It seems I invariably have a restroom adventure every other time I go to the doctor's or dentist's office, and yesterday was no exception. I had an afternoon appointment at the dentist's office and was building an urge to poop throughout the visit. Toward the end my stomach began to hurt, and I dashed to the ladies room as soon as I checked out of the dentist's office.

As I entered, I saw a woman and her teenage daughter washing their hands and another daughter emerging from a stall. I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and white panties and sat. I pushed out long thick pieces of soft poop at a rapid pace. Soon the toilet was filled and a strong poop smell emerged, and I flushed the toilet while seated. The three were still there and were drying their hands. I continued to push out pieces of soft poop at a rapid pace, now becoming more like globs. Soon the toilet was filled up again, and I flushed the toilet while seated as the three were exiting and I overheard one of the girls say to her sister that I was taking a nasty dump. I continued to push out piece after piece of soft poop with no let up in sight. Soon I had to flush the toilet while seated. My stomach continued to hurt, and I kept pushing out long thick pieces of soft poop. Then I heard someone come into the ladies room. In fact, the! re were two people. One of them said, "I think I left my glasses in here," and I figured that it was the same girls that were here a minute ago. She found her glasses near the sinks, and the other girl said, "It stinks in here." Suddenly they became quiet, as if they were trying to overhear the plopping sounds I was making. I tried to stop but was unable to. Soon the toilet was filled, so I flushed the toilet while seated. One of the girls said, "Man, that must be a massive crap she's taking," as they left. I pushed out a few pieces, then was done for the moment. My stomach was still unsettled, so I sat for a couple of minutes. It seemed to settle after that. Finally, once I was sure I was done, I started wiping. I flushed a final time and left my usual poop stains and lingering poop smell. I felt a little better after that.

Hi to everyone here.

Lacey: One or the other. You can't have both. It is dangerous.

I am still on my detoxification regimen. I am juicing fruits, vegetables and herbs. I will let you know the end results.

Darius: I do not think I would like those low-squat toilets and throwing used toilet paper in the bin. It would smell and breed wildlife.

Tim and Sarah, saw your note of concern and I thought I'd just drop a note to everyone saying I'm okay. I'm really busy with school and the play I'm in and a bunch of other things so I haven't had time to read or write much.

Of course with my oversensitive system the stress and craziness doesn't help things. Oh, in celebration of Purim this week I had a few drinks (and I'm one who rarely drinks and if I do usually only 1 drink, not a few) so Wednesday I wasn't feeling great (headache and just didn't feel right in the stomach). I kept feeling like I had to poop really badly and when I went to the toilet, I peed, but couldn't poop which was really strange as I hadn't felt the need to pee. Anyway, I ended up pooping 2 times but very small. The first was 2 lumpy and difficult balls just under the size of baseballs. The second time were 3 smooth 3-inch by .5 inch banana shaped that were a slightly lighter color. Before going to bed tonight I felt like I had to go, but nothing would come out at all, so I gave up. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a nice big one as it's been very slow lately, and I have been eating.

Louise and PV--when I was home last week, I went to shower at 1 am one night and before I turned the water on I crouched down and just let 'er rip. It was really funny to see the yellow river on the blue tub. Haven't had much of a chance to practice peeing standing up. I've just been so tired that I'll just let it go straight down rather than trying to go forward.

Meghan and Sarah--glad all is well with you. Things are just very busy right now with midterms and all. Nothing is on a regular schedule except for the rush of classes et al. I'm not sleeping real well and I'm just trying to keep things together. Good luck with all of your studies too. Send my love to Annie and Robby.

Hello to Jane who is always so sweet in saying hello to me.

To Male w/ CP, There is a special blessing that religious Jews say upon relieving themselves (either defecation or urination). it translates to: "Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the Universe who fashioned man with wisdom and created within him many openings and cavities. It is obvious and known before your Throne of Glory that if but one of them were to be ruptured or but one of them were to be blocked it would be impossible to survive and to stand before you. Blessed are you G-d who heals all flesh and acts wondrously."
Basically the theory is only 2 things are perfect: the creation of the world and the creation of the human body. The theory is very interesting and reassuring.

I really ought to get to bed now.

