Richard / USA
SCARLET: And thank YOU for being so descriptive of your wiping routine... any other females care to describe their particular wiping habits? Curious minds want to know... :-)

DAMSEL: I'll repeat myself- you are *very* cool!! Thank you so much for aiming (pun intended) your story in my direction- I look forward to your next-week pee story. And give your sister a great big kiss for me :-)

I've got another camping pee story: I was on one of my solo camping trips, photographing and writing in Baxter State Park in Northern Maine, specifically at my favorite place in the world, South Branch Pond Campground in the northern end of the park, away from the crowds at the campgrounds surrounding Katahdin, Maineís highest peak at the south end. South Branch Pond is surpassingly beautiful, flanked by mountains rising abruptly to the east and west, with the campground sited spectacularly at a beach on the north shore. It also has double pit toilets with two adjacent stalls (one menís, one womenís) over a common pit, separated only by a plywood wall which means that boys and girls pee and shit into the same pit at the same time- use your imagination; I have experienced some wonderful situations since a screen window allows one to see who is approaching to use the other side, and by putting the seat up in your stall, one can get a glorious sound show from the female! in the adjacent stall.

But thatís not the focus of this story, only something about this place I just HAD to mention. It was a rainy day, a Tuesday or Wednesday (mid-week anyway) in June, and there was just one other campsite occupied, a lean-to facing the pond- I had met the people earlier that day, a young couple from NYC, a guy named Jeff and his girlfriend Lorraine, a really cute and petite brunette about 21 or 22. They were getting away from the madness of the city for a few days and we traded stories about past camping experiences and about the East Village in NYC where they lived (I had spent many weekends in the East Village at the height of the hippie era) and we shared a pot of coffee. Later that day, still drizzling, I was strolling through the campground and noticed Lorraine between their lean-to and their car parked alongside it, seemingly peering into the rearview mirror on the passenger side of the car. I stopped abruptly and raised my 9x25 Nikon binoculars (for birding, you ! know) to my eyes- Well, Lorraine wasnít inspecting the mirror, she was semi-squatting with her sweat pants around her knees (no panties!), holding onto the door handle for support, and squirting a healthy stream of piss onto the ground right alongside their lean-to. I looked around for Jeff; he was nowhere in sight, so I crouched down and continued to enjoy Lorraineís show. When she was done peeing, she reached to her right and produced a wad of tissue, then reached under her ass to her right side and wiped herself. I noticed how fastidious she was, because she not only put the used tissue carefully in her sweatpants pocket but stood up, and with her sweatpants still around her knees, she used her running shoes to cover her puddle with dirt. Lord, her gorgeous bare ass was a sight indeed! After covering her puddle, she turned toward the lean-to and pulled her sweats up, but not before I got an glimpse of her dark triangular patch.

Cool thing is, I had dinner with them that night at their lean-to, and spent much of the time smiling to myself while chatting with them both. During dinner, Lorraine excused herself, obviously to pee, and she had obviously gone to piss in the same spot just around the corner of the lean-to from where I was sitting, because thereís no way she could have made it to the pit toilet and back again in such a short time. Man, the temptation to lean back in my lawn chair and watch was overwhelming, but decorum ruled the day, and I carried on smalltalk with Jeff. Dammit. :-)

Baxter Park has been the site of some other very cool experiences, some of which Iíll relate in later posts.

TO OUTHOUSE SCOTT: I'm real glad that you took such a massive dump and that you enjoyed it, dude! Yeah, you're right, it feels great to pass a large, solid log. I've been thinking about what you said about getting a buzz from taking a shit with buddies around. I guess it just increases the sense of bonding with good buddies. If you're sitting on the crapper pinching a big loaf, you're really sharing an intimate experience with another dude. If that dude is cool about it and you are also cool and you can just shoot the breeze then that's real cool. Incidentally, how do you get to pass such massive logs that can't be easily flushed? Do you deliberately not shit for a few days or are you on some kinda special diet?
TO WILL: Thanks for the info about yourself. Yeah, it's real cool to take a dump in front of other dudes and also to see other dudes taking a shit. I kinda don't like the shit smell like you do - I prefer hearing the shitting sounds, e.g. crackling, plopping, grunting, etc. and seeing the expressions on dudes' faces when they dump. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to shit in front of chicks or to see them shitting, but with dudes in a shared bathroom situation and in public restrooms the opportunities are much more frequent!

