Outhouse Scott
History repeats itself. Some of you may recall an earlier post I made about having taken a messy dump, then not getting a chance to wipe my ass for over 24 hours! Well, something similar happened last night, though I was able to wipe after just a few hours.

I was out with friends to see a friend's band in the city. We were at the train station, and an overwhelming urge to shit came on. I knew our train was coming, but I figured I could make it. I ran in the men's room and picked a stall. I dropped my pants and boxers and sat down. It was a big load, and it didn't come easy. I pushed, trying to get done quickly, but it was stuck. THen my one guy friend yelled into the bathroom to hurry up, the train was here. I pushed harder, it didn't budge. THen one of my female friends yelled in for me to hurry to, we're going to miss the train. What could I do? I clenched my ass and pinched the log off. Most of it fell into the dowl, but I could feel a chunk still mashed between my cheeks. I flushed, stood up, pulled up my pants and ran out. I told my friends, I didn't get to finish! We jumped on the train, which had no bathroom.

We got into the village and were running late, so there was no time to stop. We got to the club, just as the band was about to start. There was a line at the restroom, so I knew I wouldn't get back out in time. I stood there for an hour, with a big glob of shit between my butt cheeks. I could feel it squishing around. The band finished, and I darted to the bathroom. I waited in line for like a half hour, then finally got inside. I went in a stall and there was NO F***ING PAPER!!! THere were no paper towels, either. Needless to say, I didn't get to clean up until I got home. My boxers were a mess, it took about a dozen wipes and three flushes before my ass was clean enough even to get in the shower. Probably my second worst non-ass-wiping dilemma. Luckily, it didn't stink, for whatever reason.

Happy dumps!

LOUISE -- LOVED your visit to the gents' in that pub and your standup pish that was accidentally observed -- that lad's heart must have nearly jumped out of his chest! It's also an education in that the next time some macho moron tells him women are compelled to sit or squat, he can say he saw evidence to the contrary with his own eyes! (Oh, and that was a delightful toileting you described in the blue thong bikini -- you had me going!)

ANNIE & ROBBY -- You're too kind -- but appreciation for my beach antics are always welcome! It was indeed a delicious experience, but it looks like I got in just in time, the year is cooling down now, and besides my back is still peeling from the sunburn! Ah, now if I just had a relay of willing hands to do the trick with the lotion... "Red Gusher of the Dunes?" Hee-heeee! And the shoreline, the rocks and the carpark... Find a ladyfriend? When they're outnumbered seven or eight to one by men the odds get shorter!

INA -- as above! May the sunshine be with you, and warm days in the Antipodes ease the snows of the north. Hey, why not hit a clothing-optional area up yonder next summer? I understand there are plenty in Europe. There could be all kinds of opportunities for fun...

DAMSEL -- Your hug back is accepted with a warm smile and open arms! You're right, there was no one to help at all, in fact I could never find a way to speak of it to anyone in my family EVER. From the age of five onward I was plagued by it, then one day on the web I found out just how much fun folks take from this entirely human thing, and I started to relax and unwind. From that point on I started to have fun too, and it's become something closely associated with my personality. From, years ago, automatically and habitually turning the lock on the toilet door, even in the middle of the night, I now leave the door open most of the time, even during the day! That's progress!

Of course you're part of a wonderful family -- I wouldn't leave you out! Oh, and I think you'll do us all proud in Spain -- it'll be a bit wild and daring at first, but then you'll relax and "go with the flow," and it'll be a memorable turning point for you. Needless to say, I can't wait to hear about it! (Wish I was there, an' all...)

MALITA -- (Hug!) I warm *your* oven? You have me well toasty, you woodland-pooping Latina fun-machine! And that gang of yours never ceases to amaze me with their uninhibited adventures in the art of the group-poop and peeing-for-fun. (I fantasize about those videos...) You passed SEVEN FEET of poo in one sitting? That's nearly double my all time record! I've not had many biggies lately -- I'm eating small, trying to lose a few pounds, and that tends to mean pooping small too, but easily.

JOSEPH -- Very much agree re enemas, they win hands down against the torment of trying to correct an impaction any other way, and once things are flowing they are a self-health technique more widely used than many might imagine.

Cheers all,


How many other people suffer with wet farts - follow throughs. I had one this morning when I went for a pee. No idea I needed a poo. I started to pee in the toilet and as I did I let out an enormous fart and sprayed the back of my pants and shirt and then a lump dropped into my briefs. This happens more and more frequently. I suppose the answer is to sit down for a pee that is something you cannot always do.

It is one thing thing to have a controlled accident in your pants - you choose the time and place but these farting disasters just happen and are not always when having a pee - though mostly. The other week I was reachinh high to get an item off a shelf in a supermarket and out dropped a load from nowhere - quite wet.

I am getting to the stage of being scared to fart because I know my pants and shirt tail will get a brown paint spray job and a few sticky lumps.

Any other sufferers out there?

Lovely picture of a lady sat on the loo in her birthday suit! It looks as though she's using a private/domestic bathroom for a good early morning poo. If she was only doing #1 I don't think she'd be bent forward like that with her hands on her thighs.