I remember that episiod of Sabrina.She farted in class I believe and was really embarrassed and then turned red and couldn't get it to go away until she confronted her embarrassment.I think she did that by using various spells on others to make them embarrassed.I think that's what happened I forget that was a really old episiod.THere was also one where she became a boy and I think she farted or maybe it was belching I'm not sure.She started turning back into a girl and ran into the ladies room but was still half guy for a few minutes.

Also I have a question for everyone.Does anyone here get what's known as pee shivers?I read it on a survey and they said about 1/3 of all people get it.It's more common with men than women.I get it all the time.It's weird.Pee shivers is when your peeing and you like get the chills or shake.Some describe it as a sexual feeling but I don't see it that way.I know alot of people view going to the bathroom as a sexual thing even though I don't really feel it is though I can see why some people view it that way since you use the same organs to pee as you do to have sex.Anyway does anyone here get this or know what causes it?

To the unnamed poster: About your dad having heartburn and having to use the bathroom...i thought that was a funy story! When you started laughing your dad didn't know it was you? and when you went in there did you have an urge to old are you and i take it you are a male?

To kim and scott: I liked your story! I thought about you guys the other day when i passed a huge back if you haven't seen it yet. surprised you didn't have a softer/looser dump after eating McDonalds. McDonalds messes me up i think it gives me diahreaha and softer dumps i don't like eating there....breakfast is ok. Do u ever have this?

Well i gotta go bye

Aaliyah fan
My dad recently flushed a dead mouse down the toilet.

How many of you have done the same thing or flushed something else down the toilet besides TP and poop?

Very sexy honey in the pic up top! She's very hot! I'll be she's slipping some easy turds.
RIZZO: Oh my, how sweet of you to remember my brother! Yes, Cruzito es muy bien, gracias. You are the most wonderful man and I love you! And while you ask, my youngest sister Rosa Luisa, my other sister Maria are fine too and soon to visit again. Nu is very excited about that, because like me, they take a fancy to people pooping and peeing. And that Luisa? Oooh, caliente!
RJOGGER: We're okay here my beautiful friend. How's Kathy? What did we miss, is she okay? The girls say hi. Hmmm. You've somehow attracted Nu's interest. You go, dude!
JANE: Hi hon, I sure have missed you. That little restroom fun with those girls made me wish I could share a ladies with you. Those poor girls and that lunch they ate! My, my. Was the place stinkin'?
SARAH S. AND MEGHAN: I've missed you all too. How are you keeping? How's Robby and Annie?
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Oh, how wonderful to see you again! The beautiful playwright of the poop scene has entered my heart once more! Mmmm kisses to you!
AUSTIN: Wow! What a nice message.
HI INA! Kisses to you, hon.

I was in the restroom at a mall yesterday and I heard a woman enter the stall next to me. When she sat there were a few moments of nothing and then some distinct crackling and a really loud PLOP! Then came a big wave of more plops, maybe five or six. No pee, no grunts that I could hear. I waited a few seconds, anohter big wave. Anyway, this went on for about 5 minutes! She just kept dropping turd after turd! There was no end! I didn't really smell anything, so it must not have stunk very bad. I wiped, and as I did I heard another round of poop hitting the water. Nice, solid, chunky stuff. As I washed up at the sink I noticed her finishing so I just had to wait and see who she was. When she came out, it was this petite asian gal maybe 20 years old and very cute. Damn what a load she did! I'd have loved to have seen it!

And speaking of cute asian gals, Nu followed me into the bathroom the other day knowing that I had to do a big one. I'd been holding it all day and it was a good build up. I was wearing beige cords and a black turtleneck sweater. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and sat down on the pot. Nu said "Let me know when you're going to shit, I wanna hear it." I said "It's coming right now." Then a nice, long and soft log came out, slow at first, then really fast and "FFFFlopp!" Two more healthy sausages followed. Man, it felt good to get all that used mexican food out of me. My poop made a squishing sound more than a crackling sound because it was soft. Nu cupped her nose with her hands and said "Sorry Malita, but it stinks." "Yeah," I replied "my soft ones usually do." I still had some shit up inside of me, so I leaned forward and played with the stretch band of my panties for a few seconds. I could see that Nu was getting pretty excited. I closed my eyes in conce! ntration, puffed a few grunts of effort but all I got was a slow zipper fart. Nu giggled and said "I like your butt music." She uncupped her nose, knelt down in front of me and deliberately started inhaling softly. I smiled and said "are you crazy hon?" She smiled softly and said "I like your perfume once I get used to it." I grunted and said "Good, because here comes more turds," and plopped three more. I spread my legs for her so she could look into the bowl. Yuckies! Stinky poopies. Then, Nu got the idea that she wanted to make me over right then and there, and grabbed her makeup bag. She did a real good job. She accented my eyes just a shade darker than my skin tone using a crimson shade, and painted my lips a deep gloss plum. I have to admit that when she finished and handed me the mirror, I was impressed. "Is that really me?" I asked. Never before have I ever had such a professional makeover while sitting on a toilet that was full of my own shit! Nu said she wanted to ! wipe my ass and did a real thorough job too.

