Last night while watching TV I could feel my ???? rumbling, really low down, it was making deep groaning noises. And again this morning, so I have just had a great big glass of juice with psillium husk powder in it and I can feel things moving around. Fantastic. This stuff gives me the biggest motions you've ever seen. I watch them in a mirror, it's like the stuff starts to come out of you, then it all UNRAVELS and there's tons of it. It really does clean all the crap out of you.

I will try and get my husband to take it, his shit is a bit sticky at the moment, his underpants are full of skid marks. Either that or he's not wiping his botty properly, I think he is but boys don't always, do they?

Oh-oh, things are moving here...

toilet girl
has anyone here used a female urinal? i thought i was the only one until i read a post here about someone using a urinal with a hose. It was like a regular urinal that goes down to the floor but with a hose that you press against your body to pee in. doesn't sound very sanitary but niether is sitting on the toilet but people do that. in responce to the anonymous person that wanted to make a poll,
i sit on the seat and i'm female

Amanda S.
Today I had one big accident at school. I was sick last two days, flu with very runny wet diarrhea. I felt better today, so I decided to go to school. In the middle of this day I got the strong urge. I held it, because the teacher won't let us go to the restroom in class. But bad luck, today I was having my presentation. I was having it next after the person that was speaking now. So I had the urge, and I tried to hold on but I was leaking diarrhea already. I felt between my legs and my briefs were soild a little bit. I was called to the front of the class to begin my presentation about cats. I walked carefully and held the diarrhea. But 5 minutes later, when I was talking, I really could'nt hold it a minute longer, and diarrhea splashed in my panties. It ran down my legs in my shoes. My skirt was soild and there was a brown puddle on the floor. It held on for about 5 seconds. Everebody was laughing and I ran out the classroom crying to my house. It felt weird, running in a ! soild skirt. My mother was home and she was like "O my Gosh" and it took an hour to clean myself. Diarrhea was sprayed on the back of my t-shirt as well. It was really embarrassing. Does any of you ever had an big accident as well? Please e-mail your stories.
Greetz, Amanda

joe p.
I heard a guy say he was gonna try shitting on the floor at school, so I followed him into the bathroom, and pretended to pee at the urinal. He took his pants completely off andsat down, and began to crap. He elevated himself and the turd was very clear... about 2 inches wide and getting longer and longer! It eventually hit the ground and he sat down a little while without doing anything. Then he muttered "NOw its time to pee" to himself. He covered the tip of his penis and moaned, I could tell he was pushing the urine and blocking it at the same time to make the stream strong. He was still on the ground and he let go and his stream shot under the door. He must have peed for two minutes straight! He got up and I saw his hand reach and pick his shit up and he dropped it into the toilet with a clunk. Then I left so he couldn't tell I was watching.
One question: have any of you shit into a urinal before or thought about it?

Dave from upstate NY
Hi Buzzy: Good outdoor dump story, I also sit on the end of a log when taking an outdoor dump. Good story from the gym also. I have tried an herbal clense, after a few day it starts giving you the runs, you do feel very cleaned out, there is some cramping and gas. Sounds like you take healthy dumps on your own, you probably don't need a colon clense. It will cause very gassy dumps. Sure like to buddy dump with you, from one of your other posts I see that we are about the same age. I will be looking for more of your posts.

Eric in Chicago
slim: how old were you and your friends that time at summer camp?

Somebody was asking about bladder capacity a while back. Mine can hold half a gallon (about 2 liters) but I usually start feeling like I can barely hold it when it's about 3/4 full, so the only time I can fill up two quart bottles is when I wake up after drinking a lot of fluids the night before. I feel only slightly full at one quart.

Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, so everybody eat and drink lots of green-colored stuff and shit green on Monday (extra points if you can piss green as well)!

Here are some questions I have about pooping for anyone who understands the human digestive system:

1) Why exactly do we grunt when we poo? Everytime I've ever watched someone poo, unless it's diarrhea or they've been holding it a while, it seems like the person grunts when they're squeezing it out. What is the physiological reason for this? I know we are squeezing real hard and exerting muscles and such, but why does this causes us to grunt?

2) From what I've read, the thing that makes our poo solid is the action of bacteria in the intestine. How do the bacteria get into the intestine in the first place? Are babies born with their colons already filled with bacteria?

3) If two people eat exactly the same diet at exactly the same time, will their poo look and smell the same? Why or why not?

