To Outhouse Scott: I liked your story about having to shit outside

To OutlawStar: I liked your story about your brother shitting his pants

To Scarlet: Making the band sounds soo cool...wish i could catch it on..what time does it air?

To Zip: I liked your story again about those too skater dudes taking a shit! I always seem to enjoy your stories...i guess thats because they are usally about doorless stalls, something i don't exerience around here.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO LOUISE-hi girl.when my cousin judy banged out her log she did it already before she showed me. I just saw her log sitting in the bowl. and yes judy does some pretty big logs but my logs are quite a bit bigger!yesterday girl I was on the computer and had to take a huge dump I then went to my bathroom,pulled down my pants and with one little effortless push I squeezed out a humongous torpedo. I looked down into the bowl and saw a gigantic 20 inches long. 3.5 inches thick U shaped sausage curled in my bowl with no room in my bowl to spare!.hell girl! I filled the toilet bowl half trying!haha.I tell you girl my logs seem to be growing rather than lessening. I may need a bigger bowl than what I have and I have a big bowl. either that or I just dump in my woods. that may be the only place that can hold my logs. my boyfriend and I are not complaining though . we both love it! and by the way I miss JEFF A too!!:( I hope hes ok.? be well girl. say hello to steve from scott an! d I. you both are always in our thoughts. be well.

UNCLE RIZZO: Thank you for my trump story. It was a very good one. It was better than the one Andrew told me. Love from Ellen x

UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Thank you for writing to me. I'm only good with my spellings because Andrew helps me. But he doesn't tell me what to write. I watched Andrew poo today before school. He had a lot of very good trumps. I think trumps are funny. Love from Ellen x

LINDA GS: I hope your ???? is better. Andrew brushed my hair today before school. I was sitting on the toidy having a wee. Love from Ellen.

ELEANOR: I like you because Andrew and Kendal like you. I promise I won't look at you on the toilet. Andrew says you don't like it when people watch you. I like it when Kendal and Andrew watch me. But I'm not allowed to let any one else watch. Its private. Love from Ellen x

PPG: When I did a big poo last week with Kendal, it splashed my bottom. The water was cold. I don't think I liked it very much. Love from Ellen x

Just returned from a great trip trekking through the Amazon, as we were part of an organised group the native camps we were staying at provided basic facilities for the tourists, while the natives squat in the undergrowth in designated areas of the village.
The tourist toilets consisted of a 10 metre long pit with a wooden frame over it, to take a crap you sit on a plank of wood and place your feet on a lower plank, if you've got it right you arse hangs over the pit and the poop is deposited into the compost pit below. Privacy however is another story, the toilets were normally a distance from the sleeping areas but in full view of the village, there were no doors and a small sheet of wood divided sitting areas, this was big enough to shield your privates from your neighbour, but you could happily sit there watching your neighbour strain away. The first couple of days it was kind of embarrassing and the majority slipped off in the dark to have a private poo but after a couple of days the early mornings were usually spent talking to five fellow trekkers as they pooped last nights supper out before taking your own position on the plank. I'm off to Thailand soon so hopefully can continue my global trek for the ultimate shittin! g place.

Tim (and Sarah)
Thank you all for all the nice replies and even some suprise letter (thank you PV!). LOUISE, thanks so much dear, I am looking forward to the second part of your letter and don't be sorry about what you said, concerning the details. I'll say more tomorrow...AMAZON, no worries, dear, I understood your point. Everybody and others like INA and KENDAl, Big promise for long replies later (the ones I get notorious for here...LOL). It's late and I still have work to do, so I can't post much. Just a quick one: I had a kind of buddy dump with a 'fed ex'- courier today at work..He was pooping in the next stall and his mobile was ringing. He just said briefly: "I am on my way". Then he hung up and said: "f*** you... first of all, I am shitting in peace..." I was laughing and he went: "They expect you to suck it back in..." I really had to laugh. Awful thought though, isn't it...LOl

Love from Tim

Anthony K.
Hi everyone. As you probably know I am a 14 year old male who lives in Australia. I am rarely constipated.
When I wake up every morning (5:00 - 6:00) I always have the urge to take a shit or sometimes, a piss. When I feel it, I just go, sit down and the shit just comes out. I don't have to push, strain, grunt or anything like that.

