Did anyone ever shit in a pot before?

Hello, everyone!
This is my first time in this discussion forum. So excuse my nervousness. I find it to be very interesting that only on the internet one can freely talk about the one thing people around the world do -- doo-doo.
I am a reference center worker at a library located at a very prestigious university. My hours are usually around 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. If I am going to doo-doo, which is every other day, this is where I most likely going to do my "duty".
I first came to the university as a student, and now 5 years later, I work here. I used to be very overly conscious about doo-dooing in the ladies' room. You have to understand that my doo-doo is so smelly; it will hang in the air for a very long time. I like to eat foods that have cheese or eggs, or even vegetables in them. It's been that way for me since I was a little girl. I did doo-doo in high school once because I couldn't hold it anymore. But after I was done, I stepped out and two girls came in. One of them shouted,
"Damn, somebody took a nasty shit in here! I bet it was this girl!"
The other girl held her nose and glared at me like I committed a terrible crime. I had to doo-doo. I couldn't help it!. . .
. . . Unfortunately, I had class with these two girls and then soon afterward, rumors were spreading about my having to doo-doo that day and how awful it smelled. That was so humiliating, especially since I would get tormented during P.E. when I had to change in the locker room. The two girls would mockingly ask me if I had to shit and make fun of my body while the other girls were laughing at me. High school was a real bad time for me.
Even now, I think about those times, but mostly when I am sitting on the toilet, doo-dooing. I don't like to read on the toilet and I am very deep thinker, so I sit there thinking about all kinds of serious and philosophical things that are way over other people・s heads. I'm a very anxious person around other people. I usually eat a lot and so that's why I am considered a ???? person with a big butt. I wear glasses and wear only long skirts with high heels. Sometimes, I do wear short skirts that have a small slit in the back, but I have to wear panty hose with that because my legs wiggle and shake if I don・t and I don・t like that. I never wear pants because I don・t care for them. I always feel afraid to talk to people, so I keep to myself and find myself eating a lot. As a consequence, I also find myself visiting the ladies・ room. I always doo-doo anytime in the mornings before lunch. I rarely doo-doo after lunch, unless I can・t hold it anymore. When ! I am working, if I find that if I am pinching my butt together to push my doo-doo back in and when I fart and I can smell that it・s really strong, then I hurry in the restroom, because I don・t want another situation where I feel embarrassed about the smell.
Now, about myself, I am 5・10; and 200 lbs. with long brown hair that goes down to my waist. I don・t think I・m really fat, but just ????. I have a big butt that I used to be ashamed of, but (no pun intended!) now that I realize some people like big butts, I don・t care anymore.
I・ll tell you about my usual doo-doo. I then lift up my skirt and pull down my panties while I sit down. I pee for a small bit and sit there for a minute. Then I let out a loud series of farts that echo in the toilet, and after that, my doo-doo emerges. It always comes out like a very long sausage that curls into the toilet. I then push out another doo-doo that is as long as the first one. After that makes a :thud; in the toilet, I then sit there, thinking as I play with the band of my panties. Sometimes, I stare at the tiles on the floor and notice the texture of the tiles. While I am doing my serious thinking, I am letting out a lot of small pieces of doo-doo I call :nuggets;. They come in one minute intervals that usually end up filling up the bowl. Even a piece of doo-doo that hangs on my butt falls off. At this time I am still deep in thought and looking at the floor as well as my high heels. When I feel that I can・t doo-doo anymore, I get a lot ! of toilet paper (I have a big butt, remember?) and wipe myself at least ten times. I then get up to pull up my panties and put down my skirt. As I pull my panties up, that is when I notice the smell. It is like very strong smelling cheese and rotten eggs. One time when I pulled my panties up after a long doo-doo, the smell almost knocked ME out. It was that strong. I couldn・t believe that my doo-doo could smell that toxic. You would think that they would leave an air freshener spray can in the restroom, but they don・t.
I always hope that someone doesn・t come in because I・m ashamed that they will complain about the strong smell, but one time, there was another library worker who came in to doo-doo, too. She kept letting out farts and grunts as she doo-dooed and I always smelled her doo-doo as she let it out. I then heard rustling of toilet paper as she was wiping herself. I was trying to hurry up and finish when I heard her sigh and flush the toilet. I opened the door to my stall and hurried to wash my hands, but she came out at the same time. I recognized who it was V Miss Jacqueline, my co-worker! She gave a huge smile at me like nothing happened as she approached the wash basins.
:Hmmm. That feels so much better. Do you feel better?;
:Uh, yeah,; I would nervously reply to her.
:That・s good. But, I feel sorry about the next person that comes in here. Well, see ya!; she concluded as she gave a hearty laugh.
Now, Miss Jacqueline is about the same age and size as me, but unlike me she is a strong-willed black woman who is very friendly and doesn・t care what other people think. I then thought to myself that it wasn・t so bad and I realized that everyone in the world makes smelly doo-doo, even :beautiful; people. Thinking along those lines helped me to be more comfortable using the library's ladies' room.
I know that I have rambled on and on, so I will stop right here. I will write here again soon to tell any other stories that I have.

