To Peebag: I liked that story

To Outhouse Scott: good story...i wouldn't want to try that, i would be afraid i couldn't make it to the bathroom

To Jason: I liked your story about that 14 yo having trouble passing that log!

Last night i was online and i had to pee really bad...then i had a small urge to poop..the it got even stronger...then about 2 hrs later i had to poop really bad...i had s firm to soft log and it was like half of an s it sorta curved around and i had a few little chunks on top of that. I wiped alot.,..12x then i get back on and later i had to poop again and it was really mushy..almost the consistancy of diahreah..but a little thicker..i haven't had to go since..gotta run now bye

JUST WONDERING--To ansewr your questions--I said the other day I was guessing that I used around 15 squares. So, I counted last time I went, and I only needed about 9. I don't use a bidet or pre-moisened paper. I just wipe until the paper wipes clean. It never takes much, unless I'm really sick.

Question for the guys--my friend says her b/f told her that when he pees with an erection, it burns. Do you most guys experience burning, or is this something this guy should have checked out? Is it actual burning, or just uncomfortable to pee while you're hard? Thanks to all who answer.


Butt wiper
How many people here stick the tp into their hole when they wipe their ass, and how many just go over the surface? If you stick the paper in, how far in do you go?

Hi all. I've been 'lurking' this site for ages, but this is my first post. I was motivated to post after reading christina's message about not being let out to the bathroom at school. I find this is quite a common thing - some teachers just seem to have a problem with letting people out. I dunno why. Isn't this a violation of human rights?

I used to go to school with a girl who used to ask out to the toilet a *lot*. I think she may have had toilet problems, but I'm not sure. Anyway, a lot of the time the teacher would tell her not to go but she still had to run out of the class eventually. What do you think would be more likely to make someone run out like that - a need to pee, or a need to poop? I'd say poop, because pee is easier to hold in. What do others think?

I remember one day she actually farted out loud after the teacher didn't let her go which was such a shame. If the teacher had let her go, then she wouldn't have had to be humiliated like that. However, she didn't seem too embarassed - she said it's just natural.

I'd be very interested to hear any other similar stories from other users.

Rex, I understand your problem about farting in bed when you're with your girlfriend, but if you work at it you can sometimes overcome this problem. I'm 22-years-old and I date mainly US marines (I live in Oceanside). I've been dating one guy now, Brad, for about 18 months. Whenever, he is off duty, he stays over at my apartment. The first time we slept together, we woke up that morning and were fooling around. Suddenly, he pulled the sheet over me and farted in bed. I'd never been interested in guys farting before, but I just got turned on by the smell and I was not at all grossed out. He just laughed and told me what he had done was called a "Dutch Oven." Now he does it regularly when we're in bed and he also lets me come to the bathroom with him when he poops and I enjoy seeing this hunk on the toilet. He takes real big dumps and is totally uninhibited about it. So, I guess it depends on your girlfriend. You never know, some may actually enjoy it if you fart in! bed! If your girlfriend seems the picky type, it probably is best to go fart in the bathroom. It's kinda hard to imagine any girl who would be offended by that. Let me know how this problem works out for you.

Richard / USA

SARAH: Thank you so much for your interest in my situation- If I havenít already, I should state now that this isnít a make-or-break issue. Of course, I would be majorly tickled if my wife was into my thing, or even willing to accommodate me big time with my particular interest without necessarily enjoying it herself, but we have a great marriage and a satisfying sex life as it is, so this is really nothing more than icing on the cake, so to speak. Iím not fixated enough on my interest in women peeing to look elsewhere (other women, I mean), itís more of a recreational interest, you know? Pictures from the newsgroups and the occasional sightings I encounter in real life (not to mention Louiseís personalized cyber-excursions with me :) seem to keep my inclinations reasonably satisfied, so, in any case, Iím a happy dude overall. But I do have a question to ask: Since you, like my wife, donít really understand this particular fascination some of us have, do you find ! Timís interest in women peeing at all distasteful? I ask because Iím interested in getting an open-minded womanís (you seem to fit that description quite well, an admirable [IMHO] attribute) take on her partnerís somewhat peculiar sexual proclivities. My wife admits to no "special interests" at all, Ďthough I suspect (from things sheís said when we have occasionally discussed our fantasies) that she might find teenage boys a secret turn-on, something that her profession prohibits hugely, and that, Iím positive, she has never, ever indulged. Whatever, do you accept Timís desires as just part of his personality? Do you sometimes harbor doubts about it? I would guess that your willingness to participate in this forum says a lot about you as a loving wife. Would that many other spouses were that willing to accept their partnerís individualities so willingly- you impress me.

INA: Thanks for appreciating my pee story- I have some more past occurances that Iíll share with you and others here in my next post.

CONCERT GOER: Very cool story! You must have been just inches from the squatter to get her urine on youÖ How did you get that close before she became aware of your presence?