Yesterday, me and Nu were out for a nice woodland walk by the river. It was gorgeous here yesterday! Sunny and warm. I knew I had to take a big shit and saved it for the outdoors because I love pooping outside. I can't wait for summer again! I came to this clearing near the river bank surrounded by cedars, alders and cottonwoods. Naked branches clicking together in the gentle February breezes, blue skies with white puffs of clouds and the wonderful scent of evergreens all around was all too beautiful. I knew I couldn't hold my load any longer and asked Nu to keep lookout for me. I pulled my jeans down and squatted in the yellow straw grass near a couple of boulders. The wind blew my hair across my face, my skin, as brown as the earth tufted with a black stripe of pubic hair felt the warmth of the sun while I grunted. My face contorted, I could feel it as I pushed and strained. It was a damned stubborn turd, huge and hurting my little butthole. When it poked out and began! inching, Nu said "Jeez Carmalita, what an elephant turd!" and started to laugh. It came out slowly. I grunted, feeling my face turning different colors from the strain. Nu said I looked like I was being tortured. Halfway out it stretched me bad, then got softer and softer and came out into big coil in the grass. "Oaannnhhhh...." I can't tell how big it was, but it was huge. Nu was kind enough to pull out a few pieces of dried grass and twigs that got stuck in my sticky crevice. My turd was definitely a masterpeice though. Nu got excited, then yanked her own pants down, squatted bent over (mostly standing) and squeezed out about 6 peices of gooey poop. Boy, I could smell her shit on the afternoon breeze! Ripe! That little asian's been eating lots of fruit again. We got ourselves cleaned up, zipped up and ready to finish our walk.

Hope you liked those stories. The one of me on the toilet and Nu putting on makeup was one of her favorite experiences and hasn't quit talking about it. She said she now likes the smell of my poop. She loves the smell of Jake's poop and often asks to accompany him to the toilet. She knows I don't mind. Nu is just too cute!
Adios mis amigos!

Hi all my friends! My new e-mail is The other day I caused Tyler to wet his shirt! yes funny as it sounds when I was changing his pull-up I forget to point his little dinky south and his shirt became soaked what a mess

Lacey: I have never tried that but I bet it would be good I love enema's sometimes if you get the runs in public it isn't always great

I was wondering if girls ever fart while they poop, and if this is common(do most girls do this?) If so, do girls ever feel embarrassed about the noises they make when they're in a public restroom, for instance?
I was also wondering how many times a day most girls poop, and how long it takes them to finish each time.

Hi Toilet Friends
I felt a big poo coming on just now, so went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, but instead of just sitting on the toilet wanted more of a thrill so I just stood in front of it leaning back a bit and let go. I pushed out a big solid turd which dropped and hit the water making a huge splash, water splashed out of the toilet down the backs of both my legs.
Then another turd, not so big but made another splash, then I sat down to pee thinking my poo was done, but while I was peeing another turd slipped out.
Because its an older toilet it has plenty of water in it and you can make big splashes but I don't remember when it splashed both my legs like this!
The modern toilets which they make here (in the UK) have much less water in them so its harder to make a good splash, but easier to block them.

