I think I'm getting a stomach virus again. I haven't had one in a few years, and the diarrehia (sp?) was so bad I had to stick a butt plug or a tampon up my bum to keep it from leaking out inbetween sitting on the toilet sessions. Can anyone else relate?

THere is alot of cultural variances on stance during urination.IN arab nations men often squat to pee.An explorer first coming to america was shocked to find the native american women peed standing while the men squated.He thought it was a savage thing to do.Shows all the variences in our world and how people often make a judgement of a person on something as simply as urinating.

SOme shows with urination-ON the man show on the wheel of destiny one of the bad things was Adam pees on your wallet.One guy got that and after his wallet got peed on they gave it back to him using tongs.THey also had one where Jimmy was peeing at a urinal and asked people to take his picture and he got one guy to pee in a bottle for him.Another one was when Jimmy has a midget and he had 2 guys hold him up to the urinal to pee but they wouldn'y unzip him lol.

On the simpsons once when Moe was gonna leave someone in charge of the bar while he was gone he picked homer because he won a pissing contest but someone(Carl I think)said don't be so proud of yourself that was wind assisted.

IN American Pie 2 there is a scene where a guy has a girl behind him with a bottle of wine and expects her to pour it on him.A guy who has to pee pees over the side of a building right onto the guy's face and he thinks it's wine(cause he could taste the bubbles)until he sees his girlfriend knocked out on the floor.I also like the quote of the guy who had to pee-"If I didn't have to hold my dic because I have to pee so bad I'd shake your hand."LOL Bathroom humour is the best kind there is.Keep the stories coming.

To OutlawStar: I see about the family restrooms...does the door lock or are there stalls in there? thanks

To Jeff A : Your not alone...i've also met some posters through here and we talk on e-mail and IM

I stayed online really late last night...after getting up very early for off the rest of the week....and i go to bed around 12:30am and i put the tv on and on the learning channle there was a show about women in labor...there was this one lady giving birth...and i heard the nurse say..."Push really hard, like you are constipated" got a kick out of hearing that on tv. Any one see that?

I'm new at this site,but I had a shameful accident on a beach once-luckily my family wasn't there.
Anyhow,I was walking with my friends{it happened when I was ten}and we were chatting.Then,I felt a strong urge to pee,so I told the others I was going home{I don't know why I didn't do it in the sea}.
I was about to run home,when my boyfriend,Mark,said he'd follow me.
'It's OK.'I said,as I didn't want them to know I needed to pee. 'I'll go alone.'
'What-is this a break-up?'Mark asked,but he followed me anyway.It was ages to my house and we lived side by side so I started to hop around.
'What's up?'Mark asked.
'Nothing at all.'
We kept walking and about three blocks from my house I looked at him and said 'Actually-I'll go to the arcade.'
I started to run down the road and he caught up with me;he wanted to come too.I groaned and ran behind a bush,let loose some pee and hurried back.
Then I needed to shit-and pee again.I pissed to my hearts content and then let loose a huge pile of shit,letting Mark see my bare ass.
More from me later,

jackie- was that the only time that you messed your pants?

outlaw star: the nastiest public restroom i have ever used was back at my high school on a day when a sewer main broke and the water was sut off. you can imagine what the site and stench of the restrooms were at the end of the day. what made this so bad was that it happened at least5 or 6 times a month.
now to a story:
my college each semester has what they call a midnight breakfast each semester. in the fall it is on halloween and in the spring it is on st. patrick's day. they started serving at 11:30. and the cool thing was that in honor of st. paddy's day the eggs, grits, biscut gravy and milk were dyed green. can you imagne all the green poop. there were about 200 people or so in attendance. my poop has been really green latley anyways,but this made it even greener.

