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Hey Outhouse Scott,

The Sabrina scene you asked about involved Sabrina farting in front of her chemistry class while doing a presentation. Ironically, she had just gotten done saying something about "emission of gases" when she accidentally dropped her note cards. As she bent down to pick them up, she let out a really loud fart which everyone heard. Kids in the class started laughing and one boy made a joke about her "emission of gases" comment. Sabrina was so embarrassed that her face turned bright red (literally) and stayed that way for the rest of the show. It was an awesome scene, and much better than the wimpy Roseanne episode in which a similar incident was described involving Roseanne's older daughter, but we didn't actually get to see or hear anything.

Regarding your comment about how you don't usually see wiping after poop scenes in movies, I can actually think of several scenes where a woman is shown wiping after pooping. In "Something Wild" Melanie Griffith is on the toilet when Jeff Daniels walks in on her, and she is clearly shown wiping from the back, which implies she pooped. Patsy Kinset is also shown wiping from the back near the end of "Twenty-One", after she has been sitting on the toilet and talking to the camera for several minutes. Someone mentioned in another post that the girl in "Keetje Tippel" is clearly shown wiping herself after taking a crap using a page from a book. That scene on MAD TV from a couple of years ago also showed the woman wiping after taking a smelly shit (we know it was smelly because she lit a match to get rid of the stink!).

On the other hand, from the context of the scene in "Patch of Blue" where the blind girl played by Elizabeth Hartman gets diarrhea from drinking too much pineapple juice and has to crap behind a tree at night, it is clear she doesn't have anything to wipe with. Also for really gross, check out the scenes in "The Shooting" where Millie Perkins plays this weird goofy woman who deliberately "soils herself", as another character describes it, while riding a horse.

The subject of wiping reminds me of another TV poop scene I forgot to mention. On L.A. Law several years ago, the lady lawyer played by Jill Eikenberry takes a crap while camping with her husband in the woods. When she finishes, she asks him where he put the toilet paper. He says he forgot to bring it, and he suggests she wipe herself with leaves. She does that, and of course you can guess what happens...the leaves turn out to be poison ivy and she gets a massive rash on her butt. It's all very non-explicit, of course, and the scene begins after she has finished crapping and is behind a bush, so you don't really see or hear anything explicit. It was still pretty daring for its time, and just the acknowledgement that she took a crap was pretty cool. There was another time on the show when Susan Dey said something to Harry Hamlin along the lines of "You're scaring the poo out of me". It wasn't too explicit and it certainly wasn't meant to be literal, but again, just! the acknowledgement that Susan Dey could have poo in her was better than nothing.

Does anyone have any other female poop references in TV shows?

I have just been reading the "mail" here lately. Here are some interesting items.

First, at work, we have a DVD player where we watch movies when things are real slow. One of the guys in the group has the Saprano's DVDs. We watched the 10 episodes and in them, they show everything. There was one scene where 3 young NY-Italian guys were in a warehouse burgularizing something and one of them was taking a shit. They talked about how piles are left behind during a break in. The guy that was shitting, there was actual bodily sounds and he even reached for paper showed just about to wipe his ass when scenes changed.

The second item, we watched a movie called "From Dusk to Dawn" and there was one scene where Juilette Lewis was on the shitter when the Border Patrol was looking through the RV. BTW, she was pretty cute :)

Third, I have been working on my school work (Master's Degree) a lot at the library. A lot of times, I have to go to take a shit and the way the stalls are set up, the tile is very reflective to where you can somewhat see the person in the next stall. I might take a peek but I am afraid that the other person might see as well and get in trouble. I am pretty close to getting my degree and don't want to ruin it near the end. A lot of times, when I go to use the bathroom and I see a stall occupied, sometimes, I will lurk around the bookshelves looking at books so I can see who was in the shitter. Don't know why but I do. I did this in H.S. as well except just walking the halls.

Well, nothing else for now. BTW, I asked some questions about a month ago concerning Hostels. I was asking specifically about hostels in Switzerland and the Scandanavian countries. How friendly are they for "buddy" dumping since the Eurpoeans are more open than us sometimes repressed Americans. I never got a response. Thanks in advance for the info.

