hi everyone!! glad to hear you liked my story, i will continue to share as long as you guys continue to enjoy them, i enjoy everyone;s stories very much
ELEANOR- i have been reading some of your old posts and i am very glad to hear your brother has learned to behave himself. i hope it stays that way and good luck in the future.
well here's another story as promised:
a little less then a year ago my shift was just ending at work. i had been there for 10 hours and couldn't wait to get out. as i was leaving i thought "hmmm i have to pee" but knowing it was only 15 minutes to get home i knew i could easily hold it, i didn't want to spend another minute there. i was driving on the highway talking on my cell phone and as i turned off my exit urgesuddenly overwhelmed me and i dribbled a bit into my panties. "oh no" i said to my friend on the phone " i have to pee so bad and i'm still 5 minutes from my house" she laughed at me for not going at work, but having been in the car with me through several emergencies she told i could make it, she'd seen worse and i'd made it.i kept talking to her, hoping it could my mind off my full bladder and my slighty damp panties. it worked until i pulled into my driveway. as i got out of the car i let another dribble go! my just damp panties were now soaked but i managed to get a grip beforemy jeans got wet! . i began running for the i ran up the steps i lost more! it was now visible on my jeans! still on the phone i began to panic to my friend "i;m going in my pants" she just laughed (not meanly) and said who cares. i got another grip and thought i could make it to the bathroom without another incident but when i got there icouldn't get my belt off!!! my muscles lost complete control and i stood there, next to the toilet, pee rushing down my legs and puddling on the floor. i told my friend, who said "well sit on the toilet silly so you don't have to clean up a big puddle" so i did, with my pants and panties still on, they were soaked completely soon as i finished i snuck into my room to change, feeling stupid and embarrassed.i tried again with the pesky belt that had caused the whole mess, it came off on the first try!! my friend (who i was on the phone with for the whole thing) just laughed and said "life's like that" but i felt like such a little kid. this! post is getting long, more accidents stories coming if you guys want them!!

hi,its been agas since i posted--our comp packed up,got a new one now so ive been catching up on old posts,,

KAREN--i know the probs u r having,i to have roids-i first got them when i was 12.[i am now 15] they cause me to mess my knickers alot when they are bad.i often get constipated and have to strain hard to poo this makes them bad and bleed--sometimes i use a s.t.or i wear plastic knickers if they are to sore to use a s.t.

JEN my mum too is quite easy going about where i pee or poo--i just tell her ive done it and she clears it up and cleans me up if needed.i still wet my bed most nights. when i get very constipated[like i am at the moment] she makes me sit on the toilet for ages straining then when my bum gets very sore she tells me to do it in my knickers.she always feels my poo thru my knickers when ive done it.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
I do not know if it is just-me, but here is how I feel:There is no better-way for a woman to show how much she loves/trusts her man, than to allow him into the bathroom w/ her, when she is taking a crap! There, Pico said it. Now, what do all of you think about this theory? Agree/disagree? I would love to know!



Hey everyone. I just thought I'd tell you all about a couple of things. Sunday night I had a pretty satisfying dump. I went to the bathroom and pull down my pants and breifs and let out 2 8" logs that were about 1 1/2 inches wide and medium brown and soft. They made alot of noise coming out. It was really satisfying. And the next day my friend Alex took a dump and after he came out I went in and it stunk like never before. His dumps aren't usually that smelly but apparently he had a smelly one that time. Also today (Thursday) I was in the boys bathroom and I looked into the handicapped stall and there was brown water and a thin 10" turd in the toilet at the left side. It was tempting to further observe but I didn't this time. It was cool considering you don't get to see this often at my school. Well I guess thats all. Happy pooping


Lately,I've noticed a lot of constipated stories on the forum and I just count my blessings that I rarely have that problem cause it sounds like you "binded" up folks are really having a hard time.Just STAY AWAY from the laxative thing-your body is not meant for that kind of abuse!Some responses-TO PUNK ROCK GIRL-I really enjoy your dumping stories esp now you discribed your butt which is MY kind of butt-sounds lovely-you and I should do a nice outdoor dump in the morning after some breakfast-Well,i'd enjoy it anyway!Good stuff!
TO AERIANA-I really enjoy those outdoor lady buddy dump stories and your s was great-sounds like a real bunch of poop was being done out there in the bushes-nice!
TO PICO TAMALE-Yes,I really enjoy the sounds of pooing along with others in the toilet-wish I could run into that lady again at the gym ,but haven't seen her in quite some time,but every now and then when I'm sitting on the bowl at the gym and it's quiet in the men's room,I lean back and listen to what's going on in the ladies room and every once in a while,i hear some peeing and some farts,but no pooing and then uaually some guy walks into the men's room and joins me in a good morning dump which is always fun for me,but i'd love to hear another pretty lady do a good morning dump on the other side of that wall!Toos bad about you and your lady friend -well maybe she'll come arouns or you just have to do a KGB-CIA spy job when she poops!
TO KAHTRYN-Sound like you really enjoyed that poop the other day-sounds like you did a good load,but be careful with the enema thing cause your body could become dependant on them!My nurse friend years ago told me that,but every now and then(very rarely) she would give me a big enema and make me hold it till I was ready to die and then let me go and it was super,and we had a lot of fun then too,but seriously, be carefulwith that enema thing!
TO KIM & SCOTT-Boy,i really enjoyed your buddy dump the other day,boy you guys sure can poop!Wish I could have seen that!i really have to find a lady friend to buddy poop with and Scott,I envy you,buddy!Enjoy all your stuff,guys!Hopefully soon I'll have some outdoor dump stories to tell you guys,but it's just too cold to do it now!
Got to go to work-My dumps haven't been much to report about-i'm in a slow cycle now which usually means I'll have a big dump coming sometime soon! BYE

