I had to poop last night and i was in my car near a vacant shopping center so i pulled in back where the dumpsters were and i pulled down my jeans and panties and farted once and dropped a very large lump of shit right on the ground it stunk bad i was nervous so i quickly pulled my pantys and jeans up without wiping my ass when i got home i jumped in the shower...

Hey every1. I juz reading the posts recently, and this is my 1st post. I'm 20y.o Chinese, in Asia.
Arthur: I agree. Im v.curious about male activities in the toilet also. LIke ROSS said, it's appealing cuz it's usually a private and closed door affair, involving private parts. Similarly, Im more attuned to male posts than female posts.
Gruntly: Fantastic story! gosh, I cant believe ur luck! To have such a clear view and such a "good" show!
Lastly, I juz have this qn to pose. As u guys noe, caucasians are generally of a bigger built than asians, so Im wondering if their turds are bigger too? Since many of the Caucasians I see are those on tv, and executives in 3 piece suits, it's hard to imagine them on the toilet shitting.I know I could never do those mega turds some poopers are capable of here.

I was at a 3 day blue grass festival with my wife. They weren't empting the portajohns fast enough, so most of them were a total mess. Well, my wife and I were drinking quite heavily, and I had to take a shit. So, walking as steadily as I could, I made my way to the nearest toilets. All of them were discusting with the floor full of mess, and all over the seats. I moved on to the other side of the campgground. There was one port-a-john still open, and about 50 people in line.I got in back of the line, still drinking the beer I'd brought with me. The line hadn't moved very far when I started getting desperate. I started letting whatb I call pre-shit farts. About the 5th or 6th one, it wasn't gas, and I filled my pants with shit. I just kind of shrugged and reeled my way back to our van, where I sat down and had another beer.After a few minutes, my wife said"whats that stink, did you crap in your pants. I told her yes, and drank some more beer She told me to go over to the po! nd and clean out my pants, orI wasn't going to sleep in the van with her. When I gat there, I discovered I wasn't the onlu person who'd loaded theor pants. There were several others in the pond washing out their underpants including a couple of women. they came and cleaned all the port-a-johns later that day.

JW - the first
Gruntly- Excellent story, how does one get so

Hi everyone.
Lawn Dogs Kid
I'm very proud of you, playing big brother like that. Sometimes you have to sacrfice(giggle) for the sake of a loved one. My cousin says he feels your pain cause when I was about her age I got hit with the flu and I threw up on him too. But he said he still loves me... but if I ever do that to him again I'm out lickysplit. I hope he's kidding. anyway sorry you missed out... let me be a good firend and make it up to you. I know Kendal would want me to. this story takes place over the holidays when I was spending time with my little sisters. Man.. how my cousin kept up with me is amazing. Anyway after a big lunch, my mom can cook mind you.. we went out to play and I got the old feeling.. but I said "You'll have to wait.. I'm having fun" Well it got worse.. and I knew my little sisters would not let me go. Just then one of them jerked and grabbed her bottom and said in a matter of factly voice."I gotta go poop" I walked over and looked at her as the other came holding her ! bottom and said."Me too I got lots of poops to make" They both looked at me very eagerly and asked if their big sister could go with them. Well I enjoy being a big sister so I put my best lock on my gate(Um.. use your imagination.. in other words I held back my poop with more determination)and went with them. Hortence made it before we did and fought with her pampies for a bit then sat as pee came out of her. She sqirmed around on the seat for a bit till she was comfortable then sighed as many plops.. one right after another were heard. Then her face turned red and she strained.. me and my other sister watched.. however I could feel my poop meant business as it force it's way out and I fought it back in. It felt all dry and big. My little sister with her hand clamped on her front and bottom looked up and me and asked if I was okay. I said yes.. but I need to poop too. Just them.. came a loud KAPLUNK and a sigh from Hortence. She said, or rather sang.. "I'm finiiiished!!" and! began to clean up. Soon after my other sister took her turn.. she whipped her skirt up, down came her pampies and she sat as her pee gushed in the toilet. Let me tell you I was dying at that point. I could not hold still. I was even starting to get cold sweats.. and I don't even know what those are. My little sister was straining like mad as PLOP after plop was heard. That was it.. my poop decided it was coming out.. weather I was on the toidy or not. My eyes grew huge as I felt it pop out and continue to come. I just whipped off my jeans and pampies and sat on the trashcan as it came.. and came.. and came.. like one huge boa of poop. Boy did I feel good.. and I was really glad that I locked the door. Hortence found it funny and laughed.. but my other sister thought it was her fault. I sat on the trashcan.. straining a bit saying "it's okay..<UNGGGH> it's not your fault..<UMMPH> it's my fault for not going sooner..,Whew> besides..i had't gone in..<sound of! teeth mashing together> days. She asked "Really?" and I nodded. She continued to strain and pooped for another minute.. when she was done my poop was still coming.. but it was smoother now. So afterwards the girls kept an eye out as I ran out with the trashbag from the can in the bathroom and threw it out. Whew talk about a close call. Well I hope you enjoyed it "Drew". And don't worry I'm sure Kendal wasn't alone... I'm sure my cousin combed her hair.... heh and calmed her down.. that's why she took so long. Later

