i remember once when i was traveling in an r/v and i had to bm really bad. sooo bad that i couldnt hold it and it began coming out. the only thing i could do is get the garbage can, now picture this im in an enclosed r/v with 2 chicks 1 room away and only the flimsy make shift door of a sheet to prevent them from knowing the gig was up. at the time i was embarrased to fart let alone bm with a bunch of girls but i did it anyway. that is until one of them walked back and saw me, lets just say i froze literallly, poop and all. it was stuck half out and she just stared for a while. then "plunk" it dropped and she laughed. i was beet red but relieved. isnt it strange how you can feel so good in such a bad situation? well it turns out that she was coming back to do the same thing with out the "boys" noticing because "girls should be proper" yea right it was really cool because she dumped right after me and she wasnt embarrased at all. now it is kind of a regular think to talk abou! t pooping around her, and occasionally we even rekindle those wonderful times. i would just like to say congrats to all of you girls willing to stick your neck out and talk about pooping, most guys like it. and i love this site.

I want to ask everyone something. When you wipe your butt, how many of you get poop on your hand? No matter how careful I am and how much paper I use, I always seem to get poop on the palm of my hand, right in the middle of the hand. I don't know what I am doing wrong when I wipe, but I always get poop on my hand. Do other people have this problem?

Have you ever thought about the fact that butt wiping is just about the only thing we learn as small children that never gets reinforced as we grow older? Our parents will yell at us as we grow older about how we eat and hold our silverware, and they will nag us to comb our hair and take a shower and brush our teeth and be polite, etc, and teachers will give us instruction in reading and writing, and as we get older there will be even be health and hygiene classes at school where things like body odor might be discussed, but how often will a parent or teacher say "Make sure you clean your butt real well when you poop". A parent might say it when you are 3 or 4, but once you are over the age of 5, the subject of butt wiping NEVER comes up and parents and teachers have nothing to say about it. I think it is the only human activity where we pretty much get no training at all after the age of 4. Even such very personal things as sex and masturbation are exposed to us in ! movies and books, so we kind of have an idea of how they work. But butt wiping is NEVER discussed. Personally, I have no memory of being taught how to wipe my butt, since I was probably only about 2 or 3 when I learned. Wouldn't it be great if as we were growing up we were given instruction in effective butt wiping? Wouldn't that make a great instructional video? Does anyone posting here even know how their parents wipe their butts? Somehow, we all learn our techniques when we are very young, and I'm convinced many of us aren't very good at it. I really think it is the one thing we learn completely on our own.

I'll start off by giving some background info. Im 26 and a teacher. Im 5'4 and about 120 pounds. I am usually pretty shy about taking a dump in public but its not to the point where i'll hold it for an excessive amount of time to be able to take one at home. And i usually go twice a day; after i wake up and late afternoon.

Well this morning i woke up real late and didnt have time for my morning dump. That was alright because i didnt really feel like i had the urge. But about half way through 1st period it hit me. The urge was bad and im not exactly aloud to leave my class alone. I managed to hold it for another half an hour until my class was over. Luckily I have my planning period for second period, so that means no class. My classroom is a computer lab and I have an office right off to the side. There is also a little toilet and a sink bathroom right off of my classroom. As soon as all the boys left (I teach at an all boys school) I grabbed the newspaper and bolted for the bathroom. Hiked up my dress and dropped my panties to my ankles and i was ready to go. The first one just fell out as soon as my ass hit the seat and made a big splash. I guess it was b/n 4-6 inches. Then another one like that quickly made its exit. Even after those i felt no relief. The next one was a cr! eeper. It slowely inched its way out of my ass. It must have taken 10 minutes and that one was 8 inches. I flushed then rested for my next bout. The next one was kinda slimy and it only took a few minutes and i capped it off with a few golf ball that splashed really loud. I wiped 3 times and flushed. 4 more times and flushed. 1 more wipe then a courtesy flush. I folded up my paper and pulled back up my panties and 20 minutes and 8 wipes later i was finally done.

I opened the door and walked out and there were 7 boys working on the computers. I felt so embarrased as i walked by and said hello. I wondered how much of the show they heard? I bet they enjoyed it though, being stuck in an all boys school. Im sure it was a real treat for them.

Punk Rock Girl

I don't think I told this story yet. Not much to tell, but it's pretty funny. When I was eleven years old, I already was hanging out almost exclusively with guys and doing "guy stuff". I played football, went hiking, played with frogs and creatures we found in the creek. It meant a lot to me that they accepted me as one of them. I didn't dress like a boy, exactly, but I wasn't very girly either. Anyway, this is a lengthy set up to a short story.

