I was 12years old it was 7:00in the morning still half asleep and had to pee very badly so I got up and ran to the bathroom.I should not have ran about half way there I pee all over my underwear and pants by the time I got to the bathroom I was wet

This is my first post, so lets see what happens! The most recent memerable trip to the can was when I had a kidney stone. I don't know why it felt so good to go but it did. I sat on the pot all night long. Pushing a little out at a time. I even got my pillow, put it in my lap, and took brief naps between the pains.

I was doing the sitting on the toilet survey and my friend Jamie was helping me. I wanted to go to the toilet real bad but he said I had to do the survey first. I got part one done and then I really had to wee. I was moving my legs up and down and in and out on the chair but it did not help any more and the wee started to come. I could not stop it and I wet my pants and the seat. It went all warm and felt real good. When I had finished the survey I got up quick went toilet but I tripped over the carpet and the poo was poking out. By the time I got up I had done it in my shorts. When I stood up a big log dropped on to the floor. I went red and was so ashamed but everybody lafed and it was okay. my friends dad cleaned me up with baby wipes and dried my shorts and boxers on the radiator then I went home. I did not tell or I might have been smacked.

Hi Kelly. I took a "green shit" last month; even the soiled TP was a lime/avocado green (after I wiped my butt). It didn't hurt or anything (nor did it smell unusual)-just a little softer than usual (but not diahrrea).
Were your poops, and the soiled TP, a similar color green? Alex :)

I've been lurking for quite a while and finally got the nerve to post today. I read New Guy's post a couple days ago about the possible correlation between how pretty a girl is and how strong her farts are. I didnt think much about this until I was alone in the car with my girl and she farted. She is a real fox, and totally uninhibited- all she said was "Oops, you're gonna die now!" and then started coughing and rolling down the window. My eyes were watering, but I was sort of turned on, and she knew it. (She is a bit of a rogue - a standup sort of tinkler, and very good at it too, by the way, whether you're talking distance *or* accuracy!)
We started talked about peeing and pooping and suchlike and I mentioned the question about how pretty a girl is versus the power of her farts. We saw each other again today, and she told me of an experiment she did to test the theory. She went on a bus trip with her cheerleading squad last night. Lunch for the team that day had featured beans, so by the time the bus was returning home the stage was set. None of the girls on the team are ugly, but some are truly gorgeous. You guessed it-she started a farting contest! And, she proved the point to her satisfaction-she said you couldn't breathe on that bus for three hours! And definitely, the foxiest babes ripped the most powerful farts!
She told me this in the bathroom while taking a big, soft, gassy dump complete with loud farts at the interesting parts!
Whew! How much of this can I stand? -Eddie

Having read many letters and postings in your readers letters, I feel I should submit my experiences of being made to go to the toilet and have a bm as a child. I must say I still find recollections of this extremely embarrasing.
My mother was very strict about completing a bm on a regular daily basis and did not allow me or either of my two sisters to become constipated. Many times when she thought I was constipated she would seek to make me have a bm by inserting a piece of soap up my bottom. As far as I can remember, I had this done to me up to the age of around 10 years.
My mother would firstly make me go to my bedroom and undress and fetch a white enamel potty from the bathroom, she would then take a small bar of soap from a soapdish, that she kept all the old ends of bars in. She would then cut a small stick of soap from a bar, about one inch long.
I would then be made to lie across her knees and the stick of soap would be inserted up my bottom, and pushed right up with her finger. Often she would make me lie still across her knees for about five minutes, to give it time to work. She would then say to me now Go and Go, Go On, Go and Go. I would then be made to sit on the potty until the piece of soap did its work and I opened my bowels.
If I had not passed anything after about twenty minutes, she would then insert a second, and sometimes bigger piece up my bottom. Again I would be made to sit on the potty until I went. The second piece of soap always did the trick!
I wonder if any other readers, have had this done to them, to relieve constipation. I have read in some older home medical books that this was apparently common practice, especially in the 50's and 60's to relieve constipation in children.
On one occassion I rember sitting on the potty, when our rather pretty and attractive next door neighbour called in to see my mother. During this visit my mother, made me go across her knees and inserted another piece of soap up my bottom, in front of the neighbour, and then discussed with her what a great aid this was in relieving constipation.
Some months ago, this subject came into the conversation with one of my sisters, whereby she told me that mother having had the soap up her bottom, she was then made to sit in a warm bath for a while, before being told to sit on the toilet. I wonder why I was always made to have to sit on a potty.
Mother obviously new best!

