Natalie C.
Here's another bookstore pooping story. Tonight, my roommate Heather and I went to our local super-mega-conglomo bookstore because we were bored and didn't want to do anything that required much effort. So after we got there, we traveled over to the requisite Starbucks and got some frappucinos (I know, a total yuppie drink, but what can you do). So we walked around the store drinking them and browsing. After about 20 minutes, my stomach started to cramp up with that unmistakable feeling of gas/diharrea. The feeling subsided after a minute or so, but I decided to go to the bathroom just to be safe. Heather said she needed to pee, and came with me. We took adjacent stalls (her in the first, me in the second). I was wearing a long-sleeved, beige shirt with brown cuffs and collar and a pair of tight, faded jeans. I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. While Heather was peeing, I tried to relax so whatever was bothering me would come out. Then, as Heather started unrolling! toilet paper, I felt a little gas coming on. I let it go, but wasn't expecting the enormous fart I ripped. I mean, people out in the store must have been able to hear it. I'm usually not that embarrassed by my bathroom sounds, but this one was humiliating. To make things worse, it was followed immediately by another one, only a little bit quieter. Fortunately, Heather and I were alone in the bathroom, because she was laughing so hard at that point that she couldn't even wipe herself. I was embarrassed, like I said, but just tried to laugh it off. Heather finished up while I quickly dropped a few small turds; nothing soft, though, strangely enough. When I got out of the stall,Heather was red faced from laughing at me. What a great friend ^_^ At least my stomach hasn't hurt since...

How many of you have had a dream of peeing only to find that you wake up with a wet bed? This has happened to me 3 times in my adult live and each time was so embarrassing as I thought that only children wet the bed. Talking to a friend of mine last week she was telling me about her oldest child having a wet bed and she then admitted that it had happened to her too after a pee dream just last year. After we compared notes she said that she was certain that everyone has these dreams and at some stage ends up wetting for real. What do you all think?

Hi to everybody!! My name is Sarah, I have been very interested in this site for a long time but have never posted before now. It seems common for everyone to describe themselves so here goes! I just turned 18 a few months ago, I am presently a senior in high school, will graduate in a few more months (YEA!!!!!) I am 5' 8" about 115 lbs, have light brown hair and I look very much like Britney Spears or vice versa! I live in Texas and go to a small school, I love to poop. Like Punk Rock Girl kinda described herself, I too have a "fleshy" but firm, rounded butt. I have been told my butt was made for tight jeans, so I often wear jeans or jean shorts. For as long as I can remember, I have loved pooping, love hearing others poop and I love anything anal, which sometimes as my boyfriend will tell you, does not always involve pooping! About 90% of my dumps are taken somewhere besides home, mostly at school. I've noticed alot of girls who post here are school poopers. I c! annot wait to go to college to expand my horizons more ways than one!! I probably poop at school 3 or 4 times per week, I guess I always have, I look at it as routine to poop wherever and when ever you have to. I have taken dumps in school before school started, during school and after school. Mostly I go during my lunch break. I don't like to go between classes because I can't get done in 5 minutes and I will get in trouble for being tardy to class, which will eventually mean detention or pops, neither of which is good!

Now for my pooping story:
Friday was a day I went before school started. I arrived at school about 20 mintues early and headed straight for one of the girls restrooms, this particular one has 4 stalls. As usual this time of day it was empty and freshly clean. I chose the first stall and locked the door. I lowered my jeans and panties to just above my ankles and sat down on the toilet. Like alot of other girls who post here, my cheeks were spread open too as my butt sank down into the bowl. I don't have a big butt but it is fleshy, so I sank way down past the seat into the elongated bowl, probably until my butthole is only 5 or 6 inches above the water, giving me that wonderful squatting position. I sat for about 2 minutes and had a good pee, then I finally farted reeeally reeeally loud 3 times, it soon begin to stink kinda bad. I sat for a few more minutes and felt my anus open to allow my poop out. I dropped several balls with splashes that echoed into the restroom. I relaxed again fo! r a minute or so and as it usually happens someone else came in, they took the stall next to me. My next piece was kinda knobby and snaked its way out without much effort from me. It dropped with a small splash just as the other girl started peeing. I farted again a few more times and felt a big turd press against my hole. The other girl had left her stall and was washing her hands as I begin to push it out. I am sure she heard me grunt as it started to come out. It was a big turd. I pushed out about 7 or 8 inches before it broke off into the water, 7 or 8 more inches followed, before it was out. Man, did it stink. Several other girls had come in, which is normal since school is almost ready to start. I pushed again really hard to make sure I was done and pushed out another small ball. I wiped 4 times and flushed before redressing. I exited my stall to see my friend Kristi washing her hands, I apologized for the smell, she just laughed and said remind me not to e! at what you did. Happy pooping, Sarah

Family Restroom !
NOW that I have your attention.....what exactly is a family restroom...I knw the family that prays together....stays together....but this may be carrying it to an extreme...Let me knw what a "Family Restrpoom' isand how they are designed...thanks Lydia

Hello i am new posting here, anyway I am a 15 year old girl and today in class I had to poop real bad i asked the teacher and she said to wait until next class, so i did and about 30 minutes later I got to go. i went into the bathroom, 2 other stalls were occupied so i went into the middle one. i went in, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panty hoes and my panties and sat down I let out a few loud, smelly farts the the first log began coming out with a crackling sound then several more after that, plop,plop,plop after about 5 logs came out i farted some more then wiped my vagina and butthole and flushed, pulled my panties and pantyhose back up and went back to class. Any one who wants please write to me Love ya all, Adrien

After reading all the pee stories I guess I will add mine. I was in the 8th grade, junior high school and we were into Math class, first one in the morning. This one girl sitting a few rows over had left a stinky fart that drifted around the room. Most everyone could smell it including the teacher, Mr. Moore. He was not one for fun or games and was sorta strict about leaving the room for anything including the bathroom as he would say your classwork would not get done.
So this nasty smell got to the front desk, Mr. Moore looked up disgusted and said, "whats that terrible smell?" "Is something on fire in here or outside?" With that everyone started to laugh out loud and giggle non stop.†I was laughing too along with my classmates.
Just then, another classmate, a boy along the window row cut a loud fart that sounded like a trumpet. Everyone just bust out in histerics almost screaming because of the teachers comments and now this loud blast.
I fell out of my seat and bent over like everyone else laughing so hard. I felt a hot streak of pee shoot out of my weener into my pants. I peed about 5 seconds or so before I could stop it. My underpants were wet and I had a pee streak down my leg. I also felt my butt open up as a log started out of my anus. It poked into my shorts and stopped. I was able to get control but I had wet my pants and also had a log in my underwear. I was wearing JC Penney blue jeans, they didnt show any wetness, the pee mostly soaked my underpants and down my leg. I got this turtle head in my shorts though. I stopped laughing and sat back on the log making it sort of flat.
I sat there for the whole class in wet underwear and this log. It didnt smell though, just was squashed flat.
Finally after an hour, the bell rang, I went to the boys room and got a stall, and took off my pants. I dropped the turd into the bowl, put paper towels in my shorts and went on to the next class.
By the end of the day my shorts were fairly dry although they smelled of urine. Funny thing though, I didnt have to pee at all when this happened and never had to shit either. I guess when they say you lose it, thats what they mean.
From then on, I would laugh, but always kept control not to get too far out of hand, as I didnt want to really piss my pants next time where everyone would see.
When I was in the boys room I head a few boys that came in mention they had wet a little in their pants too. So I guess we are all a lot alike.
Anyone else ever have that happen???

