Today I was going to the city and wanted to look good so I put on really tight jeans. Well I was walking with my friend on the street and all of a sudden I began to feel sick. I knew it was gonna be diareah (s/p?). Well I had my frind Kaitlen rush with me to a bathroom, and I felt like I was gonna explode. I ran into a stall and began to take off my pants but they wouldn't budge... they were too tight! I didn't want to mess myself in public so I was trying to rip them off frantically. I called for Kaitlen and I opened the stall door and had her try to get them off. I really was on the verge of exploding. She couldn't get them off either. Well some guy who worked in the store heard me call for Kaitlen and thought I was in some sort of danger (in a bathroom? I have no clue what he thought was happening) and came running in. When he saw too girls in a stall with the door wide open he had to stop, surprised.He decided to help once he caught on and yanked my pants down and turned! around so he wouldn't be invading my privacy. But he wasn't fast enough, and with my g-string still on liquid shit started pouring out onto the floor and my friend. Shepushed me onto the toilet, left the stall and closed the door and had the guy leave and even though she was probably disgusted stayed with me for a half hour while I was on the bowl. Friends!

Punk Rock Girl - I accept what you way about sitting vs standing to pee. However there is more to the question of urinal vs commode than the peeing posture. There is no reason why a female urinal has to be a "standing" decice, there is no reason why it could not be designed to be used sitting or squatting (in fact, in Asian countries there are female urinals which are used squatting) To start with, a urinal uses much less water than a toilet as it only has to rinse away liquid pee rather than shift solid poop and paper. In places where there is no sewer system, some treatment/disposal methods either require or work better if pee and poop are handled separately. I have encountered a couple of restrooms, in 'picknic' areas where there is no running water, where there has been a sign in the mens saying something like "Do not urinate in the toilets, please use the urinal". Then male urinals take up less space than a toilet stall, but with the extra privacy requirted I do not kno! w if female urinals would have this advantage.

Ring Stretcher
BRYIAN: that was my post but I once again forgot to put my name in. Yea, Devon looked pretty cute sitting there though he didn't look at all like he was going to the bathroom. There was also another scene where a guy sat on the crapper at home, but he died minutes later. The funny thing is Devon's friend did what I would have done as a teen--made sure I crapped before the plane flight so if I went to the bathroom another guy going after me wouldn't smell my crap.

No stories to report. Hellos to everyone, and I hope you all are enjoying March Maddness!

Richard / USA
DAMSEL DEAR: Yo! Louiseís little sis giving us a showÖ You are wonderful! :-) As a famous American named Yogi once said, "Itís deja vu all over again". LOL.

INA: As previously promised, here is a true story that happened around 1975: My wife and I were driving back from a visit with friends about 200 miles from where we lived. We were on I-495 in Northern Massachusetts when she announced that the pee sheíd been holding in since about 50 miles ago was about to burst from her if we didn't stop immediately.

Now, in the 1970ís, many Massachusetts highway rest areas had no facilities at all so most people simply ducked into the woods behind the parking area to relieve themselves- Well, in a spectacular example of bureaucratic stupidity, the State Highway Commission decided to address this "problem". Did they build restrooms? No. Did they at least install Port-A-Potties? No. They built a 6-foot-high chain link fence around these rest areas with signs warning of arrest for trespassing if anyone hopped over the fence. They even ran the fence for about 100 feet in either direction down the highway from the parking area to discourage people from going around it. I remember wondering how people would deal with this and I was about to find out: they simply peed on the pavement next to their car.

This was the situation with my wife in a state of near-desperation, so I pulled into the next rest area, drove to the back of the lot and parked in the next-to-last space in the far corner to afford something resembling privacy for her. She was wearing bluejeans, a white top and a green down vest (this was Thanksgiving weekend, late November, just after dark, and it was about 40 degrees f). She quickly got out of the car and I hurried around to the passenger side to "protect" her- LOL. She had her jeans and panties down to her knees when a car pulled into the space directly behind the open space where she was going to pee, the headlights shining directly on her as she hastily tried to pull her pants back up. She waited for them to turn their headlights off, which they did, but the overhead lights still illuminated the scene fairly brightly. After about a minute, it was clear that nobody was getting out of the car, and my wife, in her desperation, did a very uncharac! teristic thing: she ignored the people who must have been watching and waiting to see what she would do, turned her back to them, pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees, quickly dropped into a full squat, and immediately unleashed a furious, hissing stream of piss onto the pavement. It must have chagrined this very modest woman to be forced to urinate on the ground in full view of total strangers she could not see but who she must have known were watching her. As the puddle between her legs grew in size, I heard her pee starting to spatter loudly and saw foam and bubbles forming on the flood of piss that was running from under her, back towards my feet. She must have pissed for a full two minutes before her stream started diminishing- still, her peeing wound down in force so slowly that it was another minute or so before she finally dribbled to a complete stop. As she wiped herself with a Kleenex I handed her, I told her it was my turn and unzipped my fly and took! out my dick. She dropped the tissue into her puddle, pulled her panties and jeans back up and climbed back into the car without comment, apparently not having enjoyed putting on a show for the people in the car behind us. Whatever. I leaned my ass on the rear passenger door and sent a long arc of pale yellow piss into the steaming puddle she had left and if those folks wanted an encore, here it was, as I aimed at the Kleenex wad and moved it about six inches in the other direction with the force of my stream.