Hey everyone.
It's been a long time since I've posted, but I have a story. I just had a very nice dump. I came home from researching at the library, when I felt some poop. I ran into the bathroom, pulled my pants to my ankles, and my underwear almost to my knees. Some huge pieces of poop came out, and then I peed for 30 seconds. I grabbed a wad of TP and it all went down in a single flush. A dump like this doesn't happen very often with me, and it definitely felt good.
Just thought I'd share that.

Thanks for the advice, PV; I'll have to try it. I've always loved yours and Buzzy'a posts. :)

Not Wondering
To Wondering - Yes, girls do fart when they poop. Everyone farts when they poop and there's no difference between men and women. If you find this hard to believe, look in your Biology book and you'll see that men and women have the same digestive system. We all eat and digest the same way, and we expel waste products through our anus the same way. Gas forms the same way in both sexes. Pooping and farting are the same for everyone.

Jack Splat
Hey Everyone:
I think that I may be on to something, here: I think that the biggest-reason why it is so-exciting to think about people you are attracted to (male in my case), sitting on the toilet and crapping their brains out, is the humiliation-factor, that would be involved. The person, themselves, may not feel-humiliated, but because society, in-general construes it that way, that is where it would come into play.
Agree, or disagree? Please do-tell.



I used to poop and pee at the same time when I was a boy.
After my hormones kicked in I wasn't able to. I think it probably has
something to do with the testicles, since they physically drop down low
into their sacks during adolescence. Somehow they block off the
urethra during a bowel movement after they drop. Your man may just
be made a little different than most of us. I'm not a doctor, but my
guess is that it's probably not any big deal.


I'm with you, man. I don't think that what you want is a sin, it's
what your willing to do to get it that is. When I was a young man, I
was terrible about tromping on peoples feeling to pursue my interests. I
try a lot harder now to be considerate even though I'm still no saint.
One of the things I like about this site is that it gives all of us a chance
to share things between other consenting adults who feel the same way.


Welcome aboard! Sounds like you found yourself a good
girlfriend man. You got one up on me! You're not the only wheel chair
person here. We hear from several others from time to time. Well,
enjoy yourself and treat that lady right!


Okay, since Amazon went into childhood stuff, so will I. My
parents didn't make me poo anywhere unusual, but they were really
really paranoid about it. I remember when my cousins and I were
playing, we all went to the bathroom together. We were all under age 7
and they were both girls. Maybe if I had had sisters it wouldn't have
been such a novelty. As it was, though, I had all brothers and it was the
most stimulating experience of my youth. How did I get so turned on
when I didn't even have real hormones yet? At any rate, when my
parents found out, they stormed into the bathroom in utter horror. They
could not have been more upset if an ax murderer was carrying us off.
Rediculous reaction huh? Maybe it was my mom's strict catholic school
upbringing. Something else I noticed was that my mother uses poop or
stink in every other sentence. She says things like "That's not worth
poop" or "That girl is being a little stinkpot". "The whole Clinton thing
stinks". Such strong poop language from a puritanical prude that tries
so hard to remove herself from body functions. Not to be too critical of
her without mentioning her strong points, she is also an iron bastion of
morality with such dedication to her children as I have seldom seen in
any woman. Okay, that's my upbringing. Your turn.

I stumbled across this site a few months ago and have been intrigued by the openess and honesty at which the stories are told. I have one for you:

A few years ago, I had a weekend of misery with the stomach flu and was going at both ends. Monday morning I had a Tee time (golf outing) with a good friend and since I WAS feeling better, figured I go. I did and about half way thru the round I felt the need to fart. I did and filled my drawers with trouser chili. In a panic, I went to the nearest bathroom and cleaned-up and threw my underwear away. I finished the round and that was that.

The next day I put a pair of clean underwear in my golf bag just in case this happened again. Months went by and for Christmas I got a new bag and clubs. I was moving the equipment (and underwear) from one bag to another. My wife asked me about the underwear like a jealous woman would and I had to come clean with the real story. She laughed her ass off and I have since told the story several times since it has been a few years. Thought you might enjoy my misfortune and maybe keep some undies around for those occasions.

You all are very well received on my end and are a welcome diversion from my daily routine.

