Outhouse Scott
Hey, everybody.

Once when I was around ten or eleven, I was playing with some friends in the woods near my house. It was me, one other boy and three girls. Well, we were playing by the creek. It was fall, so I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. All of a sudden, I really had to shit. I thought about running home, but didn't think I'd make it. I told the others I had to pee and ran to a clump of bushes several yards away. I tore at the snap on my jeans and yanked them and my underpants down and squatted. Diarrhea sprayed onto the ground between my feet. I fake coughed a few times to try and cover the sound. More squirted out and finally I was done. I pulled up my underwear and pants and covered my mess with some leaves. I walked back to my friends, who didn't seem to suspect anything. I didn't wipe my ass until a couple of hours later, and by that time my underpants were majorly streaked. I think that was the first time I ever shit outside. I kind of got a rush out of the ! possibility of being seen even then. What a weird feeling!


some guy
jake- On the italian version of "big brother", this one girl accidentally farts and everyone gets up and moves away from her. I saw the clip online. funny stuff.

tibkid boy
Bryian: It was definitely good to get that one out. Glad you liked the story! Don't think anyone saw me...I live in the woods. Perfect place for outdoor pooping (which I prefer to the toilet anyway).

Sudden Urge: I clean up my skiddies with the brush, cos sometime's they're rather huge and it destroys your reputation with guests.

Punk Rock Girl

Actually, I'm not into the whole "scat" thing. My boyfriend isn't either. I just think talking about crapping and odd bathroom experiences is interesting and funny. I'm by no means grossed out or particularly self-conscious by my bowel functions, but I'm not aroused or turned on by them either. It's just something I do once a day or so, and occasionally something unusual occurs. If I broke both of my arms, I suppose I'd let him wipe my ass, and I assume he'd volunteer. But outside of that scenario, it's not really my thing, and it's definitely not his.

Thanks for the idea, though!


Well I was at school today and it was horrible. My history teacher was complaining of bad diarehah (s/p?) all day,and than towards the end of class she clutched her stomach and ran into a storage closet. Later that day I went in their to see what she did and there was crap all of the floor. I decided to go myself, so I'm sitting there midcrap when i hear a moan, so i turn on the light and there was my history teacher crapping on the floor. Well she's not much older than me and it was the end of the day so we had a buddy crap together. It was fun and I hope it'll raise my grade.

to somekindofchick-
thanks for the response, i will probably start posting regularly in the near future. got alot of stories to tell.

To slim: I liked your story

I like that pic

last night after i posted about an hour later i had to shit as i felt like i needed to go when i posted yesterdays post..any way i go to my bathroom and poop out several hard logs...i didn't feel done i sat a bit and nothing happened so i wiped and flushed and a few hours later i was online talking to my new friend when an urge to shit came on suddenly...i told him i had to poop...he seems really open about talking about poop by the way...he said don't take too long...This time i was much softer and i wiped alot. When i came back i said i knew i wasn't done

Slayer Moon
To Sudden Urge:

I usually just try to pee them off when I take a leak. (I'm male.)

jon- I liked your story. It makes me wonder what gave someone the idea to do that. LOL. I wonder how they got away with that too.

Yesterday I was playing Gran Turismo 3 with my younger bro, Garrett. He's gotten pretty good at the game so we were neck and neck. During the race I saw that he kept sitting down at times, then standing up. He finally said "Man I really have to go to the bathroom." So I told him, "No big deal. You want me to pause the game so you can go?" And he said "Nah. If I stop now, I won't be able to beat you." He had the lead by now and he had never been able to win a race against me. On the last lap he started laughing and said "Oh man. I am so about to shit my pants." He kept wiggling around and laughing. He wasn't uncomfortable with his situation at all. He doesn't make a big deal out of things, which is cool. We were about half way from the finish line when he calmly said "Well, there it goes." Sure enough, he completely went in his pants. But he did end up winning the race.

How do you pee in a car when your driving? I read how you poo!

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Well its Mach as far as the weather here in upstate New York. Saturday it was in the upper 60s and Sunday it was back down in the mid 20s. I cant wait for the temps to steady themselves.

Saturday was nice enough to take a hike along the bike trail near my house. The fresh air felt great and the sun felt warm. This trail was a old railroad track and follows aridge above the city. There are spots were there is overlooks to look down into the neiborhoods belowe. I had walked about two miles when a urge to shit came over me.

