time away.

Annie & Robby. Thanks for your latest post which I enjoyed. Hope you're both soon feeling better after your cold/flu bug. Did it affect the frequency of your bowel motions at all?

Susan. I liked your story about helping your husband out on the toilet when he'd over indulged. It was a kind thing to do. Some wives would no doubt have been less than sympathetic in similar circumstances. I find that all I have to do in order to make a real stink in the bathroom is to have a good meat meal and a couple of glasses of wine. For some reason the wine makes my motions really smell! Have you ever done any really big panfuls on the loo or had an accident? I'd love to know.

Steve. Thanks for your reply re the Survivor programme. I'm not sure which contestants had needed to go for a shit after eating those unusual items in the immunity challenge or whether they went in the water or not. My understanding is that they had a toilet area which they'd designated on the island for that purpose - although some may well have relieved themselves in the sea which would have been perfectly alright as natural biodegradation processes would have broken down their waste product. My guess is that most of the contestants ended up needing to 'go' somewhere or other after that particular challenge. I'm sorry Louise didn't hang around to see that part of the episode but if she'd just had her tea I can't say that I really blame her.

Best wishes to all



You were the same age as Louise's man Steve was, Richard of the USA, when he started dating my sister. She was 20 then, and she thinks she was the late starter. I'm lagging behind. Yes, I am setting my sights high when looking for a boyfriend. Your advice was very considerate, and thanks. XXX
My sister will complain I am ripping off her routines but before writing to you I have been drinking plenty of orange juice and water too so that I can fill my tank up. I was wearing a T shirt and jeans when I arrived, but before I started writing this post I took my clothes off and I am now wearing just a towel. A blue one if you would like to know. Steve and Louise have gone out and I am alone. The towel does seem to emphasise my bust and my legs look quite nice too. Now I need to go for a wee-wee, Richard, I am just at the point of doing a little dance. I am standing rather than sitting, and I am crossing my legs slightly. I think I am into 'hold it' games a little more than my sister, if you wish to know that.
I am in the bathroom now and I am tempted to pee in the sink. My sister has told me she slings a leg up and drapes it over the sink so her female bits can wee-wee into the basin, but I have not spoken to her and asked for permission to flood her sink with my amber stuff. I like the sound of it but I'm not going to use her sink as a toilet without asking. The shower looks inviting, so I think I will go in there. I'm not actually going to have a shower, but I will use it to rinse the floor of my pee later. All right then, I am in the shower and I am bending over a little with my hands on my knees. I have taken off my towel, of course, and I am feeling like I am being watched, and I find that quite a stimulating thought. I am really quite desperate for a wee-wee now. I think I could have held it for a half hour to an hour longer at least but without further delay I am letting it out. My yellow jet is streaming out from my pussy, twisting and hissing and I am spraying slight! ly on my thighs. Smile. It is quite noisy as it bounces off the base of the shower cubicle. I will need to shower because my legs and feet are getting splashed. I'm still pissing and I am enjoying how it feels. I know Louise keeps your attention firmly on her, and I hope you will tell me if I am just as well worth watching. This is a very satisfying wee for me and I hope you like it just as much. I am standing upright now with my hands on my hips and my wee is still forcefully squirting out of me. I have just clenched my muscles and the stream stopped abruptly, now the pee is just running out of me weakly in a dribble. My feet are getting splashed. I've stopped peeing now but I can feel a bit running down both my legs as I turn the shower on. I don't want to get my hair wet so I am just washing my female bits, my bottom, my legs and my feet. Did you enjoy the show? Smile. XXXXX

Thanks for your encouragement, Robby and Annie. I admit I feel a little childish for being like this at 24, but I tell myself my luck has just not been in when looking for a suitable man. I will have to get used to the idea of going to Spain, it will be a big step for me. It seems a long time into the future, and Louise's wedding is only 2 months away. Your travelmate story was a hoot. I laughed when I read it. I'm not certain I feel ready for a travelmate. XXXXX

Rizzo, hello. I've seen some of your old posts, and I know you have been corresponding with my older sister, Louise. I hope you find time to read my own posts and stories. You read like a nice person, so hello!