LOUISE: Ah, yet another trip to the loo with Lou.. LOL My wife & I are morning folks, if you know what I mean, so taking me along during your start-of-the-day ablutions is just perfect. You guys must be starting to get excited about June; Good luck, Ďthough it doesnít sound like youíll need any- you two were obviously meant for each other! So you would like to have witnessed my peeing performance in Vermont from the front? You would have done well to keep your distance, dear (unless you like getting soaked), because I have always (and still do after all these years) pissed like the proverbial racehorse- I donít think I can match your 8-foot range, but I still have quite a reach :).
xxx- Richard

Last weekend my best friend in h. s. invited me to go on a 5 hour trip into the mountains to sky. I was up early. Had breakfast, 2 cups of chocolate and 2 orange juices. They called and said they would be about a 1/2 hour late. So I waited. After an hour they came. Probably I should have gone to the bathroom before I left. But I figured like my family they would stop somewhere so we could go. About 3 hours into the trip my bladder was hurting. I whispered to my friend. He said he needed to go too but that his parents never stopped. He laughed saying they both have super bladders. He assured me that we would be there in an hour. It took two more--6 hours since we started out. We got out and in 15 minutes we were in our room. We both rushed into the bathroom to take a piss together. He pissed a gallon. I am not pee shy but I just couldn't go. I tried and tried. Nothing. He ran the water for me. It took me a half your just to dribble a little. Then finally I got it going and pe! ed for 3 minutes straight. Boy was I scared. My friend was too. He was too embarrassed to tell his parents about it. Have any of you held your pee so long that you had a hard time going even though you needed to desperately?

Sorry for the delay but I was without internet access for a while. However I did read your elegantly written post about Fat Annie. I am actually surprised that she was Chinese, since most of that country are pretty slim. She sounds like my type!
Well now that I'm back online I think I will post another story. Since this whole Rosie O'Donnell affair everyone at work has been teasingly calling me by that name, due to the fact that I'm a lesbian and also because I resemble her in face and coloring (even if I am heavier by 50 lbs and am much more feminine). Well a co-worker of mine named Lisa has become my friend and has recently told me that she is bi curious. We arranged for her to come over to my house, and after a long night of which I'm not allowed to say anything, it was early in the morning and I got up to make coffee. I was padding around the kitchen in just a shirt and no bottoms at all when pretty soon I knew I needed to go to the toilet. Lisa was still asleep so I went to the bathroom. As I approached the door, I heard water running and realized that Lisa had gotten up and was running the tub. Damn! I squeezed my enormous butt cheeks together. The urge to defecate was overwhelming. The water stopped and I! heard Lisa sink into the tub. I opened the door and told her about my predicament, she laughed and said after being so intimate, why not go right in front of her? I asked if she was sure and told her that I would probably take quite a while and also...(I pretended to be embarrassed at this part) I would have to bear down and grunt in front of her. But she assured me that it was ok so I went over to the toilet and sat down heavily: "UGH." Lisa is real thin, with a hard Kate Moss body (I like all types). I looked over at her and caught her watching my butt in fascination; it does tend to spread out quite a bit on the toilet, squishing generously over the sides. Then I looked away and said in a soft voice: "I'm going to begin now..." "Go ahead," said Lisa. "Just pretend I'm not here." I nodded curtly and felt my face grimace as I began to grunt quietly. "mmmmm....mmmmm...." There was no sound in the bathroom except for this quiet grunting and my panting in between. "mmmmm....! mmmmmm!" I stopped for a bit for I was already getting worn out and smiled wanly at Lisa. "This is a little embarrassing for you maybe to have to listen and see me strain like this." I stared at her and grunted boldly as I held her gaze: "UGGHH!" "I am not embarrassed," she replied. I grunted some more, and panted periodically until i could feel the tip of something. It was then that I placed my hands on my huge flabby buttcheeks, gripping and spreading them apart as I sat there, my skin against the toilet seat becoming sweaty. "UUUGGGGNHHHNNN! NNNNNNNNNN!!!!OOGGHHHH!!NNNNN!" My thunderthighs and legs were spread wide serving as a brace as I continued my exertions. "UUGGHHHHHH! MMMMMMMMM!! MMMMMMM!!! MMMMM!" Finally the end was in sight, with a huge last grunt and a heave the first piece slithered out. I panted and sat ungracefully in the throne, my huge belly jiggling with my breaths. I looked over at Lisa. "Is it always so hard for you?" she asked me. So I took a break and! explained to her how it is for many fat women, how it was for my mom. "It's like climbing the stairs or bending over. Obviously for us such actions are strenuous, well it;s the same thing...MMMM!!...on the....UGGHH!...toilet....NNNN!" I couldn't finish due to the tremendous urge to bear down again. I continued to undulate back and forth on the toilet as I grunted. With a GIGANTIC last grunt I sat back and finished. Lisa seemed intrigued. Well, that is the end of my post. But hopefully it's not the end for me and Lisa!

