A Girl
I recently had to use the bathroom at a McDonalds. The place was very clean and so was the bathroom. Surprisingly, even the toilet i used was clean. I liked this place very much. Usualy I hesitate to sit down on a public toilet, especially one in McDonalds because so many different people of all ages sit on it, but I didn't have to here. This one looked as if it were cleaned a few seconds ago. There was only one thing I didn't like, ALL the kids in the bathroom had thier shoes off. I think that is just plain nasty. If I had a kid, i would never let her/him go to a public bathroom anywhere. I know they have to take off thier shoes to play in the area they play in, so they probably don't put thier shoes on so they won't have to take them off again. But I think its nasty. Anyway, this is by FAR the cleanest toilet in any fast food resteraunt that I've ever seen.

Bryian- There are stalls in the family restrooms.

Today I had to run to Wal Mart and get some stuff for my mom's party. I drank a large bottle of gatorade before I left because I had just finished football practice with Kai. Needless to say, when I got to the store, I needed to pee. So I went into the restroom to find a line of five people in front of me. It was no big deal because I have good bladder capacity and I'm able to hold it when I need to. The girl in front of me was hopping up and down while holding herself. She looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. She was really pretty and kind of short. While wiggling she said "Can we PLEASE hurry up? I need to piss like you would not believe!" Stalls still full. No one moves. So she sighs, gets out of line, and walks up and down the bathroom, knocking on each stall door like crazy and saying "Hurry hurry hurry! Are you taking a shit or something?! Come on! I gotta go now! I'm gonna drop my pants and sit on the sink if someone doesn't get done FAST!" I was standing there ! laughing, waiting for the girl to do so. But one of the stalls open and she rushed in there, nearly knocking over the woman coming out. While she was peeing she said "Oooooo thank you Buddha!" It was hilarious.

Punk Rock Girl
I think the whole idea of a "female urinal" is pretty stupid. I sit down to pee, always have, and never once did it bother me, make me feel inferior to boys, embarrass me or make me wish I had a dick. Believe me, I'd much rather have to sit down to pee than have a thing hanging out of my crotch 24-7. My tits drive me crazy enough.

I think it's something that girls are inadvertently taught as the grow up. Maybe it's because having to sit down to pee seems childish, like we're still babies. Maybe it's because of the semi-vulnerable position we're in, sitting with our pants down around our ankles. I think people just think about it too much. What is the big deal? Guys sit down half the time, women sit down all the time. Maybe it's inconvenient occasionally (like going outside, or on a dirty toilet), but that's all.

I think girls should be taught to be less self-conscious of their bodies and their bodily functions. Implying that they should learn to stand up to pee isn't that far from telling them they should behave more like boys. If a girl wants to play football, great, she should be allowed to without ridicule. Just like a boy should be allowed to play with dolls without having to worry about getting his ass kicked.

GIRLS AND BOYS ARE DIFFERENT!!!!! There's no way around that. No matter how much we try to act the same and be ambiguous to our respective traits, males and females are built differently, act differently, think differently. I think that's a GOOD thing. If everyone acted the same, things would get really boring really quickly. But it's a fact that women and girls are denied equal opportunities as men (something which even some women are okay with). That's a serious problem to this day, but not being able to pee standing up? That doesn't even chart with me.

It doesn't make us as women inferior. So we have to bare our buns when we piss. Anyone who has a real problem with this needs a hobby. A "female urinal" is like saying that we're built incorrectly or disabled, and we can use this device to "fix" ourselves, like crutches or glasses.

Anyway. Didn't mean to rant like that. It just bugs me when people make issues out of such pointless and unimportant stuff. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but just like you, I'm expressing an opinion.



Regarding the qusestion about peeing with a hardon and not being able to go, and sometimes one might have a burning at the pee hole when you do pee.
I never have found it imossible to pee with a hardon. Its hard to control the direction of the stream though. Trying to hit the hole in the toliet can be tough.
Burning when peeing? I often have washed my privates, getting my cock all soapy sometimes. You get some soap in that pee hole you will know it. Sometimes strong soap will cause that too, including underwear thats not rinsed very well with soap left over and gets a few drops of pee on it and the pee hole comes in contact.
One more thing too, a dry peehole that comes in contact with some acidy urine will cause a burn too.

Its weird, I have this strange problem.
when I was little and had to pee, I would stand at the toilet and direct my stream amd miss the hole, sometimes leaving a little puddle on the floor too. As I grew up, trying to hit the hole i the toilet was always a problem as it is today. I have an average size cock and thats not the problem. I have gone into a toilet like at work and took a pee missing the hole and had to wipe the seat off. One time I forgot, was in a hurry, and left a piddle on the floor also, and this one girl went to the bathroom behind me and dropped her panties right in the pee. Oh how embarassing as she knew who was in there last. So other that using something to direct the stream every time, what can I do?\
Does any other guys here have that problem? Im courious. That would be a good subject Ive not seen here before.