Scarlet. I wear quite loose fitting underpants and usually when I go for a wee I just unzip my trousers and pull my underpants to one side (from left to right). There is a slit in my underpants if I wanted to use it but as other guys have already testified, the slit is invariably badly positioned. It makes me suspect that male underpants aren't designed by men!

Anna. Glad you enjoy this site. I enjoyed your account of having a wee in public whilst on the way back to university. A case of 'needs must' I think. There is nothing common or unrefined though about your friend Lucy not having any knickers on. In fact on that occasion it very probably saved her valuable seconds and prevented a major wetting accident. In Victorian times ladies wore very long ankle length skirts but no knickers as they hadn't been invented. This meant that in emergencies they could stand on a patch of grass and have a wee without anyone being any the wiser.

Annie & Robby. Liked your post. Have a good Passover.

I might not be dropping by for a few days as I think I'll be busy with church services during the Easter Triduum. Best wishes to everyone though!



I forgot to write to INA in my letter I wrote earlier.

INA - Hi girl! Yeah, I know how lucky I am with Steve. I tried the travelmate with jeans on last night before going to bed. I was standing in the bath again and I bet I took about 5 minutes just putting the dick that Punk Rock Girl thinks I wish I had in place before I was happy with it. Then I weed, and I was a lot better than the other times. If I can do it like that each time then that would be all right, I think I just leaked a few drops out in my pants. It was good, it would be better than really wetting my pants!
Yellow belt? Oh right LOL No I did not realise you were having a joke. giggle Oh I got my yellow belt years ago you know. I am now on my golden glittery belt! giggle No I am, I will be wearing it the next time I wear my nice black trousers or the blue ones.
My sister was a bit surprised I had a travelmate but she laughed a bit when she saw me use it. I have given her one of mine to try it and see what she thinks. Oh yeah she is into the standing peeing thing, but it was a bit of a shock for her that I had a travelmate.

I think I will not be able to write any more letters until next week now because we will be very very busy. My sister wants to write another letter.



As usual I have very limited time in which to post anything of my own, this situation made more acute by the presence of Louise's sister 'Damsel'. Not that I mind her being around, but it is a case of one computer, three users, and guess who gets last turn? Yep, that's me!

To Carmalita,
Hola, mi amiga bonita. Que tal? I hope I got that right! I've been enthralled by the latest stories from you, in particular the taking in turns to pee into the jar. Poor Patsy!

To Jeff A,
Hi there, pal! Yes, it really was before Christmas since we spoke properly. Yes, as I said, Louise's training and my own are going fine. I'm very pleased with her progress, she seems to soak up everything she is taught. She has plenty more potential, that's for sure. She is growing in confidence, and I think that is showing in how she is writing to other people on this forum. Yes, it would be good to talk more in depth about the two wonderful arts.
A few days ago, I said I would try to share another story with you. It was about my sports teacher girlfriend I used to see when I was 20 years of age. It will suit your tastes, and mine too, but I'll leave it until after Easter because I think it deserves to be told properly. To introduce it, it concerns her inviting me into the girls' empty changing room one afternoon when I visited her. She went to the toilet and did both liquids and solids!
Until then, Cheers!

To Robby and Annie,
Yes, Louise and her sister have left me very confused. <snicker> If this afternoon is anything to go by, I am now not safe in my own bathroom in the evening without 'Damsel' peeking. <snicker>
Enjoy the Easter break.

To Ina,
Yes, I rather forgot my manners, didn't I? Perhaps I've caught Louise's habit of discussing the size of personal body parts without asking permission. <snicker> I hope you didn't mind, but I needed an example. I think we saw the issue of 'standing to pee' along similar lines, and I agree that PRG's post did have a ring of complacent arrogance about it, which she herself has acknowledged, and was not intended.
Thanks for the compliment. Likewise, you too are very bright and good to know. I wish you well in your search for work.

To Punk Rock Girl,
I hope no offence was taken after my response to your argument on the sitting v standing peeing issue. All I'm saying is, each to his own, and why not look at it again, okay?
I remember the female Punk Rocker you say you resemble. No more description is needed, because as memory serves, she was quite distinctive.
Peace, huh?

To PV, Hello there, sweetheart. I thought my piece on the females 'having to sit to pee' issue would be noticed by your good self. Only too often with several things, people tell me that they "can't" do something, when what they really should be saying is "I haven't learned how to do this yet". I got the impression the same thing was being said by several people, and perhaps it was only the mood I was in, but I could not let it pass without demolishing the basis for that statement.
Many hearty congratulations on your beach achievements, by the way. I read your account of your wees with enthusiasm, and I am very pleased that you have been able to wee so casually on demand.
Very well done indeed! More please! <snicker>

Louise and I are away for part of the next four days, so we will not be able to respond to posts. It will also mean that her younger sister will be absent as well. It seems we can't keep her away from this site now she has started <snicker>



Why Thursday's are so damn busy around here, I don't know, but Kathy and I have time for some quick replies, then we are heading out.

