Amy (Co-ed)
Hello again to everyone!!! As has been the case with me lately I have not been very good about posting often:-( I will try to be a better girl in the future! I took a HUGE dump today, I felt that I needed to share this with everyone. I usually poop in my dorm, but today I had to go after one of my classes in a classroom building. It was after my last class ended at 3pm that I could not put it off any more. I had been passing alot of SBDs since lunch. I really needed to shit after lunch but my schedule this semester is kinda busy so I had to wait. After class I walked downstairs to the lobby of the building and went into the restroom. Since it was between classes it was a little busy but there were about 8 stalls so there was no waiting, which was good! I entered a stall in the middle and locked the door. Today I was wearing my skin-tight stretch pants (I felt like showing off my butt!) and a thong. I peeled my pants and thong down to my ankles and sat down. My b! utt sank into the deep seat and I knew I was ready for a big dump. This was not an urgent poop as much as it was a BIG poop, I knew I would have alot to do before leaving. I pushed a little and let out a fart that kinda "wisped" into the bowl. Soon enough I was dropping "golf balls" with very audible splashes. I probably dropped about 10 of them, I lost count! After a few minutes of nothing but a few semi-loud farts, I felt my first log begging to be let out. The restroom was quite now, I was not sure if I was alone or not, but nevertheless I had to strain really hard to push this first turd out. I strained out loud and anyone that was there could now tell that I was pushing out a big one. I leaned forward and spread my legs as wide as I could, my butt was slightly off the seat in the back. Finally the log eased out of my asshole VERY slowly. I thought I was going to split open as it kept coming and coming. Finally it dropped with a dull splash. I relaxed for a f! ew minutes before I finally had to push again. My eyes watered as two more "ten-inchers" slid out of my butt over the course of about 5 minutes. I only wiped 3 times and to my surpise when I flushed every thing but one of my 10 inchers went down. I left it for someone to admire! Hope everyone is doing well, talk to you again soon!!!!!!!!!!

Historian: Hey dude, I was real interested in your comments about restrooms. I was in the US Marine Corps a few years ago. When we did our boot camp training, the restroom was in the same building where all the guys slept. It just had two rows of crappers (each row with about 8 crappers) facing each other across a narrow aisle. There were no partitions between the crappers. In the morning, we had about 15-20 minutes to perform shitting, showering and shaving. The crappers would all be occupied with guys taking a shit. When we first started out in boot camp, the guys were pretty quiet during their shits. After a while, we started kidding around with each other and talking to each other while shitting. The guys waiting in line to use the crappers would often tell us to hurry up. Most of the dudes were nude on the crappers because everyone crapped and then showered. It's the kinda thing you get used to after a while. I don't know why the restrooms were designed tha! t way. One Drill Instructor told me that it was done deliberately so that the guys would learn to trust each other absolutely and to bond as a team. Sure hope this helps your research. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I've been waching T.V and I saw this cermercial and it was about Best Buy. It was about this guy he was probaly shopping for toilets and then he wanted to try it out so he put down his pants and sat there and probally started shitting. And the guy in the backround guy said "Like to try out things before you buy it". I busted out laughing so hard. Yeah and a few minutes ago I just took a big ass dump. I have been saving it for about two days it was nice and solid but broke out in like four turds I think. But all yesterday I farted like twenty-four times. (I counted them ha ha.) My friend Sandy knows about this site and is complaining about seeing only women in the toilet every time she visits. I think she is kinda right , its not that I am gay or anything its just that it seems like a porn site you know.

Tell me ya opinions

Unhappy Ass
I'm a guy who never have really dealt with constipation until now. Constipation is not fun. I used to think it was just irregular bowel movements, but sadly, I feel like I have to go, but the log is to big and hard to come. I took some laxatives earlier today, to no avail. I felt relief for a while though. But now I just have this feeling of needing to go again, and I can't use the toilet where I live, because I am afraid I will demolish it, if anything comes out. If I still can't get going tomorrow, I will have to use an enema, I'm afraid.

