Natalie C.
O.K., I said I'd post a good story for this weekend, so here it goes.
When I was 18 (about two years ago) I went with my friend and now
roommate Heather, her big sister Kelly and her friend Candice on
their Spring Break trip to Atlanta. It wasn't the typical "go
to the beach, flirt and drink" spring break; Kelly & Candice just
wanted to get out of town for a few days, and Atlanta wasn't too
far to drive. Fortunately, Heather and I got to go along for the ride.

There are two good stories from this trip, both of which involve rest-stops. We left on the Sunday morning before break officially started. Now I usually have my first dump of the day in late morning or early afternoon, so after we'd been on the road about four hours, I was ready to get to a toilet. But we'd already made one stop to pee, and since I can hold my dumps for a while, I decided to wait on someone else to say they needed to go first. About an hour after I first felt the need to go, Candice finally spoke up and said that she needed to go, too. It was a few miles to the next stop, so I watched a little to see if she fidgeted at all; she didn't, and I started to think that maybe I wasn't the only one who needed to poop. Finally we got to the rest stop. On the way in, I said to Heather "It's gonna be a few minutes," which made her giggle as that was our euphamism for "I have to take a huge shit."
Kelly and Candice got a couple of stalls, which Kelly in the first
and Candice in the third; the others were full, so Heather and I had to
wait. I got in line for the stall between them, and Heather took the fourth one. The woman in my stall was just peeing, so in less than a minute I was in. I don't usually like sitting on rest-stop toilets, so I put a double layer of toilet paper on the seat before pulling down my green army pants and yellow panties and sitting down. While I sat there waiting for my own logs to start coming out, I tried to listen in on Candice. I was right: she was taking a dump. And it wasn't hard to tell, either. There was a constant stream of small plops coming from her toilet which at one point errupted into a shower. She was obviously just dropping little pebbles which seemed fitting since she was a very skinny girl with a really tight butt. It only took her a few minutes to finish up. Towards the end, she pushed out a couple of bigger logs that made nice splashing sounds as they dropped. As for me, I spent a little
less than ten minutes on the toilet, mostly pushing out one really knobby and really stubborn log that looked to be about a foot and a half long and about an inch and a half thick. There were a couple of smaller turds, too, but not impressive enough to mention.

The second story happened on the way back a few days later. It was early evening, and we'd stopped to eat some fast food. While the rest of us were finishing up,Kelly got up to go to the bathroom. I didn't think about it because I was feeling tired and bored from being in a car for so long. After a few minutes, though, the thought that she was pooping crossed my mind. I had to pee, so I headed for the toilets myself, and sure enough Kelly was sitting in the last stall taking a dump. I sat in the next to last stall and said 'hey,' mostly to let her know it was me. As I was peeing, Kelly ripped a big fart followed a few seconds later by a splat as what sounded like some really soft poo dropped into the toilet. She groaned a little as she let out a really long fart and more soft poop. By that time I had wiped off and was about to leave the stall. I asked if she was all right and she replied 'Yeah, but I'm gonna need more toilet paper. Can you get me some?' I looked around, ! but since they had those TP dispensers that use huge rolls of thin, rough paper, there were no rolls available. So, I just unrolled a huge pile off of the dispenser in my stall and folded it up as neatly as possible. Rather than handing it under the divider, though, I walked over and knocked on her door. 'Oh, hold on a minute,' she said, and flushed her toilet. Then I could hear her get up just enough to reach the door (she was in the huge handicapped stall). When the door swung open, she was sitting there with her jeans pulled up above her knees, sitting akwardly on the tall stool. The smell was bad enough that even I couldn't stick around, so I handed her the paper, asked if there was anything else I could do, then went back to the table. I didn't pay attention to exactly how long it took her, but I'd say roughly ten minutes.

Wow this post is long. Hope you all enjoy it!

yestaday i had my first individual outdoor poop. i was walking through a shortcut to a shop where it was like a forest i had a sudden big cramp in my stomach. i knew that it was a nasty poo. so i squated behind a tree and let it loose. a massive torrent of mushy poop flew out coz of the laxative i took. i still had a humungous urge after the big *opening* torrent. I pushed but nothing came out. i pulled some grass on the ground and wiped. then i had to walk with huge pain on my stomach mainly coz it wont come out and my butthole was very sore, i think it was the grass which caused it...
i took laxatives so they can give me some liquid diarrhea but it never seemed to happen i usually take 4 laxatives in the weekends but all i get is mushy poop.
can anyone tell me how to get it and what food should i eat to have more poop and more diarrhea?

