Hi everyone,Jane I know how you feel when it comes to rude people.I remember being at Mcdonalds one day and they had the two for one deal that they run every once in a while.So I had ordered 4 big macs,and four quater pounders w/cheese,not a big deal so I thought.The little red haired girl who took my order said"You're going to eat all that by yourself,geeze what a glutton."So just about the same time her manager walked by and told her "It's time for you to clean the restrooms,you should be watching the time so I don't have to remind you every day."
So,I noted the time on the clock and figured a little lesson was in order.I ate lunch and for the next whole month went on an eating binge,stopping at this place one day where they sell these little hamburgers that give you terrible gas and massave bm's I had 40 of the little burgers which I ate over two days.I would make sure to stop at the same Micky D's every day for lunch and sure enough every day like clock work that girl would go to clean up the washrooms.Well one day it was lunch time and I had managed to save up a killer load of shit for four whole weeks,so I went in at the regular time ordered lunch sat down to eat then,watching the clock I got and went to the washroom like one minute before she came in.I sat down in the second stall,pulled down my slacks and panties sat down and squzeed my but cheeks together with all my might as I really had to take a serious shit.She finally came in and started getting down to the business of cleaning the washroom.Just then I! relaxed my muscles and a long poot and poof fart came out followed by what I could only describe as literally a loaf of fresh hot thick shit rolled out and as it began to coil up I pinched it off then another turd emerged,this time a long thick banana turd,then another and another and another,they kept comming out in rapid sucession.Then I let go a really wicked nasty long loud fart,you know the kind that sounds like someone is moving a heavy old wooden dresser across a wood floor.followed by mutiple poof and loud farts mixed with rope sausage shit that slithered out crackling loudly.Then I figured it's lesson time so I pushed with all my might as I could feel really big stuff way up inside me.Immediately a deluge of rope shit shot out that lasted for what seemed like a full minute,it came out under extreme pressure with loud farting,the smell was atrocious,vile.I heard the mop handle hit the floor as I looked through the crack in the stall I could see the poor girl cover h! er face and nose as I saw this I clasped my hands together with my elbows resting on my knees and again pushed with all my might,poofffffff...pooootttt,poooffff,SNAP, a deluge of hot creamy nasty stuff came out I remarked "OH GOD YES UUUMMMMM!"It smelled so bad the girl began gaging,then ran into the stall next to mine and threw up violently.I snickered to myself and finished what was a good healthy shit wiped and left thinking I taught her a lesson.Love you all bye ALANA

Hi guys. Been very busy at work, so I have time for only a couple of responses plus a quick story.

Ephermal: Sorry to hear about your problems. There were times when I was an undergrad when my system was acting erratically, particularly during midterms and finals. I avoided taking laxatives and other strange pills for the most part, though I tried taking a herbal pill once, with disastrous results. I hope you feel better, dear.

Jim: Thanks for liking my story. I had suspected I might be lactose intolerant, but no test I took ever positively confirmed it. Sometimes eating ice cream or other dairy products can have an effect, but not every time. I work out regularly and try to eat sensibly, but I stray a bit from the latter. If something happens, I try to deal with it the best I can.

Speaking of that, I had a very embarrassing episode at work the other day. A client came to meet with me, and met for an hour. I was building an urge to poop by the time we were wrapping up our meeting. I bent down to reach for a file when I let go a booming fart which let out a big stink. I quickly thanked the client for coming, apologized for the fart and smell, excused myself, and bolted for the ladies room.

I sat and let go a trememdous wave of soft poop that came close to displacing the water. I flushed the toilet while seated. I felt a stomach cramp and let go another massive wave of soft poop as big as the first one. I flushed the toilet again. At this time my client came into the ladies room, went to my stall and said, "Sorry to bother you, Jane, but I have a quick question." I answered her question, all the while trying to hold my poop. She said thanks, again saying sorry and hoping I felt better afterward. I wanted to wait until she left, but right as she got to the door I let go a nasty cascade of soft chunky poop bigger than the first two waves. I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out one small wave of soft poop before I was done. I flushed a final time and saw just a little skidmark in the bowl. However, the smell was still very strong. Of course, I felt much better after that. At least I knew the client well, otherwise it would have been even ! more embarrassing than it was.

Quick hellos to everyone.

Punk Rock Girl

The site wasn't updated for several days and I thought something was wrong. Glad to see it back.

Well, here's a little story for ya. When I was seventeen, I was on a road trip with my family. My brother and I both had to shit, so we pulled over to this rest area, which was just a couple of picnic tables and a porta-potty. My Dad told my brother to let me go first, so I stepped in and shut the door. It stunk to high heaven, and was really gross. There was dirt and crud all over the seat. I thought about putting paper down, but seemed too gross for that. I decided to just squat over the hole.

I pulled my pants and underpants down and positioned myself so my ass was just a couple of inches above the hole. I peed--that part was easy, then went about pooping. I pushed and pushed, and it turned out to be a big and stubborn dump. It took about five minutes of pushing just to get it out. It didn't break off or squish or anything, and it was hanging out of my ass for a good two or three minutes, squeezing out a little at a time. Finally, it slid out and plopped into the sludge pit below. I let out a grunt which I know my family must have heard. There was no farting and it only took one wipe. After I was done, I looked in (which I usually don't do). Even I couldn't believe that big a load came out of me! It was like ten inches long.

Later in the car, my brother asked me if I had left that log in the porta potty. I said believe it or not! He laughed and said he couldn't believe I could have that much inside me. Other than the difficulty of my positioning, it was one of the most satisfying dumps I've ever had. I felt so refreshed afterwards. I usually don't "rate" my dumps, but there's a few that stick out in my memory.

Take care everyone! Peace!


My name is Jay , I've been lurking on this site for a couple of months now and just now decided to post. Here goes...........I have a fetish about watching and listening to women have bms. which from what I've read is nothing new on this site so I've decided to tell a small story.