Very uncomfortable.

i was just reading something that said how to annoy people in public toilets. it's around page 600. one was to go into the restroom of the opposite sex. what could the penalties be for something like this? is there a law against it? or is it just taboo? i think i'd like to do that, but i'm afraid of the consequences. i've wanted to shit in the girls bathroom at school for the longest time, i even wait after school till no one's around, but i always chicken out. the last time i went in and people were walking in and out of the school past the bathroom door, going upstairs to something. i alternated between waiting near the door of the girls room and in a stall with my heart beating out of my chest. finally i took a chance and made it outside of the school. it was the most exciting thing i ever did. so, to guys, what excuses do you use for being in the restroom of the opposite sex if you do so? the best one i thought up was a sudden attack of diarrhea so i couldn'! t walk an extra 15 feet without crapping myself...

Hello,all-some good stuff on here,been catchingup cause the last few days there was nothing on the forum-happens once in awhile I guess
TO MAN WITH CEREBRAL PALSY & SCULLY-Gald you like my stories-well here's a short one-Had to poop real bad the other day as I got to the gym and as soon as I got to the lockers,I got undressed and rushed to the stalls and there were 2 opena dnI took one and I had to go so bad that I just sat down and as I was sitting I let out a loud tight fart that became muffled as I sat on the bowl and right away my anus opened up with a long rope of held in excrement that was halfway in the water and still coming out my asshole.I felt super as I kept my groaning to a minimum cause it was pretty quiet in the men's room today and as i was letting out my turds I heard the guy in the next stall release his morning BM with 2 loud farts and the sound of a long one crackling out his butt.I guess he heard me and decide to let it hang out-I like when guys do that.I know when I hear another guy really unloading,I let it rip too.Then I sat ther for about 5 mins till I had to go more and I wa! itd til I heard another guy come into the stall next to me and he sat down and et loose with a "coffee dump"that just exploded and when I heard him do that<i let out part 2 of my BM which was loose too and after 2 really soft turds came out,i let out a wet fart that lasted about 5 sec and this guy was also farting too.It was cool.then I was done.It was a pretty loose one for me-lots of shredded wheat type poop in the bowl with one 10 inch semi-formed turd wrapped around the bowl,but boy did it feel good letting all that stuff out!Then I wiped my messy butt and headed for the shower and then went to do my routines-it's usually the other way around-after my routines is when I have to go,but this day was different-I really had to go bad !
TO JACK SPLAT-I concur with your opinion,interesting point!
TO KEN-Interesting story about you on the road,but it seeems like you left something out-I don't get the talking to your wife thing!
TO HUCK-Funny story about the candy turds,I laughed out loud at that one!
Well i'm off and good stuff all BYE


Yesterday i went to the movies...the movies is located inside the Mall. I parked far away from the movies so i could walk around a bit. I go in sears and i check out the bathroom to see if any one was pooping..nothing going on so then i went to the main bathroom and noting was going on in there. Then i get in line at the movies and i got my ticket and popcorn and large soda. I sit my stuff down and i went to the bathroom to pee...i wash my hands and some boy maybe between 5-8 and he takes the last stall(handicapped stall) and i go over to the dryer to dry my hands. There are no paper towels in this bathroom. There are 2 dryers, 1 is by the door and the other is by the handicapped stall and the urinals. So im peeking in the crack a little while im drying my hands. I see him pee, it sorta looked like he sat down to pee...i then thought well maybe he had to poop. I see him get up and sora hides and then is looking at me through the cracks. Then i start to walk out and i ope! n the door and i walked back in and i took the middle stall to see if he had to poop...but then he left and i checked his stall...all i saw was his unflushed piss. I think if i would have been at the other dryer he may have stayed and pooped. Any way i saw that movie 40 Days and 40 was ok. There was a preview for a National Lampoons movie...which involved a possible bathroom not sure if its that movie or not and if theres gonna be a bathroom sceene or not. I saw sombody on one of the previews drinking somesorta laxitive or something..can't wait to see it. After the movie i had to pee very badly..i was almost getting was from that large soda i had. I took a stall that had lots of skid marks...someone came in during one of the movies and dump! bet it was a kid cause some one put a lolly pop in the toilet so Then i peed and flushed...the lolly pop went down .i decided to hang around to see if any one came in to dump...then i had to leave.! .no one came in. Thats it Bye

To Huck: I liked your story...a funny one too!