Bryian: I saw that. The Rx was Pentalax

unhappy brother-in-law
From the time we were young my sister-in-law has been a thorn in my side. She has for some reason been at almost all of my embarassing moments.The latest was probably the worst. I had not had a bm in six days and had taken a double dose of senna. She doesn't drive so I had to take her to the drugstore for her blood-pressure medication.We were about to check out when she met a neighbor and started to gab. I suddenly felt the urge to go, the senna had kicked in full time. I tried my best to hold it and urged her to hurry. Suddenly my pants started to fill, my sister-in-law noticed and she took even more time as she noticed my discomfort. I was totally humiliated and walked to the car with my pants loaded and my sister-in-law and neighbor giggling at my embarassment and staring at the extremely large load in my pants. The worst part came when I again soiled myself and had to get in the car and sit for the drive home. The massive load just oozed both between and down my legs and! my sister-in-law just laughed all the way home.The cleanup was even worse as neither my wife or sister-in-law would allow me any privacy and I actually cried from embarssment.


Great to hear from you, Bud! I'm not even into guys taking
dumps but I still think your plops are tops!


I really like your posts. I'm sorry to hear you felt self-conscious
in the unisex the other day. I think that as unisex bathrooms become
more common no one will feel ashamed since we will have all heard
eachother 10,000 times. What on earth will we do when the fun wears


I hope you folks aren't getting bored with my trail dumps. It's
just that their so easy to do, and all the unusual bathrooms around town
are closed for the winter. I'll try to get some pretty girls pooping on my
boat this spring. It seems like it's been forever since a pretty girl pooped
with me. What am I to do? I wish one of you hotties from this site
would move to Austin.....
This one is rather rivetting. I had been hiking along my favorite trail
when I sat down on a rock to read my book. Other hikers were coming
along at the rate of about 1 every twenty minutes, so there was plenty of
time to do an unload. I pulled down my gray sweats and slowly began
cutting my chogie. Low and behold, a couple came up the trail. Not so
unusual for me so far, but this couple was unlike the rest. They were
extremely well dressed, obviously millionaires kids in their early twenties.
They could both easily become hollywood models. I knew their powerful
families would produce some kind of change at the park after seeing me
launching a sea pickle. Either their daddies would buy the park and
demolish it or they would build a massive bathroom complex with 500
stalls. At any rate, most people who have seen me poop have a positive
reaction, whether it be a laugh, a smile or a little turn-on. The young man,
however, was one of the rare ones who was actually mortified. His lovely
blonde girlfriend seemed to get a charge out of it, but she absolutely
gawked at my face, as if to study every detail of it...Who IS this man? Not
even a glance at my other end. In a way I was shaken to the bone. Have I
caused the demise of my favorite park? Let's hope not. I finished chugging
the brown train down the tracks, wiped, and left.

Hi Everyone!!

I must say that I think that this is one of my favorite sites on the world-wide web. I really look forward to reading it everyday. My name is Jim and I am 36 years old. I have never posted anything to this site before so I really hope this goes over well. I have taken great pleasure in my bowel movements since I was about 13....I had NO idea at all that there were others who shared my love of this pasttime too. One day I was lucky enough to come upon this site and a few others like it. I think my life was changed as a result of it.
My favorite stories are the ones about ladies' pooping and farting incidents. It is my dream to one day meet a lady who shares my fondness for going poopoo.
I am 6'0" and in good physical shape but for me to have the kind of huge, massive and stinky dumps that I want to have I have to eat lots of foods that may or may not be considered healthy. For me that means lots of junk food and fast food. I do love this stuff and going out of eat is another great pleasure for me. I love to order Tex-Mex to get my process started. Foods that are greasy, have lots of gooey cheeses, beans and spices really get things going for me.
The best thing for me to do is to eat a large delicious dinner at about 8:00 PM or so.....and hopefully I will be tired at about 11:40 PM....when I go to bed. If I am lucky I will really sleep is especially fun if it is a cold night and I get to snuggle under all my warm bed covers. When I awake at about 8:00 AM or so the first thin I should do is either eat a bowl or two of rasin bran or another high fiber cereal and about an hour later I am really for a really wonderful gassy dump. This method works best if I have gone several days with only very small bowel movements either due to slight constipation or if I have not been eating a lot.
Thank you so much for letting me post this entry...and I really love this site.
Bye for now.