See you guys soon,

Diane NY
Hey guys, Ive been a little short on sleep. After my race on Sat, I left that night to go to Germany for my cousins funeral. So I arrived back in NY late at night tonight. I want to tell you about the dump I had on the plane. I was on a 747-400 enjoying first class when I had a real heavy feeling. So I get up and go to the bathroom. I walk in lift up my skirt and sit. Immediately I had a load of soft stuff. I ripped a shaker of a fart and had 2 firm but easy logs. I pissed wiped I pushed the flush and it all went down easily. Will talk more tomorrow.

Hi everyone,Jane that was a good healthy bm you had the other day,I'll bet if we ever buddy dumped together the janitor would have to go to therapy sessions for a year after he saw what we could produce!
Carmalita, Wow,I went to a mexican resturant a couple of days ago and tried these football buritos they were huge and they had a sign that said if you can eat two of them you could get two free to take home. Well you know me,I woffed two of em down right away but when they brought two more out I coud only eat one more.The hot peppers really were what made me suffer though.Today I got up tore off the covers on the bed and bolted to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet just in time as my butt exploded and out came a huge load of scalding hot shit! I mean it had to be the hottest burning big greasy nastiest hot shit I have taken in a while. It was like one continous rope of shit with wet fart and gas spraying out like the space shuttle rocket flames!When I was done I couldn't even wipe my butt without wettin the paper.I looked in the toilet and there was an enormously long shit rope coiled up and tied in knots.Then oh! oh!,Oh my god there's more I quickly sat back down and be! gan to push out really thick long banana turds they quickly buried the rope and began to stack up out of the water into a huge pile.Strangely they didn't burn like the rope,although they were hot and creamy,I stood up and looked into the bowl and I could see a bluish smoke rising off of the turds. God did they smell bad.I flushed the toilet and continued wiping my butt again,and was inturrupted yet again with another good sized load of more banana turds one after another fell onto the toilet paper and made another enormous pile,I counted fourteen in all. I began wiping again,got totally cleaned up pulled up my panties flushed the toilet turned to leave the bathroom and yep! you guessed it there's more.I quickly pulled my panties down and sat just in time as a torrent of chain shit literally rained into the toilet this time burning again then came six more healthy banana turds.I figured there can't be any more and wiped again,got up and had to sit right back down,as four real! ly big thick beefy bananas came out and plopped on top of the pile.I wiped again and just sat there waiting and finally nothing more came out whew! I thought what a load. Carmalita does the mexican food make you go like that too? Love you all ALANA

one time when I was relly young I was in litle leage I always peed behind a tree when the bathroom doors were closed one time I went with a friend to a tree we both peed on the same tree I looked twords the building and saw the lights were on he saw me looking at the building and turned his atention tword the building drenching my shoe I jumped back then i said I never go in the building It stinks like hell he agredanother time it was a championship game we were not allowed to go but when It started to rain we said to the coach ethier he let us go or we start aming at him so we were let to go to the bathroom but the door was locked I screamed aghh and let it go on the back wall the rest of the boys joind in then our couch came along and said woh forget cry me a river you guys are pissing me a river then the other team came our time still packed the wall so the pissed on a dirt mound all of a suden we heard laughing I who was pushed farthest left on the wall peaked over ever! y body in the stands could see the top half of the other time plus the top of the mound was very thin so the other pepole could see the pee soking through I laghed so hard the other boys snook a look a the sight to we all had a good laugh your coment would be relly a prseated boby singing off

yo i was just wondering-has anyone here ever thought that they felt something touch them when theyre on the toilet? has anyone ever been totally afraid in such a sense?

I had a major pooping accident once,when the car I was riding in was hit from behind.I was with my friend Stacy who I had already told to hurry and get us home.I had already started feeling really flush and was feeling ill.Close to home someone hit us from behind at a fourway stop.We did the whole stand around forever routine,trading info and filling out the report ect.The whole time my need to go became unbearable.Finally we got to leave with stacy's bent bumper and me needing a toilet badly.It was a cold rainy day and I had on long sleeves with a jacket and jeans.We got to stacy's but before I could even get to her porch I started loosing control and pooping my pants.I was really sick and knew It was too late.It went all in my pantys and jeans.I started crying and had to walk in with poop falling out of my pants.

what can it mean if you had a bloody stool at one time??

