hey yall! have a couple of short stories to share today... First one occured outside, i was outside working in my hog's pen (yep i'm a redneck) i had a pretty serious urge to pee but i knew it was no big deal because if it got too bad i could just go spray a tree. My girlfriend shows up and is leaning over the fence talking to me, after a little while i tell her "i hate to be rude but i really have to pee" i start to walk to the tree line and she follows me. while i'm undoing my pants she walks up next to me and stops me and asks "so exactly how far can you pee anyway?" i said about 5ft, so she asks me to try and break that record, she counts off six feet and puts a rock at the mark. she stands beside me and says ok hit that. i unbutton/unzip my pants and lean back a bit and start going. Yall the first shot landed beyond the rock! i kept my stream at the mark after that for about 15 seconds before i lost some pressure, never dropped below 4ft though!

Next is similar story.... once again its me and my girl out driving when she asks me to stop somewhere so she can pee, i had to go VERY bad myself and was already looking for a place. Finally i know i'm not going to be able to wait much longer so i pull off the side of the road, stood by my truck and peed for about a minute.. when i jumped back in the truck my girl was extremely pissed!! she told me it wasn't fair i could do that and she couldn't (for those who don't know i'm a female who pees standing) and for the record i've tried to teach her how but she just isn't made that way. i stopped at the next gas station and she went. she made me make her a deal, if we both have to pee i can't go until she can.

last story.....this one happened today, i was shopping for pants and suddenly i had to pee so bad i had to practically run for the bathroom, when i got there i had to wait for two people to go ahead of me. i was holding myself while i was waiting and this one woman told me "thats disgusting" i said "yeah and you're freakin' repressed, its mine and if i want to hold it i will" She went in and came out pretty fast, i ran in the bathroom and stood and peed for i swear 2 minutes...i couldn't control my stream this time so i moved from the toilet to the trash can and peed in it.

well thats all for today

*hugs* love yall!

jen i would love to hear more stories you have

Sparkle Girl
Hi all. Today I had a horrible experience. I was at a wedding and I was a brides maid. It wasnt until we were on the floor during the ceremony when I realized that I had to pee. The urge was not that bad at that time but it was getting there. The wedding ceremony lasted about 2 1/2 hours.It was very long and traditional. Well we were into the wedding about a good hour and the urge to pee became stronger but brides maids are not supposed to leave during the middle of the service. Well I saw an oppurtunity to releave myself when everyone was looking at the bride and groom kiss and jump over the broom. I took my shoe off and put it underneath my dress and just let it all out. Luckily I did not fill up the shoe so that it would overflow. I left the shoe behind the alter and put on house shoes and went on about my business. During the reception I had a friend of the family to come up to me and tell me that she saw what I did. I got really nervous but she said that she probably w! ould have done the same thing. I felt a lot better.

Jen: Your six flags story was really the best. I have been reading these posts since day 1. (Really!) And until now Arlene's story on page 19 was the best in my opinion. But you now win the big prize: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Your mom is really cool. The only sad part is that your dad met her before I did. If she ever finds herself alone, I'll marry her in a minute. But at least I can revisit your wonderfully liberal family in my dreams, even if we never meet in person and we probably will not. I wish I had parents like that. When I was five, I had an accident once because I skipped school and couldn't find a toilet so I pooped my pants big time. When I got home, my dad had been forewarned, since the P????? that ran the grocery store called him to tell him he had seen me during class hours and that I had asked to use his toilet, but he told me to back to school. So, when I got home, I lied and told my parents that I asked the teacher to go but she wouldn't let! me. They knew that wasn't true thanks to the grocer and they cleaned me up and beat the h____ out of me with a hairbrush. That was the only time in my entire childhood that my dad spanked me. All the rest were my mother's doing. But that was 50 years ago, and I still remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday. It made me so rebellious that I often would hide somewhere and poop my pants just for meanness then get myself cleaned up and hang the clothes out on the clothesline. I always told my mother that I wanted to wear the same clothes tomorrow and they were starting to smell, so I washed them myself. She believed me, but I often wondered if she really had any idea what I was doing. Anyway, keep sending your stories in. I love them and you too, sweetie!