Punk Rock Girl: i wish i was your girlFriend

Dancer girl
I was at a dance club last night, grinding with a guy. We were dancing with my leg in his crotch and he whispered in my ear "I have to pee"
Well it was a great song and I didn't want him to leave so I told him to just let it leak a little. Well he did and my pants got kind of wet but it was warm and fun. As he was going he was telling me how good it felt, than I heard a small fart and he went "Oh SHit!" I felt the back of his pants and there was a bulge of poop and I said "I'll say". He kept dancing and eventually I peed in my pants also. It made the dancing more interesting.

Hey guys! The detox regimen works good. Too good. 3 times today morning, noon and night, I released a 30 sec. dam of brown water, pieces of doo-doo and parsley leaves. I have been juicing vegetables and fruits together. It works.

Tony: You are right. Girls have larger bowel movements than guys. When I was in elementary school, boys lived in my house. They were my cousins. We would forget to flush the toilet, sometimes. If my mother or grandmother found the toilet unflushed, it would be traced back to me. Most of the boys had loose bowel movements. Mine were large and firm. See my earliest posts. One day I was playing with the older boys and I had to run in to make doo-doo, I was 8. I was sitting on the bowl, with my dress and slip bunched around my waist and my white panties at my knees. My cousin, Keith the later on bus driver opened the ajar bathroom door. It was obvious. I was getting started. I told him I would be awhile and he understood. He stood by the door and he heard a "kersplonk." I told him I was waiting for more. But, nothing more happened. I reached for paper and wiped and did not flush. My piece was an eight inch banana. Keith said that was the first time he knew a girl could make ! doo-doo. I still love him.

I love pooping in my undies
i did it at while i was walking yesterday but forgot i was wearing a thong. I was wearing a skirt so it fell to he ground. i got so many looks!

If someone could answer this question for me i would be very happy,why do all girls insist on going to the bathroom together? and if they do are they too embarrased to bm with them or is it just peeing?

tibkid boy
There was this one time when I was 15 and I was coming off the school bus. I really had to poop and I could tell it was going to be a BIG one. I guess I'd been constipated for a while. My anus felt like it was going to explode. So I walked down my driveway for a while to get away from the road and I pulled my pants down, a little scared of what was about to come out. I started to push, and I could feel it start to squeeze out. I stopped pushing because it was starting to hurt, but it wasn't even halfway out yet. It was bumpy and really hard. So I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes and kept pushing. It felt like I was pooping out a tree stump. My anus was stretching more than it ever had. When it finally came out all the way, I stood up and looked at it. It must have been at least two or three inches wide, but only about six inches long. My butt hurt after that one. I think I wiped with leaves or a stick or something, but when I got home I wiped properly. That was the widest! , hardest poop I ever did.

The Crank
To Friends' Fan
Yeah, there's another I remember, when Rachel and Monica were quarrelling and Rachel was accusing Monica of beings so obsessed with cleaniness that she would be cleaning the toilet - when Rachel was on it.

Well, nice to be back in this forum. Very very busy at the moment. I do get really turned on by girls speaking poop talk like when my friend, who is a hot babe, was telling me how hard it was to poop after swallowing chewing gum. I remembered having a hard-on straightaway.

Dear Jasta:

I have been reading your posts, and you seem to have a lot of bad luck during your pregnancies, and deliveries. I think it is great that you can share these experiences with us in such a lighthearted manner.

I am sorry that your partner (I forgot whether he is your boyfriend or husband) is acting such a jerk. I hope either he comes around or your find someone that deserves you. When my ex-girlfriend was pregnant, I took much better care of her than this, and I would do the same for you (but I am a girl and you might not like that very much!)

Anyway, take care, and have a healthy baby!!

Tim and Sarah: sorry i kinda freaked out on yall, its just that i really think all little girls should be taught to pee standing, i just remember all those negative comments/feelings from my past and sometimes i go over the deep end for my cause lol....

nothing really interesting has happened lately. Went fishing the other day and did a nice standing pee off the dock into the water (about 3ft) funny thing is i really wasn't desperate just had to go a bit, yet i peed for what felt like 5 minutes..go figure.

for those who have asked why my girlfriend doesn't buy one of those funnel thingys so she can pee standing: I asked her if she wanted one and she said no, she said that she's perfectly happy squatting. i have no idea why she's like that *shrug*

love yall!

this story happened to one of my friends and i thought i'd share it with you new to this site and so this is my first post. last week my friend a i went out side for a smoke( about 45mins before school let out, im a senior by the way) since my last teacher of the days pretty cool he doesnt mind if i a few minutes late. well n e ways, my buddy tom was telling me how much he hadda take a shit and so i dared him to take a shit on the bumper of an asshole guys car.Tom said, "alright, but whut can i wipe my ass on?" I remembered the night before i stopped to get wendy's, and i had some napkins in the glove conpartment. I handed tom the napkin and he really shit on the bumper...he was facing the freeway so people going by could see!...after he was done shitting...he took some extra napkins and threw his dung/shit on the window!....after that we ran back to class, but the next day i heard about it from the and tom just laughed about it..the guy never knew it w! as us!