First Post
This is my first posting. I tell you I am straight but I have had the opportunity to watch turds come directly out of a butt. There is a department store here in town that has a restroom with three stalls. The handicapped stall is set back a bit and you can see behind the divider to the adjacent stall. Believe me when I say you can see it all and it is somewhat arousing even though I am a straigh male. Watching those turds emerge and butt cracks wiped nearly sends me through the roof. I am not into the sick stuff but I also love more than most things to hear a beautiful women fart. Oh my does that drive me wild. I wish I could someday watch a female turd slide out.

To Lynn: That........was AWESOME!!! Great post!
To Coprologist: One time I was at the George Washington Bridge bus station at 178th St. in manhattan and I had to pee REALLY bad. I walked into the bathroom, and it was filthy. I went over to the urinals only to find that the urinals not only had no partitions, but they were basically little toilet bowls, about 2 feet away from each other. I had no choice. It looked like most of the stalls were occupied....permanently. I took out my penis and started to pee, with like 4-5 black guys standing around pissing as well. It's not like you can look down and not see anyone else's tool. It's impossible not to! So I'm peeing there and it's taking forever. And I can't avoid seeing all these other guys' dicks hanging out. It was SO awkward. So I look up, and I figure maybe if I look up, it'll be easier to avoid staring at all that meat. I look up, and they're all staring at ME!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

To the person who posted on 11-17 around midnight (-0600 CST), You know who you are and you know what I'm talking about. Maybe you meant well but you were waaaaaaay out of line. There is no way you are going to have us set someone up as scapegoat so that we can get away with murder. If there is something we won't do out of principle; We are doing it because it's something we don't want done back to us. Just what makes you think that gives you the right to use our resources to ask someone else to do something we won't do. We are not in the business of doing what we feel is right on one hand, while telling someone else they are obligated to do something we fell is wrong on the other. Get It? That's called hypocrisy.

I'm a sophomore in high school and i notice that a lot of the disscussion is about how HS bathrooms don't have doors. All of the bathrooms have doors at my school but in the locker room instead of a door is a shower curtain and it is right by a mirror so it is really ackward going while someone is putting make-up on!

A situation occurred last week that reinforced my arousal when other women use the toilet in close proximity to me. I am sure some of you will be stirred by this just as much as I was.
I had been attending a long morning meeting, with a number of men and only one other female June. June is a petite blonde in late twenties. That day she was wearing her best 'business' outfit. Charcoal grey suit with a broach. pale tights and patent leather shoes. She had her long hair up. When we finally broke for lunch I proceeded to the ladies. On my way I noticed June was being engaged in conversation by one of the men as she was walked slowly in the same direction as me. I was fixing my hair in the ladies when June came in and went straight into one of the two very clean closets. There was an urgent rustle of clothing and arrangement of the seat. A quick expression of gas was followed by a rapid plopping of sh t. Strong hissing followed. She exclaimed "God I needed that. I thought Roger would never stop talking just now". She revealed that following a late bedtime the previous night she had not had time to perform her usual BM that morning and that for the last two hours her body had been giving her an uncomfortable time.
She seemed willing the carry on talking, and since a major production was obviously on its way I stayed and chatted. She was in the closet for a good 15 to 20 mins. Now and again her body took control and sh t flowed from her. As she was speaking this caused her voice to rise a little as the matter expelled itself. Needless to say I found this all very arousing and indeed it had a mild laxative effect on me. I went into the other closet and sat passing a small quantity. (I had had a very satisfying BM first thing that morning). I was also in a suit with a skirt, navy blue. My panties were white cotton and I sat with these just below the knee. After wiping and emerging I was washed my hands and fixed my makeup. June was still in the closet. (The air was pretty heavy by now so I opened the window). With the window angled in such a way I could see June's head and she leaned forward each time more material was dropped. At last she emerged flushed but with a smile and thanked me for chatting to her. She said it helped her relax and admitted that she hadn't had quite such a dramatic clear out as that for a long time. June had to reclip her hair which had become disturbed during her performance. We both emerged looking models of cool feminine control and went to lunch. Our male colleagues would not have guessed the scene just a few minutes earlier.
I was not able to satisfy my arousal of June's performance until I got home later that day.

