On Sunday's mast, good enough resemblance to wonder it I know her. Canít be, but it would be nice. Maybe I could save the masthead to wallpaper and have it on when she comes over. Would it be an ice breaker or suicide???

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, I did an ill advised software install and it has taken till now to format and get back completely operational again.
As to your question on problems with the law; I was meaning law enforcement rather than the courts. Most anywhere your go when it comes to cops you have the good, bad, and indifferent. All it takes is for one that is over stressed and looking for a target on which to relieve some of it, to see you trying to walk home with a brown stain on the back of your pants and you are in for harassment. In the large city often taking your car is a huge hassle and so the bus is a better option. Fortunately, only rarely Iíd find myself where walking back home was a better option than trying to ride a bus, crowded or otherwise. Cops, like much of the rest of society seam to think that after a relatively young age accidents donít happen and therefore you must have done or be doing sometime that is detrimental to society. Iíve been threatened with being locked up for causing a public nuisance, for being a health hazard, and for mental evaluation. Iíve heard the comment, ĎYouíre ! SICK, you need helpí, on more than one occasion and not just cops. In so far as accidents at public facilities, if you are unable to get out without the problem being discovered it is universal that those that figure it out find you disgusting and management asks that you not return due to how you upset those around you. Just head down an alley and take care of business behind some dumpster? Ever been to a big city parade? Thousands of people, next to no facilities. I headed to do that a few years back when I noticed three cops around a guy in cuffs. They had just arrested him for urinating in public. I arrived just in time to hear them telling him that they were also charging him with indecent exposure, and since it was where children were in the vicinity it would be indecent exposure to a minor. Donít know what happened in court but, if it went against him he now has to register as a sexual offender. Still want to do it behind a dumpster? That was one of the tim! es I had a long walk home, six miles, with a lot of time to think about how living in the big city sucks. Finally, if someone knows of your problem and wishes to due you harm, it is not hard and the potential harm can really be scary. It happened to me about twenty years ago. Just enough truth mixed into some nasty fiction to make the detectives that came to my door think it was all gospel. Fortunately the story was easy to check out and was quickly determined to be false. However . . . Recently Iíve been trying to get employment that requires a background check, couldnít understand why an employer who had been real excited about having me become part of their te.m suddenly would not talk to me, would not return a call. I did some checking and found that way back in my records it says I was investigated for - - -, no charges due to lack of evidence, You have to pull the hard copies to show that the lack of evidence was that all evidence said it could not possibly h! ave happened, (a very public place, at least a few of the couple hundred people would have noticed something so outrageous happening in the middle of the group, a high school reunion). Now I have to got to court to get my record expunged so as to be able to work in the field I just spent five years in college training toward. Problems? Oh yeh!! And you never know what or when.
Iím, 48 and have had IBS problems since high school, accidents are not frequent but over the years the numbers become enough to cause problems. Usually I get home without anyone being the wiser. If someone does figure out what happened it is almost never a problem, especially in as that Iíll likely never see them again. It takes as many years as Iíve had this to end up in the handful of serious problems it has caused.
As for what you said about you maybe developing IBS, since it is a syndrome there is no definitive test to say you do or donít have it. A diagnoses is more a case of watching what your gut does over time and seeing if you fit the pattern. Most with IBS lean a toward the constipated for loose side but, move back and forth between them seldom, if ever, being regular. What you said about the accidents not being so much diarrhea as just very soft fits. I suspect that what ends up in my shorts is the same as the unformed pieces I see in the toilet. As for the IBS watch what you eat, maybe keep a diary, and pay attention to stress levels and maybe you can figure out what are the triggers that make you most vulnerable and avoid some of them.
You mentioned wearing briefs more frequently, by necessity Iíve been a briefs person for life. Years ago you used to be able to get briefs that had the full double back. Wish I could find those for the times that I know Iím at greater risk. Or better, if only GoreTex were available in fabric stores Iíd have a try at making my own with a layer of GoreTex as the middle layer. Years age I briefly, pun semi intended,
knew a girl that shared our problem and who made her own panties. Briefs with extra heavy cotton with a multi layer crotch that extended well up the back, with very good leg elastic as well as good waist elastic to reduce the tendency to sag. They didnít look like much, but were great for the intended function. Never leakage down the legs and rarely a soak through, even on a half hour car ride home.
Good luck with dealing with your developing problem. Hopefully you can get a handle on it to keep it minimal while at the same time figuring out how to keep the results of the bad times unknown to others. It is accurately said that likely anyone with IBS could use counseling. Not because weíre sick and need help, but because the reactions of others do have an effect on us over time. But, unless you can find one that has walked their mile in IBS shoes you likely wonít find someone who can help. Try and Internet search for 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome'. There are some good sites out there, a few are garbage. There is also an IBS support group, unmoderated, in the news groups that has a number of people who read and post that have IBS and advanced medical training.