Outlaw Star

In High school our whole English class went into the auditorium
and found a large turd on one of the chairs! The teacher was horrified.
It wasnt dogshit

gruntly, i'm sorry those ladies weren't so good natured about you seeing their production. it wasn't your fault you happened to be in the right place at the right time. anyone know what kind of trouble he could've gotten in for being caught like that (not to mention some of his other adventures)?

hey...this i smy first time posting so bare with me...I got a story that id like to share with you guys, i happened to my friend last week. It was right before the last class of the day, and so me and my friend tom went out side for our usual cigarette break.(my teacher doesnt really mind if I'm a few mins late), any ways no one was around and so we walked over by some of the cars in the parking lot. Tom kept telling me how he had the urge to shit. He looked like he really had to go, so i dared him to shit right on one of the car's bumpers that belonged it this freak i saw around campus. Before i knew it to was on all fours, crouching near the bumper....he let out several huge turds....he asked for somethin to wipe off his ass i went to my car and got some wendy's napkins, He was facing the freeway so passing cars could see him! After tom was done wiping and puller up his trousers, i looked around and you could see the brown streaks on the scattered yellow napkin! s. then tom picked up his warm shit with an extra napkin and chucked in at the window of the car.We giggled and went back to class. The nex t day i over heard the guy whom had the shit thrown on his window talking, he was pissed over the whole deal. Good thing he never found out that it was tom.
later, Ryan

kim and scott
greetings all!
recently my female cousin judy came down from new york to visit me for the weekend.judy is a young college cheerleader like myself. she is also very pretty with long brown hair.judy has seen some of my spectacular logs before and was very impressed with them to say the least!on her last night at my house judy suddennly awoke me when I was sleeping in my bed. she was in her pink pajamas and wanted to show me something in the bathroom.I quickly got out of bed in my red pajamas and followed my cousin to the bathroom. I though their was something wrong in the bathroom of some sort. then I saw judy stop next to the bowl and smile and told me to look down. I looked down and saw a huge log in the bowl."fantastic judy!" I cried out looking at her log. judy even threw the toilet paper out somewhere else so I could see her big log in full with no paper blocking it.(a tip she got from cousin kimmie!haha)I measured her log at 18 inches long. 2 inches thick.the next day before judy l! eft for her house we had a huge chicken dinner. after we finished I told judy I had to push out a massive log. judy looked at me in anticipation as I grabbed her hand and went upstairs to the bathroom. our parents where too busy talking to each other to notice that we were gone. In the bathroom I yanked my blue jeans and white thong panties down to my toes as I sat on the bowl.Judy watched in front of me as I took a deep breath and pushed real hard. instantly my ass shook and ring stretched real wide as a big,thick log appeared from my ass."WOW!" said judy fascinated as my log grew larger and larger and ring spread out wider and whole body then shook wildly in pleasure as my log grew gargantuan!"dear god kimmie!look at the size of that thing!" judy said excitedly as my body shuddered automatically again as my log grew even bigger!"holy sh?T!" judy said in wonder as she watched me push my log out.I tell you this was one hell of a monster log I was pushing out for my! cousin and I was only too glad to do it for her!I then took a final deep breath and pushed real hard."oooohhhh!" I moaned in absolute pleasure as I exploded a massive torpedo into the bowl. my log hit the water so hard the water came up and got me and judy. I apologized for getting water on her as I got off the bowl to look at my log.we saw a mammoth sausage in the bowl that could hardly fit inside it. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half stretched all the way past the bowls water up the bowls porcelain!I then got my measuring tape and measured my log at 26 inches long. 3 inches thick."wow kimberley you can sure fill the toilet bowl with humongous shit!" my cousin said gleefully!" so can you judy!" I replied. "yes. but not as huge as yours!" judy answered back as we laughed as I quickly chopped up my log,wiped myself,flushed and yanked up my pants."I am just returning the favor of you pushing out your huge log for me the other day!" I said as I washed m! y we both laughed again. I then left the bathroom with judy and helped her load her things in the station wagon. when she was leaving we waved goodbye with a secret smile on our faces knowing we each crashed out big logs and showed each other our work with our parents not finding out. hoped you all enjoyed the story! all the best.kimmie and scott

Richard / USA
Jeez, Louise, you are a riot, you know that? :-) I went back and read some of your posts going back a few weeks and you had me in stitches!

