Upstate Dave
Good morning to all:
I have a couple of short past stories to post. The first one deals with the girl next door. The second is the finish of hide and pee.
We had just moved to a new place when I was eight years old. I was out in the side yard investagating the property and this girl with long black hair, dark complection and the deepest blue eyes came walking over and stood by the barbwire fence and said hello. I said hello back to her. She told her name was Kathy and she asked me my name and did we just move in. I told her my name was Dave and yes we did just move in.

We both talked and explored around a bit and she told me come over to her house so I followed her over. She introduced me to her mom and grandparents. They were from New York City and they summered up here. Her dad had died when she was a baby so thats why it was just her mom and grandparents.

She gave a tour of the house from bottom to top. The basement was full of neat old stuff. The neatest room was the upstairs bathroom. It was diamond shaped. Black and white marbled floors. The sink and bathtub and toilet were all original. The house was built around 1900. The toilet was the real old two peice jobs. The watertank was high up the wall and the bowl attached to the floor. You had the long puyll chain hanging down from the tank to flush it. The light in the room was provided by a leaded frech glass coupalo up over the center of the room. There was electric fixtures of course.

Kathy went to me and said; Do you want to see this thing work its neat! Sure go ahead and show me. I thought she was going to pull the chain to flush it. Instead she closed the door and lifted up the old oak seats and lifted up her skirt and peed. She finished and then stepped out and pulled the chain. With the loudest rush of water and it splashed and swirled around in the bowl like a wirlpool and rapidly the bowl emptied. The bowl after flushing had very little water in it. She told me you had to be carefull when you pooped. With the splashing of the water your rearend would get wet alot. I dont use this one for that much. I use the one downstairs or outside she said laughingly.
Well it was nice to have a new freind even though I would only see her for the summer. But it was going to be a nice first summer in our new home.

Part two of hide and pee. On the next round I hid up in the woodlot behind Barbie H's barn. Barbie S was the person who was it this time. Jeannie came running to were I was hiding and told me to come with her for she found a great spot to hide. We quickly moved to her spot wich was through some very thick piney type hedges near the side of her house. We crawled underneath them and sure enough there was a open spot behind them that gave complete coverage.

Jeannie goes great spot? Sure is I said back. I havent had a chance in awhile to see you Jeannie whispered to me. I said to her; Yeah I know. Well I have a treat for you. Ok I knew what she ment by that. Ok show me the treat. She pulled down her green shorts and white panties to her ankles and turned her rearend towards me and took a bent standing sort of posistion. She pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her anus wich was starting to expand open. A light brown poop slowly came out with a crackling sound. This was a smoothy fat rope type. She asked; How much was out? I answered back 7 or 8 inches. She gave another grunting push and 5 more inches crackled out. Slowly the weight of this turd was steaching it and a good length of it broke off. Plop on the ground went that peice. She grunted again and the other peice moved and then left her hole and droped to the ground on top of the other one. She bent down a little more then peed all over the poop that she just did. She! left quite a puddle. How is my hole? Clean? No, I told her. She pulled a tissue from her shorts pocket and told me to wipe her. I did. She pulled up her panties and shorts and said that was a big treat! Sure was. Our spot was so good that her sister Barbie S called all home free and had to be it again.

To Jimm: I liked your do you wear boxers or briefs and do you get skid marks cause you don't wipe?

To James: I liked your story

To Jacob G in Florida: I liked your story about your friend dumping in your bathroom and you were in your closet and got stuck in there awhile cause he had to poop..i would have opened the door and just walked in maybe...or do what you did and he let you in

I like that pic today..looks like shes got heavy staining in her undies or that she didn't make it to the toilet in time

i pooped last night had a bunch of hard logs no more then 5". thats it..bye

Hi I'm from Australia and have posted here a couple of times...but I wanted to tell you about this interesting little movie that was shown on Tropfest recently, it's a short film festival. I just HAD to write in and tell you all about it...

It was about this young lady that visits her boyfriend and she realises she has to go and do a huge poo. She goes to the toilet and you get to hear all the weeing and farting and plopping sounds of her doing both number one and twos (by this time I'm absolutely wide-eyed with amazement they are showing this on TV, mind you). You can just see her face straining, nothing else. Anyway she wipes her bum and then she gets up and flushes the toilet.