Can I give you another hug, PV, for caring? I know, I am not going to throw myself at some guy just so I will not be alone at the wedding or for any other reason. I am very grateful to Steve for listening to my complaints about being lonely and telling me things from a man's view. I am a bit self conscious but I will have to try to get over it. I think I had better quit complaining as I think I will be starting to bore people with saying I don't have a boyfriend. I have to think about the Spain holiday and how I will handle the weeing. I think I will have to wee-wee with Steve seeing me out there. I think I need to get over my embarrassment, because I do not want to make him afraid of looking, and I need to be less self conscious. I will have enough problems just stripping off out there, so I will get Steve to watch me have a wee-wee in his own bathroom I think, so I can get over it.



Lawn Dogs Kid
Gosh, so many people post here now, if you're gone for even a short time, its hard to catch up ! And Kendal and I have been gone for more than a short time ! Robby and Annie are right. We've been up in the Lakes, but instead of it being just over the Easter weekend, it became a much longer period when Steve, that's Kate and Emily's Dad, who is also Dad to Thomas, Kendal's half brother ( God, families get complicated sometimes ! ), invited my Mum and Dad to come up and stay for a week as well. So after they had a rest from the terrible three ( Ellen, Kendal and me !), Mum and Dad have been here as well. That was fine, but it didn't half put a dampener on all the toilet activities !

LINDA GS: Don't worry. Kendal will write. She is just upset about Rjogger and Wife. Its a year since her Dad died, and won't be long before its a year that her Mum died as well, and the last thing she needed to see was yet another death on this site. She sends lots of hugs and kisses. And I'll back that up with the usual XOSXOS, as well as welcoming you to peek over the stall at any time ! (so long as I can do it back !!) Love from Drew.

ROBBY & ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN, KIM & SCOTT, RIZZO, JANE, PV, LOUISE & STEVE: Hi to all you guys ! A story from the lakes.

Kate has gone back into her shell somewhat, and doesn't allow anyone in the bathroom with her anymore. She says it used to be fun, but now its time to grow up !! Who is she kidding ? Fair play to her though. Its her right to decide, just like dear Eleanor. The rest of us though have decided to stay juvenile !!

Emily, Ellen, Kendal and I did get one day when we were able to go out for a walk on our own. Kate decided to stay at home, knowing full well that we all had plans for an out door wee in the woods. Now Ellen has not had an out door wee before, well, not like this anyway. Yes, Emily was all for showing off her prowess at the standing-up wee ! Ellen has only ever done it in the bath, with Kendal. Well this day was a real sight for me. The three girls lined up in a clearing and prepared themselves. Kendal took her panties off altogether. But because Emily only pulled hers down and didn't take them off, Ellen had to do the same. Well what a set of results ! Kendal pished all down her leg and has now decided that she must always use her fingers to aim ! Emily thrust her pelvis forward and proved what a queen of the stand up wee she really is, with a jet more powerful than I can do, arching forwards, her hands on her hips, and a triumphant smile spread all over her face. Som! ehow she managed to lean backwards to grab her panties with her hand, and pull the elastic back between her legs so that as she finished the last drops of wee, they wouldn't fall all over them. I'm convinced that girl will be a limbo dancer one day ! Now as for Ellen, she copied Emily to a tee, panties above her knees, hands on hips, but that was it. As she began pishing, it shot straight inside her panties, forming a big puddle before it seeped through the material and ran down her legs !! Far from being upset at what happened, she laughed and laughed so much, she finished up making a rather loud and involuntary trump, which then had the rest of us curling up as well ! Thankfully, the trump came after both Kendal and Emily had finished their wees. Otherwise I'm sure Kendal would have wet her legs more, and Emily would also have finished up weeing inside her panties ! Anyway, we found a stream to wash Ellen's panties in, and she proudly continued with our walk while havi! ng them hanging from a large stick which she carried over her shoulder. Her panties hanging from the stick brought more than a few stares and amusement to other walkers who we passed !! Hope you are all keeping fine ! Love from Andrew.

