Just when I started apologising for my posts getting too routine, and in
truth, I was beginning to bore myself with my own posts. And just in time to
spice things up in a hellish way, today's trail incident happened. It started off
innocent enough, I had pulled way off the main trail and parked my bike as I felt
a big one coming on. I really wasn't expecting any company. I found a nice
rock, a piece of curb from a street long gone, and sat down on it. I sipped my
water in leisure as I waited for the biggy. It was apparent that the poo train had
left the station and was coming down the tracks. I pulled down my navy blue
silky sweats in anticipation of the coming load. I kept my burgundy t-shirt
around my waist, out of harms way. My purple helmet lay next to my blue bike,
silver shades on the handle bars. About then, I heard a pleasant famale voice
saying, "Go on, tanner, you can go down that trail!". And thus, he did. I was
soon joined by a cute little Cocker spaniel puppy and an attractive brunette
wearing a white T-shirt. I had pushed out half of an 8 incher when she rounded
the corner. "Oops, I'm sorry!" I said, as she realised what I was doing. After the
initial shock, she calmed down and I hoped to have a nice little conversation
with her since I could tell by her curious glances that she wanted to stay a while.
It was about this time her curious little puppy came by for a pet. Make friends
with the puppy, make friends with the owner, I thought. No one could have
anticipated what happened next, as the puppy dove up under my arse for a tasty
snack. "Oh please, no!" I thought! as I tried in vain to pull him out from under
me. His horrified owner began calling him and calling him. She apologised. I
said "It's ok" as I fought him off a second time. Out of a lack of a better way to
handle the situation, she began walking off down the trail. "Treat Tanner, Treat"
she said as she was just out of sight. "He thinks he already found one!" I said in
horror and laughter at the same time. She laughed and he finally went to her. I
finished my offload, quit a pile indeed, wiped and got going. I saw them again
later and apologised saying "Who would have thought that was going to
happen?" The little puppy was just as friendly, but this time he was wet as I'm
sure she made him take 1000 baths in the creek. It just goes to show that wierd
things happen to wierd people!

Hi folks,
I am back again. Sarah is still slaving over the books. I need to be, too. Dad has a stomach virus so you know where he is.

KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Hi cousins! Here is a new experience. Sarah has a new boyfriend or at least he hangs around a lot. I was in my room studying and had the feeling I had to poo. I got up, went to the toidy and pulled down my jeans and pampies(?). I sat down and bend over. I let out one of my special trumps(eh Andrew!). I had forgotten that I had not closed the door. When you are used to one other person, whom being your sister, using the toidy you just don't think about it. I was concentrating and suddenly I looked up and Sari's friend was in the doorway staring at me. He suddenly realized I had spotted him. He started to apologize. I said; "Well, you've seen me, now hear me!" At that point I dropped a huge CULLOMPTED piece into the bowl. He turned stark red. At this time Sarah came up behind him and gave him a kick in the bum. She said;"The performance is over"! She led him away and I dropped two more plympted logs and then weed. This is the first time I have ev! er let a strange male watch me poo! Sarah sends her lovexx to all of you. ANDREW: Sari and I would have been in the front row cheering you on!! Let just say we are your virtual audience. You were such a gentleman with Rachel. You were also right with little Ellen. She is getting such a kick out of this, isn't she. We really enjoyed the story. KENDAL: We would have cheered you on in your performance, too!! Do you always wear skirts? I know you have to wear your uniform at school. I guess we don't wear skirts except to church and other functions. ELLEN: You were the star of the day, weren't you!! We couldn't have asked everyone into the toidy with us like you did. We do let Andrew in cyberly. What a whale of a wee! You have very good teachers there. Well, I have to get back to school. Our half term isn't until March. Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs! Cousins Meghan and Sarah

INA: Hi sweetie!! We are both red with embarrassment. You have such sweet words for us and we don't deserve them. Yes, we are studying hard. I will be so proud of Sarah. We have weed in the shower standing up for years. We were too lazy to get out to use the toilet. Until we got on this forum we didn't know it was a sport. We wouldn't feel right in going in and using a urinal right now. We are still babes at this game. Annie is being very patient and she is the wild one anyway. The food you are eating is great for soft poos. We are trying to get into that. Our poos are regular and we are on the run so much. You are a jewel! Hope your browser doesn't go away again. Take care, Lots of Lovexxx and a hug, Meghan and Sarah