I am in the over 50 group and many years ago when I first joined the Natlional Guard, I was with a friend that had to take a dump so I went with him. This was the first time I had ever seen a military bathroom. Picture 24 toilets. 2 rows of 12 back to back. No walls or partitions of any kind. Disconcerting, to say the least. I didn't stay.....It is great to read that other people share the same "secret" that I have and can write about them. I am envious of those of you who had the pleasure of watching another take a dump. I live near the Mall of America (where there are many bathrooms) and can enjoy the sounds coming from adjacent stalls...I look forward to reading the updates.

Hi Philippe! Amelia is a very close friend who happened to be my boss (last summer). Allow me to clarify our *bathroom experience* The bathroom in question is in a college dorm; there are four stalls with lockable doors- Amelia and I sat in adjacent stalls [we didn't see each other do anything]. It was 6:00 in the morning, so nobody else was in there while we did our *duty* Peace, Steph

story: I've found that in many Sears stores, they don't have doors on the stalls of bathrooms. In the past, that was true of all Sears, but now they're starting to put doors on them. There's a mall near me which has one bathroom where people take out the seat-cover dispensers so there's a HUGE opening between you and the next guy you're shitting with. I'm talking face-to-face here... What does everyone think about seat-covers anyway? Yesterday I took a dump at said store and the crap just landed on the paper flap that's supposed to fall into the toilet. It stayed there for a minute before the weight of it made it drop down...

I have always dreamed of taking a dump in a men's room without doors. The only thing that would upset me would be if I was seen by someone I knew slightly, but not particularly well, like a colleague at work. I would be quite happy to sit and shit in front of total strangers. I suspect, too that I would not have the crippling inhibitions that prevent me performing if I actually have to piss at a urinal without partitions in the close proximity of a stranger. If the urinals are crowded, I go into a stall to pee.

Monday, November 17, 1997

Hi Jay and Jeffrey. I'm happy both of you have decided to emulate my *position* :) Jeffrey, I'm glad you were finally able to dump- I can't stand it when I push and my shit only comes out half way, and then becomes stuck. Re what I do to my abdomen, I press into my abdomen a couple of times while pushing- I find this puts pressure on my intestines. I agree with you 100% about laxatives- they suck! Jay, I very rarely hold my breath while pushing out- as for wiping, there are times when I wipe once and there's nothing on the paper (a nice *clean* dump) and others when I have to wipe up to ten times; usually depends on what I've eaten. I LOVE hearing about the other-half's bathroom habits! :) [just as much as you two love hearing about us girls] Love you, guys! Peace, Steph

I just stumbled on this site ... I find it interesting that there are others who have an interest in toilet habits. I'm particularly interested in watching women on the toilet. On those lines I have a question for the ladies. I have an AVI file from an apparent hidden bathroom camera that shows a woman using the bathroom. She comes in, grabs a handful of toilet paper and puts it in the toilet before taking another handful to wipe with afterwards. She squats instead of sitting to pee. My guess is that she "primed" the toilet with a wad of paper first to keep from splattering her butt as the pee hit the water. Is this a common practice among women who squat to pee in public toilets? As a contribution to the group, I'm apparently one of the few men who prefer to sit to pee. I learned to do this when I had to go in the middle of the night ... you can pee sitting without turning on the light. It is a bit tough with a "stiffie" first thing in the morning but the old leaning forward trick works fairly well.
Keep up the great posts!!

