Richard / USA
LOUISE: You have mirrors placed so you can watch yourself shitting? LOL! You are my dream girl!! (Steve, don't worry- It's all virtual, you know :-) Lordy, if only my dear wife was as uninhibited as you are...

I think I have a pretty good life- I love my job (how many here can honestly say that?), we have a brand new house in a semi-rural area, we have two children who are successful model citizens with not a mean bone in their bodies, we are still happily married after 30 years in a time when more than 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce... what more could I ask?

Well, maybe for my lovely spouse to at least understand my special interests, if not join in. But, that being said, at least I have a very cool British pen-pal who caters to my peculiarities with a delightful wickedness.

LOUISE AND EVERYONE ELSE HERE: I have a true pee story to relate, as follows: This happened in the late 1980s. I was returning from a visit to my parents and driving across Vermont on Rt. 4. I have a long-standing habit of consuming large amounts of Diet Coke when driving long distances; it keeps me awake and alert and also increases the number of pee breaks I have to take, something that is not at all incidental, since I get immense pleasure from peeing outdoors. I was approaching Queechee Gorge, a chasm that is a popular tourist location and needing to piss pretty urgently. I hadnít noticed any likely spots to do the deed for some time and I was now in a state of near desperation, massaging my penis through my pants to try to hold back the flood.

Finally, I couldnít wait any longer without pissing my pants so I pulled into a parking lot on the north side of the road, just east of the bridge over the gorge. I locked the car and ran up a path that follows the east side of the gorge, looking for a spot where I wouldnít be found out. This is a very popular walkway and there is a road only ten feet or so east of the pathway and on the other side is Queechee Gorge, a straight-down drop of maybe fifty feet or so. It looked like there wasnít going to be a secluded spot and in sheer desperation, I stopped and unzipped my jeans. I turned toward bushes on the east side of the pathway while looking both ways without seeing anyone, took my penis out and aimed at the bushes. Just in time, because I hardly had my dick out when I unleashed a long arcing stream of piss onto the bushes while standing in the middle of the pathwayÖ not what I would have preferred but there was no option at this point.

Normally, I close my eyes when peeing like this, indulging myself in the sheer pleasure of it, but because I was an adult urinating on a public walkway, I kept glancing in both directions, not that I could have done anything if someone appeared anyway. Which is exactly what happened. Two retirement-age couples who had inadvertently snuck up on me as they werenít talking suddenly appeared to my left while I was in mid-stream. I was in a panic but couldnít just stop the gusher squirting from my dick, so I did the next best thing- I turned away from them and continued pissing, directly on the pathway now. I was afraid to look back, but when I felt my peeing winding down, I did turn back and saw the four of them just standing there, staring at me. Finally, one of the men said "Weíll wait- Iíve been in that situation myself, so just finish up and donít worry about it", which was music to my ears because Iíve heard of people being arrested for this kind of thing. I mumble! d thanks and went through the long drawn-out winding down of emptying a beyond-full bladder, my stream ever-so-slowly losing strength and then the seemingly endless number of squirting out of the last few ounces. I quickly tucked my dick into my jeans and zipped up, mumbling another thank-you, and hurried away without looking at them again. I got to my car, started it up, and gunned it down Route 4, just wanting to get away from this embarrassing incident.

What did those people really think and why were they staring at me while I was pissing instead of averting their eyes? I have no idea but Iím thankful it wasnít a family with children that might have been outraged enough to report the incident. Since that day, I am more selective about where I piss outdoors- I avoid places where people are likely, at least when driving, and I donít wait Ďtil Iím as desperate as I was that day. When camping or hiking, I still will pee pretty much wherever I feel like it, since most everyone else is also doing it, and nobodyís going to get bent out of shape about it. In that context, I guess Iím a bit of an exhibitionist and have peed within sight of other hikers and campers many times and have enjoyed being seen without the potential danger of getting busted.

For reasons which are a mystery to me, my last post didn't make it, so here's another try!

I like the picture of the sporty lady on today's masthead who looks as though she's all set to wipe with tissues out of a box rather than TP on a roll. It's certainly different.

TeacherChick. I liked your story about having to go for a poo whilst at school. Have you ever been taken short or had an accident whilst actually taking a class? I remember one of my female teachers at secondary school needed to go for #2 once and she nearly filled her knickers. Luckily she went to the toilet just in time.

Scarlet. I wouldn't normally advocate denying members of the public access to a works toilet, even if it is intended for staff use only. However, I think your firm was perhaps justified in taking the action it did under what were very exceptional circumstances.

