Outhouse Scott
Hello all.

I just took a mega-dump. Perhaps the biggest log of my entire shitting career. It wouldn't fit down the toilet! I had to flush three times to get it all down. Felt great coming out.

Hey, we've all talked about references to bodily functions in movies, on TV and in literature, but what about music? Other than the obvious novelty song, anyone know of any pee or poop references in pop music? There's only a couple I can think of offhand. On Pink Floyd's THE WALL album, during "The Trial" finale, the judge character says that the protagonist's actions "fill me with the urge to defecate!" More recently on Pink's (not Pink Floyd, but Pink the "Lady Marmalade" singer) new album, there's some studio banter at the end of the first song, right after she's just grunted loudly a few times, the guy in the recording booth says, "Sounds like an Ex-Lax commercial," and she laughs. Also, Screamin' Jay Hawkins has a song called "Constipation Blues," but that sort of falls into the novelty song category. We all know that Madonna, Britney Spears, Mick Jagger, N'Sync, Destiny's Child, Bjork, Creed and every other musical artist pees, poops and farts. How come they! never sing about it?

Interesting, eh?

Best to all of you and your guts.


RICHARD/USA--Thank you so much for answering my question. And to answer your question (since its only fair to. lol)...I wipe by first folding the paper, then, with my right hand, I reach around and wipe from behind. my mother taught me to this way, as wiping from back to front can cause infections. Anyway, wiping from behind just seems more natural to me. I don't know why. I guess because that's how I was taught.

NOEL--Thanks for your detailed description in response to my question, and for saying you enjoy my posts. I must admit, I also look forward to hearing from you. :)

SICK BOY, SLAYER MOON--Thanks for your responses.

RICO--Thanks for responding. To answer your question, I usually pee before pooping, then sometimes pee again afterward. And I usually use 9 squares.

Sorry to all I missed responding to. I have to get to a meeting. Talk to you later!

I am a middle-aged male who has worn briefs for undershorts all his life, except for military boot camp, when boxer shorts (government issue) were mandatory. (Watch the boot camp scenes in FULL METAL JACKET; Kubrick got it exactly right.)

Please remember that there are TWO principal kinds of commercial undershorts for men. You might want to include that in your survey.

As for myself: When clothed, I always pull the elastic band of my briefs down under my penis and pee with my left thumb hooked under the elastic band and my right forefinger and thumb on my penis, for accurate aim (I aim to please).

This is something you probably won't hear on David Letterman, but my nomination for "most worthless invention" would be the slit opening in men's briefs. In my view, attempting to use it is awkward, a waste of time, and potentially disastrous. No manufacturer will ever own up to it of course. I wonder why. ;-)

However, boxer shorts are another story entirely, as they are designed for loose fit.

If I feel secure, I will unbutton my pants before I start to urinate, because I like to tuck in my shirt before leaving the restroom. It all depends on the situation (I hate crowds).

If you get a lot of answers, please post your results; OR: WEBSITE PROPRIETORS: Here's a good project for you. I am sure that many people wonder about these things.

I dont like to eat and I am really skinny my height is 5'10 and I only weigh 125 pounds. I don't like to eat and is very skiny. So evertime I need a long satisfying dump I have to save up for about two days !!! I just took a dump like 30 min ago. I've been saving all that poop since sunday and a nice wet firm log came out along with another 5 incher. And all yesterdy and today I've been farting.

Last year i did not get a computer so ever time that I had a internet asigment I had to go all the way to the library. Anyway I was signing on the computer and then the urge hit me. I walked quicly to the bathroom and I saw this kid there and I am extremly poop shy and I needed to pee too so I went to pee and all of a sudden as I was peeing I made a long loud fart PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPttttttttttttttttttt. The boy did not say anything the only thing he did was zip up and leave.

And their was my chance it felt like the poop was getting heavier and heaveir so I went into a stall and I remember my belt buckle making a lot of noise. Sat down made a long satisfying long and soft turd and it felt so good!! I tell you I felt ten pounds lighter.

All of my poops dont stink no more could you guys please tell me hoe to take smellier poop.

Kimandscott: Come on now scott y are you so shy about farting around kim?
(second time postig this question) For all the guys: what would your dad do to you if your dad caught goig to the girls bathroom and there is nothing wrong with the mens bathroom.(if you dont live with your dad anymoree imagine your self smaller like 14) I kow if that was my dad he would have kicked my ass!!!!

Bye pooopers,

moo cow
sue, can u give us more details of the joan lunden shit?

Outhouse Scott
Hello all.

I just took a mega-dump. Perhaps the biggest log of my entire shitting career. It wouldn't fit down the toilet! I had to flush three times to get it all down. Felt great coming out.