Those people in the car behind us HAD to see everything unless they were averting their eyes, which I doubt because, as we pulled away afterwards, I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw them getting out- it was too dark to tell if it was a girl and a guy or two girls or two guys, but I remember seeing one of them pointing to the large pool of pee we had left. As we continued along I-495, my wife told me how totally embarrassed she was, having to urinate in front of total strangers- I told her to forget it, weíll never see those people again. She was still embarrassed. I wasnít. I loved it.

EVERYONE ELSE HERE: Hi! Scarlet asked: "TO ALL GUYS--Another question/survey...When you pee, do you usually use the hole in your underwear, or just pull the waistband down under your penis? I read somewhere that 80% of men don't use the hole, and I was just wondering if it was true. Also, do you undo your belt and button/snap on your pants, or just go through the zipper? Thanks to all who reply".

Me, I almost always unbuckle & unzip my pants, then pull the waistband of my boxers down under my dick before peeing- I guess I'm in that 80% majority who eschew the opening in my shorts mostly because it's extra work compared to just pulling down and besides, there's less chance of catching my penis in the zipper, like in the infamous scene in "There's Something About Mary" where Ben Stiller suffers every guy's worst nightmare... LOL

I have a question for you, Scarlet- I asked this here before and got zero response, so maybe you can get The Toilet's girls moving on this :-): Do you wipe from the front (like Louise) or from the side (like my wife), and why? To paraphrase Lonnie Donegan, " a question which has swept this continent"... or at least, has swept my curiosity :-)

Love, R

CARMELITA: I've been aware of your presence here since finding this forum but after reading your most recent post, I think I finally understand your status as as a legend here.. If there's a Literary Lion award for reporting on excretory functions, you have it sewed up, dear... :) I look forward to your future posts and lemme tellya: F. Scott Fitzgerald ain't got nothing on ya, hon... :-)


Well i have been reading this site off and on for a couple of years now. I enjoy reading the stories of others abotu peeing. That is one thing that i enjoy is peeing. I try to do it outside as much as possiable. I walk home so some days i walk to the back of my house piss in the garden or under the poarch. Growing up when i was younger i always peed outside with my friends. One thing that i did miss out on how ever was we never tried to see which of us could pee further than the other. Also i remember as a smaller child pulling over on the side of the road and peeing(I never did understand why that was illegal). One story that comes to mind is awhile ago i spend a weekend at my grandfathers house and i decided i wasn't going to use a toilet all weekend. So i would hold it till i could step off and piss. Well during this time i had to take a dump so i went a little into the woods around his house and layed a log down not reliezign my aunts were walkign from the hous! e it was a good thing i was behind a boat so they couldn't see me i had to dig a hoel not thinking to have dug one already before i started. Well i have to pee so i will end here.

alia where are the top 20 places you have piddled and pooped?

Family Person
We are a family of four and we use an average of one roll of toilet paper per day in our house. Although I've never talked to the others about how much paper they use at a time, I think it probably works out as follows:

There are two females in the house, and I am guessing they each pee about four times per day while they are at home. They probably use about five squares on each pee, so that's 20 squares time two people or 40 total squares spent on pee. A roll of toilet paper has 200 sheets, so that leaves 160 squares for the four of us to use for pooping. We all poop about once a day, so that means each of us probably uses about 40 squares on each poop. I haven't asked the others how much they use, but I counted how much paper I used this morning when I poop, and believe it ot not, it actually did work out to 40 squares.

It would be interesting to look up what the total sales of toilet paper are in the US and divide it by the number of people over the age of 2 and see what the average toilet paper usage is per day for each person. Has anyone here seen stats on that?