i had a terrible accident last week i left school i had a bad stomach ache, and i had to walk home then i had this strange erge to shit. since i live in the city it was kinda hard to find a public bathroom that was open. i really had to go i fiannly found the woods so i could do my thing. right when i tried to unbuckle my buckle i blasted a liquid shit i was so embarassed.

toilet girl
wapiya, the only way to use it is with the hose, not because it's full length, but because the hose is attached to the hole where the pee drains. For women/girls that aren't concerned with hygene then this urinal is a very innovative product, but for the rest of us its not. If there were some way to make the hose more hygenic then i would gladly use it. For now I would only use it in an emergency like before. Discharging in the woods is the most naturaly way but i would be embarrased to pee in the open.

Linda GS
Kendal & Drew
I hope you read my last post? Haven't heard a peep from either one of you, I hope you're alright. I'm fine.. just had a much needed pee and [makes dreamy eyes] BOY did I ever need that feeling of the cool seat under my tushie and thighs and that nice AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH feeling of opening the flood gates.

No I haven't gotten about you silly boy. Just you hardly ever post no more and am I suppose to talk to you when you don't post!??!? Um I don't pull on the seat anymore.. sometimes.. in private.. cause Elena saw me doing it once and asked..what are you doing.. and I felt kinda silly so i suffered in silence (yeah right) and had to do 3 times more pushing to get the poop out. Let me tell you my tushie was saoked after that big splash. heh the other day I was working on a crossword puzzle when I heard FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COME OUT ALREADY!!! I poked my head in and saw poor Elena trying to get a poop out. When she saw me she blushed and let out a little scream and KAPLUNK. Her face pink but she sighed Then I heard giggling. My cousin wa speeking over me and Elena and saw her poop. I growled at him and told him didn't he have babies to take care of. he saddly left and I closed and locked the door so Elena could finish in private. I think Elena doesn't poop around my ! cousin anymore.

Poor kid. I'm not 10 years old.. that was years ago but heh when my cousin helped me with my homework and I had to go poop. I would be on the toilet sitting with my books while my cousin helps.. still do it now. When I try to get a poop out and he sees me trying, he'll wait till I pass it to start explaining again. Elena thinks the whole things is so odd, but that doesn't stop her from doing her work in there. Hee hee.

Ring Stretcher
Wow that whole thing about camp was bad. It's happened to me, I didn't know poop had juices.. but yeah it does happen and it does stain.. makes me mad. I hope that massive grunt session you had wasn't too bad.. and that it had a big pay off at the end. It happened to me once at summercamp a few years back. I didn't want to poop cause the girl's bathroom had a few toilets but it didn't have stalls or doors just out in the open like like. It drove me mad. i mean i didn't stay at camp..I was just like 8 hours thne i'd go home but man.. the only time I would get the urge to poop was at camp... and I'd hold it in.. when I got home... nothing. After like a 3 days..I sat down at the toidy at home and tried really hard to poop.. even though I didn't have to.. but nothing came out but a few hard dry pebbles. On the last day.. it hit me.. REALLY hadr.. i mean i could NOT hold it.. if I tried.. so i ran peeked in and there wa sno one. I trembled as i pulled down my shorts and panti! es just enough to expose my tushie.. and sat down. i was shaking I was so scared to be seen. I strained and strained and nothign came. Finally I said.. forget this and was about to get dressed when tons of girls came in. They had been outside and running so they'd come in and splash water ont heir faced and brush their hair and stuff. And me.. sitting there exposed. tehy all said hi to me and did their thing.. NONE of them sat on the toilets. And then.. it happened.. the cramp of all cramps.. and it poked out. there I was sitting in veiw of everyone... and my poop was breaking the backdoor down. I didn't wnat it to come out.. i sat there thrashing my leggs and theighs about.. bouncing up and down trying to keep it in.. I was losing mind you. When the girls saw me and asked if I was okay. I sat straight and held my ???? and said that my ???? just hurt. then.. when they heard they all turned around and looked at me. there i was with a poop that was coming out on it's own bei! ng watching my amillion eyes.. eyes connected to bodied I didn't know well. I covere my face with my hands and doubled over and moaned as the pop finally had it's way..I was cring.. but it was drowned out byt the girls saying stuff like. MAN.. she's poop..I'd never do that.. I have to do that but not in front of everyone... me too and it's almost come out a few times.. man watching her go.. is making me have to go. The plop was drowned out by their talking. I felt so on display.. luckily I had peed when I first sat down.. I pulled myself together and wiped while seated then got off and ran. I don't know why but I ran back.. I wanted to yell at them. when i cam eback.. the girls were sitting on the toilets.. POOPING. Tons of plops and giggling from the other. Some complained about being watche.. others were just thnakful to get it all out. I stayed and watched everyone.. I still felt bad and embarrassed inside.. when I got home I sat on the toilet and did a little bit that r! emained..still I felt a little better after having watched them the way they watched me.

Meghan and Sarah S
[blush] I thought I had just imagined that, next time.. please pic your BOLD time a bit better, my cousin got a FULL veiw of that. Giggle you are a very bold I must say.. but it's nothing to what he's seen living out here.. just you mave had him age 5 years.LOL I'll tell you about me pooping in the ocean. By the way did you go to Louie'S Backyard? They ahd some concerts there I missed.

YOW wrote too much.. I'll write again later about my couple of spring break poops I had.


To Sick Boy, there's nothing wrong with a grown man who's into peeing and pooping. I have a problem with people condemning those who are into this. I also write posts at another forum and have received some very nasty emails basically criticizing me. I in turn laid into their asses so bad that they no longer email me ever. My advice is don't worry what people think. Tell them to f??? off.

Dave from Upstate NY
Hi Buzzy: I try to get a lot of fiber and take psillium (its not really a laxitive, its just more fiber), it works very well for me, I take big dumps with a lot of fiber. Watermellon works well to. When I eat apples and pears I really take very lose and gassy dumps. I don't have a good place for buddy dumps like you have the gym. I don't think work is the place for buddy dumps, hardly anybody talk about their dumps where I work. I will be looking for more of your posts

Curious---some people grunt because I think they are trying to have a bm when they aren't ready/no urge. Other people grunt because it takes work to get a large object to move through a tiny hole. Just as people grunt when they lift weights in the gym others grunt when they use "poop muscles" to move a large or heavy bm out of their body that can seem stuck. Then some grunt from pleasure, just as they would from sex. Some people never grunt no matter how difficult time they are having, though.

