one day i was taking a walk. all of a sudden i felt an urge to go poop. i had the runs for the past week. the urge had left me and we needed to go to the store. the urge had came back and i ran to the bathroom. right we i got there, i pooped my panties so bad, they stained all of my panties. i still have more accidents everyday. i think i need to wear diapers or some protective panties.

Jimmy: Yes, I've pooped on the floor. The restrooms at my work were all closed, so I went inside a small closet, and took a poo.

I've pooped on the floor before. I was in a public bathroom and I had to poop right away. The toilet was filthy and I didn't want to go anywhere near it so i just pooped right infront of it. :)

Hi all. I'm a 32 yo man from Italy who likes real female diarrhea stories. Please post some, if you have some. Thank you for your support.

I've been an avid reader of this site and I thought I could share a little about myself and my pooping experiences.

I'm a 17 year old black girl from Pennsylvania. My skin complexion is like Jennifer Lopez's (but a little darker). Guys say I have nice breasts and a big booty. I am 5'5'' and weigh at a petite 108lbs.

I'm gonna tell you all what happened to me last week while at school.

It was lunchtime when I had the urge to crap. I was farting up a storm and the smell was drifting throughout the lunchroom. My friends heard me pass gas (little wet farts) and I told them I had to go shit.

When I got to the bathroom, one girl was in the stall silently farting. I heard plops in the water and the smell was horrible. I went to the last stall, pulled down my jeans and pink flowery panties and sat on the toilet. Gas escaped my anus and I felt the poop coming down. It was kinda hot and my butthole expanded as I pushed the semi-hot poop out. It hit the water with a loud thunk and I farted some more. Another turd slipped out while some liquidy poo mixed in with some soft poo poured out. By this time, the bathroom was reeked with foul poo smell. I wiped my butt 4 times and threw the poo smeared toilet paper on top of my thick slimy turds. I pulled my panties and jeans up, washed my hands and left. I never flush because I get a thrill that other girls could see what I did.

By the way, my boyfriend enjoys watching me poo and he always asks me is it illegal for him to use female restrooms instead of male restrooms? I don't think he's going in there to look at the girls, but just to experience girls pooing and peeing. If any of you know the laws about public restrooms, my boyfriend would be glad to know.

PS- as I wrote the last letter to Louise, it brought to mind a story of my wife giving a friend the chance to hear and partially see one of her big time ,all night hold morning pisses

We had stayed over at our friends new condo after spending the day helping them move in and get situated. It was just the 2 of them , so they had purchased a small place. It had one bathroom which was accessed through the master bedroom.
My wife and I slept out on the convertible couch in the living room, and Tim and Lynn had their room.

After a long day of helping them, we were tired, and had consumed several beverages throught the evening to relax.

About 6am the next morning, my wife rolled over , and mentioned having to pee- I reached down to feel her abdominal area, and found a basketball!!! Her bladder was full indeed, and she was ready!

She decided to quietly head through the bedroom where our friends were, and use the facilities to empty this monster tankful.

As she walked through the bedroom with only a soft nightlight, she saw that the door to the bathroom was blocked open with a stack of still packed boxes from the move. I suppose the tiredness of the past day had Tim just stack these boxes just to have them out of the way for the time being.

So, she headed for the open door bathroom, and flicked on the shower light to see. the way this room set up was, Tim would have a sideways view of someone on the toilet from where he slept in the bed.Still thinking everyone was asleep, my wife sat on the bowl, and let one of her loud, hissing, extra long morning pisses go!! I could faintly hear the activity from where I was in the next room, and man, was it a long , powerful piss!

Upon finally hissing and tinkling out the last of the bladderful, she wiped herself, and headed out of the bathroom. Again, thinking she had accomplished this quietly, she was surprised to hear Tim's voice say to her" Wow, you really GOTTA feel better now"! She just responded with a giggle, and said " guess I had to go, huh?" A true understatement!

