I'll start with a story then move onto a (very) few replies below. Well, What's a good story to tell. I got, our trip to Six Flags. Well, acturally befor I do that I should probaly make one small correction to my first post. I somehow forgot to mention my sister(sorry sis :-) ) . She is two years younger then me but had to follow the same rules. Neither of us really minded following them as thats how we always grew up. I guess your own traditions never seem wierd.
Well, back to my story my mom, my sis, and me were going to Six Flags one summer. My dad would of jioned us but he had work to do at the office. Anyway while we were getting ready my mom told both of us to not even ask and just go in our pants the entire trip. She said she would follow the same rules, which was not common. About halfway there I notice a small hissing noise . I look over and my sister's jeans are wet. I just smile and we go on. We finaly got to the park, after 2 hours in the car, and my mom parks the car. But then she doesn't get out. We ask her while she is waiting she said that she has to poop and that once she gets started we will leave. So she grunts and a loud fart is let out. Then she pushes again and then says "Thats good" and we get out. We were walking to the ticket place meanwhile me and my sis we walking a little slow and watching our mom's butt expand. It was a rather funny site. While we were waiting in line I spread my legs and pissed to! o.
That was the end of the first round of accidents, except for my mom pissing on the first ride. Then we got lunch. While eating my sister, Susan, seemed distracted. My mom asked her what was wong. She replied that she had to poop but was having trouble. Then after lunch we were waiting for a slow ride when my sister suddenly "AAHH"s I look at her ass and there is a large bulge. She then pushes again and it doubles in size. It was very noticible but she didn't care. We all pissed ourselves several times durring the rest of the day. I didn't poop there.
Although once we got home I went almost immediatly to bed (it was midnight). About twon hours later I woke up with bad cramps. I pushed and completly shit the bed (which was very bad since I sleep in the nude, only way I can get confortable and not feel confined). As always my parents didn't mind.
Now for the Replies:

Jane:: You took the message in the entire wrong context. It was not really theatened with death more like doing your homework, you never really want to but you normaly find the ability to do it. And about my current accidents I dont have accidents constantly and I can't remember my last real accident. Its just that my panties being wet or dirty doesnt bother me and stopping it is at the bottom of my prioties. If I get to a toilet and its convient to use I'll use it otherwise its in my pants.

Musician: My mom always cleaned my panties. SHe also cleaned my body when I was real young but as I got older that was left upto me.

Hey Sparkle Girl where did you go w/ your cool pee stories? I wanna hear more. :P~

First post here,I thought I mentioned that in the movie with a 1982
release year called(They call me Bruce?)has quick short scene where the
main actor Johnny Yune tries to hide from some bar guys out to beat him
up when he goes into the ladies bathroom and it shows this lady's feet
under the stall at first the he pushes her door open by accident and by
that time she's already standing up trying to pull her pants up.The
scene was funny but you don't see or hear any graphic sounds.

heather k.
it's been a few months since I have posted, but anyway, here it goes. I have pooped in my panties many times. It is due to bad judgement or being in a place or situation that doesn't lend itself to going to the bathroom and my panties pay the price. One time when I ate lunch at school. In retrospect it tasted kind of funny, but I ate it anyway. Big mistake. It takes me about half an hour to drive home. On my way home, I felt the urge to poop andi knew it was diarreah. On this day, luckily, I was wearing some shiny black vinyl pants. I knew I wasn't going to make it, but I tried holding it anyway out of instinct. It got so bad, I had to pull off the road. I sat in my car and lifted myself up off the seat. My butt went squiirt squriiiirt whoosh. Lunch ended up in my purple bikini panties with pink hearts. My poor panties felt the wrath of my butt. Suffice it to say, panties do not make a suitable substitute for a toilet. I leaned forward as far as I could, lower! Ed myself back down on to the seat, and sat up again so the poop would stay in back. I could feel it smearing all over my butt. It even went all the way up to the waistband of my panties in back. I had to drive for about 20 minutes with poop filled panties. The car seat stayed clean because of the pants I was wearing. I got home and I knew I had to stand up. As I got out, diarreah started running down my legs and got all over my socks. I went to the downstairs bathroom, which didn't have a shower, so I wouldnt get poop on the carpet. I sat on the toilet with my pants up and removed my shirt, bra, shoes, and socks. I then had the horrible task of taking off my pants. They were completely ruined. I pulled down my stinky panties and wiped the poop out of them. I then took some toilet paper and cleaned off my private part, butt, leggs and feet. I went to the kitchen and got a plastic bag and put my pants in it. I took that, along with my other clothes upstairs to my ! Room and I took a shower. I washed my panties in the shower instead of throwing them away. They were still perfectly good, just stained a little. I got out, put on a fresh pair of panties, threw my pants away and did a load of laundry. And that was that.