That was a fantastic story about watching that guy crap. It something that I've often dreamed of, but very few of us get the chance to actually see someone on the pot doing their business. But you said that every so often he opened his legs and looked down at what he had done. I don't think you can see much if you do that. Firstly it's dark down there in the pot, and secondly, if you're male, your tool and balls get in the way. It might be possible for females to see their turds in that way though.

I'm not personally convinced that your shit smell is determined by your diet. Obviously to some extent it is, if you eat onions or herbs etc., but my experience is that my wife's shit smells quite different from my own. This is noticeable at the weekends when we both eat the same thing. She doesn't let me see it, but it is sometimes difficult to eliminate the smell.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
I don't think that I have gone into this, in any great-detail, but my g/f, Denise is an aspiring fitness-model. As such, she is always-eating! The apetite of a horse comes to mind. I mean that woman poops @ least three times a day. While she is @ work, I don't hear the dumps that she takes @ work, of-course. However; I do get to hear her early-morning one, as well as her late night one. I enjoy every second of it, as Roger would say. Where have you been, lately, Roger, anyway? We miss you bud! How's Angela, and her bm's, most-importantly! But, back to my woman, Denise. This morning, before church, she grunted and moaned, more than usual. Probably the all you can eat barbecue that we had for lunch, a couple of days ago. It was, finally, making its exit from her gorgeous-bottom. Too bad all that I could do, was hear, and not see. That is still more than some-people, I guess. I don't think I have mentioned all the hard-boiled egg whites she eats, w! / almost every mean, either. Man, that will really make the bathroom smell-awful, but I like the fact that it comes from her. Although, as I have said-already, she does a good job w/ the air-freshener, after she is finished doing her business. Today, I heard about five, rather-large, plops. Other than that, I heard waves of soft-stuff being-evacuated, for 5 minutes @ a time. She was done, in about thirty-minutes. She flushed about 4 times! Half the roll of tp was finished, as well. What a lucky guy I am, huh?



SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties!!! Great to hear you had fun on your spring break! I was very happy for you. Your standing whizzers on the beach where riots. I am so proud for you. Oh, yes. The urgent peepee when you had too much beer... They feel so good donít they. I remeber some. A few years ago we had a barbeque in the park with lots of friends, like itís very popular over here in the summer. After a few bottles, we went with a group of about seven girls in the bushes. It was fun to all squat together and make a puddle. One girl was quite funny. She obviously never peed in the open before! She said that! So she pulled down her pants to her knees and sqatted half down in a way that her stream would have directly hit her pants. I asked her if she was ok and she said she did not know what to do. So I told her to squat like me. She was embarrassed but thankful for the help. I was amazed, she had never done it! I havenít heard of that before!! On top I canít remeber where exact! ly she came from but it was some muslimic country, where I assumed squat toilets were common in use. If I would have known the skill by the then and been on my own with her, I could have just told her that women donít squat, but shown her to pee standing instead, LOL!
Itís great you like to get all kinds of experiences! So your momís genes about being open spririts finally are taking over. She would have been probably very happy to see you enjoying yourselves. You are such great girls. Lots and lots of loveXXX Ina

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dears. Are you recovering from your girls stories? Lol. They mentioned you sang in Berlin as well. My flatmate has got a subscribtion for the state opera (the former western one). I am a bit too tight at the moment. I went often in London though. I love Covent Garden, although it costs you an arm and a leg...So did you have any adventures in Berlin? I could do a sightseeing and refresh your memory. LOL. I read some old posts and found out that Annies first appereance here was on my birthday. How sweet. Have your travelmates arrived or do I have to give them a call and tell them we are all waiting... I had a laugh about your old story when you accidently peed onto Annie, Robbie and she paid/peed back. I remember reading the story when it was originally posted, but I did not know your names at the time. So I thought you were a couple that wanted to sell their watersports games as an accident. Lol. I apologise subsequently! Yesterday I spoke to a frien! d who is starting to work on a movie with my all times favourite designer and there are no jobs apart from his usual crew. I am dying of jealousy! Oh, well , my time will come. At the moment I have got a bad cold. So no new adventures from me. Hope you are tiptop!. Lots of Lovexxxx from Ina

TIM AND SARAH: I was very touched by your story when you held the bottle for Tim in hospital. I bet he was sorry, he could not remeber! Thanks for your note about Tim "pissing his fan off". I laughed a lot. When I was a kid we had a big entrance hall/ corridor with a fire place and a big table. When we had parties and people went to pee, particulary guys, you could hear the tinckling through the door as the toilet was right next to it. Always a bit embarrassing when the converstion died down for a minute and somebody was having a lot pisher! Lol. I would like to hear which actor she things Tim looks like. Did you check it ;-) ? I wish you just the best and your lovely family members as well. Lovexxx, Ina

LOUISE AND STEVE: So which level are you playing on at the moment? Have you got your yellow belt, yet? Lol, I saw a famous martial arts actor last year, when I went to visit a friend on a set. I did not ask him about doing a "sword fighting" scene in his next film though, Lol. Steve your description of your pee was first rate. Did you ever pee in a bottle or something. How would that be different? I am trying to get another desription here, grin! Have fun, dears. Lovexx from Ina

RICHARD/ USA: I liked your pee story. Please tell us more.

Best wishes to all

Hi all! I love this forum.

I am a 48yo male living in northern England. Like several others here, I am really into peeing and watching peeing happening. I love to play "hold it" (my record is 14 hours). I like a good poop story too.

Here's a true story from my past. When I was a teenager, I was cycling on a country lane when I came round a corner. A girl (who was obviously drunk) was squatting in the middle of the road peeing copiously. She and her friends who were in a parked car were obviously listening for cars coming, but they didn't expect a lad on a bicycle!

Hope to post and read lots more here. Yuri.

TO ZIP -- Enjoyed your stories! What park did you visit? Was it in NYC?

No new stories, but a quick response.

Sarah and Meghan--Midterms are over, so I can focus on my 3 very large research papers. I do have break coming up for Passover, so I'm looking forward to that. I enjoyed your stories on the beach. I'd never have that much nerve I don't think. I'll pee through my bathing suit in the water where no one can know, but never in front of everyone.

Also for you 2 and for PV and Ina--One of my best friends is a lesbian and I didn't know this until after I knew her for 2 years. It's not a choice, but something you are born with. Also, she's absolutely the sweetest most caring person I know and my feeling is that as long as she doesn't try to hit on me, then more power to her for making the choice to be open in a world that is so degrading.

Same girls plus Louise and Sarah--you all definately HAVE to see the Vagina Monologues. Very powerful about vaginal awareness and appreciation and respect.

