i have thought of having a few strong laxatives when i was really constipated then when it kicks in i would take some very large enemas.

ahhh... imagine all the liquid poop coming out of my ass.... that will be the most wonderful feeling...

plz reply!

Outhouse Scott
To TV Fan: Thanks for the info. One question. I heard about the episode of SABRINA in which someone farted or took a crap or something, but what exactly happened on that episode? Just wondering how explicit it got and who farted/crapped.

Mel: I can't list them all, but there's a scnene in which Portia De Rossi is sitting on the toilet and Jane Karawaski (is that her name?) climbs over the stall to talk to her. It's only implied that she's taking a dump. Another episode had Calista Flockhart asking Courtney Thorne Smith if she knew it was her in the stall because she was able to recognize the smell of her shit. And in another episode, Courtney Thorne Smith is on the toilet reading the paper when she hears noises coming from the toilet and sees Peter MacNichol's frog jump out. The fact that she was reading the paper and that there was nothing in the bowl yet says to me she was crapping. Of course when she jumps up and stumbles out of the stall, her skirt and underpants have magically righted themselves.

Has anyone ever noticed no one ever wipes their ass after taking a shit in a movie? They either cut away after the actual shitting is done, or the person just gets up and walks out. Ick.


My mom did not feel good on Friday so she could not cook for me and my dad. So me and my dad ordered pizza. All night he had really bad heart burn. So in the morning he drank like a full glass of milk to help ease the heart burn. Then about thity min. later we were off to Sears to buy me a suit to go to church with then I saw him holding his stomach. I said I told you , you should'nt drunk all tha milk. Then he told me to shut the f??? up. We spent like the last 15 min. looking for the bathroom. He let out some nasty ass farts. The smelled like garbage. It seriously smelled like garbage !!!! When we came into the bathroom he was getting pretty desperate. He told me to wait outside. But as soon as he got into a stall I came inside anyway. I went into the next stall and acted like I was shitting. I heard him unbuckling and took his hole pants off. Then he started to poop liquidy poop. It sounded like he was peeing but it didnt smell like it. he then let out a OOOOOOOOOOOOO! hhhhhhhh.He inhaled and let out a ppppppprrrrrrr it sounded so funny I started to laugh. I laughed so hard I started to fart so I was already was in the stall so I pushed a big ass turd that I must have been saving for about 3 days. I then wiped and left my stall because I did not want to get caught. Ohhh yaeh by the time I left that bathroom smelled like high heaven!!!

Bob (Northern California): I liked your idea a lot!!

Keevin D.:I liked your story kevin it must have been pretty cool.

Ronald: does your girlfriend do that to you when your constipated

dry and I like it more than the sit down pee, cause the rest of my pussy does not get wet. To me, your theory of your stream being to strong does not make sense, although I let you be he judge, of course. First of all I have quite a forceful stream myself. And if you place it directly (! Very Important!) in front of the exit, the opening covering the whole peehole, why should the force of the stream matter? The str! eam canít be bigger than the hole before it getís collected in the tube, can it? So I guess it would only matter if the pee would collect in the tube and overflow, but it runs out before it happens, doesnít it. Well, I hope you might still have some fun with it, eventually! As I said, it takes a while to get really used to it, but than itís cool. I was amazed how used I am to positioning it the other day: I have been to a premiere party and got really drunk before I realized. When I got out of the nightbus, I died for a pee. I was a bit hesitant cause I never weed in the street before. On my way I passed two vans ideally parked very close together. That was too tempting and I before I knew it I stood between them had my tool positioned (being drunk and hardly remembering how) and let a wonderfully relieving stream shoot out against the door and the wheel of one. How fantastic to have the same opportunities like a man! A car passed by while I streamed on and I donít know wh! at they saw, but I guess a woman with her pants up, facing a car canít do no harm, can she?Giggle. I read a quote the other day of some guy who said:"I accept woman as equal when they can stand next to me and pee against a wall..." Do we have news for him, donít we? Take care and lots of love from Ina

PV: Hi, just a thought on your urinal discussion. I personally donít care too much for using the restroom of the other sex. But I would want my right to not have to stand in line for ages, like so often. I could pee in a urinal now, but what does the skill, to be able to pee standing, help me, when I queue up with the other woman in crowded places. Thatís my concern! And it annoys me, putitanism from men and other woman takes that right away from me. I would rather have the convenience of quick relieve than the thrill of the other bathroom; besides the sight of a whole line of women on urinals, that would be a thrill for me. Take care, dear, Ina