4) If a person is severely constipated and can't poo, and they keep on eating a normal diet and they don't take any laxatives or medicine for their constipation, what will eventually happen? Obviously the person will start to feel very uncomfortable and will probably experience terrible pains. But if the person keeps on eating and more and more poo is formed in his intestines, what will happen? Will the poo just force its way out, even though it is hard and impacted, or will the poo back up into his system or will the intestine rupture? Anyone know?

5) Are humans the only mammals who are embarrassed to have other members of their species see them poo? Do monkeys or chimps have the same hangups people have about pooing in front of others?

If anyone can answer any of these questions, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks!

To E.G.: I have that problem all depends how messy my dump is

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story about that farting contest and you ended up shitting your self

To Jason g: i loved that story! it seemed cool that you got to watch and help and wipe that girls butt :)

To Ben In Iowa: I liked your story

I woke up this morning around 8-8:30am or so and i turned the tv on and on PAX tv there was some sorta paid programing on bed wetting. I sat there and watched it for a while cause it was intresting about all those boys that wet the bed.When it went off i turned the tv off and peed...i really had to pee! I haven't had to poop in a few days or so

Matt from MD
Hey. Took a pretty big dump today. It was pretty spiky. It was also pretty big because I was eating a lot of pizza hut food for lunch. Is there anyone that posts here that lives in Maryland/ D.C. metropolitan area?

Diane NY
Hello guys. I've giving myself off these past couple of days to take advantage of this lovely weather. Sometime last week I get on a pair of shorts and a tank top and get on my sport bike motorcycle (a refreshing change from driving 4 wheels) and start riding around. I pull up into this park when the urge to shit hit me hard. I was looking around and I find this large wooded area. I take off my helmet and I pull down my shorts and panties squat and let out a booming fart. Well I was about to start when 3 very attractive girls about 20 running into the area unexpectedly joined me. They were shaking and I asked if they were ok. One girl said the park bathroom was closed and she had to go urgently. Two of them pulled down their jeans and squatted and the third pulled down her jean shorts. They were proving they all really had to go. They all had a long piss and then I hear a loud barrage of farting and then one girl was pushing out large ones like nobody's business.! The other two were pushing out mounds of the soft stuff. The smells were pretty bad so I thought I might as well add so I farted and let out and easy and greasy 22 inch. Well we all start to chat and talk about things. I had a large release of piss that lasted for two minutes. Then one of the girls let out another trumpet fart. Then we hear some moaning and groaning from a boy who was about 14 or 15. He said the bathroom was locked and he needed to go bad. He threw his bike on the ground undid his baggy jeans backed up to a tree and had a huge messy wave of diarrhea. He introduced himself. He said his name was Tom and he's 15. Then The girls introduced themselves, Their names were Kira, Julia, and Nicole. I told them my name was Diane.

One of the girls started to talk to him then in a few minutes he felt comfortable. I couldn't help but to notice how he was looking around and looking at us. He must of had a real treat! 4 nicely toned Asses to admire. I see him raising his eyebrow obviously liking what he is seeing. He has another wave of diarrhea and a lot of wet stinky farts. Then one of the girls lifted her ass and blows a loud stinky fart with chunks of shit falling out.

Then I popped the big question. Anybody got anything to wipe with. One of the girls moved away from her pile and reached into the back pocket of her jeans and handed us each a napkin. I said thanks and I wiped my ass. Not that dirty and the other girls did the same. So does the boy. We all pull up our respective clothing and leave the clearing together. I just made 4 new friends. We all were hanging out with each other for the whole day playing football, basketball, and handball. That 15 year old boy was cool and mature. We all met up with each other the following day. And we all agreed to meet each other every Saturday to hang out. There was some kind of special bond between the 5 of us.

Yesterday, I think Tina was having a little toooo much scotch. She said she had been saving this up for the past couple of days. She said she was going to have a crap in her jeans. Me and Alex stare at each other showing great confusion. Tina stood in front of us farted and grunted as she was having trouble because her jeans were so damn tight she was actually having problems pooping into them. She started to squat and released a puddle off pee one my marble flooring. She grunts and all of a sudden we hear this crackling noise and she just deposited a whopper into her jeans. She had a large very visible bulge in her jeans. She started to walk around saying how good it felt. The only thing I said is "clean my fu—ing floor, that is an order" humorously. Alex went and felt it. She said it was very warm. Tina cleaned up the floor dumped the bulge into the toilet and put her jeans to wash.

Hello to Kim and Scott, RJOGGER, PV, Buzzy, Steve and Louise and others.