One day my sister came home and rushed into the restroom , my curiousity got the best of me and I kneeled by the door and listened. I heard her pull her pants down along with her panties and sit on the toilet . the second her has hit the toilet she peed this really strong stream for about 40 seconds and then I heard her grunt as she began to push than I heard a crackle as the first turd began to slide out of her ass than a loud plop!! than it seemed like she just exploded after that there were nothing but plop sounds for the next ten minutes as she grunted and sighed and one turd after the other came out she was done she wiped like ten times and than flushed

thats it for now , read ya'll later

Well today I don't have a story to tell about me other then I shit at school for about 10 min and it was a pretty small load. Though my math teacher bent down in the front of the class to pick up the chalk and just had liquid diareah all over in her painties. It was so visibile to the whole class and man did she rip a loud fart... It stunk so bad, she told us to continue working on what we were working on that she was going to the bathroom to clean up and finnish going. I went into the bathroom after she had been in there a sec so that she wouldn't know that it was me. She had went into the stall furthest to the wall and had pushed her paints down to her ankles and to my surprise she was wearing a thong... anyway it she was letting out another wave of diareah as I walking into the stall next to her to sit and do my load. Then she sat there for 12minutes just straining and letting out a sudden very smelly fart every now and then. The I herd her roll of some toilet paper ! and start to clean her thong and jeans out, but stopped, I herd her then grunt and herd her straning for about 2min strain until I herd a huge splash into the toilet and her let out a big sigh. She did that exact thing once again then started to clean out up her mess. She must have used 1/2 a roll of paper, then I herd her take some more tp and watched her lean sideways and wipe her ass. She wiped 8 times and then pulled up her pants and I hurried and wiped flushed my load and got back to class before she came out. Well by now there were 2 min of class left and everyone was making jokes about her taking a number 2 in her pants... Well when class was over I went to see if she has left any thing behind... To my surprise she had not even flushed the toilet.... she had thrown that massive amount of tp in the corrner... The water was so discolored that you couldn't see a thing, but the part of the tp she had coverd the seat with dangling in the water. I decided to flush to! see if it left and skid marks since I knew that she let out at least 2 huge logs that hurt her to come out... well the two turd didn't go down, they were about 9 inches long and 3 inches around. well g2g for now luv ya all

Hey did anyone see the TV show on NBC called "Watching Ellie"(I think that's what it's called it has the girl who came out in Seinfeld) Anyway a friend of mind told me there's a pregnant woman on the show and she was shown on the toilet peeing.. for a long time. Did anyone see this episode? if so could you tell em what happened? thanks.

Poor Linda has been sick of an upset ???? and has been unable to poop for 4 days now. She just bolted to the bathroom and I can hear her straining her little heart out. Let's wish her well..I'd go in but I think she needs to be alone right now. She has wondered why she hasn't heard from kendal in a while.

just took another school dump today. it was fun. i still want to go in the women's though... oh well...

Dave form Upstate NY
Hi Buzzy, Another great story from the gym, keep them comming, wish I could buddy dump with you, I see from one of your posts that you take a dump with your legs spread. I always take a dump that way, it seems to come out better and cleaner. I also know you are into outdoor dumps. What position works best for you. I have trouble getting it out just bending down. I do ok sitting in the end of a log or holding on to a tree in front of me. I will be looking for your posts.

TO WILL - If you're still in contact with your ex-girlfriend, you might want to advise her to seek some professional counselling. If her actions are the result of a true phobia, her condition might be wreaking havoc elsewhere in her life. On the other hand it sounds more like she shit in her pants because... Well... Because she got-off on it. (Especially when she was out with you.)

Perhaps she enjoyed the attention it got her (from you & others.) Or maybe she got an adrenalin rush from the 'danger' aspect of soiling herself in a public place. Getting away with her 'crime'.

Whether her actions were the result of a fear of using public toilets or simply the enjoyment of pooping in her pants, she should learn that they are not appropriate. You ex-girlfriend must learn some self-control. (Either that, or find a boyfriend who won't mind I guess...)


RE: Buzzy and question about colon cleansing...

I ALSO would like to know about anyone that has had one of these...
and how often should you go for one, and WHERE do you go for one and how long does a (no pun) "regular" appointment take when you have one...Also, are they expensive and does your insurance cover the cost? ... I've heard of these before and it seems that those who have had them really do speak highly of them and how they feel and the benefits from having one on a "regular" basis...again, no pun ...

So, any and all who have had a colon cleansing PLEASE let us know more about them, the time, costs and benefits...



PS...are they painful?

Some good stuff on here today-some responses
TO DAVE-Glad you enjoy my stories-I too am waiting for the warmer weather so I can poo outdoors-I really enjoy it I poo on a log a lot of time and it's fun.I also just find a spot and squat and let the turds fall out ,but for now I have some fun at the gym pooing along with everyone else-it's cool,i really enjoy it!
TO BILL-Great story about your wife's sis pooing as you were shaving-I would have loved that,myself!You lucky dog,you!
TO MELANIE-Sounded like a pretty gross experience!
TO MAN WITH CERBRAL PALSY-To answer some of your questions-On a few occations,i've had to flush more then once,mostly after a tex-mex meal of something like that-if you want details of my BM's,just check my old posts fo some of my good ones,i'm sure you'll get your info from them they are pretty discribtive!As for me,i'm in my mid-late 40's(47) and about 175,and an avid bicycle rider-i'm in good shape basically and I Was married years ago for about 2 years,but the girl wasn't ready to grow up and have a relationship-no kids and I now date women here and there,but most of them are just on another planet-when I was younger i was really into getting a lot of women fooling around and stuff with me,but now i just want a woman who is a good friend to me and fun,well enough of that and that's God's will for me and that's fine. I have a great life,believe me -I'm healthy and my own best friend and that's fine with me till the right lady comes along!I'd love to get in touch with ! this old nurse friend of mine,we had all kinds of fun-check older posts-hope i answered your quuestions!glad you enjoy my gym stories,i sure enjoy those experiences-i'll keep telling them if you enjoy them
It's going to be a nice warm day her in NY,so i'm going to try to hold my morning poop( I don't have to go yet,but i'm sure i will soon-had tacos for dinner last nite!) till I can ride out to the woods,if it's not too cold!I let you know how I make out Great stuff all! BYE

Ben In Iowa
Hi guys remember me.

