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Natalie C.
Stan: I often splash my butt while on the toilet, since my dumps almost always consist of one really long turd a few short, stubby ones. There's not a LOT of plopping or splashing,but when it happens, it's pretty loud.

Mayla: Great story. The last time I was in a situation where that much TP was used, I was about 12. A couple of friends from my neighborhood, Matt & Tammy (they were brother & sister; Tammy was 13 & Matt was 10 or so), were over at my house. We had been jumping on my trampoline and gone inside for something to drink when Matt asked to use the bathroom.He was gone for quite a while, and Tammy teased him when he got
back about taking a dump. But then she said that she had to go, too. It took her even longer, and while she was there, I realized that I also needed to poop. When Tammy finally finished, I went in, and God did it stink! Her poo must've been really soft, because there were skidmarks
all over the bowl. So I sat down and the seat was still really warm from Tammy's butt. I did my usual poo at the time, which was a couple
of 9 or 10 inch logs and a few pebbles. Only my dump turned out a little
soft as well, so I ended up wiping about five times. The three of us used a little more than half a roll of TP that day.

Black Stallion -- I LOVED your story about being on the bus. It excited me. ;-) I felt your desperation. I hope you write more.

TIM AND SARAH: TEACH THE GIRL TOO PEE STANDING! please please please do....i can remember feeling like her, its terrible to feel so unequal! trust me you need to teach her! i taught myself through trial and error when i was about 6 or 7 years old. as for negative reactions, sure there will be a few dumbasses who says something mean, but trust me most of the reactions from her little friends will be "cool, teach me!"

please teach your daughter, i can only imagine how hopeless she feels after the urinal incident.

I was at the gym yesterday and was on one of the cardio machines and was talking to this woman who I see once in a while and we were talking about eating healthy and she mentioned that she goes for a "colon cleansing"once every other month at this place in NYC and she said it's one of the greatest things she's done for herself cause she says she feel so clean and healthy after the cleansing and she mentioned that it felt great to let all that stuff out-I was going crazy listening to hetr talking about this.She's about 40 and in great shape and about 5'7"and weighs about 130 or so-nice looking and for me to hear her talking about this,i was going silently nutz!!A question for all--I have never had one of these "colon cleansing" experiences,but I'm curious about it and I may try it myself just from what this woman was saying about it,so if anyone has done this procedure,please tell me all about it and what's it about-I'm really curious! BYE

To Melanie: I liked your story...too bad you got a detention slip

To Black Stallion: Liked your story....that was mean that the driver wouldn't let you off when you had to take a shit...too bad though

To Andre: I've seen that commercial for best buy before...i liked your story...i think your right! about only seeing women up top!

To CC: I liked your story

To the unnamed poster: About having the enlarged bowel or what ever its called..i liked hearing about that, it was intresting. Are you a male or female? how old are you now?
gotta run bye

A Male With Cerebral Palsy
Greetings In Christ!

I Hope Everyone Is A Having A Good Day. The Lord Has Blessed Me To Be Alive Once Again.

Some Days I Pee More Than Others. I Also Notice My Pee Varies In Color But I Guess That's Normal.

As For Taking My Dumps, I Had A Good One Monday Night. It Was Very Soft And Loose. My Stool Is Rarely Hard. Sometimes It Even Seems Like Diarhea. I Take My Enemas Either Every Day Or Every Other Day. I Use Fleet Enemas.

I Used Ducolax Suppositories For Years But They Would Never Work Me On Time. If I Took It A 7 P.m., It May Not Work Me Until 7 A.m. The Next Morning. All It Would Be Was Brown Watery Mess And O How I Would Cramp! Has Anyone Else Ever Experienced This?

Buzzy: I Enjoyed Your Post. I Know You Felt Relieved. Have You Ever Dumped And Had To Flush More Than Once Because You Filled Up The Toilet With Your Bm? Please Keep Giving Me All The Details Of All Your Dumps. Also, How Old Are You Buzzy And What Do You Look Like? Are You Married And Do You Have Kids. Having A Family Is My Hope Someday If It's God's Will.

I Appreciate All The Ones Who Read My Posts And I Hope You Enjoy Them. I Would Be Happy To Hear From Anyone Who Wishes To Respond To Me. Well, Stay Happy Everyone And Trust In Jesus! Let's All Pray For America And Our World. God Bless You All!