Annie, Robby, Meghan, Sarah S: That was an interesting story about Sarah and her fellow cheerleaders having to poo by the side of the road after eating fast food. I agree that cheerleaders tend to make bigger poops than average, as Kim and Althea can attest to. I hope Sarah is doing well and would like to hear more of her cheerleading stories.

London Lad: I didn't understand what you were asking me. If you were asking about being late for class because of pooping (by the way, that happened many years ago), as far as I can remember, that happened only a few times. I had many of my massive poops in the afternoon, sometime after lunch. Jumping to the present, most of the massive poops I have taken at work occur in the late afternoon.

Jen: I think that was a horrible thing your parents did to you, to let you have an accident rather than have you go to the bathroom if something more "important" was going on, such as having company over. I think that is very inconsiderate and irresponsible of them as parents to deprive their children of their basic needs just for the sake of convenience or avoiding the embarrassment of having guests hear bathroom sounds in the house. I would venture to say that they were guilty of child abuse. If you say you still experience accidents, you should seek professional help.

Yesterday afternoon I had a sudden urge to poop, and it felt like a major one. I went to the ladies room, went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and white panties and sat. I proceeded to push out a solid, semi-soft motion of poop, pushing out long thick pieces, one right after the other. After a minute, the toilet was filled and a strong smell emerged. I flushed the toilet while seated. I tried to push harder, but it wouldn't come out any faster this time. I relaxed and continued to drop large pieces. I estimated it was about half as long but just as thick as Kim's pieces. I filled the bowl and flushed the toilet while seated three more times before I was done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time and saw a couple of skidmarks in the bowl. But I felt much better after that.

Hey everyone! Cute girl on the toilet. She looks like Bridget did the first time I was in with her.
Had a lesson again. Bridget says that I've really improved playing piano. I think it's because she gives me some good incentive! Like this recent lesson. At the end, she had to go to the bathroom again (evidenced by her farts, which, by the way, she is entirely open with. (Go Linda Go) Anyway, during the whole lesson, she was farting some seriously deadly waves. So much so, that she had to get one of those little fans, pointing away from her butt, so it would suck up the smell and blow it away. I had fun hearing the farts though. Even though I could hardly breathe, that is. They were really full-sounding, not like any of those lame squeakers. I thought that any minute, she would be feeling a little mushier down there. But no, to my mixed relief and dismay, she didn't. Rather, she valiantly held it in without a mess. After the lesson, she said, "As you can see, or hear, I have to really really go. So if you're coming, come now." I was DEFINITELY coming, so I went. She pul! led up her knee-length skirt and down came her blue thong. As soon as she sat down, she started releasing a huge thick load. Her ring opened up really wide. "Here come the tacquitos and rice," she said, smiling at me. I went in back as she moved up, bending forward. I knelt down behind her to get a really good view of this huge monster coming from her dark cave. This thing was huge. I mean, with a body like that, I wouldn't think that she could produce this thing. But when it was half out, it was about nine inches long and four-and-a-half inches wide. I am dead serious. Somewhere in the back of my mind, the name "Kim" appeared. I wonder why that could be. As this thing hung out, Bridget started to heave a little harder, grunt a little more prominently. "Unnnggh,"she groaned, spreading her butt a little more. "C'mon. You can do it," I said, rubbing her stomach from behind her. "Oooh, thank you, thank you," Bridget said. She made a few more moaning noises, and it started to so! und like she was doing something other than evacuation! "You can do it, Bridget," I said, still massaging her stomach. Then, the tell-tale crackle of the job moving again. "Aaah, I'm gonna die here!" Bridget said. "this thing's gonna kill me." I just kept rubbing, and the job moved down into her rectum and out her incredibly stretched anus. Then, it hung down. I could tell that it was almost out. "Just a little more," I coaxed. "Unngh-aah!" Bridget moaned, and with this last effort, the log slid out. It seemed to be choking the toilet, the same way it was choking her flawless @$$. I suggested that she break it up with a wire hanger before flushing, which she did. Then we both hit the flush lever together and watched the world-record-breaking jobbie swirl down the toilet. Then she let me wipe her (best times of my life, gotta tell you) and flushed that down too. Then we washed up. As we were washing our hands, I asked her if it hurt. "It killed," she said, "but it was also re! ally fun, to get that one out. It felt so good. I saved that for you, by the way, so I hope it was satisfactory. Four days worth of crap, right there." I was surprised, but also kind of flattered.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: Beautiful description of your lovely butt. Wish I could see you too. You have a derriere like Bridget's. Oh well, I'll just have to leave your 'assets' to your b/f. I hope you weren't in too bad of shape, because it was fun to read your post.

