Natalie C.
Hi everyone. My name is Natalie, and this is my first time to post.
I'm 20 years old and I've been interested in other people's pooping
stories since I was about 11. I've also lurked on this forum from time
to time since 1998, but never posted because I was afraid I didn't
have anything interesting to say. But I've finally decided to just
post and not worry about it.

So here's my first story: The other day I was in the library at
school when I needed to poop (libraries and book stores both
make me have to poop-does anyone else have that problem?). So
I took some papers I'd photocopied (I usually sit on the toilet
about ten minutes, so I read to pass the time) and headed
for the toilets. There were three stalls, and only the one in the
middle was open, so I went in and sat down. After a couple of
minutes went by, I noticed that the girls in the other stalls
hadn't finished yet, and realized they must be pooping, too.
All of a sudden, one of them let a really loud fart. It was
very airy and forceful. Almost immediately after that, the girl on the
other side did one that was just a little quieter. It was like they
were having a conversation! Right after the second girl farted,
she started unrolling paper, wiped and couple of times and left
her stall. A couple of minutes later, the other girl did the same,
leaving me alone to poop in peace. As for my dump, there were
two logs, one about a foot long and pretty skinny that floated
at the top of the water, and another short, thicker one that
sunk to the bottom. I wiped three times before flushing and
leaving the stall.

I'll try to post from time to time and answer any questions
anyone might ask me, but I don't spend a huge amount of time
online, so there's a chance I'll miss out on things from
time to time. See you all soon!

got a desperation story for ya, this time it was my girl not me.. we had went out and as we were heading back to our home town she mentioned she really needed to pee...i offered to go back and find a restaurant or something so she could go. she said she could hold it. about 10mins later she told me i had to stop right now because she was starting to wet herself....i pulled off into an empty field and she jumped out...she peed for 3mins non-stop! then she kinda stop-started for about she's got me beat. after she was done i got out and stood beside my truck and peed for about 30 seconds or so, nothing major. never seen her so desperate before, she can usually hold it practically forever.

I guess this is the place to share this one:

About a year ago I let my ex-girlfriend live me till she could find another place,her and her 2 least twice a week she would call and wake me up and ask me to let her dog out so they could go potty...
I would go in her room,and want to cry,she was a big pig,and if one of her dogs poop in the room,I let the dogs out and leave it for her to pick up.
After about 2 months of that,I had it with all that....and she was not paying me rent like she said she would..She call this one fine morning,but the dogs were already outside,I was in here room right when I knew she would call and she did almost on the second,so I finish my morning coffee and cleared a spot by the side of her bed. I told her no problem..and said good-bye..
Went and took my shower,shaved,then brush my teeth ,went back in her room,I squatted down for about 5 min.,I was thinking I couldn't do it
,so I grab one of her pillows and layed my head on it to relax more..
I pushed out a long thick pieces of hard poop,broke it off. Move to her closet and finish up in there..When she got home,she don't say a word,went into the kitchen,glabs some papertowel and the was the end of that was fun watching her clean it up...

My ex-girlfriend is disgu sting. Let me start out by saying I am 23 and a first time poster and let me tell you about my girlfriend. Her name is Courtney. She's 19 and very skinny. Not ill-skinny but healthy skinny. She got shoulder-length blonde hair and kind of look like Pamela Anderson(except without the big boobs). Courtney will poop her pants in a second. She'll use the toilet if she's home but if she's out and gotta poop, her pants are in trouble. The reason why she doesn't go to the public bathrooms to poop is because she's afraid to use the toilets. She pooped her pants in public three times and the third one was the final straw. The third time was when we were at a 24 grocery store. It was 1a.m. we just came from a party and she told me she had to poop. I told her use the bathroom in the store but she refused and said she could hold it until she got home. So I went to the other aisle to get something and she waited in the aisle I just left with the basket. I came bac! k and I smelled something that smelled something like rotten eggs. I asked her did she poop her pants. And she said (with a grin) yes. Then Courtney asked me if it was showing. So I walked behind her to see the back of her pants and there was a medium-sized green bulge. She was wearing skin-tight blue jeans and her accident was very noticeable. There wasn't too many people in the store which was a good thing. To make a long story short I broke up with her stinking ass. And that was 3 weeks ago. Courtney was very attractive. But I couldn't take smelling that shit anymore.

