Hola mis amigos!

We’re having so many troubles with our computer or modem or something. Sorry I haven’t talked to anybody for awhile. Jake's working on getting us a new one.

Last night Angie came over. She saved her shit for me. It was close to 7:00 when she got the urge that wouldn’t wait. I’ve described Angie before and she is wow! Long, blonde hair, natural, no black roots. Real sexy figure with a great ass and healthy boobs. I can’t give her last name, but she’s Norwegian. She was wearing white capri pants with matching sandals, and and a black V neck sweater, loose knit and I could see the white of her bra underneath. We both went into the bathroom and I watched as she pulled her pants down to her knees. She rolled her sweater up a bit, showing off a nice brown-blonde pussy and its tattoo, and a nice little navel ring. Her dump was massive, yet only consisted of three turds. The first crackle came shortly after her pee. It was slow and noisy with puffs of air escaping from her tender asshole. She grunted and bore down hard, I guess some hot gas pushed it along.
“Oh, that was big one,” she said as she grunted more. Two more plops came out as she slowly recovered. Her shit smelled like broccoli cooking. Angie looked like heaven sitting there with white, creamy thighs, panties rolled around them and white pants bunched up at her knees. She folded her arms across her ???? which pushed her round boobs out a little more. A few minutes passed, and then she grunted more and began letting out a series of farts. Nice, slow zipper farts that echoed in the bowl. After the farts, she bore down even harder, grunted and strained, pushed and squirmed, but no more poop came out.
“I guess I’m done, baby,” she said, pulling off tp. It was so cool, because one of her turds was so big it was folded several times and looked like the shape of intestines. What a long daddy! That must’ve been the one that hurt so bad coming out with all the gas.

Yesterday, me and Renee went for a short two mile hike up into the mountains and we both had to go real bad. We stepped into some bushes off the trail and I lowered my pants to my knees. I arched about 6" back, spread my lips lifting with my middle fingers and sprayed a huge stream onto some ferns. Renee said my stream had to be about 6 feet! And thick? Damn! I was peeing like a ruptured fire hose. It went on for the longest time too. It was really cool to see all the steam rising up from my hot piss. I remember that it felt so good coming out. When it was the strongest, I leaned back a bit further. However, some of the spray split in two at one point, and a tiny stream of drips went straight down into my panties. Yuck. Renee did a similar pee, squirting for about a minute straight! It must’ve felt good becuase she looked like she was having the big O. I could see her standing, her back to me and her round ass flexing with each tilt. She also squatted down and took a fa! t dump with lots of poo-poo stacked up like logs. It was really a huge pile and stunk really, really bad. We had nothing to wipe with so I gave her a couple of my mini-pads. Renee wiped her golden ass with them as good as she could, then buried the pads in the dirt. I think it was one the best pisses I’ve ever had, it felt so good.

Patsy took a killer shit the other day. Man, it was nasty! She always knows when it will be bad. It was a bet last weekend. We were all sitting around getting a little crazy, me, Renee, Pat, Nu, and Angie. We decided to have a “piss-off”. Renee fetched a sun tea jar and we took turns hovering over it. Everyone, especially Nu, took a nice,healthy piss in it. I mention Nu because she had to go so bad that when she lowered her panties it shot out like a hose and squirted me all over my chest! Quickly, she reached down, aimed herself, but got a lot of it on the kitchen floor. She had to go so bad the poor thing. We all laughed though, I thought it was hilarious. Angie peed next, filling the bottom with kind of an orange colored pee. My stream was so hard it almost knocked the jar over. I pissed like crazy that day! Renee had the drip-drips. She’d pee then stop. Pee again, stop. Anyway, Patsy spreads her legs, aims at the mouth of the jar and lets loose a huge stream that nea! rly filled a quarter of the jar! Quite by accident, but she couldn’t stop herself, three really long and fat turds fell out of her and splatted on the kitchen floor. That was her killer shit! Poor Patsy, her beautiful black face was trying to turn ten shades of red! I cleaned up her turds for her.

Now, as for me, I let out some severe latina steam and turds the other day. It was at work and I’d pulled my skirt up to my waist, stretched panties and hose down then rested my brown ass on the toilet. I had my own gas giving me hell and I’d let out a fart that was awful. The first turd was rock hard, fat, lumpy and painful to push out. I could feel it coming out of my ass, inch by inch, with me grunting, letting out steam. It ached, and stretched my little latina hole to the limits! K-PLOOOOOP! It splashed my butt. I grunted, bore down, felt my face contort and pushed again--”Oaannnhhh! Plop-plop! Two more fatties. I leaned forward, rested, then started in again. Another turd, softer, smellier. Before I wiped, I stood up to survey the damage. My Goodness! This load would never flush! I was SOOOO embarrassed!!! The big turd surely couldn’t have come out of me. I wiped my aching, burning ass dropping the wads of goo into the water. It stunk bad too. Luck was with me beca! use I was able to get out of there undetected. later in the day, the “turd controversy” was the talk of the 6th floor! Housekeeping refused to deal with it, and a company plumber got called in. Fortunately for me, I was not a prime suspect in the “turd pool” that was going around.

Anyway, that’s it for me! Special hello’s to mis amigos, Sarah S. and Meghan (I love you two gals!), Robbie and Annie (Love you guys too) and My special Ina, hi sweetie! Hello’s to Austin, Handsome Rich the jogging man from NY-hey dude, and his beautiful Kathy. John VT: where’ve you been hon?! Jeff A: thanks for the wonderful compliment concerning the pic of the girl with the potty chair, good to hear from you again.
Jamie Sun devil: How are you hon? long time since we talked. Hellos to PV, Louise and Steve, Jane and everybody else!

Hate to leave but I have to go and take a really big shit. My farts are saying to me “Carmalita, go visit the potty!”


Messy Wiper
Hey Coprologist!