Diane-New York
Hello everybody. Iím so so sorry Iíve been gone way for such a while. I was working on a project car for an up-coming race. Iím entering this front car race so I had to go out and buy the most powerful I could possibly find. I found it, took it come and modified it heavily. I upgraded the brakes, got new tires and wheels, upgraded exhaust, intake and air filter, and put one HELL of a supercharging system.

I have two nice stories to tell you. On Saturday, I met up with my new friends at the park. Me and Tom were playing football even though he had no chance of winning. You know the friendly tackle type. (Should have gone easier on the poor kid.) Well while we were playing Kira, Julia, and Nicole reported they needed to go to the bathroom badly. So me and Tom were playing for a little while longer when he announced he need a shit as well. So he ran and caught up with the other girls talking to them then Tom tried to open the mens bathroom door. It was locked. It was having repairs. He asked the girls if they could help sneak him in the ladies room to take a shit. They agreed and Kira went in and she said the coast was clear. (There wasnít a soul at this park) So I go in as well. There are 5 stalls all next to each other. The perfect number because there were 5 of us. So Kira takes the first, Julia takes the second, Tom takes the third, Nicole takes the fourth! , and I take the fifth. I can hear their jeans being pulled down and their butts landing on the seat. I heard a loud blasting fart coming form one of the girls we all start giggling. I hear nothing but lots of plops and stinky farts. It was a shame to be unable to tell who did what. I had no farts. Just a lot of the soft stuff. I wiped finished up, pulled up my shorts flushed and went to wash my hands. I stood at the sink waiting for everyone to finish. Everyone else finishes up except Kira, and Tom.

We wait and a few minutes later. Tom comes out but no Kira. So we wait some more and about 15 minutes later she comes out and flushes the toilet and leaves her stall. I tell you the smell on the bathroom was intense. It absolutely stunk in there. It was very ripe. We all left and hung out for the rest of the day.

Second Story

On Sunday After I finish the modifications on the car, I take it out late night for a test run. You know, giving it a complete shakedown. Well as I expected the car held up well with all the abuse I gave it. While I was doing the testing, I need to crap pretty bad. It was late at night and I looked for a decent place to pull over. I see this bar in a very dark area with very little lighting. I try to open the door but it was locked. I looked around and went to the back to the bar. Which is down a long alley. I grab out my flashlight and I see a lot of people have gone back here before because I can clearly see piss puddles, toilet paper, and pieces of shit. So I find a clean spot avoiding stepping in the other stuff there. I pull down my sweat pants and inhale deeply. I let loose with a long piss when I here someone running down the alley. I was about to pull up my pants when I saw this girl about 18 or so running and undoing her jeans She squats next to me ! and has a long piss. She just kept peeing hard for about 2 minutes. She said she had the same problem as well. She said the bar was closed and she need to go badly. So I fart loudly and I strain to push out about inches of rock hard shit. She also had to take a shit as well and we start talking to each other. She raised her ass and pushed out a large yellow shit. I stain and my asshole opens revealing a large log out of my ass. I take my tape measurer and my the log. It was 36.2 inches long, and 3.5 in around. (I gorged myself earlier with a lot of junk, I know, junk is bad, I couldnít help it) She wondered why I measured it. I came up with the excuse, my doc needs to know the size of my shit. She has another long piss. I finish with a longer piss than her. I looked around for something to wipe I found some newspaper and wiped my ass clean. She did the same. We pull up our clothes and leave.

Logger- Donít worry Iím still her. Sometimes Iím so busy I donít even have time to think because Iím so tied up.

Bryian- Thanks for liking my park story. I enjoyed it. It was a very interesting experience.

Buzzy- My LI neighbor. How are you doing? Hope everything is fine. Enjoyed your latest story about shitting in the words and looking at it in the mirror. Awesome. Take care man.

Kim and Scott- Loved your latest story with you having a huge shit in front of your cousin. I think there is nothing better than sharing smoothing so natural with another family member. Does she also have the ability to crap large like you? Hope all is well.

RJOGGER- Yeah Iíve recovered and Iím as strong as a V8 once again. I like the saying community dumps. It just has a special ring to it. Loved the stories of your past. I think they are totally awesome. One question though, how do you install two toilets in one bathroom. Are there any modifications that needs to be done to the piping? Just curious, I think I might get one as well. 2 toilets make perfect sense donít they? I also loved the story where you and your wife both had a whole load of crap and had to break out the hangers.