Jason G: Firstly guys, it is cold outside. I like the way you "pal-out" with girls especially older girls. See my before posts. I was 19 and at my 20 y/o b/f's house. We had eaten an entire pastrami between the two of us. I, then started letting off gas. Joey asked me if I had to go. I said yes and he showed me the toilet off the kitchen. I stood on my tip-toes, loosened my belt, let down my cutoff jeans and white panties to my ankles. Immediately, I released soft yet firm pieces of doo-doo. Joey asked if he could stay with me. I told him yes, sure. I then let released two baked potatoes in rapid succession. Joey exclaimed, "Althea, you have a wild stomach!" Then, I farted and urinated. I then waited for more because my stomach was still churning for more. Then, 2 more baked potatoes evacuated with a fart in between each. After a half-hour of talking boy and girl talk with my long time buddy from grammar school, he then gave my a wad of paper from the roll and I wiped my beh! ind good, nine times. Then another small wad he gave me for my vagina. I was totally drained from this experience, but relieved. I then pulled up my panties and then my cut-offs and flushed before I zipped up. I wanted my black beaver to show him.

Cute pic on the masthead of the girl doing her business in a kiddie seat-funny-how ever did her ass fit on that seat!
TO BUTT WIPER-As for myself,when I wipe,I always push out my anus and wipe,putting the paper in the hole slightly and getting it good and cleanand by pushing out my anus,it gets pretty clean.
TO JASON G-Nice stories about Bridget and Marie pooing-It's nice to wipe a pretty girl's butt after she takes a good one isn't it?I used to wipe my old nurse's friend's butt all the time after she went and it was so much fun to do!Once in a while she would wipe my butt after one of my dumps and it was great cause I never ahd a woman do that for me before and after that I used to look foreward to her wipeing me all the time-it's great to do-i miss being wiped by a pretty woman-enjoyed your story!
TO MAKING MONEY-Boy sounds like your pretty aunt was enjoying taking care of you-boy i wish I had a pretty aunt like that when I was kid! I swallowed a nickel when I was about 10 and my mom said it would come out when I pooed,so for the next 2 days I looked in the poop for the nickel,but nothing and then after about week,i was pooping and as I was pusing out my 1 st turd all of a sudden,it got really loose and I felt a sting and then more loose stuff came out and then whenI was done I looked in the bowl and saw the nickel sitting on top of a poop pile-thank god it finally came out,but boy I wish I had an aunt to get me thru that,you lucky guy you!
TO DR POOP-Yes, you are absolutely right,my friend and yes reading this forum is like having a cup of coffee and it often make me have to dump too!well i'm off later,all-- BYE

Traveling Guy
SCARLET - Your friend's b/f could have a medical problem. (This is off topic for this board but important enough that I hope the moderators will let it pass.) During sexual arousal, the tube through which both men and women pee, the urethral passage, gets blocked off to prevent urination. If he is able to pee with an erection, this guy could have plumbing problems. Also, the burning could be something as simple as getting soap up the passage when he showers, but it could also be a sign of a STD. IMHO, tell your g/f to have her b/f see a doc asap.

By the standards of most posters here, I must use HUGE amounts of TP.I typically use about 8 squares folded twice. After the first wipe, I reverse the fold and wipe again. Usually I will do this with 3 separate lots of 8-square strips till there's no trace of shit. Then I use a moist baby-wipe to go over the whole anal area. Then I finally get a long strip of about 12 squares, fold it twice and wipe twice with that. That's a total of 44 squares! But I don't usually get any skidmarks in my underpants.

Donnie C.
To Grubbster:
Your friend may have some sort of digestive disorder, such as Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). That could explain the frequent trips to the bathroom, and her nonchalance toward farting.
She runs to the bathroom against orders to avoid messing herself! If she has a health problem, she should talk to the principal or other school official...then she would get an exemption to the "no bathroom" rule.

I went to junior high school with a girl named Anita, who also had bowel trouble. She was incontinent, and soiled herself frequently in class (usually in the early afternoon). When an incident happened, she would get up and whisper something to the assistant teacher. Then she'd take care of herself. I can't understand why Anita didn't wear diapers! (This was in the early 1970s, before larger disposable diapers became available.)

Sarah and Meghan--I didn't take your comments the wrong way. I'm just saying that it doesn't matter what your preferences are, you're still wonderful people. I hope you two are feeling better. Keep us posted.
Good luck with Passover too, festival of matzah, affliction and constipation from the matzah and affliction...I once had a teacher whisper that in my ear in was funny just because I wouldn't have expected that from a teacher in class.