So we're playing in my friend's backyard one day, and the boy's start having a farting contest. My one friend asked me if I ever farted, and one of my other friends said that girls didn't fart. I said, wanna bet? I let one rip--big mistake. I guess I didn't realize how full my rectum was, and I dumped a load in my underpants. I totally froze, mortified. They all knew what had happened and I didn't know what to do. Finally, I just said, I'll be back later.

I ran up to my bike and rode home, being careful not to let my ass touch the seat. I ran downstairs (luckily we had a shower in the basement) stripped my shit-filled underpants off and cleaned them out in the laundry sink, and threw them in the hamper. I jumped in the shower and got cleaned off. I had forgotten to grab a towel, so I put my shirt back on and ran upstairs naked from the waist down, which of course led to teasing from my brother and his friends, grabbed a towel and dried off in my room. I got dressed and ran back out to my bike and rode back to the woods. Almost an hour had passed, but they were still there. I walked down to where they were and said, well noe you know that girls not only fart but poop, too. They laughed at that and the rest of the day was fun.

I've crapped my pants a few times since then, always accidentally, but I that was the only time I did it right in the middle of a bunch of people. Once in college, I shit my pants in my sleep after having passed out, but was able to sneak out before anhyone else woke up.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

Pico: I just read my own post to you, and it came off more curt than I meant. I simply meant that having my boyfriend wipe my ass was not my thing, I'm not saying I disapprove of people doing that. To each his own. Hope I didn't come off as short or mean. :)

Happy dumps!!!


Got a story!

Ok, I work at this privately own store. Anyway, we have one bathroom that is supposed to be for employees only. We keep the key in our office. Well, we have one old lady who comes in everyday, reaches in the offices, takes our key without asking and either has terrible diarrhea and doesn't flush, or she's so constipated she blocks up the toilet. Everyday, she's just left home and on her way to work when she stops in. Like she doesn't want to clog her own toilet or do it at work. My boss and I can't understand why she'd want to do it at our store everyday when we know she's the one doing it. Anyway, one day last week, she stopped up our toilet so bad, it took us over a day to unplug it. So, to keep her from using it anymore, we put up an Out of Order sign and hid our key. We weren't trying to be mean--its just that sometimes we need the bathroom and we can't go if she keeps messing it up everyday. So, yesterday, as usual, the old lady came in the office after our! key. She actually asked us to use the restroom. My boss told her it is out of order. The old lady said, "Well, I've got to go." My boss said, "Well, I can't help it. Its out of order." So, the lady went back to shop some more then checked out. After she left, my boss said, "She smells like she's shit her pants." I felt bad b/c other than ruining our bathroom, she is a nice lady, but we just couldn't have her blocking our toilet everyday.


Outlaw Star: How old is your younger brother?

Not much new happening w/ my bowels. Sometimes after i go to my friend's house i have to take these big craps.

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd pop in and read some posts and post a story of my own. Today at school I took a dump at lunch and it was a really impressive dump. I knew it was gonna be a soft and thin log, I just didn't know how long it'd be. Well I saw down and thought about having a little fun by getting poop on the back of the seat. So started letting out a long silent smelly fart. Then I started to push and it started crackling and I started sliding back and forth to get some on the seat, and it came out and stayed on the seat smeared. I moved a little bit forward and leaned forward and started pushing again and this turn started crackling loudy and came out easily. It kept coming out for a while and finally finished up. I looked in the bowl and there was a very long turd about 15" and about 1/2" wide. I then started to wipe and wiped about 4 or 5 times. All and all it turned out to be one of my better dumps. I left it unflushed and left the smeared poop there. I hope th! e next user gets a kick out of it, lol. Well I guess thats all for now. see ya


High Plains Man
I live with my girlfriend and her 2 kids. Her 9 year old daughter, katy tends to forget to flush sometimes when she takes a poop. On several occasions i have looked in the bowl to see what she left and for a little girl she has BIG turds. They are always very wide about 3 or 4 inches but almost flat, about 1/2 inch thick and they look like about 7 or 8 inches long. there is usually only one turd in there at a time.

My girlfriend shits small compared to katy and she weighs about 3 times as much

I would like to make a poll.
Do you sit on the seat of a public toilet?
Please include if you're male of female
I do, female

Ring Stretcher
JASTA: Sorry about all the trouble you've been having.

KIM and SCOTT: Glad you like my stories. Thanks!

PUNK ROCK GIRL: what kind of tarantula do you own? i think they are kinda cute!

