the other evening me and my friend who is a tenanant in the house her house her room is right next to the bathroom I was standing in the bathroom door way geting ready to do a poop I had talked to her to long I have to poop within 2 minutes of nowing I have to go or itt just comes out also with pushing some if the next load is comeing I have to push to though wants I start it comes out on its own so I had waited to long and was pooping my panties while talking to her it filled my butt cheejs and went all the way to my waist band it was yellowish brown poopy the second load came out with a squelch and fart thats when she new she looked red in the face I said sorry put my hand on my butt with my back to her and pushed more poopy out took my pants panties down and shit again before i touched the seat of the toilet she said good lord then she went to bed.

Hi, my name is Melanie. I'm a long time visitor, but I manage to post every so often atleast twice a year. I'm 19 years old and in college. Yesterday I made an extremely lethal poop. I started farting as I finished up my last class for the day. Just some deep straight from the gut farts, smelled horrible, and were pretty bubbly. So after my last class I rushed to my dorm. Gas was uncontrollable escaping no matter what i did. I tore ass into my dorm headed straight for the bathroom. I pulled down my jeans and panties sat down and released a fart that only be described as a deep bellow. Like something from the movie resident evil. After that was cleared I pushed out this mamoth turd. It started moving out my butt and got to a little past the tip and it got sooooo thick it started hurting my butt. Then I felt my stomach churn and drop and a load of gas dropped into my rectum. I managed to hiss a fart past the mamoth turd. I sat and pushed for about 10-15 seconds b efore my ass opened and let out a normal sounding fart from around the turd and this opening allowed the turd to come out a lot. This huge turd was killing me, and it was stuck again. i sat there pushing, and pushing until finnaly it fell out of my butt with a huge greasy from the gut fart that had to be about 5-6 seconds long. Then I peed the pee of relief, whiped, turned around and saw a my work. There was a huge turd, incredibly thick(sorry, i'm no good with estimates) but I can say the thickness was flat out rediculous. the turd had to alos be about 7-8 inches long(i can do length, so don't try to trick me guys with your lies ;-) )

Keep up the great posting,

To Ivey, that was a good post. You're like me in some ways. I'm a little nervous, reserve, and shy about meeting other people. I don't care about how my doo doo smells, and so should you. Just tell them to f??k off, I hate to be mean, but you have to let people know that you don't care about it or won't take their abuse. Everyone's doo doo stinks no matter who you are. I don't have a problem smelling other people's doo doo. I would like to hear more about your stories. Also, you sound like a nice person. Have a good day.

Outhouse Scott

I can't remember who asked if anyone had ever felt something touch their ass while on the toilet. Anyway. once while I was taking a dump, I felt something touching my butt. I thought it was just an itch and didn't pay attention. Then I felt it again. I jumped up off the seat and look in. I didn't see anything. I lifted the seat, and underneath it was one of those big ugly centipedes, the kind with a zillion long legs. YUCK! I took some paper and knocked it into the water and flushed. When I was cetain it was gone, I sat back down and finished shitting. That was pretty gross.

Not much to report in the way of shitting. Just the usual. No good pee stories either. We'll just have to wait and see. Something will happen sooner or later!


Earl, I guess i have several different things to relate. When i was in elementary school i had seen a few boys on toilets. Through my School years none of the restrooms had privacy. Some had doorless stalls and some had no stalls. I wonder what it would be like to go into a restroom,sit on the Toilet in the open in front of other Men [orWomen]and just shit big,very long,massive turds? I saw a movie once where this foxy female Teacher walked in the Boy's restroom and these two Guys were sitting on the Toilets. She just passed by as if oblivious to them cooly. I had also seen Men using Toilets: one time i went into restroom in a Supermarket with my younger Brother and there was a Man in an open stall on the pot. We peed and he sat there with his pants down. I also saw another Man i guess about 50 or 60 in a public Men's room and it was crouded. He was ! on a toilet in the open,holding a wad of toilet paper. I don't know why i remember those moments but i do.