To billy: I liked your story

To RyanS. liked your story :)

To kim and scott: Thanks for replying..i see...sounds intresting about your cheerleader friends...i think i may have heard that one before.

Last night after dinner i took a log was a bit on the soft side and it was 8" and then i sat more cause i didn't feel done and i pooped some small floaters(very soft) on top of that. I must have been sitting a good 10-15min then i wiped and flushed.
gotta go bye

ok well it seems like it's always hard for me to take a dump. sometimes i guess im constipated and other tiems its like i dont have the right reading material (which usually consists of a few bottles of shampoo) and a giant toilet paper roll to grab onto and really squeeze the heck out of when im letting out the big finalee.. so anyways sometimes me and my friend beans here poop in front of one another, and sometimes she makes me do it when she's on the phone. i guess it really doesn't matter to either of us. we are very open with our poo lives.. well that's all for now. oh and ps: im FOREVER bleeding when i take a dump! ill!!!

Ok during the summer me and my friend Stinky were at her house swimming in her pool and having a good time. When all of a sudden i got the urge to have to poo. I confronted my friend, and realized i wasnt the only one. So we both made our way to the bathroom located next to the living room. We walked in giggling. I told her to go first but she said no i'm nervous. So i went..she told there and was laughing because of the toliet people makes i was leaving. then she went and we stunk that mother trucker up to high heavens. i cant wait for next summer.

Infantry PFC
Natalie C.: good story keep em coming...
Althea: I know you talk about your past alot. how log ago was that? your stories are always good as well as your advice...Did you ever mention how old you are in a previous post? if you did which page or when?(if you know)
Outhouse Scott: I can't believe that there have been that many implications of women pooping on TV. I knew about the ally mcbeal episode with the frog but I didn't know about all the other movies or tv shows.

Happy peeing and pooping to all.

Redneck's story about college rest rooms got me to recall a daily joy I used to get to experience during my colleg days- the library had a women's room just a few feet away from the table I would use every day for study. The floors were polished tile, and the whole atmosphere was very resonant.

From where I sat, I was able to watch a parade of women come and go throughout the period I would be in there. Once inside the women's room, the resonance allowed each and every sound to be clearly heard from the seat I would be in. I had the pleasure of hearing countless pisses and other bodily noises. Some of the women were quite the bladder queens!

there was one girl in particular who would treat me to a daily aural thrill. She would use the bathroom several times in a 2-3 hour period. I think she was a water bottle addict. Everytime she went in, she would drop her key ring on the floor. You could then hear every nuance of her closing the stall door, sliding her pants down, and her very forceful hissing pees. She was blessed with a fine bladder!

Anyone else have a favorite listening post??

Austin and Babara what is this thing about peeing and shitting at the same time. I do it all the time and it is great releasing from both ends at once. Age has nothing to do with it I'm in my 40's. Does anyone else want to comment on this?

Dave from Upstate NY: To Buzzy, I love your dump stories from the gym, that last one was one of the best, love to get a seat near you. As soon as the weather gets better here in upstate NY I can try some outdoor dumps again, the only way I have been able to do it is to sit on a log. What do you find to be the best way? I will be looking for more of your posts. To the Male With Cerebral Palsy: I enjoy your stories also, like to buddy dump with you also. I like you attitude about dumps, I like to have fun with them. Take Care, I will be looking for more of your posts. I wish there was a way to get your e-mail address. Dave

da G man
Greetings everyone

I have a few comments and questions.

I find that a great laxative is coke and other carbonated drinks. This might be just for me, but nevertheless you should try it.

Breakfast cereals such as Weetabix and Shredded wheat are great ways to get out faeces.

thx, bye.

Hello everybody. I haven't 'logged on' for a couple of weeks so am going to have to look through the Old Posts to see what's been going on.

ADRIAN (and BARBARA): I have never yet been able to poo without peeing at the same time. Even when I deliberately try to squeeze my bladder dry beforehand, as soon as I start to push out the ploppies, out shoots a stream of piss with it. This is a nuisance when I am using a newspaper or some TP on the floor, which I like to do now and then, or when I am lying face down on the bathroom floor or in bed and having a shit on myself. It's easy to clear up the poo but not so easy when the carpet or bed is soaking wet with pee.