I'm with you, man. I couldn't possibly wipe my butt with less than 10 squares. I normally pull off at least four handfuls of paper to wipe, and each time I pull at least 7 or 8 sheets, so I probably use 30 sheets at a minimum. And many times I need more than four handfuls. I can't believe anyone can wipe effectively with less than 10 squares. In my opinion, one of the following must be true when a person uses that little paper:

1) either the person isn't really getting totally clean and probably gets skidmarks

2) the person's poop must be really hard or be of a consistency where it doesn't stick to the skin

I'd like to hear more from other people about how many sheets you use to wipe. And to those who use less than 10 squares -- are you sure you're getting really clean? My definition of clean is that on my last wipe, there are no brown spots on the paper. If you are getting clean, is there something in your diet that causes your poop to be so easy to clean up?

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
First, of all, hello, once-again, to Kathy (R Jogger's wife). How have you been, maam? I sure enjoyed hearing about the last dump that you took in front of your lucky-hubby! I just wish that I could have the same luck w/ my fitness-model g/f, Denise! Second, I am find myself getting really turned on, when I think of big-time women, such as Carly Fiorina, the CEO of HP (Hewlett Packard Co.), taking a major smelly/noisy dump. Just the thought that someone like her needs to think about, smell, and see their own-poop, @ least a couple of times a week (I hope!), really does it for Pico. That is in addition to Shakira, the half-Lebanese half-Colombian pop-star that is doing so well in the US, right now, w/ her single "Whenever, Wherever". Until-later,


hey sorry I haven't been around in a while been making some trips to south carolina to get my crap anyway i think female urinals would be great although it dosen't sound that sanitary.

Punk Rock Girl: it's just a urinal no big deal lol

well said PRG

Long time Lurker Here!!

Always Love the Pic at the top of the Screen! To the Moderator: where do you find the pictures of all the lovely young women?

As for my bodily functions, nothing exciting has transpired in the past couple of weeks. Last night, though, for some reason I kept having to pee really badly!! When I did get to pee, it was a very light yellow, almost clear. Probably from all the water I was drinking - I had about 2 to 3 glasses of water at every meal.

PUNK ROCK GIRL -- You have, by far, the best posts and insights into the world of bodily functions!! By the way, do you watch "That 80's Show" on TV? There is a Punk Rock Girl as one of the characters, and I was wondering if you look anything like her? (There is a huge lack of PRGs where I live, so haven't seen too many)


punk rock girl i agree with you it is a pointless issue

Hi girls and boys,

Let me just say, in case I came over a bit funny in my last post, it was written at four o’clock in the morning after a glass or two of wine...LOL. (By the way it’s after one now, so
Guess what my mum is getting for easter? Tehe...Who said travelmate? Yep!!! We just spoke on the phone and she is coming over. She is in her later sixties and we somehow came to the topic and she said she is having difficulties going to the bathroom in public toilets, when she does not want to sit down, cause her knees are getting stiffer. So I asked her if she would like to be able to pee standing like a man. She replied: "Sure..." So I said I’ll show you when you come over...She wanted to know how and I explained it to her. So she was a bit like I’ll see, but you show me when I come...I don’t know if I should feel embarrassed now about telling her, but if she has got a problem, I want to help her and besides I think she is a free enough spirit. I’ll let you know, how it goes. So we are doing it vice versa, daughter teaching mom. I remebered reading on the site where you order the device, one woman, who also had problems with her knees, praising it highly, so I thought ! it might be helpful. Fells a bit strange though, having told her, but then again, why is it such a big deal? I hope you are all fine. Love to all of you

JEFF A.: Hey, thank you. I am puzzled, but thanks. You know, it’s off topic, but I by chance read a story you posted on the other forum about the guy who helped you after the motorcycle accident. I assume it was you. I was very touched by that story. I envy you a bit cause you met people on another forum, you can exchange private mails with. Sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable to have to say everything you want to say to individual people "on the market place". I hope you are doing ok. I also hope you pay us a visit now and then. I would be very interested in your drawings. I tried to find something, but no sucsess. Take good care

PUNK ROCK GIRL: For somebody with that name, you have pretty conventional views, no offense. It’s difficult to understand, cause we are brought up with these norms, but what you assume is a natural behaviour is socially based. You don’t need a dick to pee standing, and if you read carefully, there have always been cultures where woman stood to urinate as a norm. But you can do whatever you like. I personally rather pee against a tree than sprinkle on my shoes, but nobody is forcing you. I had a (male) professor when I was hearingcultural and gender studies. He quoted the same line you did: "Men and woman are different "- His wonderful comment was: "Duh!!! But that does not mean women have to clean the toilet..." If you think it’s like using crutches to use an artificial aid, you should not use a knife and fork, cause you have your fingers. Using tools is the essence of civilisation, which distincts us from primitve mammals! Besides, having to wait in line for ages in bu! sy places while men can just go and relieve themselves does not make you feel like having inequal chances? Good for you. Apart from our own inconvenience (bad enough for me), it’s an environmental issue: Urinal use far less water that toilets and it would be a great, great advantage for preserving water resources, if urinals where comon in the ladies. There is serious research about this "unimportant stuff". Just a few thoughts, but generally I am too tired of the discussion at the moment. Everybody as they like. Oh, and about getting a hobby and discussing unimportant stuff...I guess you realise that posting regulary on a site about your toilet experiences, would provoke many peolpe to tell you to get a life anyway...

A quick thought on ANIMALS BEING EMBARRASSED ABOUT POOPING: We had two cats. One of them was already older, the other one still a ‘baby’. The little one was always running after the older one, when that one went into the litter box. The little one wanted to watch. The other one one made a fuzz and chased it out. I thought that’s interesting. The most funny thing, I have ever seen on that topic was on a home video programme. It was shot from the backseat of a car obviously in a safari park. On top of the car’s front squatted a wild cat. I think it was a lepard or something. It had it’s bum directed towards the wind screen and was taking a fat dump onto the hood. It was hilarious as everybody in the car could just sit there and watch. I am convinced that that animal did not just by chance defecate where it was, but made a statement about having to live in a safari park...Lol.