Hi, I'm a new contributor. I've been feeling really constipated for about a week, so last night I went out and bought a washable enema bulb. I filled it up with a little sliver of Ivory soap and some hot water, and injected it up my bum. I was only able to hold for about 15 mins., and then I sat on the toilet for what felt like an hour. My butt was pumping water and poop all by itself, and all I could do was sit there moaning and groaning as hard lumps of poop came shooting out my ass, along with bubbly water. I don't feel like I got all the poop out, though, and I was too tired after the first to have another. I just put some Vaseline on my finger and poked around inside my rectum, and there's some more hard chunks sitting there. I tried to stiumlate the muscles by stretching it with my finger, but it's hard for women to get the right angle, I think. I would've liked someone here to do it for me, but how do you ask someone to put their finger up your bumhole and poke it unt! il you can poop? Anyway, I'm wondering if I should try another, smaller enema tonight to relieve some of the bloating. I sat on the pot and pushed for a while, but all I got was some grunts and a swollen anus. I'm out of suppositories, and I'm too bloated to go out for more now. Wonder what I'll do.

Interesting experience at the ladies room yesterday. I went that afternoon and had a small pooping session, just a few pieces. As I was sitting, suddenly someone burst into the room and took the stall next to mine. She slammed the door shut, quickly sat down and pushed out a Dumb & Dumber wave. She flushed the toilet and was catching her breath. I recognized the voice and asked, "Rachel, is that you?" She replied, "Yeah, Jane. I think it was the lunch." Then someone else rushes into the room and takes the other stall next to mine. She said, "Oh my gosh" and also pushes out another cascade of poop. I know that voice, too, and ask, "You too, Carol?" After she flushed the toilet, she said, "Yeah. I think it was lunch." I asked them, "Did you guys go to the same place for lunch?" They said yes and said they will never go there again. They also said I was lucky I was caught in a meeting, or I would have done the same thing. I left them to deal with their dilem! ma.

Jen: Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for clarifying things, and sorry for saying bad things about your parents. I'm glad to hear it's not as bad as I thought it was.

Carmalita: Hola! Que pasa? How's the gang? It's been awhile since we heard from any of you. Hope things are going OK.

Diane NY: Sorry to hear about you getting into an accident. I hope you are getting better.

Jeff A: How are you? It's been a long time since you've visited us. I hope things are fine with you.

Sarah S: How's school? Don't study too hard. In just a short time, it will be over, and you will earn your degree. Take care and good luck.

Kim & Scott: You guys never cease to amaze me, especially with the huge poops you produce. I could try to match you, but mine are too soft and break into pieces.

Quick hellos to Buzzy, Althea, Robbie & Annie & Meghan, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Ephermal, Kendal & Andrew, Amy (Co-ed), Pico Tamale, Alana, Ring Stretcher, Todd & Diana, Meredith & Amanda, and everyone else.

Hey I'm back! Sorry that I haven't posted but I have been super busy. Anyway, I have a story for you all.

I was on my way home from a party when I felt the need to pee. I thought that I could hold it. I arrived in m apartment building and walked very quickly to the elevator as the need was getting urgent. The elevator opened and I ran inside and pressed my floor button. Halfway to my floor, the elevator stopped. I realized that it had gotten stuck. I called the front desk from the emergency telephone, but they said it would take a few hours to repair the elevator since the repairmen had already gone home. I sat down and bega to get nervous. About 15 minutes later, I couldn't take the pressure anymore. I unzipped my pants and began to piss. As soon as I started, the eleavator began to move and opened at the next floor. Since it was late no one was at the elevator waititng for a ride. I finished my pee and traveled to my floor. I peed several more times that night in my own toilet.
More stories to come.
Please keep posting pee stories!!!

Ring Stretcher
JOHN'S GAL: oh yes, sweeties, so I have the urge to shit during menstrual cramps. Often during my period I have to pass dozens of compacted, hard, large balls during a toilet session because I get constipated. And also during my period I'll often pass one mega-size turd that is like a softball. When I start to push that one out I feel like i'm giving birth, as I have to strain pretty hard to get my hole to open enough to pass such a monster. Honestly, my ring gets stretched to the limit. I've watched in a mirror before as one of those things come out and it's amazing how a hole can open wider and wider.

ALANA: How on earth could you consume so much food at one helping and not vomit? That was alot bowel movement you had!

Yesterday at the mall I told Jared I needed to piss real bad. I went into the nice-looking ladies room which was empty except for this girl straining her brains out with no result. I could hear her mutter cuss words under her panting breath. I pissed like a racehorse, wiped then started to put my jeans back on. I had trouble getting the button through the loop, which took almost 10 minutes. The more girl was really having a go a it and I felt sorry for her because nothing was comung out.

As i washed my hands another lady came in to wash some ink off her hands. Her eyes kept darting over to the grunter in the stall. As we walked out she said, "That girls sure must be constipated." i nodded in agreement.

