Hey Outhouse Scott,

Can you list some of the Ally McBeal scenes where it implies a woman is shitting? Someone mentioned the one where Nell is sitting on the toilet while Elaine climbs over the side of the wall to ask her something. Can you list other scenes from the show where it is clear that a woman is shitting? Thanks!

Bob (Northern California)
If I ran for President, I wouldn't run as a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative. I've gone on road trips (mostly to visit family), and I've come across a great idea / concept. My Presidential Platform would be "Several Male and Female porta-potties every 5 miles on the nation's State and Interstate Highways"!! Think of the number of jobs (mostly sanitation-type)that would be created in this struggling economy to maintain all these porta-potties!! Crazy idea, you say? Well, for those of you who go on regular road trips, or for those of you who have jobs that are driving-related, think of all those roadside cafes and restaurants you've eaten at. Jobs would be created for people who may not be able to find another job at the time, and the wages could be made "livable". And I think most Americans would agree that those souls who "clean up after us", so to speak, should be paid something decent to do so. I can't speak for most people, but a steady diet of cheeseburg! ers, french fries, chicken-fried steak, coke, pepsi, and various chips and candy bars reek(spelling?) havoc on the digestive system!!! And for those of us road-trippers and who eat like this should know well about the "2nd Wave", "3rd Wave", "4th Wave", etc., etc., if you know what I'm talking about! I've posted on this site before, and I hope to post more often. Take Care! Later - Bob (Northern California)

Rizzo: yes my girlfriend was impressed, she's seen me pee like that a million times.

since people are talking about how going to the bathroom was handled when they were children i reckon i should throw my hat in the ring..... Ok when i was a kid from about age 3 i was yelled at if i asked to go to the bathroom in public. IF i was allowed to go my mom or whoever i was with dragged me there yelling at me the whole time which caused me to develope pee-shyness for years...finally i just stopped asking and started holding it. i developed severe stomach disorders and began holding my pee for up to 10hours. my most memorable poop incident from childhood is when i was 8yrs old and had just came back from the hospital beign diagnosed with a stress related ulcer and my mom aunt decided to stop and eat...while in the restaurant i had stomach cramps and went to use the bathroom, the entire time i was in there having severe diarreah/cramping my mom was opening the door and yelling "hurry up, damn it" At about age 6 or 7 i taught myself to pee standing up while i was ! outside playing. i think i developed this skill because i was such a tomboy and i wanted to be included in all the stuff the male members of my family did, see the reason i wasn't allowed to go was because they would say that "its too much trouble to find her a place to pee, she can't just stand and go" In my family it was practically a crime for a girl to pee outside. when i was very very small probably 3 or 4 i had to pee while i was out playing so i went behind the shed and squatted down...i got snached up and spanked for other words it was hell...i have no idea how i grew up to be as open as i am now...

I got 2 great stories...I'll make it all in to one! Last night i went to this steak house for was crowed for a week night...any way i was really hungry. I ate a bunch of peanuts, salad, steak and a potatoe. Any way after dinner i went to the bathroom to pee and to wash my hands...I walk in the bathroom and i see 2 little boys maybe 5 or 6 at the urinal peeing in one urinal...I don't know where their father was? There was some guy in the handicapped stall peeing. Any way i walk in i see the boys peeing and their pants are down and i could see their rear....then i take the first stall cause they were at the urinal and someone was in the handicapped stall. I walk in the first stall i see that there is a 3-4 turds in the bowl the 2 were about 5" and the one went behond the bowl...i couldn't tell how big it was. I would have loved to stay in there admiring the turds. I see that there was absoultly no paper in the toilet and the tp on the roll was all the way out touch! ing the floor. Then i thought a min...i said i bet one of those kids at the urinal had to dump and couldn't wipe him self and just got up and went to the urinal...Any way i leave the bathroom then i come home....About 2 1/2 hours later a huge urge came on to poop....i waited before bed to poop. I go upstairs to my bathroom i sit down and i start pooping....then i get up and i check the bowl...i had this huge log...i sat back down cause i knew i wasn't done yet...Then i waited for another urge to come on and then i farted a bit pffrt pffrt and them some smaller pieces came out. Then i stood up and said my log must be about 9-10" then i wiped and i decided to get a ruler and measure...i went in my room and got it and came back...i had trouble measuring it in the bowl so i took some tp laid it on the floor and picked my turd up as best as i could...with out it falling a part. So i measured it and i got a 12.5" log and it was like 2.5" thick...It was a monster dump! Then plus i ! had all those smaller turds...i decided to flush the smaller ones down then i put my huge log in the bowl and flushed that. Last time i had a huge shit i stopped up the toilet.
I gotta go, bye

just as my muscles relaxed and everything come out from behind me in a hot rush. It was like everything I had eaten in the past week came out of me in a runny, messy explosion. I sat on the toilet a while longer, hoping my stomach had settled because it was still cramping and aching pretty badly. Just then Erin, a friend of mine, came rushing by my stall, she had her hand across her ???? and looked desperate. I heard her panting desperatly as she worked to get her dress up then I heard her yelp and a parade of splashes and farting. My bowels loosened again and I released another gush of hot liquid poo. "You too, huh" Erin asked me from the other stall. "Yeah" I said. "I don't know what happened I just had to go all of a sudden." I heard a grunt and a very loud wet fart and Erin dropped another mushy load of diarrhea into the toilet. We sat in the bathrooms for like fifteen minutes and we pooped a lot. We decid! ed to go to her house, because she lived close by and I didn't, and I stayed the night there. Luckily, I felt empty and my diarrhea was gone.

Hey, I'm back!

PICO: HOLY SH*T! I had the best time this Sunday. But I wanted to address your questions first, and I'll try to get them all. No, I'm not involved romantically w/ anyone. Bridget doesn't have a b/f or g/f now, but she is pretty friendly w/ this one girl who is in the post, even though she says they aren't in a relationship. Although I'm probably not going to date a twenty-seven year old, I have considered the buddy-dump thing w/ her on my lap. I haven't talked to her about it yet, b/c I know she'd jump at the chance, and I'm not quite sure what reactions I'd have to having her poop through my legs, if you know what I mean, ahem ahem. And yes, it was quite nice knowing that Bridget had saved all that sh*t for me, though I wouldn't ask her to do it again at the risk of hurting herself. Hope your woman lets you get a peek soon!