This is where the film gets really interesting...this woman looks in the toilet and is shocked to see her big poo still floating in the bowl...she flushes again and shes saying "Shit!" quietly to herself. She then is sort of panicking about how she can get rid of this huge poo and then she spies a bucket in the corner made of metal. She fills it up with water and then sort of clangs it on the floor, and her boyfriend hears the noise and comes to the door and asks her if she is okay. She says "Yes, I am fine". Then he goes away again and she pours the water down the toilet bowl and looks and exclaims "Shit Shit SHIT!!!" because the poo is still there.

Then this woman looks at her handbag and she has this idea, because her boyfriend is still waiting for her and she figures she better hurry up...she is embarrassed to think he will see she has done such a big poo in his she grabs the handbag and she opens it and she gets some toilet paper and lifts the poo out of the toilet and wraps it in toilet paper and puts it in her bag!!! (You get to see the poo and I tell you what it looks real to me).

Then she walks out and says "I'm ready, let's go now".

Then they are walking down the road and then this man steals the lady's handbag in a snatch and run!!! She has this really queer expression on her face - it's a mixture of shock that he has taken her bag, money etc, plus the queasy embarrassed feeling when he opens her bag he will find her poo.

(I know this sounds bizarre but this movie actually was on Australian TV at 11pm at night!!!)

Anyway the next scene shows the lady and her boyfriend in the police station. She has reported the bag stolen and the constable says to her, "What were the contents of the bag?" And this woman is just standing there looking COMPLETELY embarassed, more like mortified to say anything!!!

Then it shows the thief running through a park. He drops to the ground behind a tree and opens this lady's bag. He puts his hand in and pulls out the poo wrapped in toilet paper!!! He says "Oh GROSS!" and throws the poo on the ground. And then he chucks the whole handbag on the ground as well and runs off.

The last scene in the film shows the lady and her boyfriend walking through the same park. The boyfriend spots the bag and the lady goes up (tentatively, mind you) and checks the contents of the bag. She looks so relieved as she finds not only her money and stuff still there but that the poo is gone. I think I got the feeling the whole way through this film that all she was worried about was not having anyone discover her poo.

Then we see the lady walking off arm in arm with her boyfriend - and the poo is still there, it is stuck to her shoe all squished up in the toilet paper...

I am still shocked! What a film...

I want to tell you about the little adventure me and Alex had last night. Me and Alex were both at burger king eating like crazy because we were both hungry as hell. So we both go out to the mall to get some shopping done. Well as were was leaving the mall because it was about to close I need to shit bad. Well me and Alex waited for all the cars to drive off which took about 10 minutes or so. With and parking lot, I go into this far corner of this store wall where I can get a little privacy. I walk up to it and I check to make sure no one else is around. I slowly pull down my jeans just above my knees like on my thigh and turn my place my back right on the building for support. I let out some good long piss and I stop. I keep letting out these little squeaker farts that are echoing. I push and this easy sausage like shit just oozes out of my ass and lands on the concrete with a thud. I have to admit I was getting very excited about shitting like this. I then ask! Alex for something to wipe with. She gives me a tissue and I clean my self good. I pull up my jeans and walk away. I cant wait until someone stumbles upon my little creation.

Me and Alex went to visit our big beautiful friend still in the hospital today to see if we can cheer her up. We arrive at the front desk and the attendant tells us which room she is in. We go to the run number and I knock on the door. Then I hear some banging so I open up the door. I bought her favorite book so she could have some kind of entertainment. Its Some kind of automotive repair book with four thousand pages. She reads it all the time back t her house. She was pale as ever. She was able to whisper barely. She said she had lost most of her voice. She said she had been wanting somebody to come and empty her bedpan but she lost her voice and she cant get out of bed. She says she tries but cant muster up the strength to do it. So I go and find a nurse who empties out her bedpan. Wow! It was full to the brim with shit. Iím not shitting yaí. The nurse goes oh dear Iíll empty this right away. She asked why you didnít call she for a nurse. She went oh! no voice huh. Sorry. She came back with a clean bed pan and placed it under Dianeís ass. Well me and Alex were talking when we heard splattering. We looked at Diane and she was pointing to the bed pan. Then all of a sudden we see yellow and brown overflowing and causing stains on the bed. Diane was like a faucet full of pee and enough diarrhea to fill her house with. I get another nurse and he goes and empties the bedpan and comes back and changes the sheets and wipe her off with a sponge.