I had an accident on purpose last week. I went into the bathroom while my parents and brother were sleeping. I went into the bathtub with my jeans and clothes on. It took me a while to do it with ALL my clothes on. Usually I do it in just my underwear. Well finally a little trickle started and then it turned into a flood. I kinda liked the feeling of me in the wet pants. Then I started pushing a long into my pants.

More later

Dave from Upstate NY
Hi Buzzy: I have tried two different herbal colon cleansing, you take a little more everyday until you have very loose dumps and 2 or 3 dumps every day. From reading your posts, I don't think you need anything. It sounds you take very good dumps already, it doesen't sound like you have any problem with your dumps every day. I wrote to you in another posts about outdoor dumps, let me know which way works best for you. Still would love to buddy dump with you.

Unhappy Ass
Robby- I did try the fruit and grain- I have a good amount of grain in my diet, though not fruit. So when I first was constipated I ate a whole can of peaches and some other things. But like I said, even the laxatives didn't work.

So I tried again yesterday, and anytime I could get close to a bowel movement, it was incredibly painful. It kinda felt like I had a mace (the medieval weapon) up my hindparts. I was in a public men's room, so I tried to stay quiet, though.

I decided to try the enema. I couldn't keep my shoulders and knees on the floor, like the diagram says to do, because I knew any moment, someone else would see me on the floor in the stall and wonder what the hell was going on. So I delivered most of it just bending over. Surprisingly, the nozzle was not uncomfortable at all going in; I guess I was already open pretty wide back there. When squeezing the bottle, though, there was some discomfort. Nothing too bad, but it was difficult for me to dispense my own enema. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right and if I had to use the whole bottle or not. I used most of it, but because of the discomfort and my position, I couldn't finish. I held it in for about a minute, praying it would work.

It worked alright. I emptied about 5 days contents from my bowels in about 5 seconds. By this time, another guy had come in to take a dump as well, but I still couldn't keep quiet. So I said a few "Jesus"'s and "Oh my god"'s. It hurt; I had some bleeding, but I was so happy to get it out, finally able to defecate. I had envied all the guys I had heard going while I had sat in pain, being unproductive. So I wasn't embarrassed at the sound of me spilling my guts (literally) in front of another.

I saw the main log that was the problem. It wasn't that long, probably 7 inches or so, but it was 1.5 to 2 inches wide. I have heard that some people on this board regularly have some that wide, but I don't. I am not a big guy, and I'm surprised that it made it out even with the enema. My colon is much bigger than my anus.

Anyway, I'm all better now. I am Happy Ass now. I will warn those of you who have not had enemas before though: The enema will continue to be expelled for a few more hours (another day?), so if you have to pee or pass gas, sit on a toilet first.

There. That's my post. Now I've finally contributed something.

hi to all
special hi to robby and annie
havnt posted but have been reading so first a few comments.

to a mum also allowes us to go pee/poo in bed,none of us have social problems as a result and when we stay away from home either hold it or use a diper..i am 15,my older sis is 25 younger 7,sometimes i still wear a diper to bed[see my old posts] also going in your knickers is ok too,eg when i get constipated and cant strain it out on the toilet mum says to do it in my knicks if i can.

stinky,,nice to know someone else bleeds when the go poo.i bleed when i strain mostly befor the poo starts to come out.i also have difficult hard poos, i often take more than an hour to do it..tell me about you.

well not that much to say,very constipated again just spent an hour on the toilet,no luck just got a sore bum,,off out now wearing black pvc jeans so any stains dont show,my friend layla is constipated also so tomorrow we are both staying off school at my house and will be making ourselves go poo ,a sort of buddy dump ,i love watching layla straining,so will post story friday evening

oh yes i wet my self in town last saturday i n a crowded shop--i had bad stomach ache and had spent ages on toilet trying to poo did a bit,as my bum was sore and bleeding i wore plastic knickers under a mini skirt[yes they were visible] anyway i was dying for a pee and thought i could relieve the pressure on my bladder by letting a little go[all i had in my knickers was a small s,t.] well a little wasnt enough and i couldnt stop and soon it was trickling down my legs into a pool on the tiled floor,i didnt think anyone noticed,paid for my goods and left,headed for mcdonalds,still dripping and went straight into ladies room went into empty cubical.pulled down the plastic knickers draining the rest of my pee onto the floor,dropped the st there aswell and sat down. i decieded to try to poo and spent half an hour there straining so hard i was going dizzy.some girl spoke to me asking had i wet on the floor,i said i had a little accident,well the conversation went on to the eff! ect of did i have lots of accidents etc.
eventually she asked why i was so long so i told her i had ???? ache and was going to stay there till i did poo.she then said could she come in to talk to me,yes says i and unbolted the door,in she came,said her name was lisa.she was younger than me 12or 13,i continued to strain,she commented on the plastic knicks.she had skin tight hipster jeans on and a leather short jacket.she also said she saw what i had done in the shop.just the i forced out a hrd lump o poo that splashed into the water,i grabbed some tp and wiped,all that was on it was blood,i showed it to her and she just smiled.then announced she wanted to pee and asked could she sit on my knee and do it.ive not done that befor so i said ok.with her back to me she undid and pulled doen her jeans to below her knee bending forward slightly,revealing a very dirty pair of white cotton knickers-thick poo marks and blood spots.she pulled these down to reveal the insides front which were very pee stained and vaginal st! she positioned to sit on me i saw her anus which also was dirty and had a fold of skin across it[if anyone can tell me what that is i would love to know].she told me about her accidents etc.we had a burger together and exchanged phone numbers,she is wanting to see this web site so is going to come to my house this weekend
will tell more later,it could be interesting cos her mum dont let her spend more than 10 mins on the toilet and gives her laxitives all the time which she hates, so when she wants to sit for a long time she goes at school or uses public toilets,so i hope she will poo at mine so i can watch.