This time, I saw Bridget at the gym again, and she was there with her friend, Marie. Now picture a tall, Oriental girl with really beautiful black hair, beautiful eyes, slim waist, and round but not too large butt, which goes from side to side every time she steps. Which was good, since she was on a treadmill. We all started talking together, and decided to go back to Marie's apartment to hang out for a while. It was around 4, and after a while, Bridget's stomach started to rumble. She let out a few farts, then said, "Hey Marie? Could you get the phone? Some ass is calling." She got up, farted loudly, then said, "I gotta dump. You guys wanna come?" Marie got up, like it was regular for her, and I followed. The three of us got into Marie's bathroom. Bridget made a show of pulling down her sweats and panties, moving her hips back and forth in our faces, then got on the toilet, far forward. Marie grinned at me, then we both got behind her. "Can you see okay?" Marie asked. "! Yes," I said, laughing. "No talking during the movie, please," Bridget said, then immediately domed out and started pushing out a solid firm jobbie, looking about eight inches long and two inches wide. It crackled softly and slowly left her ass. "Oooh, that felt good," Bridget said. "Well, I need to 'feel good' in a few seconds, so hurry up," Marie said. Bridget responded by doming out again and putting out another jobbie, this one thicker than the first. Then Marie hopped up and grabbed some Wet-Wipes. Wrapping it around the middle finger of her left hand, she placed her right arm over Bridget's bare legs to hold her down. Then she stuck her finger in Bridget's anus up to the knuckle and swirled it around. My mouth was hanging open, to say the least. I mean, I was living out the dream of a lot of guys right there. "You like that, don't you?" Marie giggled, then pulled out the wipe and put it in the toilet, then repeated the performance twice. Then she shooed Bridget off the! toilet and unveiled her luscious ass. "Like it?" she asked, sitting it down on the toilet. Then, she moved forward and dropped a stink bomb that resonated all over the bathroom. "Oops, sorry," she said, looking back at Bridget and me with a smile on her face. "I guess that the chili with extra beans is coming back to haunt you guys. And the ice cream-well, you guys are in for a ride. Here goes!" and she unleashed a wave of nausea-inducing soft-serve ice cream poop. I was wondering when I'd died and gone to heaven. Then, she went, "Unnnngghh!" as she released a long, sputtering fart. Then, more poop came barreling out. At last, she was all done. She exhaled happily. Then Marie handed me a wipe and said, "Would you do the honors?" I was really excited. First, I wiped off all the stuff from her cheeks, then the time came. Marie gave me another Wet Wipe, and I put it around my finger. Then I put my arm on her legs to hold her down. ďOooh,Ē she said as the Wet Wipe entered her a! nus. I swirled it around the same way she had with Bridget, then threw it in the toilet. I did this until the Wipes came out clean. This is the place where I come to the big debate over why guys like seeing girls on the toilet. I agree with both Ross and Arthur. Seeing a girl pooping or peeing can be sexually stimulating. However, it can also be a vulnerable position. If Marie had been caught like that in a public place, unloading the poop, she wouldnít have been able to pull up her pants unless she likes the feel of slightly mushy poo in her panties.
Anyway, so Marie pulled up her panties and pants. Then she turned to the bowl and said, ďI donít think that we can believe a word this toilet says.Ē I was kind of confused, but then she explained. ďWell, itís full of sh*t.Ē I laughed, and we left the bathroom after washing up.

Glad to share with you all!


TV Fan
To Outhouse Scott -- You are right that TV shows have been more open about female poop scenes than movies. Here are a few more examples which have been discussed here in the past.

The TV show "Yes Dear" had a great scene on an epsiode last year where one of the mothers rushes into her house with her infant and tells the kid: "Mommy has to go poo-poo really bad. I can't just go in my pants like you". She rushes into the bathroom and doesn't realize the plumber is there and heard what she said to the kid.

The show "Hype" had a bit where they showed Britney Spears taking a crap in front of her boyfriend. Everytime she farts or makes poop noises, she says "Oops, I did it again!" At the end of the bit, her boyfriend is holding his nose and a caption appears that says "Love Stinks!"

The show Mad TV had a famous bit a few years ago where a mother took a crap in front of her daughter. That one was very realistic, and the mother actually grunted while going.

As some one else mentioned recently, the show Absolutely Fabulous has a scene this year where Patsy (Joanna Lumley) is using the toilet when Edina rushes in and makes her hide in the shower. There was also an episode several years ago where Edina's daughter makes a big deal about how Edina gets a weekly colonic irrigation, and there was another episode where the women were in Morocco or somewhere and Patsy needed a toilet (apparently to shit).

Saturday Night Live has had several poop references over the years, some better than others. One episode had Victoria Jackson and one of the guys on the show sharing a Love Toilet. It wasn't too explicit, and Victoria actually seemed fully clothed as she sat on the bowl. Another one had Patrick Stewart playing a baker whose cakes all had images of girls going to the bathroom. That was also non-explicit. Years ago Larraine Newman played a child psychologist who was actually a 5-year old child. As she's counseling a patient she suddenly says "I have to go the bathroom! It's coming out!" There are probably other SNL episodes with female poop references, but those are the ones I can remember off-hand.

Both Sabrina and Roseanne had shows dealing with teenage women farting accidentally in school. Marge Simpson also farted quite audibly on a Simpson's episode. A King of the Hill episode dealing with low-flush toilets has a scene where Peggy clearly took a dump and it didn't all go down.

Any other female poop or fart references on TV that we haven't mentioned?

Kevin D.
As usual, after lunch on a flight, there is a line-up for the lavatories. I had the urge to unload, so I lined up for the left-rear lavatory. There was a man waiting at the door, and a cute blonde (25-30) behind him. Of course, I lined up behind her. A young boy came out, and the man went inside. About a minute later he came out and then the blonde went inside. She was in there for several minutes. In fact, two people had come and gone from the lavatory on the right side while I waited for her to finish. Finally, the loud suction of the toilet could be heard right through the door when she flushed. And ten or fifteen seconds later she flushed again... and then again!!! Now I was very interested!! About a minute went by and then she unlocked the door, and quickly brushed pass me on the way to her seat. I went inside
and was almost overcome by the stench she left behind... wow! I lifted the lid of the toilet which she had closed and found something very odd... paper towels had been neatly laid across the teflon toilet bowl, and they were completely dry! Could it be??? I took a paper towel from the dispenser, and using it as a makeshift glove, removed the paper towels lining the toilet bowl. And there it was!! The answer to the multiple flushes and subsequent paper towel-lining... a huge turd shaped like "j" stuck to the toilet bowl. She had missed the target of the hole, so the vacuum was unable to suck her turd out of the bowl!! This was an incredible turn-on for me, so I'll leave what happened for the next minute or two to your imagination - not the
topic of this forum. After I returned to 30,000 ft, I pushed out three good-sized pieces of my own, right next to the blonde's super-turd, then added about a quart of piss. I wiped twice and observed the results. This was one sorry toilet! I flushed and the toilet paper and piss disappeared, but the turds didn't budge. Excellent - for the enjoyment of the next passenger! I closed the toilet lid, unlocked the door and walked out, but unfortunately there wasn't anybody waiting... I must have taken too long and they used the other lavatory. This was one flight I will remember for a long time.

Congratulations to airbus for such a great toilet design to make this possible.

My girl friend tends to get constipated quite often, so we use the enema bulb you used. She sticks her rear end up in the air, and I usually give her three or four bulbs full. It is very hard to use the bulb to give yourself an enema because you really should have your rear end up in the air when the water goes in, and ten you have to get up for another bulb full. ometimes my girl friend does not get it all out so we have another three or four bulb session. If you can feel hard turds in there with your finger, I would just squirt some water in there, and with a little petroleum jelly spread on your anus, it should come out OK. Just take your time and relax. For pushing, we think it is best to lean way forward with your head between your knees. Good luck.