Hi, I only have a minute.

Well, as I wrote in my last post, I hadn't had a poop since Wednesday and it finally came out tonight. OWWW!!! I got in about 7 tonight and at around 8, I felt like I had to go "now" so I went up to the bathroom and pulled both the lid and the seat up, checked that it was clean someone had male guests last night, pulled my blue sweat pants and white underwear down and sat down. This monster was soooooooo slow coming out inch by painful inch. It wasn't even that big but thick (3 inches or so by about 5 inches with a 2 inch by quarter inch tail). It was really lumpy, hard and compacted. and I could feel my hole being streched to the max as it slowly inched its way out. It hurt so bad and it's not even my fault because I haven't been eating poorly, and I've had time to go and have even tried to go when I've gone for a pee the past few days. I feel a bit better now, but not totally empty. I hate when this happens. I would give anything for the regularity some of you ! have like Buzzy and Rizzo.

Arthur--I've never heard of pee shivers nor do I get them.

So, I went out tonight ice skating and we went for food after and I drank a ton of water. I had to pee before leaving the restaurant and it was filthy in that bathroom. There was paper all over the floor and it was just gross. SO try as I might I just couldn't get a nice gusher going. I had to push as hard as I could to get a few squirts out and alleviate some of the pressure on my poor bladder. When I got home, I undressed and went for the shower. I hung my towel on the door and started to floss my teeth before getting in the shower. Well, I wasn't even halfway done with the top when I got a "I'm going to lose control" sensation. I probably could have held on longer, but hey I was in the bathroom. Anyway, I took the two steps over to the shower and no sooner had I stepped in than I totally lost control and started peeing all over my legs making a nice splattering sound as the totally clear urine flowed down my legs and also into the tub down the drain. All dur! ing this, I finished flossing my teeth. I would have brushed after, but I ws covered in pee from the waist down so instead I showered. When I got out, I finished my teeth and had to pee again (I had soooooooo much to drink--I'll probably have to go again before I fall asleep and that's the worst!)

As I peed in the toilet, I really feel like I have to poop but as hard as I tried nothing would come out. I felt in with my finger and there was a piece of soft poo so I helped to pull it out. Then it felt empty up there, but I still feel very badly like I need to poop. Honestly, I envy those of you who are regular and don't have to worry about this. Part of it, I know, is that it has been an unbelievably stressful week. I'm trying to eat a lot of fruit and grains now to help things along, but my system just doesn't like working quickly...


having an enema is in fact a good way of stopping a diarrhea attack (not a viral or bacterial one, just the sort caused by indigestion or some food not agreeing with you): it empties your lower intestine in a matter of minutes and (if properly taken) flushes you out for good of anything which could be loosening your ????. So I bet that taking a lower-bowel acting laxative and then having an enema would end up in a big flush of the contents of your bowel, which would include the laxative, which, as you may know, would otherwise keep acting for a long period...

I was in 7th grade i had to poop real bad i ran to the bathroom but the two stalls where full i waited but it was too late i felt the poop fill my panties. I was wearing bluejeans someone finally came out of the stall i went in pulled dows my jeans i stood there thinking of what to do.A friend came in to bathroom i was crying. She hugged me and said she will get the principal.I said no please don't.It was time for the last class and that was pe. I told the couch i was sick and i wanted to lay down.I layed the whole hour on the bleacher.My mom picked me up.I was crying i told her what happened she hugged me and said it was ok.

Wondering: Duha! of course we fart who doesen't? I ususally go once a day or every other day

Jane: I used to have restroom adventures at the dentist and doctor's offices. It was nerves because I was frightened of needles. I would have to go before I left home, at the doctor's office or as soon as I got home. This lasted until high school. Their toilets were in a simple water closet. I used to go for shots to make me develop into a woman. I was slow at age 12. The needle scared me. Plus, I used to hold my bowels in school. After school at the doctor, I had to rest my bowels. I told the nurse and I went. I closed the door, lifted my green plaid uniform dress, white slip and pulled down my pink panties and sat on the bowl. I evacuated five thick pieces of doo-doo. They splashed in rapid sucession. Between the 4 and 5th pieces, my stomach broke loud wind. The nurse knocked on the door telling me the doctor was ready for me. I was not. I told her and she went away. I sat awhile alone thinking about my young life until I was thoroughly finished before I wiped and adjusted! my clothes.