So I woke up this morning and expected to take a good shit. So I go to the toilet, pull my pants, my boxers then by briefs down to my ankles. Then I sat down and exhaled deeply and began to relax. After about 5 seconds, my first shit comes out. It was a moderately soft turd. Then suddenly, my dad knocks on the door and asks if I have to go to school early or late today. Then I said no. It's really pisses me off when someone just suddenly talks when you are taking a shit. I don't mind that just as long as i know we are going to talk. So when he left I relax again and two turds like the first slode out of my ass. Then a wet fart. Then I began to wipe. It was all slippery. it took about 10 times to wipe.

Well that's all for today,
Anthony K.

I really like the masthead today (Tuesday) depicting a middle aged lady about to use a brass (or is it stainless steel?) bedroom potty. She looks for all the world as though she's getting set for a good wee. Although it's perhaps not common, I see no reason why adults shouldn't use a bedroom potty if they prefer that to going to the loo during the night or first thing in the morning.

Annie and Robby. Great story. I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to hearing more of your loo escapades.

Tony. Glad to see you reappear. Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I would agree with much that you say though. My theory is that women tend to produce bigger #2's because evolution has made them that way. In other words women have tended to experience the need for a poo when they're in the middle of cooking a meal or supervising children and it's not necessarily been convenient for them to leave off and go to the loo straight away. Accordingly nature has endowed them with a greater capacity for holding a poo in. Similarly I think men have tended to have stronger bladders not because they're larger but because they've got fewer internal organs. Also I think for safety reasons primitive stone age men had to cover themselves up well whilst out hunting and, in the days before zip fasters or buttons opportunities for a wee whilst doing that would necessarily have been limited. These are only speculative theories on my part though and they could well be bunkum! There a! re men with weak bladders - I happen to be one of them - and there also women who, having taken a morning wee can then last all day (or nearly all day) without going to the toilet again.

KENDAL - Hi girl!!!Well I made Andrew go red did I? LOL It may be my sister is in with a chance then! I will have to send her a kiss and a cuddle from Andrew! It may be she will have a special wee for him or something. She looks so much like me that Steve got confused when we swapped dresses once one night.
Hehe I bet my sister would not mind cradle snatching. She can not get a man she likes enough to get really close to, do you know what I mean? So yeah, I bet Andrew would be the envy of every boy his age if he was with her. Hey how about it Andrew? Would you look after my sister if she wanted a wee in an alley? I bet she would want to watch you have a wee as well so don't be shy! giggle
Love Louise xx

RICHARD/USA - Hi guy! Well when I got up this morning I needed a wee and a shit. Steve had gone to work so I was all alone. Well I went into the bathroom and I did not have any clothes on yet because I was going to have a shower after I had been to the toilet. I hovered my bum over the toilet bowl. Do you like looking from the front or from the back? From the back you get a good look at my bumhole winking at you and you still get a good look at my puss as well. So I tried pushing out my log and I could see my bumhole opening in the mirrors I put there so I could see. My log was coming out and stretching my bum open. My hole was stretched open around my thick knobbly brown log. Well the log dropped out of my bum and my hole closed again. My pussy was dripping a little bit of wee now. Oh I could feel the wee coming out and whoosh, I started gushing yellow wee with a loud hiss on the front of the toilet. I hope you like my show, Richard! giggle Well my gusher kept going and! going. It slowed down and just started trickling for a bit and then I dripped for a bit. Are you getting all this? When my dripping stopped I shook off the drops hanging from my pussy flaps, then I got some tp and just wiped my bum, then I flushed it. My log had been about 6 inches long I think and at least and about 3 inches thick. It came out easy for one so thick. Then I went into the shower. You can think about that as well if you want to.
Well I hope you liked that, Richard.
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi! Well now where was I up to yesterday? Oh yes I wrote about how it was easier for you as a dad to teach your son toilet stuff than your daughter. Yeah I see why you will find it hard work teaching Josie how to stand.
Hehe yeah I see why your son is happy with his mum or dad holding his willy for him when he wees but it is too much for him if his sister wants a bit of a go. I bet it is that he feels secure with a parent who looks after him but it is hands off to his sister. He will be proud of his willy and I bet he thinks his sister can just keep off! LOL
You know I thought it was nice your older sister helped you wee and it was funny how she wrote things in the snow. Well I bet I would have laughed too if I had seen a little boy with his willy out having a wee when I was about 9 years old, but when I was little I was a really good girl. I am not like that now, I am a bad girl, but you know that don't you?!
You know Steve's willy is the only one I have ever held while it was weeing. Well it is the only one I have even touched. I bet it would be fun and interesting to hold another one to see real close what differences there are. It would be hard work though wouldn't it? I mean what would a man think of me if I just asked him if he was going to have a piss and could I hold it for him? LOL I do not think I could do that really!
Well thank you Tim and Sarah too for wishing Steve and I good luck with our marriage. Steve is my best friend first before he is anything else to me. I mean I have another girl who I call my best friend as well because she is my best girlfriend, you know, and there are my mum and my sister who I am really close to, but Steve is just the number 1 person. He is just super sexy as well so I feel really really lucky.
Please let me know how well Josie does with standing to pee, won't you?
Love Louise xxxxx