ELEANOR: Hope your move to our county has gone well. You haven't been on for a long time either. Hope you will come back and tell us how you are doing. Love from Drew x

DAMSEL: My God, that was a shock and a half ! Fancy seing you posting here, and such good posts as well ! I thought our rendez vu would only be via Louise. But what do you know. You're taking care of things yourself. You have already built up a wonderful base of admirers. And just my luck to be away the whole time ! Well, as you said in your post, I'm sure you've got fed up with waiting for me to reply, and have found another prince Charming to rescue the Damsel in distress !! I'll just merge into the back ground and admire from afar your wonderful stories ! Love from Andrew x

Hello to all you valiant Toileteers!

I have been skipping through the past posts to try and catch up on the things I have missed. A futile thing to do in a short time, as there are just too many good stories.

PUNK ROCK GIRL, I really had to laugh at your stories #3 and #5! Especially the emergency shit before the wedding ceremony! I have always wondered how on earth it is possible to use a toilet wearing a more elaborate long wedding dress with train! Stand and let go where nobody would notice a puddle? Like women did before the advent of water closets? But that would only solve the problem of a needed pee. I do know now, thanks to you: with the aid of assistants. So that is what bridesmaids are for! Hugs!

Hi SCARLET, to answer your question: it depends what type of underwear I am wearing. If I am wearing colourful boxer shorts, I unzip the fly, push down the elastic waistband to get Willie out into the open. If the legs of the shorts are short, then I may also pull them aside after unzipping the fly, even if there is a hole in front. But the hole of my boxer shorts is usually buttoned up, and buttons are a nuisance to undo, and worse to do up again. If I do not rebutton boxer shorts, then my Willie will show a tendency to loll out of the opening and get tickled by the rougher fabric on the inside of the fly zipper, with embarassing results! I also have Y-fronts. With these I pull Willie through the hole, but because the layers of material overlap, one hand has to help to clear the passage, or Willie gets pinched if forced around tight bends, and extensive dribbling is the result. When wearing shorts and any type of underpants I go through the leg opening, I mean, I pull W! illie out through the leg opening, aim, pull back the foreskin and let go. When sitting to pee – I do that at home in order to prevent rebound-spraying -–I pull down all pants. When on board the boat, I either sit to pee, or kneel to pee, which is like standing, but a bit lower down, at shortest range, if you get what I mean. Will all this help you to complete the picture of male weeing? BTW, I like your stories! Hugs from Rizzo

Hi SARAH S, Hi MEGHAN! Yes, I am back! Under way around Europe my thoughts went to you often! And thanks for permitting me to be part of your virtual audience – I’m thinking of that Padre Island party with only one toilet -, but with Steve’s assistance I would have sorted out those silly blokes jeering at you from the toilet door. Anyway, you did the right thing: dropped a stinky shit which dampened the enthusiasm of those guys somewhat!! Ha ha! Love to both of you from Rizzo.

UPSTATE DAVE, my theory to answer your question about how the word loo came about is the following (I haven’t caught up with the posts yet, somebody might have written this already or know better): in hotels the rooms are usually numbered. In past times, when not all rooms had their own bathrooms, the toilet was an extra room off the corridor to serve more than one room, usually numbered as 00. In French one could say “le zero zero” , but I presume that this was shortened to “le 00” and because the zeroes look like o’s, it could have become “l’oo” and, hey presto, there’s your loo. Do you think that could be possible?
Or could it be the “place” i.e. the “lieu” (French again) you retire to, to relieve yourself. And now pronounce “lieu” in English and it will quickly degenerate to “loo”. How about that?
Now don’t get the idea that I am French. At school I had great difficulties with that language, I only learned by living in a French speaking area for some time.
Hey, I like your stories, you are a lucky guy!