Once when I was younger Jared and I were at my grandparents house after they died, before the big estate auction. We were snooping around and I came across an old chamber pot. I told him it would be a thrill to take a big dump in that thing. Well, about two hours later I really had to go, so he placed it on a bedroom floor. I undressed from the waist down while he opened a window. As I hovered over the little pot the tip of a big turd poked it's way out of the hole. I stopped pushing and it went back inside.
"It's a big fat one," I said as he sat down for a good view. I took a deep breath and pushed really hard. My domed hole opened up and a fat turd began jerking out of my hole, stretching me open very wide. I moaned really loud in pleasure, pain and effort. It honestly didn't want to come out too easily. It felt like a train was trying to crash out of me.
"Damn girl, you've been eating peanuts and corn again!" he commented and I was grunting away. My entire body was trembling with effort as I pushed so hard I thought I would pass out. The turd continued to slide out in jerks until it landed heavily in the pot, and was it a whopper! Jared took a ruler we found in the kitchen and measured it at 20 inches long, 3 inches thick and adobe in consistency. An Adobe Log, as he calls them.

Well, a week later at the estate auction Jared and I were walking around the tables and came across the chamber pot! We were in hysterics! Then a lady came by and said it was a pretty gravy server!

Well when the auctioneer got to that area later in the day he held it up as several people placed bids on it. Little did they know I had taken a giant shit in it a week ago!! I was blushing but felt naughty at the same time, hehe.

Hi everybody i did a big stinky poo in my panties today at school, everyone laughed at me including my best friend brittany. i went to the school nurse and she cleaned me up then i had to wear my gym shorts and shirt because my mom wouldnt bring me clean pants and panties.

Busy...stressed...midterms! Ack! So a couple quick stories. I had done a nice long reply but it got lost in cyberspace, so I apologize if I didn't reply to your last note to me.

An update on my bout with constipation, then a fun pee story.

So, last week was awful awful awful with the constipation. I'm so stressed so that doesn't help (in fact it makes it worse). By Friday night I was so sick, had barely eaten in 2 days and was just miserable from not going for over a week. I actually broke down and told a friend here at school (I've NEVER told anyone in my life) and she was like if it's that bad you should really take something. I really didn't want to do that though. After dinner I kinda felt like I had to go, so I went to a bathroom in the student center that is little used that time of day and just sat. I had been doing this after every meal and whenever I peed if I could, but no luck. Finally, Friday I was able to poop a small amount that wasn't forced rabbit pellets. Saturday I slept in and after a lunch was able to produce about the same amount as Friday night. While this is not a lot, unlike some of you who go massive quantities after a bout of constipation, it was 2 days in a row so it wa! s comforting. Anyway, we ordered in Indian and Sunday night I had come home and was talking on the phone to my parents on the phone. All of a sudden I felt like "i've got to take a massive shit NOW" but I couldn't get them off the phone. When I ran upstairs, the shower had just started, but I knocked on the door anyway (even though it was the quick roommate). She graciously got out of the shower and let me have the bathroom. Once in, I sat down and a massive wave of liquid (and semi-chunky) poop came out immediately and quickly. It probably sounded like I was just peeing. My stomach didn't hurt, not diahrea or anything. Anyway, since then haven't done much. A little bit this evening, but I'm feeling better.

Okay, pee stories. So, Friday at dinner I had a lot of juice to drink. After my success at the student center, I went home and had to pee so I did. Then, I got undressed and began doing some work. My housemates and some friends were in the living room (right near the bathroom) and I had to pee again about five minutes later. I didn't want to go back upstairs, so I realized I had a nearly empty gallon jug of water. I spilled the water out into another bottle and cut the top off leaving a perfect sized hole for my entire vagina (didn't want to deal with aiming cause I'm not good). I have a walk in closet so I put a towel down on the floor and knelt over the jug making sure to get my entire area into it and I just let go. I did this again about a half hour later. When no one was around, I emptied it in the toilet and rinsed it out, but put it back in my closet. Oh, I wiped with a tissue (put it in a plastic bag) and washed up with antibacterial gel. I also put an! other towel over the jug so it wouldn't smell.

Very smart move. This morning, I woke up and had to pee desperately needing to pee. I went upstairs and someone was in the shower. so I went back down, went into my closet and just let loose into my potty. This is great! The only concern is emptying it without getting caught.

Okay, time to study. Good luck to everyone and sorry for no replies. I'll try to reply this time.