Hi toidyteers!!
Annie is at school slaving away and I am slaving away here. We promised several friends a story. Dear niece KENDAL, ANDREW, RIZZO, TIM AND SARAH, PV, LOUISE AND STEVE and INA. Here goes!!
Both Annie's and my family were all in Sweden visiting Alan's sister. She had married a nice Swede. We were staying at a hotel in downtown Stockholm. There were 30 in our party and we had a marvelous time at the carnival and a wonderful dinner. Our girls were about 13 and 8 then. We put the girls to bed in their rooms. Then we went back to our suite. Sue and I had settled in for a night of "carnal" fun. There was a knock on the door and Annie was standing there with an evil glint in her eye. Sue caught on real fast. We both had a balcony with our suites. Annie, Sue and Alan's sister all passed us and went out on the balcony. Alan and I just shrugged. We saw the girls lift up their nighties, pull down their knickers, and hang their bums over the side. We were petrified. We rushed to the door and said;"Are you girls bonkers?" They just laughed and the wee started falling to the pavement below. We were 3 stories up. It wasn't raining and people were looking up and pointing.! Alan was beside himself. Annie just farted and laughed. Sue had the strongest stream. It looked like a gusher. Natasha, Alan's sister finished first and waved to the onlookers. They all applauded. Those girls bowed to all below. Sue gave me tp paper and ordered me to wipe her. I did with a shakey hand. Each couple went back to their suites. Needless to say Sue and I had a real ripper of a night!! Hope you like the story. Lots of Love, Robby(and Annie)

DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi there!. I wanted to tell you a story of an experience I had. I was assisting in the Yom Kippur services one year. It had started at 8am and it was nearly 1pm. Most members could go out when they need to wee or poo. I couldn't. I had to sing the prayers. It got so bad that I whispered to the Rabbi that I had to go to the toilet. He nodded. With all of the dignity I could muster, I walked through a crowd of about 4000 people to the toilets. It was such a relief as the wee cascaded down into the bowl. I zipped up and walked back. Everyone in the place knew exactly where I had been. There were smiles and a little laughter. I held my dignity high and led the ensemble in the Kaddish and finally it was over and we all could break the fast. I'm glad you relieved yourself of the burden you had. Hope you are breathing a little easier. We are thinking about you. Love from Robby(and Annie)

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear people!! I agree Tim, that most strong women don't care so much that they wee or poo in inopportune places and times. Sarah, You have to take it along as slowly as you think you can. Sue was a free spirit. Annie is so much like her. Also, there is a limit where you should start telling your girls when they can wee standing up. You have to decide. We never showed our girls until they were ready to understand that the gents loo isn't the place for girls, yet! We know you will be responsible. We think so much of you. Lots of Lovexxxx from Robby(and Annie)

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Louise, that was a cracker of a story with you holding Steve's willy and then you squatting down and letting a gusher come forth,LOL!!! Annie sends this message; "Robby, I have to teach to wipe, I know Steve can wipe you very gentilly, Louise!" I know how to wipe a woman it is just Annie keeps turning around to gripe at me,LOL! If it was up to Annie, Ina, PV, and you, Louise, the whole of Britain would be a lake district,LOL! Take care!! Love, Robby(and Annie)

DEAR KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Hi you dear kids(sorry Andrew). Just a note to say hi and hope you can get some posts in. The first story is for you, too! You might see if it is too risque for Ellen to read. We love you all!! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs, Uncle Robby(and Aunty Annie)

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie! Hope you are watering the bushes of London!! We are ready to receive the travelkits. Annie and the girls will give you a report!! Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx and a hug, from Robby(and Annie)

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! There is nothing much to tell. My diarrhoea is gone, thank goodness! Hope you and your wife are ok! Lots of Love from Robby(and Annie)

I really do have to get back to work!!!!

SPECIAL WELCOMES TO: Natalie C, Black Stallion, and all of the others not named!

SPECIAL HELLOS: Jane and Gary-hi!, PV- hi gal!!! Amy(co-ed)-WOW that hurt!!, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Plop Plunging Guy, Melanie- enjoyed the story!, Kim and Scott-a whopper of a story!!, Mayla, Unhappy Ass-eat some fruit or grain, Bill, Todd and Diana-hi!, Rjogger and Kathy-hope you are having fun, David and Niki, Mere and MANDY, CC, Diva, Amazon, Carmalita and family-HOLA!!!, LindaGS-hope you are ok!, Mina, Gopweller, Julie, Lisa, Noel, Jeff A-where are you?, Adrian, Bryian, Althea, Alana, Elena, Adele-hope you come back!, Eleanor-hi dear!, Ellie and Little Lou-hope to hear from you, soon!