Filup--that happens to me ALL the time. I've learned to bear down really hard and force out the pee a squirt at a time until the pressure is relieved enough for it to start on its own. It's definately very uncomfortable though...

Grant--as I'm sure you've realized by now, what helps you crap is high fiber stuff; that is FRUITS, VEGETABLES and GRAINS (preferably non-processed, so whole wheat, bran, etc, rather than white flour). Vegetarians, who eat a balanced diet, would probably be less prone to constipation because of a higher consumption of these things. You do need a LITTLE bit of protien, but so much less than what Americans eat. And then some people, like me, are just prone to constipation no matter what they eat...

Tim and Sarah--thank you for your concern and advice. Things will probably settle down after the play this weekend. Then I have 2 full weeks off, so hopefully I can get some rest and work done. Plus relax a bit...
I'm not as experienced with the babies as you, obviously, and I've had the opportunity to change infant boys much more frequently than infant girls. In fact, I can only think of one night where I was sitting for a baby while her parents (from out of town) were at a Bar Mitzvah (friends of another family I sat for). Other than that, I've only had boys that are so young. I love children and can't wait for my own, but that's not for some time yet--I'm only 20!
How is Josie holding up? Any funny stories?
Oh, and when I was in the hospital for my asthma last fall (there may be some detailed stories, I don't remember), I had been drinking TONS of water and while waiting to see the doctor and get treatment I kept having to every 15 minutes. Luckily, I was able to get myself to the bathroom and deal with it because I would not have liked to have gone in the curtained off room...not to mention I was drugged up and shaky, plus not breathing really well, so that would have made it even more challenging.

Robby and Annie--Thank you for your concern. You two are so sweet. I'm definately not getting much rest now with dress rehearsals and the show goes up tomorrow! But next week...just a bit less stress (the show isn't stress, but not getting enough school work done is). I'm doing HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. I'm in the chorus. There is a great scene in it where the guys are in the executive washroom and Finch is singing to himself in the mirror. The rest of the guys go upstage and "pee" for like 5 minutes. It's so funny cause they're all just standing there. In rehearsals, they would do "tricks" like pretending they had a circumfance of 15 inches...definately a cute scene. B'shalom, Ephermal

Some Guy
pooper- my favorite one is the poop scene in Not Another Teen Movie. Need to see that again.

Hello....I havent posted here in god knows when...

To Scarlet: It usually feels sooo relieving when I pee with an erection, besides that normally means I REALLY have to go if it gets to that point....

To FAT WOMAN: Interesting story....although I really wasnt aware that alot of fat women have a hard time taking dumps....Why is that? I figured it was just a random thing....

To Pooper: There's a few movies Ive seen with women on the toilet Im assuming shitting.....Lets see :"Big Momma's House", "Three for the Road", "Psycho III" to name a few off the top of my head.....which movies have you seen with scenes like that?

I have been reading this site for some time now and i'm very interested in the stories about people shitting themselves on purpose. Anyway the other day I really needed a good dump so after reading a few stories on here I thought I'd give it a go. It took some time to relax but eventualy it started to come out It was a very strange feeling and quite nice to feel it speading across my cheeks but when I got a whiff of the smell I was nearly sick I can't imagine what people find pleasent about that. It took ages to clean my self up and get rid of the smell. I won't be doing that again.
Has any one got any stories about having an accident when they have had a fright or were very scared?

cute guy upstate NY
hi there. wow what a great web sight, i am a huge fan of all of these great stories. i finally feel i am not soon as i get a chance i can tell you all some GREAT pooping stories.see you all soon.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. JUST WONDERING I use around 5-7 sheets to wipe myself. Scarlet I dont have a burning feeling when I piss when I have an erection but sometimes its hard to get the stream going but it really shoots a distance once it does get going. Robbie and Annie;Thats a great way of getting to know your nieighbers!

I have a question for the group. How did the english word loo come about for the bathroom? Its interesting sometimes how words come about for common items used by all. Let me get on with a story.

It was a mid spring day on a Saturday and the usual group of us got together. Myself,Butch,John,Barbie H, Barbie S, and Jeanie decieded to play hide and seek. John had the count and we all took off to hide. I ran into the barn with Barbie H behind me. I saw Barbie S and Butch run past the barn and go into the wood lot behind the barn. Barbie H and I ran into the storage room where there was many places to hide.

We picked a spot behind a stack of old boxes in the back of the room and there was a window we could look out into partr of the yard to watch for John. I stood by the window watching for John and saw Jennie running across the yard to get home. I told Barbie H looks like she made it home. She asked me if I saw John anywhere. I told her that I could not see him. She goes let me know if you do. Right after she said that John came into view out in the yard.