Trouser Chili Dan

To the unnamed poster about the house keeper...funny story i liked it

Today i had to work overtime....i got to work very early and very early on i felt an urge to poop...i held it. Then during my 1st break the urge was gone. On my 2nd and 3rd break it was still gone...Then right after break the urge came back on. Then i felt like i had to fart and i was letting out silent farts. Then it was at the point where i couldn't tell if i had to fart or poop. I let my farts out slowly..then i had to go to another building for 2 hours and when i got there i got my work ready and then i had to go poop(atleast try) cause i had been farting and i didn't wanna accidently mess my self. I went quickly and i wiped quickly too cause i had alot of work to do and i had to be back at the main building on time...gotta run thats it
P.S. My ass is a bit sore from wiping fast and alot!

Just some quick replies, as Kathy, Noreen, Larry and I are heading out early tomorrow morning, to go upstate for the next 4 days.

Jane - You really do have some crazy adventures. Of course, those other women could have been a little more polite, as we all have to use the head and sometimes it doesn't smell very pretty. Kathy and I hope that you are well, and we look forward to your next adventure.

Carmalita - Hi again, Senora, it is good to see that you and the gang are fine. Kathy had some back problems recently, a result of helping out her mom. But she is OK now. Three more great stories from you had both of us smiling. They were all classic Carmalita. I especially loved the outdoor dump, as the woods are one of my favorite places to dump or see others do the same. Please tell everyone else that we said HI, and we would like to here from them soon. SO I have attracted Nu's interest? Hmm, I must admit that I am intrigued by her output. You kids be well, nice to chat with you, Kathy and I send our love.

Quick hellos to everyone else out here, the posts have been great. We will see you all in about 4 or 5 days.

Bye for now.

Hey Wondering...your questions are so funny. You must be very young!

First...of COURSE girls fart when they poop. EVERYONE farts when they poop, silly! Girls are no different from boys in the way they poop.

Second, of COURSE girls get embarrassed sometimes over the noises they make in a public restroom. There is no difference at all between males and females in the noises they make when they fart or poop, or in the level of embarrassment they feel.

Finally, how many times a day do girls poop? Again, this is such a funny question! Most girls poop around once a day (just like most boys do), but there is great variation, just as there is among boys. Some people (both male and female) go two or three times a day or more, and some people only go once every two or three days. On the average, I believe most people go poop around once a day. As to how long is takes girl to "finish up" when they poop, again I don't think there is any big difference between males and females. We all try to get clean when we poop, so the amount of time males and females spend is going to depend on how messy a job it was, and how hard it was to push the poop out. Again, there is wide variance. Some people can poop and get cleaned up in just a couple of minutes; for other people, it's not uncommon to sit on the bowl for a half hour or more trying to go. Again, there is no signfificant difference between males and females on this.

Now I have a question for you, Mr. Wondering (I assume you are a mister). Did you really, really think there was any big difference in the way males and females poop and fart? Did you actually think girls don't fart the same way boys do? Think about something...when it comes to pooping and farting, males and females have EXACTLY the same equipment. Whether we are boys or girls, men or women, we all have butt holes, and the farts and poop come out of our holes exactly the same way. If you saw a closeup of a person's anus and could see the poop coming out, you would not be able to tell if it was a male or female. And if you saw someone's poop lying on the ground, there is no way you could reliably tell if a male or female made that poop.

Repeat after me...everyone farts, everyone poops, and everyone's farts and poop smell pretty much the same. We all do the same functions in pretty much the same way, and there really shouldn't be any big mystery about it. Get it?

To Ephermal: Im jewish..i never heard of that prayer..of course im not all that religous, i guess thats why.

I've been busy for the last few days, haven't had a chance in 2 days or so to read or post any thing...i see not many updates..when i was last here(late fri night) i read the posts and posted stuff...i came back today(sun) i didn't even realize at first there have been no updates. Any way.....
I like that pic up top today, cool!

I went to the mall last night and soon after i got there i had to pee and i go by the food court and to the restrooms...i walk in and take the middle stall to pee...there were chunks of poop in there! I peed and then i flushed and i thought for sure it was gonna over flow. Some guy or kid maybe was in there and didn't flush or didn't flush all the way..that was an automatic flush..i had to flush it manualy to get the stuff down. Thats the 2nd time this week i was in a stall with unflushed poop..thats totaly cool to me to see others productions!
gotta run and not much else to post on bye

Hello everyone.