Hey, we've all talked about references to bodily functions in movies, on TV and in literature, but what about music? Other than the obvious novelty song, anyone know of any pee or poop references in pop music? There's only a couple I can think of offhand. On Pink Floyd's THE WALL album, during "The Trial" finale, the judge character says that the protagonist's actions "fill me with the urge to defecate!" More recently on Pink's (not Pink Floyd, but Pink the "Lady Marmalade" singer) new album, there's some studio banter at the end of the first song, right after she's just grunted loudly a few times, the guy in the recording booth says, "Sounds like an Ex-Lax commercial," and she laughs. Also, Screamin' Jay Hawkins has a song called "Constipation Blues," but that sort of falls into the novelty song category. We all know that Madonna, Britney Spears, Mick Jagger, N'Sync, Destiny's Child, Bjork, Creed and every other musical artist pees, poops and farts. How come they! never sing about it?

Interesting, eh?

Best to all of you and your guts.


Hey there everyone! I hope you all had a most pleasant day. I went out to eat with Garrett, Kai, his girlfriend, and my girlfriend today. We went to this nice Mexican restaurant down town. After we ate, we were just sitting there talking until all of us girls went to the restroom. There were about five stalls in there, three which were conveniently unoccupied at the time. So we went in, and just as I sat down to pee, I heard someone enter the bathroom. Their shoes gently clicking on the tile as they walk by, noticing that each stall is occupied. Well, the mysterious pair of feet stopped directly in front of my stall and the woman attempted to open the stall door. I said, clearly, "This stall is currently occupied." There's a pause, then she tries harder to open the door, nearly kicking it open, but my foot shot out and prevented it from doing so. Surprised, I shouted "WHAT THE HELL?!!" And all my friends started laughing. I heard one of them walk out of the stall beside me a! nd the woman took the newly unoccupied stall. I finished peeing, vacated the stall, and gave my friends a questioning look as I washed my hands. They laughed, and my friend said that it was an older woman, around fifty or sixty, who was attempting to pound down my door. The woman didn't even apologize or anything. I know she heard me because I said it loud enough for it to echo in the restroom. We walked out before the woman exited the stall and talked about my little mishap on the way home.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)

Hey, fellow fecal-fans: Got to hear Denise again, this morning. What a wonderful way to start off the day. Heard of ďmorning wood?Ē Well, that was exactly what I had, on the way out the door. Denise, usually, leaves after I do. Diane, loved your group poop story! That boy Tom is one lucky-devil! I bet he could not even pee, w/ all of those hot women in the same restroom w/ him! His cock was way too-hard, no doubt! That is just about every guyís dream:to be in a womenís public-restroom, literally surrounded by beautiful women ,who are pooping and farting @ the same time as you are! I envy the guy, personally.

Until later,


To tibkid boy: I liked your story

To jim: I liked your story about your trip you went on and all your accidents and your cousins accidents too

To Movie Fan: When she stuck her butt out the window you couldn't really see any thing...all i saw was her back and stuff out the window and it was too far away to see any thing. I don't recall the part with the cop...i think im tired or something and don't remember.

To Making Money: I liked your story

I got up this morning and i had to hurry cause the house keeper was coming to clean and i had to go to work...I showered got dresed she came and about 5 minutes before i left and urge came on to poop..i was thinking about going but i only had 5 minutes...then she started talking to me and im gonna have to hold off till i get to work. Then i thought about stopping at a gas station cause i left a few minutes early...I decided just to go to work...i went to poop after i got to work eventhought my urge had subsided....and it was really was from Burger king(yesterdays lunch) and then well im like im hope im ok. Then i start working and i had to go and i had to get someone to cover for me..i hate that. Then after that i was ok. I thought if i was gonna have to keep going like 20 million times in one day that i would leave work early..but i was ok and stayed..gotta run bye

I have a question for everyone. Do you prefer to sit on soft toilet seats or wooden toilet seats. I think the soft seats are better and more comfortable. The fascinating thing about them is that the leave imprints on the seat and are nice and warm to seat on after someone has sat on it.

To Jason, I'm not Outhouse Scott, but I read your post and just want to comment. I'm into watching both guys and women pooping. I get turned not only at the site of one the toilet, but the smell of one's poop turns me on. I would be a litte shy in front of a guy, but I wouldn't mind being watching buy guys pooping.

SCARLET-To answer your question.
When I used to wear boxers, I almost always peed through the hole. Now that I wear briefs most of the times, I usually just pull down the top of the waistband to urinate. I'll go through the hole only if I don't want to undo my belt.

Well Scarlet, I guess I'm one of the minority who uses the fly in my shorts to pee. I just unzip, reach through the opening and pull out my penis. I hold it the entire time i am peeing, then shake a few times and put it back inside, then zip up again.
A while back I had some briefs ( I wear boxers now) that didn't have any opening, so I had to pul the waistband down to pee. sometimes it put pressure on my penis so it was hard to pee. a couple of times I lost my grip and I pissed myself when the waistband pulled my penis up. Uggh!