You asked "Hey if you are in the bathroom does your wife never come in and wee? Will she only ever do it if she is on her own in there?" Nah, sheíll come right in and piss her brains out even if Iím there- I mean, weíve been married for over 30 years now so thereís no modesty in that. But if I show an interest in what sheís doing instead of going on with whatever I was doing before that, then she seems a bitÖ I donít know, flustered? I think that she just thinks itís peculiar to be interested in someone elseís bodily functions. Sheís not offended or annoyed, she just doesnít get it, you know? So I usually just go on with what I was doing and glance at her somewhat guiltily while we talk.

Hereís an example: About 2 months ago, we were staying at a village inn while visiting our daughter at college and we were getting ready to go to dinner at a really nice restaurant so we decided to dispense with the usual jeans & t-shirt thing and dress up a bit. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when she comes in to pee. Now, my wife is a professional woman with a private practice who wears skirts and sweaters to work, the kind that have a rather counter-cultural look- you know, kinda gypsyish/bohemian? I LOVE this look. Anyway, sheís an attractive, compact woman with short black hair and I smiled broadly when I saw her dressed like this (we rarely see each other on weekdays other than early morning and after work at night when we both get into our jammys, so this is a treat to my eyes) and even more broadly when she puts the toilet seat up, hikes her skirt up, slides her panties down to just above her knees, then sits down and starts peeing a gusher almost ! before her ass hits the seat. For about 20 seconds, I hear her urine splattering loudly against the porcelin at the front of the bowl while weíre making small talk and I just canít take my eyes off her. She wipes herself from the right side, leaning off the seat away from me and affording me a gorgeous viewÖ I was ready to cancel the dinner reservations right then and there, but we had to pick our daughter and her friend up in just a few minutes. Now, did she do that intentionally to get me all fired up? Nope. Really, I think that because she doesnít understand this one aspect of me, she doesnít even realize that (for me, anyway), sheís putting on a show.

When we got back to the inn after midnight, I told her about how excited I got earlier when she was on the toilet and she turns to me and says "Really? That really turned you on?". I said "Really. It really turned me on". So she smiles and says "You still feeling frisky?" I said "You betcha". The rest Iíll skip to keep this post from getting trashed except to say that right after this conversation, as Iím crawling into bed, I hear the pee hitting the porcelin again but Iím in bed and the bathroom door is partially closedÖ Wouldnít you think she would Get It?? Later, she said innocently "Well, It just didnít occur to meÖ" LOL.

You also said "Would she be unhappy about you going in for a pee if she was in there having a bath or something? Do you think if you and your wife had a bath together like I do with Steve and you both had some drinks, would she make you leave the room so she could have a wee? Well may be she would just do it sitting in the water or something, I do not know" Nah again, she really wouldnít mind me coming in to pee at all but we have 2 bathrooms in our house and if itís me taking a bath, sheíll just use the other one. Not to avoid me, but to her, it just makes sense that if one bathroomís already in use, why not just use the one thatís empty? Regarding having a bath together, our master bath has a standard one-person whirlpool tub that really doesnít fit two people at all, but the other bathroom at the other end of the house has a nifty 6-foot-wide shower and we frequently shower together which is great fun. But I can tell you that if she suddenly had to pee, she would jus! t wait until she was done with the shower. I know this because I once asked her what she would do in such a case. She was actually somewhat horrified when I told her that I pee while showering every morning rather than adding an extra flush to our septic system; I explained that itís just salt water and it gets flushed away with the shower water anyway but she made me promise I would NEVER do it while we were showering together. But guess what? I do it anyway while sheís shampooing with her eyes closed and she has never caught on. : - ) And the idea of peeing while taking a bath, I can tell you, is definitely not even to be mentioned- her response would likely be EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW.

Take care, kiddo


Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy with school and stuff.

Anthony K: Hey, it's great to see another young teen here. I liked your story a lot! I would find it exciting to take a shit on a toilet in the woods like you described. Where is your favorite place to shit? Do you have any stories about shitting at school? btw, I'm 14 too.

slim: I liked your story too. I don't have accidents anymore either, and I'm glad about that too. Have you ever seen your friends pooping and have they had pooping accidents?

Ben In Iowa: That sucks, that you have diarrhea. I hope you don't still have it by the time you read this. I haven't had diarrhea in a long time. Did you have any accidents in public lately? And have you had to take a shit at school?

Andre: Your stories are cool. So did you figure out what it was you ate that turned your poop green? I had green poop about 2 weeks ago, I think it was from a blue slushee that I drank. Have you ever pooped with a friend or been around a friend when they had to poop?