I was just reading an earlier post about someone waiting in line and loosing it and messing her panties and I wondered. if it had got really that desperate would people not do it in the sink instead or by the wall? After all they are going to make a mess whatever.

I was amased by ALANA's post. 3 hours of shitting thats a heck of a long time. I had a good pop myself today. Nothing spectacular. But it was pure relief. I got out of bed to go for a pee and then this cramp hit me and I relased some soft poop. It stunk quite badly! I had just finished so i thought when I had to quickly sit back down and go again. Anyone get that feeling as though they have finished but oh no...

I was quite surprised as well at a hotel Is tayed in they had an electric shedding toilet and you are warned not to put things down the toilet. Not sure if this covered tampons or sanitary pads. it made a right racket when youn flushed though.

Happy pooping all anyway

I've said it before....get a bidet. All these posts about how you wipe your ass. Using saliva, sticking your finger up your butthole, dry paper vs wet paper. With my Kohler bidet, I just perch over the damn thing after dumping, adjust the sprayer, and my ass is CLEAN. It blasts out any chunks that are still "up there" and they go right down the drain. No poop on my fingers. One wipe with toilet paper to get the excess water off. I hate it now when I am out of town and have to wipe my butt with paper. It seems so uncivilized. Trust me on this one. Once you have a proper bidet you will not want to be without one.

Hi everyone.I was watching NASCAR racing,eating, and of coarse having a few drinks.When night time came before I went to bed I read the latest posts.After that I went to lye down and was thinking about what I read on this site.Just before falling asleep I felt my stomach rumble,but it wasn't that bad.I fell asleep around 10pm.I was having a nice dream.I was dreaming I was on the toilet when my ex walked in the bathroom needing to poop.I wasn't finished so she ran over and tried to go betwwen my legs.That was when I woke up.I've gotten excited enough to have an o-----.So anyway it wasn't long before my ???? started rumbling again.This time it was worst.I felt my BM hit my bottom.So I quickly ran to the bathroom and took off my underware.It felt as though it was going to be a watery one.When I sat down my bowels quickly let out this tundra of brown water followed by a couple of burst of huge shit balls and a smooth hissing wet fart.I felt as if I was finished so I grabbed ! the toilet paper,wiped and before wiping again,flushed.My toilet has a tendency to stop up easily. I stood up in front of the sink to wash myself thouroghly.That was when it hit me again.This time it was just a couple or small poops.I usually don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to have a bowel movement.Maybe I had the dream so I would wake up in time so I wouldn't have an accident.Who knows.Anyway the dream was OK because none of my girlfriends have been open about their bodily functions.Someday,someday. Signed FYI.