RIZZO: Hello there! We really enjoyed the story about the jelly fish. We had an experience like that ourselves on Annie's boat. Mum and Sarah hung their bums over the side and there were some jelly fish down there so they tried to wee on the biggest one. That was a sight. If I wore a bag over my head I guess Dad could video my performance on the toidy. Glad you are feeling better and we wish we could come with you when you go to the continent. Also, glad your wife is ok! Take care, Lots of Lovex Meghan and Sarah

ADELE: Hi there! Glad you are back with us. We enjoy your wee stories. Take care, Meghan and Sarah

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi folks! I know that Dad and Rizzo would be at the front of the line to wipe you, Louise, LOL! They are such gentlemen. I have pished myself in the car a few times. It wasn't pretty. We haven't looked into the travel ladies urinal yet. The one Ina uses. I guess we will have to. It takes nearly an hour to drive to Dad's place. We know you will be busy for a few days. I will be back next weekend. Take care, Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah

PV: Hi gal! We would let you wipe us,teehee! Could you get to the beach? We can see you weeing up and down the coast. We are trying to practice for the WSPC. Maybe they can add that to the next Olympics. Take care, Lovexxxx Meghan and Sarah

CARAMLITA: Hey there!! Hope you are doing ok. We think about you all the time. Please come back when you feel like it. We miss you and those huge dumps! Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah

JANE: Hi there! Sarah has tons of Cheerleading pee and poo stories. We will start telling some of them. Glad your poos are the usual. Give our best to Gary. Lovexx Meghan and Sarah

TIM AND SARAH: Hi friends! Hope you both are ok. We are busy as ever. Did you ever get back to work, Tim? Sarah, we will be here for you in your understanding of all of this. We are on that journey, too! Take care, Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah

TODD AND DIANA: Hi folks!! We are thrilled about the twins! We still read in the toilet. I read magazines and Sarah still carries in her notes. She may read a mag occasionally. Glad you are ok!! Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah

DIANENY: We are sorry to hear that you had a bad accident! Please keep us informed. That was a nice thing you did for that woman. It was a little messy, wasn't it? Take care, Meghan and Sarah

HELLOS to ALL of our student friends! EPHERMAL, AMY(COED), MERE AND MANDY, ALANA, and any others we have failed to name. GOOD LUCK!

This has been a loooooong post so we will say;



Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
This was hilarious. The other-day, I had a handyman come by, to do some work on my house, for me. Funny-thing was, that he was cleaning his paintbrush, after he was done using it. For some nutty-reason, he decided to hold the hose between his legs, and, w/ the hose-running, it looked as if he were pissing out of it! Don't know if it was intentional, or not, but it was doggone-funny. Yo, Jason, you have got to be one of the luckiest-men I have ever-met, along w/ Roger (Angela's bf, in Texas), and Rjogger, not to mention Gary, Jane's hubby. Your teacher actually-endured four days of, what I believe to be, agony, just to please you by letting it all out in front of you? Where do I sign up, man! If only Denise would give me the chance. Hasn't happened, yet, though. Looks as if 'ol Pico is going to need to sneak-himself a look, or @ least have a tape-recorder running as she is in there, so that I can, @ least, hear the goings-on whilst she's in there. Jason, have you ever used yo! ur spit, when you wiped your teacher? If not, think you could talk her into it? I know that she will, probably, have the wet-wipes on hand. Could you talk her into allowing you to put spit on dry one, and wipe her w/ it? Can't wait to hear about it, if, and when, you do.

later, all of you,


unhappy brother-in-law
My sister-in-law was in the bathroom and I was in dire need of going.I was begging her to hurry. She was in no rush.I was angry and thought I could embarrass her. I ran to get the Poloroid and pushed the door open just as she was cleaning herself, she was so upset she forgot to flush.I couldn't believe the size of the load she left in the toilet. I took a number of pictures which she begged me to give back to her. Since she has some very embarrassing pictures of me, that will never happen. The load however would probably set some kind of record and she knows it. I still can't believe that that much poop came from a woman that small.