Here's my story. Yesterday after school I really had to take a crap badly... I hadn't gone for 3 days. Well I was walking home from school with my friend Steve, and he told me he needed to shit, so I told him I did too. But when we got home I said he could go first, even though I thought I had to shit worse than him. Well I waited in my room and went on my computer while he was in the bathroom. I thought it would be cool for us to go together but I don't think he'd ever let me watch him. Even my best friend Adrian isn't cool about that. But after Steve was done, he came out of the bathroom and said "Dude, I just took a massive shit and I don't think it will flush." I told him that's ok. Well then I went in, and he was right, it was massive. He had left one log about 2" thick about 1 foot long. It sort of curled around the toilet bowl. Well I didn't think about flushing it, I just pulled down my jeans and boxers, sat down and took my dump. It came out in a few pieces. But! it was on the soft side so I didn't have to strain too much. I shit 4 logs, the first was about 7" and the others 4" long. It turned me on to take a dump on top of my friend's dump. Well then I wiped. I flushed and it took 2 flushes for it to all go down. Well that's all for now.

Your theory about girls having a wider rectum sounds interesting.Awhile ago I posted 2 questions.THe first question was who has greater bladder capasity,men or women and the other was when girls sit down on the tiolet to pee do they often start taking a dump.From what I've heard I've come to the conclusion that guys have greater bladder capasity but girls can hold in a #2 longer than guys.I think hormones also have alot to do with the later.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow poop-lovers:
Jason, where are you, man? We miss your posts about Bridget and you. Keep those stories-coming, man!

Punk Rock Girl, you are one-interesting poster to read! Have you, already, or would you ever spread your cheeks, after pooping, and tell your boyfriend to wipe your butthole for you? I am sure that he would enjoy it, and I am sure that he would be very-aroused by it. Let Pico, and the rest of us know these kinds of things, will-ya?


Pico Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)

Dave From Upstate NY
Hi Buzzy, If you do want to try a colon clense, you can try some Magnesium Citrate, its something that it used before tests. I don't think you need anything, it sounds like you take very healthy dumps on your own. I will be looking for more of your posts, I see we are about the same age, really like to buddy dump with you in that gym you go to.

A few years ago I was riding my bike around the beach and went into one of the public bathrooms I hadn't been inside before. I walked in and saw that there were 2 urinals to the right of the restroom and 2 toilet stalls to the left. One was regular sized and the other was a larger handicapped stall. As luck would have it, the block partition between the stalls was actually torn down, leaving only about a foot of concrete rubble where the partition used to be. I went ahead and decided to take a crap. I chose the larger stall, went up to the toilet and laid some paper on the seat. I undid my shorts and slid them down to the ground. I then pulled my underwear down as well. About a minute later I heard the voices of some guys running towards the restroom. Three guys came in, all probably in their early 20's. They came in and 2 of them went right to the urinals. The other guy looked at the stall situation and just said "shit". He looked at me and said "what's up" He then went up! the the toilet next to me and also wiped it down and put paper down. He then pulled his shorts to his thighs and sat down. He was an average looking guy with black hair, but a nicely toned body.

His friends finished up pretty quick and came over to razz him a little bit, since he was sitting there dumping in front of them. He just told them to wait for him outside. They went outside and he continued to crap for about a minute more. He farted a few times and really let out alot of crap. The place started to smell up quite a bit. Out of the corner of my eye I was able to watch him wipe. He wrapped the paper around his hand and reached around to wipe from behind. He had a nice tan line on his butt as well. He wiped a few times and then stood up to pull his shorts up. He actually stood and faced me with his shorts still down while he was flushing, so I got a good look at his dick as well. He was actually pretty well endowed. He washed his hands and left. Unfortunately they remodeled the restroom about a month after that and I never had a good buddy dump like that again.

To Matt: Im from any stories?

To Anthony K: I liked your any more?

To slim: I liked your story

To Scarlet: I Didn't watch making the band...its never on when i put the tv on and i rather be online i guess :)

I like that picture...shes going in a bowl or something

KENDAL & LAWN DOGS KID: Sorry to hear that Kendal has not been getting her posts on the site. I'm just amazed at what you two get up to ! Sit on knees wees ! Just to let you know my Dad got the job in Devon, so we are going to be moving there after Easter. I wish I knew where you two live. My brother is still as good as gold to me. Since the last time I wrote, he hasn't seen me on the toilet, whether by accident like before, or on purpose like in the bad old days. So I've really been able to enjoy some very relaxed wees and poos. He (my brother) is looking forward to moving since he fell out with all his friends. They don't speak to him anymore now that he won't let them see me on the toilet. He says he hopes to make much nicer friends in Devon. I'm still feeling a bit strange about moving. But the one good thing about it is that I'll be living nearer to you two, even if I don't know where that is exactly. Hope you both have more happy wees on knees. And love and kiss! es to Ellen as well. Lots of love, Eleanor xxx PS. I hope Kendal gets a post on here soon.

LINDA GS: I'm sorry to hear that you have had a bad ????. Sounds like you need Drew to comb your hair to help you relax, seeing as your Cousin wouldn't go in with you ! Love Eleanor.