Anne (housewife)
Tony. If I go to the loo for #1 and whilst I'm sat there the need for a #2 crops up unexpectedly, I just sit there and let it plop out harmlessly into the pan. I can't honestly say that I've ever tried to hold a motion in whilst doing a wee so it's never really been a problem. These days I only ever do a motion two or three times a week though (much more is unusual) and that seems to suit me as I'm not a big eater. It's much more satisfying to have a good poo when I really need one rather than try to make myself go every day and end up not doing very much at all. I hope that helps to answer your query.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO DIANE FROM NY-hello dear. liked your last story.Its nice that you made new friends too!
TO LOUISE and STEVE-hello my friends.I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to talk to you on this site. love you both!louise you are so modest too. I did not even know you where a pretty blond model till steve told me so.I love your peeing stories louise and look forward to many more!I tell you girl you must of won many peeing blue ribbon awards as a kid!now as an adult you win peeing trophies I am sure!!haha! be well you two!kimmie, xoxo
TO INA-hello dear you asked scott and I if we liked to pee together? we do like peeing together sometimes but we like buddy dumping together more! I just love to sit on scotts lap as we sit on the bowl together and squeeze out our enormous logs!sometimes I squeeze out two SPECTACULAR logs while doing this. this really turns my boyfriend on! be well.
TO D-wizz and plunging poop guy-I read about your talks about a mega-colon. thats what I have! I am a little blonde cheerleader in college but my logs are abnormally large. I get regularly stool check ups by the doctor and so far I am doc even gets to admire and see my log in full when I sometimes bang out a big one for him to study!!YOU SHOULD SEE THE DOCTORS AND NURSES FACES WHEN I BANG OUT A HUMONGOUS LOG IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM! THEY CANT BELIEVE THE SIZE OF THE BEAST!!!HAHA!my doctor says thats just the way my body was made up in banging out whopping logs after whopping logs! hey! I am not complaining my boyfriend loves my huge logs and so do I! be well you two!
TO MEGHAN and SARAH S-hello girls. thanks for liking my last post. thats great that you enjoyed spring break. scott and I did too!thats the time when my cousin judy came over and we showed each other our huge logs!!!be well you two. love ya!
TO LOGGER-hello. thanks for liking my posts. you are a kind man. and yes my sexy cousin judy can shit huge but her cousin kimmie can shit even bigger!haha.I'm the one with the mega-colon! and yes you can come over my place or we over yours and you can referee us banging out gigantic log after gigantic log in front of you. and it doesnt really matter who wins the contest does it honey? because you get to watch a great female log show anyway right? your logs are really becoming too big for my toilet! I could use the trashcan like you said but what would my mommy say if she saw a super-duper kimmie sausage overloading the trashcan?haha. I'd better go in the woods logger!thats becoming the only place that can really hold my size logs!!!haha!SERIOUSLY!and dont worry I still crash out HUMONGOES TORPEDOES and leave them in the bowl with no toilet so others can ADMIRE it!some GOOD things never change! well and thanks for the nice comments logger! bye ! all! love,kimmie and scott

Robby and Annie
Hi fellow toidyteers!
We just have time for some replies this morning. We will have a story next time.

DEAR INA: Hi sweetheart! That was a wonderful story about you weeing in the woods! Did you pull your lips apart to get the ultimate arch? Those other people probably would have appreciated the experience in watching. We love your city. I have sung there many times. In Munich I sang Verdi's "Un Ballo in Maschera". I have only sung one in Wagner opera. The role is Wolfram in "Tannhauser". Yes, the bladder and the colon have to be in good shape to get through Richard's operas! I know you will open up to someone. Keep searching. Till next time! Lots of Lovexxxx and a big hug, Robby and Annie

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Annie- Ok Steve, here is what we saw. I used a credit card to enter your home. Sarah, Megs, and I crept though the place. We looked in your bedroom and saw you and Louise asleep. She looked so lovely. We then inched our way to the loo. Suddenly we heard a sound. We ducked into the shower. Steve, you came in and whipped out the ole willy. Meghan had to suppress a gasp. You heard her and saw us. You invited us out. We stood there as your stream arched to the bowl. All of us were riveted. When you were through you asked Meghan if she wouldn't like to shake off the last drops. With a shaking hand she pulled your foreskin back and shook them off. About that time Louise came in and saw us. We all hugged each other, got into the shower, and gave you a quadruple weeing show. I think you collapsed in a dead faint!! Well, this how I remember the experience!! Take care, you two! Lots of Lovexxx Annie and Robby

TIM AND SARAH: Hi dears! Sarah, just take a day at a time. You don't have to be jealous of Hannah and Tim. Strenghten your bond with hannah. We were glad to see that you felt comfortable to poo in front of her. You have time!!! Don't worry. If we might be so bold as to ask how old you and Tim are? You can slap us if you wish,LOL! Thank you for your words about Sue. She died of brain cancer. 1999 was a devastating year for us but if you have a little faith and are surrounded by loving family then you can get through it. Tim, we hope you are doing better. Listen to Sarah. Rest!! Sarah, I think you will loosen up as the expriences build. Ask Hannah to share in your weeing. Maybe this will help you. We love you! Take care! Lots of Lovexx and hugs to the both of you, Hannah, and your children from Annie and Robby

DEAR KENDAL, ANDREW, ELLEN- talk to you next time, Lots of Lovexx Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie. RIZZO, PV, JANE, ELEANOR, EPHERMAL, LINDAGS, ADELE, CARMALITA AND FAMILY: We have to get ready for church and are sorry we can't speak directly to you this time! We love you all!! RObby and Annie!!



life has itís measures. If you are interested Iíll tell you about some wild stuff I have done at college. And the consumtion of bear slowly decreases by itself, when you get too old for the hangovers, lol, let an old men tell you. I thought you stories sounded like you had great fun there. I wanted to tell you and INA one from an exam, cause I was reminded of it through Inaís wee in the woods:
I had a writen exam and I had been studying until late at night. The next day I was so tired I poured tons of coffee into me, which I diluted with litres of water, I kept drinking during the exam cause I was nervous. I needed to pee badly, but concentrated on my papers and did not notice I had started to let my leg bounce and subconsciously put my free hand between my legs. Suddenlt I felt the hand of a professor, a very nice lady in her early sixties, on my shoulder...She whispered to me: "You are allowed to step outside, if you need to..." I was red like a beet. The people around me were grinning. I did not want to argue, so I just nooded in embarrassment. She told me to go to the male tutor, who was sitting by the door. I had the pleasure of walking through a big gym, full of students writing papers, who all looked up while I went to the door. I was taken by the tutor to the gents. It was just a small restroom with one stall and two urinals. The guy had to come with m! e and wait. I neede to go so badly, but was so nervous I could not start. After a while I was getting more and more into stage fright cause I thought, he might assume I wanted to cheat cause I could not pee. LOL. After a while I just could wee a very thin stream. It took ages cause the stream was running and running. I had a bursting bladder, but could not force out more at the time. So I was glad our virtual audience was not there, as you all would have fallen asleep...Lol. We went for a drink after the exam with a group of students and after I few pints I did a wonderful gusher into the river from a bridge on the way home from the pup. The beer pishers are the best, arentít they? Yeah, I know what itís like when the stress finally letís go of your system...Hope you arenít getting all blocked again, when time for studying returns! Our sons name is Leon, but everybody calls him "Loew(i)e", cause he yawned like a little lion when he was a baby and Josie gave him that name...! Lovexxx to you from me and Sarah