See my earlier posts about the dentist.

Louise and PV: I have lots of underwear. In recent months and years, I have been buying dark colors. I have a black thong. Most of my panties are in briefs, bikinis and hi-cuts in all colors. Plus, I have a collection of slips.

Aaliyah fan: I flushed a dead mouse for my mother when I was a little girl. She was afraid of it.

Wondering: Girls fart. I do. Lately, my bowel movements have been soft like Jane's because I have been juicing. I am not embarassed when I fart. I was apprehensive in grammar school. But, better to bear the shame and bear the pain. I go from one to three times a day. I spend anywhere up to 15 minutes, depending on the situation. I remember a real stuck up girl in 4th grade with me who would have bowel movement every morning. I went to the girls room to urinate. I knew it was her. I saw her shoes under the stall. All of a sudden, she let out a loud fart that scared me to death.

TO MAN WITH CEREBRAL PALSY and Buzzy- the gym where I go is anonymous. When I took judo lessons, the toilets were open in the locker-shower area so I got close with women and girls. See my earlier posts

Joseph R.
I remember a few years ago, when I was in my aunt and uncle's apt, before they moved into a house, and they had children. My aunt was in her early-twenties @ this time. She is very-cute. Picture the "White" actress, Ashley Judd, w/ the color of the "Black" actress, Pam Grier! That is what she looks like. She was about to go to work, @ that time. So, you can imagine how surprised, excited I was, when I heard her tell my uncle that she had to "Piss&Shit", before-work! Man, oh man, I wish I could have been there and witnessed-it, or @ least listened to her "performance" through the wall. You know if I tried to hang-around, just for this purpose, I, probably, would have been-caught. Just thought I would share this w/ you people, though. I was @ a grocery-store, the other day. The person who was helping me was a blond-chick, who made my mouth-water, when I pictured her on the toilet, crapping out a big, firm-turd. More-stories to come.


Jane: I forgot to tell when I left the toilet in the MD's office and went to the examination room, a woman said, "It smells in the bathroom. I'll bet it was that girl in the school uniform."

They are tearing out my old movie theater. During my teen years, I had my best bathroom adventures in there.

I am interested in the history of public restrooms and how they were developed over time, and thought some readers of this forum might be have insight into some questions I have.

It appears that up until the 1700's even outhouses were quite rare and people would "retire a bowshot" from the house to relieve themselves. Large county houses had large gardens with hedges, mazes, ect to that people could still wander in the garden and get some privacy. In the 1700's, perhaps in response to some cities being crowded outhouses (privies) start to be built, but strangely, there appears to be no concept of privacy between outhouse holes- The outhouse just gets bigger with more and more holes, although sometimes there are two outhouses, often with windows in the sides. Is it possible groups of people who knew each other would, instead of going together outside, would simply go together in the communal outhouse. Is it possible that the windows were in the outhouse so a potential use could see who was using it, rather just as one might see someone from a distance in the garden, and avoid them if they were the wrong gender or not sufficiently closely rela! ted to the person using the rest room to use it too? Or were the restrooms just built this big to last longer between cleaning out? Many two hole outhouses may have been built this way, not for two people to use together, but so they would last twice as long as a one holer.

Any experiences would be welcome information. For example, Bernaella on page 656 used a outhouse with multiple holes and no privacy, and said it was no big deal after one got used to it. Other have told me that siblings, particularly sister, would use two hole outhouses together. This may even have had an intimate bonding effect for the persons doing this.

Could this be the reason that camps still did not have any partitions between the toilets? This seems like a very strange design that would encourage people not to use the camp. I am told that in the army it was common, especially in boot camp, and maybe still in some military schools, to have no privacy any where, including the toilets, that were often in a long line in the bathroom. Why was this? I have heard that it improves discipline, but why would that be?

But then when did partitions between the toilet holes come into use? Did this coincide with the banning of people relieving themselves outside, in the last century, so that people became more modest?

Also how did it develop that in north America toilet stalls are designed to be 12-14 inches off the ground so one can easily see the feet of someone sitting on the toilet, whereas in Europe, where most N. American are originally from, the toilets are designed so that a persons feet cannot be seen?

And when did hand washing facilities become common? Year ago I can remember using public restrooms on Britain where there were no hand washing facilities.

