Punk Rock Girl
Is it possible to shit more than you eat? Yesterday started out like any other. I got up, took a shower, had breakfast and went to work. I usually have one dump a day, usually around 1:00 or 2:00. Yesterday, I had to go as soon as I got to work, around 8:30. I went into the unisex, entered a stall, pulled my pants down and sat. I dumped a nice sized load into the bowl, semi soft, wiped and flushed.

About two hours later, I had to go again. I sat on the toilet and took another dump, about the same as my earlier one. Then, right before luch, I felt the urge AGAIN! I went in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and crapped out another semi-soft log. It was really weird. Mind you, it WAS NOT diarrhea, just soft, easy dumps. I didn't shit again until I got home, around 7:00, when I took another big dump. FOUR LOADS IN ONE DAY, each one about the size I usually shit out once in an entire day. I don't recall eating anything signifigantly different, so I don't know why.

I'm not saying I minded. They were all pleasant enough, and didn't require more then a couple of wipes each. Just baffled. I haven't had to shit yet today, so maybe I'm back on schedule. I've heard that sometimes your body spontaneously makes you crap out everything sitting way up in your guts, which I suppose could be quite a lot of shit! Maybe that's what happened.

BOBY: Sounds like you had a bit of a dilemma!!! One of the first times I peed outside was during softball practice in the 3rd grade. I was 8 years old. I really had to go, but the porta-potties were way across the field, and I was right next to the bushes. It was a boys and girls league, so I had to be extra careful. I told my friend ( a girl) "I have to pee, will you watch guard for me?" She said sure. I crept behind the fence and into the bushes, I pulled my pants and underpants down to my knees, squatted and peed. My friend kept watch, but she must not have seen a group of boys coming up the path through the woods toward the field. They got a really good look at me and laughed! One of them yelled, "Are you going number one or number two?" I just stayed crouched down until they walked away, pulled up my pants and went back to the bench. I said, "Thanks a lot, those boys saw me!" Actually, I didn't care a whole lot. Then I noticed the coach looking at me,! with an annoyed look on his face. He told me to come over to him, so I did, and he told me next time to use the porta potty. I said okay. I guess everyone on the whole team knew what I did. Even then, I was like, what's the big deal, boys are allowed to pee outside. I guess it's "unladylike". I should have dropped trou and taken a crap right there on home plate! ;)

Take care everyone, and hellos to INA, STEVE, SCARLET, OUTHOUSE SCOTT and ADRIAN.


Hi, all of you:
I have looked at this board for a while, but this is the first time that I am actually posting. I am about 22 years old. I am half East-Indian, and half-Caucasian. I have been told, frequently, that I look a lot like Ashley Judd. I don't know about that. I guess that I can see the similarities. I am about 5'7". My hair is about shoulder-length. It is light-brown. So are my eyes. I am well-tanned and toned. If my boyfriend, Allen is asked, that is what he will reply, anyway. I have been told that my butt is almost as beautiful as my face. I work at it; what can I tell you? I work as an office-worker. Therefore, I have a lot of interesting office-pooping stories to tell you. Today, for example, I was in there after lunch, pooping my guts-out! It must have been days since I moved my bowels. I have been kind of bunged up, lately. I pulled my black slacks down to my ankles. My panties were around my knees. I peed for about 30 seconds. After that, I farte! d so loud and so hard, that it hurt. About five banana turds came out. They were hot, and it smelled like old-cabbage. I finished w/ some of the looser-stuff. That smelled even-worse. I felt 10 pounds lighter. It took all of 10 minutes. The whole time, I was grunting really-hard. Giving-birth can't differ much from this! Hope all of you enjoyed. Too bad I was alone today. Usually, there are @ least a couple of others, when I am "unloading" @ work!

Take it easy, all,


Ivey and Elise: When I was in high school, I sometimes was tormented by girls who did not know me, because I moved my bowels in the girls bathroom. I then got a key to unused toilets in little used parts of the building. I was at peace with myself. I am sorry for you Ivey, that you are socially inhibited. We live in a cruel world. I wish I could meet and be a friend to you. I wear pants, skirts and dresses with slips, unless it is too hot. If they are dress clothes, I take them off and hang them on the hook before I sit on the toilet. Jeans, I will drop them to my ankles, fine I do not care. My dress clothes, I do not want wrinkled. I do not like high heels. I rarely moved my bowels in elementary school except in emergencies. I was afraid to be seen. Then in 9th and 10th grades, I decided it made no sense to hold back. Those girls were cruel. I bet they stinked the worst.