Uncle Allen
Hi everyone. Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been very busy lately. I have two stories that I want to share. I'll see how much time I hav to write. First one happened at work today. I am an elementary school teacher for those who may not know. (don't remember if I mentioned that before or not). Well, I am a man which makes the bathroom situation akward sice I work with so many women. There are not separate bathrooms for men and women adults in the school. We have only two unisex restrooms for the entire faculty. So, today at lunch I had to poop kind of bad. There are 2 choices for me. I could poop in the toilet that is in the teacher's room but then everyone would propably hear me through the door as they eat their lunches or I could use the adult restroom i the hallway. I decided to use the hallway one. I knocked on the door first to make sure noone was in there. There was no response so I opened up and then I hear a lady's voice say oh wait it's ! occupied. Oh NO! Oh my god! this all happened very quickly. There was a huge black lady sitting on the toilet with her pants and panties down to her ankles. SHe jumped off the potty when I opened the door. i said sorry and quickly closed the door. I felt bad but I did knock first and she did not answer. I noticed her purse strap was caught in the door, but decided to just walk away. I bit the bullet and took my poop as quickly and quietyl as possible in the teacher's room. There were not many people in there yet and noone said anything so that was that.
My second story happened over the weekend. I went to Barnes and Noble( a book store for those who may not know). While there I had one of my somewhat bad diarrhea attacks. It was the kind where you sit on the toilet with bad stomach cramps and then suddenly have a long wave of uncontrollable watery or soft poop and then the cycle starts all over again. So there I was in the first of two stalls for a while. Someone else comes in and I hear him walking with a cane or walker. This guy goes past my stall and inot the next stall which was handicapped. He takes some time and cleans the seat- at least that's what it sounded like and finally sits down to poop. I am continuing with my on and off waves of diarrhea. Suddenly the men's room dor opens and I hear an older woman's voice call out "Frank?" The answer ws "Yeah" "Hurry up Frank come o

speedoboy-I am 16 and go to the beach once in a while during the summer months. When i need to pee there, I will usually just piss in my bathing suit like you did. It's too far to the bathrooms and i usually dont want to go in the water. It's uncomfortable (and usually impossible) to hold it without a lot of dancing around, so I just pee in my suit. I think it feels good to piss myself without anyone noticing unless they are looking for it. So i just wanted to tell you that I have had similar experiences as you - and thanks for your story, I liked it a lot.


Punk Rock Girl
Hey, everyone.

There's something I keep on meaning to make a comment about. A few weeks ago, the picture at the top was of a girl sitting on the kitchen sink with the water running. From the way she was positioned, it looked like her ass wasn't far enough into the sink to be peeing, so she must have been taking a dump. Now, although it may very well have simply been a pose, how would a bowel movement of any consistency (even enema-induced) be able to fit down the drain without making a major mess? I realize that lots of people like to poop in weird places, but that's really weird! Oh well, to each his own.

Speaking of enemas, does anyone here enjoy giving themselves an enema? I don't mean sexually, but just in general. I have an enema kit at home and use it occasionally when I have constipation or diarrhea, and it really does make me feel better. I've even used it a few times when I felt fine, just to clean myself out. I think it feels great to get rid of all that compacted stuff that sits there and won't come out. I don't do it too often, maybe five once every couple of months. But I do like that rush of liquid that comes out as a result. It's like diarrhea without the stinging ass and cramped up guts.

Just asking.

Peace to ya!


Colorado Cory

You posted: "A simple way to prevent constipation is to eat a diet low in fiber and rich in meat and starches (including chicken, pork, eggs, fish, and beef)."

You are absolutely, positively, 100% dead wrong. A diet high in fiber (whole grains, beans, fruits and v????? (preferably raw) is the way to prevent constipation. Why do you think over-the-counter laxatives and "regularity aids" such as Metamucil contain, or consist entirely of, fiber?

Wanna plug yourself up? Eat lots of meat and white bread.

A high fiber diet will, without doubt, increase the size of your stool. But it will be soft, and easily eliminated.

I know this isn't a medical forum, and anyone who takes it as such is plain nuts. But good Lord, if you're going to post medical advice, try to be logical.

