Has any girls here ever pooped on the floor?

It was at school when I was on the monkey bars in the school playground. My friends and I were telling these boys some jokes. Then one of the boys told me a joke. He said: "What do you call this?" and he lifted up my skirt. I had pink butterfly undies on, and everyone laughed at me. It was horrible. I peed all down my leg, it was so embarrassing. I had to get some disposable undies from the school office. From now on, people call me "butterfly girl".

EARL I just dookied about twenty minutes ago. It came out pretty easy,but i hate it when i sit on the toilet and i hold my penis inside the bowl but pee still seeps out. Just thought i'd share another of my nasty fantasies. In my fantasy,i am on the toilet and a bunch of pretty ladies come and stand on each side of me and they grin and giggle at me and after my initial protests,i give up and just lean forward and rest my chin you know how people do when they sit on the toilet sometimes? I wonder if toilet fantasies are as common as,say shower or other types of fantasies? I've been having these toilet fantasies for many years and they seem to arouse me quicker than some others,i don't know.

To Chad:

Did you ever use an enema for your constipation?
Just curious to know.


Diane: Sorry to hear you are deathly sick, plus loss of your family. Either way, I will pray for you. It is all catching up to you. You will weather it, eventually. I used to ne sick like that in grammar school. No fun at all.

Punk Rock Girl
Though I never actually corresponded with RJOGGER and WIFE (Rich and Kathy), I enjoyed their posts, and they seemed like very nice people. I'm relatively new to this site, so I know I wasn't as chummy with them as many of you probably were, so my sympathies are with any and all of you who felt close to them through this forum. And my heart goes out to their family and friends. I hope they can find a way to deal with and come to peace with this tragedy.

It's a reminder to us all, as was the September 11 disaster, that we never know when we may leave this world, and therefore evry moment is precious. Be sweet to one another, be kind to one another, and tell the people you love that you love them. Because if you don't now, it may be too late tomorrow.

Rich and Kathy: I hope, wherever you are, that you are together and at peace. :)

Peace to all.


This is my first post, but i've been looking at the site for a while.. I'm 18 y/o guy. It's strange, cause i've had this odd interest for a long time, and thought i was wierd or something... anyways, I just got done taking a dump.. i stood upright in front of the toilet and just let it come out. It felt good, i got pushed out 3 pieces of crap, but then one got stuck in my crack. I sat down and it fell out. I sat for a while, and pissed. When i finished pissing, i pulled up my underwear and flushed. I hardly ever wipe my butt, only sometimes if i'm out and about. Plus i like to poop without wiping. I don't always do that, i shower after taking a dump alot of the time, but it's fun to just pull up my briefs when i'm done. Also doing it standing up can be enjoyable.
Normally, i dislike briefs, but if i don't wipe, i wear them instead, because boxers crawl up my crack. Peace out.

Upstate Dave
Morning to all:
First of all Im sorry to hear the loss of two very specail people here. RJOGGER and WIFE will be missed here very much. I want to thank you Mike, Annie, Noreen, and Larry for comming on to the forum and letting the group know. You are great friends for doing this. I pass my sincere condolenses to you and the family.

Im going to make it breif today and jusy want to say a welcome to the new posters and feel comfortable to keep on posting here. Ivy just by posting here you seem to be getting over your shyness. High school days can be tough. Ive been there but I made it through and the part of it is that the ones that gave the problems then in most cases that Ive met after high school have grown up and have said that were sorry what they did and were eager to find about what had been going on scince then. Well Im going out now catch everyone later. Upstate Dave

I just got the terrible news about the passing of RJogger and his wife. I'm at a loss for words. Gary and I send our condolences to the families and friends of Rich and Kathy. Anne, Mike, Noreen & Larry: If any of you happen to lurk around this site (and it's perfectly understandable if you don't), please pass along our best wishes to their families.

It was a quiet, sad Easter, as my thoughts were mostly with my father, who passed away at this time a year ago. I also thought of Jeff A. and Diane NY on their losses.

Diane NY: I hope you get well soon.

Hellos also to Jeff A., Diane NY, Carmalita, Nu & the gang, Sarah S & Meghan, Robbie & Annie, Rizzo, Kim & Scott, Buzzy, Althea, Ephermal, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid (and Ellen too), Pico Tamale, John VT, Meredith & Amanda, and everyone else.

I had a quick story that I hesitate to post at this time. But I'm sure that RJogger and Kathy would want us to go on with life. Besides, the post might not make it without some content.