I did not want to go right on the trail so I knew where a spot to go in some pine trees a little further down the trail. I continued down to the spot with the pines and walked up into them. I found a spot that had pretty good cover and pulled down my jeans and briefs and squated. I let out a brrrrap and my anus opened up and slowly a brown firm smooth shit slowly came out.

I deceided to have a smoke while I was shiting so I lit one up. I heard female voices comming down the trail belowe me. Mindy Ive got to piss real bad I heard one voice say. Im going to stop and go here. Good idea Chris, said the other voice. I heard the two girls come up the trail to the pines and they stoped belowe me in a small clearing.

I was still squatting with my shit hanging down so I could not pull my briefs and jeans back up. The first girl was wearing a Sage (local girls college) sweatshirt and blue shorts and the other girl was wearing a green sweatshirt and jean shorts. This spot is good enough the girl with the Sage shirt commented and from the voice that girl was Chris. The girl with the green shirt was Mindy. Chris started pulling her blue shorts down and she was wearing a black thong styled pantie under the blue shorts. Mindy went and said there is someone else around here because I smell cigerette smoke.

I was caught I thought. Mindy walked up and came into sight and spoted me. Here I was with a foot long shit hanging out my ass so what could I do? Mindy was not phased by what she was seeing. She said I found where the smoke was coming from. There is a guy up here taking a shit and having a smoke. Mindy then asked if she and her friend have a smoke so I tossed the pack to her. She said thanks and her friend Chris came up gave me a smile and said thanks. Chris still had her blue shorts partway down because she had not pissed yet. I tossed them my liter and at that time my shit started moving again and fell to the ground with a thud.

Chris went oh I cant wait any longer and droped her black thong and squated down. No sooner then when she was squating a stream shot out and with a good loud hiss she was pissing out a gusher. While Chris was pissing a second shit started out of my anus. This one was just like the first in color and texture but not as wide. I asked if Mindy and Chris went to Sage downtown and they both said yes. Mindy was watching my second shit come out and she goes I have to do that too. So she pulled down her jeans shorts with no panties undernietha nd squated down.

Chris's pee stream now slowed to a trickle and my second shit was now down to the ground but was not all out. Mindy was now starting her effort to shit. She was uhging softly while pushing. I asked; Looks like your having a little bit of a tough time? Mindy said yes because I have not shit in a couple of days. Chris's stream sputered to a stop and with a couple of brief pushes and short hissing spurts she was done. Mindy still was grunting and her anus would dome and the tip of a knobby brown shit would poke out then go back in repeatedly. My second shit started again and with alot of crackling sound quickly passed and thumped tp the ground on the first one. Then I started to piss all over my two shits that were laying there.

Mindy now was having some sucess with her shit. With some crackling her knobby turd was now moving. Her anus was stretched to its limit. The diameter was better then three inches. Boy Mindy Im glad thats yours not mine,Chris said. I told Mindy that it looks like it would be bigger then my two pieces. Miny relied ;Could be. Mindy raised her ass up in the air and her shit was now over a foot in length and still coming. I finished pissing and pulled a napkin out of my back pocket and wiped myself. I pulled up my briefs and jeans. Mindy's shit now was starting to get narrower and she now started to piss. Her piss was running right down her shit as it hung in the air and started to make a wet spot on the ground. I asked Cris if they were roommates and they both said yes. Mindy's shit now was over 18 inches long and then just droped right off and fell to the ground. At this point her piss stream hissed right out and down and splashed all over her monster she had done on the g! round. She peed that way for 20 seconds or so and stoped. She asked if me if I had any more napkins and I gave her one. She wiped her anus which there was nothing on the napkin and then wiped her vagina and pulled up her jean shorts. The girls thanked me for the company and the smoke and said possibly see you again because weather permiting we hike the trail every weekend. I told them maybe because I hike the trail alot also. Before they headed off down the trail they also said that they will remeber this spot and would use it again. So I said we can have a smoke together again and we all laughed and went on our way.

Hi to ALL!

PV: Thanks re: the colon cleansing idea.

BUT...PV (or anyone)...WHERE does one go to get one? A Doctor? If so, what kind?


