kim and scott
hello all!
TO CARMALITA-hello girl. enjoyed your post. I hope jake gets you guys a new computer so you will be on this forum more. be well my friend.
TO SCARLET-hi girl. this is scott(kims boyfriend speaking)when I pee at a restroom urinal I use the hole in my underwear but when I pee at home I undo my belt,pull down my pants ,etc. ok dear? thanks for the question.
TO DAMSEL-hello there, you sound like a lovely young lady. I guess if you look like louise how can you not?you and louise have another sister too dont you? does she look like you guys too? just curious.I hope you find that boyfriend soon. but dont rush into anything. all GOOD things come to those who wait! plus you should have dedicated your hot story to scott too. he loves to hear/see about lovely ladies like you peeing and dumping!be well.
TO RJOGGER-hello dear. scott and I really enjoyed your story about the girl michelle who did big! were you lucky to see her do her thing and lucky to date her later!!I guess michelle wasnt the shy type huh? after watching you dump she did it right in front of you!did she ever find out that you spied on her that time with her brother? just curious.hope you and kathy are well. what a great couple you both are.!
TO LOUISE-Hello girl. scott just loves your peeing and dumping stories.I tell you scott in his dreams would love to see you enter a bathroom wearing a thong bikini. lower your pants to the floor and take a mighty dump then add a great amount of pee to it. this would turn him on to no end girl. scott and I can see why steve wants to marry you because your a lovely girl inside and out!hope you dont take offense with all scotts fantasizing! be well dear!
TO SARAH and MEGHAN S-hi girls, thanks for saying scott and I can hang out with you guys. hey that would be a lot of fun huh getting together on spring break and then going to the beach. we could throw the frisbee around,play beach volleyball-where the girls play against the hunky guys and win!!haha. and then if you like scott can take the camcorder and film some lovely ladies having their huge logs in the beachhouse(with only their permission of course. scotts a gentleman) sounds kinda like fun huh? be well ya! take care all. love,kimmie and scott

Robby from Brisbane,
This is either my second or third time I have posted. I just thought I,d share with you my secrets. You see, I have had an OBSESSION for as long as I can remember about women pooping. From an early age, probably before puberty, I would be forever trying to hear or smell or see the aftermath of an attractive lady defacating. This I believe started as a curiosity at an early age, and continued to grow stronger and stronger as I got older. Now at 27 y.o. I think about it almost constantly every day. It brings me great pleaser to see attractive young ladys where ever I am and realise and imagine that at some stage recently thay had to defacate. The thing that turns me on about this is that occasionally they probably have to strain and grunt to expell their waste like all of us do occasionally. It has become apparent to me through reading things such as this website that women generally experience constipation more frequently than men. (If anyone can coment on the accuracy of! that, please do so.) I have got endless stories of situations that have fed my obsession. I will submit them in future. Thanks again to the creator of this website and those that contribute, especially the ladys that tell us of their pooping experiences. I read through this website every day religiously!
Kind regards, Robby.