Jason G
Hey, fellow toilet fans! Found out some vocab words: coprophobia and urophobia, fear of fecal matter and urine or urination, respectively. I don't think there's any of that on this site(especially not from people like Kim or Louise...the queens of their domains!). Got two more pooping stories for you. Bridget's been doing well, but Marie had some insane laxative-induced diarrhea lately. I was at her house over the weekend, and we were hanging out and using her video-game system when she jumped up suddenly and shouted, "Omigosh! I really have to sh*t!" Then I heard a really loud fart come from Marie. "Oooh, that didn't sound too good," I said, worried that she had just filled her tight little shorts. "Doesn't smell too good, either," Marie said, her nose wrinkling.
We went into the bathroom, and Marie was fumbling with her belt while hopping around. "What did you eat?" I asked, having smelled some more bombs that she dropped on the way in. "The usual, along with some Ex-Lax," Marie said. Apparently she was trying to avoid the constipation thing like last time. Her face was getting all flushed, but finally she got her belt unbuckled and yanked down her pants and panties to the knees. Her stomach gurgled loudly as she sat down, and she farted again. The smell was making me start to feel faint!
"So, what have -Unngh-ploploploploplop-you been doing this week?" Marie asked me as her anus puckered and she let loose with a mushy poop rope as well as a hiss of her urine hitting the inside of the bowl. "I probably should have been window-shopping for gas masks," I joked. "Yeah, sorry about the-aaah-ploploploploploplop-smell," Marie said as another wave came out. Then she let out a juicy, loud fart/mush load that really smelled like something had died. I said, "Do you want me to wait outside?"
"It'd be a long wait," she said, just as she farted and let loose again. I still had the presence of mind to flush the toilet for her while she was sitting, as the level must have been approaching the danger zone. "Thanks," she said, unloading another smelly load. I grabbed a can of a/f and sprayed it around in copious amounts, as she spurted mushy poop in copious amounts. She must have had like eight or nine waves. Then, the clean up job. She took some toilet paper to wipe the outside of her butt and her vaginal area, then gave me a wet wipe to do the inside. I wrapped it around my finger and stuck it up her as she bent over to give me more room, putting her forearms on her knees and her head on her arms. I cleaned her out, then tossed the wet wipe in the trash (I don't think you're supposed to flush them). Then she pulled up her undies and shorts and we washed our hands.
Second poop story (whoa, this post is kinda long): This happened yesterday at my lesson with Bridget. I know she's a lot older than me, but that woman gets cuter every day...
After the lesson, she beckoned me to the bathroom. "Time for me to these guys go free," she said, patting her butt. Unclipping her overalls, she pulled them all the way down, unlike Marie, who takes them to mid thigh or knee level. Her coppery hair cascaded over her shoulders as she sat on her porcelain throne. She arched her back and scooched forward to give me a better view of the action, and she looked back at me to have a conversation as she peed. "Oooh, here it comes," she said after about ten seconds. After some pre-poop farts, her anus opened up to display a dark brown turd. But then she closed back up again. "Peekaboo," she said playfully, giggling. I chuckled to myself. Then her rosebud opened up again, revealing the turd again. This time it continued, extending out. It was about three and a half inches in diameter and firm. "Nnnnn," Bridget said softly as the turd went for an incredible seventeen inches, curling around, before dropping down. She smiled contente! dly at me. "Don't you just love the feeling of relief after one of those?" "Yes," I agreed, as it truly is very relieving. She let loose a firecracker fart, popping lightly. "Sorry about that," she said. "I like it," I said. Then she bore down again, opening up quickly and easily as another similar turd snaked its way from her round orbs. This one stopped in the middle, and I massaged Bridget's lower back for help. "Those two sensations feel good together," she said, starting it up again. Her log went "floomp!" as it plopped into the bowl. Then, her last one. It grew a little in thickness. "I love the feeling of this log pushing me open and rubbing past my anus," Bridget remarked, a pleasant smile on her face. This log crackled and slid out easily, I guess b/c it was the newest, and therefore the softest. Then she was done, and her nether cave closed. "You wanna do the honors?" she asked, getting into Marie's cleansing position. "Sure," I said, taking some toilet paper and g! oing in deep. "I guess this one today felt better than most, huh?" I said, while going in and out with some more paper. "Yeah, this one was really a lot of fun," Bridget replied, smiling back at me. "I wonder why I enjoy it so much. Not just the going, but you watching. I guess a lot of people would think I'm weird." But I disagree, b/c I think that deep down, everyone enjoys this practice. So I encourage those of you who like it to keep it up and watch people (if they let you, that is).
Later, everyone!
Jason G

Making Money
This shit story happened when I was five years old but the memory of it is very vivid and my aunt and I enjoy joking about it whenever we meet.My mother went to the hospital to have my little sister and my aunt,my mother's sister, was taking care of me.I swallowed a penny.Being only a little boy I started crying.My aunt kissed me and said,"Don't worry Joey,the penny will come out when you make a doody." An hour later I farted. It was a very long fart and it sounded like a roaler coaster.My aunt Fay asked,"Do you want to make a doody Joey?"I said yes.My aunt pulled down my pants,put me on the toilet and I started shitting.I asked my aunt if the penny will come out.She said it was too early for that.However,my aunt said,"Joey,move your tushie so I can see if the penny is in the doody."I did just that.My aunt looked at the back of me and observed the shit coming out of my ass.She also mixed around the shit in the toilet bowl with a stick,but no penny. Two days later ! I said to my aunt,"I have to make."My aunt asked me what I had to make.I said I have to make a peepee.So my aunt held my penis and I pished.While she was holding my penis she said,"Joey,don't you want to make a doody?The penny will come out."I said OK.My aunt sat me down on the toilet and I started shitting.While I was shitting and farting my aunt decided to do her nails in the bathroom until I finished shitting.After about a half hour I said to my aunt,"Aunt Fay,I made a doody.Can you wipe my tushie?"Aunt fay replied,"My nails are still wet.As soon as they dry I will wipe your tushie."Aunt Fay is a very pretty lady with beautiful nails.She waited an appropriate amount of time and proceeded to wipe my ass.When I got off of the toilet she started to check the shit with a stick and lo and behold she found the penny.The shit was a mixture of logs and mushy shit.The penny was in a piece of shit which didn't hit the water and was on the porcelain.My aunt pointed to the penny wi! th the stick and showed it to me. She said,"Joey,here is the penny.I told you it will come out when you make a doody."