Punk Rock Girl

Usually, I lean back against the toilet tank when peeing, but lean forward when taking a dump. I honestly do not know if I sit the same way every time, but I think that's more or less my routine.

If I'm going to the bathroom outside, I pee crouched all the way down, until my ass is just a few inches off the ground, but if I have to take a dumo, I sort of half crouch.

Well, I tried it. For the first time in many, many years, I peed standing up. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, sort of stradled the toilet and pulled my lips apart, and peed. Luckily, my aim was right on. I peed for about thirty seconds. I wiped and pulled my pants up. I must say, I'm still a sit-to-pee girl. Don't know why, just like to sit.

I ate a huge salad for lunch on Saturday, and few hours later had a HUGE dump. Very little effort, just slid out and plopped in the water. One wipe, didn't stink. You can't ask for a nicer dump than that!!!



Has anyone messed themselves at school? i have and it is not fun.

Richard / USA
LOUISE: You said "Well I liked your story of your wife pissing away in front of that car but I felt sorry for her because she felt embarrassed. You didn't feel embarrassed did you, you bad man? It would be fun to see you have a wee." LOL, no I wasnt, but she was embarrassed enough for both of us! :-) Now that you mention it, I realize that she has gotten less anxious about relieving herself in the great outdoors over the years- on a recent trip to the American West where the vegetation is relatively sparse and its harder to find thick bushes to hide behind, we were on a hiking trail near some riding stables and she asked me to hold up for a moment. She stopped in the middle of the trail, pulled her shorts and her panties down, dropped into a half-squat and pissed a rather huge puddle where she could have easily been seen by anyone coming down the trail. I guess she realized it wouldnt achieve anything to step off the trail in open country like this, but still, there ! was a time when she would have just held it until we reached something to hide behind. When she was done, she fished a tissue out of her pack and wiped herself from behind, dropped it into her puddle, pulled everything back up, and said "OK, lets go", as if she had stopped to just have a drink of water or whatever. Thats progress!! XXXXX- R.

DAMSEL: Thank you sweetie for all the details in your description of peeing just for me.. I think youre right, men seem to love the little things like the color of your pee, the hiss, the shape and force of your stream, etc. You know, you are obviously an absolute knockout of a beauty, and with the lovely, warm and engaging personality your posts reveal, I cannot imagine that the right guy isnt going to come along at some point and sweep you off your feet, as Steve has done with Louise Simply a matter of time, you know?
Kisses to you- XXXXX

SCARLET: Loved the description of your wiping techniques- this is a subject that seems to fascinate me no end and I have no idea why, but it just does. Thank you, honey!

CARMELITA: I referred to you as a "legend" because your posts go so far back in the archives and you are so animated and enthusiastic and detailed in your stories- I feel as though I have read CARMELITA: SHITTING OUTDOORS AND LOVING IT- AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. :-) And thanks for the kiss, sweetheart!

INA: You wrote: "I LOVED your story. I can imagine it was fun to pee in your wifes you like the smell as well? I think the smell of the fresh urine of somebody you love is very nice. Sorry your wife was embarrassed about it. I can imagine the car stopping made her feel uneasy. Did you read the long post Tim's Sarah has written to you? She is a great woman, isn't she? I also hope you are having a wonderful life with your wife either way" Why, thank you for your capitalized enthusiasm about my story! I do indeed appreciate the fragrance of my wifes fresh urine although I dont get to experience it very often, but one particular event comes to mind: In July 1996 (dont ask how I remember the month & year- I just do), we were hiking in New Hampshires White Mountains when she announced the need to relieve herself. She stepped about 10 feet north of the trail into some brush and I followed to provide cover <grin> in case someone passed by on the trai! l. She squatted with her shorts and panties around her knees and let loose a healthy yellow stream straight downward while I crouched about 3 feet downwind of her- I was absolutely delighted when the gentle July breeze wafted a brief sample of the aroma of her pee straight to my nose, producing an instantaneous reaction farther down my body :-) I remember reading somewhere that the smell of a lovers fresh urine has a pheromone-like effect on his/her partner and I can confirm that wholeheartedly. And yes, I read Sarahs message to me and responded to what I thought was a very lovely missive from a lovely woman but I havent heard back from her yet- I dont believe Tim/Sarah have yet posted since then. My next post will be another outdoor pee story specifically with you in mind, as you seem to be on the same wavelength as me regarding peeing outdoors, which I consider one of lifes greatest pleasures, and it kinda tickles me to know theres a female out there who thinks ver! y much as I do.. :-) Am I right about that?
Regards, Richard

UPSTATE DAVE: Thanks for your interest- Campsite and hiking sightings are probably my favorite topic of all and, though I dont have a lot of them per year, I have a lot of years :-) of them, so I hope to keep you and other pee enthusiasts here engaged for some time to come.