Hello TIM and SARAH, my last post to you did not make it. I just want to say what a wonderful solution you have found in Hannah instructing her little niece “secretly” in the art of how to pee standing!
My thoughts were with you during my travels when I stayed in Munich for two days. We had dinner at the Paulaner brewery – I hardly remember the toilets there, they are down some steps on the right when you come in – but the grilled trotters with sauerkraut washed down with good beer (dunkles Hefe-Weizen) produced most awesome turds later where I was staying. We were joined by our sons and our 17 year old niece (no, not Kendal) and my in-laws in the Alps (up the valley of the Rhine) for a couple of days skiing. Our niece had her note-book computer which she could link up to the internet. I showed her how to find the site where the travelmate is described, told her that I did not consider the idea a joke but that it should be taken seriously, and then left her alone to browse. You know the adage, that you can lead the mule to the water, but drink it has to do by itself. I did not show her this site – hey! I’ll keep it to myself for the time being! Come the day when I will! be obliged to show flag. - Well, she came to join the rest of us after about twenty minutes. I did neither wink nor look nor ask nor expect any “feed-back” whatsoever. I just left her to decide for herself if she should find the topic of standing to pee interesting or not. I know that she is not inhibited in this respect, having known her since she was a baby. I do not know to this day if she likes the idea or not. Her behaviour towards me could have changed if she would have been disgusted; it did not, in fact we became closer, talking about all kinds of things usually scientific, she being a very bright girl, an excellent student like her cousins, and she gave me her usual heart-melting good night hugs. So, who knows, she could become another member of the WSPC.
I have been reading what you, Sarah, wrote to Richard/USA and I agree with you about what counts in an relationship. I consider myself a bit luckier though when it comes to bathroom matters, because my wife does not have any inhibitions about relieving herself. She does not find it exciting either, just something natural. And because she never had any inhibitions to pee in front of me, I am treated to many variations of her wees. I still find her lovely on the toilet, nevertheless, and it made us both laugh when she peed into a plastic bag in our tent, an incident I have described in an old post. When going for a poo, however, we close the bathroom door out of consideration to avoid the stink from incommodating the other family members. I hope that you are both well and send you my fondest love, Rizzo

PV, my dear Warrior in Combat against Injustice and precious ally when it comes to taking care of Kendal, I have just read about your Beach Wee Adventure 2002. Could it have been the anticipation that made your ???? go runny? Anyway, I must say that you are far more daring as an ex-AP sufferer than most of us “normal” folks! If I were to try to pee under such circumstances as you did on that beach, it would probably have left me with AP, Jammed Sphincter, Knot in Willie or whatever you may care to call it in my case. I don’t think I would have the guts to pee nonchalantly on a beach with – in the inverse case – 85% of the bathers naked elderly women ogling my ding-a-ling. Or let me say, it would be a function of the amount of beer I would have to drink to drown inhibitions and make me go. But then I would be too plastered to enjoy life. So, I raise my glass of deep ruby red wine in admiration to you and your health and wish you many more exciting pees. Hugs from Rizzo. ! BTW, Jupiter has moved and is now between Orion and Gemini, can you still see it during one of your night time wees?

JEFF A. Good to read that you are still with us, I was a bit worried.
I saw a Turner exhibition in Zuerich, some pictures did not mean much to me, but some moved me so much, I felt like coming home after a long absence and seeing light, that I couldn’t see them properly because my eyes filled with tears. The toilets at the Kunsthaus are a bit old in their fittings as compared to others I encountered in Switzerland, but like the others there, they were impeccably clean. Cheers and best of health to you from Rizzo

Hi EPHEMERAL, you seem to have had problems with constipation a while ago. My wife, too, has such problems. Her doctor told her to eat dried apricots or dried prunes during the day, about half a dozen fruit spread through the day should do. Then she should eat two kiwis per day when they are available, and not forget the water intake and to eat food with plenty of roughage. He then added “There’s nothing like a really good crap!” Those were his words! My wife couldn’t help but giggle.
Because we did a lot of driving these last weeks, sitting still in the car and therefore not moving much, experiencing a different toilet every time we had to go, the danger of constipation was always near. I do not mind. My insides function like clockwork. My wife is the one who suffers. But not this time. We did not have kiwi, but our snacks under way were mostly dried apricots, and did we shit! Try it. Good luck to you from Rizzo

Hello LOUISE, I hope you do not mind me having peeped over Mickey’s shoulder whilst you weed so noisily into that bucket! I took particular notice of your lovely wicked smile which I could see in the mirror you had in front of you. Then I remember you describing your system of signalling your various degrees of need for a wee by crossing your fingers so that only Steve could see. That brings me to your wedding in June. Do not forget to have a good wee before the ceremony starts! It would be awkward to take your vows with your fingers crossed! Hugs from Rizzo

