To Linda GS-- Thanks so much for remembering me. I may not write anything often but I do think of you. You should let Elena make you feel foolish for pulling on the toilet seat. If that what helps you go Iíd say do what ever works, it not her poop its yours, if she canít HELP you do it she shouldnít be telling you HOW to do it.
It was a while ago but you once told a story about cousin giving you an enema, Iíve had a couple myself and thought Iíd tell you about one I had as a kid. I remember best a time when Iíd been constipated for two weeks, that a long time go without a BM. My Mom tried all kinds of things to get me to go...including al to of long sessions straining on the toilet. I remember struggling really hard at on point and only getting a small pebble size poop to co out. That was when Mom announced I was to have an enema. I knew what one was, because as I told in another story, one of my earliest memories is of watching my Mother give herself an enema.
My Mom believe is warm and VERY soapy enemas. For the soap she always used ivory flakes and she mixed the enema in a white enamel pitcher. I can remember sitting on my potty watching her mix up the soap and then fill the red enema bag with the soapy solution. She hung the bag on a hook behind the toilet. The black nozzle was coated with vaseline and I was told to lay across her lap while she sat on the closed toilet. I can remember the feel of Mother spreading the cheeks of my butt and pushing the black tip between them. The feeling of the nozzle in me always felt like I want to make a poop really badly and Mom would have to remind me not push or Iíd push the water out too soon. Mother would then ask If I was ready and when I said yes the clamp on the hose would be opened. We waited but nothing happened. Mother clamped the hose and pulled out the nozzle. It was stuffed with my poop. Mother now had to push her flinger up me an move the poop. Linda, I donít kn! ow if youíve ever had this done to you or not, but its like no other feeling in the world. Its like youíre pooping but its moving into you instead of out. Finally she replaced the tube and I felt the soapy water start to fill me up. It took a while for all the water to run into me, Mother was never in a hurry here and sheíd stop and start the flow if I complained of cramps. When the enema was finally in me mother would place me on the toilet. I wasnít put on the potty because she was afraid it would fill and overflow. So Iíd sit on the toilet and hold on to the bathtub for support.
Now all the stuff you read about enemas seems to suggest that once you have an enema all the stuff just sort of flows out of you...I donít know about you Linda, but it isnít that way for me. Once the first burst of water drains away a lump of poop starts to come out, but because its big and hard it gets stuck, all that soap and water still in you makes you want to go, and man, you WANT to bear down but the poop is now stuck. So as far as Iím concerned getting out an enema is a struggle, its a struggle Iíve been through many times. The water drains away and you strain and grunt and sweat till the piece passes and the there another burst of water and another glob of poop is there. My mother always made this struggle all the more difficult and uncomfortable by watching. She insisted on staying with me the entire time I was forcing stuff out. I always wished she just go and leave me alone. It would often take me a half hour to 45 minutes to finally empty myself out, ! When I was done I was usually exhausted and ready for a nap.-JW

Scarlet Many men today (me included) wear smooth front bikini briefs with no hole in them and we by necessity have to undo the front of our pants and pull the briefs down to get access. I have a question for the ladies, my wife has what I consider a very highly placed female anatomy (vulva) and she has on many occasions when very full and desperate peed over the seat and on to the floor (her dad got the blame unjustly when she was a teen for peeing on the bathroom rug). I was wondering if any of you ladies share that same anatomy and have done the same thing?

Good monday morning to all-
TO UNCLE ALLEN-Yes,I think it would be a drag for some lady to pop her head in the mens room as you are sitting there dumping,but I myself wouldn't have said anything cause maybe the guy had some physical problem getting around,but still I would have been a bit embarrased.I've had cleaning ladies come into mens rooms while I was dumping and I thought sometimes they enjoyed listening to me dump and I would just go anyway while they were in there and sometimes it was fun to do-hey what can you do? this morning,i had one of those dumps where I went to sit down and start to push out my load and at first I just passed some hissing farts and then I started to poo and it didn't feel like anything special,but after about 10 seconds of pooping and it wasn't stopping so I looked between my legs to see just an endless rope of dung coming out my domed anus and it just kept coming and coming with lots of crackling and gas coming out at the same time and then I started to enjoy the fe! eling of this huge BM and it felt great and continued till there was a big pile rising above the water line in the middle of the bowl.It was strange cause I didn't feel like I had to go this much.Then I just sat there waiting for part 2,but after about 10 mins I felt nothing else-this all came out in 1 big spasm of my bowel.I pushed and pushed and absouletly nothing else came out and when I went to wipe,it was a really clean wipe too.I looked in the bowl and saw this huge pile of soft poop right in the middle of the bowl where my butt sat.That was an unexpected pleasure.It took 2 flushes to get it all down-must have been one of those natural purges I get once in awhilr,but most of the time when I get those kind of dumps,they are uaually in the middle of the night when I get aroused from a deep sleep with lots of cramps and I have to run to the bowl half asleep and explode in the toilet at 4 a.m.This was great and now I feel totally clean-anyone else have this experience? som! e feedback.please I'm off! BYE

Marcus Lycus
Another Day in De-Lurk Mode:

How come my name was chopped in half? You need the Lycus with the Marcus. It is a nickname, Lycus is not my real last name. Marcus Lycus is the character name from a musical I was part of, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum."