dr poop
colorado cory:

I originally posted that about the low/high fiber diet and its relation to poop. Someone misquoted me, switched the facts around to the current twisted one you read. I'm not sure if it was grant or not (it's below his post, there's no name to it)

It's a few pages back, but it's there and i did type it correctly the first time. Maybe it's a person who eats lots of meats/cheeses/animal products and is trying to be funny. I'll tell ya what, it's not funny to be constipated, or have diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, prolapsed colon (where the colon actually comes outside the body through the rectum; basically you shit out your colon) or any of the other serious maladies caused by a low fiber diet.

This is no joke kids, animal products were not made for human consumption! Eating them sure tastes good, but you will pay for it with digestive (see above), circulatory (heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure), endocrine (kidney failure, gout, diabetes), and autoimmune (cancer) disorders. Look at the top 10 causes of death in countries with high rates of meat eating and you will see the above all listed in perfect order. People in Japan, India, China, Pacific Islands, and other vegetarian cultures do not have these problems to the degree we do (incidentally, look at the corresponding rise in "american" diseases in the Japanese in the last 50 years as they consumed more and more beef)

Don't mean to lecture you, but it's a little more involved than "you are what you eat" It's more like "you are what you don't crap out"

All this talk has made dr poop have to go!

Slayer Moon
To PV re: "female" urinals.

It would stand (no pun intended!) to reason that these so-called "female" urinals are ridiculous with the "pipe up the bum" and what not. A "male" urinal will do just fine. You just need to redesign the pants so that women don't have to pull them down, preferably with a loose-fitting crotch area and a zipper going all the way down to the perineum. What passes for "women's" pants these days are really men's pants with a higher waistline (though sometimes lower these days). You shouldn't have to pull your pants down unless you crap, just like us with the Y-chromosome.

to colorado cory:

sorry dude i just learnt it at school thats all. I apologise humbly for stating what i believed to be true and shall grovel for forgiveness.

to colorado cory:

i was just joking about the grovel thing btw. In your post you stated that meat and white bread helps fill up the crapper. That had me wondering-would that mean that vegetarians get constipated quite a bit?

Just Wondering, I use about 10peices of paper. I fold it over and use both sides. I wipe until no brown shows. Laxman and Noel i too let it slide out in my underwear when in the bathroom. First bit is the room where that is sopposed to happen. Secondly sometimes my face is loaded with shaving cream and I feel a fart coming on and when I let go a turd slides out.. The deed is done so i just continue letting it out and shaving. As long as your wearing jockeys you don;'t end up with a streak on your legs and a slpat on the floor.

So many people have mentioned female poop scenes in movies that it is hard to keep track of them all. My question for everyone is this:

What is the absolute best female poop scene you have seen in a movie?

Ring Stretcher
REX: i don't feel comfortable farting in the bedroom so I do it in the bathroom.

YURI: Are you Russian? Cool name. I've waited long periods of time before pissing after drinking tea. Oh the feeling of relief is exquisite!

SICK GUY: Everybody has their thing of what turns them on. Some men get turned on listening to women take huge dumps. Other men get turned on by foot odor. I wouldn't let it worry you at all unless you liked little kids.

BRYIAN: I saw that TLC show where the nurse told the laboring woman to "push like she was really constipated." Didn't envy the poor gal to munch, or the one who pushed for three hours and had to have a C-Section.
how do people IM and email eachother on here if we aren't allowed to leave that info anywhere?

Just want to say hey and some responses-
TO COLORADO CORY-I couldn't have said it better myself about Grant's comments about the high starch-meat diet!Then again he's only 13-he'll learn the" hard "way(LOL) Nothing like brown rice and watermelon to get you going!I hardly eat meat and eat lots of fish-white bread is thw worst thing for you-it enriched with all kinds of chemicals and thats' why I'm not a white bread eater!
TO JUST WONDERING-I use between 10-12 squares myself and I get plenty clean cause I fold it a few times and for the real messy ones,i use the wet naps or handi wipes-I'll bet those who use 30-50 squares just bunch it up and stuff up their bowl! FOLD- FOLD
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-Hey,neighbors,good to finally hear from you guys!I was wondering what happened to you! I enjoyed your sory with Kathy in the twin toilets-I'd like to see one of her BM's myself-we should all get together for a good woods poop sometime!Good stuff-sounds like you guys really did some serious pooin'Bet you guys can't wait for the warm weather-I can't!More stuff!
TO OUTLAW STAR-I found the worst public toilets are the ones in public parks and stuff-I just won't use'em-I'll just poo out in the woods-it much more fun-it trully amazes me how some people are just disgusting slobs!I just stay far away from that stuff!
Had a nice quick dump about an hour ago-As soon as I got out of bed,I had to dump and went to the bowl and sat down and started to piss like a racehorse and at the same time I let out a hissing fart and 2 long turds came out of my ass pretty quick at the ssme time I was peeing-felt wonderful and it was over in about 20 seconds and I sat ther waiting to go more but passed some wet farts and that was it-it was a bit loose cause when the turd hit the water,they broke up into pieces about 3-5 inches or so-if they had stayed together,they were probably pretty long ones-it feels nice to pee and poop at the same time-uaully,i poop 1st and then pee,but today it was a #3!I enjoyed it! Good stories all-latet BYE