John's gal
Question for fellow females: Do any of you have this incredible urge to pass logs while you have menstrual cramps? It always happens to me on day 1 or day 2, which are the most painful times for me. it's like the cramping leads to diarrhea cramping as well. Just wondering if anyone else has this phenomenon.

Hi everyone,Jane,I guess I derive a lot of pleasure from having the biggest bm I could possibly muster up.I have an enormous appetite, and the ability to hold an enormous amount of excrement in my system I probably do get carried away though I will supress the urge to defecate so that when I finally do go the results are spetacular.Like the day before yesterday I ate the largest breakfeast I have ever eaten.We went to this covention and the hotel had a gorgeous breakfeast buffet,I ate four waffles,three belgian waffles,with strawberries,three bowls of ceral with fruit,two huge fruit bowls,eggs benedict,two heaping plates of scrambled eggs and grits with about ten slices of bacon and four pices of toast,all followed up by twenty eight pancakes with twelve sausage links,and two glasses of OJ,and two glasses of milk.mmmmmm....
This morning I got up and had to take another huge crap,I think I must have not gotten all the constipation out of my system the last time because when I sat down on the toilet in the hotel room a long extremely thick turd curled out then another long thick turd began to emerge and another one and another one I mean I had to shit bad,one turd after another long hot and thick I lost count after thirty three because my stomach hurt really bad.I managed to get up to look at the pile I had produced and yes it was ENOURMOUS!!! I quickly stopped shitting and went to the closet to get a hanger to mush it all up and flush it down.Not a second too soon either as I felt another wave of poopoo comming.I sat back down and if I didn't know better I would think bowels were comming out of me that had been inside me since I was three years old.I mean a huge wave of endless rope shit coiled around the bowl and then I just started dropping these long bannana turds again,this went on for t! en minutes and I flushed two more times,wiped and barely showered and made it downstairs for the cab ride to the you all ALANA

Hey just wanted to say hi! I got a new e-mail address (above) I also have a ? and a short story

Here's my ? can a guy git his penis stuck in a urinal my brother in law claims he did but I duno.

Her's my story I was walking back up the drive way with the sunday paper at my sis's when all of a sudden I started peeing out my but not being able to move I just stood there as it gushed out my above knee lenghth nightie and thong bet I have the neighbors a good show!

Susan: if you read my past posts you will see my pregnancy poops in my fisrt and second trimester I am now 6 months pregnant with a baby girl we plan to name Alyssa Lola

I like that pic...that gal had a huge load!

I forgot to mention the other night i was half a sleep(maybe sun or mon of this week) and i was watching the man show and i was dozing off and on and i awoke to see one of the guys were on the not sure what he was saying i was tired.

To Mal: Liked your story

To kim and scott: Thanks..i've been feeling alot better! thanks again for caring

To Sydney:

It's like it's hard to imagine your parents having hot, passionate sex. It had to happen or you wouldn't be here but it's hard to visualize.

I was married for twenty years to my first wife and I only saw her poop one time. She was desparate and I was in the bathroom shaving. It was quite a turn-on!

Recently, as I was entering the boys restroom to clean it, there were three girls in there playing with the urinals. I suppose they had never seen any before and were really scoping them out. This was about a half hour after classes had ended and very few people were around except for teachers who stay approximately an hour after school. I suppose I startled the girls, so I was like: "Hi, how's it going?" and they were a little embarrassed about being in the boys room. Right before I entered the room, one of them had said: "It works like a toilet," flushing one, and: "It stinks!" (since the boys don't usually flush them). I don't think any of them got up the nerve to actually use one, but given the right amount of privacy, they probably would. One other time a pipe had broken in the girls room, flooding the room, so we had to lock it up, and a few girls used the boys room. The ones that were too embarrassed walked to the other side of the campus to use the girls roo! m there.