When I met up with Jared he asked if I was in there dumping and I said i wasn't, but another girl was trying to pass a big one. We walked down to a trash can and threw our empty drinks away. As we approached the restroom a girl of about 30 with dark blond hair and a chunky build and big breasts walked out and her face was puffy and red. "That must be her," I whispered.

We walked behind her until we got outside of the bookstore at the other
end of the mall. She sat down and looked at her watch. She was touching her ???? and let out a moan, then headed to the nearest restroom. About that time an eyelash got in my eye so I headed into the restroom. She blonde was already perched on the toilet, grnting away. There was another girl in their crapping, but making no other noise except sighs between turds.

The grunter was up on her toes, rocking back and fourth shifting around. The other pooping girl flushed, then came out and washed her hands. I wanted to stay in there to see if anything came out, but didn't want her to get suspicious, so I got the eyelash out and left.

The frustrations of a stuck turd...

Hola mis amigos!
Sorry for such a long absence but our computer took a nose dive and has been in the shop. I wish we could get a new one. I know we've all missed a lot here. We're all doing fine, me, Jake, Renee & Pat, Nu and Angie.

Poopy updates on everybody:

Nu shot a video the other day of one of her spectacular turds. It was really long, thick, and splashed with a hard k-plop. There's a nice zoom in on her black pussy too as she wipes from underneath. Anj shot the video. It was really some turd!

Let's see...sweet Patsy had a marvelous, smelly dump this morning. It was one of those really long shits that take about 20 minutes. Man did it stink too! She grunts and scrunches up her face whenever she pushes a big turd. It's so cute. I heard one really long crackle before a heavy k-plop splashed. She sighed and whispered to herself "ohhhh yeahhh." "Feel good?" I asked. She wanted the door closed and locked and a towel put underneath because of the smell. Patsy's so sensitive and shy even still! I really had to do some talking to be allowed to stay. We talked while she pooped and when she wiped there was lots of poop all over the toilet paper. She had to scrub 8 times. I giggled and said "You're gonna have burns in your undies." She didn't want me to see her load which is too bad.

Jake had a piss that I timed. It took over a minute to come out! He said he still has troubles peeing around me because he gets too excited. He was pouring like a fountain and I lifted my shirt exposing my tits and said "Don't look at these honey!" (isn't that mean?) he laughed, but his poor thing started rising and his pee stream getting narrower. But while he was peeing hard, it was still over a minute!

Renee took a steamy-creamy last night. Very sweet with a mild smell. She also had trouble with a turd that wouldn't come out. She pushed and grunted, and wiggled her ass around tryng to shake it loose, but it was stuck. She had to reach under and pull it loose with some toilet paper poor thing. Renee is one of those women who looks so damn good on the toilet it takes your breath away. She pulls her panties up around her thighs, and her pussy is kind of sandy colored and she looks at you and smiles with that gorgeous Renee smile. I remember those wild days back in New Mexico, her talking me into peeing on a wall and her doing the same. She's such a kick.

Malita Jean is doing very well, cute as a little bug! Her mamas are taking good care of her.

Angie and I were walking through the woods Thursday. It was so warm here 64 degrees! A great day for a walk. We stopped and she looked around in all directions then farted. "I gotta take a rippin' shit," she said. Angie isn't shy. We wandered over to a clearing where there were lots of trees. She pulled her pants down and squatted down into the grass. Then, with a grunt came a nice one. "Oh God this feels good," she said, "it's just rollin' out." I'll say! I said "Damn girl, how many dinners did you eat last night anyway?" It was smelly soft serve, but lots of it.