Noel great to hear from you too. I've asked the quwestion about which side people hang on and no-one has ever answered it before. That was the third time I asked the question. I wonder why guys are afraid to say what side they hang on. I mean you can tell by looking at them. Do they think no-one can see? I like to wear alot of my dirty underwear just before I am ready to wash it and get wet in them. They are going to be washed anywayy so why not use them to their fullest. I also like the winter because you can wear long underwear and they hold a lot of pee and it slowly spreads down the longjohns. Mark B glad tosee you too enjoy getting wet and dieirty. Jason the Pooper the bath is where most of us have tried wetting on ourselves first. Ben in Iowa yes watching the bulge get bigger as yo let those turds out is fun and feeling them move and push the prevoious turs forwarsd is great too.

Carmalita and Nu
Hola everybody!

Nu is staying with us for a little while until she gets her own place, so we're double posting today. First, I want to quickly talk about yesterday. Tesa was over and had to take a shit, so I followed her to visit. It was just like old times. I remember when she sat on my lap and pooped between my legs. She got her panties down around those brown legs of hers, farted a few times then pressed out some sausage. Big ropes of it too! So, we had something of a repeat performance, except that it was me who sat on her lap, and I didn't poop, but instead did a monster piss. I'm afraid that I soaked the inside of her thighs but she liked it. I felt her hands on my hips, whispering to me in Spanish to piss hard. Actually it felt really, really good. I told Jake about it later, and then tried it with him. Unfortunately, his equipment is just too big and I made kind of a mess. But, we'll just have to practice more, huh? My sisters Maria and Luisa are coming for another visit! They ! like pooping and peeing as much as me! Renee is very happy about that. I can't wait until Nu and Luisa meet. They're just like each other.

STEVE: Yes, you got it right amigo! I know you like the pee stories. I do it all the time, so I guess I should write more about it, huh? Usually, first thing in the morning is when I have a monster piss.
INA: Hot girl yourself!!! Man, what a great idea you had! No, I've never tried peeing and coming at the same time but I will! Now you got me thinking of you! I'll do a very special piss for you later okay? Kisses back atcha, your bud, Carmalita.
DAMSEL: Yeah, we have a mix all right. I'm the only latina. My family is from Mexico and we settled in the U.S. when I was a kid. I was raised American and the Spanish language was not allowed in our house. I'd almost forgotten it until I met Tesa who brought it all back again. My father was so proud to be an American he only wanted english to be spoken. I love my popi so much. Patsy is African-American, very pretty and black skinned, Renee and Angie are white, Tesa is latina also. Nu is vietnamese. Last, but not least, my husband Jake is all American. A Texas bull, ex-rodeo rider and all round honey!
PV: The fire from down under! I'm glad you added to your story, it did seem like a section was missing somewhere. The videos are pretty hot I have to admit. Nu does them for the potential of marketing. You mentioned all my poop I did from my last post. I'm only guessing about my turds being 12", but they looked to be about that. It was really one hell of a dump, and I had to go worse than I thought. The first one went "Sssss-loooop!" into the toilet because it came out before I got all the way seated!
JOHN VT: Hola sweetie! You like my descriptions, huh? What a honey. You always flatter me.
JEFF A: ah, mi caballero hermoso. Veo que usted entiende espaņol. Sweetie, if you'll allow me to squat over a jar, I'll be happy to pour you a nice glass of sun tea. You'll like today's story about the pooping party. I love to shit for nice men. Hey, I'd really like to see some of those drawings! Will you do one of me? I'd be very flattered! Nu says she wants one too! She has a wide face, gorgeous eyes, shoulder length, glossy black hair, and a hot, perfect body.
ALANA: Whoa girl, watch out for those peppers! To answer your question hon, I'm Mexican and have been eating this food all my life. However, you did eat what three of those monster burritos? No wonder ya had the burns! No, it dosen't do that to me, but I have to say I loved your story but I'm sorry it was so miserable for you. I've taken huge dumps like that though.
RICHARD USA: You like my outdoor pooping stories? Summer's coming honey, there'll be more! I really love pooping outdoors, especailly because I take such big shits I don't have to worry about clogging. What I love most though is getting caught! Adios sweet thing!
JW: Thank you hon for such a lovely compliment. If I could, I'd love to share some of my saucier exploits but unfortunately, we can't do that here.
IVEY: Welcome baby! Your description sounds cool hon. I think you sound hot. Don't worry girl, I take some pretty rotten smelling dumps myself. I'm the one with the original Carmalita "stink-o-meter". Lysol ain't got nothin' on me! And anybody who ridicules another in a public restroom over a natural function is a 100% asshole! I have too much latina fire in me I guess. I hate people who do that. It's a restroom for crying out loud, it's where people go to shit! Here's a kiss and a hug for you from a girl who sympathizes and wants to welcome you here among friends.