Too big to fit

anyone ever make a green poop? I did earlier and it hurt like crazy. If anyone else has had this experience, let me know. :)

Since I really don't see anyone on the toilet anymore, I thought I would relay an unusual experience. I would like to know if this happened to other guys in the restroom particualrly where the were no doors on the stalls.
Back to high school experiences...
While in one of the restrooms with the mirrors in front of the stalls a good looking memeber of the football team came in to take a dump. Naturally I wanted to get up and look but I was involved in my own dump and I definitely did not mind sharing the experience. I don't remember the exact circumstance of his dump but I do remeber the unusual part. While he was in there he was 'visited' by three other memebers of the football team. They all came in to talk with him while he was taking a dump. Some stood in front of the stall and talked while others walked around the restroom while they chatted. The first guy came in and looked into this guys stall in a kind of 'funky' way and said, "That's the way Davis would do it." Then a few minutes later Mark Davis came in and did the exact same thing. Apparently Mark visited so many guys while they were on the toilet that he even had a method! I wish he had used the toilet too. You guys who were on footballs teams (or any sports team), did this happen to you? Has anyone ever wittnessed such an event? Has any one ever visted or been visited? It happened a few times while I was in high school and it was the only time I wished I was on a sports team. That would have been a definite perk. Matthew, thanks for posting you recent experiences and methods. I too sneak a look through the the space in the door to see who's passing by and generally watch what's going on in the room. I was wondering if most people 'spy' through the crack while sitting in a public toilet?

I've just come across this site.I find it very interesting and I have alot of stories to share. A couple of years ago, some mates and I went on a surfing holiday. Now I eat a huge amount of food, I usually have to go twice a day, and when I feel the need I must go straight away. Now this particular day, we were at a very popular beach, and I needed to go and so did one of my mates. Well, there were no doors and no partitions so we just had to sit down with a couple of other blokes already seated there, and do our business. I had a particularly noisy dump this day with a lot of farting and plopping sounds. My mate thought my noisy shitting was hilarious, but I had the last laugh. There was only one roll of toilet paper between us, that had to be passed around, between my fellow shitters. I made sure I used the last piece, and my mate was left with nothing!!!

I'm 15 and a couple summers ago, I went to a camp at a nearby collage with one of my friends. One day, we had pizza for lunch. It was really good and we both ate alot. There was also a soft serve ice cream machine and we each had two huge cones. We were starved because we had slept through breakfast that morning. After lunch, we went back to our dorm room and started listening to music. My friend was starting to look kind of uncomfortable, so I asked her what was wrong. She told me it was nothing, her stomach just sort of hurt. Then she got up and opened the window. I noticed that it had started to smell, because she must have been letting out SBD's. We only had a few minutes to get to our next activity, so we left. As soon as we left our room, she grabbed her stomach and ran to the bathroom. I followed her to see if she was okay. She was farting sooo much and I could hear her letting out bursts of diarrhea. I asked her if she was okay, and she said yeah, but could I run the water in case anyone else came in? I couldn't hear much after that, but she came out about a minute later. She washed her hands, but as she was drying them, she swore and ran back into a stall. She let out about three more bursts of diarrhea. She was still pooping, but we were going to be late for our activity, so she told me to go and tell the counselor that she was coming, but she was taking a nap because she had a headache. I guess she was really embarrassed. I would be too. She showed up half an hour later, and told me that she had been in the bathroom for fifteen more minutes after I left, but she was fine now. She made me swear not to tell anyone, but she stopped talking to me last year, so too bad. I never really thought about it until now, but maybe she was lactose intolerant.

Just recently. Was reading article in magazine, had clothes down around knees, picked up lid, turned to sit, was so into article, dropped first turd on space between lid and toilet seat. Quickly started to squat and let loose the load of the week.

When I go smimming and I am in the water I have to go toilet and I just let go in my trunks and do my pee in the water. Does any one else do this. I often have to go pee when I am in the bath. My older brother pees in the bath does anybody else?

Descriptions I have seen here of straining to get hard turds out the trap door are troubling. Such experiences may lead to hemorrhoids. I found that out a few years ago. The solution I was given was to daily use Metamucil or one of the lower-priced substitutes. Since then I have had blissfully soft stools which come regularly and quickly. ...Fluidity