tside my bedroom door so I could listen. I heard him pull down his pants, open the newspaper, fart, and let out a big sigh. Then he took a deep breath and started grunting. I didn?t hear any more farts. Just a lot of grunting for about three minutes. Then everything was quiet for about ten minutes. All I heard was the sound of him tur! ning the newspaper pages. Had it not been for that, I think I would have worried that maybe he died while trying to strain out his shit. I finally walked into my bedroom and yelled, ?are you done yet?? He replied, ?No!? I walked out to the hallway and listened some more. Suddenly, he called my name. I quickly went further away down the hallway and yelled, ?what ? did you call me?? He replied yes and asked me to come to the door. He then asked something about some cologne I had on the bathroom counter. The door was shut, but not latched shut, so I opened it, stuck my head in, and answered his question. There he was ? sitting on the toilet with his jeans to the floor. I asked if he was okay and replied that he had not gone yet, but that he was trying to ?walk it out.? I said, ?Huh?? He then proceeded to show me his technique of ?walking it out.? He put down the newspaper, leaned slightly forward, and started making this gurgling kind of grunting noise while he wa! s swiveling his body to the left and right ? much like one does when walking fast or jogging. He said that?s what he has to do to get it out sometimes. He then did it again, but this time he grabbed hold under his thighs near his knees and started straining with all his might. His face turned red, he swiveled back and forth several times, then exhaled loudly. He looked at me, stuck out his tongue, started panting, and with a sad look on his face said, ?I can?t go.? He pulled up his pants and we walked out into the living room. He told me that he was certain the turd was a least twelve inches long and about as fat as coke can. I laughed and said that?s impossible. He swears all the time that his turds are that big. He said to prove it, he would video tape himself. The next day, I was out working in my yard when he drove up, held up a disk, and said, ?you?ve got to see this video. I finally took a shit this morning.? We went inside, turned on my computer, and opene! d the video. It started out with a view of his white hairless butt. Suddenly, a fairly large turd started to emerge. However, his camera started to move and the turd went off to the very corner of the screen. I really couldn?t tell how big it was, but he swears it was twelve inches long and as big around as a coke can. He said he would try to video tape it again. I?ll let you know if really produces such big logs.

To Ring Stretcher: I liked your story about Jared coming in to watch you go.

To jon: I liked your story about that dude dropping his load right there in public...Did you happen to see how big his logs were? Did he get in trouble or any thing?

Yesterday i decided to get out of the house and go to the mall and hang around the bathroom and see if there was any shitting action going on. Several guys came in while i was in the main bathroom..sounded like this tall guy really had the runs. I did have a slight urge but i was holding to drop it till some young guy came in. Then this guy with 2 little girls and a boy came in. The father said you have to try and go pee pee...the little girl was saying she didn't want to go or didn't have to go and that she wanted or went in her diaper. Then the father and the 2 girls left the handicapped stall and the boy was peeing. I did here the little girl say whats that boy doing(refering to me i think). I heard in a wispering voice the father say...hes going potty just like you. Intresting when fathers bring their little girls in to go "potty". Then after that i decided to leave and walk to the sears bathroom. A few guys came in to crap then i think a young guy from the auto. dep! t came in to shit right next to me and then a sales man came in to drop a load. Then after they left i left and came home. I do this sometimes if im in public alone. Any one else constantly check out the bathrooms and sit in there acting like your going? Oh when that young guy from the auto dept. came in i dropped my load and i wiped alot...well gotta run bye

BYRIAN-Glad you liked the story. No, I didn't get to see their privates or faces or anything like that. I mostly got to see their legs with their pants and underwear around their ankles. I was able to tell that some of the guys leaned forward to wipe, some wiped from the front (between their legs), and some stood to wipe. A couple were on their toes while crapping. I like that. Makes it seem like they're really trying to dump it all out!

Hello all, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I doubt you have missed me!

This is just a quick post as I haven't got time to type up a story.

My poos have been okay recently, big and firm, and really felt good afterwards. I have been peeing a lot recently, probably because of drinking to much pop- its so annoying having to get up time and time again!

Someone recently was talking about how people wipe themselves after a poo. Well, sometimes I can't fully clean myself with just dry toilet paper, so I like many others, wet it. I find this quicker.
When I wake up in the morning, I always have an erection, so I find it especially hard to pee. I usually end up missing the toilet as well!

Eleanor - Glad your problems have been sorted. Lets hope he doesn't give you any more bother. Perhaps you could now talk to him about any problems you have regarding the toilet, and he could too - have a one-to-one conversation.

Hi,all-some responses..
TO MARK B-Sure it is some sort of fetish-i admitted that to myself a long time ago!Yes,it is sexual in it's own sort of way-why....who knows!I really enjoy seeing a pretty woman do a good dump right in front of me,but I also enjoy hearing other guys dump in the toilet.I've heard plenty of times the crackling of poop as it comes out when i sit in the toilet at the gym-the bowls are pretty close to each other and you can hear just about everything and it's fun to listen to...I like to push out my own load as i listen to the other guys doing theirs-it really funHoped I answerd your question,Mark
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-Hey-haven't heard from you in quite a bit-Hey sometimes I feel the same way that no one here cares about what I have to post,so you are not alone there,but I enjoy your stories-that was a good one in the plywood toilet with the redhead and her aunt pooing-I enjoyed it,so don'y worry about everyone responding to your stories,cause I don't anymore,as long as you can reach just a few and make their day a bit better with alaugh or some sort of response,that's all that matters-funny story!
TO ARTHUR-Interesting point about whether women or men have a better time in the toilet and I sort of concurr that women seem to have a better time pooing on the bowl than men,although I've heard some guys really getting off doing a good dump at the gym from time to time,but the whole thing is very subjective cause I just know what I enjoy about the toilet thing!I used to worrt about other people hearing me poop,but lately I just don't care,cause I've heard other guys really le at the gym and other public toilets,so now when I gotta go,I pretty much just let it all hang out esp when I hear the other letting go,and it's kinda a turn on for me...,Hey,To each his own,I guess!
It's been pretty quiet on the poop front for me... nothing to report,but i'm enjoying all your stories!! BYE