TO A DAD: Aren't you a bit worried that you are raising your daughterto some severe social problems? An 11 year old wetting the bed is a bit old. What is gonna happen if she sleeps over at others or in a holiday camp or you take her to a hotel? I have the greatest understanding, if she has got problems and I think no kid should be punished for it, but reinforcing it does not sound very good. Think about the reactions and humiliation she is gonna get from others, when they find out. It's socially not acceptable. I am not judging, just please consider she might loose friends or being put into embarrassing situations.
If it is too much at the moment to get up, then maybe put a potty next to her bed. I have a nephew, who still had the occasional accident when he was nine. When he slept in our place for a fortnight, I gentlty woke him, before I went to bed and held the potty for him for a wee. He did the wee half asleep and hardly remebered the next day. After only a few days there was already wee in the potty, when I came in. Now he is around the age of your daughter and would be very bothered to wee anywhere but in the bathroom at night. Think about it maybe. We always give our kids the impression that accidents can happen, don't be ashamed. But that does not mean they are encouraged...Very best wishes Tim

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! Well I thought it was a shame for your daughter Josie when she tried to stand at the urinal weeing forward and it went wrong and she got herself wet. Me, no I did not have a lot of trouble when I was a little girl and my mum taught me how to stand and do it. She was a very good teacher. I was not too bad at just standing and doing it without aiming my wee stream with my fingers, but my mum taught me the aiming thing as well. My sister was 5 when I learned at 9 yeah, but it was a fun thing we just did at home most times you know. My mum told us how if we stood to wee in other places how it may be some people would not like it. We knew what she meant, so we enjoyed ourselves when we could but we hovered over toilet bowls in school and places like that. My sister did get a bit going down her legs and stuff when she started doing it. Sometimes my fingers slipped from my pussy lips and it got a bit messy then. It is a big help to wipe *before* having a wee t! hen you are less slippy there you know?
No I bet Josie will like standing for a wee. She should just stand up in the bath and use no hands and just do it. She will not need to get worried about getting wet and making a nasty mess will she so she should just do it I think. She can learn to aim it later. It will be good for her to have it as a skill. It is a long time since I wrote about it but when I was out at night a few years ago with a big group of my old college girlfriends we sort of raided and took over a men's room in a bar because we were all so desperate for a good piss. Well I was all right because I knew how to do but a lot of girls tried to hover their bums over the urinals and they just pissed all over the floor because they could not get it to go in the urinals properly you know. My mum got it right because she taught me what to do.
Sarah, why do you not stand and practice in the bath just by yourself and see if you can wee all right without using your hands. I mean it will not shoot forward or anything you know, and if you could do that then it will mean that you can stand over one of those wall mounted urinals and just drop a stream in it from above it. I like doing that, it fun doing it with no finger aiming. When you get that right you can try the splay and lift method to get it to shoot forward. We are all a bit different between our legs. It is easier for girls who have small pussy lips that are a bit open to get a good wee stream going because the lips get the stream bouncing off them and it can twist and split up and spray. I have 2 friends I can think of who have small pussy lips and they get really good streams and if their legs are open a bit you can see their wee holes. My own inner lips are quite big and my wee stream can twist and go a bit like a shower spray before it hits the ground ! but not all the time. If I open myself up a bit I get my stream to go better because the lips are not in the way. It is how my lips are positioned open or closed, you know? LOL I just thought how a lot of the pictures in the glamour photo shoot I did a few weeks ago were a bit, you know, gynaecological. I did not know it really when the pics were getting taken but my lips went a bit open for 3 pics and you can see my wee hole on 2 of them. I do not know what you are like between your legs Sarah I bet it would be a good thing to do if you practice splaying your lips in front of a mirror so you can see your own wee hole reflected. If you do that I bet you get a real good stream if you wee with your lips in that position and then you can teach Josie how she can do it that way too!
Steve (he is my fiance and he writes letters here as well) just phoned me and I was talking about this to him. LOL. He said practice makes perfect and I think that is right.
Josie sounds a real strong girl you know. She is a lot tougher than I was when I was so young.
No I do not think the travelmate is a good idea yet. Really she is too young and small for it I think. I bet it would be best if she learns how to wee standing and aim it with her fingers. When she is with other girls she can hover or sit in the toilet and then when she is with her brother or her dad then it may be she will want to stand with them.
Hey if you get trouble then please write to me and I will try to help you!
Love Louise xxxxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! I bet you could not have flushed your log away at school if you wanted to could you? LOL