Greetings to everyone else here I dont know yet What a great little community!


OMIGOD- I don't know HOW I missed it, but there's Sarah's response to me on page 860- Sarah, Im SO sorry for missing your post! Im gonna go back and read it right now but I wanted to apologize first, so Ill reply shortly, ok?

Richard Sarah: I just read your response to my response and all I can think right now is: Wow, you are simply one amazing human being! My wife is in the business of helping people and I have accordingly developed the ability to recognize a nurturing and caring and loving person when I see one and I see one here. Tim is a fortunate man indeed to have you (I guess the same defect in me that caused me to miss your reply explains why I didn't realize that he was battling colon cancer). I need a bit of time to digest everything you said before replying, but reply I will- Thank you SO much for caring!

And, by the way- "IMHO" is NetEse for "In My Humble Opinion".

Take care and be well, both of you-

Chad B:

If you have been constipated 3 days or more, I suggest you take a 3 quart enema. Purchase a 2 quart enema bag from a local pharmacy get a Hot Water bottle combination syringe, attach tubing rectal pipe clamp all connections to the water bottle. Fill the bottle with warm water say about 105 degrees F. together with Ivory soap make a soap suds solution fill the bag the entire 2 quarts. Attach the hose and lubricate the white rectal tube. Insert tube into your rectum release the clamp let the water flow into you. Take as much as you can hold, you may experience cramps stop the flow if that occurs, then again release the clamp and take the rest of the bag. Wait at least 5 minutes with the solution in you. Afte 5 minutes expell the enema on the toilet this may take 20 minutes to feel the relief of your constipation. I would repeat the same procedure this time using plain tap water no soap this is to flush the soap that is in the colon. This procedure is a old and ancient ! one and was used in the early 1940's and 1950's. I dont know how old you are but that method was used by every family in that era. Even children got enemas that way with the enema bag. Never use a fleet enema as they don't relieve constipation like a soap suds enema does. So, good luck and let me know how you did.


Hello I'm a 17-years old girl. A few days ago I had to make a test at school. It was a long test. Halfway through I started to feel uncomfortable because I had to poop, but I still could hold it. At the end of the test I really had to go very bad. I could feel my anus open and the turd starting to come out. Eventually some mushy poo came in my panties and I would really have to rush out because otherwise I would have an accident. Well luckily I could finish my test and I rushed to the bathroom. At our school you can look into the bathroom because the doors are most of the time open and there are small windows in them. If one passes by, he or she can look even under the stall doors. When I walk there myself I very often see pairs of shoes under the doors. The toilets are quite dirty but there is toiletpaper available and there are doors, but no locks (maybe a long time ago there were locks but then they are vadalised). Well, I picked the first stall and quickly put my panties! down on my ankles. Just when I was in the stall there was a bunch of girls coming into the bathroom. There were three of them. I thought, oh no, because I'm a bit shy when it comes to pooping at school. But this time I had no other choice. The girls were talking and doing their make up or something just in front of my stall (it's a rather small room). I could see their heels. I really tried to hold in my enormous amount of soft poop but couldn't hold it any longer. I pushed out a huge load of very mushy poop. It was really big, the whole bowl was filled. I was very noisy and also had a lot of gas. All the poop made many plop sounds when it fell into the water. The girls giggled and commented on the very bad smell. When I let out a loud wet fart they laughed. I was very ashamed. One of them peeked through the crack between the wall and the door and saw me sitting. It was a bitchy girl that I knew because she's in my class. Thank God they leaved after 10 minutes so I could fi! nish my business in peace. I tried to remove some of the poop in my panties and wiped, wich took very long, and flushed. I felt very relieved and washed my hands. Luckily it was my last period so I could go home.