Jason g
Hey everyone, didn't think I'd leave you hanging that long, didja? I'm calling myself 'Jason G' because there's another jason here. Well, now I've got a good story. But first, Iíd like to set something straight. There is NOTHING going on between me and Bridget. This post doesnít even involve Bridget. But it does involve her friend Marie, who's just as gorgeous, especially when she takes a monster dump like she did with me! (For newer posters and readers, Marie is Bridgetís other student; donít think I put that in before. Sheís 19.)
Anyway, so I'm playing b-ball in the evening, and whom do I see but Marie? So I jogged over to her. She saw me and her face lit up. "Hi there," she said. "Hey, Marie," I said. We jogged for quite a while, talking about stuff, nothing in particular. Then we headed back over to the court, and we played a little one-on-one, which she's pretty good at. But something about doing physical things makes you want to relieve your bowels. So after our little game, she farted. REALLY loudly. Blushing a little, she said, "I gotta take a mad sh*t, wanna watch again?" I said, "Do you really have to ask?"
We went off into a secluded area with lots of bush cover and tree cover. Then she squatted down, and I got down on my stomach behind her, to have the best view possible. "Ready?" she asked, putting her thumbs into her waistband. "Ready," I replied. Then she trumped again, this one sounding like her anus was erupting. Since I was right behind her, the ripe smell cascaded right into my face. Spicy and horribly stench-laden. "Whew!" I gasped, fanning the air.
"Sorry," she said, smiling back at me. Then she pulled her red sweats down to mid-thigh level, revealing a beautifully toned round butt, lightly tanned. I also got a slight view of something else as she started peeing. She went for a little while, then her stream ended. She wiped there with some tissues, then balanced on her toes and held her hot cheeks apart. Her pink anal region domed out as a thick, knobbly jobbie started to appear. "Here it comes, down the chute," Marie sang as the jobbie moved out of her browneye. It extended slowly for about two inches, and three inches in diameter, crackling out of her hole. "Oooh, that feels so good," she said, sighing with pleasure. Then, it stopped. "You're kidding me," she said. "Come on, get out," she coaxed, pushing a little. Then she looked back. "I think it's stuck." She heaved again, her poor little cheeks getting red as she tried to get this one out. "Aw, that has to hurt," I said in pity as she pushed and struggled. Fin! ally I said, "Do you want some help?" She looked back with a puppy-dog expression and said, "Please go ahead." With my right hand, I massaged the depression above her anus. With this two-person operation, the job started moving. "I think I can get it out now," Marie said. "Keep massaging, though." I did, and with some loud crackles, the jobbie slid out slowly, but surely. "Oooh, oooh," she moaned as the jobbie came out. Then it plopped out onto the grass. This thing was INSANELY HUGE! I think that now I'll really have something to picture when I think of you, Kim! ;) It was about four-and-a-half inches wide at the SHORTEST part. I really could understand Marie's pain. It was also about nine inches long. She must have felt about thirty pounds lighter!
Then Marie handed me some Wet-Wipes. "Wipe," she instructed. I was only too happy to oblige. Wrapping the wipe around my finger, I stuck my finger into her nether cavern, trying to be thorough while respecting what her anus had to be going through. But Marie seemed to like it. We even talked a little while I was wiping her. Then, she was clean, so she pulled up her red pants gingerly, due to both her job and the cleaning I had given her. We walked back over to the courts together. As I was packing up my gear, she said, "By the way, what are you doing tomorrow night?" So maybe we might get a little more into this whole buddy-dumping/bodily-function helping/bowel-movement-watching thing. It works for me!

Ben In Iowa
More Stories

I had an accident coming home from school. I didn't to crap until about halfway home when I got hit so hard that I didn't have time to react. I just stood their and just let it come out. I felt much better after I let all that diarrea out. This happened today.

Yesterday during free hour I needed to let some more diarrea out. I didn't have time to go to the bathroom I wanted because it was so far down the hall. So I went in the other one. I really dislike this bathroom. Its small. It has two urinals next to each other that go down to the floor. It has one sink. And two top it all off it has a toilet with no walls. So this is one cramped bathroom. The toilet is also way too low to the ground for me but I was desperate. So I pulled down my pants to my kness and let out a massive pile of diarrea. I felt so good but it stunk really bad. I kept pushing when I heard voices. I thought someone was gonna come in but they were girls voices. So pressed my ear against the the wall the separates the two bathrooms and I heard a stall door slam and diarrea coming out of someone. So i wiped and flushed and left and waited outside to see who came out. It ended up being my cousin so I felt bad for her. The damn diarrea bug is really going around! now I guess. Well I said hi to her and went to find my friends.