Susan, products containing psillium husk powder often help with motions as they are a bulking agent. I'm not sure that they would make your husband's bowel movements less messy but you can always try him out on it and see what the result is. I don't agree with your suggestion though that the male half of the species don't wipe properly when they've had a motion. Standards of cleanliness when it comes to wiping vary a great deal from person to person and I don't think it's a gender thing at all. Indeed in my experience I've come across some men who are very particular about their personal hygience (as I am myself) and I've also encountered women who certainly smell as though they've not wiped properly. It is very much an individual thing though.

E.G. There aren't any easy answers to your wiping problem, ie getting it on your hands. Have you tried using moist wipes though.

Diane. I liked your story about the open air 'buddy dump' and the friends you made through it. Great!

Best Wishes to all


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

Excuse the rush as I try to respond to a few messages in a short time.
I'm away for a week so will be out of circulation for a short while.

ANTHONY K. Re being talked to on the toilet; I think the most intrusive and personal question to be asked when on the toilet at home is; "How long are you going to be?" It's like being asked how much more have you got to do, and being told to hurry up!

ELLEN, Re. your splash; To each his/her own! As long as you were neither embarrassed or disgusted!

SUSAN, I think it must depend a lot on how much of the psyllium husks you take as regards the result. I was doing some massive turds some months ago having had 4 teaspoonfuls per day and lots of water.
I reduced it to 1 per day, and was going all right, but with smaller turds, now with 3 teaspoonsful per day, I'm regularly having the best shits of my life! About 5 minutes of gentle pushing to get started, then some well-controlled small to medium firm loud plopping turds that leave me with a clean anus almost every time!
Obviously, water intake and other dietary factors will determine the outcome, but I find psyllium husk to be great if I have a bout of constipation.

CURIOUS, To answer some of your questions;
I think we grunt whenever we're doing anything that requires effort as an automatic response to breathing harder, and exhaling quicker.
Bacteria form in the gut very soon after birth. There's good and bad, but the good stay in the gut and break the stuff down, and the bad bacteria can form by fermentation if excretion is delayed too long.
As far as I know, that's a simple explanation, but we need bacteria to break it down anyway; The katabolic process.

NOEL, Hi, No, it wasn't coincidence that I responded to A MALE. I saw your mention that I might have put him off, and no, I'm glad you responded as I just wanted to clarify things. Good that neither of us was offended by the other! You will have appreciated the point I was making was that there are many people who profess Christianity, but who have yet to practise it!
All best wishes to you and good to know there is someone else who can accommodate toilet interests as well as Spiritual faith!

d-WIZZ, Glad your body caught up with the size of your colon. I've heard of a condition called megacolon, so I suppose that is what you had. During my childhood, I was quite constipated, which was probably how from an early age I was fascinated in the defecatory process.

Having great shits myself, yesterday in the public toilets, I was dropping really LOUD plops, but unfortunately again with no apparent audience. When I looked down the pan afterwards, I saw the turds were all less than 4 inches, even though they sounded like whoppers!
I think my peristalsis must be much better than it was. Even though it takes me a while to get started, as I push them out, it's not so much that I'm dropping them; that's too passive a word, I'm firing them out. I can feel the anus squeezing behind each turd and propelling them out, thus providing the loud splashing plop that sounds like most people on the toilet! Size isn't everything, but the way you do it!

That's it and glad to be able to report how good I'm feeling on the toilet, I wish the same for all of you. P. Plop Guy

Dear Plunging Plop Guy,
Sorry to be so late in answering your question about Jude Law,but anyway,the photograph is actually from the UK's SATURDAY Telegraph(Feb 16thish);not Sunday.

He's seated sweetly on the lavatory with his trousers right down,bending quite a way forward and with much slender hairy leg on show.Incidentally,Ewan MacGregor is in the bath next to him drinking tea!

Tim and Sarah
Love to all our friends from me Tim as well.