RIZZO: Hi dear, you are probably right: I let my current sadness too much come into the posts and itís not the right place to discuss it.
Did you ever poop under water then? Hope you are having a nice trip with your wife and youíll have some great experiences to report. Love and hugs from Ina

TIM: Thank you for your sweet words. You two a very special! I have seen an internet site from people raising their kids without nappies. I was aslo amazed. You seem to be very proud of your sister and you should be. Her work is very important and admireable. I agree with you that this cruelty is behond my understanding! I can understand you enjoy the closeness with your sister. Nice story. I am also very interested in your womenís thoughts on the travelmate...! I also agree with you being a bit concerned about some very young kids on this site. I just wasnít sure about mentioning it. Stay healthy and happy! Lots of love from Ina to you and your lovely wife.

MEGHAN AND SARAH: Ha! I suspected it was rather a young man, when Sarah withdrew from the site for a bit. I hope he is very nice! You dear, sweeties, you deserve every nice word and thought ten times! I would love to water some bushes with you! Would you be embarrassed in front of me? I sincerely hope not! So whatever you let rip, do it with joy, please. LoveXXXX from Ina

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi sweeties. Robbie, I was sorry to hear Barbara felt bad about posting. I hope she does not take it too seriously. She seemed to be very open in front of you. Itís just fun, please tell her from me. I am very much looking forward to your stories!!! Lots and lots of loveXXXX to you and Annie

AMAZON: Hi girl. You sound like a girl I appreciate! I like your stories. Itís obvious there is a bit of a revenge aspect in your peeing stories for childhood reatrictions. I am the same. All the men in my family (and others) always peed where they wanted. My brother and his friend pissed into the garden on parties even when they where adults. When I squatted and peed on the lawn behind some trees, I got told off by my mother. Same thing on the beach: My brother and my father pissing at night time into the sea from some rocks; I squat and pee next to them and get told I am disgusting! So I know very well where you are coming from. I guess the way we are now, they asked for it, didnít they? Taking our right now and peeing against walls, cars and into bins. Nice work girl! Why doesnít your girlfriend get a travelmate like I am using? Then you both would not have to wait when there arenít any toilets and she could join you with the fun... Keep it up. Dear wishes from Ina

LOVE TO CARMELITA and good wishes to all the others

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Boy yesterday did I have quite the pooping session. The firsy time was right after I got of the computer after doing my posting. I went upstairs to the bathroom and pulled down my jeans and briefs and sat. Within moments my anus opened and in rapid succesion six four in brown turds ploped with splashes were in the bowl.

A couple of hours later the urge hit me again. Back upstairs i went. This time it was a long slow crackler as it came out. It felt kind of bumpy as it passed out of my anus. It just kept coming. There was no splashing just a continueus crackle as it passed. I felt it narrow down and the last of it passed out. I wiped myself and stood up. Here in the bowl was this long light brown knobby turd 3in wide, two foot piece that was down in the trap and back well above the waterline. I have not done one like that in a long time. Boy what a relief after that one.

Ok now to finish with the Woodstock weekend with Kim. Later that day her friends had not shown up from the stage area so we both decided to have dinner together. We hiked into town and picked up some potatos and a small ham. Kim wanted some beer so she picked up a couple of six packs and back to camp we went. I got a good fire going and we baked the potatos in foil and sliced up the ham and fried that in the pan from my mess kit. We both were enjoying the cold beers while we were waiting for dinner to cook.

The beer got to both of our bladders so we went behind my tent. She pulled down her jeans and squated. Again she reached up and unzipped me and held my penis as I started to pee. I watched her as a slow dribble came from her black pubic area and then a low hiss started as her stream gained pressure. My stream started and it arced out and splashed on the ground. Kim shifted her position as her stream flowed stronger and the hissing got louder. She peed that way for a good 30 seconds. I did not go that long so I was done and already was zipped backup. She stoped and then with a couple of short bursts with a hiss with each one she was done. She stood up and pulled up her jeans and after that we had a very nice dinner.

Outhouse Scott
To TV Fan: Thanks for the info. One question. I heard about the episode of SABRINA in which someone farted or took a crap or something, but what exactly happened on that episode? Just wondering how explicit it got and who farted/crapped.