More Later

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal-fans:
I tried to post this story, before. I guess the moderators felt that it was too-graphic to post. So,here is a, slightly, edited-version: I was almost able to see Denise on the toilet, the other-morning, 3/11/02. She was about to get up and take her morning-dump. The thing was, that I had hidden the toilet-paper. W/ any-luck, she would just burst in, and finish dropping her load, before realizing that the tp was missing. Sure-enough, I was right. She went into the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and proceeded to unload. I must have heard @ least 10 small-plops, and three "big-ones"! Exciting, to say the least. She then asked me for tp, when she looked in the cabinet under the sink, and saw that there was not any in there. I was more than happy to oblige-her. She was holding the door half open, and I could have, actually, gone around her and taken a look @ her crap, which should still have been floating in the bowl @ that point, considering th! at I did not hear a flush, yet, but I didn't. Why? Because she did not invite me in, and, therefore; I did not have her permission/consent to. It smelled-wonderful, though. She never uses the fan. Just air-freshener, after the fact. I don't think she doesn't use the fan, for fear of giving herself away. What she was doing was more than obvious, even w/ out the fan. She always tries to change the subject, when I bring up pooping, as well. Punk Rock Girl, No, I didn't actually say, or suggest, that you were into-scat. I didn't think that you would have to be into scat, to let your boyfriend/significant-other wipe you. Maybe that is how others, like-yourself, view it, but not me. Thanks for the reply, though.

Take it easy, until next-time.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)

Just lately I have been wondering where my lifelong obsession with the female acts of urination & crapping originated, I have spent my whole life in persuit of watching or listening to females of any age from little children to old age pensioners using the toilet or anywhere else for that matter. I have come to the conclusion it all started when I was about four or five when I went through a phase of not allowing my mother to move out of my sight, this even extended to her using the toilet, I dont remember very much other than standing there and listening to my mums wee gushing into the toilet I dont ever remember her crapping or in fact seeing anything except her sitting there and the sound of her wee.

My next recolection of anything in a similar vein was when I was about 6 or 7 at Junior School. The toilets were outside, boys and girls side by side, the boys used to give each other a bunk up to look over the wall into the girls toilets but there was nothing to see only girls going in and out of the eight or so toilets and sceaming when they saw a boys head. the next stage was to dare each other to run into the girls toilets and push a door open, there were no locks on them, I remember doing it three times before I was caught by a teacher, two of the girls were just sat there straining but the third was more memorable she was sat holding her dress up legs wide apart watching a big brown turd coming from her bottom, that was well worth the trouble I got into when I was caught on the way out. that curtailed that game for a while but later on when I was about 10 a boy went into the school yard during the holidays and succeeded in drilling two holes in the wall between the! end toilet cubicals so that you could peep through into the girls, one hole was just above the toilet seat so you could watch a girls wee or crap come out if she just squatted to go, and it was suprising how many of them did, and the other was in front of the toilet at waist height so you could see them hitching their skirts up and pulling their knickers down sometimes you even got to see their ???? hairless slits when they wiped themselves although visibility wasn't very good as the light levels in the toilets were very poor.

It was about this time that I got my first close up of a girl spending a penny, in the small group of kids that played together was a girl called Helen she was a little bit older than us she must have been eleven at the time and big for her age, three of us were round at her house playing in the garden there was myself, Helen and another boy called Brian, after a while Brian said he needed to pee and asked if he could use the bathroom but Helen said your shoes are all messy why dont you have a wee behind the shed, Brian said OK, then Helen said if you both let me watch you wee I will let you watch me wee afterwards, we both quickly said yes, behind the shed Brian pulled his cock out and pissed copiously onto the ground while Helen watched when he had finished I got my cock out and also pissed then it was Helens turn she hitched up her skirt and pulled her white cotton knickers down and took them off hanging them on a nail on the back of the shed saying I dont want to get! them wet. Then she hitched up her skirt again and showed us her very prominent cunt mound she opened her legs and we saw that the thick lips were covered in dark cury hair, then she told us to kneel down which we did, then she turned and bent over sticking her lovely bottom out right in front of our faces we had a perfect view of her mound and the long slit down the middle, then her slit opened and a few trickles of yellow pee came from between her lips then she settled down a bit her slit opened wide and a thick stream of pee gushed out from her pee hole which we could see clearly, I had never seen anything so exciting in my life this was a moment I was going to re-live many times over the coming years as I relieved my tension so to speak, but thats another story, Helen pissed for a long time then as it slowed to a trickle she strained and two things happened one the flow increased and her dark puckered arsehole, which had gone largely unnoticed up till then, opened up and! I thought she was going to shit, but no, it closed up again and her flow returned to a trickle, this happened twice more before she stood up said she was finished and put her knickers on again.