Stay well, everybody...

ah well-glad we could clear this thing up.

How about carbonated drinks? through my first-hand experience it really helps my shites out. does this happen to anyone else? why might this happen?

by 'filling up the crapper' i meant helps to get faeces out. heh-sorry bout that statement...

Jeff A: Thanks for notifying me of my non-abnormality. wouldn't it be cool if there were all these toilet seats next to each other and facing each other for men and women? that's like my fantasy. how bout you guys?

TO OUTHOUSE SCOTT: Hey dude, thanks for the reply. I was kinda amazed about how similar our interests are. I also don't care to see shit or piss, but it's great for me seeing dudes or chicks on the toilet and I also get an adrenaline rush from being seen on the crapper. I attend a college in the Midwest and share an old house near campus with 5 other college dudes. We have one bathroom. The guys are kinda open about using the bathroom. In the morning before classes, there is a real demand for the bathroom. I often go in to take a shit while another guy is in the shower and another is shaving at the sink. The guys are cool about it and we often kid around. I guess I'm also an exhibitionist cause I am usually buck naked while crapping before I take my shower. Sometimes, another dude is taking a shit when I go into the bathroom and I just wait around until he gets done. I also often take a shit at the library restrooms. In one restroom, they have removed the stall d! oors and it's kinda cool to take a crap there while guys are in and out during the breaks between classes. Do you prefer dumping in front of buddies or in front of strangers?

a cople days ago me and my friend where walking home from youth and i say i need to pee and hes like me to so when we got in a big feild i said heyyy wanna to try to piss wile we r walking hes like ok i ended up peeing all over my pant leg and i diddent know i sueezed my willy so when i put it back in my pants i started to pee agen my friend laughed at me cause i had this big wet spot on my pants o well it was pitch black out
o ya i fergot to tell u im 13 year old mail from canada

Nice picture today, os a little blond cutie on the pottie. Some hellos:
Buzzy – Good to hear from you! Watching Kathy take a dump is an experience, as she passes rather large poops for a little lady. You’re right, we should get together for a “Community Dump” (outdoors, of course!), get a whole bunch of us and really pile it in the woodlands. When the warmer weather arrives, we will be looking for some “outdoor” toilet adventures. We have our first 10K race, on April 7th, and that might present an opportunity. Don’t forget, Noreen, Larry and Noreen’s doctor friend, Mary are all going to that race with Kathy and me. Stay tuned, neighbor, we will keep you well informed. Keep the good stories coming, please.
Kim and Scott – Hi kids, thanks for saying hello, and believe me, Kim, you deserve the flattery. You and Scott sound like a nice young couple that really enjoy life. Just FYI, Kathy and I, when we were younger, tried the sitting on the lap thing; it was quite interesting. Anyway, nice to chat, we look forward to your next “logging” adventure.
Adrian – We are glad to be back, and we are glad that you enjoyed the last post.
Jeff A – Jeff, 50 is a breeze, it was easier than 30 for me. As for letting up, when you have the mindset of a 22 year old, there is no way to let up (LOL). Sometimes it drives Kathy crazy, but it’s fun! As for that beautiful Mohawk that I married some 36 years ago, she is well, and pooping huge, long logs lately. She says hello also; we’re glad to see you in such great spirits.
Hello s also go to Carmalita and Jake, Renee and Patsy, Nu and Angie, Jane, Diane NY, Annie and Robbie, Sarah and Megan, Rizzo and Muggs.

I am going to dip into my “sordid” past and write about several “incidents” that happened with a girl that I liked.

I had friend in the neighborhood named Rick. Like me, he was blond, blue eyed and his last name began with the same letter as mine did. We had become friends shortly after he and his family moved into our neighborhood in the mid fifties. We hung around together and always seemed to be at his house or mine. Rick had a sister, who was about a year younger than he was. Michelle was this really cute girl, with light orange hair and light freckles. She was something of a tomboy, but she liked the guys. As Rick and I started approaching our teens, I noticed that Michelle was developing into a very pretty girl, and I think that she liked me. The three of us had been taking swimming and diving lessons for several years, and Michelle looked good in a bathing suit, especially her cute butt. I was dying to see what it liked like, but that was out of the question.
Late spring of 1961, I was hanging around Rick’s house one Saturday. His parents had gone out to buy stuff, as they were renovating their house. Part of the remodeling included extensive work on the upstairs, including the large bathroom there. After his parents went out, Rick, Michelle and I had lunch, then Rick and I went up into the attic to mess around with his model trains, or so I thought. Unknown to me, Rick had rigged a setup that allowed us to spy on the bathroom, right behind and over the toilet. We went over to this set up, and I asked who he expected to see. “I caught my mom here this morning. You should have seen that”! Rick’s mom was a pretty redhead, very athletically built, and I could just imagine what she looked like sitting on the pot. “Michelle always craps a ton after lunch, almost daily. Let’s see if she comes in here”, he continued. We didn’t have to wait long. Ten or so minutes later, Michelle entered the can, with a book. From our perch, we watch! ed her walk over to the toilet, lift the lid, lower her shorts and panties and sit on the bowl. I got a pretty good look at her cute ass, as her drawers came down and she sat. She was leaning forward, pants at her knees, legs together, with her book in front of her. AS soon as she sat, Michelle started peeing really hard, and it made lots of splashing noises as it entered the water. After about a minute or so, she stopped, then let out 2 soft grunts. Then she shifted a little, kind of schrunched up a little and about ten seconds later, let out an audible Unnnggghhhh. That was accompanied by a Plooop, as poop hit the water. For the next 2 or so minutes, Michelle contented herself by reading and grunting softly. Then, she shifted, and let out four consecutive louder grunts, each followed by a soft plop. She settled back, read her book for about 4 more minutes, then started to shift again. I noticed Rick grinning at me, and looking at my fly. Yeah, I had been quite aroused for! some time, and he took delight in pointing it out and faking laughter. By this time Michelle was grunting every few seconds, about 7 grunts or so in a row, with soft plops following each grunt. Then, she put her book on the floor, straightened up and pulled off some toilet paper. As she reached around back to wipe herself, she lifted up off the seat just enough to give us a glimpse of her soiled ass crack. My eyes were popping out of my head as she wiped several times, giving me a good view of her pink skinned anus after the last wipe. After wiping once in front, Michelle stood, giving us another great ass shot, then she pulled up her pants. We then noticed a large light brown turd with about a dozen smaller ones around and on top of it. Rick wasn’t kidding when he said that his little sister crapped a ton. As she flushed and went to wash up, I could barely stand, because of the bulge in my jeans. Rick grinned from ear to ear, than as we went further into the attic and star! ted his trains up, he laughed out loud.