I just got out from the hospital after my serious accident. Will explain next week what happened and part 2 from my past story. As I was in the elevator coming out of the hospital, I saw something strange. This mother who had a child in her hand had a bad day. The kid, pissed a lot. The diaper couldn't hold it. It was overflowing and the floor of the elevator was wet. I offered her help to change the diaper. Because I saw the mothers bad arm was in a cast. So went went to the bathroom and I changed his diaper and put a fresh one on.

Outhouse Scott

I don't think that guys actually think that girls don't shit, it's just that girls are so pretty and sexual, it's difficult to believe they are capable of the same gross bodily functions as males. The idea that a beautiful woman like Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears or Drew Barrymore farts and shits just like a guy is abstract. Plus the fact that the organ that produces the shit is hidden between her buns, which is one of the most intensely sexual parts of a woman's body. Not to mention that it's barely an inch away from her vagina! It's just weird, that's all. Most people are not sexually attracted to shit, but most guys are sexually attracted to butts and vaginas, and shitting and farting seem like such foreign things to be associated with a part of the body so attractive, and with the female form which is an astounding thing to behold. You've got a basic human bodily function which, when we're engaged in it, totally equates us with "lower" animals. Then you've got ! a beautiful body which seems so far away from anything primal or animalistic that it becomes almost ethereal. The two things just don't seem to go together.

I'm one of those guys who never really thought about it, but I like women who are comfortable talking and joking about their bowel functions. I just think it shows an element of comfort and comradery that brings the two sexes together in a totally non-sexual, friendly way.

See what I'm saying?


Sydney: When I was young, for some reason I didn't think women did poo's. Even though I listened to my Mum on the toilet I can only recall hearing her weeing. Mind you, this was when I was about 7! I then realised that woman do indeed poo (and I for one am glad about that!). How mature age men could seriously think that women don't poo is beyong me.

Louise: Lol! I didn't realise that I put 'waste' instead of 'waist'! An unintended pun but one that works!

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Jason, and Buzzy:Appreciate the responses, guys! I am really-unlucky, when it comes to this thing. If only my current woman was like the girl who is on the masthead this morning (2/22/02). What a hot-chick, and what a full-bowl! Give her dark-blonde hair, and she will look a lot like Denise, who is my current-woman. I can just picture this girl while she was in the act. Man, what I would not give, to see that. Jason, your's are the posts I look-forward to most, @ this-point. You lucky-dog, you. So, have you considered asking Bridget to buddy-dump w/ you, yet? By that, I mean either you sit on her lap, or she sits on yours (preferable), while both of you poop, @ the same-time. The person on top, pooping into the bowl between the other person's legs, of-course. Have you even had thoughts of doing this, yet? If not, then I suggest you do it, it should really-enhance the "intimacy", of whatever it is that you and Bridget have got-going, here. By the way, are you i! nvolved w/ anyone, romantically? Is she? Do you think that there is any hope of this? Take care, Jason, and tell your teacher (Bridget), that Pico says "hi". Special hellos to Jason and his teacher, Bridget, Roger (Angela's bf, in Texas), Kathy (Rjogger's wife), and, Jane.



Did anyone else read yesterday's Guardian (UK) 21/2/02?
The Steve Bell cartoon depicted Arafat up to his shoulders in poo, down some sort of a cesspit. Sharon was looking down, holding the chain ready to flush. Nice to see the toilet being used to make a political statement.

The Cardinal
To TV Fan:
There was an Ally episode two or three years ago, during Nell's first season (I think), where Nell was sitting on the toilet reading a magazine as someone (Ally or Elaine I think) climbed to the top of her stall to ask questions about something ( I can't remember the details since it's been awhile). Obviously the magazine was implied she was taking a relaxing dump.

Brief story: There are restrooms on either end of the building where I work, and recently two female co-workers expressed a preference for the one that is often inaccessible (it's in a restricted area that is often locked when no one's working there). This is because of another female co-worker who works near the other restroom who, according to the first two, manages to appear in the restroom for "chats" each time one or the other is in there. My two co-workers, despite their being uncomfortable with the chit-chat as they do their business, tend to think she is simply "friendly" and "chatty."
However, after lurking on this board for ages, I suspect Ms. Chatty is "getting off" on the show since apparently she enters solely to talk, and especially since one of the co-workers is also nursing, and tends to pump a couple of times a day.

Hello again.