Tim and Sarah--Thank you for your lovely note of concern. You'll be pleased to know that this week things have gone much more smoothly for me. Like I said, STRESS!! (2 midterms last week). I have gone almost every day this week, so back to normal. I definately make it a policy to go whenever I have to and not wait because I know that can agrevate my slow digestion. In fact, just before I checked out the forum today, I was talking to my friend online and doing some reading for school. I felt like I had to go and I felt like it might take a few minutes, so I took my book with me. Well, needless to say it was so quick and easy I didn't even need the book--I read less than one paragraph!!! Anyway, I peed and let out a really long and soft piece followed by a couple smaller ones. Everything was very soft, but not messy and it sunk to the bottom and was partially hidden behind the drain. It's such a relief to be able to go with ease on a nearly daily basis. I haven't! really changed my diet or anything, so I'm sure it's just the stress. I'm on the run constantly, and I've noticed that I tend to get the urge when I just sit down and chill for a few minutes (even just doing homework...anything but running around) and also usually when I'm alone.

I used to babysit a lot throughout middle and high school and even occasionally on my college breaks and I've sat for very young babies (from a mother's helper the day one little guy came home from the hospital...he's 5 now) Anyway, I don't think there's a single boy I've changed more than once who hasn't sprayed me. Nevertheless, I found a great trick out from my cousin when I lived with her for a month when I was 13--take the pants off, slip a clean diaper under the old one, then unhook it and lift the front of the clean diaper as a sheild. This works better with a wet diaper because with a soiled one, you need to sheild and wipe without letting the baby's bottom touch the clean diaper. You can't stop the kid from peeing, but you can stop it from soaking you, the changing table, the kid's clothes and the wall......

Anyway, I should finish this reading and grab a quick dinner before rehearsal.

Hugs to all

Just Wondering
Wow! I am AMAZED at anyone who can wipe their butt with only 10 or 15 squares of paper. I need at least 25 or 30 squares and sometimes I need more. For anyone who wipes with less than 20 squares of paper -- how clean do you get? Do you wipe until there's no brown on the paper? I'm assuming that you're not using a bidet or any kind of pre-moistened paper. For people who only use dry paper on their butt, can anyone else get really clean with fewer than 20 squares?

Outhouse Scott
Hey, everyone.

I did something interesting the other day. I was going to a party at a friend's apartment who I haven't seen in a while. I knew I would know just about everyone there, so I decided to do something. I think I've mentioned that I get a rush out of being seen on the toilet, or taking a shit. So, before the party, I gave myself an enema. One of those little Fleet enemas. Just enough to ensure that I would have to go at some point during the evening. My friend's apartment isn't tiny, but it's not very big either. This makes the fact that his bathroom is quite big pretty unusual. Anyway, because of this, a lot of people end up hanging out in the bathroom. People will go in and pee while other people are sitting on the edge of the tub or leaning on the sink and talking. Anyway, you can probably guess what my plan was.

So, I wait until the urge has really hit me and I really am about to shit my pants. I peeked into the bathroom. Luckily, everyone in there was someone I knew--five or six people, including my friend. Three of them were women. So, I psyched myself up and burst into the bathroom, funmbling with my zipper. I said, "Oh, shit!!! I'm really sorry about this!" I yanked my pants and boxers down, sat on the toilet, and dumped about five gallons of liquid shit into the bowl. It was LOUD!!! Not much farting, but major splashing. Man, it felt awesome. I kept my eyes squeezed shut the whole time, to make like I was embarrassed. I heard one of the girls say, "Oh my God!" and run out.

When I was finished, I let out one big fart, and leaned back on the toilet. I opened my eyes. Everyone but the one girl was still there, staring at me. My friend started laughing, then was joined by everyone else. All of a sudden, there were four or five people at the door, poking there head in to see what was so funny. My friend finally asked if I was okay. I said yeah, and said sorry again. "I was about to shit my pants." He asked if I wanted them to leave, but I said that's okay. My friend then grabbed the air freshening spray off the toilet lid and sprayed the room. I wiped my ass with everyone watching, then flushed the toilet before I got up. I pulled up my pants and washed my hands. Then said I needed a drink. I got one, then came back to the bathroom and talked with everyone. One of the girls peed in front of us a little later. Everyone had apparently forgotten about it by the end of the night.

It was cool! If you, for whatever reason, like being watched shitting, I suggest trying it. It's quite a rush!