1234--I'm female and I don't always insist on taking my friends to the bathroom with me. But I know what you're talking about. My friends have asked me to go with them. Alot of times, girls don't even use the bathroom then. We go together to talk sometimes. If that's the case, its usually to talk about a guy who might be in the room where we are, and the girl's bathroom is the only place to talk about him with him hearing. Or sometimes we go together to fix hair or makeup. At prom, I was the only one with a purse and my friends were on their periods, so I was carrying all the pads and tampons, so they needed me to go with them to give them their things. But when we do actually use the bathroom, it seems like its usually just to pee. I don't remember ever going with a group when any of us pooped.

BRYIAN--I'm sorry you've never been able to catch Making the Band. Its a really good show. I told you all about the previews, but I watched the show and it was even better. The guys were eating breakfast and drinking orange juice when Mike, their manager comes into the restaurant and says they're late and they have to leave to go to some event or other. Ashley tells Mike he has to use the bathroom first and Mike says "No, we don't have time. You can go when we get there." So the other guys are leaving the restaurant with Ashley leaving last, but after everybody else gets out the door, Ashley turns around and runs to the bathroom. I guess he must have had to go pretty bad. Then the other guys leave, thinking he's with them, and he gets left behind. So, he tells this girl in the restaurant that he got left behind b/c he had to use the bathroom. And she gives him a ride. Ashley has become so open to talking about or being seen using the bathroom...

I just remembered this story from first grade. There was this girl, Liz in my class. She was little miss perfect. She and I were always competing to be best in the class--teacher's pet. We always tried to get the highest grades, or the prettiest picture or be the best at anything possible. Usually, we got the same grades, within a point or two each time, sometimes her being better, sometimes me. It was a Catholic school and twice a week, our teachers took us to church. So, one day before church, Liz strated squirming in her desk. She was at the back of the row of about 3 kids and I was sitting in the front of the next row. The next thing I knew, I saw this puddle running from her desk, all the way up by mine. Nobody said anything, but she had been wearing a skirt, and after church, she was wearing pants. Nobody made fun of her because she was so perfect, but inside I laughed to myself, knowing that finally, I had beat her at being perfect because I never peed in! my pants at school! lol


JASON-Thanks for the compliment. No, the stalls didn't have any doors so both myself and the other guy were both easily seen taking a dump by his friends. He wasn't wearing a shirt, only shorts, and so he was pretty much naked on the toilet. I tend to drop my shorts and underwear to the floor so I'm always quite visibly naked while crapping. It would have been much better if he dropped his shorts all the way, though. He didn't inspect his TP until his last wipe, when he took a quick glance at it.

BRYIAN-Glad you liked the story. After the restroom was remodeled, partitions were put into place and doors were installed. Too bad!

I just found a department store around here that has no doors on two stalls. I went ahead and took a dump and fortunately it got quite busy. Unfortunately, most guys were too shy to crap in front of anyone and waited for the handicapped stall (with the door). I got lucky and found two skateboarders crapping side by side. They knew each other and were talking a little bit. I was waiting by the stalls for them to finish and so I got a good look at the both. They were probably mid 20's, both wearing shorts, one had a t-shirt and the other had a collared short sleeve blue shirt. They both had their shorts around there ankles. The blond on the left was wearing striped boxers, the brown-haired guy on the right had his white Champion briefs on. They had finished crapping and were pissing when I entered. They started to wipe at the same time. the blond wiped from behind 3 times, checking the paper each time. The brown-haired guy actually stood to wipe, pulling up the back of his! shirt each time. I could see just the tip of his dick below his shirt as he wiped. He took longer, really digging in each time. The blond came out first and went to the sinks directly in front of the stalls. He washed up and turned to see his buddy standing and wiping. He wiped his hands and tells him he'll wait for him outside. His friend says "sure" and finished wiping. Then he pulls up his underwear and shorts and goes to the sink to wash up. That was a nice sighting, getting to see the two friends wipe up! Too bad I didn't have any more sightings to speak of. I'll have to go back though!

PV - It was the toilets on the Overlander train I was talking about (Adelaide to Melbourne). I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you do a poo or just a wee (or both)? Also, did you stand up to wee? I found it a bit difficult a couple of times to wee (I didn't poo) because the train rocked a bit but fortunatly I managed to wee inside the bowl! (Which isn't bad going for me!) :)

On another point I wondered if someone did a poo in those toilets, whether it would leave big skid marks because the flush didn't seem to be powerful at all and I guess when you put the bowl back up gravity makes the poo fall off.