JANE-I loved your story that was posted on Friday, March 1. Those ladies who were in the ladies room with you in your story do not realize how lucky they were.

CARMALITA-Thank you for your entries that were posted on Friday, March 1. They were all great stories but my favorite was the one where your friend Nu does your make-up while you are sitting on the toilet going poopoo.

Earlier this week on Sunday, I had a case of slight constipation. I felt a fullness in my lower belly which meant that I could go poopoo if I wanted to but my load did not seem to be in any particular hurry to get out. So at about 9:30 PM or so I went to the toilet to go poopoo. As I sat and grunted my bowels began to move but at some point along the way things slowed down and became stuck. The turd was at the point where it would not come out any farther. It was very hard and my anus really stretch and hurt. I had a fidget and shake my bottom around to really get this turd out. It eventually broke off at the midway point with the other half of my turd slipping back into my rectum where it remained.
About an hour later I took a shower before going to bed. While in the shower I slipped a soapy finger into my anus and worked it around some. Of course my finger smelled wonderful afterwards.
At about 6:00 PM on Monday, I had a very similar bowel movement which for me is both unusual and disappointing.
At about 9:30 PM I ate a small bowl of chocolate ice cream, which I love. At about an hour later I decided to take short walk before getting ready for bed. I was about five blocks from my home when the urge to go poopoo really hit was diareaha and it could not wait. It was as though all the liquid in my system chose to go to my bowels in a split second. I was about a 1/4 of a mile from my home but I really had no choice but to turn around. Pooping in my pants is something I enjoy greatly under the right circumstances but this was really not the time for it.
I would walk a few steps and then suddenly stop and hold myself in a most strange position as I clenched by cheeks together to keep from spraying myself with the contents of my colon. I had a stop and do this at least five times on my way home.
Well I did make it home without messing myself and the bowel movement I had was really something. I loved it. There was lots of brown water, soft wet poop and an occasional solid turd. It felt so good and it was so stinky.
I think I may be slightly lactose intolerant. This happens to me only occasionaly, after I eat ice cream, but not everytime.
I hope everyone is doing well.
Thank you.


Hey everyone. I finally pooped today (Friday) after not going since last Saturday. I just didn't have any immediate urge to go all week long until about Thursday night when a big turd finally started to make its way to my rectum. Ofcourse I didn't want to do it at home so I held it until the next day for school. Went into my usual stall during lunch and it started with a silent smelly fart. Then as I began to push this humongous turd out I began to make very quiet sqeaky farts as my hole was getting wider. I began to start grunting and this thing kept slowly making its way out. I put my head down and looked to see what was going on in the toilet. Didn't see anything coming out yet. I began to push harder and it started slowly and painfully moving again and it finally started making its way out and I could see it coming out and it was pretty big. I then broke it off and it made a loud splash into the toilet. I rested for a while and then began to push another turd out that wa! s a little softer and it came out much easier. Then I stopped and it was halfway out and I admired it and then started pushing as softer poop began making its way out. I then started making farts as the finishing product of my production plopped into the toilet. I looked in the bowl and saw 1 long log and 2 shorter turds. I then started to pee sitting down and after that I wiped 1 time and pulled my pants and underwear up and exited the stall leaving my mass production behind for someone else to see. Well I guess thats all for now.


A Male With Cerebral Palsy
Greetings In Christ! I Hope Eveyone Is Fine.

Ephermal: Thanks For Responding. I Like The Jewish Saying You Posted For Me. I'll Try To Remember It.

Buzzy: Thanks For Responding. I Love Your Dumps With The Guys At The Gymn. I Would Love To Buddy Dump With Young Guys. Please Share With Me Every Detail That You Can. I'm Looking Forward To Hearing Them. I'm Like You Though-i Love Ladies!

Adrian: Thanks For Your Response. I Appreciate Your Thoughtfulness. Pray For Me. I Know I Will Find A Wife In God's Time. Like You Said, I Must Be Patient.