Mel: I can't list them all, but there's a scnene in which Portia De Rossi is sitting on the toilet and Jane Karawaski (is that her name?) climbs over the stall to talk to her. It's only implied that she's taking a dump. Another episode had Calista Flockhart asking Courtney Thorne Smith if she knew it was her in the stall because she was able to recognize the smell of her shit. And in another episode, Courtney Thorne Smith is on the toilet reading the paper when she hears noises coming from the toilet and sees Peter MacNichol's frog jump out. The fact that she was reading the paper and that there was nothing in the bowl yet says to me she was crapping. Of course when she jumps up and stumbles out of the stall, her skirt and underpants have magically righted themselves.

Has anyone ever noticed no one ever wipes their ass after taking a shit in a movie? They either cut away after the actual shitting is done, or the person just gets up and walks out. Ick.


Kathy and I had a lot of catching up to do, as the sight was really loaded with page after page of posts. They made for good reading, as the two of us needed a diversion. Some hellos:

Carmalita - It is great to see you back here, Senora. We are happy that it was only your computer, and that we were all rewarded with a great series of stories from you. Kathy and I hope that you, Jake and the gang are all doing fine, and we hope that your pesky machine allows you to post again soon. Be well dear, we send our love.
Kim and Scott - Kim, a 4" wide torpedo, wow, how you don't split your ass is amazing. We just love your stories. Those are some great shows that you put on for Scott, the lucky guy. Kathy and I can't wait for your next installment. Be well, we love ya.
Annie and Robbie - I would have to say that coming upon a lady who is pooping outdoors is one of life's great treats. You don't expect it, and that is what makes it exciting. Of course, the lady that my friend and I observed is a co-worker, who happens to be very beautiful to boot. Take care folks, we look forward to your next story.
Hellos also go out to Buzzy, Rizzo, Muggs (where are you young fella), Jeff A, Jane, Diane NY (we hope you are recovering), Sarah and Megan, Renee and Patsy and Nu and Angie.

Earlier this week, I got in a couple of good runs, the first really long ones since I had my right heel treated. The weather was much too warm for February, and I went out in shorts, a heavy shirt and a windbreaker. I took a pretty massive dump before Tuesday's run, it must have been about 20 or so inches long and over 2 and a quarter inches wide. It was accompanied by 3 more turds that were about 6 or so inches in length. Being in a hurry, I washed up and left the product for Kathy's inspection. So I went out for a pre-work 7 miler. I got into a good flow, then I decided to run up the hilly part of the trails, as the first 10K race is 5 weeks away, and it includes a number of hills. On the downhill side, I took a short cut, and I noticed Noreen ahead of me. She has recently been nursing an ankle injury, so it was good to spot her. But before I could catch up to her, she veered into the woods. That could only mean one thing, and I could not help but follow her into the b! rush. Sure enough, she went into an area that was somewhat enclosed, but I could see her from where I was. I watched intently as she lowered her sweats, exposing her shapely ass, then she squatted, exposing her pink asshole and undersides. A long audible fart emerged, unusual for her, as Noreen is not a noisy crapper, like Kathy is. Then it was show time. A fat, light brown bomb emerged from her wrinkled pink skinned anus, grew in length and flopped to the ground. Noreen let out a soft sigh, pooped another 2 smaller turds, and then peed like a race horse. She has got to have one of the strongest urine streams I have ever seen, and every time I see her pee, it is a show. OK, with that done, Noreen reached for her tissues, wiped 3 times in back, once in front and stood up. That's when I made a move for the trail to the left, knowing she would have to exit that way. When she did, she saw me, gave me a big grin and said hello. Then "I hope you enjoyed my performance", she said. ! "How didÖ..", but she replied "I always know where you are. I saw you go up the hills, and I ran in a direction that would cause our trails to cross. You can't get away from me, Rich". She was laughing now, and I just shook my head and laughed at her uncanny ability to always be one up on me. Not that I mind, she is a close friend, and I enjoy watching her answer Mother Nature's call almost as much as I enjoy my wife doing the same. We started back to our houses and talked about the upcoming weekend, as we are all going upstate together. I got home, and went into the master bath to shower. I noticed a ripe poop smell, then I noticed a turd sticking up from the commode that I had used earlier. I went over to inspect, and I heard Kathy coming up behind me. The turd sticking up was about 2 feet or so in length, and close to 3 inches around. "Looks like I trumped your hand, Ace", my wife said slyly. I turned around and saw that she had this big grin on her face. "Anne said that! I should leave you a nice fat one, so I thought I would do it on top of what you left me". With that, Kathy handed me a hanger, as the bowl was too full to flush as is. I chopped everything up, and after 3 tries, the bowl was filled with H2O only. Then it was a shower, breakfast and off to work. It was a good start for me, as I got to see the output of 2 of my favorite gals. Too bad every day was not like this.