Yesterday I started to feel the effects of Easter feasting, with huge brunch and dinner meals. I was on a client site visit, and after lunch I started to feel a slight urge to poop. I was heading back to the office, and I thought by the time I was back I could take care of my urge. However, I was stuck in traffic, and I started to feel stomach cramps and a desperate urge to poop. I pulled off into a hotel, went inside and dashed to the ladies room, just in time.

I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and white panties, and sat. Immediately I pushed out a mega-nasty wave of soft poop, beginning with a tremendous thud and topped off by a booming fart. I immediately flushed the toilet while seated, but the poop smell was strong. I released another nasty wave of soft poop. Again, I flushed the toilet. At this point I stopped pushing waves of poop and went into soft serve ice cream dispensing mode, pushing piece after piece of semi-soft poop in one continuous motion. This went on for a few minutes, as I flushed the toilet while seated three more times. Then I felt a strong stomach cramp and pushed out a massive nasty wave of soft poop that almost displaced all of the water. I flushed the toilet, repeated the same nasty wave and flushed the toilet while seated again. I pushed out one more mini-wave and was finally done. I wiped, flushed a final time and saw a few poop stains at the bottom of the bowl, plus the strong! poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Thanks Geoff for the support. I know you people here got my back. The torment I had been receiving from people about it has finally stopped, and hopefully for good. I don't really have any good stories. No one will let me watch them. I wish I had one of the ladies in this site to watch. Many of them (I especially like Carmalita and Alana) sound very exciting. If anything exciting does happen, you all will be the first to know.
As for myself, I grew up in a family of 10 kids. At one point, all 10 were at home, one of them with a husband, and our parents. That was 13 people!! And we only had one bathroom. It must have been nuts. I was in diapers at the time. I'm 18 now, and only 3 kids are left at home. Growing up, if someone was in the shower, people just walked in to use the bathroom. I remember how I used to try to watch my sister on the toilet through a small hole in the curtain, while I was taking a shower. I still remember one time, I was like 8 or so, and I was taking a bath. My sister came in, and sat on the toilet. I couldn't see anything, but I could distinctively hear her pooping. It was amazing. Also, I remember one time, watching her, and seeing her lift up one side of her butt, and I swore I could see some poop just drop off from her butt. Those are the stories I can remember from growing up.

G'day everyone,
I am a 15 year old student from Melbourne, Australia. I was watching the first episode of australian survivor and the contestants are limited to 2 squares of toilet paper a day which is a sign that they would be leaving a lot of skidmarks in there undies. One of my favourite places for peeing is outside in the garden, especially in the cold winter months when steam rises from it. One good solution to having the urge to poop is to drink coffee and about 10 minutes after that I normally have to go. One thing that really excites me is women pooping which keeps me awake most nights because I fantasy too much about being with a hot woman when she does one. My cousin renata who lives in perth recently flew here for a holiday is a year and a half older than me and has pretty looks regularly poops when she's at my house so after she's finished I walk in and sniff hard

To Outhouse Scott: That is YUCK..I'd jump up in a minute

To the unnamed poster: About toilets in the open..i liked your story and what movie was it with the foxy lady seeing the boys on the toilet?

To Justin: I liked your story about that pic being taken of that guy on the toilet

That looks like a big woman on the toilet..she's probably passing a huge turd now :)

Sorry to hear about Rich and Kathy( RJOGGER and WIFE).

how many of you girls can pee standing up?

Will/Ivey. It can be frustrating when someone expresses anoyance at the smell of a fart or a motion but, at the end of the day, they're entitled to do that. In my book, truly brave and honourable people admit that it's them when they make a smell, apologise and say "I'd better go to the toilet." It's easier though to be not so brave - or so candid.

Melanie. It sounds as though you did a real panbuster in the dorms after college. Had you been constipated? Obviously things had got to a stage where you needed a poo real bad.

Tina & Diane. I'm sorry to hear that Diane isn't well and I hope she's soon much better. It sounds as though she picked up a nasty infection whilst travelling. These bugs are a nuisance and it takes a while to get over them. I expect her stomach and bowel functioning won't be back to normal for a few days at least so I'd be prepared for some accidents.

Anne, Mike, Larry & Noreen. I am exremely sorry to hear about the tragic and unexpected deaths of Kathy & Rich (RJogger). Wonderful, kind and candid people they will be greatly missed not only by you but by most of us who post regularly on this forum. May they rest in peace and rise in glory. I know you won't feel much like posting for some time and you will, understandably, have other priorities. However, in the long term I think one of the most fitting tributes you could pay to Kathy & Rich would be to continue the tradition they established of posting their toilet experiences on this forum.