xx adele xx

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO BLACK STALLION-hello. liked your desperation story.write more.
TO LOUISE-hi girl.liked your story too. I always do!and yes that huge log I had in the school toilet as a kid was quite unflushable!haha.this is not a toilet question but you and steve do so much you two ride horses any in england?. their is so much countryside just seems like you would be good at this sort of thing!.just curious.wish I could get invitations to your wedding girl!haha!scott and I will be with you and steve in spirit! say hello to steve for me and scott will ya. bye now.
TO SCARLET-hey girl havent heard from you in awhile. lets hear some more of your good toilet stories please.bye for now.

Gruntly Bogwell
Greetings to SCOTT & KIM, FAT WOMAN, RIZZO, CARMALITA, BUZZY, and the others of you who enjoy my stories may your all poos be hearty, healthy and regular.

Yesterday I was out hiking in a nearby national park, no leaves on the trees yet, but a nice pre-spring day. I like to do a little bit of rock climbing, not very high and not very dangerous…so I indulged my desire to Touch the Earth, when I came to a 20 foot beauty beside this trail on the side of a mountain. I was resting on top enjoying the sun, when I heard voices coming up the trail, I peeped over the edge of the rock and saw two African-American women in their early 20's ascending the mountain. One was wearing dark-yellow cargo pants, the other dark red, they were equipped for hiking with water bottles hung at the waist, red and white bandanas around their heads and matching gray t-shirts. As they came closer, I saw that they were very pretty brown-skinned twins with long eye lashes and their hair in dark ringlets coming out from behind their bandanas. Their t-shirts had Minnesota Twins baseball team logos and the inscription Twins Rock. I heard one say, "I don! 't care Mandy, I've Got to Go." She quickly exited the trail and secreted herself behind some low bushes in a small clearing, but in full view of me on the rock above. She quickly pulled down her dark yellow cargo pants and white briefs, stuffing them into the bend of her knees and exposing her gorgeous rump. Her t-shirt had her name, Amalia, on the back. Her dark brown hole began to dome in and out quickly. I could here her ummph, umph, umphing quietly and quickly, until a large very light yellow-brown turd filled the opening and began to ooze out. "Hurry up, Malie someone could come up the trail any time!" said Mandy, the lookout. "I'm…ummph…going already…ahhhhh," Amalia hissed back. Her anal offering was growing into a soft serve log, almost bright yellow in the sunlight. Her turd hit the ground and coiled, faster and faster, until there was a large pile under her brown buttocks and her hole pinched shut with a sharp taper to the end of her steaming leaving. She! then peed a vociferous stream, right on to the pile, making it all wet and shiny. About that time the odor of grunt had permeated the small clearing and had risen to my nostrils twenty feet above, not to mention the buzz I had from the view I was getting. "Mandy, do you have any tissues?" Malie asked. "No, use a leaf," came the reply. "Mandy, honey, its not spring yet, there aren't any leaves…I need to wipe," said Malie, still hunkered down…then her dark anus opened and a small yellow brown poo-chain came out and fell on top of the wet pile. It pooched in and out three more times, but Malie didn't have any left near her lower opening…so she said, "So how am I going to wipe, smarty pants?" "I don't know," Mandy replied squirt some water on yourself from your water bottle." Malie whispered, "I can't do that!" Hell, Malie. I'll do it for you and Mandy stalked into he clearing. "Geez, Malie did you shit your brains out and boy does it smell," Mandy laughed. Malie, ! snorted, "I don't need commentary, I need a wipe!" "OK, OK…I got you covered girl, don't have a hissy fit," Mandy said and snatched Amalia's water bottle from its holder on the belt of her pulled down cargo pants. She aimed it at Amalia's crack and squirted a healthy stream at her brown eye and pubic area. "Damn, sister….that's cold!" yelled Amalia. "Yeah, and what would it have been, if you had to hike around with that funky butt in your panties"? Amanda replied laughing at Amalia's distress. Amalia, pulled up her white briefs tugging them over her beautiful brown buttocks, then her dark yellow cargo pants, and tucked in her t-shirt.

"Damn it Malie, all this foolin' with you and now I got to poop…go watch out on the trail," Amanda ordered. Amalia, left the clearing, I shifted for a better look, as Mandy moved away from Amalia's poo pile and began de-pantsing for a poo. First she lowered her red cargo pants to the bend of her knees. This revealed light blue panties curving around her voluptuous brown bottom and disappearing into her butt crack.. The panties had Mickey Mouse on one side and Minnie Mouse on the other each in s shy stance with a red heart in between them. Mandy put her hands in the waist band and deftly slid them onto her cargo pants in the bend of her knees and it was déjà vu…her brown buttocks as she bent down in a squat looked just like Malie's pretty rear…a torrent of piss squirted between her legs and her hole fluttered open with a resounding machine gun fire fart, that caused Malie, out by the trail to double over in laughter. "It's not funny, Malie," Mandy retorted over her ! shoulder as her yellow pee stream became a dribble and stopped. "Hurry up Mandy, someone could come along," taunted Malie. "Stop…UNNNGGGHH…it Malie, you started all…nnngghNNNGGGHHH…this," Mandy growled, her ringlets bobbing behind her red bandana as she strained, her dark brown anus doming in and out. Mandy soon had the tip of a medium brown 1.5 inch wide compacted, rhino-skin looking, turd poking out of her. A big grunt caused it to fall on the ground, crackling and steaming in the dry dead leaves…and Mandy went "AHHHH." Then she lifted out of her squat and looked between her legs to view what she had produced, I could see her dark pubic patch below her recently used nether hole, which was a little puffy, from expelling the 8 inch long poo log. She snuffled and sneezed, which caused her hole to pooch out quickly revealing its pink insides. Mandy returned to her squat and farted and another turd began working its way out, with an NNNGGHHHaaahh. This one was not as ugl! y looking as the first and changed color halfway out from medium-brown to the yellow-brown color Malie had produced, which said something about their recent eating habits. This six-incher slid out and fell across the first…and Mandy raised out of her squat to peer between her legs and assess the state of her bowels.