INA - Hi girl! I will have to try the pee in a bottle thing for car emergencies. I have not done that yet.
Love xx


Hi all,

Picking up where I left off a couple of nights ago...

LOUISE & STEVE -- Hi there both! Well, Louise, congrats on the yellow bra and panty set! It's so nice to be able to drop a broad hint and have it received loud and clear! CHUCKLE! Well, I'll be picking up a pale blue satin set I've had my eye on tomorrow -- ah, the simple joys of maidenhood, eh?

I absolutely shouted with laughter at your description of swordfighting in the bath! That must have been a hoot-fest! You guys are never going to grow up, you know that? And that's the best thing! Never grow up!

Louise, that was a delightful blow-by-blow of your trip to the ladies' -- I could really visualize it. Especially the last drops o your pus and the request to wipe from back to front -- that's the direction I usually wipe too!

Steve -- I love your reference to the Travelmate as a weapon. What do you think -- we could officially dub it the -- wait for it! -- "Weekazashi!" (I'm waiting for applause, here...!)

TIM & SARAH -- I was absolutely enthralled by Sarah and Hannah using their Travelmates in the garden, what a wonderful sight it must have been! And your decision to have Aunt Hannah be the one to show Josie how the mystery of the standing pee is solved is a stroke of genius! You folks are just the nicest, sweetest, most level headed types, so kind and open-minded. You're absolute gems! And Josie is going to be a little champ when she learns a simple technique that levels the playing field between boys and girls in a way that I do believe the future is going to embrace as absolute normality! Hugs from Aus!

ELEANOR -- Hi there! I'm so glad your times of strife are over, and you have a dear brother again instead of a problem! He lost all his friends? They weren't worth having! And the gem of this situation is that he's fully aware of that, and doesn't regret losing them. You're both winners!

KIMMIE -- Wow, what a log you did for your cousin! Needless to say, I wish it had been me watching. But you write so graphically it's easy to see it in my mind's eye!

ANNIE -- As a matter of fact I've pretty much decided to order a Travelmate too, so look forward to stories in due course!

INA -- a smattering of German, I don't think I'd have been much use to you, except in moral support. Tell you what -- I'll rant and you can translate! Smile! Oh, those macho boys can do their own thing, we know which way the world was made, ad there's an inevitable quality to the change that's happening. By the time Tim's little Josie is grown up, the world may have some different ideas, and we can wash walls without being criticized for it!

LOUISE again -- I just had to grin when I read your rep. to my last post -- the whole issue of the emergency in the taxi, then the invite to do the honors with the paper -- I'm touched.

Oh, did I actually type "a log and vigorous life?!" I was wondering when that typo would happen! Argh, this keyboard! And spell-checking is no good, "log" is a real word! Chuckles, all the same!

There's nothing like confidence to make a person blossom, and you've opened like a flower, my friend. You're one of the most special gals I've ever known, and I truly lament that the roles of this forum make direct email impossible. Let's have a simultaneous arc as a consolation! Hugsbackatcha -- and I'll wipe your shitty bum too! (Crazy, wonderful gal!)

KIMMIE again -- I'm sure Louise and I will be enraptured to do a high-pressure scouring job on one of your Mk. 46 torpedoes! We'll cheer you on as you pass the beast, probably take turns wiping you squeaky-clean, then you can watch as we take up positions to right and left of the bowl, and attack with sustained flow! Hugs from Aus!