BUZZY: I have a cleaning lady but I've never caught her doing what yours does. Just as well really - she's my mum!

Well my bowels have now lost me a friend. I went down to stay with Jim and his wife last weekend. I was sleeping in their caravan in the front garden. We went out Saturday evening and had a really big meal (Hungry Horse mixed grill for those who know about that sort of thing), then back to the house. I slipped up by not going for a shit at the pub. Back at the house Jim and I had a few beers after his wife went to bed. I pissed in the toilet a couple of times and realised that it didn't have the power or flush long enough to deal with what I felt building up inside me. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to dump into this toilet because it just wouldn't cope.
When I retired to the caravan I knew that I had a problem. I went over the alternatives. I could go in the garden - had it been the back garden, with a fence and that, I would have done so. But for my friend's neighbours to see me was too embarrassing. I could go on some newspaper in the caravan and throw it into the road. I could walk up the road to the woods and relieve myself there, always a pleasant experience in itself. But stupidly, I decided to hang on till tomorrow and another trip to the pub.
In the morning I made the further mistake of eating a fried breakfast. After an hour I was in some pain from struggling to contain my shit. My bowels were hurting, and the pubs weren't open for another two hours.
Eventually I had to give in, because there was no way I could hold this load in, and I couldn't exactly hang around for a couple of hours with pants full of shit. I knew that it would be massive, soft and slimy. So I got to the toilet and thought I'd try and just do little bits at a time, flushing after each small dropping. This plan was to no avail, as soon as I sat down and let go the whole lot came glooping out. As I'd known it would be, it was soft, but not runny, and there was just loads of it. I flushed. Hardly any change. The whole mass seemed to be floating on the surface. I flushed again. Zilch. Again. No change. Then I threw lots of TP onto it and started to try and get rid of it with the toilet brush. All that achieved was to make a total mess of the brush. After another couple of flushes, neither of which made any impression, I just slipped out of the house, got in my car and drove off. No way can I look Jim and his wife in the eye any more.

TTFN, Geoff.

To Jane. I love to poop in a clean toilet so please can you use the toilet brush!

THE GUY WHO DID NOT GIVE HIS NAME WHO SAID HIS WIFE DOES NOT LIKE HIM WATCHING HER WEE - Hi guy! I hope you have read some of my letters here. I feel a bit sorry for you that your wife found you watching her pee distasteful. I could not ever be like that with Steve who is my fiance. You sound a nice guy so it is a bit of a shame really.
Hey how about I tell you about a wee I had at work today. I am only on 3 days a week in this job so I like having toilet adventures in those 3 days.
Well I went in the ladies' toilets today. I thought I would use the ladies' and not the men's just for a bit of a change. LOL Well I went in the middle stall and closed the door. The lid and the seat were up so I did not have to lift them. Well I reached up my skirt which today was quite a long one and so I just lifted it up. I had a red g string on and I pulled it down to my knees and I hovered my bum over the toilet. If you were in there with me and watching you would have seen my short sandy stripe of hair above my puss and I bet if you got down and looked up at my bum you would have seen my puss from there. Well I wanted a wee so I let rip and weed a yellow twisty gusher on the front bit of the bowl. Hey down there, you like that? LOL
Well my gushing wee did not last a long time but I just dripped and trickled for a bit. Well after I was done I wiped with some tp. I always wipe upwards to wipe the wee away from my vagina. then I stood up and pulled my g string back up, making sure I did not tuck my skirt in LOL, and then after I went out of the stall I washed my hands and went back to work.
I think you wife misses out on a lot if she does not share her wees with you, but if that is the way she wants to do it then I think it is very nice of you to respect what she wants. Has she ever watched you wee? I bet she has always looked away hasn't she? Me, I love watching Steve have a wee, it makes me feel very close to him.
Love Louise xxx

ALTHEA - Hi! I think the only colour I do not have for my underwear is yellow, (Hint! Hint, Steve!) but lots of other colours I have got a lot of. I have a couple of camisole and french knicker sets that I do not really wear too much now but Steve likes looking up the leg! No, most of the time now I like thongs and the smaller the better! When I wee outside I really prefer to pull my thong down but if I want I can just pull them to the side, so that is another reason why I like them. French knickers are hard work and they really have to come down. I have pissed out of the leg of a pair but then I was standing and really I got them wet anyway when I finished.