Hello,all-just have some time for some responses
TO ALANA-WOW,that sounded like s great dump you had the other day after all that food.Did you have a strong urge when you hit the bowl?I've done some good loads in my time,but I don't think I have ever done as much as you said you did that day!I often look foreward to good BM's and I try to hold it as long as I can cause it fells great when i finally let it out-hey,we should get together one morning when we both really gotta go and let it rip!Good story!
TO LANCS LAD-I do poops like you discribed often and boy,don't they feel great,but a lot of times i just relax and let it come out on it's own and push only if i have to.
TO JOHN'S GAL-I've been with a few women that had that same thing and boy when they had their period,they really did some great poops-My old nurse friend really did some tremendous loads when she had the time of the month thing-she told me it was the cramps that really brought the poop urge on and she seemed go go more in volume too and she really had a hard time holding it then too-hey do a good dump for John,i'm sure he'll enjoy it!
Took a pretty good dump this a.m.Had some OJ and had to go after about 25 mins and got undressed and went and sat on the bowl and let out 2 pre-poop tight,farts and then just sat there and relaxed my doming anus and the turds started to come out.At first I did 3 big balls that splashed loudly into the bowl with quite a bit of splashback all over my butt(P P G-you would have loved it!) Then I waited for some cramps and looked at the 3 ball bombs i did.They were pretty big and lumpy and felt like big burrs as they came out and hurt a little-I rarely do those kind of turds,but lately,i haven't been going too much,till this morning.After about 5 mins I had to go more and let out a small fart and did 2 real long turds that were smooth and came out pretty fast with a lot of crackling and wrapped around the bowl.I'd say they were about 10 inches long each.I still didn't feel done as I sat there pushing out my asshole and then I felt another cramp and asI was pushing i let out ! a hissing fart followed by soft turds that came out one after another quickly with lots of crackling farts in between and in the middle of this I leaned back against the tank and saw the turds hitting the water-It was cool as they came out and floated around the bowl as I emptied my rectum.NOW I felt done as I just sat there pushing out small squgglies and then had a messy wipe as i pushed out my anus to wipe.Then did my usual deed and took a shower-I hadn't had a good poop in quite a while and this felt great!Wish i had a poop buddy to shae this dump with esp one of you ladies on here-Now that would be fun!Good stuff.all and BTW where are my neighbors(RJOGGER and KATHY)Hope all is well with you folks! BYE

The last several weeks have been hectic, to say the least. Kathy's mom was hospitalized, with problems that resulted from knee replacement surgery late last year. Then Kathy threw her back, and she has been under going chiropractic treatment to alleviate the pain. Your truly finally got his problem right heel treated, and this week I resumed a moderate running and walking routine. This brings me to Wednesday's activities. Monday through Wednesday I work at a client that is fairly close to home. It is situated near a park on one side, and a railroad line that I frequent for filming on the other side. My buddy Ken, who you may remember from our "Community Swamp Dump" last fall, works with me at this site, along with 2 other consultants that my boys and I have placed there. We usually take a lunchtime walk to film the trains (Ken's dad was a yard master with the old Pennsylvania Railroad), and we go watch the runners in the park. With the lack of winter this year, and Wednesday! 's temperature at about 55 degrees, we were anxious to get out. That level went up when we noticed Linda, a co-worker about 27 to 30, going out for a run. Linda (not her real name) is a fitness nut, she is about 5'5" tall, large frame, shoulder length semi-curly black hair, and dark complexion and eyes. She is a Latina beauty, with everything in the right places. Ken and I greeted her as we all stepped out, and we were greeted by her awesome smile as she said hello. That was enough to convince us to walk through the park first, as we thought we may get to see this beauty as she ran. So we went in a direction that would cross paths, so to speak. About 10 minutes into our walk, a train distracted us, and of course, we got our video cams out and recorded the action from an opening through the bushes. After the train and the noise were gone, we resumed our walk, into a heavy section of woods, on a fairly wide trail. We heard a twig snap, but there is wild life everywhere, so we ! thought a deer was about. Oh boy, were we mistaken. As we looked in the direction of the snapped twig, our jaws dropped. Over to the left, off the trail and partially obscured, we saw Linda, standing, and pulling her shorts down. She must have really had to go, because she could be seen from the trail. Ken and I just stood frozen as Linda's shorts and panties were now at her ankles, exposing her beautiful ass. As she squatted, we got a great view of her very dark privates. She looked down, making sure she was not squatting over her clothes, then she looked straight ahead, and her butt hole domed outwards. It contracted, then it really widened, as a fairly dark poop slowly emerged, gathered momentum, and snaked its way towards the ground. After it landed, Linda's hole contracted, and domed again to let another good size poop out. This was accompanied by a spray of pee that dripped off the turd, as it slithered out, then a really forceful pee stream splattered the ground. We ! watched Linda lift her head as she peed, and we thought she was going to look over her shoulder and notice us. But she lowered her head again, strained, and pooped out 2 more good sized bombs. Now she was finished, and Ken and I saw her pull tissues out of her jacket and carefully wipe her ass 3 times and her vaginal area twice. Satisfied that she had cleaned up, she pulled up her shorts and took off to the left. In spite of being very aroused, Ken and I started up the trail towards the spot that Linda had been in. We made sure that no one was looking then we quickly inspected her load. It was impressive, very much so, with what looked like an 18" by 2.5" snake and 3 more about 6' each in length. Ken looked at me and said "Richie, I can't believe we just saw that. Two years she has been here, and to see this is incredible". I could only nod in agreement, because this lady is really hot, and this was a totally unexpected treat. After we got back to the office, we found it har! d to concentrate, and an hour later, when Linda happened by and flashed that awesome smile of hers, Ken and I got a little red, as we smiled back. Oh hell, there was no need for a guilty conscience, it was just something that happened. But it was quite a diversion and quite a surprise. I don't think that I will ever look at Linda the same again, after having seen her in such a compromising position.