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JEFF A-hello sweetie! nice to hear from you again.I was worried (along with many others)that we havent heard from you in so long. please keep posting! kimmie loves you!by the way do you still draw pictures of the ladies that you like on this site?be well.
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-hello you two. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too.thats great that you have adjoining toilets to watch each other poop.I like that idea but I also like the way scott and I do it with me sitting on his lap on the toilet as we bang out our huge logs.take care you two ,we look forwards to many more stories from you both!plus thanks for reading our stories over and over again. you two sure flatter us!
TO MEGHAN and SARAH S-hello girls. I hope that you two get well from your illnesses.I tell you girls sound like a lot of fun. can kimmie hang around with the both of you!haha. be well guys!
TO BUZZY-hello your stories. thanks for liking ours.
TO PV-hello dear. thanks for the nice letter back to me.scott and I have travelled alot but never to australlia. could that be my next destination to show a very special redheaded lass there my wonderous logs....
take care all. more kimmie and scott posts later!

Outhouse Scott: Hey dude, that was a terrific story! I also enjoy taking a dump in front of others. I've often been with buddies when I dumped, but I've never had the opportunity to take a crap in front of chicks. I'm sure it must be real cool! You say you get a rush out of being watched while dumping. Do the watchers have to be chicks or dudes or do you enjoy dumping in front of both? When you took your dump in front of your friends, how exposed were you? Could the audience see your crown jewels? Please keep those great stories coming!

Lawn Dogs Kid
COUSIN: I think it must go with the name. My little princess is hardly ordinary either when it comes to the toilet stakes !

LINDA GS: Don't you worry your little self. Kendal and I are fine. We just don't have too much to say at the moment. Enjoyed the thought of you with dreamy eyes while opening the flood gates ! Also loved your camp story. Poor you having to take a major dump, and it plopping in just while those girls were watching. Never mind, at least you got to have the favour returned, seeing so many of them using all those toidys as well ! Now, homework while on the toidy ! That also sounds a great idea to pass the time. I'm usually a while on the toidy myself, reading generally. Perhaps I should take my homework with me ! Now that would be so funny. I've got one teacher who must mark the homework while smoking, because I always get a faint wiff of smoke off the paper when its handed back to me. I wonder if he sniffs the paper, and what he would say if I handed him homework done on the toidy ?!! Kendal has turned green and says she needs the toidy for something else now after th! at gross comment !! Look forward to your spring break dump stories, babe. Take care. Love from Drew XOSXOS

ELEANOR: Ellen wrote you a post which didn't get on. We haven't told her it didn't get on so she won't be upset. She told you that she gets called Ellie on occasions, but mostly Ells Bells by Dad, and Melon by me ! I do wind her up with that, because she can't think of a name to call me that rhymes with Andrew ! Anyway, she went for a poo with Kendal, making me stay outside for calling her Melon. So I said I would do like your brother, and count the plops ! When she came out again, she demanded to know how many I had heard. I told her three. Ellen then told me I can't count, because she had four ! Apparantly, one was a quiet flopper like Kendal has, which I obviously didn't hear ! I expect you're getting ready for the big move. Good luck with everything. Love from Drew x

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Hi to all of you. My goodness, what a sight coming out of the sea, and Linda GS saw you ! Ho Ho ! Kendal and Ellen both send their love. Not much happening on the toidy front at the moment. But the warmer weather is just around the corner.... hmmmmmm !! I can feel trips to the Lakes coming on, and stand-up wee shows from the girls down some quiet pathway, except for Kate of course ! But no doubt Emily won't be able to wait to show off !! Love from Andrew xxxx

LOUISE: Speaking of stand up wees, why does my mind drift to you ... !! What a story to Richard ! I should imagine 95% of the male population at this site enjoyed that story tremendously, just like me. The other 5%, who prefer men, well, they don't know what they are missing out on ! ( Mind you, they would say that about me and my preference for the fairer sex, no doubt ) Have you set my date up yet ?! Love from Andrew x

RIZZO: I know you're on your travels my friend. Hope they've been good ones, with plenty of stories to be told here upon your return ! Love from Andrew ( big hugs from Kendal and Ellen ! )

KIM: Enjoyed your story a while ago about the dump you had with one of your female friends ! Love from Andrew x

JUST WONDERING -- I use two squares at a time, folded into a small square wad and moistened with saliva. I repeat this two, three, maybe four times as a rule, and wipe completely clean, plus dry myself. I rare use ten squares, all up, and ca often get by with only six.

