Hello, good friends. It's Jason again. I remember when I was at my grandmother's house and I had some of her food. I then had to doodoo. The food gave me diarrhea. I sat on the toilet, and it was coming out slowly. It was thick like gravy. It was soft, and I felt very comfortable. It felt very good coming out. I felt it inside my intestines, and it felt very heavy. I actually felt ten pounds heavier. It came out little by little, til it was all gone. It took ten minutes to come out. When the last of it came out, I actually felt ten pounds lighter. It felt so undescribably good, that I wished I wasn't finished doodooing. I loved the way it felt. I never felt that comfortable before. I was in heaven. Did any of your doodoo feel that good? And yes, I piss frequently everytime I doodoo. It was brown.
I remember when I was six years old, and it was Saturday at 2pm. I had to doodoo. I sat down, and it was hard. It came out slowly. I was staring at the wall pushing. I grunted as I pushed because it felt so good. I got hard, as usual when I doodoo. My piss came out every so often. One brown, spiky one came out. The second turd was smooth. The a third came out, partly spiky, partly smooth. I was finished, so I stood up to wipe, but I had to doodoo again. I sat back down and two more came out, partly spiky, partly smooth. They were all brown. At the time, that was the best feeling shit I ever felt, and I never wanted to stop. When I was done, I wiped. It took fifteen minutes to doodoo. A total of five came out. That's a lot of shit to be shittin' at once, huh? Well, that's all for now. I'll write again very soon.

I am 16 and a junior in high school. Recently I've noticed that for whatever reason I have had to pee more often then "usual". For example, i'll drink one can of soda and very soon after i get uncomfortable. Thats the other thing, when i have to pee it's not like a burning need, it's just an uncomfotable feeling. It feels like if i dont piss, i'm gonna have to go really bad real soon. This is certainly a problem sometimes, like the other day when i made a 90 minute drive with my mom. I drank a can of soda on the way, and by the time we got there i had to piss real bad. Luckily, i was able to quickly find a bathroom and that was the end of that problem.

Just a quick sighting to report: today i was leaving a restaurant when i saw a kid, about 13-14, talking on a pay phone. There was another kid about the same age with him. What caught my attention was a quarter sized wet spot on the front of the first kid's pants. Also, he was bobbing up and down and scizzoring his legs, obviously needing to pee real bad, but he was talking on the phone. I unfortunately could not stick around for this spectacle without looking obvious, but I'm pretty sure that he was doomed to pissing his pants, with no available bathrooms nearby.

More another time.


After my girlfriend's party last night, she came over to my house to spend the night. (Danielle, my g/f, is so incredibly cute. Long blond hair, blue eyes. Her personality is awesome too. She's so intelligent, which to me, is the sexiest thing of all. She's so incredibly good looking, that I look at her and think "Wow. She could be with any girl she wants, and she chose me." Anyway, heh, sorry I'll shut up now.) We were up in my room with Kai and his girlfriend, Kylie. Together, we drank an entire twelve pack of Sprite in less than a few hours. Needless, to say, we were all going to have to pee soon. Danielle was cuddled up in my lap with a blanket over both of us. By the way she was fidgiting a bit, I knew that she had to go, but was waiting because Kai was telling a joke she wanted to hear. Well, at the end of the joke we all began laughing quite hard. Suddenly, I felt my pants getting wet and warm. I realized that Danielle had accidently soaked my lap. She was still laugh! ing, but I could tell she knew right away what she had done. She was trying to stop laughing when she whispered in my ear "What should we do?" I told her "Don't worry. I'll take care of it." After a few more minutes of conversation, I told Kai that we would go play pool in our game room after Danielle and I took a shower. So he and Kylie left, shutting the door behind him. Danielle took off the blanket and stood up, examining her pants. They didn't look that bad. Then she looked over at me and started laughing. My pants were completely soaked where most of it had gotten on me. I tackled her and gave her a kiss, then we took a nice hot shower. I let her borrow some of my clothes for the rest of the night.

