i went to a dairy queen with my daughter and her friend, they are both ten years old, they told me they had to go to the bathroom and i decided it should go too. Well, there were a lot of people in the bathroom waiting thier turn and there was one very short line, but it wasn't for a normal toilet, it was a urinal with a hose attached to it.I had the children get on the line for it while i observed how to use it. You press the hose against your body and you pee in it standing up. I think the hose is so the pee won't go anywhere that its not supposed to but i don't think its very hygenic. I used it anyway and i had them use it too. Very strange experience.

Sudden Urge
Ok here's a little poll for you all. How many of you clean the skid marks with a toilet brush and how many of you just leave them for all to see?

hi this is my first post here.
i live at the bottom of a block of apartments. One day it was icy and i did a 8-inch long shit in the toilet. I flushed it and only a part of it went away. the water in the toilet filled up as if it were blocked. The next day I took a pee. I flushed and I heard an unpleasant noise. Just as I was about to leave the toilet all this shit came up!! It must have been a sewage block!!!!!!!! I had to get the plumber round. I puked up loads!

to 1234-
most girls go to the bathroom with each other incase thereisn't any toilet paper.

To all the TV experts who post here....

Has anyone ever heard a woman fart on TV? With all the live news and talk shows on the air, wouldn't it seem that a woman would have farted by now? Someone mentioned in an old post that Jenny McCarthy did a deliberate fart once on her show, and there was also mention that Joan Lunden once farted accidentally on Good Morning America. Anyone know of any other female fart incidents on TV?

A friend of mine told me about this site and I just had to check it out..I've been lurking on here about a week and must say...I've enjoyed everyone's post.

I started a new temp job recently which could lead to something more permanent...we'll see :o) But anyway....there is this guy I like who works in the office next to mine his name is Justin. I was riding the elevator one day to our floor and noticed he got on at a floor just below ours...I mentioned oh you had some business to take care of on this floor....he said you could say that...he mentioned that he gets constipated a lot and likes to go on this floor since there are fewer people around and he likes total silence when he poops and is very uncomfortable in public restrooms. He told me not to mention it to any of our co-workers and I haven't but he and I have been talking a lot more and I've buddy dumped with friends and have no problems using public restrooms...I just hope if we do start going out that his fear of public restrooms will diminish since he said at one point he was at a mall and had to poop and was terrified of the public restrooms and he was an hour ! away from home but said he would rather risk pooping himself than let another soul hear him go.....I think this is a bit much.....any advice I can give this poor guy? Thanks and Peace to All Courtney

Deperation Super Bowl.This was a close one.It was Super Bowl Sunday and I was invited to my a friends daugter's Super Bowl party.When I arrived it was a great spead.There was pig feet,collard greens,gumbo,maccaroni and cheese,the works.Plus there was beer and liquor.Well we were well into looking at the game when at near half time I felt my insides gurgling.This went on a few minutes when at half time it felt as if the contents in my intestine had reached it's final destination.I could tell from the feeling when it reached my annus that I probably won't be able to hlod it long,but I tried to anyway.During half-time I would feel my shit pounding at the back door as if it was a bust.There I was sitting in a house where I've never been before.There was a bathroom off the livingroom but I was just aquaintance with the residences.If I stayed there any longer I wouldn't have any choice but use that bathroom and risk being embarassed by smelling up and ruining everybodys party o! r I could just slip out quietly and drive around the block to my house and do it in private.I selected the latter.There was beer in the cooler outside and there were people going outside to smoke so I made as if i was going with them.When I got outside I talked a little and then at the right moment I quickly slipped away into my car which was located on a side street.It was chilly,but I didn't want to go back to get my jacket.I drove that car as if I was at the Datona 500 around the block to my house.I could feel my BM pounding as I was about to explode going into the house.I quickly pulled down my boxers and before I could sit down my bowels has a landslide of shit all over the seat and bowl.It was liquidy mixed with simmi solid shit.Itwas a tremendouse deluge.I was there for about 10 mins.When I was finished,I wiped myself about five times.I looked around and all I could see in the bowl was dark brown water and toilet paper,but I knew there was probably a ton of soft poop ! underneath.Boy the smell was unbearable.When I flushed the tiolet it clogged up.I used an old plunger that I had but it wouldn't go down.It was getting so that the half-time festivities was about over.I had to leave to get back so that I wouldn't be missed.I was surprised to notice that when I got back no one noticed I had gone.It was the next evening before I was able to get a heavy duty plunger to unclog the toilet. Signed FYI.