There was another occasion with Helen when I did get to see her have a shit but that is for another day and I will reveal some of my exploits in secondary school.

Richard / USA
Hi all-

You asked "Does your wife hiss like I do?" Actually, she used to hiss back before we had children- I guess childbirth altered her vaginal physiography, because the hiss is gone (isnít that a blues riff?- "the hiss is gone" LOL. I can tell you that her labia are not lacking for size, so itís something else, maybe the hysterectomy she underwent in 1989, you think?

You also said "Your wife wipes from her right hand side? I do not do that, I just reach down between my legs and do it that way. You know I think a lot of women think that wiping from the side is the right ladylike way because ladies do not look at their stream even and all that. Well I like to look at myself when I am weeing and I like to wipe from the front. It is not unladylike to wee and wipe like I do, but I think doing it from the side is a bit repressed really." This brings up an issue Iíve been wondering about- why do some women wipe in the front between their legs (such as the enticing Louise : - ) and others (like my dear beloved) lift their ass off the seat a bit and reach around? Maybe we can do a survey of women here and see how many reach down to wipe and which ones reach around, and why?

And repression? Maybe, but remember that my wife, in lifting her butt in my direction gave me one hell of a view, and I donít think she was concerned with keeping her privates private. This is a woman who, when weíre getting it on, has no inclination to hide her genitals- she has no problem whatever in spreading her legs directly in front of me when weíre boogying, so I really think itís just her puzzlement at my interest in peeing. Whatever, Louise, please DO share your piss adventures, particularly those in the great outdoors, which really get me rolling!

And finally, you tickled me by saying "Tuesday morning's wee I will do something special just for you! How about that?" I say YES!!! YES!!! Do it!!! : - ) I look majorly forward to your description!

Hi Dave- Your story about shitting in the woods and finding females joining you rang a bell because I was preparing a story to uplaod about a very similar incident when I read your post. Of course, my story is tame in comparison to yours (I never had any interaction with the women who strutted their stuff, so to speak, in front of me), but hopefully, this will tickle one or two of the participants here who enjoy this sort of thing as I did. Being adjacent to New Englandís White Mountains as I am, I thought you might identifyÖ The original text:

I guess itís time for me to share some stories with everyone else here but first, a caveat: my experiences over the years probably pale in comparison to many of the incredible stories posted here, probably because of a combination of 1- my natural aversion to danger, a survival mechanism Iíve developed over time, I suppose, 2- the fact that Iím really more of a pissing fan than the majority poop fans here, and 3- I live in a country with major hangups about bodily wastes, so that the social and legal ramifications of indulging my tastes becomes a test of just how much am I willing to risk? Not much, Iím afraid.

Someone here once likened peeing to hors díouvers and shitting to the main course.. No problem with that, I agree 100%. Of course, Iíve been known to stuff myself with appetizers at parties to the point where thereís no room left for the lasagnas and barbecued chicken and steakburgers, not to mention dessert; So be it, because this probably says a lot about me and my tastes : - )

To get the attention of more folks here <grin>, Iíll start off with one of my very few shit-related incidents. I have always been a big big lover of the outdoors, especially hiking, camping and generally being where there are few people and where thereís lots of living without the day-to-day "comforts" of home. I LOVE having everything I need either on my back (in my younger days) or in a box in the back of my car (more recently) but mostly, dispensing with the conventions of everyday domestic life. And, of course, I LOVE the freedom of doing all my elimination outdoorsÖ and the awareness that other folks who are also recreating in this manner also do all their elimination outdoors (except for those few uptights who are willing to brave the flies and stink of pit toilets to avoid having to squat in the open air, even if itís well away from trails and hidden enough to provide privacy). I have to be honest and state right off that the number of incidents is paltr! y compared to the number of times Iíve backpacked or stayed in wilderness and not-so-wilderness campgrounds- Again, probably due to my grievous fault of being overly cautious.

Anyway, for reasons Iíll explain in a subsequent post, most of my sojourns to the wilds of New Hampshire and Maine and the desert southwest have been solo, a fact I donít regret at all: I find tremendous satisfaction in having lots of time to let my thoughts ramble on freely while Iím trekking or paddling or just sitting in front of a fire.