hi, i am on spring break now. today sucked, my mom bought be some cool oveeralls but i couldnt get them on so she helped and i went to the theme park with my friend and we rode lots of rides and i needed to pee so i told my friend and we both went to a bathroom, i looked down and there was no zipper on my overalls, i tried to undo the clips things and i couldnt get them undun, mom put them on for me and i didnt know how to get them off. my friend pulled on them and couldnt do it and i really had to go bad, a guy came in just as i was about to burst and i asked him if he could help. he unclipped one and there was one left and it was stuck, i was trying to hold it real hard and i started leaking through my hands, the guy said it wouldnt come off and i was peeing my pants. he said he had a nife to cut the strap and i said ok. he cut it and i pulled my pants down quick and peed on the floor. it was to late cause i already had big wet spot on my pants. i just let the top part of my overals hang over my wet spot, it sorta covered it up. the guy that helped me was cool he said he was sorry i had an accident. me and my friend went back on more rides and i dried out before i went home , luckily not many people noticed. when i got home mom saw my overals cut and she started yelling, she said those were brand new and you ruined them, i tried to tell her i couldnt get them off but she just tld me to go to my room. i didnt even get any diner tonight so i am writing this instead and i dont care if she finds me on this site. i hate her. well i gotta go im tired. by

Hi. My name is Jason. One time I was really hungry and I wanted some crackers. There was a box full of crackers that had four packs in it. There were about fourty crackers in the pack I got. I ate every one of them. The next day, I had to shit. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I started to push, but nothing happened. I kept pushing. Then I realized that something was happening that never happened before. I was constipated. I kept pushing to no prevail. The turd was bigger than any other turd I ever had. I had to push many many times to get it to move at all, and it only moved a tiny bit. I was getting tired, hot, and red in the face. Then my dick got big. That happens everytime I shit. I leaned to the left, to the right, I leaned forward, and back, and that did not help. I was grunting, wailing, and breathing hard. It still moved very slowly. It felt like sharp brissles rubbing my ass. My butt was hurting very badly. After two and a half hours of tiring pushi! ng, it finally came out. It felt very very good, too good to discribe. It hit the toilet bowl hard. It was the only turd to come out. I flushed without wiping, and it was so big that it stopped up the toilet on its own. I had to use a metal hanger to make it go down. That took five minutes. Then I wiped two times. Only twice because that was the hardest turd that I ever had.
It has been fun to read the other pooping stories, and I plan on writing again. Stef, you have the most interesting stories. Please write more. Bye for now.

Punk Rock Girl
Bill- The restrooms in my office are usually very clean. The other day I went into a stall to pee. I didn't bother to look at the seat since it's always clean. I sat down, and the toilet seat was wet. I jumped up, thinking some guy had pissed all over the seat, but it turns out the janitor had just cleaned in the restroom, and had squirted some cleaning fluid on the seat, then forgotten to rinse it off. What a relief! I peed, then rinsed my ass off at the sink (luckily no one came in).

I once had to take a shit in a repulsive gas station bathroom. THe toilet was backed up, the floor was covered with garbage, cigarette butts and crud, and the toilet seat was encrusted in old urine and grease. I ended up taking a dump in the wastebasket. The toilet paper was bloated from having been saturated in some liquid--it may have just been water, but I didn't want to take a chance, and didn't wipe my ass until we stopped later. I would have waited to shit, too, but it was an emergency. Other than that, I've been fairly lucky when stopping to use the restroom. THe one you went in sounds nasty! Most night clubs have nice restrooms, but the club my band plays in is definitely not one of them. It's not filthy, but it's pretty dingy. The toilets are usually clean, but the floors are almost always covered in trash and cigarettes, the walls are covered with grafitti and three year old fliers, and there's no doors on the stalls. I've never had a problem using th! em, but I guess I could see why someone might. I'm used to it!

Happy pooping and peeing, and peace to everyone.


Chad B.
Hello, I've been a lurker on this site for a while but now I need some help. I have been constipated for almost 3 days now. I have taken 4 ex lax pills in the past 24 hours and so far almost nothing has come out. I can still feel this big chunk in my lower bowels and it is beginning to hurt a lot. I almost constantly have the urge to go but when I try, the pain is excruciating. My asshole is rubbed raw from all the times I've wiped over the past few days and anything that comes out feels like acid. Does anyone have any advice for what I can do? Why didn't the pills work? Should I just keep taking them or switch to a different pill, or maybe get some extra strength?
This is the first time in my memory I've ever been constipated and I really don't understand what is going on in my ass. What happens to the shit that makes it harden up like it does? What are the long-term consequences of constipation? Can it ever work itself out naturally?
I figured that if there was any non-medical forum to ask this embarassing question to, it was you guys. Thanks for any info you can give me, see you around.