Went over a friend's house yesterday and noticed something in his bathroom. Next to the toilet is an old, metal radiator thingy. Well, the portion of the radiator next to the toilet was completely rusted through!! Imagine that! The part near the bathtub still had the original paint on it.
So when you clean the bathroom, please remember to wipe down any fixtures near the toilet, or they will eventually start to rust or corrode with time.
I also noticed this happens in public restrooms with the metal dividers. Anyone else notice this??

ALIA - Wow!! You are one impressive woman! What did your friend think about having to drink the pee?? How did you get away with peeing in the water fountain?? And how do you pee in an ashtray? They don't exactly hold a lot of liquid...
Please tell us more, as you must have some GREAT peeing stories!

Marcus Lycus

SCARLET: To answer your question, I can say that I mostly dont use the hole in my boxers to piss, unless I really have to go....

PUNK ROCK GIRL: I dont understand what the big hoopla is about women using urinals or having to what? Btw, are you into good Oi/streetpunk or that crappy pop shit? I read in here that you re in a band...

TO ALL FEMALES: Ive noticed that when Im at bars or other places, when chicks say they have to pee they go and come back within five you all have to wipe every time you pee?

Making Money
To Buzzy-Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.Glad to hear that the nickel you swallowed also came out in the poop,but why did it take a week? It is a good thing you found the nickle on top of a pile of poop.I was not that fortunate.But fortunately my aunt mushed around the shit with a stick and found the penny.Or else I would never have known.My mom was also a very pretty lady just like my aunt.My mom and my aunt were sisters and they loved each other. My mom passed away at the age of fifty.I was twenty-four at the time.I was already married.Both my mom and my aunt loved me very much.i really miss my mom.At this point my aunt took her place.I love her very much.
When I was a kid all the moms in my neighborhood used the term doody.I never heard the word poop until after I got married.My mom was always after me asking me to make a doody.I remember one time when I was ten years old and i was really happened during the summer vacation when we were up in the mountains. All the dads were in the city working.They came up for weekends.I had terrible stomach cramps and I didn't shit for three days.My mom kept giving me prune juice and other laxatives.One day I ripped out a big fart..It stunk to high heaven.It smelled like rotten fish.My mom said to me,"Joey,that was a very good fart.Why don't you sit down on the toilet and try to make a doody?"I answered,"Mom, I wish I could but I'm afraid it's gonna hurt because I didn't make a doody for three days."My mom gave me a kiss and said ,"Don't worry I'll watch you." I was very happy that my mom was going to watch me.I walked into the bathroom with my mom for the first time sin! ce I was six years old.I pulled down my pants,sat down on the toilet bowl ,and tried to shit.But I could only fart.I think I made about five very stinky farts,but no shit.My mom gave me another kiss on the head.My mom started to perfume herself.I was stinking up the bathroom with my farts and my mom was making a beautiful smell with her perfume,but still no shit.Just then my aunt Fay walked in.She didn't see my mom so she said loudly,"Hellen,where are you?"She walked into the bathroom.My mom explained what was going on.My aunt Fay gave me a kiss in the ass and I startet shitting.Aunt Fay said ''i knew all joey needed was a kiss in the tushie."'

about the animals being embarrassed about shitting thing: my old goldfish (who is over 20 yrs old-we gave it away 2 someone) seemed to get annoyed when we watched it crap.
It's the same with my dog-he goes out to shit rather discreetly and it shows a facial expression of embarrassment when its seen shitting! seriously-i think animals actually do get a bit miffed when we seem them defecating!

Sorry, I submitted my last post and forgot to add this post with it.

As Scarlet has asked, "where are you?" Like Scarlet, I and many others miss reading your posts of your pooping and peeing accidents. I was going to ask you a question, but Bryian asked it first. It was, "Do you ever do it in the toilet?" Hope that question has not put you off posting, because I'm positive Bryian would not have wanted to put you off, as neither would I if I'd asked the question first. Hope you are OK - and be assured that we do miss your regular posts.

Thanks for your reply to me. Sorry, I forgot where you were at Brisbane. I submitted that post, then suddenly remembered that it was clearly stated at the start of your first post. I could not do anything about it as my post was gone. I'll write more to you soon - but have to go now as it is time to start my days work. In the meantime, please keep your great posts coming.

Must go - BYE

We just have time for some quick replies. Kathy is going out with Anne and Noreen (God help us!), and I am leaving for a tournament shortly.