To Amazon: I liked your story

To Sparkle Girl: Liked your must have been desparate to pee.

To jon: I liked that was funny about the water gun and taking pics of him on the!

Not much new to report on haven't pooped in maybe 2-3 days...i last pooped on saturday i think and today is monday...gotta go bye

wrong door
I work in a shop where the bathroom is right across the hall from our door. This isnt the first time this has happened but the most memerable. I was alone at this peticular moment when a young boy ran through the door holding himself, he was probably 7 or 8, old enough to not have accidents. He saw he was in the wrong place and said I cant hold it. He already had a small wet spot on his pants when he came in and now it was flowing around his fingers and dripping on the floor. I said come on lets get you to the restroom. I walked him across the hall to the right door and went in with him, he had already finished wetting his pants and didnt have to go anymore. He said my dad is going to kill me. So I tried to help, I said no he isnt because the faucet on the sink broke and sprayed you. He said no it didnt, and i said, this is what you will tell him. So I turned on the water in the sink and splashed his face and hair and shirt and more on his pants so it didnt look like it came! from his crotch. Then I said where is your dad, I will explain what happened. He took me to him and his dad said wow, what happened, I said I found him in the bathroom trying to turn off the sink, the pipe broke and was spraying all over the place. The kid and dad walked away, the kid loked back and held up his thumb and said thanks. So I guess i did the right thing to avoid him some embarrasment.
What do you all think?

I was watching mtvs making the band and the group was taking a little break. And so they decided to invite their girlfriends over and there only like one of them that dont have girlfriend (Trevor). So two of the groups members I think it was ashley and Eric called their girlfriend friends to come so that Trevor wont feel left out. Anyways they came and Ashley his girlfriend and his girlfriends friend and Trevor. They were talking and then suddenly Trevor farts !!! He denied it but I know he farted because I've farted in the bath tub and I know what it looks like when you fart in the water.

Any ways I think I am going to the bathroom because I have been Farting these smelly ass farts. They smell like eggs. I just got a great idea since I have the labtop with me now let me go to the toilet it. Now i just sat down PPPPPPffffft. I can feel it coming out. Ohhhh that shit hurts my stomach. ppppppppfffffffft wow!!! that was a small ass log. Ohhhhhh this is going to be a big one ow ow ow ssssshhhhhh.
That one ended with a big plop!!! I have waited about 3 min well I think I am done. WHOAH. That is one skiny ass turd it looks like the color of a school bus!!! And the second one i passed was wide but at least 1 inch in legnth.

I got an idea why dont everyone that has a lab top give their post live!! give me your opinions.

Questions :

For the guys if you ever saw your son coming out of the girls bathrooom and the boy bathroom had nothing wrong with it. And if your dad caught you what would he say?

I had an upset stomache Friday night with sickness and diarrhea,Saturday had to have diarrhea two ior three times,Sunday felt much better though still has mushy poo's two or three times!This evening however I have been having liqiuid poo it started off we clearish water and now is liquid brown water!Been about 12 times,anyone know of a cure?Or foods that might make my poo solid again?Hope someone can help?Cheers!

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Something I have-noticed: I really get-excited, when I think of highly-intelligent women, i.e. computer programmers, doctors, lawyers, etc., on the toilet crapping. I am also-excited, when I think of all the girls who are so stuck-up, that they would not give most guys the time of day, because they are so hot, and they know it, pooping. Both of these groups have to sit on the throne, and they have to smell the smells that come out,and, even if they don't actually look @ the feces that comes out of them, as it floats, or sinks, or whatever in the bowl, I guaran-dang tee you they will have a look @ the paper, w/ each-wipe. Why? Well, because they don't want poop-stains in their panties, of-course. Have not been able to actually witness this, yet. Still-hoping, that I will somehow be able to steal a glimpse of Denise, when she is doing her thing, one of these-days.


i took my dog out today for a walk i,d been out about five minutes when the dog decided to poop on the side of the road I watched as its anus domed outwards and a few well formed turds came out the dog was really straining to do it and shaking by now I felt I might need to poo as well so I couldnt very well do it by the side of the road so I had to
walk a bit further till I came by the woods I found a gap in the hedge and went in and by
a tree I saw a couple of knobbly turds and a bit of TP for topping and guessed that someone else had the same idea ,so I walked a little further and came to a clearing and
was far enough from the road I was about to lift my skirt when my dog kept sniffing around my bum so I had to tie the dog up a few feet away so I could get on with my pooing I lifted up my skirt and slipped down my yellow knickers and straightened my stay ups and held my skirt up and half squatted and started to grunt and I felt my anus open up and and a firm but smooth poo came sliding out slowly I kept it coming hoping to push it all out in one as I only had a small piece of tissue to wipe with I finished with a spluttery fart and a soft ice cream bit and I was done and with a quick wipe and pulled up my knickers and straightened my skirt my dog seemed to enjoy the little show I put on
with that I tossed the little bit of tissue I had down a hole in the ground I just finished untying the dog who had a good sniff at my poop
when some people came by , I hope they didnt see me while I was pooping they did see my little pile though hope they thought it was the dog had done it

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Carmalita hello stranger. Im glad your computer is back up. I chuckled about your teasing Jake while he was peeing. Gruntly Bogwell great story about your asian women toilet experience. That ranks right up there with your greatest posts. I myself have had memaroble events in my life with asian girls.

I am a original Woodstocker. I decided to go for two days on the last weekend of it. So I packed up my backpack and told my parents I was going on a two day bike hike. Climbed on my ten speed and rode down to Bethel. With the bike I had no problems getting through the traffic. The stage area was a sea of humanity but about a half mile away I did find a place to pitch my puptent right near a bunch of kids who came by VW microbus.(remember them?)

In this group there was a girl from Korea named Kim Wie. She came over after I got camp setup and asked me how far I had rode to get there. I told her about 60 miles. I asked where she was from and she said that her friends had come from Albany. I said that I came from a small town about 12 miles east of Albany. Then I asked if she was hungry and I had not eaten yet so would she join me. She said sure. I made up lunch and shared a bottle of wine.

After lunch we went down to the stage area and listened to Country Joe for awhile. We headed back towards camp and I said I had to pee real bad and Kim said me too. So both of us found some bushes to go behind and pee. Kim slid her jeans down to her ankles and kind of bent down and peed a torrent. She gave me a smile and said; You like? I replied back very much. While she was still peeing she reached over and unzipped my jeans and pulled my penis out and I started a nice long pee. We both finished and we pulled our jeans back up and went back to camp. We spent the weekend together. I will continue this in my next post.

That was a FANTASTIC story! I am not very keen on fat ladies myself, but Madam An was obviously a person of great charm...