Sorry, everyone; it's been a long past couple of weeks. I have an embarasseng poop story to tell, though (soft, enema-induced, for those of you screening posts for specific stories). Anyway, Friday night my roommates had all gone home for tbe Catholic holiday, and I checked my calendar to realise that i was due for my monthly enema. I do this practice every thirty days to aid my PMS constipation and give me an overall 'clean' feeling from brow to bum. So, I brewed some hot water and olive oil, put it in a large bowl i use just for enemas, my trusty bulb, and the indispensable vaseline for my bumhole. As soon as I was sure i was alone, I changed into a long champagne-colored robe with a thong underneath so i could feel somewhat covered in the front, but could also access my rectum easily. However, first I sat on the pot and grunted awhile, but only succeeded in squeezing out a few tight, dry farts. I put some Vaseline on my middle finger and reached behind myself, pressing in! to my backdoor, and my ring felt tight and unyielding. However, I leaned forward, and got my finger further up my ass. I gave a little involuntary moan as my finger popped through, and the tip of my short-nailed finger touched the spiky tip of a compacted turd. Damn, I thought, it's been over 4 days since I had been able to let my bowels loose, and this sucker ain't movin. I tried to stimulate my rectum with two vasline-d fingers, but to no avail. My bum just wasn't in spasm mode, so i decided to do what I had planned. Farting a little with a wet flapping sound,I got up off the pot and stepped into the shower, across the bathroom. Filling the bulb, I got down on my knees and pointed my ass up in the air. Thanks to karate training, I'm flexible enough to reach through my spread legs and up into my bum with the enema, so I released as much as I could, extracted it as I contracted my pink bud, and readjusted the water that was left. At the same time, I reached for the handheld ! mirror i keep in my closet and aimed it back. I saw the blue bulb and a black nozzle disappearing into my glistening, sore anus. Squeezing five more bulbs into me to clear out any extra poop, I got out of my bare-ass-to-the-world kneel in the tub and popped in my favorite retention plug (can i say butt-plug, moderator?) and stood to let gravity take care of things. I came in and read one of the many 'Poop-Lists' online, trying to decide what kind i wanted to have most. Well, I began to feel my belly churning and my backhole started to twinge with that unmistakable urge to go sit on the can NOW!, and then the phone rang. It only went off twice, and then the caller hung up. Good, I thought, the person doesn't have to hear me poop me guts out on the other line. Unfortunately, I was wrong - two seconds later, as I'm running to the toilet with my hand over my butt, there's a knock at the door. Clenching my asscheeks together under the robe, I peeked in the eyehole, and saw that i! t was my boyfriend. Not now! anytime but now! Stupidly, I opened the door, and he saw me standing there in a half-squat, a dribble of poop leaking down my leg. Stepping in, he said, ***********, are you all right? And i nodded and leaned up to kiss him. Bad move. The change in position made me lose all control of my bowels, and the plug popped out as I bent over, howling in pain and humiliation. I saw him flush and his pants tighten at the same time, and a big, fat, hot turd shot out my throbbing rear end and onto the hallway carpet. My boyfriend jumped forward and picked me up around the middle, which caused a jet of hot brown water to gush at tremendous pressure out my anus. I was moaning as my hole pulsed in and out by itself, and suddenly i was half-standing in the tub. I squatted and pointed my ass up a little so my boy could see, and my butt pumped out a few rock-hard turds, then a real nasty run of poop came slooping out of my hole, and i grunted as a series of dribbl! y, poop-spraying farts echoed behind me. My boy was holding the mirror for me so I could see, and my hole just pooched out so much I couldn't believe it - it was just a perfect chute churning out poop soup, and the water was running in the tub to wash my poop away. Suddenly. my eyes got big and i squatted with my ass in my boy's face, and showed him the massive turd poking out; it was completely stuck, and felt too big to push out. Quick thinking, my boy dabbed his finger with the nearby open vaseline and placed it right over my poop-smeared hole, pressing gently. I pissed for a minute, then bore down with all my might into my ass. He said it was coming, but i stood to reposition and it slurped back inside of me. Damn, i muttered, and bent over, spreading my cheeks. My boy dug the stubborn log out of my bum carefully, and then i spent the next hour on the toilet with diaherria and loud, wet, sloppy farts. My boyfriend was kind enough to wait, giggling, in the living room whi! le I farted my butt out. What a guy.

Chad B:
Another reminder I did not mention to you is when you insert the rectal tube in the rectum, don't forget to coat the enema nozzle with vaseline so the nozzle can go in smoothly without any discomfort upon insertion.

Joseph Briyan:
If you haven't pooped in 3 days take a good enema. That will make you poop but good. You may need a good cleaning out. Matzos are constipating
I know I have had that experience with Matzos and becuase I eat matzos I got constipated many times and resorted to enemas from an enema bag fountain syringe.


Normally I sit straight up on the toilet, then when the first few logs have dropped, I like to lean forward and put my elbows on knees and sometime my face in my hands, then I just relax and enjoy the last few pieces as they come. Daniel (UK)

Has anyone taken a date to a fancy restaurant where you get a lot of food and then had to shit? I would like to know so please respond especcially the younger ones. what were the bathrooms like? did they have a person to hand you things? was it a lot of food? I'd love to hear the stories. Also, does anyone know what happened to Billy and Kevin L. I really enjoyed your stories about your family. Does anyone else in your family know about this site? If so I would like to hear from them. More later. Nice shitting especcially Kendal and Andrew and to all in England my condolances about the Queen Mum. bye.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone, and hope you all had a good Easter, Pesach, or holiday.