Mark B

Mornin' all-some great stuff here to read
TO ANDRE-About the lap top thing-I've done it a few times on this forum-check older posts-it's fun-wish I had my own laptop cause i'd do it more often!-sounds like you had a good feelin' dump too!
TO JUNE-Nice dump honey with your dog in the woods.Sounds like you really enjoyed it-i love pooing in the woods-good stuff!
To P.P.G-a lot of times my home toilet doesn't fill up all the way and sometimes I get some splashback,but at the gym the water is higher and closer to my butt and splashback is really never an issue there cause my turds just slide out my anus right into the water with hardly a sound at the gym.As far as the pot to the toilet metamorphis,I don't really remember the actual moment it happened1
TO DA G MAN-To answer your question-I excrete feces just about every day about 30 mins after I get up in the morning-sometimes this time of year,i'll skip a day here and there,but in the summer I dump sometime 2-3 times a day.I have a queation 4-U-What the heck is URL?
TO DARIUS-Nice story with you and the 2 other guys in the squat toilet-I'd like to try one of those type of toilets-sounds like fun!
TO MAN WITH CEREBRAL PALSY-I agree with you about the male bonding thing when I poop along with other guys at the gym.I'm heterosexual,but I really do enjoy sitting down on the bowl at the gym along with a few other guys and doing a good dump ,as I can hear other guys doing the same thing and that to me is a let of fun to do and that's as far as it goes and I also enjoy reading about it too on this forum,but I still enjoy the ladies stories the best,but I'll post to you about my own stories at the gym as they happen and I hope you enjoy them!Speaking of the gym,i'm going to head over ther now to do my routines and I haven't dumped yet,so maybe i'll unload at the gym.Didn't poop at all yesterday,so i'm sure I'll go today sometime.I feel a bit full,but no urge to poop yet.I'm sure after all the exercise,i'll have to go pretty good-exercising always brings on the poop urge alot! I'm off BYE

Today, when i walked home from school, i came into our driveway and glanced into the window. I saw our housecleaning lady cleaning the house, NAKED. She was cleaning the cupboards and the floor. I walked into the house with minimal noise. I saw her pile of clothes by the corner. I thought, to not embarass her to much, i would get naked too, and pretend to be naturist. So i did. I tiptoed to my room and got naked. Then i went to where the cleaning lady was, in the bathroom. I opened the door and saw her squatting on the floor, pushing out turds. She had toilet paper layed down and a big puddle of pee surrounding her feet. The puddle was still getting bigger. She was peeing a huge stream and had one turd out of her bumhole and one on the ground.
As soon as i came walking in she screamed and fell backwards on her bum in her poop an pee. I acted normal and said Hi. I walked by her and sat on the toilet and started peeing. I asked her, why dont you go to the bathroom on the toilet?. She didnt say anyhting. She sat in her poop until i got off the toilet. Then she picked up her poop and lay it in my pee in the toilet. When she got up her whole bum and vagina was covered in poop and her pubic hair was soaked in pee. She asked me when my parents were coming home. I said not for a long time. Then i got a lot of toilet paper and soaked up her pee. She went into the shower to clean herself. While she was showering, she squatted again and peed the rest of her stream. I dried my feet and went to watch tv. Once she was clean, she came and asked if we were always naturists. I said yes, so she said that she would stay naked to. I liked this experience because it was interesting to see a person of the opposite sex do their busi! ness.

Hey I hope this letter is a bit more easy to read. I like it when
people can see when I have written to them.

INA - Hi girl! Your letter got a bit chopped off at the start but I knew it was yours. I think I got it wrong when I first used the travelmate because I thought I would make a mess of it, so without thinking I pulled it away a bit and got that explosion happening. I tried it again when I was in the bath in my hotel room yesterday and I told myself that I will not pull the thing away from my puss no matter what happens. Hey guess what, I got it to just work! I weed a big fountain through the travelmate and not a drop fell out from
the other end. I think you are right it needs a bit of practice to do it well. I will practice with it more so I can have confidence I will get it right every time. Then it is the big one you know, using it through the zipper of my jeans! I find it hard to wee through the zipper of my jeans just using my fingers to aim, my jeans get too wet around the crotch every time.
Hey I liked your story about when you weed in the street with the thing. It made me laugh.
Oh and my Steve can accept me as an equal then because I can stand next to him and pee against walls! I know he does anyway.
Hey I will keep you up to date with what I do with the travelmate. Thank you very much for all the great advice as well. You know I think I unconsciously thought it would not work too well but when I got determined to make it work I did so much better.
I bet Steve will like seeing me do it with the travelmate. LOL
Love Louise x