Jane - Kathy and I just read your latest little short. It sounds like you encountered a real psychotic person in that miserable manager. It also sounds like she got her just deserts. That you wanted to shoot poop up her nose had us in stitches. You deserve better when you have to poop. Here's hoping your next encounter in the toilet is more pleasant. Take care.
cute upstate NY guy - Great story about your lady pal pooping between cars. I too get really turned on when I watch a lady poop; and I have had many opportunities over the years to indulge myself. I guess the sight of a knockout gal expelling a large log is just a super turn on for many of us guys, I don't really know why, but it is. Hey, join the club and enjoy!
Carmalita - Hello to the beautiful Senora out west! We have missed you so much, and are really happy to see that you are well, and telling your wonderful stories. Oh boy, did have some beauts on the site today! Every story, Angie's dump, your pee in the woods with Renee (and her smelly dump), your "broken fire hose" (HA!) pee contest with the girls and your work place unflushable: they were all great. So you were the guilty party but never a suspect in the "turd controversy"? You come up with some of the funniest expressions. Kathy says hello and sends her love, as I do; and we hope that you kids get a new computer so that you can be out here more often. Take great care, dear, please say hello to all of the gang for us.
Pico Tamale (The butterfly) - Hi, it's Kathy. I'm just curious, is your gal shy or uptight about her toilet habits? You should just try to gently coax her into it. Maybe you should let her watch you to get things going, it mat break the ice. Just be persistent, but gentle, and it may work.
Sarah S and Meghan - Hi girls, we enjoyed your story, but we really hope that Meghan is felling better. Upset stomachs are no fun. We're glad you liked our last post, take care.

Hellos to everyone else, take care until next time.

I bet many of you thought it would never happen -- but here it is! PV's beach adventure, volume three!

Same beach, same public transport schedule, same issue of pacing fluid intake -- and the same nervous ???? beforehand. Rats! I wanted to take a big healthy dump there too, but I felt the first pangs of anxiety the night before, my ???? was rumbling during the night and shortly after I got up I was sitting on the loo, dropping bumshot and ploonkers... Twenty minutes later it was softserve... Twenty after that and I was splattering the back of the bowl with the hot stuff. Yuck, my bottom was sore and I was determined that was the last trip to the toilet!

I needed to do some shopping before heading south, and used a restroom at the local mall. I had been going to use the gents' for fun, given that it was very early and quiet, and in one of the urinals was a sludgy yellowish mess around the drain... Though there was no smell, I had the impression somebody shat in the urinal and the flushing was dissolving it! I used a stall instead and helped myself to some toilet paper to take with me to the beach, as I'd forgotten tissues.

I bought a large bottle of water at the station, and though I could already sense a renewed impulse to urinate, I started to carefully take fluid onboard. It's always a matter of pacing, as there's a train journey, a wait at the terminal, then a lengthy bus ride, then a long walk to reach the beach. I have never made it to the nude bathing area without releasing my bladder somewhere, a couple of times at the restroom by the carpark, and last time I weed down the rock I was sitting on to take my shoes off, at the edge of the beach. This time I did not get even that close...

The trail from the bus stop runs up over a bluff above the beach, from which there are the most beautiful views of the sea and bay, and a few picnic tables have been set up there. No one else was on the trail so I sat down as if to rest and look out at the sea, slipped my shorts and briefs aside and gratefully released some urine on the ground! A ten-second burst, a gentle stream, was just enough to give me back control, and I shut it off again. Thus relieved, I scored myself at 1, and headed for the beach.

The weather was excellent, clear and warm, not a cloud in sight. At 27C it was going to be very pleasant, and I had nearly three hours in which to enjoy it before my return connections.

I always undress at the sign denoting the clothing-optional area, and switched shirt, shorts and panties into my backpack, then walked on along the beach. It was fairly quiet at midmorning, and I scored pishes two and three on that walk, just standing to appreciate the view out across the bay and streaming for a little while, hands off. It went in a fair few directions and on my legs, but who cares?

-- more --

-- continued --

LOUISE -- Ah -- puss, not bum! Um, yeah, I was thinking rearward attention. GRIN! Well, traditionally we should be wearing gis for any sparring or demonstration bout, but given the nature of the combat perhaps just the jackets and belts would be appropriate! (Is that sacrilegious to the noble spirit of the martial arts? Gulp!) Helped? Darling, wait till you read what I was up to on the beach yesterday, then remember that pee-shy lass of a couple of years back..!

INA -- Any forums where men gather to decry the reality of female peeing is a place where tradition is tops -- male tradition, that is. Ahem! You flatter me and warm my heart, my friend, and I'll keep your kindness in mind, depend on it. Beach story tomorrow!

JEFF A -- Hi guy, long time since we chatted, it's great to see you with us again!

Okay everyone, hugs all round, and I'll be posting again tomorrow,


PS: This is tomorrow -- I couldn't get this to post yesterday, so here it is, with the beach story following on (I'll reply to folks on the current page of posts asap!):

Hi all,

I made my pilgrimage to the beach yesterday and have written it up -- all records fell, rest assured! I'll convert the text and post it probably tomorrow night! :-)

D-WHIZZ -- Hi Cobber! I'm in Adelaide, South Aussie...

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- The bike poop story was delightful, and the kind of wild thing that can happen all by itself -- neighbors who are more in tune than they ever realized! Maybe you'll all do it again! Thanks for your kindness concerning "orientation," it's often not the easiest thing to speak of, though in this day and age it should be. Yes, I live in hope still! Oh, and your vision of red hair and fountains came true -- watch this space! Love to all four of you from Aus.