Anyway, before Kathy and I leave, we just want to pass along some hellos:

Kim and Scott - GREAT couple of last stories, Kim, we read them over and over! Thanks for saying hello, and thanks for asking for us in you last post. Kathy and I send our love.
Diane NY- Accident? Are you OK, dear? We hope that it wasn't auto race related. Be well, here's wishing you a very speedy recovery.
Carmalita and Jake - We really miss you kids, we are concerned, and we hope that everything is OK. We send our love, and hope to hear from you soon.
Renee and Patsy - Ditto. Are you kids OK, we miss you too.
Nu and Angie - Hi girls, we miss you also.
Annie and Robby - How are you guys,?;
Gruntley Bogwell - Your latest was nothing short of excellent!
Hellos also go out to Jane, Sarah and Megan, Buzzy, Rizzo, Muggs and Jeff A, wherever you are, good sir.

Bye everyone.

To Lancs Lad: I've seen that on MTV here in the usa...does it air on mtv there?

Not much else to post on...gotta run

Once I burst in a friend sitting on the can with a loaded water pistiol.
I shot the paper first....
then his face
then his.....

he sat their, helpless and just took the sqwirts to the face
( blonde 22 swedish and vglkg)
by the smell I could tell he had already gone
he jokingly said "you gonna die"

weeks later...
in a motel I burst in on him on pot( he should learn with me to lock the door)and took several photos of him. THAT got him riled and he came at me angrily I said there was no film in the camera. He bought it luckily....however there was film in the camera:)

and I have pics that are hysterical

another time I was in with him and he farted on the can.
jokingly he said... "I don't think I can convince you I didn't just fart" This was after I had gotten angry at him for farting ( and denying it) at the Grand words to him was its rude to fart at a sacred place in a country as a visitor from abroad:)

I was brushing my teeth when he made that denial He seemed to be ok with me in the bathroom of the hotel with him

John's gal

Why on earth did your mom not let you use the bathroom at six flags? Yeeeeeeesh!!

Hello to all!
Some accumulated posts:
PUNK ROCK GIRL, your welcome!

Hello INA, I am glad to read that you are back, or did I miss some of your posts? I did not forget you, even if I do not mention you in every post. You did not say anything silly. I always look forward to your sparkling creativity! Yes, I did enjoy the story of your demonstrating your standing pee technique to your friend, your “coming out”! But you mentioning things like “one night stand” and the occasional recurrence of bulimia subdued me somewhat. You sounded much happier describing your standing wee in front of your friend. I feel a bit sad for you and I do hope that writing about your peeing adventures will help you to find your inner equilibrium!
By the way, jellyfish do abound in polluted waters, which in turn are rich in the tiny organisms jellyfish feed on. Peeing on them does not hurt them. But if you happen to swim into one, it can be painful. Especially the dull orange kind are stingy. But these are absolutely nothing compared to the deadly poisonous box jellyfish in Australia.
So here’s a big hug for you, dear Ina, may you continue to hold up the flag for the WSPC!