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dear friends. As the girls probably told you, Hannah is my older sister and not a little girl. She raised me in a way, so I found the thought quite sweet. Hope you are doing fine, Itís always so nice to hear from you. Lovexxx from Sarah and me

EPHERMAL: I was sorry to hear, you are struggling so much with your digestive system. Did you try drinking maybe a litre of pineapple juice mixed with water over a day. If it gets so bad, did you see a doctor? Maybe you have an intolerance to certain food. I wish you all the best. Love from us

INA: I have seen that my dear wife was kind enough to tell you the embarrassing story of my peeconcert in front of her student. I guess I lost a fan. LOL. In our toilet we still got one of the old style trays and the water is deeper down. You get fewer sprinkles when you aim into the water, but itís also noisier. I guess as a fellow stand up peer, you will understand me...Sarah had to admit it as well after she tried the toilet with her travelmate. Giggle. Who would have wife peeing standing with me into the toilet!!! Well, yes, she did not fail to tell you of the results...Love to you, sweetie, from Sarah and me

LOUISE AND STEVE: Thank you for your kind words. We talked about your thoughts as well. There is a bit of a problem in our society there, isnít it. On the one hand we all agree that little girls need their privacy to do their wees, but expect them to grow into women, who are as free and uninhibited like lovely Louise. I donít know, how you would solve it, but itís certainly a reason why men are much easier about these things. You, know Steve, if you will ever be the father of a baby girl, you will see there is nothing but care you feel for them. When Sarah was pregnant with Josie, we went to a preperation course. The midwife explained how important it is to clean your girl exspecially between the lips, as they get infections there easily. All the guys where looking shocked. But once you do it, it does not make a difference if itís a boy or a girl. I would have had no second thoughts in holding my girl when she got out of her nappies, if this was socially acceptable. It! ís different now, cause she is older. Thank you so much for your thoughts.
Yes, we also had tears in our eyes each time the topic about the little girl from Munich was on the news. I am very far from being an aggressive person, I can hardly remeber hitting anybody, but if somebody would do that to my child, I could not promise not to try to end his sad, little life. May I be never taken to the test!
The problem about our solution with Hannah is that she is returning to Africa by the beginning of next month. But now as Josie has got the idea, I guess we will be able to handle it.
Nice desription of your pee, Steve. Seems to be quite complicated with a foreskin. Lol. Our boy is circumcised as well. He had Pimosis last year. The poor sweetie could not walk for two days after it. I felt so guilty. Sorry, I wanted to post more, but I am falling asleep. Excuse me for yawning... I hardly have time to post earlier, as itís either work or the family...Lots of Lovexxx to you two dears from Sarah and me.

Best wishes to all.

Carmen, I have been turned on by defecation since before school age both by doing a motion myself as long as it is solid and formed, by listening to someone doing one and by seeing the turds they have done.

I have posted on this before and can only say that it is a mixture of the forbidden fruit syndrome and getting a vicarious thrill.

Even as a kid of about four I got a buzz from doing a good solid motion, especially is the jobbie passed was relatively long and fat. I also found that I got a similar turn on and an erection if I heard the sounds of someone else doing a big solid motion, particularly adults or older kids and more so if it was a woman or girl doing it more so than a man or boy. I have to add that only solid motions turn me on, loose mushy stools or diarrhea turns me off completely both the sound effects and the sight of such.

If a woman or girl was visiting our home and went to the toilet I would listen outside the toilet to all the intimate sounds, the rustle of her skirt being pulled up and her knickers or panties pulled down, the farts, the hissing and tinkling of her wee wee, then the grunts, the "OO! OO! and NNN! UH! sounds as she strained to pass the turds, the PLOP! PLONK! PLOONK! of the smaller lumps, then more straining "OO! AH! NNN!" followed by the deep resounding "KUR-SPLOONK! KER-SPLOOSH! sounds as the longer fatter jobbies were passed into the toilet pan. This would turn me on as I would be sharing the pleasurable sensations in my mind. (It was a few years later when I was about 7 or so that I discovered that really long fat panbuster jobbies often made very little sound at all when passed as the first few inches of the turd was already in the water while the rest was still coming out of the person's back passage and therefore sometimes only made a quiet "Floomp!" sound. The be! st turds for really loud "Cullumpton" sounds are about 7 to 9 inches long and about 2 inches fat.) Of course actually seeing the jobbies the person had passed especially if they were big long fat turds was an even bigger turn on. I would imagine what it must be like to pass a jobbie that big! Later of course in my early teens I was to enjoy doing such big turds myself and still do.

In the 46 years since I still get a buzz from such sounds and sights.

I suppose its the forbidden fruit as to most people defecation and its products is a very private and personal activity. Even in these liberated days when sexual practices between partners are adventurous to say the least most couples will still bolt the toilet door and perform their urination and bowel movements alone, so hearing one's partner doing a motion and seeing what they have done should it be too big to flush away is being able to lift the veil. This of course is more so when it is someone who is not a sexual partner who's motion you have heard being done or have seen afterwards.

Reading through this Forum "The Toilet" for many years now I am amazed that so many people, mostly men, are like me turned on by such matters and that many women are quite happy to accomdate their desires. Im glad that Theresa my wife lets me accompany her to the toilet when she does her big fat jobbies.

Hi all,

My wee-kly chace to write to all my friends on the loo!

I had a funny experience last Sunday (last week) -- after I got home at mid-evening from dinner, my ???? started telling me it was time to sit on the pot, but I had no idea what was coming. I started feeling a bit gripy, and let out bumshot -- hefty chunks-- for a while, then one or two larger ones, then one that seemed to get stuck for a moment -- which unplugged me and my BM rapidly turned to soft-serve. I kept on crapping for ages, and built a pile right up out of the water. I couldn't believe how much I shat! In the end I was releasing only liquid, and an hour later I was on the potty again for some more... Then 11.30... 2.30... 4.30... I got some sleep, hoping whatever was happening had run its course, but by 8.30 I was pooing again and this time it was pretty much like the rest of the night, a bit of orange mucus and a lot of cramps, only now I was passing blood! I took some Immodium at once and the cramps went away, I pooped a tad more that evening and took an ex! tra Immodium, ad was okay thereafter. Phew, I must have picked up a germ somewhere, I had a sore throat too...