Louise- Hey how is it going? Yeah that was me who got temporarily decommissioned. It really sucked being in the hospital for such a large amount of time. And yes thank you I have made a full recovery. And yes Tom obviously was liking what he saw. But then again, who could blame him? Take Care.

PV- My friend from the land down under. How have you been doing lately. Hope everything been fine. Yeah I too was also expecting the girls to get a little uncomfortable. But they kept their cool. They are really down to earth. I mean like the saying that women donít piss, shit, and fart and donít smell is entirely the biggest crock of bullshit I have ever seen. You know what I mean, It doesnít matter if it is a male of female, when yaí gotta go, they gotta go, and they understood that and kept their cool. But then again It all depends on how shy the person is and apparently these gals were shy at all. I canít wait till our next shitting episode. And Iím sorry about the bad stomach cramps. I know how much that can suck sometimes. Take Care

Carmalita- I liked your story when you and Renee had to relieve yourselves in the mountains. Isnít better to do things naturally with that nice mountain air and stuff? Surrounded by all the beautiful scenery. The only downside is when you donít have something to wipe with. Well, things could get a little messy.

Jeff A- Nice to hear from you again. I hope everything is ok. Iím happy to see you back again. Iím looking forward to reading some of your excellent stories. Hope everything is well. Take care.

Thank you and good morning everybody, (its 12:55am where I am now)

cute upstate NY guy
I think that anytime a woman or man drinks quite a bit of beer it
should give them a stronger urge to do a bowel movement because of all
of that barley loosens the bowels.So anytime you're at a bar and you see
hopefully cute chick drinking lots of beer,you know that later on when
she gets home she'll be headed straight to the toilet to do number two.I
am not surprised at all about your female friend taking a dump soon
after leaving the bar because of the effects of barley ingredients.BTW
that was a good True story.

Anthony K.
I had a really weird shitting dream last night. Our whole class of year 10 was on an airplane?!! We were supposed to go somewhere. At the back of the plane sat my primary school teacher. Then I saw this guy named James go into the toilets. Then after a while you could hear farting sounds and plops! Its impossible to plop in an airplane. Then you could hear the guy saying aah. Then one of the guys say yuuuck! James is shitting. That was a really weird dream!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! Just a short post today

To answer your question 'To All Guys', I can only answer for myself. When I pee, it depends on the style of underwear I'm wearing. I have slip style briefs that have a double thickness pouch with no fly. I also have hipster trunks that also have a double thickness pouch with no fly opening. With both of these styles, I obviously have to pull the waistband down. My boxers all have a fly opening as do my standard briefs. I tend to use the fly for both of these, just unzipping to get my penis out, although I find the fly opening on the briefs a bit of a hassle sometimes, so I tend to pull the waistband down and pee over the top as it's quicker and easier. Whenever I pull the waistband of my underwear down to pee, I always unzip, then undo my belt and the button or catch on the top of my pants. It makes things much easier. I did try with my earliest slip briefs pulling the waistband down through the zip, but that is much more difficult, and on one occasion I partially pissed! my pants as I did not have full hold on my briefs waistband. It flipped up when I was in "full flow" - and though I quickly corrected the situation I had quite a big wet patch on my pants. This is quite a fascinating subject. I will be watching with interest the replies you get from other guys on this.

All the best to you, Scarlet. I enjoy your posts.

Sick boy
Scarlet just one guys reply but I never use the hole I always pull the elastic under my penis. and I can tell you very few guys ever use it. when you think about it there really is no pourpose for that hole to be there. I don't know how many guys wear jockey shorts I am a boxers man my self but can you imagine trying to use the hole on those things talk about frustration.

About this subject about peeing with an erection...

If you miss the bowl please wipe it up. No one gets a kick out of wiping up your piss from the bowl or ESPECIALLY the floor. I don't see how a man can piss all over the floor and just leave it there.

I knew a family that made the older daughter clean the piss off the floor that her younger brother put there when he missed the bowl. I don't think that was fair. He was at least 8 or 10. Big enough to clean up his own mess. I know that is what we did for my nephew.

Slayer Moon
To Scarlet:

I don't wear underwear.

Slayer Moon
To Buttwiper:

I actually wash rather than wipe, but I do stick my finger in my hole. For that reason, I use plenty of antibacterial soap for the purpose. Contrary to the way Muslims would do it, though, I use my right hand. (I'm right handed. Strangely, I also tend to peel oranges with my left hand, another no-no by Muslim custom. I'm not Muslim, BTW. I just know how they do it.)