I Had A Good Motion Last Night. I Only Needed One Enema. I Only Waited For A Couple Of Minutes, Then My Father Put Me On My Bedside Commode. I Passed Some Water And Some Soft Poop. I Then Passed Gas Loudly Several Times. I Then Had Two Episodes Of Adominal Pain With The Release Of Some Real Soft Poop. It Hit The Bowl Quitely. O It Felt So Good! I Love Passing Soft Poop. Afterwards, I Sat And Passed Some Water. I Thank God That I Had Such A Good Experience.

Lets Pray For One Another. God Bless Each Of You. Good Luck With Life! Remember To Pray And Praise God.

TO JANE-Man can you poop,honey.I would like for you and I to do a super dump out in the woods together.It was sort of like the poop i took at the gym yesterday-it was sort of like your dump!
TO CARMELITA-You and NU,man would I like to see you both do a good one as I poo along with you ladies-nice woods dump too and I like you can't wait for the summer to go outdoors cause I really enjoy it-good stuff!
Had a real nice dump at the gym yesterday a.m.I left right after I
posted yesterday and geot to the gym and worked out for about 30 mins and out of the blue,I had to dump pretty good,so dowmnstairs I went and got undressed and took my towel and I had to wait for a stall cause it was pretty busy with other guys dumping and you could hear all the ploping and farting and grunting going on as I was standing there and that just make my urge to poop stronger!I'm standing there and I'm talking to this guy I see every now and then and he's waiting for a stall too.I have my towel wrapped around me and he is jsut standing there totally naked with a newspaper and he grabs a stall first and just sits down without closing the door and opens the paper to read and just then another stall opens up and I go in and close the door(i'm not that brave to leave the door totally open,but I could see in the crack of the door cause he was across from me and i'm cleaning off the seat and I hear hime start to dump announcing it with a loud fart as I kinda glance ! across and see him sitting there spread legged on the bowl reading his paper and I could see the turds coming out cause he was sitting foreward and the light was coming in from the back and you could see pretty good and his poop was coming out like soft ice cream that just kept coming and coming.It was quite a dump this guy was doing as you could hear the crackling and ploping.So I sat down and blew a good fart of my own and I also had a newspaper and opened it up to read and sat spread legged cause I always do and sit back against the tank and as I'm reading the paper, my turds start to come out along with some small farts andf I looked over at this guy and he was looking over at me and trying to get a look at what was going on.The crack in my door was about 3/4 of an inch so,i'm sure he could see pretty good and since I saw him go,i didn't much care if he wanted to see me go too,so i continued to push out my BM which was 2 very long turds that came out slow at first and sp! ed up at the end and I think this guy saw the whole thing and as I'm pushing out the 2nd turd i looked over and he was starting to poop again and I could see pudding poop come out fast and I could see we were both looking at each other pooing and it was kinda cool then I could see he was hiding his privates and so was I for reasons I don't think I have to explain( i did not not to see that),but we just went about our business enjoying the moment and then he wiped and it seemed like he had a messy one cause he really had to wipe quite a bit.then he got up and left and waved and I pushed out some soft stuff and 2 wet farts and did some more squgglies and 1 skinny long turd that ended with a ripping fart and I took care of business and wiped and mine too was a bit messy and I took off right to the shower.I enjoyed that experience cause we both had a bonding moment where we both were enjoying seeing each other poop,but nothing else went on.I seem to be finding out that quite a ! few guys seem to enjoy the gym poop thing-why,i don't know-I con't put my finger on why,but it's enjoyable to go ther and poop along with other guys who i'm learning now seem to enjoy it too with no funny stuff going on-BTW I did a good dump too-just about filled up the bowl cause I skipped a day-it was great!BYE

Ring Stretcher
KIM and SCOTT: Wow you dump goddess! Over 4" thick?! How did you get that to fit out of your hole? Wasn't it painful? I know if mine were to get that thick my ring would tear. When you were in elementary did you have really big logs back then in the school restrooms? Any interesting stories from back then? Like your stories!

BRYIAN: McDonalds gives me upset stomachs! Sometines I'll have cramps for an hour before the liquid burn comes out. It's terrible. I'd rather get it over than wait an hour with cramps.

JANE: what a bunch of rude girls to say that! Bet their crap doesn't smell like roses either.