Sarah and Tim
RICHARD/USA: Hi, itís Sarah. Nice to hear from you! We did pretty much understand that it is not a make or break issue for you. Tim also pointed out that before we openly spoke about the topic, he was in no way unsatisfied with our sexual life. For us itís also a family issue as well to discuss openess, as we still have young children. I was brought up to feel rather uneasy about my body and itís functions. My husband comes from a very different background. I do not want my kids to feel embarrassed about their needs and I always thought that it was a good solution to leave that topic to him and so I could keep myself a bit in the background there. When he told me about posting here and I read what he had written, I realised that he felt pretty much left alone there. He did not want to discuss the topic with me as he was afraid I might me disgusted or embarrassed, as he did not understand, that me being uneasy about my own elimination, does not necessarily mean being disguste! d by others. I just have two kids out of their nappies and did never mind changing them or whiping their bums, as I love them. The same way I did not mind a bit to help Tim when he became sick and needed assistance in certain situations. My husbands sickness was not the reason for the topic being openly discussed now; the reason is that being able to talk should always be No1 priority in our relationship; it was a starting point though. You canít deal with colon cancer without talking about elimination, so it was suddenly every day news. So as the topic was already on the table, it was probably easier to discuss other sides of it as well. Things like, "I would like to see you going to the bathroom, it makes me feel close to you and admitably turns me on" or " I like talking about it, do you mind?". We posted some long letters here about our first thoughts in the middle of January. They might maybe interest you. We wrote them mainly to Rizzo, whom Tim had been talking to a ! lot as he is in a similar situation like you, happily married but also hestating about sharing his interests.
About the sexual interest: I think it could be far There are things I could not do, even if our marriage depended on it. I could not deal with bondage or anything to do with humiliation. One of my first questions was, if Tim was into things like urinating into a womanís face...luckily he was complitely shocked and repulsed himself as he also finds that humiliating. I guess if both are into it, itís fine but I donít know if I could take it if my partner was into that, even without living it out. The thing that explained it pretty much to me is, when Tim stated that he probably never outgrew the interests of childhood. When I watch our kids, I understand where he is coming from. They love watching each other and others on the toilet and like the topic. Itís all very innocent and playful and thatís the way I was able to open up about the topic. I probably would feel uneasy if he would say things like: "I want to watch you piss". I can deal better with it when he! tells me he needs to wee when we are on a walk and I can then suggest to go with him behind a bush and he can also watch me. Do you understand where I am coming from? I think itís important to me and maybe to your wife, that after expressing the interest, I then am in charge of the pace. Itís very important to me to get the feeling from my husband, that I could draw back at any time. Itís part of our intimacy, which means we both have to be in the mood for it. You stated about being very open and peeing directly in front of your wife on the path when you are hiking. No offense, I just want to help you understand, but I would consider that as rather rude. Maybe your wife is uneasy about it as well. I find it much easier when my husband is more like: "Sorry honey, I really need to find a spot for a wee," hoping I might want to join but not demanding it. I am trying to express that your wife would probably like me, need time to adapt to the idea. I hope you see what I mean. F! rom what you have writtn you seem to be a very loving husband, so I think you do. Richard, dear, I said donít tell us your wifeís preferences, LOL, she would be so uneasy if she would know.Itís just a thought but maybe her thoughts about teenage boys show that she likes the innocense. Anyway I just wanted to know if you are talking about fantasies or preferences and you seem to do, which is great. It sounds as if you got a great relationship. We are happy to hear that. If I may say that, without wanting to offend anybody, I would be hurt if Tim would have a special cyber friend he is flirting with. I know he likes talking with the girls here as well and likes reading the stories, but itís something I know about and I am involved in. I just wanted to say, better leave that unsaid in case you want to talk to your wife. . As I sa id before, maybe try to carefully explain why this is so special for you. I personally do st ill not get a huge kick out of seeing people peeing. W! hat turns me on though is knowing how much my husband likes it. I know I get other things from him in return that are more attractive to me. And as long as itís nothing I feel really uneasy about, why shouldnít I give it a try, if it means so much to him. Thatís what a partnership is about in a way, as long as itís clear itís free will and no pressure. Itís great if you enjoy the same thing anyway. But it can also be nice to do something for your partner, you wouldnít usually, cause it makes him or her happy. When I met Tim he wasnít a great opera lover (you have to forgive him, Robby, it isnít his upbringing...). He went with me though, cause I like it. I will always remeber when we went the first time and I asked him afterwards if he liked it. He said it was wonderful. I asked him what he liked best, he said "the joy on your face" . I was at first disappointed cause I sensed that the opera had rather bored him. But then I realised that this is true love, to enjoy the ple! asure of the other one. Like I donít want to play all the time, he does not always want to go with my interests either. But when we do, we get our pleasures out of the other ones joy. As said, we are happy to talk, in case you would like to. Hopefully, I answered a bit your questions and did not get too close with any of my thoughts. We wish you all the best and may your marriage continue to be long and happy either way. Best wishes Sarah and Tim
P.S.: Whatís an "[IMHO] attribute"?

Lots of Love to all our friends here, ROBBIE, ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN, LOUISE, STEVE, PV, INA, EPHERMAL, RIZZO and everybody I apologise about forgeting now. I am sorry I ran out of time for some more words.We had a pretty busy week with some upsets. A friend had given Josie a kitten, she fell in love with. We first allowed her to keep it, but then Loewie had a very severe asthma fit and it turned out he is allergic. He had to stay in hospital for 24 hours of observation. He is fine again, no worries. He could not do his buisness though as he was scared of the big toilet and the bedpans in hospital. Tim stepped in when they wanted to give him an enema. He sat on the toilet with Loewie between his legs and in his arms and read stories to him until he had pooped. We left the door open and I cuddled with Josie on the bed. After the work was done Loewie got kisses from the whole family, lol. We are all so glad he is fine again. The cat had to move out again though and you ca! n imagine the amount of tears that flew... We will see if Tim finds time to post before we go. We are taking a short trip down south over easter, so we might not post for a few days. I like to wish everybody a Happy Easter or another holiday you are celebrating. Stay well Sarah (and Tim)

