John's gal
I'm back!!! A few stories to tell, as it's been awhile:

Yesterday in the coffee shop, I was enjoying a nice cup of sumatra when I suddenly felt a huge log coming on. Went to the bathroom and sure enough, there were my logs, all 3 of them, and they stank something interesting!! In that coffee shop the bathroom is just around the corner from the seating area, so I'm sure people including the cute guys in there heard me flush 3 times. Also, when I left, I was awfully glad nobody was waiting to shit because you would NOT have wanted to walk in there!!!

Also, driving to work the other day (I have a 40 minute drive) I suddenly had to shit and the only place to pull over in that way rural area was a seedy Citgo station that I remembered had a bathroom. So I pull in there, get some gas for my car, and then go to take care of my own gas, etc. :-D Went to the back of the store, and found someone had written "Employee" over the "restroom" sign. That was new since last time, I guess too many people pull off the road just to drop logs and then take off or something. Anyway, I had a few good summer sausages and then flushed. Lady at the counter gave me a weird look for not reading the "employee" sign, but oh well. I would have just told her "sorry, it was an emergency, smell for yourself." :D

And on the peeing front: My record for holding pee is now 6 hours. I work with juvenile delinquents and you can't always leave them unsupervised to go take a wiz. Also, sometimes when I'm at John's, I don't like to interrupt things to go pee, so I hold it in. And he and I can hang out for hours. So, I'm getting the bladder power on. whoo hoo go me!!

So how is everyone?

when i was ten years old I really needed a shit but i wanted my parents to help me with my homework. I was sitting trying to concentrate and this shit slowly came out of my ass!! i was sitting on a small pile of shit for about half an hour! My parents didnt know, but when I was walking to my bedroom afterwards my mother said that there was an awful smell of shit! I told her to go away and shut my bedroom door. my underpants were dirty beyond cleaning, so I took them off and threw them out of the window into a field behind my house.

sitting with a hard pile of shit up ur ass is not pleasant. any similiar experiences?

Just wondering
How much toilet paper does everyone use to wipe their butt after crapping? I generally pull off about 7 or 8 squares in one handful, and I use about four handfuls. I wipe until the paper is clean. So my average is about 30 squares per wipe. How does this compare with everyone else? Does anyone use more than 50 squares or less than 10 squares?

In the movie Keetje Tippel, which has been discussed here, a woman takes a shit and then tears a page from a book to wipe herself. She uses just the one page and she wipes three times with the same page. Yuck! How can you get yourself clean with just one page? Great movie, though. I found it pretty easily on an online site, but make sure you get the version with the English subtitles.

Ring Stretcher
UPSTATE DAVE: Glad you liked my auction/chamberpot story!! That was a whopper I had that day, didn't think I'd ever get it to come out.

CURIOUS: Alot of people don't grunt when they poop. I had a close college buddy who crashed out massive,hard, compacted logs as big if not bigger than mine without making a peep, except for an occasional sigh to catch her breath. She didn't even make any faces, either. Nobody in my family grunts when they poop. For some people shitting is like trying to scoot a piano across the floor--you have to use alot of exertion because of the weight and effort.

As for question #4, at band camp back in high school I was afraid to shit in the public restrooms. On the day we went home my shit started leaking liquid out--not diarrhea, but the juices of the turd. When I got home I had a massive grunt session and had to toss out my shit stained panties.

And on question #5 animals aren't embarrassed to go to the bathroom in front of eachother, since they don't know any other way. It's second nature to them, just like breathing and eating. Chimps and other simians have no hangups. Gorillas especially fart alot because of their diet.

I don't understand something. Everybody pees and poops, and everyone's pee and poop looks and smells about the same. So why do so many people (including me) get so excited when they see or hear someone else going to the bathroom? I see posts here about people who listen to others in bathroom stalls, and I admit I have done it myself. Why do we do that? When you hear or see someone else peeing or pooping, they are just doing something that you already do. I'm not being critical here, because I know people can't help it if something excites them, and I will admit I get excited myself by this stuff. I'm really just trying to understand. If I see a person vomit, I will look away because it disgusts me. But if I see the same person poop, I will watch in fascination. Vomiting and pooping are kind of two different forms of the same thing (in each case the body is trying to get rid of something it doesn't want), so why is one disgusting and the other one is so fascinating?! The same principle applies to sweating and peeing. If I see someone sweating, I won't think twice about it. But if I see the person pee, I'll watch intently -- even though peeing and sweating are kind of the same thing. Can anyone explain this?