Family Restroom !
Um.. not exactly an extreme mind you. we have them here and it's usually between the Men's and Ladies room. basicly it's for parents who have small children of the opposite gender that need help while using the toilet. I myself wish they had had these when Linda was that age, however since I have 2 baby daughters of my own.. I may be using them in the future. Linda and Elena and myself have used them from time to time at the mall a few times when the ladies room was full and the girls could not wait. Also since it's more private.. Elena and Linda feel more comfortable pooping there than in Ladies room. Sometimes if the urge hits them and they know they won't make it home.. they'll use that instead for more privacy. Also.. if Elena goes out shoping and such and has to go..while the babies are in her care she'll use it that way she can use the toilet and have the girls nearby in their stroller, which she says is just as bad at the public Ladies room as they stare at her th! e whole time and little kendal giggles away. Elena is convinced Kendal is no ordinary baby. HEH.

to Linda GS:

I is now 13 btw... the accident was kind of funny-the farmer never seemed to notice it. Luckily I moved away from that house :-)

to Jeff A:

I was just reading your reply to carmen. does that mean that i'm not considered a pervert by my liking of the excretion of waste from women?

Traveling Guy
Hi, Lydia! I'm too busy right now to check the post you're referring to, but I can describe a "family restroom" for you. I'm sure you've seen unisex restrooms, like those in a convenience store, meant for use by one person at a time. Well, a family restroom is like that, but larger, so that a whole family can go in together. The ones I've seen have the usual toilet and wash sink and often have a drop-down diaper changing table, too. I think the idea is that a mom or dad can take the "wee" ones in all at once without having to leave anyone outside or worry about sending a little tike of the opposite sex into an adult restroom. Older siblings and adult couples would probably want to use the room or the usual facilities separately. (Maybe not some of us here, though, given that it's OK for everyone to go in at once ;-) ) These family restrooms seem to be a hit with young moms and dads, from what I hear.

Catching up can be fun, especially when the subject is something you really enjoy. Kathy and I have been reading page after page of posts, as we have been to busy the last few weeks to log in. Work, family issues, whatever have kept us away. First, some greetings then we have a short post.

Jeff A - Our cyber space little brother has returned, finally! How the hell are ya, Jeff, it has been ages, hope you and Denise are well. Kathy and I have recovered from our injuries (back and heel), as have Noreen and Larry (ankles). Injuries have hit all of us 50 something fools, as we just don't know how to let up. We haven't done any real outdoor pooping lately, but the racing season starts the Sunday after Easter, and I am sure something will happen as it always does. Take care until next time.
Buzzy - Neighbor, you have had some really great stories out here recently. That is what we have come to expect from one of our favorites on this site. You are one of the main reasons that we come back.
Kim and Scott - We read your last few posts twice, they were that good. You always amaze us Kim, with the girth of your logs, and we never tire of hearing about the way that they explode from your quivering butt. Be well, we look forward to your next story.
Diane NY - Hi Diane, it looks like you have recovered and are doing better. We just loved your last story, it almost sounded like one of our "community dumps" (to borrow Buzzy's phrase). Be well.
Carmalita, Jake, Renee and Patsy - The last time we heard from you kids you mentioned something about a malfunctioning computer. We hope that is the only reason that we haven't heard from you in so long. We really miss the wonderful and graphically explicit stories that all of you write. More importantly, we just hope that all of you are OK. We really hope to here from you soon.

We also want to say hello to Jane, Rizzo, Annie and Robby, Sarah and Meghan, and Muggs.

One of the main reasons that Kathy and I had "companion" toilets installed in our master bath was to enable us to enjoy watching each other poop, one of our favorite pastimes. The last few weeks, with work, both of our moms injured and needing attention, etc, etc, our paths in the head have not crossed. That changed today. I skipped my morning run, in part to rest my injured right heel; and to see if Kathy and I could make a connection. I rolled out of bed at about 7 AM, feeling the need to both crap and pee, so I went in the can, lifted the cover on the head marked "HIS", lowered my drawers and sat. Oh, in spite of all the nonsense in our lives, Kathy and I are engaged in a Spring tuneup, which includes a good colon toning. To that end, we are consuming large quantities of grains, fruits, vegetable and a fiber supplement to clean the colon. It is having the desired effect, as evidenced by enhanced output.