It must had really cranked Tim's engine to have been able to watch this activity from where he was. No door. Only a few feet away, and to hear that kind of volume and pressure going on is a treat for him since Lynn, his wife is a "dribbler". We have known her for years, and althought she drinks tea constantly, she has a very small bladder, and only "tinkles " when she has to go. My wife's gusher was a new sound sensation for Tim , I'm sure...Mickey....again!

college boi
I've been reading these posts for a while now, but I have never posted anything. Anyways, I am 19 years old and I live in Florida. I have brown hair and blue eyes and I'm considered very good looking. As a matter of fact, people ask me if I model all the time. The university that I go to is very large and there are lots of bathrooms. There are a few that I really like. I like bathrooms that have high traffic, peep holes or reflective tile on the wall (so you can look back and actually see into the next stall). I like to watch young guys shit. I especially like it when they really have to go and you can hear them fart and stuff. The louder the dump the better. I've noticed that different guys wipe differently. Some stand, some sit. Some wipe from behind and some wipe between their legs. By the way, I wipe sitting down and I lift my dick up and wipe between my legs. I'm gonna start telling stories of what happens as they become available.
I've never buddy dumped before, but I have done it over the phone once a few days ago. I gave myself a 2-quart enema and let the other person listen to me have a massive diarrhea-like shit. He could hear my liqui-shits rush from my anus just like I had a serious case of the runs. Wave after wave of noxious juicy diarrhea. I had gas too so i was farting a whole lot. It smelled really bad too. I would have like to have heard him but he didn't have to go then and didnt have an enema kit to clean himself out.
Anyways...gotta run, I'll start posting more often.

Infantry PFC
I know that many of you are able to share your experiences and daily business with the people around you. I dont have that luxury, so how do I go about finding people who don't mind pooping in front of people (women)? you all are like me but I feel so alone in this world from where I stand. what do I do?

Dear friends, I tried to send a post on Thursday trying to express my feelings regarding the tragedy that happened to Rich and Kathy,whom I never even virtually talked to directly, whose postings I very much enjoyed though and who I regarded as as kind people, whose presence I very much appreciated on this site. Rjoggers post were the first one I remembered reading here nearly two years ago. The post got deleted as it was off topic and probably because I added a poem to it. I could have understood if the poem was taken out but was rather sad about the whole message being deleted, as I have to admit, it reinforced my unease about having to communicate this way. However this is not the right time to say goodbye, so youíll have to bear with me a little longer. I remebered that Rich and Kathy had been involved in a car crash with a drunk driver already last autumn and was even more shocked by this tragic repeat of events.

ANNE, MIKE, NOREEN AND LARRY: My deepest symphathies to you, should you read this. Our thoughts are with you and the family. Itís a custom over here to donate money to charity in some cases instead of flowers. If you feel like it and you happen to read this, I would be gla d to hear about a charity that was close to Kathyís and Richís hearts as I would like to pay my respects that way. Please, forgive me should this request be inappropiate. With very best wishes

CARMELITA: My sweet girl! Please, donít let yourself be drowned by the grief you are feeling. I know so much how you are feeling. I lost my aunt, my grandfather and a friend last year in relatively short time and at a certain point you just canít take it anymore. It all came back to me this week, as it was the exact day of my auntís funeral, we lost these great people. I have to regret never having told Rich and Kathy how much I liked their posts here, but you can pride yourself of having added some fun and pleasure to their lives. Take care, dear. My loveXX to you and Nu and best wishes to Jake, Patsy, Renee and the baby and all your lovely friends.