ok a bad day a skool the other day i really had to poop but r english teacher never lets any1 go so i tried to hold if for the lesson which is 1hr 5 mins but half way through i had 2 poop bad so i told the teacher i had to go but she said no. So i waited about 5 more minutes and had to run out as i almost pooped myself so when i got to the toilet there was 5 stalls and only 1 free so i ran in but there was shit whiped around the seat and on the floor but i squated over the toile and let out about 5 really big long bits of poo and then when i went to wipe there was no TP so i just pulled up my panties and skirt and went back to lesson and the teacher told me i had to see the head of the skool as im suspended for leaving the class room when i was told not to. So when i so the head i told him i had been ill had then i never so that teacher again she left a week after.

please tell me if u luv my story and respond and i luv all the poop stories tell me more

Ring Stretcher
Hey, did anybody watch Survivor last night? A contestant was jabbed by a sea urchin (ouch!) and needed someone to urinate on his wound because the chemicles in urine help with the pain and neutralize the toxins. So this lady squatted while he held his hand under her stream of urine. You could see the look of relief on the man's face.

I would gladly do the same for anybody in here in the same situation.

Hey all, havent written here in a long time
had lots of great dumps during my absence.

I just had a fantastic dump today. it was after a day of massive eating also. Last night i just celebrated my 19th birthday and my family took me and a bunch of other friends to this steak house. dad said it was a great steak house. i didn't really care what he said. i was just hungry. anyway. dinner didn't really come until around 8 pm and i ended up having escargot and caesar salad as a starter, and this huge filet steak plus side orders of mashed potatoes and creamed spinich to go with the main course. Desert was a huge cheesecake. Boy was i full. all the way till bed time too. Me and mandy literally could not move. This morning our whole family went out for brunch and i had this huge eggs benedict just to top off last nights dinner. I was really happy with what i had too because shortly after wards i felt an enormous log trying to exit my hole. We got back home and i went upstairs to change at the same time farting up a methane storm. MAndy started to complain but i! knew that she needed to go herself too for she picked up a magazine and headed to a washroom downstairs (i guess my smells are too powerful for her). I myself headed over to the bathroom, bolted the door and sat my firm butt on the toilet seat. Almost at once a loud ripper sounded the entire bathroom. I must have been sitting on the crapper for about 5 minutes when I heard Mandy making stinking ass jokes outside the door. I replied with a loud plop. Then i heard giggling. I started to grunt softly as I could feel a large log making its way towards its exit. Pushing I realized that this could take forever. The log was literally sliding at its own time and would occasionally get stuck. Mandy came back and started making irritating fart sounds outside as for it must have been about 10 minutes later. Then mom came up and asked if i was alright. I just said 'yeah its just stuck'. I suddenly heard dad say "Well we're here if you need us honey". I was just thinking at that time w! hether the whole neighborhood was listening to me relieve myself. Eventually after another 5 minutes the log slipped into the water silently. The last log came out much quicker as for i felt shivers down my spin. I moaned as the last log exited and rubbed against my anal sphincter. I wiped about 3 times got up and flushed. As i left the bathroom I heard Mandy making farting noises. Eventually i shut her up by releasing an extra bit of gas i had in her face ;)

Hope to post more often


poo poo girl
hi guys and gals.i've been reading the post here for about half a year.i'm in grade the beggining of this year,our science teacher took us to the computer lab to work on a cd rom.halfway through,she told us that she had a bad ???? ache and could not control it any more.she obviously had to have a bm.i wonder if it was dirrhoea.

Amanda.S:i loved your story.
a question for all u people out there:what was the longest time you did not poop for and why?

Punk Rock Girl

I had a horrible bout of diarhea earlier today, and I almost didn't make it to the bathroom. I got to work and was feeling sort of queasy all morning, but not bad enough to really pay attention. So, I'm filing some papers and all of a sudden...BOOM! My guts feel ready to explode. I rushed to the bathroom, went in a stall and fumbled with my zipper. I barely got my pants and underwear out of the way and diarrhea started spraying out before I even got my ass on the seat. I sat there for maybe ten minutes, liquid shit gushing out every couple of minutes. Every time I thought I was finally finished, I felt my rectum fill again and another load squirted out. It was horrible. By the time I was finally done, I had been on the toilet for about twenty minutes. I had heard the door open and close five or six times during that period. It really stank, too. I wiped my ass with the sandpaper we have at the office and went back to work. My ass was sore the rest of the day! . I put some cortizone on it when I got home. Bleah!



hi i just wanted to know how to have the bad runs with liquid diarrhea and stuff. i tried laxatives but it just gave me mushy poop and i dont wanna use enema.