I told her that I could see him now. Good she said. I have to pee real bad and cant hold it any more. I did not want to go if he was near here. Barbie lifted up her skirt and pulled down her white panties and bent her knees and bent over. Her stream shot out with an arc that went about three feet. Hisssss it went as it streamed forth. Her stream splashed all over as it hit the floor. She was really making a large puddle. She peed that way for a minute or so then a couple of hard hissing spurts she was done. I checked the window again and John was over towards the edge of the yard checking around the trees. Barbie H smiled at me as she finished pulling up her panties and drroped her skirt and lets get for home which we both did. There is more off this hide and seek game or should I say hide and pee!

Colorado Cory

Perhaps I came across a bit too harsh, and for that I apologize. My guess is that you mis-heard something in school about what causes and does not cause constipation. It is, I'll admit, somewhat counterintuitive, but there's an old saying that "what goes in soft comes out hard, and what goes in hard comes out soft." If, for example, you eat nothing but scrambled eggs, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and white bread for three days, I'd be willing to bet you'd get constipated. Eat "hard" stuff (things with a lot of fiber), say whole wheat bread, raw carrots, and apples, and there's no way you'll be constipated. Fiber, for the most part, is not broken down by stomach acids and digested. But it does absorb several times its weight in water. So it "passes through" after soaking up a lot of moisture, making the whole "mass" soft. Try stirring a teaspoon of wheat fiber into a few ounces of water, and see how much water it soaks up. Then try the same thing with a teaspoon of! white flour. Quite a difference.

I did not say that meat and white bread "fill up the crapper." What I said (or at least what I meant to say) was that meat and white bread tend to plug YOU up, not the plumbing.

I suppose it would be possible for vegetarians to get constipated, if their diets were low in fiber -- say, white rice and vegetable broth. But assuming they eat solid fruits and vegetables, whether raw or cooked, they'd be getting quite a bit of fiber. And if they ate brown rice or whole wheat as their main diet staple (instead of white rice), it would be practically impossible to be constipated.

To Jason G. That sounds like an experience in heaven. That is my ideal poop session I would love to have with a woman. I would love to wipe her clean and smell her aroma that will forever satisfy me. Her smell would nto gross me out instead i would enjoy every bit of it.

Outhouse Scott

Hey, dude. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the hint of embarrassment, maybe it's the taboo of it, maybe I'm secretly an exhibitionist. I don't know what it is, but I just get a kick out of being spied on the crapper. I must admit, while I'm not turned off by the sight of another guy on the toilet, it doesn't do anything for me. I do get turned on by seeing women on the toilet, though. Doesn't matter if they're peeing or taking a dump. I guess the couple of times in which I've had to shit in front of other guys (e.g. at camp, in a restroom with no doors on the stalls, in high school--again, no doors), I've gotten that little zing of adrenaline (sp?). It's nothing sexual, I think it has more to do with the fact that it DOESN'T bother me. That's where the thrill comes from.

As far as how exposed I was, I didn't want to flash everyone, so I just got my pants down past my ass. Someone who just looked in quickly probably would have thought I was just sitting there, with my pants up, I mean. When I wiped, I didn't look at the paper until after it felt like I was done. I flushed twice while wiping, too. No one asked to see what I'd done, and I wouldn't voluntarily let them see--I guess that's where I draw the line.

I like being seen on the toilet, and I like seeing women on the toilet. And I must admit, I actually enjoy shitting. But I get no pleasure out of seeing shit. I don't like how it looks or smells, I don't like actually seeing it come out. I don't like actually seeing people pee either, but a woman on the toilet when I can hear her peeing turns me on. Isn't that weird? I love the act, but I don't like the substances it creates. Any one else feel similarly?

Take care!


(sorry I have not been here for a long time got grouded and a ass woupen for my grades. )I got a few questions for you. Like what does it mean when your poop sinks to the bottom of the toilet. Because I just took a dump a couple of hours ago and it sunk.

Yesterday was early realease day. Since I was out of punishment I decided to go to the movies. But I forgot to tell my parents that. So I took a couple of my friends to the movies and it was all on me since they were all broke. We went to see Cross Roads.I drank a fat ass milk shake and a lot of hot chips and I felt really full and sick. We were wathching the movie for like 15 min. And I felt a fat ass cramp in my stomach. So I let out like three farts they were the warm noiseless farts and they stunk so bad. Some people even started to leave the theator with discust even some of my friends. I started to laugh I was just cleared out the whole damn theartor. By now my stomach was really hurting so I acted like I was going to peeand went straight to a stall.