Kim and Scott - Oh boy, you dropped the bombs in the men's room again, you little dare devil! Kim, you are one crazy lady, but to have been a fly on the wall….. This is just one of the reasons that we look forward to your adventures: there seems to be so many ways in which you go about pooping. And the size and volume, wow! Now, about that little lady Michelle, who I dated several years before I met Kathy: She was not a shy type, and if she liked a guy, she persisted until he paid her undivided attention. She and her brother spent time spying on each other in the bathroom since they were little, so it didn't matter to her if a guy she liked watched her crap. She knew all about her brother's set up, and she told me later that she had spied on him through the same set up. She knew we had watched her, and she thought it was funny. As for her plopping down on the toilet, as soon as I was finished at my house, I was somewhat surprised, but not shocked. She was a little unpred! ictable, to say the least. Kim, we are already looking forward to your next adventure, please say hello to Scott and be well!
Diane NY - It is good to see you feeling well again. So you are as strong as a V8, Huh? Terrific! So you like the stories from my "sordid" past? I have a whole inventory of pre-Kathy boyhood toilet adventures that I have not posted. Over time I may. Now as for the twin commodes in our master bath: The plummer spaced them so that the individual plumbing had room, but was close enough so that both toilets emptied into a larger soil pipe. It has worked well for almost 18 years, and it gives us time together. Take care for now.
Robbie and Annie - SO our stories slay you? Ditto, we feel the same about yours, they usually make us fall off the chair laughing. Did Annie poo on her bike, or dismount and dump on the trail?
Jeff A - Jeff, 47 is easy. Hell I'm pushing 55 in less than 3 months, and I don't worry about it anymore. I try to think like a college kid, drive my wife crazy in the process, and just enjoy life. You're pretty cool yourself, and fun to chat with. So you liked the little bit about Michelle? She was quite the showoff, especially if she liked a guy. I was fortunate to go out with her for a year. Be well, Jeff, talk to you later.
Hi Jeff, it's Kathy. You are the sweetest guy out here, and thank you for liking our stories and the compliments. I like nothing better than giving Rick a nice 20" or so log on a regular basis, and I know he appreciates it. It might be nice to have you watch me, seeing as how you, like Rick, enjoy women of color pooping. It's nice to know that guys like you enjoy the show that we ladies put on. That in itself is the highest compliment you could pay us. You take good care, and please write often.

Before we leave, we just want to say quick hellos to the usual suspects. Until next time.

Meghan and Sarah S
Hello Friends!!
We are back early because we have an orchestra rehearsal tonight for the Faure "Requiem" we are performing tomorrow night. I am on the cello, Sarah is playing the organ, and Dad is singing the baritone solos.

INA: Hi there dear! We often get emotional on this site when we read of a sickness, death, or hardship of any of the posters and especially our dear close friends of whom you are certainly one of. Don't feel stupid or bad because you might put some personal thing on here. We sometimes feel we have gone way over the hill on disclosing some things. We now know what to tell and not to tell. We will never be deceptive with you. Please be careful what you put on here, though! Now on to the travelmates. We got them!! We haven't tried them, yet. We may on our way back to school. We will certainly report to you! We are glad you are going to teach your Mom how to use it. We had a wee in the bushes outside our apartment complex. We were so full of beer that we couldn't make it. We took turns squatting by the car. It was at night so no one saw us. We really watered the concrete. It was certainly adventurous for us. We also enjoyed your story about your parents in Spain!! We know t! his is getting personal but we hope you will sometime reveal your "orientation" to your father. We know this is none of our business. We don't know where our futures will take us. But was long as we have access to this site we will be on here for you! We wish you and your family a HAPPY EASTER! We love and care for you! Loads of Love and huggies! Meghan and Sarah S

DAMSEL: Hi there! Welcome!! We are Robby's girls! Let us say first that we let the males come to us! Yes, we are approachable but we are also very selective. Our Mum taught us well. We have enjoyed your weeing for Steve and Dad! You must be lovely given the fact that you look like Louise. As sisters we have weed together numerous times. We are somewhat new to the standup wee. Andrew is our online cousin. He is the only male we have allowed to enter our loo for a cyber peek! We feel very comfortable with him. We know you will, too! We can share,LOL! We are looking for a companion, too! It is hard and frustrating sometimes. Ask Louise what the WSPC is and the "qualifications". Meg- I turn red a lot especially when I was invited to hold Steve's willy while he weed. I didn't do well,LOL! We hope you stay! Take care and have a happy Easter! Lovexx Sarah and Meghan

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi friends! Wow, that was a great double wee you had with Damsel in front of Steve!! We laughed when you switched dresses on him. We can't do that. We are too different. Megs had her first big poo in a while yesterday. She was hunched over on the toidy and straining with all of her might. She said:"I wonder if Steve would be put off by peeking in"? She already had Kendal and Andrew holding her hand and Ina and Louise standing guard! Why isn't she telling this story? Because at this moment she is in the toidy. I can hear the grunting sounds emiting from there! She will return. We have the travelmates. We just need instructions. Any ideas? Take care!! Loads of Lovexx from Sarah and Meghan(UUUUHHHHHHHHHH,LOL)