Just hen Amalia hissed, "Mandy, hurry, someone is coming and I'm not kidding. This produced a flurry of activity on Mandy's part…she snatched the water bottle from her belt, raised out of her squat, held the bottle behind her ass and gave a healthy squeeze, right at her underside, her anus bucking from the cold water. She set the bottle down and stood up, pulling her Mickey and Minnie panties over her brown buttockal globes, one side caught in her wet butt crack and curved farther up on her left butt cheek. She quickly snatched her red cargo pants into place and grabbed the water bottle and stepped out of the clearing beside Amalia as a hiker in his 30's with a back pack on climbed up the trail and rounded the bend. "Nice day, ladies," he smiled. "You said it," Mandy and Malie said together. "Hey, you're twins…neat," he said still smiling. The twins just giggled. The guy stopped to catch his breath, but then started sniffing the air, picking up the smell of poop t! hat was quite pungent. He looked around wondering, then looked up to the top of the rock, saw me peeping over and said, "Hey, good rocks to climb on this trail." I froze as Mandy and Malie's heads whipped around, their eyes getting as big as saucers, as they saw me on the rock 20 feet above them. "That dirty old man has been spying on us!!!" Mandy yelled. Well, then all hell broke loose as I scrambled off the rock and down through the woods where there was no trail, Amanda and Amalia were hollering, a stone whizzed past my head and hit a tree to my right. It took me a while, but I made it back to the parking lot, just as the twins were walking quickly into the ranger post. I jumped in the car and drove quickly away, sweating profusely.

I like that pic

to Natalie C.: i liked your story about your friends...havint to poop...that brother and sister.

Not much else to post on, gotta run bye

Traveling Guy
Even though I don't post that often anymore, I know that some of us come here from time to time for advice from the regulars and newcomers alike. That's why I'm here today. I'm concerned that my wife may be suffering from some kind of bowel or bladder problem, but not telling me. She's not shy about bodily functions as a topic, but she never wants to discuss her own with me and, like many folks, she likes her privacy when she goes.

Last Sunday morning my wife got up quietly to use the bathroom. She probably thought I was still asleep but I had wakened, even though I wasn't stirring. It was very quiet, so I could hear every sound from the bathroom, which is right outside our bedroom door. First came the sound of a strong pee, which lasted about 30 to 40 seconds. If that were all she planned to do, I would have heard tp being pulled off the roll, but there was silence, so I knew she was also going to take a dump. She's an habitual first-thing-in-the-morning dumper, so there's nothing unusual there. I heard her catch her breath a few times, followed by the sound of a some good plops in the water. Now I heard tp being torn off several times and the sound of wiping. I thought she'd flush then, but it remained quiet for a long time. Oh well, I thought, she's just relaxing after a good dump.

About 10 minutes went by without another sound. Then I heard her start mumbling softly to herself taking a sharp breath, as if she were going to bear down. I expected another "plop," but instead I heard what sounded like a forceful but very brief spurt of urine hitting the water. I thought maybe she was having a hard time trying to push out another turd, but I didnt hear any grunting or straining sounds at all. Then there was silence for a few more minutes, and then again some soft mumbling, a sharp breath, and another brief burst of water, followed by a another small sigh of relief. Still, though, no straining sounds, at least that I could hear. This repeated itself two more times, each one after about three more minutes. Finally, she wiped once or twice more. In all, she spent about about 15 to 20 minutes in the bathroom.

I'm a bit confused. Could my wife be suffering from constipation after taking what sounded like such a big dump? And are those short bursts of water a sign of some bladder problem? That's odd, too, because it sounded like she had voided her bladder pretty well before taking the dump. I remember now that I'd heard these bursts before in the past after she had taken a dump. Maybe I'm worried over nothing. (She left Tuesday on a trip, which only makes me think about her more.) Any suggestions from the rest of you would be much appreciated. Take care, all!

Being stuck in an elevator is one thing. Horribly scary at the best of times. With a runny ???? it was a humiliating experience with 30 mins of holding on for as long as possible, squirming like mad, eventually having tolet out just a little to ease the pressure. The stain through my panties & skirt were surely obvious to all ?... and there were three other people trapped too - a man & two women. The need to go got worse & worse. One, two three squirts & the damage was really being done. I felt the poo begin seeping down my left leg at the back & onto my shoe, even though I was solidly clamping my legs together as much as possible. At most other times I'd have enjoyed the experience, but this was aweful. Those present tried to avoid my gaze, but the smell in the confined area was not pleasant. Fortunately we were rescued after what seemed like hours.. burt it was apparently 30 mins. I was in a state & so was my underwear and skirt. I waddled ! carefully to the loo, but the relief of getting out of the elevator got the better of me and as I entered a stall and closed the door behind me, I poo'd all over the floor & side of the loo. I'll say no more! Anyoneelse had something like that happen to them?