As I sat on the bowl, I tried to pee first, something I don't usually do, but as I did, a large log began to poke its way out. It amazes me that the human anal opening can stretch so wide to let out long thick logs, without discomfort. It is also a very satisfying feeling, and as this long thick one snaked out, it felt as if I had dropped a ton. As it flopped into the bowl, the pee stream continued, and 2 more smaller logs exited. Finished, I started to wipe, then I heard Kathy coming into the can. As I stood to raise my shorts, she walked by, smiled at me, looked into the bowl and said "Let me say if I can do better". Then she removed her shorts, lifted up the top and the seat on her toilet, stood on the rim and squatted. I now had a great view of my wife's dark ass spread wide, a view that I will never tire of. Kathy started peeing a forceful stream, then let a soft fart, that barely resonated into the bowl. Her pee finished, there was about 10 seconds of silence, then! my wife's dark anus began to push outward. Her hole continued to expand, as a thick light brown turd began to exit. It got wider, longer, and slowly made its way into the water, curling around on itself as it did. After about 20 or so inches, it fell, my wife grunted softly, her hole contracted, expanded again, and a smaller turd emerged and fell. Kathy's hole contracted again, she pushed outward and a small poop fell into the water. "I think I'm finished", she said. That was my signal to grab the joyroll and gently wipe her ass, another activity I enjoy. It only took 2 wipes, as the extra fiber is leaving little residue.
We now had two toilets full of fresh crap, and it wasn't going to flush. Three hanger bashes to each large load sent the contents on their way. Then it was wash up, a shower and other activities. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to catch my wife in the crapper. We both made a point of telling each other how much we have missed it lately. We are going to try to get back into our old habits on a regular basis.

So long for now.

Sarah S and Meghan

We are home for a day. We have doctors's appointments. Sarah has had blood in her dumps and I have the flu. We feel so comfortable with the doctor here. Just time for some replies.

INA: Hi sweetheart! We long for a big buddy wee with our girlfriends. We have heard stories about massive wees in Berlin at festivals and love parades. We loved the story!! We are glad you love opera. We are not fully free spirits, yet! We are still on the road. We are sorry you are still without work. We hope you get some, soon. Dad worked with most of the famed designers in the world. We hope this will be your furture. Lots of Lovexxxxx and a hug, Meghan and Sarah S

LINDAGS: Sarah- OMG!!! You saw me coming out of the surf? (BLUSH, BLUSH,BLUSH!) I know loads of people saw me. I think this will be the finish of that. We are looking forward to your poop stories especially during spring break. Take care, Lovexxx Sarah S and Meghan

JEFF A: We are so glad you are ok. We want you here a lot more! Dad and Annie say hello!! Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah S

EPHERMAL: Hi gal! We want to clear up one thing. We still love the male species. We have "tasted the waters" with the females and loved that. We are opened minded on that score but when we got into a romp at spring break, it was with a guy! Drat, We know Dad and Annie will read this. We are glad you will get a break at Passover. Dad and Annie are hosting a Seder. We won't be able to get back, though. Oh yes, we have seen the Vagina Monologues. We taped it! It is so hilarious and meaningful! Take care! Lovexxx from Sarah and Meghan

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi Sweeties! Yes, we snuck in and saw Steve's willy! It is amazing. His wee was riveting. Then Louise came in and we had a great pish in the tub!! We BLUSHED and BLUSHED! Love ya!! Meghan and Sarah

PV: Howdy from Texas! We still love the guys. We could tell you an experience that we had with a male friend at spring break but it wouldn't make it on here, teehee! However we always are game for other flavors and will enjoy them! YES, you could wee on the beach, dear! OPENLY. Although LindaGS evidently saw Sarah and now she is all embarrassed. We are not glad you have blood in your logs. That is why Sarah is back to see the doctor. Have you seen yours yet? Rear-end thirties! That's not old! Keep looking sweetie!! You'll find someone. Lots of Lovexxxx Sarah and Meghan