Donnie C.
To Outhouse Scott: Pink Floyd bassman Roger Waters collaborated on a movie soundtrack called "The Body". The opening track of the soundtrack CD is a symphony of body noises: burps, farts, and one VERY long blast of gas.

Listen again to "The Trial" from "The Wall". After the "urge to defecate" remark, someone in the crowd yells "Go ahead, judge...shit on 'im!"

Look at the cover of Elton John's album, "Capt. Fantastic". On the rear cover, in one bottom corner of the painting, is a creature who has a vase for clothes. The back of the vase is broken away, and you see turds pouring out of the creature's ass. This part of the cover is NOT on the MCA Records (USA) version of the CD, however; it MAY be on the later Polydor/Mercury pressings. The original LP is fairly easy to find, though.

Funkadelic has a cut on one of their albums called "Red Hot Mama". The spoken intro goes, "Hey baby, won't you be my dawg, and I'll be your tree, and you can pee on me." They struck again a few years later with a number called "P.E. Squad/Doo Doo Chasers". The piece was a satire of people who talk shit and are full of same. They were the "Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad" who spoout "verbal diarrhea...talkin' shit a mile a minute." It's on the "One Nation Under a Groove" CD. And there's another one, "Loose Booty", about the effects of drug withdrawal on the digestive
system. George Clinton, the mad genius behind all this, once told an interviewer about his habit of drinking prune juice. "Ladies don't like to look at it," he said, "but I'd rather lose a little [sex] than to be stuffed with shit!" Also note that Clinton used to appear in concerts wearing a diaper.

There's a number of toilet references throughout Frank Zappa's vast catalog, including "The Illinois Enema Bandit" (based on a true-crime story) and "Broken Hearts are for Assholes". It doesn't take long to figure out what he meant by "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow"!!

Finally, the rock group Styx had a track on one of their very early albums, a calypso song called "Don't Sit Down on the Plexiglass Toilet". It ended with the obligatory flush.

Oh, almost forgot: there was/is a heavy metal/goth rock band called Cat Chaser (Conspiracy), whose female members deliberately wet themselves nightly onstage. This started literally by accident: the lead singer needed to pee, and she was trying to signal the bandleader that she had to go, even changing the lyrics of one song. The guy failed to get the message, and she ended up soaking her jeans in front of everyone. The incident caused such a buzz that it became part of the act, and started the "WettyGurl" movement! Info on Cat Chaser can be found fairly easily on the Web.

Jeff A
Hi all,
Wow, thanks for so many nice responses. I'm a bit overwhelmed!

Punk Rock Girl: Interesting point of view I must say. I understand that you were just expressing your own opinion. Rock on!

Jane: Thank you very much for your kind words. I always love your stories and look forward to them. I'm so sorry you had such a rotten trip, and damage to your cars. What the hell is wrong with this world?!

Carmalita:! Thereís not a whole lot left to say except Que mujere bonita! Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cincos mujeres bonitas juntas! (5 beautiful women together!) I sure want a glass of sun tea right now. Si, senora, you are the queen forever on the scene. Nice, pre-historic turd you left in the office potty too.

Happy Camper: Whoa, dude! I though you was gone forever! It's wonderful to see your name appear once again. New home huh? I love the desert view myself. Thanks for your condolences. The anger is still there, but day by day I heal myself. 9/11 not only took my girl, but upset my job stablility. I've been forced to go back to college and work full time which is very hard. Times ain't so easy in this house, but we have more love than money, and for that, I am rich.