INA - Hi girl! Thank you for all your advice and I will sure remember it. I have been practicing some more and this is what I did on Thursday night when Steve came home. He had a bit of a rest and after that we went to have a bath. Well I wanted to have a wee and when we were both undressed I got the travelmate and I put it in place. I was so confident I could get it right that I stood on the bathroom floor and did a big arc into the bath with it. You should have seen it, you would have been so proud of me! I dripped a few drops on the floor but it was just a little patch so that was all right.It was really good and it amazed Steve. It had a bit of an effect on him, you know, then he laughed a bit. Well I thought is he laughing at me standing with my feet wide apart and weeing through an appliance like it was a dick? Well when I asked him he said it was just because I have been doing 'weeing weapons' training. Well you know where that comes from, it is just like with the! kung fu, you train to use just your hands and then later you learn how to use the traditional weapons like staffs and bokkens which are wooden training swords. Well he thought maybe the travelmate will be the traditional weapon of the girl who is the master of peeing standing. LOL
I will practice with it more but you know I think I will keep it in my bag for when I need it in a tricky place, because I know now I will still prefer weeing standing and just using no hands at all or just my empty fingers. Hey I will not go without my travelmate though because it is another option for me, so thank you for making me get one. Steve thought it was fun to watch when I weed with it into the bath!
You are so right about putting the seat up. I mean our seat at home is not down much and it is only when I have a sit down wee. I only do that about 2 or 3 times a week because most times I just hover or I stand and that is about a 50 50 split. I do not like toilets in pubs and clubs that have been sprinkled with piss and it is another thing why we should have urinals if we want them. Hey so it may be ladies toilets will have to be bigger so we can have them, so what? Hey if we want privacy then give us cubicles with urinals in if it is not good enough just to give us partitions.
Love Louise xx

ANNIE AND ROBBY - Hi!! I liked the story of the mass weeing in the Alley with you and Alan and Sue in Paris. Hey I would have liked being there and washing the alley with you.
Hey I do not agree that all males do not know how to wipe. I do not think Steve has been to classes about how to wipe girls LOL but he has had practice!
No we do not live near the lake district but Steve says there are lakes in alleys wherever I have been. LOL
On Friday I had a day away in Blackpool with Steve because the weather was better. Well I held Steve's willy for him when we went half way down the stone steps on the promenade. He weed a big yellow arc and it ran down in a bubbly puddle down the steps. Well a bit later I went to another set of stone steps and I pulled down my jeans and knickers and squatted on the steps. I held my pants forward and I pissed a big gusher that ran down the steps. It was a bigger wee than Steve's, you should have seen it!
Love Louise xxxxx

RIZZO - Hello! giggle

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Yeah it can be a lot of fun just to squat and let rip on the shower floor like that. Steve thinks it is good to see and I bet your story will be one he likes.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Hey does Scott not like being teased? LOL Well I bet he gets put in the mood for enjoyment eh?
When you have such large logs, does your bumhole never get hurt when you get it stretched open? I bet mine would hurt a bit. When I was a little girl about 8, my bum did bleed a bit when I did a large hard turd, and it hurt as well.
Oh yeah, Kim, you can join our thong lovers club. LOL

MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hey yeah let us know about how you do with the travelmate kit.