Richard / USA

LOUISE: I’m sorry my name didn’t show up with my post- I didn’t realize at the time that it has to be included with the contents of the message itself…
That was very sweet, giving me a little virtual view of your workday pee because my wife won’t :-)
I went back and re-read my initial post and realized that I made the dearth of peeviews (is that a word? It is now..) of my wife sound a bit more acute than it actually is. I should have mentioned that while my spouse usually (though not always) closes the door when peeing at home, there is a way I do get to watch occasionally: We like to take hikes together and she has gradually gotten comfortable over the years with going in the woods as long as we’re in a place with very few other hikers and where the chances of her being seen are zero. While she doesn’t make a point of putting on a show for me, she doesn’t show any hesitation to go in front of me, usually just a few feet off the trail. The problem is, we live in New England and the warm weather only lasts from mid-May to October at best and she does not like hiking when it’s cold; additionally, our lives are extremely busy so those chances we do get for a hike will often be nearby our home in a popular nature preser! ve or an open pathway with LOTS of people walking, biking, etc. and she will then invariably wait ‘til we get home to empty her bladder. It’s when we have the luxury of driving to a wooded state park or the nearby mountains and National Forest for the day, or during vacations that I can usually count on observing my very lovely wife squatting in the forest and peeing on the ground at some point during our hike. Unfortunately, these opportunities usually number only 2 or 3 during the warm season :-( Still, there have been some gratifying scenes over the years.
You asked if she ever has watched me- During these hikes, I never miss an opportunity to whip it out and let go in full view of her and she never averts her eyes (except to look around anxiously in case someone might see me- unlike her, I don’t usually step off the trail but just do it right there), sometimes even making a smiling comment about my "brazenness" in doing this or about the color or the volume of my stream… To tell the truth, I think she finds it intriguing to see me stand in the middle of the trail with my weiner out, pissing on the ground, but I’m not sure you could call it arousing for her; I think she’s just amazed at my relative lack of modesty.
I think Steve is a very lucky guy to have found a girl who shares his interest. There’s no question that people with our delight in peeing are a miniscule minority of the general population and this is magnified by the stigma society puts on the enjoyment of bodily functions which makes it extremely difficult for like-minded individuals to hook up- One (or more) of the 4 young women I share a workspace with may very well have a thing for peeing but I’m certainly not going to stick my neck out and bring the subject up, and neither, I’m sure, will any of them.
Which is really too bad because we work in a very small space with only one tiny bathroom for everyone to share and my work area with it’s Macs and scanners happens to be directly alongside it- when one of them uses the facilities, I can usually hear them if I tune out the hum of the hard drives. When it’s the end of the workday and everyone is preparing to leave and all those computers and drives are shut down, the sound of one of them tinkling is quite apparent- talk about job benefits!
And, finally- thank you so much m’dear for welcoming me to this forum and making me feel a part of it right off. Yes, I’ve read many of your past messages and I look forward to your future ones, as well as those of many of the other participants here. Steve, you don’t mind my vicariously accompanying Louise to the ladies room at work, do you? I thought not. :-)

Take care,

Black stallion I liked your story. Bet you were glad you were wearing those briefs. It could have been worse and you could have had boxers on and had the turds slide down tour legs and end up on the floor of the bus. Did you wet yorself as well? I usually go front and back at the same time.

This is my first post,On movie poop scenes, there's a greate one in the movie "not another teen movie" thumbs up. There's lots of loud farts and pops where three dudes go above a cute girl on the potty and spy fron above through a vent in the girls room in the gym.
enjoy !

Tim (and Sarah)
Ghost post?
How strange,I have never been able to find the whole of my own post, during the last two days, but due to the replies, others must have been able to read more than what I saw...anyway THANK YOU. I still hope everybody was able to read the replies I wrot to them...

LOUISE: Thank you so much for your long reply. I found it very helpful to get an opinion from a woman, who learnt peeing standing from her mom. I was also very interested to hear that your sister was only five when your mom taught you. How did your mom learn it then? If I may ask that.
If you thought that our daughter did not have the idea, yet, to stand with spread legs and pee, when she has no pants on, you obviously don’t know her...LOL. That’s the point why we are thinking of teaching her a proper way, cause she experiments whenever there is an opportunity. For example when the kids have a bath and are told to do a wee beforehand, she puts the seat up and stands above the toilet and wees. We are a tall family and even with five, she is tall enough to do that. We tried to tell her to sit down, but with her brother having different rights, it would not be fair. Of course in the summer in the garden or on the beach, if her brother pees, she will stand next to him with spread legs and try to imitate...Her "mistake" is, that she sometimes tries to "hold" herself like a boy and that’s when it gets messy...She wants to aim it, you know... Her brother is not such a good sport like your fiance (I do read your stories...) and does not want her to aim for h! im, LOL, My poor son...I know what it is like to have a big sister, who thinks your willie is an alternative waterpistol...Lol. No worries, we already had a talk with her about his private "space"...It’s just difficult to tell such a little girl to spread her lips and put a bit of pressure with her fingers. The point is, that Sarah tries a bit for fun, but is not that dedicated to learn it. Josie senses also and realises that I am much more open about bathroom activities than her mom. Sarah was always happy, that I her kids grew up far from her own embarrassment, but now my daughter has a male role model there. I try at the moment to keep her interest a bit down by not standing to pee myself at home and we told our son to sit down as well. I’t’s more hygenic anyway and quite common. As it’s me who mostly cleans the bathroom I am quite glad at the moment..LOL.
You are right. Josie has got a very strong will. BIG sigh from Sarah and me...LOL. But she is also very vulnerable. There is hardly ever big screams or crying at that moment, but after the trouble is over she needs so much more cuddling, hugging and after the urinal incident...she spent the whole afternoon on my lap. And I forgave my sweetie, that she had abused me being unwell to get her own mind...
Well, we will think about it. I am on a buisness trip at the moment, posting from my hotel room, so Sarah and me will talk about it later...Sarah will post as well in a few days. Thank you so much and I enjoy you posts. I laughed at Steve’s comparism between the travelmate and the martial arts weapons...Good to see you are having so much fun.When is your wedding? All the best wishes to you and Steve and lovexxx from me and Sarah...