Plunging Plop Guy: Thank you for your thoughts, I hope to see you on the other site as well.

Natalie: I also love your stories as well! Here and on the other site. I escpecially loved your recent story about waiting for the girl in the restroom and the warm toilet seat. Yes, it is nice. very descriptive, I felt like I was there.

Ina: Yes, that was me in the motorcycle accident. It's also very wonderful to talk with other people here via email. I learn so much more about them and it's fun. I read what you said to Punk Rock Girl. Exceptional! Yes, I agree, you don't need a dick to pee standing! I loved your whole conversation. You'd be really cool to talk to!

Damsel: Hey, welcome my dear! Great story, and I can see that you have a loveable heart and personality like your sister who is also very dear to me. Keep pluggin' babe. There's a guy out there for you!

RJOGGER: I should have mentioned that I'm close to 50, not about to turn 50. I'm going to be 47 in July. But I do understand your sentiments. I KNOW that you stay young! You'd be one of the coolest guys in the world to know in the real world! Now Rick, this story about Michelle. Wow!
Kathy: I loved the account of you and Rick sharing the bathroom and your 20 incher that coiled on top of itself. You are so lovely, and Rick so lucky! I always enjoy reading about and from you. Reading your poop stories are really hot because I love women pooping, and I love women of color and varying nationalities. I always have. I had a black girlfriend for awhile who was hotter than a stove top and also grew to feel comfortable pooping in my presence. So, with that, knowing how lovely you must be with your Native American heritage, your stories are electric!

Louise and Steve: Louise, very good to talk to you again. I loved your story, as usual. Thank you for sharing your more ďbrownĒ adventures with me, it makes me feel wonderful all over.
Steve: Has it been that long? Since Christmas that Iíve last visited? Many things have happened in between, and yes, another trip to the doctor. Itís been a weird year. I too had a latina girlfriend for a very short time. My experiences with her were less than wonderful. She was muy caliente! Hot tempered and not at all faithful. I was very happy to say adios to her! Iím glad your training is going well, I wish there was a place to talk more in depth about Wing Chun and Aikido with you and Louise. I canít think of either of those things without thinking of you first.

Sarah S. and Meghan: Hi ladies! Hope youíre having lots of fun out there! Youíre driving the guys crazy Iíll bet. Love you both!
Grant: Yeah, you're okay bud, no problem with you, or any of us. It's the rest of the "normal" world that I'm worried about!

This is very cool! My wife Denise was in the bathroom yesterday for almost 20 minutes. She said I could come in if I wanted but I wouldn't enjoy myself. I took a chance. She had the morning paper, scanning it for sale ads. It took quite a few minutes before some serious crackling began. I mean, long, drawn out, forever crackling followed eventually by a resounding "Fluuuuump!" She smiled up at me, laughed and said "Sorry. It was a big one."
I told her there was no need to be sorry. I was the intruder after all. Then, smell. Oh yeah, she wasn't kidding! More crackling, more plops. This went on for a very long time. She looked so great with her floral panties up around her thighs and her jeans at her ankles. Her brunette locks hanging down around her face as she grunted and strained. There was a long silence then some wet-crackling noises and a few gentle splats. When she was finished, she pulled off toilet paper and I insisted on surveying her load. Massive! A pile that rose out of the water! Pulling her panties up after her wipe, she reached for the plunger and stood guard as she flushed. Staring at that beautiful, round pantied butt, she was lucky. It was so soft that it went down. Reluctantly, but successfully. When she hitched her jeans back up she said "Pewwwy! How can you stand it in here?" Minutes after she pooped, she found out just how much it excites me, and she was very happy about that!

Oh well, so much for today. Hi to everybody I missed, and hope everyone is doing well in this new world.