Tony & Chocolate Delight. I think many males like the idea of women needing to go for a motion although few admit to it. I'd always been sort of interested but it was my Aunt Anne's visits that really got be interested. Only once, however, did she leave any evidence of her peformance and that was when she'd been rather constipated and spent a long time on the loo trying to get a motion out. I remember it being very dark in colour and looking as though it had been really hard.

Did any one see 'Survivor' on ITV last night? One of the immunity challenges involved eating some rather strange things and there were some references afterwards to people probably needing to go for a shit. I wouldn't be surprised if several of them had to. Also there was a bit where they were discussing one of the contestants having farted in the night. One of the others made the point that he'd 'been to the toilet' the previously day, thereby implying that it wasn't him!

Best wishes to everyone, with special greetings to Robby & Annie.



Chocolate Delight: As Tony mentioned I also have listened in on my Mother's toilet activities for some time (She is the only female in the house).

Usually I wait until the door is closed then try and carefully sneak upto near the door. Many times I have heard all the sounds, pushing, tinkles, plops etc. Unfortunatly my Mother usually puts toilet paper on the water before sitting down to mask the sound of her poo (she doesn't do it when weeing) so as of late I haven't heard and nice plopping and kersplunking sounds.

Traveling Guy
Yesterday I saw a guy with his jacket unzipped in the spring warmth and, underneath it, a blue tee-shirt with the symbol for a unisex restroom, emblazoned in white. (That's the one with both the standing male and the standing female in a trangular skirt, side by side, separated by a white line.) It was the first time I'd ever seen this symbol on a piece of clothing. Is this a way of advertising that you're bi? Can someone clue me in, please?

Chocolate Delights
I have just read Tony’s latest post relating to his observations over the years. It is most reassuring to meet someone with the same experiences. Please keep them coming.
I must tell you of one recent experience I had at work with a female colleague. Her name is Liz and she sits next to me in an open office area. She is in her late thirties and very attractive. Although she is very outgoing she is very coy about her toilet habits, she never farts or admits needing to go to the toilet.
On this particular occasion, she had just finished eating a beacon roll from the tea trolley at around 10 o’clock in the morning. I was about to go down to the laboratory where I was commissioning a new design and I asked her if she could come down and copy some software I needed. She agreed and she went first to make a start. I followed about a minute later. When I got down there she was at a terminal copying the software on to some floppies. There was the distinct smell of a pre poop fart, the sort you associate with a really solid motion. Neither of us said anything, but I knew exactly what she needed. I thought I would burst a blood vessel. When she had finished, she handed me the disks and said quietly “ I’ll help you load them, but I must do something first”. I must admit my heart was pounding, I thought fast and said “Oh I must go and get a clean lab coat from the lockers in the cloakroom (next to the toilets). I walked down the corridor with her to the cloakroom ! where as predicted she left me to go into the ladies. I hung around and timed her. She was in there for 7 minutes. I then discreetly followed her back to the lab where we continued our work.
I am not sure if she suspected anything. However I would have loved to have seen her performance with that huge solid turd sliding slowly from her bottom. Since then I have noticed that she regularly leaves her desk around the same time each day to go to the toilet, which is just around the corner from us. She is normally gone for around 6 minutes.

Jacob G in Florida
Hello everyone. It?s been a while since I?ve posted. But as usual, I?m here everyday. I want to send a special hello to Annie and Robby. Thanks for remembering me in some of your hellos. I replied a few weeks ago, but the first half of my post was cut off. Also, hello to Plunging Plop Guy. Here is my story. It happened about three weeks ago.