At this point Dianeís face is red. She is embarrassed as hell. She lies back down and points her finger for us to come over to her. She says, (I have no control over my body, I try to stop it but Iím to week. No Iím acting like a f (fill in the blanks)g fool). I said no your not. Your very sick you can help it. Then we hear another splattering noise and Diane is filling her bed pan again. Where in hell was she getting all this piss/shit from I thought to myself. Then we he her groaning. She fills up another pan with lots of diarrhea and piss. I found the same nurse again. He came back and asked Diane if she was ok. Diane shook her head yes and he repeated the process again. Changing her sheets and wiping her off. So I try to talk to her but her face gets red. She said she is angry that she has to be seen in this state. I said think nothing of it. She laid back down then her eyes stuck like she was in some kind of trance or something. I asked her whatís ! wrong she said she is having that pain again in her chest. Thatís the one thing about Diane, when she is ever hurt or in pain, she keeps quiet about it, she doesnít scream so itís hard to tell whatís going on. She as tough as nails but under all that deep, deep, down under all 6 foot 1 inch of her is a very warm person. So I get another nurse and I tell her about the pain Diane is having. She asks Diane if she wants some more morphine. She shakes her head yes and the nurse increases her dosage. Then you see a relieved look on her Dianeís face and Diane shakes her head signaling the nurse to stop. Diane points to the doorway signaling us to leave. I look at her blue eyes and they were filled with anger. She was serious, she strained to say this and told me and Tina not to visit. I tell her ok. We will leave. I told her I would call her later. When I got out of the hospital I just started crying uncontrollably. I felt so sorry for her. Just the presence of me a! nd Alex there having witnessing her having all those accidents probably embarrassed her so much. She was humiliated I hope she gets better soon. Things are so different at home without her. I hope she gets better soon )):

I have a question and I hope somebody here can answer this. What is the (normal or average anyway) capacity of the human bladder? How much poop can the digestive system hold. I was surprised when she managed to fill and actually fill the 2 bedpans worth of diarrhea and piss. I didnít believe what I was seeing. Is it possible for someone to be able to overload a bedpan twice like that? Iím just very curious.

This morning at work I went to the men's toilets that are not used a lot. I was wearing a white blouse under my navy blue jacket and matching skirt which was above my knees. Under it I had a pair of white thong back knickers. I left my jacket on my chair and I went to that men's room. I thought it was quiet so I sneaked in there and yeah the room was empty. I went to the urinal on the left and I lifted my blue skirt up and I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my knickers and I pulled them down. I just got out of them and I held my skirt right up so anybody behind me would see my bare bum and legs. I did not aim my wee with my fingers but I just stood over the urinal and I let it rip. My pussy just burst with a big hissy gusher and it felt really good. I just had my legs bent at the knees a little bit and my feet were over 2 feet apart. My wee gushed for over a minute and I dripped for a bit longer after that. I had a tissue with me and I wiped my pussy with it and my right! leg because I just got a dribble running down to the back of my knee. I threw my tissue in a toilet bowl, put my knickers back on, washed my hands and I sneaked back out again. giggle I felt daring and it was exciting hearing my heeled shoes on the tiled floor in the men's. I like it every time.
I know I have done it like that a lot of times guys but I hope you liked it.

STEVE-O - I pee standing up a lot. If you want you can read my old letters on the old pages, because I say how and where I do it. I had a little story about a wee this morning you will like. Did you read it?