I'm home today, so bad lil' me, I waited till Nu went in to the bathroom to put on her makeup. I came in and asked if I could do a big potty and of course she nodded yes. I was wearing black tights with sheer black panties and a white tank top. My hair was tied back because I'd been working out. It's funny, but my nipples were sweating and showing thru the white. I could see her eyes shift toward me when I pulled my pants and panties down. I leaned forward, grunted softly and began a turd. It was a fresh one too, muy stinky! I could feel hard gas in me pushing it along. My first turd began with a really sloppy sounding entrance. Spfff--krrklll--spffff-krrkklll--until finally, three heavy plops splashed into the water under my ass. "Yessss," I mumbled. I still had gas and farted a bit while snapping the lacy stretch band of my panties against my brown thighs. They were little farts, but quite a series of them. Spllt---spllltttt--and so on. Nu was giggling and said "Testi! fy, girl." She was putting on lip liner when she looked down at me and said "Oh Malita, that's a bad one." A feisty stink was wafting up from between my thighs. Then it got to be fun. I started crackling again, pushing out a turd that was so thick it felt like I was trying to give birth. I felt it stretching, then tickling my ass. I bit my lower lip with effort pushing and pushing. Nu said "Lean forward hon, I wanna see it." so I did. Nu laughed and said "Holy shit Malita, it's huge!" I grunted, pushed, crackled and stunk until finally, this long, long hunk of latina sausage broke off and crashed into the water on top of my previous three logs. It was long and super thick! We guessed it to be about 3" around. In the toilet, cooling off underwater was one really creamy turd that was coiled. I couldn't guess it's length but it was a bad boy! On top of it were two more yellowy creamies, maybe 6" apiece, buried under my latest, rock hard peice of poop that re-defined my little ! butthole! Nu wiped my ass for me very tenderly. She knew I was hurting from that last one. She also softly scratched my lower back with her fingernails while she soft wiped me. I was spoiled.
When it came her time to shit, she was also pretty tight. I think it's because we had corned beef and cabbage last night. Nu squirmed and grunted and farted until finally a turd came. It was pretty hard too because she looked like she had a lot of pain passing it. I also sniffed when she had her legs spread and said I liked the smell. All of a sudden she goes "Oh no..." and out it came, a barrage of soft, semi-diarhea exploding into the toilet. It sounded like she was crapping and spewing for about 5 minutes! It didn't smell so great after that. She held her gut then went "Oannhhhhh!" and out came liquid shit, hot and fast and smelly! Poor baby. I cleaned her with a warm washcloth after. It was a nice morning.

Hi, it's NU again!
Yes, Carmalita's poop today was hot, hot, hot! I love seeing her brown thighs flattened out on the toilet seat. She's so cute the way she scrunches up her nose and grunts and fans the fumes away from her nose sometimes.

Hi John (VT): How are you today? The videos that me and Anj do are lesbian sex vids. We used to do alot of poo vids too. Yes, I enjoy describing Malita. She's one of those women who's so beautiful it's like everytime you see her, you're seeing her for the first time. Thanks for not thinking that I'm weird. Yeah, I do like Malita's poop smell. Sometimes it gets a bit strong, but I mostly love it. It's unbelievable to me how she can poop such huge turds too! You just read everything she talked about, and let me tell you it's true! She took a shit so big today that all I could see were turds in the bowl. My own smell is hard to describe. It makes me think of fresh farts. Carmalita helped with my diet so I don't have loose dumps all the time which also improved the smell. Except for today of course! Today's shit was cruel!