Nothing much to report, except from my great poo the other day. I was desperate for a poo, so I obviously just went to the toilet. I had just pulled my pants and boxers down when I just decided to let it all out instantly. I did about 3 poos which were all thick and long.
I always do great poos and they always come out quick. Sometimes I only need to wipe a couple of times, but sometimes it can take me a while to wipe, so I usually wet the toilet paper (put it under a running tap).

Did any other people in the UK watch Jackass on Channel 4 tonight (friday)? Well one of the men (I forgot his name) carried out a 'poo cocktail'.. He just let people use a potaloo for pooing, and then once all that was done, he got into the portaloo. The portaloo was then lifted up and tipped upside down by some crane thing, and the poo just covered the man inside!
I thought it was digusting, but absolutely hilarious! I thought it was also hilarious when he started chasing his mates after he got out!

Adele - good to see you back. Hope you keep some good stories rolling in an that your poos and pees have been good.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to all Toilet People!

Just an update on my present constipation/ haemorrhoids saga.
Yesterday, I had both again and so I increased my dose of psyllium husks.(I had recently reduced it, and then reduced it again. I think I must have overdid the reduction even though I was going fine, but when I started with the antibiotics; that's when problems arose.)
Anyway today I've had to work fairly hard on the toilet, but the turds have been easier, larger, and even though I'm sitting here feeling I'll probably have to go again sometime today, I'm not too sore or seeing any red. Wish me well!

ELEANOR, Good to hear all's well between you and your brother, and that he was especially respectful to you when he accidentally barged in on you.
I thought his mates were feeling awkward about seeing you and only went along with it due to the encouragement of your brother, but from what you say, it is they who are feeling deprived of their "entertainment" so credit to your brother for his decision to be your loving brother again, and not their entertainments organiser.
I, for one, would be happy for him to post here, and I hope others will forgive him, and accept him as someone who no longer behaves in the way he did.

To all of you, Have a great time next time you go!! P. Plop Guy

Interesting picture tonight (Friday). It looks like the young lady's done a big panful - she looks like type of person who probably doesn't go too often.

Amazon. I liked the story about your shared wee with your g/f in an outhouse. Great.

Sydney. I think most men realise intellectually that women have the same excretory functions as they do. That said, I think some men are in love with the mythical idea that women don't have bowel movements or bodily functions at all - a myth some sections of the media like to pander to.

Alley Cat. I liked your story about wetting yourself on the way home from work. Perhaps in future you'll be keener to pay a visit before leaving.

Jen, it's a good thing in one sense that your parents were easy going about accidents when you were young. However, it's a good thing to have some control as an adult and that's why some adults feel uneasy about having accidents. Most adults have accidents occasionally (whether they admit it or not) but the emphasis is usually rightly on the occasional. If controlling your bowel functions is a problem and it's affecting your quality of life perhaps your doctor could advise you on a course of treatment or exercises to improve your control. In the end though, it's important to remember that accidents happen and you shouldn't worry unduly about them.

Keith. Interesting story about messing yourself in the Post Office. I can't really understand your enthusiasm for repeating the accideny though.