Early that summer, I started going with Michelle, and continued to do so until her family moved to Florida the following July. Early one August afternoon, after lunch, we were getting ready to go swimming. We were at my house, and I excused my self to go down to the basement bathroom. Michelle just grinned at me, said “I know what your going to do”, and followed me downstairs and sat in the den. I went into the lavatory to shit. I was almost done with a very satisfying crap, when I heard a knock on the door. “It’s open”, I said as I started wiping my ass. Michelle popped in, gasped in mock surprise, then smiled and said “Let me see it”. “OK, just let me clean up”. I was trying to wipe and not expose my front too much, bit Michelle’s eyes and grin were all over me. I stood up to raise my drawers, and she turned around, but the looked over her shoulder to get a glimpse. I just shook my head and smiled. With that, she was looking in the toilet. “Oh my gosh, you do really bi! g ones”!, she exclaimed. “Yeah, it just runs in the family”, I said as I washed up and she flushed the bowl. “I want to see if I can do a bigger one”, she said, and with that, she started lowering her shorts and bathing suit bottom. I didn’t bother to turn around, and I got a glimpse of the light orange pubic hair in her vaginal area, as she pushed her pants to her knees, pressed her legs together, and sat. I got a big grin, then Michelle looked at me, contorted her face, and I could here the slightest crackle for about 10 seconds. That was followed by a soft Ennnngghhh, and a strong pee stream. “That felt like a big one. Enggghh. I have to do some more”. Did she ever. After another 5 or so minutes of grunting out poop, Michelle wiped 5 times in back, then once in front, and stood up to raise her pants. We both looked in the bowl, and her load was quite large, but not as large as the one I just did. “Darn, almost, but next time I’ll out do you”. We laughed, flushed the head,! and washed up, and left for the pool.

Over the next year or so, Michelle and I watched each other poop quite often, including a few outdoor dumps. Some other time I may detail some of those outdoor adventures.

So long for now, everyone. Take care and enjoy.

Hello to everybody. I've been reading some of the pages here on this forum a few times in the last three weeks or so, and I don't think I could be surprised by anything else ever again now I know this place exists.
My older sister Louise posts items here very often as you all know. I've gone red when I have seen the posts when she wrote about mum teaching us to wee-wee standing straight up. When I was just 5 and saw Louise being like mum, standing and slashing in front, I thought having a wee-wee when standing was all grown up and adult so I imitated them. Those were the days.
Well, I am grown up now and I wish I was getting married like Louise. Yes she is right, it is true we do look like twins. We have the same face, the same blonde hair long so it reaches half way down my back just like hers and at times we can wear each other's clothes as we have the same sort of athletic, leggy and busty figure. Her legs are an inch longer than mine are so she is one inch taller.
I wish I had someone to love like Louise has. Steve will be a fantastic husband for her. I just know he will be and I am happy for her. I wish I had her luck, getting a gorgeous guy like him. He is a good friend to me too. I wished I could have met and gone out with Steve's best pal, he is another lovely hunk like Steve but I have no hope now. He is already seeing a nice girl and I can't just try to steal him - it wouldn't be right to try. I can't find and meet the kind of man I want, I just get the wrong type that I do not want for a boyfriend. They think if I have a drink with them that I will automatically jump into bed with them. I hope everybody will not think I am a prude but I am not like that, I want some romance. When I get romance and I really like the man then I will give him physical love. My sister thinks I do not get the type of guy I want because they are too nervous of approaching me, like I am going to flick them away or something. I am quite old-fashion! ed, I think, but perhaps I have to change that and start approaching guys by myself and not wait for them.
BTW I am bridesmaid for the wedding.
Andrew, I have read a lot of the posts you have written with your younger sister Kendal and yes I think you seem to be a gentleman. There are a few nice sounding men who post things here but there are wives and partners in their lives. They all get snapped up don't they? Well if you are nearly 17 and you would not mind going out with a very unattached tall, leggy blonde damsel who is nearly 25 then it would make me very happy. I am fascinated by these wees on knees athletic tricks that you do with Kendal. How do you not get each other wet with pee? It could take practice I guess. Louise said in her post that we could go swimming. Yeah, I think that would be good don't you? I've been swimming with Louise and Steve plenty of times, and I have shocked myself by going in the gents loo for a wee-wee with them. I've pulled the crotch of my swimsuit (sometimes I like to wear a bikini) to the side when we stand at the steel wall and have a wee-wee together. Steve is very well pu! t together but I would not compare you to him, I promise. You will have some filling out to do won't you because at 17 you are still growing. Girls are still growing as well, my bust did not reach a D cup size until I was about 18 or 19. I always stand next to my sister or mum when she is there too because I get mesmerised by Steve's wee-weeing. If we went I hope you could give me a little bit of space so that I could start my own wee-wee.