Wednesday, March 06, 2002

hi everyone!! i've got a cool story to tell, so listen.
well, today i was the duty girl at school and i have to hand things from teachers to teachers. it was kinda like a messanger but i get to miss out on class. anyway before entering the office for the job i decided to take a quick dump. so i quickly went into the girls room and found out that 4 of the 6 stalls were occupied. I took one near the middle. lifted my miniskirts and dropped my pants and sat my butt on the toilet. The other girls in the other stalls were just having a quick pee but a few was farting and pooing. so i quickly pushed 4 good size logs and finished with a big fart. i wiped and went to the office.
I was busy through most of the first half of the day then i had to deliver some milk up to a teacher's staff room. i knocked on the door but no one answered so i just pushed the door open... and to my suprise there was my English teacher squatting over a bin with a big poo hanging. she was in her early 30s and looked ok. she was really embarrased about that. i just placed the milk in the fridge and ran out. On my way back to the office i walked passed the sick bay(it was next to where i get my messeges)i saw two girls looking ill sitting on the bed. then suddenly the two of them grabbed a bucket and threw up on it. it was pretty disgusting but it was interesting to watch. they kept throwing up and then one of them said i think i need a poo and the other said me two. the vomiting calm down a bit. then i saw them lifing miniskirt and dropping underpants. they put their cute butts over the bucket of vomit and shat their little hearts out. it was just brown water gushing out! of their butts. they had really bad diarrhea. then i sat next to my desk waiting for jobs and i kept hearing retching and smelling nasty poo when finally they just covered their mouths and butts and ran to the girls room. At lunch i went to the girlsroom for a pee and noticed 2 stalls covered with diarrhea and vomit. i knew it was those poor girls.

at the end of the day my english teacher gave me a detention slip saying that i should knock on the door and wait for the teacher's instruction before i go in. i was really angry but i cant argue with a teacher so i decided to take the detention and that was it for the day.


Black Stallion
I am a handsome black male, 33, and this happened to me about ten years ago. I was on my 2nd week on the job as a loan officer in a suburb of a major east coast city. I was getting ready to leave my job when I felt some severe abdominal cramps, like I would have to have a major dump really soon. I headed for the men's room, only to find about 4 other guys in various stages of shitting, pissing, washing, etc. I knew three of them, and was rather bashful to use one of the stalls to relieve myself. The cramps and uncomfortable feeling was beginning to quickly subside, anyway. I decided to not make the trip a total waste of time, so I hopped in front of a urinal and had a decent piss. I left the building to catch the bus for the 20 minute ride to my place.

The bus was late and extremely crowded. There were no seats available, and about 10 other people were standing. I stood in the center of the bus, holding on to the pole. It was a hot day, so I had left my suit jacket at home and wore gray suit slacks and a white shirt and tie. Five minutes into the ride, the cramps and uncomfortable feeling returned. I felt a huge, really huge turd slide down to my rectum, ready to be released. I figured I was ok, it wasn't far to my apt., and I usually could hold it awhile.

The urge began to increase. It felt like I was carrying a huge, long zucchini. I began to get worried and counted off the stops as we passed. We stopped at the railroad station to pick up more passengers. They took their time boarding the bus and now I was beginning to sweat, despite the cool air conditioning on the bus. I figured that I could hold out. Then, disaster struck. The bus slowed to a c-r-a-w-l, and I could see a long line of traffic snaking endlessly. I was beginning to panic a little. The urge was great and I could feel my asshole begin to twitch. Man, did I have to shit. I gently pushed my cheeks together, but it seemed to make it worse. I finally decided that I would have to get off the bus, it was hardly moving in the stalled trafic. I made my way (carefully) to the front of the bus and asked the driver to let me off here. The driver refused, citing a rule that he could only discharge passengers at the regular stops. The next one was quite a bit away, esp! ecially in the slow moving traffic. I asked the driver to make an exception, citing that I was not feeling well. He replied that he didn't care if I was dying, I would wait for the next stop. As I made my way back to the center of the bus, I hoped that I could avoid the horrible embarrassment of a major accident on a crowded bus.