Zip: Your posts are great. I really enjoyed your story about dumping with that dude at the beach toilet that was being remodelled. Did the two stalls not have any doors? I guess so because you say the dude's friends razzed him so they must have been able to see him and you on the crapper? Is that true? Also, was that dude only wearing shorts and was he buck naked when he pulled his shorts down? Also did he examine the TP for shit smears while he was wiping? I've also taken a shit with guys in a similar kinda situation. They usually seem a bit reluctant when they see they have to take a dump next to another dude and they usually wipe without inspecting the TP to see how the wiping is coming along!

hey jordan
i think i saw one of my friends with poop in his pants. i was at a summer camp and one of my friends kept pulling his shorts away from his but. we were hiking up a trail and i saw him stop for a minute and then go again, i looked at his but and it looked like a bulge but i could not tell, someone said who farted and we just kept going, then we stopped for a break and he went to the woods to go to the bathroom, when he came back i walked over to him and the bulge was gone and there was no smell, i thing he had an accident and emptied it in the woods. but on that same trip another kid wet his pants, i didnt see him do it but we were climbing down a cliff and when i got to the bottom i looked up at everyone coming down and i saw this one kid who had a long shirt on but i saw under it had a big wet stain, it looked fresh cause it shined in the light and there was a wet spot on the front of his t-shirt. when he came down i asked him if he peed and he denied it but i saw it. w! ell thats all for now.

D: Thank you so much for your kind comment :) Mark is my husband soon to be EX. After all I've been through in my pregnancy I am definatly lookinh forward to birth ha ha

Peeping Tom
Are farting sounds heard when someone craps there pants?

kevin from calgary
Hi every one its been ages since i last posted due to travelling around england lately.

My g/f and i just got back from england, while there i must tell you about an accident i had in the local park.

Now both of us was suffering from the dreaded diarreah (spelling) but this one day we both felt well enough to at least feed the vultures (well ok ducks then)at the local park.

We had been there about an hour or so when OHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYYYYYY i gotta go like NOWWWWWWWW,i mentioned it to my g/f and we headed over to the toilets or at least where they used to be, CLOSED due to vandalisem, great i thought i was now in very serious trouble and i felt the runny poo starting to fill my maroon coloured panties, then suddenly it all just exploded out of me in one big farty mess.

I felt the smelly mess start to run down my legs and into my shoes, it felt horrible walking with a wet smelly mess in my pants, well finaly we found a toilet that was open, but guess what? no toilet paper I uttered a few words that i cant write here but iam sure you get the picture.

We had no choice but to head back to the bed and breakfast place we were staying at, by the time we got home the rear of my jeans were wet and stained from the mess, as we walked in the woman running the place greeted us at the door (timeing or what)she didnt say anything but it was clear she knew what i had done.

My g/f helped me clean up, while i took a shower she washed out my panties.

To Dancer girl: I liked your story...that must have felt good when that guy leaked on you.

To tibkid boy: Loved your story! That dump must have been a good one? bet it felt good? Thats the way i like it! You couldn't make it to the toilet? And did any one see you poop?

Ryan: about your friend taking a shit on someones bumper...i liked your story...did you and your friend get caught? I didn't know who posted that story at first then i saw it again with a name by the way

To kim and scott: I liked your story...where was scott when you took this bad you all didn't have fun in the bathroom :) You seem to have huge dumps..even mine aren't that max. dump size is like 12" most of the time its smaller!...speaking of having huge dumps...i guess it really depends how much and how often you eat. Like tonight at work a few co-workers were talking about eating and where we put the food and this kid about 17 said in your belly..i was smiling cause i was thinking about dumping.

To Jordan: I liked your story :)

To Zip: Liked that story about that 20 some guy coming in to dump...that must have been cool. When they remodled the bathroom did that enclose the stalls or put up a partion? Too bad its not good any more

I gotta go..i might have to poop my stomach has that funny might be just farts(been farting today) bye

Hi all,

Firstly, let me apologize for being away from you for what seems an age -- just hyper-busy with this and that, and trying to get things done before diving into either college or some serious sort of work. I've missed you all! I'm picking up and answering posts from as far back as Page 839, here, so please bear with me if my comments seem a tad out of date! (I'm sure I should be replying to messages from Louise and Carmalita (love ya both!) but I seem to have mislaid them... No matter, there's plenty more to chat about! I also may have to post this in several pieces, for some reason I've had trouble posting large texts (this'll be large!), though nowhere near as large as some that I've seen on the boards.