AMAZON: Please do not worry, dear. We are trying hard to not make our girl feel in any way unequal to any male. As you can read in what I wrote to Louise, she is experimenting just like you. We are not forbidding it or saying that it’s wrong and we might think about giving her advice. That’s the part we wanna be careful about though. I hope you can understand that. It’s like educating your children about sex. I always answered every question regarding sexuality or anything, cause if your kids ask, they will be ready for it. But I don’t go to them and tell things. Unlike what you wrote about some awful experiences from your upbringing (I was very sorry to hear about), we would never put shame or guild into her. She felt quite bad about messing herself that day, but I tried to let her know in every way, that she should not feel like it was a really bad thing that happened there. We only try what’s best, without getting her hurt. She’ll learn it sooner or later anyway, I gu! ess there is no other way... We are concerned about her age though. What your parents did there, screaming at you when you had to pee, is clearly child abuse. I found that outrageous...I know Ina asked you already, but why doesn’t your girlfriend get a devise, so she could join you. It’s none of my buisness, I guess. I just wondered. Take good care, dear, Tim (and Sarah)

ROBBY (AND ANNIE): Our dear, dear friends! What a story again! Wow, I always do the wrong sightseeing, I guess. LOL. Sarah will post in a few days. She sends her love and says she is fine. She finds reading some posts now and then and spending her days with Hannah most liberating, although she does not understand everything. How did you teach the girls then and how old where they? Did they learn from their mom? What a lady! You know, somebody I knew from cancer therapy died last week. He was five years younger than me and had to leave his wife with three young kids. Terrible. There is a lot of talk about colon cancer in the media at the moment. I was so lucky, it was found in my case, cause normally it has no symptoms and gets often discovered when it’s too late. You can have a tumour for years without realising.They are having a campaign that you should have a routine check, at least every ten years, especially when you are over fifty. Are you doing that? Think about i! t, please...It’s so easy to be cured when it’s at an early stage...Mine was a bit later, but did not spread, yet. Knock on wood...
I had a great poop today! I made myself compfy on the hotel loo and read a bit when some fat turds started coming. Yes! They had been reminding me of their existence the whole afternoon during an endless conferense. "So get out little buggers..." I was just peeing as well, when I felt shivers...Pee shivers? LOL No, it was my mobile vibrating in my shirt...It was Sarah. "Do I disturb you?" –"No, I don’t mind, if you don’t" –"You are on the loo?" -"Good guess!" –"Big buisness"-"(Grunt) mmh very big" – Then some other topic-suddenly a fat splosh and a big fart "oops, sorry" "(laughter) this is terrible, sweetie..."-"Sorry, you wanna hang up?" "Why, is there more? (laughter)"-"Maybe..."-"No, I am fine, as long as I don’t have to smell it" "Lucky you, haha"...She said, she might give me a revenge one, but I guess I can dream on...LOL. Lots of LOVE and hugs to you and your girls

Love to RIZZO, INA, EPHERMAL, all the best

Greetings All.
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for at least a week and a half, as I have been extremely busy with various other activities and projects that have required all my attention.
I see that Louise has written about her recent achievements, and she has made me very proud. I remember how in the past I had to persuade her to write her first post to this forum, and now look at which one of us posts the most frequently <snicker>.

There have been a number of interesting posts. In particular there was the one by you, Robby, when you told of the three girls urinating from the balcony. I can't say I remember any girl I've known doing that, and Louise certainly hasn't. Probably the closest she has come was the time when she urinated through the railings of a bridge into the river below. It was a good display, I can tell you.
I believe Louise has written about the taxi incident from the weekend. Yes, Louise and I have a system of signals indicating the level of desperation on the scale of the urge to urinate.
Essentially there are three signals, and as Louise indicated, the crossing of fingers represents the crossing of legs in desperation.
Stage 1) Right hand. Fingers crossed on this hand indicates the urge is significant but not really a problem at this stage.
Stage 2) Left hand. The urge is much stronger than before and urination will have to take place soon but bursting point has not been reached just yet.
Stage 3) Both hands. "I need to do it right now!"
Louise was very much at stage 3 on the night, and almost succeeded in removing her g-string before the floodgates opened but ended up shooting a stream straight through them. Yanking them to the side, she desperately aimed the resulting fierce gusher away from her trousers. Eventually she succeeded in bringing the stream under control, but not before her trousers had become quite wet.
It was a pity the volume could not be measured, as I'm sure it was significant.

I've just got time to write up a story from my recent trip away.
There was a function I had to attend, and I was not actually too keen on some of the company I had apart from the two colleagues I was with. At least there was a good selection of beers available, and we settled for partaking of the odd pint or two. My colleagues both encouraged a group of young women to join us, and to get right to the point, they were obviously hoping to get these women to themselves for the night. I think both lads were expecting me to do the same with the third girl in the group, but as you would probably guess, that was not going to happen. I was polite, but went no further.
Anyway, one time I went to the gents' toilets. There was just me, and another guy using the urinal at the other end of the row. I selected the urinal nearwest the door and pointed my penis into it. Drawing my foreskin back a little, I relaxed and my stream squirted at the target. I heard the door open to the side of me, and I also heard _female_ footsteps and voices. I think they had both realised their mistake and were about to invade the room of the opposite sex when the inner door opened and in they walked. Instead of the ladies room facilities they expected to see, there was a row of urinals with me standing at the one closest to the door. I was still urinating and I turned my head towards them. Just standing there with looks of astonishment on their faces, were two attractive women about my age in quite revealing dresses. Trying to avoid reacting to the sight of two pairs of breasts spilling over the tops of the dresses, I looked back down at what I was doing! With ! a kind of coy reluctance, the women took a few steps forward in our direction. I think they could have seen my penis, but I can't be sure, and by this stage I was spurting bursts of urine as my bladder was nearly empty. Laughing their heads off at what their mistake had caused them to see, they opened the door and retreated back outside, still laughing.
The other guy commented, "We can't even get away from them in here!" and laughed heartily.
"Ha", I returned, but I said nothing further, though I did wonder if the guy could relate to women properly with a remark like that. A little bit "working mens' club" in attitude, I thought.
Afterwards I returned to my group, but I didn't stay long. I thought I would leave my younger colleagues to their own devices, and I believe they did enjoy themselves a little too much that night and paid the price for it the following morning.
One more point from that trip was how one night on the way back to my hotel, just around the corner of an alley I saw a tell-tale wet patch and trail running away. Obviously I had only just missed seeing a woman squatting and urinating there by a couple of minutes or less, judging from the movement of the end of the pee trail. I'm not sure the woman had been drinking either, as the following morning I checked the same spot. The urine had dried up overnight, but there was a visible dry stain, which if I am any judge, meant that the urine must not have been diluted by a large liquid intake.
Nothing else of any importance happened on this trip, and I was glad to return home to enjoy the company of Louise again.