A couple people asked about women going through the fly. An old trick, known before the Travelmate was using a shoehorn or even an folded index card in a pinch. I used this trick when going in front of guys through the fly and I didn't want to expose my rear. Just wedge the shoehorn off the bottom of the fly between your thighs (underwaear aside) with the rear end tight against your perininum. Keep it pointed downhill and have a go. Its not a nice stream, but it keeps your clothes dry and your rear covered. Let me know if anyone finds this useful, maybe my anatomy is different.

I liked the story about the sink breaking in the hostel. I have used some dorm room sinks while staying in guys only dorms. In sinkless rooms I've been less lucky. Unfortunately most guys need an education in female anatomy. I've had guys offer me coffee cups (too small) or small-mouthed bottles, when truly about to bust and trapped in a single-sex dorm situation. Once when drunk and my eyes were floating, a guy offered me a styrofoam coffee cup. I pleaded with him, and finally I tried to hold it until morning. That didn't work. I gave in, I filled the cup in about 3 seconds and stopped for him to empty it. While he was out of the room, I lost it and the rest went all over the floor. Any guys in the single-sex dorm situation, get a small pail (at least 1 liter) and put a wash cloth in the bottom (to deaden the embarassing sound) and have some tissue too. If your female guest needs relief. Off the pail and a little privacy. She will be grateful.

If anyone (female) knows how to go in a car seat without totally undressing let me know. Everything I've tried fails because the front of the seat is slightly uphill. I travel a lot and dread going outside in a public place. Its dangerous for a single woman, and obviously illegal and embarassing too.

One time i was on a field trip and my friend asked if she could go to the bathroom[i'm a boy 11].The teacher said is it a emergency and she said yes so the teacher said take a boy with you[this was a puberty feild trip so it had to be a boy and a girl].So she picked me and she told me to hurry and run.she ran outside [because the toilets were full]and dropped her pants and started to pee then she blunted out a large dookie.she told me to excuse her and she farted a watery fart as she shot out a massive pool of dierhea on the ground.I asked her if she was done and replied yes.So she pulled up her pants and we walked bak inside.suddenly she yanked my hand and said i'm not done as she ran back outside and as she was almost behind the lake tree i herd a fart as she said oh no.she told me that she had doodood her pants and it was still coming.thinking fast i pulled her pants down and sat her on the tree and she was just sitting there pooing on the tree.i kept hearing loud watery ! farts as she kept pooing on the tree.After she took her underwear and threw them in the lake.

id like to hear more about these kind of storys

Hey everybody,
whuzzup an' poop? I know Carmalita has mentioned me and Angie's videos. We just finished up with another one. We're going to premiere it this coming Saturday night here at Carmalita's house. I had a nice time with Carmalita. She pulled her jeans down and shit really lovely. We were talking and she kept dropping plops into the water and grunting between sentences. She has such beautiful Mexicana features that I found it to be highly exciting. Her eyes are so dark and shining and those thick lips and all those beautiful teeth, oh yeah!!! She also always seems to have a playful look, like a kid who's done something mischievous. She always makes me giggle whenever she starts giggling herself. Her dump took about ten minutes. It was a real stinker too, but she did one gigantic turd and a large pile of smaller ones. She also make crunchy cracklly sounds and grunted really hard. I dig watching her pull her pants down! She's promised some cool 'poop fantasy' thing for Saturday ! night. We can't wait!

Oh yeah, this morning at home, I got to help Tesa with her english. She's supposed to write 10 new words and describe where buildings are, like the post office etc on a little map. She wrote on one space "on front top." It was cute.

Hello to Ina, Damsel and Meghan and Sarah. You girls are cute! Oh yeah, I also am heavily into Natialie C's stories and Meredith. so many people here are cool.

Rjogger: Oh honey, I knew I liked you before, but that story about the peephole thing really got to me in a good way. I wish it was me you were watching. I'm at Malita's house right now using their basket case computer. They're getting a new one soon.

Louise: Cool thong story! Me and Malita read it together. She went kinda googly eyed LOL

John (VT): I'm glad you like my enthusiasm. Carmalita says you're a honey. It sure sounds like you are. She says you like smells. That's cool. I have some pretty tasty smells. I like the smell of my poop, isn't that wird?

Oh well, gotta run now! Cool talkin athca'all! I know I'm forgetting so many people and I'll feel bad later! Kisses!