KATHRYN: Loved your stories. Hope you get some softer movements. Try senna. It worked with Bridget, so I think it should solve your problem. The only thing is that you might get really cleaned out. But that's better than getting into a heaving sitch.

JEN: Of course people will like to hear more! Feel free to post as many times as possible.

AERIANA: If you want to get runs, then unless you are LI (lactose intolerant) enemas and laxatives are pretty much the only way to go. I wish I could have seen you guys (if you'd have let me, of course). Hope you solve your problem.

KIM: You're amazing. How can you blast out those things so often? Doesn't it hurt after a while? Keep wowing us with your stories. I wouldn't mind watching you, either.

PICO: Pico, Pico, Pico! I really feel for you. Once you watch someone, it's like a whole new world. I'm sure Bridget wouldn't mind you watching her. I think I'll tell her about this site, so that we can both post. Maybe I could snap a Polaroid of her and send it to the moderator...

Well, that's all for now, folks!


JW (the first)
Kathryn- Your experience with the enema is much like my own and few people seem to talk about it. I've used enemas when costipated quite often and its never as easy to get rid of as all the stories you read would have one believe. Have you been chronically constipated all your life? My mother used to make quite a bid deal out of the fact that I didn't poop every day. Where you forced to sit and strain as a kid?
I wonder if all that straining didn't make the problem worse instead of better.
FW- Please tell us you stories...I for one enjoyed all of them.
Linda GS- Hi nice to see you back. Have you had an really hard poops lately? I think of you often when I'm struggling.

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: I am always so thrilled when I read your dear words. You are so sweet people. Sorry, I could not reply earlier, I was not that busy, but I could not get into the net for over a week due to browser problems. I missed you all so much. I even took a brief glimpse at the forum in the internet cafe and was it was so nice to read your words. I did not dare to post a reply though, as I wanted to make sure the top part of the page would not show....I bet some of the young guys aroung me would have been interested as well...anyway, thank you soooo much for thinking about me!!!
I was very, very sorry to read you lost your spouse as well, Annie. I was afraid it might be the case. Itís good though, you are having each other. You obviously seem to care a lot and have fun together, which is great. I enjoyed the story, when Robbie helped you to score the goal, Annie. Doesnít it hurt or bleed when you have to strain so much? My poos are fine, as long as I get them out regulary, but it starts to hurt and sometimes bleed as soon as they get any harder. At the moment I am working a lot at home, so with the help of my morning muesli and lots of fruit and vegetables, I do usually two good piles a day. I hardly ever am really constipated, but seem to be really sensitive if the poo is getting a bit harder.
I felt honoured when you wrote that Sue would have probably loved writing to me! She sounds like such a wonderful lady, I certainly would have loved to hear from her. But now she left it to all of you to tell her tale... You never answered to me. how she and all the other ladies in your lovely family learned about the standup wees. I would be very interested since when you knew the skill and how regularly you use(d) it. I was impressed about your brave whizzer at the urinal, Annie!!! I donít know if I would ever dare. Well done, great lady...And Robbie, please, pretty please, can I hear more about the wee in the wastebasket..? I of course would love to hear...big grin. Have you given another concert of the famous watermusic on your special instrument for your neighbours? Like Sarah and Tim, I would also like to know if you have a garden in which you or others of the family play a splitter splatter tune, concert on the green. Book me a ticket for the next season, please!
Do you know the dogma film "Idiots"? Itís about a bunch of people who pretend to be mentally retarded as a social experiment...European art movie... LOL. In one scene they leave one of the guys with some rockers, asking them to take care of him while they quickly go to the bank. He is scared they might find out he is not really mentally ill and tries to sneak away, still playing his role. They think he is looking for the toilets and take him for a wee. Itís a weird scene, but interesting. Itís kind of sweet when the big hellís angels type guy, pulls the other guys pants down and holds his willie while he tries to pee. He canít go much and they turn on the water and he shakes him a bit to help him go. Itís all shown in close up and you can really see the guy weeing a bit. Itís not fake! as it would be against the Ďdogmaí rules. I guess the problems of the guy peeing in the scene, also had to do with the problems of the actor....I guess they censored it it in the states...
Sorry, I guess my morning poo is calling...see you later. Lots of loveXXXXX and big, big hugs from Ina. Hope you are all healthy and fine!