interesting thread about "how far do you pull your pants/panties down when you do the deed". can't imagine what difference it really makes but it did get my curiosity up. over the last week or so i 'forced' myself to wade through about 5 hours of Hidden Camera (bathroom) video paying special attention to that particular habit. i'm guessing that there were at least 150 women 'featured' in the footage so even though my little survey is about as unscientific as it gets it should still be fairly representitive. i didn't take any notes while i was watching but might do that next time on the rest of the vids.
whether the women were wearing pants, or skirts with panties (and/or pantyhose) almost none of them pulled said articles of clothing down past their knees. i'd venture to say that at most, two may have pushed their pants or panties down a little further but none of them had everything down to the floor. most women only dropped trou far enough to clear the toilet seat (not very conducive to good video from the front btw). this trait was true whether the women were 'sitters' or 'hangliders' (a term my g/f uses for hovering 'over' the seat rather than sitting on it - she being a hanglider).
someone here mentioned a change of habit depending on whether she was at home or in a public place. 95% of these vids were taken in public places. the few that were shot in private homes didnt' alter the figures much although one who was wearing pantyhose did push them down to mid shin. another woman, shot through a motel (apparently) bathroom window, was only wearing panties and when the segment began they were all the way down to her ankles. maybe some credence then to the 'home' thing since a motel room bathroom would at least be 'semi' private. (unless someone across the way happens to be getting everything down on video tape). this woman was also a nose picker if anyone cares to know.
there was one male in this batch of vids (i think i remember seeing others in some of the tapes i didn't re-review yet). he was also in the motel segment and doesn't tell us much about the male habits as he was completely naked. he did pat the end of his dick with toilet paper when he finished - guess he didn't wanna dribble out into the next room.
aside from the pants down issue, there were a few other things that stood out. it seems that women (and i suppose men) do all sorts of things to occupy their time while on the throne. if it's a quick pee sitter, they might just stare off into space or check themselves out in a mirror. hangliders tend to just hang, pee, wipe and leave. guess it's harder to do much else if you're in that position. but if she's taking a lengthy dump i saw everything from reading a magazine pulled from a baby stroller, to nail polishing, to wristwatch adjustment to checking for crabs (i guess that's what she was checking for) to purse inventory, to talking and even laughing to themselves. of course there's the ol' tampax change now and then but yours truly hits the fast-forward on those parts as that's not my particular kink (this month). about half the women make some pretty weird faces while they're pushing, the other half must think it's not ladylike to do that and hardly change expression at all.
not once did i see a women 'playing with herself' as is somewhat common in the fantasy stories i've seen. apparently as good as a healthy crap feels it doesn't feel quite good enough to make a woman lose all control and go into throes of ecstasy while she masturbates on a public toilet. hope that doesn't rain on anybodys parade.
i have maybe another 4 or 5 hours of tape on this subject and may try to watch them during the next week but i don't forsee any big changes. judging by what i've now 'documented', the majority of women out there drop their panties only far enough to clear the way to do the job.

hope this helps all those that "just want to know!"
over and out...... johnboy

This is in response to Robert's discussion about cleaning one's bottom in the shower. I usually clean my bottom in the shower, but I usually have my daily BM after my shower. My pattern is this: I wake, take a nice long piss (usually sitting down), then shave, shower and have coffee. After my second cup of coffee, I almost always feel the urge. So I visit the toilet and have a BM. Since I ingest a daily dose of psyllium (Metamusil), my bowel movements are usually very sticky and smelly. When it comes to clean up, I use baby wipes! I honestly don't know why using wet wipes hasn't become a mandatory part of daily hygene. I recommend it to everyone; once you try it, you'll never go without. During those few occasions when I am not at home when I need a BM, I will wet the toilet paper with spit to wash my back side. Not as good as a baby wipe, but better than dry paper. I understand that someone has invented wet toilet paper. It attaches to the roll and is used in conjunction with dry wiping. Since I enjoy the baby wipes so much (I particularly like the smell), I haven't used them. I would be interested in others' thoughts on wiping and hygene.

pooping guy
yeah, today was a milestone for pooping. it was the first pooping guy post ever, yeah. the poop was ready at the moment of sitting on the porcelain throne - and it eased out of the pooping orifice ever so slowly to the beat of a thousand drums .......... so, if you enjoy this pooping story, let pooping guy know, yeah.