Any ideas on answers would be welcome. Also, any experiences of people using older outhouses, or note as to the person name a back page number where they explained their experiences, would be great. Also any back pages on users having to use similar facilities in the military or prison, or in factorys.

I like "accidents" in my pants... usually contrived & squishy. Its great to pretend tonearly make it to the loo, but to let go in one's panties instead! Even better if one is wearing tights without panties. The mess oozes down one's legs!! I love reading stories by others enjoying this 'clean' fun. Keep up the stories. I've got lots myself. Maybe later.

For the last 3 years when I go on the road,I set my video camera just the way I like it,the room I get is very fancy,I take the large mirror down from the wall,like getting the right shot...
Call my wife to tell her good night and I will be home soon,she starts to tell me about her day,thats when I start recording,I never say a word for about 10 mins,I just try and take my time,when I done,I put it in the VCR and watch it from the start,it's about 2 hours long...
Most are me shitting on the floor,the table,on the bar table,coffee table,etc...

My poop turns all of the sudden green , anybody has an idea of why it turned green? And it seems that no ones responding to my post. Where is Jordon, Ben ? Sorry dont have no stories.Here is one of my opinions I think that men heve bigger and larger poops than men women do and since men have more musular body they can hold poop longer.

Brian: That was me who wrote it ,the story about my dad that had heart burn. Imust have forgot to put my name. Yeah and I am 13-years old

P.s: There is this really cool site named it tells you so many things about poop.

I stumbled on this forum, and was quickly disgusted. But then i had a better idea. I'd give you all a story that will have you talking for weeks.

A friend of mine and I, we were around 11 years old, in the summer time were just walking around town. Lead, a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We went to a small park down 2 streets below my house. We found a baggy with 4 mini sized 3 musketeers bars in it. We were very bored, so sat down in the summer sun and formed the bars into stool shaped objects. The texture and everything made them look strikingly real. We abandoned the project, laying on the basketball court, and went home to eat.

The next day another of my friends joined us two and we walked around town, goofing off and whatnot, when headed back to our house we stumbled across the turd shaped candy. I winked at my friend Jace (the one who helped make the disgusting looking things) and said, "Hey Alex" (the other friend who was with us) "Yesterday Jace pooped on the basketball court, check it out" He was kind of confused at first, Jace taking my hint went over and started playing with the candy turds, which had taken a VERY lifelike appearence being left in the sun and overnight.

We went on playing with the candy poop, mushing it for a little while. Alex didn't know what to think, but he succumbs easily to peer pressure. All of a sudden Jace picks up one of the little bars and takes a bite out of it. I said "That looks like fun" so I did the same. Pretty soon we were getting our hands very dirty, all the while convincing our friend Alex that it was real poop and we were not afraid to play with it. Soon Alex started doing it too, thoroughly convinced that they were stools of Jace's. After another few minutes we pressured Alex to try a few bites, maybe even eat a whole turd. He was saying things like "I don't know, It might not be safe" when he finally cracked under our pressurings and he stuffed one in his mouth.

At first he looked like he was going to vomit, but after swallowing he said, "Wow, poop tastes kind of like candy." It was pretty funny to see his face after we told him that it was 3 musketeers and that it was all a scharade.

Maybe it goes to show that it isn't that hard to pressure someone into doing disgusting things. Or that our friend is weak of mind. Enjoy the post.

Check this out:

Don't leave bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl. This can etch the china surface over time. Also, people can get skin burns from splash-back of toilet bowl water that contains bowl cleaner.