I am always careful to make sure i'm "in the clear" before releasing my pee, so as not to get my pants wet.

kicks ass

Yoyo ssup? A sorta poll for y'all here-who has decent bowel and bladder control and who doesn't?

I have great control over my bladder and my bowel-I've not shit/pissed myself since I was... since I was... 4. I did it in bed like once a year up until I was 10 but thats not really my fault is it?

kim and scott
hello all!
recently one night my boyfriend scott took me out to eat at a seafood restaurant red lobster. scott had steak,peas,french fries and a soda. while I had salmon,peas,potatoes and a soda. after we finished I felt like peeing like a racehorse and shitting like one! so I told scott that I had to go to the bathroom. I wanted him to accompany me this time because I wanted to go in the mensroom.inside the mensroom we saw two occupied stalls and the rest were free. I quickly went inside a free stall right in between the two occupied ones while scott went to a urinal to pee. inside the stall I locked the door. I was wearing a pink mini-dress and white sandal high heeled shoes at the time but quickly srtipped nude as I sat my ass on the bowl. I couldnt wait to rocket my enormous log to the moon! as I took a deep breath and pushed real hard as my ass quivered excitedly and ring stretched real wide as a big brown log appeared from my ass."oohh" I moaned in pleasure as my log grew lar! ger and fatter and ring kept on expanding! I was really putting on a great lady log show for these men,including my boyfriend. these men all knew that a female had invaded their restroom and was having a great time pushing her log out of her pulsating hole! I then closed my eyes and pushed very hard BAM! my log then grew to an immense size,really stretching my ring wide. I then raised my legs up,bent my knees up to my chin and opened my ass real wide with my hands to let my huge log pass. "omigod!it feels sooo good!" I moaned as I pushed harder as my log grew still bigger! I then took a final deep breath and pushed real hard as my body shuddered violently "oohh baby!" I moaned as I exploded an elephant sized log from my throbbing hole into the bowl! I then looked down at my log and saw that half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half went all the way up to the surface of the water with the huge log head bouncing up and down in the water!I then added relish to m! y giant hot dog by pissing all over it! I then got out my measuring tape and measured my log at 24 inches long. 2 1/2 inches thick.I then wiped myself,held the used paper in my hand and did not flush. I wanted to show other people my log. I then put on my clothes,left the stall, threw away the paper and rejoined scott again as we looked at my log together. "great log honey! I almost couldnt pee it turned me on so much you moaning and groaning while pushing out your log!"scott said. "yes scott and look at how huge,thick,long and solid my log is!"I replied to scott and winked. we both knew we where teasing the hell out of the men in their stalls by talking about my huge log. these men would soon see my log when they exit their stalls. they would be surprised that a female pushed out such a log ! scott then held me gently by the waist as we left the bathroom together and left these men in peace to admire my monstrosity. hoped you liked the post all!
TO CARMALITA-hello welcome back. I hope you get a new computer soon .we love talking to you!be well.
TO SCARLET-hello scott speaking(kims boyfriend) when I use a public restroom I always use the hole in my underwear but at home I relax and push down my pants in standing or sitting!ok?be well.
TO DAMSEl-hello. I echo other people thoughts that if you look like your sister louise you must be dont rush for a man. all good things come to people who wait. take care.
TO RJOGGER-hello dear. loved your post. you were lucky to see michelle dump and later date her. did she ever find out you and her brother spied on her? be well.
TO LOUISE and PUNK ROCK GIRL-hey girls. each to her own thing ok? whatever makes you happy!
PLUNGING PLOP GUY-hello there. I do have a penchant for having huge logs thats just the way I was made up like some people are born very bright and all.I also eat a lot of food due to weightlifting with my man scott and have a lot of fiber in my diet and yes my logs come out softer sometimes. usually huge and smooth and huge and solid .and yes I do amaze my doctors and nurses by banging out my huge logs! my logs dont hurt coming out though I am sorry to hear yours do sometimes. take care.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello dear, where have you been hiding? thanks for liking my posts. and yes I bet you would like to sit behind me at the movies while I fart and then whisper in scotts ear I had to push out an enormous log!haha.this stuff sure turns other guys on. I see you are no different. I hope you like our latest story. and dont be such a stanger ok? I missed you. and the shit illustrated magazine that you made up with me as a centerfold must go on right? be well dear. kimmie and scott wish you all the very best!