Hey every one...those top 10 toilets were on tv again last night

i love that picture...that girl is looking at her!

To Amanda S.: Intresting story..reminds me of my accident i had about a month or 2 ago...when it happened to me not too many people were around.

To joe p.: I just love your story..sounds like a cool expirecnce!...yes i've taken a shit in a urinal was cool!

To Matt from MD: Loved your from the Maryland area..i posted it once to you...i don't know if you saw it. How old are you?

To Diane NY: I loved your story about those 2 girls and that 15 y.0 boy you met in the park..sounds like fun!

To OutlawStar: What are those family restrooms like? i've seen them but never used one...explain to me please

To Not yet the performer: Intresting game..sounds like fun

Noel- i too get a kick out of dropping a load in my underwear. if i have to take a dump when i'm in the lockerroom at school & there is no one around, i let it slide out.

Toilet Girl,

I've been a plumber for 26 years and had never heard of a female urinal till I started visiting this site. Guess it shows how naive we in the states can be. The closest I was aware of was what the asian style that is currently shown on the masthead. I'm interested in your description of the fixture, full length with a hose. Since it is full length is use of the hose mandatory? Or are those sufficiently adept able to use it without the hose? I agree with the hose hygine is a concern, though having the option would answer that. I personally feel that the first way of dealing with elimination, do it in the woods is the healthiest, however there are too few places where that is still practical. The next best may be what is on the masthead. Maybe we Americans still have something to learn from the rest of the world???

Concert Fan
Richard/USA: I loved your report from the campground. It reminds me a bit of something that happened to me at a concert last year. Like you, though, I like peeing and not pooping, so the poop fans may want to skip this story.

I was in the parking lot after a sold-out rock show, and people were standing around waiting for the traffic to die down so they could leave the lot. I had to pee, so I went about 20 feet into the woods alongside the lot. I unzipped my fly and began spraying a tree. Just then, two attractive young women came down the path that I had taken. One of them was a really cute blonde woman, about 30 years old. I heard her tell her friend, "I have to pee like there is no tomorrow." I really didn't see her friend too well, and her friend went off on the opposite side of the path to squat where I couldn't watch her. But the blonde turned off the path and walked to within 10 feet of me but didn't see me. She unzipped her jeans and squatted, facing away from me. I was enjoying the view but would have been embarrassed to be seen there, so I started to sneak out by walking behind her. Just as I got behind her, though, she raised up into a half-crouching position. Her stream was very st! rong and was squirting out behind her for several feet... AND she was uphill from me. So you can imagine the result. Yes, I felt a warm stream on my legs (I was wearing shorts). It felt like a fire hose and even though I was only in it for a second one of my socks got very soaked.

Now, I like to watch or listen to women peeing, but I do not want the stuff on me. I grabbed some leaves and tried to dry myself off, and she heard me and said, "Who's behind me? It's a guy!" I told her I was sorry but I did not admit that I had gotten wet. She said "It's not polite to walk behind someone while they're peeing." She went out of the woods, and I dried off and went back to my friend's car. And I have not told anybody about this until now. It was both a good and a bad experience, I guess.

Some Guy
Did Jenny McCarthy do actual farts on her show? I thought they were fake fart sounds, but maybe that's not so important. If it's not that important, then on Mad TV, they had a spoof of Donny and Marie, and the woman playing Marie (Alex Borstein) bends over and lets a long one rip.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
Susan, you really have piqued Pico's interest. Describe for me, if you would, how your motions usually are, when you use your psyillium-supplement. Is it Metamucil, like I think it is? How do they smell? What is the consistency? Is it dry/hard? Or, is it soft? How did this latest-motion go? I am assuming you were about to take a crap, right? From the sense of urgency in your voice, it seemed that way. Please respond, ASAP.