After work, I usually fix a snack and check my e-mail, then change to go jogging or biking. I had just finished checking my e-mail and was about to change when I saw a friend drive up in front of the house. I?ve written about this friend before. He?s the one that once pooped outside in my backyard. I?ve also written about how I?ve enjoyed listening to him on the toilet. I walked out front to meet him and told him I was about to go biking. I have an extra bike, so I invited him to come along. I told him I needed to change, so we walked inside the house. As I was shutting down the computer, I saw him walk past my dining room table, pick up the newspaper, and walk toward my bathroom. I asked him what he was doing and he said he needed to take a dump. The only way to get to my closet, so I could change clothes, is to walk through the bathroom. I said, Wait! Let me get my clothes out of the closet so I can change. He told me to hurry and we both walked into the ba! throom. I went into the closet and started looking for my biking clothes. He was standing in the bathroom next to the toilet. Suddenly, with a slam, he shut the closet door. He told me I was taking too long, and now I had to wait for him in the closet. I heard him pull down his jeans, then the sound of his butt hitting the toilet seat. I said, let me come out. It?s not like I?ve never seen you dump before. He said okay, and I opened the closet door. He was sitting on the toilet. I laughed and he did too. Just as we made eye contact, he started straining for all he was worth. He was making a funny sounding grrrrrrrrrrr noises. His face was turning bright red. He exhaled loudly. Then, he leaned forward, wrapped his arms under his knees, and started straining again. As he was straining, he was rocking back and forth. I couldn?t believe how red his face turned. I thought he was going to pass out. I yelled, breathe! Just then, I heard a small kerplop, followed! by a loud exhale. Then, his GRRRRRRR started again. I stood in the doorway putting on my shoes, trying not to stare, and hoping he wouldn?t see that this excited me. He said - and these are his exact words - a big wad is stuck. It won?t come out. He let out a sigh and started wiping. Then, we went bike riding, but not for long. He said his butt was hurting and it was hard to sit on the bike seat, so we went back to my house. He kept saying how he needed to take a really big dump. Unfortunately, he did not try at my house. He went home instead. I would have loved to listen to him grunting again.

I'm writing this because Carmalita, Nu and my Renee cannot. What a horrible, horrible tragedy. Carmalita has not stopped crying, Renee is heartbroken and I myself feel a tremendous void. Though I never knew them personally, may God bless Rich and Kathy. This has hit our household very hard. Poor Carmalita is near hysterical and Renee is just sick. Though I rarely post here, I've enjoyed Rich and Kathy very much.
From our house, I, Renee, Carmalita, Nu, Jake and baby M send our deepest, most heartfelt condolences to Rich and Kathy, and for their dear friends .

can anyone tell me why on earth high schools, malls changing rooms and the like would have doorless stalls or no stalls at all?

i mean, what's the deal there? obviously the people who built these restrooms had no forethought for people's privacy!
the amount of posts i've read over the last couple of days of people's encounters in such places amazed me completely!

this seems to be a regular occurence in the us cause i can't say that i've ever seen restrooms like that over here in the uk. why on earth would public places have doorless stalls? sorry, i just can't get over that....its unreal!!

justin: hey buddy, you seemed to have got off on the fact that a couple of teens saw you shitting and that you enjoyed hearing them go. so not everyone would be resentful taking a shit in a doorless stall and be seen doing it :-)
you're a lucky guy getting watched by your mates having a shit...shitting competions! yeah, sounds like fun. wish i had the pleasure of that indulgence with friends of mine. but they wouldn't take too kindly to this fetish of mine, so it's one big secret kept from them. prudes! they don't know what they're missing. i feel like i've missed out there, when i read the guys posts here.

if only we were buddies, we'd sure put to use this little interest ours, eh?! :-)
just out of pure curiosity for conversation sake, where in the grand ol' us are you from ,pal?
anyway, chat to you soon maybe.

take it easy!


Thursday, April 04, 2002

Just a quick post myself. As usual I am allowed on the machine by my fiancee only for a few minutes!

I rather like today's masthead picture with the long haired blonde sitting on the toilet. She is very attractive and looks to have the same sporty kind of nature as Louise has. The thong type knickers would suit Louise as well.

To Redneck,
Glad you enjoyed the story. I had quite a number of such experiences like that with DW, but not many in the girls' changing rooms at the school where she taught.
I'm also glad you enjoyed the other story, the one about my house being invaded by hordes of Louise's friends. In that case you will probably enjoy another story I have been trying to find time to write up for over four months now. Keep watching for it, I think you will know it when you see it. It is from a time when we were at home one Saturday night, with Louise's mother and her sister 'Damsel', her two friends Jackie and Emma.

To Robby,
My friend, you should have been there to see all those girls. Please understand that I did not see _all_ of them wee, but all were present to witness what happened with the ones I did see. There were 5 others either partly dressed or undressed, and that was distracting enough for me!
Cheers, and Annie, have a hug from me.

A warm hello to all our regular friends here.