Hello again everybody.
Did you like my wee-wee show, Richard of the USA? In that case I am sorry I don't want to go to the loo again right now for you, but can you wait until next week? I am only in a track suit and trainers, and I am having a bit of a scruffy day today. I tell you what, next week I will send another post and I will put on my white dress again and go for a wee-wee. Is that ok? I am seeing why Louise gets a kick out of sending things to this forum. Robby, yes I am blushing because of a few things. I am terrible for blushing. I am blushing now thinking about how I bent over to pick my G-string up from the floor when Steve was standing behind me and outside the bathroom. I was just not thinking and I know he saw what I wee-wee out of. I do not mind all that much but I did go red.
Thank you, PV, for telling how Louise helped you. She told me just a few minutes ago actually, and I feel very sympathetic. It does not sound like you had anyone to assist you with it before, and I don't suppose doctors would be any good at helping. I think you are right about Spain. With our mum and Steve, I think I will have a good time, but I am a little undecided about it when I think of wee-weeing when men can see me. I think I can handle going without clothes and be proud, but there could be problems. I must sound like I blush because of anything at all, but I have seen Steve's penis wee-weeing a few times now and I always feel my face going warm because of the redness in my cheeks. My sister and our mum are more adventurous that way than I am, I don't know how I would handle it. Yes, I have been in the gents' loo at the swimming bath with them when we have all had a wee-wee but this is a step further, but I will do it. I am grateful for how you have included me w! ith Louise and her man, so thank you. Can I give you a hug back?
Thank you for saying hello, Robby. No, I have nothing against older men as long as you do not try to ply me with drink. Yes, I think you sound a nice gentleman, and it was why I had a wee-wee for you and told you all the details. Sarah is a year older than I am then. Do Sarah and Meghan approach men? I'd feel a bit unsure of myself if I did it, but I think I have to do that now. I'm really an old fashioned girl, so I prefer it when men come to me. It will seem odd if I start being the one chasing them.
Louise and I are the only sisters, Kim. Louise looks very young for 28 and so people think we really are identical twin girls. If you liked the wee-wee I had, I have nothing against doing it again sometime, but it will have to be after Easter.
Louise has said that I can't finish my post without saying something more, so the first thing that popped into my head was from when we were all on holiday when I was 11 or 12. Louise and I were with mum, and they were both topless on the beach. Took courage to do that. My sister has just told me she has told this story at least twice already, but I hope it will be interesting to everybody if I tell it how if was to me. We all wanted a wee-wee on this beach, and eventually enough of the people cleared away from just that stretch of beach where we were. We were busting, all three of us, and Louise squatted facing us while mum and me, we squatted and took our bikini pants down. I did feel embarrassed because my little female bits were bare, and I had a wee-wee that I really needed. I felt really childlike and immature compared to Louise and mum, because not only did they have busts but because they both had blonde pubic hair between their legs and I was only just starting ! to grow mine. I just had a few little wisps. Mum was not like she is now with a very nice trim and partial shave, because back then she had a thick blonde forest there. She was wee-weeing a lot and soaking her pubic hair wet through. When she was finished, she was really wet there before she just readjusted her bikini, so I suppose it must just have soaked in. Or did she wipe it with a towel, I can't remember.
I was very grateful for the nice replies I have had, but I hope I get one from you, Andrew. I very much hope I have not scared you off along with all the other men I want. Thank you, Steve, for being such a good friend. I know you will read my post before you see me, so I just wanted to say I am grateful. I will try harder not to be an 'ice queen'.



STEVE AND LOUISE: Hey Steve, next time you talk about my private anatomy to others, you could at least say hello to me, lol. I forgive you though, as I thank you for your wonderful little essay, which says a lot about you as an intelligent and considerate man. Lucky draw, Louise...Yes, I know what you mean about problems when your jeans are too tight. I usually wear looser pants anyway, so I havenít got problems. I bet you will master it with practise though. The "yellow belt" was a joke, by the way, meaning your weeing skills...I was suprised you sister was shocked about your travelmate, as you were raised to know about woman peeing standing. Why would it shock her then? Like Steve said, keep having fun. Lovexx Ina

PUNK ROCK GIRL: Hi girl. I included myself, that was my point: There are quite a few people with different interests posting here. I am not into everything that is talked about here either, but I think itís unnecessary and maybe even impolite to tell the ones, whose postings I donít read so carefully. I respect their interests the same, I hope they respect mine. So I think saying that what some people want to talk about is "pointless and unimportant" is rather arrogant and I wanted to remind you that from an outside view we are all in the same boat. Thatís my opinion and I respect yours. Peeing into some bushes to avoid waiting in long lines is a bit of a strange argument. First of all itís not always possible and I think if thatís the solution there must be something wrong with our culture regarding forms of relieve. I suspect you have got it so much in your mind that peeing standing is a male thing that you refuse to imitate the boys, which is quite right. I donít car! e what the man do, I just go for whatís convenient for me. I donít want to be a boy, I just want to pee as I wish. Have fun either way. Take care