Also, while walking around Melbourne one day I saw a young couple looking in a shop window. They were sort of bending over and I noticed that the girls crutch was wet, like she had wet her self. I wondered if she had or perhaps just sat down on a wet seat, it certainly looked like she had done a wee.

Hi folks!
Sarah is packing and I have just enough time to post a reply or two before we are off to the beach!

INA: Hi sweetheart! NO! We are not shocked by your preference. We have friends that either prefer girls or swing both ways. We have some private experiences that we'd rather not put on here. Relatives, you know! We are so excited about getting the travelmates. We can hardly wait. Dad says that he apologizes for putting you in England. He remembers now that you live in Germany. We are sorry you are out of work. Sarah and I remember when Dad sang in Munich with the Bavarian State Opera. We were in our early to middle teens. We didn't realize that the opera was so long so we were squirming in our seats. Our Mum finally had to shoo us to the loo when the interval started. We wet our knickers before we sat down. Mum was decidedly put out!. We are glad you found a forum in Germany. Just ignore those jerks that put on sexist remarks. We know you can find someone in your town that enjoys this!! Please try. We don't want to see you hurt. We love you too much! Take care and we wil! l write on Friday. Lots of Lovexx and hugs!! Meghan and Sarah

PV: Hi dear! Dad says;"THERE IS STILL TIME!" We know you can have some of the great experiences that Dad and Annie have had. Get out there and search. What a scandal! We know why you would be glued to the tele! I wonder if there would be a scandal if a public figure,a woman, came out and said that she was all for women standing up to wee! Here in America, she would be finished! Have you done some beach weeing? We are going to try it during our stay on Padre Island. Our travelmates haven't arrived yet. Think of it! The WSPC with mechanical devices. Take care in Adeleide!! Lots of Lovex and a hug! Meghan and Sarah

Sarah is calling me! Special Lovexxx and hugs to: Cousins Kendal, Lawndogs Kid, and Ellen. Dear friend Rizzo, Dear Louise and Steve, Dear Tim and Sarah, Those sweeties Eleanor and Adele, Crazy Carmalita, Jake, Pat, Nu, and Renee, Todd and Diana, Ephermal-stay in there, girl!, Ellie and Little Lou!

Welcomes to: Eric and Courtney. Stay with us!



LINDA GS: I feel so very guilty and ashamed that I haven't been around while my dearest on-line sister has been poorly and might have liked me to hold her hand. I admit it. I haven't been here because I've been in a paddy about having my posts deleted. Fortunately, Andrew told me that perhaps I ought to read a few (he is so good to you !). So here I am, back again, and hoping above all hopes that this post isn't confined to the trash can like my previous two ! When I read what Cousin had to say, it nearly made me cry. The very thought of you straining your little heart out trying your best to poop after 4 days without having one. I've never gone four days ! Well, my thoughts are with you, and I hope that you've recovered now. Andrew seems to think that his comb might not have helped this time ! But you know him, he'd do anything for you !! If its to be us girls only, then just know that I'm right there holding your hand. But if he can come along too, well, I wouldn't wa! nt to be a gooseberry !! Take care my dear friend. Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxxxxx (XOSXOS from Drew !).

ELEANOR: Andrew and I are very happy at the thought that you will be sharing our county with us soon. Just like you, we would love to know where you are going to live. But alas, this site is so strict, I fear we will never know. However, we can always be friends here. Glad to hear that your brother is being as good as gold. Keep in touch. Lots of love from Kendal xx

ADELE: Glad to see you posting back here again. I did try and write before, but it got dumped (!). That was an interesting meeting you had with Lisa. Have you managed to get to see her poo yet ? That will be a great story, I'm sure ! Love from Kendal.

LONDON LAD: Where have you gone to ? Or is it just that I've been away and you're longing for me to take you on another visit ?!! Love from Kendal x

TIM & SARAH: Andrew and I are happy to think that you are approving of the way we are looking after Ellen. Well, its all Andrew really. He looks after the interests of both me and Ellen. Its like when he has managed to get hold of copies of films with toilet scenes in them. He lets me see the toilet scenes, but not the rest of the film if it is too adult. Ellen isn't allowed to see them at all. But to avoid a fuss, we don't actually tell her about them anyway ! Love from Kendal.