ELEANOR, dear, I am glad you posted to Kendal. I think your brother made an important step in growing up to become a responsible young man by changing his attitude towards you. I give him my support and both thumbs up! By being kind and caring towards you he will ultimately make a good impression on everyone, and that includes the girls he will be interestid in.
Not all young boys have a sister. Those who do not sometimes make fun of those who do – probably because they are envious. And by the way, what you saw him doing on the toilet is natural; he is probably terribly embarassed that you saw him; he might have been told that it is sinful or bad for his health - absolute rubbish! Adolecence is a difficult time, for girls as well as for boys. Well, if your brother wants to write here, he need not fear that I will tear him to pieces. Give him a manly pat on the back from me, and love to you too from Rizzo.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY, yes, antibiotics, when taken orally, play havoc with the “good” bacteria in your intestine as well as knocking out the harmful ones – if the antibiotics still have an effect, that is. Things will return to normal, but they may take several days. Try eating yoghurt to stabilise the bacterial population of your intestine. It doesn’t work with me because I can’t stand the taste nor the smell of yoghurt, even if it is flavoured. I’d probably get the runs or throw up. I hope you will rejoin the ranks of top-shitters soon, Rizzo

PV dear, the grids on the floor in front of urinals you mentioned, where high heels could get stuck, probably have the object of preventing from men having to stand in a puddle of wee. How does this happen?
Starting with a clean urinal with no puddles on the floor:
First guy comes to a urinal. Stands facing it, but not so close as that the fronts of his trouser legs may touch the porcelain fixture. It might be wet and stain his trousers. In case of a wall type urinal; not so close as to get back-splash on the clothes.
Gets out Willie, pees. The last drips fall down vertically and do not make it into the fixture or to the channel beneath the wall. Visible drips on the floor form a little puddle.
Next guy comes along. Sees puddle, stands back a little more to avoid standing in it. Dribbles more on to the floor at the end of his wee.
And so on. In theory the last guy takes aim from the entrance door and nothing makes it into the urinal. It is possible that I am exaggerating a bit here. Anyway, I have not yet seen an urinal that has not had a wet spot below it after several dozen men have peed there, unless there is a grid on the floor to catch the last drips, or the urinal is cleaned regularly at short intervals. Men do not normally carry a tissue with to catch the last drips like you do! I don’t, because I use cotton hankies. I use these to blow my nose and not to dab my willie. Pare tissues give me a sore nose.
I went to an office and tried the urinals there yesterday. They are porcelain fixtures not much bigger than those bowls you eat Chinesse food out of. Vertical slabs of marble jutting out from and fixed to the wall act as shields and separators between the urinals. These are only about twenty inches above the floor, so you would have no difficulty in using them! They need careful aim though!
I hope you make it to the beach, it is almost a year since your thirteen beach-wee adventure (and a poo)!
Hugs to you from Rizzo

Hi dear LOUISE, big tease! So you are modelling again! I’ll have to watch out and see if I can catch sight of you in one of those catalogues. I’ll just go by the looks and imagine the model weeing standing at a urinal. If she looks right doing this, it could be you. About drips and puddles in front of urinals, read what I wrote to PV.
I just read about your wee into the tub with one leg lifted. You think that the view from underneath and from behind would be exciting to see? Certainly, but do you know what I would like to see? The expression on your face when typing your posts! Give Steve a hug, he is lucky to have someone like you. Get him to join you when you prepare his dinner. It is more fun that way! Love to you from Rizzo.

Hello LONDON LAD, I have found that rest stations on French motorways in the Bordeaux area have toilets equipped with loudspeakers tuned to a radio station to drown out noises. Because the toilets – gents as well as ladies - are all under the same high roof, compartments open at the top with just wire netting so that no-one climbs over the patitions, everything can be heard everywhere, were it not for the loud music or news. Sometimes there is silence, until somebody arrives ;-) Cheers!