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dears. Robbie, you would be angered? Why angered? I have to admit, I have to digest that. Sorry, about asking all this. I am trying to prepare a possible conversation with my father. But it might be a while anyway. Thank you for your openess though. You are a lovely man. I will always grin when I visit the Staatsoper now...Did she not have access to toilets? Fraeulein? Lol.
Iíll see how it goes with my mom. You know, if she would have learned to pee standing as a young woman, our family would have missed one of the funniest stories that ever happened to my parents. As it had been told on many occasions when there were friends and drinks, I think itís ok to share it: My parents went on a holiday over thirty years ago, before they were married. My father was still a student and stayed in a rather cheap hostel with strict rules. At that time in catholic Spain there was no sharing rooms for unmarried couples. He managed to smuggle my mom in though. Unfortunately they had a few drinks and the need to pee occured. He tried to get her to the bathroom, but the guy running the hostel was sitting in the corridor. There was a sink in the room and soon the idea was born...Unfortunately my father tried to lift my mother onto the sink and she sat on it...although she was a slim, young lady with a model figure at the time, the sink gave way and crushed to! the ground with a huge crash!! The whole hostel was on their feet, cause they thought a bomb had exploded...LOL! My father was clever enough to also run outside and enquire what had no nobody suspected it came from his room. The next morning he made a rather early departure...I am looking forward to your stage story!!! Annie, how are you great British lady? I would be interested in your posts after a few drinks, lol. LoveXXXX and hugs, sweeties and Happy Easter.
P.S: Best wishes to Barbara, I hope she is alright. Oh and yesterday I saw a bit of "Chicago hope", where a kid was pleading for a sex operation from female to male. The crying statement in court to prove the transexuality was that he or she would always sneak into the boys room at school and look at the urinals and wanted to be able to pee in them. Then it was clear to everyone this isnít a real girl...Robbie, could you, please, slap the person, who wrote the script, on my behalf, if you meet them...Thanks!

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweethearts!! I am glad you are doing ok! Why would it never happen again you are meeting on the toilet?
I was getting a bit emotional last time, as I explained. I meant though, that I start feeling to care about you like some close, personal friends. After all we talk more often than with some of my friends, who live in London or elsewhere. I sometimes feel like I canít foresee, how long I will continue posting, as I make mistakes and then feel uneasy about posting personal stuff here "in public". Loosing contact with you, would hurt me a great deal though, as I care a lot about my friends. However other contact would be difficult and I am afraid you would maybe not even want it. Thatís what I meant by caring more than might be appropiate...Good luck with your exams. My brother has made quite a succesful career in law. I guess itís an interesting profession, if you got the talent for it. Take care, my dears. LoveXXXX and hugs from Ina

CARMELITA: What a comeback, gorgeous lady! I guess you know, which parts of your stories, I loved especially...giggle! That pee in the woods was so coool! And your fun in the kitchen. WOW! Hope to hear from you again, soon. LoveXX to you and regards to your whole cool, extended family!

EPHERMAL: I am glad you are doing ok. Thank you for you kind words! Take care!

KIM AND SCOTT: I thought about you when the picture of the lady with a big poo on the floor was up here. Would be cool to see you perform. I laughed, when you said you canít hold Scott, cause it makes him stiff...Have fun, dears

PV: Hi dear, itís cold and still occasionally snowing over here so your lovely stories are like a wonderful ray of sunshine. Thank you!
By the way, ROBBIE, inspired by you, I was listening to Tannhaeuser again the other day and I had to laugh at the line: "Dein lieber Strahl" as it means in German either your lovely ray or your lovely stream...giggle.
Sorry PV, as I said your stories make me smile and dream. I let you know how my mom gets along. Love to you, take good care

Best wishes to everybody

Robby(and Annie)
Hi Toidyteers!
My assistant Barbara had to tend to some personal things today so we took the day off. I thought I'd see what was going on with our friends here.

ALANA: WOW! 6 big macs and 2 fries!! No wonder you had a massive shit!! It seems that the Mac is a favourite place for taking a dump. Many of our posters, including my daughters, have left part of their lunches at Macs! Enjoyed the story! Robby

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi dear friends! Now you know how I felt when I saw that the girls had posted on here. Annie had to bring me smelling salts when I read Sarah's first post and then the nitro stat when Meg posted. I never thought that they would ever open up like they have. I really enjoyed the double sister wee for Steve. I might have just poked my head in the door! Steve, you are a lucky lad!!! Also I really enjoyed the watering down of the wall that you and your sister did, Louise! If I had been there I probably would have had a certain bulge, too! Megs would have gone bright red!! Steve, I would have been confused myself about the dress change. Those sneeky girls,LOL! What you said about the standup wee was so eloquently put. I agree whole-heartedly. I also agree what you said to Damsel. It is none of my business but both Sue and I taught our girls to smile and treat the blokes nicely. They are very careful. I don't worry. They both have their black belts. I assisted! Annie this morning by wiping her. She asked me in so I wasn't intruding. She has been a jewel. Now she wants me to go out and find a lady. I am thinking about it. She would have to like open weeing. Take care, you two! Lots of Lovexxx Robby(and Annie)