Some quick posts in between

ELLEN, hello my dear, just as I had said that I would post after you, your message arrived too! So your mum allowed Andrew to take care of you when you did your poo! And he almost fell asleep, did he? Maybe you have to call out to him in a loud voice while sitting on the toilet, ďI can feel it! It is creeping around the last bend! Wait a bit more, you will be surprised! Now it comesÖ.Ē That ought to keep him attentive. Even better if you can manage to let out some loud and proud trumps and some breathy moans and groans! Or make your wee tinkle really loudly into the water! I wish you happy poos, love to you from Uncle Rizzo.
Give a hug to Andrew from me, and another one to my niece Kendal.

GRUNTLY BOGWELL, Now that was a real sea story of you describing your evening with Madame An unloading herself on the toilet with mirrors all around! Yeah, I always say to women of the heavier kind that there is more of them to love! Cheers from Rizzo!

Hi AUSTIN! What was a superb variation to the theme! I can just see that cocker spaniel gobbling up your turds to the embarrassment of its owner! Great story! I really laughed! Cocker spaniels eat everything; I never wanted to have one, even if they look ever so sweet. Now I would want one even less than before! Cheers, from Rizzo

SPARKLE GIRL dear, sorry if this may sound rude, but is your bladder that small or were you wearing booties big enough to relieve yourself into? Great story though! Keep Ďem coming, cheers from Rizzo

CARMALITA, dear, glad to see you back with a series of lovely poop incidents! Herís a series of hugs to the whole gang from Rizzo.

AMAZON, good gusher of yours! I am no match for that!

Specila hellos to Jane, Rjogger and Kathy, Jeff A. (where are you?) Robby, Annie, Meghan, Sarah S., Tim and Sarah, Todd an Diana and, and..... all the rest of you from Rizzo

kim and scott
hello all!
TO BUZZY-hello. thanks for liking my buddy dump story. scott and I like your stories too. cant wait to hear more of your outdoor poop stories.I tell you buzzy my logs are getting so large,thick,solid and long I may just have to poop in the woods.that may be the only place that can hold my logs soon. seriously!I keep overloading the toilet bowl with humungous female shit every time I go but it feels so good blasting my logs out. be well.
TO JASON-hello sweetie. thanks for saying I am amazing. I think you are a pretty amazing guy yourself.the reason my logs are so huge is because I have a super-colon to make me go this way,I also have a high in fiber diet. so when I go dear I usually fill the bowl up with enormous shit.I just love the huge size,lengh and thickness of my logs and love to measure them.It actually turns me on banging my gigantic logs out!!(not to mention my boyfriend scott)plus sometimes my anus does get a little sore banging my logs out but that doesnt remain that way for long . and also thanks for wanting to watch me shit. if I could I would fill the toilet bowl with gigantic female shit for you like I would for a few other special guys on this site. by the way I am a young,very bubbly,long haired blonde cheerleader in college and my boyfriend is black and goes to the same local college that I do. be well jason I will try to keep wowing you with my stories.
TO LOUISE-hello dear.I thank you and steve for liking my last buddy dumping story.and yes that would be a kick to model together. I am five foot four by the way.I think I may be best being a swimsuit model.not to brag but I can picture myself posing on the beach and strutting down the runway in one and two piece bikinis. I am a bit shorter than you honey but I think I could do that. plus like I said before my logs are huge,thick,long and hard but it gives me and my man such a buzz to see the gigantic brown tail come out of my quivering pink butt.sometimes I squeeze out two spectacular logs in front of scott. then I add piss to it. this makes my boyfriend go absolutely ape!!!hahaha and this often leads to more fun stuff later. if you know what I mean girlfriend!!!hahaha. be well honey,love,kimmie and scott

Something funny happened with my last two letters. They went like they were all on one line or something. I know how Steve feels now because I have just a minute to answer some people's letters to me. AMAZON - Hi girl! Hey I liked those stories. That first one was like when we have had the distance peeing contest. 5 feet is pretty good you know. Love Louise x SPARKLE GIRL - Hi. I laughed and clapped my hands when I read your story about the wedding. No that is right, if you were a bridesmaid it would have been hard for you to leave to pee during the middle of the service. I hope I am not like that when it is my wedding. I would do too much to keep in my shoe. LOL CARMALITA - Hehehehehe! Hi girl! I like teasing Steve like you did with Jake. Sometimes he has to piss into the bath or the shower because he will miss the toilet. LOL I will say hello to Steve for you. MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi!!! Well yeah I bet your dad would be right at the front of the line to wipe me. Hey keep practicing your standing wees. It may be I could represent Britain if they had peeing distance contests in the Olympics like you were talking about. LOL RIZZO - Hi guy! Yeah I know I am a bit of a tease. It is like I said, I have not turned into a good girl yet! LOL Yeah, I am modelling again and I have more work this week on Wednesday. It is a bit short notice really but I am all right with that. Hey are you a fan of mine? Well if you spot me I hope you like the pictures. One of the bras and knickers are a bit see through if you like that. When I was 19 I was asked if I would do a nude set for a magazine and I was too shy then, it put me off modelling. Well I am a bit of a dare devil now and like I said in my last letter I have done a shoot and I feel great about it. Really I would like to tell you when the pics are out but I bet my letter would not get on. My name and age will be changed as well so that does not help. My mum and Steve both say I only look about 22 or 23 so I can get away with actually being a bit older than most. Steve was there to support me and that was important to me. Well a lot of the time when I am writing and teasing you about my weeing I have my evil smile on my face. It can change a bit when I am talking about coming out of the men's toilets when I try to look innocent. Who me? Go in there? Nooooo! giggle. Well thank you for saying such nice things about me as well. Yeah I liked what you wrote about the puddles on the floors where the urinals are. You are right I think. I have watched Steve when he is at a urinal and he moves forward a step when his wee pressure drops and his stream starts falling short so he does not drip on the floor. Why can other guys not get that right? Hey I talked to Steve about the grids and he said "what, the cattle grids?". I know he was joking with me because they are not defences against girls in heeled shoes using them really are they? LOL Well I do not have a lot of other stories to tell just now. The weather has been really rubbish over the weekend and we just stayed at home. That was good really because Steve and I just had an early night. About 2 in the morning we got up to go to the toilet. I held Steve's willy for him while he had his wee and I squeezed his foreskin dry for him when he had finished. Steve aimed me when I stood for my wee, and he was very good this time. Then we went back to bed again but we did not sleep for a bit. Love Louise xxxxx KIM AND SCOTT - Hi yeah that is right, you are 5 feet 4 inches tall. Scott gets a buzz out of seeing you do your business? Oh yeah I know what that can lead to. LOL Love Louise x INA - Hi! I have tried the travelmate about 3 times and when I got it in place between my lips I got my wee to squirt out of it when I was standing up in the bath. First time I had a bit of an explosion of wee because I was not confident with it. I need to practice more with it because I think my wee flow is a bit too much for it if I do not get it positioned right. Love, Louise.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi dear people,

We havenít posted in a while as things are a bit busy, but I would like to write a few lines to let you know we are ok. I am fit and working at the moment, knock on wood....