To Punk Rock Girl, re women peeing standing up:

We are different, but not as different as you think. It's not an issue of inferiority, but rather convenience. I see no reason why a woman should have to go through the whole ritual of pulling down her pants just to pee. Any woman wearing brief running shorts while going for a jog can simply pull the crotch of the shorts and panties to one side, spread her labia and let it flow. Ahh the convenience of it! No squatting needed either. e

Great site! About 15 years ago I was an intern at ABC in New York. One day I was in a stall in the ladies room and a woman entered the one next me. She farted and proceeded to do a loud wave of soft poop. It smelled bad! I imagined a large older woman for some reason. I left the stall and went to wash my hands. The woman flushed and came out. It was Joan Lunden! She came to the sink, smiled and washed her hands. I'd never have guessed that the pretty Joan Lunden could have made such a noisy, smelly poop!

Scarlet, I don't know about other men but I never use the flap on my underpants when I have to pee. I undo the zipper on my pants, lower the waistband on my underpants and let my penis go over the top. It is a lot more comfortable that way. And I can confirm what someone else said, that when get soap in your penis, it is the worst possible pain imaginable. Finally, on the subject of peeing with an erection, it is very hard to do (no pun intended) because your urethra tends to close when your penis gets erect.

Now I have a question for you, Scarlet. When you use the toilet to pee and poop, which do you do first? I always poop first, and then I pee, because if I pee first it is very hard to get the poop out for some reason. But most women I have observed pee first and then they poop. Which do you do first? Also, I am one of those people who've said they use 40 or 50 sheets to wipe their butt after a shit. How much paper do you use?

tibkid boy
Today I was in school and had to poop last period (i'm a senior in HS), so I walked to the guy's room expecting a fairly easy dump (I usually do big hard ones but I'm used to it) I pull my pants and everything down and start to push, and I feel this hard poop press up against my anus. I let two or three big poops out, but I didn't feel empty. I pushed harder, but the rest wouldn't come out. So I tried my method for when I'm constipated: I pushed in quick bursts. Pretty soon, this really hard poop started plopping out. There was one that I had to push like five times really hard before it would even go. Boy, did that feel good to get out.

Lurker Man
Like the name says, I'm a longtime lurker. I love this site!!! It didn't take me long to realize that I found something arousing about females using the bathroom. Anyway, I have bounced back from a lot of adversity in my young life by finding the good in every situation. Case in point: Is there anything good about extensive painful gum surgery? There is! You see, I got to the office for my post-op checkup early today. By the time they reopened from lunch, I really had to pee. So I go in and go straight for the single-occupancy, and am hit right off with a very strong poop smell!

Since this office is staffed almost entirely by gorgeous, nicely-built young women, I had lots of fun trying to imagine just which one had taken their after-lunch dump in there, what could have been no more than a few minutes before I came in!

SCARLET: You had the survey about guys peeing? I only unzip my pants, and push my underwear down rather than use the hole.

HAY: cute upstate NY guy

I sure like your account of your date makeing such a big long dump, share more stories you have about yourself your dates or just about pooping.

I wish i could find a woman so interested in pooping, that i could watch her poop.

As far as toilet scenes on television shows, there was one on The HBO Series "Six Feet Under" where Nate Fischer is living with His Girlfriend Brenda, and the one scenein the Show has Nate in the bathroom flossing His teeth, and Brenda walks in and walks into the bathroom with a magazine in hand and approaches the toilet where upon She lowes Her pajama bottoms, ans sits on the toilet and opens the magazine and throws it down in front of Her and reads it as She is sitting on the toilet. Brenda then said to Nate "I hate when You do that (flossing) while I'am reading" T.S.


Most of the time my load just comes out clean. I usually only have to wipe once just to be sure. It only really takes 3-5 minutes.... usually.


I flushed that last time just to be sure. I didnt want to flood it if it could be avoided. And i knew i would have a chunk or two that would linger anyway so i just took the safe route.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, everyone--

Thanks for all the respnses to my female urinal rant. I want to make it clear that I DO NOT care if you agreed with me or not. As I said, I was just stating my opinion, and didn't mean to come off as though I were speaking for anyone other than myself. Why on Earth would I possibly care how any woman other than me chose to pee?

My problem is not so much with actually doing it, but much of the reasoning behind encouraging it. I read on some site (I think it's called Denise's Mailbox) where she was going on about her female urinal, and how she no longer sits down to pee. Many of the people were talking about how their daughters' or their own self-confidence had been raised due to the fact that they no longer had to sit down.