P.S.: Just did a unspectacular plip plop one, but at least no hurt or bleeding...have nice ones, sweeties.
P.P.S.: Hi again, I just read this morningís post. I was hoping to still make it in but was too late. So, Hi Barbara. Nice to hear from you as well! How do you like working with a guy, who wees into the wastebasket? LoL. I have not seen that, yet, but there is still hope...grin. My wee with one of my bosses, I posted about a while ago, was the best one so far...Somebody told me, she had a discussion with another designer, I also worked for, about female urinals. He claimed womanís bathrooms were messier than menís, as he had to clean some in his younger years, working in a bar. I would have loved to join into the discussion. Shame I wasnít there...Robbie, you might be suprised (or maybe not!), I got my place into design school by doing a scetchy design for a toilet redecoration!!! I turned it into an aquarium like place. I would love to design some interesting urinals as well. There is a web page with many, many pictures of differnt ones. The best ones are in Califiornia! . Itís a urinal that looks like a rock with a waterfall and you are peeing into the streaming water. I would love to use that! Are we doing a field trip with the whole group? Would be great! Do you also pee standing, Barbara? Good to see you are helping Annie to take care of the sweet, mad singing writer! Hugs again

MEGHAN AND SARAH S: Hi, dear sweeties? Hope the work is not getting over your heads. I hated exams when I was studying. If you are working there is also lots of pressure but at least iít not the uncertainty of not knowing what the questions will be and if you are learning the right stuff...itís different though. Are you having nice wees and poos at least?
Are you as brave as Annie with the urinals? To answer your question, I normally donít have trouble to wee once I get to it. Sometimes when I have a big pressure or being still a bit "aroused" after sex I need to relax a few seconds before I can go. (It's a bit like peeing with an erection, guys..) But I never had to leave with unfinished buisness. I used to be rather shy about pooping in public toilets. I remeber sitting for ages, waiting for everybody elso to leave. I was also embarrassed to hear others pooping. I am quite enjoying it since recently though. A lot through reading about stuff here. The other day I had to do an urgent one in a small toilet. It was only three stalls and I another young woman was pooping next to me. It was very quiet and there were a few woman going in and out, using the remaining stall for pees. Not long ago I would have been rather enstranged, but this time I really liked to sit there and hearing my anonymous, "silent" dumping partner rele! asing her soft load with silent grunts and deep breathing as well as lots of farts, while I just let go myself...Itís very freeing...Hope you are tip top. LoveXXXX and hugs from Ina

TIM AND SARAH: What can I say? I was so touched by your lovely and caring words. Thank you so much!!! So are such a dear couple. It certainly helped. I even took the inspiration and went for some counselling, which was unfotunately rather awful though...The woman was rather prejudiced and there was not much symphathy. I got the impression that she saw my preference for woman, we mentioned the topic of relationships, as a bigger problem than the eating disorder. It was rather strange and very painful. She did not want to offer me another session and I certainly did not mind that . I know I should not give up, but I might need a bit of a break now...anyway thanks for your care, you are so sweet. I hope you two are ok again, regarding your flu.
I loved your tales. Seems like you are having a very skilled husband, Sarah, LOL. Seems like you got your own device then...;-). Itís nice you let your sweeties peepee onto your plants in the garden. I bet they like it. Hey Tim, I hope Sarah does not mind, but I would have liked to swap places with one of the Japanese guys. Nice story. I bet it felt great to finally let it out. I hope you are all fine and Tim is fit for work again. Hopefully you can poop ok now with no trouble and are tip top. Lots of loveXXX

LOUISE: Hi girl. Love your stories as always. Steves describtions are great, as well as yours. I have been practising a bit under the shower. The problem is that itís hard to tell how well you do. Two days ago I dared and stood in front of the bathtub and weed into it using both hands to spread. It worked really great and I just dribbled when the stream was dying down. I am still far from trying it with cloth on, but it was a good sucsess! Have you tried the travel mate, yet? I know, you donít really need it, but I would be still interested in your experience. I am finding, that when I use my fingers, the stream is more spraying, like from a very narrow shower, whereas with the travelmate itís a thick stream. Do you also get that? Keep the fun up. LoveXX from Ina

PV: Hi, I admittedly was a bit disappointed to get no answer from you, again. Anyway I was interested in your advertising reports. There are a quiet few examples on German advertising as well. Maybe I post them next time, Iíll have to go now...Best wishes

RIZZO: Hopefully I did not offend you. Sorry, if I said something silly. I hope your back is getting better. Have a nice trip and all the best to you as well.
-Oh, I just read this morningís post. Seems you just forgot me last time and arenít annoyed. I am glad! Yes, I am doing lotís of standup pees! Did you read about my "coming out" as a stand up weer? LoL. Did I love your story about the pees onto the jellyfish!!!!
I have this love-hate relationship to this creatures. I think they are so beautiful and fascinating, but have been badly burned (or do say stung?) by some in my childhood. So I guess "shooting" some with my stream could be a good redemption for a childhood trauma...I recall my parent saying they are usually near sewers in the water. Do you know anything about it? The holiday I was stung by the jellyfish, I also had a great experience: It was on a nudist beach, I was about ten. I went swimming and snorkeling a lot and of course weed in the water whenever I needed. One time I had to poop. I was far of the shore and other swimmers, so I just pushed two turds out. To my shock they floated and I swam away as quick as I could...Iíll never forget the nice feeling of pooping under water though. Itís really cool. Have you ever done that? Would be interesting to hear from anybody...So at least I pooped into the living room of the jellyfish, haha! LoveXX to you, Ina

Greetings to all, but especially CARMELITA, hope you are ok! Best wishes all!