So long everyone.

My lover Chris has difficulty pooing,and often he urinates at the same as struggling hard to give his bowels an opening.

I was at work today..i had to work overtime and i had an urge to poop really strong in the morning...i held it and it went away. Then by late afternoon i felt it faintly so i decided to go upstairs and poop. I wish i would have waited another 5 minutes or so cause this young guy came in the bathroom after i was redressing my self after having a poop. My Log was about 9" it was dark brown and hard. I washed up and i heard him pee for ever! I thought maybe he was gonna poop too but he was just pissing and chaning his clothes

To Kevin D.: I liked your story about finding that turd in the airplanes toilet and knowing who did!

To wrong door: I liked your story...i think that was a great call you did...covering up for that kid so he didn't feel bad and so his dad didn't punish

To june: I liked your story

I was just wondering is Aaron out there? what about Billy and Kevin L who used to post a while back
gotta go bye

Steve in G.I.
Hi! I'm a long timer lurker and am posting for the first time. I am a 31 y/o male born with Spina Bifida and am wheelchair bound. Because of my disability I don't have "normal" bowel movements. I frequently am constipated and somtimes don't poop for days. Eventually, i become "impacted" and i will get terrible stomachaches and will have to sit on the toilet (sometimes for a couple hours) pooping MASSIVE amoounts until i completely empty. Luckily, i have a very understanding girlfriend who doesn't mind helping me clean up after these incidents. "S". I started taking 2 stool softteners and 2-4 fiber caps a day a few months ago. It has helped some as i poop more often and a larger amount when i go, but i still have these problems

Does anyone else has Spina Bifida, or have any suggestions to help me regulate my bowels???? (enemas and supposittories dont help either)

A Male With Cerebral Palsy
Greetings In Christ! Yes I Know It's Been Awhile. I Hope Everying Is Having Fun Peeing And Pooping. I'm Glad The Lord Allows Us To Get Rid Of Our Waste.

Noel: Thanks For Your Support. I Love Your Posts And Love The Fact That You're A Christian. I Pray For You Too. I Admire You For Loving Your Wife And I Know She Was A Wonderful Person. You'll See Her Again In Heaven-i Know You Will. "A Prudent Wife Is From The Lord" (Proverbs 19:14). May God Bless You Too My Friend And Brother In Christ!

I Still Pee Okay-sometimes I Have Trouble Starting. Sometimes I Have To Take Take Two Enemas Back To Back Because The First One Won't Work. The Only Results I Get Are Water And Gas And A Little Liquid Poop. After The Second One Is Inserted, I Can Feel It's Magic And Then I Do A Commode Full Of Soft Mess. I'm Drinking More Water And I'm A Strict Vegitarian. However, When I'm Under Stress, My Bowels Tense.

I Really Like Buddy-dumping Stories (Particulary Between Guys). I Believe It's A Male Bonding Experience And I Don't See Anything Wrong With It As Long As It's Non-sexual. I Have Never Got To Experience Those And I Love To Hear About Them. So If You Have Any Decent Ones, Please Let Me Hear Them.

Even Still, I Can't Wait For The Days When My Wife And I Will Share Those Intimate Moments. Pray That I Find A Christian Wife.

God Bless You All. Lets Pray For One Another And The World.

Hi all!!!
This is my first posting to this really excellent site.
I am a 30 year old Australian guy living in Melbourne, Victoria.

I recently visited Beijing, China for a holiday and whilst there saw some amazing sights and had some equally amazing experiences including several toilet related ones.

I stayed at a hotel (won't name it directly) in the Dongcheng district ( Dengshikou St. West )
which is owned by a friend of a friend. As a result I was spoilt rotten and every meal was so enormous I could not eat it all ( and I have a very healthy appetite!) After 5 days of this I was pretty desperate for a major shit (the last one I took was at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, but that's another story). I didn't think I would make it to my room on the fifth floor (no lifts-only stairs) and so decided to use the toilets in the foyer that were shared by restaurant/hotel.