Sick boy
Outhouse Scott: TLC had an album out I cant remember what it is called but on track 12 of the cd she is talking to this guy on the phone real sexy like then says I want you to the guy is getting all excited and says you want me to what she is grunting and then finally says hand me a tissue so I can wipe my ass followed by the sound of a toilet flushing. and giggling. If anyone has this CD maybe you can remember the name.

skater boy
the other day i was in the mall and needed to go to
the bathroom after i ate from burger king from inside the
mall and so i had to poop so i went to the family restroom
and there was 2 girls in there pooping cause i smelt it
and heard one of them. Anyways i took the other stall
and started pooping then heard the girl ask me for some toilet
paper. i said ok and gave her alot but then the other girl ask
for some and i said ok but see she dident have a space between the stalls because she was in the handicap one. so after i was done i wiped and went over to her stall and gave it to her. i was very happy and i saw her huge load and she said i could wipe her!! i was like ok so she got up and let me wipe her nice butt it was so good. so later we started dating!

Wow, what a cool site this is. I never knew such things existed until a friend of mine showed me. She is too shy to post, but after reading some of the messages I thought I would try this and see what happens!

Let me introduce myself. I'm 18 and currently at university in the UK. I'm 5'6 with light mousy brown hair. For as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated about going to the toilet and seeing others on the toilet. My family are fairly open about such things and I guess that wore off on me.

The other day I was out with some friends of mine and we had a few drinks and were walking back to the university about midnight. I'd had a few drinks and was bursting for a wee. All of a sudden I knew that if I didnt go I was gonna wet myself so told my two girl friends that I had to wee. They kept an eye out for me as I hitched up my skirt and yanked my knickers down so I could squat and have a wee. I immediately started weeing and was going for ages. When I was done, Lucy passed me a tissue to wipe with and said that hearing me weeing had made her need to go. I moved over and Lucy lifted her skirt and squatted down and she too had a long wee.

I was really surprised as Ive never seen Lucy go before, and even more so that she wasnt wearing anything under her skirt. Usually Lucy is so refined and not the sort of girl you would expect to wee in public, but then we had had a few drinks.

Love the site.


Hi there, to continue my toilet watching exploits from Junior School.I told you last time that I had gotten a close-up of Helen pissing in her back garden, well soon after that when I had turned 11 and moved to senior school Helen and I started going out together, she went to a different school but we met after school and at weekends, near to her house was some woods and every day after school we would meet and go to the woods where we would watch each other piss in fact it got to more than watching she would hold my penis and I would then kneel behind her and hold her bottom while she pissed, I couldn't have had a better view, by this time her outer lips were becoming thick and covered in dark curly hair. Usually when she strained to force out the last few squirts of piss her lovely dark puckered arsehole would bulge and open up a bit and one day I asked her if she wanted to shit, she laughed and said no she always had a shit after breakfast, then she asked if I would like ! to see her shit, I said I would love too. Helen said OK Saturday morning I will meet you here and you can watch me have my morning shit. Saturday couldn't come fast enough, I was up early and got to the woods at 9.20 at 9.30 Helen arrived she said hurry up I bursting, we hurried to our toilet clearing where she hitched up her skirt and slipped her knickers off giving them to me to put in my pocket as usual. then I knelt down and Helen bent over and stuck her lovely bottom out I supported her with both hands then she said are you ready, I said yes and looked up her bottom, first of all her fanny lips parted slightly and a few spurts of piss came out but this was quickly cut off as her arsehole opened bulged down and the end of a big brown turd appeared, every time she strained she gasped and it grew a bit longer and as it emerged it grew thicker and thicker it was the biggest turd I had ever seen I just could not believe it was coming from this lovely girls bottom, It was ver! y solid and did not break off it just grew longer and longer, It must have been about 18" long when it eventually fell with a thud onto the grass then her cunt lips opened wide and a thick stream of piss gushed out she said Oh! thats better I havn't pissed since 10 O'clock last night, as her piss flow slowed down she started straining again and did three more smaller turds and a few more drops of wee. Helen took some toilet paper out a pocket in her skirt and handing it to me said wipe my bum for me while you are down there, I wiped her arsehole very carefully then she stood up and turned to me and said did you enjoy that, judging fom the front of your trousers you did, I said it was great we must do it again next Saturday, Helen said or maybe before, and we did but thats another story.