Louise (and Steve)
MICKEY - Hi guy! Hey I liked the story of your sister weeing in the trough. Yeah, you know I have seen a lot of girls wanting to back up to urinals those times when I have been out with a lot of friends and we have invaded the men's. A lot of the time they get it wrong and forget to push down on their pusses so the stream goes backwards you know, so what happens is they wee too far forward and onto the floor. I have not invaded the men's in groups too many times at all, but once when I was with many of my college friends we went into a men's toilet when the ladies was just too full and there was this huge queue, and I lifted my dress up and weed standing facing the wall, but some of my friends backed onto them and sometimes their streams missed the urinals. There was a lot of bubbly wee all over the floor because of that.
I liked your sister doing a standing pee in the bathtub as well, it sounded really good. You know I think your wife and sister should be members of the WSPC eh?
I think it is good to grow up in a relaxed atmosphere about this stuff. I mean you know how things were with me, my mum and sister.
So you are available to watch me any time eh? Well when I started writing this letter I was in real need to go for a wee, and I wanted to see if anyone wanted me to do it some special way. Well since you want to watch, and other guys who want to see as well, I am going to the bathroom now.
Today I am wearing a pink tank top which is close fitting and some black athletic capri pants which I think I look quite good in.
I have gone into the bathroom now and I feel like this is going to be a big wee because I'm bursting. I have waited specially and I have been drinking some water just so it would go through me and make me more desperate. I am taking off my training shoes and I am now barefoot. I am now pulling down my pants and you can see my pink thong back knickers I have on. I am out of my pants now and I am hooking my thumbs down the sides of my thong and I am sliding my knickers slowly down over my hips. I am sliding them down my legs to my knees and they fall down to my feet. I've kicked them off, and I'm sorry Mickey that they landed on your head. That happened to Steve once. giggle Well I have nothing on from the waist down and I am hovering my bum over the toilet. I've got my mirror so I can watch myself too. I am bursting, Mickey, and I am just about to let it rip now. Are you ready? All right then. Here it comes! SSSSSSS I am doing a big gusher straight away without any little! drips first. SSSSSSS do you hear the hissing? My stream is gushing out in the way Steve calls an inch thick twisty sheet of yellow wee. SSSSSS It's still going. You know I should have weed in the bucket and then I could have measured how much I'm doing. Oh it's slowed down a bit now. It's picking up again. SSSSSS that is a loud hiss Mickey and I like what I see in my mirror. It is making a lot of noise in the toilet as well now because the wee has slowed down to a long trickle like it does a lot. Well I am trickling a long time and it is making a lot of tinkling noises in the yellow water in the toilet. It has no real pressure now and it is just running out of my pussy in a long trickle. Still trickling and tinkling, still trickling and tinkling and now I am dripping a lot. Now that it is finished, I have some drops hanging on my lips and I just wiggle my bum a bit to shake them off. That's it. Now can you hand me 3 squares of tp please? Thank you very much. I'm wiping my p! uss from vagina end to the top end. Nice and dry now. Can you hand me my thong please? Thank you. I'm putting it back on now, and I think I will leave my athletic pants off just now and maybe put them back on later. I hope you liked my wee, Mickey!
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! Well I am glad you understand about my glamour shoot. I talked about it with Steve, my mum and my best friends, and I found out my friend Jackie did a shoot for a magazine 4 years ago. She is a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair and a lovely figure. I saw she looked gorgeous in her pictures, she showed them to steve too, and I thought I just had to do it as well. I thought I would wish I had done it if I missed my chance. My pictures are good, Robby, I bet you would like them but I can not really tell you about which mag.
Yeah, I bet you would be all right for my sister. I know she thinks you are nice. I bet you would have to promise her you would let her watch you have a wee though. giggle
I hope you liked my latest wee story.
Love Louise xxxxx

DIANE - I hope you feel better soon.

JEFF A - Hi guy! I want to tell you about the big shit I had after 2 days of nothing.
Last Friday I thought I would have a big shit to make up for 2 days without, and I was right about it. I was just cleaning the house. I had a black t shirt and jeans on, and quite fast I felt my bum fill up. Steve was with me and I told him I thought I was going to have a monster shit. I went up to the bathroom with him, and he popped the button on my jeans, unzipped them and helped me get out of them. I had nice blue lacy thong back knickers on under them, and Steve pulled them down for me.
Well I hovered my bum over the toilet and Steve was watching me from around the back. I pushed and I knew I had a big turd in me! I felt my bumhole stretching wide open. Steve held a mirror for me to see a huge 3 inch thick knobbly log that was now sticking out of my bum. He rushed to get the digital camera and he took some pictures of about 5 or 6 inches of log sticking out of my bum. I liked how my brown tail felt but I did not know how much longer I could stand it really! My bumhole was really stretched tight around it. Steve put some newspaper down on the bathroom floor just in case my shit slipped out. He took a picture from the back, from the side and from the front between my legs. When he had done that I pushed some more and more of it came out. The turd dropped out and it was thinner at the back end. I was breathing a bit hard. I do not want to give birth to a baby ever because having a shit like that is hard enough for me. I was dripping wee on the newspaper so! Steve held the bucket between my legs for me so I could let rip. It was not too much of a big wee but it was a hissy gusher that lasted about 20 seconds before I finished it with a bit of dripping. Steve got a measure and my turd resting on the newspaper was about 13 inches long. I bet it is the biggest one I have had for years. Steve wiped my bum and pussy for me and helped me back into my knickers and jeans like a gentleman. He took a picture of the turd and then he got rid of it in the toilet and he tipped my piss into it as well. When the bathroom was all cleaned up, Steve got me and I do not know why he put my jeans back on for me really because he just took them off again after he carried me to the bedroom.
Well I hope you liked that story, Jeff.
Love Louise xxxxx