TIM & SARAH -- Yes, I remember your problem with in-laws, Tim, and I can say that I was very annoyed with them on your behalf from the get-go! There are some funny folks in the world, and we must be careful with whom we share what... But as for not knowing you, let me say that I like to believe I can read between the lines and see a person's character from what they say and how they say it, and you strike me as a very nice man, with a wonderful family, and I envy what you have! You know, the world is a smaller place than any of us realize: my late father had a brain tumor as well, though it was successfully removed over 15 years ago... Loewie? I didn't know that, but yes, tiger is complimentary to lion, and they each have the coloring for it! Consider this a group-hug!

KIM & SCOTT -- An international rendezvous for the purpose of poo-appreciation -- now that would be a party to remember! Thank you so much, Kimmie, to witness such a spectacle would fulfill a dream!

SLAYER MOON -- I agree completely re the nonsense of "female urinals." And I heard two or three years ago that some pants manufacturers *are* infact producing what they call "long zip" versions for women, presumably for hygienic purposes, eg., that a woman can change her tampon through the fly -- though that seems risky/messy when things are seriously happening. It may be the "long zip" pants *were* invented for female peeing, and the manufacturers simply couldn't state that!

JUST WONDERING -- Oh, correction. I said last time I wad two sheets of TP at a time. I don't, I use single squares and wad them into small, easily manipulable wiping pads. Sometimes I can be finished, dried and aired in no more than four squares!

-- more --

-- continued --

Soon it was time to go, and I headed north with my things. I located one of the gullies and after sitting casually for a while I took the tissue I had heisted and headed up the washaway. In a hot, sandy nook I put my left foot up on a bank, eased my left lip a little, and delivered every last drop in my bladder, quite a gush! The amount that's left always comes as a surprise. Then I scraped a hole in the sand and squatted, to see what would happen...
Not a lot, but better than last time! About half a dozen fragments left over from the morning explosion, hot and sticky, a bit of a mess. I washed my tail with saliva-wetted tissue squares, and pressed the last square, tampon-like, into my anus to hold me until I got home. I buried the mess and walked out to head for the bus.

The ratio of men to women on the beach is still heavily in favor of males -- I counted around a hundred men in three hours, and a grand total of 15 women (excluding myself), around a third of which declined to undress! Middle age and overweight are the norm, with more beer-bellies than you can shake a stick at. I really must try going there on the weekends, when perhaps a better cross-section of the public might be represented!

It was a good expedition and despite getting sunburnt on some spots I simply missed with the block, it was a great experience. By the time I got home, guess what? I was bursting for a wee again!

Cheers to all,


PS: I needed to post this in three parts, and two goes per part, I'm having difficulties with my system -- I tried posting the full text in one go and my PC locked up -- by which I am not refering to my pubococygeus muscle...

DAMSEL -- HELLO to Louise's sister! You're a very familiar figure on this site, I feel like I know you already, and I'm delighted to be in touch! To answer your question, when I came to this site I still suffered quite badly with Avoidant Paruresis, the techy term for bashful bladder, which had haunted me my life through. Louise was one of those souls whose unabashed and joyous adventures have helped lift that weight from me. To befriend a woderful lady who enjoys her bathroom activities with such gusto and so little difficulty was balm to a weary traveller, and Louise will always have my affection and gratitude. In addition, I feel her fiance and family, yourself included, have become special folks to me, an important part of this amazing cyber-village we visit! hey, grrl, head for Spain next summer, whydontcha? You know you'll love it! With hugs for a D-cup Damsel -- PV

INA -- It's wonderful! That's what I have to say! Teaching your Mom to use a Travelmate is a reversal of the whole process, and I'm smiling! As a matter fo fact my own Mom is 72, and if a time comes when she ecouters similar problems, the option is there for her too. Hugs to you too -- PV

MALITA -- I'm so delighted to hear from you again! That was some incredible piss in the woods you and Renee took, I could see, hear and feel every drop of it -- and some spectacular poops too. You clogged a bowl so bad they had to send for an expert? Hoooo--baby! The joys of Mexican food! Hugs to all the Carmalita Gang from Aus!


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone, I'm back from my few days away but with nothing interesting to report as regards toilets. I've been enjoying my own BMs as much as ever though, and I must have been heard a few times as my loud plops plumetted into various toilets!

NOEL, re. TP. I still use and like using the "old tracing paper" type of TP, and while I agree it's not absorbent, I like the way it perforates without tearing the wrong way, and that I don't get my fingers dirty.
I don't push the TP into my hole to wipe, nor wipe vigorously, but tend to dab. As my shits are SO much cleaner now, I sometimes hardly need any paper to clean up, but if I've had a dirty one, I put some TP into my crack as I hitch up my underpants and leave it there to absorb an stains that might occur. I've not had any skidmarks in my underpants for a long time now, although it was a regular occurence before.
What a great idea if we could buy CDs of people plopping, farting and grunting, but as long as we all knew something about the person we were listening to. I think a lot of us would be willing to be included on such recordings!