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! Hey it is a long time since you have written to me. I hope you have been reading all my stories because I have been keeping you in my virtual audiences you know, because I thought maybe you would like that.
Hey it is good Kendal and Emily will teach Ellen how to wee standing. I was 9 when my mum taught me and my sister was 5 then. Hey be careful you tell Ellen that it might be that grown ups will not always like her standing to wee, but I know Kendal had a bad experience when her mum found her weeing standing up in the shower. Kendal is very sensible so I know she will know how to say that to Ellen.
It is not like I always stand to wee myself is it, sometimes I hover over the toilet or a lot of the time I squat if I have to wee outside, so there are some times when standing is not the right thing to do. I bet my boss would have given me very funny looks if I weed standing instead of squatting when we went in an alley after we had been drinking. LOL
Hey it is a bit of a shame we do not live in Devon because my sister just can not seem to get a proper boyfriend at all. She is nearly 25 and of course she is not my twin but really she looks like she is. She looks just like me but she is just a bit shorter. She just gets approached by the types she does not want, and I think guys she wants just get too nervy to talk to her.
She can wee standing as well. Hey do you think you would be interested? giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

AMAZON - Hey sorry you got so much trouble when you were a little girl. I think that is a bit terrible really. Now you can just stand and go can't you? It is like 'if they could just see me now'. Yeah, I understand that.

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hey I liked the story about Sarah's boyfriend. It makes your heart go thump when you get seen on the toilet doesn't it?

PV - Hi girl! Hey it is funny how something somebody says can make you remember isn't it? So that old fashioned female urinal, was it a thing women used lying flat on their backs? It sounds like it how you have described it.
Oh yeah I bet we stand the same in the shower. Steve likes me standing for a wee like that. I bet you know how I can tell! When he comes home today I think I will do that to give him a treat. I have not seen him since Sunday and I feel deprived! I can not wait to get him in my clutches. giggle
Hey having unisex childrens toilets in some parts of the world is a bit strange isn't it? I mean when do kids stop going in there and start go in the adult ones? Oh I do not think I would like being a little girl in those places.
I have lots of underwear and yeah I have hipster g strings as well. Really I like any kinds of thong of different cuts and colours. What Steve likes to see women wearing as underwear is really what I like too, and I love it if he gets me presents of thongs. LOL It is not that Steve buys all my underwear for me or anything but he know what I like and it feels very personal if I wear something he has bought for me himself. LOL I bet a lot of guys would feel funny going in the lingerie shop but not Steve. The staff in this shop know him well really. Oh yeah, I like showing the V at the back. Dear Rizzo is right I am a bit of a tease. LOL Thongaholics united!!!
Oh yeah I have just done one glamour shoot and I did just get a bit nervy before it with that mushy shit I had. Then I needed a wee just a minute before the shoot started. Yeah it was a very personal decision I made with a lot of help from Steve and my mum. I am happy you are pleased for me as well! I will get Steve and my mum to get copies when it comes out. They say they are very proud of me. I wish you could see too! And Jeff A, I hope he is all right!
Most of my modelling has been for clothes, underwear and swimwear. Yesterday was gym stuff, lycra shorts and things, and I was a bit distracted really because for most of the time I wanted a wee. I was not desperate or anything but you know, the feeling was there. When we finished I went to the toilet with this other girl and we both did good gushers. I did not know she wanted a wee as well.
Hey I thought it was funny about 8 members of a family standing around with the patient weeing in a bottle.



SCULLY -- There's an additional technique you might try in conjunction with enemas, but which can also work to alleviate bloating without them. Try "postural therapy," which was described to me by a poster right here (Rixzzo? I think it was you!) last year when I had an episode of painful and rather scary bloating in the middle of the night. By adjusting your posture you can gradually shift your insides around, and cause blockages to release all by themselves. Often it can be trapped air that won;'t move, and can feel very bad indeed. Kneel down, get your bum higher than your head, slowly twist your body, roll your stomach, lie down and roll from one side to the other, drawing your knees up -- give it a try, it might be what you're looking for.