COUSINS KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Howdy! First off, Meg is coming back from a big poo. Let her tell you! Meg- I just got through with a rather large poo. I ran in, pulled down my trousers and panties, and sat down. I hunched over and starting staining. I asked you, KENDAL, to please hold my hand, then I asked you Andrew to rub my ????. ELLEN, I saw you at the door having a quick peek! Then you ran off. I pushed out a big log with all of my might. It Cullompted into the bowl!! I bore down for more. I knew Sarah was writing about this. I started weeing. The second piece started coming out. I gave a last NUUUUUUUUHHH and then there was a second cullompting into the pan. Andrew, you gave a last rub and then I sighed and relaxed. You left me to wipe. I came out and gave you a big kiss and a hug! You too, Kendal and Ellen. Sarah- She does have the gift of broadening a story,hehehe! Andrew, we know that there is another girl on this forum that fancies you, teehee! If you will! read the past posts of Louise, Steve, and DAMSEL you will find out. We will now have to share you, DRAT! We were thinking that all of you have gone to the Lake District for Easter. KENDAL, we hope you find your sisters and brother tip top! Have fun!! Have a HAPPY EASTER!! Buckets full of Lovexxx and big hugs from Cousins Sarah and Meghan

PV: HI GAL!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The record is YOURS!!! EXCELLENT!! Your wee and poo travelog is riveting!! You must have watered more sand than we could in several years!! The weeing redhead!! We are very envious right now,LOL! That poo you took was appreciated! At least you were somewhat discreet. We weren't!! We guess it was the atmosphere. We won't do that again for awhile. We know the male that was watching your record-setting wee DID like what he saw!! On the female front. Go back to the close option beach to see what you can find. You said the weekend would be a winner. By-the-way, WE GOT OUR TRAVELMATES!!! A big GRIN and a big HUG to you!! HAPPY EASTER! Meghan and Sarah

EPHERMAL: Hi girl! Hope you had a wonderful Passover. Our Seder went very well and now its on to Easter! Didn't your play go up just recently? Dad wanted to know. We hope it is a success and you have a great time. Maybe you will have some toidy stories for us when you return! Take care! Lots of Lovexx from Meghan and Sarah

ANNA: We welcome you!! You are student,eh? We are, too! There are many college students on this forum. We support each other. We really enjoyed your squat story. We had a big squat in our driveway just a few nights ago. Too much beer,LOL! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan!

KIMMIE AND SCOTT: What a WHOPPER story!!! If you read above, Meghan dropped a big load while we were typing these replies. She says she feels empty now! Meg- I had to flush several times to get all of it into the pipes. Wow, I had to push and grunt!! We wish you a Happy Easter!! Love ya! Meghan and Sarah S

Rizzo-hi dear man!, Jane and Gary-enjoyed the story!, Rjogger and Kathy-hi there!, Carmalita and the gang-HI SWEETHEART!, Tim and Sarah-hi dear friends! We love ya!! LindaGS-hope you are ok!!, Eleanor-hope you are settled in Exeter!, Adele-how are things in Brighton?, Cousin, Elena, Todd and Diana-where are you?, David and Niki, Jeff A- hi dear friend!!
Ellie and Little Lou-will you ever come back!


Todd & Diana
Hey Everyone,
Were are back! It has been a while since we last posted. Nothing new is going on here. Diana is almost 6 months pregnant with the twins. The other day Diana and I had to take a huge dump so we grabbed our magazines and headed for the bath. We both sat down on the loo's and then she pulls out this little children's book. I asked her what she was doing and she said I am going to read a story to the twins. I said what a great idea and that she is going to make a great mother and then she got all teary. 5 minutes later she finished the story and then asked me to pass over a magazine. After another 15 minutes we were both done and then compared to see who won. She did, but I also got to remember that she is having twins, she is bound to have massive dumps.

Meghan and Sarah S- Hey you two! We have been reading your posts and we hope that you get better Meghan. So what is new with you two? Do you still read on the loo? We hope you do, lets keep in touch. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana

Annie and Robby- Hey it has been a long time since we last talked. So what is new on you end? We have been reading your posts too and we like them a lot. Keep on posting and it dosen't matter if you post a lot we love you so much. Hope you still read on the loo. we can't wait until May, then we be married and then a few months later we will be parents. I hope we can keep in touch. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana

I read your last post, Carmalita, about the five of you wee-weeing into the jar and I thought it was very hot in a raw sense. I have never had an accident like Patsy had when it was her turn. As I am prone to blushing I think if that had been me I would have had a red face for a week or longer. You have a very mixed community in that home of your, and it has dawned on me that some of you are not latinas. You are all very uninhibited, that's for sure. Back when Louise was still living at home with our mum, we had a lot of fun with wee-weeing in the garden etc. I think the reason was that we were all women, and Louise and I are very close to mum. She's great, we can and do talk to her about everything we do. I still blush about some things too though.
I have a short story for you, Richard, and because you were so nice I have taken off my clothes and put on Louise's red thong bikini for you. She will complain I am just doing the same routine as she did a couple of days ago for Scott but the sunny weather outside makes me feel like this. I've gone into the bathroom and I am just thinking about what to do. I've decided I am going to strip completely, and I've untied the top at the back, and the cups are now just resting on my breasts. I've pulled the top off over my head now, and now I'm topless. After slipping the knickers down so they are at my feet, I have stepped out of them and I've crouched over the crapper. Without further delay I start wee-weeing. I am looking between my legs at my yellow jet twisting and streaming out. I know there are men who like being given details, so I style my pubic hair like my older sister does. Around my female bits, and my inner lips are prominent and pout just like hers, I am shaven, ! but I keep a small triangle of hair above the top end. If I look in the mirror when I stand, I can see the top end of my female bits, or 'pussy' as I keep hearing it called. Steve has seen it, he saw me once before without my knickers on, and I was embarrassed but not as red as when I bent over the other day and flashed myself at him unintentionally. Yes, I know I am almost a carbon copy of the woman he sleeps with, but my body is still something I feel is private to me just yet. I hope you understand, and please don't assume I am a prude, because I am not, I assure you of that. I wouldn't be writing this if I were! I have distracted you from my wee-wee, but I am having a good one. I have been starting and stopping several times, and what was forcefully squirting out of me is now just running out weakly. It is making a lot of noise as it dribbles into the water. There we are... now with a quick wipe, and I am like my sister, I look between my legs and wipe it, so I only need! to wash my hands before I can be out of here, just stopping to pick up the two halves of Louise's bikini I borrowed first.