EPHERMAL -- Loved your squat in the tub, I too enjoy a yellow river on the porcelain, though quite often I use the floor too, and just hose it away with the shower head. Hope you get back to practicing the forward-shot!

MEGAN & SARAH S -- Hugs to you both, hope your ???? are back on an even keel, and I'm reading along to see how you make out with the Travelmate!

KIM & SCOTT -- Hi there! Many thanks for your delightful salutation, Kimmie, you do me proud! I never fail to be amazed at the Kim-brand torpedoes that have become an institution and icon of this site, you really are queen of the super-poopers! FOUR inches thick? Well, that's what diligent stretching will allow you to achieve! You must have been dizzy with the effort to expel such a monster, I know it would have been impossible for me -- anything much above two inches thick and I'd be in real trouble... But Louise and I can produce crossed pee-arcs in salute of your prowess! How's that? Hugs!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- Hello! I seem to have missed your boat trip post somewhere, it sounds wonderful -- how I'd love to do something like that! Well, both "Her Madge" and "Uncle Bill" were here last week but the scandal over the paedophilia case hanging over our current Governor-General put the dampeners on the whole thing... I stayed home and watched on TV! Oh, and that group whiz in the alley in Paris from long ago was a real grinner!!! Oh, and ROBBY, what a stunning performance that was, the "balcony scene" from your Stockholm trip. It makes me realize just what sterling fun I've missed out on all my life!

"PV: Hi there. So did you try the Travelmate as well? I was just wondering from your reply to Louise...You know, regarding your thoughts about women being cleaner as men- one reason why I got my travelmate is, that I was fed up with sitting in other peopleís piss, I did not see. I always thought, when woman don't want to sit down properly and do their famous hanging over the bowl instead, cause they donít dare to stand up completely, why canít they put the seat up?? Cause that would be too manly, I guess. So they hang/squat over the seat and sprinkle everywhere. It bugs me so much we canít have a proper culture there. I should not get started, it just annoys me so much to have to deal with male cultured arrogance. On Saturday I was i n a cafe. One stall (!) for women, men and handicapped! One stall and three urinals in a separate room!. I had to wait and bear a grin from some stupid male who passed for the urinals. It drove me so mad I did not dare to just go and stand n! e! xt to him! Can you understand that? Love to you, Ina "

INA -- I can understand it, woah, can I! I reckon if I'd been with you we'd have taken the other two urinals and blasted them together -- and taught the silly man what's really true in this world! Well, I'm getting real serious about ordering a Travelmate! It just sounds like a must-have accessory for a gal! You look in a gal's purse, she has makeup, credit cards, a box of tampons, a cellphone, and this little container for an elongated object! Smile!!! Oh, and I fully agree, of women are not going to sit on the toilet, the least they can do is have the decency to put the seat up, masculine or not. They don't have to LEAVE it up! You know, I once saw this written on the back of a stall door: "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie!" It could be for just this problem! Hugs from your redhot Aussie fire hydrant!

SCULLY -- hi there! Hope the advice works out -- I had an episode of abdominal pain last week that I treated with exercises, and found myself squeaking away some air that had been trapped. Thanks for liking my posts!

More to follow...


TIM & SARAH -- Hello there! You're two pretty wonderful people and you have some of the most wonderful adventures, though you have your trials as well -- such as the matter of how to take your little daughter to the gents... Oh, I wish I could help! But I learned only a few years ago, and have no kids of my own, so my experience base is way off. I agree with Annie that little girls should be taught how to do it properly (boys need to "learn" what to do with their equipment, there's absolutely no difference in girls learning, except in what our culture thinks of it). Your Josie is a determined tyke and she has the heart and the will for it (I'm so glad you didn't reprimand her for trying it on her own), my impression is that she could learn easily. As we've seen from other youngsters here, at that age she could learn properly and be weeing with the best of 'em in a matter of weeks. But, as you say, how would she handle what her new "hobby" would mean to others? This i! s one of the most complicated issues -- actually doing it is only hand-genital coordination and a feedback loop, but the mental aspect is where and when are proper, and in what company. It's difficult, and I wish I knew how to help! I do hope she can learn sooner or later, however it comes about. As AMAZON says, it's important to her own mental development that she's clear on this, and doesn't nurse any preconceptions or worse, wrong ideas, through the years.