The bus continued its s-l-o-w journey and I began to noticeably fidget. I was in dire straits. I couldn't hold it. I nonchalantly tried to face my ass away from anyone's direct view. I felt it starting to come out, gaining momentum as my body involuntarily expelled the massive turd. I felt it split into two huge twin lumps of a shit-pie on either side of my ass crack. I could not believe that I just took a major shit in my pants on a crowded bus. I knew it must have been obvious by the smell and the huge bulge in my trousers what I had done. My face burned with embarrassment and I heard a few polite laughs and whispering. At the next stop, I hurried off the now smelly bus and with some difficulty, walked to my place with the load in my shorts. Luckily it was very firm and I was wearing tight white briefs.

From then on, when I think I will have to go, I make sure and stop before.

Eric in Chicago
Your shit probably turned green because you ate something with a lot of green, blue, or purple food coloring. All of them contain a blue dye that just goes right through you and comes out in your shit, and since the usual brown color of shit is actually a lot of yellow mixed with a little bit of red, you make green shit. Blue soft drinks, Slurpees or candy usually do it, as do grape soda and grape Koolaid. If you drink enough blue food coloring, you'll shit blue instead of green; there used to be a couple soft drinks on the market whose main selling point was that they'd turn your shit blue, and there was a blue-colored cereal (Booberry, still available in some places) that was real popular with kids because it would turn their shit blue or green. Shitting in color is awesome.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. For the historian; You hit upon one reason for the multi holer outhouse. With the pit being larger it would take more time to fill the pit. The other reason for multi holes was dont forget families were much larger years ago. One other type of toilet in use then when weather was bad or was commonly used if the outhouse was in use was a chamber pot. You asked about old toilets in other places such as factories; In a lot of the old mills which there is still a few in the area I live in. One example was there was a large circular trough in the center of a room. In the center of the circle there was a cone with an opening in the top which water was pumped up out of and flowed around the trough and went down a drain. This was in both mens and womens bathrooms. It was one big circular urinal. Off to the sides were cubicles for the holers for pooping. Some of the circular urinals were quite large. Ive seen them where they were 20 feet in diameter.

We lived in a old colonial house that was built in 1803 and there was a 4 holer outhouse and also put in later on a two holer in the cellar in a seperate small room off the old root cellar room. Im sure that was more comfortable when it was winter or when it was raining.

a dad
I let my 11-year-old child use the bathroom in her bed. I think it lets her have a better night's sleep, because she doesn't have to get up to urinate. She likes it—she isn't bothered by her wetness and she has an absorbent pad to protect her mattress.

Hey everyone:

Natalie C - hey I kinda have that same problem... though reading books aint my thing so I go and get a magazine or something because it usually takes me 15 depending on what I ate.

Bobby - jezze that was a mean thing to do, athought I guess what she was doing wasn't any better.

Todays Story:
Awhile ago I posted about mine and Alley's trip to the bathroom at the mall. Anyway lastnight she stayed over at my house alond with Beca. Well later in the night Beca asked for a magazine went into my bathroom, which has a sliding door into my room. Well she was in there like 2 min and I herd her straning very hard. Then about 3 min later I herd her wipping and then she came out... She walked over to where me an Alley were on my bed and Alley stud up took the magazine and said my turn! Well Alley went in and I herd her flush the toilet, I am assuming that all of Becas who is a very hot cheerleader's shit didn't all go down. Then I herd her sit, and open the magazine... Then I herd her strain and about 5 splashes into the water and 3 very loud farts. The door not closing exactuly flush the smell that came out was very strong. Alley asked is there any airfreshiner? I said no but I will hand you some perfume... which I did... Then for about 25 min she did nothin! g but strained a lot and farted quite a few times. Then she just started letting out waves of diareah... she made a winning sound so I asked if I could open the door, she said yes. Her face was all red so I went and sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed her back for the next 10 minutes while she finnished up... When she lifted up her butt to wipe I could clearly see 2 turds about 8inches long and 2 inches around floating and the water was seriously discolored... Well she wiped 4 times with quite a bit of tp and flushed. Then she sat there for a few min and went just a little bit more. Then she wiped 4 times, and said that she was sorry about this... then she wiped 3 more times, not thinking any thing of how much tp she had just put in the toilet she reached back and flushed... Well it clogged up man there was still a lot of shit in the toilet. Well I had her stand up and I got the toilet unclogged and then she finished wiping 5 more times, which flused 2 while doing ! that. Then she got up and walked out... NOW it was my turn... Well I sat for about 20 min but not a whole lot to talk about... A turd about 11 inches long and 1inch wide and quite a bit of soft serve... about 4 wipes and 2 flushes it all went down... The bowl was still marked up from Alley though... When I came out Becca went back in, she said she was sorry she mustn't have finnished. As far as what she did I am not sure because I fell asleep after about 45min of her being in there. I just remember her waking me up asking for more tp... Going back and thinking about it we went through a whole roll of tp that night... when I took my morning shit and I know alley shit before or after her shower too because the toilet had more marks on it and there was only 2 when I showered and she showerd after me... So about 2 rolls of tp in 1/2 a day is quite a bit... Anyway I am going to bed.