KIM & SCOTT, RE. Megacolon, You didn't mention discomfort with your BMs so I assume all your shits have been soft. I'd really be interested to know who has produced the whoppers I occasionally see left in public toilets and how it felt coming out. The ones I've seen are smooth, but a lumpy one would certainly make itself felt. You must feel great amazing the doctors with your massive output!

SERIAN, Thanks for further info. about Jude Law in the "Daily Telegraph" magazine pictured on the toilet. As I thought it had been in the one of the 17th February, not the 16th, I enquired at a newsagent for the wrong one, but was told any unsold copies are always returned to the wholesalers and presumably pulped down or destroyed.

JEFF A. My apologies for my lack of condolences, I must have missed the reference to your loss, so I wish you Peace and best wishes now.
I look forward to meeting you, and others on the other site if I find it!

ZIP, More great stories! How I envy you!

ANDRE, It sounds like nearly all your shits float! Anyway, when they do, it means there is a high fat content in the stool, and so it floats.
It's a healthy sign if you eat sufficient fat for it to come out in the turd as it means you're not storing it in your body tissue, but if fat can be utilised by the body and be burnt off by the muscles rather than using up carbohydrates, then that is probably healthier. This is a contoversial subject that I won't take sides on. Basically then, if it floats, it's fat the body rejects.

SCARLET, Re. men urinating. I have some underpants with a hole at the front, but most are without. Rather than trying to get my penis through a hole that isn't always there; I am in the habit of pulling down my underpants just enough for me to wee over the waistband.

d-WIZZ, That sounds great to have a 3 foot deep drain to plop into!You must hear some real loud KERPLUNKS! Perhaps you get some good splashes up your arse!! Get yourself a portable tape recorder and share the performances with others who might be interested in hearing it!

JASON, I really liked your description of the young guy working hard on the toilet trying to shit, and the look of relief on his face as it plopped in the toilet. You said he was pushing his hand against the partition as he tried to shit.
That is like why we grunt as we push. We feel it helps the process, and so to physically push against something seems to help.
When I've been working hard on trying to drop one, I've pushed against the toilet seat with my hands, but as there's hardly any of the seat to push against as I'm sitting on it, I might push against the bath at the side. I'd sit on my hands as they grabbed the seat while I sit there if it didn't stop my circulation, but the idea of a guy putting everything he's got into trying to do one and the relief as it plops out under him with a loud splash is something I'd love to see!

LAWN DOGS KID, I think the proportion you mention of 95% of the men on this forum prefering to watch women on the toilet, as opposed to only 5% interested in men on the toilet is probably too unbalanced an estimate! I'd think level pegging is more accurate a proportion!
Many guys here are interested in either sex using the toilet, and I think you yourself once really enjoyed seeing a male friend having a shit. Of course, it's much easier for a male to see or hear other guys using the toilet than seeing women, but of the men who have a clearly defined interest in other men shitting, of whom I am one, I think I will demand a recount!!
All the best to you, Kendal, and your extended family.

That's it for now, Good toileting to all! P. Plop Guy

I've not posted for a while as I've been really busy with work but it's nice to see the usual posters and many new contributors.

Punk Rock Girl: As a male it's difficult for me to comment in the standing/sitting to pee debate but I can say that I actually prefer to sit to pee rather than stand. Sitting avoids any danger of splash-back/dribble and, when really desperate, is far more relaxing. So I'm with you there. I think I can understand where those who say sitting/squating makes them feel inferior are coming from but I do some are analysing it a bit too much. Perhaps they have other insecurities and how they pee is just one way of rationalising them.

As for women having to wait longer in line to 'sit', come on people, this is an issue of how many toilets are provided, not the way people pee. I bet if you were to time women (or men for that matter) who sit and stand to pee the times would be very similar.

Anyway people should do what makes them feel comfortable as long as, in doing so, they don't inconvenience/harm others.

Alia: Cool story, keep posting them.


I got a real shock when I saw my sister has been writing a letter! I just could not believe it, I knew she was reading all the pages but I did not know she had written. Why did she not tell me? It was a nice letter, and Steve did like seeing the wee that she had left for him in the toilet. It was very sweet of her to do that.
Why did she not tell me ages ago that she fancied Steve's best friend? I could have got them together. I feel really bad about it now! Oh no.

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! Yeah my sister was right, she looked really gorgeous in her little white dress. She sat with me and Steve and she had ler legs crossed, I bet you would like her legs, they are just like mine. Well we do look like twins!
Well just before we went out on Friday night, my sister came with me to the bathroom. Well Steve came in as well and we watched him have his wee before we had ours. My sister blushes when she sees Steve's willy. When he had finished his wee he left so that she could have her wee. He is a gent and he knows when to go. She called him back for a special treat. Well my sister had taken her g string off and Steve was standing outside the bathroom just lookig in at my sister's bare bum as she stood over the toilet with her legs a bit bent. My sister was liking teasing him when she let rip with a nice wee. She hissed a bit but not as loud as I do it. SSSSSSSS and then she splooshed her stream in the water a bit. SSSSS a bit more hissing and then a lot of tinkling because she had pissed most of it. Steve got to look from the back. I bet you would have liked what you saw if you saw her Andrew. When she had finished dripping I wiped her puss for her, and she bent over to step into! her g string again. Steve said he got a good look at her when she was doing that! I bet my sister will go red if she reads my letter.
Well it was my turn then. I thought I would do a sit down one so Steve could watch that. I took my g string off and sat on the toilet. My legs were spread so he could see. I let rip and whoosh! SSSSS ..... SSSSS I did a bit twisty gusher that went a bit slower and then it went fast again. SSSSS I was hissing quite a lot and I got a bit of spray on my legs as well. My wee was a nice sparkly yellow. I did a bit of tinkling at the end of my wee, it was not really a very big one you know, I was just like getting empty before we started but it was not a bad gusher. Steve wiped me after and we flushed all the wee away.
Love Louise xxxxx