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dear friends. Yes, Robbie was probably one of the few other males I would have let watch, apart from Tim. I would have tried to blackmail you into some singing in return though...Lol. I guess you are the lucky one, cause you will soon have some girls that might give you a show and Tim still doesnít sound anything like a professesional opera singer...Lol. Tim is fine, thanks for asking. I might not allow him to post before the weekend though. He is working more than I would hope and is too tired anyway. I get good practise, watching him, for the kids when theyíll go to school. He goes into his study, cause he claims he has to work and next thing I catch him posting here...Lol. He only wrote a short one though. Donít get me wrong, I am all happy when he writes to all you lovely people; he should just rather get some rest, instead of writing until late. He says it relaxes him. I believe that! Last night I got him from his desk by promising him a stand u! p wee together into the toilet. When he finished he could have gone without hands...giggle. We were glad that you are having your check ups. Especially with colon cancer itís so easy to be treated, when itís discovered early. Sometimes they can remove little irregularities even during the check up. And it grows slowly. If Tim had had a check up a few years ago he could have been spared of several weeks in hospital and chemo therapy. But we are thankful anyway. We were also very sad about the thought of Sue not being there to celebrate motherís day with you or any other day. Is it too nosy to ask what kind of cancer she had? Just donít tell me, if itís non of my buisness, please. We think a lot about you and also your beloved, late partners. Itís interesting to see in your family your husband was for a change the uptighter one, Annie. Maybe a bit of jealousy as well. I understand the situation. I am not jealous about the relationship between Tim and Hannah. I know very well, ! that this bonding is grown too strong to be any looser. I am just sorry, I donít find it so easy to be so open with him. But hopefully we still have time. Being with Hannah and reading here now and then makes me less embarrassed. Like the other day when I went to a public toilet with Hannah. I needed to poop, but usually I would hold it until I get home and then it is much harder. I heard Hannah happily do her buisness and just did mine as well as her noises and smell were a good cover up. It felt very good to have done that. So I am gaining a lot from it as well.

Take very good care, dears and lots of lovexxxx and hugs from me and certainly Tim as well. Lovexxx and hugs also to SARAH AND MEGHAN

LOUISE: Thank for all your concern. First of all you are not a bad girl. You just are free and able to enjoy yourself, which is great. I guess you ment it as a joke anyway...I hope you will have a good working marriage. It sounds as if you found a good husband. Make sure you keep your other friends as well though. Tim is also my best friend, but itís very important for a relationship you donít do everything together. I donít mean to indicate anything, just many young women tend to forget that, when they get married.
I wrote a bit above about the problems of a father and the genitals of his daughter. I guess itís our society, there is always a problem talking about a girls pussy, but boys little willies are just cute or funny in a way. I mean they are as well: Did you ever change a baby boy? If not, you would like it! As you probably know babies like to pee when they get changed. Especially little boys are sensitive when you clean their genitals. The willie goes a bit up then and they start peeing. A bit like later. LOL. The only time I held Tim, he missed it, poor thing...It was after his operation and he was completely druged up. He had his catheter removed and couldnít pee. The nurses were a bit impatient, cause he kept complaining he needed to pee, but could not do anything when they held him into the bottle. When he woke up again and announced his need, I just did it like I had seen from the nurse. I was just a bit more patient and waited for a long time stroking his leg. After ! a while it started flowing and he filled up the bottle. Tim said to me:" Thank you, you are very nice, you remind me of my wife..." Lol. The next day he could not remember a thing. Maybe I give him another chance, if he likes that. Have fun with your future husband. Lovexxx to you and Steve fom me and Tim

PV: Thank you so much for all the compliments. You are so sweet. We like you very much as well. You remind us a bit of Hannah, as she is also a wonderful woman, who made it her aim to fight injustice in the world. Tim says he remembers reading about you and Ina being redheads. Our Josie is also redish blonde, maybe there is a connection there about the dedication for stand up pees. LOL. Itís a nice thought to anticipate the world will be more open by the time our daughter grows up. I am not sure, but I hope you are right! We have to all try to make our contribution. Some are very brave, like our Hannah, who fights for the very important cause against female circumcision. We are just trying our little bits. But as they say, everything counts. Love and hugs to you.

INA: Hi sweetie. Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. We wish we could help. Thank you for recommending the travelmate. I posted above a bit, how I have to get used to it. Good idea though. I have got a funny story to cheer you up: Tim "pissed off" his fan...haha. I have got piano student, who has got a crush on him. She is fifteen and says he looks like an actor she fancies. One day Tim came home when she was getting dressed in the corridor after a lesson. Tim went to the bathroom and my "I always sit down to pee at home"-husband let out such a noisy pisher into the bowl (obviously standing) that we could here him loud and clearly in the corridor. My poor student got so red!!! When I told Tim, he got even redder. He claims it was an urgent we believe him? LOL. We care about you, dear. Lotsxxxx of love from Tim and me