MEGAN & SARAH S -- hi there, dears! Well, my bloody stools were just that once, and the Immodium settled me down pretty quick, after which there was no more blood, so i'm positive it was a broken capillary due to the violent cramping of the muscles of my gut. It would have healed up very quickly, and in the absence of other symptoms or peristsent bleeding, I don't think there's any need for investigation -- but have a hugs hug each for being concerned!

What a fountain I'd do for you on the beach! Keep your fingers crossed, I'm goig to try with all my might to make it to the sands this Friday! The target is 14 wees or more, and a dump if I can manage it.

Thank you do much for your sunny outlook on my age -- I sure still feel like a youngster!

OUTLAW STAR -- The yuckiest bathroom I ever used was one that's been torn down in recent days -- I had gone in expecting to have a great stading-up wee in the urinal and what I found was the biggest, darkest, most horrible turd I'd ever seen lying in the urinal. I got out of there very quick, feeling pretty sick!

PRG -- I've offered much advice on enemas to others on these boards over the years, but I don't have a home kit. I've often thought it would be a good idea to have one!

Best to all,


UNNAMED POSTER -- Thanks for the info on cultural differences -- I had o idea Nartive Ajmerican women traditionally peed standing as well, while men squatted. This is the exact same situation (and reaction) as encountered by herodotus in his visit to Egypt in the 5th century BC...

Tim and Sarah
INA: Hi sweety, we are sorry to hear you are sick. Hopefully youíll get better soon.The actor she meant is a guy in a television series. We canít think of the name. The series is called "Dark Angel" and itís a guy with glasses, who is in a wheelchair. I can see a bit of why she would say that, but I donít think he looks like me. LOL. We did not watch much though, we just promised we would take a look. Sarah said he looked too much like me for she would not want to watch it, as he is in a wheelchair. Itís a silly topic, really... I just wanted to answer your question. I never noticed before how noisy a tinckle can be heard in our corridor, as the othes obviously pee more discreet than me, LOL. I remember it was a satisfying gusher though, as I really had to go. Get well, lovexxx from Tim and Sarah

ROBBY AND ANNIE: Hi dears, we certainly do not want to slap you. Some hugs would be more appropriate. I am 38 and Sarah is 35. Why? Did we say some something, that did not sound grown up? LOL. Sarah here, no worries, Hannah is like a second sister to me, and besides the two are only seeing each other very rarely, whereas Tim has to cope with most of my folks the whole time. And if you remember his early posts they are not always such a sunshine like lovely Hannah. No, as I said I am not jealous. I meant dear Alanís reaction to your early confessions. We were again very sad to hear about Sue. Tim again, my father had a brain tumour. Sorry, I do no want to stir up things again. Our thoughts are with you. We are glad there were people for support. No worries, I rest when I have got the time. I just sleep at work... LOL. I ususally eat my very healthy lunch paket, that my sweet Sarah makes for me, have a relaxed poo at the gents, while everybody is out and spent the rest o! f the lunch break with a nap on the couch in my office...very refreshening. Sometimes I have to pee after my nap and then it gets very busy at the toilets, as many have to poo after lunch. I prefer the more quiet time though...Hope you are healthy and fit. Lovexxx from me and Sarah

EPHERMAL: I am glad to hear you are better. I certainly know the pleasure of regular movements after many irregulaities. You should try to find a way to cope during stress as well though. It usually does not get better after studying. What about some yoga or meditation? We always think there is no time but, if you take time to relax you can work again more refreshed and then you manage the same amount in less time that without a break. Give it thought. I wish you well.
We of course know your trick with the fresh nappy or some cloth. I am suprised only the boys sprinkled on daughter was always emancipated there and I think most girls are. LOL. When I changed our boy it was a bit like bull fighting. You kind of provoke the wee by tickling them and then put the cloth up. Lol.
I donít want to interfere with anything that is not my buisness, but you know that many people who come out get as a comment "as long as you donít try to hit on me". Itís not like because they are attracted to the same sex it means everybody (!) from the same sex... I know you did not mean that. You know, one of my best friends is gay and it was so awful he lost so many male Ďfriends Ď when he came out. I was one of the few ones who remained and I was the one, he was attracted to at the time. But so what? I told him I donít feel that way and thatís fine. I am in no way uneasy with him. He now has got a very nice partner and we often Ďdeposití our kids with them, when we want a break and they ask for some stress. LOL. Good luck with your studies, dear.

SARAH AND MEGHAN: I hope you realised the top of our last post was for you although the head got cut off. We are worried about the blood in the poo. Please let us know as soon as you know itís ok! Get well both! LOVEXX from Sarah and me