Crimson Flame
I agree with Arthur. Since I was little, I've wanted to know how girls pee and what it would be like to pee as a girl.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi Toilet People!

Several people I want to respond to today, but first; my brilliant and yet not so good time on the toilet!
After getting up today, I soon had the feeling I needed to have a shit, but resisted it and decided to have my breakfast and have a walk, and use my favourite public toilet. I really felt I'd got a load to do which was strange as I'd had a shit 24 hours ago, but my gut felt really full. I eat rice yesterday, so thought that might be the reason.
Anyway, I admit I was rather silly, holding on to it so long, and when I was on the toilet, it wasn't urgent so I kept waiting till I heard someone else have a good one, or I'd got an audience.
Several hours after I first had the feeling I wanted to shit, I decided I should obey nature, and start to do it.
I couldn't believe the amount I was doing, I had to flush the toilet FOUR times to allow enough room in the water trap for the turds I was dropping! They felt like real arse-hole stretchers, and dropped with good bum-splashing plops, and it seemed to go on for ever.
Although they felt great, there was some soreness as I plopped them out, and which seemed strange as they weren't as big as they felt, but looking down in the toilet, I noticed some of the turds had a bit of red on them, and when I eventually finished, the TP was a sort of reddy-brown where I wiped myself. Also I felt slightly haemorrhoidal, and walked home rather slowly. I still feel a bit sore now.
Anyway, I think I brought it on myself by delaying it, and sometimes I've noticed a prolonged sitting on the toilet can cause the anus to let piles come down, so hopefully, this is a one-off, and I will try and avoid such a long wait next time!
Why I did so much baffles me, it was as if I'd not been to the toilet for days, so I suppose the sheer volume didn't help, and yet, it was such a good one! To sum up; it was the slight pain and discomfort and the ecstasy!
I hope to enjoy tomorrow's shit, but hope I will be better, and at least, it wasn't like the painful and uncomfortable times I have had in the fairly recent past!

ZIP, Good to hear from you, and the details of those stall partitions. Interesting to learn about your camcorder, and what you could see in the viewfinder! The ethics of actually filming would have been controversial, and I appreciate you didn't, and yet, if you had done, it would have just been some unidentified guys' legs. From that position on the floor, it must have been a great view, but if anyone had known they were being filmed, it could have turned unpleasant.
For all we know, perhaps there are guys waiting to use doorless stalls who have a bag in their hand, and a covert camera trained on a guy on the toilet. Thanks for the info. and the details of the partitions.
I thought as you confirmed, that the toilet would be close enough to the partition to avoid seeing the next guy's thighs on the toilet.
Approaching from ouside apparently, sometimes provides a good view!

JACOB G. Thanks to you for your story. Nice to have the choice to look under or over the doors! pity about the noisy fan drowning out the plops etc.

Welcome back JAROD, with more about Chuck! Good to know how you two met, and how it all started. He is EXTREMELY extrovert! I like the detail that he usually gets his arse splashed as his logs drop. Do you ever get the chance of wiping the splashes off? I'd like the idea of the TP disintegrating as I was doing it!
My biker friend doesn't bother wiping the splashes off his buttocks; he says that's what his underpants are for, and likes it when he feels them getting wet as he pulls them up!!
I bet Chuck would be happy to know his toilet habits and prowess at shitting were being shared with interested people! Does he know?
Please keep us informed of your friend's great shits done in the most uninhibited way!

MICK B. I wish I'd seen that programe on BBC Choice featuring toilet websites and especially this one! I only get terrestrial TV so that's another programme I've missed out on! What can you remember about this forum?
You mentioned having seen some of the posts. Was it very brief? What
else do you remember?