COUSINS KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: WE MISS YOU! Hope you see those poo stories rocketing on this forum soon!! Lots of Lovexxxx and big hugs! Cousins Sarah and Meghan

KIMMIE and SCOTT: Thanks for the note. We had some poop stories at spring break. We will fill you in next time! Lovexx Sarah S and Meghan

We have to go!!! TO OUR SPECIAL FRIENDS: Rizzo-hi! Jane and Gary-hi there!, Eleanor- hope you are ok!, Adele- come back, Mere and Mandy, Melanie, Todd and Diana, Rjogger and Kathy, Carmalita and family, and all of the other posters here!! Welcome to all of the new posters: The new Sarah!



Hi,all-been busy with work and the forum hasn't been updated in a few days.Had a nice woods dump the other day when it was very mild here in NY.I biked out ot the wood and by the time i got out to find a spot I really had to go bad and I went deep into the woods and find a nice spot with a big log to sit on and then I took off my shorts and took out my mirror to watch the whole thing.So i positioned the mirror so I could see the show and sat on the log and as I was sitting,I looked i the mirror and I could see my anus was already opening up and I had no pre-poop farts cause I had to go bad.Then when I was sitting down I relaxed my anus and looked in the mirror and I could see my anus push out and the turds started to come out and the 1st one was long and smooth and came out pretty fast-It was about a foot long as it plopped on the ground and I looked in the mirror and saw my anus still domed out and then I let out a small fart and more poop started to come out and this stuff! was softer and just kept coming and coming as i watched it in the mirror and it was like an endless rope of dung and it was really cool to see my anus pumping out all this excrement-I really enjoy the mirror thing out in the woods-i get a great view cause of all the sunlite.Then I just sat there looking at my hairless anus pushing out some squgglies and a few farts and then I was done and I had a nice clean poop hardly had to wipe at all!Then I got dressd and looked at my load by the log and it was a good one the foot long turd was coiled on the ground witha big pile of the soft stuff just to the side of it-it felt great letting all that out cause I really had to go bad!Then got on my bike and headed home.It was such a beautiful morning to poop out in the woods,i had a great time doing that poop!just can't wait till the warm weather!
TO d-WIZZ-Cool story of your pooping,i couldn't have said it better myself when I poop!
TO DAVE FROM UPSTATE NY-Let's hear some of your dump stories-i'm sure you have a few to tell-soundsl like you poop like me with pears and yes they are gassy!
well i'm off and great stuff.all-esp the ladies!(JANE,SARAH and KIM! BYE!

Colleen: it happened to me! I was about 16 or 17 and had a very vivid dream of peeing, woke up and it was happening. I was so embarrassed! I loosened the stopper of my hot water bottle and pretended that was where all the liquid came from.

Just occasionally I like to have a wet accident. I put on old trousers and go in the garden and drink lots of tea or beer. Wait as long as possible and then the relief of letting go is wonderful!

Best wishes to all from Yuri

The stories of the sheer pleasure of holding large amounts of wee remind me once again of my wife , and her great ability to go in a very similar way to Louise from what she tells us about her powers. yes, Louise, I also have told my wife that she should be an important part of the fire supression team with some of the streams she produces as well.

I had just spoken to her at her work last week one morning. She had just come out from a much needed piss. They had a staff meeting for 2 hours, with no breaks involved. As i have said, my wife is a heavy spring water consumer, and especially, in the mornings, after she has had several cups of tea to top off the water.

Just for fun, she decided to time her pee because of how full she felt when this meeting was finally ended. Her production was for just under 2 minutes! She said most of that time it was wide open, and hissing.Again, I'm sure a treat for the guys she works with who can easily hear outside the door where she is. Yes, Louise, once again I will have to agree with Steve, and say that the spraying and hissing sounds that you women make are certainly a real turn on!

I can also recall her being observed by 2 young boys much like your park story. A few years ago, we were on a road trip . It was just the 2 of us, and we both needed a wee pretty badly. We stopped at a small rest area with 1 porta-pot for traveler's convenience.