After I had the flu, Sarah got a really awful stomach bug, like some other posters here. We went to the movies that night. Sarah left in the middle of the film for the toilet and came back rather pale. She did not know what to do, as there was a long, long queue at the ladies: a kidís movie had just finished and many momís took their children into the ladies. She tried to jump the queue but did not get sympathies. She asked if we could leave, she wanted to go home. On the way outside, she suddenly stood still and obviously had cramps. She said she really needed to go. I took her into the gents, where of course there was no queue... She went into a stall (thankfully there arenít things like doorless stalls over here...) and had to relieve herself. She was very obviously unwell. When she came out I comforted her and went with her to the washbashins. While washing her hands she suddenly felt sick and threw up into the sink. My poor sweety was so embarrassed! I held her hair! back and stroke her back. A guy came in and starred really shocked, the last thing he did expect was a pretty lady puking into the sink at the gents. I wanted to give him a gentle hint to mind his own buisness and said:"She did not like the movie very much..." It worked, he just smiled and turned away. Even Sarah had to laugh inbetween tears of embarrassment. I finally was able to take her home, where things continued to come out both ends the whole night. I called a doctor in the early morning hours, cause it was getting worse and I did not want her to collapse from dehydration. He gave her some medication, which left her constipated for the rest of the week, but at least she finally got some sleep. In contrast to me, who had to get up for work two hours later! I went to work with huge black rings under my eyes and got this looks like, "oh no, heís not sick AGAIN!" My secretary asked me if I was feeling unwell and I said: "No, my wife is sick this time..." I guess she tho! ught I lost it! LOL. Sarah mainly slept for two days and was much better after that. I spent the second night with two puking and pooping kids and went to work on all fours the next day. Thank god nobody saw me when I fell asleep and did hit with my head on my desk..LOL.I just made it into the weekend and had a bit of the runs then, but not as seriously as the others...We slept through the weekend and are all fine again.
In fact the really exciting stuff for me started to happen on that Sunday evening, when I got a call from my sister. She works for a human rights organization in Africa, fighting mainly against the cruelty of female circumcision. Itís such a terrible thing and I canít get it into my head, how any father or mother can possible let this be done to their daughters!! I am very proud of my sisterís brave work and I support her a lot. When she rang she was in dire straits, upset and exhausted, cause her organisation had suffered numerous attacks in recent month and now somebody had nearly been killed. I was very worried and asked her to come to Europe for a little while and find some rest and time to consider. We hadnít seen each other in a long time and she agreed knowing as well she needed a break. She also wanted to see me as she wasnít able to come when I was in hospital. So only four days later, on Thursday I finally saw my dear sister again and met my six month old niece! for the first time! A cutie! Itís great to have them around! I am so excited. One thing that amazed us completely and that I found worth sharing with all of you, is that she raises her daughter without diapers! Itís a very natural thing in a way, but I never even thought about it! She knows her daughters needs and the baby "announces" it needs to do something by expressing unease, like whimering or crying the same way as if itís hungry or wants to be hold. She just holds her over the potty or somewhere suitable then. I guess some of you, who like doing it in their pants will disagree, but Hannah thinks that itís more comfortabel for the parents and the kids if they donít have to use nappies. I always learn how narrow minded or rather naive I am, regarding the ways of our western civilisation as the only ones thinkable. When I am talking to my sister and her experiences I get reminded of a whole differnet world out there. Has anybody else ever even considered that you could ! raise kids without diapers? To me it was very new! Ė I also asked Hannah if she planned on teaching her daughter to pee standing up but she admitted she was not good at that herself. She said in Afrika many woman just pee under their skirts and that the main problems here come from woman wearing clothes designed for man, which is true. She very much likes wearing jeans as well though and we ordered some Ďtravelmatesí now as she found that idea very practical, especially in her working conditions. I hope we get them before she flies out into the world again and we will let you know, INA!
Itís so nice to have her around and we are so close and open. On Friday night we had a lovely meal and I took a bath later. Shortly after I got into the bath, Hannah came in and asked if I would mind if she tried to poop. I surely did not. We always used the toilet in front of each other and I have no thoughts about her seeing me naked either. She said she had not gone for days and felt it moving now; she could wait but was afraid to get even more constipated. I said no worries...She knew anyway I would not mind and made herself comfortable on the toilet. We talked about many things and she sat there for nearly an hour, completely relaxed starting to poop after quite a while. I did not get turned on in a way, she is my sister(!), but I loved the closeness. Sarah walked in, cause she though I was on my own. She was a bit embarrassed and left again. Hannah asked me if she is more relaxed with these things now, as I mentioned before that I missed this kind of openess with h! er. I told her a bit, not mentioning too many details or this forum. I wouldnít be embarrassed in front of my sister, she would be the last person to be shocked, but I thought Sarah might feel uncomfortable. I got out of the bath and was cleaning my teeth when Han finished. She got up and went: "Yep, thatís what it felt like...hopefully I did not block your loo..." I took a look while brushing my teeth and grinned. It was really a big pile of turds. I twincked her an eye and said: "Nice one!" We laughed. It took a few flushes but went away alright. After she washed her hands she stroke my ???? and required if I was pooping ok.. When I came to bed I realised something: Sarah was jealous! I was sorry about that, but said she should not worry. I hope nobody is getting this wrong! There is nothing sexual between me and my sister, Sarah just sensed that I could share exactly the closeness regarding the bathroom with Hannah, that I sometimes had missed. I do of course understa! nd that it is more difficult for Sarah as she grew up differntly! I told her all this. I hope she knows that I do not want her to feel under any pressure. I guess these are also problems typical of uptight westerners...Still, thatís what we are and I love my wife like mad!

INA: Hi sweetie! Glad you are fine and we are very sorry about your bad experience with the therapist. Itís sometimes as difficult as finding the right partner...there a lotís of idiots! Please donít give up! As I said we like you so much! Sarah sends her love as well. She is out with Hannah. Liked your story as well. You bet I would have prefered you to pee with me, instead of the buisness partners! I also pooped in the water before, also as kid. It was with my cousin swimming in a lake, great fun. We usually just peed in the water, as nobody wanted to swim between turds. We often squatted with a bunch of kids in the bushes though, especially inbetween swimming. We pooped and then jumped in the water again to clean our bums. Please take good care. LoveXXX to you, dear

RIZZO: Hey, what a shame you canít come and see us when you are in our area. Sarah would even allow you to water her roses with me after a nice glass of beer. ;-). I liked your jellyfish hunting! Hope your back is getting better! I know the pain. I hope you are having a great trip. There was wonderful weather here the recent weeks but at the moment itís awful. Are you going by boat? Will miss you here!! Have a good time and all the best to you and your wife. Love from me and Sarah

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dear friends. We always love it so much to read from you. Sarah also laughed about your wee in the wastebasket, Robbie. She said: "See and your were embarrassed..." I did not wee but threw up into my wastebasket when I came down with the flu, thatís why my boss send me home..LOL. Did Barbara also send you home, Robbie? Hello to your cool assistant!
We were very sorry to read that you lost your husband as well, Annie! Was he also sick, in case you donít mind me asking? Your Sue sounds like such a fantastic lady, Robbie. We agree itís great you got each other though.
I liked the story, of course, when Annie got help with her big poop. I am doing a good pile everyday at the moment. Itís such a pleasure after all the irregularties. This morning after breakfast I had a very nice motion. While I was pooping Sarah came in with my son, who also needed to go. She let him sit on his potty (he still prefers it to the toilet) and left us alone. We both got a kiss though and she said:"Have fun boys", which made our son and me giggle...Keep the fun up, love from me and Sarah!