Thanks very much, Jeff A, for your warm welcome. Yes, I know there is a man out there somewhere for me. I can understand why Louise likes writing for you. I have enjoyed writing my first two postings, just like I am having fun writing this one. I have seen some of Louise's postings when she has described her shits. Is that how you would like me to refer to it? Shit? Why not, everybody says that word sometimes. Tell you what, I'm not as accomplished a tease as my older sister is, but next time I need to take a shit I will write a post about it for you. I hope you will not be disappointed but I just don't pass huge 'logs'.

I am very sorry, Robby, I am falling back into my 'ice queen' behaviour and Steve will be saying something about it again. I did not mean to say you ever plied any woman with drink except your wife. Please don't be offended. Ha ha ha You did not make me think your daughters were man chasers, but they have more experience of it than me. I am in this WSPC, yes. It is an interesting idea. I think I am good at wee-weeing in different positions and postures, so if I ever have time to submit a posting I will see if I can help. I can not keep on being an intruder in Steve's home because he will think I am moving in if I spend much more time here in the evenings. Annie, I walked in on Steve when he was showering a little while ago. I stayed for a few minutes until he pointed his penis down at the shower base and had a wee-wee. I can't get the image out of my mind. I hope Louise does not get jealous.
I will try to send a post occasionally, because I've liked it so far. Happy Easter.

Thank you, Kim. I will not be rushing into anything, and I will be very careful in my choice of men. Thank you for caring. Has Louise said we use small weights to keep ourselves in trim? Use weights to keep your bust firm and it will reward you later in life. Our mum is proof of that, her breasts still defy gravity and she looks marvellous.. I've been using weights for over four years now and I feel very good for it. We all go swimming as well, and I suppose you have seen the stories about us using the men's loos to go for a wee-wee beforehand. Yes, I am not far from being 25, and as far as your peeking at me in the loo is concerned, no I will not tell you off.

PV, hello again. I have read your post about all those wee-wees on the beach. I think it takes some doing to wee-wee somewhere you can be seen. Similar to Louise, when I was at the same school I would wee-wee outside when we were playing sports. I can't believe Steve was sleeping with that sports teacher. She was very beautiful though, and very tall. I have not quite made my mind up to go with Steve, Louise and our mum to Spain this year. The thought is attractive, but I wonder if being away will mean I have less time to go man hunting. I know that will sound terrible, but I mean it in a nice way. Even before that, I will feel lonely on Louise's wedding day if I have no-one by then. I'm afraid it will be all couples, with me by myself. If you go to the beach again, please send another posting because I enjoyed the thought of wee-weeing off the towel. I guess if I go to Spain with the others I can just have small wees and not do it where everybody can see.



ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi sweethearts! First of all, please don't ever again say 'sorry for posting so often'...I am sure I do not speak only for myself, when I say that many love to hear from you as often as you post!! Robby, neither do you need to apologise for what you said, if that is your opinion. That is all I ask for and I understand you. Thank you so much to you and Annie about your thoughts! I think that conversation is not due in the near future though. Not cause I am afraid, but as long as I don't have a partner I don't see a neccessity. I don't talk to my father that often anyway. His wife usually calls me and he sends best wishes. So I take it, you see where I am standing. So let's not talk about it anymore. It was very nice to hear your views. I thought Meghan's reaction was very sweet. I was a bit like her when I was twenty. Always fighting for what's right. You are a jewel girl! Robby, your stage story was really great! I would have also died of laughter. It's in! teresting to hear you distinguished artist are having conversations like that during rehersals, Lol. Some friends of mine are doing an animation film about an opera singer and his fan at the moment. They are looking for a singer who has got a a trained voice but also a sense of humour. I just told them you folks aren't funny...Lol. No I didn't! Sorry, I did not mean to mock you German! I just thought the word 'Fraeulein' was cute, as it's a bit old fashioned, but I liked it. Annie, hi gorgeous! Hope you are fine. How is your offspring? Yes, in case you liked my stories you haven't heard the ones from my mom, yet....Lol. "Robby is not on the "sauce" now but I can still pop a few."-Sorry that sentence was beyond my English....I think it's good you are encouraging Robby to look out for someone. I read some old posts a little while ago and he sounded so much more sad before you showed up in the states. We will all be jealous of the woman,who makes the lucky draw, but could write! you some nice references, Robby;-)....So if you don't want to be my knight and slap your writer friends on my behalf, I'll have to do it myself. Tell your mates to watch out for a red haired Walkuere, should they come to my area...Lol. Take care all of you, Annie, Robbie, Sarah and Meghan. With care and lovexxxx Ina

PUNK ROCK GIRL: No worries. I was impressed by your last post as it takes strenght to say "I am sorry". I am gald I was able to communicate my thoughts in a way that did not lead into more argument. I still respect your point of view. Take care, dear.