INA: You asked how old we are ? Andrew is 16, 17 in May. And I'm 12.

LOUISE: Andrew is redder than I have seen him in a long time after what you wrote ! He does enjoy your stories very much, just as he does KIM and SCOTT ! So he is very proud to be in your cyber circle. He also can't believe his look that you are asking him to date your sister. Can you imagine. He would be the envy of every sixth form boy at school if he was going out with an older woman. Not that I'm saying 25 is old ! Of course it isn't ! But what is the opposite of cradle snatching ? Because he would be it !!! Love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: Ellen squeeled with delight at your trump story ! She is so embarrassing sometimes. The other night, in front of guests, she asked Andrew if he would take her to bed and read her a story. And then perhaps he might tell her a trump story as well. Poor Aunty and Uncle were very embarrassed ! The guests just roared with laughter ! And as for Andrew, well he just took it in his stride ! I gather Ellen got what she wanted though, within the confines of our bedroom !! Have a very big hug from your little niece ! Lots of love from Kendal x

AUNTY PV, UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: I'm going to combine you all together for this story. Its a school one. We have our school choir practice after school has finished. Kirsty is also in the choir, so we meet up, and go to the music room together. But last week, I was so in need of a poo, I couldn't wait while Kirsty met up with me. I made my way to the girls toilets. It was about five minutes after school had finished, so after the last minute rush, there was basically no one else in there when I walked in. I decided to chose one of the middle cubicles of the 8 or so. I quickly got my panties down and sat heavily on the toilet, and being on my own, I let out a big gasp of relief as my poo immediately began to curl out of my bottom ! It dropped in the water in about 3 fairly large pieces. Then I began my wee. It was just as my wee began, and the last of my poo was beginning to emerge from my bottom that I heard someone come into the toilets. They we! re very quiet, but I could sort of see a shadow moving around. Then the shadow disappeared into the cubicle at the side of mine. The door squeeked as it was being shut, but whoever was next door to me didn't bother to shut completely and lock it. I could hear a shuffling of clothing, and then the soft scrape of panties being pulled down. But there was no sound of bottom being sat on seat before a wee whizzed noisely into the toilet. When the whizz stopped after about 15 seconds, there was the sound of toilet roll being pulled, and wiping. Then events took a very strange turn ! I could hear shoes shuffling and then some clambering noises, like someone climbing on the toilet seat. I looked up to the side of me, and was shocked to see two hands grasping the top of the cubicle wall. I held my breath in disbelief at the thought that someone was trying to peep at me sitting on the toilet ! I immediately thought about poor Eleanor and all she had been through. It was several seco! nds before a familiar head of red hair immerged above the wall ! It was Kirsty ! I let out a huge sigh of relief ! I asked her how she knew it was me, or if she was a secret toilet peeper ?! But it turns out that she had bent down, and recognised my shoes under the door before she went into the toilet at the side of mine ! I said to her "What would you have done, if it had turned out to be a different girl wearing the same shoes as me ?", to which she replied, "I knew it was definitely you. I recognised your wee sound" !!! I wonder why I didn't recognise Kirsty's wee ? Well, I suppose If I had thought about it, it was her wee ! Anyone else out there been able to recognise who is in a toilet by the sound of their wee ? Must go. Things to do. Love to all of you, in huge bucket loads !! Love from Kendal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kim and scott
greetings all! TO ELEANORE-hello girl. scott and I are very happy that your brother is treating you right and got rid of those so called friends of his. with friends like that you dont need any enemies.take care.
TO BRYIAN-hello. thanks for liking my story. when my cousin judy was over my house scott was at his house. he met judy before but he was at his home when judy and I showed each other our logs. and yes I do have extremely huge logs. I have this super-colon that makes me go this way. of course it helps that I eat a pretty lot through bodybuilding with my boyfriend scott and have a lot of fiber in my diet..all these things together sweetie makes a colossal kimmie bowel movement!! take care
TO INA-hello dear. like your posts. dont be afraid to talk with me too ok?
TO PV-hi dear. how are you? thanks for liking my posts. and yes I often do huge,thick torpedoes!I am very used to my ring stretching very wide to let my mammoth sausages out of my quivering hole. and boy does my hole quiver when I bang my monstrosities out!thanks for calling me a queen super-pooper. and thanks to you and louse giving me a peeing salute.I tell you what... I will bang out an unbelievable sausage in the bowl and you and louise can pee on it all you want! hows that!!! take care my friend.many hugs and kisses to you! all the best,kimmie and scott