So- it was 1990 (maybe 1991?), early June, I was tenting at Wild River Campground in White Mountain National Forest, just west of the Maine/New Hampshire border. Wild River Campground is located at the end of a 5 1/2 mile unpaved road and is as rustic as you can get while still being accesable by car- about 8 sites total, 2 pit toilets that most campers ignore for the usual reasons, more than a dozen miles from the nearest storeÖ and the hub of a number of wonderful trails striking out in almost all directions. I chose the Wild River Trail which runs southwest about 3/4 mile alongside the river, then another trail which follows a long valley alongside a creek west, eventually climbing steeply to the spine of a mountain range overlooking Gorham, New Hampshire and the Mount Washington Valley. About a mile into this trail, I felt the fullness in the lower rear that says "you need to shit, fella". OK, I looked about for a likely spot and chose one in the brush about 25 f! eet north of the trail alongside a large white pine with a field of ferns and birches between here and the trail. I dropped my pack and fished out the travel-size Kleenex packets, then took off my hiking shorts and briefs, hung them on a branch stub on the pine and, putting the tree between the trail and me, I squatted down and immediately started pushing. Very quickly, I felt my asshole expand and the wonderful feeling of a nice healthy turd beginning to exit my body. Before it was halfway out of my butt, I looked down between my legs and watched a robust pale yellow stream of piss issue from my penis and soak the ground under me. It was then that I heard branches cracking and voices directly to my left beyond the base of the pine tree. I froze, alarmed beyond belief- I was beyond the point of no return, so to speak, squatting on the ground half-naked with a shit sticking out of my ass, and here were people approaching. Oh, great. I peered out from behind the tree to ! see two women, maybe 30 or so, heading almost directly to where I was. I really canít remember what they were wearing (I was in a near-panic) but I do remember that one of them had frizzy red hair and the other was kinda non-descript with longish dark hair and had a whiny voice- I donít remember at all what they were saying because I was thinking they were going to suddenly discover me shitting on the ground and recoil in horror.

But they stopped maybe ten feet from where I was and took their packs off- I was so dead-silent that they obviously had no idea someone was there. My heart was racing because I knew exactly why they had left the trail and because I was still fearing they would see me, never mind that I was just taking a shit like anyone on a hike (did I tell you I have a fear of being discovered? I did? OK then..) : - ) Before I had a chance to appreciate what I was witnessing, both of them had their shorts down and were squatting facing each other, which made sense since they were still yakking away nonstop. My shit was still sticking out of my butt (I realize now that I was afraid of farting or otherwise making my presense known), but I held my breath and didnít push out of fear of being found out. This is a talent I developed (being silent while excited), I believe, in the days when I made love to my wife with our kids in the next room or at my parentís house with itís paper-thin! walls.

To be honest, in my excitement, I missed some details, but I do remember that frizzy red was squatting low to the ground so I couldnít see what she was doing but whiny-voice had her shorts and undies around her knees and was in a half-crouch and I got a pretty good view of her piss stream. Again, I was so uptight about this that details kind of went by me (dammit), but when they had gone on their way and I had wiped and pulled my shorts up over my mosquito-bitten butt (I had itchy bites from this exposure for the next 2 or 3 days but it was worth it!), I walked through where they had been (for those who simply have to know, my shit turned out to be a maybe 9-inch long knobby one-piecer which required little wiping : -) and saw an absolutely humongous turd where frizzy had been- it must have been a foot long at least and was in one continuous piece and was accompanied by a bunch of scrunched-up Dunkin Donuts napkins. I looked for little puddles of urine on leaves where ! the other woman had squatted but found only one crumpled napkin (Dunkin Donuts also, I remember), and just a moist spot on the ground.

Once I got over my nervousness, I hoped I would run into them at some point during the day and say hi without letting on what I saw (that would have been SO cool) but I never saw them again and I didnít (alas) have another incident in the remaining 2 days of this camping trip. Bummer.

See Ya...

Linda GS
Hi I'm back and off for Srping Break. Being at the beach.. well you get tired of it and I'm making plans to go into the city to spend Spring Break there.Why? Cause you all come here and it's impossible to drive anywhere let alone find a spot on the beach.. so next year as you come..wave good-bye cause I'm going to go to your places and mess up your stuff there. BLEH. Hee hee just kidding but really.. a lot of you girls..just cause you're in bikinis and in someone else's place.. you think you can pee and poop anywhere you want. I know cause I've seen girls do it more times than I want to recall. What's funny is.. I expected this from boys. Oh well... shhhh keep this to yourselves but..not all the times were accidents.SARAH & MEGHAN.. if I saw you.. please I aplogize.. didn't know it was you. Hee hee.