Sick boy
Susan what are you drinking to get that kind of motion?
Amanda S. Sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident I can say I have had accidents but never as embarrassing as the one you described. But if this will help I will tell you what happend to me as a Junior in Highschool I was simply taking a crap at school and a girl walked in to the boys can on a dare while I was in there that was supposed to be funny and I was the laughing stock of the whole school for a bout a week simply for moving my bowels. now I have seen many guys take a shit at school for some reason it was funny that I did it because a girl happened to walk in at the time I was doing it. But I wouldn't have laughed at you. I never had the flu not once so I can't know what it is like to loose control as a result.
To all other posters here: I want to ask you all something Do you all think its a little odd for a grown man to be excited over seeing a woman on the toilet? I kind of do that of course why I use the name Sick boy I would apreciate any input

Hi, I'm 17, in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, and yesterday was about the first good beach day of the year, water's still too cold for swimming, but the air temp was about 80 and the beach was crowded, especially since it's spring break for colleges. I ran into a friend of my older brother's, he's 20 or 21 and in college. He had a cooler and he let me have a couple of beers, well 3 really, and we threw a frisbee for a while. Pretty soon I needed to pee way bad and I told him I was going to go behind the dunes since it was too cold to go into the ocean, and he said why not just pee in your suit right here. I said you're kidding and he said no, watch this, and suddenly the front of his suit turned dark and wet and piss was running down his legs. He was wearing big baggy boarder trunks, it was so kewl to see. They were a wild blue and green and orange print, and you probably wouldn't notice the big wet patch unless you were looking for it.

But I was wearing a light blue Speedo, not one of those tiny ones, but pretty skimpy, and I was afraid it would be obvious if I peed in them. But seeing Rick wet his trunks made me have to go so bad, and I looked over toward the dunes and they were so far away, and there were people all over them anyway. Rick sort of shrugged, and opened another beer, and he was sort of looking at me like well, what you gonna do, dude? I wished I had a pocket to put my hand in and squeeze like I do a lot when I'm wearing jeans or shorts and have to pee bad, cause this was an emergency! I crossed my legs which is not so easy to do when you are standing. I thought again about running into the cold water, but then I thought oh #### it, and I let go. God it felt so good!! I must have peed for two minutes straight, for a few seconds it was a solid stream right through my Speedo but I managed to slow it down so it ran down my legs. The only problem was it turned me on and I started to ! get hard, so I sat down on the sand, and had another beer!

The other night i was online and i got a huge urge to shit...i pooped and i had 2 8 inch logs...wiped several times....then the next day i pooped again and it was a bit softer this time...the time before this my logs were rock hard. Then today i went to work and i pooped on my break and it was even softer then before. I think i have this change of bowel habits when i eat alot of ????, fried foods and stuff made with mayo.
I heard where i live that a janitor is being charged for spying on people in a school restroom. He put a camera up in the restroom and taped the people in the bathroom.

I sorta thought there was something else to report on......if there is i forgot...oh i just remembered!

Last night i went out to dinner and i went to the restroom 2 times to pee...The 2nd time i went i really only went to wash my hands but i decided to pee any way. I take the handicapped stall and i see that there was a 5" log which was light brown. I pee and flush...i notice a boy about 5 years old standing at the sink and he was there when i walked in so im pretty sure he poooped! Then i come out and wash up and he asked me to help him with the sink he couldn't push the tab in for water. Then he left and someone took the first stall. Then i was thinking it would have been cool if he would have asked me to help him wipe etc. or even if i would have asked him if he dumped etc. Thats it bye

Looks like it's going to be a real nice day today(thurs 3/14)it may get into the 60's,so maybe i'll try and hold it till I can bike out to the woods-I'll probably have to go pretty soon after some OJ-
TO SUSAN-Sounds like you do some good pooin' with that psillium powder-I tried that stuff 2 summers ago and it was a bit too much for my system to handle-lots of gas too,but I did do some pretty huge dumps-some were almost 2 feet long,but I was going 3 times a day with that stuff-every now and then,i take a dose just to clean me out,and boy does it work! I also have used the mirror to watch my poos come out- it's fun to watch-how do you use the mirror when you poop?You and you hubby should do a buddy poop together after taking the psillium-would be fun!
TO DAVE FROM UPSTATE NY- Yes,that outdoor poop was fun,glad you enjoyed it,as far as that herbal cleansing stuff,I don't need that-too much for my systam-i find that watermelon is the perfect thing to eat for my sysyem.It makes my BM's easy and it makes me do some pretty big loads-I never take laxitives-bad news for your body as far as I'm concerned-Try the watermolon thing-it works great-also try apples and pears-they work good too although I find when I eat pears I have a lot of gas when I dump after I eat them-Let's hear some of your own poop stories-I buddy dumped with a couple of guys for the 1st time last(since i was 11 when I used to buddy dump with my friend back then) summer-it was kinda fun in a male bond sort of way and it didn't get weird-we just sort of ran into each other either biking or jogging out in the woods and at first I was a bit uneasy,but we all got a few laughs from it.I 'd buddy dump with you.
TO DAINE(NY)-Really good story with you and those girls out taking a nature dump sounds like fun-I would ahve liked to have been that 1guy,I'll tell you-bet he got a good eyefull!Good story,i enjoyed it!
Well,i'm starting to feel some action in my lower bowel,so I' m going to get on my bike and get out to the woods to do my thing- and INA,I alway try to find the most private spot myself-i don't want to get pooped for exposure,believe me-i'm pretty careful with that myself! Well i'm off to a woods poop!should be fun!!BYE