The Phantom
Like most guys, I still find the act of cracking a deep, loud, and long fart nothing short of hysterical...even at the age of 30. I have however had one experience in my life that tops any noise I have ever been able to produce. I was on my way to a flea market with a few friends of mine about 4 years ago. It was a Sunday about 7:30 in the morning. There were a few of us traveling together in 2 seperate cars when I felt the urge to let one fly. I promptly lifted one cheek for the proper tone and volume when I felt a wet heat speeding down the chute with record breaking velocity. I suddenly pinched every muscle I had from the waist down and I just froze behind the wheel. I felt like someone had just kicked me in the stomach and I let out the moan to match. One of my friends in the car looked at me as if I had just ran over someone and asked "Hey man, are you alright ?" I don't remember if I answered or not...I just remember cutting off two lanes of traffic and skidding into a! McDonalds parking lot. I had to go so bad that I never took the keys out of the ignition or shut the car door behind me. With the hysterical laughter of my friends behind me, I heel-toed it as fast as I could to the rest room. As I burst through the stall door, I found the ass-gasket dispenser fresh out, and only about a 1/4 roll of paper. There was no time to think, or to build a nest from the TP, so I just dropped 'em, reached through my legs to pull my shorts out of the way and squatted over the bowl. The force of the explosion that followed caused me to almost lose my ballance. I found out later that it could also be heard outside the sanctuary of the rest room and well into the resturant. The initial outburst was over in less then a minute, but I found myself bending over there for a little while just to make sure there was no aftershock coming. I felt like I had just been voilated, and the stench was so strong I swear it was poisoning what little oxygen was left in th! e air. With the sweat rolling down my forehead, I reached for the paper to clean up. After wiping, I took a look at the paper to find almost nothing on it ( C' you dont look after you wipe ? ) I knew that I could not have imagined what I just felt so I turned to look and in absolute amazement I realized I had missed the toilet completely. The little boy in my bowels had thrown a temper tantrum and as a result I had left a 6 inch wide stripe of brown chunky liquid from about chest level to the floor on the wall next to the shitter. I was in shock and the smell was unbearable. I peeked over the top of the stall and the coast was clear so I made a run for it. With tears from repressed laughter running down my cheeks I stumbled into the resturant to find 3 of my friends just sitting down to eat thier McBiscuts. It was everything I had to utter the words " uh guys, we gotta go...NOW !!" One friend in particular headed for the mens room as I bit my lip and scurried out i! nto the parking lot. I jumped into the car and hit reverse just as he ran out of there with his shirt around his nose cursing at me.
We arrived at the flea market about 25 minutes later and I was still beside myself when that friend caught up to me asking just how the hell I did what I did back there. Like myself, he had never seen anything like that either. He jokingly mentioned that I should have a business card made up with a cartoon figure of "the Shadow" on it and the words " You've just been dumped on by the Phantom" to leave behind in the case that it ever happened again. I have never been able to figure out what caused that explosion, but to this day my friends still call me the phantom from time to time.

There is this boy in my class that be making some stinky farts boy. He is sorta the class clown. Down here there are no doorless stalls! Damn I wish there was.To all of you guys Iwould really like to here some diareah atacks in public bathrooms.

I am probably like most guys who write in here. I like the idea of girls going to the bathroom. Well, I trusted a few girls that I thought I trusted with this personal information about me, and one or more of them leaked it out. Now I have people making fun of me, and from what I have heard, it has spread kind of far. I mean, I don't really care. I'm going to college in a few months, and I don't care what any of them think. But what are the opinions of the people in her about me. According to Psychology, liking the act of going to the bathroom is labeled as a disorder. Yet, I don't really see that much wrong with it. What do you people think? Thanks

hi guys sorry i havent been posting alot i gues iv been busy with school and stuff but i have a story that happend yesterday. ok me and my friend r frigin nuts we jump on to moving trains and get a ride afros the city or ply chicked with them to make em honk there last night around 8 or 9 pitch black we heard a train comeing so we ran down to the tracks and the biggist freight train i ever saw wsa stoping so we decided to walk twards the back fer bout 20 minuts well we got half way there and i got the urge to take a crap like really bad so i decided to climb onto the later to get a ride back on the train so did my friend so we waitin fer the trian to move and it started moving bout 5 min of me holding my but cheeks together i jumped onto the latter and all of a suddin it started movin the cars where pullin together makin rattling thein i here BOOOOOMMMMMM come cargo fell and the train went really faist well i looked down wachin the rocks go by and all i here is s! nap that scared me so i jumped of the train into the ditch but when i did that i CRAPPPED SOOO MUCH it was comen out fer like 5 min straight then i put my hand on my bum soft and lumpy boulge bout a lump the size of 2 fists my friend came back and laughed at me so i told him to shut the f*** up u lil F***** c*** sorry i was kinda mad fer him laughn .so after all that happend we had a half hour bike ride home with a big boulge of poop in my pants all smushed into my butt cheaks smell was awful good thing dad and mom was sleepin when i got back cause i would of got laughed at o well hope to here from u guys