Kendal and Drew
I'm fine.. it was a bit scary as I didn't think it was going to come out. But it did. I sat there pushing with all my might, I mean my teeth grinded together as my hands dug into the sides of the toidy seat. After a while it poked out.. MAN did it hurt.. then slowly.. it would move..and after a few inches it got smoother so I stopped and caught my breath. As I did it slide out of me and sorry guys no plop.. it was coiling into the water when it finally stopped so no sound except my loud AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I REALLY NEEDED THAT!!! My cousin poked his head in and asked if everything came out alright "in the end". I laughed and as I did.. PLOP.. my last poop came out. kendal... you're support got me through.. I thank you.. and Drew sorry.. no peeking.. I wouldn't have wanted you to see me like that.. it would have scared you for life.. and well it's kinda embarrassing. But you gave my hair the works aftwards. Poor Kendal.. during that scare.. did the last bit of poo! p even come out? I know mine wouldn't have... heh or did Kristy.. hee hee "Scare the poop out of you" Okay okay I'm going now geez. but please be gentle if it's me who's peeking over.Hee hee or I might tell my cousin "Go ahead.. Elena's in there and she wants to talk to you" Okay now I'll go. hey did anyone see the movie with Brittney Spears in it? It's called crossroads and there looked liked there was a scene wher a girl went to go potty in the wild and got bit in the butt.
Love to all

Morning,fellow poopers-somes responses
TO UPSTATE DAVE-Boy,that must have been a fun poop in the woods with those 2 ladies,you lucky guy,you!I would have loved to have been doing one of my nice long poops with some pretty ladies joining me!You should try and get together with those girls again soon! I know I would!Good story!
It was really nice Sat here on L.I (NY)the temp was in the 60's and I decided to go to the woods for a dump and ride my bike out and went to find a spot to go and since ther are no leaves on the trees,it was hard to find a good,private spot,but after looking for 30 mins,I finally lound a good spot and had to go pretty bad,so I found a big log and went over and took off my shorts and sat on the log and let out 2 tight farts which felt great as I relaxed my doming anus and took in the late morning air and I let out 2 python-poops that were each almost a foot long and smooth and the 2nd one I just let it hang out my butt for a bit as I waited for another cramp and just looked around and it was nice and quiet,but I did think about what ot would be like to run into a pretty lady who had to poop too,but ther was no one around at all and then I felt another cramp and started to let this turd come out and it sped up and landed on the ground and I farted again and let out some re! ally soft stuff that splattered on the ground and against the log.Then I felt done ,but my anus felt like it was pushed waaay out from all that poopin'so I just waited for my anus to close and push it out to see of I was done and did some squgglies and then I sat there for a but really enjoying the morning air-i can't wait for the warm weather!Then I wiped and it was a bit messy and then after cleaning myself good,i biked back home-that was a fun poop-hey UPSTATE DAVE maybe we were pooing at the same time,but I wasn't lucky enough to have the company you had! had a funny experience at the gym yesterday-i was working out and I had to poop so I wwnt down to the toilets and took a stall and it was late morning so it wasn't busy at all and I got undressed and sta on the bowl and let out a fart and just decided to sit there and hold it till I had another guy to poop along with and after about 30 secs this guy comes in and goes into and stall and I recognize him cause I seen him p! oop before here at the gym and he has this funny M.O.he's I guess around 45-50 and a bit stocky,but he does this thing all the time-whe he goes to poop,he always seems like he really has to go badly as he wipes the seat quickly and sits down and lets out 2-3 loud farts and then starts to poop with semi-formed poo at firt and then it speeds up and he explodes into the bowl and when he does he always says as he is farting after all this poop" Ohhhh booooy" and I have to stop myself from laughing cause he does it all the time and with such volume and vigor!Sound like he drinks too much coffee,but it's funny in a way.I guess it must feel good to him to finally get to the bowl to go,i would guess.Meanwhile I also let go with my load as he is doing all this production poop and it was fun to poop along with mr showtime!I had a good poo,but not like this guy!then he quickly wiped and left.I still sat there and di some soft pudding and finished up my business and no one else come in ! and I wiped and went to the shower,but I enjoy pooing along with this guy and I have talked to him once in awhile and he's a friendly guy who was a retired cop in NYC and he was telling me all kinds of stories about 9/11 cause he went down to see if he could help out eve though he had retired last spring-regular guy,but funny in the toilets,I'll tell you!Well i'm off and to PV-thanks for some info on the colon cleansing thing-sounds interesting,I going to read up on it before I decide about it,but I may give it a shot-if theres' anyone who has done it,please give me some info on how it goes and is it rerally uncomfortable-BYE

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