Kendal: That was a sensational post where you basically described everything happening! I felt like I was there! :)

Bryian: I don't think I could have lasted the interview had I not gone beforehand! I was in there for an hour and a half (waiting etc).

Plunging Plop Guy: In your response to Jim about this forum affecting your life, I must agree. I feel like this forum is an escape for me, it's the one place I can come and interact with people who share the same interest and let's face it, it's an interest which isn't usually accepted by the general community (ie they consider it dirty etc). It's quite a relief to find people with the same interest.

I had a good poo this afternoon. I went into the main toilet and sat down. Fortunatly I didn't have to use much effort as a nice smooth poo started to slide out. It broke off and the rest started sliding out aswell. I pushed out a couple more and then I had to really push for the last few small bits. It took about six wipes to get fully cleaned up.

ARTHUR - I have used urinals quite a few times and I always like it. I have used the wall type that have a gutter and I have used those other ones that are mounted on the wall. I like standing to piss anyway but I like using the urinals. When I go swimming with my fiance I like sneaking in the men's with him so I can stand next to him and wash the steel wall. LOL CC - You remember the show "Fire" as well. You said that it showed a male firefighter on the loo from the waste up when the alarm went off. Do you not mean from the waist up and not waste? LOL RIZZO - Hi guy!!! Well yeah, our bath is just big enough to fit 4 in but there was no room left. It is just best with me and Steve in really but we had to try to squeeze him in with us. Are we bad girls for putting Steve in so much stress like that? Yeah, biggest wee I have measured was 1.2 litres. I think that wee was about 100 seconds from when I started to when I stopped but I think I did about half a minute of heavy weeing before it slowed down a bit. Steve measured my flow rate another time by measuring how much I pissed when doing it really hard for 20 seconds so I did nearly 800 millilitres. Yeah, I do not think my 1.2 litre wee was a really quick one but some of my late night alley wees have been real fierce you know? I think you can hold more pee than Steve can. I think he got measured at about 650 millilitres or something like that but I know it was a lot less than me. Well it made me wince a bit when I read about how bad it was when you had your appendix removed. I have seen those little bed bottles and I just wondered if I would get a lot of splashing back from using one. I think those are the ones that are meant for guys just to pop their dicks inside the wide spout aren't they and just wee like that? I saw some once by bedsides when I visited somebody in hospital years ago. I bet you know what I was thinking don't you? LOL You know it makes me happy when I write about my little adventures that you like them. You know sometimes I daydream and I think how I would like giving a private wee show for some of the guys here. When I was a teenager I was a lot more quiet and shy but Steve has kept telling me not to be afraid of being the centre of attention. I am getting more and more outgoing now, you will read! I will give you a nice virtual kiss! Love Louise xxxxx ROBBY - Hi guy!!! Oh you are quite right I like to be sure Steve eats well, he is very tired often when he gets home and I do not leave him to have to make his own meals. He needs his protein and his vitamins and minerals to keep him in top shape. Yeah I know I do give Steve ...! LOL Hey Barbara, nice story. Oh yeah I have been modelling some more, lingerie and stuff, and I know now I will be doing some more. I have been feeling brave enough to say now that I have done 1 session of glamour as well on another day last month. It made me shit that morning and I was nervy but I did not have diarrhoea. Well what a story about Sue that was. You know I do not think I could be so casual that I could sit on a potty chair like that and just shit away reading the paper in plain sight of 10 campers! LOL Steve will like reading about Annie's standing wee in the shower. I have been needing a wee really since I came home. Hey how about I go in the shower? Well I am back after my shower. I was not bursting for a wee really but just so my virtual audience knows what