ANNIE AND ROBBY - Hi!!! Hey I liked the story of the travelmates on the patio! Well Annie, Sarah and Meghan, you have just had one go at it and you know how it is hard work getting it just in the right place. I know because it happened like that with me when I first tried it out. I bet you all need to practice with them a lot more and you will get to know how the travelmate feels when it is in the right place. I do not want to sound like I am being rude but I bet it will help if you have seen your wee hole in a mirror and then you will know better where the stream is coming from. If you lie down on your back and open your lips up with a mirror there you will see your wee hole above your vagina. If you know what you are like down there it will help you get the travelmate in the right place and be sure your outer lips snuggle around the cradle. I bet you will find that helps.

PV - Hi girl! Oh yeah, it is like my sister wrote in her letter, you would be great in Spain! There are lots of places to have a wee.
Hey take care on your travels eh?



Carmalita : Your stories deserve a web page all to themselves !
I'll tell you of my most exciting experience which happened about 15
years ago. I used to do a lot of travelling in my job and a lot of it was in the west coast of Scotland through magnificent scenery. One day was a warm beautiful one, and I decided to stop and have my flask of
coffee & a sandwich. I pulled off the main road, and parked under trees ( to stop the car from getting too warm inside ) and sat by the riverside enjoying the view and tranquility. Now I'd just finished my lunch, and I heard another car pull up accross the road. Two fabulous looking women got out and ran accross the road to where I was sitting.
( Bare in mind that my car was hidden ) One was around 40ish and the other was a few years younger. The older one had a wonderfull figure with a Dolly Parton size bust. She pulled her panties off and bent down beside the tree opposite me. It was then she spotted me with my flask.
Undeterred she simply said " oh hell, do you mind if we do our toilet here, we're bursting ? " " Not at all " I said. " Hang on and I'll get back to my car to give you some privacy " " Oh I don't mind if you watch I'm too desparate to worry about a little thing like that "
I stayed put, and the younger woman joined her and soon I was treated to the glorious sight of two beauties having a pee right in front of me. Well... Next a loud fart erupted from the older one ( Mary her name was )and a turd started creeping out of her bum. She didn't grunt, but
you could see on her face she wanted to. It was MASSIVE. Her friend had finished her pee, and also started to shit. I could smell them, and I was in heaven. Mary had dropped about 6 turds, she wiped her arse with kleenex The younger woman also dropped a huge turd. Not as big as Marys, but big nonetheless. She also wiped her bum with kleenex. They were just about to leave when Mary spoke again " I hope you enjoyed the show " I hadn't realised it, but I'd a HUGE bulge in my trousers clearly visable to them. " You bet I did " was all I could think of to reply. I was just too dumbfounded to say anything else.
After they left and drove off, I went up to their piles, and looked more closely. Marys first jobbie WAS, in fact gigantic ! at least 18 inces long and 3 inces thick. Her other ones were quite long also. Her younger friends first jobbie would've been about 14 inces long, but it was quite thin. She had dropped about 8 turds in total. Nice firm ones.
There was a really heavy smell coming from the two piles of poop, and I wished I could take them with me. I stood watching the steam coming from them, and decided to have a pee. Which I did all over the poops.
I drove past there a couple of days later, and again stopped to have my lunch. The strange thing was The gigantic poop of Marys had been broken into three bits, and it looked for all the world like fingerprints all over them !!

Hello again.

I'd like to be very serious firstly. Although I did not know htem personally, I am deeply shocked at the passing of Rjogger and Wife (Rich and Kathy. My thoughts are with their family and friends at this most difficult time.

Anyway, life must go on..

I have two trips to the toilet recently, regarding pooing. The loads were both simialr in size and nice and firm. Just felt good letting it all out!
For one of them, I stood over the toilet, but crouched slightly and just let it all out. It felt even better in that position.
Its my 18th birthday coming up soon, so hopefully I'll manage to have a good poo.
I've noticed with some of the new, male posters. They have all been interested in toilet activities for a while but have all thought they were the only ones interested until they found this site. Well, thats what I thought as well until I came across this site last year.

DIANE NY - Hope you get well soon. Take care

JAMES - I also dream of what it would be like if I got the chance of experiencing a hot woman pooping. I always find the thought of a woman pooping a massive turn on.

Thats all for now. Keep up the great posts everyone.

Hi all,

This is the opening installment of my previous post -- which got lost in cyberspace, while the third part posted twice! Argh, this system is drivig me nuts!