First, on the question of men peeing, I always use a cubicle and sit down to pee anyway. Also, at least here in the UK, many men now wear flyless briefs, similar in design and appearance to women's panties, (I do), so as there is no hole in the front and they have elasticated leg openings, it is essential to undo the waistband of the trousers and pull down the front of the briefs if peeing at a urinal. WHY BOTHER WITH ALL THAT FUSS? That's one of the reasons why I use a cubicle even if only needing to pee, bolt the door, (unlike the USA its virtually unknown for British toilets not a have doors on the stalls), take down my trousers and briefs, sit on the pan and pee. If I also find that I need a poo as well then I dont have the risk of an accident in my underpants as kur-ploonk! out comes the jobbie safely into the pan.

Now as long term readers will know I dont often comment of MEN doing a motion as I vastly prefer it when it is a woman I am listening to and even better if I see her solid motion afterwards as has often been the case since I was a kid. I do however have to tell you about the wonderful listening, sighting and indirect buddy dumping experience I had last week.

I was at a customer's factory in Glasgow upgrading his hardware when I spotted a very fat man of about 25 years old I would estimate. He was called Danny and would have been about 6 feet tall and about 25 stone fat with a big belly. I saw him in the works canteen at lunch time tucking into a large meal of Steak and Kidney Pudding, mashed potatoes, carrots, then a dessert of Jam Sponge and Custard. It was easy to see why he was so fat. I watched him waddle up to the counter, his great fat bum (butt) amply filling and stretching his huge grey trousers through which it was possible to see the "visible panty line" of his very outsize briefs and as he tucked his shirt into them the white waistband was visible so I could tell he was wearing white cotton briefs. I couldnt help imagine to myself, "I bet he does some really huge jobbies?" and as I often do when seeing a ???? woman's bum I visualsed a big fat brown turd coming out between the fat buttocks.

Danny waddled over to some other guys and as I passed to park my tray in the wash up area I heard him reply to these blokes, "Ive just got to go for a good dump then Ill see you chaps in the Conference Room" One of the others joked, "Im glad I dont have to go in there after you Danny, knowing the logs you drop" . This was enough for me! I waited outside the canteen in the lobby pretending to look at the notice board outside the door of the Gents Toilet (Restroom). Sure enough Danny came along and went through the door. I followed in time to see him go into the cubicle, (stall) at the very end of the row of 5. Luckily there was no one in the 4th cubicle next to his so I went in and bolted the door. I heard him pull down the zipper on his trousers then the rustle as first his trousers then his briefs were pulled down and a creaking sound as the seat took his great weight. He started to pee a powerful torrent like a hose and emitted a series of loud farts. His pee grew weak! er after a minute or so then tinkled to a stop. I waited next door with baited breath. "UH! NN! NN! UH! OH!" I head him start to strain and I imagined the start of fat brown knobbly turd beginning to poke out of his dilated sphincter. Unaware of his appreciative audience Danny continued, "NN! NN! UH! NN! UH! " I could hear a crackling sound as no doubt the big jobbie grew in size as he slowly evicted it from his back passage. By the sounds of things it was sure a big one. "NN! NN! AH! AH! AH! ..........AHHHHHH!" There was no sound, a sure indication that a really long and fat turd had been passed. I heard another long fart, a deep sigh of relief then he did another pee, something that often happens with men when they need a big hard poo as the turd in the rectum presses on the prostate gland, causing an erection and preventing the man from peeing until the turd is passed. By this time the smell of a good firm motion was wafting over the partition. Unaware or uncaring that he! was being so carefully listened to I heard Danny, who had by this time wiped his bum, get up off the toilet pan and say, "Oh that's better, I sure needed that!". I heard briefs and trousers being pulled up and his zipper being pulled then he pulled the flush. He didnt stay to observe whether his turd had flushed away but I heard the bolt being thrown, the door opened, and his heavy footsteps as he left the cubicle and went to wash his hands before leaving the toilet.