Good luck,

LOUISE: Hi girl. Of course I glad you are giving it another try and are getting the hang of it. I would not have liked to recommend to you, you did not like at all. I am looking forward to some adventures that might develope from it. I mean, yes, thatís the aim, to use it through your zipper! Itís a strange feeling in the beginning. Cause as a girl you think " I Ďll get wet" when you feel your trousers are up and you let it run. Well, I did anyway... Itís such a cool suprise when it works for the first time with no leaks and the stream is just guided outside and shots against wherever you aim it without wetting your pussy and most importantly your pants! In the beginning I always placed some tissue underneath , to protect my undie from eventual leakage. Now I donít need it anymore. One thing I would like to add is to make sure the zipper is low enough. Sometimes it can push the end upwards and you have to work against gravity! LOL. After I overcame my first leakings,! I got so comfortable with it, aiming and moving my hips to let the stream dance around, I forget about it and tried to aim higher- and thatís the only no-no!LOL. Have fun any way you are going! I assume your Steve might prefer your finger method as there is more to see...but maybe, as I suggested before, you two could do some sword fighting or other fun. I would love to have somebody to cross streams with! I took up the occasional practise with the fingers again. Itís good to know that as well... Love from Ina

PV: Hi there. So did you try the Travelmate as well? I was just wondering from your reply to Louise...You know, regarding your thoughts about women being cleaner as men- one reason why I got my travelmate is, that I was fed up with sitting in other peopleís piss, I did not see. I always thought, when woman donít want to sit down properly and do their famous hanging over the bowl instead, cause they donít dare to stand up completely, why canít they put the seat up?? Cause that would be too manly, I guess. So they hang/squat over the seat and sprinkle everywhere. It bugs me so much we canít have a proper culture there. I should not get started, it just annoys me so much to have to deal with male cultured arrogance. On Saturday I was i n a cafe. One stall (!) for women, men and handicapped! One stall and three urinals in a seperate room!. I had to wait and bear a grin from some stupid male who passed for the urinals. It drove me so mad I did not dare to just go and stand ne! xt to him! Can you understand that? Love to you, Ina

CARMELITA: Cheers to you! I loved your stories. Great to see you getting back in the mood! My favourite was naturally the poop in the woods. I just would have loved to hear a bit about some weeing as well, thatís me. You girls and Jake are the shared house of my dreams! Itís great to hear about your fun. Keep it up, hot babe. Lots of love from Ina

Greetings and hugs to ROBBIE AND ANNIE (ok, sweeties?), MEGHAN AND SARAH, TIM AND SARAH AND RIZZO. Best wishes to all!

Hey Aaliyah fan:

Crimson Flame
An unusual way of trying to reduce bullying has been blocked by the Department for Education.
The head teacher at a secondary school in Stockport, Greater Manchester, believes he can tackle bullies by letting the boys and the girls use the same toilets.
But civil servants at the Department for Education have ruled that "the time is not right for the introduction of unisex toilets in our schools ".
John Peckham, head teacher at Bramhall High School, says his years of experience have led him to at least one certainty: most toilets in most secondary schools are disgusting.