RICHARD/USA: Hi, we know your problem a bit. I am not particularly into the topic, I just post here, cause my husband "confessedí to me about this site and I do care about some people here, who were and are great support. Did you very openly talk to your wife, how much you are missing this aspect of intimacy with her? I am trying to accept this side of my husbands personality as well. Try maybe to explain very gently to your wife where your interest come from. Maybe some harmless childhood memories or when you have seen somebody as an adulescent. You know, women mostly want to hear men talking about their feelings...Lol. My husband was very much able to explain to me where his interest came from and why he gets turned on by it. I was much more easy with it, when I understood he just wants to be very close in a very intimate situation. Are you talking about her preferences as well? Donít tell us what they are. I donít want to get too private. I just want to say, that if w! e can be of any help, we would like to talk to you. You seem to love your wife very much and she probably loves you as well. I was very glad my husband dared to tell me in the end, cause it would have been worse for me if he went somewhere else to seek this. I was not readily open and just jumped onto it. I just got the feeling from him, that he loves me however much I can share this with him, but is very happy if we can get more open. You know there is a stupid rule: In every argument there need to be five compliments for every criticsm, in order for it to be constructive. And for every "what I miss in our relationship...", you probably need five "I love you cause...". Itís just a stupid rule, but the general direction works, at least for us. As I said, in case you want to talk; otherwise enjoy yourself. I did not mean to say you should talk to your wife. It just sounded as if you wished you could. Best wishes from Sarah (and from my husband Tim)

I just read two more memorable episodes from our resident "Log Queens"! These stories are greatly enjoyed by many of us!
Before I found this forum, The largest log I heard of or saw was 2.5 inches thick and and two feet long. I thought that was HUGE until I started reading some of you ladies' posts! The BIGGEST turd I recall ever being described here was the "Melissa N.Y." post about her FIVE- 5in. by 25 in. (125 inches altogether) logs! I guess she was a pretty big girl, though, God rest her soul.

You are, indeed "Queen of SuperLogs"! Your latest anecdote about your cousin was real interesting and very enjoyable. It's nice to know that "great" things run in families! Keep on crapping like that, and you'll need a trashcan instead of a toilet! You and your cousin should hold a "Logging" contest sometime! I'll referee, OK?
Ring Stretcher,
Another "Queen of SuperLogs"! I loved your story about the chamber pot! That must have been quite a beast to pass a turd that long and thick! I can never get over the size of the logs some of you girls can pass! You and Kim should always leave "works of art" like that for others to admire.
BTW, been to any restaurants lately?
Any outrageous adventures in Megapooping lately? Haven't heard from Diane N.Y. or Carmalita lately, either;

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Billy Bob
To Curious,

I once had very bad constipation, for a few days, maybe a week. I went to the doctor's surgery and he prescribed me with laxatives. When I was waiting for my prescreption, I started to throw up uncontrollably. This was in a supermarket, but I was too concerned with my throwing up to be embaressed. The pharmacist gave me some water and a napkin to clean up, I missed my clothes, most of the vomit went on the floor. I suppose that because nothing could come out and my system was so clogged, that my food came out of the other end, as it were. I hope this helps answer your question about constipation.

I just love the picture (Thursday) of the young Indian Lady pointing to her big long fat well formed jobbie, (it looks like its about 12 inches long and 2 1/4 inches fat, a real whopper),that she has done onto a sheet of paper in front of the toilet pan, which seems to be brimming full of poo perhaps clogged by a similar big jobbie and that is why she did hers on the floor instead? I can understand her satisfied smile
after doing a whopper like that and why she is glad to show us what a clever girl she has been.

Adrian, thanks for the reply.

Now to try to answer Curious' questionaire

1 We grunt when we poo as we do when carrying out any exertion as this seems to focus our thrusting whether trying to expel a large solid jobbie from our back passage or pushing a stalled car (automobile), or riding a bicycle up a hill. Perhaps it concentrates the action of the muscles or something.

2 The feces in the large intestine are altered by the action of commensal (friendly) bacteria and what is excreted does contain dead bacteria, cells, mucus etc, as well as the undigested remains of the food we eat. It is however the absorbtion of the water from the feces which changes what is effectively green diarrhea when it leaves the ileum or end of the small intestine into (in normal cirumstances)the solid, formed brown jobbies we all love to pass. The longer the feces are in the large bowel or colon then, by and large, the more solid they become. Laxatives work either by blocking the normal water absorbtion of the colon by osmotic methods, such as Epsom Salts, (Magnesium Sulphate), Lactulose (an invert sugar), etc. Some even reverse the normal osmosis and draw more fluid out of the bowel such as Picolax or Picosulph. Others irritate the intestine and make the peristaltic action of the bowel faster thus rushing the feces to the end of the colon (the rectum) before ! the water can be properly absorbed thus resulting in diarrhea. Indeed this is what the bowel naturally does when you eat something bad or get a ???? bug to get the noxious substance out of the system before it is absorbed. Irritant Laxatives are Castor Oil, Senna, Cascara Sagrada, Jalap etc. There are some laxatives which combine these actions and others which directly stmulate the nerve endings in the intestine rushing peristalsis, I think Dulcolax works this way. Needless to say I NEVER take laxatives myself nor does my wife Theresa, but I like to know my enemy!