ROBBY, ANNIE, MEGHAN, SARAH: First of all, happy belated birthday, Annie! I am sorry , I did not post on Tuesday, but I am sure you had a nice time with Sir. No, I had no clue you were talking about booze. I thought it had something to do with the loo, lol. I was so eager to hear your travelmate story. Sounds like you had fun and sorry you needed a shower afterwards. If you just wear underwear you should go through the leg not over the panties, you as you probably know. Itís really best when you take a mirror and find out exactly where the pee hole is so you know how to place it....Good fun with further tries. I would LOVE to see the video! My mom first played a bit uninterested. We went for a walk on Friday and had to pee in the woods. She squatted and I did a standing pee with my "tube" against a tree. She watched from behind and said she couldít do it and would probably pee her pants. I told her she just needed some practise. I gave her hers for easter then, althou! gh I was not sure if she would like it. She was suprisingly delighted. She went for a shower and came back stating it worked greatly when she peed without pants into the toilet. She had a big grin on her face but I sensed she did not want to talk a lot about it in detail. I left it to her to do her private practise. She just mentioned she had a few more tries but does not dare to go with pants, yet. Seems like she is having fun though, which is great. I thought about all of you on Good Friday. I already imagined doing the requiem would be very emotional for all of you. It hurt me to read about your pain and made me feel ashamed about sometimes not being able to appreciate life fully the way I should.
Thanks for your story about your the actress peeing in the bucket, Robbie. I very much liked it, especially since I always wondered about a situation like this when I went to concerts. I guess you liked what you saw. Poor thing, peeing with cystitis is quite painful as far as I know. My mom refreshed my memory of a very embarrassing childhood story: I was three (!) and wanted to touch a dog in a shop. The owner told me I mustnít touch it as it wouldnít like children. So I stepped back and said: "Itís a nice dog though, and itís got a nice "Schwanz" (German for either tail or willie); I bet it can do a nice peepee..." I was shocked myself, when I heard the story..LOL! By the way, the term Fraeulein indicated a young woman is not a "Frau", yet, until she is married and as there is no "Herrlein" either it came out of fashion. You just say " (junge) Frau". It sounded sweet though. The animation project is no/low budget, so I am glad I am not part of it as I have got enough ! unpaid work to do. Itís going to be sweet though. I have a very short term job at an animation company at the moment, which is not really my field but at least some cash. You did not really tell the guys from Chicago hope off, did you, Robbie? Drop me the occasional story about some performers, if you like. I love them. I listened to "Carmen" about twenty times during work last week, as I can concentrate better if I donít change Cdís so often,lol. I found it very uplifting in the beginning altough with the sad events and memories it did not help anymore in the end. I had to laugh about a friend saying Wagner is only for dye hard optimists, who need to calm down a bit. Sorry, I guess for somebody who is more knowledgeable than me, itís probably more of a joy. I remeber hearing a wonderful violin concert last year. In the second half the orchestra played Shostakovitch, which most of the audience was finding it rather difficult after the Brahms in the first half. We met some fr! iends from the orchestra in the backstage area afterwards though, and they were all glooming with excitement. Is it exciting to sing Wagner, Robby? Did you ever perform the Flying Dutchman? That theme fascinates me. Yesterday I went to a premiere of a film I desigend and I had to go to the front in a crowded cinema afterwards. The view of hundreds of people from the stage made my stomach upset. I shortly afterwards had to block the only stall and stink the place up behond believe. As if that wasnít embarrassing enough, I had to face the line of impatient women waiting with some familiar faces, coming out. Oh well. Are you in the profession of law as well, Annie? I hope your sudies are going well, girls. I hope I did not move to close last time. I just would prefer to write private mails like Jeff is saying, not neccessarily meeting in person. But thatís the way things are.
I loved your wee outside the block of flats. If you practise a bit you can water a car tyre next time. Lots of lovexxxxxxxx and hugs to all of you. Take care

RICHARD/USA: I guessed you missed Sarahís post, thatís why I dropped you the hint. It took me while to realise that the new posts can be more than one page and you have to check recent posts until you see some you already know. I donít know, maybe that was your reason for missing Sarahís post. Lovely stories as always and yes you are right I definately like to leave my mark at a tree while in the outdoors or wet the dirt on the ground. I also especially like wetting sand or grass.It feels so natural. I thought about you the other day as you stated you sometimes pee secretly with your wife in the shower (doesnít she smell it?) I took a shower the other morning and spread my lips and just wanted to let a good stream rip against the shower curtain ( I like the sound, giggle). Suddenly I realized a shadow moving: My flatmate was on the other side of the curtain getting her cloth from the washing maschine. Thankfully I did not piss yet, as she is not amused by stuff like thi! s either. She does not even like men peeing standing, not knowing her female flatmate pees in all kind of positions when she is not home, Lol. Take care, dear.

DIANE: Best wishes and get well soon!

Love to Rizzo, Jeff A., Steve and Louise (thanks for the hellos), PV (hi sunshine), Tim and Sarah, Ephermal, PRG and all the others

Louise: Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful, detailed wee with me and the rest of the readers!! I enjoyed visualizing every description of what you were doing, and formed a great visual image of your hissing stream as it shot out from between your legs!