I have really enjoyed reading the stories from Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meghan, Kim and Scott, Tim and Sarah, Micky, Andrew, Ephermal, Austin, Carmalita and many other nice people.

For the four American gentlemen Jeff A, Rizzo, Robby and Richard, I'm going to write a story specially for you. I am going out with Louise and Steve tonight and I am already wearing what I will wear then even though it is still the afternoon. I am sitting here in a short, white minidress that I think shows off my cleavage and my long legs. I have a small white G-string on as well, I know you guys want all the details. I've been sitting here needing to go for a wee-wee. I'm really needing to go now, so I hope you will excuse me.
I have come back. In the bathroom I pulled my G-string down and took it off. I hiked my dress up. It is so short anyway that I think in some postures I could wee-wee from under it without hiking it. I put a mirror in front like my sister does so she can watch herself. I crouched over the crapper and after I checked I could see between my legs in it I looked down. I am like my sister, I like watching myself when I have a wee-wee. I started a big hissing wee-wee, a nice golden yellow jet. I know what Louise means when she says her jet is 'twisty'. Mine does that as well. So some of you like the hissing noises? Yes, I do those as well and I think it's great learning what things I knew I do but never thought about are really interesting to the opposite sex. Yes, my wee-wee went on a long time and I believe a lot of guys get excited watching a girl in the act. The second half of my wee-wee was a gentle little jet that tinkled and tinkled and tinkled in the water there. The ye! llow water had lots of wee bubbles in it. My wee-weeing was steady and then after I finished with a few drips I ripped off some paper and wiped. I believe that is another thing that you guys will get excited about. I put my G-string back on, and I have left a little note for Steve that I have not flushed the toilet. He might like to see my pee, I guess.

PV, I will ask what Louise did to help you but it must be a special thing about going to the loo. I have noticed how she keeps you until last in all of her posts so it must be a special relationship between the two of you.
Also I share Louise's love of lingerie, thongs and G-strings. The tinier the better. Ha ha!

I wish I went to Spain with them last summer. I just was too much a coward about stripping off and wee-weeing where people might see me. I think Louise is very courageous for going back to modelling and even doing a men's magazine shoot!

I am using Louise's computer now because I don't have one at home and don't often get to use one anywhere else. This could be the only time I post anything on, because I might not get another chance. I hope I have written something about going to the loo that other posters find interesting, and I am very sorry if I complained too much about not having a boyfriend to cuddle.



Sarah S and Meghan
We are back home for the weekend. We've been busy! An interesting experience happened to us this week. Meg has been sick and her dumps have been a bit runny. Meghan- I was on my way to class and my ???? started hurting. I was near the law school so I ran into the building and bolted to the ladies toidy. I found a stall, ripped off my jeans and panties, and sat down. I noticed another girl was in the next stall grunting quietly. I pushed down and wet fart(trump) exploded from my bowels. My thought my intestines had given way. Poo rushed out and I moaned;"Oh my g-d"! I heard two plops hit(Cullompted) the water in the next stall. I started moaning again and the girl in the next stall said;"Meggy, is that you?" I died on the spot. As another wave of poo excited my butt I responded;"Sari"? Well, it was Sari in the next stall taking a long dump. I relaxed. The fact that my sister was there made me feel better. Sari pushed out another long piece and I pushed out another wave. We p! eed and wiped. I came out looking pale. Sari told me to go home. I went by my class and told the professor and got the next assignment. I was in bed when Sari came home. She was so sweet. She fixed some chicken noodle soup and helped me in the toidy for the rest of the evening. It was a sheer coincidence that we both were in the ladies toilet at the same time. It will never happen again.

INA: Hi sweetheart! Yes, there was a lot of flesh being shown during our stay in South Padre. As you have read, I flashed the crowd after I weed into the gulf. It was very wild. We like rock festivals and concerts, too. We have seen our share of weeing men and women. We have read about the love parade and other festivals in Berlin. We know you will find someone to share your life whether it be male or female. You are such a loving person. From our point of view, if we had a brother who was gay it wouldn't matter to us because we would love him just as much. We will let Dad answer on his own. We suspect he feels the same way. A stay in Berlin and the woods sounds really neat. I will still have to take the state lawyer licensing exam so we'll see. We don't know what you mean by appropriate but we care so much for you as well. Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxx and many hugs from Sarah S and Meghan

COUSINS KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi there! Sari- So wonderful to hear from you!! Well ANDREW, you enjoyed my coming out of the ocean, huh? I know you would have enjoyed it live, teehee! We would love to spend some time in the Lake District. It is soooooooo beautiful. Also we could line up with Kendal, Emily, and their other friends for a buddy wee. My goodness, you grossed out poo Kendal! Did she escape to the loo? KENDAL: We have been to the Lake District many times. Dad, Mum, Alan, and Annie played golf so they always had fun. We would have had a wee festival if we would have had the chance, hehehe! We know this sounds stupid but we sometimes think about you at 4pm GMT(10am CST,U.S.) when you have your tea time poo! It is too early for us to have a virtual poo with Andrew. ELLEN: We see you have several nicknames. You certainly told off Andrew for calling you Melons. Ells Bells sounds so cute. We love you all! We are looking forward to new loo adventures! Lots! of Lovexxxxxx and big hugs!! Cousins Sarah and Meghan

EPHERMAL: Hi dear! Thank you for understanding. We didn't want to offend you. We are thrilled you are doing a musical. That is so neat. Dad is preparing one and also he is singing the Faure Requiem next Friday. We are playing in orchestra. You are 20, huh! Meg is 20 and I am 25. You sound like your poos are pretty regular now. Megs is getting better. I am still occasionally constipated. If you read our story at the top you will see the contrast. Matzah, affliction, and constipation. Well, we haven't heard of that! That is funny, though. We are sorry you had problems with your asthma. We are sure you had some toilet stories from that visit. We are glad you could get up and get to the toilet. We know we won't be back before Passover. We are going to a Seder at the Hillel student center at school. We wish you Chag Sameach for Passover. Lots of Lovexx from Sarah and Meghan