PV: Hi dear. You should not say so many nice things about us, you donít really know us..But THANK YOU! ;-). A warm-hearted quest is certainly what also springs to mind when thinking about you!!! I am so touched you say we are responsible there. I never had a doubt my wife was, but I donít know if you remeber some of my early posts here. I had such a bad time, cause my in-laws indicated awful things after a I had a toilet emergency in front of the kids and Sarah. After that I felt so uncomfortable when Josie saw me naked or walked in when I weed. I always thought nothing about it, but got uneasy through their twisted thoughts. I am afraid they would have put me into prison, if they knew I am discussing on the internet how to teach my daughter pee standing. Itís so reasuring you are saying such nice things. Sarah just said that thankfully itís non of their buisness...Itís such a relieve to openly be able to talk with her about this topic. You are a lovely lady, dear. It w! as so cute, you called Josie a "happy little tiger". That fits so well! Did you read her brotherís nickname is Loewie (little lion)? So far I always said to Josie, she was my unicorn then, but little tiger might be even better! To tell you the truth, she was a rather unhappy little tiger yesterday, cause she got into big trouble for playing on my labtob while I got a drink, deleting an hour of work. After I made my point she was sulking and went to bed without giving me a kiss. This morning it was all forgotten though and I got a big kiss while I was sitting on the toilet for a pee. Sarah also came in while I was showering and Josie stank us all out with her morning poop, she did far away from any embarrassment with half of the family in the bathroom. Lol. Josie is really short for Josephine, after her late grandfather, but maybe an either/or name is even more suitable for that little rascal...I always thought the red comes from my Jewish ancestors, while Josie and Hannah ! have got some red and me and my son are more dark blondes like Sarah. Love to you from all of us

Last but not least LOUISE: Sarah sends her love and thanks you for your words. I am allowed to say she has gone to the toilet to try to poop. I hope she will come back with the smile of success...I am happy you two are having a good relationship. You seem to know whatís important; never loose the ability to talk. I feel so loved, cause Sarah accepts my interests and tries to share as much as she can. I am in no way unsatisfied at the moment and if she never feels comfortable enough to poop while I am in the room, then thatís fine as well. I am more into weeing anyway and I am more than happy we started with some fun there. You bet I was disappointed I missed Sarah assistance in hospital...especially as at that time we were not as open as we are now. I must have sensed though, I could trust that Ďnurseí that looked like my wife more than the others, as I finally peed...LOL. I think with the other nurses I was quite glad I was drugged up, cause you never know what embarras! sing situations could come out of it. I donít know if I could have peed with Sarahís help without drugs.Lol.
So would you like piano lessons from Sarah? I do free pees in addition, lol! Sarah has got one male student who is really anoying, as he always leaves a little puddle in front of the loo. So I recently lost my patience and had a word with him. He claimed it wasnít wee but water as he is washing himself if we would care...I donít know where some get educated; we have got kids and whom does he expect to clean up after him. Little Loewie, who is three, is more tidy...
I know what you mean about crying when you read about female circumcision. Itís always hard when Hannah sometimes talkes about things she has seen with her own eyes. She is so brave. By the way, something brighter, Hannah and me peed against a tree together during a walk on Monday. Great fun for both of us. She is very comfartable with the travelmate. Any new adventures? Lovexxx from Sarah and me

Robby, from Brisbane,
Hi there. Thanks for your amazing site. It comes as such a reliefe that there are many people out there who find this subject a turn on. (ladys defacating.) I thought I was the only one. It has been an obsession of mine for as long as I remember. Of course it is a thirst that is very hard to quenche, I mean I just can't walk up to a lady about to use the toilet and say "do you mind if I listen?".
A few years ago, when I was shopping at the local mall, I felt a call of nature. I went off to the mens room and was using the urinal when I happend to hear a female approching. (She was speaking, and it became obvious.) I quickly darted off into the middle one of the three qubicles, so she would not see me as she entered. She walked into the qubicle next to me and I could here her pulling up her dress and down her knickers. There was silence for the next few moments apart from a small and stiffled grunt. My excitement skyrocketed as it was obvious she was trying to have a dump. A few more moments of silence passed and she let out a very strained type of grunt. My heart was racing as I realised that she was probably constipated. Eventually, with a high pitched fart she dropped the lot in quick and noisy succession. I raced outside so I could get a glimpse of this fabulous lady as she exited. Wow!!!!!! She should have been a model!!
If there are any ladys in S.E. Queensland who would let me share there experiences with them in return for anything, please let me know.
Thanks, Robby.

RJogger & Kathy. Glad to see you back again. I enjoyed your latest post.

Colleen. I don't think it's quite so uncommon for adults to wet the bed as you might think. Anyone can, in theory at least, do it. I don't know how evenly divided the incidence of it is between men and women. Men have allegedly better bladder control during the daytime but it doesn't take a great leap of the imagination to suppose that some guys who go out to the pub of an evening and down several pints of beer are often bedwetters, perhaps waking up in the night with an urge so strong that they end up weeing before they can get out of bed. Also, it was discovered during World War II that the mothers of urban evacuees, when visiting, were often as big if not bigger bedwetters than their offspring. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any information though on the incidence of bedwetting amongst adults in public institutions such as hospitals and prisons. My guess is that it's commoner than many people think.

Robby and Annie
Hi There Toidyteers!
Well, the girls are back at school. Sarah didn't have anything serious. She got some meds. They both got orders to start eating right and take it easy. The doctor said their poos should be more regular. Robby- In light of some of their recent posts, I want to say that the girls' experiences with women didn't suprise me. Sue and I taught our girls to know what they want out of life and go get it. We are religious but we are also very open minded. The girls are old enough to make their own decisions. They do come to Annie and I for advice, though. Ok, that is that! Now on to our story!