I realize that in many cultures women stand to pee as the norm. I have no problem with that. Why would I? But it boggles my mind as to why any woman would feel empowered just becuse they don't have to bare their buns or sit down to piss. IN MY OPINION (and no one else's) it boils down to girls/women being encouraged to mimic the behavior of men in order to feel better about themselves. f??? that.

INA- I totally respect your opinion, and you're absolutely right. Everyone has a right to do their thing their own way. Although I've peed outside many times and have never had a problem with getting it on myself. The trick is to crouch down until your butt almost touches the ground--the pee doesn't pick enough speed to splash. I honestly must say, I never thought of the water conservation issue. Good point, and something to think about. I'm a little horrified that you think I have conventional viewpoints, though. I just do my own thing, and my own thing includes sitting down to piss. I was taught as a little girl the method of standing, and remember clearly thinking, what the hell's the point of that? As far as waiting in line goes? I can pee in the bushes or against a wall as well as any guy. Everyone has a butt--why are we so worried about people seeing it? And if I need to get a life due to the fat that I discuss my bowel functions on this forum, then so! does everyone else who posts here--including YOU!

MARCUS-- I saw THAT 80'S SHOW once. The first episode I think. I suppose I look a little like the girl on that show, but the way she looked after she had taken her hair down. Never got into the spikey thing! Someone told me once that I look like Siousxie Sioux, if you know who she is.

HAPPY PISSING AND SHITTING TO EVERYONE-WHETHER TO STAND OR SIT!!! though I recommend sitting if your taking a dump ;)


hi i havnt wrote in a while, i just got back from salt lake city, we drove there it was really long drive. i had two accidents on the way. we were driving and i hd to pee real bad but i was trying to hold it. my mom was driving and i was in the back seat playing gameboy and it was getting worse and worse then my mom got off the hightway and went to a gas station, when i stood up to get out i felt the pee coming so i grabbed my front real hard and ran in side. the bathrooms were one persons at a time and someone was in the boys bathroom, i coulnt hold it anymore, i pretended tolook at chips and candy behind a tall shelf and i wet my pants all over. i had on blue jeans and it ran all the way down my legs and in my shoes, a little dripped on the floor. the guy came out of the bathroom and i ran in. i looked at my self and it was bad. i came back out of the bathroom, mom was not ouside or inside, she must be in the bathroom so i ran to the car, some kids were coming in as i left! and they pointed at me and said he wet his pants. i jumped in the car and took off my jacket and covered up my pants. later when we were close to salt lake i had to pee again but not so bad but i had to poop rreal bad and it really hurt to try to hold it, i kept farting and mom would laugh. i just coulnt stand it anymore, i said mom i have to go, and she said we are almost there another ten minutes and we can stop. i undid my seat belt and nealed on the floor and the poop gushed out, it was real liquidy, my mom heard it cause it was loud and it was stinky now, she yelled at me. i told her i couldnt hold it. my but was big and mushy, i couldnt sit on it cause it would squish. we pulled in to my cousins house and my cousin came out to see me, he is 9 and i am almost 11 now. when i got up and out of the car the poop fell down my legs both and dripped out on the driveway, my cousin said you had an accident and i said yeah i couldnt hold it. i really had to pee again now and i w! asnt paying attention because of my poopy pants and it started quiting out as i walked in to get cleaned up, when i got in the bathroom it was gushing out and soaking my pants again. i was a mess. but we had fun while i was there, we were there for a few weeks. my cousin had one acident while we were out playing, he pooped his pants, i could tell he had to go for a long time then he squated like he was tying his shoe and his but got big, he stood up and we played again, he acted like he didnt do anything, when it got late we were walking home and i said did you poop your pants, he said no and laughed then i squezed his but and felt the poop in the then he said well just a little, i said feels like a lot, i said dont worry i have accidents all the time remember when i got here. he said yeah cool. well the trip home had some accidents to, we were bringing my cousin home to stay with us, we both had to pee real bad and i told mom we have to go, she said the next exit is 40 mile! s and i saw the sign to. i couldnt hold it and i went in my seat, it was dark then so my cousin didnt see i went yet, he was holding himself real hard and rocking back and forth, then he looked down at his pants and i saw the light gleem off his pants, they were wet, i said i peed to see, he looked over and saw my pants, i said its ok mom wont be mad. later in the trip home my cousin fell asleep and i waas playing gameboy and i smelled poop, i thought it was the cows we passed and so did my mom, i though that smelled to close, i reached over to my cousin who was laying in the seat, his but was agianst the back of the seat and facing my so i felt his but real soft so he wouldnt wake up and he pooped his pants again. it was a little log. i fell asleep later, then my mom woke me up, we were at a stop, my cousin was gone i looked up and we were at a gas station, i went in and went to the bathroom, my cousin was in there, he was standing in a stall with the door open clening out ! his pants, he saw me and got embarased, i said dude its ok, we both wet our pant so pooping is ok. i peed then got back in the car, mom saw that both of us were slightly wet, most of it had dried, she said im sorry guys, i wil try to stop sooner next time. well i gues she forgot cause we both had to pee real bad again and since i alrready went once i just let it all out, my cousin saw my pants getting wet and wispered can i go too and i said yeah, he let go of his front and it gushed out, it looked like a little fountain through his pants cause it came out so fast, my mom said what are you boys doing, i said playing gameboy, she must have known what we were doing cause she stopped again and made us get out, she saw our soked buts. the seats in the car were slick and i know as many times as i peed in this car that it must be piling up behing the seat cause it rolls behind my but everytime i go. mom still wasnt real mad cause she knows i cant hold it very good on long trips. w! ell i gotta go mom might find me on here, she hates this site. by