i got in trouble yesterday cause i wet my pants when i was shopping with my dad, and he took me to the bathroom and there was only one toilet in there and he went first since i went in my pants already, but he didnt know i had to poop real bad and he was pooping to and i pretended like tying my shoes and i pooped my pants. my dad didnt see it cause he was going poop and when he was done he said lets go and i had to walk around with poop in my pants and wet pants. it was hard to walk cause i had so much in there and a lady saw me walking and stopped my dad and said you better go clean him up. my dad pulled my pants in the back to look in and saw i pooped and he was even madder than before, we went back to the bathroom and he dumped my poop out and then he spanked me over his nee and i cried. everyone looked at me when we came out, i was embarased. i didnt have accidents like this since i was reasl little, i am 9 now. i sometimes get a little wet spot cause i waited to long to go and i barely make it but it never shows up so no one nows i peed. i didnt poop my pants in a long time either, the last time i did i was 7 and i was swimming and i didnt want to get out so i went in my swim shorts and the water turned brown when i swimmed. i got out before anyone saw and ran to the toilet. my shorts were so messy i couldnt clean them so i jumped in the showers at the pool and let it rinse out,a kid came in and saw the brown running down my legs and said gross but he left and i went back in the pool. my dad never found out.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hello our dear friends, We have not posted in a while and wanted to tell you we are fine. ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi you lovely mates! Sarah is fine again. She says thanks for asking and sends her love and a big kiss. Trying to poop again after the constipation from the medication was very painful for her. I was very sorry, especially as I know the pain very well. She did not want me to help her on the loo, but in contrast to before, she told me about it and I was allowed to rub and carefully massage her ???? beforehand to make thing move. She was very bloated and we went for a walk. I told her to squat now and then, there was no one around, and try to fart. She was really embarrassed in the beginning, but quickly discovered how relieving it was. I rubbed her back and ???? and she let it rip big time. (Woohoo!) I was encouraging her and she said that she was very lucky to have a husband who was not only not digusted, but also liked it if she threw her "ladylike" behaviour over board. Don't you agree, Robby, that those are the strongest and sexiest ladies who aren't! afraid to fart or do whatever they need to? From what you wrote about your lovely wife, I know you do. I think some of the guys here are unconsciously unfair though, if they indicate that some woman are too arrogant to fart or poop in front of us. They are just embarrassed, because they are raised to feel bad about it. I loved your wee outside the Moulin Rouge! If we ever get to Paris, I'll do some sightseeing not only inside the famous nightclub but maybe at the nearby alleys...Grin. We were so sorry to learn about the death of Alan. I remembered, you also had a small heart attack last year, didn't you, Robby? We thought in the light of this, it must have been even more scary for everyone. Hopefully things are fine now! Be careful with the straining on the loo, please! I guess you know that. We love to hear from you so much. Annie, I look forward to hear, how you'll like the travelmate. As I said I am the most excited about my girls getting theirs. Maybe I am hoping secretly that Sarah might get in the mood to water her roses together with me...She says that the poor things will be dead by the end of the summer...tehe. Please take our hugs and kisses.And sooo many thanks for your compliments. We also think lots of you. LoveXXX Tim and Sarah There is also another thing we would like to ask advice and talk about. ANNIE, as you said every girl should be taught to wee standing: We are still not sure how to handle things with our daughter. We know, the poor thing is deeply frustrated about not being able to pee like her brother...I had an experience with her, when I was still sick, that was heartbreaking in a way: I had taken the kids with me to a doctors appointment, cause Sarah was teaching. We went for some quick shopping afterwards and suddenly I had diarrhoea cramps. It's always a dilema for a father to take the girl to the gents, I think. I had to go though and took them to a small restroom. There where three urinals, all going down to the floor and one stall. When we got in, all the urinals where empty and a guy was pissing in the stall, (great!). We had to wait and my boy complained about needing to wee badly. I helped him using the urinal. My daughter was of course fascinated by this 'piss against the wall! ' toilet. She wanted to use it as well...I did not know what to do, trying to convince her that she couldn't, cause she is a girl. She must have sensed that we are "lying" or just being a bit stubborn, there was a big fuzz. I would have let her squat there, but as another guy came in and peed at the urinal,I did not think it was a good idea. You have to remember, I was not only fighting against the stong willpower of my little lady, but also the urge to shit my pants...The stall was empty now and I told her to hurry and wee cause I needed to go badly. She realized that it was not the time to argue and went in the stall and flushed after a while. I told them to wait at the sinks and quickly took the toilet, ripping my pants down not a second too early. If you think that this is the end of the story, you don't know our daughter...She hadn't peed while she was in the stall but waited until her dad was out of the battle. While I sat there and had to poop big time, I suddenly hea! rd an alarming "Papa?!" by my son. "What is it?"