There was some discussion last week regarding trough type urinals at public venues. These are quite interesting to be a part of during rush hour! I recall my sister and I using one of these only a few years ago- She has show horses, and I was helping her take 2 of them to a show ground for a competition. We had been traveling about 3 hours, and both needed a good pee when we arrived at the fairgrounds.

It was still pretty early in the day, and most of the public access buildings were still closed and locked up.

We managed to get into the main outdoor show arena, and noticed a large RESTROOM sign pointing to a small building in the center of the track. As we headed toward the building, it became clearer to us that the sign said Men's restroom. At this point, we needed ANY restroom, and we proceeded to enter the door, assuming that my sister would use a stall, etc. As we entered this primitive structure, we realzed that all Men's restroom meant was a huge , circular trough, a bit bigger than a bathtub in circumference, and had a hose attached at the top for flushing!

Nothing else.. If a guy needed a movement, it was assumed that he would have to walk up to the main concession areas of this arena.

Well, when in Rome! By this time, I had already started a much needed, long pee. My sis figured this was as good as it got as well, and unzipped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down , and kind of backed up to this trough device.

It was the neatest thing to watch her try to aim her powerful stream into the trough, and finally reach down to spread her split apart to allow the flow to head in the right direction... she went for quite a bit of time, and we both had to laugh toward the end of her piss when she would push, hiss a bit of pee out, and re-adjust her behind to allow the next spurt out without wetting her thigh or leg! Of course, this being a men's #1 shack, there was no paper to be found, except for the napkin in my pocket from our earlier coffee stop- I handed it to her, and watched her clean up quite a dribble mess along the inside of her thighs along with the usual female piss drops dripping off her pubic hair. ! We had a great laugh about it.

About a year ago, we were talking about that incident, and she said, 'hey, thats not gonna happen again...I've been practicing in the bathtub". She then told me she could very successfully stand up to pee now, and was very proud of her accomplishment. Within an hour, she needed to pee, and asked me if I wanted to watch her do this... I was very interested as my wife can pee pretty well standing up, so I joined her in the bathroom- she removed her sweat pants, was wearing no panties, and hopped into the tub. She the spread her labia, and shot a clean stream about 2 feet in front of her. She continued a nice long, hissy piss without a drop dribbling anywhere it wasn't supposed to go! She was indeed proud of this moment!

Don't get me wrong...there is no incest games going on here- as I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we grew up in a relaxed atmosphere regarding seeing each other nude and in the bathroom, and have gone as older married folks with our spouses, etc to nude hanky panky...just curiosity and comfortable being natural with each other--- I am in my 40's , and she is just 40... still waiting for some great desperate pee stories....enjoy the day, and yes, Louise, I am available to watch you anytime!!! Mickey

I came home after doing a 13 hour shift.I had been wanting a bm for about the last few hours of my shift.when I eventually got home I had an incredible bm.There was a lot of crackling sounds as three thick logs came out.They were just right in consistancy, because I didnt have to wipe.Anyone else that dosnt have to wipe?

For Steve, I envy you on your story (Apr 2) with having fun with a girl in the locker room and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I also enjoyed the other story at your house with the different girls as well.

No other stories to tell for now.

To Kurt The Farter: Funny story..i really liked it...hey did you or your friend get in trouble for taking a picture like that at school...cause he would have been in the nude i assume.

To Gary: I liked your story

To Redneck: I liked your story

To Ephemeral: Thanks for replying..i was just curious about that topic and i think i was fantisizing about it. Thats probably true and your probably right. Hope your having a nice not following passover this year cause the rest of my family is away..and they aren't even observing it.

To Anonimous: I liked your story

I was at work and an urge to poop came on suddenly...sometimes it comes on sudden(especially at work) and i feel i can't hold it. Sometimes i think its cause i eat a big dinner and go right to sleep.