JEFF A - Please write a letter. I miss you very much!
Love Louise xxxxx

INA - Hi girl! I have not had a chance to try the travelmate through my jeans more than once yet. I tried it on Saturday night with just yesterday's knickers and a pair of jeans I was going to wash anyway. I stood in the bath and I did not put any paper under my crotch. I mean if I have to do that for real I bet I will have no paper, so I thought I would try it without. I thought it was a bit hard to get the travelmate in place through the zipper. If I have no pants on at all then it is a lot easier because I can see better what I am doing, but it is like I said, when I do it for real I will not be able to see as well.
Well I got it in place but it was not as good as before and I got the legs of my jeans and my knickers a bit wet, but I did get most of my wee to shoot out of the front. Steve did not see it, I just thought I had better practice all by myself at first. I will show him when I have got it right.
Steve says you have to practice with weapons so they are like an extension of yourself. Well I think I need to practice with this weapon because I do not think the travelmate quite feels like a dick to me yet! LOL
Steve asked me to say hello as well!
Hey girl I bet that other forum with all the sexist jerks on is in German, right? I do not know any german, but you know I feel like writing a letter to it and sorting them all out. Hey let them see who is embarrassed when I piss a bigger distance than all of them.
Love Louise xx

ANNIE - Hi girl! Well that was a bit close wasn't it when Robby was still weeing and your mum nearly caught you in the bathroom. It was a good story, that!
I will have to take Robby to the ladies with me one morning when I am at work. LOL
Well it would be all right with me if you held Steve's willy for him. I bet he would not mind. You will need to remember that he needs his foreskin pulling back a little bit so you can see his little slit or his wee shoots off and sprays a bit to his right. His dick is a quite a bit thick as well as long. Be careful not to catch him with fingernails on his foreskin or anywhere on his bare tip because he does not like that, it hurts him a bit. I had to learn not to do that! I do not know if it is as bad for a man who is circumcised like Robby is. When Steve has just finished pissing in a stream, he does a few squirts of wee that are a bit powerful like something else you know? LOL When he has really really finished weeing, he needs his foreskin shutting up and squeezing dry. Then he will be able to put it away!
Hey we love all of you too!
Love Louise xxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Hey it is like it is in your family to produce huge logs if your cousin Judy does it as well. Was she a bit too shy to let you watch her pushing her own log out? Well she did a big one but you are the champ I think!

ELEANOR - Hi girl! I am happy things are still getting better for you. I will tell Steve you have written, he will be very pleased! I hope your brother makes some better friends in Devon than he did where you are just now. Oh yeah, Steve and I are very happy. Hey I hope you can find a Steve some day. I know there are not a lot of them about and that is a bit sad really, but I bet you will find one. Steve said to me that he wished the girls he knew when he was about 14 were as mature and grown up as you are.
I am happy you have been having some nice relaxed wees and poos. It must be so nice for you to do that after all the trouble.
Love Louise xx

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi!!! Well yeah, Steve is really worth watching when he has a wee. I bet you would have liked seeing him wee down the steps. Hey how about holding it for him? I bet he would have liked that.
Well thank you for saying I must be beautiful! You two must be as well if Meg has modelled a bit. What sort of clothes have you modelled, Meg? I am just curious about it.
Hehehehe I liked your story of wearing short skirts and going for a wee in the bushes. Well it is a bit like I had to do with my friends Jackie and Emma. You know I think we were only 18 then.
Love Louise xx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! It was nice to get your letter! Yeah I know how you mean, their upbringing can make them a bit shy about things like the toilet and it is a bit of shame really. I know how you mean about being uptight. Steve just says we should all just enjoy being alive while we can, and that is what we do, but no I do not plan on having a nude wedding!!! LOL
Yeah if Hannah is better for the job then she should teach Josie about peeing standing up. I mean I thought before that it should be Sarah just because Sarah is Josie's mum like I learned from my mum, but it can not always be like that can it? I think I am quite good at helping women and older girls how to wee standing because I am the technical advisor of the WSPC on here but I think it would be really hard work with such a little girl. I have never taught such a little girl before, so it is better I think if Hannah does it. Please let me know how she does. Hey I never thought it would be a bit strange for you to read about me talking about Josie and how she should be holding herself down there when she is having a wee. I am sorry about saying that and I know it will not be easy for a man to talk about his little girl like that.
Hey I will have to write again to finish this tomorrow because I think I will have a lot more to say to your letter and I have other people's letters to answer before I have to go out. I promise to write again tomorrow!
Love Louise xxxxxxx