RJOGGER: Hey dude whazzup? I'm happy you'd like to watch me too! Your wife is sooo lucky, I'll bet she loves watching you go. I love watching men. Sometimes, if he's in the right mood, Jake will let me watch him shit. I used to spy on my brothers and their friends pooping and I guess I got into it from them. I'm adopted so my brothers are all American. Men fascinate me, so I'm glad you talk to me.

I had a recent trip to Moab UT to do some biking with a University group. We stayed at the Lazy Lizard hostel in one of their houses. I shared a room with 2 other guys and the bed I slept in was next to the wall. On the otherside of the wall was the bathroom and the wall was "paper thin". I would wake up in the morning and kind of lay around for half-hour. I heard several people go into the bathroom and heard quite a few people take a dump. It was kind of fun :) The only downside, I did not know who took a shit. There were 2 bathrooms and the bathroom by my room was used by the guys and the other was used by the women.

My first night there, I stayed in the dorm since the group I was with was to arrive the next day. I was in the laundry room BS'ing with this cute girl and one of the guys with her on the trip came out of the bathroom. I think he took a dump since I was in there for a while before he popped out. I went in afterward to take a dump myself. The girl was almost finished with folding clothes when I went to the can but she was gone when I was finished.

I plan on returning to Moab sometime later this Spring.

Well, that is all for now.

To mark B and noel i also engoy the feeling of pooing in my underwhere and just like u id rather em b tight i do it when nobody is home cause im REALLY shy but my mom always finds out somehow probly cause if they to messy i throw them in garbidg and cover em with T.P
but if they not that bad i just wach em in sink and mark u said somthing bout peeing your underwhere iv dont it b4 and its like pooping but its liquid and its not yo butt and easer to clean and can i ask u a question mark and noel wut colour underwhere/panties u guys where when u do that mine r usily black white or grey well see ya.


Bryian--I've never heard of religious Jews giving enemas to "clean out" for Passover. Anyway, by the time the food has gotten that far in your system, it's not really bread products anymore...I guess part of the reason you can't eat "chametz" (bread products) during the day before Pesach is so it's all out of your stomach...after the stomach, it's shit, not food.

Anyway, I am still observing Pesach and eating all the wonderfully horrid foods...matzah is so icky I think the box it comes in might taste better, and, like Joseph said, easier to digest...Anyway, I've been lucky and have been having a bm every day which is fantastic for me.

Scully--are you an X-Files fan? I was, but it hasn't been good lately without Mulder and with less Scully. There are some really funny bathroom scenes in that series...and a lot of gruesome ones too. My favorite is in EVE when Scully takes the twins to the bathroom and the girl claims her door is stuck and Scully says "Just a minute" cause you know she's peeing then. I really liked your story with your boyfriend. I wonder what he thought...what did he say to you about it afterwards?

I've been creative with peeing lately. I was brushing my teeth and I decided to sit on the sink rather than the toilet to pee. I kept the water running and showered afterwards. Then the next night I crouched over the sink. That wasn't as much fun, but I could see the pee going into the drain. I've also practiced my standing pee and that's going really well.

I was talking to my guy friend who I've mentioned here before. We were joking around about what it would be like not to have assholes in the world. I said that wouldn't be a good idea cause you need it. He said "yea you'd always be constipated" Then later we were talking about long drives and he was like yea i can always wait to pee but if i gotta take a shit it's like i'm flooring it now...

Annie--HAPPY BDAY!!! And gang : Also hugs to all of you, I know how hard things can be, especially around the holidays. At least you have each other to help you through it. The play was wonderful! We had a discussion about how everyone except Finch could have a chance to pee at some point. The girls had all of the second act off too except for the last scene. But it was great fun!

anyway, it was really funny.

not much new, keep up the great posts.