Yesterday morning Annie and I experienced a first on our morning bike ride. While we were cycling Annie suddenly stopped and said;"I really do need to poo!" There were some trees near the path. We walked our bikes over to the edge and I stood as a lookout. She pulled down her tights and squatted. I heard her grunt and a series of little balls flew out of her arse. I turned around to look, decided to wee, and took out my wiily. By that time a large log was hanging from her bum. I arched my wee towards her pile. She looked up at me and said;"What the bloody hell are you doing, people can see you!!" This was true. Two of our neighbors cycled over, saw what we were doing and the lady said;"Annie, thank god, I have to shit, too!" So here were these two elegant ladies dropping logs in the woods and the males looking on appreciatively. This couple live only 3 doors down from us. Annie and her friend wiped and stood up. We all looked at each other in awe realizing what just happ! ened. We all laughed and got on our bikes. The last thing the neighbors said was;"Enjoyed it and we will see you at your Passover Seder." Annie still can't believe this actually happened.

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie! We really enjoyed your story about your buddy wee. Annie and I have been in Berlin and seen these wee conventions. Europeans are much more open than Americans on this point. One time I saw an alto from the Berlin Staatsoper have a squat outside the stage door. It was a riot. We hurt for you in your search for work. We hope you can find something either in Germany, England, or possibly Italy. Have you considered France? We encourage you. The girls think you're great and so do we! Lots of Lovexxxx and a hug from Robby and Annie

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi dear friends! Robby- Louise, I can see you taking me by the hand and leading me into the loo. You sit me down on the toidy and then get into the bath. You raise your nighty, spread your legs and a torrent of wee starts to gush from your lips. I gaze in amazement at the performance. Your wee starts to dimenish. You ask me to wipe you. I take a tissue and ever so gently wipe your lips. Steve comes in and we both applaud you for your generous display. This would be your virtual perfomance for me! Annie just fainted,LOL! Annie- Robby really hopes you can do this, Louise! He is sitting here with a big grin on his face. Steve, you have done a wonderful virtual wee for me. The description was immaculate. I would have been the one to pull your foreskin back, though. Megs gets a little nervous and your wee would be flying all over the place,LOL! Looking forward to the wedding! Take care, Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends! Sarah, your feelings about Tim and Hannah are quite natural. Alan and I'm sure Sue had the same feeling. We are very close. As cousins we are as close as brother and sister. Let Hannah teach Josie the standup weeing but DON'T feel so inadequate. You have a wonderful understanding of this forum now. You will try other things only when you feel like it. My girls are still learning and searching. We have boundaries we won't cross. Tim, you are so great in giving encouragement to Sarah. We know your toilet bonding will grow. If it doesn't, ok! Give Hannah, Josie, and your son our love. Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie

DEAR PV: Hi sweetheart! Rear-end thirties! That's not old!! By-the-way the girls really think you are really cool! I have a story that wouldn't get on here. As we have said we are opened minded and love you for the free spirit you are! Please read our bike poo story at the top. The great barrier reef sounds like a great place to have a big wee!! It probably will repell the sharks,LOL! We can see your flaming red hair blazing on the beach and the wee pishing forth. Go for it!! BIG GRIN!!! Love Ya!!! Annie and Robby

DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi dear! You are finally getting some rest, thank god!! Your wees and poos seem to be getting more regular. We enjoyed your last story. Now, what play are you rehearsing? Robby is beginning rehearsal on a play, too. We are all concerned about you. Take care! Lots of Lovexx and shalom! Annie and Robby

DEAR ELEANOR: Hi there! We are so glad you are getting settled in Exeter. Sometimes we wish that we could meet some of our dear friends here. I fear it probably won't be possible. We really enjoyed your little prank you played on your brother, teehee! Take care, dear! Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi there! We miss you! Sarah had a long poo in the toidy this morning and Meg was in a desperate state. She had to run down to the den loo and she just exploded into the bowl, poor thing. Oh yes, she let out some mighty trumps along with it. She has been quite ill. She is somewhat better. They are back at school now. We will call them later. Kendal, we hope you are having some jolly buddy poos with Kirsty and Charlotte. Andrew, have you done a poo for Kendal? We look forward to your posts! Lots of Lovexxxx and big hugs. Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR ELLEN: Hi sweetheart! We wanted to say hi and say we miss you! Take care! Lots of Lovexx and a big hug. Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

We have to go!! SPECIAL FRIENDS: Jane and Gary, Rizzo, Rjogger and Kathy, Todd and Diana, Jeff A, DianeNY, Adele, Carmalita and the gang!, David and Niki, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Upstate Dave, Bryian, Adrian, Aaron, Sarah(new poster), Kimmie and Scott, Gruntly Bogwell, Ellie and Little Lou!! and all of the other great posters here.



Hi to everyone to replied to my posts - Kim & Scott, Buzzy and Bryian; hope you all continue to have great shits.

PV - great to find a fellow Aussie on the list. Where in this wide brown land are you?

Here's a special shout-out to all the other Christians on the list. Jesus is LORD! I did one of my biggest ever shits at church in 1998 Ė Iíll tell yíall about it soon!

So refreshing to find on the Internet a place without the usual innuendo often associated with topics like this.

I might as well join the bandwagon and post my current records for holding on - 25 hours for piss (set in 1994), and about 7 days for shit.

d-Wizz will return with more stories l8ter on - the local time here is 0115hrs, and I'm very tired.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

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