He took me into the girls' in his own school, which involves walking through two doors, like an airlock.
Supervision problem
"The place has been vandalised, you can see that. There's graffiti on the walls," he points out.

John Peckham: "We're hung up in this country"
The first thing that strikes you is the smell of smoke.
"And it's very difficult for teachers to supervise it," Mr Peckham said.
"These days my colleagues are very reluctant to step behind two closed doors because if they were here alone with a student they open themselves to allegations of - whatever."
One boy told me that in the boys' toilets he had seen other boys forcing people to smoke, locking them in, putting their heads under the taps.
"There's people sat there kicking your doors in while you're on the toilet and it's just not nice," he said.
So with both teachers and pupils afraid to enter the toilets, John Peckham came up with a plan.
Moderating influence
So that his students could spend a penny in safety, he spent £35,000 on some brand new, modern toilets - so modern, in fact, that the boys are supposed to share them with the girls.
"Youngsters look on traditional toilets in schools as places where they can go and be 'gang-y' - sociable together," Mr Peckham said.
"Where you've got a mixed space there's not the opportunity to do that.
"The intention with this was for youngsters to come in, do their toilet business, and go. The boys and girls together would have a moderating influence."
But "moderation" might be the last thing on a teenagers' mind. John Peckham admits that, at first, some parents worried their youngsters might use the new toilets for having sex.
But the head teacher had thought of that. There are two video cameras at either end of the room.
What the students think
So are students ready for unisex toilets? Some are.
"I prefer these toilets than the old ones. These are nice and bright where the old ones were dead dull and boring and vandalised," said one student.
"Now there's cameras in here you can see if anyone is getting bullied so I think I would stop in here," said another.
Some are not - one girl worried about boys' hygiene standards. Another had had a bad experience in the past.
"I really, really don't like it. I went to go to the toilet once and then a group of lads walked in, you could hear them. And I just didn't go, I just walked out of the toilets," she said.
Breach of regulations
The controversy reached the Department for Education, which has ruled that the unisex toilets are technically illegal.
In a letter to John Peckham, the department said: "The time is not right for the introduction of unisex toilets in schools ... concerns have been raised on religious grounds ... also many children welcome privacy when using toilets and washing facilities."
John Peckham is not too pleased with the department's decision. He has told the officials that single sex toilets are still available in the school and all he wants is the chance to experiment with the mixed ones for six months.
He is waiting for a reply. "A situation like this would be very common in a French high school. Nobody would bat an eyelid," he said.
"We are very hung up about toilets in this country, I think."

Hi- Just discovered this site and am amazed at (and gratified by) the number of people who apparently share my fascination with peeing and (to a lesser extent) pooping, especially since I know of no one at all in my life who also does, including my wife of more than 30 years whom I love dearly and for whose protection I would gladly give my life, but.. she just sees these bodily functions as.... well, bodily functions, something you just have to tolerate like sweating.

I have been intrigued with women (and men, for that matter- I'm straight but peeing is peeing, you know?) urinating as long as I can remember but have just never had the nerve (or, more to the point, the willingness to ruin my reputation and my life) to risk arrest by actively persuing this interest outside of my marriage. I have tried to indicate to my wife my desires but it's obvious that she has no taste whatsoever for this- once or twice, when I asked her to let me watch her on the toilet or squatting in the woods during hikes, she reluctantly agreed, but it was clear that she found it distasteful so I didn't bring it up again.