Donny M
Hi Courious,
I can answer one of your questions for you about if eveyone eats the same thing, do they poop the same and smell the same.-
I can say yes to your question.
I spent a few years in the US Army, and during boot training cammp you had to get up anywhere from 3AM to 5AJM depending on the schedule for that day set up by the command.
You would get dressed, shaved, run outside for "roll call" and then break for the mess hall for breakfast. They usually had scrambled eggs, bacon, Hash browns (yuk) pancakes, sausage, milk, cereal and other foods. Mostly everyone got the eggs and bacon or sausage as a rule. After wardsds you would get back to the barracks and finish up cleaing up and making the bunks and so on. By this time you would have to shit.
Go into the latrine with about 20 other guys at the same time and you find about 30 toilets lined up in a row, no partition, just sit next to your buddy and poop.
Af first its very akward and you have a lot of constipation that lasts for a week or so. But most everyone shits about the same time, and the thing is- the poop smells all the same. If they served for dinner last nite steak or certain other foods, the poop in the latrine smelled the same from all the guys. So it was no big thing to hit the latrine and poop, the smell was the same for everyone and you got used to it.
Very seldom did you ever see anyone needing a shit during the day. Only if a trooper went to town and ate something bad or something that stirred up your belly did you have to go.
In all fairness, the army food was generally good, generous, and good variety. Most all the guys shit the same time every day, and the poop smelled the same-if you wanna know.
Any comments or questions Id be happy to answer...
Donny M

I'm into pooping as well. I've been reading this forum for almost a year. I have been into watching women poop for sometime. Talking about bodily functions does not bother me at all. I feel like it's nature and shouldn't be labeled as taboo. One thing that I like in particular is what seats people prefer to sit on. I like to use the toilet sitting on soft seats. It's because their warm and comfortable to sit and relax while pooping. It's also good because you can warm up the seat for someone else to sit on afterwards. It also leaves a nice imprint on the seat. I think you can enjoy a bm better sitting on a soft seat.

I like that picture...its taken from the side and she looks like a college age possibly latino girl on the

I forgot to post yesterday that the night before last night(wednesday)i was flipping the channels around 8:30 or 9pm and i came to disney channel and there was something on about this boy was in a robot or something or in armor. You see him dancing around at one part and his mom had to open a hole for his ***** cause he had to pee...then you see him go in to the bathroom and the mother says 2nd door on the left cause i don't think he could see...and you hear him peeing. It was cool...any one happen to catch this movie the other night?

Outhouse Scott
To "Curious":

This is all to the best of my knowledge, I'm no expert.

1) We grunt during bowel movements for the same reason we grunt when we pick up a heavy box or try to turn a rusty faucet head. It takes work! It takes the same work to strain the muscles in your ass as the muscles in your arms, legs, whatever. Also, we grunt because of the release in pressure. Even though most bowel movements don't actually hurt, they cause stress in your hindquarters. Women grunt when they give birth, people grunt pulling splinters out of their finger--somewhere in the middle of those two extremes (closer to the splinter, I'd say) lies crapping.

2) Yes, you're right about the bacteria. I believe it is created by the act of digestion, so I don't know if it's there immediately in a baby or not.

3) If two people eat the same thing, will they poo the same? Good question. I'm not sure. I think we all have slightly different digestive systems, though they function pretty much the same. But if people have different stomach acidity, or their digestive system is faster or slower, then that would change the way their bowel movements will look, smell and occur. If their digestion is basically the same, there probably would not be much difference.