Steve speaking.
We have just seen the post from Anne, Mike, Noreen and Larry.
I'd just like to say a few words about the sad loss of RJOGGER and WIFE. These things happen far too often, and Louise and I are very sorry that their lives have been so needlessly and undeservedly cut short.
They were people Louise and I never conversed with ourselves as such on this forum, but they were very well liked here by many friends, and they will be missed. Such a tragic waste of life.

Louise and Steve.

I don't remember blushing as much as when my older sister Louise's friends gave Steve a wee-wee show in the bathroom last Thursday. I thought I was going to be expected to do the same as them and get him to watch me do it, but I didn't want to go anyway. Steve had a good time with them and Louise loves teasing him like that. I've read Steve's post from months ago in which he told of Louise, Jackie and Emma, and our mum (I am very shocked but I am also excited by the thought of doing it like that), all backing over Steve's bath and having their morning wee-wees in it.

I think I will not be waiting for Andrew to answer me for much longer, Robby, because I have not seen anything from him yet. I am wondering if he has gone away on holiday over Easter. I hope you understand me giving him his chance, Robby, because I did ask him first. You do sound a very nice man and just now I am in two minds over choosing you or Andrew, it is just so difficult. XXXXX

My older sister likes telling her stories for the boys and today I would like to do one myself, and if you all enjoy it I will do it again. I usually wear a long but very sexy red nightie in bed with a slit up the side, and it displays my breast cleavage very nicely. In the bathroom I let the nightie fall to the floor and I went to the crapper. I put three mirrors down so I could see the reflections when I hung my bottom over the thing. I could see my female bits reflected in the mirror and I could see the reverse angle with my anus and my female bits from the rear. I changed my mind and I got in the bath and took a mirror with me. I stood it up at one end so I could watch when I had a wee-wee standing there. I raised my right leg and rested my foot on the side and I just started a nice steady wee-wee. It was more yellow being my first one today and the jet had a twist in it so it was like a yellow shower when it landed on the base of the bath. I know you boys like to ha! ve so much detail and yes I did hiss for a long time. I had a bit of a daydream and imagined a few of you were looking at me. If I am going with Louise and Steve to Spain this summer I will have to get used to things like that from what they have told me. I wee-weed down my leg a bit and a few drops rolled down my female bits and around my bottom. I had left a big yellow puddle in the bath and I turned the cold water on to run it all away down the plughole. Needing a shit (I know you like my sister using that word, Jeff A, so I will too) I crouched over the crapper and I saw my anus bulge out. An irregular shaped brown lump appeared there. It was fairly thick and lumpy but it was not very long and so it splashed in the water as it tumbled out of my back end. It was a hard and dry one, and there was no stain on the paper when I wiped my bottom. I finished by wiping my female bits and my legs where I had some drops of wee. I ran a bath and I wished I had a nice man to share it! with. I know Louise bathes with Steve and I'm sure that it must be very nice and romantic. And yes, Carmalita, I know what they do and what Louise sometimes does.

Carmalita, you and your friends outclass me in the shitting department. No way could I expel rope like sausages. I don't know if I can match you in the pissing department either, but maybe. I cannot match Louise for spectacular wee-wee gushers, but I have my moments too. I thought Jake was latin as well but I am obviously wrong. Was it you who said you like watching your husband peeing? I have seen Louise's fantastic husband to be Steve have a wee-wee four times now and I have been mesmerised by it each time, and it has been a long time before I have got the images out of my mind. You sound very happy being married to Jake, and I don't want to be boring, but I wish I had a fantastic boyfriend like Jake or Steve to cuddle.

How could you do that with Miss W in the girls changing rooms, Steve? It makes my heart beat quite a bit when I think about it, but not only did you watch her have a wee-wee and a crap and then you ?! Louise correctly remembers Miss W showering with the girls and sometimes wee-weeing. A few times I saw her squatting outside as well. I think she twice squatted next to me!