To Shannon and Kate
Your idea of a contest as to who can hold it longest using a laxative, suppository or enema is a great idea. As far as laxatives, the problem is that the amount of time that they act can vary considerably from person to person and also at what time of day they are taken. Also the stronger ones also cause more cramping. Saline types (Milk of Mag., Epsom salts) act in 3-6 hrs. if taken during the day but tend to be crampy and very liquid. Phenolphthalein types (Ex-lax) can vary considerably during the day. Bulk types (Metamucil) can take a very long time to work. You asked about cascara sagrada. It is found in "Nature's Remedy" and still takes a while to work (about 5 or 6 hours) and is not really very strong unless you take a lot but generally doesn't cause cramping. The best bet for a laxative contest is castor oil. 2 tablespoons works in about 4 hours and usually doesn't cause much cramping. I haven't used this in a few years. For constipation, I prefer a plain water enema, usually 6 cups. It takes about 40 minutes to completely come out and there are some cramps but it does the job For an enema contest, instead of the Fleet type, try 3 cups (24 oz.) of plain warm water with full bowels. My best is 35 minutes. I found the first 10 minutes to be very difficult and then it sort of quieted down for the next 20 minutes. After that it was almost impossible to hold in. It was not crampy and gave me a combination of chunks and liquid for about 15 minutes. I also tried the Dulcolax suppositories -- they are very powerful! Tried 2 with somewhat full bowels and the best I could do is 21 minutes. You are right, Kate -- after about 10 minutes, it is very difficult to hold in. And it did give me 3 separate bowel movements in the next 15 or 20 minutes. The first was quite solid but the next two were very mushy. Somebody pick one of these and let's try a "who can hold it the longest contest" for those who are interested. One rule must be that you start out with full bowels.

Sunday, November 16, 1997

Hi Steph! To answer your question, I pull my pants down to my ankles at home and in public, unless it's cold or something. I guess I don't mind if somebody's trying to see my package through the crack in the door. Since I haven't been here for awhile, I'd like to ask everybody about their crapping/pissing while camping stories. For me, it usually involves squatting out in the middle of the woods, or sitting on one of those wobbly camping toilets.

Matthew, I do the same as you do, sit in a stall and listen to the other guys. It really is exciting. Traz, your recent dumps do sound rather impressive. Love to hear some more HS stories about the johns with no doors. Jeff, I also get turned on by seeing a guy on the bowl with his pants around his ankles, but I've only witnessed this when a stall door has accidentally opened! What department stores have no stall doors or partitions? Jason, Paul and David, great stories guys! Growing up I was extremely shy about using public or school restrooms to take a dump in. At my first HS nobody used the stalls at all, even though they had doors! I guess everyone just held it in until they got home, as I did. I changed to a different HS when I was 16 and was surprised to see guys actually using the stalls to shit in. I began to lose my shyness and started dumping regularly at school, even though I tried to avoid guys seeing me entering or leaving a stall. By the time I! got to university I overcame this shyness and didn't mind if I was seen entering or leaving a stall. It took another year or so before I felt comfortable farting or taking a noisy dump knowing that someone was in an adjacent stall. Eventually I reached the stage where I made sure I left a stall at the same time as another guy who had heard me taking my noisy dump. I guess I was beginning to feel proud of what I had just done! From my previous posts it is apparent that today I feel quite comfortable chatting to a guy in the next stall about our dumps. I think I am now ready to take a shit in an open stall. If only I could find one!

Dear Steph..
What a fantastic able to take a dump with one's former boss. Just one question though...You say you did it at the same time she did. must I then take it that you have two seats in the same bathroom, or did you did it in the same bathroom, but "sate" one something else (a bidet for example), or that you waited for her to finish to take the same seat (which your text does not suggest...) Regards