MARK B. You asked whether anyone ever gets the chance of hearing the guy in the next cubicle as his turds crackle out.
It's not always possible to hear our own as they start to come out, but, yes, on rare ocasions, when there's been complete silence, I have heard one coming out of the next guy sitting on the toilet.
The trouble is as you know, in a public toilet, there are so many annoying sounds that can happen at the wrong moment, and so I often miss something good, but I have heard some great breathing and grunting, and some amazingly loud plops sometimes. Another reason I like strong toilet paper, which seems to be used in public toilets in the North East of England, is the sounds of a guy wiping his arse with it! I hope you can tell me about some of the toilets you've visited where the sound effects are good, and you can actually hear men shitting without too much drowning out by other noises.

I mentioned a friend I had, who, after some gentle persuasion, felt comfortable about letting me accompany him to the toilet when he wanted a shit. Before he was happy about me being in there with him, for a short while, he took a portable cassett recorder in with him, and we listened to his performance afterwards.
The last time he recorded himself, I had asked him not to flush the toilet so I could see what he'd done. He agreed, and as he was about to leave as soon as he's had his shit, I listened to his shit on the tape, and as he went home, I went to the bathroom to look at his turds.
On the tape he dropped two quite loud turds in quick succession, then about a minute of silence, then another two loud Cullomptons!
I was amazed to look down the toilet and see four very small turds, none bigger than an inch and more like pebbles.
I realised that loudness is no indication of size and that it didn't matter how big they were if they sounded so good! If I had the choice, I'd like to drop lots of loud splashing turds that are small, than one very big one that only plops and splashes me once, if at all.
They must have come out with some force, and without hanging out of his arse before they dropped, they had further to drop.
That's how I went today, lots of small to 3 inch turds that plopped and splashed and sounded great. As we're more likely to hear than see another person's turds dropping, We all benefit from the ones that sound great rather than look big! Of course there are other factors at work; depth of water in the pan, consistency of the turd, shape and trajectory perhaps. Nature decides, not us, apart from our attention to diet.
I'd better stop there before this sounds too much like a scientific investigation, a thesis on faeces!

Happy toileting, seeing and hearing, everyone, and don't hold on too long when you want to shit as I did.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Remember that "Big-pieces, little-prices" commercial? What if that was referring to turds?


Hi guys! It's been quiet once again for me after the massive poop I had after the girls night out. I don't miss a day pooping, and my loads have been small to medium. After reading the poop stories of the students such as Meghan, Meredith and Amy (Coed), it triggered a recollection of a time in college in which I was having one of those days. I had more than my share of massive pooping sessions during that time and had chronicled many stories when I first started posting here. I was late for one class because I had to go to the bathroom, and I had to leave in the middle of another class to poop.

After the end of my first class, I had to go to the ladies room to poop. I had a very short blue denim skirt with white panties underneath that day. I was on the toilet for several minutes and flushed once while seated. I was a few minutes late for class. Later in the afternoon I was in the middle of a very boring philosophy lecture when I had a sudden urge to poop. There were about 20 minutes left in class, but I figured I wouldn't be able to go back to class. I ended up taking a massive dump, flushing several times while seated, and I was almost late for work.

Alana, I'm sure you take great pleasure in sharing your massive dump stories with us. I trust you are taking care of yourself and that you don't get too carried away when you wait several days to spend three hours on the toilet. I hope you're not depriving yourself just to make stories here. I'm sorry if it seems I'm criticizing, but I'm just concerned.

Ring Stretcher
Hi everybody!

I had a very amazing, incredible feeling dump the other day. Jared was over and the urge came on good and strong after supper. It felt like a big freight train was pushing against my hole while dozens of balls were bouncing around in my rectum. Jared eagerly followed me into the bathroom as I took off my jeans and tight T-shirt and pulled down my pink underwear. After pissing for a good two minutes the log pressed against my hole and created a very pleasurable feeling that caused me to let out an involuntary moan. It was going to be a good one!

I leaned forward, elbows on my knees and stared straight ahead in deep concentration as I strained hard. I began to blush when nothing happened after two minutes, except more urine trickling out of me.

I sighed and he rubbed my head, asking if I needed help. I shook my head "no" and leaned back some. The tip of the log opened me up and my eyes rolled back in my head as I let out a "Oooh." It dropped heavily in the bowl, and was followed by dozens of balls larger than marbles but smaller than golf balls. The sensation of relief was one of the strongest I've ever felt!