STEVE & LOUISE: Glad to see that you are both still very happy and having lots of stories to tell. Love from Eleanor xx

To Kim & Scott, Rizzo, Robby and Annie and everyone else who has written to me. Thanks very much.

Hi everyone. Had another very busy week, so I've not had time to post - even though I've been able to read the posts most days. I came across the following in one of our newspapers here: "Car buyers in Preston are turning their noses up at the area's new number plate prefix, POO2. Dealers claim buyers are put off when confronted by a car bearing the plate, so the DVLA will scrap the offending combination." To explain to those outside the UK, a new system began in September 2001. "PO" is allocated to Preston (Lancashire), "02" is the year (March to August only with "52" from September to February 2003). This is followed by three random letters, i.e: "POO2 ZXH" There was no POO1, but began at PO51. Crazy system that could only be concocted in the UK! But I'd love a "POO" plate on my next car. My ideal number would be "POO2 PEE"!!

Black Stallion:
Thanks for sharing about your major accident on the bus. It was really gripping reading as your story unfolded. I think you would do well as a writer. Regardless of what people say, the driver should have let you get off. You might have been able to find somewhere to drop you pants and dump. If that were not possible and you had still filled your briefs, you would have at least been on your own and not be embarrassed on a crowded bus. I suppose you can at least be thankful that it was not diarrhoea, or as someone else mentioned that you we not wearing boxers, as it could have slid down your leg on to the floor of the bus. I could imagine you, after you got off the bus, walking with difficulty with a major shit in your briefs. I know all too well from experience what that is like! Hope to hear more from you sometime.

Thanks for replying to me. I really appreciated your long post explaining your own situation with IBS, and particularly explaining about your problems with the law. You've had a really had a rough time as the result of accidents. I can see now (after the way you put it) that some stressed out cop, who is looking for a target might well relieve some of it on you - seeing you trying to walk home with a brown stain on the back of your pants. As for being a health hazzard, that is unbelievable. You were walking in fresh air, that is if you can call the air "fresh" in cities these days! The only way you could have been a health hazzard would be if you were riding on a bus occupying a seat with the mess in your pants soaking into the seat. I hated having to travel on a Glasgow underground (subway) train after I had an accident in my pants when I was 23. I was in a terrible mess. That accident is recorded on one of my early posts (after page 802). But it was my first time in Gl! asgow. The only way I knew back to where I was staying was on the underground train. There were plenty of seats spare, but I knew if I sat, the diarrhoea would soak into the seat, and someone else would have to sit there later. So I stood in the large standing space near the doors, just longing for my stop so that I could get off. I knew I really stank and was stinking that carriage out!
I am really sorry to hear of all the problems you are having to get employment in your field, after spending five years in college training for it. All because you were investigated by the police for pooping in your pants so long ago. It is sad you have to now have to go to court to get your record expunged so that you can be part of a team in your chosen field. It's obviously going to be the only way, and I trust the court decision will be in your favour - so that this record is erased. Do please update me on the outcome. I will be really thrilled to hear you have got the employment you seek, hopefully very soon. I've been thinking about you over this past week in this matter.
With reference to my possibly developing IBS, I had to see my doctor a few days ago on another matter. I reminded him of when I saw him about possible IBS and that tests done were inconclusive. I mentioned that 'a friend in the USA' (just guessing it is the USA - where do you live Gordon?), who suffers from IBS had said "there is no definitive test, since it is a syndrome." He replied, "Your friend is right. The tests we did on samples of your blood, faeces and urine plus the barium enema X-ray were basically to check that there was not the onset of any disease giving you the symptoms you mentioned. Those tests were clear - but were obviously inconclusive in determining whether you might or might not be developing IBS. It is a syndrome, as your friend said."
Thanks for your advice and suggestions as I seek to deal with my developing problem. I will look up some of the sites on IBS on the Internet (as you suggest). I've not had the time this past week. I realise that there will be good and bad sites. I may need to ask you what you feel is right if I get conflicts between sites, if that's OK with you. You've walked the IBS road a long time.
Regarding wearing briefs. Though I prefer the freedom of boxers, I may not have bought so many of them if the problems I am now developing were more apparent earlier. I have quite a lot of underwear as I like a clean pair every day. I would have bought more briefs instead of boxers. You mention briefs that had the full double back. I've got some great briefs by "2(x)ist Underwear". Have you heard of 2(x)ist? These particular ones have a tapered double back, which when laid flat are 5" wide at the crotch and tapers to 1.5" at the waistband. They are marvellous. If I feel I am at risk of an accident, I wear a pair of these. Usually accidents are of that sort of soft mushy unformed poo. These briefs hold it well, and with the double back section afford that greater protection from staining my pants for others to see. I am speaking here of the walking or standing position. Protection if sitting down would depend on how big a load we had done. A moderate soft load would push ! down further into the crotch and upwards towards the waistband. The tapered shape of the double section would cope with that alright. However, sitting in a really big soft load that caused it to squish sideways as well would push it into the 'single part' of the back of the briefs. I got mine off the Internet. One of my friends at the gym had a pair of these briefs on one day. I mentioned they looked unusual at the back. He said he had bought two packs of three. He said I could have a pair off him to try out. I was wearing a pair of close fit Calvin Klein hipster trunks, which he liked (of which I had several similar pairs). We did a permanent swop. Not of those we were actually wearing, but swopped clean ones next time we were at the gym together. Funnily enough, buddy dumping is a great bonding experience, but my friend and I found swopping our intimate underwear was a bonding experience too! My friend did not know where we could get any more 2(x)ist, as the store where he! got them were no longer doing them. I managed to locate them on the internet at It is best if you can look at them yourself. The displays rotate, so you can actually see the back. Look for the "2(x)ist" fly brief (3-pack). Please let me know what you think, and whether you might be buying any yourself. I hope this bit of information will be helpful to you.
Must go now. I'll be thinking of you Gordon, as you seek to clear the way into future employment.