Movie Fan
Hey Bryian,

I heard about that movie Rat Race but I never saw it. When the girl stuck her butt out the window, could you really see anything? I remember reading in a review that it was a faraway shot. Also, the next scene after that was that they were pulled over by a cop who had to wipe the shit off his windshield. Could you actually see the shit on his windshield? It might be interesting to list the mainstream movies where human shit is actually shown. One of the very few movies like this is Labyrinth of Passion, where a woman craps in her pants after using a laxative and you can actually see it on her legs.

Another movie that I don't think has ever been mentioned here that deals with pooping is "Road to Wellville". It's supposedly based on a true story about a guy who runs a wellness clinic where colonic irrigations are performed on the guests. It's not a big favorite of mine because I don't think there are any good female poop references, but I do know there is a scene where a guy is asked to defecate into a bowl so his feces can be examined. Why couldn't that have been a woman in that scene? It's not a particularly explicit movie and there really aren't any great urgency scenes or anything like that, but it is unique in that the topic of bowel movements is discussed in almost every scene of the movie. There just aren't any great female poop scenes fro it to be a favorite of mine.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Scarlet I always go through the hole because pulling down the elastic waist band to me is uncomfortable. I always go that way unless of course not wearing any underware. Great posts from all 3/23/02. I enjoyed them all. Its short today so I will catch everyone later. Upstate Dave.

Hi everyone,:) Wow yesterday I was in McDonalds and I took a really big steamy creamy shit.I had just finished six big macs and two large orders of fries for lunch because they had the two for two dollars special going on. The day before I had gone to my Grandmothers for dinner and had eaten four very large sweetpotatoes along with roast,hamhocks and greens and a huge load of blackeyed peas,mmmmmmm.Well needless to say I hadn't had a good bm for a while,but after I woofed down all that stuff at breakfeast and then had a huge lunch on top of it I felt a huge load come out of my intestines and fill my colon up. I got up and went into the washroom,there were two stalls so I went into the first one pulled down my pants and panties to mid thigh and sat on the toilet. I began to pee a strong stream and farted a poof fart at the same time.My butt hole opened really wide and I felt a gigantic turd begin to exit I mean really big and incrediably thick.I managed to pinch it off and im! mediatealy another thick and really long turd which felt like a python began to snake it's way out,air was escaping along the side of this thing and I could feel it coiling around the bowl.after a few minutes of pushing this monster out I decided to inspect the inside of the bowl for the amount of progress I had achived.I got up turned around and looked into the bowl.Even I was shocked when I saw the size of the first turd stuck in the hole and obviously plugging it up it had to be about five inches thick maybe about eight or nine inches long I'm guessing because it was packed into the hole,and it was shaped like a giant sweetpotato,it was also very rich and creamy looking and a golden orange color.The other turd was almost constitently four and a half inches thick and wrapped around the sweetpotato like four times and curled around the sides of the bowl way past the water level.I didn't dare try to flush this load down,but I got a cramp and knew there was more stuff up insi! de me that had to come out now.Just then the door opened and a little girl came in with her mother.The little girl says"Mommie it stinks bad in here".With that she went into the next stall and peed as did the mother.I couldn't hold it any longer and let a ripping fart go followed by a poof fart and you guessed it,about four good healthy thick extra long banana turds came out and piled onto the already huge pile of shit making it an ENORMOUS pile now almost up to the rim and staining the sides of the bowl as they slid down the sides.After the girl and her mother left I figured it was safe to move to the next toilet stall so without wiping I got up and moved to the next stall,and not a moment too soon either because as soon as I sat down two teenage valley girl types came in saw one stall occupied and one girl went into the stall where my magnificant pile was and screeched "aaaahhhhhhh!!! eeeewwwwwwww grrrrooosssssss!" just then her friend went into the stall to see what all t! he comotion was about."Woooooaaaahhhhh,oh my God you've got to be kidding,it looks like twenty girls shit in there"giggle giggle giggle"! It didn't seem like they attribuited the mess to me though.But they were waiting outside my stall now to use the washroom,and I wasn't finished yet so out comes a poof fart followed by one of the longest shit ropes I have ever produced along with some loud crackling as it exited my anus I looked between my legs and it bright yellow gold in color and about two inches thick and a couple of yards long and looked like intestines.After that I pushed out four more good healthy banana turds and decided to wipe up and finish this shit at home,but thats a different story.I flushed and got up and left as I did I noticed one of the girls was extremely pretty,but very large she ran into the stall, pulled her jeans down sat down and as I washed my hands this girl unloaded a huge torrent of shit which crackled loudly as it came out.I thought to myself "! A lady after my own heart!" Hello to everyone I love you all.ALANA