So, it's very cool for me to read these messages, especially from the women here, and find myself nodding in agreement and smiling and wishing I had the freedom to indulge my interests like that, but hey- you accept what you're given in life and go with it; I really have no regrets, just a bit of envy-- and curiosity :)

Annie and Robby
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
Meghan had to flee back to school early. We have just gotten through talking to Sarah. Poor dear, she is still constipated and very embarrassed about it. We recalled an incident when Annie, Alan, Sue, and I were in Paris. We had just gotten out of the Moulin Rouge(woohoo)! Oh Robby, stop it!!!! Annie- Sue and I were bursting for a wee. We told the boys that we HAD to wee now or it was going to be in our trousers. We ran into an alley and ripped off our trousers and knickers. We were squatting and the guys just whipped out the willies. Suddenly two other couples rushed into the alley. They asked;"May we join you?" Sue was the only one that was fluent in french. As her wee cascaded down the street, she drawled;"Sure, here's a space". So there we were. 4 girls, 4 guys washing down the alleys of Paris. Sue thought it was a scream. Alan, of course, was embarrassed. It is a great memory. We went back to the hotel and had the night of our lives!!

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie! Robby- I don't talk about this site to Barbara unless she wants to. She is not mad or judgmental. She is very unsure about all of this. You can talk about anything you want to with us. Don't be embarrassed. Just be sure you put in some toidy things, too,LOL! Annie- I have decided to buy a travelmate. You intrigued all of us. I guess Sarah and Meghan told you that they are ordering too! The weeing will be better in the tube, I guess. Glad you are standing up more to wee. It is fun! Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx and a hug Annie and Robby

DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi there! We are sorry to hear that you are so messed up. We know from what the girls have said. School can mess anyone up. By-the-way, Robby was a substitute cantor for a Synagogue here in town for a couple of years. It was first a job and then a family experience. Now we celebrate all of the Christian and Jewish Holidays. We are hosting a Seder at our house for passover. We will have a story next time. Now, about your bowel troubles. Sarah has been constipated for 7 days. She doesn't want to take an enema. Her poos are like yours. Not much and then not any. It is stress. I told her that. I feel for you. Eat some fruits and grain. Maybe that will help. We will be thinking about you. Lots of Lovexxx from Annie and Robby

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi dears!! That is good that you are looking out for Ellen. We are sorry that Kendal's posts didn't get in. There was something that was taboo? KENDAL, did you have the wees on knees with Kirsty or Emily. Are we right? ANDREW, Sarah just assured us that the guy she was with was NOT her boyfriend. Now that can be deceiving. When we were kids, we would invite friends into the loo for a toidy jam! That is what Robby called it. Well, a loo jam! We tried to plug the toilet and we sometimes succeeded. Our parents were none too pleased. We will have a story for you next time! Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR ELLEN: Hi sweetheart! We just wanted to say hi and hope you are listening to the voices of experience in your brother Andrew and your cousin Kendal. Be careful in the toidy! Lots of Lovexxx and a hug from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR CARMALITA: Hi,you sweetheart!!! We are so pleased to have you back. The story of Nu coming in and looking at your poo was great. Did you think she would pass out,LOL? Your outside poo was a squatter's dream. Wish I could have been there. Take care and give our love to Jake, Nu, Pat and Renee.xxxxxxxx Robby and Annie

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: We are so sorry to read of Sarah's stomach problems. We hope you are better, Sarah. Annie-my sweet Alan died of a heart attack. I was so glad my children and especially Robby were there for me. I do think the death of our spouses brought us more together than we could have ever been otherwise. It was a brutal sacrifice. Standing up weeing should be taught to all females. It is so practical. I am buying a travelmate myself. The girls are too! We think alot of you!! Lots of Lovexx Annie and Robby

DEAR JANE: Hi girl! It seems that every time you are in the loo there are children or other adults making loud comments about your dumps,LOL! We think it is a scream. I know you don't though We really enjoy the stories!! Say hello to Gary for us! Lovexxx Robby and Annie

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Hey there!! Robby- I'm about to wipe Annie!! Just a sec. There! She had to go,LOL! This may be the first and last time,LOL! Annie- he was messing me up. Males don't know how to wipe!! Clumsy git,LOL!! Now, hope you all are doing ok. Just wondering, do you live near the Lake District? Sunday is mothering day in Britain so Annie is doing a standup wee for her mother. What is a scream is that her mother knows nothing about our toidy habits!!! Take care, you two!! Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie

DEAR PV: Annie- if I did the 3D or any other arial, it would be flowing out of ALL of my orafices!!!! Did you see the Queen or Bill Clinton when they were in Adelaide? Just wondering. We are going out to eat after this. We probably will have a doozy of a story next time!! Take care, Love ya!!! Annie and Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! When are you going on your business trip? Annie- my son is getting the boat ready for the season. We hope to come to Britain sometime and go sailing. Will let you know. Robby tried to wipe me just now and it was a dreadful display,haha! I did lay out a few logs and a trump for him, though. Now we are going to have chicken fried steaks. It will be an interesting night, I think!! Love to you and your wife! Annie and Robby

WE HAVE TO GO! SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy- enjoyed your story!! Will have one for you soon!! LindaGS-hi there!, Mere and MANDY, Kim and Scott, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Upstate Dave, Gopweller, Outhouse Scott, Aaron, Bryian, Adrian, Adele-hi!, Jeff A-where are you?, Muggs, Buzzy, Erin, Noel, DianeNY, Amy(coed), Punk Rock Girl, Diva, Marianne, Althea, Alana, Elena, Mindy, Kathryn, Amazon, Melanie, Sarsen, Ring Stretcher, Eleanor-please stay, Gruntly Bogwell- hi there!, Fat Woman, Nicole, jim, Uncle Allen, Gina, Ellie and Little Lou-how are you! and all of the other wonderful posters here!!!



Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toilet Friends!

Today and yesterday I had great BMs. The ones I like with a LOT of pushing and grunting to get it atarted, then a series of loud splashing firm medium size plops at intervals, and feeling relieved and proud of what I've done.
I used the public toilet yesterday and just wish I'd had an audience for all my grunts and plops! When I go like that, I really feel I'm living up to my name, and that I can shit with the rest of you and feel I belong!
I accept I must be constipated to an extent, but if I'm enjoying it, not suffering, am relieved after, the turds look healthy and well-formed, and I've got a relatively clean arse after; then I call that healthy shitting!

MARK B. Great to hear about your big solid turds and their splashes as you hovered over your toilet. Glad you have a traditional toilet pan to use. The number of public toilets with the older type of pan is, unfortunately declining, but there must be lots of good ones still in use. Does yours have a maker's name inside? Years ago I saw lots of older toilets with various names printed at the top inside.

ADRIAN, you ask about men having a shit without weeing at the same time. Quite often, I have a "dry" shit. I sometimes have a wee standing up and realise I might need a shit later, and so when I sit on to shit, I'm likely to have an empty bladder.
I would think the chances of me having a dry shit or one with a wee are equal, but as I probably wee about 6 to 8 times a day, it all depends on timing.

LAWN DOGS KID, Flattered you told Ellen "all about me" regarding my enjoyment of splashback, but I'm not unique, just very keen!
My friend who enjoys the experience as much as I do describes it as "kissing his arsehole goodbye"!

With that, I will wish you all goodbye, until next time. P. Plop Guy

Hi to all fans of the Toilet!
Some answering posts.

MEGHAN, dear, that must have been a sight to see, your mum and Sarah hanging their bums over the side of Annieís boat to pee on jellyfish! And I am not surprised that Sari was not too amused when her boyfriend walked in on you and got a chance to admire you dropping jobbies into the loo pan!
I hope your dad is soon better; the stomach virus seems to have launched a world wide attack. So far my wife and I have been spared. I wish you allthe best, love from Rizzo.

Dear ROBBY, I hope that you have vanquished that stomach bug and that you can move out of the toilet again! Love to you from Rizzo

AMAZON, dear, what an awful childhood Ė toiletwise Ė you had to endure! Anyway, itís over, and now you can enjoy relieving yourself like most of us here. Good stories of yours, too. Cheers!

JASON, hey man, you are fast becoming a classic poop poster! Wow, you are one lucky guy!