KENDAL -- what a delightful story about you and Kirsty in the school toilets! Red head, eh? Sounds close to home! It must have been a heart-thumper until you knew it was her! (I remember an incident or two that were not so light-hearted with stall-lookers when I was very young, but I won't put a frown on things -- it was a happy moment, and I'm really glad to see my favorite niece's postings getting through again!

MEGAN & SARAH S -- Time?! Yes! Time! Chuckles! (And hugs to your Dad!) Oh, there's always hope, dears, and where there's a smile there's optimism. You know, like Ina, and by the sound of it maybe even your dear selves, my preference is pretty much for the female of the species? (Shy smile! Just bringing you up to date!) No beach adventure yet, but I did do a huge arc on the back lawn under the stars again a couple of nights ago, as well as using the bathroom sink a few times. I can't wait for the news when your Travelmates get there -- I want to hear about synchronized, choreographed peeing in exotic locations! GRIN!

CC -- Ha! You were on the Overlander as well! Well, in my case, I only had a wee, and I sat for it, as the train was indeed none too stable. Thinking back, that was also the year before I learned the standing trick! It was bizarre, the way everything ran around in the shallow stainless steel tray...

BUZZY -- Check your yellow pages under medical practitioners or clinics, there's a good chance colonic irrigation specialists are listed, or other specialist services that might have references to them. Let us know how you go?

Okay, that's all caught up to date. I've got some stories and observations but I'll keep them for next time as this is already a long post and I might have to post it in two goes.

Hugs to all my friends!


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

Not much time for me to post much today, so will have to brief.

BUZZY, What PV says about colonic irrigation or cleansing is quite right. I had it myself years ago, and it was certainly not unpleasant, just a bit restrictive, obviously!, for about 20 minutes.
The water is warm, and you feel the sensations of your gut getting full as the water is pumped in, and then out again. In my case I lay on my back at first, then on either side, with the tube carefully kept in place as I turned.
Be warned that after, when you've finished and stand up, you'll want to get on the toilet and release all the brown water still in your gut.
You probably won't need to shit the next day, because you're more empty than usual, and also you should have lost some of the shit that's been stuck to the inside of the gut, possibly for years!
It's regarded as beneficial by alternative, or complementary practitioners so you might find one listed under those categories.
It is thought beneficial especially for getting rid of candida albicans, an organism that thrives in the gut and can cause thrush.
I had been told that people often feel euphoric afterwards, but that effect never happened with me!

ZIP, Great story about the very public toilets you went to!

I'm going the same as I have been the last few weeks; rather consipated to start with, dropping a mixture of different sized turds, but no problems and lots of enjoyment!

I'm going away for a few days soon, but hope to join you again before I go. Great toileting! P. Plop Guy

Robby and Annie
Hi fellow toidyteers!!
We are both here today. The girls are off to the beach and Annie is off on midterm, also. We old folks just wile away the time,sigh! We have a story that will be in a reply.

DEAR NIECE KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dears! We are thrilled to see you back! ELLEN, we hope we can be your on-line Aunty and Uncle, too! We consider Andrew a nephew. He is a young man so he doesn't have to call us Aunty and Uncle. ANDREW, you are doing such a fine job with Ellen. The incident when little Ellen asked for a trump story in front of your parents and their guests was a howler. We have had simular experiences with our children. KENDAL: We loved your school story. Your friend Kirsty knew your shoes and wee. This has happened to Meghan and Sarah rather recently. I think they told you their stories. Well, here is one for you. Annie had just gotten married to Alan. They were back from their honeymoon. I was dating Sue at the time. We got married shortly afterwards. We were all in London with another cousin of ours. Their flat had two loos. One evening Annie whispered that she had to poo. Mind you, Alan knew nothing of our adventures. Sue didn't either. ! Annie grabbed my arm and said;"We will be back shortly". We went to the upstairs loo and closed the door. Annie pulled her trousers and knickers down and then sat. She grabbed my hand and started to push. Meanwhile, Alan and Sue had become a little curious. They stood outside the door and wondered what the hell was going on. Annie said;"Robby is helping me poo". I said:"We have done this a lot before". At that point Annie ripped a big trump and cullompted a log into the toidy. Alan was beside himself. Annie weed, wiped, and then we walked out. Later Annie told me that they had had the most frightful row. I sat Sue down and told her about Annie and I. Sue wept and thought it was a wonderful thing. She loved Annie from then on and both of them were the best of friends, like sisters. Alan and Annie patched up and we had some wonderful adventures with them. We hope you both will have this kind of bonding as you get older. As Ellen gets older you can reveal more to her. Take care! ! Lots of Lovexxxx and cyber hugs to you all!! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie.