As soon as he was clear I slipped out of my cubicle into his, bolted the door and lifted the lid on the toilet pan. It was as well that nobody else was in the toilet as I gasped "WOW! WHAT A WHOPPER!" Now I have seen a lot of turds in my time, my own of course, those done by various women relatives and friends in our toilet at home, in unflushed school and public toilets, and done by male and female friends and of course my wife, but this jobbie took the prize. I estimate that it was 3 inches across (diameter) and about 2 feet long! No wonder it had made no sound. Most of it was sticking up out of the water its pointed tip almost reaching to the level of the wooden seat while the other end, all lumpy and knobbly, disappeared round the exit of the pan. It was a dark brown colour, well formed and compacted. I wondered what it must have felt like doing one that long and fat although I pass some really big panbusters myself but not that size. I pulled the flush to see what w! ould happen. It slid down about 4 inches then stuck.

By this time, as often happens in such circumstances I also needed a motion. I have noticed this effect from the time I was a kid, listening to someone else doing a good solid motion or seeing one that someone else had done often led me to need one myself. I undid my own trousers and pale blue briefs and sat on the pan. With difficulty (as you can imagine), I peed, then I felt my own motion come down. Now it was a big one by normal standards, a big 12 inch long and 2.5 inch fat jobbie fimr but easy and it made very little sound as it slipped into the water. When I stood up off the pan I saw it in the bottom, dwarfed by Danny's huge brown whopper the jobbie of jobbies! After I had wiped my bum and pulled up my briefs and trousers I pulled the flush but both jobbies stayed stuck in the pan. I left them for the attention of others.

After I had done my work I went into the toilet and to that cubicle. Now not only were Danny and my jobbies still there and they had started to give a brown stain to the water but another smaller jobbie of about 7 inches long and 1.5 inches thick lay on top of them a third bloke had performed an indirect buddy dump on top of them. BTW in my way of looking at things an indirect buddy dump is when you do a poo on top of someone elses, even if you know who did it. A Direct Buddy Dump occurs when you accompany the person to the toilet, watch them doing their motion, then pass your own on top of it while they in turn watch you, a practice I indulge in with my wife and I know many others who post here do with partners, siblings, friends etc.

Has anyone else had a similar experience of a work colleague or similar doing a really huge solid poo in an adjoining cubicle or stall?

I would like to know what are some good foods to eat that help you have harder and more formed turds... if anyone knows this please please Email me



Monday, March 25, 2002

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last posted. I was on a site visit for the past two weeks. It was one of my worst trips to a client's site ever. I had to deal with a manager who was very nasty to myself and Carol, who worked with me on this project. In fact, both of our cars were vandalized during our stay, and we're certain the manager had a hand in it, though we don't have enough evidence. Of course, we have severed our ties with this firm.

Some very quick replies:

Jeff A.: Hi honey! Welcome back! I missed you dearly! Please don't be such a stranger. I'd love to see your artwork.

Meghan, Sarah S., Ephermal: My favorite students. I hope your spring break was fun. You guys always bring back great memories for me during my days as a college student.

Quick hellos to Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid (and Ellen), Buzzy, Althea, RJogger & Kathy, Rizzo, Robby & Annie (Gary says Hi, too), Kim & Scott, Carmalita and the gang (where are you guys), and everyone else.

Back to the site visit, luckily it was very quiet poopwise for me. There was one time I did have to push a massive wave of soft poop. It was the only such wave I did for the entire visit, but unfortunately the bitchy manager happened to be in the ladies room. As I flushed the toilet while seated, I overheard her grumble, "Man, can that bitch shit." I wished I could have shot some poop up her nose at that point.

Sorry I have to make this quick. I hope to post some more later.

Punk Rock Girl!!! You ROCK!!

I agree with what you said about female urinals. Good point. Couldn't have said it better. Offended? No way.

But if females want to pee standing, I don't have a problem with it.

PUNK ROCK GIRL--I totally agree with you. I was taught to pee sitting down, and I never thought anything about it, and I certainly never felt inferior for it. I have been curious about what it would be like to have a penis or pee standing up, but only out of curiosity, not envy. I guess some females might feel inferior for sitting, but I think its sad that anybody should feel inferior because of how they pee. Everybody has to pee sometimes, and no matter how you go, you still do, making everyone equal in that aspect.