As far as I am aware the friendly bacteria in the gut gets there from the food we eat. I suppose the baby ingests it in its mother's milk.

3 Two people could eat exactly the same meals at the same time but their stools could be radically different. I have myself observed that a girl cousin of mine of the same build and age ate the same meals as me when she was staying over with my family but she did large fatter jobbies than myself. She hadnt been holding it in but did one after lunch each day. Again some people have faster digestions than others and may eat the same meal at the same time and pass a softer even looser stool then the other person takes a longer time and passes a solid turd. I have found that all things being equal, girls and women pass more solid and bigger jobbies than boys and men and that women have a greater tendency towards constipation, even if only mildly so.

4 If a person doesnt defecate for a while the following things will happen. They may evetually find the very urgent need to defecate and pass a large solid stool, if they are unlucky being taken short and it will do itself into their knickers or underpants, they will have a solid accident. This happens in a condition called Encopresis. Sometimes however a condition known as "spurious diarrhea" occurs. If the lower bowel is full of solid impacted stool the looser watery feces above it will leak past it and either the person will have what they think is an attack of diarrhea or will even soil their underwear as it leaks out. Sometimes they will make it to the toilet passing both the solid turds and the watery stool. This accounts for the puzzling occurance of being constipated, passing a large hard solid jobbie then either having diarrhea immediately afterwards while still sitting on the pan or perhaps having to rush back to the toilet a short time afterwards and doing d! iarrhea then, as the loose stool comes down the bowel into the rectum after the log jam is cleared.

The most serious condition that can occur is that the large mass of impacted stool makes the colon swell up massively and a rupture can occur. I believe this is called toxic megacolon. This of course will require immediate surgical itervention as death can occur owing to peritonitis etc.

4 I cannot answer for animals but doubt if they are "embarassed" as we can be by defecation. To an animal this is but a natural function. I do know that some animals are very careful where they defecate and some like cats, bury their feces. This being either to keep their den, nest, lair, etc clean, or so that preditors arent attracted to their "home" by the smell. Some animals also use their dung and urine to mark out their territory and even in some species to attract a mate. It is also true that any creature is vulnerable when defecating, and perhaps for that reason seeks out a safe and secure place out of instinct. In our own case there are many cases of people being assaulted in public toilets as they are in a relatively defenceless situation whether a man standing at a urinal peeing or a woman or man sitting on a toilet pan if their is no door or it doesnt lock. One of the reasons I dont use urinals but go into a cubicle to pee and ensure the door is bolted is fo! r the extra protection this affords.

I hope this answers some of your questions Curious.

I have one of my own. Since a woman or girl sits both to pee and defecate is it more difficult for her to hold in a motion if she wants to for some reason? Unless it is very urgent or a loose stool a man can stand and pee while holding in a motion in his rectum, but I would feel that a woman as she is sitting on the pan to pee would find it very difficult to hold back any jobbie which she also needed, even a good solid one, and thus would do it as well. This of course is also an advantage as a woman will not accidentally shit herself when peeing as sometimes happens to men using a urinal, another reason why I prefer to use a cubicle and sit to pee like a woman. My wife Theresa has sometimes gone to the toilet to do a wee wee then has done a motion as well although she has said that she didnt feel that she needed a jobbie just a wee wee before she went to the toilet.

On the question of doing a poo in a urinal. I havent, but my friend Moira, wife of George has. I think she posted about this a while back so look through Old Posts quite a way back.

Meghan and Sarah S
Howdy folks!
We have arrived back from a wild time at South Padre!! The whole place was rockin. Our digestive systems have been out of whack! We have a story for you! We went to a party in a hotel suite. There were wall-to-wall guys and gals. There was only one toidy. The toidy was continuously occupied. It was so wild that the door never closed. Well, I,Sarah, had to go to the toilet first. I went in, said the hell with it, and pulled down my swimsuit bottoms and sat. There was one guy who was a complete ass. He would stand near the door and make lewd comments to the girls who went in. Meghan told him off and punched him. I started weeing and the flood hit. I had drank so much beer that my insides had been watered down. The wee kept coming and Meghan, dear girl, was my protector. I didn't mind so much the audience. I imagined Andrew, Steve, Rizzo and Tim watching me. Also I invited Kendal, PV, Ina, Jane, Louise, LindaGS, and little Ellen if it would have been ok. Probably not! I fin! ally finished, wiped and got up. Meghan- then I sat down and let out a big trump! The whole crowd scattered. Sari was at the door. This one girl said:"Is she gonna shit?" I said;"Maybe". She made a face and Sari told her to beat it! I weed and then pushed out a big piece. It started to stink in there and I sprayed some Lysol. I wiped and pulled up my bottoms. I, also, invited the same people in. I would have prefered the friends we have on here to the crowd we had cheering outside the door. We had a lot to drink. Fortunatly we had a room in the same hotel. We staggered back to our room with some other people with us. We don't remember much after that. Oh well, we do but......! We are recovering now. Dad and Annie just chuckled. Now for some replies.