As for me, nothing new, just school and tons of homework which I should get at right now. My birthday party at the center was fun, but unfortunately the shadow of Juanito still was everywhere. What a great little guy he was.
Hey, I heard a hot conversation in a restroom the other day. The voices sounded like really young girls, maybe even teenagers. One girl was taking a shit while the other waited outside the stall door. The pooping girl, after a few minutes said
"Ooh, this is a big one."
"I don't wanna hear about it," the other girl said.
"D'ya wanna smell it?"
Then the other girl was laughing. It was pretty funny actually.
"No! I don't wanna smell it, and neither does anybody else, so hurry up."
There was silence for a second, then a very distinctive "Plooop!"
"It stinks in here," the pooping girl said.
"Thanks for the report, I care."
"Uh-oh, here comes another one."
"Do I have to hear about it blow-by-blow?"
There was a bit of quiet followed by two more plops in a row. After a few seconds came the sound of toilet paper being pulled off the spool and the pooping girl's voice once more.
"Hey, these are big ones. Wanna see 'em before I flush?"
The waiting girl started snickering.
"Stacey, you are so gross!"
"Last chance..."
"I don't wanna see your turds."
Then the toilet flushed and I could hear her voice saying
"Bye-bye poopies!"
I listened to them giggling and talking as they exited the ladies room. I was thinking to myself "You oughta see my turds if you wanna see big ones!"
I did too, I left two really nice big ones. I also had a great shit about an hour ago. Jake watched and rubbed my leg while I pushed a fat monster out of my ass. It was so thick it got stuck. I grunted, squeezed, prayed and finally it fell hard slashing my butt. I crapped some good soft stuff after. Pew! what a stink! My man loved it though.
And I love all of you. Special kisses to PV, Jane, Louise, STeve, Rizzo, Jeff A, RJOGGER, Kathy, Sweet Ina, Annie, Robby, Sarah S and Meghan, Kim, Althea, Meredith and who am I forgetting? Nobody I hope. Adios!

Im finally done with reading the old posts from the toilet !!! That shit was so freaking long. Anyways im a black male. I am 13 years-old and I have a huge fetish about seeing people poop! I am not that interested in seeing women poop though sometimes it gets me hard. I am more interested in seeing men poop, its sorta like a male bonding thing.

My dad is pretty cool about me talking to him while he is pooping but will never let me open the door while he is doing so. I dont have any stories but a couple of questions though. Like if your dad let you see him poop and talk to him. And for the ladies do you fart around your male freinds and do they fart around you.

JW: Yeah, I've been constipated most of my life. I don't think my "you need to find a bathroom" sensors work quite right. I try not to use enemas all the time. I don't want to get addicted but I have to admit its difficult not to. Having a normal bm is something people take for granted.
Although the last few days I haven't needed any help. On Wed afternoon I came home with a wicked upset stomach and I had the runs pretty bad that afternoon. By nightfall I felt pretty good and I had a normal dinner. Thursday I was miserable at work I had a horrible stomach ache and I knew that my afternoon was going to be spent on the toilet. I got home and had the worst diarrhea. It was the texture of vomit. It was brown liquid with little bits of undigested food. I must have gone 10 times before I finally went to bed and I slept through the night. I woke up and my stomach still hurt a lot. I skipped breakfast and lunch. I didn't go Friday at all. I thought I was going to a few times but it was just gas. Friday I used the toilet once but all that came out was clear liquid and a few more bits of undigested food. I figured that it must have been something I ate. This morning I had coffee and breakfast as usual. I was running late and I figured I should try to use the toil! et before i went out. I sat down and the pooh that came was the consistincy of frozen yogurt. It was nasty and it all came in one huge volcanic rush. A couple hours later I felt the need to "go" but I was nowhere near a toilet so I ignored it. I came home and had a solid but mushy pooh this afternoon.

I see my friend on the masthead has returned. She reminds me of me and my friends during elementary and high school. Some of my girl friends, even I used to keep our trousers around our upper thighs.

I once brought home a new girl from high school. She was cute and from Viet Nam. We were juniors. She asked to use the toilet and I let her. After a while, the girl remained in the bathroom for a time. I checked on her and she opened the door and allowed me in. Her jeans and white panties were flushed against her pubic area. She was was panting and squeezing out her last piece of doo-doo. She reached for a wad of paper and wiped through her front quickly. She stood up and pulled up her clothes real quick. She was shy and did not want to show much. I saw 3 pieces of doo-doo. One was 8 inches and the others were 3 inches. They were an inch in diameter. Then she flushed.

Another day at summer school, I had finished urinating before class. I was straightening my dress and slip. My friend walked in to the girls toilet. The stalls were doorless. She took a stall next to the sink, quickly undid her belt and zipper and let down her jeans and white panties enough to sit. The girl put her hands under her bunched up clothes. I heard four splashes and then a fart. She said she was sorry. I told her there was nothing to be sorry about. She said she was taught not to be open about such things and I told her these things happen.

Been out of contact due to a move, a month and a half and 10,000 miles later I’m finally back. Though in an area with marginal communications and a climate where a wetting accident could be fatal. Spent the last couple days going over posts I had missed.