I did I got myself soapy all over and I stood with my knees bent a bit with my feet apart. My audience was outside the shower. Well I turned the water off just for a minute, and I just stood so my audience could look at me from the front. I just let rip and did a nice hissy wee stream on the shower floor. My wee landed on a spot between my big toes and my feet got splashed a bit but I did not bother about it because I was going to turn the water back on again. I was trickling and dripping for ages and I wish Steve had been there to see it. I hope all the guys in my virtual audience liked it. Love Louise xxxxx ELEANOR - Hi girl! Hey I have to say hello to you. I am really happy you have written another letter. It is really good you have been getting on with your brother. Steve will be happy, and I will tell him. I thought is was cute too how your brother shut the door, I bet he has learned to respect how you are feeling. You know I bet when I was 12 I would have not coped as well as you did. You know I think you are really mature. We were happy to help you. I will give Steve another kiss for you, and please write again! Love Louise xx KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Well I liked your story and Steve did too. I think Steve's favourite story was the one when you were wearing the black bathing suit and took it off before you had your log. He likes swimwear you see! Love Louise xx PV - Hi! Well yeah, Steve says a boy will always be curious about what is under a girl's skirt if she was weeing next to him, so yeah it is the sex-ed thing. I bet you are right, if a lot of toilets were made unisex, it would be about 30 years for the attitude to change to match, you know? It would not be thought of as normal for boys and girls to wee together? It would be a bit scary really in a few places, and I would really be a bit wary of it. I would want to be with a lot of other girls or to have Steve with me. It is just such a shame that some guys like dear Eleanor's brother used to be, are predators like that. Hey it was great in our bath, and yeah there was a lot of close up fascination when it was someone's turn to wee. Steve did not complain he did not have much room but you would not expect it from him would you? LOL Hey have you seen those hospital wee bottles that Rizzo talked about? Do you think it would be a giggle to try weeing in one of those? I do! A guy is meant to stick his knob down the spout and fill the bottle. I would love to try it with and without a travelmate. My travelmates have not arrived yet. Hey when I had a wee in the alley like I told you I gave Steve my g-string and my bag. What I wrote sounded like I had 2 pairs of knickers on. LOL You know I have more thong back knickers than the type that cover your bum a bit. I think they are just a bit more sexy, and I know Steve likes them, and he likes to look if I am showing the top of them above my jeans especially at the back when I sit down. I wear Sloggi sports briefs and tops under my gi when I do my martial arts practice. Thong backs get pulled up tight! LOL Thong backs can be pulled over to the side easy too when I want a wee, so that is another reason they are good. Well I feel brave enough now to tell you that I was brave enough to do a session of glamour modelling as well, as my Steve said that I needed to think if I was sure I never wanted to do it. He says that you can sometimes miss doing something and wish latter you had done it. Well I have done it and I feel great! You know I am just not the same as when I was just 19. I was asked then if I wanted to do glamour, even just topless and I was too shy. Well the pics are really nice and I felt really good having them taken. Hey, Jeff A, are you reading??? Well before the shoot in the morning I had to get Steve to clean my bum and be sure there was no shit stain left there because I had some mushy stuff drop out of me (not liquid diarrhoea) but it was soft enough to break off when I pushed it out. There was a soft bit sticking in my bum and Steve carefully cleaned it for me before I had my bath before we went. Just before having the pics taken I needed a wee, and when I went to the toilet I had a hovering wee, then I was real careful with the tp because I did not want to get the tp breaking up and having a piece of it sticking to me anywhere. LOL I wanted to tell you earlier but I did not feel brave enough. Love, Louise.