Skater Boy
whats the best girl poop scene in a movie of all time like one where u can hear it and stuff please respond to this

I wuz in my bedroom and I really had the urge to piss. I really had to go! I was scared some one would find out so I grabbed any thing I could find and I put it under me.the thing I had grabbed was a towel. unfortunitly it was very I stood over it and just let it go. it went every where! it even went through the towel! there was piss every where!I cleaned it up so no one would find out.

Today after school let out I had to take a dump. It was a little early for my evening dump cause i usually unload when i get home around 5. It was probably about 4. Anyway, the janitor was cleaning the bathroom adjacent to my classroom so i walked down the hall to the faculty bathroom. There are three stalls: one against one wall, one against another and one in the corner. I took the one in the corner. Perched on the stool there you are looking right at the feet of the person in the stall next to you. I heard a plop and looked over and saw someone sitting in the stall next to me. I figured out it was the principal (my boss) by the shoes and the pants. She had her pants and panties at her thighs. She unrolled some paper and stood up. I really hadnt seen to many standing wipers in my time. Im just a conventional lift one ass cheek up and reach around the back kind of wiper. When she stood up her pants and panties fell down around her ankles. She didnt only stand! up but she bent over and spread her feet apart. I could tell by the way her hair hung down. She wiped three times like that, flushed and left. I never saw anyone do anything like that before. Just after that i finished up, wiped, and left.

As i was walking out i ran into a friend of mine. She asked me "Was principal _______ in there?" I told her yes and she asked me "did you see her methods?" i said "yeah that was one of the strangist things i have ever seen. She told me that she tried it once at home and didnt see the big deal about it. Has anyone else tried that? I think i'll have to give it a try sometime. Also i dont think I've ever seen an authority figure like that on the toilet.

I got a great story for everyone...Last night i went to a passover was at my friends daughters house. My family is away for the holiday and any way no one cooks so my friend invited me to her daughters house. We start and im sitting across from some people i don't know and my friends neice's fieance was sittting across from me and i over hear him say im not gonna eat matzoh or matzoh ball soup,fish liver etc. cause he said last year he was in the bathroom from that. I think all that food has alot of high fiber in it and will do it to you. Every one was talking about this. This was intresting...Any way i haven't pooped in about 3 days. Gotta go bye

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Some people here have replied to the music lyrics question. I have something to respond that falls in line close to that. On the alblum cover from the THE WHO WHO'S NEXT the band members have or one is still urinating on a large stone block. On the record label on the Yes alblum Yesterdays and the back of the outside cover is a male figure facing toward a female figure and the male is urinating with a visible stream showing. I always liked the Artistry on the early yes alblums.

To Scarlet; If I wear loose jeans the easy way I find to keep them from falling down is just spread my legs farther apart and they dont slide down over my hips.

Richard/USA I enjoyed your campsite story. There has been many stories of campsite sightings here. I would like to hear more of them.

Peeper: Great story with you and Helen. Looking forward to more Saturday mornings.

I will post the other part of the hide and pee story soon. Got to go. Talk to you guys later.

Rock fan
On the subject of rock stars and pooping, has anyone heard the rumor that Suzy Quattro once crapped in her pants during a concert? When it happened, she supposedly got upset and ran off the stage. Anyone have info on it?