GEOFF: I hope you were able to talk to your friends again. It would be terrible to loose dear people over such a silly thing. I once threw up in a sink and blocked it after one glass too much. I reacted quite likely to you. In fact I tried to cover up, making it worse and worse. This was with people I have never seen before or since though, so I have to admit I also went for no apologies, as I was too embarrassed. But if they were good friends I would consider an apology. Remeber running off was not a good think to do, but relieving yourself in their toilet was more than your right. Take care

RICHARD: I LOVED your story. I can imagine it was fun to pee in your wifes you like the smell as well? I think the smell of the fresh urine of somebody you love is very nice. Sorry your wife was embarrassed about it. I can imagine the car stopping made her feel uneasy. Did you read the long post Tim's Sarah has written to you? She is a great woman, isn't she? I also hope you are having a wonderful life with your wife either way. Take care, Ina

JEFF A.: I am very glad that guy saved you on that accident. You are a very nice man. I am very sad about your loss last year. I never expressed my thoughts about it, as I sometimes feel like approaching strangers, even on this forum. Something I find not apropriate in times of grief. But I might be just silly there. Thank you for your kind words. I am still jealous of all of you who found your way to another place where it's a decision between adults whom you wanna talk to personally. Would be nice to talk to you. My very best wishes to you and your wife. Love Ina

CARMELITA: What are you doing, you mind blowing, hot girl??? LOL. I am sitting on my computer with my mom in the room watching telly and read your post and I am glad I am not a guy as my reaction would have been visible then...giggle. You are stunning!!! Did you ever try to let it run while coming? Psst, I don't know if we are allowed to say that here, but that is great! I liked it when Patsy tried to win by backfiring...Lol. Another story from me later. LoveXX and hugs

Love to PV, Louise and Steve, Tim and Sarah, Ephermal and other friends. Ina

Friday, March 30, 2002

Have any of you had a bm experience in a dirty restroom? You know, the one with grafitti on the stalls and stuff on the floor and they are really crowded. Last week I was at this nightclub and it was crowded. I ate at a resturant before that with my girlfriend so she told me she had to use the ladies room to take a shit. I waited a half hour for her until she came back. She told me she had to wait in line and the stall she went into was ugly. It smelled, cigarette butts and toilet paper were on the floor, grafitti was all over the stall and it smelled really bad. She said she was embarrased about having to shit in there and she had no privacy. So I told her let me have one more drink and well go. I had my last drink and all of a sudden I had an urge to poop. I told her I had to use the mens toilet and go poop. She said ok so i went in the mens room. It was crowded with guys having to use the urinals. There were five stalls and all but the fourth one was occupied. I went in t! he stall and there was cigarette butts,tp,and a condom on the floor. The walls had grafitti and writing on them, and the toilet was not flushed. It smelled awful.It was just like my girlfriend said. Anyway I pulled down my jeans and my bikini briefs and sat down. I peed for about 20 seconds and then I let out a huge fart and two small drops fell out. I started to strain loudly and I felt a long turd fall in the toilet. One guy next to me left and these two guys came in. They were gossiping about someone and one of them said "I have to poop really bad". He went into the stall next to me and started letting out diarrhea. All I saw was his black shoes, tight pants, and white briefs. The other guy said "Oh my god I am feeling the runs come on!" Shortly after he knocked on my door. I said "Do you mind?" and he gave a sigh. Someone else next to me flushed and left the stall.He went in and let out huge drops followed by a loud fart. I peeked under and he had white tennis shoes, blu! e jeans, and black leather briefs hanging at his ankles. I wiped flushed and got out of the stall. I peeked through the crack on the stall door to see who these guys were. I thought they were two young punks but they were two old guys. They were good looking for their age but i cant believe they would be in a place like this. Are all nightclub restrooms like this?

Sue: I have seen judges and commissioners on the toilet. See my earlier posts. I worked and hung around them in high school. My father became a judge when I was in grammar school. I was 13y/o. One day, after school I watched him in court. So, I went upstairs to urinate. There was a woman in a stall and she was pushed, grunting, straining, farting and kersplashing. I must have hear this repeating 5x. I took the stall next to her, lifted my school uniform jumper, white slip, pulled my green panty hose and white panties to my knees and urinated for 60 seconds. I held it long enough. I then wiped my vagina and fixed my clothes. The woman then was finished and she wiped forever it seemed and flushed. When she came out, she smiled and asked me if I was his kid. She was fixing her skirt and half-slip. I told her yes. She too, was in the same class as my father. She is now a chief judge.

Some of them make the most noise.