Last summer i was in Hamburg Germany in the central city shopping street
( peds only) full daytime with my two German hosts ( we're all in our early 20s) when walking out of a department store, in full veiw of hundreds of mid day shoppers..a dude our age, goodlooking but obviously severly intoxicated dropped his pants and took a massive dump

Most people looked away we laughed and I made fun that all Germans
do that to my friends...a cultural thing they denied of course...

The dude kept dropping logs against a wall as people just walked past

We saw two state police running toward the area we're sure for him

We walked back that direction a few minutes later and the turds were still there


It's really great to see that this site has doubled or even tripled
in the short time that I wasn't able to post! Now there are many
regulars that I don't even know yet! So first of all, I'd like to say Hi to
all those. Next, I want to whine a little about the fact that nobody said
anything about my scientific babble aimed at saying it's ok to be you,
and that our wierdness actually serves a purpose. Wah! Nobody loves
Ok, so on with the show....I only saw a couple of interesting
things on my recent trip. They do deserve to be mentioned, however.
On my way home, I got off the main highway and onto a desolate road
in southeastern Colorado. A place the human race seems to have
overlooked. It was one of those places that you could actually take a
nap in the middle of the highway, and as long as you kept your nap
under an hour, you would probably be just fine. For nearly 100 miles,
there was nothing but grassland and a few abandoned farmhouses with
an old scraggily tree here and there. This place had absolutely nowhere
to hide if one had an urgent need, and an hour to the next bathroom. It
was clear by the occasional toilet paper on the side of the road, that
travelers must just stop, walk a few feet from the road, and dump it. I
ran across a small abandoned ranch in such bad decay that I could not
even guess how old it was. I just had to stop and look at it. It had a
small outhouse, leaning at a 60 degree angle. The next big gust of wind
was sure to make it collapse. It's door and long been gone, or maybe it
never had one in the first place? I expected to see the traditional two
holer inside, but instead found a three holer! Were there people like us
80 years ago that built a toilet to accomodate three at a time?
Hmmm...Next I went to what must have been a home or a store of
some kind. It had a hole in the front, big enough to drive a truck into.
Around back, I found that someone had recently used it as the only
scarce cover to have a dump behind. Interestingly, there was a three
foot wide hole in the wall, just about ass level. This meant the person
went around the corner to poo, and their buddy could have had an all-
star view, from looking through the gaping hole in the front.
Hmm....and last but cuteist, the playground I saw. In one of the small
towns, there was a playground with tons of fun things for kids to play
on. It even had a small playhouse that looked like a town hall. On the
first floor, it had a sign that said "restrooms". Was there a tiny men's
and a tiny women's that an adult could not fit into? If so, those kids are
having a more exciting childhood than I ever had! And to top it off, it
was at least 30 years old, so those kids are grown now. Maybe I could
find a wife in that town! I'll have to keep that in mind!

KAREN: Have you considered seeing a doctor about your chronic 'roids?
I learned to manage my painful hemroids when I found the they flaired up when I got lazy when wiping up. If I don't clean up properly, I'll usually get a painful bout 2 or 3 days later.
Looking back into the site archives it seems that people with with an indordinant amount of hair around their anus tend to suffer from episodes more than the 'average' person. Could this discribe you?

Ross:I agree with what you said.I still believe my vunerability theory as well thoigh.THere can be more than one reason.Everyone sees things differently.I think though your at your most vunerable in the bathroom espicially a public bathroom.When people are going they are often half naked.If they were asleep or ill they'd still be covered so to speak,in the bathroom your exposed and there's not much you can do unless your done.You still are basically unable to do anything about it if someone walks in on you.They can watch you and you can't get up to make them leave.Though I do agree the fascination from anything is much higher when it's a rarity or a mystery.I'm interested in most things I like because of the mystery(such as the paranormal).
I've always kind of wondered what It'd be like to go to the bathroom as a girl.It's fascinating cause I've no idea what it's like since I can't really try it.Alot of guys hear are fascinated at seeing women going to the bathroom but I actually wonder what it's actually like to be the girl herself going to the bathroom.Has anyone else ever wondered about what that'd be like?I'm not sure exactly what about it that fascinates me but I think girls have a more interesting time in the bathroom for some reason.Anyone agree?
Another thing about the vunerability is that in the bathroom everyone sort of knows what your doing and can often hear you as well.Your having a personal experience that anyone close by can know about.

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