Mornin'everyone-some responses
TO OUTHOUSE SCOTT-sounded like a good dump you took the other day-tell us more about it.yes there are a lot of songs that mention BM"s-i didn't know about the pink floyd one!
TO PEEPER-Cool story about you and your friend Helen in the woods-sounds like it was lots of fun for ou to watch!I used to do the same thing with my old nurse friend some years ago-she would hold it till i got there and we would go to the woods where we would both squat about 2 feet from each other and dump like crazy!come to think of it -it was also on Sat mornings a lot of times-good stuff!
TO JEFF A -Great story with your wife Denice taking a huge dump-now next time you should try to enjoy the view of her dumping-sounds like it was fun!More stuff about your wife!
TO JOSEPH-WOW 3 quarts-how did you ever hold that-I had an enema when I was a kid and my mom gave me 2 quarts and it was hell,i'll tell you!I only nave had 3 enemas in my life and 2 of them were not fun,but the last one i had i was about 22 and really binded up and I gave it to myself and it was kinda fun and felt great as i finally let out 5 days worth of poop and even then i tokk about 1 1/2 quarts-you must have a really big digestive system!
TO JANE-Sounds like you nd I are in a purging cycle with our poops-isn't it great!We should do a buddy poop when we're in this cycle-we would have to do it outdoors cause no bowl would hold all the poop we would do!I always enjoy your stories, and right now we are in a Poop groove-Feels great doesn't it? I haven't pooed yet today,so don't know what the day will bring and I don't feel anything so I may skip today and I'm not surprised after the last 2 days of inloading-man it was a bunch of stuff!Happy easter to you ,Jane and I'm sure on Mon morning,you and I will be doing some good unloading!Have to run-Great stories all!BYE

Outhouse Scott
Hey, everyone.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: Yes, yes. I heard the sad news about Floyd. It does suck! At least I got to see them in 94 during the Division Bell tour. My wife is disappointed because she never got to see them. Maybe Waters will tour again. Gilmour was just in NYC doing a solo show, but I missed it. Not going to miss THE WHO at Madison Square Garden, though!!! Already have my tickets!

JASON: I don't really eat any kind of significant diet. I have soft BMs as often as big firm ones. I've been eating a lot more v????s since I've been married. I suppose my bowels are better due to that. I still occasionally eat something I know is going to make me sick. Like Reubens--I love 'em, but they turn to liquid shit in my guts in an hour!

SCARLET: Forgot to answer your survey. When it comes to pee holes in boxers or briefs, or whatever they're called, I NEVER use them. I always pull my underpants down past my balls. Don't know why, I've just always done that. When I sit on the toilet at home, I pull my pants down to my ankles. If I'm in a public bathroom, even if it's clean, I'll only pull them down to my knees. (Was that part of the quiz). Some underwear is made without that opening. I wonder why they haven't come up with something like that for women?

I just remembered something from my youth. One of the first times I realized I got a thrill out of being seen taking a crap. I was ten years old and at summer camp. I was hiking by myself through the woods looking for animals and stuff, when I got the urge to poop. I thought at first I'd just go in the bushes, but then I saw a sign nailed to a tree that said "toilets" and pointed off to the right. I walked down the little trail to the right and came upon a group of bushes. In the middle of the bushes was a long plastic box with three toilet seats on it, one right next to another. Kind of like a triple porta-potty but in full view of anyone standing there. There were two rolls of paper (one in between each seat) and a cap on the side, which I suppose was so it could be emptied.

I figured I was alone so I went to one of the side ones, dropped my jeans and underpants to my knees and sat. I started pushing out a good dump when I heard voices approaching. I couldn't tell if they were boys or girls. I heard footsteps coming to toward me, and I had to force myself to not leap up and run away. I thought, if I can't take being seen on the toilet, I'm a real wimp. Well, it ended up being two girls, who both giggled when they saw me sitting there. I didn't really know them, but had seen them around. I just smiled and said, "Hi." They said hi back. Then one said, "Don't you think pooping in front of people is gross?" I said, "I don't know, when you gotta go, you gotta go." I was having trouble pooping with them standing there, but I did my best. I tried not to grunt, but they could hear the poop splashing, and were staring at me and giggling. Finally one of them said, "Well, I have to pee." The oher said, "Me too." One was wearing jeans, th! e other was wearing shorts. They both came over, pulled down their pants and sat (I got a look both their butts--even then I was a butt guy). I heard pee start trickling down. I pushed out a few more chunks, then pulled off some paper. I prayed I wouldn't need to wipe a lot, and luckily I didn't. I stood up (they both giggled again when they saw my butt) and pulled up my pants. It felt awkward to just sprint away, so I stood there and asked them what cabin they were in. I don't remember where it was. After a little chatter, I said, "Well, see ya." They both said, "See ya" back to me and I walked back toward camp.

That night, I told my friends about it. They kept saying, "Cool! Did you see them naked?" (Ten year olds may not yet understand their urges, but they're there!) At lunch the next day, the girls I's pooped with yesterday were at their laughing with their friends (all girls). They kept looking at me and pointing. I just smiled at them and waved.