To Jeff A,
I'm growing concerned about you, my brother in the USA. I very much hope you are well, and I wish you would post.

To PV,
I feel I owe you a debt, as I think your conversations with Louise have made her blossom and develop greatly over the last couple of years. At one time, especially in the first two or three years I knew her, she was much more reticent and she would often shy away from certain people I know and she liked to remain in the background. I always knew who she really was behind the thin veil of shyness and that person has really come to the fore now. I know she has been very beneficial to you in addressing the problem you had, and long may that continue.
Thanks again for encouraging Louise. She has looked beautiful in doing her modelling, and has really put her personality into it. You can really see it shine through. Not for her a blank face like many of the so-called supermodels. Personally I wouldn't give some of them the time of day.
I hope you meet a special person soon, if you haven't already. You have a great deal to offer them.
Many happy standing wees, sweetheart! We'll talk again soon!

I'd like to pass special greetings to all the other regulars who exchange posts with us here. There are too many to list, and you know who you are.

Cheers until the next time,


ROBBY - Hi guy, and Annie too! Yeah, that last story was fun. I had nothing to wipe with after my wee so I just had to shake my bum a bit to throw the drops off my puss.
Steve is very good at wiping. He knows just how to do it very gently, yeah, Annie.
Hey Annie, I liked the story when you, Sue and Alan's sister hung your bums over the balcony and pissed! LOL people would wonder where all the yellow rain was coming from. Robby, I bet you had a good night!
Love Louise xxxxx

Well there is a story from Saturday when I was out with Steve and we were on a long taxi trip home. We were with 2 of Steve's friends and after a bit I needed a wee. I had a pair of smart black trousers on and I was wondering what I was going to do when we got home. It was about 15 minutes away and I hoped I would make it and not soak the taxi seat. I did not think the driver would be happy if I did and I did not want to wet myself and embarrass myself and Steve in front of his friends. I crossed 2 fingers on my right hand and that was my sign to Steve that I needed to wee. The crossed fingers meant crossed legs, you know? About 5 minutes away from home I was really really bursting and I was afraid I could not hold my wee in. Oh no I thought and I crossed fingers on both hands to tell Steve how it was. Steve nodded he knew about it, and he got the taxi driver to stop early. Well Steve paid the man and we said goodbye to Steve's friends. Well when the taxi went we saw thi! s alley and we went there quick. I gave Steve my bag to look after and I was really struggling trying to unbuckle my gold shiny belt. Well I got it undone and I pulled my trousers down. Well I lost control before I got my knickers down and I let rip. I just burst and I could not stop it. I just stood there but I got my knickers to the side and I lifted my puss with my other hand so I did not get any wetter. I did not wash the wall but I did this big gusher of an arc and it went about 6 feet away. Well when I stopped weeing, my knickers and my trousers were wet and they did not feel good to wear because I do not like piss wet knickers. I know some girls like that, but I do not. I mean I have pissed through bikini bottoms when I have been away with Steve and that is all right, but wet knickers with trousers I do not like. Well I watched Steve get his dick out and wee on the wall. I bet Sarah S and Meghan would have liked to see him do it because he did a big stream.
Well when we got home I took off my wet pants and stuffed them in the washbasket. I just went for a shower and while I was showering I had another wee standing up. I called Steve so he could watch me do it. Steve came in the shower with me and well the rest of the story is very steamy so I can not tell it.



Moderator. Thanks for the information about mobile phones. I was intrigued to read that chewing gum is classed as big machinery! Still, you learn something new every day.

Robbie. I liked your post about Annie, Sue and their other friend weeing from the balcony of that Stockholm hotel. Gosh it must have prompted some comments from passers by! I can't help feeling a twinge of sympathy though for anyone who chanced to be passing underneath and, without looking up was perhaps caught unawares. My guess is that the ladies needed a wee anyway as it was bedtime so if they hadn't performed there they'd have had to use the hotel (en suite?) bathrooms.

Black Stallion. Interesting story about your accident on the bus. It was rotten of the driver not to let you get off when you needed to poo so badly. I think Anne (the former bus driver, now travel director) who used to post here a lot with bus-related toilet stories would certainly have something to say about it. In fact I think here in the UK a bus driver would be obliged to stop at the earliest possible opportunity if a passenger indicated that they felt unwell - in any sense of the word.

Melanie. It was rotten of that teacher to give you a dentention for walking in on her when she was clearly using the waste bin for a different purpose to what had originally been intended. I take it you informed the school authorities that the teacher in question was relieving herself into it. Don't they have staff toilets in American schools?

A dad. You're right that your daughter shouldn't be punished or made to feel bad for wetting the bed. Most children are dry long before then but nocturnal accidents up to the age of ten or eleven aren't so uncommon as you might think. In the meantime though, I would encourage dry nights with appropriate praise and take practical steps like making sure she doesn't drink too much in the evenings and making sure she goes to the loo at bedtime - even if she's only been an hour previously. I wouldn't encourage her to think that wetting the bed either accidentally or through laziness is a good thing though because as she grows older some people may not be too understanding about it, especially if she's staying with friends or in a hotel as Tim has already pointed out.

Best wishes to everyone.


Thursday, March 07, 2002

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