JEFF A: Hi there! We think you are precious, too! We hope your health is doing better. We will keep the stories coming as long as we can. Glad your wees and poos are ok! Lovexx from Sarah S and Meghan

TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends! You are not opening old wounds by talking about Mum and Alan. We think about them everyday. We appreciate your concern. How is Josie? Is Hannah giving instruction? Meghan- Sarah, you are such a wonderful person to try to open yourself to loo bonding with Hannah or Tim. We had to take a slow road to this point. I thought it was perverted the first time I knew Dad was on this site. We had many talks and I came to realize that all of the posters are caring, giving people! We are looking forward to the travelmates. We hope they come soon. Tim, we are sorry to hear about your father. We do understand. We are trying to eat better so we will poo more regularly. Well, at least Sari! I have had the runs for a few days. I am better. Annie is a great nurse. Take care, Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah S

KIMMIE AND SCOTT: Hi friends! Oh yea! Kimmie can hang out with us anytime!. So can you, Scott. Wow! The combination of Kim's monster logs and Sarah's large pieces would ruin the best toidys in town!! Enjoy you, both! Love, Meghan and Sarah S

LOUISE AND STEVE: Louise, soon you will get to see Steve wee every morning!! We envy you! We read Dad's description of your virtual wee. Wow! His face was still glowing today,LOL! Please give us a wee-by-wee account when you wee in the bath! Meg- Steve, Annie is right. I would be shaking your willy so hard that the aim would be anywhere but the bowl,LOL! We think you both are great! Lovexxxx from Meghan and Sarah

PV: There is a new poster Robby from Brisbane. Dad didn't hitch a flight to Aus! Give us a report on the 13 wees and a few poos! Go for it!! Love Ya! Sari and Megs

ELEANOR: Just a note to say hi and hope you stay with us!

A SPECIAL HUG TO: Rizzo- hurry back!, Jane and Gary-HI!, Adele- hope you write soon, Rjogger and Kathy-loved the story. Glad you both are ok!, Carmalita and family-We MISS you!!, LindaGS- Hope you are recovered from S. Padre!, Cousin, Elena, Amy(co-ed), Adrian, Erin, Todd and Diana-come back!, Mere and MANDY, David and Niki, Aaron, Robby from Brisbane-love the name and welcome!, Ellie and Little Lou-we miss you!!

For our Jewish posters: HAPPY PASSOVER



Ronnie, your problem of missing the hole when you pee is very common among men. That is PRECISELY the reason I always sit down when I pee when I am using a regular toilet (as opposed to a urinal). It is so much more comfortable than standing, and I can direct my pee into the bowl where it belongs. It's also convenient in case I might have to poop at the same time. (Even if I don't poop, I still tend to wipe my butt when I'm finished peeing just in case there's some left over poop residue from earlier.) Another advantage is you can pee at night in the dark without having to turn any lights on. It also makes things a lot easier if you have a bit of an erection when you pee. But the biggest advantage is you avoid peeing on the seat or the rim or the floor. Our toilet at home has a rug at the base and when you miss the bowl and pee on the rug, it's really awful to get out.

Sitting down to pee is just so much more comfortable and less stressful, I've always wondered why more men don't do it. Is there some kind of macho thing that makes men have to pee standing up? My feelilng is that since women have to sit doen to pee, why shouldn't we do it that way as well.

Can't write very much this time - I'm very tired - but I just wanted to respond to Noel's post.

I am very particular with language, both written and spoken. James 3. Thank you for your helpful comments and history. Since God created us, it's not surprising He mentions all bodily functions in His Word, including those of excretion.

Unless the moderator edited it out, I'm sure the first paragraph of Part I of my post stated that I live in Brisbane, Australia, and that I am 27 years old.

About the big shit at church in 1998... This was when I was attending Browns Plains, and I had to arrive early for music practise. When I woke up that morning, I knew I had to take a shit, but I decided to leave it until I came back home after church. Well, it wouldn't wait, and I had to let it out before the service started, as it was getting uncomfortable.

The church meets in a school, so the toilets are not in the same building we are in. I go in and sit down... relax... nothing spectacular happens, but I feel the shit moving down... and then it comes out... and keeps coming... and keeps coming. Man - it didn't seem like there was that much up there, and the splash was fantastic too. Probably lost 2% of my body weight with that one! (I weigh about 52kg).

Good to hear you've printed out my story. Almost as soon as I found this site (about a month ago), I copied pages 800 - 838 into a HUGE Word document, and I update it every time I visit. I don't think I'd print it out though - it's over 500 A4 pages long!

Anyway, that's all this time.. catch up with you all again latyer.

Hi everyone! On the TP issue, I do something quite different to most. In fact I could even be unique in this! I was brought up on that horrible "tracing paper" type TP. In fact my mother had this in her home until she died only 3-years ago. In more recent years she had provided tissue type TP for visitors after we in the family started taking our own TP when visiting her. That awful tracing paper type TP was so hard that it only served to spread the shit around!! I used to get told off about the state of my underwear as a boy. The I experimented with ripping off about 4-sheets and screwing them up into a firm sausage shape. I then poked this right up to my anus, perhaps just slightly penetrating, and literally 'hooked out' the shit remaining there. I then wiped in the normal way, but there was little shit remaining - possibly requiring two or three normal wipes at the most. I still clean myself this way today - although the initial screwed up sausage of tissue TP, being more! flexible, does require the support of the first two fingers (next to the thumb) of my right hand to support it near the end used to hook the shit away. As a result I use a comparatively small amount of TP after. You will probably have to experiment quite a bit if you want to try my way. It is so rare for me to ever get a skid mark in my underwear. I love white underwear, and skiddies would certainly show in white. If you wonder if I only ever wear white underwear, the answer is that 50% of my underwear is white. The rest is either black or various shades of grey, blue, green and red. I do like some variety. But if skid marks are not normal in my white underpants, they will not be in other colours (where they would be less visible) either. I'd be interested to hear if anyone does experiment with my TP method and how you got on with it.