I hope someone responds to the earlier post I made. Well, here is a little story.
I work at a grocery store. Kinda boring. Well, one of the baggers, who I'm pretty good friends with, told me right at the beginning of my shift, how someone had made a huge mess in the bathroom that he was told to clean up, and he said there was shit all over the place, and it stunk SOO bad. It took him an hour to clean up what he had, and he had left the rest. Well, on my break, I had forgotten about what he had said, and walked to the bathroom for a quick piss. I pushed the door open, and OH GOD, it smelled so bad. I looked in the stall, and the toilet was flooded with shit. It was so gross. I held my breath, pissed, washed up, and left as fast as I could.

I was in a department store one day and i needed to dooky so went into the men's room. There were four stalls and two without doors. well anyway i used one of the ones without a door and i sat on the toilet. I sat there for a few minutes and then i started to dooky. I did'nt do a lot but while i was sitting there several men came in. I wondered what it would be like if some Women were to come in. One of the Men was dressed nicely with a tie. He sat on a toilet but i did'nt stare. He was in the open too. Well after about 15 minutes or so i wiped and got up. It was one of the few times i doo-dood in the open in a restroom. I've often imagined that i would be in restroom and i would dooky long logs,and some good looking women would come in and would look at me and i would sit with these big logs in the commode and not say anything. then she walk out and i would wipe and leave. That is sick i g! uess and i'm ashamed for having those thoughts but i have. Anonimous

this is to jason the poop lover from page 867.

hey man, in answer to your question about whether other people enjoy shiiting and get hard with it then yes! that's me!

i enjoyed reading your stories and got hard just reading so actually partaking in a dump is really arousing. i don't know what turns some one on just by shitting. perhaps it's the sense of relief when the shit comes out that arouses people, i don't know.

hey jay, have you ever watched yourself taking a dump using a mirror? i have, and that's a fantastic turn-on too, if you're really into getting aroused when shitting.

i remember thinking, one day, what the arse hole looked like when it stretched due to the turd coming out so i thought "well why not take a look?!" so next time i had to go i did just that...took a look! i got a mirror, placed it on the floor, sat down in front of it and took the shit.

the sight of it coming out of my arse was brilliant and had me hard within seconds. and the feling the shit was giving me while coming out added to the pleasure. i obviously put a load of tissue in front of the mirror for the crap to fall on so it wouldn't dirty the lino floor, but that's beside the point. i still do it now from time to time when i'm feeling really horny.

i also like hearing other guys in public toilets, if ever i have to use them, taking their dumps. it's just the grunts they make proving how much they're enjoying their bm. so yeah, anything relating to having a good dump turns me on no end! :-)

and watching your pal take a dump must have been really exhilirating for you! god damn! that got me hot, i wish i could've had that pleasure with a friend of mine. maybe one day.

well, as i said, it was good reading your stories, and post some more when you get some new ones... i'll be waiting! :-)

i feel like a shit now actually while i've been stting here writingthis. i'm gonna go and take it cos i know i'll get hard after discussing it. i'll imagine you watching me from behind like you did with your mate, ok? :-)

talk to ya soon, pal.


Mark B:
I'm glad to have got your post to me before I go away for a week later today. Thanks for sharing your experiences of pooing in your underpants. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. I'd be glad to hear more of your experiences. If you do pee your pants let me know how what it did for you if anything. I'm not normally interested in the act of peeing itself, but a deliberate peeing accident in my underpants is really nice. My interest in pooing far exceeds that of peeing. I like all aspects of pooing - what I do on the toilet, listening to other guys drop their loads in public toilets, watching other guys drop their load in the open (such as when I have been camping with some of my male friends) and of course I really love controlled accidents when I fill my pants. Good to hear from you. How old are you? Where are you from? Hope to hear from you again soon, maybe a post when I arrive back home.