Punk Rock Girl
INA- Points taken! Sometimes I come off more harsh than I mean to. I was annoyed when I wrote my initial post, I just read over it, and now I see how curt it was. SORRY! :( Can we still be friends?

OUTHOUSE SCOTT- Very interesting! I've never thought about that, but you're right. I'll have to do some checking into songs about shitting. Speaking of Pink Floyd, did you hear David Gilmour just announced that Floyd is officially over? THat sucks. Roger Waters kept hinting during his last tour that they might get back toegther. I guess not. Sigh.

Nothing too interesting to report dump-wise. Took a dump in the cleanest, least stinky porta-potty last week. I was so amazed at how clean it was, I didn't notice that--HA HA-- there was no paper. I had to wait until I got home to wipe my ass, but it wasn't too bad.

Peace to all!


Hi,poopers-took another big dump at the gym yesterday a.m Got there pretty early and went to do my routines and I didn't feel anything all morning cause the day before I did a good dump at home (last post)Anyway,after about 30 mins all of a sudden I really have to go-I was on a cardio machine and all of a sudden,I felt 2 big cramps and my rectum start to fill up so I took off to the toilets downstairs and when I got down there,it was pretty busy with a lot of guys doing their morning unloading.luckily,there was 1 open stall and I went in and got undressed and as I'm cleaning off the bowl the guy in the next stall lets out this moan and 2 loud farts and a bunch of runny stuff hit the bowl hard-this guy really had to go.Then I went to sit on the bowl and as i'm sitting i let out a hissing fart and my asshole opens up with a long python of poop that crackles and I let out some more farts as this long turd enters the water as it's still coming out my butt and it feels so good,I ! want to let out a sound of relief,but i keep it to myself.If I were home i would have moaned a sound of relief,but not here at the gym!.At this point I try to hold it and just let it hang out my butt,but then i got a shap cramp and the turd sped up and fell into the bowl and right away another turd started to come out,but this one was getting real soft and quickly became soft ice cream and piled on top of the 1st turd and ended with a wet fart and yes this felt great as i still could hear other guys all over the bathroom doing some good dumps as well-it was super!Then,like the other day,i was totally done-i sat there pushing for a bit,but that was it as I looked in the bowl and saw a long turd about 14 inches and a bunch of broken up shreadded wheat poop all around the bowl-I guess this was another purge poop,man it felt great coming out too.the wipe was pretty messy and then I did my thing and went to the showers to clean up-boy the last 2 BM's have really been something!Bi! g loads that felt great and the rest of the day I was so energetic and got a lot of things done-nothing like a good morning dump like the last 2 ! Wow!Hope all of you are well and Happy easter to all (i'm sure we'll have some good post easter dinner dump stories-i'm sure I will!) BYE

Greetings everyone. I've just been catching up on the last couple of weeks postings. I've been away with a friend, Steve, on a walking trip in Brecon & the Black Mountain. We were not quite backpacking because we were staying in Youth Hostels and B&Bs, but carrying clothes etc on our backs. Plenty of opportunities to get fresh air onto the bum as we dumped our shit in the grass. A good English fried breakfast followed by a couple of mugs of coffee then after about an hour walking the bowels need relieving. Steve is not at all squeamish about these things, having been in the Army, and I've seen him dumping on a roadside verge within full view of the traffic. (Actually his ex-girlfriend was the first grown woman I saw close-up as she relieved herself of a healthy pile on the Black Sail Pass in the Lake District). Anyway, I am sometimes a bit funny about shitting in front of people or watching other people shit, I am a bit mixed up about it and sometimes I get very emba! rrased but very interested at the same time. Now I'm not gay but I have to admit that every time Steve dropped his trousers I dropped mine as well so we shared a few 'buddy dumps'. I was quite keen to see him poo, and I like pooing outdoors anyway so these were very enjoyable moments.