CC -- You're in Aus, right? I know those railway toilets you mention, I was on the Overlander to Melbourne in '97 and remember using one late at night, and reading that very sign!

LOUISE -- Hi there grrlfriend! I absolutely adored your Travelmate performance into the tub -- you and dear Ina have just about convinced me to order one too! As you say, it's an extra option and gives you that flexibility to choose how you go... I think your advice to Tim and Sarah about young Josie was absolutely spot on, and your overall technique descriptions were superb! You make a very good teacher, you know?! And that desperate explosion after you got out of the taxi was very graphic -- not even at a wall, just a great arc six feet before you in the alley, heavens, grrl, I could see that! And smart black pants with a gold belt, my! We have the same dress sense to a stunning degree!

BUZZY -- "Colon cleansing" is essentially a professionally-performed enema. If I understand correctly, the bowel is gently and thoroughly washed with a gradual introduction of warm water, which is then withdrawn once more, refreshed, reintroduced, and so forth. There's no underestimating the health benefits, frankly, and for a log and vigorous life it's a good idea to not be carrying around lodged fragments of faeces that can be, it is estimated, may years old... Many folks swear by it as a lifestyle. Why not give it a go?

STEVE -- Hi guy, long time o hear! Too long! (Smile) You said: "The other guy commented, "We can't even get away from them in here!" and laughed heartily. "Ha", I returned, but I said nothing further, though I did wonder if the guy could relate to women properly with a remark like that." That was very apt, ad I agree completely. He would be the sort who would have difficulty with what we do -- and would probably have o way to interpret it other than in an erotic context. Of course there is an erotic aspect, it's one of the things that adds spice to boring old life! But it's the gentlemen of the world who balance the practical with the delicious and can extend a woman the due of understanding "where she is coming from," and this share a urinal or a wall with her and make it a positive experience. You are one such gentleman, and I am so genuinely happy to know you -- and your wonderful bride-to-be. That I've been able to have a positive effect for Louise is the mirror of ! the effect her friendship has had for me, and I only wish I could be at your wedding. Your words bring me a flush of satisfaction that I've been something special for someone special, and have grown from the sharing. Thank you!

Okay, my friends, I'm just two pages off the leader board, but it's half after one in the morning here in Aus and my bladder is about to erupt! I'll try posting this, and come back and catch up on the last couple of pages next time!

Hugs to all,

PV in the land of Aus

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties! Nice to hear you are finding some rest now and your digestive systems loosened up as well. Must have been a good relieve, Sarah, although I was sorry to hear it hurt with bleeding. Try to keep them softer, dear. I was, of course, excited to read you ordered some travelmates...I hope youíll have fun using them. I guess you read my conversation with Louise as well about some difficulties in the beginning. Tell me if you encounter any problems, maybe I can help ;-). I envy you, cause you can have sword fights as well, like Louise and Steve...LOL. I donít have any friends I could share this with...I hardly dare to tell, cause they are always so easily repulsed by the topic in general, that I donít want to share that I pee standing. It suprises me a bit, cause I would have thought others would also find it practical...and maybe even fun. I guess it also has this image of being reserved to men. So many girls wouldnít do it, even if they could. I ! found a German forum also with a womanís guide to pee standing and a discussion about it. The athmosphere is awful though. Lots of (male) jerks posting, showing off and making sexist remarks, like women trying to pee standing would be ridiculous and embarrassing themselves... Itís so great folks around here are so sweet. I donít have any work at the moment cause the industry is so slow. Many of my coleagues are also without a job. Itís very frustrating. Hope all goes well with your studies. No, I donít have a boyfriend. I thought, I let it show through that I prefer the girls anyway. Hope this does not shock you. I know, I mentioned a thing with a men here, but I am a bit stupid and need to teach myself again and again that I never go out of it happy. Sometimes I just wish I could be "normal", get married and stop fooling around with stuff like peeing standing and posting here...I would miss you though. Very much. Take care, my dears. Lovexxxx from Ina

ROBBY AND ANNIE: Hi dears, I hope you are well. I also look forward to hear, if Annie will like the travelmate...I hope you will, great lady. Your stories impressed me! Thank you for sharing all this with us. Well, you know, I try hard, but my streams havenít reached the bushes of London, yet, as I live in Germany...Lol. I am thinking of looking for work in Britain though. Maybe Iíll meet some members of the WSPC there. Thank you for always thinking about me. Thatís so nice. Sorry for having been a bit bad with replying recently. No adventures to post at the moment. I wish you just the very best. I like you so much. Lots of lovexxxx from Ina