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Hehe I liked the story about you and Renee when you went hiking. Yeah, a 6 feet arc was real good. Hehe yeah I know how Renee felt when she was pissing because I sometimes get that way as well. You will have to come higher in the rank of the WSPC you two. I know what you mean about the dripping when you were doing it, it can be hard not to do that. I have even seen Steve drip a little bit while he is shooting a good stream but it hardly ever happens really, and I bet it is just his foreskin and how it is positioned that makes it happen.
It was a good story about you all peeing in the jar! I bet Steve will like reading about you, and Renee as well as Angie and Nu. I bet he would have liked holding the jar for you all. LOL
Love Louise xx

INA - Hi girl! I hope your mum does all right with the travelmate. I have tried it again with a pair of jeans and I thought I did all right really. I was standing in the bath when I did it and I am determined to get it right without putting tissues in under it as a pad. If I have to use it like that for real I will not have the tissues so I want to get it right without. I am finding it hard work getting the travelmate in just the right place because the jeans do not have a lot of room in. I did not get too much of a leak but I think it is hard work feeling when I have the thing in the right place. I think I have shocked my sister! LOL

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi! I have lived with Steve for years but lately we have had to get up out of bed Monday to Friday at different times from each other quite a lot. So I have missed him often when he has gone for a wee. He should wake me so I can see. I held Steve's willy this morning, I got the chance to do it for him. He let me pull his foreskin back a bit so I liked that as well. He has a very handsome willy, not just that it is big. Well I pointed his willy into the toilet and he let it go, and his stream got a bit slow and well he had to stop! LOL We went over to the shower so he could do it there. He finished his wee in the shower and it took him ages to finish it all but I liked watching. He had a quick shower while I had a standing wee over the toilet. He liked watching me do that, and well when we had finished, we had a bit of time left so we went back to bed for a bit.
Love Louise xx

ROSS - Women *do not* have to sit down to pee!

PV - Hi girl! I do not have a lot of time to write any more today but I wanted to write and tell you how my sister washed an alley wall with me standing up on Friday night. It was good, we both took our g strings off and gave them and our bags to Steve to look after. LOL it was great, we saw Steve got a bulge in his trousers. LOL and my sister blushed.
Earlier on that night I shared toilet stalls with my sister 3 times. LOL There was not a lot of room in them but it was fun and we wiped each other's pussies after weeing. We also swapped dresses and then back again later. It confused Steve! LOL I saw him looking and wondering if it was me in the black dress or not. My sister kissed him pretending to be really me but she gave herself away with her red face. giggle.



I've been reading this forum for some time and enjoy stories from people who find pooping interesting too. I've always been fascinated by the process, especially the female side - I've very much wanted to watch a woman poo, both voyeuristically and consensually - though I never have achieved this - and envy those couples who describe their joint experiences here.

I'm always amazed by the descriptions of turd sizes listed in the forum and thought most to be gross exaggerations. Then on a recent visit to the States, and having produced what can only be described as a monster, nearly three inches thick (how??) and over a foot long, I realised that the design of WC in the US, where a large water pool allows the turd to float undamaged, is the reason. European loos squeeze everything into the small pot at the bottom, and apart from filling it there's no way to say much about turd sizes. The exceptions are the French squatters (generally a biohazard) and Dutch "examination tables", which produce a stench of staggering ripeness. Why the Dutch, a race keen on spotless houses, tolerate these crappers defeats me. Apparently it's something to do with pork parasites in the 19th century, but hardly valid now. Still, it does give you a chance to minutely exam your rectal offering, which is always interesting and never the same. The pong does r! ather stay with you though, and permeates the whole house, despite endless sprays of freshener (of which there are shelves full in Dutch shops).

The other thing I notice from the US postings is a consistent problem with constipation. I soon found the same problem on my last trip to the US - trying to get any natural roughage into my meals was almost impossible. DOn't people eat vegetables there? Salad is nice and readily available, but is useless for fibre. At home I eat tons of vegetables, and all my bloatiness, hard, sticky turds and straining disappear as a result; visits to the WC are quick, almost odourless and stress free. Sit and dump, quick wipe and out; no endless TP to sort out the sticky residues from too much carbohydrate and protein (with the concomitant assault on my piles, too). Fast food like Macdonalds seems the worst offender.

Opportunities in a crowded Europe for dumping al fresco are limited but I have done it occasionally; there is a real back to nature feel about it that is very pleasant. Best in the summer, though, too many clothes to miss in the winter.