My wife had planned to use this facility, but like many of those, once she opened the door, the stench was overwhelming. She opted for going behind the structure like I had planned to do. As the 2 of us were pissing heavily, 2 boys about 13 or so rounded the corner to see what activity was taking place behind the porta-loo.

Sheer amazement filled their eyes, which immediately focused between her legs. She was in full stream, with no slow down in sight! The one boy started to mumble something about looking for a private place, and the other just stood there, wide eyed, and speechless while watxhing this thick, hissing powerful urine stream leave an adult pussy.

My wife took this quite in stride, and was not visually bothered by their presence. She continued to finish up with eventual small hisses , and dribbles, and even asked me to grab some tissues from the car to enable her to wipe herself. The boys had pretty much stayed frozen in their spots till it was over, and she was pulling her jeans back up. My wife simply said " its all yours" to them as we walked away from the spot.

I can imagine those young men , with rock solid poles, and total amazement and satisfaction with the sighting they had just encountered!

I love good strries about desperate, voluminous outdoor pees...anyone else have some good ones? Mickey

COPROLOGIST-Glad you liked the story. While the guy looked between his legs, he lifted one of them to give himself a better view of his turds.

STILES-The park I visited is in San Diego. It's near some shops so I don't like to go there too often because it might look like I'm lurking around. The most time I'll spend there is 10-12 minutes and not return for 1-2 weeks. Usually it's hit and miss. Mostly miss in terms of seeing anyone taking a dump. Usually it's a really old guy who takes a dump right next to my stall so I can't see anything. A few times I've lucked out and seen attractive guys take a dump across the way. However, I usually make sure that I'm easily seen by anyone who enters!

Zip, keep those great stories coming. I really enjoy all the detail you give - a dude can sort of relive your sighting that way. Those doorless stalls are real great for sightings. It sure helps if the guy is looking down like yours did, then you can watch without being too obvious. Have you ever seen a guy shitting in public who was real constipated. I did once at a beach restroom. There were two doorless stalls, both occupied so I just waited outside them for my turn. There was a guy about 14-years-old in the first stall with his swim suit around his ankles. I could see by the look on his face that he was having a real hard time pinching a loaf. His face looked real funny as he grimaced and pushed and strained. At one point, he actually looked in pain and pushed his one hand against the partition as if to get extra traction or pushing power. The look on his face when that log hit the water was one of great relief! I've also seen dudes check their progress by lo! oking into the pot. It's true that it's dark in there, butI've seen a couple of dudes actually lift their butts off the seat and look at their dump before they were done.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Just Wondering: I use less then 10 squares

Bryian- The family restrooms are basically designed for convenience. Males and females can use them, so then you don't have to split up and go into serparate restrooms. It's a pretty good idea if you have small children with you. They also have changing tables in there too, which is another advantage because they are usually only located in women's restrooms. We like going in there because the atmosphere is really comfortable. The one we went into even had two small couches in there. Also, there is more room to walk around because they took into consideration the fact that many people bring strollers in there with them.

Kai and I went jogging around our neighborhood today. (We're both training for football next year!! :) I'm excited! But I'll probably be the only girl on the team.) We were coming up on this house where about ten small children were playing tag in the front yard. Three boys were gathered around a tree, and I assumed that maybe that was their base for the game. Well as we got closer, I realized that they were all peeing on the tree. As we passed, some of the little girls were yelling "Ewwwwwww!" It must be great to be a little kid and not worry about peeing on a tree in a residential area where the houses are kind of close together. LOL.

Here's a question for everyone: What is the NASTIEST public bathroom you ever had to use?

SPEEDOBOY--Hello! Welcome! I really liked your story about wetting your speedo. I love stories about teenage guys wetting themselves, or peeing outside a bathroom. Big turn on. BTW, I'm 19/f and I go to Myrtle Beach every summer. Maybe I've seen you! :P

JUST WONDERING---I've never really counted, but I would guess I probably use around 15 squares. I wipe until the paper wipes clean, and sometimes I ned more or less paper, but I usually don't have to wipe a lot.