RONNIE, TRAVELING GUY, INQUISITOR, UPSTATE DAVE and ADRIAN--Thanks for answering my questions. The more I think about men's bathroom habits, the more questions I have! lol Soap really can cause burning? I never even thought about that. So I guess you guys don't always have it as easy as some females seem to think. As for a possible STD, I thought the burning while peeing sounded bad...
I had heard that guys often get morning erections because of a full bladder, so yeah, I guess finally getting to pee when you REALLY need to would be a good thing. And I can see why it would be hard to get started and hard to aim. I feel for the guys that say they CAN'T pee with an erection. That must be really uncomfortable at times.

Not much going on to tell you about, but as for TV shows with bathroom scenes, i was watching King of the Hill the other night, and Bobby was listening to a CD of bathroom sounds, like farting and toilet flushing and Hank heard him and told him that bathroom sounds are not funny and that he shouldn't listen to that garbage. lol Hank asked where Bobby even got such a CD, and Bobby told him he bought it at the mall. lol Hank is so another recent episode, the town made a law that everybody had to have low-flow toilets to save water. Everybody was needing 4 or 5 flushes to get everything flushed, and Peggy took either 7 or 9 at one time. So Hank joined the city council to change the law back to the old toilets. When it was his turn to talk to the coucil, he had to say 'fixture' instead of 'toilet', because he was too embarrassed to say toilet. lol Poor

~Scarlet~ Sorry, I hit the submit button too soon.

JIM--Where are you? I miss your great stories about your pooping accidents! They were great! Write more!

TO ALL GUYS--Another question/survey...When you pee, do you usually use the hole in your underwear, or just pull the waistband down under your penis? I read somewhere that 80% of men don't use the hole, and I was just wondering if it was true. Also, do you undo your belt and button/snap on your pants, or just go through the zipper? Thanks to all who reply.


Natalie C.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: You're right: Why stand when you can sit?

Tonight, I had dinner at a small Indian restaurant with a couple of friends. While we were waiting on the check to come, I decided to go pee. The bathrooms, two single occupancy toilets, are right by the front door. When I got there, I found the girls' room locked. So I stood and waited...and waited...and waited. I could see our waiter bringing the check to our table as I stood there. Finally, after several minutes, the door opened and a girl, probably in her late twenties, came out. She was tall and rail-thin dressed in a little gray button-up shirt and tight blue jeans. Her hair was (dyed) auburn, about shoulder length, and curly; and she had very pointy, but attractive, facial features.She smiled at me as she walked by, and I noticed that she had left the fan running in the toilet. I took her place in the small room and could immediately smell the faint but unmistakable odor of poop. I turned off the fan (I hate all the noise they make, and didn't care if I could smel! l her dump) and sat down to pee. The seat was very warm and I wondered how long she had been sitting there before I showed up. Sometimes sitting on someone else's warm seat is really nice...

Happy Camper
I have been in and out of this forum for almost five years, but I haven't posted in over a year, but yet I still read the posts when I have time. Almost a year ago, we moved from Southern Calif to Arizona. We bought a new home in the Phoenix area with desert views. I just love the new home, but the only drawback is the potty room. Almost all new homes put the toilet (at least the one in the master BR) in its own private room. I just hate that, cause my thing is that I enjoy company when I am doing my business and I love to keep others (females) company when they do their business. It is difficult to do this when the toilet is in a small private room. My wife is very open with her peeing, but not her pooping. I have now accepted the fact that she likes privacy when she poops.

Hello to all the old posters - too many to mention all the names except for "Jeff A" who I love to read about. He reminds me so much of myself. Keep the posting up Jeff. Also I don't know about the other forum you mentioned but I wish I could find it so maybe we could email some day. So sorry about the loss of your daughter. I also miss "pooping girl". She disappeared a couple of years ago without a trace. Anyone know where she is hanging out?