Kurt, i enjoyed your story. Please keep the stories coming! Thanks!

Tina- Posting for Diane
Hi I’m Tina. Earlier today Diane wrote down what she wanted me to type for her because she aint feeling so hot. I’ll do this because she is my friend and I’ll do anything to help her. Diane just came back from Germany because she had to go to a funeral. Poor kid. Some many tragedies, in such little time. I don’t know how she handled it. She has become some hardened. Its been very rare to see her show any emotion, she’s changed. Diane really isn’t feeling well. She has an abnormally high temperature and is weak as hell and is vomiting. After breakfast she was in the bathroom for hours having non stop diarrhea. All I heard was moaning and groaning endless farting and lots of waves being deposited in her toilet. She has this thing against carpet so she has marble flooring all over the house. If you sit in the living room with the tv and stereo off you can hear what’s going on in the bathrooms. Her house is very echoie. Then there was a brief scary moment where s! he was unable to breathe. She was actually suffocating. I have never seen her so sick before. I went to check on her again and her beautiful face was red as a fire engine. I think the diarrhea combined with the high temperature was making her extremely tired. She was obviously very sick. She says its probably nothing. After 47 minutes of me begging, she reluctantly drives herself to the hospital. Hope its nothing serious. She looked like she was going to pass out just to show how bad she looked. I offered to drive her but she said she was expecting an important package. My other friend Alex was out. I said you can always receive the package some other time. She got angry and told me stay here. Its important she said. Diane is such a wonderful person; it hurts me so bad to see her like this. Every night when I’m in bed I can hear her downstairs playing the piano. That’s her way of relaxation. She pretty good at it. She plays beautifully. She isn’t one who ! shows their emotion. She does it through music to show how she feels.

From here on, these are Diane’s words she wants me to type “the reason being is she is sick” for her because she wants me to tell you guys her story:

“Hey guys, I hope you are all fine. I have an interesting story for you. Today while I was making breakfast, I had the urge to go and shit. The urge was so nice I held it in for a while longer. I step outside into my backyard. I go into the thick shrubbery and dig a hole. I squat and I release a torrent of hot and smelly piss into the hole. Then I rip a couple of farts and I knew my load was coming on. Then I feel a large shit work it way out. I push and gravity takes care of the rest. I land a nice log in the hole. Not feeling finished, I push and I let out some soft stuff for a couple minutes. I then ripped another chorus of smelly farts and top it off with another piss. I stand, and I put a couple cherry tree seeds in the hole. I’ve never been able to grow a cherry tree. Has anyone here ever tried to grow a pant in their own poop? Just curious. Hopefully, my added nutrients will give it a nutritional boost. I will watch it closely for results. Talk t! o you all later.”

KURT: That's a great story dude! Yeah, photographing dudes on the crapper is an old trick. Some guys don't mind a bit. I worked for the student newspaper at our College. One of the Assistant editors decided to run a series of photographs showing various guys running the newspaper in typical morning poses. I was shown gesticulating and drinking coffee. The Student Editor used to take a shit in a doorless stall every morning. They photographed him there reading the newspaper while sitting on the crapper. He took it all in good humor and the photo was published in the newspaper with the other photos without anyone thinking it was unusual!
GARY: That was a cool story about your shitting along with your cousin. When was growing up on a farm, we guys used to get real bored and one of the things we did was to have shitting competitions. Three guys would compete out in the open with one of the older dudes acting as umpire and then other guys cheering us on. The winner was the dude who passed the biggest and longest logs! That was real fun.
RUSS: Yeah, I also get turned on when dumping a load. I usually have wood in the morning anyway. I guess it's the real good feeling of a large log stretching out the asshole. Yeah, I've also watched myself using a mirror. I kinda hover over the pot and hold the mirror under my asshole, but I have to be careful not to dump on the mirror. It needs good timing. Take care dude and enjoy those dumps!