Thank you for caring, and I hope you are right, Richard of USA, that it is just a matter of time that I get swept off my feet. You make me feel better with your nice words, and I am a little self-conscious now that I am giving off an 'ice queen' image and my real personality is not being seen by men. Steve has told me that I need to change slightly, and to smile more. I will consciously try to do that. I am smiling for you while I am typing so you know I am practicing. I feel a little sorry for myself that I missed any chance I had with Steve's best friend, who is just the same type as Steve. Yes, I know you like hearing all the details of the pee and all that. The next wee-wee I have, I will do it just for you. Will that please you? I know Louise does that sort of thing and I now see why.
Richard, I have just tried to have a wee-wee in Steve and Louise's crapper and it has not been one of my best ones. I am in T shirt and jeans. I took them down along with my thong knickers (pink) and I sat down on the toilet. I sat and waited, thinking it will come out in a minute. There were a few drops falling, then I got up to look between my legs and watch them. I was crouching over the crapper then, and I started trickling a little more, then there was a quick gush with a hiss before there were just a few drips again. That was it. Sorry I did not do more. I wiped my female bits and pulled my thong knickers and jeans back up. My jeans are figure hugging, and I think my bottom and legs look good in them. Smile.

Annie, I am sorry that you and Robby both lost your partners. Very sad. Thank you for understanding what I really meant about not wanting to be plied with drink. In my first post here I said how I was sick of the wrong men coming to me and expecting me to drink with them and just fall into bed with them. It is not going to happen.
I have seen Steve in the shower twice now. The very first time I saw him I was with Louise and our mum and we all surprised Steve when he was standing over the crapper having a wee-wee. He had just had his shower and was towelling himself and my heart jumped into my thoat when I saw his penis. He had a steady jet of wee coming out of the end of it. Our mum said she had not seen Steve's penis before and she described it as a big 'un. I am not an expert because I have not seen any other ones but the girls who have seen it say Steve's is not little.

Thanks for writing back to me, Meghan and Sarah S, perhaps I could take lessons from you on how to attract the right type of man! You know how frustrating it is looking for a prince and finding only drunken frogs! All the princes have princesses already. I am good at the standup wee. I envy Louise for having the chance to legitimately enter the gents with Steve a couple of Sunday afternoons ago. I could have enjoyed a nice wee-wee in the urinal. I have to practice wee-weeing next to Steve, I just find it hard to let go. When we have been going swimming and I have taken my swimsuit to the side of my crotch, he has been such a gentleman and not looked at my female bits but I have been mesmerised by his penis and the jet coming out of it so I freeze up. Do you know what I mean?

Oh hello, PV, yes that was a nice warm hug! Louise smiles warmly when I spoke of how you have helped her. I think she is really special too, much more courageous than me. I am very glad you are managing better. Your beach excursion has fired me up and I want to go with Louise, Steve and our mum next time. I have asked for Louise's and our mum's advice about wee-weeing when I could be seen, and I have decided I have to just get Steve to watch me on the toilet, or share a bath with Steve and Louise and have a wee-wee into the water. It is frustrating our 5th team member, you, will not be there in Spain with us.



-- continued --

DIANE NY -- Thanks for enjoying my story! I envy you giants -- I tried bodybuilding but couldn't seem to get mass without blowing out my diet to a point my metabolism didn't want to handle... Makes for big poops, though! Yes, I'm a blower-fan -- show me a 6-71 on top of a pair of downdraft four-barrels and I'm in heaven... I hope you're okay, darling -- I really hope you come back from hospital with whatever your problem is sorted out fully and completely. Don't you dare go and leave us -- y'hear? Or Aussie Red will have stern words! (Loved your relief in the bushes, BTW!)

NU -- It's great to have you with us on the site! Always love your stories and the fabulous things you wonderful gals get up to!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- You know, I have a large area of my back that is now a tanned brown swatch in the midst of paler skin -- it all peeled last week too! If you'd been there you could have done the honors! No Travelmates required at the beach, either -- just let rip, apparently! Karrie Webb -- yes, there must be inevitable departures from the field of sport when nature calls... I still vividly remember Serena Williams' temporary departure from the court at Wimbledon...

RICHARD/USA -- I really enjoyed your description of your wife relieving herself on that hiking trail, it reminds me a lot of my own progress from painfully shy to relaxed and open. I hope I too reach that standard one of these days!