i was walking with my friend Janie and she really needed to pee. so we were walking really fast. all of the sudden she stopped and tinkled- but just a bit because she was holding it in. she was really embarrassed but luckily no one saw. we were still walking a little while later and she started to pee again. she grabbed her crotch and gasped "oh my gosh im wetting myself again" well this time she couldnt hold it in and she practically flooded the sidewalk! now everyone calls her Flood!

Hi all!
I haven’t posted for a while, but like many loyal readers, I check in every day.
I recently had an experience which I think will interest some of you.
My wife’s sister came to visit for a week or so. We have frequently spent vacation time camping with her sister and husband. Some of the longer time readers might remember our early morning trips to the outhouse at the campground.
Well, Barbara was staying at our house last week. One afternoon, I came home a little early, and since we were all going out for dinner, I decided to freshen up a bit. I was in the bathroom shaving, when I heard her footsteps in the hall. I called out to let her know I was in the bathroom. She knocked on the door and asked if it was ok to come it. She said she had been out shopping, and really had to go - bad. I said: “sure, come on-in” I was fully dressed except for my shirt. Barbara opened the door and hurried by me. Our bathroom is very large, with two sinks, a shower at one end and the toilet at the other end, kind of in an alcove across from the door.
I continued shaving, trying not to look too much at her as she unfastened her jeans and slid them down to her knees. In the mirror, I could see her sit down, and lean forward. with her arms on her knees. She had kind of a blank stare at the floor. After a few seconds, I heard a tinkle, which grew into a steady, hard stream, echoing as is splashed into the water. A soft hiss accompanied the waterfall, during the most forceful stages. She kind of sighed, as the water flowed from her bladder. “Much better” she mumbled.

The stream had decreased to a few drips, each tinkling into the bowl. She started to reach for the roll of paper, and then: BrraAAAPP!!!! A thunderous fart echoed from beneath her. We both giggled, and she said” Wow! That was unexpected!” She released a couple of softer farts, kind of” Pfft – Pfft. “Sorry” she said. I told her I didn’t mind. I continued to watch her in the mirror. She hunched over again, her elbows resting on her knees, and her back arched a little. Her head was down. I could tell she was pushing.. There was a slow trickle of pee again, then the crackle of an emerging turd. The crackle continued punctuated by a few tinkles, then PLOP! It landed in the water. She relaxed a bit, then a couple of more plops.
After a few minutes, she sat upright, pulled a few sheets off the roll, and reached under her right cheek to wipe. She checked the paper for stains, and wiped again. That time it must have been clean, because she took another sheet and dabbed between her legs, and flushed.
When she stood up, the dark triangle between her legs was clearly visible, for a moment, as she pulled up her white panties. She raised and zipped her jeans, then with a final flush, she left. “Thanks” she said.
I finished getting ready, enjoying the not unpleasent odor of a fresh motion.

I went out tonight ice skating and we went for food after and I drank a ton of water. I
had to pee before leaving the restaurant and it was filthy in that bathroom. There was paper
all over the floor and it was just gross. SO try as I might I just couldn't get a nice gusher
going. I had to push as hard as I could to get a few squirts out and alleviate some of the
pressure on my poor bladder. When I got home, I undressed and went for the shower. I
hung my towel on the door and started to floss my teeth before getting in the shower. Well, I
wasn't even halfway done with the top when I got a "I'm going to lose control" sensation. I
probably could have held on longer, but hey I was in the bathroom. Anyway, I took the two
steps over to the shower and no sooner had I stepped in than I totally lost control and started
peeing all over my legs making a nice splattering sound as the totally clear urine flowed down
my legs and also into the tub down the drain. All dur! ing this, I finished flossing my teeth. I
would have brushed after, but I ws covered in pee from the waist down so instead I
showered. When I got out, I finished my teeth and had to pee again (I had soooooooo much
to drink--I'll probably have to go again before I fall asleep and that's the worst!)

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