Last night I passed a bunch of balls that felt incredibly good coming out. I...moaned because it felt fantastic, like a sense of massive relief. They were shooting out of me like a machine gun.
Now, what I hate are the balls that make you have to go, but the urge never gets strong and you have to strain like mad to get them out and they don't provide any sense of relief.
Then there are the big softball balls. Take lots of work, and boy, can they stretch my hole open so wide my eyes are bugging out. Sometimes they feel like they are blasting another opening in me.

Coming home from work this evening I had perhaps the most displeasurable commute in months. (I just feel like getting this miserable experience off my chest.)

I missed my train, but that wasn't a big deal. I just sat down, pulled out a magazine and thought I'd spend my time wilding away the hour until the next train was due. I didn't get far into my literary explorations when I felt a good urge to relieve myself. Picking up my suitcase & coat, I walked into the men's room. I wasn't panicked or anything. In fact... I rather expected it. Earlier in the day I had a BM that, while not loose, had all characteristics of a coming bout of diarrhoea. It was that light yellow/brownish with that characteristic accompanying diarrhoea odour. The 5 or 6 stools of that earlier poop were the kind that would give you a 'snake' if you had enough to pass during the session. I always take a look at what I've passed before cleaning. It didn't seem particularly unusual so I was a bit surprised how messy the clean up was - five or 6 wipes to get clean to my satisfaction before pulling up my Y-fronts. With the task accomplished, I gave! it little more thought & went back to my office work.
Now sitting on the train station's lone men's toilet I thought to myself, 'Ok. I'll just get rid of what I didn't dump at work.' I passed a seeming duplicate of my earlier jobbie, wiped, washed up and left the gents. Everything was cool. Or so I thought...

Dozing for a bit, I was abruptly awoken 20 minutes before the train was due by one of those BAD diarrhoea cramps. The kind that just shouts, "GET THEE TO A TOILET, MORTAL! You're NOT going to like this!!"
Now a bit panicked, I looked down for my stuff and was about to make a quick dash the mere 10 feet to the toilet when another guy there waiting in the small station zipped in before I could pick up my suitcase!
"DAMN!!", was the first thing that came to mind. Then I naturally thought, "He's probably just go in to take a piss. It shouldn't take a minute or two." I sat down and IMpatiently waited until his expected re-appearance.

The two minutes passed. "Ok. He's just slow cleaning up." I thought.

Then five minutes... "All right... He isn't taking a piss, he's obviously taking a shit. It shouldn't be much longer.", is what I thought, now forcing myself to keep from bending over in discomfort.

After 10 minutes, still not guy... Through MUCH willpower I'm proud to say, I avoided doing one of those 'desperation' dances in the very public place. For the benefit of those other people waiting, I put on what I think was the very convincing 'slow & stern pace of a businessman anxiously waiting for the train because he's got big deal he's gotta close.'

My acting skills, great as they are, started to fail at the T minus 5 minute to train time mark. I was seriously thinking about banging on the door or (GASP!) going into the ladies toilet, vacant since I entered the station. I literally had my hand stretched out about to do the former when the toilet gods apparently took mercy on me. The despiration pains subsided (but by no means dissipated!) So somewhat astounded by this minor miracle I stopped my hand in mid air (without pounding the men's room door), turned around and proceeded down the hall to the track where the train was due any minute.

I spent the next bloody hour on the train alternately relaxing - to take my mind off the continuing urges, and then gritting my teeth - when one of the painful cramps made their presence felt. Neither worked very well, but they were effective enough to get me to my stop.

Unfortuantely, I already knew I wouldn't find any relief at my stop. The main area of my station closes for weekends, taking the bathroom facilities with it... (I can only wonder how many people that has screwed over the years.)

After catching my connecting bus, I finally made it home and for the first time since in a long time, I literally ran up the stairs, tore my coat off, sped into the bathroom and had to put EVERY OUNCE of remaining effort to keep my underwear unsoiled. No pretences here! I was jumping & dancing about like some desperate kid I'm sure you've seen in a thousand retail & grocery stores.
Even after my ordeal I didn't get much satisfaction. The shit that came out (as expected) was real diarrhoea. Alot of small chunks rather than a loose river of stools (i.e. the water didn't turn brown.) I spent a 1/2 hour on the toilet, bent over, enduring waves of cramps & passing relatively little crap to show for it.

Well... As I said, I mainly did this to get it off my chest but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!



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