INA -- Hi sister! I just hosed the back lawn under a calm night sky -- and I saw a shooting star streak across the sky while I was in full arc! I wonder if that's good luck?! I weed out the leg of my shorts, and though I got a good stream I pissed all over my left foot -- it all splashed off the dry grass of summer! Yes, I too am delighted that Travelmates are so popular, it's part of a great change in female attitudes. Hugs from Aus! Oh -- the German forum has been taken down? Well, here's to the sense someone had to not provide space simply for macho men to complain! I hope the lady ruing that site comes here and joins us!

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- Rear-end thirties -- not too old to be able to look forward to fun! I'll let you know if someone comes along with whom I can water the walls of our fair city!

SARAH & TIM -- I am more delighted than I can say that the situation with Josie has worked out so very well. Hannah solved the problem with ease, just the right dash of psychology, and now you have a very happy little tiger who has the art well in hand at the tender age of five. I just smiled and smiled as I ready your post! Oh, and Sarah, you're quite right in that the pose adopted when one is really comfortable standing up (and probably all the more with the Travelmate) is that of the male-the fact is the male stands essentially relaxed, a normal pose, another benefit men may not appreciate! Please don't be afraid of being seen as masculine in this: it's a surprise to others when a woman demonstrates her ability, but I have never known a woman be taken for anything other than female, no matter how proudly she blasts! I think you're doing superbly, and you and Tim are both amongst my favorite folks here for your courageous forward-thinking and warm-hearted quest!

LOUISE -- You know, in all the time I've been on this board you're the only other girl I've known to wipe back to front! Front to back is the usual technique to avoid fecal matter reaching one's puss, but I find my hands just won't do that! It's just what we learn, though, I mean -- I use a computer mouse backwards (turned around so the cable runs away from me) because that's how I learned -- it was convenient because that's how the system I learned on was set up. But it gives other folks screaming fits when they see it!

Mmm, satin is nice -- but have you noticed how TIGHT a brand new bra is? I've been breaking in two new ones lately! Good thing thongs are as free as bras are restrictive these days...

I wonder how it would be if we did the swordfight with eachother? What would a weekazijutsu ready-position be? Giggle! Shields? Horseback? This is getting crazy!

You have helped me a great deal, and your infectious enthusiasm and good cheer never fail to carry me along!

ELEANOR -- Ace is right! Well done to you both -- it's always so good to know a situation has been solved the right way, and I think you're going to be as loyal a brother and sister as can be. Hugs from Aus!

KIM & SCOTT -- Kimmie, your offer is incredibly kind and I would enjoy it soooo much to see you in action! It would be a mind-blowing experience to watch you grow such a projectile, and an honor to tend to your "aft launcher" with gentle touch afterward! Please convey a hug to Scott from me, and here's a huge one for you too from the distant Antipodes. I'd be embarrassed to try buddy-dumping with you (a matter of magnitude!), but if the opportunity presented itself...

DIANE NY -- Hi there! It's been a while since you were with us, and it's good to read of your adventures again. That was some poop party in the park, and it's amazing to see folks so easy with it. In Aus if a male showed up females would often have a real tantrum -- but that could be changing. I hope so. Keep posting, we love to hear from you!

-- more --

-- continued --

CURIOUS -- I'll take a shot at those questions.

1: Grunting -- the diaphragm, the muscular wall that bisects the internal organs of the torso, controls breathing, and when we bare down we do so against the massive wall of muscle -- action-reaction, see? When releasing the pressure the diaphragm can move, thus the grunt as the lungs adjust... But not everyone grunts. I don't! It's just what we learn to do...

2: Nope, poo becomes solid due to the intestinal wall drawing off fluid. The bacteria in the hindgut are cellulophages -- they extract nutrients from cellulose, which we can get access to. The bacteria is either present at birth or around weaning time, but I'm not sure how it gets there...

3: No idea.

4: You can die from constipation, though usually from a heart attack while trying to move an impaction... It's a terrible way to go. Otherwise, I'm not sure how long you can go. You'd be pretty ill for ages, that's for sure...

5: There are some monkeys, I forget where in the world, that have adapted defecation as a defensive measure. Early explorers observed the monkeys, when threatened by a predator, to crap into their hands and fling the turds at the predator! Humans are probably the only creatures with hangups -- all other creatures just do what they need to.

TOILET GIRL -- I've read about those female urinals, and I've seen pictures of them, but as soon as I realized a woman could use a normal one I rejected the female designs as superfluous and, in a sense, patronizing. We don't need to bend over and stick a pipe up our rears! There have been lots of designs over the years, but none of them have been especially satisfactory...

STEVE & LOUISE -- Hugs accepted with gratitude! "Weekazijutzu!" I love it! AKA "The Slashing Blade!" (Cackle!) Steve, I loved your detailed description of the morning unload, and I could just see Annie, Megan and Sarah clustered close around you, the three of them resisting the temptation to make you flinch with unexpected tactile contact in unusual places, as it would spoil Annie's aim and "put you off!" Oh, and I must echo your thoughts on Tim & Sarah's handling of Josie's curiosity. "Responsibility" was the word I meant to use -- a wonderful attitude.

MEGAN & SARAH S -- What a holiday you had! Wild! You're a lot more gregarious than me, though I could give it a whirl... You've done more daring things on the beach than me, I piss gallons but I do it real discretely! I'm so glad to know your lifestyle choice is a happy and easy one, you get to "sample all flavors" as they say. You gals are really something! Welcome back -- and keep on standing up to be counted!

TIM & SARAH -- Yup, redhead, just like Ina! Well, red is Celtic, and the Celts were a race in which women could be fierce and independent until the 6th century AD, so maybe there's "Irish blood" in us all! I was right to dub Josie a tiger if she's reddish blonde. Josie is an Irish name -- an either/or name, I had a grand-uncle Josie! I remind you of Hannah? I blush with pride and affection! And I too fight female circumcision, one of the most barbarous practices this world has ever known. Please tell Hannah she has an ally in me, and I know Steve and Louise are equally hot on this topic.

We have a new commercial in Aus, and for the first time there's a female peeing/pooing inference. Just Jeans have a new range called "whiskers" and cats are the theme. In one of the adds, we see an open door to a laundry room, and hear a scratching noise. Showers of white kitty-litter are being scraped and flung into the hallway, and moments later a pretty girl appears, adjusting the fit of her jeans. The inference -- that she had just used the litter tray!

Okay, it's after 2am here in Aus and I gotta head for bed!

Hugs to all,



when i was around five or six years old I was in this tennis club. Anyway I needed to pee one time so I went to the toilets in the sports centre and pissed into the shower! I thought it was one of those urinals that are walls!! The bathroom was empty but there was no water to wash it away so they knew it was me! they just laughed about it though.

A simple way to prevent constipation is to eat a diet low in fiber and rich in meat and starches (including chicken, pork, eggs, fish, and beef). Please, those of you suffering from constipation on here... before resorting to enemas, suppositories, and laxatives sit down and seriously analyze what you are eating. You may find a simple answer to your constipation problem by adding more meats and starch to your diet.