Punk Rock Girl. I enjoyed your post about having to go for a dump four times in one day. Maybe you'd been a bit constipated for a day or two beforehand or you'd eaten more than you actually thought. Most of us vary in our output from time to time and I think it's to be expected. Some people only have a motion once a week without suffering any apparent ill effects whereas others (like myself) are likely to go two, three or even four times a day. I eat quite a lot so I guess it's a case of what goes in one end needing to come out of the other.

Annie. Happy Birthday! I hope you had plenty to eat and were able to mark it with a good poo if nothing else.

RJogger. I liked your latest post about the buddy dump with Larry and Noreen. It sounds as though Noreen certainly excelled herself with that massive poo. I'd be willing to bet she hadn't been for #1 before leaving the house that morning either.

Dave. If you've had bleeding when going for a poo I'd go to the doctor without further delay. He or she will want to know whether the blood was bright or dark red and whether it was actually in the loo or just on the paper when you wiped. It may well not be anything serious but it's wise to get checked out.



BRIAN: Yes, you probably are wierd, being interested in people's bathroom (and other places) activities; but that's what this site is all about, cos everyone's wierd here! and there's safety in numbers mate. I wouldn't worry too much about what other people might think, you're safe here. I have found this site very therapeutic actually.

NU/CARMALITA: How can I get hold of those poo videos?!

My wife is going away for a few days tomorrow so I have plans to
1) Shit in my pants
2) Shit in bed
3) Shit in the bath

while she's away.
I'll let you all know how it goes.


Anne, Mike, Noreen and Larry (friends of Rich and Kathy)
We normally do not visit this site, leaving that to 2 close friends who are no longer with us. It is very hard for us to do so, but we must tragically report the deaths of Rich and Kathy, known here as RJOGGER and WIFE.

On their way home from their oldest son's house on Easter Sunday, Rich and Kathy were run off the road by a drunk driver. Although they were gravely injured, we all held out hope for their recovery.

Unfortunately, both succumbed to their injuries today. Two of the warmest, loving and most generous people that we know are gone forever.

We know that this site is for a specific purpose, that is why we hope that the Moderator will make an exception and allow this to be posted.

We will say a final farewell to everyone here, for our departed friends.

Hey guys,

I’ve been lurking around this forum for over three years now and have finally found some time to post.

I am continually amazed at the growing number of people who share this interest. I used to think I was the only one who took an avid interest in toilet behavior and that I was somewhat ‘weird’ because it turned me on. However, the site has put me at ease and I enjoy nothing more then unwinding after a busy day and reading the posts…

To set the record straight I’m an average 20 y/o male from Melbourne, Australia with an athletic build. Over the years, through patience and sheer luck, I’ve seen some of the most amazing female toilet related incidents, which I hope to share over the coming months…

For the time being however, I want to talk about the upcoming Australian Big Brother 2 series. I mean twelve people and one toilet says it all really. They all drink heaps, eat weird food, and are nervous and adjusting to new surroundings - the perfect recipe for eventful toilet visits. Imagine a dose of food poisoning throughout the house or a blocked toilet… the possibilities are endless when you think about it!

Although we can’t see the housemates in the toilet as such, we can often hear them. During the original Aussie series, there were a few memorable audio-based toilet moments, which came about due to production errors. Because all the housemates wear personal microphones the splashes/plops are quite audible… they all might have be sitting in the living room and suddenly someone shoots off to the bathroom and the conversation is overshadowed by the person dropping their guts simply because the audio tech didn’t turn the personal microphone off. (This was seen when periodically watching streams over the net. God knows how much one could have heard if they spent the entire day watching the stream. The TV version was obviously edited but I still heard two incidents…)

The point is, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next one…

Anyways that’s about it from me… just thought I’d put my 2 cents in :)

All the best…


Robby(and Annie)
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!

Hope everyone had a grand Easter or Passover. Annie is at school so I thought I would do some writing.

DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi gal! I am so happy you had a good time with the play. Doesn't Finch have to pee too,LOL? I am rehearsing for my play. It is called "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". It certainly isn't a musical. I play the role of "Big Daddy". I have never gotten used to the taste of Matzah, either. I'm glad that you are having daily dumps. Yes, if we didn't an asshole then what would we do,LOL? Have you ever had to pee or poo while you were on stage? This has happened to me numerous times and to others I have known. I know Annie will want to thank you for the B'day wish. I took her out to her favourite restaurant last night and we had a good time. We gave her presents on Easter Sunday since the girls had to get back to school. Take care, lots of hugs from Robby (and Annie)

DEAR STEVE: Hey guy! You lucky man, you! A whole house of gals willing to let you see them wee! I might have asked for a virtual peek,LOL! I will let Annie tell you about the travelmate show! Take care, my friend!
Robby and (Annie)

DEAR LOUISE: Hi sweetie! You would have loved the travelmate performance of Annie and the girls. I will let Annie tell you all about it but I DID take pictures,LOL!! I will tell that they had to take down their knickers before the insert. Well, I will leave to Annie. I do not think any less of you because you did a shoot for a men's mag. If you thought it was classy then it is fine with me. I have bought the bunny magazine for years. Now if Andrew doesn't take Damsel, I will! There is only 31 years. Look what Tony Randall did. 50 years apart! Tell her hello from all of us! Really, I think that Andrew, Kendal and the rest of the family are at the Lake District for the holidays. I know that Steve is a lucky guy with all those women in the house!! Take care!! Lovexx Robby and (Annie)

DEAR INA: Hope you had a great Easter holiday with your mother. Also, I hope you got to teach your Mum something about the travelmate. Annie will tell you all about the first time for her and the girls. On to a story. I was doing a show in the states. It was musical. During the rehearsal one of the girls in the cast had cystitus. This is when a person has to wee often and suddenly. The director was very kind to her. He put trash bins and pots just off-stage in case she needed to go for a fast wee. She wasn't embarrassed at all. In one performance we were doing our parts and she suddenly said;"I think I see my brother". I knew this was our cue. I adlibbed while watching her squat over the pan and wee the was gushing out. She came back as if nothing happened. Take care,my dear!! Write when you can! Lots of Lovexx and hugs, Robby and (Annie)

DEAR CARMALITA: Hey there sweetheart! Those were wonderful stories that you told about Nu and Tesa! Those dumps were especially memorable. The grunt, the splash, the stinking!! I would have gladly wiped you! Lot of Lovexx from Robby and (Annie)

DEAR KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Just a quick note to say we hope you had a Happy Easter and your families are ok. We look forward to your return and those toidy stories!! Lots of Lovexxx and big hugs from Uncle Robby and (Aunty Annie)

DEAR PV: Hi Red Gusher!! Just a note to tell you that Annie and the girls used the travelmates Saturday night. Wee was running down the patio. Annie will fill you in!! Take care in Aus! Love and a big hug! Robby and (Annie)

Well I have to get to work!! SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy, Dear Rizzo, Jane and Gary, Eleanor, Adele, Adrian, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Anna-Welcome to the forum, Damsel, Jeff A, Steph, Lauren-welcome to the forum, Kimmie and Scott, Todd and Diana, Niki and David, Erin, Ellie and Little Lou and all of the rest of the wonderful posters on here!