COUSINS KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi!!! We are so glad you are back. ELLEN: We loved your little note to us. Meghan- I do loud trumps that probably equal your brother's!! That was funny that you announced this in front of your family. We guess it wasn't so funny to your Mum and Dad, huh! ANDREW: We saw you guarding the door for us and shouting encouragment. We knew you could tell off those idiots. KENDAL: We saw you holding our hands and encouraging us. We loved your story about Kirsty seeing you in the toidy. We know you were nervous at first. I had a friend sit down in the next stall and announce to all:"Is that you Meghan? I knew that was your fart(trump)"! I was somewhat mortified. She is a dear, though. I know that your friends wouldn't do anything to embarrass you! Well, we are back to school next week. Oh yes, Sari pulled off her swimsuit bottoms and weed in the Gulf of Mexico. That is not unique except she walked out of the surf naked(bottoms). She is a t! rue nutter,LOL! Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx and big hugs from Cousins Meghan and Sarah

INA: HEYYYYYY gal! Sarah- let me say that we are very open minded about alternative lifestyles. Since it is out in the open we will say that we have had experiences with the girls and loved them. We loved your story about the wee in the woods. We know that city you weed in. We love it by-the-way. Dad has sung there. We were there during the reunification. We don't remember the name of the opera Dad sang in Munich but it was in Italian so it wasn't Wagner. We will ask him. Meg stood up and weed on the beach. She nearly was caught by security. She is 5'8" so she was spotted pretty quickly. We are turning into two free spirits. Thanks for what you said about Mom. We do miss her. She was a shining light. We love you, too! We are glad your poos are regular. We hope you find a project to work on. Take care, sweetheart! Lots of Lovexx and hugs from Sarah and Meghan

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi friends!! Meg- Thank you for the sweet words. Yes, I have modeled. If you read our story you will find that both you and Steve were in the audience for our wee and poo! Sarah took off her bottoms and weed in the surf. She got some good applause,LOL! I weed on the beach and had to pull up my bottoms because a security person was walking towards me. I told him a couldn't hold it any longer. He didn't arrest me,LOL! We had a great time on the beach. We got drunk every night. Megs nearly had to wee in the hall but we got to the room in time. It is time for school again. Oh well! We are looking forward to your wedding. We are so excited for both of you!! Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah

PV: Hi girl!! As we told Ina we have had great experiences with girls and Dad and Annie weren't the least surprised. We wouldn't tell our grandparents, though! As we told Louise and Steve, I walked out of the surf sans swimsuit bottom. This was after I weed in the ocean. I don't know what possessed me! It was exciting. We would love to have a wee with you in the great barrier reef as long as someone kept a keen lookout for the great white!(the shark,LOL). Megs took her turn in weeing on the frikken beach and her wee just arched all over the place. She was nearly busted. We hope you are taking the beach and other places for a wee!!! Love ya!! Sarah and Meghan

ELEANOR: Hi sweetie! We are glad you are getting settled. We have been to Exeter once. This is years before we got to know Kendal and Andrew. It is a nice city. Your Dad is right in trying to find something outside in the country. We laughed when you said you put on a plopping show for your brother. He really turned red! We couldn't believe he actually counted the plops!! Take care! Lots of Love from Meghan and Sarah

TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends. Our elders were confused in that Hannah is an Aunty instead of a child. We really enjoyed your travelmate weeing story. We hope we can get as proficient at it as you, Sarah. You know, if we had had a brother then probably he would have been our Mum's favourite. We are still Daddy's little girls. We squatted alot when we were on spring break. It was so much beer. We really have to give that up. Take care! Lots of Love to you, Hannah, Josie and your son(sorry about the name). Sarah and Meghan

EPHERMAL: Hi there! SLOW DOWN! We really hope your break is coming soon. We have just finished ours and we still are tired. We are glad you finally got your bowels moving again. Hey, fixing up that potty to wee in is a neat idea! We are going to set one up ourselves. Meg has to go to the toidy every morning about 4:30a and I have to go about an hour later. This would save a trip, wouldn't it? We hope you can have some time to relax. Geez, we don't want you to collapse!! Take care!! Lots of Love from Meghan and Sarah

LINDAGS: Did you see a girl in a yellow two-piece swimsuit coming out of the surf with her bottoms in her hand? Well, that was Sarah!! She peed in the Gulf!! We enjoyed the fun at S Padre! Hope your poos are getting more regular. We don't want you to strain too much! Lovexxx from Sarah and Meghan!