- No reaction, I guess a punishing look by his sister made him shut up. As soon as it was halfway safe to lift my bum of the seat, I hopped to the door and took a look. There was my princess, pants to her knees standing on front of the urinal, trying to make her stream go forward by "holding" herself like a boy. Of course the result was that everything, mostly herself, got splattered and soaked. Her brother watched very shocked. I was helpless. I did not know what to say. I did not want to yell, I did not know anything. I felt another cramp and just had to finish my buisness first. When I got out, I found them at the sinks, where the were supposed to wait, my girl with soaked pants and the most stubborn look of desperation. I squatted in front of her, after washing my hands, stroke her and looked her in the eyes. Wow, the dedication not to cry was enormous, although she was fighting. I stroke her face and said quietly: "I guess! you realized it was not such a bright idea..." She bit her lips and just fought the tears. I was sorry, but also helpless. I took them home and after she got changed the episode was not mentioned anymore. We talked with Sarah, but are unsure about teaching her. Sarah is not too sure about using her fingers herself and I can't teach my daughter. We thought about also letting her use a travelmate (it seems less messy), but we think she might be too young. Also there is the aspect of how far she can deal already from the reactions she might get, if others find out. Kids like to show their friends, what they can do and with Josie it could be very likely, she wants to prove her "equality" to others. We would be very grateful for any advise or thoughts, especially from woman, who pee standing. LOUISE , OR OTHERS WHO LEARNED IT IN THEIR CHILDHHOOD, did you ever encouter problems? Louise, you mentioned, your sister was only five, did she have problems handling it? We would be glad ! to hear from you. INA: Hi dear. I had to laugh about the quote of a woman being equal, when she can piss against a wall. What a jerk! So he can piss against a wall? Wow, what an achievement... My wife gave birth to our children and her body was even able to feed them and on top of it she could piss against a wall if she wanted to. And although I could not even do half of these things, she kindly accepts me as an equal....LOL. I bet you laughed at this! When I told Sarah, she said she did not have a huge desire to pee standing before. But if it is that, what's needed for sexism to end, she will happily stand up for it! ;-) We also find it terrible that woman always have to wait in line. Can't you change things as a designer? Keep the fun (and your chin) up anyway! Love from Tim and Sarah KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hi dears. We were relieved and excited about your words and the responsible behaviour. I don't even know how old you two are, but you are very sensible about these things. I agreed completely with your thoughts, being especially worried about any encouragement there. (No offense, Rizzo, dear friend). I wish you lots of fun and joy with your adventures and I know now, you'll keep an eye on what's suitable for a young child. I know from my own experience as a parent that it is sometimes VERY hard to tell, where being open ends and unsuitable things start.(As you can see from my above story....) I always try to see what my kids feel comfortable with, when they are respecting the space of others as well. Take care, dears, Tim and Sarah MEGHAN AND SARAH: Hi sweeties, how a re you? I am sorry to hear about your irreagularities on the toidy. I get always told by my doctor, not to take laxatives or enemas unless really nothing else helps, but really not too often! The fewer the better. It makes your bowels lazy! It's difficult to tell what might help, everybody is different, but sometimes slight changes in the diet can be very effective. Sarah and I don't eat wheat! Which means rye bread or other grains, no pizza or noodles, unless they are made of alternative grain. Sarah also cut down on milk products. We have got this book on a healthy diet according to your blood group. It sounds silly, but helped us a lot. Sarah was always constipated, although she is sportive, eats lots of fruit, fibre and vegetables. She tried a lot, nothing really helped. Then we tried this diet and it helped. We are both O, so we should not eat wheat, milk products or pork. If you want to and tell me your blood group, I tell you what ! it says for you. We don't follow this one to one, but some main rules help. Sarah was always a person, who had the fridge full with fruit yoghurt. Since she skipped those and avoided wheat, she is hardly ever constipated (being less embarrassed about pooing also helps, of course). What also helps against constipation is fresh pineapple, prunes (or juice), the famous sauerkraut (or juice) and drinking a lot, although not during meals! If you can tolerate milk products, "milk sugar", you can get as a powder or buttermilk helps. My grandfather always ate some shredded wheat, you can get in a health food store, soaked in fruit juice or buttermilk. He had that every morning and I think he pooped good ones...I don't want to embarrass you, but maybe take an hour off your studies and go for a "fart-walk", like