On Good Friday I had an excellent shit on a public toilet when I went out for the day. It was a metal toilet with two pieces of wood attached to the top of the pan to form a seat. It was great to sit on and know I was completely covering it as I sat there plopping some satisfying turds and got my arse splashed. I really filled the water trap so as the sounds of the turds dropping got more muted, I stood up a bit and hovered over the toilet and so continued the loud plops!
On Easter Sunday, on my usual public toilet, had the most enjoyable shit straight after a young guy in tight jeans had been sitting on it.
I heard him drop a good fart, and just one small-sounding turd, and he remained on the toilet for a few minutes before a lot of wiping and finishing up. When I went in, the seat was lovely and warm from his bum and I gently pushed to get started and dropped about 20 small to medium size, firm bum-splashing loud-plopping turds. Brilliant!!
Today's though, was one of those far too quick to enjoy shits.
Big firm softish and easy sessions, with the result of being very messy to wipe up after. Loads of TP needed, where my usual firm shits require minimal paper.
It seems in my case at least, it's either sink or stink! If ever I do a shit that floats, there's usually a stink, but when they sink as mine thankfully do most of the time and plop well, then there's no smell.

What are these soft seats that people have mentioned? Are they the type I've sometimes sat on that resemble lifebelts but much flatter, and that make a hissing sound as your weight goes down on them?
The only one I know of isn't really big enough for me to get my dick through when I sit on the seat without it touching, and I just don't like the sensation at all. Not for me!

KIM & SCOTT, Thanks for your concern for my sometimes painful shits, but NO, They're NOT painful, far from it! I've been having the most pleasurable and satisfying shits in my life! Hopefully, all that is behind me now, if that is the corect phrase!!
I certainly WAS having good/average/sore/uncomfortable shits in the recent past, but I seem to be making up for all that now. After yesterday's really good shit in the public toilet, I was walking along and met a young guy in tight jeans and wished I could tell him what a good time I'd just had and were his visits to the toilet as pleasurable!Obviously I didn't, but I wonder how many people we meet who look very pleased about something have just had a really satisfying and enjoyable BM!!

CHAD, I hope by now you've been able to have a shit, but if you're still unable to go; drink LOTS of water to prevent too much drying out of any more of your turds, and seek a doctor's or nurse's advice. Probably an enema or laxative is needed, but whatever is needed has to be tailored to the individual rather than the theory that all constipation is the same sort and that one particular laxative will solve the problem.

Happy toileting and good healthy plopping sessions to all! P. Plop Guy

Upstate Dave
Good morning toall:
Hope evereyone had a happy Easter and or Passover. Pretty good weather here on Easter Sunday. On Sturday I took the fatest shit Ive taken in a long time. It started off as a long little nipple as it first came out. Then it slowed down to a crawl.

My anus opened wide as it could go. This fat light brown turd had grown to 31/2 inches in diameter that quickly! It stayed that size for about 6 inches. then it gained another 1/2 inch after that point. It was firm but not hard.I could not say it was smooth but had small bumps along the surface.The four inch diameter size stayed for the remaining length wich was another 8 inches then ended with the end with a flat edge no taper down in size. Anyone else have one end that way with no breakege? Catch everyone later.

It's a lovely masthead this morning with the lady bending forward, eyes closed and deep in concentration. I get the impression she's slightly constipated and struggling to get a good poo out - although I may be wrong.

wetguy. If you've suddenly started to need to wee a lot for no obvious reason, I'd make a point of going to see your doctor. If there's a burning sensation when you go to wee, it's probably a water infection for which the doctor could prescribe antibiotics. Another possibility, particularly if you've been very thirsty as well, is that it might be a symptom of diabetes. This is another reason why you ought to see the doctor.

Chad B. We all get constipated sometimes and your experience is by no means unusual. I was once constipated after an operation (couldn't do anything!) for 5 days and it was a real pest. The best thing is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Dried or partly dried fruits such as figs and dates are also good for shifting it.

Punk Rock Girl. I liked your post about sitting on a wet seat which the janitor had dried properly after cleaning. I expect you were anxious for a minute.

Diane-NY. Sorry to hear about your fall. There is nothing dumb or stupid about tripping on the stairs though. It happens to all of us sometime.

TeacherChick. I enjoyed your post about the poo you had at the end of the school day and noticing the unusual wiping habits practised by the principal. Have you ever needed to go whilst at school though and not got there in time? I'd love to know.

RJogger & Kathy. Thanks for your latest post. Have you had any 'loo adventures' over the Easter weekend though?

Both on Saturday and on Sunday I had turkey and white wine at lunchtime. The upshot has been that I've been a bit constipated and my 'output' has been rather smelly! That's the price of indulgence for you!

Best wishes to all regular posters with special greetings to Sarah, Meghan, Annie & Robby.