All the best,

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi dear friends,

Before I answer some posts, I have to tell you about what I saw yesterday! WOOHOO! I came back from my buisness trip on Friday night and we had a lovely meal with the family. Hannah made some wonderful couscous and after the kids went to bed we had some wine and lots of water; Sarah, Hannah and me were making ourselves comfortable on the couch. I was just getting really cosy and relaxed; the food worked itís way down and I got a bit of an urge to make some room, but getting a bit sleepy and enjoying the moment with my darling in my arm, I was a bit lazy to get up. Suddenly Sarah asked Hannah if she was ready...? Hannah nodded and they both got up, telling me now comes the suprise. I asked jokingly if it was a cake and Sarah, bringing me my shoes, said that it was better than that. While I looked at the shoes wondering, they got theirs on and Sarah said: "We are going dancing" "What???" They giggled over my shocked face and said, I should come into the garden to see...I ! followed them and they went into the famous corner, where you are shielded from the neighbours view. I still wasnít sure what to expect, but then I was told to stand and watch the effords of their practise...Hannah and Sarah both got out a travelmate from the backpockets of their jeans...They both twincked me an eye wiggled their bums, opened their trousers and positioned them, after they both put a tissue in their panties. They both stood like guys, only I would not know a guy looking so sexy..., and after " ready" they both started peeing, giggling away. Amazing! Hey, Ina, you would have been so proud, of my ladies. I loved to watch it, while they pished with splitter splatter into the rose bushes. They both sighed and peed quite a lot. Hannah said that she thought it was great and they had had lots of fun practising. The things arrived about a week ago, but the girls wanted their private practise for my big suprise...I was speechless. They shook of (giggle) and whiped the! things dry with their tissues. I thanked both for the show with a kiss each. I asked if they wanted to see mine as well and unzipped. "No, we have seen that...", came the pretending to be bored answer. Hmpf! I still felt an urge to poop anyway, So I went "oh, forget it" and wandered off to the bathroom, playing sulking. They shouted after me to come back, they would have just been joking, but they missed their chance...;-). I sat on the loo and heard a knock on the door. The two came in gigglingand asked if I was really offended. I just went:"pfff"...They said they had to wash their thingies and I went to the sink. Sarah came into my direction to check if I was ok but I warned her that I just had started a big buisness. They both sniffed and went:"Letís get out of here...quick" and fleed, leaving me with my buisness and some amazing images...Now, am I lucky or what? My women are very fond of the travelmates and Sarah wants to thank you, Ina, for giving the advise. She will ! post next week. She is already asleep; we are a bit tired from last night....;-).I had to post this though. Hannah and Sarah said, that they would have found it practical during pregnancies to have the device as well. I am afraid, Louise, that at least Sarah is much more comfortable with it, than with the finger method, as she is not into practising so much and finds it less messy and just a thing she can use in case of an unconvenient situation. She does rather wear jeans than dresses as well and finds it overall more convenient. I was excited anyway that she could do something with it and my wife, who is rather shy about the topic, standing there and pishing a big arc into our garden is an amazing development. I am so happy for both of us.