4) Although I think it would be very difficult for your intestines to rupture, I know it can happen. It results in a form of toxic shock syndrome, the same thing that happens to women who do not change their tampons frequently enough. It can kill you. It's even more rare for your crap to back up into your stomach, but that can happen, too, with similar health risks. Usually, severe constipation that cannot be treated with laxatives or an enema requires surgery. Sometimes they'll actually remove the entire section of intestine that is blocked! So keep them bowels moving and don't wait for days on end to shit just because you're embarrassed or something. It can lead to serious problems.

5) Believe it or not, I think some animals do display self-conscious behavior when they crap. I don't know if this is because they're embarrassed or because they instinctively realize that they're vulnerable while engaged in a BM. I know cats prefer to be alone when pooping. I'm sure other animals do as well.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity a bit.


Dr Poop
dear curious:
as a person in the medical field (and no, not the guy who empties the garbage can at the hospital) i have some insights for your questions:

1. Why exactly do we grunt when we poo?

Most likely it is a learned behavior, but could also stem from fact that we grunt at other pleasurable times in our lives i.e. orgasm and still yet could be a grunt due to straining of muscles, also found in other behaviors like lifting a heavy object.

2. From what I've read, the thing that makes our poo solid is the action of bacteria in the intestine. How do the bacteria get into the
intestine in the first place? Are babies born with their colons already filled with bacteria?

Bacteria help to digest certain elemtnts of the food in your bowels, the colon is what makes them solid. The colon extracts water from the bowel contents and several things can affect the amount of water extracted, among others are speed (slow, lots of water removed, constipation... fast, little water extracted, diarrhea) and your present level of hydration. If you've just spent the whole day exerting yourself, sweating, working hard, and haven't sufficiently replenished your fluids your body will get water from many avenues, one of which being the colon.

3. If two people eat exactly the same diet at exactly the same time, will their poo look and smell the same? Why or why not?

Possibly, and possibly not. When my wife and I eat the same lunch and dinner we have similar farts and similar poops (yeah i analyze them sometimes i have a problem!) Basically, all other things being equal, if two people have a similar dietary intake, their bodies will react in a similar manner. Most spouses or roommates will. Two people with different habits may not though, which could explain why your friend gets the runs from taco bell and you don't.

4. If a person is severely constipated and can't poo, and they keep on eating a normal diet and they don't take any laxatives or
medicine for their constipation, what will eventually happen?

you guessed most of it right. Pain, cramping, loss of appetite, and depending on the degree, a bowel obstruction, vomiting (including vomiting feces) intestinal rupture, sepsis (blood infection) and death. Sometimes constipation will relieve itself but prolonged constipation without any relief can become a true medical emergency and if serious enough will require surgery to relieve the blockage.

Side note: a simple way to prevent constipation is to eat a diet rich in fiber and low in meat (including chicken, pork, eggs, fish, and beef). Taking a fiber supplement along with a low fiber diet may work, but you would need to drink 2-4 glasses of a metamucil type substance to equal your fiber requirements, not a good trade off if you ask me. Please, those of you suffering from constipation on here... before resorting to enemas, suppositories, and laxatives sit down and seriously analyze what you are eating. You may find a simple answer to your constipation problem by adding more fiber to your diet.

5) Are humans the only mammals who are embarrassed to have other members of their species see them poo?

Some humans are not embarassed to poop in front of others. Babies for instance. After some time they learn it is not appropriate to poop in their diaper, pants, and to discuss pooping in general. That is fine i suppose but when you get to people who hold in a poop for several hours just because they are out with friends or are afraid others in a public restroom will know they are pooing... well that's just darn sad.

I'm not sure of the monkeys, i've only observed them in zoos. if you ask me after being on exhibition all day every day I would think you cannot physically be embarassed.

Today I got to see a goodlooking 28-30 year old guy take a dump from start to finish! I went to the park that has doorless stalls that face each other so I could take a dump.

I was the only one in there for about 3 minutes, when all of a sudden a whole bunch of bicyclists come in to use the restroom. They used the urinals and toilets to urinate. One guy who wasn't in their group also came in and went to the stall directly opposite mine and put the seat down. He was wearing a long sleeved white shirt, jeans shorts and sneakers. He wiped the seat and carefully put the protector down onto the seat. He then turned around and faced me. He undid his belt and unzipped his shorts. Surprisingly, he let them fall to the floor. He then pulled his blue Joe Boxer boxers down to his shoes as well, giving everyone in the restroom a good look at his penis and balls as he was sitting.