The sights and sounds of women urinating have always fascinated me- Yes, it is a good thing to have grown up in a relaxed, natural atmosphere with such subjects. There are so many people "hung up" on the secrecys of relieving themselves. As you know, I have always been around women who are comfortable with pissing in front of me. I have always appreciated and enjoyed it greatly!! It is an added bonus to have found a wife who is the same way, and has a huge bladder as well! Like I have mentioned in past postings, I get excited when other men have the opportunity to hear my wife take a leak, whether outside a partially opened bathroom door( my wife has done that to tease guys...of course with a little encouragement from me!!) or an open situation where her taking her large, long piss in front of someone is a needed thing, and the fact the she might be visible or audible is not a problem for her. Her wees are impressive , indeed!

Again...thanks, Louise- Steve is a lucky guy as well- hold a big one for me, and if you feel like sharing the details, I'm available once more!!! Mickey

Sunday, April 07, 2002

The cover girl: It looks like she was in urgent straits.
As for me, I have been enjoying good regularity. I have been eating a high protein diet with organic roughage. The first thing in the morning after breakfast, I evacuate just like my high school days.
Tony: Your relatives and friends sound like my English cousins when they bunk my place.
Ivey and bigC: When I was in high school and college, women used to complain about my noisy bowel movements and abdominal gas while I sat on the toilet. See my earlier posts. They were the snobbiest women. They were no better they made the most gas noise or they grunted like savages because they were constipated. I used to say to them, "Good for you. Suffer."

I was 8 years old, in the third grade. I'd just been excused to go to the potty a little while before, but could only pee as I sat there. I tried, but could only manage to pass some gas, and my feeling of needing to poop went away, so I wiped and went back to my class room. It was only minutes later when the feeling came back. I raised my hand, and asked to be excused again. My teacher, mrs Smith, was very strict. So, when I raised my hand and asked to be excused again, I wasn't surprised when she told me I'd just been excused, and I'd have to wait for recess, which was in about 45 minutes. I sat there, holdig on, and silently passing gas a little at the time. Then my pencil point broke, and I raised my hand again. Mys Smith wasvery cross with me, but gave me permission to go sharpen it. As I stood at the sharpener,it happened. First came more gas, then I pooped in my panties. I was so embarrased, I didn't know what to do or say. I just stood there as I filled my panties bey ond their capacity. Mrs Smith told me to go sit down. AS I walked back, some poop slid out of the leg hole of my panties and fell out from under my dress onto the floor. I sat down carefully at my desk and mashed the rest against my bottom. It wasn't long before one of the boys saw the poop on the floor and called Mrs Smith. She askedwho had pooped in the floor, but I didn't say anything. I guess I was hoping I could hide my accident until school was over, but Mrs Smith had other ideas. She called Mr Williams. the janitor, and had him take all of the boys out to the bathroom and check their pants. She did te same with we girls. She made us line up and raise our dresses to show her our panties. My accident was obvious as soon as I raised the backof my dress.She sent the others back to the class room and took me to the nurses office. They called my mom and she came to pick me up. I got spanked for having an accident, even thoughI tried to tell my mom that Mrs Smith had caused me to do it. This was probably because It wasn't the first time I'd had an accident in my pants, just the first and only time in school. When I went back to school the next day all of the other kids were mad at me for making them have to have their pants checked like babies, and they teased me for a long time afterwards

Gary USA
This is a story when I was in grade school. I think it was one of the first times I remember clearly when I became interested in pooping. I was still in grade school. When I was young my mother would make me go out and play with the kids. For some reason we didn't drink much and my poop usually got very hard and I was constipated a lot. Well one day my mom and I walked to the A and P for groceries. Earlier I tried to go but coulden't. By the time we got there I felt the poop pushing against my anus wanting to get out. I told my mom I would wait for her near the back door cause I thought I would get a bottle of Coke. Besides I felt that if I continued to walk around I might poop my pants. I remember squatting by the coke machine and feeling the poop start to push out my poop shute. Then I'd suck it back in, then push it out a little again, then suck it back in. Each time it was harder and harder to keep it from coming out. Pressure was growing and I started looking for somep! lace to go where no one would see me. I went out the back and went around to where they had dumped the potatoes but there was too much activity so I went back in and waited. I stood there clamping my buttocks tightly together under the mounting pressure. Finally here comes mother, groceries in hand. She said "Let's go home." As we headed across the parking lot I felt the hard poop push out my bum. I made like I was adjusting my pants. Like my bvd's were riding up my crotch and becoming uncomfortable. Instead I was puling them aside allowing the turd to slip down my pants leg on to the ground. It was big hard and at least six inches long. I don't think my mother knew what was going on because she never said anything. When we got home I went to the bathroom half expecting to see poo in my bvds and down my leg. Nothing. I don't think I'll ever forget that incident.
One more short one. This is also when I was little. I was outside by the back porch playing with several friends when one of them said he had to poop. While I was sitting on the stoop this kid sort of crouches down, then reaches into the back of his pants and removes this big, black, long, rock hard turd. My dog came over and he gave it to him. I don't know what happened to it, but the dog trotted off toward the neighbor's yard with it in his mouth and I never saw it again. Did he eat it or spit it out? I'll never know.
I'm a long time lurker and think this is one of the best forums ever. I love reading the posts. I hope you liked this one. I'm glad you liked the one about my cousin and I in Vermont.