LOUISE AND STEVE: Thanks so much for your thoughts. Lots of stuff to reply to:
See, sweatheart, Sarah is not as open about weeing like you are. She couldnít just stand in the bath and pee with me watching. Youíll probably ask, why not. You see, you seem to come from an upbringing where the topic was very, very open. Your mother teaching you your skill says a lot. I come from a different, but comparably open background. Sarahís parents are very uptight, catholic people. Sarah was educated, that watching somebody in the bathroom was a perversion or a sin. She is an adult now and knows rationally itís nonsense and wants her kids to be raised freely, but her shame is somewhere still present. I donít know you, but you have to imagine something you might feel uneasy about, maybe sleeping with a woman, or having a triple or getting married completely naked in front of your friends and relatives. If Steve would suddenly say, canít we be more open there and itís very natural, you probably wouldnít just throw your thoughts over board and say:"letís do it.." ! Mind you, you sound like a woman, full of suprises...Lol. I know my wife wants to try and if you read a bit from us, like when I helped her pee at the urinal, youíll see that she is opening herself a lot. I just want to make sure, there is no pressure and everything is at her pace...So I wonít ask her to learn the stand up pee in order to teach our daughter, if she does not make the decision herself. Anyway, we found a very good solution for now: Hannah, who is much more open about this, will take her little niece swimming tomorrow and show her a trick under the shower..;-). She will tell her to keep it their little "secret". This way Josie will fell less frustrated and more powerful and on the other hand itís not as official as if we told her, which will hopefully keep her from doing it in unapropriate situations. Hannah will tell her about, when she has to watch it ...This will give us a bit more time to find a comfortable way for the whole family. In the meantime Josie c! an have her "secret" practise in the shower and might become more relaxed there. We will always be there for support in case this works out not as good as we hope. Weíll see, but I hope, this is a good solution. By the way, we all laughed cause we have to watch it, Josie does not see a woman using the travelmate for a made us feel like having secrets from our parents...giggle..sneaking into the garden...
I hope I may mention something as well: I felt a bit uneasy when I read the words ĎJosieísí and Ďpussyí together. I know itís silly, but I am glad if Hannah takes over now for a little while, cause I start getting uncomfortable with discussing this topic in so much detail about my daughter. Itís stupid, I know, my sonís willie woudnít bother me and I have cleaned my daughter until recently but I guess I felt guilty about starting the discussion. Letís talk about some little willies, thatís easier for me..Lol. Until recently we still held our son when he had to wee outside from home. At home he mostly sits on his potty or holds it into the toilet and it does not matter, if it getís a bit messy, unless we are about to go out. Away from home we made sure, cause he managed to get himself wet inspite of his little knob...Josie always watched with great interest and also wanted a go.. so she tried to take over, when he went to the toilet, but it ended in a big fuzz, cause he d! id not like it...LOL. After we explained to her, that these are his "private partsí she did not try anymore...SO, now to me and my sister: When I was toilet trained, my father was already terminally ill. My mom took care of him and had a new born baby as well. So my sister, who is four years older than me, took care of me. She took me to the toilet or into a corner outside, when I had to wee, pulled my pants down and held my willie while I peed. She also whiped my bottom and helped changing nappies. She was a very brave young girl that grew into an ever braver woman. Thatís one of the reasons, why we are so close. She quite liked directing my stream though and I liked her coming to the toilet with me so we sometimes did this even when I was already able to go on my own. We have great memory there: When we already lived with my grandparents, my male cousins showed off one winter, pissing their names in the snow. I was four at the time and could have directed my pee, but did n! ot know how to write. I was a bit embarrassed when my sister got my willie out in front of the other kids, but I was always on her side and tried my best to wee and then our number one brother/sister team wrote Ď"doof" (stupid) with yellow letters in the snow. Especially the other girls laughed like mad and I was the hero of the moment, grin. There are other funny stories as well, but at some point we both knew that we were too old for it: When she got thirty and I was twenty-six...Lol, only kidding. When I was a bit older than my daughter is now...I have to go, my post are getting to long. We like hearing from you a lot. Your sword fighting was first rate...Take good care and may your marriage be as happy as ours. Lots of loveXX Tim (and Sarah)

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties! I was very happy to hear you finally found relieve. Sarah, please be careful with the bleeding should it continue. I wrote a bit about diet suggestions in my last post to you but I donít if you were able to read it. As I said everybody over fifty should have a colon check. They said in Germany 30,000 people could be saved each year, if they would be tested early. Also if somebody in your close family has had colon cancer you should have a check as a young person already. To some brighter thoughts. I hope youíll enjoy your spring break and shame your travelmates have not arrived yet, it would be a good time for practising, I hope youíll eventually have fun! My shy Sarah pishing into the bushes with Hannah was a knock out! LOL. Take care sweathearts. Lots of loveXXX to you and ROBBIE AND ANNIE!

Love to INA (hope you are ok...), RIZZO (could you read my last reply?) and EPHERMAL, KENDAL AND ANDREW (I wrote you all long replies last time but donít know if you could read them).

Saturday, March 09, 2002

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