JUNE, I bet your dog found it interesting to witness some more pronounced smells from its mistress! Would you believe it, that I felt embarrassed when our dog saw me on the toilet? I had left the door ajar, and normally the dog stays outside, but this time my poo must have smelled different, enticing maybe, from a dogs point of view, and it just walked right in, twitching its nose in a most provocative manner. I felt embarrassed at first; then told myself not to be an idiot and shooed the dog out. It gave me one of those looks. But I really liked your story, please share more with us! Cheers to you from Rizzo

LAWN DOGS KID, Iím sorry I was a bit too technical and with a bit too much exaggeration (the groans and moans and the running comment on the progress of a poo) in my post to Ellen. I will try again and write simpler things. You see, I have never before written to a five year old, and about this topic to boot! I tried to remember how my sister and I were in pre-school days, that is, when I was about six (I only started going to school at six and a half) and she was four years old. We could both read well and also write a little and do simple sums at that age. My sister learned to read together with me (mum taught us) because she did not want to be left out. I soon became a lazy reader when she started to read fairy tales out loud to me! Going to the bathroom played a very important part in our lives, and we made up hilarious stories to each other, about pompous adults we knew having attacks of explosive diarrhoea, letting off loud trumps at the most inopportune moments an! d such like; producing in us uncontrollable fits of giggles to the annoyance of our parents, who, of course, did not know what was going on. As no comics - not even Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck - were allowed, we began to draw our own with very toilety stories, of course. I clearly remember colouring an enourmous pile of turds with brown crayon by torch-light under the bedclothes at what must have been two oíclock in the morning, when our giggles woke our parents in their bedroom across the landing. We were in BIG trouble because of the untimely hour. It did not stop us in any way, except that we kept such activities to daylight hours from then on. I will therefore try to write more readable posts to Ellen, the objective being an incentive for her to read, and of course for her to have the thrill of receiving posts from someone ďout thereĒ. When I was her age, I remember a recurring nightmare in which I saw my mother moving away from me into a sort of cloudy background, look! ing over her shoulder, smiling and waving me good-bye, and then disappear, to what I instinctively knew was to be for ever. I do not know how Ellen feels, but I can imagine that it is such a nightmare come true. Anyway, I always considered you to be a sort of excecutive force of mine Ė at your discretion Ė when it came to taking care of Kendal and now Ellen as well. I have no doubts that you will carefully and wisely decide what Kendal and now Ellen are allowed to see or to read. So hereís a manly and non-prickly hug to you from Rizzo!

ELLEN, dear, Andrew told me that you like stories about loud trumps. So here is one.
It was a long time ago. I was working in a large room. In front of me was a long table. It was covered with boxes with dials and black and red cables. A box like a TV-set showed green wavey lines on the screen. On the table was a key-board like that of a piano. It was part of an electric organ (Andrew, explain please). I was testing it to see if it worked well. Behind me in the same room were two or three other people. I quite forgot about them. Because I had had beans for dinner, my ???? was rumbling. Suddenly a very loud trump could be heard. It was a long one too. It had come from my bottom! Somebody called out: ďIs that the organ playing?Ē Everybody laughed. The back of my neck began to feel hot. It must have gone bright red! From then on I was called ďThe Organ PlayerĒ.
Love to you from Uncle Rizzo

KENDAL, dear on-line niece, a pity that your wee-on-knees using the garden wall as a prop was not posted, but with your excellent style of writing details of such an incident you possibly out-did yourself, and I can just imagine the moderators pressing the delete button. O well, letís leave it to the imagination, and thatís enough to make me laugh! Poor Kate! Iím sorry this post is a bit short, but you can read the story I wrote for Ellen. For you I would have written it somewhat differently, a bit more elaborate and I would have tried to make it sound more funny, even if my writing skills for juicy details fall a bit short of yours. You see, there was more to it than the remark about the organ suddenly playing when I released that noisy trump. Because I was investigating the MTBF of the electro-mechanic circuits, technically the Mean Time Between Failures, this was immediately and in my case changed to Mean Time Between Farts! I was the laughing stock for quite a while! in that laboratory. If you have read Lindaís essay about flatulence, you will know that humans fart 14 times a day on average. That gives you one trump about every hour and forty-three minutes, if they were evenly spaced; i.e. that would be the MTBF. Clear as mud? So hereís my hug of the week to sweep you right off your feet, and no stubbles to scratch you in any way. Love to you from your Uncle Rizzo