Noticed you’ve received a lot of requests for stories, but little in answers to your questions. You didn’t give a lot to go on but, I’ll see what I can do with the information you gave. First I compliment you on your courage to be so open and risk the potential criticism. I’ve been rather slow to open up on the board though maybe now is the time tell a fair bit more.
As previously stated I’ve got IBS and due to the multiple factors that affect it, have a difficult time keeping under control and therefore have lived with the fact that accidents are a part of life. Accidents were rare until my high school years when my allergies started. My parents understood that accidents happen, but were not exactly supportive of my problem, so early on it became a thing I kept to myself. Accidents at school were a potential nightmare so I got good at keeping classmates from learning about those that happened and learned to be wary about becoming good friends with anyone. Not that I didn’t have friends, but they were few, generally people who wouldn’t tell the school if they learned of my secret. I also learned that while some accidents were a major problem in keeping undetected and required full bathroom and laundry for clean-up others were only a minor inconvenience. It is this last category that helps me understand where you’re coming fro! m.
I learned that some of the accidents weren’t that bad, less of a problem than trying to hold it. So there are times when I’m away from a bathroom and/or doing something where leaving it would be a problem, and the need to go is becoming a problem, that the easiest way to handle it is to just go. The problem is society says you just don’t do that, that it is wrong and that if you don’t fight till the last minute to avoid an accident there is something wrong with you and that you need professional mental help. True accidents have made me an outcast from society so I don’t see that choosing to just go ahead and go when maybe I might have been able to make it, especially when I’m already filthy from work and will need to go straight home to shower anyway, is wrong. But, -
I’ve also lost jobs, lost friends, been harassed by the law, and been banned from stores, sports centers and the like due to unpreventable accidents. I also have had two marriages break up, one of eighteen years, in large part due to accidents. But for the marriages some that weren’t so accidental also played a part. The accusation fired at me was, “You probably could have waited till you got home. You didn’t really try to hold it.”. The fact that I had held it till it became a problem and that fact that even my spouse didn’t know I'd done it till we got home and I went to clean up was irrelevant to the issue by her way of thinking. And so on to you.
I don’t know how old you are, how many years you have been out of your parents house and dealing with the ‘real world’, but the attitudes you face will be quite different. Though I support your right to go as you see fit, I also would be surprised if you haven’t already experienced disapproval from the general public when it realized you had gone in your pants. Accident or otherwise the primary reaction is disgust. Also as I’m sure you have learned that having crossed the barrier from, ‘it is never OK to go in your pants’, to ‘sometimes it is OK if I go in my pants’, makes it a lot easier to decide that the present situation is one of those times when it is OK. And maybe it is, however, have you ever experienced the situation where the time and the place is absolutely not one in which to have an accident, yet you’ve got to go, its soft and urgent but your mind is on something more important, and suddenly you push, your pants are full while the thought in your head! is panic, ‘I wasn’t going to do that, now what do I do, how do I get out of here, how do I get home.
You asked about problems down the line. It is all in you hands, your choices, when do you hold it, when do you let it go? If you only go in your pants when no one else will know the only problem you could have is with yourself. I'm not sure what you meant by 'weakness of control', if it is poor decision making on when to go or not, you might error on the not side till you are sure you have it figured out. If you are talking about physical control, do you have the muscle tone to hold it when you want? If not there are excersises that can help, you want to have a choice. It sounds like you have the mental, handling it, part worked out but, giving yourself a major case of diaper rash is still painful. If you go in you pants where others can notice you leave your self open to the kind of problems I have faced. I don’t have many friends, and no one I can discuss my problem with. At certain times of the year I don’t leave the house without extra pants that look just lik! e the ones I’m wearing. But, I can be caught by surprise any time. Diapers don’t work, they actually increase the chance that I might wet myself because they slow down the access, and diapers don’t hold as much as my bladder does, nor do they contain the smell, and that is what gives me away when I’m caught.
I can handle going in my pants. A quick shower and the problem is washed down the drain. The backlash from society that you have to live with sucks, and it sticks with you for life. This is no way to live but, I don’t have much choice, for me this is life, deal with it. From what you write you do have choices. I agree that as times you should be able to just let it go with out being judged by the bias’ of others, but that’s not how life works. Be careful with your choices, you don’t want the life I’ve had to live.


go back to the old posts, the second page, (though is says page 2), half way down read the post by Kris, there’s some emotion there

how do most people pee sitting up or down

Outhouse Scott
Ally McBeal used to be a pretty good show. It has become unwatchably awful the last two seasons. I've grown to hate the characters so much, I can barely stand watching commercials about it. THe opening shot of this season showing Calista riding a scooter to work, and that ridiculous "cool" look on her face, is about the level of the show's humor lately. It SUCKS.