Leo- My younger bro is fourteen.
Bryian- Glad you liked my story. :)

Nothing much to tell today. I went to the mall with my twin bro Kai and my younger bro Garrett. We went into those new "family restrooms" just for the hell of it. I was in a stall next to Kai when I heard a big splash. He started laughing and said "Oh shit! My wallet just fell in the toilet!" I laughed so hard it echoed through the entire place. Evidently, when he was pulling down his pants it slipped out of his back pocket and went for a dive. LOL. He swiftly retrieved it and made his best attempt to dry it off. Lucky for him, whoever used the toilet before him had flushed. Otherwise it could've been quite a disaster. For the rest of the day, he called himself The Tidy Bowl Man.

Richard / USA
Hey, I found this in a post from Steve almost exactly 2 years ago (March 15, 2000):
"At one time, just like yourself, Louise was very careful not to let anyone see her when urinating outdoors"

Holy ????? has this girl progressed or what?? :-) I mean, I only met you guys maybe a week ago, but this is the same Louise who asks me how she looks from down below while she shits?? LOL! Maybe there's hope for my wife after all!!


Are you overweight? Try pulling your ass cheeks apart as
you sit down. I think most people have "clean" shits sometimes'
and"messy" ones sometimes.
I'm curious as to why you think "many" of us aren't very good
at wiping our butts? Regardless of who taught who, people
naturally try diferent techniques until they find what works
best for them. Even if I have a messy BM, I know what works
for me (like maybe folding the paper diferently) but rarely
do i get any on my hand.
Think about this: Humans are the only species on the planet
that wipe their butts. And what is the purpose of underpants?

Not yet the performer
My friend and I were playing resturant, which is when you drink and drink water and see who can last the longest without having an accident or rushing to the bathroom. I was in the third grade than. My friend had just drank about 20 glasses of water and me the same when she went back in to get another glass. We were on her deck so she only had a couple of feet to walk to get inside. All of a sudden she spred her legs apart right over her welcome mat by the back door and started peeing this really long pee. I think that some of it actually got on her carpet because she was holding the door opened. I couldn't help but to laugh. She was still standing there a couple of minutes later and then her mom came out because she could hear her crying outside.

Someone asked about women farting on TV. There was an episode of "Chains of Love" last year where a female contestant farted in the hot tub, while five men were chained to her. The fart wasn't audible, but one of the men chained to her acted really stupid and wanted to know why there were bubbles coming out of the her bathing suit. She complained later on about the guy's immaturity in thinking body functions were funny.

The story about Joan Lunden farting on the morning show is interesting, but I've never seen any verification of it.

The story about the girl farting on the Italian version of Survivor reminds me that Colleen and Jenna from the American Survivor I apparently kept farting all night after they won a rib dinner on the show. But this was not shown on TV, and we only know about it through an interview with Sean. Also, Tom from Survivor 3 mentioned in an interview that Lindsey farted "like a mule" every morning. But this too was not shown on the air.

Does anyone have an example of an audible fart by a female on an American TV show? Besides Jenny McCarthy, that is.

ROBBY AND ANNIE: You dear, dear people. I thank you so much for your kind words. I care a lot about you as well. There is really not much happening here. I am nearly as impatiently waiting now for your travelmates now as if it was my own order. We have to do a cyber cross stream then, Annie...and Robbie can join as well. I am looking forward to hear. I hope you will find practising easy. I went cycling in the woods the other day. I needed a pee and parked my bike next to a big tree. I got into position and needed a looong time before I could pee. I was a bit nervous cause due to nice weather there where lots of people. Also I was a bit sore from cycling, I need another saddle...I felt really silly standing there trying to pee and not being able to go. Suddenly a female jogger passed. Gosh, did I jump! After another little while I finally weed and left. All this little scene was set in a wood in the former and again current capital of Germany ;-). My poos are very regular a! nd no problems at the moment. How are you doing? Glad to hear the girls got better. It’ s good you are looking after yourselves. Are you giving a concert again soon? No, I did not mean the Watermusic for your neighbours...giggle. I bet your Sue was not only a fun loving, but also very intelligent woman. Five languages. Wow! I hope you did not learn your little German from Wagner like my former architectural history teacher... Lots and lots of lovexxxx and take good care. Your ‘Walkuere’ Ina

PV: Hi sweetie! The German forum disappered suddenly. Maybe they got scared we were coming. LOL. Unfortunately I think the poor girl who was running it got fed up with all the stupid remarks. She announced earlier already she did not want to continue like that...Shame. I loved what you wrote to Sarah and Meghan. Nice to hear you are having fun in your garden. Take care my dear. Love from Ina

LOUISE: I noticed, that it needs to be placed further back than you might think in the beginning. Does that make sense? Love to you and Steve, whom I forgot to thank for the greetings last time.