Robby and Annie
Hi dear friends!!
We have to keep this somewhat short because I have a play rehearsal and then a rehearsal for the Faure "Requiem". I sing this on Good Friday. Now on to the replies.

DEAR INA: You naughty girl,LOL! If we knew you were a bit tipsy.....! We think it is great that you bought your Mum a travelmate. We are also glad she understands and will let you teach her. Now, about the alto wee at the Staatsoper. I came around the corner and saw this fraulein standing there looking nervous. She then turned red, dropped her trousers and squatted. Her wee cascaded down the street. The other singers didn't give her one look. It was all so "laid back". I didn't stop to see her finish. I will have a story from the stage next time. By-the-way, if I had a son who told me he was gay I may be a bit angered at first but what it comes down to is that he is my son and I love him. I would accept his decision in life. If we drank before we wrote our posts they probably would never get on!! Take care, Lots of Lovexxx and a hug from Robby and Annie

DAMSEL: Welcome to the forum! If you are a carbon copy of your sister you must be beautful. We loved your story. A double wee with sis would be outstanding!! Please stay with us. We love Louise and Steve. Robby- if you wouldn't mind dating an older man (51), I would be very gallant. Also I appreciated your story just for us guys. That was a lovely wee. We must tell you that I(Robby) am half English and Annie is British through and through. I married an English girl so my daughters are also half. They are making plans for duel citizenship. My oldest, Sarah, is 25. Megs is 20. Annie's kids are all grown up and are living in England. We don't mind if you turn red. Megs does that all the time,LOL! Don't worry about approaching males. God knows my girls don't mind!! They are really a bit old fashioned, too! Lovexx from Robby and Annie

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Robby- My dear, I swooned when I read your wee for me. You didn't have to get on a nightgown either,LOL! I won't say more for fear of coveting,LOL! Annie- Steve, the steadiness of the wee is directly connected with the pulling back of the foreskin(did Damsel turn red?). Megs is not mature enough,LOL! Enjoyed your stories as usual! Will talk more next time! Lots of Lovexx from Annie and Robby

DEAR EPHERMAL: "HOW TO SUCCEED" is a wonderful musical!!! The description of the urinal scene was funny!! I bet you are having a ball! Break a leg!! Also we wish you a wonderful Passover, dear! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie

JANE(and Gary): Well, you can't seem to get out of the toidy without a caustic remark from someone. I would have weed in that managers mouth or in her dustbin!!!! She was a nasty bitch!! I can't stand people like that!!!! Sorry about the ranting,LOL! Love ya!! Annie and Robby

DEAR CARMALITA: HOLA!!!! Welcome back my sweet!! We are sorry you have been having computer troubles. Angie must have been beautiful taking that monster dump!! Also, your woods poo was exceptional!! You saved the best until last!! The stinkiest, nastiest dump we have ever read about!! WOW! Hope you didn't light a match,LOL!!!! We are so glad you are back, dear!! Take care and give our love to Jake, Angie, Pat, Renee, Nu and little Malita!!! Robby and Annie

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Your stories just slay us!! Annie finally had a poo while riding her bike. We also look forward to all of your adventures. Take care, Lovexx Robby and Annie

We must run!! A SPECIAL HUG FOR: Kendal, Andrew, Ellen-love and hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie! Eleanor- hope you are ok! Adele-hi there!, Rizzo-take care, dear friend!, PV-talk to ya later,love ya!, Jeff A- we love you, too!, LindaGS, Cousin, Elena, Tim and Sarah-hi dear friends!, Ellie and Little Lou-we miss you! Also welcome back to Happy Camper!




There have been some opinions on the most recent couple of pages on the subject of female urinals and standing to pee. I knew something contentious had been written by the way I could hear my fiancee thumping the keys on the keyboard on Friday.

To all those posters who have expressed their views, saying things like females 'have to' sit down to pee, I would invite responses to a question I want to put to them. The question is ...
On what fact is the belief that women must sit down to urinate based? What mental or anatomical reason is there for this supposed requirement that a female must be in a seated position before urination can take place?
Before we look at that, let us deal with the idea that women, by sitting to urinate, are generally put in a position of inferiority.
Where does this idea come from? The answer is that it is an outdated, outmoded way of thinking that is stuck in the early part of the last century. It does not, or should not, apply now.
I hope nobody takes this sentence out of context, but I think only an idealistic, unreasoning fool would believe absolutely that no human beings are superior to others in some way. What I say is true for many reasons, the number one in my book being the question of character. What sex a person is does not in itself make a person inferior to another. Men and women are different, of course that is true, and it is also true that it would be boring if we were all the same. Diversity rules, but this is not about inferiority or 'penis envy'. If you were to ask my fiancee, her sister, mother and her friends if they were feeling inferior and wanted to 'fix' themselves by urinating in a standing position whenever the mood takes them, then I confidently believe the answer would be a resounding 'NO!!!'. In fact I think they would resent that idea being put to them. They are having fun and that is what it is really about. It's good to have fun. Try it.