Uncle Allen
i saw that part of my last post was cut off. There must have been a problem with my computer or something. So, I'll finish my story in case anyone is interested. I was wondering what you all think and if anyone has ever experienced anything like this. I was at Barnes and Noble book store and i got a case of diarrhea so I had to go to the men's room. I took the first of two stalls. A few minutes later an older guy with a walker entered the second and last stall. he was not on the toilet more than 2 os 3 minutes when an older lady opened the men's room door and called out,"Frank! hurry up come on let's go now!" The man just responded Ok hang on I'm trying really I'm trying. She just shouted again to hurry and shut the door. After she left he muttered to himself and huffed and puffed a little. A minute later the men's room door opens and someone walked in. This person did not use a urinal and was just waiting near the stalls. I could not see who it was but I assume! d they must be waiting for an open stall. I felt bad and wanted to hurry up but I was getting on and off waves of diarrhea and cramps in the bottom of my stomach. I let out a few waves and figured the person waiting would understand once they heard what I was dealing with. In another min. or two, Frank the other guy flushed and got up. When he opened the stall door the ladt says (from inside the men's room) come on already Frank, hurry up get moving. Then she walks out and leaves him to shuffle out of the bathroom with his walker. It was the lady who was in the men's room the whole time. She heard me poopin liquidy waves. I was embaressed and angry and I also felt bad for the other guy in the bathroom. I do not understand why she gave him such a hard time. He obviously had to poop and decided it was necessary to go before leaving the store. Then after rushing him and standing in the men's room she does not even help him or say do you feel ok or anything like that.! Is that ridiculous or what? Should I have said something to her? Would anyone else have felt embaressed like me?

Amen, Punk Rock Girl, Amen.

Noel your right why stop after the action has started. I find it best though to dump out the better part og the load in the toilet. One it is hard to get turds to go down the drain and two I'm afraid the shit will stick to the plastic pipes and smell. Lettin the flow go in your briefs ais a good feeling also sometimes I will leave my breifs on and sit on the toilet and let go into them and then wear the wet briefs around for a while under my clothes.

cute upstate NY guy
I have often asked myself why i get turned on at the sight of a beatiful women pooping. It all started about 8 years ago i was 21. My girlfriend and i were invited to go out for dinner and drinks with an old female friend and her new husband. Me and this girl had never been anything more then friends and remain that way today. After a big italian dinner we all proceeded to a local tavern for several drinks.we chatted for hours aboutold times yada yada yada. I was very shocked to see how beatiful my old frined had turned out. We are talking nice face, very hot body, the whole nine yards. Anyway after a few to many drinks we all stumbled aout of this bar. My old friend was very far gone and deciced to squat down between two parked cars in th eparking lot to go pee. Both me and her new husband acted as a human sheild so no one would see her going. But ot booth of our surprise she began to poop, her husband was truly embarassed. he had no idea how turned on i became.I glanced be! hind me and as she squatted she let out the biggest thickest longest poop. I could never picture such a lovley women making such a huge hard dump as she had. she stood up to leave a big hot steaming pile. WOW! was this possible? she pulled up her pants without wiping and we all jumped in the car and drove home. we dropped her off and the night was over. I don't know if she knows that i saw her dumping. If she did she would never admitt to it i'm sure. I have never brought it up. The next day i drove by the same tavern all the cars were gone, and there it still sat, her beatiful pile. Since this day i have found it totally exciting to fantasize about lovley women as they poop. This is a totally true story and i hope to have many more to share just like it. If you enjoyed please email me, i would love to hear from you.

I rented Rat Race...there was a part where Jon Lovitz is driving his car with his wife and 2 kids(1 is a girl the other is a boy). The girl says all the sudden....Dad...i have to go...hes like we just stopped. Then Jon told his son to look for a bottle so she could pee in cause he didn't want to stop cause they are in a race trying to win 2 million dollars...then the mother says she would need a funnle to pee. Then the girl says she doesn't have to pee...she has to do a #2 next thing you see, is her butt out the window pooping away..this was funny...the whole movie was too

To the unnamed poster: about Devon Sawa having to poop...who are you? no name

To any one that posted a message to me a few days ago...i and i haven't replied...please last post didn't show up...i know why, it was because of the topic me and Ring stretcher started:..he just think about it ring s.

i was in a chat room the other day...and i was daring some guys to poop on a live cam

i dont know about u guys but i pee anywhere i think its cool and sexy and i also do it in groups including with males. some of the best places i have piddled have been:
up a wall
in a plastic bag
in a jar
in a bottle
on the floor
in someones mouth
in a coke can
in an ashtray
out a 6th story window
out a (moving) car window
in a sink
in a water fountain
and also in a tank

i get teased 4 calling urine piddle what do all u guys call it and why
pee is ok but ive always been told 2 say piddle
once i had to pee soooooooo bad my best friend drank it cos i was pissing her off and there was no where to put it so i just piddled in her mouth!cool or what?

write back PLEASE
love always alia

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