BUZZY: I think it’s nice you are always brave enough to find a place to poop outside. I would be so scared to be seen, although it is probably fun.

CARMELITA: OK, SWEETIE? We are missing you...

KIM AND SCOTT: Do you also like peeing together or doesn’t that interest you that much?

GEOFF: Did you make up with your friends again? I can’t believe when they were good friends they would not understand. You probably shouldn’t have run off, but you can always apologize for that. Otherwise what have you done? Pooped in their toilet...I heard that’s what they are there for. Let’s hear how you are doing?

Best wishes to all

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First some replies. E.G you have a interesting point on butt wiping. By the time you are 4 or 5 you should know that wiping is expected to be done after pooping. It is a personal thing. What ever feels the most comfortable and gets the job done for you at least to me is the best way. To the unnamed poster with the poll question about sitting on the seat in public toilets. My answer is yes and I am male.

Punk Rock Girl I enjoyed your tomboy story. I knew a lot of tomboy girls when I was younger and enjoyed the company of them. Ring Stretcher good post too. I got a good chuckle out of the part at the auction part of the story. Peeper great post also. Enjoyed your story and I hope to see your next post about Helen soon.

Richard/USA I have been to the White Mtns many times. I have a lot of memories of that area. Ive posted some stories about Mnt. Washington. Great story and I hope you have more. Buzzy I knew you would like my last post. Who knows maybe we were going at the same time. Jason g I enjoyed your post about your buddy dump. Sounds like you had a good time. Everyone take care. Upstate Dave

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
PRG, don't worry. Pico is not-offended! It takes a lot to offend-me (My g/f refusing to allow me to watch her poop offends me, though). It's cool. Keep your posts-coming. Teacher-chick, loved your story! Describe your face, and your hair-color if you would. I would appreciate-it. Also, why did you have to flush so many times? Scared that the tp would clog the toilet? Sounds like it, to me. Couldn't you have accomplished in two-flushes, what you accomplished in three, though? Just-curious. Keep your posts coming, too!



Hay Linda GS have you forgotten you old friend JW? I hope not
as I often think of you. So how much gruntin in pushin did you
have to do for that alst poop? Do you still pull on the toilet
seat between your legs like I do?-- Say Hi to Elena for us.-- JW

hey,hey,all-some responses--
TO ANTHONY K-I know exactly what you mean when you are in the middle of a great dump and someone starts to talk to you-it's very distracting-i really dislike that,too!Sometimes at the gym,someone starts to talk to me as i are just starting to push out my first load and it's a drag-i dont' mind someone talking to me after i'm done or waiting to go more,but I concurr with you!
TO RICHARD(usa)-hey another really lucky guy-I'm envious of you,pal-sounds like so much fun to do-well,maybe this summer i'll get lucky with some ladies to poop along with me some morning! Good stuff!
TO POLLSTER-About sitting on publics toilets-I'm male and 95% of the time,i sit on the bowl after I clean it throughlly-maybe once in a great while if I go to a unknown place when i'm out biking and it's dirty,i just squat over the bowl and poop,but that's rare
TO RYAN S- Impressive dump you took,but I know if I were the next guy to use the bowl after you,i'd be skeived out and pissed off-It happened to me a few years ago ands i really had to go bad and I walk into the public toilet to see shit all against the back of the seat,so I had to squat over the bowl after putting up the seat-Not cool to do,put yourself in the persons place who has to follow you!!
TO E G- you know on the subject of wiping one's butt,i seem to remember whenI was really young and my dad showing me how to fold the paper cause we had cesspools and if you just took a bunch of T P and bunched it together,it would stop up the cesspool,and my dad would get pretty pissed about it,but thats' all I can remember about the wiping thing-interesting viewpoint,though! All quiet on the poop front today,so i'm off! great stories,all! BYE

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO LOUISE-hi girl. I think thats sweet that you sometimes stand behind steve and hold his penis for him when he pees. I tell you I tried to do that with my boyfriend scott sometimes but it doesnt work as well with him because he always ends up full-blown in my hands!haha. thats just the way scott is! take care dear. love your stories.
TO PV-hi girl.I am flatterred that you would offer to wipe my butt for me.In that case I will tell you what I will do I will invite you over to my bathroom sometime and put newspaper near my bowl as I then kneel my nude body on the toilet seat with my butt facing you as I then zoom out a brown super-sonic kim missile right at you girl! and not only would you be amazed on how gigantic my logs grow but you would also be amazed on how wide my ring stretches banging em out!of course after I bang my log out I will let you do your magic on my ass with the toilet paper but I must warn you girl I have quite a lot of shit to wipe because I GOT SOME KIND OF ASS!!!!take care dear.
TO JASON-hi. thanks for thinking of me when you saw her insanely huge log. I like your posts. keep em up!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello girl. I like your posts too. wow! girl your logs are gigantic also!!...your man must love it that you have logs this huge? just like my man does with my humongous torpedoes!!!!. take care all! love, kimmie and scott