To grant: I liked your story

To Ring Stretcher: I don't watch survivor...i would have liked to seen that though

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story...i know the work place provides cheap butt gets irritated alot after pooping there

To speedoboy: I loved your sounded really cool!

To Donny M: I liked your story on how the guys in the army

To Zip: Loved your story

To Now the performer: I liked your story

To d-Wizz: I liked your story

I like todays pic...
i had alot of catching up to do...the page didn't update for several days and i skipped reading the posts time
no new stories..bye

RING STRETCHER - Hi I think if some of the guys here got their hands stung by sea urchins like that guy on that Survivor program that I would not mind weeing on them. I think that would be all right. I did not know that there are chemicals in wee that help with the pain and neutralise the toxins. Would it work with a bee sting or something like that? I have had a pee on the palm of Steve's hand when he got a lot of gritty dirt stuck to it, so he got me to wash it off!

NOW THE PERFORMER - Hi. I liked your stories so if you have more please write and tell us all about them. I like pissing for the fun of it as well, and I like doing it outside. How old were you when you were at the pool and has to piss? When you went behind that tree did you squat again or did you stand up like I like doing?

YOUR NAME WHIZZER - Hi! Yeah, having a wee in the shower does save water from flushing the toilet but it is not really why I do it. We get so much rain in England that you can look a bit silly if you talk about water being a scarce resource!
Yeah I have read about how most guys have a lot of trouble weeing with a hard on. Steve can still wee when he had gone hard but he can not do it any better than a little water pistol. LOL It is better if he uses the shower or if we are in the bath then he can just do it straight up like a little fountain. I think that looks cute.
what would your wife say if she lnew you pee in the shower?
Love Louise x

RICHARD/USA - Hi guy! Yeah, I sometimes put mirrors down so I can watch myself. I like to see what Steve sees when he is looking. I think if you could watch me you would like what you saw, I mean I think I have inherited my mum's lovely figure. When I piss, I piss heavily a lot of the time. I do not think that when I shit I can do logs the size that Kim can. She is just the shitting queen on here, but Steve says firefighters should dangle me over fires so I can put then out when I wee. giggle
Yeah I bet you have been happy over your 30 years of marriage and I think that is very good to hear about. I am very careful to give Steve what he needs in his life because I know how he is very careful to give me what I need. I have been with him for nearly 9 years now and we do work at enjoying life together. Really we live like we are married now and we know being married will not change how we are even a little bit. I will just be able to say I am his wife, that is all.
Well Richard, I will tell you how I weed and had a shit this morning.
I am thinking about it when I get up out of our bed. I do not put any clothes on because I am going to have a shower you see so I just walk to the bathroom. You have followed me in and I think I will have a sit down wee on the toilet today. I do not sit down for a wee very much and if I do it that way I am always at home. Well I sit down on the toilet seat and I get comfy. It feels a bit cold really and that is another thing why I like hovering or standing over toilets, I do not really like getting a cold bum. Well I have not brushed my long blonde hair yet and I have just run my hand through it and tossed it back. I hope you do not mind how rough I am feeling and I hope I look all right. It may be I should have put my bra on then you would not have got so distracted. giggle Well do you want me to wee sitting down like this? All right then, can you see my pussy? If you kneel down in front of me then I bet you will see a lot better. It is all right I am going to wee in th! e toilet not squirt you in the eye. LOL All right then I am ready. Keep looking at my pussy. Look my pussy is dripping the yellow stuff. Whoosh! I am doing a nice sparkly twisty gusher now. Ssssss do you like that? Steve loves the hissing noises I make. Oh look it has died a bit now. Sssssss my gusher has come back again do you like that? I am getting a bit of spray on my legs because my wee is bouncing off the bowl a bit. It is slowing down a bit again a bit now. My hissing sound have changed a bit and it has gone a bit quieter now. Well I am dribbling and trickling a bit now. Do you like the tinkling? Well I did that for about 10 seconds and now I am just dripping. That is it I am finished. Well I need a shit now as well, I feel it. I get up from sitting on the toilet and I hover over it. Hey if you go around the side you will get to see it come out. Can you see? Well I am pushing now and a few little lumps are plopping out. Hey you will have to watch it down there or you ! will get splashed! LOL Well that is it I have no more shitting to do now. Here is some tp, can you wipe my pussy for me first? Do it from the back to the front. Thank you. Here is some more, can you wipe my bum for me if I bend over? Thank you very much you are very kind. Well I have gone into the shower now. Can you flush the toilet for me? Thank you. If you want to stay while I shower you can if you want to see that.
Well I hope you like that Richard. You know I think it is a shame your wife does not do it for you.
Hey I liked your story of when you needed that emergency pee and those couples saw. I wish I saw you having your wee and well I would enjoy looking from the front. Did you read my story I sent in ages ago about when I was on my way home from work one day and I went into the park for a wee? I lifted my skirt up, took my knickers off and squatted down with my legs wide open and I just had a lovely piss. giggle The thing was a young boy caught me and he had a big shock when he looked between my legs. I mean he saw *everything* I have got and I was just pissing my brains out. LOL I still have a giggle about that when I think about it.
Thank you for saying such nice things about me. I am having a lot of fun writing to you about my wees.
Love Louise xxxxx

MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi!!! Well I bet Steve will like being in your virtual audience for when you pulled down your swimsuit bottoms and had a wee. Steve is good at wiping! He makes a real good toilet guard too! Hey Meg I liked it when you pulled down your bottoms and weed on the beach. I bet the security guy liked it too! Sarah it is fun weeing in the sea like that, it is just so natural. Did anyone see you without your bottoms on? LOL
Your letters to Ina and PV have given me an idea. giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY - Hi guy! Well if you want a wee I think you had better come and do it now. Get your willy out, that is it. Now you are a circumcised man, aren't you so where should I hold it? Well I will hold just behind your tip. That is it. Now relax and let rip. That's it. What a lot you are doing! Are you dripping at the end? Yeah I think we all do that a bit. I had better wipe you gently now. Dab dab that's it, now put it away. Good boy.
Love Louise xxxxx