MEGHAN AND SARAH: Thank you for your words, sweeties! All the best with your exams. Sounds as if you can be very proud about your sisterís career, Meghan. Whatís your subject then? Hopefully the young man is a real gentleman for dear Sarah! Good for you, Meghan you did not mind to go in front of him! We ordered some travelmates for Hannah and Sarah now. I guess I am the most interested how they gonna like it, although I already got mine, LOL. I could imagine it being very practical for any lady who does not feel a hundred percent comfartable wit the finger method in any situation. Weíll tell you about it. Love from both of us

HUMILIATING REVENGE: Hopefully you are still around. I just wanted to say that from personal experience, your story was very close to my heart. I very much know the embarrassment of having a nurse have to clean you after an accident. I just had a tumour removed from my colon and I know what you are talking about. I can understand it feels, due to the general clichees, rather embarrassing to have small genitals. I am rather the opposite, but itís not such a blessing as you always hear, believe me, please! I always have to worry about not hurting my partner and you get starres and grins from the nurses as well. Please donít think I want to show off! Honestly not! I justed wanted to say that I also felt like a baby when I had to be cleaned up and being hung bigger did not help a bit! Hope you are fine again! Tim

KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hi sweeties! You sound like really great kids! There is only one thing I would like to mention, if I may. We are people who really try to mind our own buisness and not to interfere with others. We would just like to say, that you might want to watch it a bit, when you are letting a five year old read here, as not everything seems to be appropriate for such a young child. As said, we donít want to stirr something up, itís just that Sarah and I were a bit unsure. We try to raise our kids very openly towards their bodily functions or indeed sexuality, but would not agree on our daughter posting here, who is the same age. If she would find such a site one day by her own innitiative, that;s different. Thatís our decision, we know that, but a story like the last one from Grunty Bogwell e.g, which was great to read, is not stuff a child at this age should read or here about. Thatís only our opinion. Please take good care anyway and donít be annoyed about thes! e words, we just care.We are just trying to suggest to censor it maybe a bit. Nice to hear though you all are having fun with your adventures. A twinck ;-) from Tim and Sarah

Gosh, I have written a long letter today. My beauties should be back soon. Very best wishes to all especially ADRIAN and EPHERMAL (Hope you are ok!)
Tim (and Sarah)

Its me again! Well, I had a poo before quite a good load but I don't think I've got it all out yet, so i'll try again tomorrow.

I always seem to have a good firm load and I have not had diarrhoea for years (I'm 17, by the way). Could my poo tell if I am healthy or not? I have hardly ever been sick in my life.
I don't stick to any special diet, just eat the normal stuff - pizza, fish & chips etc, but I always I make sure I eat something healthy.

Bryian - Jackass does air on MTV here, but I can't get access to the channel because I don't have cable or Digital, but one of the main channels I can get access to is now showing it.

Hi everyone! I've just been so busy this past week that I've not had any time to post. In fact, I've only had a few hurried glances at the forum during this time. So it's time I posted again.

Nearly had a very bad accident late on Sunday night. I'd been watching the interview with Will Young on "Pop Idol Extra" (ITV2) which was an hour and a half long (including commercial breaks). Although I had voted for Gareth Gates to win, I must confess I am a great fan of Will too. So, I was gripped by the interview and did not want to miss any of it. Five minutes before the end I very suddenly got terrible cramps. Normally I would have switched the VCR on at this point to record this last bit, but it was already recording off another channel. I was sat in my chair literally holding my bum cheeks together with my left hand to stop myself doing it in my pants. I made it to the end of the programme and rushed into our ground floor toilet. I quickly pulled down my pants and boxer-briefs and actually dropped the lot into the toilet before my bottom came to rest on the seat. Fortunately, it all came out as turds, but it was so soft that it mashed up in the water. I did not f! ancy having to go to our upstairs bathroom in loaded pants to take a shower at that time of night. I wanted to get to bed as I had an early start next morning. So that's my news - nothing else dramatic to report since last time.

Bryian and Scarlet: Thanks to you both for letting me know the states where you live in the USA. I can now take a quick glance at pins in my map and see where you are in Maryland and Kentucky respectively. Also, you are in that time zone in the USA that is 5 hours behind us here. (Useful if you mention things about to happen at specific times, when I can think of you). Bryian, you asked where I am. I am in Lancashire, England. I do not come from Lancashire. If I did I might have chosen a name like "Lancs Lad" if my neighbouring poster was not already using the name. I was born and grew up 200 miles south near London.

Lancs Lad: It's been good to hear from you again. Please don't think you were not missed. You were missed! I always enjoy reading your posts. We all have periods when we don't have time even to read the posts let alone submit a post ourselves. Though what we write will not appeal to everyone on the forum (as there is a great variety of interests in this subject) there will always be a number that appreciate what we write. So, Lancs Lad, mate, do keep posting. You are part of the family.

A Male: Not heard from you for a while. I hope things are alright with you. If you are still reading the posts on this site, please let's hear something from you. Perhaps the comments of Plunging Plop Guy put you off remaining in contact because you are a Christian. Well, I'm a Christian too, and there are other Christian's on this forum. Our bodily functions are all part of God's amazing design for the human body (as well as all other living creatures). David said to God, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." (Psalm 139:14). Sadly many are afflicted by various illnesses and conditions because we are part of a fallen creation. My late wife was terribly afflicted by Huntington's Disease. She became confined to a wheelchair (as you are). She never grumbled, knowing that as a Christian she would one day have a new body that would be free from all sickness and affliction. She eventually had to go into a c! are home. Although she needed so much help, even then her first concern was for the welfare of the others around her. She was such a loving person, whom I was so privileged to be married to. So, God bless you, brother. I pray for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