DEAR INA: Hi sweetheart! You are NOT stupid!! Your choice for partners is not a shock nor a henderance. We love you just the same. Meghan and Sarah don't know that we know about some of their outings. Now, to the subject at hand. The girls and I will report on the travelmates. We are so excited. It might take a few starts to get the hang of it. We are sorry that you are out of work. We don't know where you live so we can't say whether there are any out there. Have you tried Berlin or Cologne? It is good that you have found a forum like this in Germany. Robby knows some German but couldn't write enough to tell those jerks off. Sue was the linguist. She could speak 5 languages. You DO what you want. A story doesn't have to be a great one. We want to hear how you are doing in the poo and wee department. We think alot of you! Take care!! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Annie and Robby

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Hey guys! Annie- yes it would be an adventure to do a whizzy with Steve. Robby- Take me by the hand, girl, I am ready for the adventure in the Gents room!! Since I am circumsized it does hurt a bit when Annie squeezes too hard or wipes it. I guess the head is very sensitive. By-the-way, 25 is REAL young for us,LOL! Meghan turned red when she read that she was invited in. She is still a shy little girl underneath. Well, we are off to the gym. We have to get in shape. It is always harder when you get old. Take care! Lots of Lovexxx Robby and Annie

DEAR PV: Hi gal! Annie- we don't know what your age is and you don't have to tell us. You are a firey redhead!! There is still time for you to look around, dear! There must be something going on in Adelaide. You are a free spirit! Go girl! Weeing with someone is a thrill for us. We encourage you!! We love ya!! Annie and Robby

DEAR ELEANOR: You will love it in Devon. We are so glad your life is getting back together. Hope you will stay with us! Lots of Lovexx Annie and Robby

DEAR ADELE: Glad you are back!! You should have a great time with your friend. Hopefully you can have a buddy poo with her sometime. Your Mum is a smart lady. She knows we women have accidents sometimes. Also, we hope your poos are easier! Lots of Lovesxxx Annie and Robby

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: You sure got a nice surpise, didn't you, Tim! Sarah and Hannah must have put on a good show!! You are teaching Hannah and Josie just right! We will give you a report on the travelmates when we get them! We hope your health is improving. Lots of Lovexxxx from Robby and Annie

DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi there! We just wanted to say hello and hope you can slow down for a sec! We enjoy your poo stories. We know you are busy.
Take care! Lots of Lovexx Annie and Robby

UPSTATE DAVE: What a story!! We can picture you with your log hanging out and those girls coming up. We are laughing!! I know you got a show from the girls. We enjoy you! Take care, Robby and Annie

DEAR RIZZO: We know you are on the run so we will just wish you regular poos and wees and hope you get back safely!! Lots of Love from Robby and Annie


SPECIAL WELCOMES TO: Eric and Courtney! Loved your stories!

SPECIAL GREETINGS TO: Rjogger and Kathy, Kimmie and Scott, Carmalita and Jake-love ya!!, Pat, Renee, Nu, Jeff A, Outhouse Scott, Happy Ass, Bryian, Aaron, Adrian, Jane and Gary- hi folks!, Amy(co-ed), Mere and MANDY, Melanie, Todd and Diana-hi there!, David and Niki-where are you?, Elena, LindaGS, Cousin, Diva, Gopweller, Plunging Plop Guy, Erin, Mindy, Punk Rock Girl, Amazon, Bridget, Noel, Gina, jim, Sarsen, Nicole, Gruntly Bogwell, Scarlet, Ellie and Little Lou-come back! and all of the other posters here!