As I was walking toward the toilets, two young, muscly ( say 25 yo ) chinese guys entered ahead of me and took two of the three stalls. One guy was wearing black jeans and a muscle top, the other khaki shorts,t-shirt and a Hard Rock Cafe baseball cap (worn back the front as appears to be the fashion everywhere).

I was suprised to find that the toilets were of the asian squat style which consisted of a procelain trough (about 60 cm in length) set into the tiled floor with a hooded cowl at the waste disposal hole end facing the door. The toilets in the rooms were all western style ones albeit having a very small s-bend compared to the ones herein Australia.

I was absolutely amazed to find that the partition between stalls had a gap ( say 60 cm high (nearly 2ft)) that allowed you a perfect view of your neighbour up to the waist. I heard the nearest guy undo his belt and saw him squat with his ass over the trough, a position which I copied. I dropped my 501's and squatted. I had no trouble shitting whatsoever and several large turds came out in quick succession. This position apparently being the best to adopt for shitting and I must agree that it was quite comfortable. The guy next to me was not so fortunate as he was straining and grunting quite audibly, struggling to push his shit out.
His buddy obviously had the opposite problem as he suddenly let forth a noisy torrent of diarrhoea followed by several other waves, moaning with each. The guy next to me commented to his friend and there was a brief discussion in chinese.

Suddenly, an enormous turd started sliding out of the guys ass with the characteristic crackling noise. It was so wide I could not believe this guys hole could stretch to accomodate it, he grunted and panted quite loudly. It kept coming out in one long continuous, unbroken brown sausage and must have been at least 38 centimetres long ( 15inches US guys & gals ). It broke off, he sighed long and loud and it was followed by three other turds of lesser length and similar girth. This guy must have really been "packed up to the hilt" and not gone for a week. The guy with diarroeah started to wipe his ass and after a couple of wipes he flushed and left telling his buddy he would wait for him outside, I guess (my Mandarin is not that good).

My neighbour started wiping his ass with the roll of toilet paper on the floor next to him and placing the used wads in the bin at the rear of the stall. Obviously his ass was sore because he winced each time he did it. In chinese toilets, you don't flush the paper down with your shit, apparently. The room, consequently, has quite an odour as you would imagine, although the rest of it was kept relatively clean.

He pulled up his boxers and jeans, buckled his belt, and left the toilet without bothering to flush. I wiped my ass and after buckling my jeans up pressed the flush lever on the post behind. The pressure of the water was extremely powerful. I had a look next door and saw an enormous pile of shit, it looked like the output of four or five guys rather than one- the longest turd looked a bit like a brown python lying there. Talk about amazing!!!!!!!! ( Wish I had my digital camera with me to prove it )

I was told that some chinese, particularly some of the younger ones, don't flush - the chinese are very conscientious about conserving water - there are signs everywhere!

Anybody here have similar experiences?????????????????
This one was fantastic.

Anyway this is the first of many posts about the trip, plus some from home as well. I'll send some more soon!!!!!!!

Bye for now,


Glad you liked the show! That one rattled even my nerves a bit.
Oh well, spring is coming and there should be lots more fun soon!


I hope your doing well. I have to admit it's a little hard for me
to read your posts because all I want to do is move to Oregon! Are you
sure you can't clone yourself and send me one of you!


You two are always tons of fun. I just wanted to say "Hi" and
to keep up the good work.


I think a trip to Texas would do you a lot of good. Hee Hee.
Love your posts!


Thanks for another fantastic round of info. My movie library
has doubled because of you.


No news. I'm still in shock over the cocker spanial incident.

da G man
any chance of having the URL of the gallery directory?

Don't you hate it when you've not been 2 the bathroom for a week and when it comes out u have to flush before putting the paper down?

How often do you people excrete faeces?

First, Let me say how glad that Jarod has started posting here again I have missed his stories with his buddy Chuck and I hope you stay around for a while Jarod.

I have been meaning to post this for a while people have made refernces to Pooping and Urinating sceens on television and movies. There is one movie from Great Britain called "Threads" (it's about the effect of a Nuclear War) in one seen one of the male chariters was sitting on the toilet when the flash of the weapon goes off over a near by military base then a women on the street when she looks up and sees the forming mushroom cloud (same military base attack) she is so PERTIFIED she urinates on and the camer shows the urinin on the sidewalk !