Ever since then, I guess I've subconcsiously set myself up to be seen on the toilet. Maybe that's why I handled my outhouse experience in junior high so well. I haven't pooped in front of anyone I didn't know in a while. I'll have to find a doorless latrine somewhere soon!

Happy dumps and special hellos to PRG, Scarlet, Jason, Bryian, Althea, RJogger, and Donnie C.


Last night my dad told me what happened to him. You see my dad is a taxi driver and yesterday he had a diareah attack he had to stop by a resterant while there was a passenger in the taxi. Hey its better than taking a shit in your pants. My poops have been really boring and dull (they dont stink). Does anyone know how to make my poop stink.

Jeff A.
Sorry about your daughter dying. I know the pain of losing someone close to you , my sunday school teacher died lasted year in a car accident.

Glad you liked my story.

I wear underwear since my things are not fully developed.But as for your question I go into a stall so I dont really care if they slip and fall.

BILL-I've had to use a really dirty restroom once, at a concert in Orange County. It was the "K-Rock Weenie Roast" and it lasted about 9 hours with a bunch of cool bands. The restrooms were getting progressively worse until most of the toilets overflowed onto the floor and you had to walk through some pretty gross stuff to use the toilet. I felt sorry for the guys who wore flip-flops. I went into the stall that wasn't as bad as the others and took a dump. It was clogged up but I really had to go. I just pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and kinda hovered as I dropped my load on top of the others already in the bowl. I wiped as best I could with the napkins I brought with me, zipped up, and left the stall. It was a pretty bad sight.

SCARLET-When I undo my baggy pants and belt to urinate, I sometimes hold onto the pants by pressing them against my hip with my hand as I'm holding my "stuff". A couple of times, I've had them slide down a few inches before I could catch them. Once I was at a urinal and they slipped down below my butt. I probably looked kinda funny standing there in my briefs with my pants down my legs. They tend to slip when I've got my wallet, change, and my cell phone in my pocket.

At the gym, I got a cool sighting of one of the trainers taking a dump. I noticed this very attractive trainer walk past me and go into the restroom. I just finished changing and decided to take a dump. I thought he may have gone out the other door, but when I opened the door to the handicapped stall, he was sitting there on the can, pinching off a loaf. That stall door lock doesn't work all that well. What was interesting was that he had taken off his bottoms and was sitting there in just his shirt and socks. He had his left hand on his dick, taking a leak. His pants and underwear were hanging on the hook on the door and his shoes were next to the toilet. I said sorry, and closed the door. As I closed the door, I saw that his white briefs fell off the hook and landed on the floor. As I went into the next stall, I saw him snatch them up. I sat on the toilet and looked at his feet as he crapped. He was mostly on his toes, but didn't make much noise, other than some crackl! ing sounds. He stood to wipe about 5 times, lifting his left heel each time he wiped. I saw as each foot disappeared while he was stepping into his underwear and again as he put his pants on. He put on his shoes, tied them, and left.

Hi, everyone! I definitely approve of the masthead picture today... I love to see the women who show off their turds! Which brings me to:

Kim! Do you know you're an EXQUISITE tease? The men's room adventure was right up my alley! I want to be in a men's room someday when you come in for a repeat performance... or just to check out the unflushed bowl later! Thanks for the story, and for your kind words.

Carmalita: I'm happy you were pleased to hear from me, too! You are one special lady! And thanks for the details on your sign-off dump... I really like to try to picture you, and you always do a nice, deatailed description. SEVEN TWELVE inch logs!!! Oh, MY!!! What I wouldn't have given to witness THAT session, or even (once again) to observe the bowl afterwards... it boggles my mind! Thanks for the story!

Hi Everybody. The saying Stupid is, Stupid does applies to me 110%. This morning I was about to leave to go out to the Home Depot to get some fertilizer and grass seed because I like to do my own gardening. I left using the rear entrance of my house and I forgot there were stairs there. So I went dashing out of there like an idiot. I land on my lip that now has the size of Alaska. Then I yelled some ahem ďquestionable languageĒ that was echoing. I go to the Home Depot, get my supplies and leave them in the cart. I then go and wash my lip at the sink when this girl about 17 runs into me. She apologized and ran into the stall. She was wearing a midriff with tight jeans, sneaker. Very Pretty. She slammed the door shout and let lose with a lot of wet and loud farts and endless diarrhea. One of the women using the cans says ďthatís fók nastyĒ. I felt like telling her fuók off. The bathroom isnít meant to be a rose garden. Itís a place where one is supposed to reli! eve themselves. So after 5 or 6 min I am able to stop the bleeding and while Iím walking out she is still farting up a storm.