AMAZON -- LOVE your standing pee stories, you do us proud! (And that was a lousy way for your Mom to treat you, I'm so sorry when I hear about things like that. Heck, until I was seven I could wee in a bucket in the kitchen when it was snowing out (outdoor plumbing in those days), so things were a lot easier. And we get the irony -- we both ended up pee-shy, for different reasons, and cured it ourselves at different times of life, though in similar ways, by the sounds of it!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- Well, if I was doing 3D rolls twenty feet up in the air, I think I'd be leaving a trail of steam from one or more orifices... GRIN!

KIMMIE -- over four iches thick? Darling, your monster turds are almost terrifying! In fact there's no 'almost' about it! I can see the salami reference, that's exactly what it put me in the mind of!

CARMALITA -- Welcome back, dear -- I think my last welcome-back post was in the message that's been deleted -- I'll do better, promise!

LOUISE -- Loved your comments about using the Travelmate and such -- I kinda expected the "explosion" the first time out, and that'll take a bit of getting used to!

LAWN DOGS KID -- Thanks for the summarized verson of Kendal's deleted posts -- I'm so sorry she's not got the hang of phrasing them to pass muster -- heck, I'm still trying to rewrite one that's been dropped twice! That sounded like an absolutely hilarious pagoda of spread legs and fun, and it must have bee a crazy adventure! Tell her I can just visualize it -- and give her a hug from her Aunt!

INA -- Hi there! I loved your pee between those vans in the street! And I was very amused by the line you quited: "I read a quote the other day of some guy who said:"I accept woman as equal when they can stand next to me and pee against a wall..." Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Those macho lads are in for the biggest shock of their lives when girls who fear nothing water the walls and claim their birthright! Oh, and I agree entirely on your thoughts on urinals. The puritanic viewpoint is a nuisance, and the entirely practical outlook on the use of the urinal by we females is one that really does need to be addressed. The long lines, the available number of stalls -- these are economics, and urinals are known to change those factors. So those who can use them should not be impeded in their wish to do so, and in the cleanliness and separate space of the ladies' room! And I also agree that the sight of eight or ten urinals, or a continuous wall, occupied by women on a busy evening, wo! uld be an absolutely stunning sight for many reasons!

Hugs to all,


I like the lady on today's masthead (Friday morning). She looks like a lady 'with attitude' who's going for a poo when SHE wants to, not when other people think she should.

Barbara. It's not uncommon for a man to have a bowel movement and a wee at the same time and I think your man is perfectly normal in that respect. I often do it. If he's at all worried though, the advice is as usual - check it out with a doctor. Personally I don't think it's any cause for concern. After all, how many posters here have actually gone for a totally 'dry' poo when they haven't peed at all whilst on the loo? Not many, I suspect.

A Male with Cerebal Palsy. Glad to see you back again. I hope you are enjoying good, regular motions at the moment. Also, I hope very much that you will find happiness with a person who shares your values and outlook on life. I'm sure you will. Give it time and be patient though.

Best wishes to everyone, especially Annie, Robby, Sarah, Meghan, Carmalita, RJogger & Kathy, Anne & Mike (more of your stories please!) and Noreen.



Hi Louise! How are you, hot sprinkler?
The beginning of my last post got lost, where I told you that I had leaking for quite a while, before I learnt to place it correctly. It takes less practise than the fingers but still does not work instantly...As said, the main thing is to have it directly before the pee hole! It helped me personally to take a look with a mirror, place it correctly and remembering the 'feeling' of that position. Now I just know by the feeling. Remeber Rizzo's post about his pee on the hedge? That's the trick about peeing with a (plastic) willie, there is NO hissing. When you got hissing, it's wrong. I hope you will eventually like it, as the winter might come back and you could still pee your name in the snow toghether with Steve. As I said last time. I think it;'s cool you are giving it a try and like experimenting like me... Have fun. I just imagined your powerful stream collected by the travelmate and coming out even stronger, mmh. You could shoot a mouse while pissing in an alley, so! be/pee careful, LOL! Love from Ina

KENDAL AND ANDREW: I so deligthed to read how responsible you are acting! I was a bit worried as well. Ellen is still a very young girl. Tell her she is a sweetie! I was sometimes wondering how old you two are? It's nice to see you all are having fun together. Keep it up, Ina

Thursday, February 28, 2002

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