Best wishes to everyone


AMAZON - Hi! Yeah we have not had a letter from you for a bit. What
a shock the other woman would have got seeing you weeing an arc in the bowl and your girlfriend sitting down for her piss. It must have been a lot of fun with no dividers. Love Louise xx ALLEY CAT - Hi! That is a cool name you are using. It would have suited me a bit really because I like peeing in alleys. Sometimes accidents can happen when you are soooo close to not needing to have one. I panic a bit sometimes when I am trying to get my knickers down in time before I wet them. The worst one I had was when a taxi cab went by me and the driver tooted his horn at another car, and the shock made me let rip. I pissed my knickers and my dress got soaked. Love Louise xx INA - Hi!!! It is funny you wrote and asked me about the travelmates, because in my last letter yesterday I said they had not arrived. Well they have come now, so I will give them a go through Saturday and Sunday and let you know how I find them. Yeah I think you will get a thick stream through the travelmate that you will not get if you use your fingers. Well sometimes if my stream is twisty, you know, that it spreads out a bit like a shower before it hits the floor. If it is not twisty then it just stays in a good stream and washes a spot on the ground. Thank you for liking my letters. Steve writes good descriptions doesn't he? LOL I liked your story about when you were 10 and had a shit swimming in the sea where the nudist beach was. When I was 15 I had a shit when I was on holiday with my mum. I was in the water just up to my knees. Well I really needed a good shit, so what I did was I dropped my bikini pants and pushed a turd out. I do not know really if I was seen by a lot of people but it was that or have a shit in my bikini. Love Louise xx KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Well for Scott it may be I should do the video *and* the live performance. Hey tell Scott I like teasing. Before he messes his jeans you know how to stop that don't you? LOL Yeah, I know Steve would like watching you. It is a shame he can not, I am sure he would like watching you. If you had a nice wee for him as well it may be his jeans would change shape a bit more. LOL I bet it would be good to model stuff together. Did you say you were 5 feet 3 inches tall or was that some other girl? When I did my first modelling when I was 19 there was a girl about that tall, but there was another girl a bit taller than me. Thank you for telling us your logs are solid ones. Well yeah if they are big solid ones then they will not break off. They must be hell to push out though! KENDAL - I hope you are going to get practice with your standing wees. Love Louise xx Well I will be very very busy next week because of work. Steve has to be away for 3 days as well. Poor Steve. I do not know if I will get to write a letter until the week after but I will try. I thought I would tell the story of when I went to the toilet this morning. Well I got up out of bed and I knew Steve had gone to work already. I just walked nude to the bathroom and I thought I had to decide if I wanted to have a wee in the toilet, the sink, the shower or the bath. Well I thought why not in the bath. My virtual audience can see very well if I am in the bath. So I stood in the bath and I just ran my finger up between my pussy lips to open up a little bit and I put my left leg up on the side of the bath. If some gentleman on my little list wanted to look up from behind my leg then maybe they would like what they saw I hope! Well for the guys watching at the front I hope it would be good as well. I was ready for my wee and I said "All right, guys, do you want to see me have a wee? Well all right then". I let rip and I dribbled a bit down my right leg then I got my stream going properly. I hissed loud as my wee squirted out hard. It was a big twisty yellow gusher of a wee and it made a good drumming noise when it splashed on the floor and made a big yellow puddle around my right foot. I dribbled a bit more down my leg at the end but it was all right because I was going to have a shower. Now which one of you nice kind gentlemen will wipe me? PV - Hey maybe you could wipe me! LOL I hope I can write next week. Louise.

Hi Plunging Plop guy. Chuck has let me wipe off the water a couple times, as well as wipe his crack. He doesn’t always let me, only if he’s in the mood. I had two experiences recently with Chuck that I’d like to share. The first one was in our gym. Chuck and I had just finished showering after our workout and we were back at our lockers. The gym was packed cause it was after work and there were a lot of other guys in the same row as us. Chuck was naked with a small white towel wrapped tightly around his waist. All of a sudden he turned to this guy standing next to him and said, “Better back off a couple steps, I’m gonna lay down the law.” The guy laughed and stepped back a few steps as Chuck thrust his butt out ever so slightly and blasted a tremenoud fart. “There she blows!” Chuck yells and starts to chuckle. It was a very long fart, and it was way loud. Several guys started laughing and one guy patted Chuck on the back and said, “You don’t say?.” Chuck just g! runts and laughs again. The other guy says “That sounded like a bassoon!” Chuck goes, “Yea man what d’ya think, 6.5 on the Ricter Scale?” Both guys start laughing again. Chuck then lookes up at the ceiling and hoots. He had this big smile and he strutted halfway down the locker room aisle making eye contact with guys as he passed them, and one of them gave him a high 5. The next morning I went over to Chuck’s place to pick him up for work. His wife had already left for her job. When Chuck answered the door he was in a green jock strap. His protein shake had kicked and he was ready for his shit. “I got a couple fatties comin’ down the chute dude,” Chuck quipped. Chuck took off his jock strap and sat on the toilet facing me with his legs spread as wide as he could. He immediately started a good crackle, he lifted himself up for a moment, and I saw a fat one start to slide out slowly. Then he sat back down and grunted. This one continued to crackled and at one p! oint it just stopped. Chuck grunted loudly again and really pushed hard to get it going again. Finally Chuck deposited it into the water with a fairly good splash. “Jesus,” Chuck exclaimed. Immediately four small ball turds shot out with some serious fart propulsion throughout. He let out a long groan. “Oh that felt so good,” he said with relief. Then he raised his eyebrows and sat up straighter and said, “Here comes a good one dude.” A fatter turd than the first started to slide out of his hole and this one was long as well. “Check it out, man, looks like a whopper.” He lifted himself again. Sure enough the turd continued to slide out of his hole. It was at least 8 inches. The last part of it was still stuck in his hole so he started to swivel his ass slightly on the bowl. “One, two, three, geronimo!” Chuck says as the turd plops loudly into the bowl. Then Chuck farted loudly, once, twice, three, four times in a row. He winks at me and motions toward the toi! let paper. He turns around and bends completely over with his hands resting on his calves so I can wipe him real good. I first dab the water off his big cheeks and he laughs and says, “Now that’s what I call service. He proceeds to grab his ass cheeks and spread them side. I start wiping gently first because a lot of shit if coming off onto the toilet paper. He looks at each piece of TP and when he can no longer see brown, he flushes. Then he shakes my hand and goes into the bedroom to get ready for work.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Susan: I spent a few days with my 5 months pregnant cousin, Michelle. Every morning she had these terrific bowel movements. We shared the same room in my grandfather's house. One typical morning she was on the bowl just outside the bedroom and we were talking. As we talked, she was straining and evacuating these huge pieces of doo-doo. Six pieces in all I heard.