As a guy whose loved shitting myself on purpose since I was 8-years old, I read with interest how you tried it and said it was nice to feel it spreading across your cheeks. I am sorry that what started out alright turned to disaster as the smell nearly made you sick and that it took you ages to clean up after. Can I ask, are you male or female? How old are you? Obviously, I can only speak from a male viewpoint, but to try experimenting with shitting yourself on purpose you should ideally be in the bathroom and wearing only briefs, with the toilet to tip it into after and a shower or bath all to hand. If you had been fully dressed at the time and wearing boxers, then you could have got into such a mess that would have indeed taken ages to clean up. With over 30-years experience, I have developed various different situations where I have even been able to shit myself - even out of doors, fully dressed in places where I would not be noticed. But for minimal fuss, I like do ! it in a pair of my briefs in the bathroom (such as when shaving as mentioned in my most recent post), and then I clean up when I take my shower after my shaving is done. Though I love loaded underwear, I am at all other times very particular about personal hygiene. If you have read what I have just written about TP above, you've read that I don't usually even have skidmarks in my underwear. On the smell issue - well shit smells vary. Sometimes mine can be pungent but most of the time it is of quite a nice aroma (if you can ever call the smell of shit nice). It all depends on what we,ve eaten in the last few days. Seems as if you chose a bad day! Having said this, I would never encourage anyone to shit themselves on purpose against their will. If you don't like it, then please don't do it. I just hope that you'll not feel bad towards those of us who do, and find a pleasure that is quite harmless and causes no harm to anyone else.

That is really cool! To squat over the sewerage outlet from your bathroom outside and the drop your shit with a great SPLASH after it's dropped 3 feet. Wow! I love that. I can imagine your piss making a lovely splashing sound down in there too. I feel quite envious, as the sewerage outlet from my bathroom is only accessible at a manhole cover in open view. Even at night street lights penetrate the spot! I like your idea that when you buy your own house, you'd have it wired up in digital sterio to capture all the sounds. That sounds great. I'd love to be able to buy a CD of "real shit" plopping and splashing, etc.

Must go for now. BYE

A Boy
A Girl
The toilets in McDonalds in Oxford where I live are far from clean. The bogs are always blocked up with brown water, and used smack needles are found on the floor.
If any of my kids used the Mcdonalds toilets with their shoes off I wouldn't hesitate to get them check for HIV.
My female friends say the Ladies toilets are just as bad. I'm just glad I've never had to use them.

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO LAWN DOGS KID-hello sweetie. thanks for writing me. my last toilet story of the girl coming to visit me was my cousin judy not my friend. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.I hope you and kendal and the rest of your relatives are well. bye now.
TO JEFF A-hello dear. thanks for the nice reply back to me. please stay on this site! louise and steve,myself and scott,rjogger and kathy,adrian and many others here missed you more than you know. be well my friend.
TO ANDRE-hello there. my boyfriend scott loves to watch me have my huge logs!!and many times I will REALLY let rip a great long fart for him before hand and tell him that I have to have a humongous torpedo!HE LOVES THIS!!once I was in the movie theatre and really let rip a great long fart in my stretch blue jeans. then I whisphered in scotts ear that I had to take a huge shit.I whisphered loud enough for two cute guys in back to hear me. they were really turned on about hearing me fart and talking about having to have a huge bowel movement,not to mention my man scott too!Plus scott is a pretty shy guy he doesnt fart in front of me much but sometimes he surprises me and turns me on when he lets one rip in his blue jeans and talks about having to have a huge log!I love the reverse done on me too but I am usually the one who does it to him!!haha.. about a year ago scott and I went to a movie together and sitting right smack in front of us where two gorgeous high school gir! l pals. one had long blonde hair and the other had long brown hair. they where giggling like crazy and acting silly and all and then all of a sudden the girl with the long brown hair really let rip a fantastic fart,knowing full well we could hear her! this hottie loved doing it and showed no embarrassment at all on her part.these girls where used to getting plenty of attention and it did not matter if they farted in front of others it seemed. if they where pretty, guys would most likely be excited then repulsed and I think they succeeded in doing that. at least with my man scott. I know this turned my boyfriend on. and it did me too actually!haha.scott LOVES when pretty gals fart in front of him on purpose and/or when they talk about yanking their tight blue jeans down and squeezing out a huge shit!!this stuff is right up scotts alley. scott also loves the teasing of fellow poster LOUISE,myself and a few other ladies we know who do this and continue to do this in front of s! cott because he loves this sort of thing!!!good question andre. I hope I answered it to your satisfaction. be well.take care all,kimmie and scott wish you all the very best!