It all came out in like three seconds it was soft mushy poop the green kind and it was two logs. But even though I was bassically done I sill stayed in there because I had so much gas. Every one left the bathrrom at that point making realy nasty remarks. Like "oh shit what did that guy eat". And I dont blame them because that shit smelled!!!! I came out of the bathroom and my friends were all the way across the hall so I was like letsgo back maybey the fart is cleared. And suprisingly it did.

Jason G
Liked your story . do you have any storys when you are pooping?
yeah I got another questions do you ladies feel comfortable with farting around male friends and do they like farting around you too.(Tim and Sarah , Kim and scott)

Jeff A
The girl in the pic with the potty chair looks like she could be Carmalita! What a nice thought to start the day off with!

Grant: No, you are not a pervert for liking women pooping. It's actually a perfectly natural interest but dosen't show itself in many people. For some, it's an interest of health matters, and for others, like ourselves, it's more of a desire. Surprisingly, there are many, many of us. Thousands still out there who haven't come forth yet, so you're cool. Don't worry.

RJOGGER and Kathy: Always a pleasure my friend. I'm coming up on 50 myself. What I love most about you guys is that you don't let up! That's very inspiring for me. You all are so much fun. And how is your beautiful Mohican lady Kathy doing? And all your friends? Me and Denise are fine.

Sarah S. and Meghan: I've missed you two gals tremendously! Your group is so much fun and I can see by your enormous amount of responses that many people agree! It sounds like your trip to the beach South Padre was it? was a blast. You had quite an audience. Nothing worse than drunk, leering guys, huh? It sounds like it was fun though and you two gals certainly deserve the very best in life, something that you provide me in all of your stories. Happy collumpting to you my special friends!

Kim and Scott: Hi Kimmie, Jeff loves you right back! I haven't drawn anybody from here in a long, long time. I post drawings elsewhere on the web, but they're all fictitious only. In your case, you'd be far too beautiful to try and capture on paper.

Robby and Annie: How are you two doing? It's always good to hear from you, though I have missed quite a bit in here it seems.

Ina: I love your stories. I think you are one exceptional woman! Though I've missed some recently, I still love seeing your name appear.

Meredtih: Another one of my favorites! Good to see you again.

Another great masthead I see today (Thursday). The fact that the lady's reaching for the toilet roll gives a good clue as to which number she's done!

Scarlet. I occasionally get a slight burning sensation when passing water. Sometimes it may be due to minor water infections which tend to clear themselves up with a good fluid intake anyway. If a guy (or a lady) was experiencing persistent discomfort though I'd always advise seeing the doctor - if only for a course of antibiotics.

Grubbster. Teachers can be mean sometimes, I know. When I was at school however in the 1960's and 70's they were generally alright about excusing people from class to go to the loo. It varied a lot though from teacher to teacher. As for farting, when I was at secondary school (I think the Americans call it high school) there was a girl in my year called Anne and she certainly knew how to fart. She once cut a real stinker on the bus when we were returning from a school outing (causing much consternation) and I understand that she once farted her way through a French lesson. I'd say that it's generally easier to hold #2 in though rather than #1. Sorry to disagree!

FAT WOMAN. I liked your story about going for a poo whilst your friend was in the bath. I was a bit puzzled though as to how you could be so desperate to go and then have to strain and grunt for so long once you were on the loo. Under the circumstances I'd have thought it wouldn't have needed too much encouragement.

Annie & Robby. Liked your account of Annie going for a poo whilst you were out biking. It sounds as though she needed to do quite a lot. You must eat well.

Did anyone see 'Emmerdale' last night? There was one scene where Eric Pollard went into the ladies loos at a business function in order to negotiate with Gloria Weaver, a woman he'd fallen out with. It showed her sat on the loo but her knickers weren't down and she wasn't doing anything. She was just using the cubicle as somewhere to hide which was rather a shame.

Also there was a scene in 'Survivor' where one of the male contestants was out swimming in the sea on a particularly rough morning. Some of his colleagues on the island conjectured that he was out there having a shit. When asked about it on his return to dry land he denied having done a shit in the sea. Come to think of it, it would be easier said than done.

That's all folks!



ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi dearests. What an unbelievable incident with your neighbours...and you claim Americans are more uptight? Lol. I very much would like to hear more about that wee at the Staatsoper, giggle!!! How did it come to the situation? I know the backstage area as well there, as they have got a good collection of prospectuses they also lend out. Next time I get there I will have a big grin on my face... Yes, the Love Parade... Itís a big discussion every year as damage is done to the park due to hundreds of thousands litres of urine soaking into the ground. And we still have barbecues there...eewh. Itís usually not so much my kind of event, I prefer the CSD (suprise! Most of my straight friends do as well though as the music and atmosphere is nicer). I have been once though and had lots of beer and joined into the pishing.. Itís quite a sight with hundreds of people just standing or squatting everywhere remotely covered letting it rip. I recommend it to everybody wh! o does not get enough sightings... Lol. Yes, Richards operaís...for my taste you need also strong nerves in addition to a strong bladdler for most of them; Tannhaeuser has got an interesting theme though. I take it you are a baritone then and therefore the murderer at Verdiís ball, lol. I would be interested to hear from your stage experiences. I just remeber as a kid playing with my little violin group in a church with a an awfully desperate need to pee. Did you ever have problems with costumes? I guess the ladies ones are more complicated though... No news about your travelmates? Take good care and believe me, I care more about you than might be appropriate under these circumstances. Lovexxx from Ina
P.S.: Your words about the openess were very sweet, Robby. You are a wonderful father. Did you ever consider if you would find it as easy to accept if you had a son though? I was just wondering. Hugs to you

MEGHAN AND SARAH: Glad to hear you are both ok. I have got haemorhoids again so I scared of every poop. I hope Sarahís problem is not the same. They are pretty uncomfy. Anyway, they are showing many reports at the moment about the Americans at spring break. Itís the same each year. Just an excuse to show some flesh. Enjoy yourself, sweeties. I think itís best if you can go both ways. I just fall in love with humans. Somehow I prefer the girls but could imagine the right guy as well. Would be great if you could come over in the summer. Take care lovexxxx to you and a big, big hug

PV: I think itís a bit of a shame that the German site has closed down. Itís a victory in a sense to those idiots who think this is just a joke. I could do with some help on another English forum, where they also think itís all bad humour. Lovely pee in your garden!! You are such a great lady. If you canít find a sweetheart, come back to me, Iíll merry you right away, itís even legal in Germany...I am looking forward to another beach story. Last years was one of my favourites of all time. Love from Ina

TIM AND SARAH: Oh, I have seen that actor. Mmmh, he is handsome. If you look like him, I think I have a crush as well. Lol. I want piano lessons with the additional bonus pee! Lucky you, Sarah. I also think you are a wonderful father, Tim as well as Sarah is a great, mom. Donít let anybody tell you nonsense, there is nothing wrong about being open in front of your kids and I think we all agree you can judge where the boundaries are. Itís so obvious how much you love your family. I wish you the very best. Lovexx from Ina

Love to LOUISE AND STEVE and all the others

Hi all! I do look forward to accessing this site. There have been some great posts since I last posted.

I loved how when you need a dump that if you are in the school locker room and no one is around you just let it slide into your underwear. That's cool. I'd love to hear some of your stories.

Glad you enjoy letting your shit slide into your underwear like Laxman and myself. You mention the bathroom as the place where it is supposed to happen. When I do it on purpose, I actually prefer to be in the bathroom. It is so amazing that I should read your post after what I did this morning. When I was shaving I farted and a small turd came with it. Like you describe, my face was loaded with shaving cream. As I was wearing briefs (not boxers which I tend to wear more often), I just continued to let it out while I carried on shaving. After this small turd came out the rest was all soft mushy poop. It just kept coming and coming, I thought I was not going to stop! Actually, I did not shit at all yesterday, and I only did a couple of small squigglies on Tuesday. I think I was getting rid of two and a half days worth in one go. Good job these were brand new briefs (only having been worn for the first time yesterday) so the leg elastic was nice and tight, so none leaked ou! t even though I thought I was going to burst my briefs with so huuuuuuuge a load. I did not tip it into the toilet. It was so sticky that I thought I might get some on the floor in the process. So I went into the shower in my loaded underwear. Before cleaning up, I pissed myself too. Great to piss your underwear when you're in the shower before you turn it on. Then I went through the cleaning up process. Such a huge load just all swilled down the drain. I just had to use my finger to break up the original small turd as it was too hard to disintigrate through the holes of the drain.