ELLEN: You dear, sweet girl ! Thank you for promising not to look at me on the toilet. And you are being very wise not to let anyone else watch you. You and I have similar names. Do you get called Ellie like I do ? Lots of love from Eleanor xx

PV: I think you're right. Me and my brother are both winners. I have a brother who's not mean to me anymore, and he's dumped his loser mates. Ace ! Love from Eleanor x

ROBBY & ANNIE: I'm sure I'll be ok in Devon. Dad will be working in Exeter too. But he has decided to try and find us a home out of the city. Love from Eleanor xx

KENDAL & DREW: That was a scary story ! I was almost dying reading it. I hope you told your friend Kirsty off for giving you such a fright. If I had been in the middle of a poo and that had happened, lets just say there would have been no poo left in me before they got to see ! I had to smile yesterday. I needed my normal poo when I got home from school, and my brother was working quietly in his room. I went in the bathroom and shut the door. When I got sat down, I heard a noise outside and realised that he was standing at the door. I knew I could trust him not to come in. I knew he was just listening. So I decided to put on a show for him. I made sure my wee splashed loudly in the water. And I kept "cutting up" my poos to make sure they plopped, and that there would be quite a few plops for him to hear ! When I got out again, he was back in the room. I didn't half make him go red when I said "Go on then, how many plops did I do ?". Then he made me go red when he! said "nine" ! He had definitely been listening then !! Lots of love from Eleanor xx

d-whizz wow. that sux that you had that kind of problem when you were a child. i feel your pain. just be happy that you aren't a child anymore

Hi to you all.
Not much to report personally, as my pees and poops have been much as usual for me. The other day I did decide just before my shower to poop in the briefs I was wearing rather than do it in the toilet. It was an enormous load of soft poop that rolled up into a big ball. When I tipped it out into the toilet (I was leaning slightly to my left to hold the back of the waistband while I lifted the sagging crotch of the briefs up and over the waistband with my right hand) the splosh was so big that the water not only splashed my butt but right up my left arm too. In fact there was a line of drips on the carpet too. I thought it was fantastic. I love the feel of underwear full of warm poo when I do it on purpose in a "controlled environment". I am not happy with genuine accidents when they happen in difficult and embarrasing situations. What do some of you other guys who shit your pants feel about this - whether accidents on purpose and genuine accidents?

Thank you for your first posting to this excellent site. Just to let you know how I really enjoyed reading of your experiences on your recent holiday to Beijing, China. I found your description of the other guys with you in the foyer toilets so exciting. If there had been a fourth stall, I would have loved being there too. Hope to hear more from you soon.

Anthony K:
I enjoyed the description of your early morning poop. I agree with you, that when you are wanting to really enjoy a good shit, it is so annoying to have someone knock the door to ask a question (as your dad did). Can I ask you how much underwear you wear? You said you "pulled your pants, your boxers and then your briefs down to your ankles." Like you, I wear both boxers and briefs, but only one or the other. Not both at the same time. Do you have a reason for wearing two sets of underwear together? Your comment just made me inquisitive.

A Male with Cerebral Palsy:
Greetings to you my friend and brother in Christ. I think much about you, and am so glad to see your posts back on this site. I am glad you are still peeing OK. You mention difficulty in starting sometimes. This can be caused my certain medication. In men over 50 or so, difficulty in starting to pee is often caused by prostate problems, but I would not expect that to be the case with you. I'm interested in the problems you have when pooping. I can appreciate that with no exercise you sometimes have to take two enemas back to back to really get rid of all your waste. That must be very frustrating at times for you. I know a brother at my home church, 200 miles from where I now live in the UK, who has been a quadriplegic for many years following a terrible car accident, and is confined to a wheelchair. He is very cheerful though, but does have days when he feels stressed or depressed, but still trusts the Lord. He has problems with faecal impaction as you do. The main diffe! rence is that he has no control at all over his bladder and bowels. He has to wear nappies (diapers) all the time. I guess you are able to wear normal briefs or boxers, as I assume you have control over your bladder and bowels - though possibly you have had the occasional accident, especially when you are dependent on someome to lift you on to your commode. I am seeking to build up a picture in my mind of you and what life is like for you on a daily basis. Be assured of my continuing support and prayers for you - especially that you will have the wife of God's choice for you in His time. Do be patient in the meantime. It would be good to know your name. Although you may wish to continue to post under "A Male with Cerebral Palsy", do you think you could slip your Christian name in your next post to me please. Obviously, not your full name, as this site is meant to protect our identity. Am I right that you live in the USA? If so, which State? I'd love to put a pin on my world ! map where you are. I shall look forward to sharing much with you from time to time. God bless you my brother.