Chocolate Delights! You are playing my tune. I am about the same age as you and the experiences you relate mirror mine. I also enjoyed listening to such performances as you describe by various female relatives, neigbours, family friends etc. Your description of the various intimate sounds, being able to visualise with experience the size and solidity of the jobbies being passed by the sounds. I especially recognise from years of listening the events you describe of the hissing wee wee, in my experince also tinkling into the pan, first "PLIP! PLOP! PLONK! sounds made as smaller lumps drop off of the much bigger turd then the gap as it slowly came out, perhaps accompanied by straining sometimes as in your observations not, then the resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" as her really big jobbie came out into the toilet pan, sometimes followed by a couple of smaller but solid formed jobbies "KERPLOONK! KUPLONK!". I did however find that really big long jobbies, sometimes passed after a ! few days constipation, didnt make much sound at all owing to their being so long that the start was already in the water of the toilet pan while the end was still coming out. Once when I was about 8 or so I think, I was listening to a performance one lunchtime during the school holidays. I knew she had been constipated for three days, she had even mentioned this. After lunch, as in your case, there were the warning signs that she needed a motion, not a "poo dance" as you describe, but some farts, dry, sort of "QWEEP!" "QWOK!" "FRUP!" sounds with the smell of a solid motion wafting through her white cotton briefs and pleated navy skirt. On such occasions she would pat her ???? and say, "Im just going to the toilet for a motion and I might be in there for a while so if you need you'd better go now!" Although I didnt need at that time I went into the toilet to flush the cistern as it took a while to refill afterwards, to my advantage as will be explained.

When I came out she went in and I took up my usual listening post in the hallway. As you describe Chocolate Delights, there were the characteristic rustling sounds of her skirt being hitched up and her pulling down her knickers, big white cotton interlock briefs with elastic threaded through the waist and leg bands. I heard some more farts then the hiss and tinkle of a wee wee which eventually tailed off and ended in two short spurts. Then as I waited in excited anticipation I heard her straining, (she was quite vocal on the toilet), "OO! OH! AH!
then "PLONK! PLUNK! PLOP! PLINK! KAPLOOMP! and I knew that the first small hard balls were being passed. I heard a deep intake of breath and a sustained effort as she "tried hard". OO! OH! AH! NNNN! NNN! This went on for a while and I visualised a really big fat jobbie slowly growing in length as it came out. Then there was an AH! OH! AH! but no resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" . I was puzzled, had she just had faltulence, (wind, gas), as there was a loud and long fart after this. I heard her wipe her bum, pull up her knickers, drop her skirt and pull the flush. Now as the cistern hadnt filled up yet there was, as I had hoped, an ineffectual "CLUNK!" but no torrent of water. She tried to flush it once again but with the same result, and as was usually the case as such matters didnt embarrass her, she washed her hands and came out. By this time of course I had got a safe distance away from the toilet and, once she was safely back in the kitchen I entered the toilet. As you descr! ibe, the smell of a solid motion hung in the air, but when I lifted the lid on the toilet pan WOW! The small hard balls varing in size from a golf ball to a goose egg floated in the water but these were dwarfed by their big brown companion. A long fat jobbie lay in the bottom of the pan, its start out of sight its pointed end and about the last 4 inches sticking up above the water. I estimated about 14 inches long and 2 1/2 inches fat at its thickest and for most of its knobbly length tapering for the last couple of inches. I could then understand why there had been no "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" sound when it dropped into the pan as the start of it was already in the water while she was still doing the rest of it! Thereafter if I heard such a silent performance I knew I was going to see what another correspondent here calls a "panbuster", one really big jobbie that was too big to make any sound or to flush away easily.

Now you dont mention if you ever SAW any of her motions, whereas I often did, either when the flush didnt work as above or when she did a really big one as I have just described. Her more usual motions would consist of 3 or 4 small solid lumps, "PLOPPING! and "PLUNKING! as you describe, then a big fat jobbie of about 9 or 10 inches in length and 2 1/2 fat which made a really marvellous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! depthcharge sound, then often two or three medium sized turds in size from 4 to 6 inches long "KURPLONK! KAPLOONK! KERPLUNK!". Occasionally I would think she had finished, and even heard her wipe her bum when she would stop and there would be another "PLOONK!" as she passed a final small jobbie.

CC of Australia is also one who has enjoyed listening to family female motion performances over the years.