LOUISE -- Hi girl! You know, all the time that I was weeing while I walked in the shallows I was thinking about you and your wonderful Mom letting it rip as you ran! I could visualize the pair of you jogging magnificently, and leaving a trail of drops over a considerable distance! So, what do you think? I'd be an asset in Spain??? Hugs from Aus!

-- more --

-- more --

STEVE -- Hi! That was an incredible evening you had with the ladies of the Louise Gang! I think you know what a blessed man you are to be feted so with the good-humored intimacy of such lovely women! And your account of "DW's" pee/poop in the girls' stalls was delightful!

CARMALITA -- "The Fire from Down Under!" Me? I'm honored! Your exploits on the potty were music, as usual, and you and Nu do fabulous things. Sigh -- what a lifestyle!

Well, my bowels seem very active these days. I have a new cycle (could be the end of Daylight Saving here having an effect...) -- I poo three times in the morning between 7.30 and 10! The largest piece was a tadpole-creature about 11" long, in one of the later production numbers!

As I've mentioned above, I'm off on my travels in a couple of days, so this will be my last post until the end of April. I'll have lots to catch up on and may replies to write, but for now let me assure my friends that I'll be doing my best to let adventures unfold in the north!

Dosvidanya, to Steve & Louise, Damsel, Annie & Robbie, Kim & Scott, Ina (Hi grrl!), Meghan & Sarah, Carmalita and the whole gang, Diane NY, and everyone else who means so much to me on this board!


-- more --

STEVE -- Hi! That was an incredible evening you had with the ladies of the Louise Gang! I think you know what a blessed man you are to be feted so with the good-humored intimacy of such lovely women! And your account of "DW's" pee/poop in the girls' stalls was delightful!

CARMALITA -- "The Fire from Down Under!" Me? I'm honored! Your exploits on the potty were music, as usual, and you and Nu do fabulous things. Sigh -- what a lifestyle!

Well, my bowels seem very active these days. I have a new cycle (could be the end of Daylight Saving here having an effect...) -- I poo three times in the morning between 7.30 and 10! The largest piece was a tadpole-creature about 11" long, in one of the later production numbers!

As I've mentioned above, I'm off on my travels in a couple of days, so this will be my last post until the end of April. I'll have lots to catch up on and may replies to write, but for now let me assure my friends that I'll be doing my best to let adventures unfold in the north!

Dosvidanya, to Steve & Louise, Damsel, Annie & Robbie, Kim & Scott, Ina (Hi grrl!), Meghan & Sarah, Carmalita and the whole gang, Diane NY, and everyone else who means so much to me on this board!


Has any one ever peed or pooped in or on the subway?

Annie and Robby
Hi all!
This morning I found Robby at the computer looking stunned. He pointed to the posts. Our family is shocked and saddened by the sudden deaths of our one-line friends and wonderful posters Rich and Kathy. They had such wonderful stories. We send condolences to their family and close friends. Rest in Peace, dear ones. We shall miss you!
I think they would want us to go on so I will finish this with a good adventure.

DEAR KENDAL, ANDREW, PV, INA, LOUISE, DAMSEL, STEVE, EPHERMAL: The girls and I tried out our travelmates this last Saturday night. We went out on the patio. Robby had the video camera. Since this was the first time we thought we'd better just wear our knickers or swimsuit bottoms. We took them and Sarah lowered her panties and situated the tube on her lips. She waited for a minute and then the wee started flowing. It went onto the patio. The wee splashed ever which way. She finally got the tube in the right positon. Meg then positioned it and then started to wee. She started laughing which shook the tube and water went everywhere. We all were all laughing by that time. Both of them cleaned up. Then I put the tube where I thought my lips were but I was off by a fraction. The wee started and I wet the ground and my knickers. I re-positioned it and the wee finally came through the tube. It flew out like a firehouse. When we were finished Robby applauded and the girls and I ! ran off to shower. Robby stuck his head in and said the travelmates were a good investment for road trips. We really enjoyed it. Thanks to PV, INA, and LOUISE for giving us the advice. Lots of Lovexxxxxx and many hugs to all of you from (Aunty)Annie and (Uncle)Robby

We all want to wish our fellow posters a safe journey. Please be safe and watch out for the other driver. Live is so precious!

SPECIAL HELLOS: Dear Rizzo, Ellen, Eleanor, Elena, LindaGS, Cousin, Sweet Carmalita and family, Adrian-thank you for your b-day wishes!, Upstate Dave, Kimmie and Scott, Todd and Diana, Niki and David, Anna, Ellie and Little Lou and all of the new and other posters on this forum.



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