I've greatly enjoyed reading all three parts of the "d-Whizz trilogy." In fact I have printed out all the relevant pages to have it all together. I will sometime post any comments I have on the trilogy to you. I don't have the time just now, as there is something I've been wanting to mention about the terminology I use as a Christian. Great to know you are a Christian too. Yes, Jesus is LORD! I notice that like me you use, in addition to more normal terminology, the words piss and shit. I have been intending to explain that to those who may have a problem with a Christian using the terms 'piss' and 'shit', I actually see not problem at all. If I was using them as swear words, I don't believe that would be acceptable - as I'm not given to swearing anyway. But to use them to express my bodily waste is OK, I believe. After all, the King James Version of the Bible uses the word "piss" in 2.Kings 18:27 & Isaiah 36:12. In the New International Version which I and our churc! h here use these days, the Hebrew is translated "urine". Then the Apostle Paul used the Greek word "skubalon", in Philippians 3:8, to express the nature of his past life before he was converted to Christ. In English Bibles "skubalon" is translated "rubbish" (NIV) or "dung" (KJV). A well known international Bible teacher from here in England (David Pawson) said in a meeting I was at, "skubalon" is a much more powerful word - better translated in the good Anglo-Saxon word "shit"! He shocked a few people by saying that! But he is right. That is exactly what Paul meant! Hence, I have no problem with using "piss" and "shit" in my posts as a Christian. So, my friend d-Whizz, I loved your comment that 'you did one of your biggest ever shits at church in 1998.' Some might say, you 'defecate' or 'poo' at church, you can't 'shit' at church!! Well I'm glad neither of us has difficulty with saying "shit". In fact on one of my visits to India, I asked the pastor in the church we were at ! if I could use his toilet. "Yes, my brother," he replied, "Do you need to piss or shit?" These were the English words he knew, and he spoke English almost as well as me. I do look forward to your future posts. Where do you live in Australia? I was once going to visit a cousin and his wife and family in Australia. However, when his parents died there, they all came back to England - and I never made it to your country.

A Male with Cerebral Palsy:
Thinking of you. Hope you are alright. God bless you.

Must close for now. I've broken into my working day to post (the advantage of being self-employed) - but do have to go now.

Happy pees and poos to all.

This is part 2 of my letter.

RICHARD/USA - Hi again guy! Yeah I think Steve was meant for me and his old girlfriends were just there to train him up and help him practice. giggle
Hehe If I had been in Vermont to watch your pee I do not think I would have stood right in front of you because I did not know how far you could do it. I think my greatest distance wee is 7 feet, I do not think I can do 8 feet. I mean I know I get a lot of pressure going when I wee but I wee heavily in big gushers so I think it gets too slow to go that far.
Steve calls me Lou sometimes. It may be that is a good name for me!
This morning I was at work and I went into the ladies for a wee. If you had been with me Richard it would have been a bit cramped in the stall because I took off my thong from under my skirt. It was a bit of a short skirt because the weather was good today and I got looked at by guys quite a bit. Steve says I have nice legs and a great bum. Yeah I think I am in good shape. Well I lifted my skirt right up so all I had on below my waist was my black heeled shoes. Well I stood over the toilet and I spread my feet over 2 feet apart. I felt how I was ready for my wee and I let rip. I did not aim with my fingers, and even if I do it with no hands I am confident that I can get my wee to go in the toilet. I bet I am more confident than a lot of guys are doing that.
Well it was a bit of a slow trickle that tinkled in the water, then it went into a nice gusher. I just stepped back a bit so I did not wee down the back of the toilet. Well my pussy hissed a lot and my stream sploshed a lot in the water. I made a lot of noise. It slowed down and stopped and then I just did a bit more of a little dribble that tinkled a bit in the water again. I just got a little trickle going down my left leg, you know? Well I wiped with some tp and threw it in the bowl before I flushed it. I put my thong back on and straightened my skirt down, and I washed my hands.
You know I bet I was so noisy that I got heard outside because 2 guys I know who work there were a bit near when I went out and. I bet they wanted to know who it was who made the noise. giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! Well I liked Steve's story and I bet you did too. I have not seen Steve weeing during the morning on Monday to Friday for a couple of weeks. I get to see him do it on Saturday and Sunday though.
I will have that wee in the bath tomorrow for you!
Love Louise xx

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi! Yeah I liked Steve's story as well. You know he should have woken me up earlier then I could have gone and watched him too!
Hey I hope you are all right Sarah! I hope it not anything nasty!
Love Louise xxxx