I do have to give it credit for breaking down barriers of bathroom scenes on TV. Usually, a person's bodily functions are only hinted at on TV. Ally McBeal is one of the first TV shows I can recall to actually show someone sitting on the toilet, and to show both male AND female characters doing so, not to mention often implying that a female character is taking a crap.

Maybe another reason that guys are so dumbfounded when it comes to women shitting (and why many women are so bashful about it) is because of such a lack of representation of it in movies and on TV. Nearly every time there's an explicit shitting scene or poop joke in a movie, it involves a guy (Dumb and Dumber, American Pie, Austin Powers 1 & 2, just name a few). It's rare to see a woman or girl in such a scene (the only example that immediately comes to mind is the girl who farts on the toilet in Detroit Rock City). Nine times out of ten when a woman is shown sitting on the toilet, it is automatically assumed that she's peeing.

It's quite amazing that TV seems to have broken this barrier before movies. Ally McBeal has often shown female characters supposedly taking a dump. That 70's Show had an episode where the two main characters got back at their friends by spiking brownies with laxative (one of the friends was female). And the show Popular had an episode where three of the glamorous girls decided to take a super-laxative to try and lose some weight, then had to rush to the bathroom later in the episode. One of the girls later says, "I feel like I just crapped out my internal organs."

It's such a stupid thing to be so hung up about. As many people have said before in this forum EVERYBODY SHITS!!! People have definitely become more relaxed about it lately, but I still know many women who are extremely sensitive about their bowel functions, and cannot talk about them comfortably (including my wife). Then again, I have female friends who joke about farting and shitting just like guys. It's weird.


Gruntly Bogwell
My Dear FAT WOMAN: Why would you even have to ask if I would like some more of your stories? In this super model body image culture we live in, people seem to have lost sight of the fact that the true beauty of women lies within. What you and I know, that many seem to overlook, is that with a fat woman one gets to view more womanhood when they are on the toilet, from the large buttocks and the large crevasse between those hefty gluteus maxim, to the fat thighs hanging over the commode seat, the ???? belly rolling down on those thighs, the large sized panties stretched between her fat knees, with the large legs and ankles below, ending in large feet, which on many occasions may have swollen with walking around and are a bit puffy where they come out of the shoes. THEN, there is the grunting and eventual reported relief engendered by the release of a turd from down under. I never have forgotten your story about the midnight poo in that hotel restroom with the other fat ! woman, your incisive commentary on the size of turds the problems of fat women who are constipated or your teenage peeping session on your large mother. Of course I would love to see more of your stories posted.

Speaking of the regality of fat women on the toilet, I am reminded of the time the ship I was sailing on as a merchant marine officer pulled into Hong Kong, when I was in my early twenties. I had been telling sea stories with some of my fellow officers and mentioned my former girl friend Carol, who as you may remember weighed 360 pounds. One of the old timers piped up, "So you like 'em fat do you, mate…well as soon as you get off watch tonight, get your self over to Fat Annie's, she should be able to help you out!" There was general laughter among the other officer's standing there. So, at midnight I left the ship, found a taxi and asked for Fat Annie's, the driver grinned in the rear view mirror and drove off through a maze of streets, some darkened and mysterious, others as blaze of neon lights. Soon we turned of a main street to a more dimly lit side street and stopped before a building that stated in pink neon, "Madam An's Heavenly Gate." Inside the air was hea! vy with drifting tobacco smoke, the clink of glasses, boisterous laughter, the sweet smell of perfume and the dank smell of spilled beer on the carpet. The striking hostess in a green silk Suzi Wong dress with inviting side split, high collar and short sleeves greeted me very good English and led me to a table. My eyes adjusted to the interior lighting I noticed British sailors and business men of all races scattered throughout the room and seated in small groups on a plush wall seat around the room was a row of lovely Chinese girls, with others were mingling with the guests. The hostess introduced herself and began asking me questions, like where I from and how long I was staying. She stated with a smile that lit up her exquisite oriental features and crinkled the corners of her almond eyes, with the arching eyebrows, that Madam An was concerned about the needs of her customers in terms of their likes and dislikes. By this time I had ordered a Tsing Dao beer. The host! ess, who said her name was Jennie, asked me if I had a girlfriend, back home, and I mentioned 360 pound Carol, she asked me if I would like a fat girl for the evening, I said, "But, you are not fat." Jennie laughed and replied, "Oh no, Mr. Gruntree (still having trouble with the English "l") I am the hostess, you will have to be introduced to another of our young ladies…so you want a fat girl tonight? I looked around quickly and didn't see any fat girls nearby and now on my second beer I said… "OK why not?" Not wanting to deprive my fellow officers of a Hong Kong sea story. Jennie excused her self and went to the far end of the bar, where I then saw this very large, woman dressed in red silk, her black hair in a tight bun…Jennie said a few words to her and the round face looked in my direction and her shaped eyebrows went up and she smiled and nodded in my direction. Jennie scuttled back to my table and said, "I have conveyed your request to Madam An, she asked if you ! had any 'special' requests for the evening with your lady. "What do you mean?" I said taken back. Jennie said, "You know things you like…things that as you Americans like to say, turn you on." I didn't know what to say, but then in a very red faced moment I told her that I like to see women on the toilet." To my surprise Jennie didn't laugh, but said "Let me speak with Madam An," and she hurried off. This time I saw Madam An break into a grin and looked me over again, she said something to Jennie, who came back and said "We just might be able to help you out for $50 American dollars," to which I agreed, throwing caution to the wind.