Plunging Plop Guy:
You made a reponse to A Male some time back (and I should have said this back then - sorry for my delay). I just wonder if because of what I wrote to A Male you felt you should write to him, or whether it was just coincidence. I am glad you wrote what you did, and if you thought I might have been offended (though you did not mention me), I just want to assure you I was not offended in the least. My Christian faith should be able to stand criticism. I do seek to be a very loving guy (though I often fail in this respect). Christanity is all about sharing God's love in an increasingly loveless and violent world. I'll leave it there. I do enjoy reading your posts.

Well, that's it for this time. If anyone out there was expecting a response from me and I've not given you one, I do apologise. Please remind me of what I should have responded to, and I'll seek to get back to you. Happy poops and pees to all.

Must go for now - BYE

Moderator: Hope I’ve edited this to your satisfaction… d-Wizz.

Greetings everyone. This is d-Wizz. I am 27 years old and I live in Brisbane, Australia. This is my first post to this forum… and I’ve decided to share with you all a special piece of literature I wrote on 001227 as my first postings. I’m sure you will find it very interesting… It’s not very long, but I’ll be posting it in three parts, so as to not make it too much to read all at once. This has not been made public before; I was going to post it on the ‘Net shortly after I wrote it – don’t know why I never did – but now the time has come, so let’s go with part 1…

At this present time I am officially classified as “unemployed”, so my main occupations are my two passions: computers and membranophonics (look it up if you don’t know what it means!)

But I also share with you this strange human fascination with the process of defecation – such that it led me on a surfing quest to explore the Internet on the topic. I discovered some very interesting and informative sites, and, of course the humorous ones as well. In just over an hour of surfing, I gathered plenty of “shit” about shit!

I feel obliged to contribute to this international database, so here’s my story, and a few technical specs as well…

To start with, I’ll explain a few things about my childhood, which was unusual, especially when it comes to the subject of defecation. I was born with what was described at the time as an “enlarged bowel”. I’m not sure exactly what that term was supposed to mean, but I do know that it was very painful to defecate during my early childhood. With the benefits of both a better understanding of the process of defecation and my now fully-developed body, I can now attempt to explain it a little like this:

By the time I was 5 years old, my bowel (probably my colon and rectum) had grown to full adult size, while the rest of my digestive system (including my anus) developed at the normal rate. These circumstances yielded major effects on both the frequency of my defecation cycle and the viscosity of my faeces. Mum had tried everything from rewards to punishments in attempting to get me to defecate regularly, but after a few months of little success, she realised that it was beyond my control, and we went to see a doctor. That’s when the enlarged bowel diagnosis was proclaimed, and I was admitted to hospital for “observation”.

I’ll just detour here to give you my interpretation of the diagnosis. I was (and still am) an inquisitive person, always seeking knowledge about all topics. Thus, upon learning of my diagnosis, I set about gathering information about it (in hindsight, this was probably the genesis of my fascination with the defecation process). Here’s what I concluded as an 8-year old, about what was happening in my body:

My digestive system was functioning as normal. The abnormality was that, because of the size of my bowel, the amounts of waste material coming in from the upper parts of my digestive system were insufficient to warrant defecation occurring until the bowel was full. Because I was a child, this usually took about 5 days, sometimes longer. All this time, the colon had been busily doing its normal job of extracting water from the waste material. The result was that the faeces were very dry, and very hard to move. Added to these factors, consider the child-sized anus I was equipped with, and you can see big problems developing. Little wonder then, that I feared defecation as a child; Mum had to come in and hold my hand while I was huffing and puffing for about 30 minutes trying to get the sucker out!
More childhood experiences coming in part 2 – stay tuned!