Now back to the question I posed...
Mental? Well, there are plenty of life skills that need to be acquired through teaching and practice. Driving a car, playing a musical instrument, and countless other things are skills a person is not born with, but must develop neurological pathways in the brain to make them all happen. There is not a good psychological reason why a girl must sit, other than a conditioned, inflexible gender programming. It should not be so inflexible!
Anatomical? Do women have a urethral valve that will only open if both thighs are raised to a 90 degree angle from the hip? Is it then physically impossible for women to vent urine in a proper stream if they stand? Well of course not. Of course not. There may, in some cases such as Ina's, that makes a women with certain anatomical variations to be less tidy, but in my experience most women can simply stand up with the feet apart and squirt a quite good stream onto the floor between them. I do not make a sweeping generalisation, yes indeed some women have problems with it, but most can perform quite happily when standing upright. Down the years, my own girlfriends have mostly demonstrated this to be true, and I've seen plenty of other women do it without any problems at all. I think I have seen enough to be able to say that with absolute conviction.
So then, the statement "women have to sit down to pee all the time" does not stand up (no pun intended).
The real answer to my question is the one Ina has already mentioned, and that it is just a social expectation (at least in western cultures) that a female will sit to urinate. It is only a tradition, not an absolute physical necessity!
As my fiancee and PV have demonstrated, women can use urinals intended for men in most cases, especially if a skirt is worn, so it is more a question of room layout and choices being available whether to use a traditional stall or a urinal afforded reasonable privacy, and that is the other side of the issue - the question of privacy, not stance or posture. For a female perspective, my fiancee agrees with me here. Comments, PV?

To say that the whole issue is "pointless and unimportant" is to look at it with a closed mind. To say that something is normally done one way does not mean that it is the only possible way to do it, that no other method can ever be thought of or used! This is to say that it can never be improved upon. I am not saying that having found an alternative method, that the new method must always be used in preference to the older established practice. It will always be a question of what is most appropriate. My fiancee thinks that way whenever she decides whether to stand, sit or hover when she urinates. It is entirely up to her!

This kind of thinking is probably not too far removed from that of the Victorians, and to speak more broadly, certainly for a good part of the 20th century in England and other western societies, when the population were in a state of almost total sexual ignorance. Very many couples got married and didn't have a clue about it.To them, sex was for making babies, not for pleasure and recreation at all. Such talk then was considered "pointless and unimportant", as female feelings and responses were deemed delusional and a myth. Incredibly there are still some family doctors today who cling to these notions, and make assertions that the female 'O' and Grafenberg spot do not exist. Oh yeah?
I've always thought it appalling that women in particular were kept in the dark for so long. They are still very often in the dark with regard to urination. That much is obvious.

Well, I am glad that generally we live in more enlightened times, and we need to constantly re-evaluate things. Don't simply dismiss ideas as being "pointless and unimportant" before you have actually tried them out for yourselves or at least given them proper consideration.
To Punk Rock Girl in particular, remember this is not about inferiority or penis envy, but choice.
Learn to think 'out of the box'. Punk rock bands certainly did!

To Scarlet,
If 80% of men do not use the hole in their underwear when they pee, I am one of the apparent 20% who do. I was wondering who carried out the survey.
To answer your other question, I don't undo buttons and belts at the waist, I just open the zipper and take my penis out.
I hope that answers your questions satisfactorily.

To Jeff A, Kim and Scott, Robby, Annie, Sarah S, Meghan and PV,
In a moment I am going to go and collapse into my chair with exhaustion, and I am still recovering from the shock of Louise's sister ('Damsel' - very sweet and very appropriate in fact) submitting a post. I found it quite thrilling, and very exasperating at the same time.

Damsel, if you read this, perhaps you remember all those other times I have told you what I have to say now. Sorry for being so blunt, but if it is written down, perhaps it will finally register in your brain. It feels quite strange talking to you through a medium like this, but anyway...
Indeed you are deterring men from coming to you by giving the impression of being a complete 'ice queen'. It's only those who love themselves first, last and always that will not be put off. Some of us guys need a little encouragement, you know. Smile a little if you like them - don't make them think they'll get frostbite if they come within 6 feet of you! Personally I always needed encouragement, and when I was single I always hated it if I was made to feel like I was a creep just for looking. When I first met Louise socially I thought I had missed my chance when she nervously looked away, but she looked back and gave me a smile that made my knees turn to jelly. You can do the same, because it's very hard not to like you.

Best Regards to all fellow posters. I will make an effort to make personal replies tomorrow.


I thought Id tell you about our (female) rugby team...and peeing. We often have to play away games and sometimes travel in a minibus, sometimes in a coach. If its the minibus then we have to either pee outside or find another way if the driver wont stop. Obviously everyone has to pee lots because we drink lots of fluids, alcohol and soft drinks. If the drivers do stop and everyone piles out, drops their pants, squats and pees, its no big deal to us. Often we are all lined up peeing in a layby. Its funnier when the drivers dont stop, we once had to utilise an empty pringles tube and people peed in that then passed it along and someone threw it out of the was hilarious...we all see each other naked in the showers so peeing in front of each other is no problem.

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