Jennie asked me to follow her and led me into a back room where I paid my "dues" and was led down a short hall and through a door and through a beaded curtain into a small room with a small couch and coffee table and told to wait, the staff would be with me momentarily. Ten minutes later, the door opened and I was led by a pretty Chinese girl wearing a western maid's uniform, with apron and white cap into this room with red velvet wall paper and deep red carpet, with fine Chinese furniture, all with gold trim. Through another beaded curtain was a very large circular bed, rather dimly lit bed room, the smell of jasmine permeated the air. Beyond that was a more brightly lit room, into which I was led and BAM I found myself in a huge bathroom, with gleaming mirrors all around and surprise of surprises, Madam An herself seated regally on a toilet in the middle of the room, her moon face smiling at my slack-jawed surprise, her exquisite eyebrows arching over her dark eyes,! her black hair gleaming in its bun. She was wearing the red silk short-sleeve jacket I had seen in the dimness of the bar, but now I saw the golden dragons threaded into it. One of her pudgy arms was placed in her lap the other held a cigarette in a long black cigarette holder, inlaid, with mother of pearl. The jacket covered her belly, which pooched out the material, her matching pants were stretched tight across her thighs and almost touching her jacket, so all I saw was her rounded white thighs rolling out on either side, but that was all. "Pong Wei, bring Mr. Gruntly a chair so we may (BBBRRRR…..BBBRRRUUUPPP, a fart echoed from under her largeness) get better acquainted." Her maid did as she was bid, scurrying in with a chair, while Madam An produced another loud CHUFF, CHUF, BBEEEE…IIRRT in the bowl. When I was settled, she sat on the commode, like a queen, smoking and asking me questions about Carol and why I like to see women on the toilet, while Pong Wei broug! ht me another Tsing Dao beer. Every once and a while in the middle of our conversation, as if it were nothing, she visibly strained, her round face getting darker, she seemed to enjoy the fact that my mind was blown away by what I was witnessing. She told me (NNNGGHH…BBRRREEEERRRRT) that she usually didn't entertain customers, but that my odd request (UNNNGGHHah…PLOOOP, PLUUOOP) coincided with her need to have a motion (using the British term for pooing). There was a long period between sounds from under Madam An, she shifted a bit on the toilet and grunted slightly from time to time. My fourth beer made me squirm a bit, sensing my need Madam An asked me if I needed to use the toilet, when I acquiesced, she called for Pong Wei, who helped her off the toilet to allow me access. Pong Wei did so deftly pulling up her mistresses pajama-like pants so that I didn't have a chance to see anything. BUT, I had to pee on top of two her two large 2 inch ball turd floaters, she had! expelled previously, they sailed around in the commode in response to my strong beer-induced urination churning up the water and giving me a buzz, which made it hard to aim, but I finally managed to complete my turn, looking over at Madam An who was grinning widely while watching me. Madam An had Pong Wei flush the toilet, then reseated her massive self, this time leaving her pants at her knees, giving me a view up to the vee made by her fat thighs and bit of the fringe of her black pubic hair. Madam An grunted a few more times, then called for Pong Wei and said something in Chinese, Pong Wei scurried off. "Mr. Gruntly, I had hoped to show something more than a couple of puny turds(Personally, I didn't think they were all that puny, but I wasn't about to contradict Madam An in her own bathroom). "I've sent Pong Wei for some laxative tea, would you like something? I declined, and soon Madam An was sipping her tee and grilling me about Carol and some of our poo adventures! together, which have been reported previously in this forum. The tea must have done its job, for soon Madam An was offering up some healthy grunts (UUUGGHH, NNNGGGHHHNNGGNNHHaahhh) as the part of her jacket covering her belly worked in and out , then there came the tell-tale KRICKLE and SPPRRIIIIIICCCTTT of a turd being produced…Madam An seemed to enjoy performing for me, smiling and straining, while a ripe and a bit fishy dank odor, infused the bathroom. A SSPPRRIICCHHTT, PHUTT, PHOOOOT….PLOOMP indicated that Madam An was enjoying a major dump, while I sat there with my head spinning, taking in all the action. She sighed deeply and said "There that's better…I wanted you to get your money's worth Mr. Gruntly," the she called for Pong Wei who bustled over and began unrolling a wad of toilet paper. Madam An bent forward off the toilet and leaned close to me sitting on the little chair in front of her toilet. She looked into my eyes with obvious glee while Pong Wei ! went to work wiping her large fanny, all I could see was the top of Pong Wei's head. She said something in Chinese and Pong Wei showed her the toilet paper from the first pass with its medium-brown smear, she nodded and Pong Wei went back to work. I peeked in the mirror and saw my hostess huge rounded buttocks with their dark central crack. Madam An smiled , winced or frowned as the wiping continued, instructing Pong Wei in Chinese and looking at each pass until she was satisfied with the state of her nether hole. She then beckoned me to have a look and Oh Brother A 2.5 inch wide solid log lay at the bottom of the toilet water, about 14 inches long, with two 8 inch ragged companions on wither side. She grinned and said "That's more like it, are you satisfied Mr. Gruntly?" I assured her she had out done her self, Pong Wei flushed the commode.