RICHARD/USA - Hi guy!!! Well I hope you did like my little story. You will understand I have things to look at and sort out for the wedding so I have no time now to write another one today for you, but I will try to this week. Well, all right, I will just give a quick story from this morning.
This morning I do not want to shit, so I go in the shower and before I put the water on I just get down for a squatting piss in there. If you are there with me I am facing out of the shower so you can watch at the front. Well I really want to go so I just relax and I my pussy is just starting to drip a bit now. Well I had a bit of a splutter there and now it is a trickle. Oh whoosh what a big pressure, I am gushing like mad now and can you hear the hiss? Do you like it? My feet are getting a bit wet now because I am making a big yellow puddle on the floor between them. It is really shooting forward in a big twisty sheet and it is draining away down the grid behind me. Well I am standing up and I have just accidentally pissed down my right leg and it is running down but I am still pissing a big twisty sheet. It is slowing down now and there is this long trickle that is just falling on the shower floor. Well that trickle is not lasting too long, I am dripping a bit now. Oh! look there is another trickle. Now there is a bit more dripping. Well that was it and now my piss is over. Look at my puss, can you see the yellow drops of wee hanging off it? Did you see that one drip off? Well I am just shaking my bum to shake the other ones off as well. There we are. Now I have put the water on in the shower and I am getting wet. The wee on the inside of my right leg has been rinsed off now and the water is washing my wee away on the shower floor. Well I hope you liked my show, Richard!
Yeah, with the wiping I wipe my bumhole from the right hand side because it is obviously further back. I do not reach down between my legs and try to reach around because that would be hard to do, but I always wipe my pussy by reaching between my legs. Yeah I do see that you wife was not trying to hide what she has got from you. I know it is just she does not understand why you like seeing her pee.
Yeah I will tell you some more stories.
Love Louise xxxxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Well what a log you had yesterday! I never could do anything as big as that with no effort! It would be a real strain for me.
Keep well!
Love Louise xxx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! Well yeah Robby, I will have to take you by the hand into the toilet with me so you can see me have a wee. I will have to try to do that tomorrow or on Friday. I am very sorry but you know why I do not have a lot of time just now with my wedding preparations and stuff. Annie, I will try to get Steve to write as well, but if he does not do it this week please forgive him, because he has so much to do as well.
Robby do you want me to have a wee at home for you in the shower or something, or do you want me to do it in the ladies at work. LOL It is like I am taking requests now isn't it?
Love Louise xx

INA - Hi girl! No I will not get frustrated with my travelmate weeing through my trouser zipper, oh no. I know that when you first start doing something you are not as good as when you have been practicing. Steve said that to me about another thing! LOL I did not leave my top button open and that is a thing I think I did wrong really. I will have to try again with some other trousers when I get a chance. I will tell you how I do, yeah.
Oh no, I am glad you tried to teach those silly jerks on that German forum by talking about me and how I like standing to wee whenever I feel like it. Thank you for writing such a nice description of me as well! I have not been there but I bet I would get really annoyed if they talk like that. Did you know I am 99% straight? I hope you would know what I mean if I said I have not done anything like that but if I did I would never leave Steve out of it. I mean I really like men (or man because I have only ever been with Steve and he is a lot more than I even dreamed of getting for a husband when I was a little girl) but I am not a men-hating feminist or anything like that. I mean I sure do not want to be a guy and I sure do not wish I had a dick. That is just too silly isn't it? No, thank you Ina for talking about me and what I like to do, it was very nice of you to do that.
No you stay on this site with us because you belong with us here. You are teaching a lot of us how to use the travelmate and we are good pupils.
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girrrl!!! You know I do believe Steve went a little bit pink at us calling Steve a super sexy gentleman of the world. But that is what he is though.
You like satin as well? You do like the same things as me!!! I like a lot of more lacey stuff as well but I have about 4 or 5 satin sets I think. Steve got me a black satin bra and pants for my last birthday.
Well I am happy you liked my description to Richard of my trip to the ladies. My mum told me always to wipe from back to front, and Steve always wipes me that way. I did not have to tell him why, he just knew.
Oh yeah, it was funny when I had the swordfight in the bath with Steve. LOL We must do it again. Well I never had a brother to have pissfights with when I was a little girl. I mean I have had piss fights with Steve in the bath when I have not used the travelmate and they have been a giggle but this one with travelmate was really really funny.
Poor Steve (he is very busy) asked me to send his applause. So Applause! giggle I will have to ask Steve what the proper word would be for a wee fighting technique with the travelmate or 'weekazashi'. giggle I guess we could say weekazashi waza but I will have to ask him if I am right.
Well Thank you very much for saying such nice things about me as well. Steve is right, I hope I have helped you with your confidence like you have helped me with mine. Yeah, let's do arcs together. Ready steady whoosh! giggle



Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Sarah (and Tim)
Hi it’s Sarah. I sent my husband to earn money and Hannah is picking the kids up later, so I have got time to post. Thank you all for the good wishes and advice.
I am sorry, I am a bit helpless about teaching my daughter myself. This whole issue is just still so new to me that I think it’s even better when Hannah ‘teaches’ her, as think Josie would also sense, I am not absolutely comfortable myself about weeing under the shower. It’s also better as it stays a secret little game this way and at her age (in the world we live in) that’s all it should be. It’s difficult enough for Tim when he has to take the girl to the gents, but we have to make absolutely sure she does not get any ideas, like going on her own. We had a very good conversation with her about being very, very careful. I know it’s tricky, cause I want my children to be raised far away from the shame my parents raised us with, but there are many not so good minded people out there. About a year ago a little girl (7) in Munich got raped on the school toilets, when she went for a wee. I know she went to the girls and one thing has nothing to do with the other, but we don’! t want to provoke dodgy situations. It’s so difficult in our society isn’t it? A father being alone with his daughter is always in a more difficult situation, when the kid or himself needs a bathroom. I was a bit shocked about Josephine’s performance at the urinal, when Tim told me about it. Not so much that she tried a stand up pee, but that she tried to trick him and abused his situation. I know, he was at the limit of his patience as well and much more hurt by it than he admits here. We made it clear to her though, that she should not feel bad about her unfortunate try, that’s no problem; she has to understand though that other people have got needs as well. If her father is not feeling well and needs to go to the toilet, it is not the time to play games. I think I am much more strict than Tim with this, although I love my daughter dearly and admire her for her will power. She is not always stubborn and mostly a very caring sweetie and after we let her think about the si! tuation, she was sorry, but not ashamed (no worries). Tim says, it’s because from reading this forum and the posts from INA, PV, AMAZON, LOUISE and all the other girls and women, he understands her frustration so much. My husband just can’t stand injustice and was always sorry about the women in his life, like his sister, daughter or me having to face waiting in line or bad conditions on public toilets. We spent half of my pregnancies looking for toilets and maybe he is just fed up...Lol. No, he is such a sweetie. I feel quite comfortable with the travelmate and although practising was a bit yuckie in the beginning, Hannah and me get along with them quite fine. It’ s so strange though, cause one automatically adepts the pose of a men who is peeing. A bit weird, but no doubt practical. I am still a bit shy though about using it outside, as I am afraid to be seen. Silly, I know. I rather half undress and sprinkle on my shoes, just cause I am afraid to look like a guy. I have ! to get a bit more sure, but in the long run can imagine to get used to it. I also have to be careful about Josie, as we are trying to calm things down at the moment.
My daughter came back from swimming with her aunt very happy. She was very giggly and did not suspect, we knew what her big secret was. We are having bets at the moment when and to whom she’ll spill it first. I am certain it will be Tim. We love our kids both the same and they both are close to us, but I think children have often one parent they relate more to. Josie is definately Daddy’s girl and our son is closer to me. That’s no problem, as I said we love them both the same. It just becomes a problem, cause our society is so messed up there. You know, Tim was always a father who changed nappies and helped the kids, cleaning them on the toilet. When you change little girls you have to carefully clean them, especially between the lips of the pussy. So it’s not like he never touched her down there. I could imagine if standing to pee for women would be broadly accepted, he could have just continued to "hold" her and teach her the same way we did with our boy. It sounds st! range, doesn’t it? Could you imagine fathers with their two year old girls turning them at a bush, holding their lips open and let them wee. I guess many people will have strange feelings, like me (I wouldn’t with my husband, just generally). Yet, mothers doing that with their sons, is an everyday sight...You know why my husband could direct me better while peeing than myself? Cause he knows my anatomy down there better, as he sees and maybe even touches it more often than me. I guess we have to get in touch with ourselves, girls! Lol. Hannah told us that Josie was, as expected, very delighted about the secret game... Hannah had taken her into a shower cubicle before swimming and they did a little secret weewee into the drain after Hannah showed her how she does it. Usually my babies like to let their wee secretly flow in the water while swimming, like all kids. That’s unfortunately why they have to put so much chlorine in the pool. We were laughing when Hannah told us that! this time Josie held it in and was very eager to go to the shower again after a while, as she usually is a big water lover and you have difficulties getting her out of the pool..Hannah was understanding and they had another wee inbetween swimming...It’s good. I think it makes Josie very satisfied and feeling able and gives us time to adapt to the whole thing as a family.

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