Hi guys! Thanks everyone for your responses re: how far down you pull down your pants before going to the bathroom. Please keep the responses coming! My friend Amelia ("Amy"), who's an alumna of my college and my former boss (I posted about her back in the summer), was up at school for a couple of seminars. I took her out to eat for her birthday (she turned 27 a couple of weeks ago) and we then went to the local movie house. I invited her to sleep in my room overnight. We both woke up around 6 AM the next morning. Amelia asked me where the bathroom was located; she said, and I quote, "I have to let out last night's meal!" I also had to take a dump, so we both walked over to the bathroom. We had Middle Eastern food, and I was interested to see (actually, hear) if that type of food has the same effect on her as it does on me. She peed for about 20 seconds and then stopped. I didn't hear her grunt or anything, although I did see her go on tippy-toes (similar to me). She farted out a couple of very soft-sounding logs and then made a faint "aaah." I began pooping at the same time, letting out some very soft ones. I made some comment about the food we had last night. Amelia replied, "that stuff burns my ass!" Amelia is a very nice person, but also has a tendency not to be *subtle*, if you know what I mean. We both let out some more and then began wiping. After we both finished, the bathroom stank from what we just released. This was the first [and I hope not last :) ] time I went to the bathroom with Amelia, whom I consider a very close friend [don't worry, Alex, Jodi, and Laura, I love you guys too!]. I'll chalk this up as being one of my most memorable toilet experiences. Peace, Steph

This post is devoted to Steph, Pooping girl and all others of you who have given us detailed descriptions of their pooping efforts. Like Steph a couple of weekes ago, I hadn't been able to poop for two dyas,a nd I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, the leading turd had gotten hard and big, and it was blocking the usual urges I had to go. In any case, knowing I really should go, I wentn into my bathroom, pulled down my pants and cotton brief (girls, there are no flowers on my brief; it is one piece, but unlike womens, it has a pouch up front for my penis, etc. In any case, I sat down and peed. I started to push with no effect. I could not even feel the the lead turd near my hole. After a few more grunts, I jusst sat there for about 2 minutes. I was getting worried. Finally, there was a little rumbling, and I could feel a little preessure near my ass. It was far enough along so grunting would move it further. It took about ten big grunts to get it to the opening. I am sure my face was getting red from pushing. My next job was to get it out. I pushed hard and the tip came out, only to go back in when I stopped pushing. I assumed my big push stance on the toilet which involves putting each hand by my hips on the toilet bowl and straightening my arms. Uhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhh. Still no luck. I then thought I might as well try the Steph position. I went up on my toes, put my head between my legs, and pushed really hard. About four inches of a big, hard turd came out. I could see it through my legs by moving my penis and balls to one side. It was stuck, but at least it was coming out. Uhhhhhhh. Uhhhh. C'mon, c'mon, oh God, it is big. Uhhhh. Uhhhh. The hard turd kept slowly and painfully coming out. Uhhhhhh. It finally broke off and spalshed when it was about a foot long. I was pretty tired but I knew there was more. Unlike pooping girl, there were no farts. Uhhhh. Uhhhh. Another 4 inches of hard turd spashed into the toilet. I waited about a minute, and pushed out a big soft turd. I was tired but relieved. What if I had not been able to go, and I don't think I could have without assuming the women's position (Steph: Thanks for describing you effort in detail; it helped me, but I don't understand about what you do to your abdomen). If I had not been able to go, I would have probably found something to shoot warm water up my ass. I don't like laxatives. Having finished, I wiped about four times and pulled my panties up tight over my private parts. Pooping girl, when I do this, there is always some pubic hair sticking out from under my panties/brief. Whenever I get constipated, I alsways promise to watch my food and water intake, but I think this happens to all of us every so often.

I volunteer in my school to clean the bathrooms. We have very nice bathrooms in our school (the school is new) and I like cleaning them. Bathrooms are cool. I like wiping the girls toilets seats especially. To think that all the girls bare bottoms rest there and that I'm wiping them is quite exciting. Many girls don't flush so I get to see what they do. I have a reputation in the school as the PottyBoy.

I've been revisiting bathroom venues from the past since "logging" onto this forum and the other day entered a "salle de bain" in a department store where I worked as a teen which has become a completely renovated glitz-palace that is a cornerstone of the largest and most exclusive center in my city. I always resented the fact that the urinals were the ones that projected out into the room and had no partitions. I can remember trying to piss with another guy or guys standing next to me and having no success. I grew to call this an inhibited piss. So after that I just went into a stall and could effect any necessary motion or gyration in order to get a good stream going. Ironically, when they gutted that building to the bricks, they left the elevators and restrooms virtually as-is, though the contractor added partitions to those horrible urinals. I just wanted to tell Lynn to continue to visit this forum as you provide valuable input for those of us who need to know about women's bathroom habits. You write well and seem like a bright, sensitive person. Regarding Pooping are SO cute the way you use the term "jobbies!" And Steph, I never guessed a college girl would describe her shitting posture and alter my own habits so dramatically. I now occasionally use the bent-over-forward-on-tippy-toes position you've described and it's not only effective, but the "spread factor" minimizes the number of times you have to thanks! One's healthier for your cardiovascular system if you continue to breathe in and out, just a bit faster than normal...if the position allows...rather than holding your breath as evacuation proceeds. More later as always...