Last night I was giving my car shakedown number 2. And nothing broke. The engine block held out and everything was perfect. I see something very interesting and unusual. I see this very, very, attractive girl about my age who looks a lot like my without all the muscle and not as tall. She was wearing a bubble jacket and pink jeans. I see a man with her trying to keep her up. I was obvious she was drunk as hell. Then they stopped where they were. (My car was in perfect position) I see her turn around and her butt was facing me. I lower the window and turn up the volume on my Sonic Ears (the reason I use this is because I have some clients who speak to damn softly even my perfect hearing couldnít pick what the hell these people were saying, this helps out so much. I see it can come in handy for other things as well.) to see I can hear anything interesting. I see her lower her jeans and squat. She pisses very loudly for about 3 minutes. I was expecting her to ! pull her jeans up. Instead she was just squatting there when she farts very loudly. Then I see a large shit emerging form her hole. It was about 15-20 inches long and landed with a thud. She then finished the man gave her paper and she pulled up her jeans and left.

After that successful shakedown with 3 hrs worth of driving hard, I set up nice warm vapor bath. I got in the tub my relaxation was disturbed by Alex bursting into the bathroom, pulling down her jeans and Victoria Secret panties down and landing on the toilet with a thud. Se pisses for about 50 seconds then rips a dry fart. I then hear a lot of crackling and I can see a very large shit forming between her legs. She pushes and pushes and it lands with a loud splash. She wipes and flushes while seated. I thought she was going to pull up her clothes and leave. She wanted to talk about couches. I donít know why she wanted to but we did. While she was talking I had the urge to piss. I kept holding back but I said to hell with it and pissed in my bath water. I saw the yellow-brownish piss dissolve into the water. Then I just spent the rest of my night playing on my grand.

I you know seeing that drunken girl pee reminded me of an experience Melissa her husband and myself shared when she was still alive. (Which Joe and I still keep in contact with each other and are still great friends) Me Melissa, and her husband were at a bar. Melissa was obviously drunk as hell. She was going at the liquor hard. Well We Tried to get her to leave but it wasnít easy. Remember, she was huge. We both went under her arms and dragged her out. This is the funny part: She was so drunk she started to sing show tunes out loud (she had a voice as beautiful as herself). Anyway she lifted up her skirt while still singing and peed leaving behind a long trail as we dragged her home. That was the funniest thing Iíve ever seen.

Lately my piss has been yellowish-dark brownish and has had a very strong odor. Anybody have any idea why this is happening?

PV- Hey! Awesome story about having a piss at the beach. Nice warm sunny day, warm blue waters. Sounds like paradise. Yeah, that 36 inch monstrosity wasnít easy to pass. It was my fault. Earlier that day, I stuffed myself (you probably know this already, Iím not a health food person) with brownies, Twinkies, and gourmet chocolate chip cookies (oh heaven). But I worked out intensely after that to burn off all that fat because I donít want to lose my nice figure you know even though my arms are on the extremely large side. They remind me of very thick tree branches. But then again, Iím a licensed bodyguard so I guess it comes in handy. Iíve been able to overpower people easily. Hey you like blowers to? I went out and got myself an Eaton roots Ėtype blower. I love the torque and hp increase. And the whine is music to my ears. Take Care.

Louise- Iím so sorry how late Iím noticing youíre getting married. I know this might be a little overdue but CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you and Steve peace, happiness, and prosperity for the rest of your lives.

Jeff A- Nice story about you seeing your wife on the can. Sounds like she had a very healthy unloading of crap. I couldnít begin to imagine how it feels to lose a child. It must be one of the most painful things that can happen to someone. I really havenít recovered form the September 11th tragedy. I know itís been nearly 7 months since it happened but it seems like yesterday. When Tina and Alex are gone, thatís when I really start to notice how large this house actually is. Thatís the main reason I got a house so large, some time later, I might have wanted to have kids of my own, but that wonít happen now. I remembered when my husband used to be alive, there was always someone here. Not that heís dead, things are so different. I still canít believe Iím a widow. I thought I would never call myself that. And as you know, my brothers and sisters also perished. My only living family members are my grandfather, and my uncle. Take Care man and welcome back.

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