Jane: One day after urinating in 10th grade high school, I came out the girls room. I did not know my dress was kinked between my white slip and camisole. The assistant principal (a man) walked up to me and whispered, "Young lady, your slip is showing."

Outhouse Scott: I hate service stations. If I have to, I will only use them for urinating. I can squat over the bowl.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Rizzo!

I'm so flattered by what you said about me. Thanks! Just goes to show that looks can be deceiving! Yeah, I've always been pretty down to earth and mature, even when I was a little kid. But that doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun! Hell, I'm lead singer in a punk band! But, I've always had respect for people who are unpretentious and non-judgemental, so I always try to be that way. I'm lucky to have really cool parents who taught me to be myself, and accept others for who they are as well. Years of this philosophy has left me a very practical, modest chick. Which, I suppose, has got a lot to do with my being comfortable talking about my bowel movements. It's such a silly thing to discuss, but I find it interesting.



How can people think females don't poop?!!! Is this a joke or are there really guys out there who believe females don't poop?
What do they think happens to all the waste product in their bodies?

Jen- thats really cool that your parents did that, i wish mine did. Did they make you clean it up or did they clean u up? please tell

Hey yall, its been a while since i posted so i reckon i better give yall a story before i get forgotten!

i was out hiking with my girlfriend last week and i had been having to pee for a while but i was too busy thinking of ways to steal a kiss to be thinking of my bladder.....2hrs later we're sitting on the rocks watching the sunset and i finally got that kiss i was after! 10minutes later i'm bursting and she says she has to go pretty bad too but she wants to wait and use the outhouse, it takes a few minutes to get to the outhouse and when we get there i'm holding my crotch. inside the outhouse are two toilets with no divider between them i take one and she takes the other....imagine the sight we make, she's sitting down and peeing full bore, and i'm standing way back peeing an arch into the toilet...the door had no lock so in walks another woman, when she sees me she looks ready to run! i say "hey its ok i'm female, want to see?" (i was still peeing while talking to her) needless to say she didn't stick around!

I would love to hear your stories!!! Post them as soon as you can!

I thought I would like to tell everyone about an incident that happened to me and my friend Paul.We are both 24and had been on a camping trip touring Scotlant last year. It was pretty rough and we cooked all our own food. (not very well because we had been drinking). Any way one night after a heavy session on the beer we retired to our sleeping bags in the tent. I pulled together the zips for the tent and put a padlock on it to make sure no one stole our stuff during the night. About two hours later I woke up with a real pain in my stomach. I realised I was desparate for the toilet. I heard some rustling and turned on the light to see Paul; desparatly fumbling with the lock. H e was bending down and was only wearing white shorts. He was obviously still drunk and could not get the lock undone. I was getting pretty desparate but when I looked at Paul I saw his shorts filling with shit. He must have been really bad as they seemed to go on filling for ages until it started to ru! n down his leg. It was so gross. By this time Paul was crying with shame but not for long as I soon lost control and shit my pants as well it seemed to spread right over my cheeks , up around my balls and it too ran down my legs when my shorts could no longer contain it. Eventualy we got out and cleaned our selves up. But i can tell you we sure watched what we ate for the rest of the trip.

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