Hi guys. I've had very little spare time these days. At least I've had better clients lately. Things have been a little quiet lately poopwise, though I continue to go regularly. Yesterday was an exception, and maybe the start of my cleansing cycle. Right before lunch I had an urge to poop, and I stopped by the ladies room. I sat and pushed out a long piece of poop. Suddenly I gushed out a wave of semi-runny poop. It was much softer than usual. I was done at that point, so it was no big deal.

A few hours later, I was again feeling an urge to poop, and it was much stronger. I had to rush to the ladies room. I went into a stall, lifted my skirt (I wore a plaid skirt that was a bit shorter than what I usually wear to work) and pulled down my white panties and sat. I pushed out a couple of very long, very thick and medium soft pieces of poop. Then I continued to push out a continuous solid motion of long thick and semisoft poop, one piece after another. Soon the toilet was filled and a strong poop smell emerged. I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out piece after piece of thick semisoft poop in a continuous solid motion. Soon the toilet was filled again, and I flushed again. My stomach began to feel worse, and I was pushing out poop at a faster rate but still maintained a solid semisoft motion. Soon the toilet was filled again, and I flushed the toilet while seated. I couldn't believe how much I was pooping. I continued the solid mo! tion for a few more minutes, flushing the toilet three more times while seated before I was done. I wiped several times, flushed the toilet a final time, and left behind a strong poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Best wishes to everyone during Easter/Passover.

To Outhouse Scott: The alternative/punk rock band Blink 182 has a song where they sing it was labor day weekened and my grandfather just ate 7 f****** hot dogs and he shit shit his pants...its something like that.

To Andre: I liked your story

To kim and scott: Awesome story! How did you manage to sneak into the mens room like that with out being caught...did you want the men in the mens room to know that you were a girl? Did any one say any thing about a female being in the mens room?

I like todays pic of that naked girl up there on the
gotta go no new stories..bye

I remember as a kid, getting enemas ever week.
I used to be severely constipated and had a BM every 4 days. My parents took out the red enema bag filled it with soap and warm water and gave me a 2 quart enema. I got enemas till the age of 19 years old. After getting these enemas I felt great and much lighter. If anyone hesitates to take enemas, don't hesitate they are beneficial and a healthy way of a lifestyle, in essence its like brushing your teeth on a daily basis.
Today, I still resort to enemas. No matter what age you are take a enema for your sake. I prefer taking a 3 quart enema to completely clean out the bowel. You may experience cramps while the enema is going into you but its worth the pain. Also dont forget to lubricate the enema tip with vaseline (use a generous amount) so the enema nozzle can slide into your rectum smoothly without any discomfort. Upon being full from the enema solution and cramping (you may experience severe cramping) you should expell it immediately on to the toilet. Another advise I must post here is when you get sever cramping that means that the enema is working and the bowel movement is big. Hope every thing comes out okay... ENEMAS ARE A WAY TO "GO"


Scarlet, I can't believe you only need nine squares of paper to wipe after pooping! Is your poo very hard to come clean so easily? When my poo is hard I can get away with wiping with just a few squares. Strangely, when my poo is real runny and liquidy, I also don't need much paper. But when it is in between -- soft and mushy -- that's when I need at least 40 squares. Sometimes I'll wipe the same area two and three times and it still comes out dirty. How do you get so clean? 9 squares doesn't seem enough for mushy soft poo.

Noel good responnces to how guys release their equiptment. I use the hole that was designed for that purpose. I find having the elastic under my balls restricts the flow so i don't lower them. Also i was wondering what side guys hang on. I hang on my left so my right hand can reach across and pull it through the hole.

GRANT--in response to your poll, I have excellent bowel and bladder control. I have NEVER wet my bed in my life, and haven't had a peeing accident since I was about 2. I don't remember ever pooping myself after being pottytrained either.

OUTHOUSE SCOTT--Yes, I agree that all celebrities use the bathroom, but are not open about it. Seems like the only pop stars open to talking about it or even admitting they go are Brian Littrell and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys, Joey Fatone of NSync and Ashley Angel of O-Town. And Ashley's the only boyband member I've ever seen undoing his belt in front of a urinal getting ready to pee...

TO THE GUYS WHO ANSWERED MY POLL--Thank you all so much. I wanted to list everybody's name, but I realized there were way to many to list. I never thought I'd get so many great, detailed responses. Thank you. So, here's another question to those of you who said you unbottoned and undid your belt--if you wear loose jeans and you stand, how do you keep them from falling off? I always wondered about that. Thanks.


Nick (from Canada)
It's been a long time since I've posted but I do try to keep up on reading the posts. There were a couple survey questions asked that I thought I would answer.

Scarlet, I believe it was, asked whether us guys use the hole in the underwear. When using a public washroom, I pull down the zipper and pull my underwear down just under my dick. When I'm at home, I undo my belt and button, pull my pants and underwear down and sit. I find sitting much more comfortable.

Will, I agree with you. Soft toilet seats are the best. They are comfortable and don't get cold in the winter months unlike plastic seats. I find wooden seats quite uncomfortable and can't really get over the fear that I'll get a sliver in my ass from sitting on one.

Someone asked how much toilet paper is used. I have never actually stopped to count how many sheets I use. All I know is that I find I go through a roll about every four days. I live alone and usually shit two or three times a day. After wiping with regular soft TP, I use a wet wipe to really get my asshole clean. Then a little more TP to dry off and I'm done.