Its great to read of someone with almost indentical Coprophiliac interests and experience. I hope you found my posting, and the many I have made to Old Posts (go back and look if you havent already done so), of interest and I hope to read more of your experiences in the future. Tony , Glasgow, Scotland.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Ivey, loved the story. Just wondering if you could post stories of days when your gas is horrible. When you post ,if you decide to post, describe the sound please. I love a girl with a big behind! Thanks

Kurt The Farter
At my highschool we have doorless toilet stalls also. And in the Locker room we have no stalls or doors. I have enjoyed seeing guys on the toilet. I am straigt, but I think that it is interesting to see someone on the toilet pushing out logs.

A quick story.
One time I was at school I decided to take a shit, I just turned 17 at the time. I went into the Upper G Hall Bathroom and took a seat in the 2nd stall. No sooner did I get my first turd out, when a guy came in. He went to the urinal and pissed, I noticed that he was looking in the mirror (the mirrors and the sinks are directly infront of the stalls) I know that he could see me, he then left. I resumed dumping. a few min he enters with a girl. I heard some giggling from her, then all the sudden She peaked around the corner and said "Got it all out" I was shocked, I was setting there with my pants around my ankles and a smell around me. I had been sighted taking a dump by good looking girl. Needless to say I did not return to school for a few days.

After that I then decided that I was going to embarrass guys craping.
i saw a guy on the doorless and stalless toilets in the locker room. He was one of the guys that looks like he is in Nsync or Backstreet boys. I could not believe my eyes. There he was just farting and plopping out turds. I knew that I had to get someone in there to embarrass him, So I went out in the hall and found one of my friends, Brandon, it just so happens that brandon was on the school news paper, he had a camera with him. I had him go into the locker room and taking a picture of the dude on the toilet. Right after the flash I heard, WHAT THE F**K, and brandon then took off out the door, This guy however was completely naked, and had not wiped his ass, needless to say he could the chase him. We took the digital camera and go the pic off the of digital cam, we then printed about 5 copies and handed them out to his Girlfriend and friends. It was great.

I have more stories I will post them later.


It was A week Ago wain i pooped my pants on purpose with my friends it was late and we were playing truth or dare and i got dared to pee my pants so i got some water and later i had to go and i peed my pant than i dared my friend to poop there pants she did and said it was fun. so i tried i pushed and it was like the runs it was watery from the water it was fun

Hi. I notice that the question at the top of the forum asks, "Has anyone ever shit in a pot?" I have.

Last summer my family went to Germany. We stayed two nights in an old bed-and-breakfast kind of place in some little town. The house didn't have indoor plumbing- they had a well out back and an outhouse outside, but the landlady locked it after dark for fear of snakes (at least, that's what she said). Each room had a chamber pot under the bed. It was the first time I'd ever seen one.

During the middle of the night the first night I woke up and had to poop. I wanted to wait until morning to use the outhouse but couldn't wait, so I pulled the chamber pot out from under the bed and tried to figure out how to use it.

First I thought I'd sit it on the bed and sit on it, like a chair, but the edges cut into my legs. So I raised up a little bit and just kind of hovered over it. I had a hard time pooping becuase I wasn't used to this weird position. Eventually, after a lot of pushing and grunting, the poop made its way into the bowl. It was a big one- probably eight inches long and pretty wide. I'd peed a little, too. I wiped with the toilet paper that had been in the bowl and dropped it in, too. I didn't know what to do next, so I just pushed it under the bed and tried to forget about it.

The next morning after my mom woke me up I told her that I needed to go empty my chamber pot in the outhouse. She told me that the landlady would do that. Sure enough, there was a clean pot under the bed when we got back that day. I bet cleaning chamber pots is the landlady's favorite job ;)!