we did with Sarah.... I also do them when I can't go. I did one a few weeks ago with Sarah. It worked so well, I had to unload behind some bushes. No worries, it does not ha! ve to happen... I was still taking stool softener at the time... I was bit embarrassed, but Sarah squatted next to me and did a wee. That was really great. For runs bananas, boiled blueberries, or a bit of chocolate helps (careful with that though..) You know the formula: One handful of sugar and a pinch of salt. They achived miracles with that in third world countries, where other medication failed. That's why coke and salty sticks are supposed to be good, when you have the runs. But coke should also be dealt with carefully. By the way artifical sweetener again is a laxative...I hope I did not lecture too much here, I just hoped to maybe help you a bit. I guess it will be the stress as well. Hopefully Meghan can give her bum and the toilet a little break soon and Sarah will give it a good filling without pain. I keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope you girls have fun there, inspite of all the stress. We are curious to hear, how you like weeing through your zip, once you ! get round to it...! Lots of love XXX from Sarah and me RIZZO: Hi dear friend, you are right. I forgot about the hurricane last month! Hope you will still have a nice trip, with or without yellow snow, grin. Thank you, for your sweet thoughts. I enjoyed your childhood memories. I don't remeber drawing poop; we were more outside kids, peeing and pooping in the countryside or in the stables. My sister and my cousin once pooped in the stable between the cows. One of the cows thought, "good idea" and let it also it rip, so they got splattered all over....Me and my other cousin laughed like mad. We both got a revenge. Mine was hilarious...One time I sqatted to poop in an empty horse sister kept me company, weeing opposite to me and chatting to keep my attention. My cousin secretly held a shovel under my bum on which my turd dropped ( I did not look down cause I was busy watching my sister weeing...). He quietly drew the shovel away and when I looked down there was no turd, although I surely just felt it dropping out of me! I jumped up in shock and checked my pants...They laughed their heads of, while I was dancing in search of the lost turd...It's such an old trick, but i! t worked for me...I tried to chase after them with pants half up. Then I realised I had unfinished buisness urgently to take care of. I had to squat in the corner of the yard and do the rest. My uncle caught me. He was not furious but told me not to do that there and made me clean it up. Generally the adults knew we were peeing and pooping in the stables and did not mind, as the animal feces where there anyway. They secretly sometimes did as well, as far as I recall it. I remember my uncle and the other men on the farm just unzipping and peeing into the gutter of the stable, getting sometimes grins from the women. I think the wamen did it as well but more hidden...My kids enjoy similar stuff like you described, e.g. forming little turds of play clay and letting the smurfs make a pile... I got caried away now. I just wanted to say, that, of course I love Sarah more than anything and it does not mean she should feel under any pressure to be more open. Mind you, her spending the days with my sister is loosening her up even more to this topic. They even had a buddy dump on a restaurant toilet, I got told about. Guess who was jealous now...? Sarah told me she felt a need for a big motion, but would usually wait until she can do it at home alone. But when she heard that Hannah had no embarrassment to fart and poop, she decided to not be silly and relieved herself as well...She was very excited in a way, cause she found it freeing...And I quickly tell you the greatest one before I have to sleep (it's LATE!!!): On Sunday we went for a walk. Afterwards everyone had to pee. We let the kids go first. I put the kids in their seats in the car and Hannah gave me the baby, while the women went behind a wall...Suddenly Hannah screamed: "Tim, Tim come hear quick!!!" I hurri! ed to their spot, cause I thought something had happened...but they just sqautted there, streaming their big gushers peacefully in the gras... I was like, "what???" and Hannah said, "Oh, we just thought you might want to see this..." and they burst into laughter.... Well, they were right I guess1 After they finished, Hannah took the baby from me and said: " Go ahead, your wife wants to see your "travelmate" (she finds the name funny) and left us . I peed and Sarah pinched my bum while I was in midstream, which made me jump and wet the leg of my pants. Sarah giggled like mad, hand over her mouth (she did not expect it...) Women! Don't trust them, my friend...LOL. So no worries, the three of us get along just fine. Thank you for all your kind words. Have a wonderful trip and love to you and your wife from Sarah and me! EPHARMAL: Nice to hear from you, dear. Hope your stress is also getting better soon. Read what I write to Mehan and Sarah about some diet suggestions, maybe you find something usefull. I really hope, you'll be better soon. Sorry, I have to go now. I got to work tomorrow, or in fact it's already today. I got caried away..oh, dear. Love to you, dear, Tim P.S.: My mom was Jewish, so technically I am as well, I guess. I just was brought up without that culture, as she was not religious and we were raised in a Christian family. I am not religious but interested in the culture... Stay healthy all of you Tim (and Sarah)

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