Hi, everyone! (Yeah, it's been awhile...)

Carmalita: Great to see you're back again! I missed you, too! I've been reading the posts rather faithfully, but haven't had anything interesting to post lately... I guess I don't lead the exciting life you lead (no kidding... that's an understatement!). Anyway... LOVED your newest post! One great thing about your posts is one can almost always count on MULIPLE great stories! Patsy and Renee are always fun to hear about, and I'm definitely becoming attached to NU's enthusiasm!
I would have loved to have traded places with you when Angie saved her huge load for you.. it sounded like a wonderful session... but the star of the show is always YOU,Carmalita! LOVED the "mystery sixth floor dump story..." as you no doubt guessed, I would have volunteered to take care of the toilet problem... and I liked your sign-off, too...
be sure to tell us what your latest killer shit was like(since it dragged you away from the computer, I'm guessing it was probably a good one!)

Kim: It's a super day when both Carmalita and YOU have new posts printed the same day! My favorite part of your latest post was imagining
I was in the movie theater, heard your booming fart, and the heard you whisper to Scott that you had to take a monster shit... Ooh! Love it!
Of course, you know the number one wish would be to actually WITNESS one of your artistic masterpieces, but this o0ne was fun to think about, too! Thanks!

To Scarlet: I usally use the hole in my underwear...i wear boxers..its easier that way

To Jason: i liked your story

To {_DOUGHBOY_}: Cool story u had..i liked it

I like that pic today..gotta run bye

Anthony K.
Hello. Yesterday, we went to a eat all you can place. That meant I would have to shit a lot the next day. I normally shit when I wake up. I woke up still a bit sleepy. When I'm sleepy I tend to enjoy my shitting more.I went to the toilet. I pulled down my pants and underwear. When I sat down, I closed my eyes because I was still sleepy. Then after 5 seconds, I felt a movement. I farted, followed my crackling noises and a long turd. It took about 15 seconds for it to completely get out. Then after about 6 seconds, a wet fart and 4 more turds came. Then some soft stuff came. I like experimenting with wiping and I don't care because I normally shower after a shit. So today I used notebook paper. It was hard! So I continued with normal toilet paper.

Noel: I always wear briefs and boxers together. I just feel more comfortable???

Last summer i spent a week in Amsterdam which, like many european cities, still have street urinals. I felt a bit bashful using them at first, but soon got over my natural reserve and found them very handy, especially when staggering from bar to bar.
If you've not seen such urinals, they're best described as a thin concrete pillar with a narrow pierced metal screen running from about thigh height upwards. Most are sited next to busy streets so that all and sundry can see the back of your legs and your stream of urine flowing down the concrete and disappearing down a hole in the pavement.
One thing puzzled me however. There were often tissues and paper hankies around the concrete base of the urinal. Surely gentlemen don't wipe a after peeing? I'd prefer to think that ladies are occasionally drunk or desperate enough to use the facilities...? I'd welcome any confessions !

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