Only a few minutes after I hit the button to send my post, my house was overrun by women, all of them being Louise's friends. There were a few more than I was expecting, and generally speaking, the bathroom may as well have had a 'Ladies' sign on it, because no way was I venturing in there among all of them. At one point, while on my way to the bedroom to get my shoes, I was treated to the bathroom door being opened by Louise's friend Emma, and I was dragged in by Louise. Her friend Jackie, a small black dress lifted above her waist, was sitting on the toilet and when I was in a good position to watch kneeling in front of the toilet, she began urinating fiercely. The female aroma caught my nostrils as she hissed and continued to 'piss her brains out' as seems to be Louise's expression. At Louise's command, I wiped Jackie with some paper. Next up was Emma, who wore a long black dress but lifted it above her waist. I took Emma's knickers down and she kicked them up in the air ! for me to catch. Sitting down on the toilet, Emma then trickled urine for a long period of time, starting then stopping. When she was finished, I wiped her as I had done for Jackie, and then Pia, who was still naked as the day she was born, hovered over the toilet and pissed her brains out big time. Pia's female aroma was quite strong, possibly more so than Louise's but I find a comparison difficult. After I had wiped Pia's genitals, during which there was much giggling among the girls, 'Damsel's face being bright red, Louise herself, in one of her favourite little black numbers, stood over the toilet with her back to me, so that I had a view that was from underneath and to the rear. She unleashed a golden yellow twister of a stream of urine that was without a doubt the heaviest emission of all four women, and it did not continue for very long. When she had finished a long period of trickling and dripping, I very carefully wiped her.
I left them all to continue their preparations at this point, but I received crushing hugs from all the girls involved, so I'm not complaining!

To Annie and Robby,
You are quite right, I did not get much chance to use my own bathroom without Damsel or Louise wanting to look at me. A further time, Louise held my penis for me while Damsel watched, and after that my house was invaded by hordes of women who took over the bathroom themselves.

To Diane NY,
Good to hear from you, and I hope your latest injury heals up double quick. Your best wishes were very much appreciated by both Louise and myself, and please don't worry yourself about not realising we are to be married.
On the colour and odour of your urine, can you confirm it is dark brown and not red? Are you taking any medication which might have side effects? Also are you urinating with your normal frequency?

To Sarah S and Meghan,
Hello there. Glad you enjoyed the shower wee as Louise's sister did. She had asked me very politely if she could stay in the bathroom with me, and I saw no harm in that, and when I wanted to urinate, I just did and I could be quite relaxed about it. I'm not sure I could be so relaxed with you two man-eaters in the room though! <snicker>

To Jeff A,
As promised, this is the short account of the time Louise's school sports teacher invited into the girl's changing room. Of course Louise and I didn't know each other at the time, but Louise knew me by sight, and it just goes to show how small the world seems at times.
Anyway, 'DW', as I shall refer to her, had just been taking a class which had finished and dispersed. I knew she would be by herself at this time, and I saw her outside just about to re-enter the changing room for the girls. In her tee-shirt and short, dark blue skirt, she cut a wonderful tall, athletic figure, and the skirt really showed off her long, bronzed legs at their best. Her upper half was impressive too.
"Come on in for a minute, I'm just going for a wee", she invited with a beautiful, cheery smile surrounded by long, dark hair.
I was only 20 years of age at the time to her 25, and I was unsure about entering the girls' changing rooms.
"Come on, there's only us here...", she urged with a giggle. "and I need a wee", she continued as she did a short pee dance.
She finally took my hand and dragged me in. she took me past benches and clothes hooks to the back where the showers were, and there were two toilet stalls. I suppose this was the dojo for my toilet guard training.
DW grinned a wicked grin at me as she reached up her skirt and slowly pulled her white (or pink?) knickers down to knee level and raised the short skirt to reveal her black triangle of pubic hair through which her pussy was visible. Turning away, she presented me with a fine view of her very firm, shapely buttocks, and she sat down carefully on the toilet seat in one of the stalls. I stood so I could clearly see her performance. My own trousers were in some danger as DW began urinating a yellow stream, and I remember the sound of the stream rushing against the front surface of the bowl. DW breathed deeply, and took in my reaction, and she smrked wickedly! Come to think of it, Louise's wicked smile is very similar in execution!
When she had finished urinating, it did not take me long to realise she was thinking about defaecating as well. I asked her if she could lift her bum up so I could see, and she agreed readily. From beneath and to the left side, I looked up at her pussy lips with black hair surround, which trailed up around her anus. She pushed a little further, and I saw her anus dilate and she slowly expelled a brown turd several inches long. As she was still bending over, I wiped her thoroughly with what was meant to pass for toilet paper, about which she said I was doing well with something that was not really good enough for the girls.
DW pulled her knickers back up and I was rewarded with a kiss, and we washed our hands.
When we looked at the showers, we both realised that the opportunity was there, and so we took it. DW made sure the doors to the changing rooms were all locked, and I'm saying no more than we both stripped and took advantage of the privacy for some considerable time in what was for us both an exciting location.