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! Well I am happy you liked my story to Richard. I know it may be that a lot of guys do not get to see women on the toilet having a wee like that so I like to write and say what happens when I do it. I know I am a bit of a tease and well I hope I do not just make guys a bit frustrated because they can not see me doing it. I mean I know my letters do get a bit graphic sometimes but I just want people to see it right when they picture me and what I do.
Well my sister has not met anybody yet so I will have to make her go to Devon to find you for that date. giggle She is a lot like me you know. She does wee standing up sometimes as well. I had a bath with her a few days ago and we talked about the wedding and stuff. Well when we wanted a wee it was just like when we were little girls because we got up out of the water and just weed like mad. She can do a gusher, my sister! I think I can do a bit bigger one than her but she is not too far behind me.
Hey maybe you could go swimming with her and then you could wee with her in the men's toilets like I do with Steve when we go? I bet you would like that.
Please say hello to Kendal and Ellen for me.
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi! Yeah Steve having his foreskin means he has a bit more work to do when he starts weeing and when he has finished but I like him with his foreskin.
Yeah you know I never really thought about it too much but I agree I think it is important to clean baby girls properly when you change them. It is because a little girl's bladder is a lot nearer the outside world than it is with a boy, so she can get infections a lot more.
I think my mum was always the one who changed me and she said she cleaned me real well. I do not think my dad ever changed me.
I do not think we will have any kids but I do know if we did then Steve would be a real good dad and he would be very protective especially if he had a daughter.
Pimosis? Do you mean your son had Phimosis and Paraphimosis? I asked steve and he said there were two things called Phimosis which was a bit of a tight foreskin that may make it difficult for a boy to wee with and keep it properly clean. He said that paraphimosis is the thing that happens when a tight foreskin goes back and it gets stuck because is too tight. I think that sounds like it hurts.
Did the doctors say your little boy's foreskin was just too tight and he would not be able to wee well with it?
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! Hey when I said I wipe back to front I was not talking about my bum! giggle I bet you thought I was talking about my bum. No I wipe my puss from back to front but I wipe my bum away from my vagina. Oh I know about wiping fecal matter away from the vagina, you do not want that near there. My mum told me about that when I was a little girl.
Brand new bras can be a lot of hard work and I hate it when I get deep marks.
Hehehe the weekazijutsu sword fight would be a lot of fun. I bet we would be in a horse stance. Well do we wear gis and pull them down at the front so we can stick our travelmates out at each other or just thongs we can pull to the side or what? LOL Yeah we have got a bit crazy really but we are having fun. LOL
Hey I like what you said about what we said when we were writing to Tim and Sarah. Yeah they are a responsible couple aren't they?
Hey I am happy I have helped you. You have sure helped me as well!
Oh I missed when you said you had a huge shit and you were passing blood. I have read about how you seem to be better now and that is good.
Steve has a story from sunday that I bet you will like but he is really busy and short of time.

Lotsa Love,


hope we can clear this stuff up-i don't wanna get a big fight thing started about a mistake i made. i like you people and i think that an argument over such an error is irrelevant and could be avoided.
so peace?

yo i have this cool pee joke-checkit:

Boy: Mother, I got sent home cos I peed in the pool
Mother: Why was that? Everyone does it every once in a while
Boy: Yeah but not off the diving board!

Robby from Brisbane: Why would that lady have walked into the mens restroom instead of the ladies room?

BRYIAN: I saw Final Destination last night. Devon Sawa and another guy went to take a dump at the airport because his friend told Devon if they used the airplane bathroom for a dump and a girl walked in afterward she would always associate him with the smell of crap. It showed the two sitting on the toilet. One of them said "going down now" and you could hear a faint grunt.
Incidentally, I once read a description of what it's really like during a major airplane crash and most people shit themselves during their last few moments of terror, along with vomiting.

BUTT WIPER: I never go in my ass hole and I've never had skid mark problems.

Hello all - d-Wizz with another post.

Something I've been musing about for a while - how to get good sound recordings of classic toilet sounds. It would be a shame to let these fantastic samples go unheard by the general masses. Unfortunately, microphones and water don't mix very well, so I'm still thinking. Keep your ears out for toilet sounds on a possible new release from d-Wizz!

I'm very happy to announce that I haven't used a toilet for 12 days! I've found a much better site to relieve myself - the sewerage outlet for the bathroom. It's located on the outside of the house, and if I squat over it, there's plenty of "cover", so nobody can see over the fence. Best of all, there's a 3 foot drop to the water trap, so shit really makes a BIG splash (that's what I do it for), and so does the piss. I held my last shit for 24 hours longer than usual so that it would be bigger and louder - it didn't disappoint. I always do my shits very late at night anyway, so there's almost no risk of being found out. Often, everybody else has gone to bed, so I'm able to enjoy this by myself. I wish some of you could share it with me; maybe l8ter.

Hello to Robbie from Brisbane - it's really cool to listen to other people do their stuff; for me it doesn't really matter whether they're male or female. When I was living at Toowong, I slept on a mattress on the floor in the living room; the bathroom door was only a few feet away. When someone else used the toilet in the morning, I could just lie there in bed and listen.... Fascinating.

When I buy a house of my own, I'm going to wire it up so everything can be recorded in digital stereo. There's already heaps of shit on the charts at the moment, maybe some "real shit" might sell as well.... stay tuned.

Cheers to all from d-Wizz.

Message terminated at

Lawn Dogs Kid
ADRIEN: I'm so sorry. I meant to say hi to you as a new poster in my last post, and to say I enjoyed reading it, but I forgot ! Kendal would say that was typical of me !! You will have to tell us more about yourself. I know Kendal had an interesting poop experience yesterday at school. She might find time to post about it later. Anyway, sorry once again, and hope you post back. Love from Andrew x

Thursday, March 21, 2002

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