wapiya: I really appreciated your post, where in reply to Jen you open up about your own situation with IBS and that due to the multiple factors that affect it ... accidents are a part of your life. When I read how accidents in your pants have caused you to lose jobs, lose friends, to be harassed by the law, and to have been banned from stores and sports centres on account of unpreventable accidents - and the fact that accidents played a large part in the break up of your two marriages ... my heart just went out to you. I really feel angry with those who have shown you such injustice. Some of them, though obviously not all, will have to deal with incontinence in old age. Maybe then they will be regretting the hurt they caused you. If you were here in person telling me all this, I'd just want to give you a big hug and affirm your value both as a person and a friend. Though we cannot have physical contact on this forum, and therefore very unlikely to ever meet - I do hope ! you can look on me as one of your friends. Though I have not suffered with IBS, I have of late wondered if I am beginning to develop it. My experience at the beginning of this post is typical of the extreme urgency to have a BM within minutes of the first indication I need to go. This seemed to start when I turned 40. I am now 45, and it seems to be getting worse. My doctor seems to think there's not a lot to worry about as tests have proved inconclusive. Since I was about 8 I have liked to go in my pants on purpose. Many, many times over the years I have delayed pooing so that in the right situation I could have a right good accident in my underpants! I sometimes wonder if that frequent "holding on" for long periods has had a bearing on my present worsening situation. Though I still love to go in my pants on purpose, I am now having unpreventable accidents at an increasing rate. Sometimes it has been diarrhoea, but most of the time it is quite normal, though soft that fills! my pants. I have had genuine accidents in stores, in the street, in my car and on a bus. Last year, after thirty years of friendship, I lost one of my best male friends because I had a massive accident when with him. I'd not been for 3-days, and suddenly with only about 2-minutes warning my pants were full, so full that it was pushing out of my underwear and down my legs. We were walking towards his house when it happened. He told me in no uncertain terms that as a mature man I should have held it until I got inside to his toilet. The way he said it was so hurtful. I actually cried. This wound him up more and he said, "Yes, babies cry when they've messed themselves!" He'd always been of a gentle and considerate nature until then! So, I can understand at least some of what you have gone through since the beginnings of your IBM in high school and have continued going through ever since.
My preference in underwear is boxer-briefs or the knitted-cotton style boxers. I have had to supplement my underwear collection of late with quite a number of pairs of briefs, so if I have missed having a BM for a day or two, I put on a pair of briefs just in case I get caught out. They hold a load better than boxers. As mentioned in a recent post I always carry spare underwear in the glove compartments both in my car and in my works van. Like you, I can handle going in my pants. I love your comment, "A quick shower and the problem is washed down the drain." The problem is that we live with a society that sucks and just don't understand. I would be interested to hear on what grounds you have been harassed by the law for doing it in your pants. That has not happened to me yet. Don't they understand that there are times when it is impossible to hold it in! If you want to look back on my past posts they start at about page 802. I am a relative newcomer. Several of my many a! ccidents are recorded.
Time is flying by, and I need to sign off. I think we'll be in touch quite a bit in coming posts - and I look forward to communicating with you. I hope we will have a real good cyber-friendship.
What age are you now? Where do you live. I guess it is in a very cold climate if a wetting accident could be fatal. As mentioned in a previous post, I like to put coloured pins into the world map above my computer desk of those I have particular contact with on this site, along with friends I know 'in the flesh'. It helps me visualise where everyone is. Look forward to hearing further from you.
All the best to you "wapiya" - Noel.

Well, I seem to have made up for lost time on this post. There is so much more I want to share with a number of you. Sorry to have to leave it to a later post.

Must go - bye for now.


Today I had this wonderful huge poo that FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!right to the back of the dun.It made my ass feel good.

Robby and Annie
Hi Folks!
Just enough time to make some replies.

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi!! We really enjoyed the adventure you had with Charlotte, Kirsty and Rachel. Charlotte really can do some Cullompted poos!! She rivals you, Andrew! I had a mild case of diarrhoea this past weekend. Annie was there to assist and support. I am ok, now. Andrew, you were right to let Rachel be by herself. I know she respects you highly now. You were also right in letting Ellen know what is proper in brother/sister behavior. She obviously looks up to you. Kendal, I guess you shocked poor Andrew when you wore your jeans instead of a skirt,haha! Aunty Annie had a story but is so busy in school she will have to tell it next time. Sarah and Meghan send their love. Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxxx and hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR ELLEN: Hi sweetheart! Thank you very much for your hello to us. You write very well. Your spelling is perfect, also! We enjoyed the story that Andrew told about you inviting Kendal and all into the toidy. You really enjoy an audience, don't you! Please be careful who you invite in. We know Andrew and Kendal will protect you. Take care, my dear. Lots of Lovexxx and a hug! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! Barbara was in a right state the next day after she posted that story. She ranted on about how she felt perverted. I told her we write for television and films. We ARE perverted, hahaha! She calmed down but I don't think she will be returning for awhile. She is not judgemental. This toilet thing is not for her at the moment. I loved your story about weeing on the jellyfish. I guess Meghan told you about Sue and Sarah weeing off Annie's boat. I was rolling on the deck. Sue was swishing her bum around trying to catch the biggest one. It looked like a weeing calipso dance!! Hope you and your wife are tip top!! Lots of Love from Robby and Annie

DEAR CARMALITA: Hi sweetie!! Sooooooo glad you are back!!! What a return story!! The drop 'em and dump gang,LOL! I am glad you had a nice birthday. I also know that the shadow will be there for some time to come. You are coping very well with this. Give my love to Jake, Angie, Nu, Pat and Renee!! Lots of Lovexxxx from Robby and Annie

DEAR INA: Hi dear!! Sorry your computer crashed. I am glad you are eating things that will give you nice Plympted(soft) poos!. My assistant, Barb is writing a piece that includes a toilet scene. This is for television so it won't be graphic. Also, the dustbin incident was a one-time thing. It made Barb laugh, though. I have weed into dustbins, halls, down alleys, etc. I will share some experiences with you next time. I am glad things are going well for you. Lots of Lovexxxxx and a big hug from Robby and Annie

DEAR PV: Hey gal! I was wondering if the ladies gold medalist from Aus did a wee or a poo when she did those arials? I know I would have shit my pants when I found out I had won,lol!! You should give arials a try! I'm WAY too old! Hope you are weeing on the beaches!! Take care, Lovexx Robby and Annie

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hi folks! Yes, we are just fine! We are sorry to hear that Kathy's mother is doing poorly. Hope you and Kathy are feeling better. Things just happen all at once, don't they. You have great luck in finding dumping lady joggers. That story about Linda was a jewel. The big, fat turd emiting from her bum. Keep them coming. Glad you are back!! Robby and Annie


SPECIAL HELLOS: Jane and Gary-fabulous story, gal!!, Steve and Louise, ALthea, Ephermal, Jeff A, Kim and Scott, DianeNY-hope you are better, dear!, LindaGS-how are things in south Texas?, Amy(coed), Mere and MANDY, Melanie, Diva, Plunging Plop Guy, Gruntly Bogwell, Fat Woman, Sarsen, Gopweller, Amazon, Buzzy, Bryian, Aaron, Adrian, Tim and Sarah- hope you are ok!!, Elena, Erin, Adele-glad you are back!, Muggs, Bridget, Punk Rock Girl, Todd and Diana- Hi!, David and Niki, Alana, Kathryn, Ring Stretcher, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you come back!




Hi grrl! Hey, your comments re bed urinals and how they are used bring back a few memories. My Mom spent a long time in hospital before I was born, and when I was very little I remember seeing an oldfashioned female urinal that she had. It was a huge (well, it seemed huge to a toddler!), elongated semi-greened glass shape that would lie between the legs, with an ovoid open end that would fit over the female genitalia. Weird how I only just remembered that!

Your posture in the shower for your virtual-audience performance sounded exactly the stance I drop into too!