INA: Thanks for your message about my unhappy experience at Jim's. You're right of course, the most stupid thing was the way I just debunked. But I was panicking you know, I couldn't think straight. I have had similar experiences before, at other people's houses, but over the last few years I have become phobic about it and just freak out.

SCARLET: Your research project about how we wee: I unzip and then pull my cock over the top of my underpants. Mind you I quite often end up 'dribbling' down my leg when I put it back inside! Sometimes I take trousers and pants down and sit on the toilet, that's the safest way.

ANY GUYS: after a piss do you wipe your willy with TP? Or wash it in the sink? Or shake? Or put it away still wet? How many times do you end up dribbling?

ALIA: I liked the thought of you peeing in your friend's mouth because there was nowhere else to go. Has she since returned the favour? I have drunk my own pee before but only mixed with cider. HAve you ever tried that?

CARMALITA: I love the stories about you and all your girlfriends having shits when you're out in the woods. I used to creep around the woods when I was a teenager hoping to catch women having a shit. Keep it up!

Love to everybody. Geoff.

Sarah U.K , hi intresting web site , just thought I should drop in for
a cuppa , I had a poo this morning in work . it was 5 inches long . it
was stiff but kiddo I felt great afterwoods and after work I went the jym . I had another poo after that , that was stiff to , that must not be good for a young 20 year old like me ,maybee it's my diet ,
Hugs and kisses Sarah xxx

Hi everyone! Just a quick post before I go off to work.

It's great so see you back with a nice long post. I've enjoyed reading it. Just to let you know I've always found travelling long distances in my car difficult. I'm always needing to pee. I'm always looking for places to stop. My advantage is I'm driving, so I can stop when I find somewhere it is safe to do so. I've had very few accidents in the car.

Thanks for posting me. It's good to see answers coming in to your question. I'm finding them fascinating. Thanks for asking the about the way we guys pee out of our underwear.

Must rush - BYE

STEVE -- Great to see you posting at length, and I thought the debate on the female posture would strike a chord!

You said " As my fiancee and PV have demonstrated, women can use urinals intended for men in most cases, especially if a skirt is worn, so it is more a question of room layout and choices being available whether to use a traditional stall or a urinal afforded reasonable privacy, and that is the other side of the issue - the question of privacy, not stance or posture. For a female perspective, my fiancee agrees with me here. Comments, PV?"

Privacy is one of the most neon-light aspects, because females are raised in the Western idiom with the social provision of a closed cubicle in which to perform any bodily function -- that means the total exclusion of an audience even of one's own sex. (obviously, there are millions of girls and women for whom this is not a object, and who happily do their business in company.) The very notion of the urinal is that it is an open device to be used without, or often without, any privacy whatever. It takes a mental gymnastic to get around that alone, before coming to the physical technique. I have used many different urinals set in many different bathroom layouts, and I can confidently say that those which by design of device or layout offer a little privacy, even as little as having your back to others, can be easier to use. But relieving oneself without any facilities at all is part of the natural order of things, and there to be learned.

I agree re the attitude being part of an outmoded society, and would suggest that its persistence in the social fabric of our world is due to the mental difficulty people have, once "programmed," in even broaching the topic. This is where the internet really earns its oats -- where else would a discussion group like this one exist? Otherwise, the silence of ignorance holds sway, and nobody has any idea that "the way it's always been" is not necessarily the only way it will ever be. I also agree that choice is foremost here -- do as you will and harm none.