Dear Friends,

First of all, before posting replies, I must say what a shock, what a terrible, saddening shock it is, to know our dear friends Rich and Kathy are no longer with us. To lose their lives in an Easter road accident is a waste of special and wonderful folks, who will be missed greatly by their friends here. I'm off on a post-easter vacation of my own soon, and am keenly aware of the dangers, but to lose someone you know is awful. Thank you for posting this difficult and painful news, Anne, Mike, Noreen and Larry. We feel we know you too, and it's tragic for such fun to end this way...

DAMSEL -- I know how you'll feel when your sis weds, alone in a strange way... And being odd-one-out is never easy. Please don't grab a man just to make the feeling go away, though! And don't pass up a terrific holiday to man-hunt. You can do that on a hobby-basis, daily! Yes, be discrete in Spain, the first time I went to the beach to water the sand I was very discrete and nobody knew what I was doing. It's only later that I've had the nerve to do any of it in an open or obvious way.

MEGHAN & SARAH S: Thanks for your delighted comments on my beach adventure -- if anyone has controlled their bladder for better than a shot every ten minutes or so over a space of hours, I'd like to know! Hey, great news on the Travelmates, I'm reading up toward your adventure on the patio... I'm off on a vacation with some ladyfriends in the Sunshine State, so keep your fingers crossed, we could end up having all kinds of adventures in the coming weeks! Hugs from Aus.

STEVE -- Hope you and Louise enjoyed your trip -- reading up to that point! Yes, indeed, there's much resistance to new ideas, and my experience to date has largely been one of women being amazed and excited to discover they have always had the ability to urinate upright. All they gotta do is give it a whirl, and while few will ever do so exclusively, it provides that extra option when it's needed or simply wanted.


To which I'd just like to add:

DAMSEL -- The "fifth member of [your] team?" You know, I'm the one blushing now. That's so sweet, so kind, I wish more than ever I could be there to strut my stuff with you, Louise, your Mom and Steve in Spain. I'm sure it would be a tremendous time for us all, and what a thrill it would be! You're a total sweetheart, you know that?

LOUISE -- what a passing you had! I wish I had more time to describe it, but I have to hit the hay, it's nearly midnight and I fly out on vacation with some gals up north in the morning -- I'll let you know what develops!

All my love,


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to Everyone,

I was all prepared as usual to chat here about toilet matters and hope everyone is well and happy etc. Then I saw the very sad news from Annie, Mike, Noreen and Larry about Rich and Kathy,(known to us here as RJOGGER & WIFE.)
Firstly, let me thank Mike and friends for telling us what has happened, and appreciating that we would want to know why they suddenly disappeared. Perhaps there are other people we no longer hear from due to being unable to post, although I sincerely hope nothing untoward has happened to them, and that they are alive and well.
It is very thoughtful to let us know about RJogger and wife, and I'd like to express my condolences and best wishes to all their family and friends. The circumstances were tragic, which only deepens the sense of loss and sadness.
Few, if any of us have ever met through the medium of this excellent forum and yet there is a bond of friendship between so many of us that is probably due to the fact we share such personal and usually very secret thoughts about our bodily functions and interests.
It would therefore be the wishes of our dparted friends to continue that tradition and let The show carry on.
I can't say better than Punk Rock Girl when she advises everyone to be aware that life is often briefer than we expect, and that we should all be kind to each other as sometimes we don't have the opportunity to make amends with people we have fallen out with.
May they be at peace, and all their family and friends be able to forgive and accept the circumstances of their departure, and rejoice in their lives and be as loving and kind as they were.

- - - - - -

To NOEL, Hi, and good to hear from you again. It is good to know you're not ambivalent about your two great interests, the Spiritual and the bodily. When on occasions I've been in such intimate proximity to a friend and sharing the oneness I felt as we performed our toilet functions, I felt so uplifted and connected, it was as though I really understood how to love my neighbour as myself.
Not DOING something to another person, but BEING with him as both of you do something so natural and without disgust or embarrassment.
In other words acceptance and admiration.