PUNK ROCK GIRL, once someone I knew made a juicy farting noise with his mouth into the mike of a sampler. The resulting music he produced sounded gross! But we laughed our heads off when later he suddenly switched to ďfartsĒ when a girl came in, and then played a long low note! Cheers, from Rizzo

Dear TIM and dear SARAH, no, at this time of the year the weather is not good for boating. In fact, it has been downright dangerous in some places these last weeks. I will be traveling by car, which is not much less dangerous, but more comfortable, and I can reach the places I wish to visit; these being far inland. Of course I would not mind having a few beers with you and thereafter adding a little nitrogen fertilizer in liquid form to Sarahís roses! It would keep their roots warm for a little while too! A sort of anti-frost treatment! But I have heard that it has been quite warm. What a pity, I wanted to go up into the Alps for a bit of skiing for a day or two. To take a good look at yellow spots in the snow and deduce from the shape of these if they had been created from someone standing or squatting! I would not recommend squatting to pee when wearing a snow suit; it could result in an unpleasantly cold bottom. Thatís when Inaís device comes in handy.
Itís good to read that your motions are pleasurable and firm, Tim. And of course Sarah is jealous of your sister. With me it was the other way round; my sister, with whom I had been very close when it came to going to the bathroom, was jealous of my wife, because she and I were, and still are, very much in love.
If you have realised that Sarah does not feel comfortable when you and your sister play their old roles, then I believe you two will be ok. It does not mean that Sarah will have to force herself in any way to suddenly like bathroom activities. You, Tim love her as she was when you met her, and if she is just a little less uptight about bathroom matters now, then that can only make you both happier. So, I wish you two the best of harmony, love from Rizzo.

Hi INA, you know, I have often pooed into the sea, but the poo did a little detour through the drains before reaching the sea. Once I pooed directly into the sea, but my bum was three feet above water, and that is a story I will save up for a later date! Yes, I know, you neednít be exasperated, you meant pooing directly into and under the surface of the water. Yes I have done that when I was a little boy. A friend started it. He stood in the water which reached to his belly button, and suddenly one, then two jobbies floated up behind his back. I followed his example. It was in one of the larger lakes of the Alps, the water was 25 degrees (centigrade; that equals 77 degrees F). and shallow in that place in front of private property. We were the only ones in the water far and wide, so no harm was done to anyone. I pulled my swimming trunks down to mid thigh below the surface of the water, and pushed. It felt really good, especially that no wiping was needed!
By the way, I enjoyed imagining you standing between the two vans, pishing away! Great! Love to you from Rizzo

Hellos to PV, Carmalita and her extended family, to Annie, Jane, Jeff A., Louise and her Steve, Rjogger and Kathy, and to all those who I fail to mention, from Rizzo

kim and scott
greetings all!

TO UNKNOWN POSTER-hello. I liked your story of you coming in on your housekeeper like that! good story!
TO PV-hello my gorgeous redheaded friend from down under. how goes things?and yes my logs do tend to get ridiculously large but my boyfriend aint complaining!haha.and even though I have a large toilet with a powerful poor toilet still has a hell of a difficult time swallowing my spectacular logs must be murder on the pipes too when they go through!Im telling you girl!!! be well dear.
TO BRYIAN-hello sweetie!. only once in a blue moon I have dierrhea.I usually have huge,thick,solid,long logs.scotts logs tend to come out big and solid too.I have a few cheerleader friends whos ???? get messed up when eating fast food but I usually dont. about my cheerleader friends. a few of them shit huge too!(not as huge as I do but huge)I even posted a story about a cheerleader friend who dumped huge in my house and forgot to flush. and I saw her spectacular log in the bowl and I buddy dumped my own even bigger log on top of hers!I tell you some of these sexy cheerleader friends of mine can really shit HUGE it may surprise you honey! be well.
TO LOUISE-hello dear.thats nice that steve buys you HOT things like that!you must stop teasing scott and a few of the other special men on your little list with talking about this stuff and letting them watch you on the bowl! your driving scott crazy here girl!haha.scott and I actually order swimwear through catalogues we get through the out comes kimmie and scott!by the way tell steve I like to wear thongs too! and I hope to be included in your thongholics united.haha. so long my friend!love,kimmie and scott