Lawn Dogs Kid
LONDON LAD: I'm sure Kendal will be very pleased that you enjoyed her story. Having just read it myself, I can see that she put a lot of time and effort into "entertaining" you, and a few others by the look of it ! You're a lucky lad ! Fantastic story from Sri Lanka. I enjoyed reading it, but I'm not sure how Kendal will react. I suspect she'll decide that she never wants to visit Sri Lanka !! We'll see.

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Well, half term is certainly going with a bang ! Kendal's friends Kirsty and Charlotte, and Charlotte's sister Rachel, who still has another year at primary school to go yet, came visiting for the day. It is the first time that they have actually met Ellen, and they were falling over themselves. I'm sure this little girl is going to be completely spoiled. Never mind, Kendal and I will make sure she doesn't turn into a spoiled brat !! Anyway, a while before lunch, Ellen announced that she needed the "toidy" ( Linda GS, Ellen has decided she knows what the toidy is now ! ) Everyone laughed when she announced that she wanted everyone to come and watch. And laughed even more when she said that it was on the condition that Andrew has a wee first ! Now all the girls have seen me wee before, except for poor Rachel. This was the first time that I had met her. And it was noticable that she was embarrassed at the thought of seeing me wee. Well! she is only 10, last week, barely a double digit oldie (like our lovely Linda GS, who I know will be 11 next month !!! ). The other girls laughed, clapped and cheered as I thrust down my trousers and undies ( orange, Linda GS !! ) They laughed even more when Ellen asked if she could hold it for me while I weed !! But I explained that it wasn't the sort of thing that brothers and sisters do with each other. So I put on the usual display of forceful weeing, lots of wavy patterns, and plenty of frothy bubbles in the toilet ! And I don't remember having had such a crowd around me before ( I need my space !! ). Ellen was stood right next to me, Kirsty the otherside, and Kendal and Charlotte took what vantage points they could. Despite Rachel's embarrassment, I noticed that she moved her sister out of the way to get a look at one point !! ( Was that Linda GS I saw as well ?!! ). Anyway, having done, Ellen immediately put down the toilet seat and pulled down her trousers and p! ampies and hauled herself up, before having a right gusher ! She was most pleased with the response of clapping and cheering for her, and began to kick her legs to and fro, a habit she has when she is pleased about something. And that habit always results in her pampies falling down to her ankles ! But not off her feet this time, seeing as she had trousers in the way ! Then she hopped off the toilet and wiped herself, and checked that she hadn't dripped on the seat before throwing the toilet paper into the extra froth she had created ! Then my princess took her turn. Also wearing trousers today, well jeans anyway, she pulled them down almost to her knees, and then as usual pulled her pampies down just enough to do the job. I don't often see Kendal like this, with her arms resting on her legs. She is always usually wearing skirts and dresses, and uses both hands to hold them high over her ???? while she goes. But not today. And in another departure from norm, she sat fur! ther back so she could add to the froth in the toilet ! When Kirsty took her turn, I could tell that Rachel was getting rather tense. She was obviously surprised that Kirsty would just sit and go while I was there. But then she didn't know that I had seen her before. And surprise turned to shock when she watched her sister Charlotte do exactly the same. All Rachel could say was "Charlotte !" and put her hand up to her mouth. Charlotte just said "He's seen me before, Rachel. And don't go telling Mum and Dad". Rachel said nothing, as Charlotte burst forth with a wee to rival anyone, even Carol, London Lad !! Now poor Rachel was clearly feeling pressured, which isn't how it should be. She said she didn't need to go, but Charlotte, not being very sisterly at this point, said "well you said you needed to go to me just before Ellen said". Rachel gave her sister a hard stare, and then much to my surprise, she reached and pulled her trousers and panties down in one movement, showi! ng her bottom to me. The surprise was that she was three or four steps away from the toilet. She then walked as best she could before turning and sitting in one swift movement, with a clatter of the toilet seat. Then she leaned right forward and rested her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands. Now I felt most uncomfortable. Even more so when she singled me out for several lingering stares before looking at the floor again. After a minute of inactivity, I thought there was going to be an argument between Charlotte and Rachel about why she wasn't going. "I told you I didn't need to". So Charlotte said, "So why are you sitting on the toilet then ?". "Because you made me !", came the reply. "No I didn't !". Now for me, that was quite enough. I interrupted and said that I was going to leave now, and perhaps everyone else should do the same and leave Rachel in peace. Charlotte retorted that it was hardly fair on me that Rachel had seen me go and yet she wouldn't do th! e same for me. Now I was getting quite angry, but kept my cool and said that anything like this must be consential. Rachel had seen me, but I was happy with that. And I certainly didn't do it in the expectation that she would then let me see her. We hadn't made any such agreement, and she should be allowed to go in private if that's what she wants. Then Kendal and Kirsty agreed with me, and Charlotte had to tow the line ! I was the last out, and before I left, I turned to Rachel, who had now sat upright, and wished her "happy weeing". She smiled at me and thanked me for understanding before I closed the door on this adventure for good. I say closed the door. I did, but not on the adventure. I'm not that good ! I went in my room, and listened against the wall. Sure enough, a gentle tinkling began which only lasted around five seconds or so before it tailed away, and then there was a huge CULLOMPTON, followed quite quickly by a further less heavy splash, and then the wee beg! an again and lasted a good minute or so. The poor girl had been so desperate to poo, she couldn't let her wee go without the poo coming as well. No wonder she hadn't wanted to go with the rest of us there, and especially me. Well, never mind, at least I got to hear it. Now theres the advantage of having the bedroom that backs onto the bathroom, with the toilet right next to my wall !! Hope you're all keeping well. Love from Andrew xxxx

RIZZO: Great story about the weeing on the jelly fish ! Yes, I'm still about. I'm just happy to let Kendal post more often. And we'll get Ellen to post again some time this weekend I expect, after Kate and Emily have gone home. Love from Andrew.