ADELE: Hi sweetie! Hope everything is ok! That was a great story. You will have neat adventures with your friend! Lovexxx from Meghan and Sarah

TO SPECIAL FRIENDS: RIZZO- hope you return, soon! Jane and Gary- hi friends! Carmalita and Family-hi sweethearts!, Rjogger and Kathy-hi folks, Kimmie and Scott-enjoyed that story!!, Pat, Renee, Nu, Jeff A-how are you?, Todd and Diana-hi there, Amy(co-ed), Alana, Elena, Cousin, MERE AND MANDY, Adrian, Bryian, Althea, Melanie, David and Niki, Ellie and Little Lou

This is long post. Meghan will be back next week. I have to stay at school,UGU! TALK TO YA'LL NEXT WEEK!!!


d-Wizz is back with part 2 of the trilogy:
Back to the storyÖ I still remember being admitted to the Mater Hospital on Australia Day, 1984. During my 10 days there I was literally stuffed with Senokot, a senna-based laxative, which tasted like dark chocolate. It was either given dry, or mixed in warm milk. Its effects were usually evident within 4 Ė 8 hours. I think I got a dose every morning and every night. One experience I will never forget while I was in there was a procedure called a ďwashoutĒ. During this operation, two nurses put a hose up my anus and slowly poured about a litre of warm, soapy water through a funnel. I was then instructed to hold it for about 10 minutes (which seemed like 10 hours of hell Ė my whole body just wanted to burst), then they let me sit on the toilet and told me to ďlet it goĒ. A light-brown coloured liquid rushed (nay, exploded) out, and, upon inspection of the final product, the nurses proclaimed the operation successful and I returned to my bed. What the washout really achiev! ed, in light of the condition I had, I really donít know, but it was certainly an experience to remember. I was 9 years old at the time.

When I was released from hospital, I progressed to the next stage of anal stimulation: enemas. These looked like little green soap bullets, and Mum had to put one of these little blighters up my anus every second day. They caused a burning sensation, and their effect was almost immediate, but Mum, acting on doctorís orders, would restrain me for a 20-minute period, at the end of which I was allowed to release. This continued for about 6 months. The burning sensation did not subside for about an hour each time.

Meanwhile, my body was growing, and the disproportionate ratio of my bowel to my anus was slowly but surely being reduced. Defecations became less painful and more frequent, and I actually started to look forward to these occurrences.

Now, at 27 years old, I can honestly say there are few things more rewarding than a good shit. I experience no more problems (my body has caught up with my bowel), and I usually defecate two or three times a week.

Next time: part 3 Ė the really interesting stuff!

P.S. Questions about my story will be answered after the third part has appeared on this site. I've got lots of great stories to tell, so keep coming back!

Louise (and Steve)
TOILET GIRL - I have never seen a female urinal with a tube like what you said. I just use and like urinals that men use. They are a lot of fun.

DIANE NY - Hi girl! I hope you are better after that accident I think you said you had. It was you wasn't it? I bet that boy got a lot to look at when he was having his own diarrhoea didn't he? LOL