He sat down and let out a few farts. He actually grunted a few times. He kept looking down most of the time. He put two fingers from his right hand on his dick as he let out a long piss. He shook it after finishing. He kept looking down while crapping, and a couple of times he lifted the heel of his right foot and grunted one out. He looked down between his legs into the bowl a few times to see how things were looking.

After a couple of minutes, he folded up some paper and started to wipe. He leaned over on his left cheek and wiped with his right hand, quickly checking each wipe before folding the paper over and wiping again. His wiping motion seemed to be like he was really digging in there. He dropped the paper inthe bowl after each wipe. I could his dick bobbing around as he was wiping. He wiped about 6 times and then stood up to flush the toilet and pull up his underwear and shorts. Then he washed his hands and left. What made this sighting so cool was that I was able to see this guy take a dump from start to finish. He wasn't self-conscious, he just shit, farted, grunted and wiped in front of everyone, not trying to keep himself covered or anything. By his wedding band I could see he was married. I wonder if his wife is as lucky as I was today!

lil d
hey young can i hear somemore of your shitting stories

Nothing interesting from me to post but want to comment. First, Diane from NY, I enjoyed your buddy dumping story with the teen boy and the other ladies. Sounds like fun :) For myself, I use the bike trails here in Colorado and I take a roll of TP just in case there is an occasion. I have not ran across anyone taking a dump yet. Here, you have to be kind of careful of going into the bush because of rattlesnakes.

For Pico Tamale, I feel your pain of you g/f not allowing you in while she shits. My ex-wife had the same attitude and in fact, locked the bathroom when she took a shower. I would have like to undress and hop in with her sometime. Well, I am getting slighty off topic.

In a couple of weeks, I am doing a Spring Break trip to Moab with some college kids. It sounds like some good fun. I don't know what kind of bathroom opportunities will show up but hope it is interesting.

Now the performer
Hey peeps it's me again, not yet the performer, except this time i am the performer. I was on vacation and I decided to go down to the pool with my bro who was 10 and my cousin who was 9. We all went into the hottub and all of a sudden my cousin announced that she had to go pee. She ran behind these bushes and squatted. Then my bro did the same thing. I don't like peein infront of anybody, but i had to go really bad too. I got out of the hottub and announced that I had to piss. I ran behind the tallest tree and took a long 2 minute piss. It felt sooo good!!!
Here's another story! I was at my grandma's house with 5 cousins and my bro again. FYI: These were different cousins. She has a pool and a hottub in her backyard and we were all swimming in the pool. Since all of my cousins have a small bladder they made up this thing that was called a pullside. That is where you get out of the pool and squat behind her hottub, pull your bathing suit aside and take a piss. When ever one of my cousins would have to go to the bathroom they would go and do a pullside. All of us would seem to just drift to one end of the pool just so we could watch them pee. I loved it, but I didn't like people watching me pee. I would do it anyway though. Sometimes I would go ou tduring the middle of the day and pee just for the pleasure. It was soo realxing, there is just something that makes you feel free when you piss outside! Don't ya think. Sorry about the stupid stories, I am still gettin used to this site, this is only my second post! Let me know i! f you like my stories because there's more where this came from!!! KEEP THOSE PEEING STORIES COMING THEY ARE MUCH BETTER THAN THE CRAPPING ONES!!!!!!!!

Another cool sighting at the department store with no doors on 2 stalls. I walked in and one of the salesmen was taking a dump in one of the doorless stalls. The one with the door was occupied. The salesman was probably about 30 years old, with spiky black hair and wore glasses. He had a bag on the floor in front of him. He was farting and pooping quite a bit, making quite a noise. He was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with the tails draped over his thighs, a tie, and he had his black slacks and white briefs all the way to the floor. I took the stall next to him and took a quick crap. I was able to finish up before he did and was already at the sink when he started to wipe. He wiped from behind about 3 times, then pulled up his briefs and smoothed his shirt ouver them before he pulled up his pants. Nice sighting!

your name Whizzer

I really liked your story about peeing in the shower. I do this all the time. Its a real water saver when you have to shower and pee at the same time.

Some guys have talked about peeing like a recehorse with a hard on. i sometimes do it when I wakeup with the morning hard on. Something you girls dnon't experience and it some times can be a problem with us guys when we really have to pee and can't.

My wife doesn't know I pee in the shower,

Saturday, March 16, 2002

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