Jason the poop lover. today I shit at 2pm. It was hard. I sat down and pushed a little. It didnt take much pushing. it wasnt that hard. I got hard. quickly. The turd wass about a foot long. Only one brown one came out. It took 5 minutes. It felt good too. piss came out the whole time.
Does any girl mind if I watch them shit and or piss?


There has been some nice pictures! That one girl looked she was having a bad poop. There was quite a grimace on her face.

I had a poop similar to Punk Girls. Straight out and down the pan. I wiped once but wouldn't have needed that! Anyone else have those? I also have the opposite at times. It just wants to come out all messy. And takes a few sheets to wipe.

There was an article on TV about women comedians having to pee/poop in the sink at the comedy store. Just not enough time for them to wait in the queue. Jo Brand comented on having to poop in the sink! I bet she can pass a whopper!

I need a poop at the mo. Im trying to go in my pants for a laugh. but it's difficult sat down. I stand up and I feel the urge but sitting down seems to make it go away.

Hi! We are back!
I did not get this letter on before Easter and I hope it gets on now, I think I know what was wrong with it before.

ANNA - Hi girl!
Hey you sound just like me, weeing outside after having a drink. I really liked your story and I really know how you will have felt because I do just the same sort of thing. I really do not know how many times I have been wearing little dresses, pulled my knickers down and had a wee in an alley like you did. Hey guess what I have a friend who goes out wearing no knickers under her skirt and I was shocked about it too when we both squatted for a wee. I do not see her very often, really.
I am 28, a 5 foot 9 inches tall part time model with long blonde hair. My mum was always open with me and my sister about the toilet, and I bet you have read about how she taught us how to wee standing up and shoot it forward. It is fun, and I gave two girls a bit of a shock one night when I was washing a wall with my fiance. They thought I must have a willy but no I haven't. giggle
Love Louise xx

RICHARD/USA - Hi guy! Thank you for being so nice to my sister! Thank you for the big kiss too!
For being so nice I have to write you a story from this morning don't I? Yes!
Well I get out of bed and I walk naked into the bathroom. Steve has already gone and again I have missed him having his morning wee. I think I will have a squat in the shower for you, would you like to see that? Yeah? All right then here we go eh? I am in the shower now and I am just having my shower first before I have my wee. I am wet from my shower, and I am squatting down now and with my back to the wall so you can see. I have spread my legs wide open so you can see. All right here goes, I am letting my wee go now. Oh look, I have got a stream going right away. Whoosh! SSSSSSS I am doing a nice big gusher now and my pussy is hissing. SSSSSS ..... SSSSS I am looking down at it a bit and I am dripping as well as shooting my gusher. SSSSSSS it is still going. Oh it has stopped a bit suddenly there hasn't it? Oh look I am doing a bit more but it is not a big stream. I am squatting in a puddle of bubbly yellow wee on the white shower floor and it is draining down a bit no! w. I am still trickling and dripping. Now it has stopped and I have some drops on my pussy. With a wiggle of my bum I have shaken them off. I want to turn the shower back on but it is hard work because my hands are wet. Oh there we are, now my wee will be rinsed away and I just want to wash my pussy with some water anyway. That's it. Hand me my towel please. Thank you!
Well I hope you like my little adventure in the shower, Richard.
Well you have got to see girls pee sometimes haven't you, you bad man? giggle I bet you enjoyed watching that girl Lorraine didn't you? Well I hope my shows are better.
I am happy your wife is getting a bit less shy about it as well.
Love Louise xxxxx

JEFF A - Hi guy!!!!! Thank you for saying such nice things to my sister. XXX Yeah, I will share my brown adventures with you. I haven't had a shit either yesterday or today so far and I bet that means I will have a big one when it comes. I will write about it especially for you eh? Yeah, Steve told me his Spanish ex-girlfriend was really very very nice for most times but got a bit hot tempered sometimes. Well if you were still with your latina you would not be with Denise would you, so you got it right didn't you?
You know I have been real patient with my Siu Lim Tao and Steve said to me I was pretty solid with it and I have got good foundations there now and he has let the man who taught him teach me a bit about Chi Sao. I think I am really learning, and Steve says the fastest way to learn is really to try to learn slowly!
Love Louise xxxxx