PV: Hi sweet Lady!! HURRAY, HURRAY!! What a wonderful beach story!! I know Annie will want to respond personally to you!! I can see your red hair blowing as you squatted to have your beach poo and wee. Congratulations, my dear!! I had hoped you would find a lovely lass as yourself but do get back there and hit the clothes optional. Maybe.......! I have copied the 3 parter. I want the girls to see this. I will fax it to them today!! HUGS and LOVE from Robby(and Annie)

DAMSEL: Hi there! I am glad you have posted here. I never thought my girls would ever even read this forum much less post. Was I surprised! I enjoyed the stories about your wee for Steve. Did you turn red? You are like my daughter Meg! She always tells me she is open to this but goes bright red after she says it,LOL! Also, that was a wonderful Alley wee with Louise and a devilish trick both of you pulled on Steve, LOL! Now, I have always told my daughters about how to treat men. Their late Mum did a fabulous job with this. What Steve said was true. We care about our friends on this forum. I hope Annie and I can be some help. Also my daughter Sarah is 25 so she is your age, right? By-the-way, I got a virtual peek when you were weeing in the loo! Don't turn red! I'm not a dirty ole man,LOL! Feel free to tell me off if you choose. Lovexx from Robby(and Annie)

SARAH AND TIM: Hi dear friends! I am sad that Josie couldn't keep the cat. I am glad that Loewie is doing better. You are a caring family to help him to the loo for his wee and poo! Sue and I often applauded our girls when they pooed or weed. The girls will really turn red when they read this. Hope Tim is getting better. It is no fun getting the big C. We always think about you! Lots of Lovexxx Robby(and Annie)

KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dears! We miss you! I have a short story. When Annie and I were young we liked to go out and try to wee our names in the snow. We made quite sure that our parents weren't in sight. Annie would squat and move her bum around trying to spell Annie. It was a hoot. I had a better time at trying to spell Robby. I could see my stream. I had to guide Annie. She finally got it! Then, of all things, a poo dropped out of her bum. It was very sudden. We had to pile snow on top of it so her Dad wouldn't see it! By-the-way, Andrew,I see you are getting a wooing from Damsel! Won't that make LindaGS a bit jealous,LOL? All of you take care!! Write when you can. Lots of Lovexxxxx and big hugs from Uncle Robby and (Aunty Annie)

LOVE TO ALL: Especially: Rizzo, Ina-hope you are better my dear!, Jane and Gary, Carmalita and family, Rjogger and Kathy, Kimmie and Scott, Eleanor, Adele, Ephermal, Jeff A, Erin, LindaGS, Cousin, Elena, Todd and Diana, Ellie and Little Lou!



RICHARD/USA - Hi guy! Well I think you liked my sister's story didn't you? She did look really pretty in her dress and I bet you would have liked to have seen her. Hey I will try to get her to write another letter for you!
Well I liked your story of your wife pissing away in front of that car but I felt sorry for her because she felt embarrassed. You didn't feel embarrassed did you, you bad man? It would be fun to see you have a wee. I love watching Steve weeing but every year I have to wait until we go to the Spanish beach before I get to see another guy doing it. I mean I see some sometimes doing it against a wall but it is not a thing I see from the front.
Well I have another wee to write about that you will like but I have to write it specially for Kim's boyfriend Scott, but I hope you like it too.
Love Louise xxxxx

JEFF A - Hi guy! Thank you for saying you think about me a lot, you are such a nice gentleman! I will write another story about a shit and wee that I had about 15 minutes ago. I bet you will like it, I am sitting here in a blue, very skimpy thong bikini that does not cover a lot, and I am wearing it because Kim asked me to tease her boyfriend Scott. It was lucky that yesterday I had no shit, but today I needed quite a big shit, so this story is for you as well. I bet you will like it.
Love Louise xxxxx

DIANE NY - Hi girl! Yeah, it is going fine, thank you. In June I get married to Steve, but I have a lot to do yet to get ready. I am really enjoying myself now. I am happy that you have made a full recovery and I bet it was just no fun at all being in the hospital like that.
I liked your stories, and it is like some times I have had with my friends when we have weed in an alley late at night and other girls we do not know have joined us in there.

BEACHBUM - Hi! It is like I have said before, the angle at which girls pee is not the same with each girl. I mean I piss just a bit forward but some girls get their streams going straight down, but some shoot it forward without having to lift their pussies up.
I bet your wife could pee forward standing very well without lifting with her fingers.
I never have had her problem because I piss just a little bit forward.

INQUISITOR - Hi guy! Well it is a lot better to wipe when you can, it helps stop infections and pissy smells in the knickers.