Hi STEVE, I just read about Louise and her friends in their black dresses taking turns to wee in front of you! No wonder Damsel went bright red – from excitement, I gathered. Now here’s a little hint from my past experience: 33 years ago a chap I had become aquainted with took me aside and said that I should not marry the girl I was engaged to at the time. He was right, the engagement had been on the rocks for a while. He said he knew the right girl for me, and then he and his girlfriend took me some thirty miles in his old car and introduced me to his girlfriend’s younger sister. She turned out to be quite tall, about 5’ 9”, dressed in a loose dark blue jumper that hid her figure – she needn’t have hidden it, it turned out to be gorgeous - and dark blue-green tartan trousers. A fair comlexion, short wavy auburn hair, dark blue eyes and an inviting smile that said everything. Cupid did sound work, he must have modernized his equipment and used a sub-machine gun. I was sm! itten; it was love at first sight. We are still together. Ah yes, we had coffee and cake and I had to refrain myself from getting up and hugging this girl, because her parents were sitting right opposite me and next to her on the settee. On the way back to our digs, leaving my newest love behind, my mate’s girlfriend announced that he should step on the gas ‘cause she needed the loo urgently. So did I. I half expected him to pull over at a filling station, but he didn’t and continued all the way home. The two of them lived together in an ancient house on the top floor in two little rooms. In one of them in an alcove behind a curtain they had a pale blue bucket for peeing in. The toilets of “outhouse standard” were in the courtyard next to the cellar. Rats had been sighted there! The place was medieval! The pee-bucket could be emptied into a drain under a cold water tap on the landing at the top of the staircase. Well, we all rushed up those stairs, and the girl excused herse! lf and dashed into the other doorless room. Within seconds a really loud hiss and the drumming of a powerful pee stream into the bottom of the empty bucket became very audible. Soon the drumming turned into a splattering and then into a muted frothy hiss, because they always put some dishwasher detergent into the empty bucket. She finally came back and I asked if I could have a go. Certainly, it’s all yours, she said, and I went. I was amazed that the bucket was filled with foam half way up to the top, and it felt really warm at the bottom from her pee. Usually this would have turned me on, but my thoughts were elsewhere. Soon I was kneeling down drilling a fresh hole into the foam with my stream. Afterwards I volunteered to empty the now heavy bucket into the drain and give the thing a good rinse.
So, dear Steve, I trust that if you keep your eyes open you might help Damsel to find Mr. Right. She, acting the ‘ice queen’, surely must have done so in self-defence to discourage all those who just want a beautiful blonde as a trophy to show off with. Good luck to you and to her too from Rizzo
And DAMSEL, my dear, I enjoy your stories very much, those wees of yours are spectacular, I must say! And I like your nighties! BTW, If you happen to meet a 6’ 2” slim, blue eyed young man of 27, well dressed, engineer (MEng at IC of L), very caring, popular with his mates, witty, loves opera, good food, outdoor sports and.. or maybe, but…. internationally minded, finds the average attitude of people in the UK too narrow-minded and insular, therefore loves London, Europe, the World, only needs to report to his office HQ in Scotland every fortnight or so, then let me know. Hugs from Rizzo

Hi ANNIE, I have just read that you had a birthday! May I add my belated congratulations? I raise my glass to you and wish you the best of health (fat jobbies always on time) and happiness! May you enjoy your boat this summer! May its marine head always work to your satisfaction! Get your children to do the hard work on board! Love from Rizzo

And before I close, I want to say that I enjoyed LAWN DOGS KID’S story of the wees of Kendal and Ellen as well as Emily, who seems to be the most uninhibited when it comes to showing her prowess for a standing hands-off fun-wee. Andrew, give all within reach a hug from Rizzo.

Bye to you all for now, Rizzo

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

TO CHOCO DELIGHTS: Very nice little story. I love the thought of a female trying to be discreet, and letting out those airy, hissy, silant pre poopers. When there is a solid turd inside, what a thought.

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