PV - Hi girl! I have a good story that I will have to tell later in the week but I do not have any other news really. I think I will have to be writing a bit less because I have lots to do to get ready for our wedding.
Hey yeah, I do thank you for offering to wipe the trickles from down my leg! It is nice to know if Steve is away I will have somebody else there to do it for me!



kim and scott
greetings all!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hi girlfriend.thanks for calling me a dump goddess! hey I like that name. call me that whenever you like ok? when I squeezed out that log that was a little over 4 inches thick that log felt fanf???ing tastic coming out of my quivering pink asshole!my logs tend to be big and fat and tend to stretch my ring out real wide .I am so used to this it hardly ever hurts.I definetly feel more pleasure from squeezing out a huge,thick log than pain girl!plus when I was a little blonde schoolgirl in elementary school I did bang out some prizewinning monster logs1I did not measure them though until much later when the fellow poster here john (vt) asked me to.I remember once in elementary school I had to take a huge dump. I was fidgeting in my chair wearing my tight blue jeans ready to blast my log to the moon when my teacher finally gave me permission to go to the bathroom. as soon as I entered the bathroom I quickly overloaded the school toilet with huge,healthy fema! le shit!I tell you banging out that log felt so good it made my toes wiggle in my white sandals! log was so enormous though It would not flush so I left it in the bowl and went back to my class like nothing happenned. I was too shy at the time to tell anyone about this. even though I was only in the 6th grade my system went into maximum overdrive.. my physique and my logs were very over-developed!!! later the school janitor got my log down but not before some female classmates of mine were wondering who had the monster log and left it in the bowl like this!some of them saw my log too."I should have a log so enormous!" one pretty classmate of mine said in surprising jealousy and attraction over my log!a few days later I got the nerve and told my girlfriends that it was indeed I who passed that monsterous torpedo into the bowl and didnt flush it down. the pretty girl in my class who admired my huge log, eyes popped out of their sockets when she heard.she loved that I di! d it!now many of my girlfriends and malefriends know full well that I bang out gigantic logs regularly and love doing so.they also know that Ilove leaving my logs in the bowl unflushed with no toilet paper blocking it from view so the next visitor could see my log in full view!I tell you I have come a long way from the shy little schoolgirl who was too afraid to tell anyone about her huge logs, nowadays I show my logs to whoever is interested.I dont show my logs off to the people I know wont be interested. Im very respectful of others at all times so dont you worry.but even though I show people my huge logs my boyfriend is only the few who gets to see me actually bang my log out!well ringstretcher and the rest of the readers here I hope you found this story interesting?by the way ringstretcher scott and I like your stories and thanks for liking ours! be well.
TO AALIYAH FAN-hello. you did not say if you liked aaliyah in the movie "queen of the damned?" I assume you saw it being your a fan and all. scott and I like anne rice novels but havent seen the movie. we will probably catch it later on video. well so long all. kimmie and scott wish you all the love in the world!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Toilet People, again!

The mysteries of the human gut still baffle me; for the last week I've been having what I would call perfect shits. I would say I must be a bit constipated as I have to put a lot of effort into getting started, and it takes me about 5 minutes before I start dropping, but when I do go; WOW! I spend about 10 minutes on the toilet dropping loud plopping turds that splash me all over my arse, buttocks and balls and I'm shitting like the best performances I've ever heard from anyone!
The turds are usually about 2 to 3 inches long average, but firm and well-formed, then sometimes bigger ones upto 5 inches and over an inch wide, large for my standards, and worth showing off as I usually drop upto about 30 turds.
They might not sound big, but bigger than I was doing a few months ago, and it's great to apply toilet paper to my arse and find it's clean most of the time! I used to be amazed at how little other people were using to wipe themselves according to posts I've read here, but now I'm only needing about 2 or 3 pieces!
I suppose to people not into this, or have no anal pleasures when shitting firm turds, and to people in a hurry and not able to enjoy a leisurely 15 to 20 minutes on the toilet; this would be inconvenient and regarded as constipation, but as long as it isn't sore or causes problems, I think of this as quite healthy, and it's what I'd regard as my natural way of going.
A few weeks ago, I was dropping turds that floated for a couple of minutes, then sank. With the same diet and more psyllium husks, I'm dropping firmer and heavier turds! And I feel great!
I just wish I had an audience more often. Having my shit in the public toilet yesterday, I farted as soon as I sat on the toilet, and there was a guy next door who could hear my grunting, then when I eventually started to push the turd out, he was ready to leave, left and missed all the very loud plops I was to do!
Oh, Well, I can't have everything, although some heavy skidmarks down the pan when I finish would be an extra kick!