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! Yeah Robby I thought you would like the wee I did for you. giggle Do you have any other requests? LOL I have modelling work on Wednesday and it may be I will go into Thursday with no look at the newest page here, and then I am very busy with spending time with Steve training and all sorts of stuff. I bet it will be Tuesday before I can write another letter.
My sister liked writing her letter, and I will try to get her to write another one. giggle Robby I will tell my sister about your invitation out but I think she wants to go swimming with Lawn Dogs Kid. I bet you would be very gallant as well, we will see what she says eh?
Love Louise xxxxx

REVOLUTION - Hi girl! Well I think Rugby is too much for me, it is not something I want to do, but I play in a netball team, and my team has a thing about weeing as well. If we have a game outside we like to go behind a row of bushes and line up with our knickers down and piss our brains out just before the match.
We have a shower after the game and well we like standing up pissing under the showers or having a laugh shooting big arcs forward and stuff like that. LOL Once a few weeks ago I wanted to have a shit after the game and I had a quick shower before I hovered above the toilet bowl and dropped a big turd into it. Then I had a wee and I had one of my team mates watching because she wanted a shit as well I think.
Do you have any more good stories?

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! And Scotty too! I have just one sister. A lot of people just think we are identical twins but we are not. It may be you thought I had 2 sisters because I said she was like my twin. Hehe I did not mean to say I had a twin. It is just that people think she is when they see her.
Hey I will not take offence if Scott likes to think about me. I wish my sister was here and then we could have had a wee together for him. Thank you for saying such nice things about me and Steve. I hope you and Scotty are very happy too!
Well I have been to the toilet specially for Scott.
Jeff A, Robby, Rizzo, Lawn Dogs Kid, Richard, Mickey, Tim (Sarah's husband) and other guys can look as well. PV Sarah and Meghan are you watching too?
So Scott I am in my blue thong bikini and I hope you like it. I know it is not a very big bikini and the thong is high cut and it goes right up between my bum cheeks. Do you like it? Do you like the top as well? I do not know what size your Kim is but I am 36D-24-36 like my sister is too. The top is tied at the neck and around my back. I am sorry Scott but my top is not coming off today, but as I am dying for a shit and I feel like I need a wee as well, my thong will have to come off won't it? I am walking to the bathroom with you following me there and I bet I look like I am waddling a bit because my bum feels full. I am now standing there in front of the toilet and I am just hooking my thumbs down the side of my thong and just easing it down over my hips. Well I have pulled the thong down to my knees now and yeah I know you can see my narrow and short trimmed sandy stripe and my pussy below it. My thong has dropped down to my feet and I have just kicked it away. Well I! have got my mirrors there so I can look at myself when I am weeing and shitting, so I am hovering over the bowl now. I am looking in the mirror and it looks like my bum is so full that my bumhole is just a little bit open now. Well I am pushing a bit more and out pops a little brown lump that splashes in the bowl. There goes another little brown lump that went 'plop' in the water, and can you see my pussy is dripping wee a bit now as well. Can you see that? Well it is often that I wee first and then shit if I have to do them both but I will try to keep some wee for after if you want that. Well I think I do not need to try very hard because I am pushing a bit more now and I can see my bumhole opening and stretching around a turd. I bet that turd is about 2 and a half inches thick at least. I bet that is about 4 inches sticking out of my bum now. My pussy is still dripping just a bit but I am not really weeing very much just now. You know it feels nice like this but I had bet! ter push a bit more because if I do not then I will squeeze my bumhole shut when I do not mean to and then it may be my shitting will get a bit messy. Just one last look then, Scotty? Can you see my bumhole stretched around it? Well I am pushing again now and well that was not hard because the rest of it just slipped out didn't it? Well I feel a bit better now and I bet the wee will come now. Yeah I can feel it, my pussy is dripping, are you looking. Oh look there is a trickle now and whoosh! I am now doing a big twisty yellow gusher. SSSSSS My pussy is hissing as well. Do you like that? Steve really does. Oh look at that skid mark on the side when my turd fell in. I am using my fingers to push down on my pussy and SSSSSSSS I am washing the skidmark away. Yay, it has gone and now I can take my hand away. Oh look my gusher has turned to 2 trickles dribbling out of me. My puss does not hiss when that happens, it happens to me sometimes that it splits into 2 trickles. Well that! is it Scott, I am just dripping a bit now but I bet you still like watching. I have finished now and you can see I have some yellow drops on my lips. Well I wiggle my bum a bit to shake them off. Did you like that? Please hand me some tp, 3 squares. Thank you. I am just wiping my pussy now from the bottom end to the top end. That's better. Can you hand me some more tp about 5 or 6 squares? Thank you very much. I am wiping my bum now from back to front so I do not get it near my vagina. Look at the paper, there was just a little bit of brown on it but I think I am clean now. Please give me my thong. Thank you. I am stepping into it and now I am pulling it up again over my hips. Well I hope you liked that, Scott. Do you like the turd? I know it is only a little tiddler of an 8 or 9 inch one and I can not do them as big as Kim but I hope you all liked it.