Jason the poop lover. 6am with diarrhea. my stomach hurt a lot. it was brown and water and the pain kept me from getting hard until after i was done. i got hard because it felt good feeling relieved. piss came out as i doodooed.

Jimm, Does not nyour asshole ich like crazy? Mine does if I leave even a little bit on it.

EARL TO Russ: I know that in Grammer and Middle Schools,doors are left off the stalls because the boys supposedly would swing and or play on them,but i can't understand why those in stores and the like would be without doors. I went into a certain well known department store about 7 years ago and went to the Restroom and found that two of the stalls were doorless. No one should have to sit and use the toilet in front of other people. Some people might not be too concerned about privacy,but it is a very private function for others. Oh by the way,i had a bowel movement this morning and it went pretty well.

Bryan: The Movie i mentioned was ''Teachers'' with Nick Nolte and JoBeth williams. The scene is very short but Jobeth follows Nolte into this Boy'sroom and passes these two guys on the crappers. Watch carefully,if you blink,you might miss that part. One of the Boys leans forward and looks toward her in disbelief.

Traveling Guy
I've been in such a hurry when visiting here lately that I completely missed the sad news of RJogger (Rich) and Kathy's deaths until this morning. My prayers for them and my condolences to their friends who were kind enough to tell us. To be killed at the hands of a drunk driver is such a needless waste. Please lend a hand to your local chapter of MADD or SADD or any similar organization that is trying to increase the criminal penalties for this stupidly irresponsible behavior.

Like RJogger, I engage in some trainspotting from time to time, as our British friends would call it. (And there have been plenty of posts here about dumping either on the train or near the railway.) I liked their stories about train crews sometimes getting a good look at Kathy in full crapping mode. Here's a story in their memory.

When I lived near Puno, on Lake Titicaca in Peru, I sometimes ventured over by the tracks to watch the passenger trains arrive from or leave for Cuzco or Arequipa. As I've said here before, people often pooped and peed in the open fields outside town, for lack of other facilities there. As I was trackside in such a field late one afternoon, I really needed a to take a dump, so I found a place that was semi-sheltered from the view of passersby, but exposed to the tracks. Right in the middle of laying a big sausage, the locomotive's rumble surprised me as it rounded the curve. The driver didn't pay me any attention, and the Peruvians looking out from their seats hardly any, either. But the tourists - they were really gawking, having a good look at me with my jeans down, my bum hanging out and, the generous pile I'd done below it. Culture shocked, folks? Hey, when in Rome...

My wife and I recently treated ourselves to a jazz performance and recital by legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp, trombonist Roswell Rudd, and one-of-a-kind performance artist, author, and poet Amiri Baraka. Here's a short poem from Amiri. (Hope I get it right.)

Class Gas

The rich eat more than anyone else
so it stands to reason
that they must be full of shit.