Madam An escorted me into the bedroom, where two things became apparent: 1) Madam An's large bowel movement had left her quite frisky; and 2) No one had entered her Heavenly Gate in a while. After a time, Madam An was relaxing with a cigarette in her long lacquered holder, when her eyebrows suddenly knit together and she groaned and rolled off her bed. Naked from the waist down she rushed into her bathroom, her bulbous butt swaying below her red silk jacket with the golden dragons, as she padded across the floor and swung her bulk over the free standing toilet and plopped down with an Umph…as she had a loud squishy bowel movement PPRRRUUUSSSHHHHHICCKKK. She grimaced, her face scrunching up, her naked fleshiness fat thighs and large legs covered the toilet and she unloaded another mushy load GOOOUUUSSSHHH. She straightened up and bellowed "PONG WEI!" Her maid hurried into the bathroom with a terrified look on her face. In rapid fire Chinese Madam An blessed her out! , pointing to the tea cup on the white side table beside the toilet, that had continued the laxative tea she had ordered. I guess Pong Wei had made it too strong. Madam An cramped, leaned forward and grunted another vociferous load GRRIISSSSHHHH into the bowl below her massive buttocks. Pong Wei, white as a ghost, flushed the toilet furiously and grabbed a handful of toilet paper. The surrounding mirrors gave me an excellent view of little Pong Wei cramming the paper into Madam An's large butt crack, as Madam raised herself off the toilet with an effort to be wiped by her maid, rolling her eyes and giving me a pained look as I sat on the red satin sheets of her large circular bed, all the while sounding on Pong Wei , who was in tears, for making her laxative tea too strong. Madam An waived Pong Wei away, plopped her large frame back on the toilet and spluttered a gassy wet mess into the commode, gritting her teeth, the color draining out of her face with the intensity of ! the cramp and diarrheic explosion. The finish of this latest wave left Madam An weak and bent over on the commode.

She beckoned me into her bathroom and told me she was too weak to get up and asked if I would help her, so Pong Wei could clean her up. I took hold of her hands and steadied her as she de-toileted herself, with Pong Wei standing by to begin the job of cleansing Madam An's hefty backside. I could see between her legs past Madam An's black pubic patch, brown stained water in the toilet and the brown spot splattered bowl sides. I looked over her bulk to the mirror behind and saw Pong Wei gently wiping her spot splattered bottom near her dark brown anus, with a warm wash cloth. Then she went to work on the hole itself, while Madam An moaned and trembled from her poo-letting weakness. We finished and helped Madam An back into bed and covered her up...she tanked me and said something to Pong Wei who escorted me out. In the anteroom, Pong Wei said something to Jennie, the night club hostess, who promptly gave me back half my $50 dollars and I went out into the night to f! ind a cab at the curb waiting to take me back to the pier where the ship was docked, with a REAL sea story to tell the older officers who sent me to Fat Annie's.

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