Lawn Dogs Kid
Hi all. Kendal is a bit miffed at the moment because both of her last posts have been deleted. The last one was quite short for her, and tried to re-tell the same story, but again it got deleted. It was written to her Uncle Rizzo and Aunty PV, and dealt with a sit on knees wee we had when Kate and Emily were staying. Because we don't know why it was deleted both times, all we will say was that Kate chose not to join in at the last minute, leaving me, Kendal, Emily and Ellen to build the tower outside on the garden wall. Unfortunately for Kate, an incident occurred which caused her to laugh so much that she finished up wetting herself and her jeans completely. As soon as she felt the wee coming out, she tried desperately to undo the button on her jeans, but after around 10 seconds of fiddling, she gave up, and squatted on the grass and completed her wee through her jeans before becoming very upset about what happened. Still, we managed to cheer her up in the end, especially E! llen, who told about wetting her bed so Kate wouldn't feel alone in what happened !

TIM & SARAH & RIZZO: Thank you very much for your kind advice. But you needn't worry. Ellen doesn't read the posts, apart from those that have been especially written to her, which we think is only right. However, that will only happen if we think what is written to her is ok for her to read. Funnily, Kendal and I weren't really sure about whether to let her read Uncle Rizzo's last post to her. We thought that it was a bit adult, not so much in that he said anything wrong. Far from it. But we didn't think she would understand half of it, like "its creeping around the last bend". And the stuff about keeping my attention through breathy moans and groans. We didn't think she was quite ready for that yet, nor did we want to try and explain it to her. So we just told her about his post, and said that Uncle Rizzo suggested that she should talk about her poo to keep me awake, and that he was very funny saying that she should make sure to have lots of trumps to keep me ! awake. Ellen just loves talking about trumps and hearing trump stories !! We'll leave more technical details about last bends, and also breathy moaning and groaning until she's a bit older. Again we don't think its right to put things into her head about what sounds she should make while trying to have her poo. Nature will take care of that ! Actually Rizzo, she does pant quite a lot anyway. But moaning and groaning might attract attention from elsewhere in the house ( Mum and Dad, get my drift ! ). But we don't want to sound over critical, because it is wonderful that you write to Ellen at all. Also, Kendal sends an extra special hug and kiss to her Uncle Rizzo. And I hope you won't mind a manly one from me. No stubble, please !! Love from Andrew.

ANNIE, ROBBY, SARAH & MEGHAN: Ellen loved your little note to her. She promises to only let someone in with her if Kendal or I am there too ! Glad to hear that Robby has got over his case of the runs. Oh and Meghan, what a great story about Sarah's boyfriend watching you have a poo. I bet he only thought he would get to watch you wee, and didn't you make him so embarrassed, the poor chap ! Hope you and Sarah haven't fallen out about that. I guess Sarah would be none too happy to think her boyfriend enjoyed watching her sister on the toidy ! I'll try not to get too jealous, after discovering that I'm not the only one to see !!! Lots of love from Andrew (and Kendal and Ellen).

ELEANOR: So, what's happening ? Did your Dad get that job ? Has your brother really turned over a new leaf ? Had any more trips to the toidy that you might like to share with kendal and me ?! Please write again soon.

LINDA GS: My brush is ready and waiting babe. You've really started something now. Ellen is only letting me brush her hair ready for school while she is sat on the toidy ! She only usually has wees in the morning, but she tinkles away, and then continues to sit there on the toidy patiently for at least a couple of minutes while I finish her hair ! At least she hasn't vomited on me since !! You take care. Lots of love from Drew XOSXOS

PPG: Ellen says to tell you that she had a poo the other day that splashed her bottom. Kendal and I have told her all about the man who likes his poos to splash his bottom !! Cheers to you !

LOUISE: Kendal has asked me to tell you that Emily and she have decided to teach Ellen how to wee standing up when we all get together again in the Lake District over Easter. So she will be practising !!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toilet People!