RICHARD/USA - Hi guy!!! Well I am glad you like my letters and I know some of the things I do are a bit on the crazy side. giggle
Well I am happy for you that your wife does go in the bathroom with you and piss her brains out. It is a shame we does not understand you wanting to look but I bet you have a lot of fun listening. When I pee, my pussy hisses a bit loud when I am really gushing, so when you were with me in the ladies toilets, you could hear that as well as the sound of my wee washing the front of the toilet bowl and running into the water at the bottom. I thought it may be you would want to know that. Does your wife hiss like I do?
Well I thought the stories in your letter were really good and I really liked them. Your wife took a bit of advantage of you liking her peeing a gusher didn't she? Your wife wipes from her right hand side? I do not do that, I just reach down between my legs and do it that way. You know I think a lot of women think that wiping from the side is the right ladylike way because ladies do not look at their stream even and all that. Well I like to look at myself when I am weeing and I like to wipe from the front. It is not unladylike to wee and wipe like I do, but I think doing it from the side is a bit repressed really.
Well guy, keep reading my letters. Tuesday morning's wee I will do something special just for you! How about that?
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl!!!!!
Hey thank you for supporting what I have said to Tim and Sarah. Well yeah I hope I can be a good teacher. If I am going to be the technical advisor on the board of the WSPC then I have to be able to help with these problems.
hehehe you know I was really close to flooding the seat of that taxi. I had to be real careful how I got out of it and I was really really close to wetting myself when Steve was paying the driver. Well I bet my big arc would have been a big shock if anybody had seen it. Steve liked it and you know it felt just sooooooo good to let it all just gush out like that.
Yeah I wish you and some other people who write here could come to our wedding. What a shame.
Well I had a standing wee this morning over the toilet and a little dribble went down my left leg. I had to wipe it myself but I wished I had some help from somebody like you or Steve. I mean, I would do the same for you so that would be very nice.
Yeah I think we both like the same kinds of clothes. That Saturday night maybe it would have been a lot easier if I had worn a dress but I made it harder just by wearing the trousers. Well I have washed them and you would never know I got them wet through with piss. My knickers survived too.
LOL You said to Buzzy about colon cleansing being good for a log and vigorous life. Hehe it may be that is true, but you need to fix your 'N' key or get a new keyboard.
I bet Steve will like what you have said to him.
He is right with what he said. You know I used to hide behind him a lot really, and I really did not know what to say to a lot of his friends so I found it very difficult. I was worried then that because I did not do martial arts that I would get ignored and not taken seriously, so I wanted to keep out of their way. Well I got started and I now know that I am not ignored like I thought I would be, so you know, I can be at Steve's side now and not behind him. I am accepted by his friends and I have learned a lot from them. I get told I am doing very well and I have another test in may! Well that will be another reason for me to have diarrhoea and get a shitty bum! LOL



Hi all. Sorry I aint posted for a while, there hasn't been much worth posting lately.

As I said in a past post, I used to poo my pants. I did this from a young age (obviuously!) up until I was 14 (4 years ago). I enjoyed doing it most of the time, but I think it was just basically down to bad bowel control. Some of the time if I got caught after I pooed my pants, I would get smacked or just basically disciplined.
I think these experiences of pooing my pants taught me to be the way I am now. I can easily control my bowels and just go to the toilet when I need to but sometimes I hold my poo in longer than I should do.

Anyway, my recent poos have been great, like they always are! I always do a big load. I hate it when it takes me ages to wipe, sometimes I just wet the tissue which usually helps.

Thats all for now. Hopefully I'll have a decent story to post again soon.

Monday, March 11, 2002

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