SARAH AND TIM - Hi girl! Yeah I know what you mean and I hope you do not mind me talking to Tim like I do. I would not want to get you upset. I also know what you mean about all the sexual interests you know. I mean Steve and I are not into humiliation and all that stuff, he really treats me well. I keep hearing a lot of things about couples liking stuff like that. I hope it will not shock my sister or anybody who we write to or upset Mr Moderator if I tell how when I have a bath with my fiance I sometimes do not rinse the soap off his chest with the bathwater, you know, but it is just that I love him very much and we both really like it. I know it is not that everybody will like it but some people like other things don't they?
Oh that must have been a lot of trouble with Loewie and wanting to give him the enema. Oh dear.

PV - Hi girl!!! I have read your letter about your pishes 1, 2 and 3 and then that nice big gusher in the gulley. Hey it may be that is what the place should be called. "Gusher Gulley". LOL Oh I know I am being silly. Yeah, I think you are a long way from being a bit pee shy like you were. Hey I think it is really good that I was able to help you with that. I can not wait for the next episode. Thank you for saying such nice things about me to my sister. Thank you for welcoming her as well!
I have a modelling job on Wednesday so I bet I will not get to write a letter tomorrow or see the newest page on here but I hope I will see it on Thursday.
Steve is getting trouble getting time to write anything, and he had a story but now I am going to write about it myself. I bet you will like it.
Well I was with Steve at this pub in the countryside 2 Sunday afternoons ago. Steve drove us there and he was going to drive us back so he was just drinking orange juice. There was just one other girl in the place and there was a group of young lads playing pool at the other end of the room, and she was just there watching them. Well she got up and she asked about the ladies' toilets, because there was an out of order sign stuck on the door. So the man behind the bar told the girl to use the gents! Well I bet you know what I wanted to do don't you? giggle Well it was about 5 minutes before the girl came back out again and she had a bit of a half smile on her face like she had been a bit naughty. Well, a bit later when I wanted to wee enough to give Steve the left hand crossed fingers signal, he gave me a right crossed fingers signal as well so we got up and we went into the men's toilets together. The lads playing pool looked at us and I bet they were guessing what were ! we going to do in there? LOL The lads had been looking at my tits quite a lot of times when we were sitting down. I was in a white t shirt and blue low cut hipster jeans, and I had some black high cut thong back knickers on as well. My thong back showed above the top of my jeans and I know Steve likes that. My shoes had heels and in them I was looking taller than Steve by about 2 inches. My t shirt was a bit tight so I can not blame the lads really.
Well Steve said he had not seen a urinal like the one in that room for a bit. It was a steel wall with a gutter that was just above knee height on me. It had a drain at the right side and you know I think that girl had a wee in it because there was fresh wee there still draining and none of those lads had been in for ages. You know I thought about using my travelmate but I really wanted to just take my pants down and do it so that is what I did. I popped the button and unzipped and pulled my jeans down to my knees. I pulled my thong down to my knees as well. I thought it was real daring this because what if one of those lads came in? Well I splayed and lifted while Steve got his nice big handsome willy out of his pants and he pulled his foreskin back a bit. I was watching him a bit but I let it rip because I really needed this piss, and Whoosh! I had this big squirt of wee on the steel wall and then I dripped a bit and then SSSSSSS ...... SSSSSSS I did a nice big hissy g! usher and it made this drumming noise a bit on the wall and the gutter as well. Steve got going with his stream and I liked looking at his wee squirting out of him but I was going SSSSS SSSS. My gusher was a big twisty one and it felt good doing it as well. Well the door opened and then this lad came in and saw my bare bum and me standing at the urinal!!! I do not think he saw my gusher but he did see my bum and he knew I was standing there having a big wee aiming my puss with my hands and his eyes were shocked! LOL! He did not stay and he said "umm sorry" and then he went because he knew Steve was with me on a date or something, you know?
Steve finished his wee before I finished and he squeezed his foreskin dry to get the drips out, and then he put his willy back in his pants. Annie, Sarah S and Meghan I bet you would all like seeing him do it!
I trickled a bit in the gutter and all my bubbly wee ran down the gutter mixing up with Steve's and it all started draining down. I dripped a bit more, then Steve got some tp from the only stall and wiped me very gently. He really does it very nicely. He got rid of the tp in the stall and he even pulled my thong and jeans back up for me. I really liked that. Well we washed our hands and we went out again. Yeah I think the lad talked because the lads were looking at me again. Well I tried not to be embarrassed about it and I gave the lad who saw me a little wave and his friends laughed because I think that was the only thing they could do then. giggle I held Steve's hand and squeezed it because I think I shocked him. LOL When we went home I kept being bad and it got a bit steamy so I can not tell you what happened then.

Lotsa Hugs,


Tuesday, March 26, 2002

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