-- more --

-- continued --

LOUISE -- LOVED that alley duet, and I had to grin at the way you and our sis swapped dresses in the loo to confuse Steve -he must have felt schizoid, or wondered what was in his drink! See my last major posting for lots of comments in reply to your early messages. Hugs!

INQUISITOR -- Do girls always wipe dry when they pee? Yes! Even on the rare occasions when our lips are parted far enough for our urine to exit without splashing, there'll still be something where it shouldn't be, and dabbing dry is just a part of the process, one I doubt we could imagine not performing. Comfort is the issue, dry panties, no chafing and no smell!

JOCK -- tissues around the base of the street urinals? I'd say that's very strong evidence that some ladies are willing to stand up and be counted!

DIANE NY -- Wonderful stories of park and alley relief -- 36" of poop? That's staggering -- just under double my personal record, and three times the thickness. You must have a remarkable metabolism to process all that! (Sooooo -- you're into superchargers too? I remember once sending off for the Dyers catalog, I was hoping to add a 6-71 stuffer to a Chevy smallblock -- but that's waaaay off topic for this board!)

The middle part of my beach story disappeared in cyberspace -- I went 15 wees! I'll try posting that bit again. Sorry for the interruption to normal services!


The Missing Installment!

Due to my posting difficulties, all my posts have to go up in small sections, and the middle piece of my beach story seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace (appologies if it hasn't!) -- indeed a reply post ended up sandwiched between the first and third parts of the beach story! So here's the missing second part, that goes between the lines "... but who cares?" and "Soon it was time to go..."

Beach -- middle bit!

Walking on, I selected a spot and set down my towel and pack, weighted the corners of the towel with my shoes, and took out my sunscreen. I coated up carefully, making sure to get every inch of me from hairline to toes, then sat forward at the end of my towel and, with my thighs down, let out some more urine on the sand. The nearest folks were about twenty yards away and I doubt they knew what I was doing.

I sunbathed for a while, then repeated the performance, another easy squirt. The whole bay was gorgeous and it was time to go exploring, so I got up and walked south toward the great arch of the cliffs, walking through the trickling, warm waters. Such waters have an easy effect on the mind, and as I'd replenished my fluids again while sunbathing I was ready. I never guessed how easy it is to have a wee while you're walking! I managed it once before and it seemed a lot like patting your ???? and rubbing your head -- confusing! But this time it was so incredibly easy that numbers six, seven and eight were done that way in the course of twenty minutes or so as I walked to the end of the bay and back.

Six was an easy dribble as I walked, seven was slightly different -- I stood in knee-deep water and turned away from a swimming couple to look up at the cliffs behind the beach, and weed toward the land, while eight was the reverse, pissing seaward a bit further north.

Number nine was a good one -- I got back to my things and sat down with my left leg under me, the right raised a little, and pissed an easy torrent into the sand off the side of my towel as I took out my water bottle and drank. That may be another first for me, drinking and pissing at once!

I was a bit empty by this point and took aboard plenty of fluid, then a bit to eat and settled to sunbathe a while longer. Number ten was another squirt off the end of the towel, then I went for another walk, northward, looping back south, weed while walking and stood in the shallows to piss discretely off at the horizon, hands free. I had equalled my record of 13 by this point, and had an idea as to what number 14 would be. I saw nobody else peeing on the beach, not a soul, but I had seen a couple doing something else entirely, and I thought, hey, if they can be so casual about that, I can be somewhat more explicit as to what I'm doing.

When I got back to my things, I bent to my pack to find travel schedules, checked them for a moment, then simply squatted next to my towel and weed for a bit! There was a guy about ten yards away who was probably watching, but I had no difficulty at all, and lay down happily for another while.



Annie and Robby
Hi There friends!
Sorry we are posting so much. We really do love this forum and the people in it! We are back from our bike ride. No off-the-track poos today.