SARAH (AND TIM) - Hi girl! LOL Yeah, I know I am not a bad girl really. It is just my little joke you know, I am just having a bit of a laugh at silly people who would just be shocked at me standing for a wee a lot of the time. I am not a girl who does not even want to look at her own wee stream you know. Oh no I really really love pissing and so I just do it any way I want.
Oh thank you for saying such nice things about Steve. Yes he is very nice, a really lovely lovely guy and I know, I still see a lot of my friends when I want and you know I would never try to keep Steve away from his friends or to change anything that he does. I mean what he does and who his friends are are part of who he is, do you not think that is right? You know I would never try to 'change' him, to make him this way or that. My mum told me not to do that and I know that myself too, but a lot of women try it and I bet that is a big reason why a lot of marriages stop working after a bit. Steve is Steve and I love him like he is. For lots of years we have been like we are married already really, but he has his interests and I have mine too. I will not be any different really just because I will be a married woman. I know that Steve gave up relationships with ex-girlfriends a lot of the time because they tried to make him change his life in ways he would not accept and ! I will never do that to him. Well thank you very much for saying such nice advice like that to me and I hope I will keep being as happy with Steve just like you are with Tim!
Yeah I know what you mean about baby boys peeing when they get changed. No I have never changed one but I watched a friend do it for her little son once. Yeah they are cute aren't they? It was like you said in your letter, his willy went up a bit when she was wiping him there and he had a little wee while he was on his back. It gave her a bit of a shock. LOL The wee went on my friend's blouse and we had a real giggle about it for ages.Yeah I think boys practice for when they are older right from when they are babies. giggle. Last summer when we were just going to come off the nude beach in Spain we saw a young boy just coming on to the beach but he was having a wee first and his sister was watching him do it. Well my mum and me, we saw him weeing from the front. We walked right past him and I think he liked what he saw and I bet you know how we knew. LOL
Hehehehe I liked Tim saying you were very nice and you reminded him of his wife!!! LOL Oh the poor sweetheart. Oh you must hold Tim's willy for him again while he has a wee, it is a shame he missed it the first time. I bet he is annoyed he was all drugged up when the nurses were holding it in the bottle for him. giggle Well I think that was very sweet of him to say what he did. Well I think you should give him a reward for that.
Thank you for saying what you did about Steve. I will tell him about it, and yeah we will have fun.
Oh and you do not have to be a redhead to be for the standing wee. Us blondes love it too!
Hey I liked the story about the girl piano student hearing him have his wee! LOL Poor girl, making her go red.
Oh I know what you mean about that really horrible female circumcision. One day a few years ago Steve was sitting down reading something that put such a really really black thunderous look on his face. Well I asked him what it was and I bet he thought for a minute I should not read it, but he did not say a word as he handed it to me and I know what made him so angry. It made me cry a bit to read it because I did not really know what was done. It is real bad and it makes weeing real hard work and everything else..... oh no...
Love Louise xxx

Hereís the lowdown youíve all been waiting for Ė part three of the d-Wizz trilogy, where, among other things, I describe in detail my ultimate defecation experience Ė read on for more...
OK.. thatís most of the really serious stuff explained, now hereís a few techniques I have used over the years to enhance my experience of the defecation process. Some of these have been developed only this year. Maybe youíre only reading this for entertainment, well, thatís OK, but I am serious here. I encourage you to try these yourself and possibly discover something new and fascinating about the workings of the human body.

First, a medical tip, which the doctor told me when I was in hospital. Try to avoid having to push faeces when you defecate. If you consistently have to push, maybe you should wait a couple more hours until your bowel is full enough to stimulate itself. I usually wait at least 4 Ė 8 hours from the first ďurgeĒ before I allow the defecation process to commence. Of course, there are exceptions; on the rare occasions that I experience diahorrea, I have to let that go ASAP. Continuing the medical advice, I allow the entire defecation process to be controlled by the bowel itself Ė I try not to push once the process has commenced (itís a natural reflex action to push, but I try my best to restrain these reflexes). My experience in this discipline has two important consequences: 1) a ďcleaner breakĒ of the faeces from the anus, reducing the amount of toilet paper needed to remove any excess faeces which has not left the anal area. In many cases, I have not needed to use any toi! let paper at all! 2) Because Iím not pushing, the process of defecation completes itself in the maximum timeframe, which increases the time during which the sensation of faeces-passing-through-anus is experienced. This period is most definitely the highlight of the whole process, and the longer it lasts, the better. Alas, its average duration is about a mere 10 seconds or so. During this short period, my senses of feel, sight and sound are working overtimeÖ

I usually try to defecate in the middle of the night (usually just before going to bed), so that it is dark and quiet and Iím not distracted. I almost always turn all the lights off beforehand, and equip myself with a pocket-sized mirror and a torch so I can enjoy the show.

I prepare the toilet for its special delivery by ensuring the seat is up; I sit directly on the bowl. Taking up my position on the toilet bowl, I have my knees and feet about 50cm apart from each other, so that my legs form a 90į angle. I donít normally sit this way on chairs, etc., but Iíve have found through repeated experimentation over a number of years, that this is the most effective defecatory position for me.

Having reached the right posture, I wait for those familiar feelings to announce that the show is to begin. (Often, this will be preceded by the insistent urging of my bladder to have its say first. For reasons you will discover as you read on, I try to urinate after defecating, but experience has proven this to be a difficult agenda to achieve; I have failed many times to restrain my bladder. Many more times, however, I have succeeded.) Upon receiving the signal from the bowel, I position the mirror and torch so as to see the anus clearly (making sure itís not in the path of falling faeces!). Then I relax (unless, of course, Iím still fighting my bladder) and let the process take its natural course. As the faeces moves through my anus, barely audible sounds can be heard in the still of the night. I discovered these sounds while defacating at night a few years ago, so now I always try to defecate at night so I can hear and appreciate them. These subtle sounds Ė which are! very much dependent upon the composition of the faeces, and therefore upon what has been eaten in the previous 2 - 3 days Ė are accompanied by a truly amazing scene reflected in the mirror, as the anus stretches open to allow the faeces to pass through. Itís the first emergence of the faeces which is most amazing. As the process progresses, the exposed faeces finally emerges to its final resting place with a splash. Many factors affect the sonic qualities of the splash, but the major one is the characteristics of the water trap. Experience seems to suggest that the smaller, deeper water traps produce the deepest, loudest sounds.

Usually, completion of the defecation process has left a ďclean breakĒ, negating the need to use toilet paper Ė the mirror will reveal this.

But thatís not the end of the show! After completing the defecation, I stand up and turn around, not just to inspect my handiwork, but to ďanointĒ it. Releasing my bladder, I direct the urinal flow onto the freshly-laid faeces, and savour the leathery sound produced. This second stage of the show is enhanced on those occasions that I have managed to have an erection immediately prior to urinating. About 10 years ago, during puberty, I discovered that urinal pressure was greatly increased during an erection. I have used this knowledge to enhance the occasional urination - the ordinary process of urination in itself holds no special attraction for me, except when it is a part of the defecation show.

There are occasions when the faeces denies me the pleasure of Stage II by ending its dive on the other side of the water trap Ė damn! The first time this happened, I couldnít work out where my new shit had gone, so I didnít flush the toilet. Came back 8 hours later and the waterís all brown Ė then I realised what had happened. I also discovered at the same time that, given enough time, faeces is soluble in water.
While posting this trilogy, I have been able to write some more about my experiences in this intriguing subject. I might even reveal what membranophonics is, for those who still havenít worked it out (see part one of this post on page 852). Questions, anyone?

to carmen:
You see or hear something related to faeces every day. You don't see vomit every day though, which is why you're not used to it.

the reason loads of people like excretion of wastes in the standard procedure is, in my theory, because we do it ourselves every single day. It's like skateboarding-if you see another person doing it and you're a skater you'll be interested.

Monday, March 18, 2002

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