This is just to put the record straight in case I inadvertantly offended anyone recently regarding my comments to A MALE about the conflict he may feel about his interests with using the toilet, and his Christian beliefs.
I too, have strong interests in Spitituality, but this is not the place to discuss it, but I have no problem with Christianity in its purest form, and not corrupted or reinterpreted by any religious groups.
What I advised A MALE to bear in mind, is that there are many people of religious doctrines of various faiths who would be shocked and hostile to his toilet interests, were they to know what they are.
I see no ambivalence in having strong interests in one's body or other people's bodies and their functions, and a philosophy of the higher mind, and so I hope if you're still with us; don't let anyone tell you you are having impure or perverted thoughts. Your thoughts and interests are your own affair, and nothing to do with others who attempt to influence you otherwise.
For all I know, you are not subject to judgmental people's attitudes within your religious community. If that is so, then you really do seem to be amongst people who both live and teach the Gospel of Love and acceptance!
We can all be discrete in our pursuits that might not be everyone's "cup of tea", but there's no need to be ashamed, or feel that what you like is "wrong".
I wish you well and my apologies to those who thought that what I meant was that one had to make a choice.

My BMs are good and getting back to normal again, I'm pleased to say. Loud and clear and satisfying as I went today, though still a bit sluggish. Anyway, it's great to just go once or twice a day, and I can't imagine people years ago with outside toilets, sometimes shared with neighbours, having to keep getting dressed to go outside to the toilet!

I'd be interested in anyone's recollections of when they made the transition from using a pot to using the toilet, and their feelings of maturing as they did so. A "Rite of Passage!" so to speak.
When I hear fathers taking their young children to public toilets, I often hear them crying or upset at the prospect of having to use a big toilet. (The child crying, that is, not the father), and I suppose the fear is that they might fall in.
To be able to start going like an adult on a purpose-built and plumbed-in pot and experience the sounds and sensations of dropping it into water must be a real graduation that many of us remember.

Happy plopping, everyone! Love to you all. P. Plop Guy

kim and scott
recently scott and I were driving back to my house after our college classes were over. before we got to my house though we stopped at the fast food place mcDonalds. at mcDonalds scott had two cheeseburgers,french fries and a soda while I had two cheeseburgers,a chicken sandwich,french fries,onion rings and a soda.after scott and I finished I felt a massive motion coming on strong. I suggessted to scott that he drive me home so he could watch me squeeze my log out since my parents were out of the house and working at the time. scott readily agreed. he just loves to watch me push out my big logs. when we got to my house we immedietly went to my bathroom where I stripped nude. I then sat on the bowl as scott watched in front of me. I then pushed real hard as my ass quivered excitedly and ring stretched out real wide as a big fat turd started to appear out of my ass. I then pushed harder as my ass quivered again and ring stretched even wider as my log grew bigger and fatter."oo! hh" I moaned in pleasure as my log continued to grow. I tell ya my log stretched my ring so incredibly wide that my pussy and ass quaked in pleasure. I then took a deep breath and pushed real hard"WHAMMO!" I cried out in great pleasure as I exploded a big fat torpedo into the bowl. my log landed with such a splash the water came up and splashed my throbbing ass!scott and I then looked into the bowl to see a huge brown sausage in there. my log was so fat and thick that it looked like one of those meats you see hanging up at a deli.I even felt it with my fingers and it was as hard as a rock!scott then got the measuring tape from my room and measured my log at 16 inches long. a little over 4 inches thick.I then knelt my body on the bowl with my butt facing scott as I wiggled it in his direction telling him that he could wipe my ass for me if he wanted too. scott sure wanted too as he did so right away. after this scott threw the soiled paper in the bowl and flushed. I then put ! on my clothes.washed my hands and left for my room to study a while with scott. hoped you liked the story all!
TO CARMALITA-hello honey. welcome back to the forum!
TO JANE-hello. yes scott and I do pass some whoppers huh? but it feels sooo good. we hope that you are well?
TO BUZZY-hello. scott and I like your posts.
TO MEGHAN and SARAH S-hello you two wonderful ladies. how goes things? scott and I think that you two are very pretty and very bright . be well.
TO RJOGGER-hello. thanks for liking my stories. scott and I like yours too. I hope you and all your loved ones get better real soon! and everytime I see the pittsburgh steeler football team I think of you! be well dear.
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-hello sir.I have to say that scott and I loved your story about the asian lady.It was very atmospheric. it reminded scott and I of the great film noir movies of the 1940's. scott just loves the old movie star humphrey bogart by the way. be well&great story!!...kimmie and scott wish you all the very best!

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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