MEGHAN AND SARAH: You are such angels...Thank you, Meghan, for your very sweet words. You made my day, sunshine. I felt it hard on the heart, thinking yo had to spend motherís day at the grave of your mom. I was with you in my thoughts. Not there directly, thatís too personal, but maybe on a nice walk at a mild evening. I was glad to hear you werenít shocked. I guess with a dad who is an opera singer and has his foot in the television industry, you grew up knowing about "alternative lifestyles" ;-). Tell the dear man it does not matter, he put me into London. A big part of my heart is always there anyway and some very good friends. I want to go back there sooner or later. What did he sing in Munich? I would love to hear him. I hope it was not Wagner...I guess Wagner in combination with a bursting bladder is very uncomfortable to say the least...LOL. You know, I was always wondering how it comes, you are (or used to be) rather shy about this topic, as you stated, with a mom s! o open and a dad, who isnít directly uptight either (;-))...but i guess I can make the connection from my own parents in a way. Anyway letís not get into analysis. LOL. I know the feeling with the travelmates, you think about ordering them for ages and ones you have done it, you canít wait...LOL. Donít be disapointed if they are a bit tricky in the beginning with leaking. You have to get used to placing them. I donít know if you made the same experience, but I always compare it with knowing how to place a tampon, so it does not hurt or you feel it at all...only this is soooo much more fun, once you mastered it. Promise. By the way, about what you wrote to PV. A female celebrety promoting it would be great! I thing Madonna could be the woman for the job, she wouldnít mind...Shall we send her a travelmate and a desription for the finger method? I guess she might know already...I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach and find an opportunity for leaving a bit of damp sand! . Have fun with the lads...Lots and lots of lovexxxx and hugs from Ina
ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Same to you. Why did you think, Robbie should have been embarrassed about weeing in the bushes, Annie? Was it on a busy road or the hedge of the neighbours....LOL? "We are itching to get our travelmates" WE? OUR? I thought Robbie got his already. LOL Hope you will have fun practising and the thingies arrive soon. Lovexxx from Ina

LOUISE: Donít get frustrated, please. I remembering some extra washings in the beginning as well . Did you open your upper button? Itís easier in the beginning. Also itís easier with some looser and less stiff pants than jeans to start with. Maybe you elegant black ones need another washing soon..Lol. I donít use tissues anymore but I did in the beginning cause it made me more relaxed after some leaks into my panties. I can hardly imagine anymore now, what was so difficult in the beginning but I guess I accepted my mate as my "little friend" now...part of my body. Lol. I guess itís very true though. You have to focus on it and put trust in it. Like you said in the beginning, that you pulled it unconsciously away and then it got wrong. I place it now and it feels right and no drop goes anywhere else, but when I try to adjust it consciously, it goes wrong...Itís really true! Interesting. And little boys donít learn it in a day either, do they?
I hope you donít mind , but I already brought you into the German forum as an example, no name. The "discussion" was that some males claimed that this is for men-hating dykes, who wear menís clothes and want to be guys...(me? NO, not really. LOL)..So I answered, "Oh yeah? Well I happen to know a woman, who loves to wear minis, models, is getting married and is more feminine that a guy can wish for in some ways, but pees standing whenever she feels like it...I am tired of that place now. Most of them just want to provoke and it goes round in circles, which scares off many woman who think it is a joke then. Shame really. I mean you explain and explain and show ways and then get a posting like" listen frustrated feminists, you can do what you want, standup peeing is for males only..." After I said loud and clearly, I AM doing it already...HELLO??? One guy was especially keen. I wrote an endless essay about women and men being differnt. Men having bigger brains, being mo! re practical and ruling the world, cause they made all the great inventions...and all this led to the conclusion that woman look ridiculous when they pee standing??? Itís even too irrational to argue. So I leave them to it...and rather visit you dears here. Take good care and I hope you can give Steve a show soon..LoveXX Ina

PV: Hi, hot Aussie fire figther. Are you hosing the beach and your lawn under the stars? You are a wonderful woman with the right attitude. I agree that the travelmate could be a great device for an extra discipline at the spray games...LoL. Not interfering with your other skills. It seems to take a while at the moment until they arrive, so think about it. I hope itís cause they are gettimg so many orders :-). Lovexx from Ina

Hi KIM, I like reading about your adventures as well. Sorry, more next time, I am really tired... Take care, dear...

I hope I did not forget anybody...special thanks today for all the nice outdoor poop stories, I really enjoyed like GRUNTLY BOGWELL and UPSTATE DAVE. RJOGGGER AND KATHY, I hope you are ok, I miss your posts as well.

Best to all from Ina

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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