DEAR INA: Hi Sweetheart! Robby- I'm sorry I said;"angered". No, I wouldn't be angered. Megs called me and told me off when she read my post. I would be accepting to his "orientation". Ina, I'm glad that you are planning to talk to your father. I know will be one of the hardest things to do in your life. Our thoughts are with you! Annie- you are what you are and that is that! Robby- Now, a stage story. I'm sorry for my German spelling. I was singing at Royal Opera in London. This was in the 80's. We were doing "Trovatore". I really needed a pish and I ran to my dressing room, threw off my tights and aimed. The stream was just hitting when I was called back to the stage. I couldn't stop. I was late for my cue.(This was a rehearsal by the way.) It wouldn't have mattered. The alto doing Azucena didn't make it either. She came walking back and the director asked why she was late. She announced that she had nearly shit in her knickers. I just doubled over with laughter and the! director did too but also turned red!! As for the Staatsoper, I guess the squatting girl couldn't make inside before the water burst forth. It was quite a funny scene. We care so much for you. As long as you have a computer with the internet, we want you to post on this site. Don't be embarrassed about the personal things you put on here. This is a caring group of friends. Whether or not we ever meet in "real" life we will always be your close personal friend on here. Annie- thank you for the kind words. Your story about your Mum and Dad was wonderful. Thank you! Robby is not on the "sauce" now but I can still pop a few. We'll see,LOL! Robby- Oh yes, I know some of the writers on "Chicago Hope" I will call one of them today, giggle! Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Annie and Robby

DEAR DAMSEL: Hi there! Robby- I hope you weren't put off on me for the invitation. I can't drink anymore except a little wine. I have never plyed a woman with drink although Sue and I had our moments. By-the-way, Andrew will be the perfect gentleman. He is our online "nephew". He also has blond hair. He is a very caring young lad. Thank you for your wee for me. I made a mistake when I told you that my girls ran after men. They really told me off when they read that. No, they are proper young ladies who do prefer men to approach them. They just are very easy to approach and very likeble. As I said before, they have their black belts so they can defend themselves. Annie- we want you on the WSPC team. Ask your sister about it. She is the trainer. We enjoyed your story about weeing with your Mum and Louise. It can be intimidating sometimes. Lots of Lovexxx Annie and Robby

DEAR STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! Louise, I will have to think about other requests. Maybe Annie and I can return the favour and do a cross stream wee. We know you will look absolutely ravishing when you do your modeling. Good luck. I have given up Damsel to Andrew,sniff, sniff! Actually Annie is looking at prospective females for me. I told her they have to rich,LOL! Take care, you two! Happy Easter!! Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie

DEAR PV: Annie- OH YEA!!!!! The pisher of the dunes!!! What an adventure, dear!! The poo and wee was most outstanding. I should call you "The Red Gusher of the Dunes",LOL! CONGRATULATONS!!!! BIG GRIN!!! You make me quite envious,giggle! DRAT! You didn't find a lady friend! Go back and keep looking! Love ya, Sweetie!! Annie and Robby

DEAR KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, AND ELLEN: Hi sweethearts! When Uncle Robby told you about weeing our names in the snow I have to tell you that mine was in script,tee hee! We miss you! Lots of Lovexxxx and big hugs from Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

KIMMIE AND SCOTT: Hi,you two! What a wonderful story. Kim, if you and Sarah teamed up it would be a real sight to see. That was a monster log. No wonder the men gazed with awe and amazemnent at your production. The girls really dig you and so do we. Lovexx Robby and Annie

Gang, we HAVE to leave. There's work to be done!!

SPECIAL HUGS TO: Dear Rizzo, Dear Tim and Sarah, Jane and Gary, Ephermal-hope you had a wonderful Passover!, Eleanor, Elena, Cousin, LindaGS, Adele-where are you?, Jeff A, Todd and Diana, Carmalita and the gang! Ellie and Little Lou-hi! and all of the other wonderful posters.


Wednesday, March 27, 2002

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