TO JACK SPLAT, You ask whether the interest in seeing other guys on the toilet is so we can enjoy them being humiliated.
As for myself, MOST DEFINITELY NOT! I regard seeing another guy on the toilet doing something as personal and exciting as having a shit to be an activity worthy of admiration and respect. When on rare occasions I've taken the liberty and risk of observing a guy on the toilet, I thought how great he looked with his thigh muscles on show as he covered the toilet seat and put his energy and concentration into working out his turds. Like he was dominating the toilet and in control of his most private bodily function, that even when on show in a doorless cubicle would still be semi-private, as you wouldn't see what was being released from his arse.
Far from being a victim of humiliation if he's aware of being observed; he should be proud of what he does, and so the reason I think it is so fascinating is that it such a taboo area. That's what is so intiguing about it, it's hardly discussed, it's a secret activity for so many of us and so to join in with another person, or see or hear someone doing it heightens the interest for those of us who want to share the activity.
I appreciate that it's frequently possible to be embarrassed by being seen or heard using a toilet, depending on who is aware of it,
but could that embarrassment be mainly due to the erotic aspect of it? We don't want certain people to see us in a very sexually attractive position?
I remember when I was at school, and there was a very good-looking young workman doing some decorating there, and he frequently looked embarrassed when schoolgirls kept teasing and talking to and about him.
I could imagine him sitting on a toilet to have a shit, and a gang of girls knowing he's on the toilet and trying to watch him and making appreciative and coarse comments when they hear his plops.
He would probably be acutely embarrassed and even frightened, but not humiliated; he'd also be feeling terrific about himself knowing even his shitting didn't detract from his appeal to those who almost worshipped him! (I doubt it ever happened, though!)

AUSTIN, Glad you agree about it not being what you want and do that matters, but the problems it might cause others.
Sometimes it's difficult to know how the pursuit of our our desires can affect others, but if we accept that we don't intend to hurt others, there's usually nothing to blame ourselves for if they should not approve or feel alienated from us.
We all of us are seeking happiness, and we all go about it the way that seems best to us.
Yes, This site must have helped a lot of people and many friendships formed. We can't meet, but we know we're there somewhere!

Happy times in and on the "Toidy!" P. Plop Guy

Hi everyone,

I just came back from a short holiday. I went to an event where they have many of those portable toilet blocks with either mens and womens sections in one block or just one gender in one block. Anyway, on one of my trips to these toilets to do a wee, I was at the sink washing my hands when I turned around, looking at the empty stalls. In the end stall the toilet seat was down and on top of it was a large turd with a couple of marks next to it. It was probably ten inches long at least and an inch or two wide, tapering off at one end. I was a bit surprised to see this and wondered how it got there. Was the person extremely drunk (alcohol was served at the event) that they just did it not realising the lid was down? Very strange indeed.

The doors of the toilet blocks either had cloth barriers in front of them or plastic strips in the doorway to prevent people seeing in. The ones with the cloth barriers only prevented viewing from one side and in front so I always had a look the the first stall in the womens blocks (I did this discreetly and non-obviously so as not to attract suspicion). Only a couple of times I saw someones feet in front of the base of the toilet.

Another interesting thing were the toilets on the train that I caught over (it was a 10 hour trip). At the ends of each carriage they had toilets, one for women and one for men. You go in and lock the door and you pull down the actual toilet from a wall unit which is made of metal. It has a seat and the bowl was shallow. You then pull a small lever to flush the contents before pushing the toilet back into the wall unit. It had a notice saying not to flush while the train was in a station so I assume what you do ends up on the tracks. On the trip over I had a view of the womens toilets and usually whoever went in was only in there for a couple of minutes, probably to wee. However, a couple of women went in there for much longer and I assume they had a poo aswell. It was also the same for the mens toilets.

Natalie C

I enjoyed your first story. Did you get a
good plop sound when you dropped your two lumps,
or even a "KER-SPUL-OONK" ? Did you splash your bum?

Nicola( Gym instructor )
We haven't much from you recently. Some time ago you said that you
had moved into a new house with a toilet with good "Kersplunkability",
but you've never detailed one of your poos on it.
Could you give a full report please, complete with pees, farts, grunts, plops and bumsplashes?

Tuesesday, March 05, 2002

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