RIZZO: I enjoyed your story about the underwater poop. I was a bit shocked when you wrote "donít get exasperated"; you must have a bad image of me. I did not mean to come over like that. I guess you are on your trip by now. Hopefully you can have some wonderful days with your wife. I am looking forward to your return here and hopefully some more of your great stories. Lovexx from Ina

TIM AND SARAH: Wow!!! That must have been a pretty sight with your beloved women doing a stand up pee for you, Tim. Who would have thought...Will be nice to hear some words from Sarah. Sorry, I did not get your last reply and would have also been interested in the incident with your girl at the urinal, some posters talked about. What did happen then? And where did you post it? I understood that the discussion was about teaching your daughter to pee standing. I understand your hesitation about her being very little. I think itís fantastic though, that as a father you are sensitive enough to understand your girls frustration there. My father would not have cared. Thatís really sweet. I mentioned this forum above, which is full of males trying to make woman feel bad about wanting equal rights and claiming their male domain. I thing you are a great dad. Donít worry about talking about the pussy there. I can understand it feels dodgy for a father, but as you said, no moms or ! dads are concerned about their boyís willies so much. This is the thing, why boys grow up, being proud of theit thingies and girls pussies are always in association with male sexual thoughts. Nobody minds if you talk about your boy and holding him to wee; why is it such a fuzz with a girl. If your wife touches your boy down there itís no problem either, is it? Keep the fun up and hopefully your solution with your sister is working the way you expect it. Lovexxx to your whole family

LOUISE: Hi girl. Great to hear you are having fun. I envied you a lot about your sword fight with Steve. LOL. That must have been fun. Your comparism with the weapons was great. I am delighted to hear you are getting comfortable with it. Hope youíll have a dress rehersal soon, you know through the zip... (try with open button first...) Maybe put a tissue in your pants in the beginning, cause the position feels a bit different then when using it naked. Mind you, I pretty quickly went into medias res. Did you try the sitting pee into a bottle already for car emergencies? Thatís level three though, after the one with the pants on..Lol. Maybe you can give me some ideas as well. Take care, lovexx from Ina
STEVE: Hi, nice to talk to you as well. So you liked what you saw? Lol. I can imagine it. Would be interesting to hear whose stream is harder when you are trying to chase...I can imagine you prefer the finger method but agree with you itís good to have an alternative. The main thing is, you two are enjoying yourselves. I always like your descriptions. They are very good. Take care and lovex from Ina

PV: Hi girl, guess you are busy? Do you know any German? I could have done with you by my side while trying to talk some sense into some machos on the German stand2pee forum. It was hopeless anyway. I think though that the worst thing arenít the males who are under shock, we are taking over their wonderful domain now, but the woman who are afraid to be too masculin or perverted when they pee standing. Itís frustrating, cause with this generl attitude we will be condemded to wait in line all our lives. Hope you are doing fine and donít drown in work.Lovexx from Ina

LOVE TO CARMELITA, hope you are ok...

Best wishes to all

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi all!!
I am all alone this afternoon. Robby and the girls have gone to visit Sue's grave. It is mothering day in Britain. I will go with Robby later. I called my Mum today. Because of this I have a story from the past. Robby was staying with me in Bath,UK. He was 15 at the time. We had been to a football match and I had a strong urge to wee. When we returned home I dashed up to the loo and Robby was right behind me. We flung open the door and there was Mum sitting on the toilet. We both froze. She opened her mouth to say something but grabbed the door and shut it in our faces. We then ran to the downstairs loo. We peeked in to see if there was anyone there. I pulled down my knickers, sat down, and started weeing up a storm. Robby shut the door. We knew it was risky. He held my hand and I ripped a good trump. Two or three balls dropped down into the bowl. I wiped and got up. Robby unzipped, aimed his willy and let out a flood of wee. We heard Mum coming and he was in a panic. He! hadn't finished. I hid in the corner and Mum knocked on the door. Robby told her he was nearly finished and that I was in my room, he thought. She went off and I gave Robby a peck on the cheek. We crept out of the loo. Mum heard us and but we were in the parlour before she could get downstairs. That was a close call.