SICK BOY--No, I don't think its weird for a grown man to get excited by watching women pee or poop. I think everybody has their own thing that turns them on, and each to their own! I am a grown woman, but I like seeing guys pee.

Over the weekend, my female friend and I went to one of my guy friend's house, but he was working and his mom said he'd be home later. So this girl and I just hung out for awhile. We decided to go up to his sister's room, but I had to pee first. So, I told my friend to wait for me and she stayed outside the bathroom while I peed about a gallon. Luckily, there was toilet paper avaiable, unlike last time I spent the night with him. When I finished, my friend said she had to pee too, so she did and we went on upstairs. Later that night, I was talking to another guy friend who works with injured people. He said he'd been peed on several times at work by people who were hurt too bad to tell him they had to go, or by drunk people who didn't want his help. hmmm...I'd never pee on this hottie! lol


When I sleep over with my girlfriend and I have gas I am embarrashed to fart in the bed or in the bathroom because I am afraid she will hear me and I wind up holding it in and it is very uncomfortable. I would be interested to hear from couples out there...what do you do? Are you comfortable farting in bed with your partner or do you go to the toilet?

Jeff A
Hi all,
How are things here? I've been very busy lately. The Jeff A/?????? handle is because I've been posting toilet art on another site as ?????? and many people know me by that name. Some of them read here too. It's really cool because I've met some fellow posters here, and we can actually converse through email now.

Louise: My favorite lady! I've been loving your stories, you always make me smile no matter what! I'm still excited about your wedding come June! And for you and your blonde, very attractive self, I'm so happy you're still around! Thank you for inquiring about me, you make it hard to retire! You've had some awesome adventures, but of course, you know which ones are my favorites. I think about you a lot. You're a very special woman who is so loved here, not only by me, but others. I think it's wonderful that you and PV have become such great advisors and supporters for other women. who like to pee standing.

Steve: Thank you for your concern. I always enjoy hearing from you so much more than a letter from home! Your brother in the USA? Well, thank you for that! I'm doing okay, working, keeping busy. I do a lot of volunteer work, I'm going back to school and other things. I'm wondering if you have any more stories about that spanish girlfriend, or other female stories. LIke I said to Louise, I'm excited about your upcoming wedding in June. My very best to the very best. The both of you.

Rizzo: My good friend. How are you? Great, I hope.

Jane: I've loved your recent additions. You are the ladies room queen of a thousand dreams! Nobody tells the tales of the ladies room like you do.

Rjogger and Kathy: Hope you're both doing well. Rick: what's up? Any more wild parties with your friends, or daily woodland dumps? Kathy, sorry to hear about your injury. Folks like us just wanna play too damn much to be burdened with injuries. Can't wait for more on line entertainment from you and your good man from the east.

Robby, Annie, Meghan and Sarah: I've always loved your stories, I'm very happy you post here. So refreshing, and with good detail. I really love the "Collumpting!" You all take very special care of yourselves.

To Carmen: Very interesting question you've asked. There could probably be a ton of answers for you, but you seem to want to know the root of it. I'm no expert obviously, but perhaps it can be linked to Freud's theory of child development and the anal stage. This is a period where the child develops a liking, or understanding to the expellation of feces. He or she finds pleasure in the act and would often hold it in to prolong the excitement of anticipation. Some people carry this with them through adolescence and it begins to morph into an unusual pleasure. Not sick, or wierd like conventional thinkers would have us believe, but just different. Personally, I never cared for Freud. I think he had too much sex on the brain, but I believe he could define gut feelings and instincts very well. So, in short, with these instincts that all of us posess, coupled with the excitement of what somebody is doing in private on the other side of the wall, or door, there could be a fa! scination for some. There's always excitement in forbidden things and if you put that together with early development and have an open mind, it probably won't seem like such a mystery anymore. You're perfectly normal, you just like what you like, as do the rest of us! Speaking for myself only, there's also a sexual motivation involved. I don't want to listen to or see guys, only women, and I do it for purposes of gratification. Others may not make that sexual connection. That is where individuality lies.

And on that happy note, I must say goodbye once again. Take care!

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