LINDA GS: Hello babe ! Now you were so kind to me with that story ! And I'm glad I made you proud of me for stopping with Ellen, even if she did puke all over me. I'm sure Cousin wouldn't kick you out if you vomited all over him again. I think he would just think that you are old enough now to announce what was about to happen so he could jump out of the way !! Your story made me laugh so much, it really brightened up another miserable rainy day, especially how you described getting cold sweats through trying to hold in your poop, and you don't even know what they are ! Now a boa is rather a large snake, and if that really described the poop you had, I'm surprised you managed to fit it into one trash can !! I hope your other sister, not Hortence, wasn't too upset that you had to go in the way you did. I can just imagine you, strained voice, trying to comfort your other sister sat plopping away on the toidy, while you relieved yourself of that snake ! Now tell me, i! sn't it more usual that Boas wrap themselves around you, not come out of your butt !! Linda, thanks babe for what you did. You made this guy one very happy chappy ! I missed a bit out of the story above. Its the bit where after Kendal did her wee, she announced that it was Linda's turn. And we all had to spend two minutes looking at the toilet in your honour while you performed one of your gushers, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The funniest part was Ellen looking very puzzled saying "there's no one on the toilet". So then we explained that we had to pretend you were there. Ellen seemed to understand that. But she really did make us laugh after only 20 seconds or so when she said "Linda's taking a long time. Is she having a very big wee ?", to which Kendal replied "Yes, she has great big gushers" and then made us laugh with a Linda style sound effect, as written above. Then Ellen said "Is she having a poo as well ?" to which I said "! Oh God, I hope not, or we'll be here all day" !! (just kidding !). Actually I made a comment about having to go and fetch a hairbrush if Linda was pooping. Of course, that prompted more questions from Ellen. Well, before Ellen went to bed, she decided she needed to try and poo, and unusually, it was me to take her, not Kendal. As she sat there gently panting away, I got out the hairbrush, and gently brushed her honey hair. Her big eyes stared at me, and I said "Now you know what I do for Linda, and Kendal sometimes". So babe, my brush is ready for the girl with the not so helmety hair now ! Just tip me the wink, anytime ! Smoochies, Love from Drew XOSXOS

ELEANOR: I'm so glad you decided to post again. Kendal will be thrilled. You'll have to keep us posted about your Dad's job. Now that would be funny to think that you might be living near us, and we wouldn't know where. But then that is the thing about this site. Its safe to post to because no-one can get in touch with each other in any other way. I for one am very pleased about that, especially for Kendal, because you hear such terrible stories about paedophiles nowdays on chat sites. Well, no one can come to any harm here, so keep posting, because Kendal and I are proud to adopt you as a best friend ! I loved your story about your brother catching you on the loo. And from his reactions, you two have clearly resolved your differences. I just can't believe that he ever did that to you at all. If I ever was to upset Kendal in such a terrible fashion, well, life just wouldn't be worth living. Not that she would make my life hell. I would make my life hell for having done ! it ! I suspect it won't be long before Ellen asks if Kendal and I are going to pretend that you are having a wee with us, since we introduced the concept with dear Linda GS. However, we shall be pleased to explain that not everyone likes to have an audience while they go, and that you are one of these people. It will be good for Ellen, before she gets the idea that this is something that everyone does. Mind you, she did get some idea with the Rachel story above. And I'm sure you would empathise with the poor girl after what you have been through. You take care, and we look forward to your next posting. Love from Andrew ( & Kendal ) xxxx

kim and scott
TO BRYIAN-hello. thanks for liking our story.we hope you feel better from your illness soon.
TO LINDA-hello girl. you seem so knowledgeable about farting. you can write a book!and your right girls do fart..they also pass big logs too..which some men still have trouble well.
TO RIZZO-hello. thanks for liking our post. we like yours too.and yes my toilet bowl is big and long and strong. it has to be to accomodate bodybuilders like scott and I. my toilet bowl also has a powerful flush to get our gigantic logs down. be well.
TO ELEANORE-hello. thats great that your brother is treating you as good as gold. its also great that his friends lost interest in him since he doesnt spy on you on the bowl anymore. I tell you with friends like those..who needs enemies right!!.plus I hope you think of kimmie and scott as your friends. and please stay on this site. be well eleanore.
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-hello you wonderful couple.havent heard from you in a while I hope everything is ok?post when you can.
TO JEFF A-hello dear. I hope everything is ok with you too. I havent heard from you in awhile either.
TO LOUISE-hello girl. scott would love to see a videotape or even better yet a live performance of you banging out a huge the next time you bang out a huge log send the video to scott please!haha.and dont worry your logs are big enough to satisfy scott.and we both thank you for giving scott permission to watch you on the bowl. and scott is a gentleman if he ever watched you on the bowl he would just watch quietly and wouldnt do anything you didnt want him to do.but girl you should not tease scott about this too much because he is ready to lose it in his blue jeans!haha. plus tell steve that if I could I would let him watch me on the bowl as I overload the bowl with gigantic female shit!by the way dear do you mind if I wiggle into my thong and join you in modelling on the beach as a california beach babe?how fun would that be? I think steve,scott,rizzo,austin,jeff A and some others would love that !!plus my logs are usually huge,thick,long and solid. so solid in fa! ct that they almost never break when I am in the process of shitting. the only time they break is when I pass one enormous log and then I am ready to pass another enormous log from my ass!hahaha. I remember onetime I was dumping in front of scott and I pushed out a little round nuggett. scott laughed good naturedly about this. since I usually pass huge logs but to scotts surprise I suddennly pushed hard and out came a 20 inch log. I let my log dangle in my ass ,showing it off to scott before I blasted it to the moon! scott and I both had a great big laugh after that!I tell you my friend I love my boyfriend and love banging out my huge logs.bye honey and be well all,love,kimmie and scott

Thursday, February 21, 2002

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