ELEANOR: It is wonderful to hear from you, dear. We are so glad you are going to Devon. We are also glad that your brother has turned a new leaf. He doesn't need friends like the ones that dropped him. My oldest daughter is also moving to Execter(sp). She will be an administrator at the University there. It is central Devon. We think about you often. Lots of Lovexx Annie(and Robby)

NIECE KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Hi dears! My oldest daughter is moving to Execter(sp). She will be an adminstrator at the University there. I am sorry for my spelling. She will be there sometime in April. Sarah had a nice big poo this morning. She is finally getting regular again. They are going to the beach for a few days. She hopes she finds some nice looking blond chap down there. Well, we are looking forward to your next post. We miss you. Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx and big hugs from Aunty Annie(Uncle Robby)

ADELE: Hi sweetie! We are glad to see you back. We have missed you. Your Mum is really good in letting you poo/wee in the bed. Us women sometimes have little accidents. We hope you won't get too constipated. We know it hurts and the blood isn't pleasant, either. We know it will be fun for you and your friend to buddy poo if you get a chance. Well, take care, my dear! Lots of Lovexx Annie(and Robby)

EPHERMAL: Hi there!! How are things at school? Is the midterm coming up? We feel for you and hope your poos are getting more regular. The girls are going to the beach. I hope they don't get the runs. We also celebrated Purim. Take care!! Lots of Love from Annie(and Robby)

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi friends! Louise, could I have a peek when Steve unleashes his willy and wees next time,LOL? Meghan and Sarah have all the fun! Robby would have appreciated a view when you weed. Steve, when the girls and I get our travelmates we will have a lineup for you!! That ought to be a sight,LOL! We will have a wee-by-wee description. Robby says hi! He is out with the girls today. You are both dears! Love ya!! Annie(and Robby)

TIM AND SARAH: Hi there!! What a wonderful surprise, Tim!!! Sarah and Hannah weeing into the travelmates. Robby probably would have been an appreciative audience. They didn't even get their jeans wet! We will have to let you know when we get ours. How is Josie? Tim, Robby had a colon exam last year. I will have one this year. Anyone over 50 needs to have one once a year. Robby and I are very careful. Robby weed on the bushes when we went out bicycling early this morning. He wasn't a tad embarrassed. You are special to us! Lots of Lovexxxx Annie(and Robby)

PV: Hi gal!! You are special, too! Could you get a travelmate, too? This would take standup weeing to a new technology,LOL! I can see it now! The judge says;"Ladies get out your travelmates, insert, ready, weeeeeeeee"LOL!!!! Hope you are ok in Aus and weeing up a storm!! Love ya!!! Annie(and Robby)

RIZZO: Hi dear chap!! You are probably in a car or on the train breezing along the continent by now, aren't you? Hope you are getting loads of poo/wee stories for us!! Take care! Lots of Love from Annie(and Robby)

GRUNTLY BOGWELL: MARVELOUS Story! Mandy and her friends must have had a frightful time in those woods. Thanks again! Annie(and Robby)

NATALIE C: That was a neat buddy dump story. You, Kelly and Candace had a symphony of poo! We enjoyed the second one, too! Stay with us! Take care, Anne(and Robby)

JANE AND GARY: Well, yet another story of embarrassment. We had to laugh when the client asked you a question while you held your dump!! Poor girl! Hope Gary is tip top! Take care! Lovexx from Anne(and Robby)

COUSIN AND LINDAGS: Hope Linda is ok, now! She needs Drew to assist to her! We look forward to your and Linda's posts. Take care, Annie(and Robby)

INA: We couldn't forget you, sweetheart!! We miss your posts. You must be frightfully busy. We are itching to get our travelmates. We will give you a full report on our wees. Wee some alleys and bushes for us!! Lots of Lovexxx and a hug!!! Annie(and Robby)

Robby and the girls just came in the door. I have to go!

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy, Carmalita and family, Kim and Scott, Amy(co-ed) Mere and MANDY, Melanie, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Bryian, Adrian, Erin, Noel, London Lad, Alana, Althea, Jeff A, Amazon, Upstate Dave, Elena, Diva, Julie, Muggs, Fat Woman, Sarsen, Aaron, DianeNY, Donny, Linda14yrs-where are you!!, Punk Rock Girl, Plunging Plop Guy, Traveling Guy, Ellie and Little Lou-we miss you!, and all of the other wonderful posters here!



Sunday, March 10, 2002

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