JEFF A - Hi guy!!!
I have had a bit of trouble with my last letter to you. I have to write it again because I think I got a bit too spicy with it you know? We are both glad you are all right as well. You know we got a bit worried?
Steve speaking.
Yes, you have been conspicuous by your absence since Christmas, Jeff. I was becoming concerned about you, thinking you could have had another coronary setback. Obviously your time has been fully occupied, and I know that feeling only too well. It always seems to happen that every time my attention is diverted elsewhere, Louise delights in behaving badly on the forum. It's great, isn't it?
My Spanish ex-girlfriend? I'm not certain there is a great deal more about her that I could post anything about. She liked urinating in the shower, and the most prominent thing that springs to mind when I think about her is that she liked 'recreational' urination. I'm sure there must be something that I could talk about though. I'll have a think, and I'll get back to you.
Louise is doing very well with her training, by the way. She has a real aptitude for it, and as she is naturally a very tactile person, she seems to learn quickly. Very graceful and has good timing.
Thanks for your best wishes for the wedding.
This is Louise again.
I have a story for you from three days ago. I had trouble getting it on the forum so here I have had to rewrite it.
Well I got up out of bed. In the bathroom, and shut the door and I looked at the toilet, the bath and the shower thinking where should I have my wee. How about a standing wee into the bath? I said "Would you like to see that? All right then". With my right fingers I opened my pussy lips and lifted up as well so I could shoot it forward. I started pushing a bit to get it started but I had to be careful because I did not want to have an accidental shit! Well I dribbled just a bit there but WEEEEEEE! What an arc whizzing across and hitting the other side of the bath. Well if you were there with me I bet you would have liked what you saw! Well it slowed down a bit soon. It did not last a long time really but I think I just pissed it all out real quick and now there was a big yellow puddle on the bottom of my bath. giggle I thought about washing that away in a minute with some water. I then went and hovered over the toilet now because I wanted to have a shit as well. I was no! t really dying for a shit but I can felt like I did need just a bit. I pushed just a bit now. Well a little lump popped out and dropped in the toilet, and another and another and another. Then I felt like I had a bigger lump waiting to come out. Well I pushed again now, and I felt my bumhole opening up a lot more. Yeah I was stretched open a lot. I forgot to put my mirrors down. I could feel the turd slipping out of me a bit you know so I pushed a bit more and I felt it plop out and it splashed into the water. That felt a lot better. Oh look that last turd was about 6 inches long and knobbly looking.
Oh yeah I am getting a bit excited about my wedding to Steve. You know I still have a lot to do and you know I really must do all these things and not write as many letters here. I hope you will not mind if I cut down a bit.
You know I feel like I have done my good deed for the day if I have said something here that helps a girl with her standing peeing. I bet PV thinks that as well.
I will have to keep writing to you about when I go to the toilet because I know how you like it..
Love Louise xxxxx

MICKEY - Hi guy! Well I think it is very nice that you have written a letter to me again.
Yeah your wife must really have needed a good piss if she went for a full 2 minutes. I bet my Steve would have liked hearing that. I bet you would like hearing me as well really I can get a bit loud. Steve does like hearing that. Hehe there was an evening when his best friend came around to do some training with Steve and I know they did not mean to hear but I was in the bathroom pissing away, and Steve said that I was washing the bowl. I heard them giggling about it, the naughty boys!
LOL You know I know how your wife would have felt when she was seen by those boys. I mean she will have thought about how there was nothing else for them to see really. giggle Well I hope she did not mind, I mean my park story was a real giggle for me. I bet the young boy has thought about it a lot.
Love Louise xx

INA - Hi girl! I do not have a lot of time for a long letter today. Our school does not do coloured belts but I know there is a lot of that going on in a lot of schools. I have my Aikido 4th kyu test coming up so because I am not near being a black belt I do not wear a hakama yet. Steve does because he is 3rd degree black like his best friend is too.
Steve has weed in a bottle when we were measuring how much we did. He has this 1 litre bottle with a wide neck so he could pop his dick in it and just let it go. He did not even have to pull his foreskin back a little bit because it did not matter if he sprayed it a bit did it?
Hey I have not done any more practice using the travelmate through my trousers. I have some that I will need to wash soon I bet so I will d it then.
Love Louise xx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Yeah we like talking to you too. Thank you for saying such nice things about me, I bet you are very pretty too. Hey can you ask Scott if he is liking my stories? I have been writing a lot about what I do when I get out of bed and go to the toilet. I have been thinking that they are the most fun pees of the day for a bit. I have been a bit quiet with doing things the rest of the day.
Love Louise xx

ROBBY - Hi guy! A lot of the time I do not wear much in bed but just for you I got a skimpy nighty on and went to the bathroom this morning. Steve was with me as well. I climbed into the bath and I lifted my nighty up as you said. I spread my legs a bit and just bent my knees a little bit as well. It was a nice morning wee as I let rip with a big yellow gusher. Oh yeah it was a torrent. Steve is with me nodding in agreement at that. Then I needed wiping. giggle
Steve speaking.
Robby, you should have seen it. That is all I have to say!
Annie, I hope I haven't embarrassed Megs too much. I'm sure there can't be anything too complicated about drawing a foreskin back a fraction, though if her hand shakes I can see why it would be a problem! Ha! Louise's sister is sitting with us and is blushing, so I think I had better hand the post back to Louise.
Louise here again.
Yeah, my sister has a red face and she is covering it. LOL She has a short white dress on and she looks great. Are you reading, Andrew? I am going to wear my black version of the same tonight because I'm the bad girl, right?
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! Oh yeah Steve is nodding as well, we agree couples should always know how to communicate with each other. My sister is sitting here with us with a bright red face looking at how you were all drugged up and thought Sarah was a nurse who was very nice and reminded you of your wife. LOL You know I giggle when I think about that as well.
You know I think some boys and men are better at weeing in toilets without making a great mess than other ones. Sarah's male student who leaves the puddle is one who gets it wrong, doesn't he? My sister is a bit interested now because she does not understand how men can miss the toilet. She has only seen Steve wee and he is a good shot, so she doesn't know, does she?
Piano lessons? You know I would like to be able to play something! I do not have time for lessons really because I have my time filled with two martial arts several times a week, and my netball at weekends, swimming once a week and other stuff.
Hey it is good Hannah likes the travelmate. My sister is a bit shocked I have a thing like this! I will write about some more adventures on Monday eh? I am sure we will have some fun tonight!
Love Louise xxxxxx

PUNK ROCK GIRL - Hey I respect your opinion you know, but have you been listening to us? I mean we *do not* have to sit down to pee. We do not sit down all the time do we? No if you want to sit down then that is all right but you can not speak for all of us.

Louise and Steve.

Saturday, March 23, 2002

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