Hi to you all. Hope youhad a good Easter break. I'm going to be away twice in April which will take up 3 weeks of the month with just a few days back at home between the two trips away. One's a friends wedding with a few days holiday while I'm away for that. The other two weeks are part of my work. So, if you don't get quick replies you may expect from me, you'll know why. I'll certainly get back to you as soon as I can. I value your friendship on this site too much to delay replies for too long.

I know what it is like to have wet farts and a 'follow through' finding I have shit in my underwear. I've also had it happen when peeing or doing something like reaching up to a cupboard. I've even had poo start coming out into my briefs when I've gone for a jog (on occasions I do not have time to go to the gym). That's sometimes been without even farting. An earlier post describes a full accident I had around my one mile route in our neighbourhood. No sign I even needed a shit when I started off! Now, I do love the occasional 'controlled accident' in my pants in my chosen time and place. I guess by your comments you like a controlled accident too. They can be so great! However, I do hate the accidents that are real accidents in the wrong place at the wrong time and in potentially embarrasing situations. It could be that you, possibly like me, are starting with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I do hope in all honesty that you are not starting IBS. Wapyia shared his experience ! of IBS on page 836. Resulting from that there were some posts between him and myself on pages 837, 840 & 847, if you want to read these. Maybe my experience and his is something like what you are experiencing. I used to think this was a complaint amongst the elderly only, but it can affect quite young people. How old are you at present? I notice that you spray your shirt tail and pants. Is it because it is soaking right through your briefs? Must be very wet if this is the case. You don't tuck your shirt tail into your briefs do you to get it all shitty? I always wear my shirt tails between my underwear and my pants (and when casually dressed wearing a shirt I wear it outside my pants). Even when I wear a T-shirt under a normal shirt, I never tuck the T-shirt into my underwear either. I'd like to keep in touch with you as we seem like similar sufferers. Where are you from, by the way? Hope to hear from you, and will reply as soon as I can.

Plunging Plop Guy:
Thanks for your post (page 853), on the matter of my being able to accommodate toilet interests as well as Spiritual faith. Yes, I agree that it is good be both know neither of us was offended by the other. I shall look forward to interacting with you from time to time on this site. Thanks for your post (page 861) on TP. You seem to have conquered the "tracing paper" TP alright. I'm not sure I could cope with a piece of this TP up my crack if I'd had a particularly messy BM. As I wear boxers more than briefs, I'd be scared of losing it down my leg in some embarrasing situation! I do intend to stay with tissue TP anyway. I agree with you, that any CD of people plopping, farting and grunting would need to be people we knew. It would be fantastic.

Thanks for your post (page 860). Like you, when I've filled my briefs when shaving, etc, I normally tip the better part of the load down the toilet before going into the shower. The particular incident I mentioned of swilling the lot down the shower drain was because it was such a huge amount of very soft mushy poo that I thought it might overbalance while trying to tip it in the loo and land on the carpet in our bathroom. That would be terrible to have to clean the carpet. I know the carpet is nearing the end of its days, but I don't want to replace it yet. I do use the hose we use for the garden and washing the car to force a jet of water down the shower drain to make sure no shit is sticking to the inside of the plastic pipes or remaining in the U-bend trap. We seem to have so much in common. I have often sat on the toilet and let my pee go into my briefs (or sometimes boxers) and then wear them around while wet under my clothes for a while. I always wear clothes that! are due to go into the wash, after I have eventually had my shower. How old are you? Where are you from? I'd love to hear some more of your experiences. Nearly forgot to repond to your post on page 865. I hang on my left and use my right hand when I do use the hole in my underwear. When I pull my waistband down (necessary with some of my flyless underwear) I never pull it under my balls. That does restrict the flow as you say. It's almost like trying to pee with an erection! I always pull the waistband down enough to comfortably put my penis over, but never put my balls over too.

Anthony K;
Thanks for getting back in answer to my question, letting me know you are more comfortable wearing briefs and boxers together. I'd personally find that uncomfortable in normal wear - though I have worn both together when planning an 'outdoor accident' where I shit myself on purpose. The boxers just provide an extra layer between my briefs and pants in that case - to help prevent any visible stain bein seen on the outside of my pants.

Sorry I have not got back to you. Actually, I'm very tired having been getting ready to go to Scotland for my friends wedding. Thank you for telling me about your big shit at church in 1998. It was fantastic reading. To lose about 2% of your body weight, it must have been such a great load. I wish I'd been around, and you could have said, "Hey Noel, look at this before I flush it away!" How many flushes did it take? I sometimes think about you at 2 pm, as it will be midnight for you - and you could be going outside to have a good shit down that 3ft drop. (We've just moved our clocks forward 1 hour for summer time here. So I guess I'll need to think of you at 3 pm now). I should not be envious, but I must admit I am, with you being able to drop your load down there. Hope you had a good Easter celebration. It was good at church here over Easter. I will be in touch again and hopefully devote a full post to you. I've got lots I want to share. God bless you.