Keep up the great posts everyone.

Hey Sue, was that really Joan Lunden in the stall next to you? Did you ever talk to her again after that? I wonder if pooping at the TV station like that was a regular thing for her or if that was the only time she ever did it. If that was the only time she ever did it, I bet she remembers you! Someone mentioned here recently that she supposedly farted once on live TV. Did you ever hear anything about that? I wonder if Rosie or Oprah or any of the other female talk show hosts ever farted on the air.

Alana: I enjoyed your latest post; your description reminds me of incident a few years back.

I'm a male and used to study in the library a lot when in college. The restrooms were situated in a manner that I could see (and hear) women while in restroom. I recall one time a woman sitting next to me quickly packed up her books, grabbed her coat, and walked fast to the bathroom. No sooner did the door close than I heard her pass a poof fart that echoed in toilet and bathroom. I figured that she was dumping a massive load, although I didn't hear anymore farts or anything falling into the toilet. A few minutes later, I saw an attractive woman walking fast towards the restroom, but she immediately came out and headed towards the restrooms in adjoining wing of the library. And another woman did the same thing a few minutes after that. I figured that this woman must be stinking up the bathroom real bad because she did not flush the toilet until after she tore off several pieces of toilet paper. There were other situations in which I heard women fart several times! , heard diarrhea flowing into the toilet with gurling farts, and even one time that I could SMELL through the vent of the door of one woman's diarrhea attack.

Hola everybody!
I've been so busy lately! Jake just got promoted at work and is making more money. Patsy and Renee are beautiful, so is my little Malita girl. She's soooo cute! Hmm, let's see. More gossip from the homefront here. I've recently become a prime suspect in the great turd conspiracy at work. Rumor has it that the maintenance man was heard to have said "they must serve a hell of a lunch in the cafeteria." Me and Nu have become great friends, and her and Angie just finished a new video. Lesbian video that is. Tesa is taking an english class! Good for her. She's so intimidated by english. She practices with me and Anj. Yesterday she said about using the bathroom "I am maked a big one." Hopefully I can get her to say something to everybody here. Lately, she's been so left out of my stories, but she's still a hottie, and still up to her usual poopy games.

RICHARD/USA Hola sweetie! Thank you for such a lovely greeting, though I doubt I'm a legend. Who's F Scott Fitzgerald? (just teasing!!!) I think you are a very interesting and lovely gentleman. Cool pee story too, your poor honey so embarrassed that people saw her and pointing to her puddle. Here's a kiss for you honey.

DIANE NEW YORK: Great story hon! I love stories where men sneak into ladies rooms and vice versa!

LOUISE: Baby, baby! I was on the thong story! I was there with you! Oh yeah, good stuff! Hey, I especially liked what you said later about the bathtub and how you rinse off soap from Steve's chest. Thank you for saying that!!! I'm not the only one who does that! I did it just the other day down Jake's back.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: How are ya? I agree, men and women are different, but I like to pee standing when I'm outside. Inside, I still like to sit. It makes me feel sexy. I also like to squat when I pee.

INA: Hi hon, I'm glad you liked the story. The kitchen pee was awesome, except for poor Patsy who accidentally dumped on the floor. She said she just couldn't hold it back. I wanted to give you something really special baby. Here goes--ahhhhhhh...I'm pissing my pants right now. I'm sitting on two old folded up beach towels in a pair of cotton undies and nothing else. Oooh it feels good to get that all that hot piss out, but I'm getting shivers. I've done this before. I've also crapped my pants at the computer too. It's still coming LOL! Oahhhh....done! I'm squishy! Oh well, better write a few more folks then go shower. Bye Ina!

JOHN (VT): Now my heart is smiling. Thank you for coming back! Yes, I love the gang myself, and Nu's enthusiasm is awesome!! Not to mention she's an absolute knockout! It's so hard not to stare at her sometimes. My sign off poop from my last story was incredible!!! I had so much gas and it hurt so bad coming out, but it was solid, hard, and about 5 pounds worth! Each turd was about 12" long and I counted 7 turds. Not real thick, but still a very healthy amount! It was a poop that was not going to wait. I was wearing pj bottoms, a black bra and a pair of black mesh panties. I pulled both down to my thighs, leaned and wrapped my arms across my ????. Suddenly, gas came out, I grunted really hard (Renee was there and said I looked like I was being tortured) and huge, long logs started coming out. They plopped and splashed and stunk pretty good. Afterward my ass and pussy both began to itch. I don't know why. I reached down and was lightly scratching my pussy with my middle! finger when some piss dribbled out.
Then, I grunted hard again, and more shit came out. Renee made a face, covered her nose and exited. It was such a huge and desperate shit though. I don't know where it all came from. a bowl full of healthy turds though!

PV: Hiya girlfriend! You little beach honey you! I wish I could've been with you. What a great time we would have had together. Your beach stories and the others really warm my oven! You're always sneaking into mens rooms you naughty girl! I love you!

This Saturday night Nu, Anj and Tes are coming over. We're going to preview the new tape and play some games later. I'll be sure to fill everyone in. Sorry, but I have to run now and go get out of these pissy panties. Hellos to all my favorite people and welcome Damsel! What a honey you are!

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