I remember a long time ago when me and my parents lived in a apartment building and it only had one bathroom. I constantly remeber having to go to the bathroom to pee and my mom or dad was there. Sometimes I would not be able to hold it. Thank goodness we moved to a two bathroom house. And I also remembered that one time both of my parents had diareah. My mom got in the bathroom first and my dad had to go around knocking at peoples door. Nobody would let him in and by the time my mom was done my dad pooped in his pants. That is only one of the few times my dad EVER pooped in his pants. It got all over the capet and the floor. I teied not to laugh because I did not want to make him feel bad becausse accidents happen.

Happy poopings to all

To boby: I liked your story

To Jaime: Cool story about your girl friend...i liked it...have either of you gone to the bathroom together before this?

To Justin: I liked your story about being at the baseball field and needing to shit in a doorless

To the unnamed poster: about having diahreah and all those stories..i liked your stories..especaily the one when you watched your friend andrew've had a green poop before...i take it you have to..what did you eat or drink to cause it to be that you know?? I've also taken a bath and peed on my self like that

To Ben In Iowa: I liked your!! i have sum 41 CD but i've never seen that video..sounds cool

To jim: I liked your story about you helping your friend cleaning up after pooping him self

To Pooping Boy: Liked your story about that woman walking in on you and giving you a :) that reminds me....

Today i was at work and it was almost time to go and i decided to go pee before i walked out of there for the day. I go in the bathroom and i unzip and i was about to pee and this older co-worker walked in on me...I've walked in on people before happens and no one ever locks that door for some reason..i sure don't...Then after he walked in on me i couldn't get started cause i was afraid it would happen again while im in mid steam with my ***** sticking out.

When I was young I spent a week visiting my cousin in Vermont. Their house was one of those old coal heated Farm houses. It had a huge register in the hallway that allowed the heat from downstairs up into the bedrooms upstairs. The bathroom was downstairs off the kitchen. Needless to say the stairs creaked and groaned especially at night when you were trying to be as quiet as a church mouse. If you did make it to the bathroom undetected, the toilet was one of the noisiest things I've ever heard. Most of the time you'd wake everyone up.
My cousin and I slept in the same bedroom. He had one of those old chamber pots under the bed in case the need arose. Well it did almost every night. I would lay there pretending to be asleep watching him take a dump.
As many of you may know, Vermont is quite hilly and mountainous and well known for their ski hills. Well my cousin's house was on the side of one of those hills. Half way up he had built a small hideaway. Many a time we spent hiking up there to play or just get away from his overbearing sisters. Here too he had a pail for emergencies. There were many times when we buddy dumped, watching each other as we squeezed out our turds. Sometimes we would have a contest to see who did the biggest pile. We would then inspect our turds to see if we could tell what it was we ate the day before. Those were the days.
Another story sort of. There are times when I don't have to dump for days at a time. This last time was saturday before Easter. Saturday morning I took some Metamucil then went off to work and had the usual hamburger at Burger King. The next day was Easter and I went out to brunch and had Ham and eggs and hash browns and a drink. Later that night I went out to friends house to a big Easter Dimmer comprised of a down home farm cooked meal. I was stuffed. Still no action. The next day monday I had lunch of the left over wopper and sandwich. By this point I was really stuffed. My belly had grown in size and I knew that the next day my anus would erupt with a good size shit. At about five am tuesday morning I felt it pushing it's way out. I got up and took a healthy dump and went back to bed. A few minuts later anothe wave struck and I again got up for another round of poop. Mind you I haven't flushed the toilet yet. Back to bed to wait for the alarm to go off. Another w! ave struck more urgently this time and I got up and unloaded another load of semi liquid and quite smelly poop. At this point I decided to get up. It's now 7 am. I open the shades and turn on the tv to whtch the news and weather forcast. I just sit down and another wave over comes over me and I trot off to the lou and let loose more liquid poo. I think I went about six times. By this time there is a small hill prodruding from the water in the toilet. I can't believe I did what I did. Three days worth of poop in the toilet ready to be flushed away forever. Fortunately it was mainly soft and went down easily. I think I am ten pounds lighter.

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