AMAZON, so the other lady fled the outhouse when she saw you giving that wonderful standing pee. What did your friend say ? Did she like it? Was she impressed? She should be!

MAL, don’t lock yourself in after too much beer; shit happens! You did make me laugh though.

PICO TAMALE (The Butterfly) I agree! One has drinks together, one eats together, dances together, it takes two to kiss, has sex together, yeah, and some people even talk to each other (am I being cynical again?). All these intmacies are socially ok; but going to the bathroom in front of each other or having fun farting in each others presence are considered taboos! Silly, don’t you think so too?

CARMALITA, how are you getting on? How are the rest of your family: Jake, Renee and Malita and Patsy, Angie and Nu, Tesa, and what about your brother Cruz ? (Did I get his name right?) Love to all of you from Rizzo.

ALLEY CAT, good story! I am looking forward to more!

ROBBY, my dear friend, so Barbara is now with us too. Ha ha! Give my special hellos to Sarah S. and Meghan and Annie too! Hugs from Rizzo

KENDAL, dear on-line niece, I have bee doing work on my boat. Preparing it for the sailing season. Very important: seeing to it that the Lavac toilet works as it should! It is awful when its outlet valve blocks up and there is a queue of desperate people waiting and saying "hurry up" while I try to make a quick repair. That is what I call stress. My hugs are up to standard again, so here goes: right off the ground and prickly. Love to you from your Uncle Rizzo. Give Ellen a hug, I will write to her when she does.

Andrew is helping me with my spellings when I ask him. Kendal is with her friends today. Andrew came with me when I had a wee in the night. He was in Kendal's bed. Today I did not see Andrew poo. Dad and Mum were home. I heard lots of plops, and there was a bad smell. I just had a poo. I said someone must go with me. Mum said she would. I said I wanted Andrew. So she let him. I saw him have a big wee. I had two poos. They took a long time. Andrew yawned. I told him off ! Lots of love to Uncle Rizzo, Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Sarah and Meghan, Eleanor and Linda GS. Kendal will be home soon. She will be sad. Her story did not get posted. I hope she will tell it again. Maybe when she gets home. I have to go. Bye. xxxxxxxx

There's quite a a nice picture of Jude Law sitting on the lavatory with his trousers down in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine.(Great Britain).

kim and scott
hello all!
TO BUZZY-hello. thanks for liking my buddy dump story. scott and I like your stories too. cant wait to hear more of your outdoor poop stories.I tell you buzzy my logs are getting so large,thick,solid and long I may just have to poop in the woods.that may be the only place that can hold my logs soon. seriously!I keep overloading the toilet bowl with humungous female shit every time I go but it feels so good blasting my logs out. be well.
TO JASON-hello sweetie. thanks for saying I am amazing. I think you are a pretty amazing guy yourself.the reason my logs are so huge is because I have a super-colon to make me go this way,I also have a high in fiber diet. so when I go dear I usually fill the bowl up with enormous shit.I just love the huge size,lengh and thickness of my logs and love to measure them.It actually turns me on banging my gigantic logs out!!(not to mention my boyfriend scott)plus sometimes my anus does get a little sore banging my logs out but that doesnt remain that way for long . and also thanks for wanting to watch me shit. if I could I would fill the toilet bowl with gigantic female shit for you like I would for a few other special guys on this site. by the way I am a young,very bubbly,long haired blonde cheerleader in college and my boyfriend is black and goes to the same local college that I do. be well jason I will try to keep wowing you with my stories.
TO LOUISE-hello dear.I thank you and steve for liking my last buddy dumping story.and yes that would be a kick to model together. I am five foot four by the way.I think I may be best being a swimsuit model.not to brag but I can picture myself posing on the beach and strutting down the runway in one and two piece bikinis. I am a bit shorter than you honey but I think I could do that. plus like I said before my logs are huge,thick,long and hard but it gives me and my man such a buzz to see the gigantic brown tail come out of my quivering pink butt.sometimes I squeeze out two spectacular logs in front of scott. then I add piss to it. this makes my boyfriend go absolutely ape!!!hahaha and this often leads to more fun stuff later. if you know what I mean girlfriend!!!hahaha. be well honey,love,kimmie and scott

Sunday, February 24, 2002

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