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Well I am happy you liked my thong story. It was a good one and I had a lot of fun doing it. The weather we have just now is very nice and wearing my bikini and looking out of the window I felt really ready for summer. It was a special request for Scott and if a lot of other guys liked it as well then I am very happy.
Oh no you are not the only one to do what I said! It's fun!
Love Louise xx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! And Scotty too!Well I liked the story about when you invaded the men's toilets and had a big log in there. I bet the guys in there got a bit distracted didn't they? You know I bet you are a bigger tease than me? I bet Steve will like your story because Steve likes girls in small dresses, and I bet that pink one you had on made you look very pretty. I know you are 5 feet 4 inches tall and a pretty blonde, but Steve likes measurements so can you tell him?
Love Louise xx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! Yeah, Steve liked it when he saw my sister standing over the toilet and having a wee. She blushed red again but I bet she liked letting him see. He saw her stream from behind and he said it was a bit like when he first saw my mum's bare bum when she was having a wee in our bathroom. My mum had a giggle about that and teased him a lot about it but he has seen a lot more of her weeing since. LOL Steve got a bit confused about who was who when we kept swapping dresses that night, he thought we swapped dresses more time than we did. When we washed the wall that night he stood back a bit but he saw our streams squirting, but he did not look between our legs because he did not believe I was not my sister. giggle He thought I was the one in white but he got it right when he saw we had not swapped earrings, and there was my engagement ring as well so that was how he told us apart.
Robby, yeah you should have a lady. Well if Andrew does not answer her letter very soon I bet she will start dating you instead eh? Yeah Steve is right, she needs to smile more. When Steve first came up to me I got terrible butterflies feelings in my ???? like I was going to have gallons of diarrhoea because he looked so good and sexy. I notice a man's eyes first and Steve's were just twinkly with intelligence and he looked so nice with his strong handsome face and fit body. My ???? gurgled inside a little bit but I did not have any diarrhoea or anything. We talked a bit and well I soon needed a wee because I had been drinking and I waited for ages with a strong urge before I went to the ladies'. My best friend Jackie went to the ladies with me and when we were pissing in stalls next to each other I just pulled my knickers down quick and pissed my brains out because I just could not wait to get back out there with him. Jackie said he was gorgeous. I could not wait for ! my piss to end and I bet I did it for nearly 2 minutes. I do not think I did a really good wipe job either because I was rushing!
Hey thank you for welcoming my sister on here as well!
You know I think Steve is getting used to being stared at in the toilet by my sister.
No, I would not do page 3 in the Star newspaper or anything like that. I have done a bit better than that for a men's magazine and it is a classy shoot with just me by myself. It was a bit of an ambition of mine to do it and now I have done it. I hope Robby is not shocked and does not think I am not a lady for doing that.
Love Louise xxxxxxx

NU - Hi!!! I am happy you liked my thong story. It was fun to do, and my sister copied me!

DIANE NY - Hi girl!!! Oh no do not be sorry about not knowing about the wedding. How could you know about it with being in hospital and all that? Thank you very much for your congratulations and yeah I bet we will be very happy.
Love Louise xxx

PV - Hi girl! Oh yeah the alley duet was confusing for Steve. He worked out who we were from our earrings but that was after the alley wee. He was a bit afraid to embarrass my sister by being close until then. Hehe. It is not easy to confuse Steve, but he sort of hesistated before kissing me just checking me before deciding it was me and not my sister. LOL
Hey I thought that was a great 15 wees you had on the beach. Did you read about when we were in Spain and my mum and me, we ran and weed at the same time? It was easier than it may be you thought. Walking and weeing is not too hard but if you are walking or running you can not help but get it all down your legs, but we did not care. It was fun!
It was real good when you weed near to where that guy was and you bet he was watching. Well you have really really come a long way. You know I am really proud of you!
Oh yeah LOL I giggle when I think about being seen by that lad in the gents room. LOL I bet he's told all his friends. giggle I've told all mine about it!

Lotsa Hugs,


Tuesday, April 02, 2002

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