To answer your question - "How do I keep loose fitting jeans up when peeing with them undone at the top. I just put my feet further apart so they grip my legs better. I've not had them fall down ever. I remember being at a big Christian convention in India. There was this huge urinal made out of plastic guttering. It was quite a laugh to see about 12 guys all stood there peeing with their the waist of their pants almost down to knee level, completely showing the whole of the back of their briefs. Quite colourful with the different colours of briefs they were wearing. I think mens briefs in India tend to be the slip bikini style with no fly hole anyway. I did not want to look like them and glad I was wearing boxers. I just unzipped and peed through the hole in my boxers (which I do 90% of the time when I'm wearing boxers).

Well, I'm really having to go. I'm just so tired that I hope I don't oversleep in the morning!

All the best to everyone.

Hey all,

On Channel 5 (UK) a couple of weeks ago was a film called "The Last Seduction" starring Linda Florentino, she's in the women's toilets with this guy then she goes into a stall and takes a nice piss which you can hear really clearly :-)

If only she took a crap too...


On the subject of movies showing women pooping,I have just remembered watching a British video called Billy the Kid(not the outlaw, a goat that turns out to be a demon).A ????,middle-aged farmers wife who is always farting is seen in an old outdoor toilet straining and smiling when her turds plop into the pan until the goat breaks down the door and takes her away.

Monday, April 01, 2002

Scarlet and Outhouse Scott: If you must know, I watched boys 25 years ago. They either unzipped their pants and urinated thru the open zipper or they loosened the entire belt and opened up their brief waistband. Some had to. They were well hung! In the days of gym shorts, some boys would reach under the leg inseam and pull out their penises. I sit with my pants down to my ankles. If I am wearing dress pants, I take them off. I do not like to wrinkle them. About 25 years ago, some women took to wearing Jockey men's bikini underwear. So Jockey entered the women's market.

Whoever asked, I sit on the bowl hunched over.

Jason: Crackers will bind you. It never happened to me. I do not eat them. I am on a high protein diet.

Hi, everyone! Happy Easter! What are people having for their holiday dinners? My wife and I are having roast duckling... should produce some good results!

Nu: Thanks for saying "Hi!" in your exciting post. What are your and Angie's videos like? I think I'd like to see them! Good description of Carmalita... just adds to the picture I already have of her! (What a
knockout... with a SUPERB personality, too!) I definitely like the different smells of poop, so I don't think you're weird for liking your own... and I'll bet you like Carmalita's, too, at least most of the time... how does your poop smell compare to hers?

Curious dude
Hey, I recently heard that there was an episode in Survivor 2(in austrilia) where several of the people got sick from something they ate. Can anyone confirm this and if so, which episode?

Yesterday i went out and something very frigning and scary happened to me...I went to the mall and the first store i walk into was JcPennys. And i was sitting there trying to poop and i think i started looking down a bit too far cause the stalls next to me were both occupied and then i saw some shawdows in the stall to my right and all the sudden i saw a guys head and he was looking at my...i didn't even have a chance to start...then i decided to leave so i acted like i pooped and i wiped my self and i took off in a hurry...i don't know what he wan't he was probably a werido...for a while i thought he was following me. Has any thing like this happened to any one else? it was really scary!

Then later on i went out to eat dinner and when i was done eating i went to the bathroom to pee and wash up. I peed in the first stall and i heard someone first i thought a dad and son were in the large handicapped stall then i relized a guy was talking on a cell phone. Then he left..didn't see who he was but i checked out his stall cause i didn't hear him flush and there was nothing in the bowl except something looking like spit. Then i saw an envelope on the changing table with a bunch of phone #'s i don't know what that was all about.

I was wondering jewish and i celebrate not even that religous so i decided not to follow it this year cause my family is away. Really religous jewish people clean out their closets and stuff and get rid of any bread or bread products(any thing that has leavinging in it) and i was wondering if they have an enema of some sort to clean their system out before the holiday...they clean any bread crumbs out of their closets..why not out of their systems..any one know about this?

To Jason: good story..i like the feeling of that..i've had some good ones before too.

To jim: I liked your bad you keep getting in trouble! I was wondering what your mom would say when she saw your overalls were ruined. I wish you to had a better relationship and she let you be open with this cause accidents happen. I feel bad for you too

To Jason: I liked your story about being constipated

To MATT: I liked your story about the field trip

To Skater Boy: There was one in that new movie called soriety boys where a guy dressed as a girl is seen on the toilet pooping and s(he) was reading a newspaper

To Zip: I liked your story

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