The philosopher Carl Gustav Jung who pioneered the psychoanalytical approach of identifying the Spiritual aspect of the human psyche once had a dream in which he saw a collosal turd fall from the sky and demolish a cathedral in Switzerland.
Naturally, he was reluctant to relate this to anyone, as it would seem both disgusting and blasphemous as he believed the stool to have been Divine in origin. He rationalised it as having been an indication that the power and majesty of the Divine was so much greater than that of the established Church, that even such a thing as what dropped from above was vastly superior and spiritual than any institutions, however highly motivated which can be subject to man's ego.
Perhaps there is an element of awe and respect when I hear the sound of a large one dropping that deep in my unconscious registers with me the same way.
I've tried to word all that so as not to cause offence, but it was difficult to do so and so I hope it is acceptable to all.

Regarding toilet paper, Noel, I take your point of not wanting to find that toilet paper you've used to absorb any leakage and placed in your underpants, suddenly emerges from the bottom of your trousers, having slipped down! If it did do that, it would probably be because it was clean, whereas if it was dirty, it would be kept in place.
Nowadays, as I'm usually able to wipe myself much better than when my stools were always messy, I don't need to do that, but on the many occasions I did put a piece of TP between my buttocks, it saved me a lot of dirty underpants!

The other night before going to bed, my arse was itching, so getting undressed, I went to the toilet and scratched the outer skin of my crack with TP, but must have been too vigorous as it started bleeding.
There was no pain, just itchiness, so I must have had a sharp fingernail. I dabbed the area a few times and put antiseptic on some paper, and left it there, pulled up my underpants, and put on an old pair of pyjamas I'd worn as a boy, in case the sheet got any blood as I lay in bed.
Anyway, no further problems, the paper was a bit red, but I expected that, and my shits wrre unaffected by any localised soreness.
What I don't understand about pyjamas is that there is no fly button, or have they improved since these ones were made? I remember getting up and going to the toilet, always careful to wrap myself in a dressing gown as I'd be exposing myself on the way, especially if I had an erection at the time! Have others worn thes very open type of pyjamas?

JACOB G. Good to see you back! I hope your friend was able to have a shit later, but if he felt it there and couldn't do it, I wonder how he felt sitting on a bicycle saddle. Painful, I'd have thought as the saddle would surely push his shit back up his rectum.
Glad you were able to watch him on your toilet having a go, though!

RUSS, I too was ABSOLUTELY amazed to find out that there actually are toilets in the USA with no doors, and that guys are often happy to use them, be seen on them and chat to their friends whilst shiting.
But, it's true! As you say, it would be unimaginable in the UK.

A recent visit to my favourite public toilet was eventful, not for me, but to the two guys arrested by the police for injecting with heroin. As sometimes happens when I'm in there, I hear two guys go in the one cubicle, and these two were either reported to the police from a man in the stall who would have heard them talking. (Usually people who go in a stall together seem oblivious to the fact that even talking quietly they can be heard) or the police have the place under surveillance for such activities. Anyway I stayed in my cubicle and heard the whole questioning routine, examination of their pockets, and the arrest with handcuffs as they were taken away.
Perhaps word will get around the drug-using community to avoid the place, or at least be a lot more dscrete about it!
The last time I was in there some years ago and there was any police activity was when when two guys were observed to be passing messages between each other under the cubicle partition.
I think the police's priorities have changed a lot in recent years.

All best wishes, P. Plop Guy

Mark B
To Noel (p 869) I'm 47, Live in London, England.
I first pooed on a piece of paper on the bathroom floor and watched in a mirror when I was about 17. It was just like the experience Russ described (p 869). This interest stayed with me over the years (it doesn't go away) but I only indulge it in a low-key sort of way. Mainly just by reading stories on this website, and by sometimes going to the toilet in less-orthodox and more stimulating ways or places than just 'pants down, sitting on the toilet, and wiping'.
I never tried pissing myself as well though until recently.
I have a completely separate sex life and have never wanted to combine it with getting wet and messy. The toilet interest is more auto-erotic and something I like to do when I'm on my own, relaxed, and really need to take a crap and can't hold it in much longer!

Regards to all,

Saturday, April 06, 2002

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