RUSS: Hey dude, how's it going? I sure wish we were buddies also. I'd sure like to let you watch me take a shit and to watch you crapping! Most of those guys I mentioned in my post were not really into this kinda thing. We all, however, were raised on a farm and farm boys are not shy about taking a dump in front of their buddies. It's just a guy kinda thing! Incidentally, I'm 23 years old and live in central Missouri, a long way from the UK unfortunately! Yeah, there are some restrooms that have stalls without doors, but only very few have crappers without stalls around them. Doorless stalls in the USA are found mainly in malls, schools and park and beach front restrooms. I've never had an explanation for it, but in some places it's done to discourage guys from doing drugs in the stalls and to discourage gay dudes from having sex in stalls. In schools, it's done to limit drugs, smoking and vandalism. When I was at high school, the stalls had no doors, but were sti! ll vandalized. They then removed the stalls so you would shit right next to other dudes on a row of crappers. Most of the guys took a shit there, but they did not like it and said it sucked. I always enjoyed it. Hey pal, keep in touch. I hope you've taken some real good dumps! Take care, Justin

I can't take a dump without taking something into the can to read. I simply won't do it, unless it's an emergency. That way I can combine the supremely pleasurable act of dumping with adding to my store of knowledge. My wife and just about every other woman i've talked to thinks that's either gross or weird; like just do your biz and get out. If I have a dump that lasts less than 5 minutes and i get to read only a blurb, I'm disappointed. If I'm loaded up enough to read an entire article (with a stand-up break to allow the blood to rush back to my thighs), then it's a great experience. An empty colon and a full brain. Do any of you women dawdle on the pot reading?

Oh damn. I'm an idiot. The post about me, and growing up, and the 10 kids, etc... that was me. I accidentally forgot to put my name. I have like 2 other recent posts. Don't confuse me with Bryian. He's probably cooler than I am. Bye for now.



just wondered if anyone has seen or been in the stall next to a celebrity like nick from Back street boys, ot Jonathan Taylor-Thomas of Home Improvement or even Leo di Caprio, when the need arises. Sure someone must have some stories to tell??

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
It is w/ great-sadness that I note the passing of Rjogger, and his lovely-wife, Kathy. I miss you two! Especially you, Kathy. Wherever you are, God bless you, as well as your husband, maam. @ least some good has come out of this. After I told my girlfriend Denise about the tragedy, she has totally opened up to me in the bathroom. I mean, she not only allowed me in the bathroom, while moving her bowels, I sat in her lap! She was bearhugging me, from behind, the whole time. I looked through both of our legs, and saw the stools floating in the toilet, saw them drop from her sweet-hole, smelled the magnificent-aroma, the whole nine-yards. I will not say what else I did, as a result of all this excitement. That would not be appropriate for this forum. Looks like our relationship has taken the next step, though, and I love it! A special goodbye to our friends/fellow posters--Rich and his wife. Special hellos to Jane, Lauren (hey girl!), and Roger ! (Angela's b/f, in Texas).



Here's a weird and intrigueing question! Has anyone here ever actually been in a position where they could take a dump while simutaneously writing a post about doing the deed?

Get back anyone whos been fortunate enough to do that, i'd like to hear some stories. If you could humour a new and weird member to this little coven! :-) lol.

Thanks. And as ever, happy shitting everyone.


I went to the movies today and i saw 2 movies...the first movie i saw was clockstopers and there was a sceene where these kids found a watch and they are able to stop time and every thing is frozed and they see a male dog with his leg lifted in the air peeing and hes frozen and they put him in the policewomans car and they start the time again and he pees in there. Then i had 45 minutes to kill before the next movie i saw(2 movies were out and i was undecided what to see so i went and saw both). Then i went to the restroom cause by the time the first movie was over i really had to pee really bad(at one point i felt like i couldn't hold much longer) and i took the middle stall and i peed for ever and it was clear...i sat down cause i wanted to try and poop and a boy about 5 or 6 comes in and hes pooping and it smelled then he left and i checked his stall out and there was some chunks of poop in there..he did flush but it didn't go down all the way. Maybe he had to much junk a! nd had diahreaha. Then i went to the next movie which was National lampoons Van Wilder and there was a sceene where a girl took some colon cleanser and mixed it in a blender with some other junk and she gave it to her boyfriend and he drank it thinking it was a protein shake and then he went to a class to take an exam and he started farting really bad and loud too. Then it got so bad he finished quickly and he just started bubling in the letters on the exam sheet cause he had to poop..then he leaves and starts to head to the bathroom when he gets interupted by some professors and some doctors and they are talking. Mean while he's still farting and then they said...looks like you wanna let something out and then he goes over to a trash can..drops is pants and lets out all this loose sounding shit. Thats it..gotta go, bye

I love taking a long shit outside in the open air. I can now shit without squatting and love the feeling of leaving my turds for other people to see. My logs are usually about 8" long and thick. I usually piss all over them too.

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