Meghan(and Sarah S)
Hi Friends,
I am back and dreadfully tired. We are gearing up for midterms and it hasn't been much fun. Our bowel functions have been out of whack. Sari is constipated again. I had the runs last night. I guess it is something I ate. Sarah is just about at the end of her rope. Well, we'll survive.

KENDAL and LAWN DOGS KID: Hi there! With Sari constipated and me having the shits it has been an adventure in the toidy. She comes in and sits down. I hear her grunting like a rhinocerous. Then I have to poo bad and run in. She gets off the bowl and I explode with a gusher. She smells it and runs!! This morning she was on the toidy and I ran in. She didn't get up so I had to hang my bottom over the tub and poo in there. It wasn't good. It stunk like hell! Sari still can't poo. She is getting desperate. She is going out to get ex-lax or something. ANDREW: Don't worry, I didn't invite that git(I love that word) to watch my wee or poo. I would have kicked his bottom if I could have. YOU, I invite in. I trust you. You don't have to feel jealous,hehe! Sari and I didn't have words. We never have had arguments over boyfriends. Anyway, she claims he is not her boyfriend. KENDAL: That knees wees was good. We are sorry you didn't get your posts in. We miss your stories. We feel so! rry about Kate's weeing her trousers. You did right in making her laugh. Well, Sari sends her unabashed love and will be back soon.
Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx Cousins Meghan and Sarah

ELLEN: Hi sweetheart! Did you do the knees wees? We haven't had the time to practice. You were right in telling off Andrew for falling asleep,haha! When I have a daughter I want one just like you. Lots of Lovexxxxxx Meghan and Sarah

INA: Hi sweetie!! We want to tell you that if you have a burden you want to tell us please go ahead. I know what Rizzo was trying to say but we are here to support each other, too. We have decided to buy the travel mates. We have told Dad and Annie. They are in agreement. It takes an hour to drive to Dad's house from school so if there is a wee emergency then we will have the equipment. Sari and I don't have arguments over boyfriends. They aren't worth it. Do you have a boyfriends? Hope you are doing ok. We wouldn't be embarrassed to have you join us in the toidy! We enjoy you so much! Lots of Lovexxxx and a hug!!! Meghan and Sarah

TIM AND SARAH: We want to say thank you for your note. We can tell you that Annie's husband, Alan died suddenly of a heart attack. Our mother's death(Sue) was of cancer. We do remember them everyday. We hope you are feeling better, Tim. Sarah, you are right in not allowing your children to access this forum. They have to be monitored if they do. We think you are jewels. Lots of Love, Meghan and Sarah S

EPHERMAL: Hi gal!! We know exactly what you are going through. Our midterms are in two weeks. I have midterm paper due on Wednesday. As we stated before, Sarah is constipated and I have the runs. We don't sleep well, either. Hang in there and good luck, dear!! Lots of Lovexx from Meghan and Sarah.

CARMALITA: Hi dear!! That squat in the outdoors was outstanding. We could hear the thud!! Also Nu's makeup dump was excellent. We are exhausted but fine. Dad and Annie will post tomorrow. Love ya lots!!! Meghan and Sarah

RIZZO, PV, LOUISE, and STEVE: I have to group you together because I have felt an urge to shit and I really am fighting it off right now. We love you all and are buying the travelmate kit. We will let you know! Got to go now!!!!!!!



Sunday, March 03, 2002

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