For legal reasons we have to remove the name of the person involved. We also need to point out that any resemblance between the companies/persons/events named may be purely concidential. My old girlfriend was a publicist for Maverick/Warner and was on the " ****" tour for **** a couple years ago. She would tell me tons of wild stories about touring with the band - making me swear I won't tell anybody. Well.... she dumped me - why not, and since I have been lurking in this group I thought I would share something. Apparently ****'s band was pretty open about privacy on the tour bus and it would be quite common to see people half naked. My girlfriend told me **** had a particular quirk for being very vocal when taking a shit. It didn't help that the bathroom walls were pretty thin and next to a space where people hung out. When she would go into the bathroom - activity on the bus halted and everybody would either giggle or be embarrassed by her loud moans and grunts. One day the drummer of band said something to **** and without blinking she laughed explaining that she didn't go often and when she did, usually would drop quite a large load - she also admitted liking the feeling back their. Well ... since most of the members had either witnessed or caught her in the act with - Miss **** usually on all fours - it was quite obvious why she was vocal when pooing. As the tour progressed on a couple months **** would actually make an event of her loud sessions in the bus bathroom - leaving the door wide open and inviting everybody the whole bus entourage in to watch and cheer her on as she pushed and strained - and believe it or not ... wiped. My ex. had to put out a major PR. fire when a reporter from SPIN magazine began traveling with on the bus and saw what was going on - he wanted to include it in his story - it took major persuading and possible legal action to keep the story buried - too bad.

Hi guys. Lynn, my performances are (usually) also run of the mill; I'm glad you've mustered the courage to post again- please know you have my reassurance : )
I pull my pants down below my knees when I'm in a private bathroom, but usually keep them above my knees when in a public stall (Steph, as you know, I also very rarely wear dresses). Some Guy & New Guy, I'm not LI, and rarely have diahrrea- I've read the same thing, about 80-90% of Asians being LI. I've heard my friend, Patti (from Taiwan) shit, very "softly," several times; I guess she's LI, but I've never asked her.
Luv, Alex :)

Happy Camper
To Lynn: That was a beautiful story about your pooping. I am much like you - I let the poop take its own course with no straining. It's more fun this way. The difference between me and you is that I enjoy my wife's company when I poop. I can't believe that there are so many people here that enjoy watching others do it, but on the other hand, they need their privacy. It's tit for tat. Watch and be watched is the best policy. I still trying to teach my wife that, cause she is still alittle modest.

Not a poop story--just a couple questions relating to hygiene habits.
Q 1: Why is standard--or 'regular'--men's underwear colored WHITE? I mean, not only would this seem to be the LAST color of choice for the application, but it's so *boring*. Couple years ago when I'd gone to pick up some misc. clothing items-- including some new Jockeysr (yes, girls, it's true that guys DO occasionally buy new underwear... though rare ;-) -- I noticed the colored briefs nearby and thought, well, why the hell NOT?
Ever since, I've been a happy wearer of colored briefs--black, tan or blue. New ladies occasionally comment positively about them, so I gather that they feel white is rather pedestrian, too (although I admit I definitely like white panties on a girl--something tantalizingly 'virginal' about it, I guess)
Q 2-- At what age (if ever) did it occur to you that one's hiney needed thorough cleaning with soap & water during a shower? I think I was an older teenager before I started doing this---previously I'd relied solely on post-BM T.P. action-- cuz I didn't want to put my hands *back there where it's DIRTY*.
Obviously, before I learned this habit it didn't take long for my (white) undies to go 'stale'. Was I a late-bloomer in this respect? Is there possibly anyone out there who STILL doesn't clean up there while showering?

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