SARAH (AND TIM) - Hi!!! Well I know it is hard for you to teach Josie how to wee standing, Sarah and I know why it is. Yeah I bet Tim is a bit better at holding your lips open while you wee than you are and I bet it was how you were brought up that is why. I do not know it is as bad now but I know a lot of women have grown up and are told that they must not touch between their legs because it is dirty and ugly down there. Well you know it is not dirty or ugly, but women get all uptight about it and they just do not know their bodies, and they just think that weeing when standing up is just not possible or they think is just very very hard to even make it come out. Well we know it is possible don't we? My mum was really good with me when I was little about things like going to the toilet and sex education too, so when I was little I just got comfortable with my own body and how it worked with weeing and everything else like what my vagina was for. I bet you will be really! good with Josie like my mum was with me you know? I know it will not be an easy thing for you to do and I think it is great Hannah is there to be like a big sister to Josie about the weeing thing when swimming (I liked that story! giggle). I bet Josie will grow up really well because of that.
You know I do not know if it will ever be that guys will help their little girls stand and wee like you were saying.
Steve speaking.
Yep, I tend to agree with Louise's last sentence there. I think you are both correct in saying that mothers aiming their small son's penis when urinating is commonplace, and I think it is socially tolerable because of the way the maternal instinct takes over. To care for offspring is the sole motivation, and I don't think it is in conflict with other urges. Obviously the mother aims the child's stream because she doesn't trust him to do it himself without soaking his own trousers or some other similar reason.
I am not speaking from personal experience here, as I have no children and have never been in a situation where I have been directly responsible for looking after any, but I can see how it could be difficult for a man to deal with toilet matters involving his own daughter the way you describe. I think due to the way the human male mind is wired, it is always better just to ensure the girl has a safe place to do her business without too much interference. Tim's thoughts on this are perfectly understandable and well balanced.
I very much agree with your desire to give Josie the option of not sitting to urinate, and I think you are both being very responsible in your approach.
It sounds as if young Josie has very strong willpower and plenty of character, and you ought to encourage her to develop that. I don't mean you should apply pressure to make her do things, but certainly if she takes an interest in a certain activity or even a sport (how about a martial art, for instance? Very good for character development and self confidence) then you shouldn't hold her back. By all means give her an occasional gentle nudge if she needs it, and be there for her when she wants you to be, for whatever reason she has.
Best wishes from me, now back to Louise again.
This is Louise here.
Yeah I think Steve has said it a lot better than I could have. Well we feel really sorry for that poor little girl you talked about from Munich.
Love Louise xxx and Steve too!

Steve speaking again.
I'll take over the post from this point onwards.

To Annie,
My fiancee has dragged me back to the keyboard to write an account of when I visited the toilet first thing this morning, and to give you an idea of what you would have seen had you actually been there. I've enjoyed the recent stories Louise has written for Richard of USA. I think I have missed out lately! She has an effective writing style, and although I expect her to complain that I've copied some of her own ideas I think I will follow her example with my own post.
Anyway, this morning I crawl out of bed. Louise is still asleep, and before leaving I look at her exposed back all the way down to the top of the cleft of her bottom as she lay very still and contentedly in a foetal position. For a moment I wish I could stay for a good deal longer, but I walk out and to the bathroom. Quite how you have entered our house, Annie, Meghan and Sarah S, I can't imagine, but there you are.
I have lifted the toilet lid and seat, and I stand in front of the bowl. I will need my foreskin drawing back a little if I am to hit the target properly. So which of you will do that? Meghan? How about you? Or Annie, perhaps. Thank you, Annie. If you use all four fingers and thumb and hold my foreskin as it covers my glans, pull back gently. Yep, thanks, my urethral exit is clear. Okay, if you just hold it like that, but point my penis at the water in the bowl. All right, I can feel the urine is about to emerge. There was an initial spurt, and now there is a stream going, and it is growing stronger. This can't compare to Louise's own emissions, but for me this is not a bad gusher at all. You may need to adjust your aim, so my stream rises and hits the rear surface of the bowl. If you keep it splashing in the water, you might wake Louise unnecessarily. My stream has a twist in it close to its beginning as it emerges from my urethral exit, and as you can all see, it is be! ginning to spread slightly as it hits the bowl. The stream is starting to slacken off, and is becoming much more gentle. A few seconds laterl, the stream has been reduced to a slow dribble. Please point my penis down slightly while I fully empty myself. Thank you, that will be fine. Well, there was one spurt of urine, a second, and a third. That is pretty much it, I reckon, but I just need my foreskin drying. Thank you, Meghan. Just hold as Annie did, and push it forward so that my foreskin closes up. Ah yes, a few drops have been squeezed out and fall into the toilet. That's great, and you can release it now. Thanks. Well, I'm going to hit the shower. While I'm doing that, all of you please feel free to use the toilet if you like. If you like, I'd be quite happy to watch.
Happy toileting to the three of you, and to Robby as well.

To PV,
Thanks for the huge compliment! I'm lost for words. What can I say, other than Louise and I find it very rewarding to know you too? Have a big hug from me.
I am glad the bathtime 'swordfight' Louise and I had gave you a laugh. The 'Weekazijutsu' does seem to be growing in popularity among the women on the forum. You are quite right about Louise and I never growing up - indeed why should we be grown up all the time? <snicker> I'm sure that after the 'swordfight', we must have laughed together for over 10 minutes. Absolutely priceless!
Sorry for such a short response, but there isn't a great deal of news from me personally. Louise has been quite active though, hasn't she?
Perhaps there will be some further adventures over the weekend to write about.

Cheers to everyone else too from

Louise and Steve.

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