I agree, the sex-ed aspect is probably the one that will prevent unisex bathrooms from coming into existence, backed up strongly by the sexual predator aspect. BUT -- there's another aspect. In some parts of the world there is an existing attitude that flies in the face of that. There's are mens' toilets, and womens' -- and childrens! The children's toilets are unisex! Only when puberty arrives and sexual interest is allegedly sparked do the sexes separate...

I noticed the way you phrased your post it sounded like you had two pairs of undies on! I guessed it was a typo! Thongs! Woah, grrlfriend! I just did a count-up and I have currently fourteen thongs in my draw, and not a single full-back more than several years old! Thongaholics unite! I know what you mean about the way hipster jeans show the top of the little V-back when you sit or bend -- have you tried the hipster Gs they make now?

Glamour shoots? GO GRRL! You do us proud, and I always knew you were the photogenic sort! I cannot tell you how proud I am of you, and only wish there was some way to see those lovely pictures! It's a personal decision, and there's no little courage involved, but to be comfortable and happy in the process is a valuable thing, and memories to be cherished.

And yes, dear, I would be delighted to wipe -- bend a little and I'll gentle swipe some paper along those shining streaks down you leg!



INA -- I'm so sorry, dear, it's the sheer time it takes me to get back to the site and read that means there's so much to work through that it's easy to miss individual comments. I wouldn't ignore you for the world -- promise!

SARAH S & MEGHAN -- Good work, kids! Keep practicing, and one day you too will be able to stand on one side of the bath and hit the wall on the other!

New add reports & sightings:

On old add has just reappeared here, an add for Mutual Community hospital insurance, a policy guaranteeing you a private room. The add is one shot only, a guy in bed who reaches for a urinal bottle, puts it under the sheets and proceeds to use it. By the time he's finished the camera pans left to reveal that it's a two-bed room, and the other patient has visitors -- eight members of his family standing there staring fixedly at the other guy peeing in the bottle...

In an episode of "Diagnosis Murder" Shelly Long plays a mystery writer who stages a crime. In one scene she goes into a bathroom and uses a stall to make a mobile phone call unobserved. The way she closed the door and turned round I really thought she was about to hike her skirt and sit down! The shot was taken from directly above, and when she was finished, to avoid fingerprints, she reached up a long black-nylon clad leg and flushed with her foot!

I've done some pooping lately! Today for the first time in six months, or nearly, I passed not one but two 11" logs, an inch or more broad all the way along their lengths. That was good! I did one the other day, followed by a 5", with chunks beforehand, so I seem to be getting back into my old rhythm. A couple of weeks ago I pooped four times in one day, starting off as bumshot and a couple of ploonkers, progressing softer... By the third sitting I built a pile of soft mush right up out of the water, and the fourth was pure liquid. Musta been something I ate...

I'm officially dying for a wee, so I'll post this and go unburden myself!

Hi/bye to all,

PV RIZZO -- Hi dear. Thanks for your eloquent description of the mechanism underlying the phenomenon of the sub-urinal wetspot! GRIN! I can sure see it happen, as the wet bit moves outward. maybe it's an underlying sense of less-finickyness on the male part that they don't mind making a bit of a mess, while it might be in the female mindset to be neater... Though I've heard reports here and elsewhere that ladies' rooms can be in even more squallid messes than the gents' at times!



Plunging Plop Guy
Hi Friends,

RIZZO, Thanks for the tips about the effects of anti-biotics.
I'm pleased to say today is my last day of the course, and the last few days hasn't been too bad. I've still had unusual BMs in the sense that I've had a LOT of urgent visits to the toilet, sometimes easy, sometimes requiring effort to push out quite large turds, and a few long sessions on the toilet where I put a lot of work into doing quite small to medium size hard turds that plop well, and are very satisfying. What I'm amazed about is the sheer volume of what I'm doing! On SaTURDay I must have produced what seemed like three times the amount I would normally shit, so antibiotics must have a very big effect on me.
I have live yogurt most days, and fortunately like it, especially with fruit, so I hope to be back to my usual style of shitting soon!
Having increased the psyllium husk I take, I've had no more problems with piles. Thanks for your kind advice, and comments on my shitting prowess! Well, apart from the last few days, I'm really enjoying my visits to the toilet compared with when I used to complain about the problems with my shitting a few months ago!
I was disappointed to hear about those toilets with the muzak you mentioned in France. The authorities obviously think everyone should be spared hearing other people on the toilet. It would be rather difficult to get them to realise there ARE people who want to hear others and be heard themselves. Perhaps someone could ask them to consider the fact that not everyone wants to listen to enforced music as a captive audience!

BUZZY, Good to know you got your arse well-splashed dropping those big turds on your toilet recently! Is yout toilet at home deeper than most in the USA so you're more likely to get the splashback?
Glad you seem to enjoy it. Does it happen much at the gym you go to?

SERIAN, I hope I can get a copy of Sunday's Telegraph. Thanks for the info. If I can't; can you describe the picture of Jude Law you saw?

ANDRE, You have used exactly the phrase that I believe to be the perfect description for wanting to be with other males shitting; MALE BONDING. You too have read all the old posts then!
I have found the most fascinating messages I've ever read from anyone on this subject on this forum so hope to hear about what you get to hear in toilets.

JAROD, Good to hear you get the privilege of wiping Chuck's wet arse when he finishes his shit. Does he know his intimate details are shared with others? He seems the type of guy who would want as many as possible to know about his shits! They don't come much more uninhibited than him! What does he eat that makes him shit such dynamic plopping turds?

I saw a documentary on TV a few months ago which featured the problems of the local council in Bath, western England, where the toilet cleaners find lots of used needles on a daily basis.
Drug users regularly take their dose of heroin or whatever in the cubicles and leave the syringes in the ventilators or sometimes pushed inside the toilet paper dispenser, or just left on the floor.
I must have led a sheltered life as I had never seen a needle lying about either in a toilet or anywhere else; until I went to the public toilets on Saturday, and there in the toilet was a syringe in the water trap of the toilet. Whether I did right or wrong I don't know, but concerned about the possibility of it being contaminated with hepatitis, I flushed the toilet and it went down the sewers.
I assume all sorts of diseases are already in the sewers, and that there is adequate screening to filter out all the rubbish that finds its way through the system. I imagined someone pulling it out of the water if I'd left it there, and I wasn't going to lift it out myself and place in the rubbish bin where someone else could get injured by it.
Could I warn people, after seeing that documentary on TV:
If you're trying to get some toilet paper out of the dispenser that has got caught, BE VERY CAREFUL. There may have been a drug user who has hidden their needle in there.

So, that's it for today from me. All best wishes to ANNIE & ROBBY, KENDAL & LAWN DOGS KID. Welcome back to some of those who have recently posted again after an absence, and good to keep hearing from new people keen to share their pleasure at finding like-minded people.
I'd love to hear from some others who've not posted here for a while;
DAZZ in Australia, DREW in Canada, DANIEL in the UK, COPROPHILIAC, also in the UK just to name a few.
Happy and healthy plopping! P. Plop Guy

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

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